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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  July 13, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> another busy week of breaking news. developments as the president continues his tour in europe. glad to serve you. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: a fox news alert on the russia investigation. rod rosenstein just unveiling new charges for russian intelligence officers accused of hacking the dnc and the clinton campaign. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." rosenstein announcing the charges at a news conference earlier today. mr. trump saying he will bring up russian meddling. >> i will absolutely bring that up. i don't think you'll have any gee, i didn't, you got me. there won't be a perry mason here. you never know what happens. i will absolutely firmly ask the
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question. >> the indictment charges 12 russian officers by name for conspireing to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. 11 of the defendants are charged with conspiring to hacking into computers, steal documents and release those documents with the intent to interfere in the election. >> dana: catherine herridge is live on capitol hill. catherine, what did we learn today that we didn't know before? >> well, dana, good afternoon. one of the big top-line items is that these individuals are part of what is called the gru, the russian intelligence. they were operating on two different tracks. one track was to steal the information and the other track was to disseminate the information. once again, here's the deputy attorney general a short time ago. >> first, they used a scheme known as spearfishing, which
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involve sending misleading e-mails and tricking the users into disclosing their pass words and security information. second, the defendants hacked into computer networks and installed malicious software that allowed them to spy on users and capture key strokes, take screen shots and remove data from those computers. >> other russian nationals have been indicted related to the special counsel investigation. the important thing here, the likelihood of them being extradited to the united states is basically zero because they're russian intelligence but sends a strong message and draws a direct link between the hacking and the stealing of those e-mails and the russian government, dana. >> dana: the defendants really went to great lengths to hide their ties to russia.
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>> one of the things we learned from the indictment, russian intelligence was trying to cover their tracks with masquerading under these web names like d.c. leaks and gucifer 2.0. and some people thousand gucifer may be a romanian hacker. we learned today it was just a cover for the russian military intelligence. once again, the deputy attorney general. >> the conspirators created fictitious personas online including d.c. leaks and gucifer 2.0. the defendants falsely claimed that d.c. leaks was a group of american hackers and that gucifer 2.0 was alone romanian hacker. in fact, both were created and controlled by the russian gru. >> and since this announcement was made a couple hours ago, we've had some response here on capitol hill from republicans
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and democrats and at least it seems for now this is the one issue that they can agree on. >> this is the appropriate supervised scope, whether you're republican or democrat, conservative or liberal, we should be concerned about cyber security, whether they breach a system that has to do with the dnc or dccc or a republican network. >> it tells us what we already know. russia hacked, russia spread false news, russia was trying to help trump win the presidency. but it provides the additional details that make it even more difficult for putin to deny it. >> so what you mentioned at the beginning, dana, the significance of the timing, this being unsealed. the new charges on the eve of that important summit with president trump and the russian president, vladimir putin and really documents that make that
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direct link between his military intelligence and the hacking during the 2016 campaign, dana. >> thanks, catherine herridge. joining me with more, shelby holiday. i want you to listen to rod rosenstein and what he said about this earlier regarding the impact on the election results. >> there's no allegation in this indictment that any american citizen committed a crime. there's no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result. our response must not depend on which side was victimized. the internet allows foreign adversaries to attack america in new and un expeexpected ways. >> dana: shelby, were you surprised that they named the names and rod rosenstein said this investigation is on going? >> yes. this is a bomb shell. we heard the hackers were likely to be indicted.
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we didn't know who they were and when it would be coming. the level of detail in this indictment is shocking. not only do we know the names, we know the attempts and how many e-mails that they tried to get to. we know they were surveilling employees with the organizations they were hacking. they used i.d. theft, money laundering. the level of detail is fascinating and i also think you have to look at when you pulled back out to the bigger picture, it not only makes the mueller probe more credible and bolster's the importance but makes it hard for president trump and his allies to argue that the probe should be ended. are you going to let the russians off the hook involved in the ira and now the hacking of e-mails? when you look back to water gate, that was a break in of the campaign head quarters. this is a massive break-in. >> dana: what does "spearfishing" mean?
