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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 14, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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balcony. eric: 28 people were injured. they do that in spain. then of course the big bull ride. arthel: we love spain. eric: i would like to have a sangria. arthel: like the way you think. jon scott next. >> plans for a quiet weekend of golf go up in smoke as the president spends the day in scotland where protests follow him from england. i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. to his resort on the country's west coast thousands of people in scotland participated in demonstrations against president trump as he looks to play a few rounds ahead of a high-stakes summit with putin on monday. we're learning the two leaders will hold a joint news conference after their meeting. the summit still on despite opposition on capitol hill. democrats arguing mr. trump should back out after the justice department indicted 12 russian intelligence officials
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for election meddling. senator lindsay graham saying mr. trump should be tough with mr. putin when they meet face-to-face. >> if i were the president, i would not ask putin did you do it? i would reject his denial. i know you did it. if you continue to do it, we'll never have a good relationship. i desire a good relationship, but you've got to stop meddling in our elections. >> kevin cork is in glasgow. kevin, was there ever any question the white house would go through with the summit despite the opposition to the talks by democrats on capitol hill? >> none at all, my friend. no question. they said listen, we're going to do this. in fact, secretary of state mike pompeo was asked about that, and he said, listen, we really strongly believe that meeting with vladimir putin will put america in a better place. and so yes, the two leaders will meet each other monday in helsinki, finland, they will also meet the press, sometime between 9:00 and noon. now, i say that because of that massive time difference between washington and helsinki.
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about seven hours. so we're thinking sometime between 9:00 a.m. and noon, the two men will have that press conference. of course we will bring you that right here on fox news channel. it's a chance, by the way, jon, for journalists to quiz the russian president about syria, ukraine, crimea, election meddling, nerve agent murders and yes working with the u.s. to improve relations and business opportunities between our two countries. again coverage live for you here on fox news channel on monday. >> we know the president hit the links today in his golf club in scotland. what else is he doing this weekend? >> yeah, bit of a golf respite; right? especially after a number of meetings over in belgium and in england as well. the president hit the links today. now, that also comes as he has to continue his preparation for the summit coming up monday in helsinki. in fact white house officials tell us he will do that throughout this weekend. now, tonight it's obviously time to hit the hay, as they say, but
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tomorrow maybe a little golf and then once again back to his preparations before monday's meeting in finland. as you can imagine, free speech being a cornerstone of any good democracy, there were some competing voices being heard this afternoon here in scotland. protests greeting the president, much smaller scale than what we saw in london, meanwhile. i should also point out that some protesters turned up at the president's club over in turnberry, the usual tranquility and undulating beauty of the countryside there disrupted, starkly so by chants and signs and some jeers from a few of the locals. the president himself frankly didn't seem to be bothered by all of it, took it in stride, wrapping up his round this morning waving at demonstrators at one point and yep he kept right on playing. a relaxing evening tonight here in scotland for the first family, but tomorrow, a little bit more golf and definitely preparations for monday's big meeting in helsinki.
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we will there for you. in the meantime, back to you in new york. >> i hear he is a very good golfer. kevin cork, thank you. meanwhile, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein talking about the indictment of 12 russian government officials for meddling in the 2016 election. he says their goal was to hurt hilary clinton, but there is no evidence of any impact on the outcome of the election. rosenstein also making it clear no americans were indicted. >> there's no allegation in this indictment that any american citizen committed a crime. there's no allegation that conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election results. >> gillian turner has more on this from our d.c. bureau. >> in a new 29 page indictment the doj leased yesterday, the russia special counsel draws a direct link between putin's government and election meddling. the indictment charges 12 russian military intel officers with conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential
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election. specifically they are accused of hacking and releasing e-mails from the clinton campaign, the dnc, and the d triple c. both the deputy attorney general and the white house taking care to point out one particular feature of the indictment, the fact it doesn't include accusations that any american citizen committed any crimes. experts say the reality is that the russians are highly unlikely to extradite any of their officials to the u.s. for prosecution. >> we confront foreign interference in american elections. it is important for us to avoid thinking politically, as republicans or democrats, and instead to think patriotically as americans. >> in the wake of the indictments release, condemnation of the administration's handling of election meddling has been swift and bipartisan. >> these indictments are clear proof that the russian investigation is not a witch hunt. >> my hope would be that the president and his allies would cease and desist from calling the mueller investigation a witch hunt.
