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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 9, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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fox news alert, miracle mission in thailand, rescuers going into a flooded cave to save more trapped soccer players. live on the ground as efforts get under way. carley: a decision is coming, we are live in washington hours before that blockbuster announcement is made. rob: and the president again attacking what he calls the fake news media, the tweet that is setting social media on fire. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ carley: jam to get everybody
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up this morning. this is my karaoke song. rob: long weekend for a lot of people and we do have to get back to reality unfortunately. this is your cer i don't -- kare song? >> no, sounds like a good one. rob: busy day, fox news alert, phase two under way right now to bring soccer team and coach to safety after being trapped for more than two weeks. 8 boys and their coach remain inside after four of those boys were successfully taken out. carley: jeff paul at the hospital, jeff, time is certainly not on anybody's side, right? >> yeah, they are trying to get the boys out as quickly as they can. it's been raining on and off throughout the last few days, forecast shows that we will have more rain. behind us if you can see the
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white building off to my left, that is the hospital where those four boys who were successfully rescued right now are being cared for, they are in isolation and that's standard protocol, any time people spend more than 2 weeks inside a cave. they want to make sure they are healthy and be reunited with the family as quickly as possible. a little bit more about what we are expecting today, we just kind of plugged into a press conference with the governor of the local province here, he tells us that basically they don't want to give a number, you know, they are hopeful to have as many as they can to get out today as they did yesterday, going at the rate they are, it could take at least 2 to 3 additional to get those boys and coach who remain trapped inside the cave. he also said that the boy who is are here at the hospital, they are in good spirits and use the same crew as they used yesterday to rescue four boys to get more
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out to safety since the know the route and hope to maybe improve upon what they did yesterday. back to you. rob: jeff, quick question, they said they were going get started monday morning, it's 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon in thailand, are we surprised that we haven't seen any news come out yet, nobody has come out of the cave yet? >> not quit yet, yesterday if it goes along the same time that they had yesterday, they went around local time 10:00 a.m. and we didn't hear about probably the first boy getting out till about 8 or 9 hours later, we could if all goes well, again, very dynamic rescue, we could something in the next couple of hours, fingers crossed hopefully, we mad more rain last night. we don't know if that will make it more difficult. we had the same crew who were in there yesterday going back today, they should know the path and exactly what to do to make sure boys get to safety.
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carley: this is such a crazy situation, scary situation. it's really good to hear that the boys are in good spirits rite now after being in cave for so long. good sign there. jeff, thank you so much, appreciate it. all right n this hour president trump is set to make a landmark decision announcing his nominee for the supreme court, rob: but the president's pick may face uphill confirmation battle, garrett tenney with more on that. >> president trump is taking all the time he can to get his decision right, he spent the weekend at golf resort meeting g with advisers to discuss pros and cons of each candidates. yesterday evening the president said he hasn't made decision on who he will nominate but will have one by today. >> i'm getting very close to making final decision. they are excellent. you can't go wrong. i'm getting very close to make final decision. >> we are told the president's
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four finalists amy coney barrett, bret kavanaugh and raymond kethledge, republicans will need every gop senator to get the president's nominee through. the president's top adviser for supreme court pick says he's not worried about the confirmation process. >> i'm very confident with this president's enthusiasm and with leader mcconnell's enthusiasm that they can get anybody confirmed. >> democratic leaders hope to go complicate things by having every democrat vote against nominee including those up for reelection in red state who is will face a lot of pressure to support the president's pick. >> even senator understands this is a historic decision, it'll decide the future of this court for a generation or more, i can't predict how all of my 49 or 48 colleagues on the democratic side will vote if john mccain is absent, 50-49 senate. one republican senator can
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decide the fate of any supreme court nominee. >> you remember last year, 3 democrats voted to confirm nile gorsuch and all three are up for reelection in november. now, we will find out who the president is nominating tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern in prime time, can't wait to tune into that. carley: for sure. rob: later we analyze all four top picks, gar yet, thank you so much. president trump getting ready to wheel and deal with allies as he begins trip to europe tomorrow. he first heads to brussels where he will focus on getting nato to cough up fair share of defense spending. after that president trump will visit england and prime minister theresa may amid large-scale protest in the nation. final stop, much anticipated summit with russian president trump, busy week. secretary of state mike pompeo head to abu dabi after weekend
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stops to vietnam, japan and north korea where he has been work to go push forward a path to denuclearization for that nation. pompeo urging the rogue nation to follow the example of vietnam a former american enemy. >> in light of these once imaginable prosperity partnership we have with vietnam today, i have a message for chairman kim jong un, president trump believes your country can replicate the path, it's yours if you'll seize the moment. rob: pompeo dismissing north korea's accusations of gangster-like demands from the u.s. over the weekend saying that talks are going well. carley: american hero killed in apparent insider attack in afghanistan has now been identified, corporal joseph of california losing his life after an afghan soldier opened fire inside an airport. the 20-year-old who served in the army for two years and had been deployed since february.
