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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 4, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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with cranberry, but berries. i would like some. rob: we are not gluten free around here. jillian: no, we are not. rob: 200 plus locations. jillian: happy independence day. rob: enjoy it, see you later. >> democrats say we want to abandon ice. we are not abandoning ice. and we are not abandoning our law enforcement protest outside of customs immigrations enforcement office turned violent. >> president trump has interviewed seven candidates to be the candidate for the supreme court. >> we will have another great one we will announce on monday. >> anti-trump text. >> melania trump surprising our nation's heroes eating with soldiers and families at walter reed. >> main reason i'm proud to be an american is the opportunity to grow as a
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person. >> let us renew the pledge of bonds and loyalty that unite us together as americans. >> step-by-step, we are making america great again ♪ we're an american man ♪ we're coming to your town ♪ we're an american band. abby: live shot of the u.s. monterey in norfolk, virginia. we are celebrating america. we celebrate america every day on this show. but now we have a perfect reason to look like this. abby: yeah. pete: unintentional red, white and blue. we didn't plan it but we nailed it. abby: you certainly did. pete: if you can't wear a seersucker and bow tie, when can you. we told king george the iii
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get out. we don't want your tyranny and taxes we want a free people and land. then we fight a war. to actually keep that independence. we are here today. we should remember that. abby: i have so many good memories as a young girl we would have a pancake breakfast. everyone would bring their dogs out and the kids would be covered in red, white, and blue. day you are proud to be an american. accepted us your photos. send us your proud american photos. pete: my two favorite holidays fourth of july and thanksgiving. todd: same outfit for thanksgiving. we like it here on fox news channel. abby: good morning to all of you and happy fourth of july. we do want to begin with this. as you know, the president has made it clear from the very beginning how much he appreciates the men and women who served this great country. he said that is what the 4th of july is all about.
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take a listen. >> for 242 years, a long time, american independence has endured because of the sweat, blood and sacrifice of the american armed forces. families across our nation will gather to celebrate the fourth of july as we do, we will think of the minute and women serving overseas very moment far, far away from their families, protecting america, watching over our people. they are there and they are with us, and they are brave. these are incredible people. and we will thank god for blessing us with these unbelievable heroes. pete: great message from the president. marc thiessen said something that mental a lot to me worth repeating again. not a speech you would hear on the continent of europe. from a european prime
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minister. so proud of the money we have spent on military. biggest and baddest and prevent the world from tyranny. advances freedom. that's a great speech. todd: people don't understand by spending 716 billion next year you are preventing wars. when i went to interview those ice spoke folks, people protesting ice i should say a couple weeks as we don't want to spend on military we want everything to be open borders. i don't think they understand spending on our military allows us to be a free country and accept immigrants, period. if we don't do that we are in a mess that people like pete have fought so hard to defend us. pete: if we don't do that, we are europe. in 1776 we said we are done with europe. abby: fourth of july it's such a good reminder it is about the men and women who certain they make it so we are free. they give us this great
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country and allow us to do what we love to do right? it's why we still are the best country on earth. rush limbaugh, if you were listening to him, he gave some advice how you should celebrate independence day. be as american as you can be. >> be american. go out and just do what you would normally be inclined to do but don't be intimidated into flying the flag. don't be intimidated by any patriotic activity. you never know the impact it's going to have. this whole immigration, open borders no, borders is about changing or erasing america as is and the battle is between those who want america to remain america and those who don't. pete: okay, rush. okay. be as american as we can be. let's just do it up big, be proud. but actually, his point is a deeper one than just wear a bunch of red, white, and blue. souter of what the president has said for a long time.
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patriotism in america should unite us. the values that we believe in that are enshrined in that declaration of independence are what has made america special. let's not forget them and get rid of them. let's reinforce them and remind and teach. i would say read the declaration of independence to you'r your kids today. at least the poignant parts that they would understand and say they had a lot of grievances. the foot of the bricks was on it anbring -- ofthe brits wae said no more. abby: such a divisive and hateful time. at the fourth of july, why are above everything else we are americans. how often we forget that we are all here fighting for the same cause. fighting for out freedom. that's what we need to celebrate today. as rush limbaugh said don't be ashamed. put out those american flags.
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todd: there is a poll out with regard to the president's approval rating this is pretty interesting special what abby has said in light of the immigration approval. 47% approval railing. that's a great shot. that's up 2%, so it's. pete: it's a harris harvard poll. worth reflecting on now after the last month amend the fourth of july. the president's approval rating up 2% over the last month. his approval rating up 10% amongst hispanics. we were told zero tolerance policy what was happening at the border was going to be his katrina. he was -- his support was going to crater and instead it's gone up and amongst hispanics. those who are supposed to expect or impact the most among the southern border. approval rating going up
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10%. those here legally believe in a border. we welcome immigrants. we just don't want won ton illegal immigration we are where we don't know what's coming in our country. they thought they had the issues to get him with and instead his numbers have gone up. abby: also, it's about the economy. if you come to the country you want to live that american dream. this is where the opportunities are you look at the numbers right now with how the economy is doing. there is a reason why people are feeling good there is a reason why people are happy. they have more money in their pocketbook. give more money to their kids. that's what this is all about giving your children a better future than you have had as a lawyer excited about the supreme court. this is going to be an absolutely huge week. the president going to name his supreme court nominee coming up on monday. here is what he had to say earlier about his pick. he said it's going to be a home run. that's a home run. >> i have spent the last
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three days interviewing and thinking about supreme court justices, such an important decision. and we're going to give you a great one. we are going to announce it on monday. i think you will be very impressed. these are very talented, brill yengts people and you will love it like justifiable gorsuch. we hit a home run there. and we are going to hit a home run here. pete: he wants to hit another home run. certainly did with gorsuch. met with seven potential candidates to be the next supreme court pick. but the left predictably going after one of the favorites. her name is judge amy connie bathe. shbarrett. she is catholic. a lot of catholics in america that have served on the court and been president. this is what the media had to say about her. >> it's a dubious position but i'm sure whoever if he does pick a woman it will be known as aunt lid afterthe
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supreme court. she will be a woman to be expected to take away a right women have had in america since 1973. >> amy barnt went to notre dame very catholic. >> interesting bio. catholic, seven children. the member of a small religious group called the people of praise. where members swear a loyalty oath. what they call a covenant. >> interesting religious group that labels heads of households, the men the heads, the women the hand maidens. ainsley: do you know who aunt lydia is anyone who watches hand maid's tail? she abuses women it is about the worst thing you could call another woman. so, that is quite an attack coming from the left. todd: also on the hand maid's portion do you know what it takes to be on this short list for the supreme court? do you know what it takes to
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clerk for a supreme court justice. i went to law school with amazing lawyers. my weren't even in the conversation she clerked for judge antonin scalia. on extremely short list to be literally at the height of her profession and look how she is being discussed in the media. abby: that's not the focus, todd. we have seen this time and time again goes back to roe v. wade. kimberley strassel, a fox news contributor, no matter hot pick is, it will be a smear campaign. >> people who do not like donald trump, who are very worried about what this new pick will do to the shift of the court are not going to be talking about the constitution or separation of powers or judicial philosophy. they're going to make this into a smear because it's going to be their best and only shot to try to stop someone because they can't do it on the basis of arguing they are not qualified for the court. pete: email what you think about this at i think they hate judge amy
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barrett so much that's who we should pick. the left reveals themselves time and time again. their hatred is channeled towards probably what the president should do. email us at about. abby: today who we live in jillian mele. jillian: right back at you. happy fourth to you, too. get you caught up on headlines starting with brand new video. the youth soccer team trapped in a cave in good health. doctors now volunteering to stay with them for up to four months until floodwaters recede. the plan is to pull them out tunnels using diving gear. they won't attempt to move them until tomorrow at the earliest. they went into the cave for initiation ritual. independence day celebration all across the country. new york police are on notice days after terror plot was stopped in cleveland. 6,000 officers patrolling the city by ground, sky, and
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water. >> radiation detexas systems within the hull of the boat give us radiation detection. looking for a dirty bomb on the water. the. jillian: the nypd says no credible threats have been made ahead of tonight's fireworks display. nathan's getting ready for hot dog eating contest today. last year he set a record devouring 72 hot dogs in under 10 minutes. before that though, he beat pete on the plaza. pete: hot dogs are really good. i do my best. >> took down 5 hot dogs in a minute compared to pete's three. what do you have to say for yourself. >> he did 72 i think i get like 50. abby: you did pretty well, pete. abby: so gross. pete: no, wonderful. mike pompeo hours away from
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vladimir putin july 16th. this as mike pompeo heads back to north korea to press them on deniewxz. dee dee nuclearization is this all a part of the trump doctrine at work. let's ask national security strategist dr. sebastian gorka. happy independence day, sir, thank you very much for joining us. i will start with the potential russian summit. is this -- setting aside all the russian collusion nonsense, what is he hoping to achieve in sitting down with vladimir putin? >> well, happy fourth, pete. as the president said, just a week -- just over a week after inauguration he 4e8d a press conference in trump tower in new york. the reporter asked him what about putin? what about russia? the president gave a very accurate answer. he said we should have better relations with russia because it is a geopolitical player. right now it doesn't look very likely and so be it.
