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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  July 15, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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president trump and russian president vladimir putin will hold a joint news conference after their meeting in helsinki, finland on monday. high stakes summit with top tier national security issues on the agenda. >> we'll be talking about syria. we'll be talking about other parts of the middle east, nuclear proliferation. >> having these good relationships with russia is important. the president has mentioned that he's going to bring up the election interference. >> russia's special council draws a direct link between vladimir putin's government and election me meddling. >> this was terrorism. we were the victims of a terror strike. >> a tweet from the president,
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these russian individuals did their work during the obama years, why didn't obama do something about it. >> protests greeting the president. the president waving at demonstrator at one point and yep, he kept right on playing. ♪ good morning. it's just a little bit lonelier. it's just me and rachel this morning. i guess someone must have slept in, rachel. >> no. >> i don't think so. >> someone is in helsinki. >> where are you, brother? >> i decided to break free. as ariana grande said, i decided to break free. i went 4,000 miles away to helsinki. nonetheless i will be on "fox & friends" from start to finish. >> we have no doubt, ed. how's the weather? it's like 1:00 there, right?
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it's 6:00 a.m. >> it's 1:00 p.m. >> how are things? >> things are good. i went to this restaurant last night with ainsley earhart. i want to tee that up. we were with sean hannity, some of the great producers. they had reindeer on the menu. apparently it's a delicacy. a lot of people said leave bambi alone, leave rudolph alone. i went with a steak. >> did anybody east rudolph? >> no. a couple people in our party did. i will leave them -- they will remain nameless. last week, you weren't here, rachel, i'm glad you're here now. i brought pete a gift. it was a hat. i did some digging in helsinki. look at this hat. trump, putin, helsinki, do you see that? >> bring it to me, pete.
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>> this is sold out. i got the last one, okay. this is going to be a collector's item. pete, get excited. >> what is that one? >> do you see it? >> make helsinki great. ed, i'm flattered. i love you. >> are those being sold all over the streets in helsinki? >> there's a marketplace behind me. right below me people are in saunas and people are swimming in a pool on the sea. they're sauna crazy in finland. they have 3 million saunas and 5 million people. you do the math, pretty much everybody's got a sauna. there are people below the studio in saunas. behind me, people are swimming in pools on the sea. they love it. the weather here is great. when you compare it to the singapore summit, humidity was stifling, we were all complaining, we had fans and everything else. it is beautiful here. >> it sounds like it. we're going to need ed henry in a sauna but save that for
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instagram and twitter later on. ed, you're there because this morning -- president trump hasn't yet left from what we understand scotland to go to helsinki. he will later on today. there's big issues on the agenda there in finland. we were told he'll bring up russian meddling, obviously syria, the ongoing civil war there, crimea, what happens in crimea, nuclear proliferation, the relationship between u.s. and russia. first of all, we're going to get -- president trump yesterday or on friday talking about his relationship with putin. listen to what he had to say. >> we'll be talking to president putin about a number of things, ukraine, we'll be talking about syria. we'll be talking about other parts of the middle east. i will be talking about nuclear proliferation. i know you'll ask will we be talking about meddling and i will absolutely bring that up. i don't think you'll have any gee, i did it, i did it, you got
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me. you never know what happens. i will absolutely, firmly ask the question. hopefully we'll have a very good relationship with russia. if we have a good relationship with russia, china and other countries, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. >> what do we know about the schedule for the two of them? >> they have kept it close to the vest. they'll have meetings in a presidential palace which is a few hundred yards from where i'm sitting right now, the old presidential palace in helsinki. we expect they may have a joint news conference at the end. the president maybe wanting to announce something about nuclear nonproliferation, maybe a grand bargain where he gets putin to agree to get iran out of syria in exchange for something on crimea, a lot of critics raising questions, the president should not just let putin take crimea because he's already done that and if you solidify that it sends a wrong message. i want to take a step back and
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think about the last month or so. june 12th to july 16th, two one on one summits. i mentioned singapore, the president and kim jong un. now july 16th coming up on monday, this president and president putin. he is taking this dominating the world stage, one on one sum mistssummits,either one of thesn terms of planning would have taken months or years in any previous administration. he's done two of these in the span of four and-a-half weeks. take another step back. back at a home, the president is reshaping the economy. we're now on the verge of 4.5% growth back there. he's about to this summer reshape the supreme court maybe for the next four decades. oh, by the way, if things work out, and we should point out, there's back slating by kim jong un, we don't know if he'll follow through on his commitments, but if that holds, the agreement on the early stages from singapore, you have peace with north korea, maybe
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denuclearization, and then fast forward to this, maybe a deal with putin. this is a president, in the span of four and-a-half weeks, who may be reshaping foreign policy for the next generation. >> his administration would say they're winning with all the things that you've listed there. after that indictment on friday of 12 russians and the press conference with rod rosenstein, there's a lot of pressure right now on the president to confront putin. but he's now turning attention to obama in light of that. so let's see what he has to say here. >> oh, it's a tweet. i'm sorry. these russian individuals did their work during the obama years. why didn't obama do something about it. because he thought crooked hillary clinton would win, that's why, had nothing to do with trump administration, fake news, doesn't want to report the truth as usual. that's his position. he's saying look at obama. this didn't happen under my watch. >> right. this is where i've got to
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challenge the president. the bottom line is, and i want to hear pete on this as well, yes, barack obama was weak. that was one of the reasons why vladimir putin was able to grab crimea. that does not excuse vad vladimr putin from grabbing crimea. that's why some of the u.s.'s traditional allies are concerned. it's not just the president going to the summits and dominating the agenda with what he wants. that's fine. he's entitled to do what he wants. it sounds like he's letting vladimir putin off the hook. yes, barack obama was weak. that's one of the reasons why putin took crimea. we shouldn't let him off the hook. just like the election meddling. >> he's referring to the meddling. >> right. but it applies to crimea as well. so barack obama did nothing about the meddling in 2016. the president's tweet is accurate. but you shouldn't let vladimir putin off the hook. he was involved in meddling. these were 12 russian intelligence officials. it doesn't mean there was
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collusion. even rod rosenstein said there's no evidence of collusion. there is evidence vladimir putin was interfering in our election. >> russia is not our friend. i don't think president trump thinks some how peace will break out inevitably. some of the high pe hyperbole fe of the main stream media, russian interference in our elections is a bad thing but it's over-the-top the way they're characterizing it. listen to michael smirkonich yesterday. >> instead of this going on between liberals and conservatives, republicans and democrats, what happened to when we were united against a common enemy? this was terrorism. we were the victims of a terror strike and will the commander in chief on monday hold accountable
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the presumed perpetrator of that terror strike? >> ed, terrorism, i can't even likeen this to 9/11 but let's remember vladimir putin accused of a assassinating his own formr spy in the u.k., attacking and killing. servers and bitcoin and hiding money to attack our election process -- >> he's a bad guy. >> it's a bad thing. but to go to that level seems over-the-top. >> i think you're right, to call it terrorist attack is extreme. what's more important is for president trump to acknowledge there is an attack. vladimir putin, let's not disguise, was behind an election attack. i think the president, president trump, not putin, but president trump is right, it didn't affect as far as we know a single vote. rod rosenstein said that again. let's stop that fiction as well,
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folks on the left. let's also look forward. we're still talking about 2016. the left can't get past it. vladimir putin wants to attack us in 2018. let's also focus on that. >> it looks like robert mueller is looking forward and wanting to wrap it up. that's what we're hearing at least, that he wants to wrap things up by the end of the summer. i think the democrats are a little disappointed that after $40 million and almost two years he still has no evidence of collusion with the campaign, which is what the democrats have claimed happened. >> i love looking forward to it. let me look back for a second a little bit. part of how we got here is the previous administration's dismissive approach toward russia. so when you're weak and you dismiss, they take advantage. listen to the way -- we forget this but we need to remember, the way former president obama characterized russia when debating mitt romney. listen to this. >> governor romney, i'm glad that you recognize that
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al-qaida's a threat. a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america, you said russia, not al-qaida. you said russia. the 1980s are calling to ask for their foreign policy back. the cold war's been over for 20 years. >> maybe vladimir was listening to that. >> just a little bit. >> it's not the first time he's underestimated. >> barack obama is wrong. you're right, rachel. barack obama was wrong. mitt romney was right. let's point out, isn't it interesting that part of what barack obama was saying is the cold war's been over for 20 years. you listen to the left, they make it sound like the cold war is back with a vengeance. they're like this is the cold war, why isn't president trump doing more. they were letting barack obama say it wasn't a big deal. i was at a summit like this in 2012. barack obama said, he was caught on a hot mic saying tell vladimir putin that after i get
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elected i'll have more flexibility. now putin is the worst guy in the world but barack obama was willing to cut deals with him. >> that's why we like you. you remember things like that. stick with us. >> i'll be back all four hours, from start to finish. >> we couldn't get rid of you if we wanted to. we're glad to have you. president trump already has a 2020 campaign theme. >> our new slogan when we start running is going to be "keep america great! ." >> now the president just unveiled more 2010 township news and democrats are not going to like it. >> house conservatives reportedly moving to impeach rod rosenstein as soon as tomorrow. sarah carter has been digging into this. she joins ed live in helsinki, next. ♪motorcycle revving
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welcome back. as rod rosenstein announces charges against 12 russian nationals, they are moving to impeach rod rosenstein. here with an inside look in helsinki, investigative reporter sarah carter. good morning. it's good to have you here. >> it's great to be here. >> the timing of all this is really suspicious, the idea that robert mueller -- he's been working on this investigation as we all know for well over a year. to indict these 12 russians right on the eve of the president's summit with putin and the fact that rosenstein who oversees this announced it himself, he could have waited until after the summit, it is infeweinfuriating house republi. >> part of the biggest problem they're facing is the fact that rod rosenstein, not only did he
3:17 am
not allow them to access the documents they've been requesting for over a year but even a bigger problem is that this was a straw that broke the cam he'll's back. they realized this was an attempt by mueller and possibly by rosenstein himself who allowed him to go forward with it. >> he could have said hang on. >> he didn't. i think the republicans know this. there's a battle being waged in washington. a lot has been happening behind closed doors. what we're seeing is intense fighting between the congressional republicans, the department of justice as well as personnel on mueller's team. >> let's be fair to the department of justice. when you talk to aid aides ther, house republicans haven't gotten all the documents they want but they've turned over a lot of documents. some are so sensitive they say they can't release them. i see in your eye you don't believe it. >> i'm not buying it. they've had intense stipulations on these documents. these documents have been held
3:18 am
closely, very closely with the doj and when they turn them over to the congressional republicans they say okay, look, you guys can take a look at these but you can't share them with anybody else. a point of fact. there are 19 pages of the foreign intelligence surveillance act warrant they've allowed them to see. >> of carter page. >> correct. which was signed off by rod rosenstein. they're not allowed to share them with the public. >> will there be some moderate republicans who say this isn't a good idea. do they have the votes to impeach him. >> i think this is what chairman meadows is fighting for. we'll see. come monday we'll see what's going to happen with them. >> peter strzok last week, you say there's something big that happened there. a lot of people on the left said this turned out to be much adieu about nothing. they think it's a fantasy that the fbi agents impacted the
3:19 am
investigation and affected the president. >> what was most important about peter strzok's testimony was the fact they changed grossly negligent which would have been a criminal liability for hillary clinton to extremely careless and guess what computer they used to change it? >> peter strzok? >> exactly. >> thanks for being here. >> thanks so much. >> we've got a whole bunch more. ainsley is going to join me in helsinki in a few moments. we'll talk about why this location is so important for the summit going back many, many years in terms of u.s., soviet and now russian diplomacy. police, democrats are calling for i.c.e. to be abolished. a new poll says the american people don't want that to happen. we'll debate this, fair and balanced, next. this is not a bed.
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welcome back. we've got a couple quick headlines for you. high level military talks taking place overnight between the u.s. and north korea at the demilitaryized zone. they talked about the return of american service members killed in the korean war. there's still work to be done. the return of american remains was part of the agreement made by president trump and kim jong un at their summit last month. a second story for you now. a firefighter killed battling a raging wildfire. braeden varney died while driving a bulldozer, trying to prevent the blaze from spreading near yosemite national park. he was following in his father's foot steps. he leaves behind a wife and two young kids.
