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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 3, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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don't forget to buy a copy of my book on amazon or barnes & noble. "liars, leakers, and liberals: the case against the antidrug conspiracy." thanks for being with us. we hope you have a great fourth of july. laura ingraham is next. ♪ >> laura: good evening from washington. i'm laura ingraham. welcome to the special edition of "the ingraham angle": our country, our culture. on the show tonight, a new trend or social media phenomenon? the founder of the walkaway movement is here today to tell us why former liberals are leaving the left behind. as the next generation in this country actually proud to be american? we will show you some of the shocking responses when raymond arroyo joins us for "seen and unseen." plus, tb legend suzanne somers joins us for an inspiring conversation, you will love this, about her career, from "three's company" to self-help
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maven. don't miss that. first, the casual smearing of potential supreme court nominee over her catholicism. it's been just five days since president trump announced his short-list to replace justin anthony kennedy on the supreme , a decision he will reveal in less than a week. in the top five of most cores done by kurt waters was a former notre dame professor amy coney barrett. she is quickly found herself on the receiving end of most of the media fire. >> she got into quite a well-publicized conversation about being a religious catholic with senator dianne feinstein. her name is amy coney barrett. >> all people who we have an understanding are in opposition to roe. she went to notre dame. she is very catholic braids because she's catholic, had seven children, is a member of a small religious group, called
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people of praise, where members swear a loyalty oath, held a accountable to a personal advisor called a head for men ad a handmade for a woman. >> laura: sounds so ominous. the same people who attacked the president for applying what they called religious test to enter the country can so flippantly talk about someone's christianity with impunity. as david frakes broke at me ""national review" ," ignorance leads to suspicion and suspicion leads to fear, but this fear cannot trump reason. amy coney barrett is at the peak of her profession. she shares at faith practices of millions of coreligionists. if progressives seek to block her from the nation side corporation because of it, they will betray the nation's
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founding ideals. joining us now to discuss, bill donohue, president of the catholic league. wall street journalist journalist kimberley strassel. let's start with you, i am watching this play out about amy coney barrett, and i'm thinking to myself, the left is really at desperation point. devcon won for them on the desperation scale. they won't be able to start trump's nice, neat from being on the record, they take these glancing blows about her faith and now a days -- oh, she's a member of a cult. why is she unqualified to sit in the supreme court? >> i would first look at her record. she's only been an appellate court judge for five months. before that, she was a law professor. there is no more people -- people know more in the ivory tower them are professors. her background is then, her record is thin. that is the first thing. that is what concerns me more than her religion. her religious beliefs are fair
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game. if she happened to be a muslim, you'd want to know whether she supported jihad. an orthodox jew, you won't want to know whether she believes in sucking up blood during circumcision. >> laura: she's explicitly said -- kimberly, get in on this, she's explicitly said that religious belief should not be permitted to have to align with court cases. she's explicitly addressed this question but that is not good enough for the left in this case because i think she's because such a strong candidate if not all member people claiming that barack obama didn't have enough experience to become commander in chief of the world's largest army but that's put that aside. kimberly? >> none of those questions that were just posed in fact are relevant to her candidacy at her fitness for sitting on the supreme court. we should care about what their positions of the law are.
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you know, laura, it doesn't matter, though, who is this candidate is going to be. that list contains some of the most brilliant jurists in the country. they are thoughtful, qualified, and wise. precisely because of that, people who do not like donald trump, who are very worried about what this new pick will do to their shift of the court, are not going to be talking about the constitution or separation of powers, or judicial philosophy. they are going to make this into a smear. it's going to be their best and only shot to try to stop someone because they can't do it on the basis of arguing they are not qualified. >> laura: bill donohue, the people of praise, this group of catholics who support each other, i guess they are a couple thousand across the country, is important to her as a mother and wife, something she's been a member of for some time, since her days at notre dame. that specifically is being used to smear her as essentially a
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cultist. your reaction? >> i think i know what a cult is a mess is not a cult. it's a charismatic renewal group, which is a family oriented catholic organization, and the pope was hardly considered a man of the right, welcome to them just last year,. let's remember this statement by senator feinstein. she said the dog my screams loudly in you. now that his nativism. that is a throwback to the 19th century. that is coming awfully close to establishing a religious sect. then we have senator durbin, by the way, i wrote to both durbin and feinstein last september, asking them a series of questions about amy coney barrett because they were out of line. we had durbin saying, i want to know what it means to be an orthodox catholic. he said he went to school for 19 years in a catholic school and i guess he still didn't learn what the term orthodox means. i tried to help them out. it means someone who accepts the catholic church. that's about it.
