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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 7, 2018 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> we begin with a fox news alert. harsh words from north korea hours after the secretary of state, mike pompeo, wrapped up two days of nuclear talks with senior north korean officials. he is now in tokyo engaged in talks with u.s. allies but ending the regimes nuclear program. hello everyone i'm arthel neville. a brand-new hour inside of "americas news headquarters". hello mike! >> hello, i am mike emanuel. officials putting out a statement saying talks with mike pompeo are deeply guttural and the u.s. is gangster like making demands to pressure its country into abandoning the nuclear weapons. rich edson is in tokyo. >> the sun is just up on a sunday morning in tokyo.
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in a few hours the secretary of state will travel to meet here with leaders from japan and south korea to update them on his conversations in pyongyang over the past couple of days. to the secretary, he made progress. the north koreans, the talks were regrettable. the secretary, this is one third trip to pyongyang and north korea. the first one where he had no meeting directly with kim jong-un. the state department says there was never an expectation that they will meet on the trip. as for the discussion with his negotiating team, mike pompeo said they work through difficult issues and set up a framework to accomplish more. >> the north koreans also confirmed the facility, we talked about what it would look like for the structure and facility as well. the progress there as well. i know we have laid out a path for further negotiations. so that the two teams can get together and continue
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discussions. >> the north korean foreign ministry statement criticizing u.s. demand also included a message from kim jong-un his office. noting north korean dictator believes he built trust with president trump during their summer in singapore and expects that will continue in these negotiations for the state department confirm secretary pompeo brought with him a letter from president trump to kim jong-un. mcrae confirms kim received it. the secretary also says the u.s. and north korea will establish working groups to discuss the more difficult issues between them. it is unclear how far along negotiators are in getting mcrae to reveal the full extent of its weapons or how long it would take to dismantle it. secretary pompeo says they discussed the issues during the meetings though he refused to say what, if any progress they made on that. the state department says next week the u.s. and north korea will meet the demilitarized zone between the two koreas to discuss returning the remains
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of american service members from the korean war. if you want to go secretary pompeo said discussions with north korea could take a while and future ups and downs. it seems he was right. mike? >> thank you. >> despite frustrations, secretary pompeo says progress is being made in nuclear talks. here is how he responded to a reporter that asked if he mentioned the subtle images in the negotiations that suggest the regime is expanding its missile making capabilities. >> your characterization is interesting. >> we talked about what the north koreans are continuing to do. and how we could get our arms around achieving what the chairman and the president talked about which was a complete denuclearization of north korea. they are still committed. >> let's bring in a reporter for axios. lots of talk about here. let's talk about the characters
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in this very important drama unfolding here. how much behind the scenes information can you provide as to how this political -- >> are we hearing us out of the white house, this trip, secretary pompeo acting on the presidents orders to go to north korea get real commitments out of kim. because we did not get that in singapore. and looking at his statement with the north koreans what they said, the gap between the two statements is a sign of a huge gap that exists between the trump administration and what has officials definition of denuclearization and they definition of 's by kim. it seems that the administration is more confident about this and any outside experts. >> there seems to be differences inside the white house in terms of who, how this
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is being portrayed. you got mr. pompeo being cautiously optimistic. the president saying, game over. we already do this. as you know, the president announced that he would cancel joint military exercises with south korea and he did this right after the summit with kim jong-un. has the president forfeited his diplomatic leverage or can he begin as a hopeful, can you finish it began as a hopeful effort? i think everyone's hoping this would work out. can the president salvage this or can the situation be salvaged? >> right. you said it, the wargames was definitely a concession part of the u.s. to the reason kim jong-un is so reluctant to give up nuclear weapons is because the u.s. remains such a critical threat to regime security. i think the leverage the president still has. but after his statement after
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the singapore summit we are in too big to fail territory here. he declared game over and the north koreans have said you know, an indication that they are likely not going to give up their nuclear weapons anytime soon. secretary pompeo is in the middle trying to make both sides come to a deal when there's a huge gap between them.>> he is to make good on what the president already announced. at this point, who has the best plan forward and to which advisor is the president truly listening? >> the president is surrounded by advisors. there has been enough turnover in the administration that he has replaced people he does not agree with with people he does agree with. i think he sees eye to eye with secretary on this. and sending them to represent him and north korea. but secretary pompeo has a hard road ahead of him. how do you convince a dictator like kim jong-un to give up his nuclear weapons before the u.s. makes any promises? which is what the north koreans
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are asking the u.s. to do. >> what about repatriating the remains of american service members killed in the korean war? that was discussed as well. >> right. that is something the experts we spoke to find especially troubling. the idea of repatriating remains with something that the president said was a done deal. after singapore. but reports of north korea are telling us that it is still in negotiation. the north koreans have definitely dialed back what they said in singapore. maybe we got back on their word to the president himself. >> is kim jong-un coming to america? >> reported earlier this week that the president is considering a summit in new york city with him but there has to be significant progress in north korea for that to happen. all we are seeing from secretarial pompeo shows significant efforts have been made but it seems like nothing will happen anytime soon. >> thank you erica. >> thank you so much. >> president trump consulting
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with the vice president and others as he has nominations to replace judge -- justice anthony kennedy. garrett tenney is live in washington. >> the president is the final stages of deciding on his pick for the supreme court. he said he has narrowed the list to two or three finalists and will likely make up his mind by tomorrow night. a lot can change between now and then. but sources say the top three candidates are currently at cavanaugh, amy barrett and raymond kethledge. cavanaugh is 53 and serves on the u.s. court of appeals in dc. what is often seen as a steppingstone to the supreme court. critics say the two biggest things against him or five years in the george w. bush white house which led to some labeling as a insider. and several of his rulings led to obamacare being upheld.