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>> in this case, they used the linking that when they received that oops, you messed up your google pass word. enter it here and you'll get back in. it looks like a legitimate e-mail from google and they enter their credentials. when they do that, the hackers get access. and then they can move around. >> dana: once they're in, they're in. >> right. >> dana: do you know what key stroke readings are? >> i'm not a computer person but it means they were monitoring the users of these computers. that is one of the more stunning allegations, that they were in the computers, watching what the people were doing online and also they had access to these computers later than we thought. >> dana: what do you mean? >> i believe it was september. in and around september 2016, the conspirators gained access. we thought this issue was cleared up after the dnc addressed it.
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i believe it was june 2016 and then they went public. news stories about this happening. seemed like a done deal. when you looked at the indictment, it was not. >> dana: this is coming before the president's trip. i understand that he was briefed by rod rosenstein about the indictments before he left. >> he was briefed. when you look at his news conference, he said he would address it with putin. he's calling it meddling and he said the other day, too, he said he would bring it up but there's not much he can do about it. my colleagues have been reporting that russia's interference continues to this day. we've heard this from senators. senator langford is big on this. we heard that they continue to use social media to meddle in u.s. politics. they're seizing on issues on the mexico border, seizing on divisive issues that don't help trump in some cases. >> dana: what does it mean for wikileaks and gucifer that are clearly named? >> gucifer 2.0 is named in the indictment as being russian.
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wikileaks is not named but referred to in here. when you look at the time line, doesn't look good for wikileaks. a lot of the hacking started in march and went into april. in june when the hackers were planning to release e-mails, julian assange said he had all of this clinton material. we know from james clapper that e-mails were transferred from d.c. leaks, a russian entity to wikileaks. sounds like that was done from one organization to another. there were cut-outs involved. >> dana: were any americans named today? >> not today. doesn't mean not in the future but not today. rod rosenstein went out of his way to say americans did communicate with the russian hackers but may not have known. >> right. >> dana: all right, shelby. thank you. >> big news. thank you. >> dana: president trump now on his way to scotland after wrapping up his trip to england. the president meeting with the queen for the first time this afternoon at windsor castle after taking questions at a joint news conference this
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morning with british prime minister theresa may. john roberts is in london. we've been working you every hour to give us updates. thanks for being on "the daily briefing" as well. >> we've been going since 4:00 a.m. and still have miles to go before we sleep, dana. the president still has miles to go before he touches down in scotland. he took off a short time ago. he should arrive there in the next half hour, 35 minutes or so. prior to departing london, the president went out to windsor castle and had tea with the queen. we don't yet have any video of that. yes, we do. no, sorry. that's the president departing. we only have a still picture of the president and the first lady with the queen there. we expect video. the president made the rounds at windsor castle expecting the guard. earlier today, we were at checkers, which is the country home assigned to whoever is
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prime minister of britain at that time. now it's theresa may. the. and prime minister may having bilateral meetings dealing with everything from north korea to the middle east to his upcoming meeting with vladimir putin to trade and brexit. the president making a lot of news yesterday in an interview with the sun newspaper saying that because of the path that she's taking on brexit, which is kind of a soft brexit it's called, still maintaining some ties to the european union, theresa may may not be able to cut new trade deals with the united states. that created a real dust-up here in the u.k. a lot of people thinking the president had pulled the political rug out from under her feet just has he was arriving with her last night. so the president today trying to make amends at their press conference. >> i didn't criticize the prime minister. i have a lot of respect for the
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prime minister. unfortunately, there was a story that was done, which is generally fine, but didn't put in what i said about the prime minister. she's a total professional. when i saw her this morning. i want to apologize. i said good things about you. she said "don't worry, that's only the press." that was very professional. that's -- don't worry. they've been doing it to me and i do it to them. >> the president also talking at that press conference about the issues that he will discuss with vladimir putin in finland monday, talking about syria, what russia can do to get iran out of syria and crimea as well as russian meddling in the 2016 electi election. here's what the president said. >> it will be a tremendous achievement if we can do something on nuclear proliferation. we'll talk about other things. you'll ask will we talk about meddling. i will absolutely bring that up.
