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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 7, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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he's weekend. ed henry will host with me at 6:00 a.m. eastern, filling in for shannon bream. that's up next. good night fty. >>s in a third base alert. jobs, jobs, jobs. the president touting a strong june jobs report on twitter today, more than 200,000 >> this is the fox news alert, jobs jobs jobs, the president out of a strong jobs report, 200,000 new jobs is pretty robust but democrats found bad news the dnc lashing out at policies that sparked massive economic growth by calling them rutledge policies, and nancy pelosi, a booming trade war with china could spell trouble but are democrats talking down the economy to score points before the midterms. the short list is getting
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shorter by the hour. there four a lot packages for the next supreme court justice the announcement coming monday in prime time, we will tell you everything you need to know about the finalists and congressman jim jordan has been rocked by all allegations that he did nothing about sexual misconduct charges involving a colleague, the republican telling his side of the story in his first interview with bret baer. claims he ignored sexual abuse at ohio state university come his claims were bogus. we have the exclusive and new details and analysis. welcome to fox news at night. new tonight the trump administration launched a full-scale defense of immigration and customs enforcement in the face of growing democratic calls to abolish the agency altogether. mike pence jumped into the fray. we start with kristin fisher who has the details. >> reporter: mike pence is usually pretty measured, doesn't speak with the same fire his boss does which is why his speech today stood out.
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not only did he offer a passionate defense of ice but accused democrats of making their opposition to the agency a central part of the platform. >> the american people have a right to their opinions but these spurious attacks on ice by our political leaders must stop. >> reporter: in an address at ice headquarters mike pence responded to calls from democrats to abolish ice. >> i want to make it clear to all of them, under donald trump we will never abolish ice. >> ice, shorter immigration and customs enforcement is the agency charged with detaining and deporting all migrants who enter the country illegally. it has become the face of the most recent crisis at the border after the trump administration began separating migrant children from their parents.
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protesters have been camping out at a certain court is across the country and 2020 democratic hopefuls like elizabeth warren, and kristin jill brand are calling for the agency to be abolished. >> we should protect families the need our help and that is not what ice is doing today and you should get rid of it, start over, reimagine it and build something that actually works. >> we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom starting by replacing ice with something that reflects our morality. >> such high-profile opposition to ice proves what was once limited to the farther fringes of the party has moved front and center. >> leading members of the democratic party including candidates for higher office are actually opening the advocating the abolition of ice. and agency that protects the
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american people and our communities every single day. >> donald trump said one day earlier a new line of attack republicans can use it into the midterms. >> the new platform of the democrat party is to abolish ice. in other words they want to abolish immigration enforcement entirely, that is what they want to do. >> democrats will counter that with images of families being separated at the border, 2000 children still need to be reunited with their parents. the us government needs to do that in 3 weeks and children under 5 are supposed to be reunited by next tuesday, a few days away, the trump administration is asking the judge for more time. a decision on that should come monday. ed: a sign of confidence in the economy in the case of a trade war with china adding 213,000 jobs in june, higher than many analysts were expecting. the unemployment rate went up a little bit, that is a positive
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note because it reflects there are more workers entering the workforce after sitting on the sidelines. a former candidate for dnc chair, and the editorial director for daily caller and good evening to both of you. i want to start with you because the dnc put out a statement that this was a disaster and nancy pelosi said the june jobs report shows what is at stake from the brewing storm of rising costs, spiraling trade uncertainty and an economy being all about to enrich big corporations and the wealthiest 1%.
