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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 3, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> thank you very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> i have a feeling in the "after the show show" you'll talk to some folks who came to new york city. see you tomorrow. >> sandra: fox news alert. president trump moving quickly to fill the vacancy in the supreme court created by justice anthony kennedy's retirement. with a slim republican majority in the senate it could be a close call. good morning, everybody, i'm sandra smith inside "america's newsroom." >> eric: i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. the president is less than a week away to announce his pick for the supreme court. the white house disclosing very little information on those under consideration. the president met with four candidates yesterday for 45 minutes each and he will continue those meetings throughout the rest of this week. >> the president has said he is
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focused on that list and as of right now, he will continue to stick with that list. let's bring in chief white house correspondent john roberts on the north lawn. >> good morning, to you, the president's schedule is clear this morning. i'm told it could be an indication that he has got plenty of time to meet with a couple more supreme court considerations. yesterday the president met with four potential nominees here at the white house. fox news is told those four potentials are amy coney barrett of the seventh circuit court of appeals. kavanaugh from the court of appeals, the farm team for the supreme court. and thapar of the sixth circuit were here yesterday. the president said yesterday he will meet with two or three more candidates before making his decision. he is moving at full speed to have his nominee in place for that monday evening announcement. listen here.
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>> president trump: they are outstanding people. they are really incredible people in so many different ways. academically and every other way. and i had a very, very interesting morning. >> other judges on the short list and could be coming to the white house today. joan larson of the sixth circuit. that would make three possibles from the sixth circuit court of appeals and thomas hardiman from the third circuit court of appeals. hardiman was a candidate last year along with kethledge to fill the vacancy. the president is expecting a big fight no matter what his pick is. democrats certainly don't want to see a judge on the court that could overturn roe versus wade. even some republicans like susan collins of maine are saying she would like the president to pick somebody who is committed to not overturning
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roe versus wade. the president has the ultimate decision on all of this. >> eric: that's a big issue. in terms of international affairs north korea, secretary of state mike pompeo going to north korea again third trip this week. will they have a timetable for denuclearization? >> i don't think the talks are that far along but what is interesting about the pompeo trip, he is headed on the fifth. on thursday at the same time that u.s. intelligence is getting reports that north korea has been making some improvements at a nuclear site. white house officials are very reluctant to talk about that this morning out of the white house driveway. sarah sanders wouldn't talk about it and only say that talks with north korea are progressing. listen here. >> i won't confirm or deny intelligence reports and i won't comment on that. we had good meetings a couple days ago with ambassador kim and secretary of state is headed to north korea and continuing to make progress on those conversations. the goal is the same as it's
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always been, denuclearization, that's what we'll continue pushing for. >> president trump remains upbeat tweeting many good conversations with north korea. it is going well. in the meantime no rocket launches or nuclear testing in eight months. only the fake news if complaining if not for me we would not be at war with north korea. there has been talk the president might meet kim jong-un on the sidelines at a u.n. general assembly meeting in new york city in september. i'm told it's possible but there are no plans for that to happen at this point. >> that would be something to happen. nato, the president again warning our nato allies they have to spend more. >> the day after he makes the big announcement who his supreme court nominee will be on tuesday morning the president is headed for brussels and that annual nato summit. it promises to be just as
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uncomfortable as the g-7 summit that quebec was with the president sending letters to a lot of our nato allies saying they need to pay the 2% gdp to fund the alliance. it is increasingly difficult to justify to american citizens why some country's don't share nato's collective security. i expect to see a commitment to meet the goals that we agreed. an official with -- the president has been clear we expect our allies to shoulder their fair share of our common defense burden and do more in areas that most effect them. no better way to signal nato's resolve than for every ally to allocate resources necessary to share the burden of our collective defense. here is what sarah sanders said. >> the united states puts over
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4 1/2% of the gdp into nato and wants other countries to step up. the 2% threshold. he wants to see them do at least that. some countries could do that by tomorrow and he is asking what they step up and be part of the solution and so a little more burden sharing instead of putting all the pressure on the united states to carry the weight. >> there are 28 member nations in nato. 22 of 28 are not meeting their commitment of 2% of gdp to defense including large countries including france, germany, italy, spain, netherlands, canada and belgium, eric, which just happens to be where nato is headquartered in a brand-new $2 billion building. >> eric: he wants them to pony up. >> sandra: now back to our top story of the morning the race to replace justice kennedy on the supreme court. let's bring in byron york the chief political correspondent for "the washington examiner" to weigh in on this.
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good morning to you. so yesterday the white house, the president says four potential nominees have been interviewed. now on to a fifth. what is this battle shaping up to look like? >> well, the president has set himself a tight deadline. he has to announce this thing in less than a week from today. he has scheduled a big prime time announcement for next monday and has to move fast. one thing we must remember here the president is choosing again from that list of supreme court nominees that he made during the campaign. he refined it a little bit last december. 25 names on the list. it is the kind of thing that he could pick anyone and get the support of most republicans because these judges have already been examined, their past has been examined, the federalist society has given them their stamp of approval. for a lot of the work for a selection has already been done
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and some of these nominees or potential nominees the president is looking at, he looked at last year nor the neil gorsuch nomination. so the president is not starting from scratch here. >> sandra: i spoke to judge andrew napolitano on this story last night, byron and he spoke to the significance of this moment and this decision. listen to this. >> john mccain won't be voting so it will be very, very tight. i wish it weren't on just one issue. abortion is a very small part of what the supreme court does. if he appoints someone in their 40s or 50s that person could serve for a long time. we need to examine their thinking on a broad array of things. >> sandra: the impact of this decision could impact the president's legacy and could impact this country for decades. >> totally right. judge napolitano is right, they are looking for somebody in their 40s or 50s.
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a very, very long career on the court. it's pretty interesting that donald trump has gotten two nominations in his first two years in office and you have to remember, this was the issue that won the president a lot of support of a lot of social conservatives. the president had a checkered personal life but they supported him because he said i'm going to nominate conservatives to the supreme court and also, by the way, to the federal courts of appeals which he has done in record numbers. so this issue, appointing conservatives to the supreme court, is one of the reasons donald trump got elected and he knows that. >> sandra: and moving on to another big news item for the week is heading into the holiday we know that mike pompeo, the secretary of state, will be making and paying a third visit to north korea. he will be departing the day after the holiday, july 5th. as you heard john roberts reporting on the lawn of the white house a few moments ago the significance here and the interesting aspect to this meeting and when it is taking
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place is u.s. intelligence just revealing that north korea is making improvements to one of its nuclear sites. what do you expect out of this visit? >> this is an absolutely critical time for this north korea potential deal because it is time to find out whether the north is actually serious about denuclearization. we had a lot of talk and the summit last month. we need to see if they're serious. john mentioned these reports that north korea might actually be increasing its production of fuel for nuclear weapons or something along those lines. we don't know exactly what that means right now but we do know that it is time for secretary pompeo and the rest of the u.s. government to see actual signs that the north is serious about this. remember the president has always said we'll see. he says well, i hope they'll do this and this, we'll see. it is time for us to see. >> sandra: we will see what happens when mike pompeo heads out that way the day after the
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fourth. meanwhile president trump warning that we will do something if the world trade organization does not start treating the u.s. properly and all of this as we know is the president has weighed in repeatedly that nato allies have not lived up to their commitments to pay more toward defense spending. what do you expect to see the president do next on this front, byron? >> could the president ever telegraph a pitch any more? the nato summit this year's nato summit will be a lot like last year's summit where president trump told nato allies they have to spend more. the idea being they should spend 2% of their gdp on defense, germany is about 1.2% right now, by far the biggest economy in europe. and the president has been pushing this line wherever he goes. and he is going to do it again.
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in sending this letter to the nato countries is simply just reemphasizing that. in response, some of them have actually started spending more on defense. some of them have promised to do so. some of them have hemmed and hawed about it but they won't get any relief. the president will keep pushing this issue. >> sandra: ahead of next week's nato summit in brussels. byron, thank you. fox news alert from thailand. a dozen children and their soccer coach found alive in a cave after they were missing for over a week. how they survived and what is the plan to now get them out? >> eric: what a story that is. the president digging in on tariffs despite mounting pressure from some in his own party who say tariffs imposed by washington could boomerang badly on our economy. >> president trump: we are very close to making some very good trade deals. fair trade. i think the e.u. we'll be
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>> there is no bright line level of the stock market that is going to change fallacy. the president is trying to fix long-term problems that should have been dealt with a long time ago. >> sandra: that's commerce secretary wilbur ross saying president trump will not change his approach to trade even if the markets keep flipping. let's bring in former reagan economic advisor art laffer. maybe today is not the day we're seeing the spook of the market. we're seeing a triple digit gain today. we have seen markets slipping. a lot of anxiety and anticipation this won't be a good thing. what do you say to what you just heard? >> trade wars are bad for the economy and bad for the stock market.
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tons of evidence. but what bothers me is when wilbur ross says that. donald trump is his own man and donald trump is probably the most success-oriented president i've ever seen in my life. if you look at what he has done with the tax bill, deregulation, gorsuch nomination, all of these others, he wants to be the single most successful president of the u.s. and he is also a very successful businessman who knows how to evaluate information and evidence and he doesn't ignore evidence, far from it, what he wants to do is be successful and whatever these things are. if the markets start going down south. and it looks like it will affect the elections i would be very surprised if donald trump didn't alter his behavior. he is not a stick in the mud and i am much less worried about him. he personally told me he is a free trader. he ran an international business. very successfully. which knows how to out source to all sorts of countries to
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get the best value. as i jokingly said he is also imported two foreign wives so we know -- i'm sorry, sandra, i had to do a little humor in there. i'm very confident in donald trump's ability to handle this issue. >> sandra: wilbur ross seems to be very confident in the situation. he is defending these policies saying short term pain for long-term gain but i think that's what is really hard for all of us to sort of stand by and watch, feel that. go ahead. >> it's silly, short-term pain for long-term gain is almost never true. the real thing is short-term gain leads to long-term gain. what we need is freer trade, not more restrictive trade and everyone understands that. what you really have here is a situation where the president is trying to get really fair trade back where they have the same level of tariffs on our products that we have on theirs or we all have no tariffs.