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>> in a statement from senior republican senator john mccain, says in part, quote, despite repeated warnings from our nation's top intelligence and military leaders, the kremlin's efforts to weaken our institutions have continued unabated with insufficient action taken by the administration. this special counsel bombshell comes just two and a half days before president trump is slated to meet with putin one-on-one in helsinki. it is a high-stakes summit with top tier national security issues on the agenda. but now many democrats are calling for president trump to cancel it in response to this indictment. jon? >> gillian turner, thanks. for more on this, here's a axios reporter, what a wild turn of events, the indictment of these 12 russian government officials just ahead of the putin trump summit. >> absolutely. let's not forget nato. i mean the timing of this summit was already something that people were talking about because allies were worried that the president was going to slam nato allies and praise president putin and on top of that we have
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these indictments. there's that much pressure for the president to unambiguously condemn russia on election meddling here. there's an argument that the meeting should be cancelled and putin shouldn't be rewarded for election meddling with meeting with the leader of the free world, but the argument, you know, for going ahead with the summit is that this is the time to confront him on this issue. >> a lot of -- there's been a lot of press about the fact that observers say there's more in this for putin than there is for president trump, that by, you know, being seen on the world stage as sort of a co-equal, he can spin that to his own people much to his advantage, more so than our president can. >> right, i mean people said the same thing when the president meet with north korea's leader kim. they were saying don't legitimize him with a meeting with the u.s. president. at the same time, i mean, gillian said it, there's so many high-stakes security issues here that a meeting really is necessary.
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and you know, you've got indictments is one issue, but then there's syria, crimea, and we've known that putin is one to surprise world leaders t the negotiating table. so the president needs to go into this prepared and with backup. >> all right. the question of this election meddling thing obviously has been bedevilling this president, he sort of changes the focus by suggesting the obama administration could have done more. listen to this. all right. i'm sorry. i thought we had sound from the president. it's actually a tweet from him. his preferred form of communication of course. these russian individuals did their work during the obama years. why didn't obama do something about it? because he thought crooked hilary clinton would win. that's why. had nothing to do with the trump administration, but fake news doesn't want to report the truth, as usual.
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the fact is, there is more that the obama administration could have been done and they were aware that much of this meddling was going on; right? >> absolutely. the president does have a point there. the obama administration could have don't more, could have -- could have done more, could have said more, but the thing is he's president now. for better or worse, it is in president trump's hands to do something about this. that's what concerned experts the most he hasn't publicly condemned russia on election meddling as of yet even though secretary nielsen has and dni coats has just this weekend. >> some think the president may be willing to assent to russia's annexation of crimea in exchange for something else, perhaps help with syria or iranians. >> that could definitely happen, but the president has said in his press conference with prime minister may that he definitely will be bringing up crimea and
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will be bringing up ukraine. we will see what happens. >> as for the views of american voters, according to the latest fox news poll, 53% of americans say president trump is not tough enough on russia, this is up slightly from april, when we last took that poll, and there's senator lindsay graham who says that president trump has to convince putin that he can either be his best friend or his worst enemy. listen. >> he's got to convince putin that there's a better relationship available between the united states and russia, but here are the terms and conditions, and if you fail to meet those terms and conditions, i'm going to be your worst enemy. i could be your best friend. but i could be your worst enemy. if putin doesn't believe that, that would be a mistake. >> these are two well-matched leaders. i mean, president trump considers himself a great negotiator. wrote the art of the deal. but vladimir putin, trained as a