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i don't think you'll have any gee, i didn't, you got me. there won be a perry mason here. you never know. i will firmly absolutely ask the question. and hopefully we'll have a very good relationship with russia. >> calls from democrats this afternoon in the wake of the new indictments against russian intelligence agents to cancel that meeting with putin. at the same time, calls from the prime minister of canada and britain to go ahead with the summit. they think it's important to start a dialogue with russia, keep the lines of communication open. dana? >> dana: thanks, john. next, senate minority leader chuck schumer calling on the president as john just said to cancel his meeting with vladimir putin. chris stirewalt weighs in on both topics next. >> going forward, there should be no one-on-one meeting between this president and mr. putin.
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tracfone. for moments that matter. >> dana: the fox news alert. the justice department handing down indictments against 12 russian officers accused of interfering in the 2016 federal election. rod rosenstein sending out a message today and announcing the charges. >> we need to work together to hold the perpetrators accountable. we need to preserve our values, protect against future interference and defend america. >> joining me now, chris stirewalt. chris, this comes as there's new polling that talks about that the american people are skeptical about the mueller
11:18 am
probe. listen to what rod rosenstein said about not trying this in a public domain and i'll get your thoughts on the other side. >> we do not try cases on television or in congressional hearings. we follow the rule of law, which means that we follow procedures and we reserve judgment. we complete our investigations and we evaluate all of the relevant evidence before we reach any conclusion. that's how the american people expect their department of justice to operate. >> dana: let's get your reaction to this now. >> that is a man who has a tough job. rod rosenstein in terms of people that work in this justice department, he's buffeted on all sides, right? he's got the president pulling his hair out, kicking him in the shorts. you mentioned in the poll the declining support. this poll was revealing. i'd direct everybody's attention to it. so mueller as well as prove value dropped from june, the
11:19 am
approval for the way he's handling the investigation, dropped from june to july. it was noticeable. it was several -- six or seven points. and then you say, i wonder why? you peel it back and the answer is it's all because becomes are getting frustrated with mueller. i guarantee you, it's not that they're frustrated with mueller that he's being too fair-minded and objective. i'm certain that the frustrations with mueller stem from liberals that wanted to see the president out of the white house in handcuffs. >> dana: when i saw that on the top line, i thought it was the republicans upset that it was going on so long. >> no, they got off the train quickly. this devolved into a partisan garbage fire long ago for 44% of the country. this shift represents democrats that say we want results, we want answers. what they heard today is not
11:20 am
likely to satisfy them because rosenstein like mueller wants to keep the focus on the real enemy, which is putin, which is what russians do and continue to do to try to interfere with our republic and it's their free function. >> dana: i'm glad you bring that up. i want you to listen to chuck schumer that suggests the summit be cancelled. watch. i'm sorry. it's a quote. he wanted him to cancel the meeting until russia takes steps to prove that they won't interfere in future elections. glad handling with vladimir putin on the heels of the indictments would be an insult to the democracy. i can't remember if the dni, dan coats, just gave some comments. is this a sound bite? okay. let's listen to that. >> we're not yet seeing the kind of electoral experience in different states and voter databases that we experienced in
11:21 am
2016. however, we fully realize that we're just one click of the keyboard away from a similar situation repeating itself. >> all right. so the reason i bring that up, schumer saying he cancelled the meeting, there's no better time to have the meeting. the president says he's going to bring it up. he says he will tell putin to stop. i don't think asking vladimir putin is necessary. it's clear. like we know what they were doing. so telling him to stop seems like a useful thing. >> telling him to stop might be useful, but what probably is needful is to tell him that there will be consequences if we catch them again. that is the question. the whole thing here is trump is trying to reset the geo political stage in a dramatic way just like his predecessor and he wants to remake the world order than a different direction than obama did but wants to remake america's role in the world. his partnership is key --
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>> dana: i have to run. thanks. chuck schumer doubling down on his sledge to torpedo brett kavanaugh. can he keep the democrats unified? we'll talk about that next. managing blood sugar is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress.
