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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 6, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> have a great weekend. a lot of supreme court coverage this weekend from in d.c. and the big pick monday. >> yeah. bill will be back monday. thanks. >> it's been great. have a wonderful weekend. "outnumbered" starts now. >> fox news alert for you. the economy, the labor department reporting employers added 213,000 jobs in june. it's higher than expected. on the same day, the trump administration started imposing new tariffs on chinese imports, the jobs gain shows the economic expansion is on solid ground. i'm melissa francis. we have kennedy herself. also from fbn, dagen mcdowell. we have jessica tarlov. and sirius xm host, david webb. he's outnumbered on this friday. you ready? >> i'm ready.
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>> i don't know if everybody can see. you have the red sox on. >> yeah. i'm wearing my dad's flag pin. >> wonderful. >> this is a good day. >> all right. let's get to it. big news for the economy. the labor department announcing that 213,000 jobs were added in june. that was more than expected. the trade deficit dropped in may to its lowest level in 19 months as u.s. exports rose to a record level. president trump talked about how well the economy is doing at a rally in montana last night. >> if these people had gotten elected, you would have went down. they wouldn't have taken the regulations off or the tax cuts, the democrats. you would have had an economy that was going to crash and burn. it was ready. now we have something that is a rocket ship. every time i meet a leader of another country, which is often, they start by saying, sir, i'd like to congratulate you on the
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incredible job you've done with the united states economy. >> every single time. the trump administration began imposing tariffs on $34 billion in chinese imports. china retaliating saying the u.s. is starting the largest trade war in u.s. history. yesterday mexico started their second stage of tariffs on dozens of goods from the u.s. in response to the president's duties on mexican steel and aluminum. mexico is imposing duties on cheese, which could hit paul ryan's home state of wisconsin and on motor boat buildings in florida. senator marco rubio's state. dagen, i'm going to you first. you know where we stand on this. it's getting intense. >> it's getting intense because we have the retaliation from china. it's just the beginning.
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$34 billion of goods that we put tariffs in oncoming from china. china retaliating with tariffs on soy beans. is one out of every three rows of soy beans grows in this country goes to china. again, that hits the heartland, the trump voter. there's another $16 billion in goods that could be tariffed in august. that is on deck. the president is clearly not stopping there. it's $200 billion more. $200 billion more so $450 billion total just coming from china. the problem is, if our real enemy is china with stealing intellectual property and with all the nefarious goings on in that country against our businesses, why didn't we team up with our allies in europe, canada and mexico? instead, we're in a trade fight with them. a tariff is a tax on american
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businesses and a tax on companies. farmers are worried, manufacturers are worried. the only upside the economy is going so strong, we might withstand these so-called negotiations that might help but better happen quick. >> so obviously that's the down side. the potential upside is if the gamble pays off. david, when you talk so some small business owners and trump supporters and willing to ride the tiger, they see it as a negotiation that could end up with lower tariffs in the long run but it's a gamble. >> it's a gamble. here's the real question for americans. how were we going to solve the problem? our allies had no interest in working with us. the eu controls the member nation. they handle the trade. we know how the boys in brussels
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think. it's a leverage game. and china buying smithfield. they needed to feed their population. >> so they're not running for re-election. >> this is about a longer strategy to solve a problem where there has been a trade war, there has been a subsidy fight going on all around the world. there's been subsidizing of companies by solve originations. if we're going to solve the problem, this is where we do it. >> kennedy is ready to jump in. >> the ultimate solution is not to create a centralized economy in the united states. >> we're not creating a centralized economy here. >> we're saying there's a cause and effect relationship between a trade deficit and unemployment. the unemployment rate, although it's at 4%, which went up a little bit because there's more people entering the labor market. there's more jobs being added. there's more economic growth, so there's a disconnect at least what we've been sold -- let me
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finish here, david. we all have a lot to say about this. there's a disconnect here. i understand you want to solve a problem but the problem with intellectual property theft isn't going to be handled or solved with a giant trade war. what you will see are unintended consequences of people being hurt by lost jobs and inflation. when you have that 1-2 punch an hourly wages are not going up as they should be, you can exacerbate it all for the people that support the president the most. >> go ahead. >> a quick part of this. over 155 million americans are working today that number has gone up. the fact that we have certain sectors, a retraction in retail because it's natural. a fast expansion. a growth in construction and manufacturing. other things that will ramp up. you're not going to solve it with bilateral fights with china but you solve it by growing
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various sectors. we started three steel smelters. one meets military standards. that's dangerous. we have to do that. >> steel and aluminum is not taking off. steel and aluminum industries expect higher prices but had not -- >> but dagen, tariffs are terrible. >> we agree. >> why are we doing it? >> because if we end up in the long run with lower tariffs, it's worth it. if he wins this battle, the economy explodes. we go supersonic. if he wins and we get lower tariffs -- the reason why we didn't partner with the e.u., we don't we all drop them? it went over like a lead balloon. >> yeah. but as justin trudeau pointed out, he didn't come to him individually.
