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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 5, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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i will be back in the seat for better or for worse tomorrow evening. not morning. until then, ed is filling in for shannon. >> i'm not used to seeing u.s. knights >> ed: we missed you. i have a big reveal. i have a present for you. we'll bring it to you on saturday. no joke. it has to do with your future. >> a present from ed's. >> ed: this is a fox news alert, we are just learning about a tragic development in thailand. the rescue mission for those trapped boys and their soccer coach. we will have more on that in just a moment's. meanwhile, president trump on offense. campaign style, what has dubbed the montana melee. he had choice words for
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everyone. from maxine waters, to warren. plus, the president attacking hillary clinton in the whole democratic party. singley created a russian bruce, because they were kicked in 2016. : the woman who climbed the statue of liberty, a clown. a woman who said she was inspired by michelle obama. the presidents list from the supreme court justice. we have the late-breaking details. america's top diplomat is in route to north korea. he plans to get details on his promise to do nuclear eyes, a promise that appears to be getting shaky. mike pompeo is landing soon. we are tracking him. i am in again for shannon. breaking news with scott pruitt.
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he abruptly resigned today citing unrelenting personal attacks. the president praised him for accomplishing a lot for the economy by stripping environmental regulations. his 10-year had engulfed by a controversial habits. that interview i did with the administrators a couple months back. >> he said he would drain the swamp. does draining the swamp, renting an apartment from the wife of a lobbyist? >> that is not fair to ask. >> i lost my whole career, i worked 20 years for it. i was one of his first guys. i couldn't put up with it anymore. i love this administration. i love the president. scott pruitt, everything i witness, i couldn't be a part of. >> our correspondent does live where the president just wrapped up the rally.
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it was focused on the senate battle, it seemed to morph into a lot more. >> high, edge. this was a long rally. he went after a host of democrats. he did not make mention of the director, scott pruitt. however, he was asked about that just before the rally. in that gaggle he said "there was no final straw. he's a terrific guy. he seemed to me, i have such confidence. i don't want to be a distraction. clearly, he was a distraction. it was a packed arena. 6,000." many more could not get in. he was running against john. trump attacked him for a good 1. he also went after some familiar folks. >> she has a low iq individual.
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maxine waters. honestly, she is the mid 60s. pocahontas i apologize to you. i apologize. to you i apologize. to the fake pocahontas, i won't. a vote for the democrats in november is a vote to let ms-13 were on the wild. to let drugs pour into our cities. to take jobs the benefits away from our hardworking americans. get out to vote. is that okay? vote for matt! they're gonna say oh that was not presidential. >> ed: he is getting a lot of support from the trump family and big conservative packs across the country.
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over $5 million on him. donald trump jr. has been to montana a couple times. he was there today and was promising to come back for more. clearly, this was a personal race. the polls show that john tester, he still has a lead. he has won two elections. a very red state. it will vote for democrats for congress. he has an eight-point lead. this has a state that trump won by 20 points. >> ed: he probably wants to lobby him. dan springer, we appreciate it. another big story. special counsel robert moeller is getting more manpower. she is looking into what it might mean. good evening. >> confirmed that fox, robert moeller is making more use of lawyers as well as attorneys.
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the team is an indicator that is not directly related to the russian include pro. allegations of money laundering and tax fraud. >> and his personal attorney michael: is under investigation. to the 1:30 thousand payment to stormy daniels. he is in the lead. >> they found different things. they are ready to indict certain cases. they are dragging in the local prosecutors to run this business. they will be going after the special counsel shut down. >> he declined a commons. his team will be in the d.c. court on tuesday.