3:24 am
the wildfire has torched 1 you thousand acres with only 5% containment. that remains ongoing. james mattis is slamming an nbc story for being fake news. the report claims military officials were forced to reassure european allies of america's defense commitments following the president's tough talks at nato. >> i also just heard about this story that the pentagon's in damage control. i love reading fiction. >> fiction. president trump criticized nato members for not contributing to their promised defense spending, urging them to pay more. rachel, now to you. >> thank you, pete. not long ago, democrats were calling to abolish i.c.e. take a look. >> look at oughts i.c.e., what p of incompetents. >> start over. >> i.c.e. has strayed so far from its mission. what it's turned into is frankly a terrorist organization of its
3:25 am
own. >> these very same democrats are now vowing to vote against their own bill if speaker ryan brings it to the house floor. the backtracking comes as a new fox news poll shows that the majority of voters aren't on-board with this idea. are democrats out of touch with their own party. here to debate, katrina pearson and david brown. welcome to both of you. david, there's some pretty big names in the democrat party calling for the abolition of rights, barry sanders, alexandria ocasio-cortez. this is heart of the party, where the energy is. what do you say about that? >> i think it's an important conversation. the discussion about whether or not i.c.e. has strayed from the original mission is part of the broader discussion about i'm united nationimmigration and wht this president and his failed policy, particularly the policy of separating kids from their
3:26 am
parents at the border is consistent with who we are at the country. there's a reason that 58% of americans oppose this president in battle ground states, oppose the president's immigration policy, same reason why more voters trust democrats on immigration overall. >> democrats, i think we have them up on the wall here, 25% are in favor, 27% oppose, republicans 1% i 5% in favor, 6% oppose. are they out of step, the democrat party and the leaders? >> of course they're out of step. the harvard poll shows 59% of democrats don't want to abolish i.c.e. there was a better part of the 2016 presidential campaign, the president ran on enforcement of the laws and stopping illegal immigration. and in those swing states, he won. so i'm not really concerned
3:27 am
about that. it is quite disturbing how the leadership of the democrat party is sort of going along with this rhetoric, although they're not doing so in action. i think it's very dangerous to continue this type of manipulation, considering that i.c.e. is not the entity that's functioning on the border, it's an interior law enforcement agency that is actually out there to protect people like the two teenage girls ove over the h of july week that wer kidnappedd raped by illegal entities. this entity is not on the border. >> it is certainly dangerous for leaders to call i.c.e. terrorists and so forth, dangerous to the lives of the officers. david, let's go back to you. the democrats put forward this bill, a bill put forward by representative poke hahn of wisconsin. now they're saying if the leader puts it forward for a vote, they won't vote for it. why won't they vote for their own bill. >> rachel, it's a fair question. i'm glad you raised it.
3:28 am
it underscores the si cynism thy approach this subject. we found a way forward. paul ryan has thus far refused to bring to the floor for a clean vote any kind of bill that can attract the same type of bipartisan support. so for leadership in the house to say they're going to bring forward this bill, which by the way hasn't gone through committee, hasn't been reviewed, it's cynical in its politics in its purest form. >> president trump himself brought forward an immigration policy and wanted to bring democrat toss the table, even putting daca on the table and they refused. democrats do not want to address this issue and they should vote on it. the american public deserves the right to know whether or not their representative of the american people -- >> you couldn't even pass the bill in your republican
3:29 am
controlled house. >> you're talking about bipartisanship. i'm talking about bipartisanship as well. let's do it in a bipartisan way. >> we've got to go. it's a hot topic. i want to thank you for bringing your passion to this argument. >> thank you. this woman found alive a after going missing for seven days when her suv crashed off a cliff. how she survived and the incredible rescue, coming up. plus, why helsinki? ainsley and ed break down the historical significance for tomorrow's summit and the booze that's making helsinki great again, coming up next. (director) cut! nice, candace, but this time bold. did someone say "bold?" (gasping) starkist jalapeo tuna in a pouch! loaded with bold flavor. just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go bold! try all of my bold creations pouches!
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let's have a meeting. i think it's a good thing to meet. i do believe in meetings. i believe that having a meeting with chairman kim was a good thing. i think having meetings with the president of china was a very good thing. i believe it's really good. so having meetings with russia, china, north korea, i believe in it. nothing bad's going to come out of it and maybe some good will come out. >> that is brand-new video yesterday of our president in scott land -- scotland at his golf course talking about the upcoming meeting in helsinki, finland. we have a couple folks from our channel, from this show, one
3:34 am
from the weekend, one from the weekday. >> we're together. >> it's great to see you guys. >> thank you. >> you guys are there -- >> hey, guys -- >> how's it going out there? >> we were chatting about what we wanted to tell you at home. it's interesting here. it's light here most of the day. last night we went to dinner with a big group. it was like 9:30 at night -- >> it was midnight and it was still light out because of the northern lights. we posted pictures online. it's the opposite of course in winter, it's daylight for two or three hours, it's kind of depressing around here. when you come out of dinner at midnight and it's bright out, it's so exciting. you never want to go to bed. >> it is hard to sleep. there was reindeer, actually reindeer on the menu. >> i didn't try it. >> i tried it. it was really good. i grew up in the south. this is reindeer. >> rudolph. >> it was really good. exactly. i did want to show you some of the beer. >> you didn't have any beer last night, right? of course not. >> no, of course not.
3:35 am
>> you wept out and happened to -- went out and happened to find something quite interesting. >> we did. this beer, this company is located in finland, it's rock, paper, scissors brewery and wrotery. they do coffee as well. they sold out of the beer because it's so popular. we have six bottles. they come in a three back because it's rock, paper, scissors. you see putin and president trump. they're rock, paper, scissoring it, and they say if they have a problem during negotiations tomorrow, they need to settle it with rock, paper, scissors. the owner of the company drove 250 miles to hand deliver this. we called him a few days ago. he said i don't have time to send it, so i'm going to drive and hand deliver it. go to their website,, as in
3:36 am
finland. >> they know how to do these summits, beer summits or otherwise. why are you in helsinki? what's the significance there? >> it's been a long-standing tradition for presidents of the united states to meet with the leader of russia here. this country borders russia. it's very neutral. they pledged neutrality after world war ii. they allow for friendly ties because they wanted to get along with the east and with the west. >> and never joined nato or the other alliances. >> that's right. that pleases president putin for sure. we were expecting protests. we were expecting people to have strong political opinions. >> 100,000 in london. >> that's right. we went to the marketplace. this is the presidential palace, the yellow, that's one of his residence, that's where the summit will be hold. across the street, the baltic sea and along the sea is the marketplace. we were asking people what they thought about the summit. we were expecting them to have strong political opinions and
3:37 am
views. they were very polite. they said we support both sides, the east and the west. they said people here are neutral and they seemed very indifferent. >> we need to send some of those folks to london. maybe they'll calm down a little bit. >> or to america. >> no protests. you saw no protests? >> we've seen absolutely nothing. a lot of people are on holiday for the summer where they go to other european countries. that's been exacerbating by the fact that fact that once you see presidents are coming, some people get out of town. it's very quiet right now. >> the fragile state index voted in 2016 finland the most stable country in the world. they pride themselves on that. you mentioned the long-standing position of presidents coming here. in 19 1975 president and the
3:38 am
president russia at the time came up with the helsinki accord. george h.w. bush was here as well. the last summit was president clinton and borri borris yeltzi. >> this is something that i bet will really sort of stick in your craw, as a guy who likes his freedoms, as rachel does as well. in the hotel room it's kind of warm. at the restaurant it was warm. they control the a.c. so much to save energy that they will not -- i kept punching it to try to make it lower. ainsley said i was trying to do the same thing. they will not let you make it cooler. could you imagine if you were on vacation in finland and you're not haw loud to make your -- you're not allowed to make your room cooler, you would go nuts. >> that's collectiveism at its worst. >> that's at all the hotels. when you ask for ice water, you
3:39 am
might get two pieces of ice. >> "fox & friends" fans came from pennsylvania to come see us in finland. we've got all kinds of folks. >> they're over here watching. >> thank you so much for being here. they're on a layover. >> hearing about the air conditioning control makes we want to put on donald trump's usa hat right now. thanks a lot. we're going to get to some headlines. >> bye, guys. >> yo back to headlines. an illegal immigrant accused of trying to kill his wife with a chainsaw has been deported 11 times since 2005. california i.c.e. officials describing him as a, quote, serial immigration violator. the 32-year-old is facing several charges including suspicion of attempted murder. his wife suffered serious injuries but remarkably is
3:40 am
expected to survive. president trump is planning for another white house run in 2020. the president telling british journalist piers morgan during an interview aboard air force one, quote, i fully intend to. seems like everybody wants me to. as for democrats that could beat him in his second run for the oval office, president trump said, quote, i don't see anybody. i know all of them and i don't see anybody. a woman is miraculously found alive certain days after her suv plunges off a cliff. hikers led first responders to 23-year-old angela hernandez. she was alert but had an injured shoulder, authorities say. hernandez used a radiator hose to get water from a creek to stay alive. she was driving from portland to southern california at the time of the crash. and those are your headlines. well, we've got rick, rick, tell us about the weather in new york, tell us about the weather in helsinki. >> beautiful in helsinki.
3:41 am
it is sunny, nice. >> it looks pretty nice. >> i was soaked walking over to the studio, it was raining hard. >> raining across parts of the north. we're still hot here across parts of the central plains, especially towards the south. this is the line of storms, a front that stretched all the way from parts of oklahoma, throughout parts of the noter east right now. one batch of showers moving from new york to pennsylvania and connecticut. florida is good this morning. in the afternoon we'll see thunderstorms --see thunderstor. monsoons going on across the four corners. look what starts to happen this week, take a look at texas and oklahoma. by the time we get to wednesday and thursday we've got temperatures around 106. we might be breaking records in some places. >> not too much humidity, right? >> also humid. we've got charles payne, mike huckabee, candace owens and jon huntsman is live in helsinki, all of that coming up.
3:42 am
plus, many on the left say president trump is not tough enough on putin and russia. but they were silent when the obama administration literally hit the misspell reset button. we've got a history lesson for the left coming up next. before you can achieve a higher standard of craftsmanship you need a higher standard of craftsman. see for yourself at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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3:45 am
some quick headlines beginning with a fox news alert. scottish police reportedly arrested a 55-year-old pair gliding protester. the activist entered the no fly zone above the president's golf course. and in neighboring england, the british coming out in full force, rallying for president trump. thousands of supporters gathered in london with many people waving hats and -- wearing hats and waving the u.s. and u.k.
3:46 am
hats. some held signs saying, quote, britain loves trump. many on the left claim president trump is too weak on russia. >> the trump administration aren't the only ones to begin their terms by getting -- trying to get along with russia. the obama administration did as well. listen. >> we want to reset our relationship and we will do it together. okay? [ laughter ] >> yes, they literally tried to hit the reset button back in 2009, except they misspelled the button. here with more, president of security studies group and former u.s. army special forces member jim hanson. jim, thanks for joining us this morning. i think you might know what the correct translation was of that button but if you remember, the hip pohypocrisy of the presidend on what the obama administration
3:47 am
does is glaring. >> hillary walks into the meeting asking for nothing with a button that says overcharge in russia and saying you can have whatever you want from us. a more glaring example is when president obama was talking from medived of the russian republic, saying after my election i'll have more flexibility. that's him admitting he was lying to the american public during the election cycle and afterwards he would give russia what they wanted. where's the outrage? where's the press saying we should investigate that. >> of course we have the sound of that hot mic moment. listen to obama in 2012. >> after my election i have more flexibility. >> live and learn. >> what does that mean? what flexibility were they given, do what you need to do in ukraine? crimea is open season?
3:48 am
maybe med he'll in our elections? --med del in our elections. what were they implying. >> all of it. thit was america last. what do you guys want, what can we give you. it ended up making the world a much more dangerous place. in that case, they were talking about missile defense. so the security of the entire free world for any attack by any crazed person with missiles, which could have included the russians, is being put at risk because obama was willing to go ahead and bow down. and now the media at that point in time had nothing to say. now president trump wants to make a less antagonistic relationship with the russians, maybe get them to stop hurting us with north korea, stop hurting us in syria and all of a sudden it's the worst thing that happened. it's glaring hypocrisy. >> it is.
3:49 am
from the united kingdom to the nato summit in brussels, president trump bringing his america first policies to the world economic stage. >> they agreed to pay more and they agreed to pay it more quickly. the united states looks forward to finalizing a great bilateral trade agreement with the united kingdom. >> we asked this morning, did he achieve those goals. charles payne here to discuss live, coming up next. (honking) when your craving strikes, you need your wing nut. ( ♪ ) no one can totally satisfy a craving, quite like your wing nut.