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that's what trudeau would have wanted to do. president trump has been talking about this for ages. this goes back decades for him. he thinks we're getting the short end of the stick in every way possible. but there's tens of thousands of agriculture jobs that are sitting there with no one to fill them and that gets into the immigration conversation. the economy is doing well. i don't think it matters between 3.8 and 4%. >> more people are looking for work. you're adding jobs. but that number -- >> you also say you don't have the people to fill them. especially going into a mid-term, having something like this a trade war on your hands that will go on for months, certainly through november -- >> i want to answer to this point. the market is really tolerating this. the market has not collapsed. certainly the economy hand the second quarter is growing at a great clip. maybe we can handle this.
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the strategy that we talk about has not been laid out clearly. we've heard about more retaliation. europe has talked about coming back with tariffs on $300 billion in goods, which is 1/5th of our exports. if president obama had pulled what we've seen in the last six months, we would be shouting to the high heavens, blowing the roof off of this building about obama killing the american farmer. >> and we absolutely would. and that's why we have to have a -- >> you would, david. >> you can't tell me what i would or wouldn't do. i tell you what i will do, i will not take a short-term cyclical political approach to solving what has been a decades-long problem. whether you're right or left on this issue -- >> what if it doesn't work? >> okay. >> if it doesn't work, we're in big trouble. >> tell me what you'd do.
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tell me -- you have no answer. >> that's not true. unfortunately i'm going to respect what melissa francis is trying to do and wrap this up. >> segment two. before i say get rid of the 25% tariff that we have on imported light trucks in this country. i get it. it's not fair. president trump days away from revealing his supreme court pick to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy and pressure to back the nominee will be felt by red state democrats like john tester from montana where the president held a rally for tester's opponent and told the crowd to get ready. >> as you know, there's now a vacancy on the supreme court. if you tune in monday at 9:00, you'll be extremely happy with the selection. they're all great.
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>> the president's interviews over and vice president mike pence also met with top candidates in recent days. the president narrowing his list to federal judges, brett kavanaugh, raymond kethledge and a amy barrett. and liberal groups taking aim in ads. watch this. >> if she were on the supreme court, millions could lose their health insurance. barrett criticized the landmark rolling upholding obamacare. brett kavanaugh is on trump's short list of supreme court nominees. kavanaugh is on his last because he believes the president should be above the law. he thinks the president should have discretion whether and when he can be independently investigated. >> meantime, conservative groups targeting the red state democrats including senators claire mccaskill and heidi heitkamp. david, on this note, i feel like
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there's three of the senators, the democrats, that voted for neil gorsuch last year and they'll be targets of the republicans. joe manchin, heidi heitkamp and joe donnelly. assuming that john mccain doesn't come in to vote you need that. you have to keep your caucus. but what about the democrats coming over? >> the democrats face a couple of tough decisions. the first is inevitably there will be a supreme court justice. it's how you lose the battle. there's ten states where trump won significantly and democrats have to face that. those are three of them. the fact is that what do we see here is the anita hill or the borkin of candidates before one is even nominated. the democrats have played that role before. they'll play it again. stop believing that because if it's, for instance, amy barrett, that they'll back off. they're not. the democrats are playing
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hardball because they're driving to their base, not the republicans and the states where the senators face election. mccaskill is a weak one. tester, i made a promise i would go to montana. a lot of us will go to montana. we better pay attention. >> let's listen to the president ripping tester over voting against gorsuch. >> john tester voted against neil gorsuch. the incredible justice who supports our constitution. that's a hard one to vote against, isn't it? tester opposed many of our amazing judges. yet, i see john tester saying nice things about me and i say yeah, he never votes for me. >> i think he's leaning toward amy coney barrett. i do. she's the more socially conservative of these jurists and confirmation will be easier the next time around. the next time when the court is
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in a real imbalance for liberals, that's when they're going to fight. that's when you'll see the president nominate someone like mike lee, a senator from utah, popular in the senate. he has friends on both sides and he will play that card later on. for now, if democrats try and come at this confirmation process, if he nominates her with an anti catholic, anti-christian bias, they're going to have a real problem on their hands. don't forget about doug jones as well in alabama. he's from a very red state. he accidentally won that senate race. >> a nomination of amy barrett wouldn't look good for the democrats if they go after her faith. remember when she was up for her appellate court position, dianne feinstein saying the dogma lives loud within you. >> i agree. any fight that hinges on
