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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 8, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> we begin with a fox news alert is for the 12 boys from the youth soccer team have been pulled out safely in thailand. one by one, each child brought to dry land by drivers executed in a carefully good and extremely complicated rescue mission. welcome to "america's news hq," and kristin fisher and fort elizabeth prann. leland: nice to meet with you at home. 1:00 p.m. eastern means it is midnight in thailand. the four boys are safe. the remaining player, eight of them and their coach have to spend another 20 more hours underground until they can bring in fresh oxygen tanks to the
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rescue mind inside the cave. just ponder the scene of the rescue in thailand. as we mentioned there it's about midnight and they are working through the night we can expect. >> s. likely that the big concern right now is the rain. i don't know if you can hear it but it is pouring rain. only further complicating the efforts to rescue the remaining players and the coach. we're also learning local forecasters they will likely rain for the next two days. they are at a war with water. he also gave us some more insight into the actual rescue of the soccer players he said they were taken immediately to the hospital where physicians are looking at that right now. we are also learning every single oxygen tank was used up in that operation. that means it could take several more hours to get everything in place for the next rescue.
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>> if you ask when is the next operation i can say exactly. we have to assess the conditions and make sure everything is stable like today. we will proceed with the operation. >> also hearing that took around seven hours and 40 minutes to release the first boys in thailand. that is much faster than anticipated, but we do need to keep in mind the figure the thai governor davis 10 to 20 hours until they can go back out and began rescuing another round of soccer players and on top of that, there is the time to get them and bring them out. >> before we let you go, we understand there is both tie diverse and foreign divers. are they working in teams boarded after rescue between -- rest between each rescue. >> it sounds like they are using everybody along the route.
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90 divers in total. 40 of them are from thailand. the others from around the world from australia, america, all over the place. it seems like a huge international effort to make sure each and every one of these boys in their soccer coach get out safely. >> the president greeting about the united states helping out in this thai rescue operation. back to you as events warrant or kristin has more. >> let's bring in crescendo, president of the national theological society. thank you for being with us. four boys out, which means a boys plus the soccer coach in. what worries you the most about the other remaining soccer players and their coach? >> the weather destabilizing and of course that could change conditions and make it much more
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difficult to get the remaining youths out. kristin: the other thing efforts of much about his oxygen and dwindling amount of the deep inside that cave. what are your thoughts on the oxygen levels? >> we actually have oxygen levels. it is a buildup of co2, one of the bigger concerns actually. it's actually buildup of carbon dioxide. back in how the lot of different physiological effects and i'm sure it is in making life very comfortable. >> especially since the authorities told us in the press conference that the healthiest boys were taken out first. the remaining boys have probably the last strong, perhaps the ones that can't swim. they've never been diving before. what are you worried about for the remaining ones?
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is that provide a confidence boost for them? >> yes, it should. the fact that they were working out some of the issues the divers may have. i think it was wise to bring up the strongest ones first. they were the ones that would be able to negotiate any issues easier then maybe the other children. kristin: is somebody who's daddy's caves for his entire life, there's been so much made of how these boys got there in the first place. based on your expertise, how unusual is that? how difficult is it to find yourself in this situation? >> will you know, people are attracted to caves. certainly young teenagers are. i started caving when i was a teenager. so you know, we are attracted to the unknown. there are a lot of caves in the area of thailand so when they
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went in, of course the weather destabilized, large rainfall events. in essence, the lower portions of the cave have filled up an honest created the issue. kristin: i have been inside several kids before and i'll certainly think twice again. her remarkable effort underway. thank you so much. hopefully the remaining boys and their coach are able to get out. leland: president trump treating this morning about the cave rescue. he's up in new jersey right now at his club in doubling down on criticisms of robert mueller. his team on the sunday show calling the investigation of democratic con job and whether the president boasted down for an interview with the special counsel. ellison barber in new jersey traveling with the president before he heads back to d.c.