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the delayed sentencing of mike flynn. >> ed: trump also taking some shots of the doj. starting with those remarks directed at his campaign rival, hillary clinton. >> she gets special treatment under the justice department. after spending 22 million, it is awfully tough. the house just left. they said there is no collusion. can you imagine? all a ruse. an excuse for the democrats who lost an election. who actually got kicked. tom diprete joins us live. keep it clean. the 22 million. it sounds like he is referring to the budgets of robert moeller. the white house is getting frustrated. >> he's been beating this drum for a long time. this shows he will keep doing
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that up until and possibly through the midterm elections. he has been getting some traction. look at the poll numbers. people's confidence in the mueller investigation. it's been dropping. the president's constant harping ester and to resonate. >> ed: is a religion when it'se beach? now we hear, he has not winding down. he is adding more prosecutors. >> what it shows, the investigation is broadening. they do. if you think about it, he has a whole bunch of battles. he is fighting. he has people of different states, different types of investigations. it doesn't surprise me. >> different possibilities. >> exactly. some have to do with russia, some don't. he is trying to marshal his
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resources, bring in extra help. also to position himself, when he focuses on russia. there will be other prosecutors. >> it can't be good for the president politically if this keeps going. the longer it goes, the more annoying it is. it potentially charges the road. on the other hand, if prosecutors are being brought in. they are doing with other sidebars that are not about russia collusion. can this help the president? >> it can in several ways. one points that you make note of, the president has consistently said and so far mueller hasn't showed his hand yet. he hasn't been able to link them. the president considers all the smoke, where's the fire? you had a year or more. you still haven't seen anything. the fact that mueller has been able to bring charges against the president, it sees me everybody but the president.
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>> ed: meanwhile, we don't know if they'll get an intervie interview. he will issue a subpoena. if he were to do that, it could go all the way to the supreme court. we have an announcement on monday. the next justice could be thrown into the soup deciding to our side with the president? or not. >> you are absolutely right. if mueller does take the road to subpoenaing. that will not be resolved overnight. that'll be eight legal battle. if it does my guess is that any justice that he nominates, may have to recuse. i'm not entirely sure of that. >> ed: we will get to the short list. it'll be interesting to see if it is brett cavanagh, somebody else. amy coney barrett. right into the mix. >> absolutely. >> ed: the department of homeland security is seeing a drop in border apprehensions after the administration stated
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a zero policy. good evening trey. >> the department of homeland security has released new numbers showing the zero polyatomic policy. for example and make, 52 thousandths were turned away at the border. in june, after the zero tolerance policy went to a fact, it dropped below 43,000. that is the first time they have been below 50,000 since februar february. health and human services are still looking to reunite a 3,000 children who may have been separated from their parents. i say may have, because it's documented that children who are brought into the u.s. were posed with parents. they are now checking dna and criminal records. >> we have to confirm that the people who are claiming to be their parents are actually their parents. we have to confirm that the
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parents are suitable to be placed back with. that's what we do. >> they're not buying that sank when the government wants to marshal its resources to separate families, it has shown that it could do it quickly and efficiently. when told to reunite families, it is somehow finds it too difficult and cumbersome to accomplish. despite those only left criticizing border agents and call into a abolish immigration and customs. tonight, a campaign rally in montana. the president said the border patrol and ice are heroes. >> if you want borders. how about a borders? wouldn't it be nice? yes, we are already building the wall. >> and a opinion piece, he wrote building the wall is the only
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humane and permanent solution to the crisis at the border. "as long as people think they can cross it, they will continue to try." the journey is dangerous enough periods traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles on foot option and extreme heat. without adequate water, it is no easy trip for an adult, let alone a child. human smugglers don't think twice before leaving illegal immigrants to die and locked trailers under the desert sun. we should note this weekend alone, they rescued 64 migrants trapped in tractor-trailers. they rescued more than 400 people in the past two months. >> ed: thank you. the president also taking aim at the statue of liberty protester. they want to abolish ice. they said, she was inspired by a former first lady. >> michelle obama.