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this smacks of an animus against someone -- i don't care whether you are catholic, jewish, muslim, you want to ask people some questions about your personal convictions, you have every right to do that. but she has said so, in 1998, that if your caught is a catholic dealing with -- you are stuck between the church and capital punishment and the legal precedent, then maybe you should opt out. she's been very, very clear that the personal convictions should not determine judicial output. >> laura: she made the comment about how you are not required to align, you can't rely court dealings with the faith that you practice. again, she's been extremely honest about that reviewers want to eat that caught my eye. as from our friends at the center for american progress. "as a judge, she decided against an african-american worker in terms of a company's supper all but equal act.
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now she is up for a seat on our nation's hyatt court." one problem with that, vinoo prayed she wasn't on the seventh circuit were in that case was heard. obviously she wasn't on the three-judge panel when that case was heard. for this is how slipshod the criticism of barrett is. you know what i think they are bugged by? i think the people on the left are blocked by the fact that she has seven kids. i'm sorry, i think that if i met weird, i know bill agrees with me. i think they think people with a lot of kids are weird. i think they think they are weird. i think that is actually -- that bothers them. go ahead. >> that tweet has been debunked. that's been pretty clear. the issue really, though, is her experience. >> laura: do you criticize obama when he ran for president after, like, a breath in the u.s. senate? >> is a different issue. >> laura: it's about experience. the highest position in government. >> being on the supreme court is
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a different issue than running for senator or president. as we know, there's been people -- we are talking about someone, it's a lifetime appointment. appointment. >> laura: justice thomas is on the d.c. circuit for not a very long. lack of time. eeoc commissioner, education department, he's turned out to be -- you might not like his judicial philosophy, but even harbert had to admit that his jurisprudence and writing and decisions have been incredibly impressive. he's been a force for good. >> every one of the sitting justices, including neil gorsuch, who was criticized a lot, had tremendous experience, either as a judge or something else. she was a law professor for most of her life. >> laura: now law professors need not apply. first, catholics need not apply. >> that is my biggest issue with her. >> laura: liberals organs the ivory tower. >> i'm not a liberal.
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>> can i dare to suggest that this really isn't even about religion? this is the convenient way that they are going to attack barrett because they can't attack her on the law. because there is a desperation here. >> there's not much to attacker on the loft. >> no, they know, unlike justice gorsuch when he was appointed, he did not change the direction of the courts. this is step up time. if one of president trump's frontrunners, especially if they have a good record, is seated on the court, it will change the direction of it for generations. they will pull out whenever they can, this just happens to be the most convenient way to go against barrett. >> laura: bill, one more word end. in the end, though, i feel a very strong anti-catholic bias running through all of this. you've seen it come up before. i think that it's running through this. kimberly is right. they want to mix all these people but i think that her
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catholicism, the fact that she takes it seriously, it holds up a mirror to a lot of what is going on in the culture today and they don't like that. >> i agree with you and kimberly. let me be explicit. the two people i was most concerned about, durbin and feinstein, when roberts was put up about 13 years ago, guess who question his catholicism? durbin and feinstein. durbin will say i went to catholic school. by the way, feinstein went to catholic school even though she's a jewish gal. i'm not saying they are bigots. i am saying there is something there which is unseemly. they exercise it against others. >> laura: hold on, thank you, all, fantastic segment. is is not just a me barrett's comment, or religiosity, seems e mainstream press. the "los angeles times" wrote a piece titled, "judge kony baird, potential supreme court nominee has defended overturning presidents." a lot of people have pointed
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out, so far as every justice who sat down on the supreme court. let's bring in fox news senior and traditional analyst, judge andrew napolitano. thank you for being here tonight. why do you think barrett is suffering the brunt of the backlash of the last few days? is of the fact she is the only woman on the list? that might be harder for them to criticized on the road, they want to deal that now? what is it? >> you and i both know that anti-catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice, acceptable in the establishment, mainstream media, acceptable in the academy, and apparently acceptable in the democratic party. that is part of it. but what you just raised about her willingness to upset law that has been standing for a while, this is the root of human progress, when judges have the courage to say, a given case, like plessy versus ferguson, the