3:50 am
3:51 am
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3:53 am
everybody in that room by the time we left got along and agreed to pay more and they agreed to pay it more quickly. the united states looks forward to finalizing a great bilateral trade agreement with the united kingdom. this is an incredible opportunity for our two countries and we will seize it fully. >> that was president trump. he set out this week to push america first economic policies while overseas. did he achieve his goals? >> here to weigh in fox business network's charles payne. >> i believe it was more of a nato first agenda and what i mean by that is because nato has been so lackadaisical with respect to living up to the commitments, it's become such an inevidencineffective, unready
3:54 am
organization. i point to germany more specifically. when i tell people these numbers, they fall out of their seats. their battle tanks, 95 of 284 are operational. nine of 15 frigots were operational. if they have to transport troops, they couldn't do it. they need an uber. the list goes on and on. jets and everything. here's the deal. you got the nato secretary who gave president trump credit on july 8th. he said if it wasn't for president trump, we would not have pushed our members and now they expect to add an extra $266 billion between now and 2024. >> it is nato first but it is america first, wouldn't you say, in the sense that we've been sort of subsidizing their really large social programs. >> put it this way. germany which pays 1.2% of their
3:55 am
gdp, the richest nation in europe, the last 18 years they put $220 billion into subsidizing renewable energy. so think about that. americans are subsidizing that, really de facto. we're paying for social welfare programs because they won't live up to a commitment that they made, that they should honor because they're the wealthiest nation in europe. >> while they open up their borders. quickly to trade. the bilateral trade deal with the u.k., their brexit is at issue right now. is it a good deal for us? >> it's going to be ane enormous deal. i feel for confident listening to the press conference with theresa may than i did at the beginning of the week. they want a clean break, they want to make their own deals. they want fresh, new trade deals that make sense. >> soft brexit wasn't on the ballot. >> it was not on the ballot, wasn't an option, i hope it's not an option now. >> charles payne, thanks for
3:56 am
joining us. >> good stuff. we're less than 24 hours away from the trump, putin summit. we'll check back with ed henry live in helsinki coming up next. and a huge lineup coming up on the show. jon huntsman, senator rand paul, mike huckabee, candace owens, jason chavitz are all here live, coming up. ♪ tired of wrestling with seemingly impossible cleaning tasks? sprays in the bathroom can be ineffective. try mr. clean magic eraser with durafoam. simply add water, to remove soap scum. try mr. clean magic eraser with durafoam.
3:57 am
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the president and president putin, one on one summit. >> they'll bring up russian meddling, obviously syria, what happens in crimea, nuclear proliferation, the general relationship between u.s. and russia. >> he's a competitor. he's representing russia. i'm representing the united states. >> the president should clearly cancel that trip to helsinki. >> how do you do that? how does he sit down with vladimir putin? >> having good relationships with russia is important. >> the president has mentioned that he's going to bring up the election interference. >> rod rosenstein announces charges against 12 russian nationals. house conserves moving now to impeach rosenstein. >> not only did he not allow them to access the documents that they've been requesting for over a year, this is a straw that broke the cam he'll's back. >> protests greeting the president over in he'd i inborough. >> the president waving at
4:01 am
demonstrators and he kept right on playing. ♪ if you missed the first hour, we were just getting warmed up. this hour is going to be better. don't get up and get dressed. stay in bed. pull up the covers. but join us, and your eyes are not deceiving you. there's only two of us on the couch this morning here in america. one of us has left us. rachel's here. >> i'm here. but the other member of our team is in helsinki. ed, welcome. >> rachel. >> looks beautiful back there. >> great to have you on the couch. it's beautiful here. i'm around the corner from the presidential palace where president trump, president putin will be going one on one on monday. we're giving you the comprehensive pregame. we also have a little bit of fun. i want to bring this home for pete. i know he loves the red hats. make helsinki great again. there's some trump fans here. they've been letting us now
4:02 am
about it. >> it's mahaga. i don't know what that is. throw the "h" in there, why not. please bring that back for me. you've had fun there. i know you found a special beer, i think it's make lagger great again there. i know you haven't consumed any yet this morning. >> not yet. >> it's also national ice cream day, ed, here in america. we're going to be celebrating that on the show. i don't know if you have ice cream there or not. >> can i celebrate here? >> why not? >> right below me, there are saunas and there's a big swimming pool and people are enjoying really wonderful weather. i saw an ice cream truck on the way up. i got nikki here, one of our producers from new york. i'll send her down for an ice cream cone. >> better have it. get it ready. not too soon, but it will melt. -- not too soon or it will melt. time it properly. >> looks like the stakes are high in helsinki. the president is saying at the top of the agenda is peace with
4:03 am
russia. >> yeah. look at what has happened. everybody wants to criticize this president no matter what he does. we could talk about the stakes. we could talk about the challenges. vladimir putin is a bad guy. nobody should hide that. this is somebody we're not sure we can trust, somebody who basically attacked the u.s. in the 2016 election. it doesn't mean there was collusion. there's no evidence of collusion. we'll get into that. there are people who hate the president so much, they criticize him no matter what. you have a man who in the span of four and-a-half weeks is trying to bring peace to north korea, russia, iran, syria, you name the country, two summits in the span of four and-a-half weeks and his critics basically don't want to give peace a chance. they're so anti-trump. how can you be against peace? he's trying to bring peace to the world. >> you're pointing out that trump is operating at the speed of business, the speed of diplomacy or politics, it could take years to arrange these types of summits. he said let's get active on core
4:04 am
issues from syria to crimea to collusion, he said he would confront vladimir putin on that, the general relationship with russia. he said goodwill could come of this. this is president trump on the upcoming meeting. listen. >> let's have a meeting. i think it's a good thing to meet. i do believe in meetings. i believe that having a meeting with chairman kim was a good thing. i think having meetings with the president of china was a very good thing. i believe it's really good. so having meetings with russia, china, north korea, i believe in it. nothing bad's going to come out of it and maybe some good will come out. >> ed, you've been a member of the media for not too long but quite some time. you covered -- >> pretty old. >> you're not old, ed. you covered how the media covered back back and his outreach -- barack obama and his outreach to vladimir putin. you could contrast that to the way this media is being handled
4:05 am
by america's media. >> people freak out no matter what this president does. when barack obama apologized for the things u.s. had done previously the media would do long pieces on oh, isn't that thoughtful, isn't this an amazing president. he did some good things. he was fairly weak on big issues like dealing with iran, for example, very weak on the world stage. that was the obama days. this is a new president in charge. remember when he talked on the campaign about low energy and the general election, talked about how hillary clinton didn't have the stamina and people laughed. it got annoying for the democrats. he was pointing out that he would work harder than anyone if he was electioned president. -- elected president. look what he's done. nonstop work, work, work, and back home he's reshaping the supreme court and the economy among other things. and here on the world stage, from kim jong un to vladimir putin, one man is reshaping foreign policy.
4:06 am
>> you're right. it's dizzying. his energy level is definitely impressive. nobody argues that on either side of the aisle. let's look at what media is saying about this summit. >> there doesn't seem to be any real agenda for this monday meeting. seems like just two leaders are catching up as old friends, almost. >> trump should demand that the 12 indicted russians be turned over and if he doesn't do that, he ought to leave the summit. >> the meet with president trump is a win for putin in terms of optics. >> the president should cancel that trip to helsinki unless he's going to take this indictment with him. >> how do you do that? how does he sit down with vladimir putin? >> he never should have taken the meeting to begin with. >> it's stunning there isn't a larger chorus to at least postpone it. >> ed, your colleagues. >> you always put the media on my back. >> i do. >> i'll push back. look, you should do that, i
4:07 am
guess. here's the bottom line. what are people in the media and democrats saying with okay, so there were these indictments which did not prove collusion, did not prove anyone in the trump campaign did anything wrong, why should you cancel a summit? the idea from democrats, people in the media, bury your head in the sand and not talk to people like vladimir putin on the world stage. this president is saying it may not be perfect but if we could get -- one of the things that will be on the table monday is the possibility of a grand bargain where this president, president trump says look, if you'll help, vladimir putin, with getting iran out of syria for example, maybe we'll work with you on cry m crimea. i'm realistic about this. that could be a mistake for this president. we should not let vladimir putin just take crimea like he did and say oh, no big deal. that was a big deal that he l illegally went in and took the
4:08 am
crimea region. this president won't let critics tell him what to do. he is leading on the world stage. steve cohen, one of the democrats in the clip, was attacking the president. he's the guy at the peter strzok hearing last week, he had to apologize, he said peter strzok, the crooked fbi agent, should get a purple heart. that was disgusting to say. we can all agree, to all the members of the military who served bravely, he's now apologized. no he's going to go after president trump over putin, give me a break. >> the president sticking to his guns, despite the democrats telling him, some of them saying he should cancel the summit, some of them trying to push him to go hard. he's saying look, putin is a competitor, not an enemy. that's the tone he wants to set at the summit. take a look at this. >> he's not my enemy. is he a friend? no. i don't know him well enough. ultimately, he's a competitor. he's representing russia. i'm representing the united states. so in a sense, we're competitors, not a question of friend or enemy.
4:09 am
he's not my enemy. and hopefully some day maybe he'll be a friend. >> that's a needle he's going to have to thread on a lot of high stakes issues, ed, as you have laid out. not a lot of convergent interests between america and russia, especially in light of the ongoing investigation we have here. we've seen bob mueller come out a couple days ago with the indictment of 12 russian intelligence officers. of course, none of them colluded or had any significant interaction with members of the trump campaign. we're hearing reports this morning, ed, that potentially the mueller investigation, which the president calls a witch hunt, which has been ongoing and no evidence of collusion, may end by the end of the summer and part of the reason, ed, is that there's been yet no ties to anyone from the trump campaign as we investigate russian collusion. >> i suppose on one hand it would be sort of good news to say okay, we're going to get the collusion part of this behind the nation because it's dragged
4:10 am
on so long and as the president has said over and over, there's no evidence of collusion. but call me skeptical of this washington post report. i remember another washington post report, and you can google this from a few months ago saying mueller would do a report by june is what i recall on at least one phase of this, maybe the obstruction phase. and i guess they could say well, the president never sat down for an interview so he couldn't finish it. here's my point, that we've heard before that phases of this are going to be done by the beginning or the middle or the end of the summer because they wanted to get a lot of it done by the midterm elections. that hasn't happened. this is dragging on closer and closer to the midtermless. midterm. the investigation started in may of 2017 for robert mueller. i get it's complicated. i get it's going to take a while. we're getting closer to the midterm elections. it's already a political issue, obviously. but it was supposed to be wrapped up a long time ago. >> i would say where i live in
4:11 am
middle america, i don't think people are talking about it at all. in fact, we just saw polls yesterday, fox news polls, that the poll numbers for this investigation are dropping among democrat as well. i think on the republican side, people are looking at it and saying the interest in russia on the democrat side and frankly on even maybe the investigation side seems to start and end with trump. there seems to be no curiosity about what got us here. remember, the spying happened under obama's watch. the dnc didn't even hand over their server to the fbi, they gave it to some third party. so this is really about trump. i think people are getting that. >> right. as the president tweeted, i think yesterday, why haven't they turned over the dnc server to the fbi. still, after how many years, two years basically. so look, there's all kinds of questions about that. there's questions about peter strzok and lisa page and a some of the fbi officials. and james comey, let's not
4:12 am
forget about him. he was dancing around on the book tour and make it like he was a big hero. there have been questions about him in recent months. we'll see whether justice is brought to him and whether the first i.g. report opens the door to more scrutiny of james comey. we should not be dismissive of the mueller investigation. they've gotten some indictments. they've had other people plead guilty. people have lied to the fbi. that has been real. there's been no evidence of collusion and no evidence of obstruction of justice, that's the bottom line. >> that's a good point. you can minimize it in the sense that the investigation started those -- it was part and parcel of those crimes as opposed to looking into collusion. >> it's morphed into something else. >> it's morphed into something else. this president probably relishes meeting in helsinki with vladimir putin, trolling the mainstream media. they think collusion is happening in public.
4:13 am
he probably enjoys that a little bit. >> he does think about how many stories there were about oh, this investigation will overshadow the president, he can't conduct foreign policy. what i said at the top, in a matter of four and-a-half weeks he's dominated the world stage with two one on one summits, whether the allies like it, whether the enemies like it, whether the media likes it, this president is leading. >> he's doing it his way. thank you so much. >> you'll be with us all morning. don't leave us. just leave us on the tv. >> take a sauna, come back to us. >> sauna and a suit. good man. next, former governor mike huckabee on the left's attack on president trump over his meeting with vladimir putin. and elizabeth warren running for president in 2020? well, it sure sounds like it. take a listen. >> as this administration wages an all-out attack on our democracy, your voices are needed now. (director) cut!