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>> dana: the battle lines are getting sharper over supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. chuck schumer vows to do all he can to block his confirmation but keeping moderate democrats from voting for him could be a bridge too far. joining me now is charlie hurd from the washington times and a fox news contributor. this caught my eye today. parentally chuck schumer had approached joe manchin from west virginia. he said can i influence your thinking on this? joe manchin said i'll be 71 years old in august. you're going to whip me? kiss my you know what. so i think that was pretty clear
11:26 am
on what some red state democrats are thinking. >> yeah, i have to say obviously chuck schumer is in a difficult situation here. but you know, it's arrogance of thinking that something like joe manchin should bough to democratic leadership instead of doing what he's supposed to do instead represent the people of west virginia and the other red state democrats as well. the way the system works is these people represent the voters back home. they don't represent leadership in washington. so that said, i with see it's a very tough task that dick durbin and chuck schumer have. they really have no power whatsoever. >> dana: the base wants a fight. i listened to a couple podcasts. they really want a fight. yet, if you're going to take back the majority in the senate, if you're chuck schumer, you're thinking i can't put my red state democrats in this box because they're going to lose. what if it is -- turns out in
11:27 am
this mid-term you have more republicans than you did before? >> then you wind up with another supreme court vacancy. it's a terrible, terrible -- all terrible options for chuck schumer. the other thing, you know when you're base starts the debate by saying we need to get back to the house and the senate so we can pack the courts and add 15 more justices and make them all -- >> it's interesting to the alarm, and the conservatives have been successful, slow and steady over several decades to get to this moments where somebody like brett kavanaugh can go through, have the experience and joe manchin saying what is the reason to vote against him? >> going back to bush years. you remember the judicial fights. >> dana: the world was going to come to an end with robert alito as well. >> before that with the lower court nominations. >> and miguel estrada is a great
11:28 am
example. >> and going back to robert borg. one of the things i admire about donald trump, he's very good at making simple arguments. boiling an argument down to something very simple. it's almost like he's the perfect guy for this debate. the argument that republicans have been making, we want justices that follow the law. we don't want them making up law, the words in the constitution, the words in laws mean what they say. democrats are basically, they've been making the argument that no, no, the words don't mean what they say. they mean whatever judge interprets them to say. that is a very simple fight. i think donald trump will be very good at making that argument. >> dana: can i tell you one thing that i thought was effective? a democrat talked about how frustrated she is with this situation. she says republicans get over merrick garland and they have never gotten over robert borg. >> the other thing that merrick
11:29 am
garland didn't get approved, republicans controlled the senate. >> exactly. that's why senator schumer is in a box. thanks, charlie. and demonstrations in london. we'll have a live report from the ground coming up. the justice department announcing indictments against 12 russian nationals as president trump prepares for his big summit with vladimir putin. what could the latest charges mean for their meeting? i'm 85 ye i have to wear a giant hot dog suit. what? where's that coming from? i don't know. i started my 401k early, i diversified... i'm not a big spender. sounds like you're doing a lot. but i still feel like i'm not gonna have enough for retirement. like there's something else i should be doing. with the right conversation, you might find you're doing okay. so, no hot dog suit? not unless you want to. no. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade®. it was always our singular focus,
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>> dana: a fox news alert. tens of thousands of people taking to the streets of london to protest the president's visit to u.k. the president said the demonstrations make him feel unwelcome. benjamin hall is live with more. >> this rally is quieting down. earlier, it was packed to capacity. it's turned to more of a party at the moment as people continue to, as they call, celebrate this. this is more of an anti capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-brexit rally than an anti president trump. sadly many of the attacks on president trump were personal rather than political. we listened to a number of speakers here talking to the crowd, urging them on. one of the things we heard from the socialist leaders, stand up and fight for humanity. stand up and fight for climate change. stand up and fight for muslims
11:34 am
and palestinians. it was a wide range rally and many people here for different reasons. they were angry at theresa may and her government. they felt rolling out the red carpet to trump is a betrayal of their democracy. president trump outside of this rally was given a warm welcome in the u.k. at the palace, checkers and windsor with the queen. so that was apparently a bilateral success. he will have noticed the protest and they were sizable. some people say over 100,000 people. but you must not forget the successes he had. many people we spoke to away from the rally say they didn't approve of it. they felt the special relationship was deeper than my administration. there was social, cultural, security ties which were much more important particularly at this time for u.k. politics when the u.k. is heading to brexit. so there were many voices away from this crowd who did not support it. people here went out of their way to say they were not here protesting against the american people.