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our beloved first lady, that i care so much about. she said when they go high, we go high. i went as high as i could. >> did you see that clown yesterday? is he the guys who went up there? i wouldn't have done it. i would've said let's get some nets. let's wait till she comes down. >> ed: the way in. fox news contributor guy benson, he has a new radio show. it is great to check it out. >> gentlemen. >> ed: the woman who scaled lady liberty was quoting michelle obama, who i thought when she said it was talking about civility. she was saying they go low, we go high. we don't get petty. aren't these protesters getting petty? >> this is not exactly what she
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had in mind when she said it. the issue of family separation is a very potent issue for democrats in this election. democrats have both the political and moral high ground on this issue. anything that democrats do to distract from the message, just shooting themselves in the foot. i don't think most democrats ar are. most are very focused on the message. scaling lady liberty, it's a distraction. >> ed: i haven't heard chuck schumer sank cool this. i'm not hearing leadership in your party stand out. >> it is a very small minority who are calling for the abolition of ice. if anything you care more democrats saying slow your roll. this won't get us what we need. which is to get these families
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back together. talking about eliminating ice, it's a distraction from the bigger issue. >> ed: he says that family separation issue is potent but abolish ice, it could be potent for republicans. >> they couldn't ask for anything better than protesters climbing on the statue of liberty. >> ed: on july 4th. >> talking about health care policy, talking about abolish ice. that's what we call off message. that is fine. unfortunately, it's odd message for a significant part of your party's base. if they were to just focus on this issue, they would be a much safer political ground. they can't help themselves. they are all trying to outdo one another. it seems at the latest litmus test is abolishing ice. party leadership is doing this dance, they don't want to endorse it. the hard core element their base
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loves that. we will see. >> it's still a very small minority. some people jumped on this after a very progressive candidate one. that was her platform. many democrats around the country, they are running this election, they are not talking about that. >> ed: she jumped on this right away. >> she said let's take a look at this. i think reforming ice as a very smart and safe place to be. lesser quality policy. let's check with the practices. i don't think most are jumping. >> ed: we talked about talking about civility. listen to hunter, he is a teenager who was wearing a make america great again at a waterpark. he saw this video, it's gone viral. this guy ripped his hat off. he threw soda at him. what is happening?
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>> it is bad behavior by one individual. we are seeing these flareup, becoming more frequent. there are allegations that may be the kids had something racial. you don't put your hands on a political opponents, period. during a drink in his face, ripping something off his head. the police say they are investigating something. we don't know what happened before that. any number of things could have happened. abolish ice, when maxine waters said let's make this really hard for trump supporters. why are more people not saying, that is not cool. >> nancy pelosi said she disagreed. we are in a very similar place. we both believe that there needs to be more civility.
8:19 pm
what happened there based on what we have seen so far, it shouldn't have happened. just as the violence that was taken against the democrats during the obamacare fight and 2011. the trump supporters who watched a throat and stomach protester a rally we been heading down a dangerous path. we have always thrown sharp elbows, it is getting bad. >> get the temperature down. let's have a conversation. it's okay to get angry in politics to get out of the ballot box. >> ed: when we return. those 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a cave in tidelands. there are some breaking news. tragedy is striking. a navy seal that just lost his life. we will break it down and talk about it next. the latest on the monday's big announcement.
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the president gets a once in a generation chance to reshape the high courts. the short-list just got shorter. we have the scoop. >> monday at 9:00, you will be extremely happy. >> might pompeo, expecting to arrive any time. it is the regime is serious about denuclearization? julian turner joins us. ♪ crest 3d white removes... ...95% of surface stains in just 3 days... ...for a whiter smile... that will win them over. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. no mathere are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep.
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like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. >> ed: president trump getting ready to reveal his next supreme court justice on monday night. we are hearing who is on the short-list despite some input from chuck schumer. the latest press, another big nights. good evening. >> president trump told reporters that his short list has shrunk to four. he thinks he has it narrowed down, to two or three finalists. he hopes of a decision by sunday. on monday, the big primetime announcement. something he made official during that's rally tonight in montana. >> monday at 9:00 p.m. you'll be extremely happy with
8:25 pm
the selection. >> as he zeroes in on his pick, sources say he has narrowed it down to three charges. all of whom are widely known to be conservatives. brett cavanaugh, amy coney barrett. cavanaugh, spotted leaving home this morning. a steady washington insider. he sits on the same court that served as a stepping stone for three current judges. he clerked for kennedy. he has ties to his former boss, george w. bush. some conservatives are trying to torpedo it. pointing to his 2011 opinion. the court couldn't decide the fate of the obamacare individual mandate. judge raymond kath ridge. he is known for being a bit of a loner, less high profile.