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two other service members also injured in the attacks but are expected to be okay. the third u.s. military death in afghanistan this year alone. the woman poisoned by the same nerve agent that almost killed exrussian spy has died. british police investigating death as murder. the mother of three and her partner charlie were exposed to the poison late last month. still fighting for his life. police believe they came across a contaminating item left over from the attack on former russian spy and daughter in march, the uk blames russia but the kremlin denies having any to do with it. rob: they just didn't get it but they do now, president trump tweeting the message with the video trolling the democrats with prediction he would win the election. >> there's not going to be a a president donald trump. >> we are not going to be president. >> will never be president of
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the united states. >> all right, two and a half men video sharp criticism of several outlets and prom nants not win carley: that's right. it's not g-rated. rob: not at all. in hours, president trump to nominate one of these four people as the next justice of our nation's top and what would each of them bring to the table, our next guest to bring to doj on supreme court confirmations but one does stand out more than others. carley: show-stopper going viral. hilarious moment of pet cat interrupt a live tv interview. look at that. stay tune.
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carley: good morning and welcome back, americans in danger overseas, u.s. embassy telling americans in haiti to stay inside until further notice as riots intensify over high-fuel prices. several american mission teams trapped as many u.s. flights in and out of the caribbean nation are halted over the deadly protests. protestors even train to set a hotel on fire where about 120 americans are staying. the government has scrapped plans to raise fuel prices in response to the unrest. rob: at least one person is dead after a helicopter crashed into a home. that chopper plummeting into a condominium killing somebody
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inside. crash causing a massive fire, investigators not able to locate pilot right away. faa confirmed that the pilot was the only person on board. busy day, president trump announce supreme court nominee in prime time. carley: who are the final contenders and what do they bring to the table, joining us constitutional attorney and confirmation team member of chief justice roberts and alito, chris, thank you for being with us this morning. i want to go through pros and cons of each potential candidate because seems like each person has that the other one doesn't. let's start with thomas hardiman, has a personal connection with the president through the president's sister, right?
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>> yeah, that's correct. i mean, hardiman was obviously kind of the runner-up and the first supreme court apprentice series we had. he was obviously a strong contender going into this round. he does serve on the court with the president's sister who has been a big cheerleader of his, so i think that plays a factor in here. he's also just extremely experienced judge, served on the court of appeals for more than a decade, served on the district court before that, he's heard a number of controversial cases important to conservatives and has proven to be consistently conservative and, you know, just kind of the nominees out there. i also think that he's relatable. this is the guy who drove a taxi cab to put himself through law school. rob: interesting, mitch mcconnell will be charged for
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pushing nomination through the senate. he seems to like either hardiman who you just talked about or the next nomination potential which is raymond kethledge to be nominated because he says these two both are the least political. he says he has the best chance of pushing the two through. cel us about kethledge. >> so kethledge very experienced. served on court of appeals for more than a decade. he has weighed in on a number of hot-button issues like immigration but he's one of the candidates that there's less on him or less background in areas such as abortion or affirmative action, but one thing we know about kethledge, he's known as a real strong fantastic writer and he could join gorsuch as kind of a strong opponent the chevron doctrine, the nonlawyers out there, you know, this is doctrine that requires judges to
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give difference to the agency decisions and the interpretations of unelected government bureaucrats which is really kind of calls the administrative agencies to run, so we know president trump, you know, has been trying to roll back the administrative state, this could be a strong candidate for him for that very reason. carley: interesting, let's caulk about bret kavanaugh briefly. seemed to be in the lead in the beginning, what do you think about him in. >> well, i think, traditional supreme courtras mays, bret kavanaugh probably comes into this with the strongest. you know, he served on the dc circuit which is probably -- which is the biggest feeder for supreme court nominees written nearly 300 opinions. that's a good thing because we have a good idea what kind of judge he can be but also a bad thing because that's a lot of
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opinions to be able to pour through and pick apart if you're trying to find a reason to oppose him. rob: kavanaugh and our last amy coney barrett, two that the roe v. wade people are the most concerned about, right? >> that's at least with cony barrett, at least with respect to roe v. wade. she has the least experience of these potential nominees as being a judge, but she has served as law professor for more than 15 years, she has extensive body of work with her legal writingses and the president said he wants somebody with extensive body of legal writing so she fits that fill but that has also gotten her in -- in a little bit of a heat during her confirmation hearing through the seventh circuit. carley: wow. seems like all of them are pretty good candidates if you're a conservative, at least.