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separate but equal of the races, was wrong when it was decided, were wrong when applied, and wrong today. i did not make it up. that is chief justice earl warren and brown versus board of education, when plessy against ferguson has effectively been thrown out and found inapplicable to the public school systems in the united states of america by the fact that she has the courage to say something like that, to show an open mind, should appeal to the very people that are attacking her. >> laura: judge, there was an exchange last year when she was up for the seventh circuit, with now departed senator al franken. i want to watch and share it with you. >> i'm generally aware that the southern poverty law center fights discrimination and that they do classify some groups as hate groups. >> yeah, they track hate groups. and you spoke at an event
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sponsored by one of those hate groups. now i question your judgment. the real word of judgment is judge. >> if it were truly hate group, it wouldn't be -- it has a brief in a supreme court with wilmer hale. it wouldn't be cocounsel with adf of it were a hate group. i gather that the southern poverty law center's resignation is controversial. >> laura: alliance defending freedom, and court a lot, defending the first and amendment, religious rights, i thought it was hilarious, looking back to see al franken saying, "i don't like your judgment." kind of a good one to talk about judgment. [laughs] southern poverty law center has been smearing people left and right, it's been exposed, tucker has done a great job at how politically biased they are against conservatives. >> welcome to the club. they've smeared you, they've
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smeared me, they've smeared build on the, holy mother church, they'll smear any person or entity, no matter how well grounded in principles, if those principles are not there. i don't think judge barrett should be worried about them. i'm more concerned -- if she's the nominee -- more concerned about republicans who are fearful of somebody who might be critical of roe vs. wade, like senator collins or senator murkowski. that troubles me more than al franken calling on the democratic side. >> laura: is it harder for senator murkowski or senator collins to oppose or just on the fact that she should be republican female nominee to the court? >> you know, it is hard for me to understand why certain people are wedded to abortion. if you are a democrat, it is in your dna. you think it is popular because you see these polls showing that two-thirds of the country think
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some form of abortion should be lawful. i am hoping that they would admire her judgment, senator franken, and her courag courage, more than they want to attack her on the abortion. look, if this is going to become an issue on abortion, she's probably going to have to address this. how she feels about president. she can't be asked to address something that she knows she might have to address when she's on the court. that is a ruth bader ginsburg rule. >> laura: they will go around and around on that. andrew napolitano, always great to have you on from a judge. thank you so much. >> pleasure, laura. >> laura: by the way, the walkaway movement. maybe you've heard about it. walking away from liberalism. his catching fire. the left is pulling out the stops to try to describe. discarded it. the campaign's founder joins us with his response next.
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♪ >> laura: there is a burgeoning new online movement billing itself as #walkaway, where once proud liberals denounce their former political identity as the left is moving further and further away from something called reality. how serious is this campaign? "the washington post" says this isn't representative of some greater shift but rather, a figment of pro-trump social media, writing, "the walkaway
7:20 pm
meme is what happens when everything is viral and nothing matters." joining us now to respond to that calumny is a founder the movement, brandon straka. hey, brandon, how are you? >> i'm doing well, how are you? >> laura: i will be devil's advocate. i was advocate time. this is brandon, you are gay hairdresser, want to be an actor. now you are on tv. are you plunking us all? will i be -- is ashton kutcher going to come out and say, "come you are pumped"? >> it is 100% not a punk thing. i had a red pill experience of 2017 after the luncheon of donald trump. as a matter of fact, , i welcome anyone to go to my facebook page raised on the videos from 2016 in which i'm crying because hillary clinton didn't get elected. i was devastated. this is very, very real. >> laura: what is it about the left today specifically that has made you walk away? >> what is so funny as i created that video a few months ago and