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>> hey come only lend to the president and his legal team have gone back and forth over whether the idea president trump will sit down and speak with robert mueller. they had said before that he wants to. the legal team said he has to see if that's a good idea. various potential timelines. they say they have not ruled it out, but now they are closer than ever to potentially not doing it good rudy giuliani said today that is what they are leaning towards. >> have you simply determine the president is not going to sit down? >> the reason for the extension by the extraordinary things that happen things that happen that we wouldn't expect. >> the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani confirmed to fox news the president legal team wants a special counsel to produce evidence proving the president committed a crime before they'll let him sit with mr. mueller. they talk to the special counsel about that and have
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communications with him in e-mails on the phone. president trump repeated a familiar phrase: the central council of the dictation a raid witchhunt. democrats have long said those attacks are illegitimate and whether it comes to the president for congressional republicans as part of an effort from republican and his supporters to discredit the special counsel in any of their findings when it comes to the trump campaign. >> they assert that there's no pollution, but there's no interest or willingness to understand the evidence in the case. >> giuliani told abc news that mueller is surrounded by bias people. the name you often hear right now and as outside legal counsel is fbi agent peter stzrok. he removed him from the team when he heard about anti-trump text messages. mr. mueller himself as a registered republican. >> osan barbary new jersey good thank you. a little more on this at the
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cochair of the great america pac. appreciate you being here. this is the tweet from the president. the wave witchhunt by fbi loverboy peter asked for one year. now 13 angry democrat into the server. cryptic calories deleted e-mails that the pakistani fraud stirred. it is a democratic time. we have a new name. fbi loverboy we will leave that to the side. is this the right positioning for the president to call it a democratic con job versus simply trying to cooperate and get it to be over as quickly as possible? >> here is the reality. the reality is the impetus for all of this was getting a fisa warrant against carter page and was there some political malice involved with that decision?
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we have to understand this has underfunded the trump agenda for almost two years. leland: how does it undercut the trump agenda? >> at some point we need to understand the details of the investigation. the whole thing was about collusion. >> i'm sure that's an answer to the question. it's not a question i ask you to set its undercut in the trump agenda. if they decided to never tweet about robert mueller again, how does that interfere with his agenda? >> talking about the other side of it. they shape the narrative of some collusion going on between the term campaign in russia and we haven't seen any facts in that regard. president will fight back against these allegations. leland: i'm just asking you to answer what you said. he said undercutting the
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president's agenda. if anybody is to start via, the president keeps reading about it. how does it undercut his agenda? >> i don't think you should stop treating about it. again, i don't think he should have a narrative out there that says that the president's campaign had anything to do with collusion and 2016 campaign. he has re-shifting the focus and once to make sure the allegations don't go in return. leland: so you don't think he's creating a lot of distraction by continuing to tweet about it? >> i don't. the media covers 80%, 90% of networks. would you want to do? not fire back on these allegations? he has the ability to say let's reset this. let's make sure the facts come out and that there's no collusion which is the impetus of this entire allegation. leland: we've got now.
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the other group out there hitting pretty hard. you also have ambassador hutchison. kay bailey hutchison talking about the president's view of the foreign policies. take a listen and get your reaction. >> he's been very direct about the europeans needed to do more for their own security. every ally is not increasing defense spending ended the year in a house that president trump has been in office, it has doubled since 24 at team. so i think he is making an impact. >> thought. >> went in to take the president seriously when he talks about foreign policy. we didn't take him seriously with the paris a quarter when he said i'm going to talk to north korea and engage in talks to really better america policy. leland: i'm glad you brought up the issue of north korea. the president's rhetoric a couple days ago was so tough
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about nato. so tough about canada after the g7, yet we hear now they are working on its nuclear program and the missile program. they just said some very, very tough things during secretary pompeo's visit calling it regrettable, yet we haven't heard anything from the president in the past couple days about that. why do you think it is? >> i think he's taking history lessons from ronald reagan and gorbachev had ronald reagan and gorbachev met in 1985 for the first summit. he wanted to get rid of the "star wars" program. it was 1987 -- leland: i'm missing the comparison, though. how is president trump at them? >> the rhetoric going into those meetings was very heavy, but he understood that president trump understands that sometimes you have to pull back from the
