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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 3, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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i will post it in 30 seconds. it is a little foggy. tune into the radio tomorrow morning, great show tomorrow night, one of my favorite people to talk to is joining us, suzanne somers will stop by. tell us how we are doing at ingram, angle. we will handed over to shannon bream. shannon: i don't know if the world is ready for it. it is coming. >> a particular professional, i had to do the show. shannon: we be go inside this search for supreme court replacement for justice anthony kennedy with a huge lineup of insiders, trump judicial advisor leonard leo, crisis effort, mike huckabee reviewing judges interviewed by donald trump. we are naming names. she intelligence correspondent
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catherine herridge working as devon nunez rolls out phase 2 of his probe into alleged government surveillance abuse. last july 4th kim jong un lunch the first icbm capable of reaching mainland america. mike pompeo is heading for another round of talks. welcome to fox news at night. donald trump's deadline for naming a new supreme court nominee is quickly approaching. the president has interviewed four potential candidates, democrats launch preemptive attacks without knowing who the nominee may be. ed henry following all the latest twists and turns. >> we have the names of the four people, he is moving rapidly to get these interviews done because he wants to get it started so it is hard for
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democrats to justify any delay beyond the midterms. judge amy barrett, brett cavanagh, interesting, we will explain why that is key. the president is likely to get his nominee through because precedent has been set for a simple majority for confirmation. republicans who support abortion rights good for your that plan which is why in an exclusive the president stressed he will not be asking any candidate about roe v wade. he wants to secure yes votes from two pro-choice republicans. murkowski is keeping her cards close to the vest and topic is named. collins is not waiting, she indicated she will push anyone who will vote on the high court to change existing law on abortion. administration officials revealed on began has been detailed to shepherd the eventual nominee through the senate. mcgann told her because of her concerns the administration is
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expanding its list beyond the original 25 names of potential court pics the president talked about in the campaign. the administered has to be careful not to stray far from the list of 25 conservative names, too moderate to upset evangelical christians who live the original list, sarah sanders will not answer, the president wants to 0v wade overturned, the president suggested the list is getting smaller, not bigger. >> i think the president should not feel bound by that list and instead seek out recommendations to ensure he gets the best possible person. >> i will be meeting with two or three more and we will make the decision on the united states supreme court, the new justice that will be made over the next few days and we will be announcing it on monday and i look forward to that. the person that is chosen will
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be outstanding. >> given possible republican no votes, john mccain has not been voting for health reasons mitch mcconnell may need to reel in some democrats which is why the president brought in 3 moderates for consultation new last year supported justice neil gorsuch. heidi heitkamp, joe manfacing voters in a state the president carried by 41 points and joe donnelly who is up for reelection and mike pence at some state of louisiana. some democrats have tried and failed to push some narrative that neil gorsuch got no democratic votes. >> he did not face -- >> i thought he got 3 by the way. >> you might be right but i believe the democratic caucus will stand together. >> filter three democrats devoted they did vote for neil gorsuch. the push for new liberal democrats like chuck schumer who pushed for the last 20 justices confirmed the midterm election years, the interesting thing about the four names, those are
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four names from the original list of 25 so the idea they are expanding to look at some moderates or something like that, always possible but these four names were on the original list. >> we know you are on it, thank you very much. earlier i spoke to donald trump's judicial advisor leonard leo and asked him what will sway the pres.'s ultimate decision and he told me. >> he is right on top of it. if he wants to get a nomination on july 9th he has to start right away. >> he has had a list he stuck to since november of last year and says that is it. >> is the list and he assist counsel, don mccann working off that list and many working on these, it is a busy week them. >> any chance he goes off the list? >> i think know chance but it is the president's prerogative.
