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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 4, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> laura: don't forget to tell us how we're doing on twitter. shannon bream and the fox nightr team are up next. good night from washington. hing. ♪ >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. he is still in the decision-making process and it's already getting ugly. we are going deep inside the battle over the supreme court nominee to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy. plus, another deadline on the calendar. this time perform a national security advisor michael flynn to appear in court. the judge wants answers as to why he has not been sentenced following his guilty plea. later, is the future of the democratic party socialism? dnc chair tom perez it says it might be after self-proclaimed socialist ousted a longtime democratic congressman and as her primary race. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. the president saying today that you will spend the first part of the we why he hasn't been sentenced following his guilty plea and is the future of the democratic
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party socialism? tom perez said it might be after longtime congressman in a race. i am shannon bremen washington. the president spending the first part of the week interviewing candidates for his supreme court nominee.ek some democrats vowing to obstruct the confirmation process for any when he picks making the future of roe v wade the centerpiece of their outrage it appears some have been pushing false claims about judge amy barrett. we begin with ed henry. >> reporter: donald trump interviewing 7 candidates for pickell be unveiled next monday. as the civil war seems to be brewing among republicans over two of the leading contenders, the president interviewed another three supreme court justices in addition to the four he had already spoken to including thomas hardiman and joe lawson and mike lee who had told you he was honored to be considered at all and added he thought the phone call interview with the president went very well but hard to predict which way the president is headed. despite not being able to
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predict, some conservatives are exploring among themselves which of these candidates already interviewed are more true to the cause as the president of this rare chance to put his stamp on the court. controversy focused on some social conservatives spreading where they do not believe one finalist who is tough enough in his opposition to abortion rights. another finalist, amy barrett. some of this opposition is being pushed by officials with march for life, very influential and all annual margin washington. mike pence among the luminaries who have spoken there. conservatives raising questions about cavanagh's commitment to overturn obamacare. to that second best-selling author jd vance wrote to his defense fealty to principal sometimes requires setting aside one's own preferences. judge kevin has come under fire in some corners of the right for
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a handful of opinions involving jealousy against obamacare which he aims to rule narrowly and fairly rather than politically. the president has told fox he has no litmus tests on abortions is unclear if the pressure will madeleine the end. speaking in west virginia a couple hours ago where he honored military veterans the president teased out the pic as democrats continue to suggest they will try to block anyone regardless of their credentials. >> this is such an important decision and we are going to give you a great one, we are going to announce it on monday and i think you will be very impressed. >> we will use every tool at our disposal to be able to highlight what the nominee stands for. >> that sends the democrats message right now which is oppose everything and do nothing. it has gotten really sad that their party has no message, no leadership, no solution. >> sanders added there is no witness test on the rover you weighed, she will vote no on anyone seen as hostile to
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abortion rights. upholding the constitution and good judicial temperament are the real litmus tests. shannon: quite a litmus test you must go through. the federal appeals court in washington is a professional steppingstone, supreme court justices served on that bench before joining the high court as did antonin scalia. on the dc circuit poised to make the leap but if history is any guide you could face a tough senate confirmation so here's a look at judge cavanagh. >> i, brett cavanagh, do solemnly swear. >> the image that may cement or sink the supreme court not aspirations of brett cavanagh. >> his breadth of experience and the strength of his character. >> before 8 to george w. bush, close friend and advisor as a
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white house lawyer and staff secretary traveling in the top dc legal and political circles earning confidence of power players like karl rove loses elevation to the federal appeals court was celebrated in the rose garden swearing-in by justice anthony kennedy for whom cavanagh served as a law clerk in 1993 after two years of contentious delay tactics by democrats who claimed cavanagh was overly partisan. >> you could not think of another nomination given mr. cavanagh's record more designed to divide us. this nomination appears to be judicial payment for political services rendered. >> reporter: sources said opposition from the left was fueled by concern cavanagh could one day sit on the supreme court. >> i consider myself a republican and i support president bush. >> that may create concern on the current president given his run-ins with the bushes. trump in 2008 seem to back impeaching.president bush for
