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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 5, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> jesse was eating the nuggets and they were cold. >> so were mine. >> what are the excuses here? >> that's it for us. stay tuned for president trump's rally. "special report" is next. first, it's bret baier. >> thanks. this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. scott pruitt is out as epa administrator. just a day after celebrating the fourth of july at the white house. following a lengthy list of ethics questions and investigations in office. president trump said that he accepted his resignation. any minute now, we expect to hear from president trump in great falls, montana where he's hosting a rally for matt rosendale. one can expect, he might have something to say about today's resignation. he did on air force one. while we wait to hear from the president in montana, we turn to john roberts who is following
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the developments from the north lawn. >> good evening. he talked to the press pool. the president saying that scott pruitt's resignation up up to scott pruitt. the two of them had been talking about this a couple days now. pruitt felt that he had become a disadministration and he didn't want to distract from what the president is trying to do. >> it was death by a thousand self-inflicted cuts. scott pruitt gave his resignation to president trump today. he told the president, the unrelenting attacks on me personally, my family are unprecedented and taken a sizable toll on all of us. pruitt was beset by controversy. first class travel, a security phone booth. renting his daughter from a
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lobbyist, inappropriate staff raises. asking chick-fil-a for a franchise for his wife and asking his staff to get body lotion to a mattress. the inspector general had launched 14 ethics investigations. the white house described the allegations as troublesome. yet even on his way out the door, president trump lauded him in a tweet saying within the agency, scott has done and outstanding job and i will always be thankful to him for this. yesterday, pruitt showed no end case he was about to step down. his critics were happy to see him go. senator bernie sanders said scott pruitt was the worst epa administrator in the history hoff the agency. the most recent allegation against pruitt is he had personally asked president trump to fire jeff sessions and appoint him attorney general. in a statement to fox news, pruitt called that story 100%
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false and denying any such meeting-request had happened. also facing 14 ethics investigations, pruitt was facing new charges. don beyer and ted lews saided that pruitt may have deleted meetings with certain companies from his calendar because the meetings would look bad. he said the deletions may run afoul of the official records act. pruitt acknowledged that he made errors of judgments in cases like the first classroom and room for his daughter. he maintained he was targeted by liberals in the epa because of hits work to roll back what the president said is onerous regulations. president trump weathered the pr storm because he liked what pruitt was doing. it was clear that controversies were becoming a distraction and pruitt stepped down. pruitt's resignation was a surprise but it was not unexpected. for months now, staffers had
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been complaining about the scandals surrounding pruitt. fox news was told that pruitt had one supporter in the white house. that supporter was the president. bret? >> on the supreme court choice, he -- the president on air force one saying he's narrowing it down and will make this announcement. >> he said he's narrowed it down to four. from that four, it's maybe three or perhaps two. our best understanding is that the frontrunners are from the d.c. circuit court of apeels, brett kavanaugh and amy barrett. and the president will huddle with his advisers and he says he hopes by sunday to have a decision and will share that with the nation monday night at 9:00 p.m. brett? >> you'll see it live on fox. john, thanks. as we await the president's remarks, you can see folks
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looking to the side, waiting for him to arrive. we'll bring that to you when it happens. let's bring in our panel. guy benson from and karen is here from the washington post and molly hemingway from the federalist. guy, let's start with scott pruitt. a long list of things he was being investigated for. it came to a head and he offered his resignation. >> i'm struck. usually july fourth is a sleepy one. here we have a cabinet position resigning and a secretary of state on the way to north korea. look at that. death by a thousand cuts is the phrase that we heard from john roberts. that is exactly right. when you have 14 separate ethics investigations into one cabinet secretary, it's a problem. i've been sympathetic to some of the arguments.