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i think that would be the best world of all. what he is doing with nato in your last segment. nato aren't contributing their fair share. i would guess the difference between what germany is contributing to nato and what they should is way more than any of the tariffs we are talking about. every single situation the u.s. pays more than everything else to the u.n., nato, all of these things and he is right not to want that to continue. >> sandra: you know i'm a market watcher, art, as long as i've known you and i will rewatch it closely. perspective is everything. when you look at the dow sitting at lofty levels above 24,000 it is important to note that the dow is still up 33% since election day, since donald trump was elected president up 33%. i guess what is getting the headlines is the fact this year it's negative, it's gone negative for the year down 2% for the year. not a huge sell-off but off 9% from the highs of this year.
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so that's capturing some attention. but wilbur ross really, he is trying to pooh-pooh the naysayers and says the sky is not falling. listen to this exchange on lou dobbs. >> we're regaining territory very rapidly. the same people at hand wringing when we put the tariffs on washing machines and when we put the tariffs on solar panels and the same hand wringing on steel and aluminum and guess what? factories are growing up in the u.s. making those products. the sky hasn't fallen. >> sandra: art? >> yeah, i think that's silly talk to be honest. i just don't think that's the right logic they should use. the logic i think they should use is we are threatening tariffs in order to get them to negotiate lower tariffs and better trade for the other
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countries. tariffs do damage, sandra, they really do. and if you look at any of the areas -- i was in the nixon administration and i remember when we put the 10% import surcharge. we had the job development credit that excluded foreign-made capital. devalued the dollar and the stock market fell in half during that period. it was a catastrophe. i don't think that will happen with donald trump because donald trump is far more focused on -- he has it in his ego to want to be the most successful president ever. >> sandra: he didn't like the move by harley davidson. now general motors said they might have to scale back production as a result of these tariffs. we'll see where it all goes. you and i will watch it closely as well as many americans. >> i'm very optimistic about the president and his success patterns. i don't want to pooh-pooh a trade war. it's not the right thing to do. >> sandra: always good to have you on the program. come back. >> eric: he always has great advice. an alligator chased a girl up a
6:22 am
tree in florida and the critter would not go away. tell you how she got to safety. >> sandra: crews try to free a thailand soccer team stuck in a flooded cave. what is complicating efforts. this wi-fi is fast.
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when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. >> my daughter is stuck in a tree. there are gators surrounding her and we can't get her out. >> eric: that's a scary confrontation between the florida teenager and an alligator that happened on friday at a creek outside of orlando. the 15-year-old girl had to climb up a tree to escape that aggressive gator. the reptile was not a bit intimidated even when a sheriff's deputy arrived. >> the deputy said the gator
6:26 am
started coming towards him and hissing at him. he did what he had to do and shot the gator and the gator went down. >> eric: the gator went underwater and its whereabouts are unknown. sandra. >> sandra: fox news alert. there is a soccer team and their coach trapped in a partially flooded cave in thailand. more than 1,000 people including u.s. military members are trying to bring them to safety. >> right now what you're seeing is everyone is coming together to figure out the next course of action and how to bring them out as safely and quickly as possible. >> sandra: greg palkot is following the story from london. how did they get down there in the first place? >> it's an amazing story hopefully with a happy ending. the soccer players and their coach were doing some practicing near a cave. then they went and explored the cave in northern thailand. some 10 days ago.
6:27 am
that's when it all went bad. heavy rains flooded parts of the cave trapping them underground. monday night local time after days of frantic searching by thailand and international teams, divers and u.s. military from japan the 12 boys and their 25-year-old coach were found. as much as 2 1/2 miles underground into a mountainside. they're said to be in stable condition. they survived by drinking water dripping from the cave but had no food. they were quickly supplied with a liquid food and medicine and rescue workers are with them right now. the challenge is to get them out. more rain is expected as early as tomorrow and some reports rescue teams will try to get them out tonight. the most likely way is to dive them out using protective gear and special breathing masks. quicker than other ways like drilling down to them or waiting for the water to drain but a whole lot of risk. that is being considered very
6:28 am
carefully. still, the boys were talking and in good spirits. telephone line strung into the cave so families distraught can talk to them. they're overjoyed. the country and world is overjoyed by the discovery but again, sandra, the effort is to get them out safely. >> sandra: we keep following this. thank you. >> eric: just amazing. meanwhile thousands of refugees fleeing from the fighting in syria. where they are seeking refuge and we're there live. >> sandra: another immigration crisis playing out in a u.s. court. a district judge dealing a legal challenge to the zero tolerance policy. are we any closer to finding a permanent solution to the problem? our next guest takes it on. >> the president has talked many times about fixing the overall system both illegal and legal immigration. at the same time there is a process that people should follow and we want to look for ways to fix that process as well. i'm alex trebek here to tell you
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>> sandra: a blow to the trump administration's zero tolerance policy. a federal court blocking the arbitrary detention of asylum seekers fleeing violence or prosecution targeting several ice field offices. president trump lashing out at some democrats who called for abolishing the agency with this tweet earlier today. when we have an infestation of ms-13 gangs in certain parts of our country, who do we send to get them out? ice. they are tougher and smarter than these rough criminal elements that bad immigration laws allow into our country. dems do not appreciate the great job they do. casey siegel is live at the border in el paso, texas. casey. >> sandra, the latest federal court ruling, in fact, is based on a lawsuit that was filed on behalf of the american civil liberties union and a few other groups. it does target five of these
6:33 am
ice facilities. the court paperwork is alleging these offices have almost completely stopped granting parole since early last year and they say that more than 1,000 asylum seekers were denied their parole in those locations. they include el paso, detroit, los angeles, newark and philadelphia ice offices. a judge ruling the federal government is violating its own rules when it comes to the treatment of people seeking asylum and has ordered ice to stop what the suit called arbitrary defention of legitimate asylum seekers. this as top catholic leaders within the church made a trip to the texas/mexico border and met with those impacted in holding centers talking with law enforcement and praying with those in need. the delegation of various archbishops holding mass at prominent sites and a service at one of those detention centers for kids. >> it is so important that
6:34 am
these children be united with their parents. it is just a natural feeling and understanding of how sad it is that they are not with their parents and how important it is that as we all are trying to do -- make sure that they are united with their families. >> the bishops saying they get a real sense of hope when they have talked to people who are in detention and they say that despite what is going on with this debate and despite being separated from their children they say most everyone talks about the future and not much about their past. sandra. >> sandra: thank you, casey stiegel. >> eric: for more on the federal judge's decision let's bring in ralph norman. the jaouj ruled it is not legal to detain asylum seekers indefinitely. what's your reaction?
6:35 am
>> i disagree with the ruling. this president is trying to get a handle on an immigration problem that we've had for years and years. and you know as jeff sessions said, the threat of detention should be there because it's hard to prove what these asylum seekers are asking for. so it takes time and, you know, it just shows you the disregard for our great ice agents and the fact that they would rather just have no borders and let everybody in this country, which is wrong. >> eric: fair to say no borders, not everybody in the country. there are requirements and security issues the democrats have. in terms of this issue. >> the fact that they're calling for -- to do away with ice agents makes no sense. and we don't want -- the issue of having children separated from the families is tragic but you know, with the zero tolerance plan that the president has, what parent
6:36 am
would bring their children here knowing that it's a possibility of being separated? i think he is right. i think the aclu is on the wrong side, as they are on most cases now. and hopefully we'll overturn the ruling. >> eric: as you know, these people say they are fleeing for their lives, persecution, gangs in central america, religious persecution, for example. the ruling -- before the ruling that procedure had been they get a hearing on a credible fear hearing and potentially be released. the judge says it is not fair or right. why can't the government do something else like have ankle bracelets or other way to track some of these people instead of having them locked up indefinitely? >> but if you go down on the border. i've talked to a lot of congressmen who have, it is a mass of people. again, how do you prove that credible evidence that they are in danger if they go back to their country?
6:37 am
subjective. you have a lot of criminals, you have a lot of people who just want to get into this country, and how do you prove that? and you don't. ankle bracelets and other means could be used, but for them to take the position that you can't detain them makes no sense. it takes time and it just goes to show they are against any type of detainment. they're against the ice agents that are doing their job. i think they ought to continue it and hopefully this ruling by the nine people in the other groups that joined will be overturned. >> eric: what would you say to the critics who say this is what america stands for. the statue of liberty and our history of encouraging immigration to our nation upon which this great democracy was built? >> well, that's true but, you know, in today's world we've got 3,000 americans dead from 9/11. we've got threats, we've got shootings. we have issues that we have to address.
6:38 am
i'm for the american people. we need to take care of our citizens first instead of having complete open borders, no lines. we're a nation of borders and i just disagree with their theory that it's not a criticism, it should not be a criticism of those trying to do their job as ice agents, as police officers are doing, and to not address this. i applaud the president for taking measures now to address it. the other presidents have not, particularly obama. >> eric: now that this ruling is there what are you concerned about if it stands, if someone has that type of credible fear hearing and then is let out without any tracking? >> it's sad for our country because you don't know what they are going to do criminal-wise in america, who they are bringing in with them. it is -- the detainment is the basic thing to stop them with. and to take that tool away i think is wrong and just shows
6:39 am
you how far left many of these groups are. this is one of them. the ruling i just disagree with. >> eric: do you think it can be addressed in the immigration bills under consideration that haven't passed yet? >> i think you'll see when we get back in next week a conservative bill that comes back up and i'm hoping that we can just get the basics to agree with. like to build a border wall, like to end chain migration, like to end the diversity lottery. i hope we can get those basic things and make the democrats vote because as -- it's been easy for them to vote against everything we're trying to development i was for the goodlatte bill. i was not against the latest one but if we can just get the basics it will help to solve the hemorrhaging this country is going through. >> eric: congressman ralph norman we'll see if that bill is presented and does pass. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> sandra: now to another court ruling this time from the highest court in california.
6:40 am
the california supreme court siding with yelp saying it can't be forced to remove negative posts. a lower court ruling said it should erase negative reviews. it was a really interesting case that was ongoing for quite some time. 4-3 opinion as it turned out and the point was that this could interfere with and undermine the viability of an online platform. the attorney for yelp argued. >> eric: you wonder if the reviews are real or not. we'll see. senator rand paul has been recovering from that attack by his neighbor last fall. but now a new threat has caused capitol police to intervene. >> sandra: lawmakers are getting ready for a feisty
6:41 am
confirmation hearing. will the president's pick pass the litmus test? >> president trump: i'll be meeting with two or three more and we'll make a decision on the united states supreme court. i think the person that is chosen will be outstanding. ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands?