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a few months ago, my biggest concern was the nasty rhetoric, the intolerance, the name calling come of the judgment. that was just two months ago. since this video came out, we've already seen a greater shift. now i'm worried about violence. it's already changed in just two months. from what my concerns were two months ago. now i am worried that we may be are on the brink of an incredibly violent episode. >> laura: now we also have at the election of ms. ms. ocasio-cortez, alexandria, new york. she beat in this primary, the number four guy in the house of representatives, joe crowly come out of nowhere. this is how -- she's about a socialist. this is how the head of the democratic national committee describes her in this moment. let's watch. >> the fourth most powerful democrat in the united states
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congress, congressman joe crowl crowly, was knocked out by a young woman it, alexandria ocasio-cortez, 28 years old, never ran for office before. she represents the future of our party. she ran a spirited campaign. >> laura: future of our party. she obviously is very young. she thinks basically everything should be free. free college, everybody's guaranteed, dignified health care, i don't know exactly what that is but free, free, free, free. apparently abolished i.c.e. so no crackdown on human smuggling, child sex trafficking. it is wild out there. but she is the future, according to the democratic national committee. >> what they don't understand is what their party has no future. it's over. that is what this campaign that i have started, the walkaway campaign, is proving. people are leaving the left by tens of thousands. my group is growing every day by tens of thousands. it's amazing because it's
7:23 pm
actually happening on facebook and people are living testimonials. we are getting thousands of testimonials either day that are either through video or written word or people are talking about how the left has become intolerable to them. they don't recognize their party anymore. what are these people stand for? what is their platform? all i can figure out is, we hate trump and we love illegal immigrants. what else is there? >> laura: wire you a democrat before, brandon? what do you to be a democrat? >> because i'm gay. that's it. >> laura: i have a lot of gay friends and people think it's bizarre. there's a lot of intolerance to them all the time. they get a lot of crap from their pals, i can tell you. >> i would have been one of those people who would have given them that. i think if you are a minority in
7:24 pm
america, a black person, hispanic, if you are gay, there is this assumption that you are not fronted on the right, not welcome on the right, that you will be protected and cared for if you go to the left, you stick with the liberals on the democrats. we have seen now that is absolutely not true. they really take us for granted. beyond taking taking it for gr, they actually -- for gay people, have used our fears and our traumas against us, trying to keep us in this constant state of feeling like we are afraid or our rights are in danger, the trump administration is out to hurt us. that really upsets me. i want to gay people, all people, particularly minorities, you have a choice. you don't have to vote democrat just because you are a gay person. you don't have to vote democrat because you are black. if you are minority, you have a choice. that is with escaping is about. >> laura: brandon, we appreciate you joining with us, and we welcome all peoples of the conservative movement, the republican party, and we are really glad you were out here. thank you so much. >> thank you so much, laura. >> laura: whether or not the
7:25 pm
walkaway campaign becomes a political force, we'll see. what is more clear as of the democratic party has been embracing more and more ideas that are way outside the mainstream. they are now finding political inspiration, as i said, from a 28-year-old democratic socialist room in new york and a 79 euros socialist -- 70, whatever bernie bernie sanders is prepared to act as bernie herman cain, foxs contributor, and of course, i was talking about maxine waters. i'm getting my septuagenarian's on my left confused, herman. we've got maxine, bernie, and now we have alexandria. this is a wild moment. but i think a lot more people are now -- many more people are seeing just how far off the rails the democrats have gone. trump is freaking them out because he's doing such, frankly, a good job. >> brandon nailed it. your previous guests. when he said that rhetoric is so
7:26 pm
nasty, that it's turning a lot of people off. there is an old school saying that if someone says something stupid, they have fallen off their rocker. well, maxine has never been on her rocker. and this is why she has gone over the cliff with some of the things that she has had to. and that is what is causing people like brandon and others to walk away. look, you've heard me say this on your show before. the american people are not stupid. they are not wedded to it. all my particular party. they look at the facts, and the fact is that the democrats have no message, they have no leadership, and the people that are informed, like brandon and others, arson, i'm walking away from us. this does not represent me, it does not represent america. >> laura: i've been dying to share something with you, herman. this is an exchange between chuck todd and alexandria ocasio-cortez, again, about what socialism means to her. let's watch.