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amy barrett meanwhile is no stranger to confirmation hearings for the 46-year-old mother seven is a staunch catholic and has been outspoken in her belief that life begins at conception. democratic senators really went after her for the last year during her confirmation hearings to the seventh circuit court of appeals in chicago. and the question how her views would impact her ruling on issues such as abortion. she will likely face a lot of the same questions if she is picked for the high court and sources tell fox news that republican senator susan collins of maine has already voiced the same concerns with barrett. there is a growing sense inside the white house that raymond kethledge could be the front runner right now. the 51-year-old serves on the u.s. court of appeals for the sixth circuit where he has a solid conservative record. but he has not had a blockbuster cases which could help him through the confirmation process. he is an avid outdoorsman and
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supporters compare them to justice neil gorsuch. which is a big selling point with the president. fox news told the white house is also has a proposal for 1/4 candidate hardemon. the president spoke with him and at this time he is viewed as a dark horse. >> it of course it is not official to the president announces it. thank you. >> as the president spent the weekend at his bedminster golf club, the president mulling over his choice to replace justice kennedy. ellison barber is live near the president golf club in new jersey. >> the vice president joined president trump out here for a little bit. they had dinner last night. the vice president reportedly met with three candidates this
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week. he met with brett kavanaugh on wednesday in dc. on monday and tuesday met with amy barrett and raymond kethledge in indiana. sources say the white house is preparing rollout packages for four candidates for that is cavanaugh, kethledge barrett and hardemon. sources say that hardemon is low on the list courting him a dark horse. a couple days ago the president spoke with reporters on air force one and said quote - i've never been down to four people the four people have narrowed it down to three or two. he said i'll have a decision made in my mind by sunday. the official announcement is of course expected to come on monday night. democrats encouraging supporters to speak out against the presidents candidates. they previously said republicans should follow the precedent they set with president obama to not have a
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nominee part"the journal -- thi way to unite the country. the president according to sources spoke with six judges. he's meeting with raymond kethledge, that was the longest. sources say the meeting lasted for about 40 minutes. >> ellison barber, thank you. >> you bet. >> a fox news alert peter bridge police officer is being treated for symptoms of nerve agent poisoning. this is related to an incident from earlier this week. when two people in the town of salisbury were hospitalized in critical condition with nerve agent poisoning. kitty logan is live from london. >> hi mike. we do not have confirmation yet that this is the nerve agent that if you think back to march and the incident last week, this has been obviously bold
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but we do have the hospital in salisbury where the people were brought saying that the police officer is attending the hospital. they do not believe that any one else the hospital and the general public, this individual is now being tested for a possible contact with the nerve agent. let me take you back to the history of this. earlier this year, we saw the attack on a former spy and his daughter. that was concern and it was a nerve agent. the two were in critical condition for a number of time but did recover. was interesting to note is of course the couple last week where they were discovered last thursday to also have had contact with the same nerve agent. and tests have confirmed this.
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police officers now are trying to determine whether this was the same nerve agent and how the couple came into contact. it is possible that police involved in the investigation are involved in taking the couple to the hospital last week may have come into contact with the nerve agent but they say their huge questions. how safe is it really out there since the original attack a few months ago. what is still out there and where? how did the other couple come into contact with the nerve agent last week. so many questions. right now we do have confirmation that a police officer has come in contact with the same nerve agent but if you recall, the original attack, if you months ago, there was another police officer who was also exposed to the nerve agent and he was critically ill.
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for many weeks although he did make a full recovery. >> kitty logan, live from london with real cold war type intrigue. thank you. >> time is of the essence. in thailand, rescue crews try to save a soccer team of young boys and their coach trapped in a cave. why conditions are getting even more dangerous. plus, major battles brewing on capitol hill as president trump is set to announce his supreme court nominee to replace the retiring justice, anthony kennedy. we'll take a closest look at the short list. plus a south carolina congresswoman or congressional candidate making her first public appearance after she was almost killed in a wrong way car crash. >> is no other option than surviving. carnation breakfast essentials. it has protein plus vitamins and minerals to help kids be their best.
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2:20 pm
campaign. >> i'm going to take doctor's orders very seriously. i don't want these injuries to prevent me from living a full energetic life. i'm going to take the time. the campaign has never stopped for me. this is hard work, perseverance to get to washington to represent this community. the district in the nation. and it never stops. >> her democratic rival, joe cunningham called his campaign activity -- pause his campaign activity temporarily after accident. and the president announced a supreme court nominee shortlist. as roe versus wade remains a hot button issue. >> that is a big one and probably not. they are all saying don't do that. you don't do that. you shouldn't do that. but i am putting conservative people on. i'm very proud of neil gorsuch. he really has been outstanding. his opinions are so well written, so brilliant.
2:21 pm
and i'm going to try and do something like that but i don't think i'm going to be so specific in the questions. and i'm actually told i shouldn't be. >> justin walker is a law professor at the university of louisville. he also clerked for judge brett kavanaugh, justice anthony kennedy. we are thankful to have your expertise. folks are these names of judges and don't know much about them. what in your mind makes judge brett kavanaugh special in terms of being supreme court worthy? >> he is special because he is a warrior with a backbone of iron. i know brett kavanaugh as a student in the classroom. i was his clerk in his chambers, we have got to ball games together and one thing impressed me most is that he is a fighter for conservative legal principles. the man does not have a wobbly bone in his body. you do not have to take my word for it, you can look at his 12 year record, 300 opinions on
2:22 pm
conservative issues like second amendment, executive power and epa regulations. he has been on the court that harry reid blew up the filibuster to pass with liberal judges. in the face of the incoming fire, he has stood firm has fought for conceptualism, regionalism and others over and over again. >> the judge served in the bush administration with president trump having some strained relationship with the bush family. should this be held against him? >> mike, judge kavanaugh is fighting for conservative legal principles long before. he has been fighting on the d.c. circuit, the second most important court in the country. over and over and over again. and then on top of all of that, i would add that he issued opinions that really probably would not be very popular in the bush administration.
2:23 pm
he issued an opinion about how illegal immigrants should not be able to vote and talked about expectation of a skill visa program. he will go down as a trump justice. >> some suggested judge kavanaugh is too much of a washington d.c. guy. is that fair? >> not fair at all! he is the opposite of the georgetown cocktail party elite crowd. he would much rather have a beer, watch a hockey game. the last time i saw judge kavanaugh, had to push our morning meeting back because he'd been up so late watching the postgame coverage of the washington capitals stanley cup hockey championship victory. he is a sports fan, an avid runner, he ran a 10k with me and he smoked me by a good minute per mile. he loves to play basketball. in his office you will see two things. he loves his,his girls.
2:24 pm
he doesn't have a fancy office, he is basketball everywhere. >> what you think other names are hearing are likely choices? barrett, hardemon and kethledge? >> i think all of the candidates on the list are smart people. there conservative people but i think that judge kavanaugh is the only one on the second most important court in the country. he has been there 12 years with 300 opinions, vindicated by the supreme court for taking conservative legal principles and opinions 11 times out of 11 times. >> then there is roe versus wade. a recent poll said 63 percent in favor and 31 percent of post, do you expect the new supreme court configuration to go after roe versus wade? >> and a lot of people are focused on that and it is understandable why. i think that president trump is not going to make the mistake
2:25 pm
that president nixon made. nixon was so tunnel vision focused on just one issue for nixon it was law and order. he ends up finding people great on the issue from his perspective. others that disappointed him on a lot of other issues. i think donald trump has an opportunity to find a rocksolid conservative all-star who will be in a player of textualism, realism and conservative legal principles on all of the issues. >> to think it is -- >> at the because the president is a big fan of generals and warriors. i think judge kavanaugh fits the bill. if you imagine judge kavanaugh storming a beach in his military uniform torn and tattered from fighting from the legal principles but also think the president likes some more than all american family. judge kavanaugh, when him and his wife looked at each other reminds us of how ronald reagan and nancy reagan adoringly look at each other. their beautiful daughters i think america will fall in love
2:26 pm
with him and his family. >> we will see if you're right. thank you very much justin walker. >> good sales pitch! rallies across the country today defending the second amendment. the national debate over guns. plus, rescue teams racing against time to save 12 young boys and their soccer coach trapped in a cave in thailand. the challenges that they face still ahead. >> i think that with respect -- but we cannot wait.
