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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 9, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> monday july 9th and this is "fox & friends first" happening right now at 4:00 a.m. east coast fox news alert for you. [speaking in native tongue] >> navy seals from around the world going to thailand to save more soccer players, why evidents were put on hold as rescuers race against the clock? >> more than just a election. >> the future of america is at stake. >> democrats back to doom and gloom over next supreme court
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nominee but can they obstruct their way to midterms? we are live in washington ahead of the president's dig announcement and once a marine always a marine, the moment chief of staff john kelly shows what it means to stand for oh, glory, "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning, thank you very much for joining us on this monday morning. another week, hopefully you had a great weekend. i'm heather childers.
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we begin with fox news alert. remarkable story happening right now navy seals from all around heading back to cave in thailand where the soccer team is trapped inside. right now live picture from thailand as officials give update on rescue efforts. live news conferences happening. we will let you know what they have to say. today's plan, save more boys, including the one in most critical condition, crews pausing phase 2 overnight. that was to refill oxygen tanks and keep pumping water out of the kay. 8 boys and their coach remain inside dark and dangerous cave as four teammates amazingly taken out on first operation. bryan llenas. >> the operation today has been
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more successful than expected. the first group of boys have been rescued from a cave in northern thailand after being trapped for more than two weeks. 18 divers part of rescue mission. among those medic who evaluated and the healthy leaving first. each secured by two divers in two and a half miles of treacherous. the four boys taken to hospitals. >> teenagers can recover from injurier than older people, the mental is not known as well. >> 122 boys entered the cave, monsoon rain entered trapping
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the group. the cave's dark narrow and muddy difficult for expert divers to navigate let alone young boys untrained in diving. on friday, a former thai seal died consciousness. operation to rescue nine remaining could take up to 4 days depending on weather and water conditions. bryan llenas. heather: updates to the story this morning and we continue to follow that and bring you latest news as soon as it develops. in hours president trump set to make landmark decision announcing nominee for supreme court but the president's pick may face uphill confirmation battle, garrett tenny, good morning, garrett. >> heather, good morning to you, as of yesterday evening president trump had not made up his behind on who he is going to nominate. the president meeting with
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advisers to discuss pros and cons and as he headed back to white house, the president said he's close to making his decision. >> getting close to making final decision, you can't go wrong. i'm getting close to make final decision. >> we are told the president's four finallives are amy cony barrett, kavanaugh, most gop members they would be happy with any of the four. with the absence of john mccain, the president will need all gop senators and democrats hoping vulnerable democrats will hold tight and vote against the president's nominee. >> each senator understands this is a historic decision, it'll decide the future of this court for generation or more. i didn't predict how all of 49 or 48 colleagues on democrat
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will vote if john mccain is vote, 50-49 senate. one republican senator can discus the fate of any supreme court nominee. >> you remember last year, three democrats vote today confirm nile gorsuch and all three for reelection in presidents state that is president trump won. the president is expected to introduce nominee to the country tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern and prime time address. >> we will be watching and much more. thank you so much, garrett. president trump getting ready to tale with the u.s. allies as he begins big european trip tomorrow. he first heads to brussels for annual nato summit where he will focus other nations to pick up defense spending. after president trump will visit england and theresa may and final stop finland for much anticipated summit with russian
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president vladimir putin. well, president trump has been calling on our allies to pay up for own defense and tough talk is working. at least that is according to america's ambassador to nato kay bailey hutchison that says the president is moving the needle since the colder war. >> nato is making progress and they ra really doing it as president trump's insistence and i think it's very clear and he's been very direct about the europeans needing to do more for their own security. i've worked for probably with three presidents, all of whom have said the same thing. now, i think, for the first time we are really seeing the europeans actually start going in the right direction, every ally is now increasing defense spending, we've had the largest increase in defense spending
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since the cold war and in the year and a half that president trump has been in office it has doubled since 2014, so i think he is making an impact. >> well, 14 countries including the united states have increased nato defense spending since 2016. secretary of state mike pompeo is heading to abu dabi this after weekend stocks in vietnam, japan, north korea where he's been pushing on path to denuclearization. pompeo unfortunatelying the rogue nation to follow the example of vietnam a former american enemy. >> in light of once imaginable partnership with vietnam today, i have a message for chairman kim, president trump believes the country can replicate the path, it's your ifs -- yours if
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you seize the moment. well, american hero killed in apparent insider attack in afghanistan has been identified, corporal losing his life after afghan soldier opened fire and 20-year-old served army in 2 years and deployed since february. two other service members injured in the attack, third u.s. military death in afghanistan this year. well, save the date, peter strzok gearing up to testify publicly before congress on thursday. this after an 11-hour close session with members of the house judiciary committee last month. currently under investigation for antitrump messages and whether they played a role in the law firm of russia probe.