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kgb agent, trained in all kinds of psychological warfare. it will be an interesting meeting. >> absolutely. the examples of what putin does, we had that story of him bringing a dog into the meeting with merkel because of her fear of animals. he told her it was going to be an informal meeting but then showed one a big stack of papers. he's got that under his belt of surprising world leaders. one thing to look out for right away, while the president has said crimea is going to come up, putin spokesman is saying it is off the table. things are already looking off kilter here. >> because obviously that is still an issue that is of vital importance to the united states and president trump would want to talk about that; right? whether putin wants him to or not. >> exactly. he will bring it up if he wants to. we saw him russia be let back into g-7 when crimea was the
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reason they were kicked out. there's no telling what will happen. >> erica, thank you. >> thank you. the battle over the president's supreme court nominee heating up with the latest attack on judge kavanaugh coming from a very high-profile democrat, but republican senator mike lee thinks kavanaugh still will be confirmed. >> i predict we will end up with every republican, supporting judge kavanaugh's confirmation. i also think we will end up with a few democrats. >> lauren green joins us live from new york city with more. lauren? >> hey, jon, you know this entire week for democrats has been about pushing back against trump's supreme court nominee. hilary clinton and senator warren are the latest to add their voices to the chorus vehemently opposing bret kavanaugh. hilary clinton delivered a speech to the american federation of teachers union in pittsburgh last night. she equated the choice of judge kavanaugh to the high court with reversing every social change in the last century and a half. >> i used to worry that they
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wanted to turn the clock back to the 1950s. now i worry they want to turn it back to the 1850s. >> and speaking this afternoon to the same group, senator warren vilified the choice for what it would mean for unions. >> trump didn't name someone who would stand up for working people the way he promised. trump didn't name someone who would help the unions or even someone who would just leave the unions alone. no, trump's nominee was the deciding vote in the janice case, which is the latest attempt to break the backs of the unions. >> critics have said that the venom spewing from the left is less about kavanaugh and more about hostility towards trump. jon? >> lauren green, what about the republicans? what are they saying? >> well, you know, very few republicans have fired back any really big salvos back today and many who spoke this week defended kavanaugh's character
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or expressed confidence in the confirmation process. senator john mccain tweeted judge brett kavanaugh has impeccable credentials, a strong record of upholding the constitution. and while louisiana senator john kennedy said he would hold kavanaugh to the same standards as the last nominee to be confirmed, neil gorsuch. >> i want a person of wisdom, but also someone who has the courage of his convictions. i want to know what's in his head but i also want to know what's in his heart. >> the bottom line is the republicans control the senate and may only need a party line vote for kavanaugh to become the next supreme court justice. now, no date has been set for the senate confirmation hearings to begin. majority leader mcconnell says he expects they will start in late august or early september. and then kavanaugh could be confirmed in time for the high court's new term on october 1st. jon? >> lauren green, lauren, thank
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you. right now defense secretary james mattis meeting with his counterparts in the balkins states as a top u.s. intelligence official compares the threats of cyberattacks today to warning signs before the terror attacks of 9/11. plus the transcripts of lisa page's closed-door interview with house lawmakers, will they be released? one congressman says yes. >> i have been a big supporter of releasing the transcripts if you are going to do a deposition. i think at a minimum, the transcript needs to be released to the american people, absolutely. jean woke up with knee pain. but she's got work to do. so she took aleve. if she'd taken another pain reliever, she'd be stopping for more pills by now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain
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and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. jon: former fbi lawyer lisa page receiving praise from g.o.p. lawmakers after her closed door interview on capitol hill friday. republican congressman mark meadows was among her harshest critics but says her cooperation speaks well of her. tweeting this: remarkably we learned new information today suggesting the doj had not notified lisa page of congress outstanding interview requests for over seven months now. the doj, fbi appear to be continuing their efforts to keep material facts and perhaps even witnesses from congress. this comes just a day after fbi official peter strzok with whom page had an affair, was grilled publicly for the first time.