8:26 pm
he is also a lot less controversial. it could help him get confirmed. and then there is amy coney barrett. the only female finalists. seven children. a devout catholic. her writings on overturning the president raised a rag flag with a senator, susan collins. she fears she might overturn roe v. wade. tonight, he thanked kennedy. >> he left because he said, you will pick someone great. >> democrats say nobody on the list is acceptable. chuck schumer has privately urged the president to pick garland, who was first nominated by president obama. other democrats are putting pressure on senators, lisa murkowski and susan collins. >> one liberal group is trying to send millions of dollars and activism in his home state.
8:27 pm
alaska and maine. the same strategy they used for the effort to repeal obamacare. >> ed: we appreciate it. america's top diplomat, mike pompeo. we hope to fill in the details. during their historic summits. there are concerns, he may be backpedaling. good evening. >> we saw that may be mike pompeo would have arrived already. he will arrive in just a few moments. any moment now. in his third face-to-face meeting. he will spend the next two days speeding there, he will overnights be in the capital for the first time. >> we signed a wonderful paper, saying they will d nuclear rise. it will happen. >> the secretary of state is landing there. mike pompeo tweeting, i spoke
8:28 pm
with the potus what we are the air. he believes that he sees a future for the people of north korea. we both hope that is true. now, with the hullabaloo of that. the state department says he was rolled down on the million-dollar question. the future of denuclearization. >> we've had very clear conversations. there'll be no surprises in terms of what we are asking them to do. our policy remains the same today as it was at the singapore summits. nothing in that regard has changed. >> this trip comes at a crucial moment. the future of it hangs. new intelligence reports this week indicates he may already be backtracking on the commitment he made to trump in june. 2d nuclear rise. operatives are ringing alarm bells after a series of satellite images showed him
8:29 pm
continuing to build up his uranium facility. as well as to other sites. the advisor cautions, this administration is not naive. >> we've seen how they have behaved. the president has been very clear. he will not make the mistakes. he will pursue this spirit we will see what happens. >> ever sense that, the officials have been trying to nail down the details of the agreement, as well as the road map. national security sources tell fox news the two sides haven't yet agreed on what that means. president trump, he is remaining optimistic. tweeting "many good conversations with north korea. it is going well. in the meantime, no rocket launches or testing." all of thrilled. pompeo said both sides have outlined how much is has transformed communications.
8:30 pm
he reiterated, this will build momentum towards that future relationship. >> ed: julian turner, thank you. it's official. the white house announcing, bill shine. he was copresident of the fox news channel and the business network. he will serve as assistant to the president. the white house statement says, he has worked over two decades. a true fact. personally, i wish him well. we are moments away from a trade war with china. when we return. plus, tragedy and tidelands. can the team be rescued before the next round of heavy rains come this weekend? joining us, dave sears. former u.s. navy seal.
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>> ed: time now for, where in the world. the u.s. will impose $34 billion in tariffs on imported chinese machinery. auto parts as well as medical devices. they will respond immediately to what they call equivalent tariffs. that will include cheese, corn, soybeans, and vehicles. they will cover over 18 categories. china will place categories on over 500 500 of u.s. products. while this has driven considerable concern in the heartland and the free trade wing of the republican party, economists say the threat is a bit overblown. >> the cost will not be at large as some people think. we are talking tariffs from ten to 25%. 50 to $100 billion. that is a tiny fraction of the
8:36 pm
overall u.s. economy. less than 1%. >> ed: another surprise from the mexican president. he said he will invite trump to his december 1st inauguration. he said he will break the deal withdrawal. under which the u.s. will help get on my development in central america, as mexico works to reduce northern migration. this is a fox news alert, very serious story. a former thai navy seal has died working to rescue the boys the cave. he was working in a volunteer capacity, he died during an overnight mission replacing oxygen canisters. they are now racing to pump out water from a flooded cave for those 12 boys and their soccer coach have been trapped since june 23rd. rescuers are in a race against time, but also the weather.