4:14 am
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4:17 am
going into the negotiation, vladimir putin is not an ordinary guy. this is a sophisticated kgb agent, former kgb agent. trump is not any of that. this is like lebron james playing basketball against my kid. this is a frightening thing. >> that was neil katall blasting the president as grossly out of his league in a match up against vladimir putin ahead of tomorrow's high stakes summit. >> fox news contributor and former governor of arkansas, mike huckabee, joins us now to react. welcome, governor. >> good morning. when i heard that quote, i couldn't help but think if trump was a kid playing against lebron
4:18 am
james, what was obama who this solicitor general worked for, the guy who set a red line, never kept it, the guy who was played by vladimir putin like somebody playing a very cheap fiddle out of tune. i don't understand these people. where do they come up with this stuff? >> that's one of the challenges of a republic. we've got administrations with divergent views, this administration dealing with the illusion of collusion as well as the previous administration's soft pedaling of russia. now they're accusing trump of being soft. how does he overcome all that and have a successful outcome? >> he does it by winning. he does it by doing exactly what he's doing. he's not depending on what other people say about kim jong un or vladimir putin or anybody else for that matter. he meets them face-to-face. people need to remember, the president of the united states has to make the final decision. it's far better for him to make a decision based on having really understood and met with
4:19 am
and looked face-to-face to these world leaders. i remember when george push called vladimir putin putty put and talked about what a great guy he was and how wonderful that relationship was. i don't remember the same media outrage over there. when obama told the president of russia that they're going to be more flexible and tell vlad, be sure to tell him i'll be more flexible once i win my re-election which i thought was arrogant and naive, i don't remember the media going nuts ovethat. it's not about vladimir putin. this is about a hatred on the part of never-trumper retrumpero cannot accept the results of the election and never will. the rest of us are grateful to have a president who will look these people in the eye and tell them straight up. >> since the election, we've been watching you go from former governor to dad as you're the
4:20 am
father of sarah sanders. she had a tweet this week that probably made you really proud as a dad, she wrote what an incredible experience to go with popotus and flotus to windsor. she had tea with the queen on england. how did that make you feel as a dad? >> i'm very proud of her. i believe she's done an exceptional job. i'm as objective about her as the new york times and the washington post is about the president. i think she's crushing it. she has charm, grace, shoe is confident and smart. she pushes back. she doesn't let the press take the podium away from her. her job is not to make nice with the press. her job is to represent the president and his viewpoints and to effectively say to them -- here's why i'm proud of her. if you knew my family history, my dad used to say don't look
4:21 am
too far up the family tree, there's stuff up there that you need to see. i'm the first male in my family that graduated high school. to watch my daughter to be able to do the things she's doing, it's significant and i'm proud of her. >> governor, thank you. we have more "fox & friends" on the other side. >> pleasure is ours. >> you got it -and we welcome back gary,
4:22 am
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4:24 am
are you ready to take your then you need xfinity xfi.? a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. some quick headlines beginning with a fox news alert. high level military talks taking place overnight between the u.s. and north korea and the dmz. a u.s. official telling fox news the two sides talked about the return of american service members killed in the korean war. the military official adding that the talks were, quote, productive. but there's still work to be done. the return of american remains was part of the agreement made by president trump and kim jong un at their summit last month.
4:25 am
remember president trump hinting at his advice to british prime minister theresa may. >> i would give her a suggestion, i wouldn't say advice. i think she found it may be too brutal. i could see that. i don't know if you remember what i said. i did give her a certain amount of -- i gave her a suggestion, not advice. i wouldn't want to give her add vices. i would give her a suggestion. i could fully understand why she thought it was a little bit tough. maybe some day she'll -- >> new overnight, the prime minister revealing that president trump told her to sue the european union in response to her tense negotiations over brexit. may says she laughed the president's suggestion off. he likes to sue. the world cup final is a few hours away. croatia and france are set to battle this morning in moscow. it would be the first world cup championship for croatia and france's second. today's match can be seen live on fox at 11:00 eastern time.
4:26 am
pete, will you be watching? >> i actually will be. i don't watch a lot of soccer. i'm pulling for croatia, i'm not sure why. you've seen him before on "fox & friends," a u.s. army veteran is proving that patriotism sells and some of the soaring profits are helping wounded veterans. tie hetyler merit is the co-fouf nine line apparel. he joins us this morning. patriotism should sell. tell me about the concept of nine line. folks that don't know, the line line medy vac is something you call in if one is injured. you took that to an apparel line. >> it's a distree distress calln you're on the battlefield many we come in and we pull people off the battlefield many when the wounds subside and the injuries are sustained, there's still continued need for care and advocacy.
4:27 am
and there's a need to kind of bridge that gap between those who serve and those who don't and kind of have that conversation. so our logo is iconic of that and trying to bring together civilians and those who serve and a lot of our products are geared towards patriotic met aning and saying the things that -- messaging and things that shouldn't be controversial. i stand for the national anthem. it's something i teach my kids, something that i highly encourage everyone else to teach their kids, what the national anthem represents to service members. it's remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. it's the individuals that we wear on our wrists, the individuals that you put up on signs. but it's more than that. >> but other companies have gone more p.c. and kind of been afraid of this, it's created a market for you, right? >> absolutely. we doubled down with our val use. we partnered -- values. we partnered with incredible organizations.
4:28 am
i'm working with georgia southern right now for our veterans village. we're building veterans homeless village to take people off the street, give them a skillset and get them gainful employment, to cycle them out of poverty. >> it's not just vets. you're also helping prisoners, people with autism. you're expanding. >> absolutely. it goes back to the centralized messaging of how do we bring people together. there's a need for conversation. it doesn't need to be controversial. >> i love this shirt, it says blessed are the peace makers because they should be called the children of god. those that keep the peace for us we should be supporting more than anybody else. >> absolutely. >> and very soft. i like a t-shirt that's nice and soft. >> one of the biggest things, trying to go back to american made. rachel was like what is that in there? i said it's a bullet.
4:29 am
>> i said it's a bullet in a glass, why wouldn't someone want that. >> we have american made hats, american made shirts, we have a hoodie that holds your beer hands-free which is a novel concept. >> this beer is empty. it's kind of fake news. it's a morning show so we keep it on the level. >> thank you. >> how can folks learn more. >> go to if you go to ninelin you'll learn more about the initiative. >> tyler, thanks a lot. >> thank you. check out nine line apparel. coming up, daniel hoffman served in moscow as the cia station chief. he knows all about vladimir putin. he joins ed and ainsley in helsinki coming up next. plus, a race cargoes airborne in a terrifying crash and the driver walks away. here's to safety equipment.
4:30 am
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neulasta is for certain cancer patients receiving strong chemotherapy. do not take neulasta if you're allergic to it or neupogen (filgrastim). an incomplete dose could increase infection risk. ruptured spleen, sometimes fatal as well as serious lung problems allergic reactions, kidney injuries and capillary leak syndrome have occurred. report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing or allergic reactions to your doctor right away. in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. pay no more than $25 per dose with copay card. normal communications, most channels of communications established during last seven, eight, 10 years have been frozen on very important issues. what we have now is sporadic meetings between diplomats and
4:34 am
the military, mostly on syria. we also have a channel on ukraine. >> that's sergei labrov, russia's equivalent of our secretary of state on russian tv. now we're going to bring in ainsley earhart, ed henry, joined by daniel hoffman, former cia station chief who served in moscow. ainsley, i heard you got to hit the streets a little bit and talk to the folks in finland. >> after we saw the protestings in london, -- protests in london, we thought we would experience that here too. we went out on the streets to talk to people and it was not the case. this is a neutral country, that's why so many leaders from the united states meet with russian presidents here and so we went out to talk to some of the folks and this is their reaction -- this is the reaction that we got. >> it's a nice thing to have a summit like that in helsinki, yes. >> what do you think about the summit? why are they having it here in
4:35 am
finland? >> no idea. >> i have no opinion. >> i don't know so much about this. ask them. >> everyone's talking about your hats, make helsinki great again, this one says trump and putin 2018, are you selling a lot of them? >> not ver not very many. not as many as i would like to. >> are you surprised about that? >> having been in singapore, daniel was there as well, people were amped up. they were like this might be denuclearization for north korea. let's get excited about this. daniel, you were there as well. so people here are a little bit like we'll see what happens. >> there is a protest. we did find a protest. >> a small one. >> a small one. they're sitting on the steps and holding up signs, listening to live music and holding up the signs and they're not shouting at all their opinions. so it's totally different. >> it's different. talk about that and talk about what you think the stakes are here for president trump. >> i think the stakes are really
4:36 am
high. there are areas of contention that's against the backdrop of russia's meddling in our election. we have lots of issues to discuss starting with syria where there's a risk between of war between israel, iran and ukraine. we've got issues like north korea where the russians talked about ratcheting down the sanctions before denuclearization which is of great concern to us and traditional issues like arms control. we need to think about extending the stark treaty which is due to expire in february 2021 as well as counter terrorism, counter proliferation. >> the critics in the media are like what is the president doing, he shouldn't meet one on one. some democrats were calls on this to be canceled because of the mueller indictments, even some republicans saying that. here's a president saying basically let's give peace a chance when you tie singapore to this and denuclearization with north korea and disarmament with russia, these are big issues. >> they are.
4:37 am
russia has been resur gent since vladimir putin seized power. the major problems of the world that concern us, russia's the only country in spite of their massive violation of arms control accords, they can destroy us. we need to have these discussions. they are important. >> you talked at length last night at dinner, about why we're meeting here, the personality of putin, the personality of president trump. how do you expect this meeting to go? what will they discuss? >> there are two experiences in vladimir putin' life, one is he was a kgb officer. he uses espionage as his primary tool of national security, implementing his strategy. he's a black belt in judo. he likes to use opponent strength against them. our strength is liberty, freedom and democracy. he used that by exploiting social media to his advantage. there couldn't be a greater
4:38 am
contrast between the leader of the free world and vladimir putin. >> appreciate you breaking that down. thank you. really important meetings here. it will be happening in that presidential palace behind us monday morning. >> back to new york. >> you guys have dinner with guys like daniel hoffman and sean hannity in foreign done. >> sean picked up the tab. he is so generous. he bought us dinner. >> the waitress came over and said sir, i think you messed up. you need to look -- i don't think you paid me too much. >> the waitress was confused. >> he's leaving a good impression in helsinki. >> american generosity. way to go. sean hannity will be on the program later on. >> we'll see if he buys us dinner. >> not going to do that. a jet plunges 26,000 feet in seven minutes, turning dozens of passengers -- injuring dozens of passengers.
4:39 am
the flight lost cabin pressure, forcing the pilots to go to a safer altitude. the oxygen masks dropped and several passengers report bleeding from their injuries. 33 of the passengers were hospitalized for minor injuries after an emergency landing in germany. elizabeth warren slams president trump in front of thousands of educators at a teachers' conference. take a look. >> as this administration wages an all-out attack on our democracy, your voices are needed now. now, more than ever. come november 6th, we will go vote to save this democracy! >> this coming one day after hillary clinton addressed the pittsburgh crowd of the american federation of teachers event. bernie sanders is set to take the stage later this morning. an indy car driver is lucky to be alive after his car goes
4:40 am
airborne. check that out. >> huge wreck! one driver up, a huge wreck! >> harrison scott bumped another car before bouncing off the wall and launching into the air. the 22-year-old climbing out of the wrecked car on his own. he's ready to return to the racetrack in toronto today after walking away with minor injuries. and those are your headlines. wow, that was crazy. rick rit ritemuth is here. >> we're having a camera issue here. we'll show weather maps here. good morning, guys. that crash by the way was spectacular and amazing. i'm so glad he's all right. take a look at the forecast across the northeast. it's going to be scattered showers for almost everybody throughout the day today as the day goes on, i expect to see
4:41 am
garden variety thunderstorms. now my clicker is not working. we have nothing working on our technical stuff here this morning. >> the camera works in helsinki but not on the plaza like right over there. not sure. we'll get that fixed, maybe, possibly. >> we'll get it fixed. is the 2020 presidential race shaping up to be a rematch of 2016? hillary clinton looks like she's on the campaign trail, slamming the president's pick for the supreme court. listen. >> i used to worry that they wanted to turn the clock back to the 1950s. now i worry they want to turn it back to the 1850s. >> oh, boy. now president trump is hinting about his plans for 2020. that's coming up next. plus, democrats want the president to cancel his summit with vladimir putin after the new russia probe indictments that came out on friday. what does rand paul think about that? we're going to ask the senator,
4:42 am
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welcome back. amazon, get your wallet ready, amazon prime day starts tomorrow. the online retail giant will offer once a year discounts to members. the sales kick off at 3:00 p.m. eastern and last for 36 hours. i might have my eye on a flat screen tv. we'll see. maybe. major retailers are getting on-board with amazon's summer discount shopping spree. some companies will match prime day deals. they are matching deals sold from amazon. sounds like a nice day of shopping. we've still got -- i think ed henry, your camera is working
4:46 am
in helsinki. there he is. >> absolutely. i wouldn't leave you guys. >> you leave no man behind. it's great to host with you this morning. you covered hillary cline tore r years. now heyou know her well. she was not on the campaign trail officially but it sounded like it in pittsburgh, in front of the teachers' union talk about president trump's possible supreme court pick. listen to hillary clinton on friday. >> i used to worry they wanted to turn the clock back to the 1950s. now i worry they want to turn it back to the 1850s. this nomination holds out the threat of devastating consequences. they are trying to rip the heart out of america. >> ed, what's your strategy here? is she going to be a surrogate? is she going to be a candidate? >> honestly, i think she's becoming less and less relevant because comments like that are so far out of the mainstream.