11:35 am
they were here to protest against the supposed capital imperialist empire as many of the socialists called it. so as i said, turning into a party now. it was difficult speaking to people. but it was a very significant protest. certainly president trump was aware that it was taking place. dana? >> dana: thanks, benjamin. robert mueller indicting 12 russian intelligence officers on charges that they hacked the dnc and the clinton campaign. this as president trump will meet with vladimir putin on monday. mr. trump asked about russia this morning saying putin's annexation of crimea was on president obama's watch and wouldn't have happened under his watch. >> i want people to understand, crimea is a bad hand. we haven't taken off the sanctions. they're biting. when it comes to crimea, that's something that i took over, john.
11:36 am
there's nothing much i have to say about it other than we'll look at that just like i'm looking at many other disasters that i've taken over. i've taken over a lot of band hands and i'm fixing them one by one. i know how to fix them. >> joining me now, leon herrin. at this meeting, a lot of anticipation leading up to it what do you think that putin wants out of the summit? >> he's already gotten a lot. this is the first summit not on the margins of anything since 2010. every time a russian or soviet leader meets one-on-one with an american president, it's a huge domestic boost. putin, you'll have to remember, his audience is not trump or not america, not the west. it's his own domestic popularity in very bleak economic times. the key to keeping this
11:37 am
popularity in legitimacy is to say we're equal to america, we can stand up to america. if america wants to fight us, we will. but if they want to talk to us and respect us, this is something that i can achieve for russian. >> what do you think. trump wants out of the summit? >> putin has quite an agenda. you mentioned crimea, the sanctions. what president trump wants to show is that he can succeed and president obama and hillary clinton have failed. you could not handle hillary clinton, i can handle it. i can manage him. >> dana: what is the best possible outcome for this summit if you're looking at it from the american side? >> do no harm. do no harm. smile, slap backs, toast. but do not go down garden paths
11:38 am
which putin will undoubtedly set up on crimea. whatever you say, you, meaning president trump, whatever you said among friends, journalists off the cuff is one thing. whatever you say at the summit with vladimir putin, please be very careful. putin may get the impression that you are meeting him halfway and the disappointed putin is more dangerous than a hostile putin. >> dana: why is it good to slap backs and look friendly when we have this indictment today of these 12 intelligence officials from russia being indicted for meddling in our election? should it be -- would it be better if president trump went in saying knock it off? >> can president trump be somber and sort of, you know, serious looking and show gravitas when he meets putin? probably. i think that's not his nature. we don't know what will happen within the black box of their
11:39 am
one-on-one. but i think on the outside, the style of this president, president trump, which of course putin will lap up, is we're all friends and so on and so forth. can he change it? it would have been helpful. again, this is all going to be shown on the russian television, this is all -- this is all a measure of putin's success domestically and on the international scene. >> dana: as i see it, russia is not a super power. does this summit make it look like we think of them as an equal? >> precisely. which is why going all the way back to all the soviet leaders, not to mention post soviet leaders, a meeting with the american president and got for bid trump will invite him to the white house, that the summit. that is not the summit in the sense of meeting of two presidents. the russian leader, the best he
11:40 am
could do. so like i said, putin is already -- has already an advantage domestically. again, that summit probably from the very beginning could have been rethought, especially the timing of it, but -- >> dana: it's happening. >> right. now that we're locked in, let us try and do our best so that days and months from now nothing toxic is oozing from that black box. >> dana: i ready earlier today when the americans went over last week and said, you know, we need some deliverables, the russians said the meeting is the deliverable. thanks. >> thank you. >> dana: a painful development for workers. prices are rising at the fastest rate since 2012. a sign of a growing economy. but wage gains have barely kept up. the 3% annual rate nearly erasing any gains from bigger paychecks. meanwhile, a fox news poll asked
11:41 am
