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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 11, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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busted eight years ago today. oh, bare foot bandage. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. maria filling in. >> many countries are not paying what they should. frankly many countries owe us a tremendous amount of money for many years back where they're delinquent as far as i'm concerned. the united states has had to pay for them. >> a face-to-face dressing down. president trump waste nothing time in nato telling nato allies to pay up. will it work? welcome. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo in this afternoon for neil cavuto. this is "your world." president trump may be blunt, but the numbers don't lie. the u.s. commit $700 billion to defense this year. compare that with the 51 billion in germany.
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$52 billion in france. nearly $26 billion in italy and close to $19 billion in spain so far. these nations are all falling short of their commitments to defense. now president trump wants them to make good and then some. john roberts is in brussels this afternoon where it's all going down. john, good afternoon. >> president trump suggested why stop at 2% of gdp for nato and defense. let's all go to 4%. that would put the united states in a box because the united states in 2018 projected to spend 3.5% of gdp on defense. so president trump would have to bump it up a little bit. by the time that today's meetings of the summit were over, any differences that existed between president trump and angela merkel appeared to have dissipated. at an art reception following the summit meetings, the president and angela merkel on the patio smiling, chatting with each other.
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melania trump there as well. didn't seem to be the same ranker as earlier in the day. the president chided germany for signing a deal with russia for a pipeline that would pipe gas directly from russia to germany. the president saying 60 to 70% of germany's gas consumption would come from russia. listen to what he said. >> we're supposed to protect you against russia but they're paying billions. germany is totally controlled by russia. you look at it, germany is a captive of russia. they got rid of their coal, nuclear. they're getting so much of the oil and gas from russia. >> a few hours after that, president trump and angela merkel had a bilateral meeting. listen to how the president described it. >> we had a great meeting.
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we're discussing military expenditure, talking about trade. we have a very, very good relationship with the chancellor. we have a tremendous relationship with germany. they've been commended. a real success and i congratulate you. i believe that our trade will increase and lots of other things will increase. >> shepard: merkel unapologetic and russia. she said that they make sovereign decisions. the president will meet with vladimir putin next week. the declaration that was released today, a draft of the communique that we'll see tomorrow, is very strong in its language of solidarity for nato, strong language about russia and standing up to vladimir putin. saying that you can't have a normal relationship until he changes his ways. very strong support for nato
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members increasing their commitment. so nato does appear after day one to be on a strong footing and perhaps an increasingly strong footing as we head to day number 2. >> john, thanks so much. is the president making the right move or putting the nato alliance at risk. joining me now, fox news contributor pete hagstadt. >> trump is trying to make the nato alliance great again. why did we form nato, right? after world war ii as a bull ward to russia. all countries of common views are in the alliance. now they decided to gut their military. russia is being increasingly aggressive. they're incapable of confronting them. and angela merkel says we're a sovereign country making sovereign decisions. so is america.
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if we're footing your bill and i served with nato troops in afghanistan, i understand the alliance but it's more complex, very bureaucratic. a lot of countries in europe can't contribute the way they want to. their militaries are not big enough. so if we want to be meaningful, let's reinvigorate that. trump is doing that in the typical way. saying pay up. if you don't pay up what is the alliance all about? >> he always has a strategy the way he approaches things. i'm wondering if part of the strategy is to poke russia a few days before the meeting with vladimir putin? >> why not. it's just like trade. his critics accuse of being anti-free trade. a path to free trade is righting the imbalances on trade. same thing with nato. if you want a strong alliance, contribute to the alliance that you say you care about. right now it's dismissive. we're your piggy bank. if you care about it, prove to us and be a part of this
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alliance. >> he was geared up before he went, before he left for the trap. he sat down with me and told me his feelings in terms of what he was going to tell the nato allies. here's president trump 1 1/2 weeks ago. we're going wait for that. that's coming up. he basically said it's not fair trade. we want fair trade. he said to the allies, let's forget tariffs. let's do no tariffs. they wouldn't go for that. >> here's the president thing about president trump. he says he's going to say it. he doesn't just say it behind the scenes. he says it to them to their face with the cameras on so they're held accountable to their own public and to the media at large. in the past you get these fancy agreements, smiles in front of the cameras. trump says i came here with a mission. let's make a real alliance and we'll be in with you. instead you're letting putin run it and you're not spending on military and as a result, the
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tectonic plates of this world are changing. china is assertive. russia is assertive. if america has to do it alone, we will. >> it's incredible this hasn't come up before. other presidents did not push allies to spend more on defense since we've got troops everywhere. >> other presidents did, but they did it politely. come on, like help us out a little bit. >> and they wouldn't do it. >> they said we'll do it in 2024. we'll do it ten years from now. >> and there's this uncertainty level. you know what? we better do it. >> maybe he will lead the nato alliance maybe he will let russia do their thing. people in the administration know he's committed. >> here's president trump 1 1/2 weeks ago on this issue. >> would it be better to have our allies together to go against china? >> no. >> instead of pushing back? >> excuse me. the european union is possibly as bad as china, just smaller.