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is he a bra pragmatist. now after a year and a half he has left that door open he is going to visit with vladimir putin one-on-one. he knows this man is a former kgb colonel and disrupter. is he going to identify the minimum areas where we can collaborate with each other. whether it's counter terrorism. whether it's syria. whatever it is and have, i think, some very candid discussions behind closed doors, pete. pete: probably have to start minimum there on north korea we have gone maximum. we have had that meeting with kim jong un. we are hoping to denuclearize. we see some intelligence reports, recent little they are not doing that yet. we haven't seen the remains come back yet. do you have any concerns about north korea's follow through thus far? >> i always have concerns when you are dealing with a dictatorship. remember ronald reagan said trust but verify in the case of a stalin nist regime in north korea. i say trust and mistrust but
3:20 am
verify. i'm very happy mike pompeo is on point. he is exactly the kind of person you want. he first in his class at west point. is he former director of ci. >ccia. we need to see some actual movement on the ground when this comes to denuclearization. pete: is there a period of time where we need to see it and they said a year if they start to build how long do we wait? >> no. it's going to be right now. it's got to be the next few weeks, maximum the next few months. you are going to see tangible moves towards denuclearization. there no obstacles to them starting. we have to see the mias come home and that will be a tangible mark. pete: thank you very much. have a great fourth. >> and you. pete: tom perez praising a socialist as the party's new standard. listen to. this alexandria's victory
3:21 am
was just a remarkable reminder of the depth that we have and she represents the future of our party. pete: oh boy. tomi lahren says that should terrify all americans and she is on deck. anna kooiman is on the deck of the uss monterey for a proud american series. she will be with us soon. [music playing] [beep] [beep] [beep] our members shop a little differently. so we reward every purchase. let's see what kate sent. for you. for all of us. that's for me. navy federal credit union open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans, and their families. i've been making blades here at gillette for 20 years. i bet i'm the first blade maker you've ever met. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making
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abby: happy fourth of july. check your pump the next time you fill up car. secret service warning drivers of hidden skimmers at gas stations undetectable but can be used by criminals to steal your information and rack up charges. pay inside the gas station. pete: i can't remember the last time did i that. abby: camped airline cabins aren't expected to get any more roomier any time soon.
3:25 am
won't regulate airline seating since there is no evidence it impacts safety. federal appeals lawsuit that argued people wouldn't be able to evacuate in 90 seconds in an emergency. pete: only impacts comfort. todd: democratic socialist cortez pulled off a shocking win in a new york congressional primary race. now the dnc chair says the party is moving in her direction. >> alexandria's victim tri was jusvictory wasa remarkable e depth that we have and she represents the future of our party. pete: a socialist, the future of their party. what does this say about the state of the democratic party and could this be good news for republicans as we approach the mid terms? will. abby: here to react is tomi lahren. good to see you. happy fourth of july. >> happy fourth, guys. good to be here. abby: future of the party abolish ice, free college and free healthcare. is that the future of the democratic party? >> boy, i have got to till
3:26 am
as an american it terrifies me that self-professed socialists are winning primary elections and we have the dnc chair cheering that on. as an american that does terrify me. because i know what it means to be a socialist nation and that's not what we should ever become. but, as a republican, as a trump supporter, i'm happy that the democrats are finally being transparent. they want open borders. they want to abolish ice. they want to abolish the rule of law. this is what the democrats want for this country. as a trump supporter and conservative, i think it's going to make the mid terms easier for us. because i think the american people are smarter than that. pete: key word transparency. this is not the first time. if it were not for raiding system, bernie sanders who san avowed socialist would have been their nominee. aren't they already here? >> you would think so, but i think it's getting progressively worse. also, i would like to remind the young people because there has been poll after poll that stated that young people are becoming more comfortable with socialism. they are becoming more comfortable with socialism
3:27 am
because they don't know what socialism is. they hear cortez and bernie sanders talk about socialism and about equality and free things. that quickly descends into a black market for toilet paper as seen in venezuela. i would encourage all young people who believe they are socialists or democratic socialists to take a lesson and find out what it is before they are rooting for it. abby: somebody has to pay for it. todd: how does this cut with regard to the mid terms. >> i think it's going to be great for trump supporters and republicans. i think middle america those states that really propelled trump to victory i think they are smarter than. this they don't want to see socialism. i'm glad democrats putting their platform out there. i many have faith for the american people. i don'i don't think we will seea blue wave. i think wwave. abby: you look great in your red, white, and blue. what is your message to the country on the fourth of
3:28 am
july. >> first and foremost, thank those serving our country both here and abroad, because of them that we're able to celebrate today and able to barbecue grill and go to the beach. because of them. so many aren't able to be with their families today because they are serving our nation. i think it's important to remember those folks. but, beyond that i also think it reminds us we live in the greatest nation on the fails of the earth. we have a duty to defend and protect that we have to defend liberty and the rule of law. we have a lot to lose. we have great country. keep it that way. pete: we left europe for a reason let's not try to become europe again. america is a special place. tomi lahren, thank you very much. >> thank you, guys. todd: remember debbie wasserman schultz's former it aid he? tried to flee the country before he got arrested. we have a huge update on his case next. pete: ship launched 30 missiles at the syrian military. on this fourth of july anna kooiman is getting a look
3:29 am
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fixodent and forget it. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. pete: ice protesters turn violent lashing out against police in philadelphia. abby: more marches and protests planned around the country on this independence day. todd: garrett tenney live in washington as the left rallies against the left's immigration policies. good to see you, garrett. >> good morning, y'all. some of the protesters in philadelphia have been camping out in front of the ice office since monday and forcing the agency out of the city of brotherlily love in part because it's a sanctuary city. things got ugly though yesterday when police tried to secure a path to the secure entrance of the building and some of the
3:33 am
protesters refused to move. 29 people were arrested at the protest which was organized by a coalition of social isles groups according to last night in west virginia, president trump fired back at democrats and activists who are calling for ice to be accomplished and defended the work that those agents do. >> like in a war, you are liliberating a town or an area. sometimes ice goes in there sometimes swinging and then i hear democrats saying we want to abandon ice, we want to abandon. we are not abandoning ice. and we are not abandoning our law enforcement. [applause] just the opposite. >> today some americans are choosing to celebrate our freedoms by exercise examining their right to protest the trump administration's immigration policies at marches and rallies across the country including new york, illinois, texas, california, and oregon. >> i'm calling it first
3:34 am
amendment force where we're going to get out in every corner of the state and talk about families and what this means this afternoon president trump will host picnic for military families at the white house before a big fireworks show and concert tonight. pete, abby, and todd? abby: that's a better way to celebrate than protest ice. pete: that's the difference between the parties. abby: we are heading down to norfolk, virginia where u.s. navy battleship uss monterey. todd: our proud american correspondent anna kooiman got a closer look. she got on board with more. happy independence day, anna. >> hey there happy independence day to all of you and all of you at home. a gorgeous sight isn't it. >> thank you for tuning in to proud american coverage.
3:35 am
active duty missile cruiser is the ship that launched 30 tomahawk missiles from both the front and the back into syria after assad used chemical weapons on his own people. the 350 sailors on board tell me they are proud to be an american this independence day. proud of to be part of world history and proud to be part of the fight for human rights. let's take a look around the ship. ♪ >> i'm proud to be an american because of the ideals that america stands for. the idea of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and that everybody is created equal. >> main reason why i'm proud to be american is because of the opportunity to grow just with the country and as a person and being able to do whatever you want when you want. >> small town america. this is our home. everything you would find in a small town, you are going to find here. you will find the hospital that has the corpsman in
3:36 am
there. a post office. a store where you can buy ship's memorabilia. you can buy a bottle of fritos and a bottle of gatorade. everything that you need is absolutely here. ♪ >> three meals a day, 350 sailors on board the ship. it's a lot of hard work. this looks pretty good doesn't it? go eat. an a>> hey, guys, how are you? thank you. >> indiana. i wanted to show my family there is more than what we h i got out and showed them can you go out there and. >> what do they think. >> they are pretty proud of me right now. ♪ >> i joined for the same thing four years. i liked it so here i am 25 years later, still serving the country and i love doing
3:37 am
this every day. >> walk me through that night in april when you were in the red sea of the syrian strike. >> when a missile goes off, there's a loud bang as the hatch opens and the missile ignites. and seconds later you here this woosh as the missile goes up very dark night and the exhaust from the missile absolutely just lights up the entire bridge. >> we were just up there. now we are at the front of the ship. i'm assuming this is where the missiles were launched? >> that's exactly right. missiles go out and come straight up. can you seat light. can you actually feel the heat as the missile goes up. >> what is this independence day that makes you proud to be an american. >> the ability to certain. we live in a nation where you can do what you want. be who you want to be.