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6:45 am
>> eric: lawmakers are gearing up in washington for a battle on capitol hill over president trump's nominee for the supreme court. this of course comes amid mounting pressure on democrats to oppose whoever the president picks to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy. the main sticking point is abortion rights. bill mcgurn has written about that today. here is part of what he wrote in the journal saying the obvious reality is that roe remains one of the most unsettled decisions in the history of the high court. after all, if one seat change will really mean the death of a nearly 50-year-old precedent, the ruling can't be as settled as claimed. bill joins us now and also a fox news contributor. as you point out in your analysis constantly settled law and a firm precedent. you take issue with that. >> i take an issue it's settled. one of the arguments for settle is society was reached a consensus even if it was badly decided in the beginning.
6:46 am
schumer wrote there are 20 states that would ban abortion in roe was overturned. the people for roe and casey have argued it will settle the issue. what they really did is take it out of the democratic process where it should be settled and we could reach a workable consensus. >> eric: you have written your view is that the democrats try to use the court. >> this is their preferred legislature rather than working through the states and trying to persuade fellow citizens that they are right and get the legislation passed and make the appropriate compromises. they would rather try to get five votes on the supreme court and they've been very successful in a few cases doing that. >> eric: every time there is an opening in the supreme court you have this argument and issue and these warnings, dire warnings from the democrats among them and they don't -- >> justice scalia referred to that in his dissent in planned
6:47 am
parenthood versus casey. one of his greatest achievement that he provoked justice scalia. he pointed out if the court is going to rule on their own preferences and substitute that for the law and the constitution, then the american people are going to protest and come out there and hope that judges impose their preferences as they ought to in a democratic policy. so i think roe has been very corrupting of the democratic process. >> eric: you talk about the fact that it has been not just politicized but you believe from a conservative point of view, the conservative view is to judge what the american people want? >> i think the conservative point of view is leave it to the democratic process and let the american people express a what they want line is
6:48 am
always that roe hangs by a judicial threat and one more conservative justice would ruin it. my guess this will be true if president trump nominates another judge. the court has reinforced the right many times. what do you think will happen depending upon whom the president picks? >> i would say that's very true. it was justice kennedy's vote a few years ago in casey. the editorial is trying to say it is unlikely the court would go after roe in one fell swoop.
6:49 am
it has been reaffirmed but not to say the court won't find more latitude for the states to chip away at it. i'm not sure that's such a bad idea, either. i'm very pro-life but i think you have to build public consensus for it. maybe a gradual chipping away would be better. again, my fundamental principle is restoring this to where the decisions ought to be made by the american people acting through their elected representatives. that's been usurped by the supreme court. >> eric: you don't see one full sweep. >> not right away. most conservative judges are conservative by disposition in that sense and don't like radical changes but who knows? it is a very bad decision. >> eric: there it is. the article, page a13 today's "wall street journal." >> sandra: rescue crews in thailand are trying to free a dozen children and their soccer
6:50 am
coach from a partially flooded cave before another round of heavy rains moves in. how they plan to get them out. over one mistake. s see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ your hair is so soft! did you use head and shoulders two in one? i did mom. wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free. manolo? look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too. try head and shoulders two in one.
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>> eric: streets turning into rivers in downtown philadelphia this morning. a large water main break closed down streets. it has damaged a number of streets. some power outages have been reported in downtown philly. crews were able to shut off the water but trying to figure out what caused that break. look at that. >> sandra: a humanitarian crisis is intensifying. tens of thousands of syrian refugees now fleeing the fighting in their own country seeking refuge in jordan and israel. the migrants will not be
6:54 am
allowed to cross over into the neighboring countries but a donation campaign is underway to provide them with much-needed aid. jonathan hunt is live along the israel/syria border for us, jonathan. >> since we spoke to you some 24 hours ago the number of refugees according to the u.n. has ballooned from 160,000 to close to 300,000 and they keep coming. at this refugee encampment on the israel/syrian border we have watched today as more tents have been put up for presumably further influx of refugees. you are looking at one of the new ones right now. the white tent with orange ceiling. behind it there is another structure being prepared for more refugees. so the israelis are not allowing these refugees to cross their border but providing aid. they are taking tons of food and medical supplies across.
6:55 am
israeli soldiers escort trucks up to this fence. it is a very sensitive border. they open a section of the fence. they then drop the aid, close it, withdraw and pull back and only then are syrians able to come and pick up the aid and distribute it. there are many more refugees on the jordanian border. jordan is also keeping its border closed saying it has taken a million refugees over the course of this civil war and it simply can't afford to take any more. now all of this is being caused by what may prove to be one of the final chapters of this civil war as syrian government forces seek to crush remaining rebel strongholds in southwest and western syria. it is interesting to reflect on the fact that seven years ago, top u.s. and israeli officials were predicting or even calling for the end of the president bashar al-assad regime within weeks. here we are seven years later
6:56 am
and israel, the u.s., and russia have essentially all signed off on president assad staying in power. their very simple calculation being better the devil you know. sandra. >> sandra: jonathan hunt on the israel/syria border. thank you. >> eric: coming up some democrats are playing hardball over immigration. even calling for scrapping ice in response to the outrage over the separation of parents and children at the border. but some are asking could that demand alienate moderate voters in november? >> sandra: secretary of state mike pompeo heading to pyongyang this week as questions emerge over north korea's intentions to fully denuclearize. mike huckabee joins us in a new hour straight ahead. >> if north korea makes the
6:57 am
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>> sandra: a day before independence day the battle over who will be the next supreme court justice is heating up as president trump's july 9th decision deadline draws near. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," hour two on this tuesday morning. i'm sandra smith, good morning. >> eric: i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. the largest hurdle getting the senate's approval. democrats wasting no time
7:01 am
moving the issue of roe versus wade to front and center as the white house interviews several candidates. that's today's top story and brings us to the newsroom news feed from the newsmakers and journalists who bring it to you. >> here at home president trump's search for a new supreme court justice. he is filling justice's anthony kennedy's seat after announcing his retirement last week effective at the end of july. >> now the most important decision of the year. >> with a fierce battle brewing and the future of the supreme court hanging in the balance. >> president trump hopes to get his next supreme court nominee confirmed before the november election. he needs to act quickly given the timetable there is literally no room for error. >> i think it will go very quickly and we'll have a lot of support. >> the president says he has interviewed four potential candidates. >> president trump: they're outstanding people. they are really incredible people in so many different ways. >> the president stressed he will not be asking any
7:02 am
candidate about roe versus wade. >> he is looking for individuals with the right intellect, temperament and will uphold the constitution. >> the democrats will make abortion the issues because they're whetted to the issue. now they're counting heads in washington to see if they can get a nominee across. >> the candidate for this important position who would overturn roe versus wade would not be acceptable to me. >> with this much thought to be at stake this is going to be a real bloodbath. >> sandra: the president saying he will reveal his choice six days from now on monday. let's go to "america's newsroom" a-team. leslie marshall is syndicated radio talk show host. shelby holliday is a video reporter. morgan ortagus is a former state department press officer. the a-team is here on tuesday morning. you think it will be a holiday
7:03 am
week and sleepy "newsweek" and it's not the case. it's all about the president's pick for the supreme court. what are your expectations, leslie? >> the evangelical wing of the gop will not be as happy. i've seen the list and there are a couple people on there that are more moderate and the stronger choice for the president. alan dershowitz said that, to appoint somebody who will go back and just like judge napolitano said roe versus wade is the law of the land. it wouldn't be wise to appoint someone to try to overturn that and wouldn't help the republican party. majority of republicans even if they're pro-life -- >> sandra: democrats as the judge put it democrats are making that the issue here. where do you see this going, shelby? this is quite a battle that is setting up. >> and moving quickly. president trump wants to have
7:04 am
his pick monday and interviewed people and will interview more. the comments that susan collins made they doesn't want an activist judge. she is one of the people democrats are looking to pick off and vote against someone who would be an activist justice. so i think that was sort of foreshadowing a battle and signal to president trump if you pick someone who is extremely right, extremely right wing she may not vote and he needs her vote. i think that in the end based on how the last supreme court pick went president trump will get his way. i just don't know how smart it is of democrats to make it a huge issue and spend all this money. if it is a done deal by the mid-terms it may not be a factor. >> eric: how does the president thread the needle on this with the candidates that we've heard about? >> i think bottom line it's a political winner for president trump. even some of his most harsh critics are thrilled that we have a republican president who has a second supreme court justice that he is going to nominate.
7:05 am
so no matter who is from the list, which is a very inside baseball list what republicans are looking at, the people who will vote in november who are looking to be motivated by the president i think are thrilled that he will have a second supreme court justice. i think you will see broad support from the republican party from the senators who are voting on this and so it's a political winner for him and why republicans came out and voted in november 2016 because the crucially important issue is not just on roe versus wade. that's one issue. there are a host of issues that are important to the republican base that this supreme court justice can determine. >> eric: democrats are scared to death. they are calls from civil rights to abortion to a variety of area, voting rights will be thrown out with the new court. >> it's why elections have consequences. there is a huge debate about president barack obama not getting the vote on his nomination. this is the middle of the first term of a presidency. democrats have a right to be
7:06 am
concerned. this is the whole deal, right? and why you vote for a republican or democrat because you care about the makeup of the supreme court. i think the president will be prudent in who he chooses and will have a fantastic nominee that can get through easily between all republicans. >> sandra: it's not stopping democrats from launching attacks and using roe versus wade. the abortion scare campaign, why roe versus wade and same-sex marriage are likely to survive after kennedy. the first line they write some things in politics are predictable. a new jersey tax increase, a no vote for rand paul and an abortion rights scare campaign every time a republican president makes a supreme court nomination. >> roe versus wade is very important to both sides. democrats are right actually not to use a scare campaign but to be scared as who the president chooses and if it were possible if we could go backward with regard to the legislation back in 1973. the ruling by the high court.