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it's terrible what they do to us. european union, take a look at the car situation. they send the mercedes in. we can't send our cars in. look what they do to our farmers. they don't want our farmers that have their farmers. we don't protect ours and they protect theirs. >> he tweeted from brussels today talking about the farmers. >> european union was form as a bulwark to american power. they said as a trade block, as a block of countries, we can throw our weight around if we form together. they've done that with tariffs as well. if we think china is a bigger threat, we can't count on europe to come alongside with us. they fought a war with us. god bless them. but if you're not relevant today, if you're not going to be free market, not going to trade fairly, going to open your borders to migrants and give away your cultural identity,
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maybe we have to look somewhere else or look inward to survive. >> thanks, pete. >> thank you. >> let's go to capitol hill now. former fbi attorney lisa page a no-show today after being subpoenaed to testify against her anti-trump texts between her and peter strzok, boyfriend. house speaker paul ryan saying he's prepared to hold page in contempt of congress if she does not testify. catherine herridge with the very latest. good afternoon. >> thanks. congressional source closed to the discussions reports to fox news the committee republicans have a number of options on the table include calling page and former agent peter strzok to appear together on capitol hill. this afternoon, the chairman of the house judiciary committee that issued the subpoena for page in the first place said time is limited. >> i think it's very important for her to understand that and she should comply with it and he should comply with it now before she's held in contempt of congress which could happen as soon as friday. >> page was scheduled to give a closed door deposition on
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capitol hill today in front of the two house panels. her lawyers released this new head shot, if you will, of their client today. late last night, they pulled out of the deposition and they blamed the fbi for failing to provide timely access to page's notes and records. saying in a statement to fox through her actions and words, lisa has made it abundantly clear that she will cooperate with the investigation. there's no basis for claims that lisa has anything to hide or is unwilling to testify. the house judiciary and oversight committees bullying tactics are unnecessary. we expect them to agree to another date so lisa can appear before the committees in the near future. the committee chairman said page and her lawyers have been in talks for weeks and the committee had to call in federal officers. the u.s. marshals to serve the subpoena. >> in addition, our attorneys have had communications with her attorney for nearly a month now about this appearance and her
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attorney agreed to accept service of the subpoena and turn around and try to reject it. so that's why we sent the marshalls to her house to serve the subpoena. they had to go back three times before they finally were able to reach her. >> two weeks ago, peter strzok, page's lover, was on capitol hill for a closed-door deposition. strzok's attorney told fox late this afternoon that he still does plan to appear tomorrow, maria. >> all right. that is public hearing. katherine, thank you. are senate democrats fighting president trump's supreme court pick now? helping or hurting their party in november. karl rove is coming up on that. stay with us. insurance that won't replace
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>> do you expect to have the votes to confirm judge kavanaugh by the time the supreme court term starts october 1? >> with the possibility of getting five or six democrats and all the republicans sticking together, yes. if all the republicans don't stick together and the democrats smell blood, then i don't think we'll get any democrats. so i think we've got to work from the standpoint that most of the democrats have said they're going to vote no. there might be a possibility getting a few. i don't think any of those few would dare help us get over the hurdle if we lost a republican or two. >> chuck grassley expecting a tough fight for democrats during the confirmation. brett kavanaugh, will a long
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confirmation help or hurt? karl rove is here. what do you think, karl? good afternoon. >> afternoon. court -- supreme court battles tend to energize the base. the democrats were already energized. this will energy the republican base and narrow the advantage that the democrats might have going into the fall election. but even more important than that is, is it the rhetoric of the democrats in my opinion is so extreme, these comments are just over the top. they're going to turn off the independent and swing voters as this process goes forward. you saw brett kavanaugh monday night. he was direct, he was pointed, he was thoughtful. he was emotional, poignant describing his family. he will come across and intelligent and re-assuring so the disconnect with the
