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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  July 11, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it is probably not a good idea, just avoid it altogether. i can understand why she would make that call. >> harris: we were able to hit a lot of breaking news with other things in this panel today. thank you for watching. i'm harris. here's dana. >> fox news alert, -- concealin tensions. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." president trump accusing germany of being totally controlled by russia because of energy deals with moscow. he's calling out our allies over defense spending saying many counties fall short leaving the united states with the tab. >> the united states is paying too much and the other countries are not paying enough, this has been going on for decades. it's disproportionate and not
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fair to the taxpayers of the united states. we're going to make it fair. >> dana: joining me now, dana wilson from the executive vice president of the atlantic council. damon, the president is talking about the burden sharing as nato was set up and as we have gone forward to modernize nato, how did that go over today? talk about the president's idea to increase the goal of spending by each country to 4% of their gdp? >> thanks, dana. the president has been unequivocal that our allies carry a fair burden of defense. one things unfolded. one, the recognition, we've seen a historic increase in burden sharing in the past couple of years. every ally this year is increasing defense spending. we've gone from three to eight
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meeting the 2% mark of spending gdp of defense. and $66 billion in new defense investment. so against the backdrop of the demonstrable progress, he upped the ante and surprised his colleagues by saying he raised his expectations to 4%. that took the allies to 4%. is this hyperbole to put pressure on the other allies getting to 2% faster? it's happens a little bit of that. it's been the issue front and center in brussels. >> dana: is part of the push because of the dangers and the threats that the nato countries face together? let me have play for you sound from the nato secretary for the allies working together around
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i'll have you react. >> this point, the disagreements we see on trade or climate change or the iran nuclear deal. we see the discussion on defense spending. the fact is that nato has been able to deliver to make decisions and actually strengthen what we do together, all 29 allies and also what we do together with europe and north america. >> dana: your thoughts of how much a threat russia is and what nato is trying to do on counter terrorism. >> you know, it's remarkable some of the decisions that have come out of this summit despite the rhetoric. ian stoltenberg is right. you think about the divisions in the alliance over vietnam, iraq, the suez canal crisis, the deployment of persian missiles. despite the disagreement, the alliance has gotten things done
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in the past. in that context, if you read the decisions, the declaration coming out, it's unequivocal as allies saying that russia pose as threat to the alliance and moreover, the alliance enduring to an initiative of the u.s. put forward, a readiness initiative. it says by 2020, nato will have 30 mechanized battalions showing that the alliance is not obsolete and relevant and has responded. there was complete agreement about that and a raising of bar in ambitions. the alliance unity to deter russia. >> the other thing that is of interest to people and they might not realize it, the allies agreed to expand nato. tell me about that. >> i think that's one of the really good news stories coming
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out of the summit. despite all odds, we've seen an agreement with macedonia and greece over the disputed name, this is what blocked the country from entering in 2008. so the greeks and macedonians have worked it out. so based on that agreement, the alliance leaders say today we invite you to begin talks. it's big in the mix of trans atlantic tensions, to signal that nato's open door remains viable and to begin the process is significant. >> dana: one last question. the president will attend the dinner in brussels with the nato partners. is there anything else to discuss before he takes off to the u.k.? >> absolutely. one other thing that came out,
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counter terrorism. one thing the president is showing, more squarely focused on counter terrorism in his capabilities and a lot of attention on the south. what they're going to do to support tunisia, libya and a new mission in iraq. so tonight they're going to talk about middle east, north korea and russia. this is a chance without all of the diplomats and bureaucrats in the room for the leaders to have a frank conversation. they want to hear from the president about president putin monday and want his personal debrief of the singapore summit with kim jong-un. the decisions are over. the dinner tonight is among the most important conversations for the leaders themselves. >> dana: thanks, damon. president trump taking aim at germany's reliance on russian energy. >> we're supposed to protect you against russia. they're paying billions to russia.