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the iraq war and candidate trump in 2016 repeated verbal clashes with rival jeb bush, former florida governor. >> it doesn't really believe i'm unhinged, he said that very simply because he has failed in his campaign. it has been a total disaster, nobody cares. >> cavanagh brings a stellar resume. yale law school and top deputy to ken starr's probe of bill clinton that led to the pres.'s impeachment. on the bench the 53-year-old has been a reliable conservative bringing in dozens of administrative decisions of the obama white house but conservatives are at odds whether a 2015 ruling on obamacare supported the law. and whether he would limit access to abortions and he never directly confronted the issue as a judge and hasn't said publicly that he would overturn roe v wade but he dissented in the appeals court decision that allowed a pregnant teenager in the us illegally to get an abortion writing that was,
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quote, ultimately based on a constitutional principle as novel as it is wrong, integrate from level immigrant minors in government detention to obtain immediate abortions -- abortions on demand. there is concern among trump supporters he is too much the dc insider, born, raised and thriving in the so-called washington swan. some pro-life groups have concerns about cavanagh. judge amy tony barrett facing criticism about her catholic faith sensor confirmation battle for the seventh circuit began. one testy exchange with sen. dianne feinstein raised her popularity with religious conservatives quote and was a member exposed the left's real worry about her. >> when you read your speeches the conclusion one draws is the catholic dogma lives loudly within you and that is concern when you come to big issues,
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large numbers of people have fought for meaning a bunch we have been hard to take this country away from you and you are going to stop us from getting away with taking the country away. that is what dianne feinstein means. >> a former law clerk to justice neil gorsuch, and the former chief counsel to the house judiciary committee and fox news contributor andrew mccarthy, former assistant us attorney, welcome to all of you. we have some in dc and 7 new york. let's start here. david french picks up on the idea of what rush is talking about. what do some progressives finger her out for particular scorn. turns out she's a faithful christian who live the christian life very similar to the lives of millions of her fellow
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american believers. that is the objection. do you think this is about her credentials were believe? >> i hope it is about her credentials. what is dismaying about this discussion is when you look at these candidates, one after another, they are simply excellent lawyers, you profile brett cavanagh and amy barrett this evening somebody said you could throw a dog at this list and come up with a superb lawyer. it is a shame we are so immersed in the politics of this the first year excellent in terms of legal craftsmanship of these lawyers is overlooked by what people want to project onto what they imagine their personal proclivities might be. cavanagh, for all this talk about the obamacare decision, what he is criticized for should be something conservatives celebrate, he tried to settle
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this case on is narrower basis as he could in order to leave democratic choice as wide as possible which is what we should once from judges. too bad politics has infected this. shannon: a legal analyst at cnn talked about the fact that she has written about abortion, statements and writings of concern and she added this as well. >> he has written in the area of religion that could be a flash point in any confirmation hearing at the former law clerk of antonin scalia. >> that is to her credit. i agree with the statement she is a superb lawyer.
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it is a strawman to make the argument she's being attacked because of her religion. that is not which is being attacked for. she is being attacked for suggestions that her faith in catholicism should come before her faith in the constitution. >> very clearly hearings -- >> there was an article she wrote that may have suggested otherwise and ambiguity there so -- she -- she does about an article that she wrote, that she cosigned, she also suggested elsewhere row may have been wrongly decided and should be overturned if it was wrongly decided. she is out there far more on abortion and i don't, whether you call it politics or not this discussion should be broader than her religion and abortion. the fact of the matter is this is becoming about abortion on both sides. the problem for trump is be careful what you wish for. if you look at the polling data it shows many of his voters voted for him because of his pronouncements on the supreme court and the people he put on
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the supreme court and he is wedded to a pro-life nominee now. hard for him to backtrack on that given what he said. the problem is two thirds of the american public do not want this nominee to overturn roving weight so what is good for trump's base, 30% of voters that are his base is bad for the 66% of american voters particularly independents who feel by a margin of 2-when they do not want this nominee to overturn roe v wade, you can argue this to be a broader discussion, i agree. but that is what it is becoming on both sides and this may be very bad politics. shannon: senate's top democrat, chuck schumer, so the bottom line judge barrett has given