3:38 am
you can have your own beliefs and to make sure that that continues is an absolute honor. >> wow did, that just give you chills as it did for me when we were talking with that officer who talked about 30 tomahawk missiles being launched into syria. tell us what makes you proud to be proud american. hanging out with family and friends. watching fireworks. that's what it is all about. send us your pictures and we will be sharing those on social media and throughout the day on fox news channel. back to you. pete: great job, anna. abby: what a special experience that was. thank you very much. we have a lot of other news going on. go to jillian for some headlines. jillian: that's right. good morning. let's start with this. the former it aide for
3:39 am
debbie wasserman schultz could avoid jail time after cutting a plea deal. bank fraud accused of stealing information from congressional servers. investigators found no evidence of that he was kept on debbie wasserman schultz' payroll even after the investigation was announced. he will be sentenced next month. if you can't come to work that's you quitting. a manager is fired after sending cold hearted of message to a mother to couldn't come to work at a convenience store because her son was on life support. crystal fisher from michigan sharing the message on facebook which quickly went viral. >> this is his life we are talking about. is he just not in the hospital sick. is he on life support. >> fisher says she is glad her company is standing behind her. wow, shocking. homeless crisis so out off control. forcing a major medical convention to change locations. the group says participants are afraid to walk the city streets since there is so much open drug use and dreng behavior. the trade shows not only
3:40 am
draws in 15,000 people but $40 million into the city's economy. the group had been coming to the san francisco every few years since the 1980s. incredible rescue caught on camera. bystanders rushing to help a woman stuck between platform and subway train in boston. she slipped getting off and her leg fell into the gap. a good samaritan getting a group to push on the trail train creating enough room to free her. inspiration a viral video that's been seen of the shame situation in australia. wow, look at that all those people helping. people stepping up when they need it most. thank you, jillian. let's go over to rick who is also on deck of the uss monterey. what a beautiful morning to be there, rick, i bet it's pretty hot, too. and probably going to be pretty muggy today. rick: has it been hot lately, guys? pete: huh? rick: i have been hearing it's been hot. abby: did you warn us. >> it's getting better, actually. it is getting better.
3:41 am
a slight improvement today and big improvement coming in the next couple days. take a look at the weather map and show you what's going on. plenty hot out there. we have moisture when you add in the summer humidity and the heat. this is what you get. pop-up thunderstorms kind of garden variety. heavier storms though again across the far northern plains areas of north dakota and in towards minnesota. watch for severe storms there. heats up. everybody needs to watch for passing garden variety shower. there is still some heat out there. feel like 104 in st. louis. same with louisville, nashville, memphis. in the eastern plains it's hot. if you were one of the lucky people who took the latter part of this week as your vacation instead of the earlier partly of this week things are going to improve quite a beat. the heat does begin to go away. it's july 4th. it's supposed to be hot. it's summer. enjoy it. pete: great shot. you left us and went to virginia because you are a smart man.
3:42 am
abby: he has been traveling the country this week. rick: it's true i have been in utah. abby: my home state. beautiful red rock country. see you soon. president trump's economy is red, white, and booming. our next guest calls this the birthday gift to america. pete: navy veteran is honoring our fallen heroes by memorizing all of their names. you will meet him on the plaza coming up. very cool story. ♪ red, white, and blue.
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there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart. jillian: good morning. welcome back. quink headlines, fishing edition. a whole new meaning to sea weed. rolling in a bail of marijuana off the florida coast. he snapped some of the
3:46 am
pictures of his catch before turning the pot over to the coast guard. and a massive great white shark surprise as group of fisherman off the coast of new jersey. the c.e.o. crew out searching for smaller sharks when they noticed the great white caught on one of their fishing reels. that's crazy. they caught it and released it back into the ocean. todd: president trump touting the surging state of the economy this independence day. 3.4 million new jobs since election day alone and unemployment claims at record low. our next guest calls the booming economy the president's birthday gift to america. the former chief economist for the u.s. international trade commission he joins us now. good to see you, sir. as always, let me ask you do this for us up wrap the president's birthday president to america. >> hit 4% growth this year for the first time sings 2006. something the obama administration simply could not accomplish. and we need that we need that to be able to finance
3:47 am
our government, our military to finance vocational education, all the things we need to do as a nation to take care of our elderly. we have to grow at 3%. and is he delivering. todd: critics are going to say that a recession is looming and basically the tax cuts were an artificial boost to the economy. what say you in response? >> that's politically motivated. economic literature clearly shows us studies that were done before mr. trump was even on the horizon. if you cut taxes on investments to lower the cost of investing you will get a lot more investment. that's exactly what's happening. this is not a boom of people running out and buying toasters have china. this is a boom being driven by business confidence, people basically paying more for homes because they like them and can afford them but also businesses investing in machinery and technology and improvements that will boost the economy not just this year but every year to come. that's the kind of dynamic growth you get when you don't do a handout but you
3:48 am
do a handup with tax cuts. todd: you just mentioned china. critics are going to say a trade war is looming. that could derail the economy. do you buy that? >> one way or another go to war with china because it's within making war on us. finally have a president who recognizes the threat possed by china. they are targeting high tech industries and doing it across the globe in japan, tie u. taiwan and europe. what's really lacking here is allies spend too much time nay saying mr. trump because they don't like him personally. personalities shouldn't matter. he hears something, he sees something he did in the election that others don't see and hear and china is a real precent threat that must be addressed and thank goodness we have a commander-in-chief that will take it on. todd: professor, happy independence day to you and your. thank you for taking time to be with us here today. >> happy fourth of july. todd: left taking their message of abolishing
3:49 am
identifies target ago state republican's office. president trump has a message for them. and this navy veteran honoring our fallen heroes by literally remembering their names. so how does did he do it? find out when "fox & friends" returns on your independence day morning. ♪ -and we welcome back gary, who's already won three cars,
3:50 am
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3:52 am
pete: our next guest is seeking to honor all of the fallen heroes from the war in afghanistan by literally remembering every single one of their names. todd: get this. he has memorized over 2300 names first, last and rank
3:53 am
in the order they passed away answered travels the country writing them on this wall behind us. abby: unbelievable. ron white navy veteran and two time memory champion. ron it, is incredible what you do. show how far you come. you started at 3:00 a.m. this morning. you are almost done. you do it by memory. have you memorized every single name. why is this so important to you. >> i think as a nation we say you are not forgotten. but i think we mean that but we mean it as maybe a whole. they are not forgotten. i wanted to say individually, specialist richard emons you are not forgotten. sheargt jeffrey shear you are not forgotten. >> specialist you are not forgotten. i wanted to say you are not forgotten. i do that in two ways with this wall and then i interview the families and have a podcast where i tell the stories of these men and women on the wall. todd: it is an amazing thing that you are doing. how do you do it though? how do you memorize not just the names but also the
3:54 am
information about the names? >> well, it's a lot of work. i create pictures, images so i'm seeing pictures whenever i am writing out the wall. but it took a year to memorize. it's over 7,000 first name last name. it's worth it to keep their memory alive. pete: you served in afghanistan as well so it's a personal thing for you it? >> is a personal thing from me. i have become a better person from the stories i heard. first lieutenant todd weaver whenever he was over there he wrote a letter to his wife and daughter in case of his death. he left those letters on his laptop. when he died they got his laptop and they opened up and read it i read those on my podcast america's the stories are so inspiring. abby: what does it mean for the families. we see the name there but they mentd so much to their family. >> that's the reason the
3:55 am
first time did i this it took me a year to do it. it was so hard to do. i almost wanted to stop doing it but it's the families that keep me going. you know, moms and dads will stand at the wall for three or four hours in anticipation of me writings their son's anytime. abby: that gives me chills. >> grandmother stood at the wall for four hours. todd: this is extensive project and wondered if the american people wanted to help. >> we would appreciate that. we have no sponsors. this is funded by the american people. if they could go to america's america's grunt style we have partnered with bell and get these t-shirts, if they get a t-shirts it will help out this project. 100 percent of the proceeds go though this wall. just to keep it going. to say pay our gas and hotel around the country. >> you have a wrist exercised that keeps it so it's not sore. >> it took me a year to memorize.
3:56 am
this and as we started getting closer i started thinking oh my gosh is my hand going to cramp up. i started doing pushups every day. believe it or not my hand didn't cramp up. it was my brain more cramped. todd: that's under standable 7,000 words you need to remember. pete: are you going to finish before the show is over? >> the goal is to finish right at 9:00 a.m. abby: we will be checking in. pete: america's great stuff. president trump paying tribute to our military on this independence day. his powerful message for the troops coming up. abby: one patriotic band wanted to here i stand for the flag. listen to this facebook post it's too political. that's coming up next. ♪ it don't matter where you are ♪ one room church ♪ don't care if you are black or white ♪ or how love
3:57 am
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♪ >> i hear democrats saying we want to abandon ice. we want to abandon. we are not abandoning ice, and we're not abandoning our law enforcement. >> ice protesters turn violent. >> seven candidate >> we are celebrating america this morning. pete: we will be as american as we can be. let's do it up big. be proud. >> we live on the greatest nation on the face of the earth. we have a duty to protect and defend that. >> this fourth of july let us pledge to renew the bonds of love and loyalty that unite us together as americans. step-by-step we are making america great again. [cheers and applause] ♪ made in america ♪ he loved his wife
4:01 am
♪ decorates on the fourth of july. pete: america happy independence day. we are celebrating all morning long on the deck of that right there the uss monterey. how awesome is that? abby: what a beautiful morning. take a look at that it is beautiful. i hope it is beautiful wherever you are waking up. we are celebrating america today. celebrating its birthday and freedom. take a look at pete hegseth. pete: celebrating with seersucker. america, fourth of july, our independence day. our founders gifted this amazes american experiment that we have the great fortune of sitting on this couch and talking about every day. everyone who watches gets to live it with us too. hopefully you are with friends and family and celebrating and remembering the brave patriots then and now who are still serving overseas so that we can enjoy this day. we are all proud americans every day. but especially, just a little bit more on the
4:02 am
fourth of july. abby: we have been asking us you to send us your photos of the fourth of july. keep sending photos at several marching in iowa this independence day. todd: check out. this how cute. patriotic dress there caroline or as her grandma calls her my american cutie. pete: official nickname i love it proud american mom beth sends this to the of her son will. both in uniform as they are promoted to the rank of corporal. very cool photo. both of them together. keep sharing those photos with us using the #proud american. we will be sharing them all morning long. that parade in iowa looks almost exactly like the parades i grew up with in minnesota, like so many of us grew up with in small and large towns. abby: have you got the fire trucks, the american flags, the dogs out. pete: tractors. abby: fun day. pete: it's a tool, cool, fun day. pete: i can't say it enough thank you for your service.