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americans deserve better than the gop's are ideal. if there is rising healthcare costs does that have to do with obamacare and the last administration and how can the state of the economy being hollowed out with 200,000 jobs being created. >> i'm not going to do what many republicans did as we saw unemployment numbers coming down in the obama administration and you had conservative saying these numbers are fake and don't represent anything. there are a lot of happy campers out there with this economy and that is a good thing, democrats should recognize what is working. what is not working, gas prices and how the people who are hardest hit by the soaring gas prices are the same communities who received the smallest benefits from the so-called trump tax cut and then the trade war that is absolutely going to impact people who can afford it the least. a attacks on american working families over economy is a big pie. this is one piece of it, the unemployment numbers, but we
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need to look at other accesses of the economy. >> i don't want to lose that point. listen to that and respond, the fact of the matter is gas prices are difficult, they are going up around the country, that is bad for the republicans in the midterms and a looming trade war is hitting trump country. the chinese are not doing this by accident. they are going after states in the heartland is president gary. >> the success of the trump economy brought a lot of runway to tinker around with trade policy because the economy is so successful, i can take this over-the-top by going after china and people getting rock trade deals with and trying to correct what he sees as dramatic in balances. whether or not you agree with the policy people who benefited the most from this economy is really clear and that is
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working-class america. the wage growth for blue collar jobs is outpacing anything you are seeing among college graduates. you can't even find truck drivers across the country because of how much success is happening at the blue-collar level. ed: the president has got to wake up that those are important pieces of the economy but when you look at this jobs report specifically hispanics and african-americans, they are doing pretty well in the trump economy. >> these numbers are one piece of reflection of what the -- how it is affecting them but when you look at rising healthcare costs these communities are being hit the hardest. when you look at the fact that inflation-adjusted wages have declined, we do see the job growth actually starting to slow down and what is up with outsourcing in this trump
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economy where you have federal contractors who have outsourced more jobs at a record high under the trump economy. all of these facets that are absolutely hitting working families. >> you said wage growth, looking at my computer here because the labor department is saying wage growth remained steady at 2.7% in june in terms of wage growth. wages going down again under donald trump, that is not true but >> inflation-adjusted wages and that is the reality. that is why you can't just look at it through one trump focus talking point lens. you have to look at how -- >> these are actual numbers. >> wage growth has been outpaced by inflation which means people have more purchasing power and the reason job growth is slowing
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is more people are rejoining the job market. you mentioned at the beginning of the segment, people don't believe the unemployment numbers because typically when we talk about that standard we are not talking about the use 6 number which is how many people left the economy not even looking for jobs at all. all those people are rejoining the economy. >> appreciate it, have a wonderful weekend. congressman jim jordan breaking silence about claims he ignored sexual abuse while he coached wrestling at ohio state university two decades ago. he told bret baer in his first extensive interview that the allegations are bogus. >> conversations and a lot of them are different than people talking about abuse. no one reported any abuse. if they had i would have dealt with it. what bothers me the most is the guys that are saying these things, i know they know the
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truth, i know they do. >> breaking down the latest developments tonight live in washington. talk about the strategy from jim jordan, makes smaller comments on a fourth of july parade and whatnot but sitting down with brett there is a clear strategy to push back. >> he feels very upset, i works with these folks, trained with them and worked with them and that is the problem so his issue has been to go after them and no one in this building he holds more contempt for, listen. >> make this happen oh lost a lot a licensing agreement with the united states, he has a vendetta against our family, he has all kinds of lawsuits against him. >> so many people involved in the seem to be credible, that is
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the problem for jim jordan, 5 or 6 people saying jim jordan did know about this, he needs to speak up. >> what about his talk to brett that perkins, the law firm gathering this material send emails to congressman jordan. he said he didn't receive them and got to do something. a lot of business, not just the democratic national committee but in the last election, he was a law firm representing the dnc and hillary clinton and was involved in putting together the anti-trump dossier. jordan thinks is a political move. >> jim jordan said that is the hillary clinton loughran, it is funny when i take on one of these witnesses, every liberal in the country can find my email and my phone number and call up and express their views and they can't get a hold of me? i have been privy to the email that was sent to the incorrect
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email address, it is short, terse and basic and transactional, he says he's going to talk with them next week. one thing we don't know, if we are doing an investigation in a universe of 10 people 100 people, if there's people they absolutely unequivocally want to talk to they could have found jim jordan. is not very hard to find. >> during the me too movement there have been allegations against members of congress and in some cases have been like harvey weinstein, the grand jury in new york city and that has crystallized the allegations that people seek justice and he will have his day in court. but this is so old is there a case going on or will the house ethics committee when they come back from the july 4th recess as a possible they look at this? >> he could refer himself to the ethics committee, we have had people do that to establish what their position is and get some clarity but the house freedom caucus pending one of the two