7:27 pm
>> what is your definition of democratic socialist? >> for me, again, and there is so much focus on this endorsement. but i also think it's important not -- an important part of my strategy in winning was building a broad-based coalition of people. >> laura: she went on to talk about how we should get dignified health care. everybody's entitled to next, y, z. you can see that she was trying to buy time at the beginning, okay, what i believe is -- god bless her but i don't think she knows what she knows it is because it's all been a mean, it's all been a real hashtag way of approaching politics. so maybe there's a new hashtag movement, that will say, we are just not seeing this anymore. >> remember, there are 435 congressional districts. she structured a message to appeal to the people in her
7:28 pm
district, with the whole message of free, free, free. then when she's asked, what does socialism mean? she can't give an answer that is compelling in terms of something that has been well thought out. i don't make a big deal out of the fact that she got elected. maybe the people in her congressional district, maybe they want to hear the message about a lot of free stuff. that's not what i'm hearing and seeing in the rest of the country. they are rejecting socialism. they are rejecting this principle of free, free, free, even though bernie sanders got a raw deal during the democratic primary, people are not buying his message of democratic socialism. no, the american people like the things that we are seeing from this president, and they are supporting these results, not the perception that people like maxine waters are are trying to create. >> laura: herman, there was a i.c.e. bust in oakland, i think it was yesterday, of this human
7:29 pm
trafficking ring that i think even young children were being traffic. it was an unbelievable bust. they showed up at the townhouse, and then within a matter of seconds, no one knew what it was, they just saw i.c.e. vehicles, all these millennials started showing up, emoting, saying i.c.e. is not welcome here, then the reporter and the report by saying, well, it turns out that this is a human trafficking operation that i.c.e. shut down, just proving, you don't have to criticize commuters but the facts out there, they literally do not know what they are saying. on the immigration issue, herman, the polling, i knew it would be in the republicans' favor. this is what it saying. quinnipiac today. most important issue to you, deciding how to vote for president, immigration is 27%. economy is 23%. health care. immigration is number two for democrats, number one for republicans, because the economy is already doing so well. i think this is backfiring on the democrats pigpen.
7:30 pm
>> i definitely believe it is backfiring. kellyanne conway i think sums it up the best, that i have also used. people who want to eliminate i.c.e. is based upon ignorance and impracticality. it's ignorant because a lot of the people who are anti-i.c.e., they don't even know what i.c.e. does. >> laura: that is real hashtag thinking, herman. they struggle and they struggle ma struggle and they are like, "i hate trump." that is all the time. herman, we are out of time. have a wonderful independence day. it's always great to have you on the show. >> god's blessing america, they could go, laura. >> laura: shocking new study reveals how few adults are proud to be an american. "seen and unseen" with raymond arroyo next. ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed
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♪ >> life of america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. president trump's working through a list of 25 candidates to replace the retiring justice anthony kennedy on the supreme court.
7:33 pm
three more candidates were interviewed by the president today, according to a white house spokesman. he did not divulge their names. the nominees expected to be announced on monday two men pleading no contest to dozens of counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 2016 warehouse fire that killed 36 people in oakland, california, . derek amin and max harris are accused of running an illegal, unfermented entertainment venue known as the ghost ship. seen here on the left faces up to ten years for illegally operating this space. harris faces six years for helping collect rent and scheduling events. they will be formally sentenced in august. i am robert gray. now back to "the ingraham angle." >> laura: it's time now for our "seen and unseen" segment were we expose what's behind the big cultural stories of the day. ♪ first up, alarming new reports about exposing how u.s. adults had millennials truly feel about
7:34 pm
being american. for more, we will be joined by fox news contributor fox news contributor, "new york times" best-selling author, raymond arroyo. fourth of july, independence day, we are a patriotic people, we not? >> not if we talk to gallup. we have fallen in our sense of patriotism. gallup asked, are you proud to be an american? it went from 70% in 2003, to only 47% of adults saying they are extremely proud to be an american. >> laura: love it or leave it, baby. >> campus reform sent a camera cure to my alma mater, nyu, to ask them if they were proud to be an american. well, here is what they discovered. >> do you consider yourself today proud to be an american? >> oh, boy. that is a tough question. >> no. >> not of the america we have right now. >> i'm not proud. >> >> and all. >> are you proud to be an american? >> definitely not. >> no, i'm not part of america. >> i think we need to stop thinking we are the best nation on earth because it's just a
7:35 pm
just egotistical and is not accurate. >> this is symptomatic, though, of a culture at nyu. it's taught generation, our history is bad, the men and women who made this country are evil, there is dark shadows thad it's these -- it cast a pall over their appreciation of what it means to be an american. this is cultural followed. when you take statues down, with historical figures away, without putting them in a proper context, this is what you get. >> laura: this is what you get on generations of public schooling, where we don't learn about the founding, the greatness of our framers, our constitution, declaration, it is like every other country, except it's worse. >> how do we turn it back to july 4th? >> laura: how do we turn out? >> you find family events that reinforce a sense of patriotism. i tell people, the world war ii memorial in new orleans, look at the cost of the sacrifice for freedom. then play something like 1776, the old musical.