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every indication she will be an activist judge, if chosen as the nominee she will be the deciding vote to overturn roe v wade and strike on preexisting conditions, protections in the aca, what do you make of that characterization? >> democrats have a different standard for people of religion and faith and women. when you have a nominee who is qualified like amy barrett she has been a law professor for 15 years, went to rose college, notre dame or school, written extensively, that doesn't even say people of faith shouldn't take the roof seriously, judges should recuse themselves but it was the same thing. they should not that religious views get in the way so a person of faith can't be a good judge? >> just saying there is a different standard. what people are saying is if for whatever reason she takes what is regarded by most americans as an extremist view that is the basis to vote against her and that is where the american
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public is. shannon: most americans believe there should be some limits on abortion. there should be times in which they don't think it should be legal. >> trump's position in the campaign is if i get two more nominees we will overturn roe v wade. >> we have a list of 25 since november and he was going to choose from this list so where does he go from here? does it turn into a political fight? there are democrats who voted for all these judges on the list, there are democrats who voted for them in the past. >> they voted for them because of the politics of the situation. there are people who think people of faith can't be good judges. it is wrong but they do say that. you had sen. feinstein asking barrett in her confirmation
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hearings how the dogma is deeply in her. what difference does that make? >> i cheap shot at her by quoting her. >> it is a cheap shot to suggest feinstein's position is if you are a person of faith you cannot be a good judge. feinstein's argument -- >> what was the relevance of the dogma within her? feinstein's argument in the context of the death penalty discussion and article she signed and suggestions about roe v wade, your decision is made first. >> that is the issue. >> when given a chance to answer the question directly she clarified and said what it is worded differently do i think my faith should come before the law
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she said absolutely not and what do you make of sen. durbin asking her un orthodox catholic? would you say that to someone of jewish faith or practicing the islamic faith? >> i agree with you i wouldn't have asked that question and i wouldn't put the religious frame in it. so i agree with that but it is wrong to say if you have concerns about a nominee not looking at the constitution but something else, that is fair play. >> john kennedy go to rome, to the pope? amy barrett said she wouldn't so why are we still talking about this? it is bigotry, people of faith can't be fair. amy barrett can't be a fair judge, it is out there just, an attack on people's faith and not
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fair. >> a strawman argument. >> completely intellectually dishonest was no one is talking about religious faith. >> the issue here is in the context of what you want to avoid is the notion, and whether row is rightly decided. >> he is long-distance, wrap this up. >> why can't it be true, to be overturned, and opens up a lot of area to regulate abortion, correctly decided or not. >> she said was wrongly decided.
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andy's point is perfectly fair. shannon: right after this during the commercial. it is great to have you. other fbi agents, peter stzrok about texts and it agrees russia preferred trump over clinton presidency. >> and unclassified report backing a controversial assessment that found russia wanted to damage hillary clinton and overturn the russian government to develop a clear preference for donald trump. in 2017, there was daylight between the nsa and mike rogers, the fbi and james comey, and interviewed analysts, the differences were not politically
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motivated. and opposition research by christopher steele and paid for, no role in the 2017 assessment. is unverified. in a separate development federal judge ordered special counsel lawyers and national security adviser mike flynn to appear in a dc court july 10th. under both sides, flynn at sentencing put off for the third time. clinton supporters emphasize new information the december guilty plea pointing to republican backed congressional report, deputy fbi director andrew mccabe and james comey, agents found no sign of deception during flynn's interview. legal analysts warn against jumping to conclusions about next week's status hearing. >> flynn stood up in court, he said he lied, and if he ended it
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it all goes away as well as this one. >> the house judiciary committee for agent stzrok to testify in a tent, he is one of two agents. shannon: protest against government agencies, latest on political instability and the democratic national chairman tom perez drops a bombshell about the role of socialism in the future of his party. >> i have three kids, one just graduated college, texting the, and she represents the future of our party. this wi-fi is fast.
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i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in?
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brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. >> shannon: a >> socialist candidate for future of the democratic party says tom perez. trace gallagher joins us from the los angeles newsroom. >> reporter: political analysts say there is ample evidence the democratic party has shifted left and now it appears democrats are planning to go further. one week after alexandria court is upset congressman joe crowley, chair of the national committee tom perez went on the radio and said this.