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>> at the end of the day conservatives will rally behind whoever trump picks because they are all great. rob: thank you so much. appreciate it. 18 minutes after the hour, navy seals around the world heading back to save more trapped soccer players, next guest is master scuba diver and why he says the most 24 hours are the most critical. >> build that wall. build that wall. >> we are going to build the wall, okay. carley: check your mailbox, how president trump is one step close the other making his key campaign promise a reality
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rob: fox news alert, divers res assuming efforts to rescue in flooded cave. carley: four boys safely removed but 8 more and coach still waiting to be rescued. rob: what dangers are the divers expecting? david, thank you for coming on this morning, what should we expect to see today? >> rob, hope and pray, this is getting more difficult with each of the stages that they perform. two more stages it looks like, four kids coming out as we spoke, we hope and another four plus the coach. if you take away someone's visibility and the space get constricted which the rain looks like it may have done, you
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create the sense of drowning, panic, usually instinct helps us but when it comes to scuba diving the sense of drowning can be your enemy. whole training system that we go through and one of the mantra's, stop, think, the kids don't have training, they had had a mini session with the master dive navy seals and enough to get through some of the tight spaces that are the size of you can barely fit in with tanked pushed in front of you. carley: some of the kids still so young and still don't even know how to swim. what do you think the divers are telling the children as pep talk to get them through this two and a half mile journey? >> well, they are trying to deal, carley, with the psychology of the kids. the first part is the toughest,
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first kilometer, they have to go through a space that they barely fit through if there was no water. imagine, they're having a tank pushed in front of them, a diver that goes ahead and behind and this is all about trying to prevent panic. to convince the kid that is going to be safe and she's wearing, i guess it's all he, they are wearing a full mask. in some ways that's helpful because they are breathing through knows and mouth, you don't want to get that corrupted with water. that would create sense of panic. it's really a psychological battle more than a physical one. rob: when i first heard the story how a kay up could fill up with water, a cave that kind of moves down as you enter it, goes down and when it starts to rain and the water rises, it fills up like any other hole and that's where the oxygen issue comes as well. is this about as hard it gets as rescue effort you ever heard of? >> yes, this is tough. they'll be making movies about
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this if we get kids out safely. they have the buddhist-monk like coach sitting there. imagine sitting dark, wet for two weeks let alone the operation. it's going to get trickier because the weaker more panic boys will be last. they want to bring psychological momentum within the group and within the 90 divers that are helping with stages of oxygen and air n. some ways the group is more dangerous and the final group will be the most dangerous, panic is the enemy here. water boarding works. you have to keep psychologically positive attitude. rob: kids that don't know how to swim. carley: yeah. they are in good spirits, there was a letter published from some of the boys that are still inside the cave, one of them said he's okay and looking forward to go home and eating fried chicken. the participants were happy to hear that from him.
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we appreciate it. the time now is 26 minutes after the hour, president trump gearing up to lay down the law with a clear message, stop taking advantage of the u.s. >> we are the piggy bank that they like to take from, now, that doesn't work, folks. doesn't work. rob: why our nest guest national security expert says putting nato on notice will be heard. ♪ [ screams ] ♪ [ laughs ] ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa. your one item would be the name your price tool? it helps people save on car insurance. why wouldn't it save me? why? what would you bring? a boat.