4:20 pm
two top members of the president's national security team expressing concerns about threats from russia. defense secretary james mattis, seen here, meeting with balkin defense chiefs in croatia as national intelligence director dan coats warns about the threat of cyberattacks. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has more from washington. jennifer, this warning from dni dan coats, what can you tell us about that? >> well, jon, it is notable that his prepared remarks at the hudson institute on friday came shortly after the justice department announced the new russian indictments, and just days before the president meets putin. an important message from the head of u.s. intelligence. he warned about escalating cyberattacks on u.s. digital infrastructure as well as the power grid ahead of the midterm elections. director of national intelligence dan coats issued the kind of warning reminiscent of pre-9/11 intelligence warnings that went unheeded. >> the warning lights are
4:21 pm
blinking red. again. today the digital infrastructure that serves this country is literally under attack. every day foreign actors, the worst offenders being russia, china, iran, and north korea. >> the u.s. intelligence director singled out russia as the most aggressive foreign actor in terms of cyberattacks against the u.s. he accused russia of continuing to undermine u.s. democracy, adding, quote, we are just one click away on the key board from a similar situation repeating itself, a reference to the 2016 election hack. this week's justice department indictment says half a million u.s. voters had their data stolen by the russian military intelligence hacker, who managed to get into various state election boards. jon? jon: and we just saw the nato summit, what has defense secretary mattis been doing since then, jennifer? >> well, he left brussels and went straight to meet with two nato allies, when defense
4:22 pm
secretary mattis met with his balkin counterparts, he did not mention russia by name in his public remarks but it was clear who he was referring to. on board his plane, he called russia out by name just days before the president is set to meet vladimir putin. >> russia factors in in the southeastern europe area as a destabilizing element. they have chosen to come in and to undermine the democratic fabric of nations that are young in their democratic processes. >> a new fox news poll this week says voters think president trump has been too soft on russia, yet majority approves of his july 16th meeting with the russian president. 53% majority thinks president trump is not tough enough on russia, including 32% of republicans. the president still plans to
4:23 pm
meet with vladimir putin with only a translator present, raising concerns among intelligence experts who believe that that is an extremely risky decision. jon? jon: jennifer griffin, thanks. house minority leader nancy pelosi calling for a delay in democratic leadership elections until after thanksgiving. some democratic sources say it is a sign that pelosi's long time hold on the caucus might be waning. several lawmakers and democratic house candidates are openly calling for change at the top, after pelosi's nearly 16 years leading the democrats. ohio congressman tim ryan unsuccessfully challenged pelosi in 2016, but ryan has said he might try again. >> i'm not shutting the door on it. we're trying to get everybody focused on the elections here in november. you know, so i'm not saying i'm not going to do it, but things have certainly changed in the last few weeks, and we'll look at that after november. jon: when asked about ryan as a
4:24 pm
possible challenger, pelosi down played his chances, calling him, quote, inconsequential. a supreme court showdown is brewing over the president's nominee for the high court. judge brett kavanaugh, how democrats are reacting tonight. plus, the democrats calling on the president to cancel his meeting with vladimir putin after the indictment of russian officials for meddling in the 2016 presidential election. the growing concern over the threat from moscow next. >> he and his team are not willing to make the subject of this indictment of russian interference a top priority in the meeting and the meeting should be cancelled. touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. up to 90% of those with moderate to severe psoriasis had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques.
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4:29 pm
as senate democrats try to derail his confirmation. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel has more. >> senate democratic leadership eager to pick up seats to take back the majority this november is in a tough spot on judge brett kavanaugh's nomination for the supreme court. outside groups like planned parenthood are pushing to fight fight fight. >> i'm calling on the senate to reject the confirmation of judge kavanaugh. if you fail us, this country won't be the land of the free anymore. >> senator patty murray the assistant democratic leader at an abortion rights event encouraged the base to speak up. >> have them make their voices heard to their senator wherever they live. that's what our strategy is. >> republican senator graham says democrats are in a jam. >> i know what you're trying to do. your base is all over you. they're threatening your very existence. i know that you can't vote yes because of the politics of the moment. >> but there are also ten senate democrats up for reelection in
4:30 pm
november in states president trump won, so voting against his supreme court nominee could put them in jeopardy with their constituents. >> mitch mcconnell is not pressuring me. chuck is not pressuring me. no one is pressuring me really >> digital ads are already running against six red state democrats pressuring them to back judge kavanaugh. >> will senator heitkamp stand with us or them >> if some of those red state democrats lose, that also moves democratic leader schumer further away from becoming majority leader with democrats launching a new attack against kavanaugh each day to see what sticks current majority leader mcconnell blasted them for using scare tactics and distortions trying to defeat him. >> it was the perfect conspiracy theory, for their far left base. the only problem was it wasn't true. >> a blue state democrat tried to shift the pressure to moderate republicans lisa murkowski of alaska and susan collins of maine on the issue of abortion rights.