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head ponchos will make a decision when members return to say wait a minute, this is a cloud hanging over jim jordan, distraction. can we weigh in on this? members of congress have not been returning many phone calls and they are circling the wagons. they don't want to be associated with someone with an ethics problem like this. >> they don't know what is true and what is not true from a couple decades ago. >> so hard to prove and disprove and this could be fatal for jim jordan if he wants to move on. >> just the facts. the associated press published a bombshell report reading u.s. army quietly discharging immigrant recruits but there are a lot more details. >> reporter: it was designed in 2009 is a win/when for the us military program, the military
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exceptions open the armed forces to foreign-born recruits expanding the ranks of those with specialized foreign language fields while giving them a pathway to citizenship. in 2014 the obama administration expanded the program to accept dreamers. at the same time the pentagon struggled to that the increasing backlog of foreign recruits, many with murky unverifiable backgrounds. last year after an assessment revealed some recruits headline on background checks the pentagon closed the program. >> we cannot continue what we were doing. we are taking steps to save the program if it can be saved. >> thursday the associated press reported the pentagon is further cracking down on the program on discharging as many as 40 foreign recruits. the ap story, crackdown was by the anti-immigrant policies, prompting a flurry of angry
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responses. >> highly suspicious because these are individuals or in the country legally, and listed in the army along time ago, it seems the army got tired of processing the background checks so they came up with an excuse for kicking everybody out. >> john kasich said breaking faith with members of the armed forces is another low but the defense to permit officials told fox news 40 cases outlined in the ap story include complicated national security clearances used for recruits from china, pakistan and iran among others and a large majority of cases are not recruits from central or south america, quote, this is the normal process of adjudicating security clearance. these discharges are hardly unique to foreign-born recruits, even nationally born citizens are discharge for physicals, lack of back ground checks.
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ed: the new york times reports donald trump's lawyers have set new conditions for a possible interview with special counsel robert mueller. rudy giuliani telling mueller he needs to prove the special counsel had evidence the president committed a crime in the interview would be essential to completing the probe before they will even agree to an interview. no comment from the special counsel's office. another big doj and line has come and gone, houston manned a key set of documents focusing on what the president up to spygate, fbi activities leading to the opening of the russia investigation. catherine herridge, good evening. >> reporter: the newly available records do not comply with congressional subpoenas and the latest records do not meet the house resolution deadline.
12:18 am
devon nunez, and the justice department thursday. lawmakers out for the holiday recess and the fbi still withholding documents. in april a subpoena was issued for a key set of records focus on fbi activities before the fbi russia case opens on july 31, 2016. they have not provided all records about this critical time. go that will show why the russia probe started in the first place. >> what put all of this into motion, something that was politically motivated, legitimate law enforcement, based on hearing back and forth, and disturbing situation that there's a complete breakdown of
12:19 am
trust. >> reporter: christopher rat rod rosenstein, face new pressure to comply after passage of the nonbinding house resolution, 226-223. those who know rosenstein emphasized isn't difficult position. it is not routine to provide records in ongoing cases. >> i know rod rosenstein. and honorable person. anyone in that position would take it personally if they are going to say holding things back. and the point of a spear in the process to interact. >> reporter: a congressional aide, and ask for more time. a spokesman for the intelligence community, the department was not in compliance. a justice department spokesperson declined to comment adding they will respond to the house committee. ed: when we return countdown
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begins, three days away, the president revealing supreme court pick but did sen. orrin hatch let slip the nominee is going to be a woman. that story next. the trade war is finally honest tariffs kick in. who has the upper hand? we will introduce you to chesty, the marines newest mascot and we are talking baseball. stick around. s out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ more and more people are in a chevy for the first time. now you can too
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>> we're expecting president trump to announce his pick for the next supreme court justice on monday. we're told the white house has prepared four rollout packages. the finalists are brad ed: we expect donald trump to express his pick for the court monday. there four rollout packages, the finals are amy barrett, raymond kerthlidge and thomas hardiman. washington times legal affairs reporter alex sawyer and former law clerk to anthony kennedy justin walker. i want to start with you because orrin hatch wrote an op-ed in anticipation of this and may have given us a clue but no matter the nominee's background or prudential's, progressives to do everything they can to paint
12:25 am
her as a closet partisan is not an outright extremist and i will devote all my energies to confirm the supreme court justice america needs. the law is not what she wanted to be. is that an accidental tip that it is going to be amy barrett? >> it could be. i don't even know if donald trump yet knows who to wait and. there are a lot of conservatives who would like to see barrett nominated because she would be a strong vote to overturn roe v wade which is something they want to see happen.