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rhetoric to start to get subs is behind these meetings. any deal that comes out of the north korea will be a better deal than the current situation. he's the ultimate negotiator knows exactly what he's doing. mark my words come in the end result of because president trump like to be that way. >> the current result is that north korea's continuing to ramp up their nuclear program. is that the result we want? >> they are engaged in dialogue. we can talk to adversaries and get to a better deal. that is a president trump said he was going to do on the outside. >> we appreciate it. >> president trump is one day away from announcing one of the most important decisions however have jamaica's president. his replacement for supreme court justice anthony kennedy. the president has said he will decide by today and announce it tomorrow in a primetime special at the white house very similar to the way he announced justice
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neil gorsuch's nomination. you're attending is tracking it all all in his live with the latest. what you hear it in terms of where president trump in his decision-making process? >> to make up his mind by the end of the day. he still has not decided on who he's going to nominate. he said last week it would narrow it down to two or three finalists. the white house has prepared rollup packages. the president is due to choose from brett kavanaugh, kethledge, coney barrett and thomas hardiman. they want to get this before the midterm elections. one factor the president will consider is the confirmation hearings easier than the others. none of that will have it easy. many gop senators believe amy coney barrett and brett kavanaugh will have a tougher time with his time with this one was to berlin from the d.c. circuit for the appeals. that is a big reason why they
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are highlighting bremen kethledge and thomas hardy made today. the president advisor for the supreme court talk about those issues on abc this week. >> they are all extraordinarily distinguished people. certainly brett, not and coney barrett and ultimately when people like them are nominated you'll see a lot of folks might not with regard to ray kethledge and tom hardiman, they're left on by conservatives and records a little bit later so it might take some time. they've almost no prayer with this confirmation. they need every gop senator to get the president's nominees through. democratic leaders meanwhile are hoping vulnerable democrats and red tape holds strong with the party and vote against the president's nominee. >> each senator understands this is an historic decision in the
10:17 am
future of the court for a generation or more. they will look carefully at each nominee. i can't predict how all of my 49 colleagues in the senate on the democratic side will vote. it's a 5049 senate. one republican senator can decide the fate of any supreme court nominee. >> or barbara lash or three democrats voted to confirm neil gorsuch and all are open for reelection to republican so they can get at least a couple of those again just to be safe. >> a lot of pressure. thank you so much. let's take a little bit deeper with western university law professor jonathan adler and director of the american civil liberties union. i know president trump is doing his best to keep his pick a secret. it's exactly what he did with his nomination for neil gorsuch. it will be difficult to play the guessing game, the let's play again because of a 24 hours until we find out who it is.
10:18 am
i was there with you. who do you think will be president trump's nominee? >> i think he's got a couple of candidate. we just played a clip say they have light records that conservatives don't even know who they are. the one thing i would stress here is the confirmation process needs to act and look very different. you have to have a much more substantive airing of the issues and demand the nominee present his or her opinions on a number of cases and freedom in america are that great. the number of issues hanging out there are tremendous. >> if i were to randomly guess i would say kethledge at the moment. conservatives pushing for barry. some moderates pushing forward kavanaugh and he's the one in the middle.
10:19 am
>> is certainly could be going into the process though people thought that judge kavanaugh was the favorite. yes most extensive judicial record on the d.c. circuit the d.c. circuit to deals with a lot of administrative law cases of the sort that are very important to the administration. but it certainly fluid at this point. the president will make his decision based on whatever he decides his most important at the last minute. >> "the new york times" reported today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has weighed in on the two president. it is of course his job to usher the nominees through the senate and hope fully to get through if he's able to do that. i am wondering how much of an impact does mcconnell, the candidate that is pressuring for, how big of an impact does that make on president trump and that is concerned are saying
10:20 am
they present the fewest obstacles to being confirmed. how much will this way on the president's mind you think? >> mcconnell say recovery none and is no longer under consideration. it's not as if mcconnell is calling the shots. given the administration's desire to have a new justice confirmed before the supreme court term begins in a sober, i think the president will carefully consider the remarks. some of mike judge kavanaugh clearly for the position has written hundreds of judicial opinions and that would take a lot of time to go through. i'm sure that those who oppose his confirmation would try to slow down the process through the materials. kristin: has got to leave has got to leave it there. thank you for being with us. we'll be watching 9:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. >> rescuers heading to the cave to bring out the remaining soccer players. kim may be the monsoon rains?