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lawyers for paul manafort demanding hearing on off the record justice department meeting with journalists. manafort's attorney citing fbi memos as proof that gathers adoj and ap reporters potentially lead to improper leaks and could have led the fbi to containing records of business dealings. manafort is facing federal charges including fraud and conspiracy. and once a marine always a marine, white house chief of staff john kelly helping us fix a tangled american flag at president trump's golf club. retired general captured in street clothes assistant staff from a ladder. mike huckabee tweeting, many reasons why white house chief of staff kelly is hero to me. earned stars on shoulder with service. kelly writes, no the man can do, #winning.
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the time now ten minutes after the hour. president trump set to nominate one of these four people as the next justice of our nation's top court, so what would they all bring to the table. our next guest serve under the trump administration's transition and is reeling his top pick and why. top performer turning back time. the evil canibal job, you have to see it. or discover magic when you hit the open road. with the free audible app, your stories go wherever you do. and for just $14.95 a month you get a credit, good for any audiobook. if you don't like it exchange it any time. no questions asked.
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heather: it is decision day for president trump who will announce his second historic supreme court nominee just hours from now. so who are the final contenders and what do they each bring to the table, joining me to break it down constitutional attorney and former trump transition team member mark smith. thank you very much for joining us, we appreciate it. great to have you back.
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>> thank you. heather: today is the day, so let's begin going through the four finalists, potential supreme court nominees, let's start with judge tom hardiman, third u.s. circuit of appeals, georgetown university law, appointed in third circuit back in 2007, panel that ruled in favor of the little sisters to have poor and their effort to challenge ata, what do you think about him? >> thomas hardiman is interesting because he has written the best prosecond amendment decisions in history and many liberals have called tom hardson a second amendment extremist which from a point of view considered a big positive. he also serves on the court with donald trump's sister and apparently have gotten her endorsement which is very important. he's from the midwest, he sits in pittsburgh, pennsylvania,
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it's a swing state down the road. hardiman has a lot of things going for him and outed of deep state in the sense he's not in washington, d.c. which is a knock on other candidate kavanaugh. heather: has the sisters backing, considered consistent conservative. what about raymond kethledge, university of michigan law school, he clerked for anthony kennedy as well that would be significant. >> judge kethledge is out of michigan which is a middle of america state so again outside of dc, judge kethledge is considered very good on gun rights. he's a hunter and shooter and also fisherman, came out with a book last week that many people said it was quite nice. again, between hardiman and kethledge right now the nod goes to hardiman. that's very important because you the two judges who are outside of beltway against bret
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kavanaugh who is inside the beltway and among those you get hardiman or kethledge. the rumor is hardiman is in the lead between the two. heather: interesting, another person that clerked for kennedy, and that's kavanaugh, what do you think about him? >> well, look, i think judge kavanaugh has been really the odds on favorite to be the pick from the start of this process. this was horse racing, he would have won the first two legs of triple count going into the belmont to win the third. the problem with kavanaugh, he's from washington, d.c., he spent career in washington, d.c., donald trump pledged to drain the swamp, arguably although kavanaugh has written very conservative views is viewed as major conservative, the reality is he is a dc person from inside the belt way and that could be a problem with a lot of supporters of the president that generally speaking doesn't like people