12:26 am
ed: orin hatch is a prominent longtime former chairman of the judiciary committee dealing with supreme court nominations for a while, someone who is on the inside of all this and whether he knows something noted, the pro-life community really wants. barrett is someone the pro-life community wants, she is strong against abortion rights. you are a fan of brett cavanaugh who has taken fire from conservatives. why see a good pick? >> when i think of judge kevin i think of gen. george patton in front of the american flag, the constitution, he has been defending from the benchon on a liberal court fighting for conservative legal principles and 300 opinions on issues like the second amendment, issues like illegalll immigration, and executive idpower. all of the candidates are conservatives, when i see judge cavanagh's record i see a
12:27 am
conservative, if you are watching i encourage you can read the opinion about not allowing illegal immigrants to vote in union elections. w he has never gone wobbly as i know the man, he doesn't have a wobbly bone in his body. ed: you think the president can't go wrong, everybody in the final four is strong including kethlidge. >> hardiman is from the third circuit, he is here, he was confirmed unanimously to the senate last time and comes through blue-collar roots. the first of hisas family to goo college and -- >> is that the kind of thing when you talk about the forgotten man, forgot woman, donald trump ran theve campaignn does that matter? >> it is a great story for the midwest, taxicabs in the united states. c ed: you are all legal eagles, none of us know who it is going
12:28 am
to be but i want to start with alex. what is your best bet? >> brett cavanaugh is a name we heard as well as kethlidge and barrett is still in there. interesting if barrett is picked because he was recently confirmed in october and three democrats did support her nomination. it will be interesting to find out if they walk that back with the supreme court or if they are locked into a vote in her favor. ed: if you had secret powers what would your gut tell you? >> don't know how to gamble on that. i would go with brett cavanaugh. ed: what is your bet? >> i agree for two reasons. i think donald trump is looking for a warrior, someone with a great all-american family, the opposite of the cocktail party type dc insider.
12:29 am
i know judge cavanagh, watching a ballgame and celebrating victory. ed: did he serve in the bush administration? he hasst been a washington insider. >> he was investigating hillary clinton and fighting for conservative legalg principles before president bush came to dc and fighting for conservative legal principles ever since. ed: your pick? >> i talked about hardiman but kethlidge, big second amendment judge, a hunter with a carry permit. rob: i appreciate all of your insights.nt tune into fox news, 9:00 eastern. new technology can literally put words in people's mouths, words they never said and could create a problem for political candidates. that story coming up. enn progra. if you're age 50-85 and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's.