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until her laptop crashed this morning. her salon was booked for weeks, having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. right now, save $300 on our hp 2-in-1 laptop bundle at office depot officemax carley: good morning and welcome back, fox news alert, uk top official in charge of brexit is calling it quits, david davis announcing move after prime minister theresa may brought all side together on a plan to leave the european union and a blow to already reeling leaders, davis told may the plan puts britain in weak position when it least
2:31 am
the eu in march. syria accusing israel of launching strike on iran-linked base. one of the attacking jets was damaged and missiles were blown up. they released this video showing a single flash in the sky, critics say syrian outlets regularly lie about defense success rates and nine fighters were killed in the attack. rob: all right, president trump just hours away from announcing his landmark supreme court pick, the president considering a short list of potential candidates, all federal appeals court judges, bret kavanaugh amy coney barrett, raymond kethledge and thomas hardiman, as of yesterday the president was still trying to make up his mind. >> getting very close to making a final decision. they are excellent. you can't go wrong. i'm very close to making a final decision.
2:32 am
rob: president trump will announce his pick at 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight. more proof the trump administration is barreling toward a signature campaign promise. >> build that wall, build that wall. we are going to build the wall, okay. rob: texas land owners and school district now say the government has sent them letters asked them permission to survey property for possible border construction. one home owner offered 300 parts for part of his land. that seems to be moving forward. carley: sure does. president trump heads to brussels this week after putting nato allies on notice. >> i am going to tell nato, you have to start paying your bills. the united states is not going take care of everything. rob: here to explain how the message is expected to be received national security expert james carafano, james,
2:33 am
trump doesn't appreciate nato which i thought was ridiculous. he's basically calling out free-loaders in this organization, right? >> well, look, nato is a political military alliance, so i grant you that if a tinny country goes to 2% gdp that might be 5 more guys, that's not the point. it's a political alliance. you to show your willingness to join in. so he's got a really strong point here and every president for decades has been making that point. the difference is trump is really pulling out pressure and actually we have seen countries, a large number of countries that are not at 2% but we've had several come out with very serious plans that either get them to 2% or significantly increase defense spending including germany. carley: let's take a look at this, u.s. spending, 51% of nato combined gdp and about 72% of combined defense expenditures. so you think the president has a
2:34 am
point here, right? >> absolutely. and i think the u.s. actually has made real progress. i mean, i think this administration can claim success that the last three administrations failed that. they actually got europeans to come to the table for a serious conversation and i'm not really sure that trump is going into this meeting to blow things up. they have been sending the u.s. ambassador to the un, kay bailey hutchison talking about progress, i'm not really that this is going to be what people expect. rob: just like the trade deal. it bugs them when other countries take advantage of the united states, irritates him to no end. like if everybody is joining country club and the united states is paying for 95% of the membership and everybody has to throw in a couple of bucks, it's a great deal for them, terrible deal for us. as you said, we are getting more countries on board. the countries expected to meet the nato spending requirement this year, of course, the united states which always had, you have greece as well, going to
2:35 am
get up there, the uk, estonia, poland, romania, lat via and lithuania. some good news. >> i think they will spend more time talking about balloons in london -- there's a substantive agenda at the nato summit. i actually think, you know, this might be pretty good. don't forget the president is going to nato right after he does announcement about the supreme court justice and the administrations want the focus to be on this and not on the nato trip. carley: i want to turn for a minute to the situation in north korea, they called the mike pompeo's meetings with north koreans leaders regrettable but mike pompeo had entirely different message, he said that progress was actually made during these discussions, where do you think we stand on this front? >> who cares what they say?
2:36 am
look, these sides have been playing the public game since the beginning. tg part of the process. it's always been part of the process. what's different is trump is a little more willing to go toe on toe to public, but what really matters is what's going on behind the scenes and we could take all of this stuff and see that and we actually have a bureau in the state department that does that. if they commit to that and bring the state department professionals, then we know they are serious, otherwise -- rob: do you think it's even possible, is this really going to happen? >> i think we will know in a month. rob: james, thank you so much.