8:37 pm
monsoon rains are about to strike again. let's turn to the former navy seal. dave, first of all, talk about this development. about this former navy seal going into help. we would expect he had real experience, and yet he died. >> absolutely. it is all hands on deck trying to get these kids out. what he is doing, he is trying to presave canisters of oxygen so they can get the kids out on a fixed slide, or they need to dive them. he died doing that. this is such a dangerous event doing that. small, confined spaces. the dark murky waters. >> ed: it is dark. very little visibility. finished and that some rescuers got to them to try to get them out. they have gotten food and water that have kept them going.
8:38 pm
we are reaching a critical stage. >> we are. you're trying to get enough water out of the cave so they can walk the majority person out. the need to go through rocks and underthings. plan b, who tried to dive them off. while the waters are low. plan c, wait four months for monsoon season to end. they stay in the cave. they walk four months later. >> ed: first of all, monsoon season is supposed to be there this weekend. once that happens the rains will be so intense that they will not be able to get out. >> it is probable. nonstop rain. >> ed: we are investigating a previous incident, that mining instant in chile. 33 chilean mine workers were trapped underground. they were rescued after 69 days.
8:39 pm
maybe you could survive for a couple months, as that case, food and water were brought down to them. whether or not in the middle of a monsoon you can get more food and water to these boys is an open question. >> they have artie saved four months there. >> select could potentially get them through a monsoon? my only question, to the waters rise too high? there is still a large cave system behind them. that is also under some water. they do believe that they can get through four months. >> ed: is that there has been helped. have survived. i talk to you after the air. you are starting to lose hope. >> i would lose hope on this devon portion started to come. plan a, may be plan b. unless they get a lot more water. you are started to look at this
8:40 pm
four month wait. monsoon season. and then, there is more complexity. what if the cave collapses? there are whole lot of other issues. obviously our hopes are up, our prayers are with them. >> ed: plan c? >> they're talking about drilling. some people are weighing in, from elon to others. what i have heard, it is like hitting a needle in a haystack. how is it like finding that pockets. it is pretty far down. they said almost, 3,000 feet. >> ed: pretty intense. >> that is another variant not a viable option. >> ed: we wish you back. a best. when we return. another former ohio wrestler says that the congressman knew about the sexual abuse, he was
8:41 pm
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>> ed: a fox news alert. capitol police officials are looking at emails from jim gordon. he is a former coach of the ohio state wrestling team. tonight, another former wrestler from the team has reclaimed that he is not being truthful when he
8:45 pm
says he did not know the team doctor was sexually abusing athletes. here's what he is saying about it all. >> alligood do is tell the trut truth. we said that we are happy to sit down with the firm doing the investigation. i find it interesting that they can't find his email address. they can't tell us who they talk to when they called her office. but yet, they can tell the press that they reached out to us and we didn't respond. that is just ridiculous. >> ed: he is talking about the emails there. he's here to break it down. first of all, these kinds of accusations are very serious. i wonder on the substance of it, what is he saying? you have a fourth wrestler saying he was groped by the team doctor. that basically they talk to them, he didn't do anything. >> he and his office have been denying it all the way through.