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without talking to your rheumatologist after a scratch so small rocket you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert pretty u.s. servicemen were killed in southern afghanistan in an apparent insider attack. two other servicemembers were wounded and are in stable condition. the pentagon is withholding the fallen servicemembers name until the family is notified. it is not immediately clear who
2:31 pm
carried out the attack. >> a fox news alert in thailand. rescue teams bracing for heavy rain as they try to find alternative ways to free a young soccer team. trapped inside of us cave nearly 2 weeks now. the higher water levels could make the rescue more difficult if not impossible. jeff paul is live from thailand. what are you hearing about any attempt at a rescue? >> we have not had any official word about a rescue mission that is underway at the moment. what i can tell you is things out here have changed significantly in the last day. you can see over here the green fences. they were not up one day ago. that is a staging area for a lot of the rescue crews that have been here. also if you take a look to my left, you're right on the screen, this is an entrance into what leads to the cave.
2:32 pm
this has been a very busy spot for rescue crews out here. they are going in and out. we've not seen anyone out here in the last few hours. again, it has been a very busy spot. we can tell you that it has been raining very heavily in the morning hours, it slowed down significantly. they're trying to pump water out of there but the clock is ticking on this. they're trying to get the soccer players and their coach out as quickly as they can. one of the things we should mention is that the governor for the province we are in said they cannot wait around any longer for perfect and ideal conditions. they simply have to get the kids and the coach out of their as quickly as possible. >> we see some of the pictures of the boys smiling. i understand there remaining as hopeful as possible. and encouraging those waiting outside like the parents. trying to keep everyone's spirits up. there is a concern about food for them. some of them are undernourished at this point. how can this all play out, jeff?
2:33 pm
>> you mentioned that they are keeping their spirits up. they certainly are. we have heard they were sending out letters to the dive team to the parents. some of them asking parents to not forget about their birthday. the coach sent a letter saying he apologizes but as far as how this could play out, it takes a while to get in and out.about five or six hours for a professional diver to get in and another five or six hours to get out. it is incredibly dangerous. the kids are getting a crash course in diving. they would need sort of a buddy to help them get out. >> okay we deftly are hoping for the best there. jeff, thank you very much. mike? >> students in major cities across the country organizing marches in support of the second amendment. the march for our rights happening amid gun-control activism in the wake of the parkland school shooting in february. we are live from los angeles. hi alicia! >> hi mike.
2:34 pm
los angeles is one of the 13 cities where organizers had student led events with a small amount of money. $3800 for all of the demonstrations nationwide. march for our rights declares it is about protecting the second amendment. these folks say they are worried they could lose the right to own certain types of weapons in the recent call for new gun legislation. here's the chairwoman of the organization. the college sophomore. >> when the founding fathers wrote the united states constitution, they were clear with the words, your right to bear arms shall not be infringed. but today, in the year 2018, we see infringement. on top of another infringement, multiple infringements restrict us from our civil liberties and our constitutional rights. >> she and others acknowledge the small turn out. this video is from the demonstration in washington d.c.. participants say they plan to build on the day and let others know they are just
2:35 pm
as affected by the mass shootings as everyone else. like the one in florida. when it february 17 people were murdered on the grounds of marjory stoneman douglas high school by a former student with an ar-15 style rifle. that attack prompted survivors to call for action by lawmakers and the march for our lives events held nationwide to begin in march. millions turning out to demand stricter gun laws and it putting an end to the violence. today's events are in response to the march for our lives. mike, other than minor disturbances, these rallies went on without any security problems or issues. which is good. >> alicia, thank you very much. >> meantime in chicago, and other march happening today. thousands of residents including community leaders and members of the clergy gathered to protest the cities escalating violence and alleged parties brutality. the protest fully shut down
2:36 pm
northbound lanes of the dan ryan expressway. for about one hour. >> a judge delays until monday rolling on the trump administration request for more time. children under five to be reunited with parents at the us/mexico border. this comes after the judge ordered the children be reunited with their parents by tuesday. following a lawsuit by the american civil liberties union against the administration. bryan llenas is live in our new york city newsroom. what was their reaction to the request? >> good afternoon, mike. the judge is the same judge that extended the deadline for july 10 on tuesday as well as the initial deadline for all of the children to be reunited by july 26. the judge initially said he needs more information. from the government, proving and explaining why they need more time to reunite the
2:37 pm
separated children with parents with the judge, a george w. bush appointee refused to extend the deadline outright and according to the associated press, the judge said quote - the government must reunite them. they must comply with the timeframe unless there is an articulable reason. instead, the judge has given the government until tonight at 8 pm eastern to come up with a list of all 101 of the children under five years of age as well as an explanation as to why the government could not reunite them with their parents by the tuesday deadline.after the judge receives the list, he will decide on monday morning, whether the government needs more time to reunite some of the children, all of the children or whether the deadlines remain intact. >> was the case the government is making in terms of requesting more time to reunite the separated families? >> from the governments perspective they are using the time to vet the parents. to make sure the children they are releasing are in fact going
2:38 pm
to their parents. remember, the u.s. customs and border protection says there are some cases in which adults actually use children that are not their own. and now the department of health and human services secretary says the government will meet the deadlines but the judge is forcing them to expedite a thorough vetting process. >> we are doing dna testing on everybody claims to be the parent of one of our children to confirm that. we checked bertha to fix, we have searched 230 people in contacts -- they are proving suitability and parentage to work through the process. we care about is the kids welfare. >> the aclu's is the problem here is that the government is treating these children they separated from the parents, same as unaccompanied minors that came to the border without parents but the argument does not make sense to make parents
2:39 pm
have to prove their parentage to a government that forced the separation in the first place. >> bryan llenas, thanks a lot. >> and emotional memorial service held for one of the five victims killed in a shooting at in maryland newspaper office. plus, beijing getting back at the president. the president tariffs on chinese goods. what this could mean for you. >> the war was lost on trade many years ago. they are saying -- the war was lost but now we will finish because we have all the cards. ♪motorcycle revving
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2:43 pm
today to pay tribute to wendi winters. he reported killed at the capital gazette newspaper in maryland. four other employees were also killed last month when a gunman targeted the newspaper. she had been writing for the paper for more than 15 years and reported on a wide range of
2:44 pm
topics. >> condolences to the family. a long feared trade war between washington and beijing becomes a reality. the top administration tariffs $34 billion in chinese goods now taking effect and china retaliating immediately. targeting american products including soybeans, beef, whiskey and cars. china's commerce ministry saying in part quote - the united states has united the largest trade war in economic history. we have the president of -- capital measurement. an investment advisor and a fox news contributor, good to have you, gary. >> thank you. >> is a sacred road to go down? is it a necessary road? and to where will this lead? >> i don't like it. i'm not thrilled, i know it is a negotiating tactic by the president but all it does, it sows confusion and distortion
2:45 pm
of price. the biggest thing we can talk about every product, how many dollars but businesses cannot plan on the future because they do not know what is next. he gave a great example of soybeans. one to two thirds of the soybean crop from the heartland we drove up through the roads, is designated to china. prices go up, they will look elsewhere and it will really hurt the farmers. that is what you are seeing right now. >> asked american soybean farmers say about 60 percent of their crops go to quickly will american businesses, farmers, manufacturers, feel an impact and when will the american consumers get hit? >> the good news is, only about 30 to 40 percent is finished goods. the consumers will get hit but leave no doubt it is just a matter of time before prices go up on any amount of product. when prices go up, artificially, because i-- that
2:46 pm
is when you get into somewhat of a vicious cycle and i have to take him if we start getting auto out of your bully by heckuva lot, watch what happens. economically. it's not good news at all in any way shape or form. if it escalates, it will only worsen and for an election year, -- >> we have all the cards. the u.s. will win this game. what is the president card? >> will have the cards of the rest of the country and around the globe, get on the hands and knees and say yes, sir. so far, all evidence in, they are not lying down and they are retaliated. the president wants reciprocal trade. getting a reciprocal tariffs. we are going to another week we do -- up to $200 billion in
2:47 pm
tariffs and i must tell you, the economies around the globe a bunch of them are not doing well already and will not be able to stand. i must tell you as the globe goes, we will go also. we were interconnected. >> is there a reasonable workable solution to balance out trade between u.s. and china and europe? >> me be clear, there are bad players. there take advantage of us from a very long time. i just don't think this is the answer and so far, all evidence in it probably isn't especially if it escalates. i am hopes that cooler heads prevail. hope they can get into a room, shut the door, stop talking about it and let marcus not have to listen to this on a daily basis. let businesses go back to the planning stage. and come up with a happy place on what we are seeing. it seems like it is just starting up right now. >> finally how long can this current standoff last before it puts a drag on the overall u.s.