2:37 am
we appreciate your time. carley: let's take a look at weather forecast. big deal. is it going to be a good week? >> yeah, actually things are looking good out there. still summer. temperatures sitting down into the 80's, middle 80's in other locations and other parts, but if you notice national radar, the big story in the next couple of days will be the second hurricane, a little bit of circulation off the coast of carolinas, that will becoming hurricane. hurricane chris. there sits a slow mover, if you run the path along the coastline, good news i'm not expecting real impact along the coast other than maybe rift current, choppy waters, this thing is not going to be big impact otherwise, yes, temperatures running back to 90's, and has been incredibly hot there on the west coast the last couple of days that
2:38 am
continues to the middle 10 there in desert for phoenix here today. the heat continues but it is summer. rob: bit cooler. it was over a 100 in la over the weekend. >> losing 5 to 10-degrees. carley: a whole lot of red on that map. still hot. time now is 38 minutes after the hour. hillary 2020, not so farfetched after all. >> you could put half of trump sporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. [laughter] >> right? carley: clinton ramping up spotlight appearances and now she may be forming a campaign team but is this dejavu really the democrats' best help, we will debate that next. rob: and sea lion looking for
2:39 am
five minutes of fame. going viral, hilarious moment, a cat interrupts live interview.
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carley: good monday morning, back with fox news alert. rescue crews back inside the cave in thailand this morning phase 2 underway right now to bring the soccer team and coach to safety after being trapped for more than 2 weeks. 8 boys and their coach remain inside after 4 boys successfully taken out. kids recovering at nearby hospital in healthy condition. now it's unclear when the first boy will emerge from today's operation, officials say more rescuers from around the world are helping the navy seals help to go get everyone out within 2 or 3 days. and devastating landslides in flooding in japan now leaving at
2:43 am
least 100 people dead. over 70,000 rescuers now digging through rubble to find more than 60 people still missing after record rainfalls, thousands have lost power and are running out of water as temperatures climb into the 90's or 80's rather. authorities say there could be more mud slides coming, rob. rob: carley, thanks, hillary clinton is landing a comeback, that's the claim from newly released op-ed in the new york post which claims to have evidence of a coming 2020 run. is this how the democrats hope to offset their new socialist agenda as party moves more to the left? here to debate alexandra smith and democratic strategists antoine, thanks for getting up early. antonie, we are starting with up, sheeción -- she's more active with fundraising, what do
2:44 am
you think will happen with hillary clinton? >> i seriously doubt that secretary clinton will make another run for president in 2020, however, i do think she will play a tremendous role going forward in helping the democrats take our country back and i know the only reason we are having this conversation is because she received 3 million more votes than the person who currently occupies the white house, so that strikes very a lot of fear in the hearts an minds of people on the right particularly the people i call trumppilicans. rob: hillary, it's been a rough couple of years for her, do you think she's bitter enough to try again? >> i think that there could be no bigger gift for donald trump because no one animate it is conservative base like hillary clinton and quite frankly every time she has spoken after this election she has just horrified democrats who want her to go away. you know, she claimed that trump
2:45 am
voters were voters who wanted to strip african americans and women of rights when, in fact, 30% of trump voters also voted for president obama and so i think that, you know, whether it's looking at the dnc and her costing the dnc millions in renting her e-mail list or the comments afterwards, she's clearly a drain on this party and i think, you know, she could be a great coil for the president in 2020. >> let me give you a bit of breaking news. i embraced hillary clinton into the party, i think she's tremendous asset, she will add much value to the conversation and here is what happens in elections, you either win or learn, although she may not have learned the electoral college we can learn a lot from hillary clinton in the race she ran, because every day --
2:46 am
[inaudible conversations] rob: hang on. let me ask you about that, as the democratic party moves to the left, the socialists have been coming out -- >> that's your perspective. rob: would hillary clinton be better candidate as moderate because the socialist alleged will get evicerated. >> the bo oh tom -- bottom line is our party is big ten party. we really not. going into 2018 midterms we are on pace to come across finish line first. rob: let me ask you, would anybody trust hillary clinton, would the democrats trust her again in 2020? a lot of people in the party that are angry with herby -- herby losing party that was unlosable. >> you know, she neglected entire states, you know, she
2:47 am
favored a campaign that was based solely on data and ignored people on the ground, allies on the ground of hers, hey, we are showing up to unions and seeing a bunch of donald trump supporters, look, i think it's possible to claim that the democratic party isn't moving towards the left. you have top presidential contender in 2020 for embracing ideas like medicare for all, guarantied jobs proposal. you know, there's really a race towards the left and that's where the democrats are headed. rob: i tell you what, if we see a number of people running in 2020 like we think we will, hillary clinton's chances get better and better. >> it's good for the process, rob. rob: what's that? >> rob, it's good for the process to have competition. primaries are like scrimmages, allow i don't say tow put the best team on the field for the big game. rob: thank you so much for your time. appreciate it this morning. 47 minutes after the hour, time