4:31 pm
>> ultimately the american people are going to make their voices heard to those small number of senators, it's a small number who will determine the outcome here >> a new poll reveals half of voters 50 percent to 42 percent to vote on kavanaugh's nomination before the midterm elections. that is something republican leadership plans to deliver. on capitol hill, mike emmanuel, fox news. jon: for more on this, let's bring back axios reporter. so we know that the pressure is on people like joe manchin, heidi heitkamp, clair mccaskill, what have they been saying about judge kavanaugh? >> so they haven't directly said how they will vote, but they have definitely praised judge kavanaugh's credentials have said he's impressive and seem to have respect for precedent. hearing that will definitely make the team trying to confirm very happy. jon: because it makes them less likely if they lose a republican
4:32 pm
vote or two, if they can pick up some democrats, his confirmation becomes assured. >> exactly. experts are saying he's very confirmable. i predict they will pick up a few democratic votes on the way there. jon: so there's a lot of pressure on these senators really the senators from those red states, democratic senators from red states, but what kind of heat can a guy like chuck schumer apply? >> i mean, it is galvanizing the base, you know, and for the democrats, to have them stay in line with the party, but again, i mean, these senators from red states, their constituents may want them to vote a certain way and they might have to go with that instead of staying with the party. jon: there doesn't seem to be anybody who is really questioning his fitness to serve, his credentials in other words. >> right, i mean, you have nailed on the head purely from a credential standpoint the judge kavanaugh's credentials and experience can't be questioned. the democrats are coming at it from a different angle. both sides have released thousands of statements.
4:33 pm
we looked at data and we saw that there were 25,000 statements released by both sides of the aisle. just in these five days since the announcement. that's a thousand more than were released about justice gorsuch. they are hitting all the key issues talking about roe v wade and talking about healthcare on the left and then on the right they are going back to his experience, going back to his credentials. jon: it's interesting to me that i mean justice kennedy whom he is replacing, we expect at least he's nominated to replace, was appointed by a conservative president, ronald reagan. and so people find that the judge who has been nominated to replace kennedy is, you know, has conservative credentials. >> exactly. that's just because justice kennedy over the years has become a swing vote on so many of these issues, same sex marriage and unions, judge
4:34 pm
kavanaugh is a more reliable conservative justice if he were to be confirmed. that switch of balance on the court. he's so far right that he's almost with justice thomas where justice kennedy was more towards the mid of the spectrum -- middle of the spectrum. that's what's worrying the democrats and the base. jon: you don't know how these justices will vote or how they will perform in office until they get sworn in and put the robes on. >> absolutely. all we know is what he's done in the past. both parties are looking to the past on this issue. what he's said in this past is he does have a respect for precedent. that ease what the swing vote senators are looking at. susan collins have said over and over again on roe v. wade issue it is about having respect for law that's been 40 years and i will respect a candidate who has respect for precedent. it seems judge kavanaugh has that respect. jon: if supreme court precedent stood in every decision, the scott case would still be upheld. i mean, there are things that
4:35 pm
have changed. the supreme court has changed decisions over time. >> exactly. i mean, that's what democrats are arguing. there is really no telling from a political argument standpoint or just generally what is going to happen when these justices actually confirmed. jon: we heard hilary clinton earlier in the hour saying that the appointment of judge kavanaugh could take us back to the 1850s. republican senator lee had some thoughts about that. listen. >> i think it reflects a certain animus that certain members of the democratic party have now harbored for decades toward republicans. personal animus, and it suggests that they believe that republicans actually dislike the rule of law, dislike the constitution. it's not fair. it's not backed up by truth. jon: he is calling on her to rescind those comments. i don't suppose she will comply, but it's interesting that she's still out there making pronouncements like that.
