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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 5, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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people are getting sick from the filth. will the city finally clean itself up? now that there are real financial costs. tomorrow night. meanwhile good night from washington. sean hannity is next. jason is sitting in. >> thanks tucker. i am from there so i look forward seeing that report. >> thank you for the special addition i am jason instead for sean. over 18 months ago donald trump was sworn into office as the 45th president of the united states. from day one he hit the ground running. now we are seeing the impact of the trump agenda. lower regulation, lower taxes. now president trump will have the opportunity to nominate a second judged the u.s. supreme court. a task this president does not take lightly. take a look. >> as you know there is a vacancy on the supreme court.
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if you'd turn into monday at 9:00, you will be extremely happy. they are all great. they are all great. i want to thank justice kennedy for his lifetime of truly distinguished service. he had confidence of me. he said you're going to pick someone great. that is so nice. so nice. a great man. a great gentleman. >> jason: joining us now to join us with his upcoming decision is a law professor at georgetown university. jonathan, thank you for joining us. this is an amazing opportunity in the first two years of his presidency to have a second pick. conservatives always want to have a conservative on the court. what is it that you think they really mean when they say they want to conservative on the
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court? >> what president trump has said, he wants to get another nominee in the same mold. i testified in favor of neil gore search. i considered him an intellectual. i thought that president trump found someone. i thought he could lead you to me go to that court and contribute in a major way. it will be hard to follow that home run, quite frankly. that is what really prompted justice kennedy to retire. there was a certain comfort factor with the selection. i think that kennedy wanted to spend a year with him. i think he's comfortable doing that. >> jason: with his pick that
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is coming up. the democrats had signaled, no matter who it is they will go off the rails. is there anything that the democrats can actually do to derail a nominee? >> jason come as you know what we are about to see is a time-honored performance. this will occur on capitol hill with every confirmation of hearing. roe v. wade will once again at room greatly the hearings. nominees are likely to refuse to answer questions about roe v. wade. they will cite ironically of rule by the democrats. the ginsberg rule. that was by joe biden when he was chairman. the nominee in that case ginsberg, would not be required to give her answer to how she would rule on an issue that might come before her. to the discretionary court, anything could become before her. it is been used since then, it will be used again. we will see what will happen. the worst argument that i have seen put forward was by a couple
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of senators come a couple of academics. they said because of the mueller investigation, it is simply improper for the president to nominate anyone. that argument is unfounded. there is no support for that. president trump has every right to make this nomination. >> jason: when amy coney barrett came up, they started to touch upon some of the religious aspects. is there a litmus test that they will try to put in front of this nominee? >> that was a particularly raw moments. when senator feinstein made a comment about her catholic dogma as she referred to it. amy coney barrett could make for the most interesting hearing. the fact is that she has not been shy about tackling tough issues.
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i often criticize nominees for a blank slate. people who spend their lives avoiding any interesting thought any interesting article. she is not one of those. she has been very much in the debate. she is not held back. that would make her confirmation quite exciting to watch. >> jason: michael he has also been mentioned. he is on the list. being a sitting senator, is there a special pathway? does that hinder his ability? >> jason, in this environment. it is not necessarily a big advantage. the positions in both sides are baked in. the democrats are looking at a very tough political environment for them to support any nominee. with the exception of a few of these subtleties atomic senators and purple states. mansion and west virginia.
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it is a razor-thin margin there are a couple of republicans i could easily vote. that is what makes his nomination so fascinating. amy coney barrett is the most reliable pro-life nominee. that could end up costing those senators. >> jason: who would you nominate? it is sort of funny. >> i think he has some very good people on this list. i wouldn't pick a favorite. i think it would be very hard to find another neil gore search. i think often times he puts people on short list because of the ease of their confirmation. need to focus on intellect. that is what made him a legacy nominee. he will create that the men who put him on the court intellect does not. >> jason: it does.
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i think the democrats do a great disservice to their country by making their decision and announcing no matter what they will vote against them. jonathan turley, thank you. this will impact this country for decades to come. meanwhile to come with just a few short months to come unless the elections, democrats are already ramping up their rhetoric surrounding president trump. so much more during his rally in montana. the president discussed just how low the left would go to malign the agenda. take a look. >> democrats want anarchy. they really do. they don't know who they are playing with folks. the house just left, they said there is no collusion. can you imagine this? this is only rule. this is an excuse for the democrats who lost an election.