7:36 pm
introducing family to the tenuous nature of this experiment in a republican democracy -- >> laura: narratives. so great! >> we played every year for the kids and it's made my boys and girls -- who is adams, who is ben franklin? >> laura: you know what those kids at nyu need to do? you need to spend a little time at the v.a. or at arlington or any other national cemetery. spent some time with the veterans. or active duty. sorry, bratty. it's bratty. you can criticize drum, go at it. but come on, that makes my blood boil it all boyle. yesterday, a large spot in d.c., another trump supporter was confronted by this time, it was scott pruitt. >> this is my son, he loves animals. he wants clean air, he wants clean water. >> this is a sixth-grade teacher, shoot you notice she
7:37 pm
was reading up a script in her . "you should resign -- >> laura: wasn't she on that msnbc show, raymond? >> we'll play it while we talk. she appeared and she had a t-shirt on, i thought, is a sixth-grade teacher, the t-shirt says, "your founding fathers owned slaves." now this embodies, i think of the self hatred of america. my ancestors were in spain and italy, when the founding of this republic happened. however, these are our founding fathers. in a time when we are told not to judge anybody, we shouldn't judge people, i think judging the founding fathers by their sins, and slavery was a dark soon on the stain on my country, to judge them exclusively -- >> laura: just on that. they never did anything that can overcome that. >> we better towards monticello and mount vernon. we shouldn't. you look at people and take them for good and bad and you learn from their errors, and you take the go to try to perpetuate that. that is what america is about
7:38 pm
and we are bigger than our sins. that is what i hope we remember. >> laura: i like how that woman confronting pruitt was holding the baby and the note card. >> you need to shield. >> laura: she couldn't remember those really profound thoughts she had, that her baby wants clean water. >> you need to retire as epa -- first of all, get out of town. i don't like this. >> laura: take the camera away and the protests will go away. it's all about social media. happy fourth of july and independence day. stay tuned for our interview with suzanne somers and obama arrow rolls pushing recent college admissions may be a thing of the past soon, thanks to president trump. stay tuned. eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin.
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maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't have to actually talk to your neighbor. are you watching the game tonight? or... could just trust duracell. ♪ [voice of eunice d jukennedy shriver]l. the right to play on any playing field? you have earned it. the right to hold a job? you have earned it. the right to study in any school? you have earned it. the right to be anyone's neighbor? you have earned it.
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you have taught us that what matters is not power or politics, weapons or wealth. what truly counts is the courageous spirit and a generous heart. the days of separation and segregation are over. [cheering.] >> laura: a major policy of the obama presidency will likely be no more. the trump administration is preparing to roll back obama arrow rules pushing the consideration of race in college admissions. trump's abrasive race neutral admissions as a victory for critics of affirmative action, with the news is already sparking a serious blowback on the left. droning is not to debate as
7:41 pm
horace cooper, cochairman of project 21, along with tv and radio talk show host, rolando watt. great to see you. horace, happy fourth. what is your fat? for the longest time, i think americans were like, we got to get the best, brightest, without regard to skin color, skin color, ethnicity, we are all people people, everybody deserves a chance. why would the left now be against this, given the fact that we are all equal, and we are all watching the same opportunities. not everyone can get into harvard obviously. but harvard and other schools, they do lower standards according to the data, for certain groups, over other groups. asians get -- a lot of people say, discriminated against, and other groups can get it more easily. why is that right? >> i think it is a sad day in america when you don't have support for diversity, considering the fact that this is the very factor that this
7:42 pm
nation is built on and quite honestly, in my opinion, it is the thing that makes this nation so beautiful. i agree with some of those who argue that this is a another political attack, trying to rally up the racial resistance movement. that this is also part of knocking down anything that is obama and knocking down anything that involves diversity. we wouldn't have these laws and policies in place if we didn't have an issue with there being a lack of diversity. to be when you think african-americans wouldn't get into harvard or yale or ucla without race-based affirmative action? >> no, i'm not saying that it all. >> laura: why do you need that? >> i'm saying that there needs to be a fairness, a diversity -- >> laura: what about test scores and resume? how well you did in class is? >> absolutely. but you and i are not naive enough to think that there have not been an opportunity always
7:43 pm
for blacks and minorities -- >> laura: those days are over. we got to get to -- >> those days are not overpraised me >> laura: i would take issue with what rolonda said, that the most important ideals in america is diversity. the most important ideals what we are celebrating tomorrow. liberty. freedom. this is a nation built on freedom. it is true, diversity is important to a lot of americans, this looks like kind of a slap in the face of eight years of obama and what he was all about. >> it was always overreach with these guidance letters, supreme court has never said affirmative action for affirmative action sake was a good thing. it always that government had to be a last resort, had to be narrowly tailored. what these guidance letters dead was exactly the opposite. if you are a good school, you need to do this. it implies we want to have, doctors, any bright people. i say that's racist if you believe there will never be
7:44 pm
astronauts, there will never be scientists or bright people who are black without extra help on the people in the government of affirmative action. we want to have issue with what harvard is doing with asian students? there is a big expose about how asian students are being discriminated against because they can let test scores. they are just -- they are getting a breath test scores. >> i think it's a heck of an assumption to assume that children of color, students of color don't score highly as wel well. >> then you wouldn't need affirmative action! >> laura: you're making our point. i think everyone can get into b-schools if you are working hard and getting into the schools. black, white, doesn't matter. why should race be coming into it at all? >> let's be for real. there has been a lot of discrimination. and i think that also it's not always just about the color of one's skin. let's look look at across the d economically, as well. african-american families make
7:45 pm
an average in this nation of less than $5,000. >> laura: that's an economics issue. >> white families make $87,000 a year. >> laura: using race as a factor in decision-making, i believe, is a racist, because you are actually using a racial, immutable characteristic as a classification, which i thought we were supposed to get away from. we need to finish this on radio because as of the hot topic. horace and rolonda, thank you so much. by the way, the #walkaway movement is wreaking havoc in hollywood. suzanne somers is going to talk about it next.