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i don't think that they are all as serious as they may seem. but once you get with that many didn't things, it starts to become a problem particularly when we've seen serious accusations about secret calendars and meetings, altering the official public record. this became at the very least a very significant distraction for the boss, which is the out it in no now in d.c. >> donald trump jr. introducing his father there in montana. molly, you have a little different take about how this stretched out. >> there's no question that scott pruitt showed bad judgment. many of these things, a scrolling list of items, a lot of them are overblown. some of them he's accused of are false. the times had to issue a correction with wrong doing with his daughter's admission to uva. they got something wrong with that story. the issue is not that scott
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pruitt showed bad judgment. that's not why there was this orchestrated campaign called boot pruitt, it's because he was effective in his job and advancing an agenda differently than what you had seen from previous administrators. >> let me interrupt. you have to concede that seeing an epa administrator reaching out to someone to get his wife a chick-fil-a franchise is not an every day thing. a couple things that stuck out. even for republicans that lost confidence. >> yes. he had shown bad judgment but he wasn't under attack because he showed bad judgment. the campaign funded by so many of these environmental groups is about going over every decision he made with a fine tooth comb to oust him. while under a normal republican administration you might see something like this result in a resignation immediately, it took many months. now you have a blueprint that works for many on the left. you see that the acting
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straighter is the deputy, wheeler. you saw environmental groups saying he's just as bad as pruitt and we're going to continue this effort to oust him as well. >> it's an interesting points. it's similar in that wheeler will not change the dynamic on policy when it comes to epa, right? >> exactly. guy said death by a thousand cuts. i'd call it suicide by a thousand cuts. all of this was self-inflicted. the guy was a drifter. he was continuing to rack up one embarrassment after the other for a continue promising to change things the way things got done in washington, to drain the swamp. he was a symbol of the swamp. >> he had opposition even in the administration. he pushed very hard to get out of the paris climate accord. >> even the president -- that was the president's decision.
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he's did not push the president to get there. he was following the president. all of these things, if nobody made him go look for a $200,000 job for his wife. nobody made him demand first -- and $3,000 for tactical pants? whatever those are. >> this is another issue. he was under extreme stress from people that had been threatening his physical safety work, an environment where republicans were shot at. he got in trouble for spending money on security but nobody deals with the fact that he and his family were under threat from radicals -- >> which was the increase in security. i talked to secret service. he got the most threats out of anybody in the administration. >> again, asking for things like jobs for his wife, use government employees to go do things like look for a secondhand mattress from a trump hotel or a certain kind of moisturizer from the ritz carlton. they sound like small things.
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they are. except that they speak to a mindset of sort of misuse of both power and government resources. >> let me interrupt. that's stater steve danes in the intro crew. when the president arrives, we'll go live. >> when you're a target to the left or a lightning rod because of the agenda and i agree he was very effective, that was part of the reason why the left was so forceful in their opposition to him, you don't want to give your opponents ammunition to use against you, which he did repeatedly. you're right to talk about the coordinated effect against him but some of this falls on him for his own conduct and actions. >> let's talk to the promise of molly's other point, which is what has been done at the epa. like on a strictly marking down
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the policy objectives. they got a lot done. >> they did. perhaps the writing was on the wall june 8. the president was asked about his performance. he said that pruitt did an incredible job inside the walls of the epa. he went on to say as to the conduct, he wasn't blameless and we'll see what happens, which is ominous. trump said when it comes to advancing my agenda of deregulation, pruitt is hitting the mark time and time again. it was the outside stuff fueled by that that got him. >> and he couldn't have done it without wheeler who is the acting administrator that is a former career official at epa and also worked in the senate and he's been on the other side of things as an energy lobbyist. if people like what they saw pruitt doing, they can expect it will continue under wheeler without the unwanted attention that pruitt gave. >> i want to quickly talk about the supreme court potential
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nominees here. karen, the president said he got it down to four, maybe three, maybe two. he will make the decision sunday and announcement sunday. >> and this is donald trump. saturday it could be back up to six. >> or announce it tonight at the rally. it's possible. let's not cut that out. >> but i think that the two more interesting -- most interesting choices, the dichotomy is where he goes with a a brett kavanaugh, the closest thing to bring in a consensus or whether he goes with amy barrett, which would inflame the bases on both sides. >> explaining that to people about what can be done, if democrats are mobilizing against a nominee, guy. they have to hustle to get the
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votes to prevent somebody from getting through this process. they really have to dig in either in the hearing process or from the public out to move those votes if republicans hold the line. >> and that knew dynamic comes courtesy of harry reid and the nuclear option that was applied to the gorsuch situation. i wonder if chuck schumer regrets going with the filibuster option against neil gorsuch. maybe he could have saved that for this round but he didn't. here we are. we heard the name these names a lot. a lot of the buzz today in particular after this whole process of interviews that the president conducted is raymond kethledge from the sixth circuit that doesn't have the d.c. baggage of kavanaugh.