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when you see the times, how dishonest "the washington post" is. i actually say this. they are all doing numbers that they have never done. when i announce, they will endorse me. if i lose, should i lose, or if i don't run. are they going to go with berni bernie? i guess i speak well. you know we turned away thousands of people. they never say i'm a great speaker. why the hell do so many people come? >> jason: [laughs] the spokesperson, kaylee. civil rights attorney david jones. thank you for joining us tonight. and particularly after the president was speaking there in montana. come monday, we are not slowing down.
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monday at supreme court tuesday peter strzok. i'm going to go to you first. how do you expect the democrats to act this week? they have a one to punch right out of the chute. >> they do. we told democrats at the rnc to go find a message. go find a message. we didn't tell them to find an insane message. if the president continues to succeed, they go to the left. maxine waters standing up calling for absolute harassment of trump officials. they are going absolutely nuts. i will imagine they will surge further to the left, to their socialist candidates. they will call for anarchy, culver chaos. the president has them like a dog running for its own tail in circles. >> jason: the supreme court is such a pivotal pick. it is the reason why so many people were so excited becoming the president.
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how do you see this playing out for the president? >> it is a huge issue. it will be in the midterms also. for two reasons. one, depending on the contentiousness of the hearing. i know the president very much wants to have the nominee confirmed before the midterm. even if he or she, it will still be a big issue. voters think it is quite likely that the present will get a third pick. all three are very bright, very capable people. i am sorry to see diane off of that list. she was on it before, also very capable. it will be a contentious hearin hearing. it is a huge, huge issue. we could certainly break down these three nominees if you have time on the show. they have plenty of to offer. >> jason: peter strzok. as a former chairman, nobody was rooting more for judiciary watch
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than me. they are still stonewalling. as we go into this peter strzok hearing. what would you like to see and what documents do you still need to see? >> it is hard to question someone when you don't have all the documents. congress still doesn't have all the text messages, the emails. the government told us they want to take up to two years to turn over the communications between peter strzok and page. as best as i can tell, those are the first publicly available emails we have between them. they don't talk about russia gate yet. at least the process has begun. that is better than what congress is facing with the justice department. they haven't committed in providing anything. mr. strzok hasn't committed to testifying on the hill. his lawyer is arguing on whether he will testify or not. so congress has to decide to
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continually threaten the administration or members with impeachment or contempt. it doesn't seem to be getting them anywhere. they need to escalate it. either by bringing the president and directly or coming up with other ways to force the justices hand in producing these records. congress has a right to see under the constitution on the law. the justice department is thumbing its nose at congress. at the presidency. the document fight is just one symptom of it. there are some terrible corruption that took place within the obama administration. >> jason: people call about that statement. when i went there, i did know much about it. now i found that it is very real. i wrote a book about it. it's coming out in september.
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david, what should congress do to extract those documents and what would you ask us to peter strzok when he appears? he is supposed to. >> there is a whole set of questions. i think it is playing out like a circus now. his lawyer was boasting that strzok wants to public publicly testify. they allowed him to appear behind closed doors. there is no reason for them to do that. they have the upper hand. now his lawyer is saying it is a setup. we need to know about that meeting in that office. that happened with strzok, page, with the agenda of stop trump. it is tremendously important and a great service to the country. the documents they are after, including andrew weiss' emails. let's see what the people who we know who has an agenda, let's
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see what their email said. he is after those. documents are power. this is a vitally important source. we need transparency. the american people should all demand them. congress is doing a great service to the greatest degree, to get stuff from peter strzok. the risk is to make peter strzok the bad guy. he is a bad apple. it is a culture that he represents. no one told him to stop doing this at the justice department when he was doing it. it is a culture. >> jason: good point. haley, the president took the spotlight of the country in montana. he is not traveling back in the country where he will announce the supreme court pick at 9:00 p.m. on monday night. peter strzok, that is happening on tuesday. we see people climbing the statue of liberty. talking about the resistance movement. you been watching this up close and personal.