2:48 pm
economy? >> it will start soon. in a big way, i am not so sure. right now it really is only a footnote as far as the size of the economy china's a $12 trillion economy, we are much bigger. it really is not the biggest of deals but as i stated, the escalation is the word. if it escalates we get to the vicious cycle, then we see if it will drop to three or two. and right now we not hearing anything good from either side. >> those predictions you're talking about, keep your eyes up here. if you are talking about those predictions, what would you say to the president in terms of if he is using this as a negotiating tactic to back off on that? >> whatever you are doing, do it quick. and fix it quick. he talks about being a great
2:49 pm
negotiator and the art of the deal. let's get a deal done and sooner rather than later because the longer this drags out, it will be the drag on the economy and unemployment, drag on the market. markets have been great for the wealth effect of the nation as well as around the globe. and you can do that because of this. then trouble is ahead. and i'm hoping he's listening, that he is watching and listening and just remember they are hitting the farmers because it's all about that. >> thank you, the camera was sq. he was not talking to you. >> no problem. >> it feels like christmas in july for people in england. it should be quite a party tonight. how the english soccer team punched his ticket to the world cup finals. plus ohio congressman jim jordan with claims he ignored sexual abuse at ohio state. what he had to say.
2:50 pm
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2:52 pm
2:53 pm
jeff jordan pushing back against allegations that he ignored sexual abuse while in the assistant coast for the ohio state university wrestling team three decades ago. gillian turner is in
2:54 pm
washington. >> ohio congressman jim jordan hitting back after accusations from six people he ignored sexual abuse while coaching wrestling at ohio state university. >> it is false. i never saw, heard of, was told about any type of abuse. if i had been i would have dealt with it. our coaching staff, we would have dealt with it these are our student athletes. >> male athletes from 14 different sports at osu alleging sexual misconduct by richard strauss. he served on the medical team and conducted research at the university in the 1980s. and he passed away in 2005. the most vocal appears as a former wrestler. he claims jordan knew of the ongoing abuse for years. >> i have a lot of affinity for jim jordan as a coach as an athlete. as a friend. at the end of the day, i have got a duty to myself and others
2:55 pm
to still the real story.>> with jordan and says to fox news don't ever reported misconduct or abuse through official channels. conversations in a locker room are different than allegations of abuse to.>> now several house gop sources as well at as a member of the leadership tells fox news they have questions. while none are willing to speak on record, they all say they want more clarity on what exactly jordan meant when he referenced locker room conversations. the president says he buys it saying that quote - jim jordan is one of the most outstanding people i have met since i've been in washington. i believe him 100 percent. capitol hill insiders say these accusations call into question what the caucus can continue with jordan as the helm along mark meadows. until the issue is resolved in one way or another, there is real concern it could distract from policy issues. mike? >> thank you.
2:56 pm
>> many of the people in england are partying like it is 1990. after the soccer team clinches first into the world cup semifinals since 1990. the so-called lion beat sweden in the quarterfinals and it was a nailbiter in the other game also. croatia defeating russia after russia tied the game in the minutes of extra time. england will now take on croatia in the semi is next week. >> riveting i tell you. >> absolutely. >> north korea take a more confrontational tone following talks with secretary mike pompeo. what is next for efforts to get the north koreans to end the nuclear program. olders 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. brrrr! i have the chills. because of all those miles? and because ice... is cold. what's in your wallet? but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient and because ice... is cold.
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>> >> >> >>
3:00 pm
>> >>. >> we begin with a fox news alert and tough talk from north korea following a visit from america's top diplomat. secretary of state pompeo now in japan after holding high-stakes talks for two days in north korea, pyongyang calling those discussions, quote, regrettable and blasting the u.s. for, quote, gangster-like demands that the country give up its nuclear weapons. hello everyone. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm mike emmanuel in for eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. pompeo making the trip to pyongyang as new satellite images show north korea is upgrading one of its nuclear facilities. the secretary of state expressing optimism over the
3:01 pm
north's pledge to get rid of its nuclear program despite those images and today's tough rhetoric. rich edson has more now from tokyo. >> arthel, it's already sunday morning here in tokyo. and in a few hours, the secretary of state mike pompeo will meet with top officials from the japanese and south korean governments. he will update them on his conversations with north korean officials, over the last couple of days in pyongyang. for the secretary, he says the talks were productive. to the north koreans, they're calling them regrettable. before boarding his plane in pyongyang to travel to tokyo, pompeo told reporters that although the u.s. and north korean delegations are discussing complicated issues, they made progress on almost all of the central issues. he says in some places they made a great deal of progress. in others, he says, they need more work. >> the north koreans al confirmed the -- also confirmed the testing facility talked about what the modalities would look like for the destruction of that facility as well, progress
3:02 pm
there as well. then we have laid out a path for further negotiations at the working level so that the two teams can get together and continue the discussions. >> then a few hours after pompeo landed in tokyo, north korea's foreign ministry released a statement calling u.s. demands gangster like and against the spirit of the summit between president trump and kim jong-un though the statement includes a message from kim's office saying he and the president built trust last month in singapore and he expects that to continue as these negotiations develop. the state department also says pompeo delivered a letter to north korea from the president to kim. pompeo delivered it to the delegation as the state department says there was no meeting this time between pompeo and kim. the two sides agreed to meet next week in the demilitarized zone between the two koreas to discuss the return of remains of american servicemembers from the korean war. months ago secretary pompeo warned these discussions could take awhile and have their highs and lows, seems he was right. arthel? arthel: rich edson in tokyo,
3:03 pm
thanks. mike: for more on the negotiations with north korea, we go to a former navy intelligence officer and an iraq war veteran. great to have you with us this afternoon. does this demonstrate some of the complexity of dealing with the north korean regime? >> i think this will be a long process. we're look at different types of leadership styles. he's from the old regime, 90 years old, he's been part of the institution of north korea for more than 70 years which is about exactly how long we've had this confrontation. so he's going to have a different way to look at things, more so than this new administration. mike: director of the asia program at the wilson center says quote this is a rejection of u.s. demands for unilateral denuclearization by north korea and a clear message that the u.s. will need to give up more to make progress. this demonstrates the problem of meeting with kim at the beginning, making unilateral concessions and declaring
3:04 pm
victory. it reduces u.s. leverage and the negotiation allows kim to dictate the pace, tone and terms. your thoughts on that comment? >> well, you can look at it from different perspectives. i look at the summit as being a completely positive outcome. for more than ten years, no one had had successful negotiations with north korea. president trump was the first leader from the u.s. to meet with a north korean official. that's positive in itself. you have to start with an ongoing dialogue that will get us there. what i see is trust. and the biggest thing that kim has said as he looks to expand the economic side of his country is that before he looks at reducing his nuclear arsenal, he's going to have to feel that his country is secure and that he has a trustful relationship with the united states. that doesn't happen over one meeting. it's just a different way of doing things with this president who has already shown that's his tactic. mike: i covered the bush white house for several years and the obama white house for several years, the north korean protests about this weekend's talks
3:05 pm