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that's very inappropriate. the former chancellor of germany is the head of the pipeline company supplying the gas. look at it, germany is a captive of russia. they got rid of their coal plants, the nuclear. they're getting so much of the oil and gas from russia. >> dana: chris stirewalt is the editor of half time report and knowledgeable about this issue with regards to germany and russia and the pipeline. this has been going on for quite a while and it's interesting to me to see that a former leader of germany is at the center of this. >> yeah, gerhard schroeder is a big sell-out. he's made life difficult for angela merkel. one of the ways the russians have put merkel in a pincher moment, they have used schroeder, a putin kisser-upper to apply pressure through the
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political establishment in berlin. but then also through the greens who have come out hard against nuclear energy. the increasing use of nuclear energy by the germans was a response to cold war concerns about the soviet union and that dependency. so the move to -- at one point they were approaching 50% of their power grid was run off of nuclear power. that was a response to not wanting to be dependent on the soviets and the russians. between schroeder's pressure and the greens pressure, they said that nuclear was unacceptable and they have tripled the load that they're taking in natural gas from the former soviet union. that puts merkel in a difficult position because both the left and the right are coming after her and putin is pushing through both sides. >> dana: when the president puts the onus on her to ask, what are you thinking, what are you doing?
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how can we be expected to protect you if you're doing to be dependent on russia? how much political pressure she is? >> germany can break at any time. merkel has been the cat with nine lives. she's managed to fend off the ethnic nationalists to the right. narrowly, her decision to accept all of those migrants has been catastrophic. at the same time, germany has robust left. she's a coalition governor. she is a centrist. she has been having a very hard time keeping these two extremes at bay. the pressure on her that trump is applying on her, especially that she's got -- the demand isn't just to get up to 2% but to double it to 4% to nato is up popular with the left and the right. that's a tough burden for her to bear. merkel, who has done so much to keep europe from falling to pieces is under enormous
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pressure. >> the president said that everyone in nato should look to a goal of spending 4% of their gdp on defense. the united states is 3.5%. greece at 2.2%. germany down the line at 1.2%. what do you think the reaction will be from members of congress here back home to the president's suggestion that we spend more on defense? >> well, the suggestion is we might spend more on defense if these european states get to their current commitment and double up. he said it's not in ten years. you have to do it now and spend that money that is a political nonstarter in most of these countries. again, on the right, they light the russians. on the right in germany, they like russia. on the left, they don't like military spending. so how do you butter that bread on both sides?
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it's tough. congress will duck their heads and hope that this goes passed and they can go back to having a hearing where they yell at somebody. >> dana: how do you butter bread on both sides? good question. >> hold it by the crust. >> dana: thanks. check out our weekly podcast called "i'll tell you what." go to you'll see the logo and a wide variety of options for downloading. we're getting our first look at the soccer team rescued from the kay in a live report from thailand ahead. plus, supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh meeting with senators. marco rubio will join me live later in the hour. first, here's lindsey graham. >> the one line please don't cross, don't suggest that brett kavanaugh is a bad guy because he disagrees with you. don't defame him because he led a life most of us would be very proud to have led.
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>> dana: president trump's supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh making his rounds on capitol hill. both parties looking for ways to help them in november. i don't remember kraushaur writing that kavanaugh is a great pick. i'm joined by mo from the dnc and a fox news contributor and mat from the american federalist union. matt, healthcare being a top issue.
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this is a kizer foundation poll. i know that every supreme court nomination and battle ends up being about the politics of the day. so back when it was roberts and alito a lot of conversation about the war powers act. it was kagan and sotomayor, campaign finance. now is it going to come down to healthcare? >> no. by the way, how insulting is it to read that the democrats are looking out for the average person. did they not pay attention in 2016? they lost those voters because they're more focused on the elite opinions of the big cities and not the working class values. the idea that brett kavanaugh is the poster child for people that don't represent american values when all he wants to do is simple. he wants to represent the constitution and a interpret them appropriately. we're ready for constitutional restoration. >> dana: and you think the
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democrats -- i said in the green room, they're in a pickle. if you don't fight against the nominee, you are going to disappoint the base. if you fight too much, you could hurt the chances of winning any of the swing states in the senate. >> yeah, it will take something fairly extraordinary for this nomination not to go through. the numbers are there for him. having said that, there's a reason why there's hearings and why the senate has a responsibility to vet the candidates for the supreme court. so it is a good opportunity for democrats and frankly a necessary opportunity for democrats to focus on the issues that they want to push on. they seem to be settling on roe v. wade, pre-existing conditions and the affordable care act and to extend his role should an investigation into the president ever make its way to the supreme court. i love the fact that democrats are focusing on the issue of pre-existing conditions as a
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campaign issue. generally i wish they had in 2010 because i think the affordable care act might have in terms of public opinion been in a different place had democrats run more aggressively on it. the fact that they're challenging on this issue right now may not be enough to stop this nomination from going through but could provide them more wind in their sails heading -- >> the only problem with that is, republicans are not opposed to having pre-existing conditions covered and the idea that a justice kavanaugh would rule it being unconstitutional is absurd. >> but the justice kavanaugh having overruled it could -- >> dana: there's so many shoulds and coulds. i want to point out this. it might help democrats turnout in the election but could help republicans as well. take a look at this list. mike pence's campaign schedule.