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the list is the 25 best of the best in the judicial world, a list anyone looking for someone who will stick to the constitution would put up. >> how important is it to have somebody with a long record when it comes to their decision-making so we can be sure he knows what path they are? >> the pres. made clear he wants someone who is extraordinarily well-qualified and someone who will interpret the constitution the way the framers meant it to be. to get those things you have to have a deep and expensive record, judicial opinions are great but there are proxies for the bailout a path for why you believe in interpreting the constitution in this way. >> you know from previous digital battles the left so this is all about dismantling roe v wade. sen. harris will be in the 20/20 field for the presidential race
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said this donald trump wants to nominate someone to the supreme court who will overturn roe v wade. what this is about is punishing women for wanting to control their bodies, their lives and their futures. >> it is called hysteria and we have seen this kind of hysteria for 36 years all the way back to 1982 with sandra o'connor and anthony kennedy. every time they say roe v wade is going to be overturned and what we have after 36 years is one justice on the court, clarence thomas who has explicitly said he would overturn roe. this is rank speculation and rather irresponsible because this is not what the supreme court judicial selection process should be about. it should be whether we can get the courts out of politics. >> we have seen many times with the president he likes to work with people, foreign leaders or potential justice, people reconnect with personally. how important is that to him this time around. what is at the top of his list? >> it is important to every president and especially donald trump. he made it clear since the
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election he wants someone who is as he puts it not week but someone who is independent and fair and courageous and not going to be bending to political or social fashions of the day and that is what he looks for and he is looking for a kind of integrity and character because he is a former ceo and entrepreneur so he knows how to engage people and that is something that will be good in this interview process. >> these are the folks we are keeping close eye on. amy barrett, brett cavanaugh and melissa park, thomas hardeman, they are also the court judges meaning one level below the supreme court, so much longer than others, some are new to that bench. are we on track, witty, nontraditional route with state sen. mike lee? >> there's something running through each of those nominees and that is this idea that the best way to preserve freedom and dignity and prosperity used at the judge will stick to how the
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constitution has limits on government power and that is what they have in addition to extraordinary records. he said he likes likely and is considering him but these are four very serious contenders. >> you think he will interview one or two more, we get a decision july 9th, a big decision. >> he said july 9th and i'm not sure people will cross that. >> we know it is a busy time for you, good to see you. add war is brewing over the supreme court with that vacancy, big money pouring in, the liberal group demand justice plans to spend $5 million opposing the president's pick. the judicial crisis network lunch is a 7-figure ad by urging another great justice touting neil gorsuch. >> extremists but don't be fooled.
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donald trump's list includes the best of the best. >> council of the judicial crisis network joins us live. do you expect the second seat for donald trump? >> it was only a matter of time. we all expected this president would have one at least, maybe two or three vacancy so it is not surprising but i'm excited for this opportunity, we saw success with neil gorsuch. the shannon: you said he chose the sky we think is great. let me plan ad from the other side -- >> women, families health and well-being are in the crosshairs and it is game time. this is not a drill. >> a lot of folks wonder whether mike should be involved in a judicial race like this, it is a nomination, involves advice and
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consent of the senate. >> the problem is once you have a group that is going to start by attacking the nominee you need someone defending them. someone like the initiative been judge bork, people were blindsided that someone so well respected was attacked. we know that is the democratic playbook, there will be character assassinations, misconstrued records, outline lies and deception so something needs to be there to do the defense, the nominees in a position to do, we see it is our role to make sure someone is out there talking about the nominee and their real record. >> the new york times touched a couple points, they mentioned judge bork and how lawmakers are looking for things that may potentially hurt a trump nominee and they quote sen. amy cooper chore saying there are people who have had to withdraw over the years because you get
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information out, question them in the public is galvanized by it, that is a member of the senate judiciary committee. >> sounds like they are going the personal attack route and that is worrisome. right now we don't know who the nominee is but there -- they know what the line of attack are, they will -- whoever is nominated on monday into that role, look, they are going to vote in favor of corporations, limited the right to vote. some of these claims are so outrageous i don't know where they are going with them. this is what we have to expect, it is not a pretty political environment, it is a nasty place so it is a hard-fought fight but i'm excited that i know at the