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inside the belt way although kavanaugh could be the exception. heather: all right, so i heard that judge amy cony barrett was actually maybe the pick because there was one person specifically with senator orrin hatch who wrote something over the weekend and referred to the pick as her and she, so lots of people jumped all over that, oh, that proves she's the pick, what do you think about her? >> first of all, i don't think senator hatch although as much as i respect him, i don't think he's in the inner circle of president trump. i don't think the use of pronounce in paper in utah will mean very much. i think judge coney barrett is 46 year's of age, the other contenders in 50's, probably for 50's, last shot to be on supreme court, judge coney barrett has many years to go. she's only been a judge for 8 months. that's really not that much. hard to learn in 8 months in any job and although she's a strong
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contender for the future, you would seriously doubt that you will see her name announced at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. heather: your pick hardiman, that's who you are going with? >> i think tom hardiman because of strong gun issues and my understand the interview with the president went quite well and he knows d's sister and got her endorsement. i think we will see hardiman pick. i think it's too close to call at the end of the day. heather: all right, we will have you back and hear what you think about ultimate pick. thank you for joining us. >> great, heather. heather: 19 minutes until the top of the hour and what do children trapped in flooded cave, illegal children crossing the border have in common, reportedly a lot, the liberal lawmaker turning the thailand tragedy into political statement. carley shimkus with the outrage
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boiling over. good morning this wi-fi is fast.
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i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in?
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brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. heather: americans in teenager overseas, u.s. embassy in haiti to stay inside until further notice as riots intensify over high-fuel prices. several trapped as many u.s. flights in and out of caribbean nation are halted over deadly protest. protestors even train to set a hotel on fire where about 120 americans are staying. the government has scrapped plans to raise fuel prices in response to the unrest. and the bizarre sonic attacks against americans overseas is
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hitting fever pitch, wall street journal reports more than 250 people at u.s. missions all across china have asked for medical evaluation after two people reported symptoms similar to the embassy in havana, 26 americans there have become mysteriously sick with brain issues since 2016. both china and cuba have denied any responsibility. so what does the trapped children in thailand and illegal crossing the border have in common? apparently a lot according to democratic senator dick durbin, listen to. this the hearts and prayers to boys in thailand trapped in the cave, open hearts and prayers with thousands of children, toddlers, infants removed from participants by the trump administration under zero tolerance. they are trapped in bureaucratic cave too so let's not forget
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them. carley shimkus, fox news headline 24/7, siriusxm 115. carley: both situations involve children in different situations that comparison is not sitting well with a lot of folks on social media. let's dive into it. steven on twitter says, why can't he leave politics out of this, that soccer team violated immigration law too, who knew and another twitter user simply writes he's a disgrace to use the comparison. one thing is for sure both situations have captivated public attention, still one far more controversial than the other. heather: we have the other story that's controversial, speaking of that, waitress defending coworker. >> you can see it unfolding right here. take a look at moment customer punches waitress in the face and
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another pay tres stopped in tracks because she has conceal cer permit all of it unfolding in restaurant in milwaukee wisconsin and donovan says that situation could have been much worse, take a listen. >> i think god the ore waitress had a conceal carry weapon, has a permit, i start today think had she not been there and had she not had weapon what this guy would have done. >> the footage is going viral online and into the morning, texas gop state representative james white, he tweeted second amendment worked pretty good right here. another twitter says thank god the waitress was there and thinking clearly, so a lot of people are praising that waitress for her being able to think on her feet, quick actions an being able to really do the right thing and stop a very dangerous situation from continuing. heather: let us know what you
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think about both of the stories, we will share some of those. carley: that's right. heather: thanks a lot, carley. phase 2 of rescue mission in thailand is happening right now. the world is watching as heros go back in to save 8 boys and their coach still trapped at this hour. our next guest former secret service agent who trained in water rescues the brand-new dangers that she says come into play