4:03 am
pete: thank you to everyone throughout who has done so much. abby: the president talk as lot about our brave men and women and all they do for this country. this is what the fourth of july is all with he took the time yesterday. >> for 242 years, it's a long time, american independence has endured because of the sweat, blood, and sacrifice of the american armed forces. families across our nation will gather to celebrate the fourth of july as we do we will think of the men and women serving overseas as this very moment far away, far, far away from their families, protectings america, watching over our people. they are there and they are with us. and they are brave. these are incredible people. and we will thank god for blessing us with these unbelievable heroes. pete: great speech yesterday
4:04 am
the president gave in west virginia. abby: by the way you will remember he won west virginia by 70%. pete: he pointed out -- yes, he did. he pointed out how the g.d.p. has skyrocketed under his administration as jobs have returned. abby: he was in a very comfortable territory yesterday. pete: absolutely as is he talking about vets and the military. as i noted last hour and worth noting, you would never hear that speech from a european president talking about the 700, $760 billion we now spend on our military and the crowd goes wild because this country has always known freedom comes at a cost you have to defend it and that comes through a military that does that. todd: as we have talked about all week long, there are a lot of people in our very country right now who really don't want many of those individuals, men and women who protect our freedom specifically protect our borders we're, of course, talking about ice and law enforcement. and, of course, the president weighed in on that. let's take a listen to what he had to say and we will break it down for you.
4:05 am
>> when it comes to ice and border patrol and all of these incredible people that you have been reading about, doing an unreal job. we wants border security. we want security in our country, we respect ice, you know, ice is the one, these are tough people and you have to be tough i larry democrats saying we want to abandon ice. we want to abandon. we are not abandoning ice. and we are not abandoning our law enforcement. abby: you hear the president say that and all the while throughout this country have you got vandals that are outside of g.o.p. offices. you have protesters outside of ice in philadelphia. have you got obviously the marchers we saw over the weekend. thousands coming out. many of them shouting abolish ice. you see two extremes going on in this country now. the president protecting them for their service.
4:06 am
very best among us. do a lot to protect us. they do more than dealing with immigration. they deal with human trafficking and counter terrorism. the list goes on and on and on the other side of that you have got liberals that are saying let's just do away with the entire thing. pete: you said two extremes. what you also mean is president trump's position isn't extreme. it's the standard is it those who throw a bring and write abolish ice or assault police in philadelphia and want to abolish ice when they don't recognize when you don't have a border and don't have border patrol and internal enforcement you don't have the rule of law. yesterday i did a segment with one of the guys searched with in iraq talked about what makes america so different that we have laws and those laws are enforced and enforced equally amongst all americans regardless of gender and background. that isn't the case in so many other countries in this world. that is simply what the president is saying. we have laws and we are going to enforce them and
4:07 am
the left has decide he had they want to ignore all of that he feels like he has found an issue that perfectly juxtaposes these modern parties. we saw the harris harvard poll. the president's numbers have gone up 2% and amongst hispanics 10% when the left thought this was going to be crin moment. >> they literally said this is going to be his katrina moment 10%. abby: a lot of the people aren't talking about the economy. they are talking about living in this country. i talked to democrats about what's going on with ice and that young woman who won in queens and socialism. and you have the democratic party very much divided right now. they don't -- some of them don't want to associate themselves with that i think moving forward they will have to figure out in the mid terms 2020 what party are they? what do they stand for? do they want to be on the streaks end of everything? is that going to b bring people
4:08 am
to the polls? todd: we get in the weeds so much on this show on the policy. i'm going to take a step back for a moment. do these individuals not want america? just the. connell: september of america? pete: that's actually a great question. todd: i don't understand. you grow up in this country and see things like the fourth of july and memorial day and veterans day where we celebrate all the brave men and women who made us and i just don't understand -- i can understand not agreeing with every policy of every government. but there is a difference between the government and the nation. you still have to be behind the nation. pete: that's exactly right. abby: we are all americans first. pete: the failing "new york times" did not fail today they printed the declaration oof independence on the back of this. when you read it and it is about limited government and freedom. rights endowed on us by a creator. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness all men
4:09 am
created equal. if you look back on that, it's a powerful reminder of where we should be. i sometimes feel frustrated remake. restore us to the core values. abby: go read the declaration of independence to your kids today. what a perfect time to do it. speaking of this great country there is a country band and song that they played called i stand for the flag. ♪ stars and stripes ♪ so much more than that old piece of cloth on your grandma's porch ♪ a american dream ♪ be anything that we want to be ♪ don't care if you are black or white ♪ or who you love ♪ i stand for the flag ♪ and the flag stands for all of us ♪ todd: wow, that's inflammatory. abby: it's fourth of july. what's wrong with that song? it's about standing for the flag. being proud to be american. facebook for eard poofer
4:10 am
time censored that song. and they have been trying to deal with their own balance. they then sent out this statement we recently announced anyone running ads about political or other major national issues must include a paid for label after looking again we determined that this ad doesn't need that label. pete: doesn't take thatch work to see that t. doesn't need that label. >> i bet this band, the west cook band they paid attention to it and immediately went at facebook. reminder for conservatives and americans pay attention and agitate. i don't know how it went down. but, speak up if you feel like you are being censored. abby: you have collin kaepernick. and stand for the flag on facebook gets censored. todd: divisive language in that song don't care if you are black or white or how
4:11 am
love. i stand for the flag and the flag stands for all of us. wow, that's very controversial. come on, facebook. pete: they got it right, i guess in the end but stay on them. were you triggered or offended on this fourth of july or download i stand for the flag by th wes cook band and pray at your bar barbecue t. jillian: it is a beautiful song. listen to the lyrics. tree branch comes crashing down during a fireworks show. five other people are hurt in rock island, illinois near the iowa border. witnesses say they heard a crack and screams when the large tree limb fell onto the crowd. by standers jumping into action to try to save the victims trapped under the branches. peter strzok called to the hot seat again this time publicly he may skip out. the house judiciary
4:12 am
committee issuing a subpoena for him to testify on tuesday over his role in the clinton email and investigations. his attorney says he may not testify. >> this is not a search for truth. it is a chance for republican members of the house to preen and posture before their most radical conspiracy-minded constituents. jillian: strzok first testified behind closed doors for 11 hours last month but refused to answer many questions. final questions underway for tonight's capital force concert. the star-studded celebration will be hosted by john stamos beach boys, jimmy buffet, the temptations and many more. 38th annual event is tonight on the west lawn on the u.s. capital. is it me or does john stamos never age ever. abby: i interviewed him one time one of the best moments of my life.
4:13 am
todd: are you serious? abby: he is more charming and better looking in person. todd: today uncle jessi and today -- this is a full house week. pete: cut it out. todd: that was impressive. pete: we messed it up the first three or four times and then had to look it up on google. story of our life if you don't know the information look it up. fought for our country as a navy seal. now fighting for our troops as a lawmaker in congress. he joins us with his independence day message next. abby: one is putting his american pride display for the full neighborhood. giant american flag ♪ rock in the u.s.a. ♪ rocking in the u.s.a. ♪ the same with yours.
4:14 am
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♪ >> has the department been asked to develop military options against iran. >> we maintained military options because of iran's bellicose statements and threats death to america.
4:18 am
america. pete: james mattis reassuring lawmakers that the u.s. military is ready for a war on all fronts. as tensions ramp up around the world, is our military prepared for the next war they may be called to fight? our next guest is former navy seal who now fights for our troops as a lawmaker in congress. virginia congressman scott taylor joins me now. scott, thank you for being here this morning. thanks for your service and happy independence day. we appreciate it. >> happy fourth, pete. to you and all those great americans watching your show. pete: thank you. brass tacks sometimes a moment to take shop. the morale wasn't what it shut be. president trump has refunded that military and vowed to have their backs. are we prepared for the future wars we may need to fight? >> as you know very well our troops are going to do their job no matter. what there is no question about it under see questions stralings anceceunder sequestra.
4:19 am
we are getting on the path to rebuilding this military with the budget numbers, of course, we had to make sure that we fund the government and we don't have to shut it down and have continuing resolutions to help them out. on the pathway. we also have to make sure rereorient our military to understand software as opposed to just hardware. all those things that are necessary to fight today's wars and tomorrows. pete: we can never predict what the next war can be. we always want to but usually get it wrong. are we prepared for a conventional war if necessary and prepared for counter insurgency or regular warfare? where should would he be focused? >> well a little bit of both, quite frankly as you very well know. we still have a counter insurgency going on in many areas. around here we stand for our flag and we know anything that's going on with mother freedom needs to be anywhere in the world our people will be there our missiles york town across the water hitting syria with this ship
4:20 am
out of norfolk. navy special warfare was there we have done that we have reor i didn't wanted secretary mattis. we have a potential great bauer conflict. not that it's eminent but we have to prepare for a rising russia or china. our military will do their duty. they will be prepared. it is important that the president and the congress make sure that we understand that we fund our troops in a needed way to make sure they have the maintenance and readiness and training to be able to rise to any occasion. pete: absolutely. briefly and i know you can, what is your independence day message this morning? >> well, let me first say that i have the honor, the great honor and the duty to represent this area that has more military and veterans than anyone in the nation. again, we stand for our flag around here. we are proud of our men and women. our families understand this is the burden of sacrificing for freedom. freedom to worship and speak. think how you want freedom from tyranny, we will be there. we hope all americans out there reflect on that:
4:21 am
necessary like the folks, men and women are here right around thisser i can't. we wish everybody a happy, safe, fourth of july out there. god bless you all. pete: well said. navy seal and representative scott taylor. thank you very much for your service and for everything do you n country. moving on, this marine made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. now his gold star sister is honoring his memory by sharing his story with the world. she joins us next. are you done yet?