4:47 am
brett kavanaugh is from the 1850s when we still had slavery? give me a break. this is absurd. brett kavanaugh, i don't know him well but i leave near him in maryland and the washington post sent a couple reporters to to dig into what's his neighborhood like and they want to a bar that my wife and i go to as well and brett kavanaugh hangs out there and they found a bartender to say he's a nice guy. he brings his family in after he coaches his daughter's basketball team and i didn't know he was a federal judge because he's such a nice guy leaves a good tip. hillary clinton wants to basically say he's the worst thing in the world. he's not. let's pick apart his policies. he's not perfect. to demonize this guy, i think she's becoming less and less reel development it -- relevant. it makes it harder to run again if she wants to. >> a lot of republicans would like to see her run. president trump was asked by
4:48 am
piers morgan whether he was going to run for re-election and he says well, i intend -- i fully intend to run, seems like everybody wants me to. what do you say about that? >> look, what i say is i go back to 2016 and i would run into any number of our viewers in the 2016 campaign and they would tell me i kind of like trump but i don't think he really wants to win, like he's not -- thing is a large, it's a reality show. i kept telling them no, this man desperately wants to win and he has a better shot than anyone thinks. it's the same now. you hear the same thing, he's probably not going to run again, he probably doesn't want this. are you kidding me? he wants to be validated. he wants to show that he won fair and square if 2016. he wants to be vindicated in 2020. i've got news for you. i talked to a lot of democrats in washington that are nervous that they wasted a lot of time on resist, they haven't come up with their own plans and they
4:49 am
don't have a candidate to beat him. >> i talked to a lot of republicans. the republicans honestly say this is what president trump said about who would run against him. he said i don't see anybody. i know them all and i don't see anybody. that was in an interview with piers morgan on saturday. we talk to a lot of republicans. the enthusiasm for him is as high as it's ever been and where is it for anybody else? >> we didn't know barack obama was coming at this point in the 2008 election so let's be clear that a democrat somewhere could still emerge. but if you look at the current crop, what i hear now when i travel the country from not just republicans but also democrats is they whisper to me at the airport, biden's, what, 75 and elizabeth warren is not much more behind and would pull the party further to the t left. bernie sanders even older and more liberal. the idea that democrat versus a
4:50 am
new generation of leaders, not seeing it yet, guys. >> ed, stick with us. we're going to eat ice cream, maybe you can too. >> did we get the ice cream yet? we're getting it. >> he's a demanding man. he'll have ice cream. as the president gets ready to meet with vladimir putin, what would make the summit a success. ainsley will go one on one with the u.s. ambassador to russia, jon huntsman, coming up next hour. eye scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream, we're celebrating national ice cream day on the plaza. we're inside right now. ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪
4:51 am
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4:53 am
it's the coolest day of the year, national ice cream day.
4:54 am
we're celebrating this morning first up. >> coo of franchising for baskin robbins, scott campbell is here with coney the mascot behind us. tell us what baskin robins is up to. >> what we created are freak shakes for national ice cream day. >> that's got a donut in it. >> this is our donut shot freak shake. >> you partner with dunkin' donuts. >> absolutely. >> what's in it? >> we have gentlema jamoca almo. >> one bite from the donut, one from the ice cream. >> we have our whipped cream and munchkins. >> what else should folks be looking for. >> if they download the baskin robbins app, they can get specials, buy one, get one free. we feature the freak shake throughout the rest of the month. >> thank you so much. >> we're going to cold stone
4:55 am
creamery, started in arizona. we've got dr. maya warren. tell us what you guys are doing. >> it's cold stone creamery's 30th anniversary. we're celebrating with our cake batter creations. you can't get much better than that. we have our big three, oh, our traditional cake batter ice cream with brownie fudge. you have to take a bite. >> i will. i love how you make it on a slab. are you a real doctor? >> i have a phd in food science. >> taste master doctor. >> i love ice cream. >> that is the best job ever. >> we're giving away buy one, get one free, national ice cream day until july 22nd. you didn't get much better than that. >> now on to di dippin dots. >> this has taken the world by storm. >> we are everywhere. we're also in our 30th anniversary year. we came up with a wonderful
4:56 am
flavor, rainbow, lemon ice with popping candy. we're so excited. all across the country today, for a couple hours, free dippin dots at any one of our locations across the country. i've got my good friend frozetty here from the mountains. we're going to keep him refrigerated. >> this is from the future. >> the future is now. >> kids love this. >> they love dippin dots. it's a generational product. we grew up eating it and now your kids will eat it. >> good stuff. we've got baskin robins, cold stone, dippin dots. we've got national ice cream day covered forels coming up, senator rand paul, jon huntsman
4:57 am
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dizziness, or confusion. ask your health care provider if you're tresiba® ready. covered by most insurance and medicare plans. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ ♪ >> the president and president putin, one-on-one summit. >> they will bring up russia meddling, syria. what happened in crimea. nuclear proliferation. just a general relationship between u.s. and russia. >> is he a competitor. is he representing russia. i'm representing the united states. >> the president should fully cancel that trip to helsinki. >> how do you do that? how does he sit down with vladimir putin. >> obama told the president of russia that they're going to be more flexible. i don't remember the media going nuts over that it's not about vladimir putin. this is about a hatred on the part of never trumpers. >> acting deputy attorney general rod rosenstein charges against 12 nationals. house conservatives
5:01 am
reportedly moving now to impeach rosenstein. >> rod rosenstein not only did he not allow them to access the documents that they have been requesting over a year. this was the straw that broke the camel's back. >> i'm going to make sure i bring this home for pete. make helsinki great again. trump fans here and they have been letting us know. ♪ sweet amotion pete: good morning, folks. as rachel just said, great music choice to open up. welcome this morning. it's 8:00 hour of "fox & friends." only two of us here. we get more ice cream because it is national ice cream day. warm in america. and i think warm in helsinki although i'm not quite sure how warm because it's -- oh, look at that. ed, you found ice cream. rachel: it's not america ice cream. ed: pete, you can't have all the fun because did all the eating on the show. vegan ice cream healthier apparently.
5:02 am
pete: okay. ed goes to fin land and eats vegan ice cream. rachel: he brought up the elite swamp. ed: i can't hear you. i have got pistachio. let the team eat the rest of that and what is this called again? nuts and caramel. pete: this is called the unicorn. rachel: bass kin robbins. dippin' dots. pete: named after that russian collusion we were supposed to find. unicorn. you can't find it i don't know where it is. ed: pete, it doesn't matter what we talk about. it could be ice cream or grilling out there. you will find a way to turn it back to no collusion, no collusion, no collusion. pete: this is what we do, ed. this is what we do. the reason you are in helsinki we should catch everybody up of course less than 24 hours from now, donald trump, our president, will be meeting with russian president vladimir putin and a big summit.
5:03 am
big issues on the table, ed, as have you talked about. he said the president has said he will talk about russian meddling, what they did to try continue to influence our election, but, also, syria, crimea, nuclear arms race, ongoing with them for decades. the general relationship with russia. ed, what are you hearing there as we lead up to this summit of what might happen on the ground? >> we're hearing about the possibility of sort of a grand bargain. where the president puts on the table the idea of getting vladimir putin's help to get iran out of syria. also, get iran to calm down in the middle east. in fact, i note it's very important this has been little noticed but benjamin netanyahu, a key ally of president trump, of course, as the israeli prime minister, was just meeting with vladimir putin two or three days ago. putting on the table this idea that if putin will help get iran out of syria and get them to calm down in the mideast, that maybe president trump will put on the table the idea of
5:04 am
recognizing russian -- the russian taking, i should say of crimea. that will be very controversial. because that annexation was illegal. let's be honest about it. >> right. ed: the president will face a lot of criticism. is he going to face criticism no matter what he does. we see that all the time. here is he saying let's give peace a chance in terms of potentially having disarmament and four and a half weeks said the same with kim jong un in singapore. we should look at the big picture here and not just what's happening monday is that this president is leading on the world stage. rachel: absolutely. he has said he wants to make peace a central point or a central part of his agenda there of the summit. he is also, i think, taken the substantial of a businessman. i think is he more concerned. he talked about that on the campaign trail. you know, he wants to bring peace around the world and domestic prosperity to americans. he says that putin is a competitor and not an enemy. take a look. >> he's not my enemy. is he a friend?
5:05 am
no, i don't know him well enough. ultimately is he a competitor. is he representing rickenbacker. i'm representing the united states. so, in a sense, we're competitors. not a question of friend or enemy. he is not my enemy. and hopefully some day, maybe he will be a friend. pete: ed, seems like a reasonable perspective to take going on in. we have had such an endless cascade of accusations of russian collusion that he is trying to get out from underneath that and say let's just have a conversation and relationship and see if the world could be better off for it. ed: if you ignore some of the noise out there. think about the supreme court, quickly, when the president was transparent during the campaign and said these are the 25 names of the people he said in the campaign. if i'm elected, i will nominate from this list to the supreme court. guess what? in the campaign he also was transparent and said if i'm elected president i'm going to try to forge a relationship with vladimir putin. have mistakes been made?
5:06 am
yes. is putin a bad person on the stage has he done bad things? yes. if he we can make him our friend on some issues like syria where barack obama was weak on the world stage. talked about a red line with syria and didn't enforce it. if we can forge a new relationship with russia, what's wrong with that? the president said that in the campaign. he is consistent now with what he said then. pete: that's true. speaking of the previous administration. have you got hillary clinton. she went there with a big reset button in march of 2009. right at the beginning of their administration. now the re-set button was misspelled and they interpreted the re-set to run all over a new week and apologizing american administration. you got barack obama and the campaign of 2012 said hey, the 80's called and want their foreign policy back. of course you will remember this conversation right before that election. where barack obama went to medvedev and said here is a message for vladimir putin. listen. >> after my election i have more flexibility.
5:07 am
yeah. rachel: ed, you are part of the media, tell me what the reaction would be in the media if that hot mike conversation had been caught with putin and trump? ed: rachel, what a great question. i hadn't thought of it that way. which is what if there is a hot mike moment now. the idea and president trump was caught saying hey, give me a little time, vlad i have a little more flexibility after 2020. you are right there. would be a second special counsel, rachel and pete. there would be what does putin have on this man? he is talking about flexibility. folks, that's what barack obama talked about, number one. and number two, think about how rude that was, frankly, for barack obama to say in that debate the 80's want their foreign policy back. this is not just a political tact. it was suggesting that romney was all wrong about russia it turned out barack obama was all wrong about russia. and take it one step forward when he says the 80's want their foreign policy back
5:08 am
because the cold war has been over for 20 years. guess what, folks, the democrats are saying the opposite. they are being hypocrites. they are saying the cold war is back, i thought barack obama said just a few years ago the cold war is over now all of a sudden be you can't keep track where the democrats are on this story. pete: seems very convenient. you are already talking about a second special counsel. easy, cowboy. ed: taepodong in cheek. you heard it earlier in the program possibly pushing to wrap up the investigation by the end of the summer. this as rod rosenstein walked to that podium, talked about the indictment of 12 russian spies. they will never see justifiable on our side of the pond. but, he also emphasized very specifically, this indictment has nothing to do with americans, has nothing to do with collusion so, here we are over a year into this special counsel, no evidence of collusion, not even leaked to the media, will we see this start to wrap up by the end of summer because we have heard that
5:09 am
before. >> ed: i'm skeptical because we have heard that before. we should have a cautionary note which is there could be person who co-spirits added to these indictments. doesn't mean they are guilty. they could be found to be innocent. we'll don't know where robert mueller is going and that's the point. started out as allegations and that hasn't been proven. people have pled guilty there have been indictments for other crimes. not for collusion. not for obstruction of justice. the investigation is still open, so we don't know where it will go. you are right. come on, in rachel, look, we have heard that robert mueller is going to wrap this up before the mid terms and guess what? he hasn't done it. front and center a political issue. rachel: my question how could they not at least wrap up the part about trump? we have the president of the united states, you mentioned all the amazing things is he doing on the world stage, all the work is he doing domestically on immigration and the economy it's about time that if there is nothing on him and i have to believe after $40 million and almost two years and
5:10 am
every single news, you know, news organization in this country looking under every single rock for some ounce of collusion between the president and vladimir putin and these russians during the election if there is nothing there, can't they at least lift that -- close that part of the investigation and move on and look at what else they did, the russians did without donald trump and his campaign involved? >> it's possible but i don't see them realistically doing it if you take out that support of the investigation, what's left? it's like the bottom would be pulled out of it. as pete knows better than anyone, he has been talking about this for a long time, the idea that you know, there is no evidence of collusion. and, yet, the investigation drags on. what about the fact -- think of it this way, rachel, when peter strzok testified for several hours last week and i think there were a lot of problems with his testimony. but the democrats wrapped it up and said, there is nothing to see here. we have already heard from this guy. the republican idea that there was a problem at the
5:11 am
fbi is not a big deal. i think they are wrong about that. they said let's move on. that walls after one day, rachel, after one day of testimony. here we are a year and a half into the mueller investigation and it's still going and as you say, they haven't found collusion. pete: more recent fox news poll, you are familiar with it the minority of the american people approve of or accept what the mueller probe is doing. even if they were to purport to find some small attachment, which let's be honest they have gone after the small official on the periphery hoping they might find some connection to donald trump. there is going to be no open and shut case and not definitive and it does undermine the ability of our president to conduct foreign policy in a place like helsinki. meeting on high takes issues that really do matter for war and peace in the world. ed: what about the fact that there were, what, 2, 3, multiple fisa warrants to surveil carter page a very low level trump campaign
5:12 am
official for a brief amount of time have they brought charges against him? it's been more than a year and a half, two years since they started surveying him. if they were listening to his calls and doing all these other things, there clearly doesn't appear to be anything there. because they never charged carter page with anything. so i think you are right. i think pressure is increasing to figure out is there something there or not? pete: you are right. ed henry enjoy your vegan ice cream. interesting choice. a german might consume with the euro folks. ed: get the vegan because you think it's healthy and you eat three tubs of it. same amount of calories. pete: no longer healthy. you have a big interview with rand paul. he had. rachel: thank you, ed. pete: fin land stepping up security with its borders. what a novel concept borders for countries ahead of the summit tomorrow. dr. sebastian gorka. plus, sean hannity going to be on our program this morning live from helsinki.