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>> he represents the future of our party. alexandria's victory was a reminder of the depth we have in the democratic party. >> comments about her being the future of the party have gotten a lot of attention considering she is a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, some even interpreted perez as thank the future of the party itself is socialism. democratic sen. chuck schumer is getting a near full from his liberal constituents, schumer was supposed to hold a townhall in brooklyn last night but airplane trouble left him grounded up state so instead of attending in person schumer founded in. he attacked a 90 ° synagogue, some into the sen. and the democrats of using a butter knife in the gunfight over donald trump's supreme court nominee. others said schumer was shameful for being critical of maxine
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waters when she call for publicly harassing trump administration officials. waters that are accused schumer of doing anything to protect his leadership position in the senate. newly filed federal court documents show during an immigration rally on saturday, a service agent patrolling the grounds was assaulted. documents say the suspect parked illegally near the white house and when the secret service officer confronted him the man punched the officer in the jar and left i. it is unclear if the suspect was connected to the rally but it is clear that protests outside immigration and customs enforcement office in philadelphia turned violent, protesters refused to unblock the garage doors at ice headquarters, police and protesters clashed, 29 people were arrested, protesters were calling for ice to be abolished in philadelphia to become a true
12:27 am
sanctuary city. shannon: she represents the future of our party. that is how the chairman of the democratic party sees the young socialist the knockoff number 4 democrat in the house during the primary race. editor of the halftime report is here. what do you make of this. this was a powerful upset we talked about on primary night but that is the future of the party. >> i give more credit than that but i think he was sucking up to people across the board but all the constituents, it is not rank-and-file democrats, mostly all the democratic members of congress, governors and all those people is his real constituency and what he is saying is she is the future and so are you and everybody is the future and today we will have rainbows and sunshine and everyone will be great. that stuff people say.
12:28 am
they are very popular. i would also say i don't want to be uncharitable to the democratic nominee but i would say she is quickly becoming one of the most overrated politicians in america because the hype, it is not her fault, the hype around hers astonishing. i can't believe what i'm hearing, she's the future of the party, she is 28 years old. to take nothing from the shoe leather she used and showed her actual shoes, how hard she worked to beat crowley, new york is not a justly and orderly run state, it is machine politics in a big way. joe crowley should have been bounced out by somebody a long time ago but used the power of incumbency, do you know how many voted in that primary? none.
12:29 am
25,000 people voted in the primary. take nothing away from her but she is going to be one of 430 members of congress, she's getting a lot of attention but will never live up to it. >> someone else is getting a lot of attention. and she is running for the -- she was asked about chuck schumer. i'm not going to vote for him. >> a lot of upstart status time for change at the top. >> he is chuck schumer's best recruit. shannon: but not voting for him. >> it is politics. this is arizona, democrats best chance, jeff flake is retiring, republicans have a grow so primary, they are ready to this throats and some of the people
12:30 am
are quite interesting. on the democratic side she has a clear path and is also a moderate democrat. she is in arizona where she needs trump voters to vote for her. some trump voters or some moderate republicans to cross over and vote for her to get the job done in arizona, not enough to count on the base alone. chuck schumer is in a difficult position, they can turn him into nancy pelosi and it happens quicker than you think of you go from everything is okay to you are the most detested man in politics. these guys should ask their republican counterparts, smoking a cigarette drinking a blood he marry somewhere. somewhere sunny with golf, paul ryan soon to head back to wisconsin. that is over for him. republicans consumer feedstock of leadership quicker than the
12:31 am
democrats but when it starts it hurts. shannon: the vote against nancy pelosi to retain her position -- >> happy independence day to you. shannon: stay home. the president salutes americans here i want american allies, long past time for nato partners to pay their fair share. >> nato is the most successful political alliance in history the core members in germany aren't willing to spend what is necessary, what are we to make of that? shannon: gen. jack keane discusses the latest nato visit and the 1-on-1 with vladimir putin, the general next.