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what is happening with the republicans and the message of what donald trump is doing, versus the flailing we see with democrats. >> it is quite a contract. let's put this in the context but the nomination. put aside the economy that is roaring. put aside the historic north korean summit. put aside all the great things as president has done. this nomination alone will make this presidency one of the most consequential in modern history. we are celebrating over at the republican party. that phrase that i love so much, it is morning in america again. we are celebrating an achievement wrecker that is happening daily. democrats are going farther and farther left. it's hard when you are embracing socialism.
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when they said they are the new face of their party. that is a striking movements. they are calling for violent harassment, now they are embracing socialism which has failed across the world. >> jason: tom, would you get any support from members of the democratic party? you would think that the democratic party of the old is one that wanted transparency. they have her come help you? >> there are some democrats that like the freedom of information act. they like it's now that trump is in office. they are using it to investigate his administration. i think the big problem for democrats in general, there is a pro-violence virus going throughout the supporters and
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officials like maxine waters. she needs to be censored or expelled for inciting violence. they will lose the supreme court nomination. their members and supporters will be frustrated. it is up to the leadership of the democratic party and liberal leaders to say we don't want to violence. we don't want you attacking law enforcement. we don't want you breaking the law. we don't want you attacking government officials who are serving in the trump administration. if you are an official who does it, we will drum you out. that only in the house, possibly the senate. that is the problem they are facing politically. >> jason: i want to ask you really quickly. maxine waters and what she has said away from the capital where she is protected by the speech and debate clause. have you seen her step over the line? anything that is illegal? >> i don't know about illegal.
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she is doing a great disservice. there's absolutely no place in the bubble >> reporter: public discourse for that. there is no place for it. life is tough enough. it is tough to be away from your family. it is tough to take the public's stomach public criticism. to have another member inciting that come at steps over the line. i think you very much. the three of you. please stay at home with us. trey gaudi is here next to discuss anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok's testimony on capitol hill. this special edition of hannity continues. ♪ to wait for the future.
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>> jason: welcome back to the special edition of hannity. anti-trump, peter strzok has been sentenced to testify. next tuesday. according to his attorney, peter strzok may not comply with his subpoena. watch this. >> will your client comply with the subpoena or the request? will he come on and do another interview? >> my client will testify publicly soon. somewhere, sometime. we just got the subpoena today. i don't know whether or not we will be testifying next tuesday in front of these two particular. >> why isn't an automatic yes? >> we have forced to become to the conclusion, this is not a search for truth. this is a chance for republican members of the house to go against their radical conspiracy
6:24 pm
minded constituents. >> jason: house oversight chairman, trey gaudi. he is the author of a book with the senator, called "unified. thank you for joining us. the conspiracy theories that he was talking about. that republicans by the end. i want to play a clip, that you were one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. hopefully this clip. >> sadly here we have members of congress willing to prostrate themselves and give them anything he wants. speak what you want to name names? >> the four horsemen of this apocalypse have been to have avenue does, trey gaudi, mark meadows and jim jordan. they had been leading the charg charge. for the justice department to give them materials that can be misrepresented. in the service of the president.