4:22 am
does it look like i'm done? shouldn't you be at work? [ mockingly ] "shouldn't you be at work?" todd. hold on. [ engine revs ] arcade game: fist pump! your real bike's all fixed. man, you guys are good! well, we are the number-one motorcycle insurer in the country. -wait. you have a real motorcycle? and real insurance, with 24-hour customer support. arcade game: wipeout! oh! well... i retire as champion. game hog! champion.
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this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. todd: 24 minutes after the hour and time for news by the numbers. first 3,000 how many american man used to line the streets. it's been independence day tradition for 16 years. next, 150, that's how many miles two veterans are
4:25 am
walking to honor our nation's heroes. they started at a marine's grave in virginia on friday and will arrive at arlington national cemetery today. they are also raising money for charity. that's what america is, folks. finally, 200. that's how many months "fox & friends" has been not number 3. not number 2. but number one. the number one morning show on cable news. hegseth giving out a cheer. fox news channel the entire channel topping the charts for all of basic cable for 8 quarters in a row. and it is all thanks to you, the viewers. thank you all for joining us every single day, abby down to you. that is awesome, thank you so much, todd. in her poignant new book renee nicole chronicles the life and legacy of fallen soldier from important yet rarely seen perspective that of a gold star sibling. samuel griffith was killed in afghanistan back in december of 2011. renee nickell joins knee how
4:26 am
to discuss. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. abby: we just showed you photos of your brother. you have been a lot. he was your best friend. you grew up together. >> yeah. abby: tell us what happened to him. >> well, sam was truly a one of a kind individual. he was just so humble and caring and kind and he just embodied perrer is veernsz and he taught me that. and i think that's how i was able to get through the grief was because of all the attributes that he had. abby: he died. he stepped in for one of his brothers. >> he did. abby: he took something and lost his life. >> his first tour in iraq f-18 fighter pilot. when he decided to stop flying he became a air controller with the fourth
4:27 am
anglico in beach. he was the one behind the scenes and call in air support. and he saw one of his marines under heavy fire the day before. and he decided that he was going to step in and. >> he died a hero today. abby: he died a hero. >> he did. abby: you have a book coming out today. always my hero. it takes you on a journey it talks about you two growing up and when he lost his life and how you mourned. how you had to deal with the aftermath. it's an angle talk about. i think about them all the time and the danger that they're in. and people don't talk enough about the family and the sacrifice that they go through as well. how important is that? >> well, from my personal standpoint, i really felt like i needed to be a void
4:28 am
voice for other siblings. i realized after sam was killed that there wasn't enough support for the siblings. you know, our role after military death and i mean, can i only speak from a military death. but our role is to support the parents and the spouse. and you know, a sibling's grief is really postponed, you know, oftentimes several years because there's a mind set of i need to put my grief off. abby: any advice that you learn through these past six and a half years that have made you stronger that have made it a little easier to get through? >> you know, i think -- well, personally, my faith has really just been what's happened me move forward. but, i think a lot of times siblings, they look too far into the future and say how
4:29 am
am i going to live the rest of my life without my sibling? you can't do that? you have to live in the day to day. sometimes it's just moment by moment, second by second. it's reaching out. it's, you know, connecting with other siblings. connecting with other people. it's being able to be free to tell your story. and talk about your sibling. you know, sometimes people hear, you know, death and they don't want to talk about it. abby: he died a hero. he really did. he is the reason we are able to celebrate today. fourth of july. that's what it is all about. thank you for being with us. always my hero. go out and buy this book it is out today. thank you for family and service coming up on the show one of the contenders to be one of president trump's supreme court nominee. the media already attacking her because of her faith. rachel campos-duffy here to react coming up. plus anna kooiman and rick reichmuth live in norfolk, virginia.
4:30 am
hey, that's a good looking umbrella have you got there. >> >> happy independence day. rick famous weather man umbrella. patriotic makeover this independence day. what's the reason. >> we are giving back. $5 for every umbrella goes to folds of honor. talk to somebody from folds of honor. >> great charity. great umbrella. when my hot water heater failed, she was pregnant, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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4:33 am
abby: it is your independence day shot of the morning a proud american turns his lawn into a gigantic american flag. >> i just love america and the freedom and opportunity to give and i love to be creative. >> it took arthur mccann as two hours which strikes me
4:34 am
as a short period of time still massive to paint the flag at his home in massachusetts. todd: he says it's his way of showing respect for veterans. it's a lot more than that congrats to you, sir. abby: i thought that was pete's lawn. pete: now i'm ge jealous. weapons of mass destruction well, done, sir. this independence day we remember heroes sacrifice including major larry bogas killed in afghanistan. abby: make sure he would never be forgotten with providing two of his daughters a full scholarship. todd: rick reichmuth joins us live with anna kooiman. >> hi, everyone. good morning and happy independence day. get to rick how you were involved with folds of honor and making sure to give back to this amazing charity that does offer scholarships to families of the fallen. right now we want to talk to wesley bagas the wife of
4:35 am
major larry. >> happy independence day to you. >> your husband with a the 82nd airborne at fort bragg and lost his life in afghanistan. you and your girls have tried to figure out how to live life without him. >> we are a military family. we served together in the army. i got out to have these two beauty and fast forward to 2007 larry deployed with the 82nd afghanistan may 149 he went with his commander, leadership from the u.s. and afghanistan in the pakistan for border flag meeting which is a peace meeting. and by all accounts the meeting was successful. but, just at the very end, as they were boarding the back of the pickup truck to go back to the helicopters, the uniform pakistani frontier's guardman who had the mission of providing security for our men instead raised his rifle and opened fire. larry was standing between the shooter and his men on his feet he took the brunt of the assault and gave his
4:36 am
life to protect his men. rick: the rest of the men were all saved. >> yes a few were wounded but they survived and lived to tell the story. rick: how did folds of honor come in and meet you guys. >> we met major dan rooney in 2010. he just came alongside us and said larry's life mattered we will remember him forever. we will step in today indicate ryan and ellie. scholarships k through 12 school. ryan just guatemalaed with a folds of honor scholarship to college this fall. >> we know it's the entire family that serves particularly in situations like this. we thank you for your service and for your husband and father's service. rick, you wanted to help them through folds of honor and with the new umbrellas that you have come out with. do we have one i can show? this is the weather man umbrella. i remember christmas several years ago we're having dinner with some friends you said i have this idea to
4:37 am
pair smart technology with umbrellas that are unflippable and unflappable. and now you are here and you are giving back with the umbrellas. how does that work? >> well, you know so, we launched in november. i have always loved the american flag. it's the most beautiful piece of cloth that we have. i wanted to make something that represented that. was patriotic but also that gave back. folds of honor, this organization as you said give scholarships to children and families of fallen and injured soldiers. and it's such wonderful organization. they have been on fox so much and such a wonderful group. but we are giving $5 for every umbrella to folds of honor. so right today we are also offering free shipping. free shipping to anybody. five dollars per umbrella goes directly to them. weather man and we have four styles. you are a big golfer. golfing family. >> yes. >> how does the technology in this work not just a regular umbrella. >> when we made the umbrella
4:38 am
thought people have a good umbrella if you are going to invest in a good umbrella so you lose it an app. comes with it get alerts on days that you need to take it and there is a tracker so you can always know where it is. hopefully you will always have the umbrella when you need it? >> got one for my dad on father's day. maybe i have to buy another one since $5 to folds of honor great charity. >> investing in waterfall foundation and truly remarkable gift. rick: good luck to you in college. we are so happy you have the scholarship from them. >> great to be back from australia. i ran the new york city marathon with your founder reasony. we are happy to support you. back to you guys in new york. abby: they are amazing umbrellas. pete: rick, one of the privileges on the show is getting to know folks like rick. one of the best in the business. great meteorologist great businessman. weather man give to a great charity but get a great umbrella in the
4:39 am
process. todd: it's legit the. pete: great product. abby: jillian with some headlines. jillian: did you ever think an umbrella could be that beautiful by the way? abby: works so well. really well done. jillian: get you caught up on news right now. starting with this. the trump administration rolling back obama era affirmative action policies. guidelines encourage colleges and universities to take race into account during the admission process to promote diversity. the justice and education department say it went beyond the requirements of the constitution. in a statement education secretary betsy devos says quote schools should continue to offer equal opportunities for all students while abiding by the law. a democratic candidate for senate will not support chuck schumer as the party's leader. kirsten cinema the first candidate come out. the party leadership has failed. the three term congresswoman is now running for retiring
4:40 am
running senator jeff flake's seat. arizona has not elected a democrat to the senate since 198 will. collin kaepernick accepts yet another award. the former nfl quarterback receiving the national association award. cancer neck know your rights camp crated in 2016 to treat kids about higher education, self-empowerment and how to properly react with law enforcement. george h.w. bush all smiles as he meets new great grandson. sharing this adorable photo of 2 month old max. he was born two days after the death of barbara bush. i love seeing photos like that. abby: they have a great family. jenna is my neighbor and her two girls are the cutest and she is a great mom. they are still doing great things for this country. todd: thanks, jill jillian. she is one of president trump's supporters, the
4:41 am
media already attacking her over her catholic faith. >> amy barnett went to notre dame she is very catholic. >> she will be known as the aunt lids lydia to the supreme court. >> rachel campos-duffy fired up after. this it's the smell of freedom on the plaza. next to gunpowder it doesn't get better than the smell of firing up a grill on independence day. we will bring you some of the best.