7:07 am
the reason is there are a lot of women that are more moderate republicans. a lot of women in areas and district that trump won in the past that aren't looking favorable for the president. i think the democrats politically are actually right to say look, what would happen with roe versus wade and gay rights. i think quite frankly it will get more people out there. i'm a democrat and we're great at protesting. we have to get out in the mid-terms and vote and i think it will bring more democrats out to vote. >> sandra: the president is expected to interview a female candidate. >> there is a lot of anticipation, a lot of excitement. i think it is wise to interview her and not talk about her looks. some of the reports coming out of cnn yesterday commenting on some of the women's looks and why they would be chosen was really discouraging for all women who spend a lot of time building professional credentials. let's talk about their credentials and not their looks. >> we agree with that. i high five you on that.
7:08 am
>> sandra: what about the chorus of democrats calling to abolish ice and the scotus pick, what about this issue? >> i'm hoping it doesn't have the split that we had in the past in our party. we had the bernie people and the hillary people. there is a split. there are people that say abolish ice. those of us like me that say oats not a good idea. it's not the agency that's the issue but it is the administration and policies. we don't want a split in the party. that's not a sentiment of every senator. you have harris in my state of california and elizabeth warren and others but then you have amy klobuchar saying, no it is not about ice. it's about the administration and the policies. the people that want ice abolished they aren't saying not to have an immigration policy. they want a change in the policies. i don't think that should be the slogan and campaign. >> sandra: they aren't offering up replacements.
7:09 am
>> eric: the president has said open borders. >> we don't have open borders. we don't have open borders. there are people that have not been able to freely come and go in our canadian border and mexican border for years. the difference is that we as democrats -- i can't speak for all of us. most of us in the party don't want a wall as that border. we want border patrol which would be more jobs. we want better security but we want smarter security. we don't feel the border wall would take care of the problems that we have because not only keeps people out, it keeps people in. as we know a lot of people in are violent and dangerous and have to address that as well. >> sandra: the president making it clear where he stands on this. he tweeted this many democrats are deeply concerned about the fact their leadership wants to denounce and abandon the great men and women of ice declaring war on law and order. these people will be voting for republicans in november and in many cases joining the republican party. >> i think you have to step back and look how incredible it
7:10 am
is the news cycle and the focus of the news has shifted dramatically over the past week. the president had a pretty rough week when he had to reverse his policy on the border and reunite families. the news coverage was in favor of democrats. they felt like they were winning and all of a sudden the tide turned and the president is a big reason why. now it's about ice and open borders. he has moved the argument and moved the goal post. i do think it's an effective argument. when he goes right and the left goes very left, he is able to beat them into supporting these policies that he thinks are extreme and can say this is bad for the american people. >> eric: talk about baiting. he goes after personally in the tweets, morgan. camilla harris. two of them. saying why are you supporting the animals of ms-13? you must not know what ice really does. a link to help you out and to senator elizabeth warren why are you supporting criminals moving weapons, drugs and victims across our nation's borders? you must not know what ice
7:11 am
really does. here is a link to help you out. is it fair claiming senator harris supports the animals of ms-13? she doesn't support the criminals. >> i don't think she does, either. i think the point is not that the president moved away from this discussion on children and the borders. the democrat party handed this to him as a gift. when you look at what happened, the thing about abolishing ice it came out of three women who are sitting u.s. senators. some democratic friends were concerned. we're not talking about daca and separating children at the border. what democrats think was a winning issue is not being talked about. when you look at abolishing ice the huffington post, the majority of americans haven't understood of heard of this debate. when you start polling them the majority of americans don't support this. the stronger argument from a democrat perspective is the one that chuck schumer and nancy
7:12 am
pelosi are making for reforming the agency. the problem i see is the leadership of the democrat party understands where they need to go but it isn't the discussion being had. what's happening is you are seeing another anti-establishment wave in the democrat party where they are standing up to leadership and saying we want to talk about open borders and abolishing ice. i think you are going to see after november no matter what happens in the democrat party a huge split from people who still feel hillary clinton stole the nomination from bernie sanders. that part of the party is alive and well. >> i think that part of the party is alive and well but we also realize that protesting after the fact as we saw after donald trump was nominated isn't going to help us and we need and want and desire a change. both chambers of the congress and certainly in the white house. so i don't agree with you there. in addition because we know that what works in brooklyn doesn't work in brooklyn, iowa. we like that line. that is a fact and i think the democrats are very -- we are aware of what our party needs
7:13 am
to do and i don't think that any more splits -- >> i think you are right but it's not where i see the energy of your base. i see a resurrection. >> i don't agree with you. i think what the president has done and it's politically smart trying to demonize the abolishment of ice campaign. >> because of the ridiculous -- >> he is trying to deflect from what the issue is in america that both sides are very angry about. his executive order with regard to separating children from their families. >> eric: that's the debate right there. >> sandra: peter strzok and whether or not we see him publicly testify now. at first he was volunteering to do so, right? anti-trump f.b.i. agent exchanging those texts with someone he was having a relationship inside the f.b.i. first he said he was willing to. volunteering to do so. then the closed-door interview behind closed door with members of congress and now they want
7:14 am
him to publicly testify and his lawyer is putting up a fight having sharpened their knives the committee would like to drag him back and have him testify in public. the committee denied that originally. what is being asked is to participate in anyone can recognize as a trap. shelby. >> it's an interesting argument and i think all americans would love to see his testimony be public. everyone wants to hear from him. his lawyer's point is he had a closed-door interview and pieces of that interview were leaked and that were -- he feels wronged by republicans in the house and now walking back his pledge to do this publicly and saying i don't think it's fair and why would anyone do it if it's weighed against them and everything is stacked against him in the first place. >> eric: shouldn't americans have a right to see him? >> all americans want to see him. >> eric: he is on the american
7:15 am
payroll. >> roger stone has said he wanted his testimony to be -- >> sandra: he is asking for the transcript of last week's interview to be released. we'll see if that happens. will we see him publicly testify? >> if they release the entire transcript he should. otherwise i think it's just overtly. >> they aren't saying if they release the transcript. >> he said they would consider it. >> i think he should testify publicly. he was involved in charge of the flynn interview and led the russian interference probe and dismissed my mueller for his actions. this isn't a normal f.b.i. agent. someone at the top of the leadership. the american people deserve to hear what really happened with someone from such a huge leadership position. >> eric: it will be fascinating if it comes to pass. secretary of state mike pompeo
7:16 am
is heading back to north korea for another round of nuclear talks amid new questions about kim jong-un's nuclear intentions. will he be true to his word? president trump is defending his plans for new tariffs. riatis tries to get in my way? watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ ) joni: think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it. they're moving forward with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin. don't use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection
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>> sandra: president trump keeping up the pressure on international trade defending his new tariffs ahead of next week's nato summit in brussels. the president warning the world trade organization he is on the verge of taking action unless our trading partners make some major changes. >> president trump: wto has treated the united states very badly and i hope they change their ways. they have been treating us very badly for many, many years and that's why we were at a big disadvantage with the wto. and we're not planning anything now. if they don't treat us properly, we will be doing something. >> sandra: adam shapiro senior correspondent for fox business network. quite a warning there. adam, welcome on the set with us for the first time. great to have you here. what message is the president sending here? >> shooting first, ask questions later. see making some very big threats. the bottom line with the world trade organization is that there is very little the president can do as far as removing the united states from
7:21 am
the wto. it would have to be a bill and there was a draft piece of legislation which is making the rounds now but nobody on capitol hill is saying they would sponsor this legislation which would give the president the kind of authority over trade which he does not have right now. there is no rush on capitol hill to give it to him. >> eric: does he have a point with his complaint or are the actions detrimental? >> with the wto when the president says they've been unfair to us his own administration and the united states trade representative in the 2018 economic report said that 85.7% of cases brought to the wto by the united states have ruled in favor of the united states. and that beats the average which is 84% for other countries and 66.7% for china. bottom line with the wto. i used to live in cleveland, ohio, there was a wto case regarding steel. sometimes you might win the case but you have already lost the industry. i watched lots of my friends
7:22 am
lose their job years ago regardless of the wto outcome. when the president says we haven't been treated fairly sometimes when you win the case it isn't treated fairly. >> sandra: he said the economy is doing better than ever before prior to fixing some of the worst and most unfair trade deals ever made by any country. they are coming along very well. most countries agree that they must be changed but nobody ever asked. >> well, they didn't ask or they didn't get the way the president has said for the e.u. we're threatening huge tariffs on european auto exports to the united states and the e.u. is preparing to retaliate. this is what's coming down the pike in the next couple of weeks and the administration's bottom line on trade is that europe, china have far more to lose than the united states has to lose. but everybody, sandra knows from your days of trading, nobody wants a trade war.
7:23 am
both sides lose. >> sandra: it's interesting you say that. the markets don't seem to be as spooked as one might think. look at today is even an up day up 82 points. as we've been pointing out still up 33% since election day. they have softened a bit. >> we're still the largest market in the world hands down. our economy is two times that of china and we are still the place the world needs to send its exports. that's the ace in the hole for the administration. the problem is if our trading partners say you know what, bring it on. a fight is what everyone wants to avoid. watch what happens to the markets as we get into it. >> eric: that's already happening with canada two days ago. >> our largest single trading partner is canada and there are issues with canada. the dairy farmers in the united states are cut out by canada. >> sandra: what is going on with harley davidson? the president is tweet ing
7:24 am
about this. harley davidson is moving part of its operation out of the united states. my administration is working with other motorcycle companies wanting to move into the u.s. sales are down for harley. the u.s. is where the action is. >> i think harley would disagree with you. first of all their growing markets are europe and asia. you aren't old enough to remember but out there remember kawasaki? what's old is new again, but it flip-flopped. harley davidson will hopefully arrive. the tariffs the e.u. is threatening against harley davidson could cost them $100 million a year. their growing markets are europe, asia, india. >> sandra: great to have you on the program. come back, please.
7:25 am
>> eric: we have a fox news alert for you out of thailand. rescue crews racing against the clock to try to save that soccer team who remain stuck in a partially flooded cave. what is complicating those efforts ahead. a battle on capitol hill over president trump's nominee for the supreme court. some democrats fear what this could mean for women's reproductive rights. all this and more with former arkansas governor mike huckabee. he is straight ahead with us. >> the democrats' message right now, oppose everything and do nothing. it has gotten really sad that their party has no message, no leadership, no solution and they want to fight a president who is trying to lead and who is doing amazing things for our country. and things are really hard to argue with. you got a1c, heart, diet, and exercise. slide 'em up or slide 'em down.