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someone's religion is problematic for the left. there's legitimate objections to all of them. i have to mention john roberts that tweeted james hardiman is also still in the running. he was the runner-up for neil gorsuch there. i don't think mike lee's turn -- >> you think the democrats would vote yes on lee? >> claire mccaskill. there's gradations of the resistance in the democrats. claire mccaskill is much more part of the camp than heidi heitkamp that gets on air force one, talks about tax cuts, talks about voting with the president. >> exactly. >> and you might even pick up a couple more of them. it will be interesting. i'm watching with susan collins and lisa murkowski, pro choice republicans, what they're going to do. they say we can't vote for someone that is openly hostile to roe v. wade and they're not
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going to talk about it and a assume you will respect precedent. >> you have to keep your caucus if you're a democrat or a republican. it's up to mitch mcconnell. >> and it's up to chuck schumer to keep his party in line. the funniest thing about this is the fact that the president keeps saying i'm going to announce it in prime time at 9:00 p.m. monday night. it's like "the bachelor." we're going to see who gets the rose. >> it will be interrupting "the bachelor". >> way to get in that -- >> by the way, i would say that the hot odds are on top hardiman. he was a taxi driver. his story -- >> i didn't know that. >> he's the ladka of supreme court. >> the president takes on maxine walls after she called on people to publicly harass
9:17 am
administration officials. now some 200 women sign a letter telling democrats that they owe the congresswoman an apology. we'll explain and debate. it's deadline day for the gop. they say enough is enough. the department better turn over all requested documents or else. whether it will and would happen, if not. >> mr. rosenstein, why are you keeping information from congress? >> i'm not keeping any information from congress. >> in a few minutes, mr. rosenstein, the house of representatives will say something different. give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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keeping up with the wahh-the-wahh the romeros. carters. patels. the allens. wah... wolanske's. right, them. no one is going to have internet like this. no one is going to have internet like this. gig to more homes than anyone. not just the joneses'. over here. xfinity. the largest gig-speed network. >> the justice department giving more documents to congress ahead of a deadline to turn over information related to the russia investigation. indications are the republican house lawmakers are not satisfied. a source close to the process telling fox the newly-available records do not fully comply with house subpoenas. barring any new developments, the doj has not met the deadline the house imposed last week when it passed a resolution threatening penalties against doj officials if the demands were not met. house freedom caucus chairman mark meadows who called for the
9:22 am
resolution said the house should hold deputy attorney general rod rosenstein in contempt or impeach him if the doj fails to meet today's deadlines. during last week's hearing, jim jordan pushed the deputy a.g. for answers. >> why are you keeping information from continuigress? >> i'm not keeping information -- >> in a few minutes, mr. rosenstein, the house of representatives will say something different. >> i don't agree with you. >> the house of representatives will go on record saying you haven't complied with requests from a separate and equal branch of government, you haven't supplied with subpoenas and you have a week to get your act together. >> i hope you're not under that impression. >> seems as though some of them are. so the rod rosenstein heading the department of justice with jeff sessions recusal? is he hiding critical documents? >> and thank god for
9:23 am
organizations like judicial watch. it's true. rosenstein is stalling. i'm a transparency fan. if they want to go behind closed doors, yes. start there and then go public. rosenstein is effectively running it. sessions recused himself and caused this problem. at some point he has to be called to account. >> is there more withholding than normal here or is this a political tool to remove rosenstein from office? >> i think there's some of that going on. this particular campaign from the freedom caucus members, particularly thinks it would be worse if it was devin nunes doing it himself. rod rosenstein, it wasn't the general impression here, that rod rosenstein was doing well but he did extremely well in that hearing and being very clear what they were doing and what they weren't doing because
9:24 am
they weren't able to. in terms of holding him in contempt that doesn't mean anything long-term. but he's saying throw down the gauntlet. if you want to come at me, that's fine. but jeff sessions' recusal is something that a lot of people felt was necessary considering what had gone on during the campaign -- >> one heck of a recusal. >> and it's up to president trump if he wants a new attorney general, that is available to him. the impression is that he's trying to tamper with this investigation. christopher wray is his guy. these are all trump appointees? >> can we give the president credit for restrain? >> it is amazing at this point. >> he knows the person that steps into that role could be worse. could be harder. >> ultimately it's up to him. we deserve -- kimberly strassel
9:25 am
row about this in the "wall street journal." we deserve to know and find out if the fbi has been lying to the public about the origin of this russia investigation. >> there's so many questions and they could rectify this by releasing the documents. i always err on the side of transparency but here especially because of the unresolved questions. >> the president could declassify everything. if we keep getting stonewalled -- >> what are the political ramification there's? why wouldn't he do it? >> he wouldn't do it because there's two defenses they use for not releases the documents. one, it reveals sources and methods. the fbi is lying and the doj when they say that. all it has shown is they're protecting embarrassment. the other, there's an ongoing investigation. so that becomes more difficult.