4:42 am
4:43 am
4:44 am
♪ jillian: good morning to you and welcome back. quick headlines now. the national guard helped save a border patrol canine that overheated on the job. the dog getting sick after helping to track down and arrest 11 illegal immigrants in arizona. airlifted to a vet and is expected to make a full recovery.
4:45 am
and our four legged heroes on the front lines of war are getting better medical care than ever before. joints base san antonio lack land and texas expanding hospital a treatment center for military dogs. injured animals come from all over the world to recover and get back to the battlefield. abby? abby: thank you, jillian. as the president eyes potential supreme court nominees. liberal media going after one possible pick targeting judge amy barrett for her faith. >> amy barnett went to notre dame. she is very catholic. >> kind of a dubious position but i'm sure if he does pick a woman she will be known as aunt lydia of the supreme court. >> religious group who labels heads of households the men the head the woman the hand maiden. todd: unreal. rachel campos-duffy here to react. thank you for being with us here on independence day. >> thank you.
4:46 am
todd: when you hear comments like that from fellow women, let's call it what it is, what do you think? >> yeah. well, first of all, it's interesting that they are really letting this strategy out of the bag. i mean, this is their strategy they are going to take her down. and this hand maid's tale as an i couldn't brought this up earlier. this is a reference to a show where aunt lydia is the the villain. she hurts and subject gates subr women. this is what women think of conservative women that we're traitors to our gender. interestingly as well, all the hysteria about over trump and also this nomination. revealed. abby: does this fire up the base because she is being treated like this before we even know who the pick is? does that give her even a better shot at getting that appointment? >> i hope. so there may be some senators that are worried.
4:47 am
remember, this is such an important, you know, nomination and they really want to get this done before the mid terms. so i hope it doesn't hurt her chances. she sounds like a very interesting woman. she is imminently qualified. again, revealing the intolerance. when you hear them say she is catholic. they say she is very catholic. todd: very catholic. >> ominous voice about her. i'm sorry? pete: rachel, you are very catholic and we love her. they are afraid of her, rachel. she a woman. she is articulate. already been confirmed 55 to 43 for a lower court. and it's on the short list. are they not revealing how scared they are. maybe the as opposed to right on target if they hate her this much this early. >> absolutely. another thing they keep bringing up, pete, is she has seven kids. gaffe. that's something that they find very weird. they don't like it. and whereas conservatives see a woman with a big family and a big career as
4:48 am
really as something to celebrate advancement of feminism and all the things that females have been working for over the ages here. this is seen as a warning sign to the liberals that this woman is a religious zealot, maybe even weird and definitely not qualified to sit on the highest court. really sad, very revealing. abby: i feel you two would have a lot in common. it's a harvard harris poll has trump's approval rating at 47%. the interesting piece of this he is up 10 points among hispanic voters. you know what the narrative has been over the past few weeks with immigration and what's going on at the border. are you surprised to see that spike among hispanics? >> the democrats have been offering big government and government dependency hispanics. if you know anything about hispanics what any want is opportunity and they want to work and they love to start businesses. they start them at three times the rate of any other demographic in america.
4:49 am
they love this trump economy. i will also say this, in the last week we saw the left really gushing over nominating a socialist. hispanics know firsthand two things. one, the importance of rule of law. that's why they leave many of those countries, there is no respect for rule of law. but, also, socialism, they know what poverty and corruption and violence it brings. that's why they leave those places. i think the liberals and the democrats they can gush all they want. hispanics don't want that. they want to work. they want opportunity and they want the american dream and frankly, a government check is not going to deliver that dream. pete: i have a feel you have a big old barbecue there in wisconsin today. am right? >> i would love to say that but i'm a political spouse. we're hitting about six parades. abby: political parade i know those well. pete: get your walking shoes on.
4:50 am
abby: dress your kids red, white, and blue. pete: they will be it duffy plaid. abby: flannel. hours away from returning from north korea. what can we expect from new visit? todd: plus it, wouldn't be independence day of course without grilling. we have last-minute tips for your barbecue coming up. because heat and i always have to eat with our hands. hegseth, i brought you a box of forks. abby: he won't use them. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems, and could be on the journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's clinically proven to remove plaque,
4:51 am
the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste.
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4:53 am
todd: 60% of grill owners across the u.s.a. will be
4:54 am
barbecuing today made need last minute advice. pete: if you don't have an uncle to turn to who is an expert longhorn steak house is ready to help us with grill us hotline. abby: here is executive chef at longhorn and new steak master champion. steak master champion. how do you get that title? >> lots of strenuous competition. grilloffs and written tests. >> over 2500 people they competed in february, have written tests and actual grilloffs. last week we brought the seven finalists down to our headquarters in orlando and had a big competition in which michelle came out as 2012018 steak master. >> porter house, tender fillet on this side and marble strip.
4:55 am
make sure you use fresh never frozen steaks. you want to boldly season all your steaks. boldly too much is not enough. so we are going to give it two passes. pete: i agree. >> on one side. >> can i ask you a question? >> yeah. >> i like it push it down is that good or bad. >> push it down with the abby: season the same as grilled salmon. >> why are we talking about salmon? >> it's over here. >> we actually our hawaiian grill salmon marinate it in teateraki sauce. oiled down to so your steak doesn't stick to it. abby: what is the biggest question you get asked about grilling?
4:56 am
>> you know. >> culmination of questions. that's why we created the hotline. any guest or any guest can call in to 1-855-lh-grill. todd: version of butter ball hotline on thanksgiving. >> very similar. have our steak master will be there answering questions as well as our grill masters across the country any time between 12:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. eastern time today. and we can answer anything. anything that comes to grilling. pete: have you over 500 locations as well. if you want somebody else to grill it for you. >> we would love to do the yilg for you. grilling in the backyard is not your thing please come into the restaurant. todd: share? >> absolutely. got to eat this stuff. abby: thank you so much for being with us. happy fourth of july make sure to give them a call today it if you want any tips. coming up on the show first
4:57 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [music]
5:01 am
♪ ♪ >> like all of you we stood for nation's colors being raised. raising of the flag in the ussmonterey in virginia. we got a chance to take it in. abby: u.s. fleet forces, they do that every day at 8:00 a.m., today particularly a very special day because, of course, birthday of amazing country that we live in and we want to go with appointment, 4-star.
5:02 am
>> thank you for coverage of uss monterey. what makes you proud to be an american every day? >> that's an easy question. you had an opportunity to spend time with boats, an opportunity to ride great warship and take away for you the young men and women who make the great that work very well. less than 1% decide to serve and set them up for success. >> getting to meet several 350 sailers on board, they are part for human rights around the world, being the ship that fired tomahawk missiles in syria, what's the significant of that event in history? >> for the united states navy our job is to defend and my job in part of that is to prepare
5:03 am
the ships to go do that and they did that when called upon. for the ship and this navy, the idea is to be there. they proved it. >> thank you so much for your service. hope you have quality time with sailors and hopefully watch fireworks. >> and thank you for joining us in great american city, we couldn't do it with towns here at norfolk. >> as always, every year we do ussr proud american coverage. i want you send pictures with red, white and blue and hanging out with your family as well as remembering service members an sacrifices they give so we can have our freedom, thank you in new york. pete: absolutely. #proud america, fight for freedom requires men and women just like that as well as the guy dan tick caliber machine gun.