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heather: fox news alert for you happening right now, divers recusing efforts in thailand, four boys on the soccer team already safely removed but 8 more and coach are still waiting to be rescued. so what dangers are the divers expecting? joining me secret service agent
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dr. melanie. >> good morning, heather. heather: remarkable as it unfolded this weekend. able to get 4 boys out safely. phase 2 has begun, midnight here our time is when that started. what are the new or the significant dangers that they are facing at this point? >> well, of course the good thing i see about this rescue are based on yesterday's efforts where they got out and 7 and a half hours from the somewhat 2 and a half mile trek in cave in water, climbing and all different sorts of gear they needed. that's really a good sign. right now they are facing the rains and you have to navigate differently based on the depth of the water and in the cave and i don't know what that is because obviously i'm not there but what efforts are happening
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are they layed all of the oxygen down and that takes time, they have that down and now they will get 4 more boys, their health and nutrition i'm sure is depleting at this point in time. it's been 16, 17 days for them. i think that would be a concern i had heard the doctors are isolating them once they get to the hospital for good reason because you can pick up any sort of something that you don't know you have in a situation like that so they need to be cautious and also they've been in dark cave for 16 days, you can open yourself to sunlight after that, you have to do that gradually, it's probably a good sign that it's raining so they don't have to experience the sunlight right away. i can't imagine the exposure hitting you. heather: mentally the entire situation for the boys and their family members and rescuers are, of course, prayers with the one
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thai rescuer, navy seal, positioning oxygen tanks and that shows how important it was that before they began the phase 2 they made sure oxygen tanks are in place along the route that they have the travel because part of it is partially under water. we were looking at video as you were speaking, talk about the dangers of that as that's area of expertise. i saw some of the water appear to be fast-moving water while some of it appears to be at standstill, you mentioned not knowing the depths of it in certain areas? >> right, yeah, i don't know if most people are aware but you have to be 18 year's old to get certified as cave diver and we are dealing with children that are 11 to 16 year's old, the terror that they may be facing trying to get regulator to stay in. as mom of children scared me to think about what they are facing right now. just even that one little fact
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that how old you have to be to even get certified for kay diving would give people indication that this is a very risky and dangerous -- heather: some don't know thousand swim. >> right, when you're rescuing people most of them aren't in good position, they are not in good position and they need help. not knowing how to swim is additional factor and the water levels, i mean, i think -- i commend the efforts of the rescuers at this point because my goodness that is really a hero that got kid yesterday. heather: sure is. people pushing for the rescuers to be the time magazine cover for sure. >> wow. heather: because this is really remarkable. >> it is, i hope that once their health and malnutrition issues are resolved that they look at the children's mental health issues as well to make sure they are being treated by the whole person not just physically. >> i was reading they haven't
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been able to meet with parents yet the ones that have been rescued. we will keep an eye on it today and hope rescues are successful as they were in getting kids out and no more deaths with the rescuers. >> yes. heather: thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. heather: president trump getting ready to deal and yield with allies. gillian turner has more on what we can expect. >> president trump heads to brussels for nato summit in a couple of days, bolster transalantic alliance and underscore 29-member congress. president trump will spend time with foreign leaders of america's closest allies, france, europe, germany as well as canada and turkey, going into the meeting the administration focusing message to the american people on cost sharing. >> we go away on monday. i will see lots of people.