9:26 am
once the investigation is over, he could declassify the documents. at this point, it's so partisan, everybody needs to see the original documents and not take anybody's word for the interpretation. >> you can't trust anyone. that's what voters know. there's so many voters on the fence what is the ultimate goal here? is the ultimate goal to have more transparency in government, which i certainly hope it is, or is it to get rod rosenstein out of the department of justice? >> the transparency is the bigger issue. >> are they going to raise the same level of ire and passion when it's another issue where there's so much opacity, you can't see through it but it has nothing to do with benefitting them politically? >> the politics of this gets in the way on both sides. this is where we've always been in agreement, transparency. there's two pages that matter to this. the initial filing for that warrant. >> the fisa. >> for the fisa warrant. >> i would love to see that
9:27 am
application. >> the front page are the signatures of those that signed that what they got is what they got. that alone will unravel this investigation. as you said, melissa, time and time again, we find that they were lying, it's about protecting, embarrassment, protecting the statements, activities, whatever, inside the doj, this is weaponizing a bureau or department against the american people. >> and democrats see an opening to president trump as scott pruitt resigns. we're going to miss him so much. facebook's co-founder is pushing for the government to give cash handouts to certain income groups to fight income inequality. is it about fairness or a move towards socialism conveniently by a billionaire. we'll debate next. you're turning onto the street
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only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. >> fox news alert. new poll out over the resignation of scott pruitt from the epa over a series of problems. the president said it's extremely difficult for me to cease serving you in this role, first because i count it a blessing to be serving you in any capacity and also because of the transformative work that is occurring. however, the unrelenting attacks on me and my family are unprecedented and have taken a sizable toll on all of us. but now democrats and the liberals pouncing including bernie sanders saying "scott pruitt was the worst epa
9:33 am
administrator in the history of the agency. not only has he acted time and again in an unethical manner but he led the agency in the wrong direction." ellison barber has the latest live in new jersey down the road from the president's golf course. ellison? >> hi, melissa. former secretary pruitt's resignation is effective today. he spent months trying to explain ethical questions. there's more than a dozen federal investigations into his behavior. he came under fire for his security detail, which is larger and cost more than what his predecessors had. he rented an inexpensive condo from a lobbiest and he installed a sound proof phone booth that cost $43,000. his resignation was unexpected to those of us in the media. he attended the white house fourth of july celebration the other day. president trump says that pruitt told him he planned to resign a
9:34 am
couple days ago. and his letter mentioned unrelenting attacks taking a toll on him and his family. president trump told reporters there wasn't one particular thing that led to his resignation. there was no final straw. he called pruitt a terrific guy. he told reporters on air force one "i think scott felt he was a distraction. it was up to him." reaction came nancy pelosi tweeting one down, one to go until we drawn the swamp of the trump administration. on monday, epa deputy administrator andrew wheeler will take over as the acting administrator. he's a former coal lobbiest and worked for oklahoma's republican senator james inhoff. wheeler doesn't have the same problems that pruitt had but when it comes to policy, he's not expected to lead the agency
9:35 am
in a dramatically different way. he has the support of president trump. melissa? >> ellison, thanks for that report. rich hearing nancy pelosi talk about a swamp creature when she's the largest swamp creature that exists. >> it's absolutely true. and you know, it's funny. when democrats complain about cronyism, my side hurts from laughter. >> when bernie sanders that scott pruitt is the worst epa administrator in history, name me one other person that has run the epa. i don't think anyone can do it. >> i can. >> gina mccarthy. she spent more than $100,000 on the ten international trips she took under her watch. we dumped three million gallons of mine waste in the colorado
9:36 am
river. the river the color of your dress, kennedy. >> if you run on draining the swamp, he put somebody in that practically started a gator farm on the mall in washington. >> and the irony, he cut regulation. the irony, the work that he did that angered democrats so much is so positive for the economy. >> part of the president's mandate. that's what he knew better than to do the dumb stuff. don't go to morocco. stop going to oklahoma. stop getting your wife a chick-fil-a. >> everybody wants one. >> i do, too. >> i had it first the first time. it's delicious. there has to be a person out there, i wish it wasn't the epa administrator that cannot be so dirty and -- i mean, as ellison pointed out, the guy in the seat