7:46 pm
7:47 pm
7:48 pm
♪ >> laura: there are few people who know hollywood and how to build a brand better than suzanne somers. her career has spanned decades ad with the me too movement causing extraordinary people in the industry, her insight and experience are more valuable than others. raymond arroyo and i recently sat down with suzanne for a rollicking interview about what is next for hollywood and how things have changed since she began her legendary career i just 19 years old. >> laura: we were talking about what we mess about certain errors of television the other day. and we were talking about carson, of course, johnny. and we were saying, all the
7:49 pm
people that crossed his path, all the people who he goofed with on stage, and then, i didn't realize that he discovered you. >> he did a. >> laura: how did i not know this? >> i was living in sausalito. they were looking for a small-town girl who had no idea what she looked like and didn't know who she was. i thought, that's me. [laughter] i got together the $25, flew to los angeles to nbc burbank, ignorance is great because i didn't know there was a way to do this with agents -- >> laura: how old were you? >> 19. i walk up, i was in love with alan hamel, so i hadn't picked me up, up, i said, i have an interview at nbc. and i come up to nbc, "why are you here," and i said come i'm here for the dumbbell of show. so i read, and they said, we are giving you a call back. i go and say i have a call back,
7:50 pm
and she said, good for you. i said, what is that? she said, they are going to call you back. [laughter] where do i go? now, she's irritated, she says, i don't know, go wait in the commissary i guess. words that changed my life. i'm sitting there by myself, good catholic school girl with my hands grasped, i can always tell who went to catholic schoo school, and i'm sitting there, and i see that it's johnny carson. oh, my god. he is walking over towards me, walking towards me. and he says, hey, little lady, what are you doing here. i said, i have a call back. because now i have lingo. [laughter] >> laura: then? >> this is when i handed him the only thing i had come of my book of poetry, one credit -- >> laura: poetry? >> 1973. on the book had my one credit that i was -- >> american graffiti.
7:51 pm
>> friday night i made my debut on television, charged a dress i couldn't afford, $76, and i thought, oh, my god, you love my poetry. and i hear johnny carson say, "we've all been wondering who the mysterious blonde of the thunderbird is an "american graffiti." i was thinking, you are? i hadn't seen the movie at. he just loved me because i was so -- >> laura: innocent. >> totally innocent. he started having me on every month for years and my book of poetry became the number one best-selling book of poetry along -- >> freddy silverman at abc, he sees you, they are casting nisha "three's company." he's already cast two actresses. what happens? >> they didn't test well and he said in the meeting, or goes, ""i got the girl. i see her on "the tonight show"." right place, right time. the stars lined up for me.