10:21 am
plus, it is mexico doing enough to start the crisis -- stop the crisis at the border?
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>> president trump or bring to head overseas this week for two major meanings. what european leaders and another in with russian president latimer pruden for the
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sake of meeting has all of our nato allies on the edge word about of president trump base to boot an harsh on them. gillian turner live with more. joining us in the studio a huge week for president trump. >> you treat your pets to the nato summit in just a couple days. they bolster the transatlantic alliance and underscore the interest of all 29 member countries. president trump will spend time at the foreign leaders of america's closest european allies like france, britain and germany and others like canada and turkey. going in, the administration is focusing its messaging to the american people on car sharing. >> we go away on monday. i'll see lots of people veered off the nato and i'm going to tell me that you've got a start paying your bills. >> every ally is now increasing defense spending. we've had the largest increase in defense spending since the
10:26 am
cold war. and in the year and a half their president trump has been in office, it has doubled since 2014. >> when it comes to foreign policy and defense issues, the big-ticket items on the agenda include the international migrant crisis command of serious civil war, north korea's nuclear threat, the iran nuclear deal and cybersecurity. the elephant in the room is russia. in particular, vladimir putin's ever-increasing aggression and world order. >> yes, i do think rush is trying to flip many of our allies. they want to destabilize the strongest defense alliance in the history of the world and that is nato. >> president trump will meet with putin on the health of the summit for private one-on-one. he is your major issue will be north korea. many of the heads of state haven't spoken to him since the
10:27 am
historic summit with kim jong surveyed in june. they disparage and said they are reconsidering nuclearization. the photo op with food. >> thank you. >> coming up, continuing through the night. how they have new dangers. plus, the pressures to vote to the president supreme court pick. >> all four of these people are highly qualified, know what they're doing, mainstream judges. they will have a very hard decision and i hope every republican will rally behind the stage. saving on this! saving in here. rewarded!
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rescuers restaging oxygen tanks in the flooded cave. it could be another 20 hours until they are able to bring out another group of kids that have been trapped there for more than a week. former secret service agent and mental health therapist. good to see you. thank you for being with us. we've got these for kids who are now out. they have been there for more than a week under the most trying of circumstances. what is happening at the hospital? next the mental health part. >> i'm so excited this morning. the four kids. i'm understanding that they took the strongest kid because it was such a harrowing event to extract them. over seven hours i'm understanding you now they are at the hospital and they will be assessed for injuries obviously and they'll be assessed for nutritional needs in the event that any of them are malnourished. my hope is that they also assess
10:33 am
the behavior health issue of their mental health. i don't want this event that has for short changed their lives to go unaddressed and get their mental health neglected. it's important to assess for some and posttraumatic stress disorder. something they can get diagnosed with potentially untreated for added age appropriate intervention. leland: got these kids between 11 and 17 who then on this ledge. a pretty small ledge for the video along with 125-year-old coach. a lot has been made of the fact that this is a team before they went into the cave. does this help keep the group together? >> absolutely. i commend the 25-year-old young man for what he said in his apology to the parents, but also saying i am here with them. i will do the very best i can to take care of them.
10:34 am
you have to think, they are 11 to 16 years old. they are babies in my eyes. there will be some emotional needs that need to be mad and they really hope they were greeted with all the comfort of home they been missing for the last three weeks, almost 15 days, particularly the child who was the fried chicken. i sure hope he gets his fried chicken. trade to appreciate you being with us. as you think about this in a think about the reunions that these parents have been waiting desperately for so many hours. the way we know about the fried chicken as the letters that these kids wrote about a week ago, five days ago that were taken out by rescue divers. the kid saying i'm going to be okay. don't worry about me and finally the parents realizing it is an emotionally incredible moment. >> you talk about the fried chicken. they have to watch the world cup. this is a soccer team missing the world cup.
10:35 am
>> a couple kids were asking about that in the letters. they wanted to know exactly what the scores were in some of the world cup games. they are keeping up their good spirits in the cave. we are watching that story. we will over the next 24 hours. also watching for monday night. president trump will make a supreme court announced meant and already democratic senators facing the questions on how they will vote on the nominee. especially uncomfortable for democrats in red states that the president won. here are 2:00 a.m., good to see you my friend as always. >> fair enough to say that conservatives will be happy with any one of these for pics. they will be unhappy. what about the confirmation as it relates to these democratic senators. from republicans in their states to vote yes.