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>> early today the u.s. increased tariffs on billions of dollars worth of chinese
12:34 am
imports. tonight beijing is hitting ed: the us increased tariffs on billions of dollars of chinese imports. tonight beijing is hitting back. edward lawrence has the details. >> reporter: the trade dispute is escalating, china saying they will put 25% tariff on a number of us exports including soybeans, suvs and crude oil. the ministry of commerce spokesperson saying donald trump, quote, launched the largest trade war and economic history to date, the taxation is a typical trade bullying is in which is jeopardizing the global industrial chain in response to tariffs, $34 billion of chinese technology good starting today and $16 billion more in two weeks, the trump administration says the chinese have not opened their markets to us goods, they
12:35 am
are stealing international property and have not removed their tariffs in place. >> the president promised the american people he would fight for them, make 3 deals fair and reciprocal and we are moving in that direction. you will see a lot of improved deals. >> reporter: on march 2nd another advisor to the president said he did not believe other countries would retaliate because the us has the largest economy in the world, we are seeing a lot of pushback. mexico, the european union and canada, canada saying they are willing to talk about nafta but there are no discussions scheduled with china or on nafta. ed: new technology making it possible to manipulate videos of people saying things they never said. the videos are known as deep fakes and trace gallagher
12:36 am
reports they are quite realistic. >> two lines. >> reporter: remember the computer-generated tv host max headroom? >> don't say that too often and once more will be too often. >> reporter: john wayne posthumously settling a bar fight in this course light commercial. or this hologram of the wrapper performing in 2012 even though he died 16 years earlier. in the past these video deceptions have been used for entertainment purposes but experts worn with emerging technology more and more web users will have the capability to make videos showing a person saying something they never said. it is called a deep fake. >> introductory where within a year or two it is going to be really hard for a person to distinguish between a realvideo and a fake video. >> reporter: these videos could have serious consequences. >> someone is going to take the next step in weapon eyes it. it takes real forensic capability to show that it is
12:37 am
not real and by the time that is done it is widely disseminated. >> reporter: how does it work? if you have enough video and audio of an individual computer program using an algorithm could start to mimic that person's voice and facial expressions. earlier this year, dir. jordan peel made a deep fake video for both leaders. to show barack obama disparaged donald trump using two programs called aftereffects and fake apps, the minute long video took roughly 56 hours to render. >> donald trump is a total and complete [bleep] i would never say these things, at least not in a public address but someone else would. someone like jordan peel. >> reporter: these kinds of videos have the potential to do a lot of harm and that is why a research arm of the department of defense is working on technology to detect these
12:38 am
so-called deep fakes. ed: it has been two weeks with no end insight in monsoon rains in the forecast, the latest plans to rescue the soccer team trapped in the cave in thailand as the situation grows more desperate. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. add-on advantage. i love you, basement but sometimes you stink. febreze air effects doesn't just mask, it cleans away odors. because the things you love can stink.
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>> pressure is mounting in thailand after a former navy diver died yesterday. pressure mounting in thailand after a former navy seal died trying to rescue 12
12:42 am
boys at a soccer coach from the cave. the rescuers racing against the weather, monsoons are on the way. alex is in thailand with the latest. >> reporter: still grappling with the physical demands of this operation. oxygen tanks being relayed into position on the jagged tunnels of the cave complex. these pictures show how challenging it will be to get the boys out none of whom can swim through the dark flooded passageways. >> they will have training to rescue other cave divers, rescuing kids out of the cave. how soon will it happen? >> today or tomorrow. >> reporter: dangers are becoming more and more apparent. former thai navy seal, a
12:43 am
volunteer, died after losing consciousness on his way back from delivering tanks of air. the body of a 13-year-old was given in a military escort to the airport. celebrated as a national hero. he will be honored with a royal sponsored funeral in the next few days. the mood of the rescue operation has become more subdued following the death of one of the volunteers but what hasn't wavered is the professionalism and dedication of all of the teams involved. there is an increasing sense of urgency. we learned the levels of oxygen in the caves where the boys are trapped is deteriorating. there is still the threat of more bad weather, heavy monsoon rains forecast in the next 24 hours. for the moment the football team remains trapped. they are being given medical treatment but two of them and the coach are reportedly
12:44 am
malnourished and week. their school friends say they are resilient. i met two team members, didn't attend practice today they entered the cave because he was sick and warranted had overslept, he stayed up watching the world cup. they showed video of the training sessions they missed that day, praying their mates will be rescued soon. >> but as the boys prepare for another night in the caves, it's still not c >> reporter: as the boys prepare for another night in the cave that is not clear whether a rescue operation is imminent. the teams are poised for their orders but at the moment it is
12:45 am
too dangerous to attempt to bring them out. ed: it is almost as old as the game itself, the tradition of the president of the united states throwing out the first pitch, how baseball shapes policy in washington and introduce you to chesty, the marines new mascot, a patriotic pup as we wrap up independence day week when we return. your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> as washington, d.c. is planning for the 2018 major league all-star game later this month, it's worth noting baseba ed: as washington dc plans for the major league baseball all-star game baseball's relationship with american presidents is as old as the game itself. joining is white house speechwriter and author of a new book, the pres.s and the past time. mr. kurt smith, welcome. >> thanks for inviting me. ed: i could talk baseball with you all night. i will start this way. one of our producers is a baseball fan like me and collect memorabilia more than we have in the basement and closet and before and everywhere else. he found this program he collected, washington senators 1971, all kinds of players and has richard nixon, the president who is quite controversial in the center of it.