7:26 am
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other side effects are sudden kidney problems, genital yeast infections, increased bad cholesterol, and urinary tract infections, which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. man: ask your doctor about jardiance and get to the heart of what matters.
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[ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,! um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving! >> sandra: a fox news alert. a dramatic rescue underway in thailand. a soccer team is found alive
7:30 am
but trapped in a cave more than a week after going missing. high waters caused by heavy rains resulting in them retreating to this cave's chamber. the first priority for rescue crews is getting them food and oxygen. now considering partially draining the massive cave or instructing the group on how to dive and swim their way out. >> maybe someday it will be to the states, you never know how that will turn out. it's a very complex question. roe versus wade are the one people are talking about in terms of having an effect. we'll see what happens. but it could very well end up with states at some point. >> eric: that's president trump in his exclusive interview with maria bartiromo saying he is not likely to ask nominees their position on the roe vs. wade case. if elected he would appoint
7:31 am
judges who would reverse and put an end to the historic abortion ruling. leaving many concern about what this open seat could mean for women's reproductive rights. governor mike huckabee is with us. do you see roe versus wade eventually being overturned or do you think the supporters who are -- the pro-choice supporters are unjustified in their fears? >> i have a hope that's bigger than roe versus wade being overturned. it turns it back to the states. it doesn't change the legality of abortion, it just means that decision would be left to the states, which frankly, eric, is where it should have been anyway. there is no mention of abortion or women's reproductive rights in the constitution, which is the limitation of the federal government. what really needs to happen is a discussion on personhood. the question is not is abortion okay or not okay. the question is, is the unborn child a person?
7:32 am
if it is so, at what point? if that's the case then that person, the unborn child, has fifth and 14th amendment rights that should be invoked. that person is entitled to due process before he or she loses life or liberty. which is no longer the case in america. they are terminated in life and liberty by the single decision of the birth mother. that's not protecting the rights of those persons. >> sandra: governor, the press secretary, your daughter, was on "fox & friends" earlier this morning and she was asked what exactly is the president looking for in his supreme court pick and here is how she responded. >> the main thing the president is looking for are people that fit the qualifications that you would want in a supreme court justice, tremendous intellect, someone who will stick to upholding the constitution and somebody who has great judicial
7:33 am
temperament. those are the big things the president is looking for in a candidate. >> sandra: he has a big job to do. governor, he is currently conducting those interviews at the white house. >> it's a very smart young lady you just had on. i think she is spot on when it comes to determining what the president should do. i tell people all the time i'm not interested in the appointing a conservative justice because i don't want the person to be ideological. i want him to be somebody who is pure to the original words and text of the constitution. if a person comes with an ideological bent liberal or conservative they will be looking at things as if to legislate from the courts. we have a legislative body called congress. the judicial branch has no right whatsoever under the constitution to legislate anything to originate a law and we need somebody who will be a purist when it comes to the constitution. i hope the president sticks to that. i think he will. i think the names on his list
7:34 am
are people who are committed to that. >> eric: who jumps out at you? amy coney barrett, lot said about her and he is interviewing here today. >> all the people on the list have great potential. i like amy coney barrett as a potential nominee. i think she would be terrific. any one of these people. they've already been vetted and looked at by their experience on the bench and their writings. i think any of them could stand up to pretty much anything except the fact we have to accept that the democrats will oppose any person that the president puts forward and whoever puts forward -- i do not envy them going into that lion's den. they need to go into the hearing room with a pistol, chair and whip. they'll need it when they are facing those democrats on the judiciary committee. >> sandra: the press secretary confirmed big news that mike
7:35 am
pompeo, the president's secretary of state, will be on a plane thursday, the day after the holiday, on his way to pyongyang to meet with north korea. what is the goal of the white house here? this will be the third trip for mike pompeo to that region. >> i don't have any inside information so i'm just speaking from what i believe is happening based on what the president told me when i interviewed him for a television show a week ago. here is what i think is happening. the president is going to make it very clear through mike pompeo to the north koreans. you said you were going to denuclearize, either you will do it or you're not. if you won't do it voluntarily we'll do it for you. it will be a very stern and serious message that this is not a game. we are not the obama or clintons or the bushes. this is an administration prepared to do whatever it takes to keep that peninsula
7:36 am
safe. it can never be safe and stable as long as north korea is developing nuclear weapons. i think that's exactly what the secretary of state will be saying to kim jong-un. >> eric: what if there is no timetable, kim jong-un does not provide the information? what do we do then? >> then i think secretary of state pompeo gives him an apple watch and tells him the time is ticking. before the battery runs out he better have things underway because we're not going to be patient forever. we aren't going to let this extend into the term of another president in another 6 1/2 years. if he is serious about it, get about it. if he is not buckle up and get ready. there will be serious repercussions including military repercussions. >> eric: do you think kim jong-un is good for his word?
7:37 am
we've been down this road before. >> i don't trust for him that the president says he does but here is what i know. if he is as smart as the president believes him to be, if he is that perceptive he will pick up on the fact this is a president not afraid to do what he says. one thing about donald trump that even his enemies would have to accept, he is a person that ends up doing what he promised he would do, whether it's moving the embassy to jerusalem, whether it's tax cuts, whether it's enforcing the border. this is a president who when he says something ends up doing it. that's the biggest shock to the political world. he is not kidding and maybe they are getting that message. >> eric: he is working so fast. he already interviewed amy coney barrett on monday. the president is ahead of us. >> sandra: he has more interviews on his plate this week. i'll end with this. the president tweeting a lot this morning on north korea he talks about the many good conversations that he is having with north korea going well,
7:38 am
meantime no rocket launches or nuclear testing in eight months. all of asia is thrilled. only the opposition party including the fake news is complaining. if not for me we would now be at war with north korea. are we a long way from where we were just several months ago before the summit ever took place? >> well, we clearly are. you know, it's not the rocket's red glare over the peninsula right now. that's a good step. we're not where we need to be. the secretary of state will convey that when he faces kim jong-un personally. yes, we're better off. just having conversation is better off. getting some concessions. now they have to live up to it. i think -- let's put it this way, they will have hell to pay if they don't. >> eric: are those sarah's baby pictures over your right shoulder or grandchildren? >> some of them are sarah's
7:39 am
baby pictures, some are my sons. my house and office are filled with pictures of six grandkids who happen to be objectively speaking the most beautiful grandchildren in the world, yes, of course. >> sandra: no bias there. governor huckabee, great to have you on the program this morning. >> eric: thank you, governor. happy fourth of july. always a pleasure. >> sandra: an investigative reporter out of a job today at a major network. brian ross says he isn't retiring yet. we get down to our 24/7 panel straight ahead and mitt romney talking about the 2020 presidential election. why the former gop nomination says he thinks he knows who will win that race. our a-team will be back to debate that next. >> democrats will go further left. they are likely to nominate further from the mainstream of american thought and in a setting like that i think the president gets reelected. i'm not willing to say who i will support at this stage. that's a little early for that.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> sandra: mitt romney has not made up his mind yet if he will be supporting president trump for a second term. the republican utah senate candidate, outspoken critic of the president says it's too soon to tell. watch. >> will you vote for president trump in 2020? you said you think he will get reelected. >> it's too early to say i will support. it's not an endorsement. i also think that gavin newsome will get elected in california. not something i want to see but probably will happen. >> sandra: our a-team is back. i don't know, what did you think of that response, morgan? >> i think president trump succeeded in winning in 2016 without mitt romney's help. he will go okay in 2020. the president actually has already endorsed mitt romney in his race and i think he will
7:45 am
win overwhelmingly in utah. i don't think anyone is concerned about that. i think some of what you see happening, mitt romney has made positive statements about the president on the campaign trail. i know any time he says anything even remotely that seems even remotely critical of the president the media latches onto that. romney is criticizing trump. there might be a little bit of that going on. >> eric: why would he hedge if he has been endorsed by him? >> when he was running for governor massachusetts he was pro-choice and running for president he was pro-life. i do feel that he says what he needs to say to get elected. i think right now he wants to see where the tide of voters' opinion is on the president because he knows his race, when it gets closer to 2020. he has said, the media jumps on it. not a good role model for children but it is great he has tough talk. >> sandra: you go back to the op-ed he had a month ago in the
7:46 am
salt lake tribune. he vowed to speak out against trump when necessary but he went on to praise the president and what he has done with his policies in recent weeks saying his first year in office was very similar to what romney's presidency would have looked like and thought it was better than expected. >> he doesn't list off a lot of achievements. the reduction in regulations, glad trump has backed away from the 35% tariff across the board but he is walking the line. he criticized him for a few things. there are two big developments that could change romney's mind and he is being careful about that. two things that are important to him. that is trade and russia investigation. those things we have yet to see how they play out. the tensions have been ratcheting up with china, with the european allies. unclear if we are headed toward a trade war. people on wall street are worried and the russia investigation. we're months and months away from knowing anything concrete. i think romney is letting that play out.
7:47 am
>> eric: during the presidential race he warned about russia, criticizing president obama about that. >> that's true. he was certainly ahead of his time on that. i sat in 2012 on election night in boston supported mitt romney and it was a crushing night for those of us who had supported him to watch him lose. one of the things he made clear he didn't agree with the agenda president obama set for the country. if he looks at the actual agenda and the things that president trump is reversing from the obama administration, that mitt romney himself disagreed with he will see a list of accomplishments that he would mostly agree with. >> sandra: interesting stuff. we'll leave it there. thank you to our a-team. good to have you guys. >> eric: look out if you have a samsung phone. why some phones are randomly sending text messages and photos. you don't want that. >> sandra: you have our attention.