voters about their personal financial situation. more than half say they're just getting by or falling behind. people of flint michigan looking to take legal action against the city over a water crisis that began in 2014. will a judge allow the case to continue? plus, president trump's pick for the supreme court taking heat for his
11:42 am
11:43 am
11:44 am
>> more charges against 12 russian agents accused of hacking the dnc. some democrats are saying president trump should cancel his meeting with vladimir putin just days from now. i'll talk to a congressional reporter who says the timing of this is "very powerful." that's coming up on "shepard smith reporting." >> legal action now related to the water crisis in flint,
11:45 am
michigan. attorneys for city residents are waiting a ruling on a judge on whether the class action lawsuit against the city, county and state may continue. the case would open the door for tens of thousands of flint residents to receive compensation after years of highly elevated levels of lead in the city's water. the judge expected to rule in the coming weeks. president trump's supreme court nominee, judge brett kavanaugh coming under fire for his record on abortion specifically when it comes to immigrant minors. joining me now, ramon. i thought there must be the other side of is the torre of this tape. listen. >> he tried to block and undocumented woman in government custody from exercising her right to an abortion.
11:46 am
it was over her dissent that the woman was allowed to seek the care she needed. after issuing that decision, he made it on to the list. >> dana: what i wanted to ask you about, she was on the list that president trump has in which she said that these are the judges i will choose from if she has a chance to nominate a supreme court justice. brett was not on the list. is it the case this judge kavanaugh was added after this decision? >> i think that's a very silly theory. i think judge kavanaugh was added to the list as "usa today" said earlier this week, he's one of the most qualified supreme court nominees in generations. he's got a consistent track record, spanning over 12 years at the d.c. circuit, authoring over 300 opinions, looking at each litigant and deciding each case fairly regardless of the consequences and political outcomes. the suggestion that he was added
11:47 am
to the list as a pay back is not correct. >> dana: do you know why he was added to the list? besides his qualifications? >> i think it was his qualifications. the more that folks involved in the process look at judge kavanaugh's record, talk to people that worked for him, alongside him, looked at his record, they realize that he's an outstanding nominee. >> dana: and we also that don mcgann, the white house counsel, is a supporter of his and probably instrumental in getting that done. governor cuomo of new york has decided that he thinks it's a good idea to sue the supreme court which i don't think is possible. listen to this. >> we need to codify roe v. wade, which will increase the protections for a woman. we have a better legal case when the supreme court acts because i
11:48 am
will sue when the supreme court acts. and i want the new york state law in place. >> dana: so who would he sue? >> dana, i have no idea what governor cuomo is talking about. i don't know how would you go about codifying roe v. wade by suing someone. what i think governor cuomo is getting at is a coordinated effort to scare people and mislead people about roe v. wade and judge kavanaugh. the reality is, judge kavanaugh has a track record of 12 years of faithfully applying precedent. he applies precedents that he likes and precedents that he doesn't like. he wrote the book on precedent with a distinguished group of other federal judges. 910 pages explaining why precedent is important and why it's important to follow precedent. think i he would take a mainstream approach to that. >> dana: there's about a month between now and when brett kavanaugh would have a hearing. how do you plan to keep the flame alive? >> i think the key thing is to
11:49 am
help folks get the real scoop. get the real news and really understand judge kavanaugh's judicial record and understand his character, his independence, his judgment. so i think we're going -- happy to help anyway we can, talking to people, telling them about what kind of judge he is, what kind of man he is. it's important to emphasize, it's not just the quality of his judicial opinions but the quality of judge kavanaugh as a person. he's done amazing things to help diversify the ranks of his law clerks. a lot of ethnic diversity. diversity, different points of view. judge kavanaugh is a great judge on all of these friends. >> dana: thanks, ramon. we'll check back in as the process goes forward. >> thanks. >> dana: so build a bear is apologizing to customers after a promotion caused lines so long people had to be turned away. some parents got violent.