5:04 am
that helps, you to defend your freedom to keep it. days like this are a stark reminder. abby: did he say less than 1%? pete: true. abby: we need to continue to give them everything we possibly can to let them be successful and give them a good life because they are truly heros among us. this is something that president trump has talked about early days in the campaign and continue today make this such a priority in the white house and he spoke about them yesterday and said this is what the fourth of july is about and gave them his thanks. >> for 242 years, a long time, america independence has endured because of the sweat, blood and sacrifice of the american armed forces, families across our nation will gather to celebrate the fourth of july as we do we will think of men and women serving overseas as this very moment far away, far, far away
5:05 am
from their families protecting america, watching over our people. they are there and they are with us and they are brave. these are incredible people and we will thank god for blessing us with these unbelievable heros. >> one of that less than 1% is abby and i, we will say it at 8:00, thank you, pete for your service. pete: i appreciate it. the guys are still out there, guys and gals still defending our nation. fourth of july i will never forget sitting in iraq popping flairs and skies and raise the beer. abby: that's what i love our military. every time you say thank you for your service, no, no, it's not
5:06 am
just me, everybody else. >> what's getting lost in shuffle of immigration, antilaw enforcement, antimilitary field coming out of antiice movement. without a strong military that shows the world we are not messing around, that is when wars happen, that's when problems happen. when the president raises the stakes and says we will do $716 billion for our military instead of cutting like previous administrations, that signals to the world we are here, don't mess was and that's going to keep us the most safe and protect our brave men and women from actually entering war. >> that's a great point, if you forget history, easy to be seduced by socialism, democratic socialism or the idea that we don't need border and eyes when our founders founded the idea on rule of law, treating everybody equally but u.s. citizens that
5:07 am
want to be part of the country being here, remember history, read the declaration today. emphasize the importance of this day, not just the fourth of july, independence day, we rejected king george and said we want to govern ourselves and we have for 242 years, good willing another 200. abby: the reason we are all able a great life here because of men and women that do what they do. when we look at american flag and today is about the red, white and blue on the set here and being reminded of what the flag means to us, goes back to the men and women that do protect the country, that put themselves in harm's way to give us the opportunities that we have. so there was a great song out by this country band, it's called i stand for the flag, speaking of american flags and here is how that goes. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:08 am
♪ abby: beautiful song, beautifully lyrics, we stand for the flag and much of people's surprise it was sense ored on facebook for a period of time. facebook came back with reaction, statement, we recently anyone running ads of political or national issues must include a paid-for label, we determined that this ad doesn't need that label. pete: yeah. thank you captain obvious facebook but the problem is the flag in some quarters has become political, has become political statement and that's what the president fought against. the red, white and blue should unit us and has through history,
5:09 am
supporting military and cops, so when you hear a song like that, by the way, download the west week band and download the song and blast it at barbecue today. >> i guess there's a question why does facebook have a presumption against patriotism? what about the song flagged facebook? >> the national anthem. >> the liberals at facebook headquarters, oh, oh, this is going to trigger people. abby: this is what makes people frustrated about what's going on with the nfl. let's not make patriotism political. that is something that everyone should stand together and let's separate. we have been asking what you think about this this morning, what do you think about the song and how facebook responds, this comes from jim, i want to run a radio station in tennessee, thanks for facebook i stand for the flag which just added to play list. pete: facebook is showing true colors and i could see they are not red, white and blue.
5:10 am
true. >> you have to give them credit for going and changing by why this happened in the first place. pete: mark zuckerberg and coastal elites, if you're a global citizen and the idea is internationalism, then america can be seen controversial and not as exceptional as it should be. abby: let's just say that's a great song, we should all be proud of that because that makes this country great. >> what place we want to get to, upstairs with the great partner coming up later on jillian mele. jillian: let's start with fox news alert, wasn't person dead after tree branch crashes down during fireworks show. near iowa border, they heard crack when the large tree limb fell in crowd. bistanders jumped into action to
5:11 am
save victims trapped. soccer team trapped in ceaf in good health, boys given blankets and food after being stranded more than a week. the plan to pull out the team through narrow tunnels with gear but won't attempt to move them tomorrow at the latest. boys went to cave or initiation ritual. the final leg of trip is in finland for meeting with trip, this is the first trip since undergoing surgery in may. a couple brings quadruplets. to celebrate good health the
5:12 am
hospital wraps them in patriotic blankets. abby: quadruplets. wow. i can only handle one at this point. pete: totally. abby: so fun to have four. pete: something at the dinner table. [laughter] pete: well, secretary of state mike pompeo just hours away from returning to north korea, what can we expect from this new visit? that's coming up next. >> and i allude today it earlier, like three minutes earlier, we are bringing black yard classic to the plaza, yes, we are having independence tournament, pete and abby versus jillian and me, it is on like -- pete poot donkey kong. >> thank you, on independents day. ♪
5:13 am
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pete: secretary of state mike pompeo heading back to north korea this week to press them on denuclearization as the state department pushes back against critics claiming that u.s. is in a, quote, good spot to negotiate. so what can we expect out of
5:17 am
this trip, morgan ortegus, former state department press officer and joins us to weigh in and former officer. >> go navy. >> i will not respond. we are getting reports that north korea hasn't stopped development, what do you this. >> anybody watching north korea more than 5 minutes should not be shocked. i think the administration has said hearly bolton said on the sunday shows last week that they are cleared eyed about what's going on that no one is, you know, disallusioned that the north korea's are coming in good faith. i think that the administration is very well aware of history with north korea and everything they have done with the united states. now comes the tough part. a lot of people want to throw water on this. it's been 3 weeks since the summit.
5:18 am
pete: has been 3 weeks, time is of the essence. should he secure their assurances with ability to verify that they are going to stop building, obviously we stopped seeing missiles launched, how quickly could we get the beginning of verification and things like that? >> for total denuclearization, bolton set out a timeline of the year, mike pompeo suggested before congress but here is what's going to happen, the beginnings to have conversations, the devil is in the details, what happens right now, both sides at dmz, they are negotiating, secretary pompeo comes this week, he has a couple of different ways in which he can summit a plan, here a couple of things he will be looking for, full transparency from the north koreans and obviously intelligence communities have ways but wants north koreans what are your stockpile of weapons, what are your facilities, what do you po says and really the united states needs to see good-faith effort that north koreans will come to
5:19 am
the table and come clean about secret facilities and then look, are they going to haul production of materials, that's a really important step in the process, pete, because once you halt production, that means current weapons cannot be -- are not taken. pete: do we want into the meeting with intelligence, hey, this is what we know, we know you are doing, this will you admit it and show it to us. i would like to see good-faith effort to present the list and present timeline, what is the process, the whole process of denuclearization, they have approximately 20 to 60 weapons, they are destroyed in the beginning of the end of the process, most experts think at the end, this is about establishing full transparency and establishing a timeline that both sides can agree to and also i would say that it is important for the north koreans to take some steps, for example, our pow remains from the korean war, that's still -- those are not been given back to us, we don't
5:20 am
know why, we are hopeful that the secretary can come back with those. there needs to be process of steps that we can verify that north koreans are acting from good faith, from their perspective, they need to trust us too. they want to see the economic sanctions, they want to see relief, that want to make sure we don't want to take over the country. a lot of mistrust on both sides and a lot of trust that needs to be gained in really important meetings. pete: morgan, a lot of people see you on fox and don't know that you served overseas. >> i want to thank people who have served overseas, i know what it is to spend holidays away from families, thank you, thank you to men and women serving overseas. pete: well done. >> go navy. pete: go army all the way. president trump has a message for them. anne harris faulkner live from
5:21 am
ussr monterey, we will check live with them coming up next for years i've trained dogs for the marines - like me, some of these dogs have seen many tours of duty. and for the past 15 years i've been a navy federal member. thanks to their fast approval process, when it came time to buy a new car, we got everything we needed to transport my wife's little bundle of joy... ... who i just adore. open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union.
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5:24 am
abby: happy fourth of july quick headlines for you, these may seem like toys but this is flame-spitting fireworks, police in north carolina warning parents about explosive that is look like my little pony and dragon toys, turns out they shoot fire out of their mouths and their horns. and wal-mart is pulling mp45 apparel including this baby onesie, antitrump clothing was not sold directly by retail giant but third-party seller on
5:25 am
website. wal-mart is now removing the items and reviewing their policies. probably a good thing. >> this independence day morning we are heading to virginia, anna live on the deck of uss monterey joins us with a few special guest. >> yeah, happy independence day, we will be on the ship around norfolk, virginia all day long, so make sure you tune in for special programming as you send pictures, e-mail us, red, white and blue pictures, look what i found. the lady of the cover of this book. harris faulkner, how are you? happy independence day. >> i haven't seen you since you've been a mom, a lot in here for new mothers, this is base on life in the military. >> nine rules of engagement. guide to life and success. you were a military brat as you
5:26 am
call yourself, it's about your father's service as well. >> yeah. each chapter has war stories and lessons and i learned a lot about my dad and others who i had known my whole life, they shared stories about injuries, planes getting shot at and coming back with holes in the plane and how you have to believe in yourself, the number one message that i took away how resilient we are as military people, as military families and that's what i'm taking all across america on book tour, i'm so excited to be in norfolk. i will be signing books on the water front, we are lifting up everybody on this fabulous ship. >> yes. this actually was the ship that fired the 30 tomahawk missiles in syria after assad used chemical weapons, part of world history and we get to be part of it so nice. one of your rules of engagement, nine rules, recruit your special
5:27 am
forces, we need to cut some people out of our lives. >> yes, i love the ussr montery for template, they don't have 10,000 people, they have people on board who can help them get the job done. when they fired tomahawk missiles off the coast of syria, of course, they needed specific people on that and our life missions i should say missionize our life and new mom, when you leave the house, you your gear, right? >> especially when you're traveling from australia. >> but somebody to watch out for you, somebody -- >> people in your life that want what you have, what do you say to do? >> well, i have a whole list of things you can tell them and fire them gently. you have to get them out of the way because they are negative thinkers and they will hold you back. >> real quick, one more, wear camo. >> come dress with the occasion with weaponry, you know,
5:28 am
whatever it takes to win. today you and i are patriots, we always are but we are dressed like red, white and blue and we came with knowledge on our mind because we don't want to be around military people without knowing history. so your gear is whatever it takes to win. >> harris, thank you so much. >> i would love to see you. 3:00 p.m. off the ship i will be signing. >> we will be live throughout the day, thank you in new york. >> hi. >> so much from military. >> camouflage. abby: coming up honoring fallen heros by remembering all of their names, we will check in with him. he said he will have it finished by 9:00 a.m., that's coming up next. >> plus, take a look who joined our team, it's chaffetz. it's ortegus.