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he doesn't have going back to the bush administration and stretching back to ken starr. he has much more experience than amy barrett. he's been on that sixth circuit for ten years now. he could be sort of on the glide path to confirmation if he's the pick. again, the rumor, the buzz, is that as of now, today and this can change, the president really hit it off with kethledge and he could be the new frontrunner. >> molly, a lot of it is personal with the president and how he relates to somebody, both kethledge and kavanaugh clerked under anthony kennedy. >> and he's been successful in the d.c. area and in this environment they're looking for an outsider. there's a little concern about some of cavanaugh's ideas.
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you look at this point whether we're going to be constitutional and we understand the threats that a bureaucracy that is unaccountable, kethledge is good on that issue. he's done a lot of juris prudence. >> karen, you talked about mobilizing the bases. there's a ton of talk about roe v. wade. obviously a host of issues that would be asked about and probed. is that really what will stir both bases? >> i think that the larger issue, roe v. wade being a proxy for abortion rights in general, the chances of roe v. wade flat out being overturned are probably pretty small. it's hard to imagine john
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roberts would want to do that. >> let me interrupt. he could be the new swing, the new anthony kennedy, the swing set. >> what you do have are issues from the states that could challenge roe v. wade on things like is viability of the fetus the new standard or what exactly is an undue burden on the right to an abortion. those are the things that are going to be tested by a lot of cases that are going to be coming to the supreme court from the states. >> technically, roe v. wade is not written the best. it's probably is not the number 1 target. >> right. >> and the subsequent decision that kind of helped save roe because it was a poorly written and reasoned decision.
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this is a proxy for general approach. there's this perspective among progressives that the constitution is a changing document that should change as people change. there's in other attitude that the constitution is something that can persist because human nature stays the same. we need a strained and limited government because people will always use government to lure over other people. do we want an activist court that redefines issues or do we want a court that understands the constitution. >> and the third decision is court precedent and how much the court respects that. that's where amy barrett is particularly controversial. in her writings, he's referred to -- as being soft and flexible. >> we've heard that. but every justice would say you don't be a slave to precedent. there's ban bad decisions that have been decided by the court.