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>> we are restoring american we are restoring american an security by rebuilding a great military. when have we needed it more? we are point the likes of which
12:36 am
we have never been as a power and hopefully never having to use that incredible equipment. jillian: donald trump speaking west virginia in a salute to our military ahead of independence day. the pres.'s remarks just days before he is set to travel to brussels to meet our nato allies. time to pay your fair share, the message to a number of world leaders. last year a fraction of nato countries paid what they promised on common defense. you to discuss that and more, senior strategic analyst retired 4-star general decking. always an honor to have you with us. the new york times got its hands on this letter to german chancellor angela merkel and continued german underspending undermines security of the alliance and promotes validation for other allies who do not plan to meet their military spending
12:37 am
commitments because others see you as a role model. he will take a tough message, a little awkward as we are watching. >> he sent that to 6 to 8 other leaders as well as he is right on the mark. this is a goal they established themselves, 28 nato members, now there's 29, to meet this goal by 2024. they are not even close on the path of doing that. there is another thing that is operating, not just having military capability which defense spending would indicate but also indicates the political and moral resolve of the people that their own security and collective security of nato is important to them so it sends a week message to the russians his aggressiveness and malign behavior trampling all over nato's interests and as far south as syria so that is being told to vladimir putin and his
12:38 am
thugs, nato's resolve is not what it used to be. >> the president working through several meetings but on july 16th in helsinki, to have this conversation with f and a lot of people have been critical of it, they don't think it is a good way to be spending his time. you think one of the key things they will talk about is syria. >> to say the president shouldn't meet with vladimir putin because he has been so aggressive and tampering on our interests is beside the point because the issues are so serious and affect the international community thousands of them in ukraine and syria, hundreds of thousands of people, 9 or 10 million people displaced from their homes, a major human catastrophe and we shouldn't bring leaders together that should stamp out some kind of progress on what used to be an intractable solution,
12:39 am
tillerson made a deal with the foreign minister of russia, de-escalation in southern syria they did months ago. the russians are supporting the pro-asad regime with airpower and pounding people in the de-escalation zone where the agreement was no shooting, nothing taking place. certainly sitting down and talking and trying to have a relationship is critical. >> you know vladimir putin is a master manipulator, you know how this works for the last two presidents. people say he is as crafty and manipulative as they come. how does the president make any headway with him? >> he knows all that. given he is a transactional guy who relates to personal chemistry he is itching to get in the room because what i look
12:40 am
at is what happens with xi jinping. we have profound disagreements with china being manifested on the world stage. as a result of the relationship they established at mara longo the president believes that is how he makes progress with xi jinping on north korea. they have three successful un resolutions imposing sanctions which and in mind, the chemistry they were able to establish. he wants to do the same with vladimir putin in my mind. i don't believe being manipulated by him at all and there is an opportunity to make some progress. we need a healthy dose of skepticism dealing with the russians because they are manipulators and wires. heather: the major issues we are dealing with, let's hope there is progress in the meeting. have a great independence day.
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accusations of ignoring allegations of sexual abuse by a doctor at ohio state university. three former wrestlers said it is common knowledge richard strauss inappropriately touched players during appointments. athletes from 14 sport to the university reported alleged sexual misconduct by strauss. he died in 2005. congressman jordan was an assistant wrestling coach from 1986-94 and is denying any knowledge of the allegations or abuse, quote, congressman jordan never saw any abuse, never heard any abuse and never had any abuse reported to him during his time at ohio state. he has not been contacted by investigators about the matter but will assist them in any way. of what he alleged is true the victims deserve a full investigation and justice. former anchorman dan rather has a theory why the braun james is heading to the los angeles
12:46 am
lakers and it is not about the $150 million contract moving to california. rather, we know lebron james has been outspoken about trump so it makes sense to head to california, the heartland of the resistance. the fact that he will be trying to resist the dominance of the warriors is an added plot twist. phil murphy approving a bill that directs $5 million in state government taxpayer dollars to local media outlets to beef up their coverage of communities of color. activist group, free press action fund lobbied heavily for it. on its website the free press action fund explains companies owned by white people own nearly all of our media which is why women and people of color are often depicted in stereotypical terms or ignored altogether. the president going after the media in a tweet storm after having written many best-selling books and prided myself on my ability to write it should be noted the fake news constantly
12:47 am
likes to pour over my tweets looking for a mistake. i i certain words only for emphasis, not because they should be capitalized. an early version misspelled poor but for those who wondered why he capitalizes certain words we appreciate tonight's insights. if you want more analysis of our top story on supreme court nominees and donald trump's selection process go to, judicial crisis network, the featured guest goes into backgrounds of all people in a short list. if you need to know more check it out. in thailand for ten days, that cave is flooded, they are alive and trapped, how did they survive? the news is now not good. dr. mark siegel is here to weigh in on their health and safety when we return.