5:13 am
rachel: senator dianne feinstein gets snubbed by democrats in her own state. ♪ you can go your own way ♪ (director) cut! nice, candace, but this time bold. did someone say "bold?" (gasping) starkist jalapeo tuna in a pouch! loaded with bold flavor. just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go bold! try all of my bold creations pouches!
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pete: finland beefing up border security ahead of tomorrow's high stakes summit. our next guest says these vital security precautions only prove the importance of border safety and walls. rachel: here to explain fox news national security strategist and former deputy assistant to president trump dr. sebastian gorka. welcome, doctor. >> thanks, rachel. rachel: so, borders. i thought that they didn't
5:17 am
really make a difference. >> funny how that works, doesn't it? you have, perhaps, one of the most important summits. i think after singapore, this is the second most important summit of the last few decades. and the host country finland, which is part of the eu, part of the agreement which removed all borders in this wonderland of the european union except the u.k. it's very interesting. the u.k. when it came to removing borders said no thanks, we will keep ours. but everybody else said no, we don't need border checks. we don't need to see your passport. we ever just one big happy family. finland has said this is so important. so many people out there potential threats we are putting back our border patrols which is exactly what happened in france after the recent terror attacks as well. they have temporarily reinstated borders. so, without borders, it's very hard to have a country. it's very hard to have security. pete: that's right. so, dr. finland's interior minister had this to say this. is a quote from an article recently about these new
5:18 am
border patrols. it said the aim with this is to make sure that foreign nationals traveling to or from fin land fulfill the conditions for entry into or staying in the country as laid down by law to identify persons who might pose a risk. it's almost shocking to me that that is something you could say temporarily as opposed to what our president is saying right now, we have laws, we have borders, we have a country, maybe we should enforce them. rachel: sounds like extreme vetting, doctor, doesn't it? >> indeed it does. indeed it does. i think it was the great mark levin who said without borders, without culture, without language, you have no nation. you are absolutely right. there is a reason that the first substantive policy platform the president had as candidate was to talk about borders and the wall. it's like a house, peter. when did you go to bed at night, do you lock your door? it's not because you hate everybody outside your house.
5:19 am
but it's because you want to protect the loved ones inside. and the border of a country is its front door. and, of course, you want to make sure that the bad people don't come in, especially when you have a target like a summit between the most powerful man in the world, president trump, and vladimir putin. pete: absolutely. we have seen those borders erode in eastern europe as well because of what vladimir putin has attempt tempted to do. rachel: i wonder if they will keep those borders up after. it's interesting. pete: thanks for your time. i know you will be watching the summit. >> stay away from that vegan ice cream. pete: we will make him answer for that thank you, doctor. coming up, ainsley will go one and one with the u.s. ambassador to russia. talk about a guy inside the middle of these talks. jon huntsman live in helsinki. rachel: what does senator rand paul think of the u.s.-russia summit? we will ask him next.
5:20 am
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xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. pete: welcome back a trio of headlines for you. beginning with a fox news alert. high level military talks taking place overnight between u.s. and north korea at the dmz. a u.s. official telling fox news the two sides talked about the return of american service members killed in the korean war. the military official adding that the talks were productive but there is still work to be done. the return of american remains was part of the agreement made by president trump and kim jong un at their summit last month. and, in another fox news alert, scottish police, they have arrested that 55-year-old pair gliding protester. the green peace activist entering the no-fly zone above the president's turn bury reaching a security ring of 200 feet of the
5:24 am
president. the suspected is due in court tomorrow where we will learn the name. attacking dianne feinstein by endorsing her opponent. the party opting to support kevin deleon overnight. the author of the sanctuary cities bill there the embarrassing set back coming six weeks after she defeated deleon by 32 points in the june primary. the pair of democrats, only democrats on the ballot for this election will face off in the november mid terms in california. ed? over to you. ed: all right. thanks, pete. over in helsinki president trump's nomination of brett kavanaugh back home to replace justice anthony kennedy on the supreme court has polarized many in the senate. several swing vote senators have kept their opinions about kavanaugh close to the vest. where does the senate stand? where do some key lawmakers stand at this moment and will he be confirmed before the mid terms? joining me now, we are lucky to have him live, kentucky senator rand paul swing vote on this nomination. good morning, sir. >> good morning, ed, thanks
5:25 am
for having me. ed: i appreciate it i know you have some news on russia. i will get to that in a moment. i want to start on kavanaugh. there have been reports suggesting you might be a no vote on kavanaugh because of your concerns. and you have been very upfront and strong on civil liberties for many years now clayman vs. obama in 2013. kavanaugh as a federal judge as you know wrote that sometimes a special needs of law enforcement, quote outweighs the intrusion on individual liberty. i know you had concerns about that case and maybe others. i also understand have you an open mind. where do you stand? are you -- what will it take to get to you to yes on kavanaugh? >> at this point i'm undecided i try weigh this in the perspective of this could be a clinton nominee vs. a trump nominee. i am somewhat persuaded to have an open mind. this is president trump who did such a great job with justice gorsuch.
5:26 am
i am worried that kavanaugh will cancel out gorsuch's vote on the fourth amendment. he said in his opinion in clayman that basically national security trumps the fourth amendment. and that the bulk collection, you remember the program that snowden revealed that the government was collecting august of our metadata and phone records and storing in utah and millions and millions of pieces of data, bawnkly kavanaugh ruled he was just fine with it that basically the national security required it. i disagree completely giving up our liberty for security we may end up with what franklin said neither. ed: what will it take to you get to yes? do you think can you overcome that? because as you say big picture here, it's not a clinton nominee and maybe you could come around and support kavanaugh? there are 10 amendments listed in the bill of rights, so the fourth amendment is one of them. so we're already down one. let's see how he does on the
5:27 am
other nine. i'm willing to meet with him. i would like to have a frank discussion with him. and the bottom line is i don't think you get much from supreme court justices i think the conversation is useful. worth him hearing that i don't think anybody in america believes that when you use a cell phone company or when you use visa or when you use a bank that somehow have you given up your privacy, that's what the supreme court said in the 1970s, and they couldn't be more horribly wrong. nobody in america believes you give up your privacy when you do banking. but there are some believe that in the court system. i'm concerned about kavanaugh. we have hopefully an open and long and far ranging conversation about this. ed: so, senator paul open-minded about kavanaugh. there are a lot of closed minded people it seems right now on this summit here in helsinki that kicks off tomorrow where i am. senator, i'm wondering, i hear have you news to make for us this morning that you are planning a trip to russia to follow up on all
5:28 am
of this? >> yes. i have been an advocate for engagement. i think there are a lot of simplsimplistic people out there on both sides of the aisle cite sizing president trump. engagement is a good idea. ing having meetings and conversations even during the height of the cuban missile crisis there was a direct line of communicatio communication. we don't want to make mistakes and mistakenly amiable into a war because we were in close proximity and didn't know it i'm very much for open lines of communication. it doesn't mean that we agree or we accede to what russia is doing. that means bilateral exchanges between our country to theirs. hoping to talk to the president after his meeting. i'm going to be there in early august. i will be going with kato, a foreign policy and free market think tank. and some of their members. and we'll be talking to the president after helsinki and asking him if there are some
5:29 am
things we can follow up on. we have some ideas for renewing cultural exchange. renewing exchange of political leaders. we need to have more exchange of thought and communication than we have had. ed: senator paul right in the thick. brett kavanaugh conversation as well kavanaugh summit in helsinki making sure something positive comes from it we appreciate you taking time out to come on "fox & friends" this morning, sir. >> thank you. ed: all right. coming up, ainsley is going one-on-one as we go deeper here at the summit with the u.s. ambassador to russia, jon huntsman live right here in helsinki just moments from now. with my bladder leakag, the products i've tried just didn't fit right. they were very saggy. it's getting in the way of our camping trips. but with new sizes, depend fit-flex is made for me. introducing more sizes for better comfort. new depend fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit.
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♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands? mutually agreed let's have a meeting. i do agree in meetings. i believe that having a meeting with chairman kim was a good thing. i think having meetings with the president of china was a very good thing. i believe it's very good. having meetings with russia, china and north korea. i believe in it. nothing bad is going to come out of it. and maybe some good will come out knew interview yesterday with president trump and golf course in scotland. he will be headed soon to helsinki, finland where we now find ainsley earhardt. you know her as the host of "fox & friends" during the weekend.
5:34 am
special weekend correspondent for just one weekend, this weekend. and she joins us live with the ambassador of russia jon huntsman. ainsley, take it away. rachel: good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. thank you. with ambassador huntsman ambassador for russia. also the ambassador to china and singapore. ran for president. he was governor of utah and and most importantly father to seven including abby. >> don't forget isabel. she is the most beautiful part of the bio. ainsley: thank you for leaving your family and coming over to live in russia and represent the united states. >> it's a labor of love. ainsley: tell us about this meeting. what is the purpose. >> the purpose so bilateral relationship. the president has been remarkably consistent from the campaign through to when he was elected through to the instructions he gave me when i came out. we need to reduce the tensions in the relationship. we need to take the danger to the american people out of a bilateral relationship, a relationship that contains 90% of the world's nuclear
5:35 am
weapons. ainsley: how do you do that? >> you have to build trust in a relationship that has none. so, the collective blood pressure in our bilateral relationship is high. we are not talking with one another. we are talking past one another. we have issues that have built up. not least at all election meddling and influence in europe. we have violations of international law in ukraine. we have 460 sanctions on individuals and entities that have built up as a result of all of this mischief. and, then you come to the realization as every president does that in order to solve certain problems in the world, you've got to work collaboratively. it's inconceivable that you put out some of the fires in the middle east without the united states and russia working together in syria. ainsley: those sanction also remain until what. >> until russia chooses to address them. some of them are related to
5:36 am
crimea. some of them are related to eastern ukraine. some of them are related to cyber hacking. and there are other categories as well. so, they are there for a reason. and, president trump and president putin will sit down tomorrow for the first time ever. they have had what they called publicized meetings in hamburg, germany or the apec summit in vietnam. this is the first time they have had a chance to actually sit down and put the cards on the table. so, what you don't want is what every president sings the cold war has done, which is to announce a big reset, a big redo. hype expectations on both sides and then have everything collapse. ainsley: correct. >> that's exactly what's happened under every administration so far. >> hillary clinton gave him the reset button. >> exactly right. you remember that ainsley. so, key here is to say we have issues. they have issues. we are informed by the past. what we have learned and what they have done.
5:37 am
we are wisenned by that we are going to put our cards on the table. we are going to look at ours and see where we have overlapping interests. it may work. it may not. but i can tell you that in the president we have the most experienced negotiator ever elected to the presidency. you have a lot of presidents who have never had negotiation before. unbelievable as that sounds, before they were elected president. so the president has some pretty good instincts on these kinds of things. ainsley: what are those overlapping issues? it's hard for us to see. >> and i can't fault you for that if you start to look at the issue of categories overlapping efforts. nuclear weapons. a danger waiting to happen we are bound together by arms control agreement new start expires in 2021 unless we up it for another five years. key here is to take down the threat. to say look at nuclear safety and protocols that would reduce risks. and to limit the number of
5:38 am
deployed strategic warheads, which is what we are doing together. so they want to do it. we want to do it. we have overlapping interests in syria, which is a very small and defined battlefield right now. we are going after an enemy. we are going after an enemy. we want to finish the war against isis and make sure that syria stabilizes as a nation state. we and russia have to get on the staple page to do it. we would have overlapping interests in north korea if i could finish with this one we both believe as nuclear powers that in order to get to denuclearization, ultimately, we are both going to have to play a role in that process. ainsley: breaking news this week. 12 russians were indicted, accused of meddling in our 2016 election. john mccain, your good friend and lot of democrats have said summit here tomorrow should be cancelled because of this. until those 12 are extradited and brought back to america. will that happen and do you agree with those? >> we don't have extradition treat were with the russians. it's highly unlikely that's going to happen.