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>> we're getting to the weeds. i want to turn, since this is the longest introduction i've ever seen, i want to go to the other big headline in d.c. that is about congressman jim jordan and the allegations out of ohio state. take a listen. >> i know jim knew about the atmosphere -- >> how do you know? >> there was a lot of banter about doc being a groper. >> mike was, you know, a friend. but something has change. >> the allegations that he knew about the abuse and obviously jordan denies that. the president said on air force one, i don't believe these
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allegations at all. jim jordan is one of the most outstanding people i've met since i've been in washington. i believe him 100%. no question, i believe jim jordan 100%. he's an outstanding man. guy? >> a very ugly issue and a serious one. i don't know how the president or anyone else that wasn't there would have any special knowledge of what did or did not happen. i'm inclined to believe jim jordan until there's proof otherwise. again, this is something that jim jordan and none of these other folks want to talk about dating back many decades. if there's validity to it, it's a problem. >> karen? >> what we've seen of these cases in other instances, if there's something there, it will come out. >> molly? >> we need more information. it's hard to judge anything. it comes from perkins coy, a law firm behind the allegations of russia collusion. jim jordan has been integral in fighting back against some of
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those conspiracy theories surrounding russia collusion. so the timing is interesting. i think we need to learn more. >> interesting. let's set the table here in great falls, in montana. the president is there to campaign for the reason senate candidate, matt rosendale. he won the republican primary. this republican goes up against the democrat incumbent, john tester. you may remember, the president had a problem with tester. he blamed tester in part for derailing the nomination of his veterans affairs nominee, the white house physician, ronny jackson. tester took out a bunch of ads in montana radio and tv saying welcome to montana to president trump and listing all of the things that tester had helped on various bills and that president trump signed into law. this is an interesting race in that it's a red state overwhelmingly a trump state. tester could be in trouble here,
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guy. >> on paper, this should be one of the real juicy plum pickup opportunities for the republicans. there's been a question of whether rosendale, the republican nominee, has the star power to go up against tester, the liked incumbent to go back to our previous conversation about the supreme court, that might be an achilles heel for tester. he was a rubber stamp vote for both of the president's nominees, who are hostile to the conservative understanding of the second amendment. he joined with chuck schumer and the democrats in opposing neil gorsuch. now the bright spotlight will be on john tester in a cluster of senate democrats as a supreme court nominee is about to come forward. will pressure from the president himself on the ground in montana spook john tester a little bit and nudge him back to his
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alleged centrist roots? >> you're not only talking about tester, you're talking about joe donnelly in indiana, claire mccaskill. a number of senators that face the same problem with the scotus decision. what about the race, karen as we set up for the president here? >> john tester's strength as a politician is his ability to maintain his connection with montana to rise above party level. the fact that he's feeling the need to take out these ads is he's seeing something here. >> and maybe some moves in the polls. the other issue is immigration. all of these red state democrats sign on to dianne feinstein's proposal on immigration. that issue probably doesn't play well for testner montana. >> which is a border state. also just in general, public
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been is different on what you're hearing in media country. generally speaking the country, republican or democrat, wants stronger border enforcement. you're seeing that in the polls that has taken place even after this issue of child separation from families that illegally cross the border. you're seeing people want greater enforcement. the base of the democratic party is pulling for less border enforcement, even the abolishment of ice. that is reaching ahead. but it's interesting. tester is six or seven points ahead in polling. he should be higher, have much bitter numbers at this point in the race with this many months to go. >> not only that, the republican primary was last month and they had four different candidates vying for this position. and you're right. he should be riding a little bit higher in the polls.
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there's ten democrats coming up for re-election that trump won 80% or more of the counties in those states. montana being one of them. the rnc or the nrsc is out saying that it's a pitiful attempt by tester to say that he's a trump ally by these ads. the president arriving here. something tells me that he's probably going to contest those ads in his support for matt rosendale there in montana. well, there we have it. a little later than we expected. the president arriving. with that, we'll listen in to this rally by the president of the united states.
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♪ ♪ [cheers & applause]
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[chanting] >> well, thank you, montana. what a place. it's great to be here tonight with thousands of proud hard-working american patriots. thank you. and outside, you probably know what is going on. there's thousands and thousands of people. we've decided from now on, we're going to put up screens and loud speakers so people can stay around. this happens all the time. [cheers & applause] i said to my people, why didn't you get a larger arena? we can't. but those are great people outside and i apologize. there's thousands of them. you people know real estate
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better. you know real estate better. i'm inside. we love each other and we have to stay that way. we're thrilled to be joined by some great people. you just heard steve dane. he's been so helpful. so helpful in washington on the tax cuts and everything sells. i want to thank steve and his family. they have been incredible for me in washington. thank you, steve. i appreciate it. steve and i are running again. you know, 2020. he comes up. so we're running together, steve. and i want to thank greg gianforte. he's been 100% with us. incredible success story. a lot of people don't know that. greg is an incredible success.