7:48 am
>> eric: the 24/7 crew is here on that. the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. new ensure max protein. after a scratch so small rocket you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit
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7:51 am
>> eric: abc's long time chief investigative correspondent brian ross is leaving the network after being suspended last december after he botched
7:52 am
a report about president trump. he was transferred to a documentary unit but now he and abc have decided it's time to part ways. the 24/7 crew is here. carly, let me start with you. he is a long-time award-winning correspondent but made that mistake that not only was wrong but it sent the stock market tumbling. >> a big fallout from that one. when he made that mistake, too, after he came back from his suspension he was no longer allowed to cover the president or the russia investigation. he may not have been happy about that but you are right, everybody always remembers the mistake. he has won just about every journalism award under the sun. he handled the fallout well when he tweeted my job is to hold people accountable and why i agree with being held accountable myself. i'll always remember that tweet. i thought it was a good way of saying i made a mistake. >> eric: he has always been respected.
7:53 am
is it fair to judge -- they say you have one big blooper and they remember that and don't remember the great reports. >> this is what so sad about our industry. so many times it happened to veterans. they have had a stellar career, award-winning career and they make one pretty big mistake and it's their downfall. he is also 69 years old. there is realistic possibility he said you know what, i'm not going to come back to where i was. maybe he will work for pbs and do nova specials or something like that. it is unfortunate that we'll remember the big mistake. >> i also made a big mistake during the colorado shooting incident. when he becomes the face of these mistakes you will face some repercussions at some point. i think you said it very well. >> sandra: all right, what do you have? >> you have to be careful when you make a mistake. there will be somebody there to
7:54 am
tell you made a mistake or you stink and shouldn't be working in your business and quit tennis. i'm leading to a story to tennis today which involves the atp is working with a risk assessment company. the wta, the women's tour will get on board and they're working to assess levels of potential threat or danger to tennis players. this goes back 25 years when monica got stabbed at a tournament. there is great concern about stalking and how far it goes. as an american tennis star points out until it gets done it will only get worse. we know it. i'm sure we've all received tweets at some point you think was that called for? would you say that to me? how do you create regulation? sticks and stones are legal. is there a point where it can be made to cross the threshold
7:55 am
of threat? >> bullying sucks period. i was bullied all through school. when i went home i got away from it. with online bullying it is worse. you can't ever get away from it. there are plenty of places and resources to go for help on that issue but just ignore it. it is noise in the signal that you don't need -- >> sandra: what you may not ignore is your samsung phone may be sending out text messages and photos. >> a little glitch in samsung today. the newer versions of the samsung phones are randomly sending pictures from your photo album. people in your messages. samsung is blaming t-mobile. t-mobile is saying it is samsung. best advice delete every bad photo you have now. there is other messaging apps you can use on android and google messaging for android.
7:56 am
use that until they figure out where the glitch is. what could possibly go wrong? >> sandra: i'll leave that up to everyone's imagination. >> it is not pictures of my dog. >> sandra: thank you so much. supreme court decision facing president trump as he weighs candidates for the highest court in the land. what the white house is saying today as americans prepare to celebrate our nation's freedom. s of our friends. and we found others just like us. and just like that we felt a little less alone. but then something happened. we had to deal with spam, fake news, and data misuse. that's going to change. from now on, facebook will do more to keep you safe and protect your privacy. because when this place does what it was built for, then we all get a little closer. ♪ look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk.
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>> sandra: fox news alert at the top of the hour on the supreme showdown sure to come over the president's nominee for the highest court in the land and as he narrows the field of candidates democrats are gearing up for quite a fight. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> eric: hello, good morning. welcome i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. the president met with four candidates yesterday. he will interview more this week to get his self-imposed deadline of monday for announcing that choice to replace justice anthony kennedy. the president's second supreme court pick in less than two years. the choice could shape the court for decades to come. >> the main thing the president is looking for are people that fit the qualifications that you would want in a supreme court justice, tremendous intellect, someone who will stick to upholding the constitution and somebody who has great judicial
8:01 am
temperament. those are the big things the president is looking for in a candidate. >> sandra: rich edson is live from white sulfur springs, west virginia where the president is heading later today. >> he will be here later in afternoon to speak at the salute to service dinner here the evening before independence day. back at the white house an awful lot of work ongoing for the president to select his choice to replace anthony kennedy on the supreme court. he tweeted this morning i interviewed four very impressive people yesterday. monday i will be announcing my decision for justice of the united states supreme court. those candidates amy coney barrett, bret kavanaugh.
8:02 am
raymond -- already the white house is criticizing that approach. >> the democrats' message right now is oppose everything, do nothing. it has gotten sad their party has no leadership and no solution and they want to fight a president who is trying to lead and doing amazing things for our country and things that are really hard to argue with. >> democrats are pointing to comments the president made during the campaign where he indicated that he would choose justices that would overturn roe versus wade. the white house is saying the president is not deciding this on specific cases or specific topics and he is looking for an overall judicial approach. >> sandra: both parties are also making immigration an issue ahead of the mid-terms. >> they certainly are. this is something that democrats are trying to push on the white house trying to frame the trump administration tying them to separated families at
8:03 am
the border. meanwhile the president is trying to paint democrats as those who want open borders. the president tweeting on that, many democrats are deeply concerned about the fact that their leadership wants to denounce and abandon the great men and women of ice and declaring war on law and order. these people will be voting for republicans in november and in many cases joining the republican party. there are democrats calling for the abolition of ice. however, there are others in democratic leadership who are calling for a nuanced approach to either change ice or take its immigration and enforcement duties and move it to a separate agency. >> sandra: live from west virginia. rich edson, thank you. >> eric: let's go to charlie hurt, opinion editor at the washington times and fox news contributor. charlie, the supreme court and immigration the battle lines are drawn. on immigration the president has been lashing out at the democrats. >> he really has been. i think it's probably a winning
8:04 am
issue for him. it was the most animated issue for him in the 2016 election. and what i think is interesting here about some of the fights we're getting into now, democrats are staking out a position that man, they would not have taken five, six, eight, 10 years ago and certainly i think it will be interesting to see whether it's defendable. the notion that you are going to abolish ice or even just the idea you'll criticize ice as a time where people are concerned about people flowing across the border and concerned about gangs and things like ms-13 that have clearly infiltrated parts of the country and, of course, the people that are most targeted with those crimes by those people are often the very base of the democratic party. so it seems to me they are out of touch. one thing is for sure the democrats have certainly
8:05 am
evolved a whole lot over the last decade. >> eric: not all democrats. elizabeth warren and kristin gillibrand and bill deblasio among others but there are leaders of the party saying don't abolish ice. it needs to be fixed. what we've seen at the border is heart wrenching and so emotional with what they say a totally misused policy of separating parents from children that should never have occurred in the first place. >> certainly there will be democrats that run across the country on a harder line stance but if you look at the larger issue of immigration and the way the democratic party shifted. it was only 10 years ago, 12 years ago that all the leaders of the party believed in building some sort of structure on the border including barack obama, bill clinton, hillary clinton, all those people. over the past decade all of them have abandoned that. and then, of course, the other thing that is interesting we
8:06 am
had that really hot week where donald trump was getting incoming from all sides about the separation of families at the border. and then over the course of a week it became clear this was actually something that had been going on. it was going on more simply because the trump administration has this zero tolerance policy at the border. but i do think that people realize that this is a very complicated situation and it is not just, you know, these thugs going out and separating families for the fun of doing that. i think that -- there is the level of concern that everybody has but going as far as a lot of these people have gone in criticizing ice, i don't think is the mainstream viewpoint really. >> eric: what do you think -- how do you think they can resolve this issue and bring the families together and have a more streamlined immigration system that we don't have on the border right now? >> well, it's a very good point. i think this is sort of the
8:07 am
argument that donald trump needs to stick with, which is that he is the one person who wants -- there is one silver bullet to fix this and that is to close the border, to keep people from coming illegally as cross the border. if they want to seek asylum you come to a border checkpoint. it is this business of having a porous border that invites people across the border illegally that creates this horrible situation with families that are separated. it is worse than that. people get murdered, rape, all sorts of terrible things happen when you have this rampant illegal immigration. donald trump does want to put an end to that. that's probably the singular most important piece of his platform is putting an end to the illegal immigration. and democrats aren't making that argument. they're not making an argument about toughening up the border so we no longer have illegal immigration. >> eric: they would take issue
8:08 am
saying they supported $40 billion worth of security at the border. maybe not completely for a wall but they certainly would say they are not for open borders as is alleged by republicans. >> but the facts don't bear up. i don't know how you can make politics out of the border out of the separation of families and stuff like that. all they want to do is play politics, where if they actually wanted to do something about sealing the border and stopping the flow. not just putting up a physical barrier. that's the big thing they criticize trump for even though they supported it in the 2006 fence act. even though -- so it doesn't bear up, i don't think, if you look at the rhetoric versus how they vote. >> eric: in their view they think the president is playing politics on that. do you buy that? >> sure, he happens to be right. when you are playing politics and you're right, it's good. honestly, the difference is
8:09 am
donald trump has made it very clear there is no doubt in my mind or anybody else's mind that donald trump wants to fix the situation. most of the politicians going back decades have been talking about this issue forever and they never fix it. the reason they never fix it is because -- i would say politicians on both sides of the aisle -- because it's good for raising money and it's good for running elections. i think donald trump wants to fix it and he wants to see a solution. >> eric: charlie hurt from washington happy fourth. have a great day tomorrow. >> sandra: fox news alert here from across thailand and around the world people are reacting with relief and joy as 12 young boys and their coach are found alive after nine days lost in a cave. relief is giving way to concern as rescuers begin the difficult task of getting them out of there. they are on high ground three miles inside a flooded cave and
8:10 am
some of them cannot swim. about 30 members of the u.s. air force are helping out. >> everyone is coming together to figure out the next course of action and how to bring them out as safely and quickly as possible. >> sandra: greg palkot is live in london with more. how were they found? >> this is an amazing story. hopefully with a happy ending. it started about 10 days ago. the boys were practicing soccer and then decided to go explore a cave. again, 12 boys age 11-16. their coach was 25 years old. that's when it all went bad. heavy rain started to fall. flooded parts of the cave and trapped them underground. thankfully monday night local time after days of frantic searching by thailand and international teams of rescue workers and divers including u.s. military from japan, they were found again 2 1/2 to 3 miles deep inside of the
8:11 am
mountain. they are said to be in stable condition. they survived just by drinking water dripping off the sides of the cave, but no food. quickly the rescue workers monday night, tuesday morning got them liquid food as well as medication. seven rescue workers are with them now. now it all begins, sandra. >> sandra: how are they going to rescue them at this point? we know these are ongoing efforts right now. >> that's the thing. now after the relief of finding them, the hard work starts to get them out. this is a very tricky thing with more rain expected as early as wednesday, offices are thinking that they might have to get them out as soon as possible. the most likely way is a phrase called dive them out. put protective gear on them, supply special breathing mask. it is quicker than other approaches like waiting for water to drain out or to try to
8:12 am
drain the water out or drill into the cave but it has a lot of risk, too. these kids don't know diving so it will be considered very carefully. the boys are talking, they are in good spirits. they are rigging up a phone line down the three-mile cave so they can talk to their parents, their families. they are very happy. the country, thailand, very happy as well as the world. but again the hard work now just beginning. back to you. >> sandra: remarkable story. so thankful they've been found but the hard work now begins to get them out of there. greg palkot, thank you. >> eric: fox news alert on new concerns about north korea. when it comes to its nuclear and missile programs. this as secretary of state mike pompeo gets ready to head to the region later this week. what he hopes to accomplish with that visit. >> sandra: president trump with some tough talk for the world trade organization. what he is now warning. >> eric: why the house intelligence committee chairman
8:13 am
wants to hear from members of the obama administration. how their testimony could actually affect the russia investigation. >> they will testify. this isn't going to be like the documents where we've had to continue to fight with the justice department in order to have access to documents. this is much different. arthrits tries to get in my way? watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ ) joni: think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it. they're moving forward with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin. don't use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection
8:14 am
or symptoms of an infection. or if you have received a vaccine, or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. mitzi: with less joint pain, watch me. for less joint pain and clearer skin, ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx.