11:50 am
the company offered a pay your age discount but shut it down and issued rain checks in many locations after the crowds grew too big. a p.r. problem i guess. now other chains are jumping in. chuck e. cheese are offering a pay your age special for 30 minutes of unlimited play today at most locations. and bar n in northern california offering margaritas for 10% of your age. i can spring or the that. everyday americans trying to make sure that a deadly shooting in parkland, florida never happens again. phil keating is live in polk county, florida. phil? >> aiming to prevent the next school tragedy, school districts across the state of florida are arming hundreds and hundreds of regular citizens. some are former military, some everyday moms and dads to become arm eed guardians to protect ou school kids.
11:51 am
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>> dana: after the deadly mass shooting in parkland, florida earlier this year, the governor has signed the high school public safety act into law. it lets officials arm school personnel under a voluntary program. but there is some controversy. phil keating is live in polk county, florida. phil, tell me about the reluctance. >> in a word, dana, guns. it's a national issue and controversial issue and the same is true in school districts in florida. in about a month, summer ends and the kids go back and the new law requires every school to have one adult on site all day armed with a gun. post parkland, guns in public school will never be absent
11:55 am
anymore. always will be one there. here in polk county east of tampa, the school district is implementing one of the most comprehensive programs with regular citizens that want to make schools safe and keep kids alive. these people here are called centuries, school staff. could be teachers. carrying concealed handguns at all time. but some hope to go from stay at home mom and dads to armed guardians. both home to be a school's line of defense. >> i want to make sure that we have people like myself that have the passion to protect our kids in this campuses, making sure there's no harm that can be done to them. >> florida public schools, middle and high schools will continue to have a school resource officer. those are typically cops and sheriff deputies. the armed guardian program will serve and protect all the elementary schools.
11:56 am
dana? >> phil, thank you for that update. the toughest part of raising a service dog like spike here is having to let it go. up next, the lessons this amazing family from texas learned on the daily spike. alright, i brought in new max protein give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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>> dana: this week's daily spike log looks at the toughest part of raising k-9s for independence. that's giving it up after 1 1/2 years. here's albie, the dog that this family had to give up. kelly writes about the lessons her daughters learned from raisi raising albie and if good news, they decided to do it again with penelope. you can see the daily spike. for information about k-9 companions for independence, go to
12:00 pm
spike is getting very big. he's one of the sleepiest puppies i have ever known that makes him that much cuter. a crazy week: dana perino. rick leventhal is in for shep. >> president trump arriving this hour in scottland capping a day of pomp and protest overseas. first, the president slammed the prime minister and said she's doing a terrific job. all this as tens of thousands flood the streets of london rallying against his visit. ahead, the president's reaction to the rallies and even the blimp showing him as a baby. leadership today indictments in the hacking of hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc. the justice department linking the russian government to election meddling despite their many denials. that's all ahead this hour on "shepard smith reporting."


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