sounds like the old pyongyang play book, so now what? >> well, kim is only 34 years old. he inherited a nuclear program. he inherited poverty. he has two things to do and to look at this, you know, he has the traditions of his family and we understand that in their culture traditions are very important. but he has to look at the future of his country. 20 years ago as you said within the clinton administration, when they tried to have a deal go forward, you know, there wasn't as much outside influence as there is now. even though the north koreans try to police the digital footprint, it is still out there and still seeps through so there's a lot of influences coming into this country that weren't there before under president bush or president clinton. mike: if president trump losing patience, how does secretary of state mike pompeo keep him on board? >> that's going to be a difficult process. our president likes things to happen very quick. this is going to be a long process. the talks with the inf treaty in the 80s took almost all of
3:06 pm
president reagan's tenure as president from 81 to 38 and then they collapsed -- 81 to 83 and then they collapsed and regained in 85 until 87 when it was signed. mike: if it's clear the north koreans are back to playing games, i'm not saying we're there yet, but what does the trump administration do? >> if you look at what we're doing with our economic sanctions, they are having a strong effect, and we renewed new sanctions since the earlier -- the meeting earlier this month. so those steps is what's going to help. you know, kim has had the opportunity to go outside of north korea and so have many of his people now with the summit. they've seen what's out there, and they are going to start to want what the rest of the world has. i think that's the biggest influence that we can see to work in our favor. mike: the good news about talking is there have been no recent rocket or nuclear tests at least for now; right? >> there hasn't been, and that's one of the things that kim did promise, and he did promise to repatriate the remains of our fallen. it is small steps. it is small steps that's going to lead to building a relationship.
3:07 pm
you know, we haven't had a relationship and those don't happen overnight. it is going to take a lot of trust, and where the relationship between the north and south is a little easier because that's a country that's 13 centuries old, our relationship has been very tested going all the way back to the korean war has not been very good. mike: i know you are a navy man, mike pompeo first his class at west point, should we give him a little bit more time? >> i think this is going to be a long process. he should get all the time he needs to go through each step of the process. >> we are thankful for your time and your service, sir. thank you very much. >> thank you, mike. mike: arthel? arthel: thank you. well, president trump consulting with vice president mike pence and others this weekend as he zeros in on a supreme court nominee to replace retiring justice kennedy. the president will announce his choice monday night, a day before he leaves for europe. and garrett tenney is live in washington with all the latest. garrett, hi. >> well, arthel, president trump
3:08 pm
is in the final stages of deciding his pick for the supreme court. sources familiar with the vetting process tell fox news the top three candidates are brett kavanaugh, amy barrett and raymond kethledge but there is a growing sense inside the white house that kethledge could be the front-runner. personal relationships are extremely important to president trump, and we're told his interview with kethledge this past week lasted longer than any of the others and that the two connected and engaged the best of any as well. the 51-year-old has a unique resume nor the high court. he doesn't have an ivy league education like the other current justices and he got his law degree from the university of michigan. he also worked on capitol hill for a few years, before clerking for the justice he may soon replace, anthony kennedy. he has a solidly conservative record on the u.s. court of appeals for the sixth circuit, though he hasn't ruled on any blockbuster hot button cases, which may actually help him through the confirmation process, if he gets the nomination. amy coney barrett however is not expected to have an easy con for
3:09 pm
nation. the 46-year-old is a devout catholic and has been outspoken in her belief that life begins at conception. democratic senators really went after her for that last year during her confirmation hearings for the 7th circuit court of appeals in chicago and would do so again if she gets the nomination. sources tell fox news that republican senator susan collins of maine has also voiced concerns to the white house about barrett's pro-life positions. the third finalist is brett kavanaugh who currently serves on the powerful u.s. court of appeals here in d.c. the 53-year-old has a lot of experience here in d.c. he helped write the report from kenneth starr's investigation into bill clinton that outlined grounds for clinton's impeachment. he served in the george w. bush administration for five years and that has led to critics labelling him as a washington insider. we also know the president has been highly critical of the bush family, so that experience may hurt rather than help him. now, those are the top three right now. as of right now. as we've seen many times with this president, though, a lot
3:10 pm
can change in 24 to 48 hours. as he likes to say, we will see what happens. arthel? arthel: okay, we will see. garrett, thank you. mike? mike: arthel, meantime president trump is spending the weekend at his golf club in new jersey. we're two days away from the big announcement on who will replace the retiring justice kennedy. ellison barber is live near the president's club in new jersey. ellison, nice to see you. how is the white house preparing for monday's big announcement? >> hey, mike, so the white house says that -- or sources tell us that the white house is working on what is known as rollout packages for four different candidates, brett kavanaugh, raymond kethledge, amy barrett and the last person the sources are calling at this point a dark horse when it comes to the potential final nominee thomas hardiman. vice president pence met with three of those candidates this week. sources are telling us that he met with kavanaugh on wednesday
3:11 pm
in d.c. at the naval observatory and then on monday and tuesday he met with barrett and kethledge when he was in indiana. the president and vice president had dinner last night. deputy press secretary told fox news the pair talked about a number of things including monday's supreme court announcement. senate democrats are encouraging their supporters to seek out against the president's nominee. they have previously said republicans should follow the precedent that they set when then president obama's nominee merrick garland and not vote on a nominee in an election year. sources also tell us that democratic senator schumer called the president and asked him to nominate merrick garland. he told the president he thought that would be a good way to potentially unify the country. as far as we know, as far as we can tell, that's not something the president is considering at this point. mike? mike: switching gears a bit, the new york times is reporting a shift in the president's legal strategy when it comes to whether or not special counsel mueller gets to interview president trump. what's the latest you are
3:12 pm
hearing? >> we're hearing the president's legal team has told mueller if they want him to sit down for an interview, they need to produce evidence that shows the president committed a crime. the new york times first reported that legal shift, but fox news is told that the president's legal team made the special counsel aware of their position in this regard, both on the phone and in letters. rudy giuliani told fox news that he's asking mueller for a quote, factual basis for the investigation. >> it's a bold strategy. in every other criminal investigation, a criminal defense attorney who calls u.s. attorneys and asks them to tell me what you've got is going to get a laugh on the other end of the phone because u.s. attorneys don't give away information about their investigation. but of course this is no ordinary client. >> the president and no person who is a subject should ever sit down with a prosecutor unless it's their only alternative to a
3:13 pm
subpoena. >> president trump tweeted about the special counsel again today, once again, calling it a witch hunt. mike? mike: ellison barber live in the great state of new jersey, thanks a lot. arthel? arthel: a fox news alert, a british police officer who was taken to a hospital in connection with the recent nerve agent poisoning now given the all-clear. this comes after the hospital conducted special tests after the officer sought attention. now in last week's incident, a couple in their 40s in the town of salisbury were poisoned by the same lethal toxin, a nerve agent, developed by the soviet union. they are in critical condition. police continue extensive forensic searches to find out who was behind this. the same toxin almost killed a former russian spy and his daughter back in march. mike: rescuers racing against time as a young soccer team remains trapped inside of a flooded cave in thailand.