1:36 am
ly see nato and i will tell nato, you to start paying your bills. >> every ally is now increasing defense spending, we've had the largest increase in defense spending since cold war. >> big ticket items for the summit is international migrant crisis, syrian civil war, north korea's nuclear threat and the elephant in the room is russia and in particular vladimir putin ever increasing russian threats to the world order. president trump will meet with putin on the heels of the summit for a private one-on-one. the other major issue on every one's minds will be north korea. many heads of state haven't spoken to him since historic summit with kim jong un in june and they'll be eager for the details. just yesterday the north korea foreign ministry disparaged meeting with secretary pompeo and saying they are reconsidering commitment to
1:37 am
denuclearization, in washington gillian turner, fox news. heather: president trump just hours away from announcing landmark supreme court pick we were talking about. the president considering short list of four potential candidates all federal appeal's court judges, bret kavanaugh, amy coney barrett and hardiman. as of yesterday the president was still trying to make up his mind. >> i'm getting close to making a final decision. they are excellent. you can't go wrong. i'm getting very close. heather: president trump will announce pick at 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight and we will have that for you, of course, live here on fox. starting today california will finally introduce group trials for immigrants entering the country illegally. the state has resisted hearings for unlawful border cross erstwhile federal prosecutors in border state have embraced the
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practice for years. california's court systems need to curb the case loads due to overwhelming drop in cases. and travis estrada making history, the first in full evil costume jumping over 52 stacked cars, landed the jump but pastrana saved the best for last pastrana clearing the fountain outside of cesar's palace, knievel tried the crash and
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broke 40 bones, he didn't do that and made successfully the three jumps. st. jude family schooled critics upset that she thanked eric trump for generous donation. >> you can put half of trump's sporters into a basket of deplorables, right? [laughter] heather: hillary 2020 not so farfetched after all, we will explain
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heather: time for fox business alert for you, elon musk may have perfect device to help save remaining boys stuck in the cave in thailand. tracee carrasco from sister
1:43 am
network fox base is here with more on tesla's ceo kid-size submarine, good morning, tracee, sounds like it would makeceps on some levels. tracee: if anyone can do it is elon musk in spacex company work to go come up with kid-size submarine to help free boyed trapped in thailand. elon musk tweeted about this. so if everything goes well this could be placed on a plane 17-hour flight through thailand hopefully to help with rescue efforts. we know that four boys have been rescued. there are still 8 boys remaining and soccer coach. so hopefully something like this would work. heather: that's interesting. tracee: it would help them so they wouldn't have to be able to swim and placed in this and hopefully get them to safety much faster. heather: looks like it would
1:44 am
work. let's switch gears completely. chick-fil-a. tracee: if you dress as cow, you dress like a cow, free entree and kids as well, you don't have to put a full cow costume but cow attire will work. so all chick-fil-a's nationwide from opening until 7:00 p.m. one day, heather, to get costumes together. heather: a lot will be wearing spots, for sure. i'm thinking about the elon musk idea. why they didn't get it to begin with. tracee: i hope it will work, they have to get testing done to make sure -- heather: i thought it was a helmet thing. that would totally work. tracee: submarine. heather: thanks, tracee. democratic socialist is
1:45 am
backtracking from box girl narrative, remember her, alexandria ocasio-cortez changing biography after father bought house in suburbs. originally school was in yorktown suggesting she made a long commute and says school was north of birthplace and extended family lived in the bronx, extended family. hillary clinton for 2020, yeah, there's a new op-ed in new york post now suggesting that it's not farfetched of an idea as article pointed out how clinton super pac has been increasing fundraising efforts based on combating president trump's policy positions in recent weeks. it also suggests that she could attempt to unit a democratic party stuck in a battle with itself because she did such a good job uniting it last time. the time now 16 minutes till the
1:46 am
top of the hour. that hasn't been announced yet. >> this may be the pull the fire alarm moment that you have been expecting. >> the future of america is at stake. >> roe v. wade is doom. heather: are they just showing a supreme bias, political panel on deck to debate it up next a hotel can make or break a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia.
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this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's.