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he's going to kansas city. you know that place well. campaigning for kevin yoder up there. cedar rapids, iowa and don't a plant tuner and friday in chicago for peter roscum. how are you feeling about the house side for the republicans? >> over the last 45, 50 days, the political train has gotten much more positive for republicans. a supreme court opening is like the queen mother desire for every republican in the mid-term. it's the issue that unites more than any other issue. those three, they're the types of seats that if we hold these seats, the democrats won't get the majority in the house. >> the interesting thing about the seats, they're feeling economic pain because of the trade war that the president launched. >> dana: are democrats able to take advantage of that moment though? >> on the ground in these districts, democrats are running aggressively against the trade
11:20 am
war. one of the reasons they're deploying mike pence, who is much more popular than the president right now in these battleground districts is a sign that they are seeing some -- they they have some concern. >> the vice president tends to get the call more often. >> dana: the vice president will be on the road more often. thanks very much. >> thanks. >> dana: republicans pushing for a quick confirmation for brett kavanaugh. i'll talk to hillary clinton press secretary on how the left is pushing back on his first appearance on "the daily briefing." soccer team now recovering from their ordeal in the hospital. an update on their condition live from thailand. you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident - no big deal, right?
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xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> dana: we're getting ready for big changes tomorrow. tens of millions of suspicious accounts will be gotten rid of. a major effort to restore trust in the platform after reports that many users inflating followers with automated or fake accounts. a good thing. new images of the 12 young soccer players in thailand with their coach after they're recovering from a long ordeal. jeff paul is live in thailand. jeff? >> dana, the boys and their coach are all in different
11:25 am
stages of recovery. judging by the video the government provided, you can see the boys smiling. they're putting their hands together to show gratitude. they all lost weight. doctors say so far there's no signs of soil-based infections. finally parents are getting a chance to see kids. for some, through glass. others in room. but two meters away in sterilized suits. take a listen to what the police commander had to say. >> this unity is not only with thailand, it's a global unity. this incident was more than a
11:26 am
life-saving mission. it's beyond that. it's the unity of all nationalities. >> now, the commander also wanted to say that because of that international cooperation, this mission impossible mission became possible. he also wanted to remember the thai seal that lost his life trying to save others. dana? >> dana: what's up with the team now? >> they'll spend seven to ten days in the hospital. after that, care at their home. doctors will make visits to make sure they're okay and make sure things haven't gotten worse. one other point one of the officials wanted to make to the world is that he said these kids are not bad. it was an accident. and that they didn't really have any control over it. i thought that was an interesting point, dana. >> thanks so much.
11:27 am
we'll keep an eye on that. as the president's supreme court nominee makes the rounds on capitol hill, how will democrats block his nomination? i'll speak to a group that is pledging $5 million in ads to oppose brett kavanaugh. brian fallon is next.
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>> dana: democrats working to build their opposition to supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh.