1:17 pm
over-the-top trash and the reality of brett kavanaugh will help the republicans with swing voters. >> at the same time, you have ice fighters fighting things like ms-13. they're out working hard protecting the country. that is going to be sort of the narrative that the republicans take come november. that is probably going to resonate. >> yeah, look, nearly 90% of the people arrested by ice, three out of four have a criminal record. another 11 or 12%, nearly 90% all-together, they have arrest warrants out for them. the idea that somehow we'll abolish ice and remove the law enforcement agency charged with finding violent illegal aliens in our country and removing them from society, that isn't going to work either. >> there's been a shift going on
1:18 pm
because of the outcomes that this president has had on his decisions, whether it's economic policy like tax reform and rolling back of regulations and the impact on the economy or the judges or foreign policy as well. what you're seeing, democrats are saying the outcomes are better than i expected. i'm going to sit it out in november or i'll be reluctantly voting for trump. >> yeah. i think -- i think that you said democrats. i think it's independents that will be affected. i think democrats are increasingly living in a cocoon that they have created for themselves. everything that trump does is bad and nothing that he does has a positive impact. the disparity between and independent that says my job security is better, my paycheck is larger, my business is doing better, feeling better about our country with a stronger military. and the democrats tell me all of those things are bad.
1:19 pm
there's a disconnect that will won't do well. >> so you've seen a change in term of the blue wave to red wave in november then? >> yeah. mid-terms are rarely waves benefitting the party in power. but all of this talk that we had earlier this year about a huge gigantic tsunami have receded. reality is setting in that democrats have a very tough time grabbing control of the senate and that the race for the house is a coin flip that will depend on local campaigns and local candidates. the economy is doing good and people are feeling better about personal prospects. the economy drives a lot of things and the economy is really good right now. >> karl, good to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you. what happened to cavuto? >> he will be back tomorrow. >> good. thank you. >> karl rove. just as the president is getting tough with allies over there, 88 senators are bucking his trade
1:20 pm
policies here. why did republican pat toomey do it? he's here with us next. even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> maria: well, stocks rocked as president trump is thinking about rocking china with more tariffs. susan lee has the latest. >> a four-day winning streak has come to an end. markets being weighed down by trade concerns after the trump administration announced a 10% tariff on a further $200 billion of chinese goods. that includes a lot of categories like leather, tech routers, handbags and frozen meat. the tariff won't go into effect after two months. but they're also dampening investor enthusiasm after we're
1:24 pm
heading into a strong u.s. earning season. so the stocks are hardest hit, boeing and cater pillar. and chinese company alibaba is selling off. china doesn't up port as much u.s. goods. now they're looking at other ways to retaliate. that might include holding up licenses for u.s. companies operating in china. delaying deals including $45 billion takeover by chip maker qualcomm and xp. increase inspections for u.s. products like fruits and vegetables and cars. the u.s. and china have the largest trading relationship in the world, valued at $600 billion. bipartisan votes pushing back on trip over these tariffs as well and voting overwhelmingly in favor to maybe look at these trump moves in the future. back to you. >> maria: thanks, susan. one of the republican senators bucking the president on trade
1:25 pm
today trying to limit his powers on tariffs is pennsylvania's pat toomey. senator, good to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> maria: let me ask you the details of this. the measure approved wednesday, does it address china? >> no, it doesn't. it's very narrow in focus and in fact, it's not binding. this is the first step. what we voted on today does. it expressed the sense of a vast majority of u.s. senators that in the future that the imposition of the 232 tariffs, those that invoke national security, that in order to do that, there should be a role for congress, not the unilateral role that the president has been using thus far. so a step in the right direction in my view. >> so this is more about aluminum and steel. >> yes, it has and tariffs on
1:26 pm