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end of the day we will have an excellent new supreme court justice as much as it will be a painful process. i remember waiting on the official ruling, there were literally signs that said we oppose justice so and so it was a blank line so they could fill it in. we know on both sides there is opposition and a lot of things at stake. that has been proven. it is understandable the left is worried and very fired up and a lot of folks think it may fire up their base to get to the polls in the fall because mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader tends to have the person confirmed before the midterm elections, will it backfire come election time? >> getting confirmed by the period is to stretch. justice mogul research was confirmed in 6 days. they will be on the court by the time it opens in october little november so you don't have to push it all. what will do in those 10 states where there's democratic senators and red states that went for trump they will have a
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big choice, do we align ourselves with chuck schumer in lockstep with the farther friend of the party or we going to vote for someone who as far as we can tell is going to be a knockout nominee, that is not going to play so well in missouri and montana and indiana and west virginia. we will see how that works especially if one of the nominees comes from one of those states was we could spend more time talking about this and we will talk about potential nominees tomorrow on my live in the bream forecast. download it on donald trump predicting a good relationship with the new far left president-elect of mexico. trade, immigration and border security. trace gallagher has details tonight. >> a phone conversation between donald trump and the president elect of mexico lasted 30 minutes, they focused mainly on the north american free trade
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agreement and the possibility of a separate trade deal solely between mexico and the us know that might be down the road a bit and donald trump says they had a good conversation. >> the relationship will be a very good one. we will see what happens but i believe it will be a very good one. a very excellent election, better than anticipated. >> and richard lopez tweet did the the got a call from donald trump and we talked for half an hour. i propose to explore comprehensive agreement of development projects that would generate jobs in mexico and reduce migration and improve security. there was respectful treatment and our representatives will talk. this is a significant out face for the president-elect who vowed to take a tough stance against donald trump and been a vocal critic calling trump, quote, erratic and arrogant and his plan to build a wall xena phobic and racist.
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after donald trump was inaugurated the president-elect published a book titled listen up trump writing the us president and his advisers speak of mexicans the way hitler and the nazis referred to the jews just before undertaking the infamous persecutions and abominable extermination and his nationalism and frequent put downs of his own rivals have drawn comparisons to donald trump, mexico's president-elect made it clear he plans on having a friendly relationship with the united states but not one of subordination. he won the election by pledging to cut corruption and tackle the murder rate which has soared under -- he assumes power on december 1st. >> thank you, the president said east coast to making a fair trade deal though canada is now
12:17 am
slapping $13 billion in tariffs on us goods, everything from steel and aluminum to pickles. china going further with $34 billion in tariffs on 500 items is the july 6th deadline approaches for tariffs on more than 100 chinese goods were $34 billion. the justice department says the fbi arrested a man who discussed setting off a bomb during the fourth of july parade in cleveland and attacking people enjoying fireworks there. the fbi arrested demetrius pitts alleging he pledged allegiance to al qaeda. not clear how close he was to carrying out his threats but they say he was scouting locations to attack this past week. we get the real deal and judge amy barrett. why are progressives riled up about the supreme court. >> all nominees united in their believe that what they think about a president should not bear on this case. >> governor mike huckabee weighs in on the attacks on judge
12:18 am
barrett and other supreme court pics next.
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>> shannon: one of the presidents frontrunners for the >> one of the pres.'s front runners for the supreme court is a federal appeals judge from indiana whose perceived views on abortion are being closely scrutinized so we decided to take a closer look at judge amy
12:22 am
kony barrett. amy kony barrett received a shocking introduction to washington politics when she faced off with democratic senators last year in a confirmation hearing to sit on the second circuit us court of appeal. >> the dogma lives loudly within you and that is of concern. >> barrett's response was measured but on point. >> if you are asking if i take my faith seriously and i'm a faithful catholic i am though i stress my personal church affiliation a religious belief would not bear on the discharge of my duties as a judge. >> it is her views on the intersection of faith and law that has drawn praise from conservatives and concern from progressives. he told the notre dame graduate, your legal career is a means to a end and the end is building the kingdom of god. if you keep in mind your fundamental purpose in life is not to be a lawyer but to know,
12:23 am