2:48 am
to check with pete hegseth. >> primaries are like scrimmages but you never know who will show up. no one saw donald trump coming. we will see what happens. this morning on "fox & friends", latest coverage ongoing rescue in thailand from inside from former navy seal diver, what's going to happen this morning? there are rescue operations as we speak, plus on the program, we have rudy giuliani, the president's lawyer with recent insights, representative zeldin and dan bongino and, of course, four people, their names are bret, ray, amy and tom, one of them is going to be the next supreme court nominee, we will dig into who that might be, what that will mean for the balance of the court as the president ahead of speech tonight at 9:00 p.m. to announce who will be the big pick. rob: good news after we digested
2:49 am
the bud light, hamburgers for the last days. >> that's right. rob: we will be right back. until her laptop crashed this morning. her salon was booked for weeks, having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. right now, save $300 on our hp 2-in-1 laptop bundle at office depot officemax whenshe was pregnant,ter failed, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa-
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rob: back with fox business alert, twitter cracking down on fake and suspicious profiles. carley: tracee carrasco on social media to curb the flow, tracee, what's the latest? tracee: good morning, yes, this is coming from a wall street -- i'm sorry, washington post report that says twitter has suspended about 70 million fake or suspicious profiles during the months of may and june, this number has more than doubled the rate since october when they really been cracking down on these profiles, of course, this comes following the 2016 presidential election when russian twitter twitter trolls
2:53 am
were set to have been meddling in election process there. we have seen a lot of social media companies really trying to crack down on the facebook, twitter, does seem like they are taking this very seriously. carley: big deal on that one, cosco is making news because their menu is become ago pealing for health nuts like rob. are you a health nut? rob: i don't think so. >> the food court that they have, they are trying to make things healthy there. they are getting rid of some things, the polish hot dog, do not worry that 1.50 hot dog, soda combo, that's not going anywhere, they are adding vegetarian and vegan options. shoppers are trying to become health conscious when they leave cosco, they have the food court and pick something up. rob: as new yorker i get harassed for this, cosco is putting some of the best pizza in the world.
2:54 am
it is unbelievable. i don't know what they are doing. carley: my favorite form of mexican food is taco bell. i guess i can't say -- former clinton adviser under fire, tweeting information after owner called police on customer harassing steve bannon, the owner says he asked the woman to leave after she called bannon a piece of crash, when he -- she didn't, he called police. rob: democratic senator dick durbin sparking outrage after comparing soccer team to migrant children. >> prayers with boys in thailand and hearts and prayers with thousands of children, toddlers and infeapts removed from parents by the trump administration under zero
2:55 am
tolerance, they're trapped in bureaucratic cave too, let's not forget them. rob: illinois senator to abolish ice. comments have been pouring on this one. charles writing, democrats have no honor. jen, way too far, the people have no touch with reality anymore. carley: all right. well, the time now is 55 minutes after the hour, you've cat to be kidding me. rob: very nice, 15 minutes of fame crashing his owner's live interview, viral video coming up next.
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. .
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rob: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. love rising from the actions in california. a man reproposes to his wife after fighting wedding ring in rubble of burned down home. the couple just married each other 8 months ago and had to flee a wildfire last week. the diamond ring was found near where their kitchen sink once was. carley: massive bail of co-taken near florida. boaters tipping them off after seeing the boat floating near mexico. 80 pounds of cocaine found inside that package. rob ron finally the ugly. remember the kid who
3:00 am
scratched cd. this time it's the cat. the ginger kiddy leo jumping on shoulders on live tv. the cat rubbing his head with her face and tail. the polish academic was being interviewed by dutch news station. >> carley: cute. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ains we begin with a fox news alert this morning. phase 2 of the mission to save the boys that are trapped inside that cave in thailand is now underway as we speak. ed: crews in a race against time to bring that soccer team and coach out after they had been trapped for two weeks. pete: four of the boys successfully taken out and taken to a nearby hospital. that was yesterday. crews now hoping to get the rest of them out maybe within minutes, within hours. we don't know. at least within two to three days overall. ainsley: jeff paul is live at the hospital where those boys are recovering this morning the ones that have been rescue you had. jeff, good morning.


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