11:31 am
in response to a tweet from tim cain whether kavanaugh would respect abortion rights, he said we already know the answers. i'm just by brian fallon, former press secretary to the hillary clinton campaign. a pleasure to have you on. do you wish that hillary clinton had focused more on the judicial issue and judges back on the campaign? >> well, we gave it a try. i think literally she devoted a few days in a row of speeches to the supreme court. just never resonated. the left for years has been complacent about the courts. we have a lot of catching up to do. conservatives have organized around this and treated it as a voting issue. this is in response to what they
11:32 am
thought was a warring court airner the supreme court's history that didn't represent their values. they didn't like a lot of the decisions that were for us upholding progressive values. so they built a whole infrastructure to get their types of people on the court. we on the left have been complacent. the decisions that came out of this supreme court term, especially upholding the travel ban, were already starting to rouse people on the progressive side of things. now i think people with the supreme court vacancy in the balance, people are realizing it more. i hope it won't happen too late. and i think that the progressive grass roots is going to rise up and meet this moment. >> and the former dnc commissions chair, he was on the previous segment. he said that republicans have the votes. he understands why the democrats want to fight. i'll show you this washington op-ed. they said about chuck schumer that a wise leader preserves
11:33 am
options including option to fall back and fight another day on more favorable ground. schumer's base pandering makes strategic retreat nearly impossible. if in a few weeks kavanaugh's nomination is humming along, a leader with room to maneuver could give cover to those endangered democrats. instead, schumer has left them high and dry. so is the effort biting off your nose despite your face? >> no, i don't think so. number 1, this is a seat that will show the direction of the court for 40 years. this is no small thing. this is bigger than any election cycle. we shouldn't just obsess about the november elections. we're they're important for democrats and any one that cares about upholding roe v. wade, pre-existing condition protections, all of that stuff is on the line. i don't believe this is out of
11:34 am
reach. if democrats can stay united, there's 49 votes on the democratic side. if they can be united and the possibility of senator mccain not being there to vote, it's the matter of peeling off one republican and there's two members of the republican caucus that are pro choice and the roe issue is important. >> dana: so those two senators did vote for him to be confirmed to the circuit court in 2006. before i let you go, i want to ask you about something. the democrats have brought up his paper trail going back to his white house days. take a look to what senator grassley said about that on maria bartiromo's show. >> i'm being asked by people in your business, the journalists how many documents can they want, can the democrats get all the documents they want. we're going to do what we've done in the past supreme court nominations. you sometimes wonder if they're going to vote no, what more do
11:35 am
they need to know. >> he's saying if the decisions have been made by the senators to vote know, what more would you gain by having a paper trail to go back to the white house days when he's written 300 opinions as a justice? >> because there's a precedent here for how these supreme court nominations go. the standard is that all the documents available get turned over. that's what happened with a lay that kagan when she was nominated by barack obama. she was worked in the clinton white house. she had 170,000 pages of e-mails turned over. it was work intensive. 6,000 lawyers spend -- 6,000 hours spent by lawyers. brent kavanaugh by comparison, there's a million documents sitting at the bush library from his time working with you and the bush administration as the staff secretary. >> dana: a lot of those e-mails are probably about could you
11:36 am
change the oxford comma. but i get your point. i know the bush center has said they will cooperate with the requests. one last thing. demand justice is your group. perfectly legal, absolutely acceptable practice not to release names of donors. given that, do you think the democrats might stop attacking right groups or conservative leaning groups that do the same? >> i think we would still prefer to see a world where citizens united was not the law of the land and where we reformed our campaign finance system. as long as we're listing in this world, we on the left as we talked about have conceded this fight to conservatives for too long. you've had a group cad the judicial crisis network that swoops in when there's a supreme court fight. they're spending $10 million, twice what we'll spend in this fight. if we continue to sit on the sideline, we would have more of the same result.
11:37 am
we're going to rise up, make investments that will help mow situation our democrats and potentially susan collins or lisa murkowski. >> dana: thanks, brian. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: now for another point of view from a kavanaugh supporter. justin walker, a super clerk for anthony kennedy and law clerk for judge kavanaugh. let me ask you about this idea that there's a million documents they want to look through. i imagine a lot of them are duplicates. just knowing how the process works, having been there, there's the sent and receive. so maybe i can cut that down. are you worried about the paper trail, so to speak, slowing down this nomination? >> no. i'm not, dana. as soon as possible get to know judge kavanaugh, his paper record, his judicial record, who he is as a person, the judge that he is, the way he thinks, i think they'll find an independent thinker, find somebody with impeccable
11:38 am
credentials. open-minded people will find somebody they're happy to support. >> dana: a lot of democrats saying they're concerned about how judge kavanaugh would then ultimately rule on a question about president trump and whether he could be impeached or indicted or brought up for trial. here's what the minnesota law review on separation of powers said. the indictment and trial of a sitting president would cripple the federal government rendering it unable to serve. this would hurt in times of financial or national security crisis. it's interesting, justin, had hillary clinton won and if she would have been able to make a nomination to the supreme court, i imagine that many people would have pointed back to judge cavanaugh's article here and said, oh, see this shows that hillary clinton shouldn't have to do x or y. your thoughts on how this is being convoluted in the conversation. >> absolutely.