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he did a really good job. he said he wants to give back. greg, you've been fantastic. thank you very much. i appreciate it. montana attorney general, tim foxx. thank you, tim. secretary of state corey stapleton. thank you, corey. [applause] montana republican party chair woman, deborah lamb. superintendent of public instructions, elsie arnsen. and finally, the person that we are here for tonight, a very special person, ran an incredible primary, wouldn't you say? incredible. any time you win it's incredible. but he did. against a very tough and good competition. hey, he's going to be your next senator from the incredible
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state of montana. matt rosendale. come up, matt! come on up. [cheers & applause] >> hello montana! do we have an incredible president or what? [cheers & applause] we actually have a president that fights every single day for the people across this great nation. and here at home, he's fighting for our military, men and women,
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serving right here and across the country. and for all of our veterans. and for our seniors. he's fighting for our folks working in the timber industry and energy production. he's fighting for our hard-working farmers and ranchers across the entire state. and you know he's fighting for our miners in butte. and those coal workers that produce that beautiful clean coal. he's also fighting for everyone across our state who feels their voice isn't being heard, including the unborn.
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and i will be that voice for you if you elect me to the united states senate. i will fight for you every day because i mean business about standing with president trump and making america great again. because what is good for america is great for montana. today i ask for your vote so i can help president trump continue his good work. thank you president trump. thank you, montana. may god bless each and every one of you and the great united states of america.
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[chanting]. >> thank you very much. that is great. this is a really good man. this is a man that loves the people of montana. he loves the people of this country. it's time to retire liberal democrat john tester. [cheers & applause] and you're going to get on your side a real montana fighter. you see it. you've been watching the last six months. he's a fighter. he will fight for you. matt rosendale. so john tester says one thing when he's in montana. but i will tell you, i'm testament to it, he does the exact opposite when he goes to
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washington. a vote for john tester is a vote for chuck schumer, nancy pelosi. and the new leader of the democrat party, maxine waters. [booing]. where have they gone? john tester voted no on repealing obamacare. even though we got a little surprise vote that evening, you'll remember that evening, somebody came in with a thumbs down after campaigning for years that he was going to repeal and replace. but that's okay. because we for the most part we have already done it and we have great healthcare coming out and just came out two weeks ago. we got rid of the individual
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mandate and lots of other things. sometimes we have to do it the hard way. but that's okay, too. john tester voted no on tax cuts for montana families. he voted no on cutting the estate tax or the death tax for your farms, your farmers and your small businesses. think of that one. this of that one. but you got it anyway because we got it passed. so on your farms for the most part you will have no estate tax or death tax to pay. you can leave your farm, leave your small business to your children or whoever you want to leave them. don't always leave them to the children. if the children aren't good children, don't leave them. leave them to somebody else. but you have no tax to pay. pretty good, right? nobody thought that was going to happen. tester voted against it. john tester voted no on
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legislation to stop late-term abortions. you wouldn't think it would play well out here. how did he get elected? i mean, i know a lot of people from montana. explain that to me. how did he get elected? all right. you can right your wrong in november. okay? right your wrong. matt rosendale. john tested voted no on kate's law. you know what kate's law is? that's legislation named for kate steinle that was gunned down by a five-time deported illegal immigrant. you deserve a senator that doesn't talk like he's from montana but you deserve a senator that actually votes like he's from montana. tester even voted no on enhanced
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vetting for refugees from terror striken countries. what is going with that? the democrats want open borders that means lots of crime. we want tough, strong powerful borders, and we want no crime and we're going to protect ice. we protect ice. they protect us and we protect them. [cheers & applause] >> they protect us and we protect them. you saw that clown yesterday on the statue of liberty? you see the guys that went up there? i wouldn't have done it. i would have said let's get some nets and wait till she comes down. gets some nets. you see the bravery of doing that? what a group.
3:38 pm
we protect ice and our border patrol and law enforcement. and our fire departments and our fire departments. we protect our people. john tester opposed our travel ban to keep america safe. which by the way i'm proud to report that last week the supreme court of the united states just upheld the trump travel ban. [cheers & applause] and they gave us the authority to protect our nation. keep our nation safe. keep us safe. as you know, there's now a vacancy on the supreme court. if you tune in monday at 9:00, you'll be extremely happy with this selection. right? and they're all great.