canada and mexico and the e.u. but it's an important step in the direction of restoring through congress our constitutional responsibility in this space. >> maria: are you not happy on the president's stance of trade? he wants to make sure that we understand the impact of some of these ident on this. there's been terrific policy on tax reform. the president is terrific about rolling back regulations. those are the reasons that we've had a tremendous surge of economic group. we could derail this if we get into a full blown trade war. it's been part of a trend on the part of this administration from a bad sugar deal with mexico that was very protectionist, imposing tariffs on solar panels and washing machines as you'll recall earlier this year. now the steel and aluminum tariffs and a huge wave of tariffs on chinese products. protectionism leads to higher
1:27 pm
costs for consumers and fewer jobs. >> maria: the president says this is a negotiation suggesting that he's playing poker, if you will. do you not think this is a negotiation? >> here's the problem. what are we negotiating for? with respect to the taxes we're imposing on americans when they buy american or canadian steel or aluminum. i asked this question of wilbur ross. what do the canadians have to do to stop taxing my constituents? his answer was they have to agree to a revised nafta. the provisions that the administration is seeking in the revised nafta are bad provisions. they'll make the deal a worse deal, not a better deal. so i really -- i disagree with the end goals that have been articulated by our trade rep. i don't like these tactics are being used to get there.
1:28 pm
>> maria: do you think we'll see a nafta deal before the mid-terms? >> i don't know the answer. i don't. >> maria: with the new president in mexico, you wonder if something changed. real quickly before we go are you going to vote yes for judge kavanaugh? >> i'm going to do my due diligence. i've not had a chance to complete that. that will include a sit down. let me be clear, everything i've seen so far is terrific. very pleased with this selection. i'm looking forward to completing the process. looks like he will be confirmed. >> maria: thanks, senator. >> thanks for having me. >> maria: senator pat toomey. forget shouting down ice. lawmakers are trying to shut down ice. are they putting all americans at risk? that's next. no matter who rides point, there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today.
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>> maria: paging lisa page. the former fbi agent skipping her hearing with the house judiciary oversight committee. they're giving her two more chances to appear. two more strikes and she could be in contempt. back in 60 seconds. selectquote can help you keep your promise. with life insurance starting under $1 a day. but you promised dad. come on. selectquote helped jim, 41, keep his promise by finding him a $500,000 policy for under $26 per month. and found kathy, 37, a $750,000 policy
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for just $22 per month. since 1985, we've helped millions of families by finding them affordable coverage by impartially shopping highly rated insurers offering over 70 policies. dad, you're coming right? you promise? you promise? you promise? i promise. >> maria: democrats want to ice the agency out of existence. is this going overboard? robert is here with us.
1:33 pm
thanks for being us. >> hi, maria. >> maria: you agree with there? >> yes, we have to draw a line between abolishing ice and open borders. much of the hyperbole, by abolishing ice, people want amnesty for all. ice was created in 2003 and been a failure. president obama made on a report deportation spree and hasn't worked. so instead of having to $1 billion budget, the fbi and dea should look at the immigration issue and create a pathway for citizenship. >> maria: and they're talking about taking out ice completely so that you abolish the agency. you agree with that? >> yeah, we're duplicating -- >> maria: who will protect the border then? >> you have customs and border patrol. if it's investigating ms-13, the
1:34 pm
dea and the fbi that does that. right now we have backlogs of people that have been arrested and deportation proceedings. i practice immigration law in atlanta. part of my cases that were arrested in 2015 that don't go to trial in 2020, 2021. we have to have a better system and get people that commit crimes out of the country and never come back and have a pathway to citizenship for people here, that want to work and go to school, want to help the american economy. >> so you said two things. you agree with abolishing ice but you still want ice to protect the border. >> customs and border patrol is separate from ice. >> maria: ice is dealing with ms-13. the president says ice is dealing with the toughest gangs out there and if you abolish ice, you don't have that protection anymore. >> that's not true. the fbi is handling ms-13. the dea is also handling -- >> maria: why not have ice handle them as well? >> we can't triplicate services.