6:25 pm
>> jason: interesting comments. mr. gaudi, how many times have you interacted with donald trum donald trump? >> i have never met him. i've never had a conversation with him. initially i take that as a compliment. at a time someone says you are part of the horsemen, i thought it was a compliment. it was my mom wife who later si think he is talking about the guys from the book of revelations. adam has had a terrible last couple of years. he wanted to be the attorney general under hillary clinton. nobody in the country worked harder to protect her than him. he wanted to be the head of the cia. he wanted to run for california and run for senate. he couldn't when either of thos those. now he wants to be the chairman of the house intelligence committee. speaking of the apocalypse. he wants to be the chairman of
6:26 pm
the house intelligence committe committee. if you ever had a couple of free months, go back and think of all the things you would not know if you had taken his advice. you wouldn't know the spontaneous reaction to a video was a hoax in libya. you would never have read the first chris stevens email. adam shifted everything and has power to keep you from finding out. would know about the dossier. you would know it was used under a court proceeding. would know about strzok and page. in fact, you wouldn't be having a show tonight. if adam had have his way. if maxine waters wants to make him the attorney general, more power to it. otherwise, nobody gives much of a damn. >> jason: he has
6:27 pm
misled and misused that position. for my own personal vantage point from time to time again. coming before you is peter strzok. as i recall, he said he would voluntary testify. then you heard his attorney in that clip today, he may not show up. >> i am certainly sorry if anyone hurt his feelings last week in the 13 hours we spent. the only thing i did was go over what he had written. if he is offended, he is offended with things that he wrote. he wrote a lot of texts. there are emails. of course he's going to be asked, what did you mean? i can't use all of the words. on a family-friendly show on years. what do you mean by this? what did he mean by blanking this? here's what is important. he is supposed to be
6:28 pm
investigating hillary clinton. in march of 2016, while he is supposed to be investigating her, he hadn't even interviewed her. she he thinks she should win. they didn't even have a republican nominee. she will when 100 million, 20. in march of 2016, this according to the guy who was supposed to be interviewing her. in july when the russia probe starts, he is saying terrible things about the guy he is investigating. and then we get to the mueller probe. he has been at all three. hillary clinton, russia probe, mueller probe. he is talking about impeachment even before the house democrats were talking about it. he has been on the case three days before he is artie talking about impeaching the president.
6:29 pm
of course we will have a lot of questions. some of them might be uncomfortable he is going to come in front of a public hearing. he's coming. he would rather go in front of adam. they have a lot in common. they both wanted hillary clinton to be president. he is going to come before our two committees whether he wants to or not. peter strzok did not have an insignificant job. he didn't work for the fish and wildlife departments. he was number two in this bureau. they have tens of thousands of people to choose from. have you found out why he was selected or appointed to be on the mueller probe? >> you have to go all the way back to clinton. he was on the clinton probe. in july, not only was he on the russia probe, he was the lead
6:30 pm
agent on the russia probe, premueller. we just got through jim comey. three weeks later, he is working on donald trump's campaign and the russia probe. i think that group was then transposed to the russia probe, many of them were trance to the mueller probe. the moment he found out about these test, he got rid of peter strzok. if it was bad enough for bob muller to get rid of him the moment he found out about those tax, they weren't written in march 2017. they were written in march 2016. he never should have been on any of these three probes. that should have been enough to kick him up when he said it, that was early in 2016. completely the wrong person. the fbi's reputation. there are lots and lots of
6:31 pm
fantastic fbi agents. 99.9% of them. hamm, lisa page, other people not identified. number one jim call me, you were there. comey said they didn't give a hoot about politics. go read these texts. they read they gave more than a hoot. >> jason: lisa page was on the other end. what will happen with her? >> she is coming to. i heard your guests were on before me. i disagree. if you have 12 hours to spend with a witness, you better do it. i got to ten hours with him last week. will interview her, then i hope we have a public hearing. what is more important to me, all these questions get answere answered. if you want a serious investigation, take the ten
6:32 pm
hours instead of the 5 minutes. >> jason: and they need to get the documents. trey gaudi, thank you. coming up on the special edition. president trump earlier previewed his upcoming foreign policy trip, including his meeting with vladimir putin. wait until you hear what he had to say about this. after the break. these are called ♪ trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. it works 24/7. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes or if you have type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, you're allergic to trulicity,
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>> i'm going to tell nato, you have to start paying your bills. the united states has to stop taking care of everything. they go out and make a deal, oil and gas from russia. they pay billions and billions of dollars. to russia. okay? they want to protect against russia, yet they pay billions of dollars to russia. we just get end up paying for e
6:37 pm
whole thing. since i came here, almost $33 million is protected. it is not enough. to the ever tell you that? no. they are saying, will president trump be ready? let it be he's kgb. he is fine. we are all fine. have i been prepared? i've been preparing for the stuff my whole life. >> jason: welcome back to the special edition of hannity. that was president trump at his rally in montana discussing his upcoming foreign policy agenda. he is preparing for a major trip where he will visit nato members in belgium, traveled to the u.k. and sit down with vladimir puti vladimir putin. there are already reports that the president will face while abroad.