5:29 am
nice job. we will be on the mrs.a when "fox & friends" returns. ♪ ♪ you're headed down the highway
5:30 am
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or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. since enbrel, my mom's back to being my mom. visit and use the joint damage simulator to see how joint damage could progress. ask about enbrel. enbrel. fda approved for over 18 years. abby: this is incredible. u.s. navy vet white, he's honoring fallen brothers and sisters from war in afghanistan by listen to this memorizing all of their names. pete: and writing them out for us.
5:33 am
all day writing each name and rank on the wall. we will check in with ron again at the end to have show because he is almost done completing over 2,000 names. >> out of memory. in f you want to help out the cause, contribute to america's, you can fund the wall that he carries with him to bring this amazing display to the nation, it is unreal. abby: we will check with him before the end to have show. we want to go to jillian for other headlines. jillian: good morning, the left turning violent lashing out at police while protesting out of philadelphia's ice office, at least 29 people were arrested and in nebraska police searching for vandals who smashed bricks and spray painted abolish ice in gop's office. president trump defended the agency last night in west virginia. >> i hear democrats saying, we want to abandon ice, we want to abandon ice, we are not abandoning ice and we are not abandoning our law enforcement.
5:34 am
just the opposite. jillian: marchs and protests are planned in new york, texas, california and oregon today. how about this message f you can't come to work that's you quitting, a manager is fired after sending that cold-hearted message to a mother who couldn't come to work at a convenient store because her son was on life support, crystal fisher from michigan sharing the text messages on facebook which quickly went viral. >> this is his life we are talking about. he's not just in the hospital sick, he's on life support. jillian: she is glad her company is standing behind her. the teen driver finds himself taking ultimate road test, escaping from this, the 16-year-old from minnesota driving straight into a sink hole. look at that. he was okay but even manage today climb out of back car and road was washed out by heavy rainfall, yikes. first leady melania surprising heros just in time for
5:35 am
independence, meeting with wounded warriors and families at walter reed medical center in maryland, she tweeted it was a wonderful visit and thanked staff oh who take care of men and women in uniform. another look in norfolk, virginia, looks like a beautiful day, rick. >> hey, it is a beautiful day but it is another hot day, in fact, that's going to be the story for almost everyone across the country except for the pacific northwest. take a look at the weather map. it's hot and also humid, it's july and you get the thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon especially once a day heats up we will see that again today. some of them heavier across parts of minnesota this morning, cooler air dives in. it's hot again and the heat baking, feels like 102 in kansas
5:36 am
city, 104 louisville and 106 in nashville. but you will notice right along the eastern sea board, things cool down a little bit. if you're one of the lucky people, that plans long vacation for the latter part of the weekend, things will be much nicer cooling down quite a bit. pete, todd, abby. >> all right, has gone from backyard america's past time to a serious competition. abby: wow. [laughter] abby: taking place today, here to tell us all about it is stacy, founder of the league. good to have you with us. pete: you turned it onto a full-on league. when did the idea start from? >> i saw people playing very comp etively in the country and decided if we put technology behind it and marketing behind it we could turn to legitimate sport. >> today you're on espn 2.
5:37 am
>> espn 2.we got 16 top players here that will be throwing it down on cony island. abby: no judging, no judging. pete: what's the key for being a good tosser? >> everybody has a different form. feel what's comfortable to you. [laughter] >> i'm not a very good tosser. abby: go ahead. >> you want to try to throw it as flat as you can. [cheers and applause] >> no. pete: abby and i versus todd and jillian. they also recruited a congressman. if you're a chairman of committee, you can do whatever you want.
5:38 am
>> one point on the board and 3 points -- >> what's our timing? >> so you can have up to -- [inaudible conversations] [cheers and applause] abby: come on! jillian: i'm so nervous. [cheers and applause] [inaudible conversations] >> yes! >> do-over?
5:39 am
>> yes, sir. jillian: come on, let's go. jillian: i have to get one on here. pete: fun game. what a cool job. abby: great thing to do fourth of july. might as well keep entertained. >> we will be at the park today. anyone can play, anyone can win. abby: thank you for being with us.
5:40 am
>> if abby made one anyone can make one. [laughter] >> more "fox & friends" right after this. at maui jim, we're inspired by color, driven by clarity and dedicated to improving your view, no matter your vision. our prescription sunglasses are the most technologically advanced available, and are ten times more accurate than those produced by conventional labs. our polarizedplus2 technology enhances color and blocks harmful rays, while our digital processing allows for the widest possible field of vision.
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5:43 am
>> antitrump fbi agent peter strzok called back to the hot seat publicly this time. the house judiciary committee issuing subpoena for him to testify over his role in the clinton e-mail and russia investigations but apparently he might try to skip out. abby: former house oversight
5:44 am
committee chairman jason chaffetz to weigh in, you have been on this issue from the very beginning, obviously he doesn't want a public hearing. he will not answer the questions. what would you ask him? >> he said he wanted to. well, then he couldn't get a date scheduled. abby, yeah, yeah. >> they did it behind closed doors for 10 hours plus, but talking to members who were in those, they were shocked by the numbers of times he refer today fbi counsel, oh no, he can't answer that. let's expose to the world what he knows and wants to talk about and put up all of the text messages because we have documented in real-time his own words and member after member will go down that list and say what did you mean, why did you do this, what was the insurance policies,y, those types of things. pete: it's almost impossible to defend clarity with which he hated trump and anything to stop
5:45 am
it. >> the inspector general report, 560-odd pages of it, now we have thousands of texts, there are still months of texts that are missing but you combine that with the e-mail, the other testimony, all we are trying to do is get to the truth and i think members will be able to do that in light of day and america will be get to see what appears to be serious corruption. >> subpoena is not like whenever you get a chance, come on by, it's fun, voluntary. this is a subpoena, you can't be like i'm good, i don't want to come. >> the only problem to issuing subpoena, the only way to enforce subpoena is department of justice. >> that little issue. >> he has been called, he has been subpoenaed if he wants to come and testify and plea the fifth, that's his right to do so but -- i can't believe he still has security clearance and let alone a job. abby: hr of all places. >> only in america. human resources.
5:46 am
abby: how can you get away with this in how can you act this way and have such a blatant bias especially during days of early russia investigation and nothing comes of it? >> if you look back at hillary clinton e-mail investigation, that's precurse or of somebody who was in a position to actually put wheels in motion to do things proactively and really go after donald trump and that's the question, did he pend money, did he spend resources and what did he used authority to go after donald trump. pete: dnz server, disappearance that happened, explain what we now know. >> there's a lot of documentation now from the inspector general within the house of representatives where debbie wasserman schultz was in charge of democratic caucus server went missing and you had people at least in the media accused of, you know, nefariously going into looking. the department of justice just
5:47 am
yesterday did an action where they came up to an agreement but they didn't charge him with what was in the document. pete: charged with bank fraud. >> bank fraud as opposed to other things in the media and a lot of members of congress wondering where did we get justice on that and why didn't they cooperate with investigation where it may have been the largest breach in mystery of house of representatives. abby: it is fourth of july and i actually grew up with jason. we spent a lot of first of july's together. how does your family celebrate today? >> you go and run and shake hands, but it's got to involve water, whether that be a slip and slide or pool. pete: that kind of water. i thought you meant drinking water. >> you see what you want to see. our water is actually water. [laughter] abby: so good.
5:48 am
happy fourth of july. always good to see you, jason. >> great day, i love it. abby: he can paint and sing, did you know he can do both at the same time, the coolest display you are going to see all morning long, you don't want to miss it, that's next. natural enamel, natural healthy looking teeth are white. dentin, which is that second layer of the tooth is yellow. consumption of very acidic foods can wear away your enamel. once they start wearing down, your tooth is going to look yellower, more dull.
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♪ ♪ >> it may be the best display you will see all day, he paints and since and best of all does both at the same time. abby: performed across the country and raised more than $1 million for veterans. pete: viral artist and singer joe is here to showcase patriotic skills while singing god bless usa. thank you for being here. tell us why you do what you do and where the ideas came from
5:52 am
in. >> sure, something like this is obviously something that kind of has been brewing and growing very fast but it's my love for this country, patriotism, i'm even wearing my jacket, i had to get this in today where i have a few signatures started, veterans performed, i take the coat with me and signatures and remind me what i'm going what i'm going. abby: pete can sign it. >> awesome. abby: take it away. ♪ ♪
5:53 am
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>> it was the coolest thing you'll see all day. painting upside down and singing and this is the finished product. >> we were talking when we walked out here. i didn't know what you were doing. i thought maybe you snuck onto the set. when you spun it around, mind blown. >> go buy one of his beautiful pieces. it goes to our veterans and military for a great cause. >> we'll toss it to pete and gillian. >> ron white has memorized the name -- he is a memory champion has memorized the names of those killed in afghanistan. you've been writing 2,000 names on the wall. i see you pause before you write each name. what are you thinking about? >> trying to remember the name. images with cues to help me remember. it's difficult and i'm trying to remember it. >> it's about 2400 names. un today.d money for gas arou- that's the sacrifice that these guys paid. >> what this country represents. >> you are a patriot. >> happy birthday, america. >> a fox news alert as the rescue mission continues in thailand. some of the soccer players in a new video saying they're healthy. some aren't. but heavy rains later this week could complicate plans to move them and their coach to safety. authorities say seven members of the thailand navy seals are inside that cave looking after the players. you see there 8:00 p.m. right now in thailand. already dark there. updates throughout the program as it happens. and back here at home president trump even on this independence day weekend


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