1:35 pm
right now, you have federal resources going towards raiding homes and factories. we have to have a efficient season. >> maria: can you say the world is not safer? isis on the run. look at the focus on the borders. >> let's understand, that ice has been in existence since 2013. deportations have gone up since then. it's done nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigration in america. it's the resources, $6.1 billion would be -- >> maria: so you want to stem the tide of illegal immigration then. >> absolutely. the question is how do you do
1:36 pm
it. you do it by deporting the criminals and make sure people that come here want to work and go to school and contribute to america. >> maria: how do you deport them with catch and release? they come and we have to release. >> the reason we have catch and release is the system is broken and overburdened. we don't make a distinction between violent criminals and those here working. that's why we have to have catch and release. when they say abolish ice, it's about creating an immigration system that makes sense. that gives -- >> maria: you're saying both sides of the argument that you want. >> it's not both sides. >> maria: yes, you are. >> it's a clear thing. people that are criminals need to live. >> maria: no kidding. >> people that want to work need to have a pathway to citizenship. ice is not effective in either goals. >> maria: thanks for your insight. remember how the nato leaders were snickering at president trump back then?
1:37 pm
they're yukking it up with them right now. proof that they need the u.s. more than the u.s. needs them. we debate it. house republicans are furious after lisa page refused to show up to testify. we're going to speak with one of them next.
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>> its very unfair to our country and our taxpayers. i think these countries have to step it up immediately, not over ten years. >> maria: president trump earlier today pressuring nato allies to pay up for defense spending. is trump's tough love going to win them over? we hear from kevin rudd, the prime minister from australia. good to have you here. >> thanks for being here. >> maria: your reaction to what the president said. >> the president says you have to up your defense expenditure from 2 to 4% of gdp before most of them got to 2% is a large ask in one hit.
1:41 pm
the bottom line is, most of the europeans do need to do more. they don't like hearing the message. but it's important that everybody lives to their game. a number, however, of the nato allies have done so. they reached their 2% target. the agreement signed was to not get there until 2024. >> maria: what is your reaction to the fact that they haven't kept up to the targets, the 2% targets? why not? was it because the u.s. has troops there and just been helpful and they don't need to? >> the europeans signed up some years ago to an agreement to get to 2% of gdp in defense expenditure by 2024. they still have six years to run. what has happened, of course, is the sense of urgency about the need to lift nato defense expenditures. what has happened with the russia military action in the ukraine and a series of development in the wider european strategic theater. so it's a sense of urgency which
1:42 pm
has come late and takes awhile to adjust budgets to come through. frankly in europe, given the strategic problems they face, they should be lifting more rapidly than they are. >> maria: these are the same players that the president is trying to pressure on tried. good idea or not? >> you know something? u.s. presidents in the past that kept these two baskets separate and there's a logic to that sometimes. we can have a dust-up and we australians have had dust-ups with democrat and republican administrations over many years on trade questions. but the alliance stuff we keep rock solid, separate and in its own basket. it can be dangerous to mix these two. on the trade front, president trump has accused the europeans of unfair trade practices. if you look at the actual numbers and the balance of trade between europe and the united states and goods and services, american run as surplus with the europeans once you throw the services in. >> maria: i thought it was $100 billion deficit? you're saying with the services it's a surplus?