4:36 pm
>> absolutely. i mean, from her and from others, there's definitely been incendiary rhetoric from the left on this. i think part of the reason is this is coming so close after the merrick garland, you know, event with majority leader mcconnell pushing that vote until after the election. he's saying now this is going to be wrapped up before november. i think that's getting democrats even more -- jon: he has also said it was a presidential election that he felt should not be, you know, deciding a supreme court nominee in the middle. >> right, right, he said the election is much more consequential and he has a point there. jon: final thought, this questionnaire that judge kavanaugh has received, what's in it? what is it all about. >> it is all about the past. i mean everything from his time presiding over court to his time at the white house. we know that when kagan was going through the confirmation
4:37 pm
process, there were a lot of records requested. we may see that, over his time on crucial decisions. >> get the xerox machine ready. >> exactly. >> thank you. new reaction after a columbus ohio bump stock ban is ruled unconstitutional. a judge deciding the devices that modify the rate of fire on semiautomatic weapons are gun accessories that municipalities cannot regulate under state law. haley nelson with fox affiliate wtte has more. >> firearms celebrating what think call a big win. >> could have been spent doing something that might really reduce crime in the city of columbus. >> a judge now calls the city of columbus's ban on bump stocks unconstitutional. the judge saying that the ban does violate ohio law that allows people to own components of a gun. the court seeing a bump stock as a component, not as an accessory like the city argued that they
4:38 pm
could regulate. >> it's our duty based on what our membership tells us to protect the 2nd amendment. that's what we did here. >> council has approved the ban in the spring, they said to boost safety and curb violence. city attorneys wasn't available to go on camera but the office did say in their view this is a split decision. the city was sued over two things, the other, keeping guns from domestic abusers. they did send us a statement that reads in part, quote, it's simple. keeping guns out of the hands of criminals helps protect victims of domestic violence, law enforcement, and makes our community a safer place to live, unquote. >> i'm in this start to like i said. >> phil robinson have been fighting gun violence in columbus person-to-person. >> the majority of the guns on the street are not coming from the individuals going into the store and purchasing them. but i do, you know, respect what they did. so that's a start.
4:39 pm
>> his group based in lyndon halt violence tries to do that by offering job services and more. he appreciates the efforts the city is making, but wants to see more. >> no program that can fix this. there's layers involved. jon: that was haley nelson reporting from wtte, a fox affiliate in columbus, ohio. we head back overseas the news of 12 russians indicted by special counsel robert mueller come just days before president trump sits down with vladimir putin for a sum many -- for a summit in helsinki. top democrats are calling on the president to cancel the meeting after the new allegations of russian interference in our 2016 election. amy kellogg in moscow has the reaction from russia. >> it might be safe to assume that russian vip's would like to be thinking of nothing but the up coming world cup finals on sunday night here, but instead they are processing the particularly embarrassing indictment friday of 12 military
4:40 pm
intelligence officers for hacking and meddling in the u.s. elections. the last hacking indictments in february were of 13 relative unknowns except for one wealthy businessman with ties to president putin. until now it's been easy for the kremlin to say that if any russians hacked into democratic accounts or in some way tried to influence the u.s. election, they did so on their own steam. that will be much harder with a group of military intelligence officers. so the next question, could military intelligence have done this on their own steam, without putin's approval, an analyst we spoke to here in moscow said he doesn't think so, too big of a matter. >> putin knows everything about everything in the smallest details. but particularly in the field of national defense and national security. the major decisions are taken by putin himself. >> the foreign ministry has
4:41 pm
again accused americans who don't want to see the normalization of relations between moscow and washington of putting out what they say is false information to spoil the atmosphere ahead of the summit in helsinki. russia likes to see all of this as nothing but a reflection of u.s. internal domestic political struggles. so far they have not even come close to admitting any role in hacking democratic e-mails, leaking those e-mails or interfering in any way in the u.s. presidential election. jon? jon: amy kellogg in moscow, thanks. the israeli military unleashing the largest daytime airstrikes in four years. on the gaza strip after hamas fired dozens of rockets into israel throughout the day. the violence intensifying after weeks of tension along the israeli border. the palestinian ministry says two teenagers were killed in gaza city and several israelis were wounded. israel says the strikes targeted military sites and gaza
4:42 pm
civilians were warned to stay away from those areas. the trump administration making headway in its effort to reunite migrant families separated at the border. but the aclu says it is not enough. what they are now demanding. plus, danger in the water. what experts are calling one of the biggest safety hazards for boaters across the nation, next.