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> sandra: a fox news alert. the chairman of the house intelligence committee wants 10 obama administration officials to testify about the russia
8:17 am
investigation as congressman devin nunes probes possible government surveillance abuse during the 2016 election. he spoke to laura ingraham last night. >> we still don't understand how this investigation was actually opened. we know that many people in the obama-era state department were involved in the opening of that investigation. so it all comes down to how did the information make it from supposedly an australian high commissioner ambassador to the f.b.i.? >> sandra: jason chaffetz joins me. glad to have you on the program this morning. what exactly is nunes asking for here? >> they want to see what happened in order to do that they have to have the documents. they aren't getting the document production out of the department of justice so they'll start yanking people in and do this. this is the first ten. i think there will be closer to 30 or 40 people that eventually get called in between the house
8:18 am
intelligence committee, the oversight committee, judiciary committee. john radcliffe and trey gowdy have a committee working on this and it's the way to do it. have people go under oath and go in front of the nation and get questions from congress. that's the only way to do it. >> sandra: what's the protocol here? the house intel committee doesn't have oversight of the f.b.i. he is asking the oversight and judiciary committees to take over here. how is it all playing out? >> the oversight committee has the broadest jurisdiction. the intelligence committee can go look at anything within the i.c. community which has overlap into the department of justice. when you start to get into state department and others, then you have to call in some of these other committees. >> sandra: nunes is responding to criticism from the left over this and this is how he is responding. >> we're not going to be threatened by the democrats. they are the ones that have all this blood on their hands. they are the ones who completely destroyed the f.b.i.
8:19 am
and d.o.j. how did they do that? they did that by digging up dirt, the clinton campaign dug up dirt, put it into a dossier, fed it to the f.b.i. and the f.b.i. used our counter intelligence capabilities against a political campaign. >> it doesn't get any more serious than that and that's the concern. if there is nothing there they won't find anything. but there is a lot of evidence there was movement, action, using their official capacities, money that was moving, assets put into place to try to penetrate into the trump campaign. this is an american election. what were those in power doing in the obama administration? they have to explain themselves in front of congress. >> sandra: there were fiery hearings that went on last week and really something to watch. will these individuals be asked to testify in an open setting? >> to the fullest extent they can, yes. they will be shorter hearings
8:20 am
and shorter amount of time. some people will have to plead the fifth if they want to protect themselves. they will be asked a series of questions in repetition and i think by the time you get to the end of july, like i said, i think you'll see more than 30 of them having to come before congress. >> sandra: for the sake of transparency to keep the american people fully informed as possible the task force should consider interviewing the individuals in an open setting. he makes the point the american people have unanswered questions. do they get the questions answered? >> they have to. this is the american electoral system. you can't have one party no matter who is sitting in the white house, you have to make sure that there is integrity there. and the only way to do it is to go back interview and see the documents. >> sandra: we will keep watching to see how this develops. jason chaffetz, good to have you on the program. we'll see you on "fox & friends" tomorrow morning. wake up and tune in for that. thank you very much.
8:21 am
>> eric: a brand-new twist in special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. a federal judge ordered michael flynn to do. plus what oprah winfrey is saying about running for president in 2020. we'll have that next. for years i've trained dogs for the marines - like me, some of these dogs have seen many tours of duty. and for the past 15 years i've been a navy federal member. thanks to their fast approval process, when it came time to buy a new car, we got everything we needed to transport my wife's little bundle of joy... ... who i just adore. open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union.
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this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. >> sandra: oprah smacking down talk of a political future saying running for president would kill her. she told british vogue in that political structural the non-truth, the crap, the nastiness, the backhanded back room stuff that goes on, i feel like i could not exist. i would not be able to do it. it's not a clean business. it would kill me. i think she said there is some
8:25 am
condition under which she would run for president but based on that not likely, huh? >> eric: what do we do with no oprah? >> sandra: stay tuned. >> eric: exactly. wildfire season getting underway as crews out west are battling multiple fires. bone dry conditions making their jobs a lot harder. anita vogel is in the west coast newsroom with the latest on that fight. hi. >> well, hi, eric. let's start here in california where the fire season is starting very early this year. you know, we don't usually see big fire activity until august or maybe later. but this year two major fires are already underway in northern california. the county fire north of sacramento sparked on saturday and quickly spread 1,000 acres an hour as it record into napa and lake counties. at 60,000 acres it is now twice the size of san francisco and threatening about 100 homes.
8:26 am
it is currently only 5% contained and nearby pawnee fire jumped the line once. mandatory evacuations there remain in effect. it burned up to 14,000 acres so fire but fire officials are watching that one very closely. >> the fires are burning differently than they have in the past. and i think the trends are showing that fires are getting larger and they're getting more destructive in california. >> what is being described as the new normal in california, after five years of a profound drought all of the live vegetation has very low fuel moisture. >> to colorado the monster spring creek fire in the southeastern corner of the state has already claimed 104 homes and burned through 60,000 acres. authorities there have arrested a suspect for suspicion of arson. homeowners say they were lucky to get out when they did.
8:27 am
>> took a few things and as soon as we got to the top of our driveway, the sheriff was there and all he said was go fast. >> go fast. in arizona, at least six different communities have had to cancel their fireworks show due to extreme fire danger. like so many other parts of the southwest, dry conditions have resulted from very little rain and snow throughout the winter and the spring. eric, back to you. >> eric: it is a tough situation. thank you. >> sandra: a new tribute to the victims of the capital gazette shooting. what the president just ordered to honor the journalists gunned down last week as we get brand-new details about the suspect. >> eric: president trump taking on the world trade organization. what he is warning he will do and why. >> president trump: we are very close to making some very good trade deals, fair trade.
8:28 am
i want to say fair. fair trade deals for our taxpayers and for our workers and our farmers and a lot of good things are happening. ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands? with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you.
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call today. a place for mom -- you know your family, we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> president trump: wto has treated the united states very badly and i hope they change their ways. they have been treating us very badly for many, many years and why we were at a big disadvantage with the wto. and we're not planning anything now but if they don't treat us properly, we will be doing something. >> sandra: that's president trump with a warning to the world trade organization while tweeting this morning the economy is doing perhaps better than ever before. that's prior to fixing some of the worst and most unfair trade deals ever made by any country. in any event they're coming along very well. most countries agree they must be changed but nobody ever asked. joining us now is the white
8:32 am
house counsel of economic advisors chairmen. make sense of this. what exactly is the warning from the president here? >> well, i think probably most folks that are listening haven't paid a lot of attention to the wto. the world trade organization which you can think of as a world court where if we have a trade dispute you appeal to them and they figure out whether there is misconduct against the u.s. and if they find for us then we're allowed to put tariffs on other countries. what i think the president is frustrated with is the wto process is ineffective. if you look at the way china steals our intellectual property we could complain to the wto and might win on a specific case but it could take five years and by then china has the property. it is a very ineffective court and allows countries to charge high tariffs as long as they charge them to everybody else. the president wants to move toward the world with free and fair trade for every country. the wto locks in a system where
8:33 am
countries can put really big tariffs on our stuff while we have low tariffs on their stuff and he thinks it's unfair. >> sandra: that's why he is doing this. what exactly is the president threatening or warning when he says that we will do something? >> well, i think right now i have not heard any news that we plan to exit the wto but we are very serious about working to reform it. the wto is an example of reform what do you do when you have a serial abuser like china and they continue to abuse them because the wto rules are timid? an easier process after country has stolen intellectual property to remove a country from the wto and those are the kinds of debates we need to be having. >> sandra: he made the case the economy is doing better than ever under his presidency. trade deals are coming along very well. are they? >> you know, that's what i'm
8:34 am
hearing. i'm not the trade negotiator. i go to the trade meetings. the ambassador, we're hearing positive things about progress made with mexico after their election and we're looking forward to, as the president said, great and fair trade deals. the president is standing up for the american worker in a way that previous presidents haven't. if you look at the maltreatment of our own exports by other countries, it's really not acceptable to any american and to this president and he is taking strong action to try to get that. >> sandra: you can answer as chairman of the white house council of economic advisors what implications it has for our economy if this dispute escalates and if it's ongoing. what threats do we face and what concerns do you have? >> right. well, i think a good way to think about it without referencing internal documents or something is the oecd, the big international organization which has a big economic staff
8:35 am
that studies things has modeled what would happen to the world if we have an equal thing that everybody moves to free and reciprocal deals. if all the countries around the world did that it would be really good for the u.s. economy. we would stop being disadvantaged but it would be good for the global economy as well. so much more gains from trade. i think if whole thing broke down then negative one time for that would be an economist's first guess what would happen but it is clearly in the interest of countries around the world to accept the deal the president has offered. he was up at the g-7 and let's put everything down to zero. if they continue to disadvantage us, he is going the stand up to them. my guess is he wrote the book the art of the deal. how you get to the positive equal, no economic theory. you need somebody who is an artist as making deals. i think america right now has the best shot it's ever had. >> sandra: sound like you are a
8:36 am
big fan of what the president is doing? >> i'm the big fan of the president making deals. he wants to get great, fair deals. i look forward between now and the fall starting to see those deals fall into place. >> sandra: interesting stuff. thanks for coming on the program this morning. come back. >> eric: good insight. the russia investigation -- a federal judge ordering former national security advisor michael flynn to appear at a new hearing to discuss his eventual sentencing in the russia probe. catherine herridge is here with more. >> thanks, eric. good morning. an order for the judge late monday a status hearing is scheduled for july 10th. the former national security advisor mike flynn is directed to attend along with lawyers for the special counsel robert mueller. based on the court files the federal judge wants an explanation as to why the former national security adviseor hasn't been sentenced six months after his guilty plea in december.