6:38 pm
he will be protested in each stage. reports that nato allies hope for harmony. joining me now for a reaction, contributors, allen west, and richard. richard, we'll start start with you. is there anything wrong with donald trump meeting with vladimir putin one on one? >> tucker: i'm happy he's doing that. i think we can work on mending defenses of nato. mending defenses of mexico, canada. >> how about building a fence with mexico? >> at midnight tonight we started trade war with china. we put a hundred and 18 of their items. on top of that, we are in a small trade war with canada, the european union. we need all these countries to work with us. if we want to counterbalance this. we are playing this game of the u.s. is going alone against the
6:39 pm
world. that is problematic for foreign policy. especially when we have allies that are willing to go with us against china and russia. >> jason: colonel allen west, how do you see this playing out? is he right or wrong? >> i find it very interesting, richard would say that the number one flow is russia. but as something that barack obama did not believe back in 2012. the most important thing is that we have to understand you are dealing with someone, vladimir putin said his number one disappointment was the collapse of the soviet union. there will never be a restoration of that. over the last two months we have seen major metairie exercises. special exercise. a conventional exercise with their comrades. as well as our folks down there
6:40 pm
in poland's. it's important we continue to show that cooperation. my first assignment was with a nato airborne force. we need the people to step up. they should not be buying all the natural gas from russia. that would help to undermine his economic viability. >> jason: let's go to a clip. i want to show you president trump 30 years ago when he was on oprah winfrey's show talking about the nature of nato to step up. >> you took out a full add criticizing u.s. foreign policy. what would you do differently? >> forget about the enemies. i would make our allies pay their fair share. something will happen within these next couple of years. we let japan come in and dump everything in our market. it is not free trade. kuwait? they lived like kings. and yet they are not paying. we make it possible for them to
6:41 pm
sell their oil. why aren't they paying us which markets a joke. >> jason: that was 30 years ago. richard trump has had that posir a while. isn't the president right that they should be paying their fair share? >> every president has said that. let's remember why nato exists. it is created to balance the soviet union. you and number one thing is to bring back the soviet union for vladimir putin. nato is the only speed bump. if we are the world leader, we are the number one leading democracy. the city upon the hill. that will require that we put some skin in the game. >> jason: germany puts 1%! >> i'm not saying they shouldn't pay more. getting in a fight with nato, it is not the way to get there.
6:42 pm
the president getting in a fight with nato, it is not going to win us any new friends. it will only create more enemies. >> jason: i see that is not trying to go alone. partners, pony up. when germany only puts in one. some of these others put in a little amount. they need to catch up. colonel west, these allies are pivotal to doing what we need to do. isn't it fair for nato to pay more? and support united states? >> i have to tell richard, he is looking at a guy who wants to put his skin in this game. as well as hundreds of thousands of soldiers, sailors have been doing that. we provided that defensive shields without the european nation would be able to stand up on their own two feet. instead of them charging tariffs, they should be ponying
6:43 pm
up. they should be standing up with us to push back against this incredible foe that we see. what you see with latvia, lithuania, poland, those countries are doing exactly what president trump is saying. put your shoulder to the wheel, stand there with us. >> yes that is true. >> jason: us having nato as part of our role. >> number two, more importantly when our troops are over there it is united states power that is important. if you want to be the world leaders, we have to continue to show that. >> we've always been that. if making sure that things are fair and balanced. donald trump putting america first is what he campaigned on, it is what he is doing. >> jason: thank you so much. we appreciate it.
6:44 pm
coming up on the special edition of hannity, trump is going after the left. democrats calls to abolish ice. more and that's next. ♪ matt: whoo! whoo! jen: but that all changed when we bought a house. matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪ i'm awake. but it was pretty nifty when jen showed me how easy it was to protect our home and auto with progressive. [ wrapper crinkling ] get this butterscotch out of here. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. there's quite a bit of work, 'cause this was all -- this was all stapled. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us.