love and serve god you will be a different kind of lawyer. the rhetoric matches that of her mentor, justice antonin scalia from she clerked in 1998. he was a tough but fair boss. >> and conferences where you debated the merits of cases you had to know your stuff inside out, had to be articulate. >> reporter: she has a large family, the mother of 7 children. barrett talked about the challenges of a busy home life and academic career as a law school professor but it was her successful political addition to serve as a judge that sources say impressed the white house, much of the senate as focus was on abortion rights. >> you have to is no personal belief whether row was correctly decided? >> i'm sure every nominee before you has beliefs about that precedent and many others but all nominees are united in their
12:24 am
belief that what they think about a precedent should not bear in how they would decide cases. >> barrett was more pragmatic two years ago just days before the presidential election about the chances row v wade would be overturned in coming years. >> i don't think the core case, that women have the right to an abortion would change but the question of whether people can get very late term abortions, how many restrictions can be put would change. >> some conservatives claim it is judge barrett's faith that could be her biggest problem, david french of the "national review" says she is at the peak of her profession, she shares faith practices with millions of her coreligionists, her faith experience is their faith experience and the progressive seat to block her from the highest court because of that will betray our nation's founding ideas. let's talk about with mike huckabee who joined us live 2-way in. what do you make of this conversation that was so pointed
12:25 am
with her during her senate confirmation for the circuit court level about what she really believes, the questions were do you believe in the bible, that is the tone a lot of people felt she was getting. >> are we still in america? it used to be we didn't want people to establish a particular religion, now it seems the senator from san francisco would say you are acceptable only if you have no religion whatsoever. of the supreme court, 5 are catholic, 3 are jews, i could argue that we ought to have an evangelical but i don't care what the religious background is. i want a constitutionalist, someone who approaches the job of justice of the supreme court with a clear understanding it is not their job to bring their personal views to their decisions. it is their job to look at what the words of the constitution say. i am refreshed that she takes
12:26 am
her faith seriously. i would hate someone to say i am a christian but not much of one because i don't really believe that stuff, then don't be one. that she is a phony, don't want her as a justice. i like that she is sincere and genuine and i don't think that got to be a factor. it will be hard for some of these democrats to suddenly say something happens, i'm not for her anymore. >> he got a number of those votes. donald lee from indiana is in a tough reelection race and will have to think hard about that vote should she be the nominee. i want to read a tweet from jeffrey toobin, see the new us supreme court clearly, abortion illegal, doctors prosecuted, gay people barred from restaurants. african-americans out of elite schools, gun-control banton 50 states, the end of regulatory state. if that is what is coming i don't think anybody is looking
12:27 am
forward to that. >> i think the future medical school discussions when they say here are symptoms of insanity they are going to show that tweet from jeffrey toobin and say this is what happens when a person loses his mind, this is such a departure from reality when people go to these hyperbolic comments and that was over the top. that is not what this is about. legitimately i would love to see the supreme court take up the issue but not so much from the standpoint of the roe v wade decision which was based on privacy. the real issue that is going to bubble up to the supreme court is personhood because if it is personhood the fifth and 14th amendment guarantee that a person cannot be denied life or liberty without due process.
12:28 am
if a person includes an unborn person then they should be protected under the fifth and 14th amendments, that is going to be a tough fight meant for the supreme court to deny because they are going to be looking like they decide some people are not really people. we did that with dred scott in 1857 and it did not end well. i would like to see us make a better decision this time. >> a lot of folks when you talk about personhood, all those legislative efforts that happened at the state level have definitely got great concerns with that being a legal theory so we will see but things continue to change, we learn more over the years and we will see. monday we will learn who this person is going to be and see how the left and the right react. thank you for your time. coming up next, house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez calling for public testimony from turner more officials who may have been involved in surveillance,
12:29 am
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>> shannon: new details are made from house intelligence committee chair, congr shannon: new details from devon nunez about what he plans for phase 2 of his investigation to alleged surveillance abuse by the doj during the obama administration. catherine herridge has the latest. >> the republican house intelligence committee chairman is referring to executive branch officials to another house panel calling for public testimony writing these names came up during his investigation into alleged government related -- surveillance abuse and individuals may have received or provided relevant information to the fbi or justice department. one of the witnesses may have
12:34 am