5:39 am
ainsley: they just get away with it? is there anything else we can do? >> can you talk about that some other time. but, should the meeting happen? , listen, you are not going to find a clean, clear runway between the united states and russia, something happening. i once ran the u.s.-china relationship there was never a clear runway between a malign activity and when you had some sort of big meeting planned. it's almost impossible. so, these are big issues they really can't wait. no reason to wait. other issues with respect to the investigation are going to continue to play out as they should. the investigation rolled up almost a total of 30 russians based upon some of their activity during the election. and wrot we need to look not in the rear viewer mirror, ainsley but forward. we have an election in november. if there is meddling in 2018, like we have seen in the past. it's inconceivable that we're going to be able to work on these other issues that i have described that
5:40 am
if done successfully will lealeave the world a better, safer place. i applaud the president for saying this is in the national security interest of the american people and our country and i don't want to further delay it. i want to begin taking steps to reduce the tension in what is an extremely tense relationship. ainsley: i know that russia has their privacy laws are completely different. you know, they are known for espionage. when it comes to the midterm elections, they are taking advantage of our freedom and liberty over in america. how can we prevent them from doing that in the midterm election knowing they just did it in 2016? >> there are countries, a few, that will engage in different types of meddling around election time. and i have to say it didn't knew fonew forrussia either. look at the issue of meddling goes back decades different types of meddling, what is important for us to learn about what went on. and to be wise as a result
5:41 am
and to develop approaches and technologies and procedures and counter measures that will allow us to be better, stronger and faster. i don't like it when the united states is on defense all the time. i like it when america is on offense. that's where we should be. and that's where the president will attempt to get us tomorrow. and so let's learn from those experiences. we are an innovative, free country. someone trips us up, we learn our lessons and we march forward and we get better as we proceed. ainsley: the president was not afraid to say a few things about theresa may and sit down in front of her and talk to her when they had the photo opportunity. has he done the same thing with putin. he said some harsh things about him but also said they can come to the table and why they are having the meeting. did he say at the nato summit he was furious with germany for doing business with russia. giving billion dollars in energy and it wasn't fair and we are paying so much and they want protections and if we are going to give them protections they need
5:42 am
to do the right thing. do you agree with the president on that? >> the president has a very, very good point. what i enjoy about the president and working with him is he is not a politician. and is he not necessarily a diplomat. sesea business guy who now represents the united states of america. where people in the past would have conversations in the back room same thing, he basically said here it is, like it or not, here are the issues that i really care about. and the whole world learns about it. which isn't always bad. that he is taking that approach. but, here's one thing that goes right to where the president campaigned almost three years ago, russia has almost exclusive market share into certain parts of europe, including germany and turkey to say nothing of southern europe. we are not in the game. yet, we are bringing new product online in the united states in the form of lng production. faster and cheaper than ever before in history. can you imagine what they would be thinking in moscow if we were to turn our
5:43 am
markets toward europe and provide people like germany and turkey and others an alternative. because, right now they are taking from russia because they are the cheapest and biggest source supplier. we are not in the game. i'm here to tell you like everything america does, once we get in the game, of the whole dynamic changes. ainsley: maybe tomorrow. >> the president talked about energy. this is the perfect example. ainsley: ambassador, thank you so much. thank you for accepting our invitation to be on and tell your daughter hello. >> all right. rachel and pete back to you. fascinating interview. pete: very well done. never a clear runway on a meeting with russia. important. all right. coming up did, anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok's affair with lisa page open him up to possible blackmailing? interesting question. rachel: former congressman jason chaffetz is on that next. stay with us.
5:44 am
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5:47 am
rachel: peter strzok grilled on capitol hill this week with many asking did he abuse his power at the fbi to try to take down president trump? pete: here to weigh in is fox news contributor jason chaffetz. we watched that testimony. it was revealing. i'm glad it was not behind closed doors. but, ultimately, how can you not make the argument that his power and his access in the government was likely used to advance his view of the world? >> the two deep concerns. you get past the antics the smirking, his attitude and approach, there are two big issues that the serious investigators know that are serious about the fbi are concerned about. did he use his power, his influence his ability to move money, assets, people, did he do so to try to take down donald trump? and that's what a series of investigators are looking at right now. and then second issue, pete, that people are really
5:48 am
concerned about is how does the person, the senior most person in counter intelligence for the federal bureau of investigation, did he compromise himself? did he compromise the fbi? not only in the way he conducted his personal life, but the way he was using these telecommunications devices? against the most sophisticated and nefarious actors in the world. you don't have to watch the americans or some other television show to understand that his personal conduct potentially put the fbi in great jeopardy. rachel: lisa page mentioned they used the work phone because they were having illicit affair. that definitely opens him up to blackmail and someone in the fbi would definitely know that right? >> there are a series of things that they are looking at the telecommunications phones, nonsecure phone. there are text messages out there saying that he was in a scif. a secure place that you go to have conversations that
5:49 am
are in a classified nature were those phones dictating to adversaries where location was. geo location devices with him. movement on multiple fronts. using a are a variety of different phones, only seen the texts from the work phones. haven't seen the personal stuff yet. and then you look at some of the over things that he was doing or probably not doing, the sloppiness of this dratsd great concern. pete: it really does. the question of how can you text from your work phone 50,000 times and not say it was work related it just feels like he is lying to us straight to our face. >> as a husband i feel so inadequate. pete: good point. congressman, thanks for your time this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: you got it what is vladimir putin's biggest fear? daniel hoffman knows all about putin after serving in russia as the cia chief.
5:50 am
coming up. rachel: elizabeth warren also known by pocahontas by the president may be auditioning for the job in 2020. does she have a shot at winning? we will look at her chances coming up next. see for yourself at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. (dnice, candace, but this time bold. did someone say "bold?" (gasping) starkist jalapeo tuna in a pouch! loaded with bold flavor. just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go bold! try all of my bold creations pouches! [stomach gurgles] ♪when you have nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea.♪ try new pepto with ultra coating.
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5:53 am
♪ ♪ >> the stakes could not be higher. civil rights and workers rights. these are important battles to wage and to win. but the most critical battle of all will be fought in the voting booth next november. pete: that's hillary clinton and other big name democrats hitting the road over the weekend for what appears, if you are watching it, to be
5:54 am
campaign style speeches. are they simply rallying the base ahead of the november mid terms or raising money or are they laying the groundwork for 2020 runs? here to weigh in g.o.p. polster and strategist justin long. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. pete: speculation. but here we are and hillary clinton is back on the trail. is it conceivable that she could run for a third time? >> yeah. hillary in 2020. i mean, 26% of americans view her very or even somewhat positively. and while democratic women have been winning unprecedented numbers in primaries this year and i think there is an appetite for a woman president. if left leaning voters are looking for a blast from the past, they are really looking for barack obama, i think not hillary. pete: or the blast from the past they wanted really the grassroots really wanted last cycle was bernie sanders. is he back on the trail. he was in minnesota for keith ellison running for the attorney general there. here is what bernie sanders had to say at that rally. >> so many people have
5:55 am
struggled to end racism and discrimination and sexism and we say to trump we are not going backwards. we are going forwards. pete: is he teeing up a run? >> bernie sanders galvanized a large group of americans who were dissatisfied with the establishment. felt the establishment wasn't meeting their needs. wasn't even listening to their needs. and that voter malaise still exists. kind of the same ebb and flow the tide that swept president trump into office. and we have seen some bernie candidates win in the primaries this year. but, i don't think that translates into an overall appetite. among the american public for the specific kind of brand of socialist policies that bernie has. pete: so far, so not yet hillary, not necessarily bernie. but, elizabeth warren hot president has had in his crosshairs quite a bit at the american federation of teacher's conference over the weekend and she said. this.
5:56 am
>> we'll organize the fight for working people across america. [cheers] >> we'll register the voters. we'll bring in everyone off the sidelines. and come november 6th, we will vote to save this democracy. pete: i will be honest i was surprised she didn't run last time she felt like an in between between hillary and bernie. >> she is a hero to the progressive left. no question about it i think she is hedging. i mean, she is right now criticizing the electoral college at this stage. if you asked her she is not very confident in her ability. pete: interesting. even the name polling the best is joe biden. >> another name to talk about here will be interesting. pete: thank you for your time. we are watching. president trump laying out his agenda less than 24 hours from the summit with putin, he would will check back with our own ed henry who is live from helsinki coming up next. plus, we have got sean hannity this morning. he is the morning not the
5:57 am
evening but he is up also with us in helsinki for his perspective. don't miss it ♪ ♪ the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
the president and president putin one-on-one summit. >> i know you want to know what we will talk about. we'll talk about meddling. this is terrorism. they were victims of a terror strike. when he told them they would be more flexible. it's not about putin. this is about a hated on the never trumpers. rod rossen stei rosenstein d
6:01 am
tariffs. make how thinking great again. we have trump fans here and they have been letting us know. ♪ [ music ] we have the adrenaline pumping because it east the fourth hour and it's only two of us. it's 9:00 here. 8:00 in wisconsin rachel. 4:00 p.m. in finland. i don't normally care but today i care what time it is because you are there, ed. >>reporter: yeah, i'm here for the summit. i miss you guys too. you think i'm 4,000 miles away. i heard you, pete, talking to sabashtian. how dear you attack me while
6:02 am
over seas. he said two things. i'm trying to save you from euro weinies. >> i think it ' a virgini vegan exception. >> we got them. >> ed will report through today and tomorrow and the day after. we have this big trump putin summit. we'll also have shawn joining us. >> it's a presidential palace is a stones throw from where i am. get ready. 6:00 a.m. eastern time when fox and friends really get going.
6:03 am
president trump is really putting a lot on theline. you think about it beyond the one summit, in the span of four and half weeks he will have completed two one-on-one summits. two of the most formidable people on the world's stage. you won't get anything done. don't do it. democrats are trying to get him to cancel the summit. bottom line denuclearization in north korea, we are not there yet but getting there. he's leading on the world stage. >> there is a lot on theline. we have a lot of issues. russian meddling is something they really want him to take on. u.s./russia relations. we just saw a interview and he said the president detection to
6:04 am
him when i know he took the ambassadorship was to reduce tension. let's listen. >> the president has been consistent from the campaign through when he was elected through the instructions he gave me. we need to reduce the tension in the relationship. to resolve certain problems in the world you have to work collaboratively. >> we have issues and they have issues. we are informed by the past and what they have done. we are wisenned by that. ed by that. >> well, what a smart comment. i'm not surprised. he's a shrewd player. he was the ambassador to china by the way under president obama. what do democrats want?
6:05 am
because we have disagreements with china. would we not sit-down with the chinese president. would we close your eyes and mind? that's what the ambassador is saying. this president has been very clear. i made this point before. like the sabashtia supreme cour. i'll pick from this list. he did the same thing with rushtia, folks. despite everybody talking about collusion, there is no evidence of it. we were with iran and certify yo. that east a good thing. >> the president's transparent as of yesterday. we have new sound from an interview he did. >> it was mutually agreed. i believe that having a meeting with chairman kim was a good
6:06 am
thing. having meetings with the president of china was a very good thing. i belief it's really good. having meetings with russia, china, and north korea. i believe in it. nothing bad will come out of it. >> you know, the disrupter and chief ignoring political protocol. he said i'll sit-down with you. >> ambassador huntsman made the point saying somehow president trump was out of his league. listen, we never had a president that brings more experience in notation to the summit. believe it or not there have been presidents with zero experience with negotiating. >> we heard the same criticism before singapore. president trump did pretty well.
6:07 am
he came away with an east side oonorth korea.we were trying tor feet to the fire. look, trust but verify as ronald reagan said. we heard the sa same critics sag the same thing. >> we are hearing, hopefully more will be returned. you know, we also got the reports from rod rosenstein. no evidence of collusion. we are still looking for that unicorn. micheal, took to his show and said that this election meddling as bad as it may be helik, like- he likened it to a territory
6:08 am
attack. >> what happened to when we were united against the common enemy. this was terrorism. we were the victims of a terror strike. will the commander and chief on monday hold accountable the presumed perpetrator of that terror strike. >> this was a deflection on the part of this cnn host. all of these attacks on our democracy happened under obama. he sudden lly didn't want to fos on obama. we don't want to talk about obama. focus back on trump and this unicorn of collusion. really quick, evan. i would like to show a clip of
6:09 am
how obama treated the russian threat. i'll come back and get you're comments on the other size. >> i'm glad you recognize al qaeda is a threat. before you said russia. the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> think about how many people in the main stream media visionary obama was. i think he was making fun of mitt romney. he was right and romney was wrong. it seams like a stretch. trump alleys make a mistake when they bury they're head in the
6:10 am
sand. the obama administration failed. pugh tin attacked us. we shouldn't let him off the hook. >> no one is arguing about that. on the republican sideno one is arguing that russia meddled in our es. what the people are flustered with is $40 million and almost two years of a cloud over the president's head for a president trying to do something for us. >> and the moment the probe comes to an end some point soon and we need to get answers. was there obstruction of justice? there is no evidence of that. when the president asked about this. he said look, i asked putin it and i didn't do anything. that i attacked us. >> sure, i aye degree with that. >> there is so much the media has done to make it look like a
6:11 am
big grab bag. that's the overwhelming implication and that's why people is a you aremaking it about russia instead of trump. >> the democrats have tried to explain the failure to say it's all russia. here is my point. if the president goes into the summit on monday. it just says we were attacked and i held putin accountable. we better not do this in 2018. let's month fuss on that. he will have more credibility. >> they will never give it to him. what did he whisper. look at all of the policies. they have been tougher on russia. >> absolutely. our independence alone is making
6:12 am
us tougher on putin. >> this president sent heavy arms to the ukraine against putin. >> right. >> you are right, he's taking actions like that. >> very much so. i expect you to whip your colleagues into shape. >> my colleagues. >> i eei -- i'll bring you back vegan ice cream. >> shawn is car squarely againsn ice cream. >> we'll be right back. what's putin's biggest fear besides president trump of course. danny knows about putin. he will reveal the answer live. hillary clinton is sounding the alarm over the president's supreme court no nominee, take a
6:13 am
look. >> i used to worry they wanted to turn the clock back to the 1950s now i think it's the 1850s. candice owens calls that extremism. she will join us live.