8:46 pm
what we do have here are these emails now, he wrestled under jim jordan. there are a couple things. i talk to them tonight, he said the reason he started to send these emails, if you read through them they are peppered with emojis. the prose is hard to understand. he said, i want to understand and reach out to somebody like jim jordan. he started to do this in march, he followed up and mail in june. he's in a high profile position. he needs to lead. in one email he called him reverend james. a squeaky clean image. if he's not, he needs to cut through his words. >> ed: they are saying speak out now. what evidence if any is or that he knew or didn't know years ago in the 90s that this sexual abuse was going on? is there customer >> there isn't, and that is the problem. how do you go back and say i
8:47 pm
knew something 35 years ago. how do i prove this? this is what will hang over him. he made very clear that he wants to run for leadership next year. >> ed: he could be the next figure of the house. >> there could be something there if they lose. you don't know the leadership will do it. >> ed: we don't know of any evidence that proves that he knew about the sexual abuse. also, innocent until proven guilty. is there any hint in the emails, i know it is early in the investigation that this person out there was trying to blackmail him? suggesting, you have something here, we will expose it? >> he was taking advantage of his position. you were someone at the time that this was going on, if you look at who was copied on these emails. they were sent to jim jordan. when i saw, it was sent to the head wrestling coach. archie griffin, the two-time
8:48 pm
heisman trophy winner. all of her luck, the father of the double nca. >> ed: so there wrote to prominent people. bottom line, people around him, he's been going after the fbi. the justice department. he is demanding answers and the trump and clinton investigation investigations. maybe someone somewhere is trying to get back at him. >> he is use that narrative. when you look at some smoking gun that connects those things. there is nothing. what you could be having here is that he wants to move up, he's been very vocal on the fbi. what they knew that the doj. when that happens, you get a bigger target on your back. if you have this damocles hanging over you that nobody can prove or disprove, that could undercut you in a potential leadership race. >> ed: again, no evidence that he did anything wrong. 15 seconds.
8:49 pm
you will have to explain any of this? what is the next move. >> things will heat up when they come to session next week. congress is out until tuesday. the house comes back on tuesday. that is when this will get big. >> ed: thank you. when we return right out of a spy novel. people are blaming russia for the latest poison attacks. russia denies it. agyeman hall is looking for the answers. he joins us. ♪ febreze air effects doesn't just mask, it cleans away odors. because the things you love can stink. who's already won three cars, two motorcycles, a boat, and an r.v. i would not want to pay that insurance bill. [ ding ] -oh, i have progressive, so i just bundled everything with my home insurance. saved me a ton of money. -love you, gary! -you don't have to buzz in. it's not a question, gary. on march 1, 1810 -- [ ding ] -frédéric chopin. -collapsing in 226 -- [ ding ]
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a couple of britain has been poisoned by a nerve agent, often found in russia. that was used with a former russian spy and his daughter. it was not intentional. >> to british suns are now in critical condition after falling victim to the same soviet nerve agent that nearly killed the russian spy, and his daughter. they were found collapsed at a residential building 8 miles from where they were found. police say there was nothing in their background to suggest they were targeted. now authorities cautioned off six sites.
8:54 pm
making the assumption that they came in contact with the poison that was left over. >> to see two more people exposed to that in the u.k., it is deeply disturbing. the police i know will be leaving no stern stomach stone unturned. >> they say the nerve agent was that he used against the couple. they are not sure if the two samples came from the same batch. finding it could be hard. they have called on moscow to provide information. the russian continues to deny involvement. they accuse the u.k. of dirty political games. >> we are calling on the government teresa may to stop playing games with chemical agents. >> according to report, the russian spy and his daughter are recovering well. this new poisoning will serve as a reminder of the aggressive actions taken by russia and the u.k. just one week before president trump goes to the
8:55 pm
summit to discuss and part russian aggression. >> four months ago after the case, president trump made the decision to expel 60 russian diplomats as a part of hundred who were expelled from the western nation. that was the largest ever expulsion since the height of the cold war. in a week and a half, he will meet with vladimir putin, you have to imagine that will be in the top of the agenda. >> ed: that has rights. a busy agenda indeed got just a little bit bigger. most watched, grateful he spent the evening with us. i met henry, i will be back for shannon tomorrow as well. join us on friday. good night from washington. i met henry. ♪
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>> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." hope you had a great fourth of july. some on the left were promoteing its very existence. a piece entitle three reasons the american revolution was a mistake. progressives despite donald trump so much, hate has distorted values. for generations, liberals champions free speech, privacy and due process. now they lead the charge against civil


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