7:52 pm
an interesting ride it has been. >> laura: the show was such a huge success, you are the it girl, the cover girl, and the '70s -- >> laura: number one job in the country. now back then, that was very racy. my parents wouldn't let me watch it. >> my parents did. >> laura: oh, good. [laughter] that's new orleans. connecticut. so compared to today, the television today, this was -- you were positively prudish back in the ' 70s. >> absolutely. kristy snow was kissed once, her first kiss, her whole thing was moral outrage at everything, you know, things you shouldn't do. >> laura: but it's just wild because it was -- if you are a certain age, you are not supposed to watch that show. those rules are out the window. what is your thought today about
7:53 pm
the quality of entertainment? we kind of joke that there is a lot of repetition. they are doing -- everything is being done over. "jurassic park" again, "willy wonka" -- >> "three's company reboot? >> i have an idea. >> the three of us? i'm so sorry, john is gone. that will be a wonderful reboot. he was absolute magic. >> laura: you guys made up -- >> months before he died. after i was fired, it became -- you are either with us and against her or with her and against us. >> laura: you wanted more money? >> i wanted to be paid what was commensurate to what the men were being paid. the men were being paid ten and 15 times more than me. i'm on the number one jar with the highest demographics of all women in primetime at that time. so i still feel right for asking for it. he never talk to me again. none of the cast or crew -- >> laura: they thought you
7:54 pm
were against for show. >> i think that is what they said. she's trying to ruin our show. a month before john died, i am at the beauty salon, i'm having my hair shampooed, and i had a phone call, they said it was john ritter. i go over, i pick up the phone and he says, "look, babe, i forgive you." which took me a moment. i thought, put on my big girl pants, suzanne. i said, "thanks." i had a lot of therapy. [laughter] and he wanted me to appear in a dream sequence on the show he was doing, he wanted me to appear in a nightmare he's having. >> laura: nightmare? no. >> i said, there's kind of a hunger for us to reunite. i don't think this is optimal. >> laura: would have happened if you were well marked mike he would have lived? >> yes. we decided to look for a project. and then a month later he died. >> laura: what about the me too movement? good thing, a little too
7:55 pm
political? is everyone afraid to hug each other now? >> i probably won't be real popular. i think that women -- i totally understand the weinstein and bill cosby, and that is, of course. but morgan freeman is a big flirt. [laughs] i know him really well. he sees you and he will like your address and he will like your hair and he will like a lot of things and i hope the dance doesn't stop. its seduction. it's flirting. all those things are really fun. so i hope there is a way we can find a nice medium without. >> laura: you are and incredibly successful business with one, you've re-created your solvent so many different ways. >> had to. when i was on my broadway one-woman show, i said i am a shamu. you know what that is? my brother got one from christmas one year. it's a life-size punching bag that has a clown face on it, you punch it, bounces back for a doesn't matter how many times
7:56 pm
you punch it, it always bounces back. i live myself like that. anytime there is anything negative, i know a malt enough to say, what is the lesson? what are my teaching myself, using negatives like -- >> laura: jiu-jitsu. use that energy. >> exactly. my husband and i have this great partnership, and he does what he doesn't i do what i do. >> what is a secret to a 40 year marriage? a happy one? >> welcome a 50 years together. we complement each other a lot, gratitude. i wake up every morning on a talk about how grateful i am for the life that i have and him, love, family, all of that. >> laura: fantastic. for both of us, we are just such huge fans of yours. personally and professionally. thank you so much for being with us. we are out of time today. we really appreciate it. we'll be right back with a special fourth of july message from our 40th president.
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>> laura: as we get ready to celebrate july 4th, the perfect opportunity to reflect and i in our nation's independence in our extraordinary freedom. we'll end tonight with some enduring words from president ronald reagan and george washington. >> i love the fourth of july. president george washington, the very first inaugural address, warned americans that they had a new responsibility. he said, the preservation of a sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republic of micro public and model of government are justly considered, perhaps as deeply, as finally, staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the american people. you may not think of yourself or our democracy as an experiment but look around. all over the world, millions and millions of people still live under tyranny. their people look to america as a cradle of freedom, the place where the great civilized ideas of individual liberty representative government, and the rule of law under god our realities.
8:00 pm
>> laura: that is the heart of the country and its culture. don't forget to tell us how we are doing on twitter @ingrahamangle. shannon bream on the "fox news @ night" team are up next we have a wonderful independence day holiday coming to you and yours, good night from washington. ♪ >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. he is still in the decision-making process and it's already getting ugly. we are going deep inside the battle over the supreme court nominee to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy. plus, another deadline on the calendar. this time perform a national security advisor michael flynn to appear in court. the judge wants answers as to why he has not been sentenced following his guilty plea. later, is the future of the democratic party socialism? dnc chair tom perez it says it might be after self-proclaimed socialist ousted a longtime democratic congressman and as her primary race. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. the president saying today that you will spend the first part of the we


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