10:36 am
>> there's a lot of pressure but i don't think republicans should feel as though they needed democrat. it sounds crazy with collins and murkowski is sort of not really on the right all the time. the president is a pragmatist and then on the campaign trail what is going to to do with his supreme court nominees and is doing exactly what he said he would come it is also smart enough to know he wants this win. you know this guy. i've interviewed him seven times now. he just wants to win. if someone is claiming right a lot that doesn't have to be far, far right and then overturn everything. he's been smart about not letting any leaks out. >> the president has certainly followed for promises made, promises kept a lot of issues. issues that require capitol hill and health care.
10:37 am
he's been less than successful. >> they can only ruse the republican senator before they're in trouble. >> is a pragmatist. they confided to a thumbs down. they got the individual mandate. they've got the virtual wall. he's smart enough to know what he said on the campaign trail and stay true enough while still getting a win. by the way, this whole monday night and you'll be tuned in. we never used to care who the nominees were. now everybody cares. >> a lot of people used to care. you are right that the president does have a flair for the rollout. we understand that the white house is essentially prepared for rollup packages to your point to prevent leaks.
10:38 am
what i'm hearing from you is the president of a pragmatist rather than pick somebody like amy coney barrett who may be one of the tougher people to confirm. you go back to one of the two pics that senator mcconnell is senator mcconnell's directives that might be a little bit easier to confirm. >> i think amy coney barrett is the hardest sell. i don't think she's going to be the one. i've got to tell you for me and this will sound not, but you have this guy in your mind as senator ted cruz is pushing hard to isolate are you going to -- i wouldn't be in politics, not on the court. the president knows that mike lee has a record of being a constitutionalist without being this wild guy. >> although none of our reporting hide my "glee" in the top four in the practice is just
10:39 am
the opposite. it's a courtesy call. mitch mcconnell according to "the new york times" said testing a whispering as the easier of the two of the four to confirm. >> the president looks at the midwest and the reason why is he wasn't supposed to. he almost won minnesota. someone in the midwest here. he's got a chance to look at them. i didn't know who neil gorsuch was until he selected him. we knew of him. leland: we certainly knew he was on the short history of the foreign names that had been linked. he was there at the short list. >> you and i've been covering this president since he started running. you and i have known him for 30 years come as long as you've been alive and maybe almost as long as i've been alive.
10:40 am
he will surprise us to her neck. he won't be anything we expect. i'm not trying to be flighty. we are going to go what? >> i'm ready to have you on. we appreciate it. it's good to see you, my friend. leland: kristen. kristin: after the break, mexico has a new left-wing president who's promising profound change. what this means for the u.s. in the fight against political immigration. she'd be stopping for more pills by now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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not in this house. 'cause that's no so-so family. that's your family. which is why you didn't grab just any cheese. you picked up new kraft expertly paired mozzarella and parmesan for pizzahyeah! kraft. family greatly. kristin: before the voice trap in thailand have been rest did, drivers are bracing harsh conditions to safety in their soccer coach. joining us live with the latest. top story. >> are really as per the four young boy said to be in good health reportedly. there were taken to the hospital
10:45 am
immediately after 7:00 a.m. eastern. it went much better and faster than good. that is because the water level fell so low in some parts of the cave that it was actually walkable. a race against time to beat the heavy rain. they've been trapped two and a half miles deep for 16 very long days. the oxygen level in the cave has fallen to 15% and usual level is 21%. the next operation should start in the next eight hours. rescuers are refilling 100 oxygen tanks placed in the cave context to help divers and the boys through the dark narrow underwater corridor. to divers are come named the boys are equipped with a full fate diving mask, using the
10:46 am
first four boys rescued are considered by the way the healthiest and strongest of the group. the reason for that if you want to make sure the journey is survivable in is survivable and work out any kinks and rescue operation for the boys her age 11 to 16. >> teenagers can recover very quickly from injuries that other people may have difficulty with. the mental issues are not known as well because this is a very unique situation. >> the doctors assess the boys help in the cave a few days ago when applied iodine, an antiseptic that kills the period. it is believed this is the greatest health risk facing the rescue boys moving forward. >> whether there were any cuts, bruises that it got in effect giving you can get all kinds of fungus is down in the cave. if they have an affection, it would be very difficult to deal
10:47 am
with. pneumonia is the most serious at this stage. >> the rescue operation should start in the next eight hours. kristen. >> still a way to go, but it leaves for the boys inside the cave it has to be a big confidence booster. things, brian. leland. church is still ahead, the migrants are in detention center at the border including a number of kids next to the new president could affect the fight against illegal immigration. (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one .