9:37 am
is a coal lobbyist. so that is something that is not going to enchant democrats any further. it's a replacement with somebody that will be in term of regulations the same thing. >> i hope. >> the point about nancy pelosi, she's not accused of ethics violations. she's a wealthy woman. >> she's a swamp creature. >> the definition of a swamp creature is somebody that comes in the center of washington and never leaves. >> that's the definition of the establishment. establishment and swamp -- >> they go hand and hand. >> establishment and swamp creature are the same thing in my mind. >> they are -- >> what is the 90% swamp then in the house? >> yes. yes. cousins that have -- >> look, the point of cutting regulations and cleanups, he's screwed up on a number of issues.
9:38 am
one of the things he was accused of doing including coming to my studio in new york with a security team and they made that wrong. so there were good and bad in this. west lake sat there for 30-plus years outside st. louis that is being cleaned up. regulatory cuts. empowered state epas to take action locally to get things done. he did a lot of good. but he became a distraction and now -- i'm not defending him. >> it's out and he's moving to the everglades where he belongs. >> there you go, a group of black leaders writing a let other top democrats demanding they apologize to maxine waters for apparently not backing her after she called for harassment of trump officials. now democratic leadership is responding but they're not apologizing as the president
9:39 am
continues to take on waters. >> she's a low i.q. individual, maxine waters. i said it the other day. honestly, she's in the mid 60s, i believe.
9:40 am
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9:43 am
>> a vote for john tester is a vote for chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and the new leader of the democrat party, maxine waters. i said it the other day. yes, she is a low i.q. individual, maxine waters. i said it the other day. i mean, honestly she's somewhere in the mid 60s, i believe. >> president trump at his rally in montana continuing to go after maxine waters after she encouraged harassment of trump administration officials.
9:44 am
now nearly 200 african american legislators, academics and religious leaders, mostly women, blasting nancy pelosi and chuck schumer for not defending waters in trump's attack. i'd said "we write to share our deep disappointment over your recent failure to protect congress woman waters from unwarranted attacks from the trump administration and others in the gop." the failure was compounded by your decision to deride her as being uncivil and un-american. and nancy pelosi praised waters and said donald trump has sullied the bully pulpit with reckless disregard for the safety of others. this is nancy pelosi and chuck schumer from distancing herself from maxine waters and becoming the poster lady for the mid-terms. she did call on attacks for the
9:45 am
trump officials. >> or disruptions. >> we saw what happened when scott pruitt, a woman went up to his table and asked him to resign. happy to stay on waters here. the president of the united states of america saying that she has an i.q. in the mid 60s, that puts her at a third grade level is something that all democrats need to defend her against. his attacks are the definition of uncivil. they have a problem with her and they have a right to distance themselves calling for the disruption. we can't -- >> she called for harassment. >> she didn't call for violence. >> harassment -- >> i'll pay your legal fees. >> first of all, it's a joke. for the liberals out there that somehow think that they own laughter, it was a joke that he made. it doesn't go to mental retardation. >> yes, it does. if you know the definition --
9:46 am
>> it's a joke. i don't care about the definition. the problem is liberals think we have to think about everything you find wrong or offended. he made a joke. number 2, this is maxine waters that calls for harassment. kristin mink, i'll give her the credit that she was civil about it. but the people that followed sarah sanders out and shouted in the first of kirstjen nielsen or let's take to it the extreme, because when it goes to the extreme, you have the attempted assassination of gop congressmen. i've covered these rallies. when i go to a liftist rally, i have to have security by fox news toe go cover national action network. why? the threats from the left go to the people that carry it to the extremes. >> the funny thing to me is that
9:47 am
maxine waters kind of gives at this time way that donald trump gives it. she makes outrageous comments -- >> she's a black woman. she gets to say what she wants. >> she makes outrageous comments and they're not quite coherent. again, the left hates trump and the right doesn't really care for maxine water's comments. >> i have a third grader. my third grader is a lot more thoughtful when she talks to other people and respects their feelings and she knows that sometimes words have consequences. when you call for a gathering of a crowd, you're not calling for violence but you know when you're calling for the group harassment how quickly that can escalate and turn into something ugly. it's unfortunate. when you hear kids talks about politics and you know the same thing, one of the things they don't like is the tenor of the political conversation. and we have to stop acting