3:14 pm
the options teams are weighing to free them. plus, the fate of roe versus wade remains uncertain as president trump's short list of potential supreme court nominees surfaces. we're looking at each contender. and wildfires sweeping across the west forcing people from their homes as the flames spread. the latest on the firefight in those states. >> the most important thing is to make sure that everybody in this fire zone knows that the whole state is with them.
3:15 pm
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3:18 pm
mike: wildfire season kicking into high gear a little early out west. several fast-moving wildfires are forcing thousands of people in california from their homes leaving thousands more without power and prompting a state of emergency. scorching temperatures making matters worse for firefighters. in colorado an evacuation order was lifted on a lake christine fire as crews take advantage of cooler temperatures. more than 105,000 acres have been scorched so far. in utah, the dollar ridge fire burning about 80 miles from salt lake city has destroyed 90 buildings including homes, but some of those evacuated have been allowed to return home.
3:19 pm
officials believe this fire may be man made. arthel? arthel: president trump now just two days away from announcing his supreme court choice to replace the retiring justice anthony kennedy. the president vowing to reveal his choice monday night as he weighs their merits. the president's top contenders for the vacancy right now are federal judges amy coney barrett, raymond kethledge, brett kavanaugh, and thomas hardiman and with conservatives holding a narrow majority in the senate which will vote to confirm the pick, the future of roe v. wade is uncertain. the editorial director for the washington examiner is joining us now. we will get to roe v. wade in a moment. first i would like to stop here, of the top three contenders or four if you want to, what about him or her makes them likely as the likely pick, and what in their portfolio could derail their nomination?
3:20 pm
>> that's the 64 million dollars question. each one of them has points in his or her favor, and each one of them has points that might tend to push the president towards another pick. take amy barrett for example. she's turned into a conservative judicial star. she was very much disliked by the democrats when she was brought up for confirmation to the appellate court. you know, and, you know, people thought that the democrats were engaging in sort of an unconstitutional religious test. it's made her a sort of lightning rod, but she would be in her favor i think she would be the most sort of dramatic pick for the president, also the most controversial, and he kind of likes to do that. but she is also somebody who would undermine democratic claims that the republicans are anti-women or the president is anti-women, and if it came to roe versus wade, and she were on a majority that voted to overturn roe v. wade, it would be impossible for the democrats
3:21 pm
to say, you know, this is men voting to limit women's rights. brett kavanaugh, he was one of the prosecutors in ken starr's investigation of clinton, he's got a long track record, very solid conservative, some conservatives actually, you know, are a little -- raising certain questions about him. kethledge seems to have had a great interview with the president, longer interview than others, there seems to be a certain personal chemistry, president trump likes that. finally hardiman said to be a dark horse, but he's supported by a lot of people in the state of pennsylvania, which was a swing state, which the president won, senators like rick santorum are very supportive of him. so each one of them has points in their favor. the thing to remember, though, arthel, is that every one of them is an originalist. every one of them will see roe versus wade as a bad piece of
3:22 pm
jurispruden jurisprudence. >> i want to show you a quinnipiac poll on roe v. wade when asked do you agree or disagree with roe v. wade? 63% agree. 31% disagree. so the question is, should the will of the american people be a consideration? >> it should be a consideration, but let me qualify those results. people don't actually know what roe versus wade does. if you ask them, do you think it is simply a woman's right to choose an abortion? it is a minority that believes that. the majority believes that there should be restrictions in some cases. some people -- arthel: i'm not sure how that poll broke it down. >> no, no, absolutely. that question gets that answer. people think that they support roe versus wade -- >> arthel: the people who support it i imagine they are supporting the woman's right to choose what happens to her body. >> well, yes, but if you ask other questions, such as, do you
3:23 pm
think that there should be any -- arthel: i just asked a simple question, which was do you think roe v. wade should be a consideration which considering that 63% of this particular poll agree that they agree with it? >> roe versus wade is the big issue here. and that's why the democrats don't like any of the picks, and that's why the -- all of these are regarded as dangerous. roe versus wade is going to come up in the hearings for any of them. and, you know, they're going to be asked their views on it. what they will probably answer is they will look at every case, you know, one by one. they will judge the case as they see it. and they are not going to commit themselves to overturning or upholding roe versus wade. arthel: in 2006, i want to go back a little bit here, president obama nominated judge merrick, as you know, to replace justice antonin scalia and you
3:24 pm
know that judge garland's nomination lasted a record 293 days until time when president obama's watch ran out. >> right. >> so newly minted president trump chose current justice gorsuch. >> right. arthel: what's the difference if the democrats try to do the same thing now and try to let the clock run out? >> that's a very good point. they will try and make sure -- they will try to block the nominations until after the midterm elections, when they hope to retake the house. they've got a pretty good chance of doing that. they have a longer shot at taking the senate, which is where the confirmation hearings are held. arthel: right. >> but they will want that. they will argue that. and they have argued that there should be no confirmation hearings in an election year. but the point that was made by mitch mcconnell when merrick garland was nominated was not in a presidential year, not in the final year of an eight-year presidency. arthel: i'm not going to ask you for predictions because i'm sure you don't have any about what's going to happen monday.