11:39 am
the first way it's being convoluted is people forget when that article was published in 2009, barack obama was published so to the extent we hear about how judge cavanaugh would hear partisan questions, we wouldn't see how it affects legal issues. point number 2, his lawyer review arm was about a legislative suggestion. that he was making to congress. it was not an interpretation of the law. now, of course, there's activist judges out will and they don't distinguish what should be done and what can be done. judge kavanaugh's article was very clear. he was not saying the president cannot be investigated. he was saying that congress might want to consider adjusting the timeline for those investigations. that's a question for congress. he wasn't saying how he would decide as a judge. >> dana: your reaction to this, ken starr who kavanaugh worked for way back then wrote this
11:40 am
today. kavanaugh is not quick to overturn judgments reached through the legislative process no matter how untidy. i'll give you the last word in regards to his former boss writing that about him today. i think judge star is correct. judge cavanaugh has not been quick to challenge democratic legislative enactments. in fact, he wrote a 1,000 page treatise with 12 other judges saying only under extraordinary circumstances that we overturn a precedent and reinforces the rule of law. when some open-minded moderate people learn that about judge kavanaugh, they'll feel like this is someone they should support. >> dana: thanks, justin. >> thanks a lot. >> dana: brett kavanaugh working
11:41 am
the halls of capitol hill meeting with senators ahead of his confirmation hearing. president trump taking aim at our nato allies in brussels. should the focus be on russian aggression? i'm going to talk to senator marco rubio about that next.
11:42 am
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11:44 am
>> dana: the trump administration wants to put tariffs on thousands of chinese products like cigarettes and more. christina is here with us. >> you just listed consumer products. that's the difference from previous tariffs imposed by the united states. right now this is coming from the "wall street journal." they're saying the united states wants to impose 10% tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese goods. think of everything in your house. i know some people say they like to buy american. but a lot of products you don't know. like restoration hardware.
11:45 am
they bring in a lot of chinese furniture. products used in their stores. so we can see prices climb higher. cigarettes are on the list. fish sticks as an example. >> do we have a lot of cigarettes from china? >> i didn't know this. >> i didn't either. >> dana: it seems wrong. >> could be a cheap alternative. i'm not a smoker. this is creating a lot of market reaction today. not as much as you would think. over the last little while, the s&p 500 is down 5% -- sorry. up 5% due to the tariff talk. investors think it's not going to be that bad. >> dana: tell me about the pfizer and prescription drug surprises. >> pfizer said they're going to roll back price increases and not increase the price of the drugs going forward. why? because the president spoke to pfizer for 10 to 15 minutes because the president has lobbied for quite some time that
11:46 am
the pharmaceutical industry charges too many. on average, americans spend $1,162 per person per year on prescription drugs. it's an issue, a political one and that's the reason why they're trying to fight pharma companies. >> dana: thanks, christina. i love your quick updates. always helpful. president trump taking a hard line at nato today. i'm ask marco rubio for his take. there he is. no matter who rides point, there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands?