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heather: democrats once again predicting the end of the world ahead of president trump's supreme court announcement tonight. >> it's a historic decision. it's about more than than the next election. >> this may be the pull the fire
1:50 am
alarm moment that you have been expecting. >> the future of america is at stake. >> roe v. wade is doom, it is gone because donald trump won the election. >> i've never seen a president of the united states make himself a puppet and choose from a group of right-wing fringe idealogs. heather: are they just showing supreme bias? joining me now to debate senior adviser to the president campaign 2020 katrina pearson and antoine. it's very early. let's talk about this and the reaction from the media. they say it's the end of the world, pull the fire alarm moment, roe versus wade is doomed. katrina, i will start with you, overreaction? >> well, i think this is pretty
1:51 am
much standard, heather, the media and the left are sick. everything is doomed and dploom with the president. it started if trump is elected, we are all going to die and every single day the president has done nothing but deliver on campaign promises to people who elected by the way happened to be a lot of people. the idea somehow that the president is going make a bad pick when he actually campaigned on many of these people and their policies which are simply just originalists, people who want to follow the constitution, i think this is simply projection by the left because they are the ones that like to put in judges who legislate from the bench. it's not the right. we simply want to have a supreme court court that's going read the constitution and interpret it accordingly. heather: antoine i would ask you that, isn't what the supreme court judges supposed to do,
1:52 am
judge based on constitution? >> let me correct katrina on one thing, 3 million more people voted for hillary clinton in 2016 election but not here or there, anybody who the president nominates to the bench will be a very serious threat to the future of this country. this is bigger than one court case. >> why, what's the threat? heather: what is the threat? >> i know a lot of my friends want to talk about roe versus wade supreme court case but i'm thinking beyond that. i'm thinking the future case that is will come before this court and this will be the most consequential pick for this president that he will ever make during tenure, i'm afraid, i think, democrats and everyone has the right and has probably good grounds to be on edge about who the president will nominate. heather: why are you scared, why are you on edge? >> because this president has a history of having his friends or his nominees pledge loyalty to him and his politic positions on
1:53 am
the way he feels on issues versus of doing what's in the interest of the american people. >> i think it's safe to say that every supreme court justice pick is a consequential pick, it's the supreme court. >> this is the most consequential pick, katrina. >> having said that, i must have missed the part in the constitution, maybe you can enlighten me that every president gets to pick supreme court justice except for donald trump. >> no, you remember barack obama did not get a hearing. katrina, barack obama's nominee did not get a hearing. >> it's about values, the left has a war against values, against traditional values and that's what they don't like. the president won, the people have voted, they want someone that's going represent those values and -- >> he may -- he may have won the election but ultimately the senate will decide whether his nominee is confirmed and the same senate that rejected
1:54 am
president obama's nominee that would not -- heather: which was during midterm election. [inaudible] >> it does not matter. it does not matter, bottom line he did not get a hearing, did not get the chance to be put to a full hearing. >> who's rule was that? >> that was -- [inaudible] heather: we will find out tonight at 9:00 p.m. can you imagine people waking up right now? boy. [laughter] >> thank you.
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heather: time for good, the bad and the ugly first. first the good. a flight crew being praised as heros in sky, jet blue flight attendant placing oxygen mask, apparently her tongue turned blue and started having breathing problems, the device luckily saving the 3-year-old pump before landing safe in massachusetts from florida. the boy who survived cancer is facing attacks from the left for thanking eric trump. you see this to trump last month, eric trump praising him for doe -- donating millions to
1:59 am
st. jude. >> the hate that has come out is unreal. now you are going attack a charity, attack a st. jude family, somebody that went through hell for four years? come on now. heather: trump responding on twit e saying, in part, quote, thank you for kind words, you are amazing sadly is nothing off limits for some. [inaudible conversations] heather: and there's this, the teen throwing the punches forfeited the match in the game, no one was arrested. that, of course, is the ugly and you can see why. [laughter] heather: that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", "fox & friends first" continues right now. i will see you right here bye bye. rob: all right, monday july 9th, fox news alert, miracle mission
2:00 am
in thailand, rescuers going into a flooded cave to save more trapped soccer players. live on the ground as efforts get under way. carley: a decision is coming, we are live in washington hours before that blockbuster announcement is made. rob: and the president again attacking what he calls the fake news media, the tweet that is setting social media on fire. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ carley: jam to get e


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