3:25 pm
i will let you off the hook on that one. who knows. thank you very much. >> thanks a lot, arthel. arthel: yes. mike: a race against time in thailand as rescue teams work around the clock to save 12 teenage boys and their soccer coach trapped in a cave for two weeks. plus officials at the southern border scrambling to get parents united with their children. as a court-mandated deadline looms, we look at whether the issue is any closer to being resolved. >> it was clear today that the government has not even been able to match all of the children with parents. that is extremely troubling. the chili pepper sweat-out. not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary. some common side effects
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3:29 pm
mike: fox news alert. as urgent efforts continue in thailand to rescue a young soccer team and their coach stuck in a cave for two weeks and the clock is ticking before heavy rains roll into the region. jeff paul is live in thailand with more. jeff, what are you hearing about
3:30 pm
plans for a rescue? >> mike, we haven't heard any official news that a rescue is underway, but what i can tell you is that the situation out here has definitely changed a little bit as you take a look off to the side of us, you can see some of these soldiers are walking through and this green fence, this wasn't here a day ago. behind that, that's where they have been doing a lot of the groundwork to go inside the cave. just beyond there, you can see some of those guys with hats on and lights. that's the first we have seen today of people going inside appearing to get ready for some sort of work for the day. the other thing that we should mention is the weather. the weather is definitely factor out here. earlier this morning the rain was coming down pretty hard. it's slowed down a little bit. they have been pumping water a little bit further down the road. we don't know how effective that is. it is of course something that could possibly help this team and this coach that's in there right now and help crews as they try to get them to safety.
3:31 pm
mike? mike: i've got a son about the age of those soccer players, and i cannot even imagine what those families are going through. jeff, how could this all play out? >> well, mike, we want to mention that some of those players and as you as a dad would find this as a bit of a relief they have been able to communicate with their parents via videos and able to write letters. some finding moments of humor one of the boys telling his parents to not forget he has a birthday. the coach has also apologized to the parents. the way we're thinking this could play out, the dive method, the drilling doesn't seem to be as effective. essentially these boys have been given a crash course in diving and be brought out with a buddy diver to stay safe. mike? mike: we will keep those families, players, coach in our thoughts and prayers. thanks a lot. arthel: definitely. thousands marched in the streets
3:32 pm
of chicago today to pressure public officials to address the escalating gun violence problem and alleged police brutality in the city. the protests shut down the dan ryan expressway for about an hour. matt finn was there. >> it was a sight to be seen as a crowd of protesters marched on to the dan ryan expressway and then negotiated with state police arguing that they came down to shut down the entire expressway, and they weren't settling for the two lanes that the state police gave them. one of chicago's most recognizable social activists defied state and local police and pulled off one of the largest demonstrations in the city's recent history. he announced plans to shut down the freeway weeks ago. state police pleaded against it citing numerous safety concerns and warned there could be arrests if protesters stepped on to the highway. he did not back down and police decided to accommodate the priest with a few lanes on the highway. that did not satisfy him and the
3:33 pm
marchers. >> no negotiation. >> they negotiated with state police in the middle of the freeway and eventually protesters were given the entire highway. >> we told the police we're not going the sit on the side of the road. we're going to shut it down. >> it was to raise awareness for violence on the south side. people want common sense gun legislation and more resources for education and jobs. >> all of those other types marches before. we've never done this. this is bold, radical and needed. >> chicago's mayor emmanuel gave his approval for the march. illinois governor gave the okay for two lanes and tweeted his disappointment in emanuel tweeting this unacceptable we had clear parameters that allowed the protesters to be heard while respecting law and order. instead they chose to instead cause chaos. rahm emanuel firing back tweeting it was a peaceful protest. delete your account. this is not over, the father
3:34 pm
says they are demanding meetings with the governor, the mayor and all people running for office saying they want to now sit down and discuss the issues that they marched for today. arthel? arthel: matt finn, thank you. mike: students across the country organizing marches in major cities today in support of the 2nd amendment. the march for our rights rallies happening in 13 cities amid gun control activism following the parkland school shooting in february. participants say they are worried about losing their right to own certain types of weapons, as critics call for tighter gun control. a judge will rule on monday whether the trump administration can have more time to reunite children separated who are under five separated from their parents at u.s. mexico border. the judge originally ordered the families to be reunited by tuesday following a lawsuit by the aclu against the trump administration. bryan llenas is live in our new york city newsroom. great to see you, bryan. what was the judge's reaction to the trump administration's request? >> good to see you, mike.
3:35 pm
on friday u.s. district judge said he needs more information from the government proving and explaining why they need more time to reunite these separated children with their parents. last week he ruled that all 101 separated children under age 5 need to be reunited with their parents by tuesday. and all nearly 3,000 children separated under trump zero-tolerance policy need to be reunited by july 26th. the judge, a george w. bush appointee refused to extend the deadlines outright. the aclu says that's because the government bureaucracy is having a tough time reuniting these families. >> it was clear today that the government has not even been able to match all of the children with parents. that is extremely troubling. we could not get a specific number. >> so the judge has given the government until tonight, 8:00
3:36 pm
p.m. eastern to come up with a list of all 101 of the children under 5 years old as well as an explanation for each case as to why the government cannot reunite them with their parents by the tuesday deadline. after the judge receives this list, he will decide monday morning whether to extend the reunification deadline for some, all, or none of the children. from the government's perspective, they need more time to vet the parents to make sure the children they are releasing are in fact going to their rightful parents. remember, u.s. customs and border protection says there are some cases in which adults use children that aren't their own, and now the human -- health and human services secretary says the government will meet the deadlines, but the judge is forcing them to expedite a thorough vetting process that includes dna testing on parents and children. >> we have to confirm that the people claiming to be their parents are actually their parents. we also have to confirm that the parents are suitable for the
3:37 pm
children to be placed back with. that's what we do. now, we're operating at this point under an artificial deadline set by the court to make that happen, and we will do the very best we can to ensure child welfare consistent with the court's order. >> the aclu says the problem here is that the government is treating these children that are separated from their parents the same as unaccompanied minors who came to the border without parents in the first place. they argue it doesn't make sense to make parents have to prove their parentage to a government that forced their separation in the first place. mike? mike: bryan llenas, thank you very much. >> of course. arthel: we will have more on the legal drama bryan just reported on that the judge refusing to grant the trump administration, how americans feel about the issues at the border, we will talk about that. plus, an iconic steam ship goes up in flames. when my hot water heater failed, she was pregnant, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do.
3:38 pm
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arthel: police in canada making an arrest in a highway crash
3:42 pm
that shook the nation killing 16 people, many of them players on a youth hockey team. police say the 29-year-old suspect was the driver of a tractor trailer that struck the bus, carrying players and staff for the hum bolt broncos. the hockey team was on its way to a crucial play-off game when the accident happened. 13 other people were hurt in the crash. mike: the fight intensifies over president trump's zero tolerance immigration policy. the trump administration is asking a federal judge for more time to reunite families separated at the u.s. mexico border after the judge set a deadline. max burns is the communications director robert f. kennedy human rights. max, thanks for coming in. good to see you. you have the government asking for more time, is that an indication of just how complicated this issue is? >> i think this is an indication of just how little of a plan the trump administration had at any point. i mean, this zero tolerance was
3:43 pm
announced back in may, the end of june, president trump changed his mind and backed down, said they would have every kid back together with their parent by last sunday. we now see that's plainly untrue. that wasn't true. and that at no point has anyone really been in control of this situation in the white house or at the department of justice. mike: to be fair, though, there are a lot of americans who are all for legal immigration but they do think the government should enforce the border, no? >> no, absolutely. the issue at stake with these children specifically is these are individuals who are seeking asylum who are in detention pending that asylum hearing. that doesn't need to be the case. i.c.e. has a program with a 99.6% return rate to court. they support the program. it exists now. we could use it. those parents could be out of jail, have their kids back, and then return and get asylum or be deported. there is no need to have everyone split up and in 15 different states some of these kids are. it's ridiculous.