1:43 pm
>> yeah. you're overall relationship because you're so good at movies and other things that you do in terms of banking services, legal services, insurance services. huge companies doing business in the european financial sector. you're doing okay on that side of the account. i think in terms of broader trade strategy, what i'd try to do if i was him is link with the europeans in challenging the unfair global strategies rather than defining the west. so i think it would be good to bring -- circle the wagons in a different direction. >> on the one hand, we're talking about trade and we want it to be more fair, but on the other hand, they've been stealing from us. they won't even admit that they have been stealing i.p. >> the chinese have had an aggressive approach to getting technology from wherever they can and whatever means. the historical tradition, that's just fine.
1:44 pm
okay? because in their own historical world view, the west exploited them once and it's now time for them to explore the west. i live there, i work this. used to work in beijing years ago. the way to bring this through the surface is using the dispute resolution services between the two countries and see what china does in response. up until now they pushed it to the side. to be fair to president trump, and i don't agree with everything that he does, he's caught beijing's attention. where the trade dispute land, we don't know. if you go to the second tranche of $200 billion in goods, is that going to hurt america more than china? open question. >> maria: the issue, is tariffs the right antidote for the theft. is this the thing that gets china to stop or not fix it.
1:45 pm
>> on the theft question, there's other mechanisms that you've got to apply to the chinese. >> maria: like what? >> you can apply retaliatory measures in terms of investment access. it's through investment relationships that you do it. you in america have sipheous. you can take a longer line with that. it's about investment relationships. trade is more difficult. >> maria: we know the secretary mnuchin just put the investment restrictions on the side for now. great to see you today. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> maria: kevin rudd joining thus. first, roe v. wade and then the mueller problem and now the democrats are trying to use obamacare. confused? ari fleischer is not. he's back next. oh, why thank you. [both scream] (burke) coupe soup. and we covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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>> maria: welcome back. a lot of reaction to the interview with mr. patillo as he agrees that ice should be abolished. here's what president trump told me in my exclusive interview about that. >> you get rid of ice, you'll have a country that you'd be afraid to walk out of your house. i love that issue if they're going to do that they're seriously talking about that? you're going to have a country that is crime ridden. the border patrol, the border patrol agents, ice. these people are incredible. >> maria: the president 1 1/2 weeks ago. we go to white house press secretary under george bush, ari fleischer. will this issue affect the democrats in november? >> yes, it will. you go back to the 70s and the 80s. people didn't vote for democrats because they were soft on crime, this has the same feel to it. abolish the police and ice. middle america, the silent majority, doesn't like to hear this.
1:50 pm
views on immigration aside, it's a loser for the democrats. >> maria: it's interesting. we just had some democratic strategists on when they say, look, we have to get rid of ice. i was taken aback actually. >> it's the passion of the democratic base. the base will kill them in the middle. >> maria: we know it was roe v. wade and the impact of the mueller investigation and now it's healthcare and abolish ice. what is your take on the president's supreme court pick? >> superb pick. he's strong, calming cool. he's what you hope a justice would be and a really nice guy. >> maria: you think they'll get him through before the new term started on act 1? >> yeah. there's no reason they shouldn't. from nomination to confirmation, the average is 66 days. in fact for president obama's picks, ruth bader ginsberg was
1:51 pm
44 days. the average is 66. what i like about our system, this is up to brett. brett will have to perform. america will get to watch. the senators will get to watch. i know brett. he will take it extremely seriously, work hard and do a superb job. that more than anything is the most important. >> maria: the democrats are making it about abortion, roe v. wade. do you have any sense that brett kavanaugh is going to move to overturn roe v. wade? >> no, as we heard brett say before, it's settled law of the land. there's areas in the middle that will whittle away at things. establish more regulations. but the democrats are making this about the kitchen sink. they're making it about every issue under the sun. if you do that, you'll never win. you'll appease your base but never win the middle. i don't think there's one issue
1:52 pm
on brett. but if i'm a democrat, i don't throw the kitchen sink. >> maria: is there legitimacy about the trade, defense spending? >> 100%. i say this as a george w. bush republican. i believe in nato. nato is a vital alliance. nato also doesn't pay for itself. after several polite presidents privately cajoling them to spend more and they didn't do it, trump comes along and demands they do it. he's right to do it. one last point. in 2006 under president bush, nato defense ministers agreed to go to 2% of the gdp on defense. now they're saying they'll get there by 2024. 18 years to do it? no wonder donald trump is blowing the whistle. >> maria: what do you think about the november elections? karl rove says this blue wave is not happening. your take? >> it's not happening in the
1:53 pm
senate. the republicans will gain 1-3 seats. in the house, i worry. it's going to be close. the intensity is with the democrats. far less but it's there. >> maria: good to see you. ari fleischer there. lisa page refusing to show up today. now bob goodlatte wants to know what the trump-hating fbi agent has to hide next. about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries about people to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you here's something you should know. there's a serious virus out there that 1 in 30 boomers has, yet most don't even know it. a virus that's been almost forgotten.