8:37 am
what's significant is that this comes the latest filing being the third since the sentencing last year or hope to be the sentencing last year. the third time the parties have asked for an extension. those who support flynn emphasize there is new information that has come to light as a result or after the guilty plea. it came from the reports by the house intelligence committee that found that both former deputy director andrew mccabe and director james comey found their agents did not detect any deception when they interviewed flynn prior to his firing by the white house. we have a quote that should be coming up in one second about that. the agents said no physical implications of deception and no change in posture or tone and in inflection, eye contact. nothing that indicated to them that he knew that he was lying. legal observers aren't sure what accounts for the delay but they do expect at this rather unusual hearing next week that we'll learn a lot more about the degree to which flynn has been cooperating with the special counsel investigators
8:38 am
and specifically on what elements of the case. >> eric: looking forward to that next week. thank you. >> sandra: the nation honoring five people killed at the capital gazette newspaper in annapolis, maryland as we learn new information about the accused gunman. >> eric: secretary of state mike pompeo is heading to north korea later this week. what we can expect from that trip now that u.s. officials have discovered the regime, well, may not be fully committed to denuclearization. >> the secretary of state is headed to north korea and continuing to make progress. >> is he moving the goal post? >> the goal is the same as it's always been denuclearization.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
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8:42 am
killed last week after a gunman killed them. >> as soon as the president heard by the request of the mayor he said to reach out and ask if the mayor made the request and the president asked for flags to be flown at half mast. >> to continue the on going and important work of denuclearization secretary pompeo will meet with the north korean leader and his team. the conversations continue to evolve. i won't get into the details. progress continues to be made. >> eric: secretary of state mike pompeo heading to north korea to follow up with the kim regime after the summit with president trump where north
8:43 am
korea agreed to denuclearize but kim jong-un may not be sticking that to agreement. there is evidence suggesting he is expanding a missile plant even after his pledge. lieutenant colonel james reese joins us now and fox news contributor. good to see you. one would think that the regime would not be expanding. they should be contracting. how significant is this? >> the key thing everyone has to remember we're in the initial parts of the negotiation. yes, we want it to move very quickly but right now our intelligence communities will be working overtime to make sure the secretary and the president are given as much information as they are. this goes back to what i said last week. one of the key factors in this negotiation will be that we can get inspectors in there on the ground as soon as possible to confirm or deny these drawdowns. >> eric: what do you think the likelihood of that will be? >> i think it will happen. i think again we have to take this -- we have to look at
8:44 am
president trump. he is a business guy. negotiations start slow. people try to go back and forth to see what they can get. they want to see what they can get out of the united states. the north koreans aren't just going to go lay down and open up their doors to canary nuclear system and say look, everybody, we're shut down. it will take some time. it will be a tit-for-tat. in the end i think it will be done especially with a guy like secretary pompeo leading the negotiations. >> eric: what if they revert to the iranian nuclear deal? could the north koreans take a page from tehran? >> they could but i don't think they will. i think the north korean issue and tehran, iran, completely different aspects. could they do it? yes. if they do that's a non-starter and negotiations stop and they fail and we go back to where we were. but i truly believe the north koreans want to do this.
8:45 am
the south koreans are a big part of this also. at the end of the day it will happen but it won't happen quickly. i believe the year, year and a half we'll see the north koreans start to draw this piece down. >> eric: starting within the next year, national security advisor john bolton maybe it could be completely done in a year. you see it as a slow process. number one they have to declare their sites, open up their nuclear and production sites and labs and dismantle some missiles. >> the administration would love to get this done, completed and signed off by the time of the next election. based off what i've watched for years on the battlefield and everything else, i think that's a timeline we should not stick with. if it gets done that's great. if we can get it done in a year that would be incredible. but i don't think it will happen. but i think if we continue to move down the road this will become a factor in the korean
8:46 am
peninsula and it will be reunified. >> eric: the secretary of state heads out on thursday also visiting japan and south korea. what do you think could come out of the meeting after he meets with the north koreans? >> he will take this meeting with the north koreans with his counterpart and let them know what president trump needs from them and push those negotiations along. when he leaves there, he will talk to the japanese, he will talk to the -- he will give them updates where we are and i believe there will be aspects what he will talk about with the iranians with their economy. >> eric: what concrete step would you suggest that kim does or that they can come out shaking hands and saying we're doing x to show his good intention? >> yeah. i think right now if the intelligence community is saying x, president of north korea needs to come back and say okay, i see what you see from your intelligence
8:47 am
community. let me show you what i'm doing to mitigate that. i think if he does that, it will show good steps to move this thing forward. >> eric: do you think that this leak of the information is really a negotiating employ or an effort to try to put in front of his face to say look, we know this is what you are doing, why? will you stop it? >> i don't see this being a very secretive negotiations. we'll lay our cards on the table. we have great intelligence on north korea. we'll get information from the chinese, too. this chinese want this to happen also. we'll lay our cards on the table, be out in front. but at the end of the day if president trump thinks he needs to get reengaged, he will. leaders are the ones that close these negotiations down and either make it happen or don't. >> eric: they are talking about the possibility -- it is not scheduled -- but the possibility of the president meeting with kim in new york
8:48 am
during the united nations general assembly. it would be astounding for kim to come to new york if that would happen. >> sandra: it's about that time. the noon hour is quickly approaching. we have what is coming up on "outnumbered." hello. >> it will be me, is that okay? i'm fine. i miss you, great to see you, what's coming up? >> president trump's supreme court nominee is interviewing and in full swing. he is speaking with two additional judges today after four interviews yesterday. the white house insists he is not asking them about specific cases. how political with this get? an iranian lawmaker says the obama administration granted citizenship to thousands of iranians after the nuclear deal was signed. what that could mean for dealing with iran in the future and the president's summit are
8:49 am
russian president vladimir putin next week. our #one lucky guy is here with me. you can't see him yet. top of the hour, "outnumbered." >> sandra: keep us waiting. have a great holiday. >> you, too. >> sandra: brace yourselves for heavy holiday traffic. a record number of drivers expected to hit the highways today during peak travel times. your trip could take you twice as long. a live look at what's happening out there coming up. you're turning onto the street
8:50 am
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>> sandra: packing the bag and hitting the road. it's terrible tuesday as millions of people hit the road for the fourth of july holiday. when it comes time to fill up the tank drivers could be in for a bit of a shock. jeff block is out and about in the chicago area. jeff, what are the roads looking like there so far? >> well, i'll let you see for yourself, sandra. we're on out 294. we're headed north toward wisconsin and there is traffic but not bad right now. as you point out, this will be a record independence day holiday travel season. 47 million people will travel, the vast majority by car, despite the fact we have the highest gas prices fourth of july we've seen in the last
8:54 am
four years. $2.86 is the average for regular. rising the last two years consistently although it's come down a little bit in the last month or so. >> sandra: as you mention, i know exactly where you are on the road there and that looks like light traffic to me. is there a possibility everybody is already where they're going? it looks like good traffic for chicago. >> or they haven't left yet. i know, it could be they just are playing it by ear and haven't left yet. >> sandra: that might be a pleasant report for those in the chicago area looking at those roads. is gas expected to go higher this summer? i know you said it has trailed off a little bit here but still oil and gas prices are up there. >> exactly. we're well over $70 a barrel for oil, and with the president's action on iran it will take iran's supply out of there and unless -- the president tweeted he thought maybe saudi arabia would increase production. it doesn't look like they are
8:55 am
going to. you know, it's also not made any easier by the fact we talk about the federal gas tax that hasn't increased but states have been increasing gas tax. seven states increased their gas taxes this week by as much as 3 cents a gallon in addition to the tax that's already there. seven states. most of those red states, by the way. they need revenue, i guess. they are jacking it up. but the economy is doing well so people can apparently afford it. they're traveling big time on this fourth of july. >> sandra: gas prices aren't always -- sometimes they can be an indication the economy is doing pretty well, right? looks like you are passing o'hare. you just passed o'hare. >> just passed o'hare, man, you are like a gps there, gosh. >> sandra: for those who know chicago it is not that difficult. i saw bears players on a
8:56 am
billboard as well. all right, jeff. >> make a left, make a right. >> sandra: good to see you. >> eric: following breaking news out of thailand where the clock is ticking. rescue teams trying to figure out the best way to free 12 young soccer players and their coach from that flooded cave. what crews are doing to try to bring them all to safety. ♪ ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands? i just want to find a used car start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool.
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center: grab a seat right next to bret baier in a hot tub. grab your cocktail too. the bare necessities, he climbed over and got into a california backyard. the california homeowner took a video of the bear taking a dip in the jacuzzi.
9:00 am
knocking it over. and then, proceeding to lap it up. and after all of that excitement, the bear decided to, wait for it, take a nap before running off. >> i will take a nap, too. >> thank you for joining us, eric. happy fourth. between you start right now. >> harris: fox news alert, the battle ahead over president trump's supreme court nominee. the president is interviewing candidates this week before announcing his decision on monday. we know he spoke before people yesterday. now, a source says he could meet with two additional candidates today. democrats say they are ready to put up a fight. this is "outnumbered," we are ready for you. i am harris faulkner. here today from the fox business network, dagen mcdowell. abby huntsman, democrat strategist at fox news contributor with us.
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