6:14 am
6:15 am
6:16 am
the stakes are high as president gears up for his meeting with pug hue -- putin. dan knows the answer. he spent a good part of his career working as a chief. you are studied putin. you know there are two big parts of his live. >> he was a kgb officer.
6:17 am
he was a black belt, so he's used to using his opponents straights against others. that east why i th i thy -- thik that's the backbone of our infrastructure. >> what is a you about how you would advise the president to move forward. the left will never give him credit for winning the last election even if mueller finds no collusion. the president sometimes says well, i asked him and he said he didn't have anything to do with this. how does he move forward in a way that's credible and opens the door to a break through. >> if i could allow myself to be presumptionous. he needs to own this debate. tell putin we know you meddled. i wouldn't ask you if you did
6:18 am
it. unlike the prefixeou prefix pres administration, if you keep meddling you will be punished. >> unlike obama who said if you cross the red line you will be attacked. >> if he tells him i'll act based on the election putin will take him seriou seriously. the president would be about to say i warned you. he should do it publicly. he would own it in thatway. >> what's the expectation. it's short, it's only a day. it won't go on and on unless
6:19 am
they decide to extend it. one thing we heard about is a grand bargain of look, you help us get iran out of certif syria. we might see an over arching summit. maybe turn it over to the working groups. let's put it in his able hands and manage diplomacy. >> 30 seconds, what headline would be good for this president on tuesday? what would you think is a reasonable expectation. >> he will hold him accountable and definded ukraine. a country on his border with a sizable russian speaking
6:20 am
population tilting to nato and the european union. >> that will push putin back. >> thank you. hillary clinton is sounding the alarm. >> i used to worry they wanted to turn the clock back to the 1950s. now i worry about them turning it to the 1850s. >> the 1850s, really? candice owen will join us next. millions of you are online right now,
6:21 am
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i will begin with a fox news alert. talks between the u.s. and north korea. a u.s. official told fox news the two sides talked about the return of service members killed in the korean war. the talks were productive but there is work to be done. south carolina coo candidate kas returning to the campaign trail tomorrow. she poke to us after surviving a car crash. >> the air bags safed our lives. if you don't believe in god look at this. this was god's embrace holding me. you need to believe.
6:25 am
>> despite recovering from several injuries she said she's ready to return to work. she won a major primary days before the crash last month. all right, well, democrats are stepping up their attacks against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. hillary clinton is sounding the alarm about the supreme court pick. >> i used to worry they wanted the turn the clock back to the 1950s. now i worry they want to turn it back to the 1850s. this nomination holds out the threat of devastating consequences. >> they are thinking to rip the heart out of america. >> candace owens is the communications director.
6:26 am
>> she referred to the 18 50s. is they talking about slavery? i believe he said black people wanted to be put back in chains. >> of course she's talking about slavery and black people. she loves to use the minority community at large. whether that is gay people or illegals. look, i'll say this. if hillary clinton is concerned about the enslavement of blackmail. the good time to seam about that was when she was the first lady and when her husband passed the bill that locked of the most amount of black people in the united states. >> why does she get away with that kind of exstream rhetoric. if i were to imply that would be
6:27 am
way-out of bounds. she says it from a podium and everybody says maybe. >> i don't they she was getting eye way with it and she didn't win. people are retired of this and she hasn't learned her lessons. black people are waking up to this rhetoric. we are understanding we have been used over and over again. strapped into our emotions when it comes to voting. we'll see a mass a weekenning in every community. >> candace, you have done a good job bringing eye wireness t -- . we see black unempliment -- unemployment rates going down.
6:28 am
we have a lot of opportunities. >> there was so much hope stored in the black community. we have been lied too by with democrats. the republicans haven't had a opportunity to show us what they want to do. thy want to give us more power. let us go out and get those jobs that president is adding right now. it's a tremendous time to be a black american and american. no matter what hillary clinton does she is doing herself. she's helping trump secure his election in 2020. >> the heated rhetoric is only finding into the way people see their extremism. candace owen with, thank you for being higher this morning. >> thank you for having me. it's not 9:00 p.m. but there is
6:29 am
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>> i do believe in meetings.hava good thing. having a meeting with the president of china was a good thing. having meetings with russia, china, and north korea, i
6:33 am
believe in it. nothing bad will come outs o ou. >> welcome back. we continue toledo up to the summit between vladimir. >> weight washington, -- wait . this is not your show. i saw you in singapore. you did a fabulous job as well. if you take a step back and think about what happened in the last four and half weeks. critics said donald trump can't stand on the same stage as kim. >> guam and the rest of the world has not been threatened. also, he's talking about denuclearization.
6:34 am
>> no president democrat or republican has had two one-on-one summits in a span of four and half weeks. >> that's what makes him difference. that's what is transfer transfer medication -- transfer actional. >> i don't think he gave much up. there has been backsliding by kim jong-un. he sat at the table and know we have salt litsatellite images te goings back. >> one site was taken down. as the president said. i was in the room at the thyme . he said it's a process.
6:35 am
>> it eyes on the radar but from national security purposes it's not a play by germany to be so dependent on russia. what he's saying is america has more natural resources. think of the millions of american jobs. if we get the contracts that's american workers, carah retire -
6:36 am
career jobs. >> think of this, the heart and soul of putin's economy are with our alleys. donald trump is not only saying that but he's saying we have more resources than he does and it won't put your national security in jeopardy. >> on the other hand, there is no evidence a single vote was changed by russian interference. why does the president make it seem like maybe they did or didn't. european asked and he told me he didn't do anything. on friday it showed he interfered. >>reporter: the timing is bad. why on the eve of this summit. these 12 indictments are equal to our cia agents.
6:37 am
if were indicted on something in russia we wouldn't get extradited. >> we'll see, it's been a long time. they have obstructed and denied congress their right to over site. it's a constitutional authority. something deeper is here. at the end of the die america has to have a position of straight. hos.he wouldn't have dropped tht economic bomb that maybe germany not go into billions of dollars. >> putin didn't like it. >> the media doesn't pick up on how important that is. >> how do you answer it when some of your conservatives say
6:38 am
they didn't interfere and not stand-up to putin over ukraine. >> you don't think the president will bring it up? >> in 2014 devin said clearly that putin's goal was to create cayous in the united states. that's on obama's watch. he did nothing in october of 2016. he said no serious person would believe that any outside entity to impact our election. they had an obligation to do it. nobody would like our elections interfered with. they don't know donald trump and he will bring it up. >> you saw what happened in
6:39 am
singapore. what's a reasonable expectation for monday. >> all i really want is for the president to go in and lay the issues out on the table. have an adult conversation, an open dialog. i believe the transparency will lead to something. how many people broke into hillary clinton's e-mails? was it china. >> we heard it was foreign actors. >>reporter: as many as six foreign actors came out of her e-mails? the fact this has been ignored. >> shawn has hacked into fox and friends. >> great job. >> i'll say something unscripted. every time we go on these trips.
6:40 am
all of our crew guys you take them out to dinner and you are very generous. >> we'll continue more fox and friends. >> he's taking over. >> he loves it. >> shawn will replace you for the rest of the show. you are off. >> i want to go to dinner. >> thank you, shawn. >> i have one hour. >> all right, thank you, ed. in turning now to headlines. a firefighters was killed. he died while driving a bull doser. the 36-year-old was a firefighters for cal fire. the wildfire has torched 1,000
6:41 am
acres with 5% contained. a jet plunged 26,000 feet injuring dozens. the flight lost cabin pressure forcing the piolet to go to a safer altitude. oxygen masks dropped. passengers were bleeding from their ears. the incident is under investigation. former fbi lawyer lisa page returned to capitol hill tomorrow. she exchanged text with peter and will testify behind closed door for a second day. security is a major concern. >> did he compromise himself. did he compromise the fbi. not only in the way he conducted his personal life but the way he
6:42 am
used his telecommunication devices. we are up against some of the most sophisticated hackers in the world. >> page's hearing comes off struck testified for 10 hours on thursday. this is a live look outside the stadium in moscow. croatia and france are getting set for the match. putin is expected to attend. this is croatia were fans are energized for their first world cup championship. it will be fran's second. you can see this live on fox. >> i don't watch much soccer but i'll be watching. >> amazing. all right, how could the trump putin summit effect the market. we'll have more on that, next. president trump hitting the
6:43 am
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president trump is minutes a way for leaving to go to a summit with putin. >> john is live where the president is right now. >>reporter: good afternoon to you. we have a big cruise ship that docked behind us. the indictment of the 12 russian intelligence agents adds another level of intrigue. the president distanced himself from this. this happened during the obama years. he thought crooked hillary clinton would win. the president had known those
6:47 am
indictments were coming down. when he had the press conference with may at checkers outside of london the president said he would ask putin about meddling in the election. he already said those indictments would come down. there has been a lot of criticism about him olding the summit. he said he thought the meeting was a good thing. >> it's mutually agreed. let's have a meeting. i believe in meetings. i believe that having a meeting with chairman kim was a good thing. i believe having a meeting with the president of china was a very good thing. having meetings with russia, china, and north korea i believe in it. nothing bad will come out of it. maybe some good. >> also in the meeting concrete
6:48 am
area the west side of scotland he said he might consider asking putin to extradite those 12 individuals involved in that. he said he hadn't thought about it. theresa may said the meeting should go forward. they thought it would go a long way to open up a line of communication. because they will have a joint press conference we get to dive in with them to a greater level of detail about what they talked about. a lot to look forward to. >> the producers are telling you to wrap-up. thank you very much, well-done. >> horns and seagulls. tomorrow many eyes will be on wall street.
6:49 am
this was the best close since february. >> how will the markets go? here to weigh-in is sunday morning future's host. >> you will want to watch the oil market. one reason is the sanctions in plaice for many of our friends who are oil produc producers. that could be positive for the market. the stock market would like that and oil prices will go up again. when i know i interviewed the president he said opec is manipulating the market. any news in terms of production of oil would send oil prices lower and stock prices up. >> we'll watch that closely. a lot going on in capitol hill. you will cover many angles.
6:50 am
>> i've got congressman ratcliff coming up. he saw the classified documents about how the trump collusion investigation got started. john is my special guest along with the chairman of the intel committee devin. he will tell ultrasound what he thinks president trump should ask. he knew about these russians and what they were doing over the weekend a year ago. >> did you ask him about the timing? >> for sure. the timing is suspect that they came out with them today after the peter struck hearing. affiches ago with the i.g. report they came out with the paul manaford sentencing. >> it's incredible. >> we'll be watching in nine minutes. >> thank you. coming up, we'll check back
6:51 am
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the weather has been great. everyone has been setting up for a week. this is the hottest day. sorry you have to wear a suit. it's been hot up here. >> singapore it was so much more humid. we had fans around us. we have a nice breeze out here.
6:55 am
>> you can hear is seagulls. >> you have been getting a feet for how people are on the street. they are not politically opinionated. what's the opinion about trump? >> you know, the folks here are so nice. it's their culture. they are neutral. there was a small protest behind the palace back here. we sent jennings over their. we were going over with a camera. they are really, jennings said they weren't yelling and shouting. they were holding up their signs and listening to a guy. it's veer peaceful. >> keeping with the nortic.
6:56 am
>> nothing like london. 100,000 people treating the president like a baby. come on, show respect on the world stage. people here are much more reserved. >> maybe classy. >> that's right. >> many have strong opinions about putin and america. they are not sharing it with us. they are saying peace on both sides. >> great. >> very neutral. >> perfect place to hold it. we'll be right back. don't go anywhere.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> awesome. >> i got the last one. >> see you tomorrow. good sunday morning. any moment president trump will believing his golf course in scotland and headed to finland. he will hold a summit with putin in russia. president trump set few expectations for the summit this morning. thank you for joining us. this is sunday morning futures. the justice department indicted 12 russians. i'll get a reaction from the house committee devin is here. the ways and means committee is


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