3:39 pm
they're all great. i want to thank justice kennedy for his lifetime of truly distinguished service and he had confidence in me. he left because he said you're going to pick somebody great. so nice. so nice. great man. great gentleman. john tester voted against neil gorsuch. the incredible justice who supports fully our constitution. that's a hard one to vote against. tester opposed many of our amazing judges and yet i see john tester saying nice things about me. i said yeah, but he never votes for me. he never votes. i'd rather have him say bad about me but vote, right? yeah, i don't know tester voted for liberal obama judges that tried to take away your second amendment, tried to take it
3:40 pm
away. [booing]. because tester doesn't share your values. john tester showed his true colors with his shameful dishonest attacks on a great man, a friend of mine, a man that i said why don't you run the v.a.? you'd be great. navy admiral ronny jackson. and a report just came out, and i should have brought it but it's long but beautiful for ronny jackson. secret service are all over the place. they wrote a report that what he said was so false and so untrue. never happened. they could have ruined a lesser man. but dr. jackson -- should i call him admiral or doctor?
3:41 pm
doctor/admiral. his son is a top -- like a top, top student at annapolis. graduating this year. incredible wife and family. you know, i feel guilty. i feel guilty. admiral jackson was getting ready to leave service and he served many years admirably. never a blemish. a lot of you know. he said i was healthy. he's the one. when the fake news started saying, oh, why isn't trump getting the physical? why? dr. jackson and his staff they went out and gave me a physical. that was a physical. when they said i'm very healthy, the news was devastated. they didn't want to hear that. they didn't want to hear that. but he's a great family man.
3:42 pm
i said to him, i feel guilty. i said, hey, doc, why don't you run the v.a.? you're a leader. you're an admiral. people admiral. i said doc, you'll be great. go ahead and do it. sir, whatever you order, i will do. he's like -- even if he didn't want to do it. he said it to me. in fact, your great first lady said to me that same day, well, did he want to do it? i said i really don't know. he said he would do it. but then i thought about it, i don't know. he said if you ask, i will do it. but he didn't really want to do it. so i sort of feel guilty about this whole thing. because what happened is he said sir, if you would like me to do it, i'll do it. it wasn't what he had in mind. i put him in the world of politics. how vicious is the world.
3:43 pm
but john tester said thing about him that were horrible and that were not true. [booing]. and that's probably why i'm here. because i won montana by so many points. i don't have to come here. i don't have to. [cheers & applause] a lot of people from states that we have the crazy big leads, we had 42, 44. we won by 44 points over a democrat. over a democrat. we won by 44 points over a democrat. that was crooked hillary. but still she's a democrat. yeah. no, she gets special treatment. sorry. she gets special treatment under the justice department. [chanting].