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kristin: secretary of state mike ang pao heading for the first country at the meeting of the president-elect. from nasa tariffs to border security will be so much to talk about in the first get to know you meeting. what this means for the future of the former u.s. ambassador to mexico girl anthony wayne. they reset relations between these two countries. >> i think those residents can
10:52 am
now see they are going to possibly have a new relationship coming to power on a massive voter support from all across mexico. six years in office. this is an opportunity to show that the two countries can work together. they trade a million dollars a minute. there's a million border crossings each day. getting this relationship headed in a positive direction. as you know in recent -- that is one of the reasons president trump called the president-elect and congratulated him. >> ambassador, you mentioned the call. shortly after it happened. >> i think the relationship would be a very good one. we will see what happens. i believe it's going to be a
10:53 am
very good one. a very excellent election. i was fate even better than anticipated. >> you think of a good relationship, but i want to talk a little bit about their personalities because they do have some similarities. they have been personalities, nationalist. they also had a lot of policy issues. a lot of inconsistencies during the campaign and of course that's president trump did indeed come president. i do think their personalities are going to mash or not mesh going forward? >> well, i think both of them are open to making deals in being pragmatic in what they say going forward. you correctly said lopez over gore was very general in a lot of his proposals. he now has to turn that into concrete specific initiatives. and that includes on some of the
10:54 am
controversial issues where there was the big differences like migration. maybe we can revisit the idea of an alliance for progress for the united states and mexico and central america and we can deal with some of the root causes of these migrants heading north and perhaps address some of their immediate needs at the same time. that was his way of showing an opening to work together with the united states. kristin: you have the issue with migrants. what about nafta trade tariffs. how do you think they're going on that issue? >> well, i think there's a big possibility. we have between now and december 1st for the negotiations to continue. named inexperienced former trade official to be his representative the next 10
10:55 am
delegation to engage with the united states and canada. he was also named as his foreign secretary designate, a gentleman who knows the united states very well and there are even reports that he needed a future ambassador to the united state. he knows that he's signaling how important the relationship is. i think with nafta, there are ways for word. if both sides are created and if they understand that each president is going to have to say i brought back a good agreement. >> ambassador lange, thank you so much. leland. leland: alright, here it is. the woman you can see it's pretty happy. now you'll see how happy the dog is after the touching reunion. we'll tell you how angel the dog finds its way home. >> we pray that god will bring her back to us.
10:56 am
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10:59 am
>> a very sweet reunion with man's best friend for one family from south carolina. angel the service dog went missing during a july 4th party but a good samaritan found her and use the power of social media to find her family. angel has been with the family since hurricane katrina. welcome home, angel. >> that's how - - feels when you come home. >> that's exactly how she feels when i come home. >> "fox news sunday" will be
11:00 am
coming up next. we will stick around if there's any breaking news from the thai cave rescue. eight kids and one coach still behind that wall of water. dana perino in for chris wallace, next. >> i am dana perino in for chris wallace. president trump prepares to announces supreme court nominee before he heads to the nato summit pretty faces rising tensions with european allies. >> i'm going to tell nato, you've got to start paying your bills. united states will not take care of them. >> a divide with europe over tariffs, withdrawn from the iraqi nuclear deal and tensions with russia. >> i'm meeting with president vladimir putin and getting along with other countries. it's a good thing, it's not a bad thing. >> we will preview the summits with kay bailey hutchinson, u.s. ambassador to nato.


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