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we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> maria: welcome back. former fbi attorney lisa page not showing up for the closed-door interview today with house lawmakers. my next guest says she should be held in contempt of congress. republican congressman joins me now. good to see you. what are the odds she shows up tomorrow alongside her boyfriend peter strzok when he testifies in a public hearing or if she comes up on friday in the closed-door hearing. >> i don't think they are good and i don't think we have let any coconspirators coming to get
1:57 pm
interviewed together so i don't think we should let these two coming together. i think they are tacitly coordinating and i think that's why she didn't come in today. >> maria: i say. what do you mean when you say she's going to be held in contempt of congress. what does that mean? >> it means we have to do a resolution through the committee and then the attorney general gets to take and execute on that and there could be fines and i don't know the means -- it could mean some fines and civil penalties. >> maria: why is she not showing up today, in your view? >> i think she doesn't want to get in there and be locked in because she doesn't know exactly what peter strzok said when he testified. he was behind closed doors. that transcript has not been released and i think she doesn't want to step over each other where they don't have stories. i think she wants to wait to left of public testimony.
1:58 pm
she has known about this for seven months. speak to her attorney says she's being bullied. her attorney says that the fbi hasn't handed over the documents she wants to see. what are the documents she wants to see? we know that the fbi has been slow walking documents to congress. is that part of this or is it just smoke? >> i think it is smoke. she has been sitting around for seven months and then she waits until the night before. she's got to go look at the fbi. the fbi has given her access to these records, and that isn't why she doesn't want to testify. she is looking for excuses. i really believe that. i am looking forward to having her in so we can ask her pretty pointed questions. we do tell us about the strzok testimony. >> he is going to have to be put on the spot a little bit more than he was in the closed-door hearing. he's not going to have the same battery of lawyers objecting everything. otherwise he's going to be taking the fifth and trying to
1:59 pm
avoid this. i don't incorporated he is going to be able to do it tomorrow. >> maria: where are we in this investigation, in your view? >> the investigation of these two, i think we're at a point where we are going to flesh it out a little bit chairman nunes has given a pretty substantial list of additional people to be interviewed. i think we need to continue and pursue this thing, because even though strzok was in the lead in the hillary clinton investigation, the russia investigation, they also worked together on the mueller investigation. there is a lot more out there. i think they have given us some idea whether they admit to it or not, some other places to go. >> maria: it's good to see you. we will be watching. congressman andy biggs. will lisa page be held in contempt of congress? join me tomorrow morning first thing on fox business network. we will have house judiciary chairman bob goodlatte. that's tomorrow.
2:00 pm
join me at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. neil will be back tomorrow and "the five" is coming up next on fox news. i will see you tomorrow morning on fox business network. have a great night, everybody. ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino with kennedy, juan williams, jesse watters, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five" ." president trump telling allies it is time to pay up during a tense morning meeting at the nato summit. the commander in chief pushing his america first agenda and sharply criticizing members over their defense spending. >> many countries over us a tremendous amount of money for many years back. where they are delinquent. the united states has had to pay
2:01 pm
for them. the united states


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