direct ties to peter stzrok who answered questions about political bias and whether it infected the fbi investigation. heavily redacted text indicates he traveled to london days after the russia case open and likely met with a senior state department official. victoria newton was pressed by congress on her contact with christopher steele who compiled the opposition research known as the trump dossier. >> i was first shown excerpts from the dossier in mid july 2016. >> based on our review, mr. steele visited the state department briefing officials in
12:35 am
its attention to pro-campaign aides and russian involvement in the election. the fbi opened its case july 31, 2016, telling the senate panel she rode research two weeks earlier. shannon: donald trump's longtime personal lawyer breaks his silence and appears to distance himself from the president and his first interview since the fbi raided his office and hotel room but the interview wasn't on camera and it appears he was distancing himself from the president how far is he willing to go? radio host, fox news contributor charlie hurt, welcome to you both. what do you make of this? let's play what britt hume has
12:36 am
to say what we do or don't know about what colin does know or doesn't know. >> he is in hot water and doesn't want to offend prosecutors who are investigating him so he is prepared to cooperate. that's what people do. i am not saying he may not tell them something that would be damaging to donald trump but in your estimation? >> it could be. we have millions of documents that prosecutors have access to. a big conversation is attorney-client privilege and what happened here is michael cohen was gathering so much information that would be outside the scope of that privilege, further if there is any crime, that is exposed for
12:37 am
prosecutors as well if there's something michael cohen was hiding this would be his time to protect himself and that is what he said to george stephanopoulos by saying family and country first, that used to be donald trump. >> his family and country will be first priority, want to regain my name and reputation and my life back. what does that say to you or is the left giving too excited and reading too much into this. >> the guy has been dragged through the mud, persecuted because of his association with the president, he is frustrated. i understand that but i am afraid the press in these situations have not been honest brokers in the past, they are looking for a smoking gun everywhere. i think we are watching this russia hoax thing evaporate,
12:38 am
stormy daniels thing is going nowhere so we are playing this hide and seek game with the fact with another thing regarding donald trump's attorney. at the end of the day i have two things i hope for, when is i hope cohen tells the truth whatever the case may be. i also hope he adheres to attorney-client privilege but if they do go after him and try to get him for something that has nothing to do with russia or the presidency or the campaign it just proves there is a new standard for politicians. >> what we have seen so far is what we have seen, they have nothing to do with russian collusion. i would give you 10 seconds each, referring to the pres.'s tweet where he said i don't see michael cohen flipping on me despite the witchhunt and dishonest media.
12:39 am
does he flip? >> i think he does and what is wrong about what charlie said is the southern district invaded and searched an attorney's office, the standard to do that is very high. i don't think he does because he does nothing of anything importance. >> you were very important, thank you for seeing us. this growing chorus of critics weighing in on donald trump's summit with vladimir putin later this month, we are digging into what to go on behind closed doors in helsinki. >> he wants to understand the russian position and more importantly he wants vladimir putin to understand our position. >> bread for has been critical of russia and the trump administration. he has a brand-new book, he joins us live next. woman: i stay active
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>> shannon: president trump president trump will reportedly try to see if the u.s. can work russia to scale back iran's military presence in syria. >> donald trump will reportedly try to see if the us can work with russia to scale back iran's military presence in syria. we are digging into that and other things they may talk about. >> we a couple weeks from this historic summit between donald trump and vladimir putin and right now one of the goals is to get russia's help with syria and iran. the two spoke briefly in november on the sidelines of the asia-pacific summit in vietnam this time similar to the meeting
12:44 am
with kim jong un donald trump will meet with vladimir putin and that is what everyone is waiting to find out. >> donald trump once russia to push iran out of syria as the us seeks to isolate iran and end the syrian civil war. that could mean bashar al-assad stays in power. >> i don't think asad is the strategic issue. it is not just their continuing nuclear weapons program but their massive support for international terrorism and conventional forces in the middle east and this is something the two pres.s want to discuss at length. >> what is not clear is what we give up and return. there is the longest of sanctions against russia some of which could be ease. russia can ask us to remove the 2 million american troops stationed in syria fighting isis which is something russia wants to do anyway. the pentagon is analyzing the withdrawal of us forces in
12:45 am
germany which until russia invaded crimea. today the white house suggested crania is not on the table. >> we do not recognize russia's attempt to annex crimea, we agree to disagree with russia on that front and our crimea sanctions will remain in place until russia returns the peninsula to the ukraine. >> reporter: donald trump may list support with north korea to denuclearize. today the white house announced mike pompeo is going to meet with kim jong un friday, the north has been secretly expanding a major missile plant and upgrading its research center just weeks after the trump kim summit in singapore. john bolton is stressing the us isn't walking into these negotiations blind. >> nobody involved in this discussion in the administration who is overburdened by naïveté. we see how the north koreans behaved before and we will see