4:43 pm
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jon: got into the 90s in new
4:47 pm
york city today. it doesn't get much better than spending a hot summer day out on the water, but with boating infrastructure deteriorating across the nation, experts say it is only a matter of time before disaster strikes. douglas kennedy has that report. >> boating industry is a big industry in florida and customers can't get to the water because the ramps are falling apart or there's huge lines. >> scott deal has been selling power boats in southern florida for years. but lately, he's been warning his customers they can buy the boat, but they may have a hard time getting it on the ocean. >> one of the big problems is there's not enough boat ramps here in florida. >> that's absolutely the case. you know, i have a lot of customers over the years, thousands of them, and they have to get up at 4:00 in the morning, 5:00 in the morning to try to beat the big lines if they want to go on a saturday or sunday. heaven forbid they want to go memorial day or labor day weekend. >> in 80, there were 8 million recreational boats registered in
4:48 pm
the united states. today according to the coast guard, that number tops out at 12 million. translating to 130 million boat users. at the same time, experts say very little has been invested in boating infrastructure. this man calls it a tragedy waiting to happen. >> if the boat ramp is not well maintained you have the danger of actually recovering boats and having something catastrophic happen. first responders that can't get into the water in a timely manner they simply can't do their job. >> the former director of the coastal resources division in georgia. there are 50,000 boat ramps in the united states. most of them he fears are overcrowded or don't work the way they are supposed to. particularly the ones on the ocean. >> you've got the corrosiveness of the salt air and the water. you've got the erosion cause by the rising and the falling of the tide. so, you know, we sort of
4:49 pm
laughingly say there's no such thing as a permanent boat ramp along the coast. >> boating advocates are calling for tens of millions of dollars in state and local investment for new boat ramps and to fix existing boating infrastructure. deal calls the investment an investment in more than just boats. >> to you this is about jobs? >> yeah, there's over 650,000 people that work in the marine industry in the united states right now, and with the infrastructure improvements that are clearly needed, there could be so many more people getting employed in our industry. >> he says at one point if people can't use their boat, they are going to simply stop buying them. on the coast of south florida, douglas kennedy fox news. jon: mcdonald's is pulling salads from about 3,000 of its restaurants after customers got sick from a parasite causing an intestinal illness. the fast-food giant saying it immediate the move out of --
4:50 pm
saying it made the move out of abundance of caution after switches it to another supplier. health officials in illinois and iowa have identified 100 cases of illness linked to the salads. new information on the trump administration plan to reunite migrant families. what human rights groups are calling on the government to do. >> very troubling for babies and toddlers to have been separated at all, much less for months and months. [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. with my bladder leakage, the products i've tried just didn't fit right.
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jon: a federal judge praising the trump administration for efforts to reunite families separated at our southern border. meanwhile, the aclu is demanding the federal government pick up migrant families expenses. dan springer live in the west coast bureau with more on that. dan? >> yeah, hey, jon, the trump administration is making significant progress in reuniting immigrant children with their parents, and importantly that progress was acknowledged by a federal judge in san diego late yesterday afternoon. district court judge said the government has demonstrated good faith and has largely complied with the deadline this week to reunite children under 5 with their parents who had crossed the border illegally. many of them seeking asylum. the judge said there has been, quote, substantial compliance, and now all those very young kids eligible to be back with
4:55 pm
their parents are out of federal custody and back with family. the trump administration also rolled out a plan to comply with the next deadline which is to have the remainder of the children who are between the ages of 5 and 17 reunited with their families by july 26th. the goal is to reconnect 200 kids per day with a parent or guardian. the federal judge said he will be monitoring the efforts to make sure it happens. ? >> now that the court has made clear it is going to stay on top of the government and stressed tuesday repeatedly that the goals are not aspirational, i will remain hopeful for now this will get done. >> meanwhile, secretary of state mike pompeo and others in the trump administration got sort of a tongue lashing from mexico's president while they met in mexico city yesterday to talk about trade issues. president nieto told the american delegation mexicans have great worry for the more than 2,000 children separated from their parents at the border but to highlight the other side
4:56 pm
of the border security issue, yesterday police arrested a 32-year-old man in california who had attacked his wife with a chainsaw in front of their three children. the department of homeland security says alejandro viegas has been deported 11 times. the wife is injured but expected to be okay. the kids are in protective custody. jon? jon: dan springer, thank you. we will be right back. now starting at $7.99. gillette. the best a man can get. inthe full value oft replace your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ..
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jon: that's how fox reports, saturday, july 14. i'm jon scott. with the "watters' world" startt now. jesse: a tale of two tours. before barack obama was elected president he flew to europe and the socialist crowds loved him. he said this. >> i speak to you not as a candidate for president, but as a citizen. a proud citizen of the united states and a fellow citizen of the world. jesse: you probably remember after his election he embarked on the apology tour. >> in america there is a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the wor


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