12:50 am
the idea that baseball and pres.s have been at the center of it all but the idea of donald trump or hillary clinton be on the cover of the nationals or the yankees magazine is insane, not possible. >> the poster is a classic. next and was a great fan. he was offered the commissionership of baseball and director of the players union in 1965 but turned them down because he had other plans. the other plans were winning the presidency in 1968. he threw a great all-star game in 1969 when the last prior all-star game came to washington dc and hank aaron said nixon new more about the game than any of the officials in the game. that is where we are and that is where we are today. a great deal has changed but not
12:51 am
baseball. ed: 1971 was not long ago but 2001 was much more recent, think about george w. bush at yankee stadium, pres.s have used baseball with the first pitch he threw, derek jeter was there and brought the country together and baseball has had that ability, it pains me that whether it is a democrat or republican many can't throw out the first pitch because half the stadium is blueing them. >> a plague on both their houses. donald trump, some of his rhetoric has exacerbated that division but certainly the resistance says it all in and of itself. they came to the division of the last two years determined they would not say a nice word about donald trump and have been true to that. both sides should cool it. both sides should say play ball and it would be nice if donald trump, incidentally, great baseball fan he has been, grew
12:52 am
up on the yankees, played baseball for the new york military academy in the 1960s, philadelphia phillies and boston red sox wanted to sign him, so -- ed: a major league or? >> notably a shot but the red sox and phillies wanted to sign him but as he said memorably how pathetic is this? i didn't want to make baseball money. i wanted to make real money. real money he made. he was a great fan, he threw out the first ball becoming president at wrigley field, i think without being asked the donald trump could do himself a great deal of good, the game a great deal of good of the country by getting out there at the all-star game and opening game next year, putting on his jacket, hitting the mount and throwing the first pitch. ed: i will be with him the day before and respect to take my
12:53 am
son to the all-star game, i hope it comes together. we will see if the president does that. was 41. we have been thinking about him, the passing of his wife, a great baseball player and someone i remember, he loves baseball. >> there was a text for that. never given before or since. i think he made the case he was the greatest fan to be president of the united states and the greatest player. a scintillating fielder and captain of yale baseball team, the first two college world series. he still loves the game at 94. ed: he was a lefty first baseman. good luck, your stories are wonderful. every dog has his day, marine
12:54 am
corps mascot chesty honored for 5 years of service. >> private chesty. >> me the newest marine mascot designate fresh out of recruitment training, making his official debut during a friday evening parade at marine barracks washington. private chesty following sgt. chesty xiv. >> short attention span but motivated and eager. >> for half a century in english bulldog has been named after lieutenant general lewis chesty pooler who served in world war ii and the korean war. testy xv was the top dog chosen from half a dozen puppies in the northeast region. >> you have to look at that spot. >> his dress blues are custom
12:55 am
fitted and made the same place all marines and marine barracks but private chesty has a long way to go until he is decorated as his predecessor. >> this chesty will become the official mascot and take mascot duties when chesty xiv retires in late august. >> he is a morale booster. >> reporter: this pup will serve four years which in dog years, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> i will get back to bed at 6:00 eastern. shannon bream will be back anchoring the show next week.
12:56 am
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us next sunday when "the next revolution" will be televised. . mark: hello america. i'm mark levin. this is "life, liberty & levin." i have a special guest. tucker carlson. great to see you. [ laughter ] >> i've been on tv23 years, this is the most spectacular studio. mark: isn't it great? >> congratulations, first of all, you are killing it, i have to persuade to you do stuff. there is a fact story. mark: i owe you and other people the fact i got into room. i kept pro


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