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>> he signed up for the democrats radical immigration agenda. which is let them come in. we believe they say, and sanctuary cities where they house the criminals. and others. we believe and strong borders, no crime. it's very simple. the new platform of the
6:49 pm
democratic party is to abolish ice. they want to abolish immigration enforcement entirely. that's what they want to do. they want everybody coming in. >> jason: welcome back to this special edition of hannity. that was president trump and montana. blasting democrats for their weak policies on border security in their tax on ice. as remarks come a day after several leftists revealed a abolish ice banner. one protester even climbed the statue of liberty which led to her arrest. the president addressed the protester tonight at his rally. >> you saw that clown yesterday on the statue of liberty? >> jason: i wouldn't of done it. let's get some nuts and let's wait till she comes. just get some nuts. >> jason: i think that would've actually worked. he took another shot at
6:50 pm
democrats. tweeting "every day the brave men are going from savage gangs. we will not stand for these smears and law enforcement. we will always stand proudly with the brave heroes of ice and border control." joining us now the author of the upcoming book, "mad politics." gina lowden. also with us, catalina. kathy, i want to ask you first. to the democrats, do they think they are scoring points with the american people with instituting this persistent movement? does that really move their agenda? >> the march? the woman's marches? that is a good movement. this fringe movement with the abolish ice, what is going on there. no, americans are not siding with hats.
6:51 pm
>> jason: you of members of congress introducing that? >> it is a fringe moments. it's a fringe movements. i don't see that does the face of the party. it will be more moderate in november. no. >> jason: i don't see any harm. marching is the american way. it's a healthy thing. gina, we have been seeing people that's evan out there, abolish ice. i don't want any borders. saying they shouldn't even arrest people within a hundred miles. you get a free pass for a hundred miles. do you think that is resonating with the american people? >> [laughs] no. people like kathy are trying to deny what is really going on. let me ask you this. where's the outrage today for what happened on the fourth of july at her statue of liberty?
6:52 pm
people traveled all across the world and had one day to see the statue of liberty. they didn't get to. the families that wanted to spend their independence day celebrating that way. where's the outrage from the democrats if they don't stand by what happened there? >> their day is not ruined. their day was enlightened. they were able to see what trump is doing to america. they were able to see a perfect example. >> has day was made. >> jason: you think that was enlightening? this is what >> it's a fringe mt trump is causing. >> jason: trump is not because of the french movement, he is trying to protect america. >> he was part of it. now he is causing people to lose their minds. climbed the statue of liberty and show the rest of the world.
6:53 pm
he started the birther movement. he's familiar with these fringe movements. >> ever since they have started this ridiculous immigration part that everybody knows is a lie. the president's numbers with hispanics has gone up ten point points. you can't make the argument that things are working. here's why it is really wrong. they are preying on the back of children. suppose the democrats get their way. they get to abolish ice. they get their way that when someone crosses the border, that they are turned free in the united states. they can go live happily ever after. note what my dominic will happ? >> that is american-made
6:54 pm
products. >> have you even considered the actual outcome with the families that it will separate? the children that it will kill if you guys all got your way. >> jason: kathy, do you guys support the abolishment of ice push mark >> absolutely not. we have terrorists in the world. one of my best friends from high school works with border control. >> no, that is like the birther movement. that is like on the french. >> jason: but you're supporting the person who climbed the statue of liberty? >> she is free. she is showing with this trump moment is causing in america. >> jason: she is breaking the law. people pay money. >> they are seeing exactly what the trump administration has caused some people to do. >> they are seeing how radical these laughs and socialists are.
6:55 pm
americans including black and hispanics are walking away in droves. >> i'm hispanic and i'm standing here strong. you don't speak for all hispanics. i'm sitting here. >> i didn't claim to speak for all hispanics. >> no, they are running away in droves. >> a very deceptive spiked. >> no, i just trump deceptive spiked. >> you need to stop conflating mass. >> jason: coming up more on this special edition of hannity. we will be right back. ♪ idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs,
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>> jason: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." that's all the time we have left. thank you for joining us. sean will be back on monday. i am jason. jason and the house if you are
7:00 pm
following me on social media. pete, it is all years. >> jake your natural. nicely done. >> pete: good evening from new york city. welcome to the "the ingram angle. in tonight for laura. there is lot stomach of neuss. making waves as you can imagine from anything to illegal immigration to maxine waters, his favorite nickname for his favorite senator. we have it all covered for you. plus, three candidates are said to remain for president trump supreme court pick. we have new details on the democratic onslaught against whoever the finalist is, no matter who he or she may be. and why we could be seen the democratic party self-destruct before our eyes. news