12:46 am
what happens. >> secretary of state mike pompeo will meet with japanese and south korean officials in tokyo before heading to brussels for the nato summit where he and the president will meet with european leaders who are nervous about donald trump's summit with vladimir putin and any deals that may come out that 1-on-1. >> donald trump is poised to in this russia's help, national security adviser john bolton says election meddling will be on the radar during the helsinki summit is the author of spymaster, brad for, you have studied russia inside out, you write about it, you talk to the experts. what do you make of where we are in this relationship between our presidents? >> no question between our nations it is at an all-time low, very bad. winston churchill have the great
12:47 am
phrase, jar jar is better than war war. if you are talking and not warring that is a good thing. you have a sophisticated audience, they understand what is at stake. a fair-minded person can say vladimir putin is a dangerous guy, former kgb officer, he knows how to get to trump if he wants to get to trump. i don't know how much work donald trump has done but with john bolton behind him nobody is going to take advantage of donald trump. i don't care what bolton says he is a russia heart, he does not trust vladimir putin or the russians and he is the kind of guy every american should be saying we are lucky to have him there. this thing in helsinki is going to be okay. >> talking about the g7 saying russia should be part of it, they need to be talking, they
12:48 am
are involved in everything from north korea to the middle east and beyond and the president think there is no point having conversations with russia if they are not a player at the table because they have to be part of the solution. >> they got shoved out of the g-8 and went to the g7 because they annexed crimea. from a historical perspective september 30th of this year will be the 80th anniversary of neville chamberlain handing over the sudetenland to hitler, hoping to slake hitler's thirst for domination and it didn't, it led us to world war ii so history doesn't repeat but it does rhyme. it will be a delicate thing for donald trump but all of us from both sides, left and right have to give him credit for being willing to talk to vladimir putin. if nothing else works at least we tried. >> going to singapore and having a sit down with kim jong un, they think north koreans are suckering us and are still
12:49 am
promulgating their nuclear program and have no intention of scrapping it. we know pompeo is hitting there on july 5th. what do you make for the relationship laying out? >> i don't think we got anything for the singapore meeting. there was a photo op which served kim jong un a lot more than it did us and donald trump was not speaking to the south korean president, we are going to suspend our military exercises over there which a lot of people don't know every time we put a plane up the north koreans have to put one up too and it causes attentive money. those things were form of sanctions in and of themselves so to lose that, to walk away from singapore with nothing, i don't think that was the art of the deal. nothing i was impressed by with that. i don't think anything will come out of helsinki but i don't think will be a net loss for the united states. >> those were exercises can be
12:50 am
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♪ >> shannon: time now for "where in the world." >> time for where in the world, operations underway to rescue 12 boys from a cave where they were found alive today. the boys ages 11-16 and their 25 you met coach were cut off a week ago when severe rain in thailand raised water levels in a huge cave trapping them, it will not be easy to get them out. me too catching up to justin trudeau. he responded to 18-year-old allegations of groping a female reporter saying he doesn't recall any negative interaction that day at all. the journalist as she talked to him at the time, recollections of the incident were the reporter was unsettled by what happened and it did not amount to sexual assault, definitely inappropriate and definitely not welcome. he didn't know how to handle it
12:55 am
because of his political stature. the debate about what to do about migrants rages in europe, an italian farmer taking matters into his own hands, the government's hard-line position on migrants by cutting into the words defend europe, backing italy's position and do away with countries where migrants first arrive to process asylum requests was the mediterranean island nation of malta is at the crossroads of migration controversy. a german ngo says multis authorities are detaining it seawatch 3 vessel which picks up migrants at sea and fairies them to your. malta's been on such ships from entering and exiting its territorial waters. our 4-legged midnight hero is next. t price... is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices...
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1:00 am
protect her from the venomous bike, he got bitten in his face, he is swollen but he is going to be fine, paula calls todd her hero and we agree. good night from washington, i am shannon bream. >> it is tuesday, july 3rd and this is "fox and friends first". happening right now at 4:00 am on the east coast of oil fourth of july terror plot reveals a more sinister motives, the cleveland one of the jihad plans to target another major city. what cities across the country are doing to keep you safe this holiday. >> interviewed and met with four potential justices of our great supreme court, the person who was chosen will be outstanding. >> supreme court shortlist getting


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