9:48 am
outraged on one side and forgiving on the other. >> we have to recognize the scope of, this we have to be honest about what the numbers are. attacks from the tea party and occupy the left and the right. >> there's plenty of bad behavior. >> but not in the numbers. >> let melissa finish. >> don't engage. it seems like president trump and maxine waters are enjoying it and going at each other. to everybody else, don't engage. >> melissa, $7 million in madison, wisconsin. find me the rally on the right that did $7 million. >> i say drop all the four letter words that you drop at the lady. the founder of facebook says he knows how to fix the problem of income equality. it comes from taking from the rich and giving to the lower incomes. is this socialist madness or nonsense from a billionaire?
9:49 am
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>> welcome back, comies. facebook speaking out to fight income and equality. in a recent podcast, pugh says america needs to radically reform its tax code. rolling back tax cuts for the
9:53 am
top 1% of earners like him provide cash handouts to the lowest earners. >> the idea that everybody deserves cash to figure what they want to do with their lives is a fundamental social contract with the future. we have to have a tax credit that is a monthly amount of $500 for anybody that makes less than $50,000 that would create an income floor of around $6,000 per adult, below which no one could fall. >> except for the part where they would. hughes adds that this won't discourage people working because that income would not be high enough to live on. just significant enough to money more to many working people. the social contract, jessica, does not require this implementation of basic income by the government.
9:54 am
that is not implicit in the social contract. and i don't know who signed this socialist contract that he's talking about, but it's hot garbage nonsense. jesse? >> there's a movement amongst democrats. senator is booker has more on a new bill. and for democratic socialism, nobody should be too poor to list in a country like america, which is the wealthiest country on earth. that type of thinking is something that exists on both sides. and president trump campaigned on income equality and saying those at the bottom aren't getting enough. >> the problem is math. all it does is create inflation. if you hand out a certain number of dollars, all prices go up by that amount. so mathematically may be a nice idea but it doesn't work out. >> that's a problem with a lot
9:55 am
of these things that feel good and sound good. you may have good intentions but mathematically it doesn't work. >> let's not engage in what was tried before and didn't work. remember a job for everybody? when everybody had a job? it was a revolution. how did that work out for the communists? this is another nonsense by a billionaire -- >> he can get his other billionaire friends and can get a social net because it's a better idea -- >> did he say people need cash to figure out what they want to do with their lives? it's called getting a job and getting a roommate. sleeping on the floor, which is what i did when i got out of college with my art history degree. >> i worked for minimum wage several times. you earn a lot. like why you're working hard to get a better job. >> to kennedy's point, i see the
9:56 am
billionaires have tape the given pledge. i watch the warren buffet documentary. he and bill gates and others got together -- >> they should give away their money. >> they never will. >> we have more "outnumbered" in just a moment. stay here. .. ... ... ... ... industry leader. subaru outback holds its value better than any other vehicle in its class, according to alg. better than rav4. better than grand cherokee. better than edge. make every adventure a happy one with subaru outback. get 0% apr financing on the 2018 subaru outback.
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>> thanks so much to david. david webb. did you have a good time today? >> oh, i had a blast. >> a lot of pressure? >> oh, come on.
10:00 am
>> please, may i have another? >> have a glorious weekend, one and all. and thank you so much. we are right back here on the couch on monday, noon eastern. join us then and always and here now it melissa francis in for harris faulkner. >> melissa: a fox news alert the president zeroing in on his somebody choice and welcome to "outnumbered overtime," i'm melissa and three candidates seen right here are the favorites brett kavanaugh, raymond kesslidge and amy connie barrett and the president yesterday in a montana rally previewing the big reveal. >> president trump: you know that there is now a vacancy on the supreme court and if you were to tune in monday at 9:00 i


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