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>> president trump taking a hard line against or allies in nato asking why the u.s. still funds the military alliance protecting them from russia while some
11:50 am
countries buy their energy from moscow. >> why are you paying billions of dollars to russia for energy? why are countries in nato, namely germly -- germany paying a large amount of money to them? germany is a captive of russia. >> dana: joining me now, marco rubio. sir, that is not a new issue in terms of the energy issues that europe has been dealing with but come to a head now. i think it was a fair point by the president. your thoughts about germany's thoughts on dependence. >> there's a couple things here. first of all, nato is still a good idea. it has to be modernized. it has a new purpose and a new meaning. i continue to believe and support nato. this notion that our partners are not contributing enough is not new. if you go through history,
11:51 am
you'll find that administration after administration had the same complaint. so that's not a new complaint. there's a big difference saying i don't think that our partners are doing enough, which is valid and saying, you know, what some are claiming the president is saying that we should get rid of nato. i haven't heard him say that he questioned the arrangement. if you want to question whether they are doing enough, that's a valid question. other administrations have done the same. on the issue of energy, i go back to what he started. we wish germany wasn't dependent on russia. maybe there's a chance to re-visit that. >> dana: how would you characterize the threat from russia today? >> they have two threats. a territorial threat to the countries that surround it. putin would love to see the western a line, europe and nato alliance fall apart. one of the things to challenge that is to make moves on the
11:52 am
countries like he did with ukraine and the taking of crimea and what he did against georgia and show that nato can't do anything about it. the other threat is they don't have the economic power of china. but what they can do is they can use unconventional means, whether it's cyber warfare and the like to mean. putin has figured out how he can get involved in places like syria and be an irritant or competitor to the united states without a significant investment of personnel or funds or great threat. they're not the threat that china is, but they're an irritant and one that we should be open eyed about. >> dana: let me ask you about the supreme court. it was said about kavanaugh, important precedents have moved america forward to a more equal and just society could be shredded. the senate has an opportunity to
11:53 am
protect americans from an idealogically driven nominee whose nomination would create a supreme court bent on setting america decayeds back in time. but over 50% of floridians want kavanaugh confirmed. what do you think he will do? >> that quote, that congressman would have said that about anybody the president nominated. jeff kavanaugh has been on the bench a long time. these people get confirmed, nobody raises issues. now they're nominated to the supreme court, they're the most horrible person in the world. the bottom line, he's qualified. we'll go through his record like anybody else but from what we've seen, he's as qualified as anybody in the country. no matter who the president nominated they would say it. >> dana: as shown by their failures on cut and paste. that was funny to watch. i want to ask you about your
11:54 am
efforts for paid family leave. i expect you will introduce a bill soon? >> yeah. we had a great two-hour meeting at the white house with ivanka trump and a couple colleagues from the senate. it's an important thing. we can do it in a way that is fiscally conservative. we're not going to create a new entitlement but a new option when americans want to have a child, want to take leave, they don't have to go bankrupt. i'm going to take four weeks of social security benefits now instead of later when i retire. parenting is the most important job that anybody has in america. the consequences shouldn't be bankruptcy or physical distress. a significant percentage of lower income worker goes on public assistance. they require welfare a six answer the because their job doesn't require paid leave. it's not good for the country. we're already spending money on
11:55 am
it, this is a better way to get people access to their money. >> dana: what would you say to criticism of the effort? people agree that it's a good idea but getting there is what they're questioning and worried about hastening the insolvency of social security, which is already in a lot of trouble. >> there's a study that says that. i don't know how they can do that study because the bill is not out there yesterday. that's not something that we want to see happen. but ultimately we're talking about giving people access to their money ahead of time. we believe and that's what we're working through, that can be done in a way meaningful to parents and at the same time not threaten social security moving forward. we're open to a better idea. nobody else has come up with one that hasn't grown the debt and put a mandate on businesses and provides parents with assistance. >> looks like something that i just read, senator gillibrand might not be somebody that you can work with that on that. i'll be talk as that goes through the process.
11:56 am
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>> dana: one utah couple planned a dream wedding. with us set to take place at the groom's grandfather house. that plan was scrapped after the house was threatened by a raging wild fire forcing the ceremony to a new location. the good news is, crews saved the home and to thank them, the newlyweds went out to the scene in their wedding attire to thank them, which is a beautiful photo that they'll take about for years and even more firefighters out west are making good news. colton canter is battling leukemia. colton wanted to be a firefighter so members of the fire station, number 10, stepped up and welcomed him as one of
12:00 pm
their own and even giving him his own firefighter's coat. england is leading croatia in the world cup. that means my husband will be happy. thanks for joining us. i'm dana. here's shep. >> shepard: from the fox news deck, i'm shepard smith. today at a photo open, the president upended world order in the way that no president has. he attacked our closest allies. he berated them and insulted them. he labelled germany captive to russia and he blasted nato agreements that date to post r war -- world war ii. the president could turn back the global clock centuries. in the wake of today's developments, a reminder of what nato is and what it means to the world and to america. nato


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