3:44 pm
mike: a recent quinnipiac survey showed that nearly 6 in 10 voters do not approve of the trump administration's handling of these immigration-related issues. did zero tolerance backfire? >> absolutely. i think it speaks to what's right about america, that people see these children treated this way, and even people who say, you know, we want tougher immigration law, no one advocates seeing a child put in a cage or separated from their family or taken to another state and their parent deported before they're reunited as 16 or 17 of these kids are. it's certainly not our values, and i think president trump got a very big lesson in just what real america stands for. mike: before the 4th of july recess, the house could not pass immigration reform plan, so it doesn't appear that congress is going to fix this any time soon. what do you see as next steps? >>i think what's important now is to keep pressure on to reform not just zero tolerance but to
3:45 pm
make sure these kids are back with their families, to hold people like jeff sessions and steve miller and donald trump accountable and to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again because it shows just how important vigilance is or else people like steve miller will turn our immigration, turn our foreign policy into something unrecognizable to americans. mike: four months before midterm elections, it doesn't appear congress has the ability or perhaps the interest in solving the immigration issue at this point. do we wait for a new congress to come in to address security at the border and also trying to make sure that the system works better? >> i almost feel bad for this congress because it's tough with a president that changes his mind every single day, it seems, coming out for a bill and then against it, and then for it five minutes before the vote was over. what we need now is leadership that we're only going to get from an electoral change, and that means bringing in
3:46 pm
democrats, bringing in people who are willing to work for immigration reform, for gun reform, for sustainable economic policy, and getting rid of these people who have really warped the ideals of our country and turned this into something dark and sinister and that puts children in cages. it's tough -- it's tough to even think about. mike: to be fair, though, covering capitol hill, compromise is kind of a dirty word these days from people on both sides, and so the election may not necessarily send people who are willing to cut deals and solve these complicated problems. >> well, this is also the 50th anniversary of robert f. kennedy's campaign for the white house, which was this incredible campaign of compromise and reaching across aisles and telling people not just what they wanted to hear, but what they needed to hear. i think we're seeing candidates rewarded for that, who speak up, who talk about these issues, who say that we are in an
3:47 pm
existentially risky position as a country, and if these policies continue, we may find ourselves in a place that doesn't resemble at all the country that we want as a people. mike: should americans expect more from their government in terms of the function of the bureaucracy and also the function of their lawmakers to tackle tough issues, whether it's an election year or not? >> yeah, i absolutely believe, democrat and republican, we should expect more from legislators and we should also expect more from ourselves. we let elected officials like the president tell us how bad the country is, how broken we are, how terrible the press is, and we should have a little more faith in ourself and we should stand up for those ideals regardless of what letter is at the end of that party identifier. mike: what's your take in terms of how long it may take for these families to be reunited and will the system work in terms of getting the families back together and then solving their status? >> this is really up to the court system now. i mean, according to the trump
3:48 pm
administration, the seven different positions they have had on this, they already had the children by their own admission. it's very important not only that we get it done quickly, but that it's done safely, that the people who have been deported were able to get contact with them through embassies and get the kids back who are still in detention in america, but it's not a great position for any administration to be in, and we can do so much better. mike: max burns, thank you for your time. >> thank you. mike: arthel? arthel: an iconic steam ship goes up in flames in michigan. the historic ship caught fire as workers were on board restoring the vessel with plans to turn it into a dock side attraction. the ship which was tied to a riverside marina in detroit was made mostly of wood and was almost completely destroyed. the owners are vowing to rebuild it, if possible. the cause of the fire is under investigation. that's too bad. chaos erupts on an international flight as it makes a hard landing in a major city.
3:49 pm
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mike: passengers on board the united airlines flight experiencing a rough landing in washington. a panel from the plane's ceiling falling on a passenger. as a flight from amsterdam arrived at dulles international, one witness says the plane was braking hard. no one fortunately was hurt. arthel: whoa. this year's first hurricane now a tropical storm on its way to the eastern caribbean, but it brings a new threat to islands still recovering from last year's devastating hurricanes. meteorologist adam clock is tracking the storm in fox extreme weather center. >> it was a hurricane and now at this point a tropical storm. just earlier this morning it was up to hurricane status. that made it the first hurricane of the season which means we are beginning to see the activity pick up a little bit. we're tracking this as it
3:54 pm
arrives tomorrow afternoon into the lesser antilles. the winds do continue to lighten up a little bit there as we will look at winds at 35 miles-per-hour by the time we get to puerto rico that will be on monday. still a system those folks will want to pay close attention to as rain will be a big issue. it is not the only tropical system out there right now. off the coast of carolinas, we have a tropical depression, it will strengthen and actually our forecast models will say this is going to become a hurricane as well. you notice the track, it runs parallel to the coast. what will that mean for the united states? perhaps some choppy seas, perhaps some riptide current issues but not expecting this to provide any sort of rain as i do think it is going to be far enough off the coast that all this rain is going to stay farther out to sea. otherwise the stories across the country continue to be the heat. yes, the big cooloff on the eastern half of the country. that's been the case today as temperatures were up into the 90s closer to 100. currently 71 degrees in new york city. that's the case stretching back
3:55 pm
into the midwest as well. but you get into the center, and it is still warm in spots. lots of 90s out there. the hottest parts of the country continue to be in the desert southwest. 112 in phoenix. 91 degrees in l.a. they have been battling the heat with dry conditions, and that's been producing some wildfires. heat advisories from los angeles into california into portions of southern nevada. not going anywhere at least not immediately. the high temperatures in that region today anywhere from 110 to 112, getting close to 100 degrees in l.a. that lingers for those folks on sunday. there is a little bit of a break here. this is our radar the last 12 hours. we have seen some showers popping up and if you are in that area, it certainly feels good because otherwise arthel, they have been battling 100 to 110 here the last couple of days. arthel: too much. adam, thank you. mike: secretary of state mike pompeo on the second leg of his asia trip aimed at finalizing a plan for dismantling north
3:56 pm
korea's nuclear program. what is next on his agenda? give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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well, esurance makes it simple and affordable. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. arthel: an iconic figure for fire safety paid a visit to a bear cub hurt in a colorado fire. >> smoky the bear checked in on the small patient at a wildlife rehabilitation center. firefighters found the animal about three weeks ago wandering
4:00 pm
alone near the 416 fire in du n durango. she's now being treated for burns to her paws. arthel: so sweet. we are back tomorrow. eric shawn is still out. julie banderas is next with the fox report. julie: following two major stories for you, president trump says he is nearing that big decision on his second supreme court nominee as north korea signals a possible setback in negotiations to abandon its nuclear arsenal. good evening i'm julie banderas in for jon scott tonight. this is the fox report. pyongyang slamming talks with secretary of state pompeo calling them, quote, regrettable and gangster like. this despite pompeo telling reporters his third visit to the country since april had yielded a great deal of progress. meanwhile, back at home, the white house telling fox news president trump and vice president mike pence discussed the looming supreme court announcement over dinner in new jersey friday night. thsi


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