3:44 pm
sorry. she gets special treatment under the justice department. anybody else in america. how about that fbi agent? how about that guy? you think he likes me? you think he liked me? i think there was a little bias there? did we catch them in the act. it's a rigged deal, folks. it's a rigged deal. i used to say it, it's a rigged deal. it's a disgrace. hand we do away on monday. i'll see nato. i'm going to tell nato you have to start paying your bills. the united states is not going to take care of everything. we're paying for anywhere from 70 to 90% to protect europe. that's fine. of course, they kill us on
3:45 pm
trade. they kill us on other things. they make it impossible to do business in europe. yet they came in and sill their mercedes and bmws to us. so we have $151 billion in trade deficits with the e.u. and on top of that, they kill us with nato. they kill us. so we pay 4% of a huge gdp, which got a lot bigger since i became your president. and germany, which is the biggest country of the e.u., european union, germany pays 1%. 1%. and i said, you know, angela, i can't guarantee it, but we're protecting you and it means a lot more to you than protecting us because i don't know how much protection we get by protecting you. and then they go out and they make a gas deal, oil and gas
3:46 pm
from russia where they pay billions and billions of dollars to russia. okay? so they want to protect against russia but they pay billions to russia and we're the schmucks paying for the whole thing. by the way, i have to say this. since i came, which is 1 1/2 years, almost 33 billion more is projected to be paid by those nato nations. but it's not enough. do they everybody tell you that? no. no. but i will tell you, the secretary general is trump's biggest fan. he said, those nato nations are all going like this, less money, less money. why not? when you came in and you started talking, it went like a rocket ship. just like a rocket ship. so any time i suggest anything,
3:47 pm
so we've gotten $33 billion. it's got to be more money than that. they say let's see. he's angry at nato. yeah, he loves russia. i love russia. i will say this. i'm meeting with president putin next week. getting along -- let me tell you, getting along with russia and getting along with china and getting along with other countries is a good thing. it's not a bad thing. it's a good thing. [cheers & applause] i would say for stupid people or political people because they're not stupid, are i
3:48 pm
think they would rather that hillary. but getting along with other countries and you're talking nuclear powers in all fairness, getting along is a nice thing. it's a smart thing. we're going to beat everybody. we have the greatest military. we have now -- and hopefully we'll never have to use it. the only way you don't have to
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use it, if it's so good, so strong that nobody wants to play games. that's what we're doing. [cheers & applause] we'll never have to use it. and then of course we have north korea where, you know, eight months during the obama administration, it seemed like a missile a week. a lot of missiles going up, a lot of nuclear testing. they thought there was an earthquake the size of something they have never tested before. they said where is it? oh, it's in korea someplace. they said why don't you check nuclear weapons? it was a nuclear weapon. so since the rhetoric stopped -- we had tough rhetoric. remember? they said he's too tough. he's going to cause a war. now they say he's too nice. he's too nice. i got along very well with chairman kim.
3:50 pm
i got along very well. that's a good thing that i got along well. now what hasn't happened in eight months? in eight months -- first of all, we got our prisoners back before i even went. and i didn't pay $1.8 billion, by the way, in cash. we didn't pay 1.8. we paid slightly less. we paid nothing. yet and yet, it was a very smart deal for north korea. good will is very important. we signed a wonderful paper saying they're going to denuclearize their whole thing. it's going to happen. but now, you know, i was back six days. why hasn't it started? why? i mean, these guys -- obama was very close to going to war. you have 30 million people in seoul. it's 30 miles off the border. that's a tough border.
3:51 pm
thousands of cannons they call them. big, big guns. i'm not talking about nuclear. you could have lost 30, 40, 50 million people. you could have had a war like you haven't had in a long time. guess what you have now? eight months, no nuclear testing, no missiles, no anything. mike pompeo is over there right now. [cheers & applause] and they say he, meaning me, these guys, the crooked press, they're so dishonest. they're so dishonest. [booing]. fake news. they're fake news media. so what do they say all the time? because i didn't give anything up. what do they say all the time? they say, he went there. i went there. i went to singapore. we had a meeting. by agreeing to meet -- they
3:52 pm
can't come up with anything else. like i didn't give like clinton and like obama. they say obama couldn't meet. they wouldn't see him. so i didn't have like clinton where they gave him billions and billions of dollars and got nothing. okay? so they couldn't find anything. so what do they do? they said he met. i met. that's what we lost, folks. he met. by the way, obama would have loved to have met. they wouldn't see him. they wouldn't see him. one of the first questions i asked when i was over there, they wouldn't see him. so i met. that's how we got beat. now they're saying it's putin. well, putin is highly prepared and trump, will he be prepared for the meeting. trust me, we'll do just fine. we'll do just fine. [cheers & applause] fake news. bad people.