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>> shannon: the navy seals they all 12 boys on the soccer coac >> soccer coach in a flooded gave in thailand are healthy and being look at find medics with the doctor and nurse are with them in a cave where they took shelter and getting them out will be tough. she was military team of 20 is there to assist on this rescue
12:52 am
mission. dr. mark siegel joins us now. great to have you. i want to talk about the mental health issue, both physical and what they are facing. >> they survived by drinking water with mineral off of stalactites in the caves and held together psychologically, they shared strength and warmth and were careful to get nutrition that way. is a miracle they made it tween 9 days. how will they survive? they had water brought in, food, mineral gels, electrolyte gels, high calorie content so they will get nourished and be hydrated as long as they don't contaminate the water which is a key thing physically. they have to separate the waste from what they are drinking. a huge issue. how will they get them out? they are worried about the monsoon season, they could see a lot more rain and they have to
12:53 am
try a heroic rescue with 12 kids who are not even swimmers, never dived, talking about a mile and a half through the cave to narrow stretches where you can't get scuba gear through. it will take a lot of heroism and courage and real focus. one thing i am hearing is you will have phone lines where they will get the opportunity to speak to their parents who hopefully will share courage, not fear because fear spreads in a situation like this. shannon: they say kids don't even swim, go through these narrow passages in murky waters possibly drilling in and evacuating them out, that won't be feasible. sending in supplies and waiting until the season of monsoons and flooding is over in october. my jaw dropped. how do you stay mentally tough,
12:54 am
not panic, how do you keep the others -- how would you do that until october? to overcome their fears, we have to teach you how to dive and get you out. >> you first have to overcome the risks of contagion and infection. there is a doctor and a nurse with them but psychologically not knowing when is the key thing. you don't have a date, don't know when the light at the end of italy, the days stretch on interminably and that is difficult to overcome it has to do with the mindset and sharing courage, fear being contagious, anxiety being contagious and they have to need a lot of help from counselors, people on the outside and their parents especially. from what i'm reading now the most likely thing is they will try to get them out now but they have to beef them up and have experts. you have 7 navy seals, the tie
12:55 am
navy, top expert divers, if anybody can pull this off they will pull this off, they have to teach them very quickly. my prediction is they will get them out in the next week or two. shannon: i say we pray for these guys and everybody trying to help them. thank you. >> mind over matter is key. it is all about what is up here controlling what is down here. shannon: great to see you. and 8-year-old selling lemonades in his front yard in missouri. his plan is to donate the money, but customer threatening to shut him down because he didn't have a permit. when jacob's mom posted the story got an unexpected surprise in the neighborhood, people from the sheriff the parents, police and fire department showed up to give their seal of approval and the lemonade stand remains open for business. i want to see more kids have a
12:56 am
chance to do this. we should be encouraging them not discouraging them. denver enjoying independence day, those pictures tonight. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you joined us tonight. i am shannon bream. please don't, i'm saving those for later. at least you don't have to worry about renters insurance. just go to geico helps with renters insurance? good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i'll check 'em out. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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heather: it is wednesday, july 4th, independence day. this is "fox and friends first" was happening at 4:00 on the east coast. >> the men and women serving overseas and thank god for blessing us with these unbelievable heroes. shannon: donald trump celebrate independence day with a salute to our servicemembers the protesters trying to drown out his message when calls for open borders occurred. live in washington with demonstrations planned across the country today and this american hero was portrayed on


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