3:53 pm
[cheers & applause] will he be prepared. will he be prepared. and i might even end up having a good relationship. they say will president trump be prepared. you know, president putin is kgb and this and that. you know what? putin is fine. he's fine. we're all fine. we're people. will i be prepared? totally prepared. i've been preparing for this stuff my whole life. they don't say that. [cheers & applause] and you really do. i'll tell you what, because i see it. i see the way they are right. they're so damn dishonest. and i don't mean all of them. some of the finest people i know are journalists. really. hard to believe when i say that. i hate to say it but i have to say. 75% of those people are down
3:54 pm
right dishonest. down right dishonest. they're fake. they're fake. they quote sources. a source within the trump organization said. a source. they don't have a source. they never use names anymore. the old days, you have to use names. jim smith said that donald trump is a bad guy. they don't do that anymore. they say a source within the administration. they make the sources up. they don't exist in many cases. i saw one of them said 15 anonymous sources. i don't have 15 people -- forget it. 15 anonymous sources have said all source of stuff. these are bad people. but here's the bottom line. we're here. how in
3:55 pm
>> if you look at john tester he signed up for the democrat's radical immigration agenda. which is let them come in and we believe they say in sanctuary city with they house the criminals. and others. we believe in strong borders and no crime. it's very simple. >> [cheers and applause]. >> strong borders. we believe coming into this country legally. we believe in merit system. when you have a business and somebody comes in. honestly i hate to tell you this. we have to go with this. we are doing so well, so many businesses are moving back to this country. so many car companies are coming back to michigan, ohio, and pennsylvania and north carolina and south carolina.
3:56 pm
we need people. we don't have the workers anymore. unique, wages are going up. but we need people. who do we need? we need people that come in under the merit system! under the mart system. >> [cheers and applause]. >> a vote for the democrats in november is a vote to let ms-13 run wild in our communities and let drugs pour into our cities and to take jobs and benefits away from our hard working americans. we are not letting it happen. democrats want anarchy. they don't know who they are playing with, folks. >> [crowd noise]. >> i said it the other day, yes, she is a low iq individual. maxine waters. honestly she is in the mid 60s.
3:57 pm
i believe that. >> [laughing]. >> he will be impeached! i will impeach him. even the democrats are saying how are you saying that? they don't want to use that word because it gets the republicans out to vote. they say stay away from that word. speci especially since he's done nothing wrong. there is no collusion. after spend 22 million dollars and the house just left and said there was no collusion. you can imagine this? it's all a ruse. this was an excuse for the democrats who lost an election and actually got their ass kicked. >> [cheers and applause].
3:58 pm
>> 306 to 223. that's a good shellacking. we won states. wisconsin, i just left wisconsin. they are building, friends of mine, fox-conmay make the apple laptops and iphones. they are going to spend 11 billion dollars. a $15 billion plant. there will be nothing like it in this country. outside of china there will be nothing like it. but by the time it's finished, it will top anything in china also. it's incredible. >> [cheers and applause]. >> $15 million and 15,000 jobs, wisconsin. think of wisconsin. reagan had his big win. he won every state except one, the great state of wisconsin. i won wisconsin. the first time since dwight eisenhower in 1950. >> [cheers and applause].
3:59 pm
>> and we won michigan and we won pennsylvania and north carolina, south carolina, and florida. we ran up that east coast. you had to run up that east coast. winning the electoral college is tough for republicans. much tougher than the so-called popular vote where people vote 4 times. much, much tougher. we had a great victory. think of it: not since eisenhower in 1952. was that one of the great evenings? >> [cheers and applause]. >> i always say because the ratings they are getting are beyond belief. the "new york times" was ready to fold. it was going to close and then i came along unfortunately and they sell. don't worry. ultimately when i leave 7 years from now -- >> [cheers and applause]. >> they will fold. they will fold. >> [cheers and applause].
4:00 pm
>> when you see the "new york times" and the "washington post" how dishonest they are. i say this: they are all doing numbers. when i announce they will endorse me. because should i lose or if i don't run, they are out of business. are they going to come at bernie? hey, they will cover sleepy joe biden? or pocohantas? think of it. think of it. she of the great tribal her 8age. -- heritage. what tribe? let me think about that. pocohantas they want me to apologize for saying it. pocohantas