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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  July 15, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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see you next "fox news sunday". >> hello from helsinki, finland. our position is directly across from the presidential palace where president trump and vladimir putin meet about 15 hours from now.this is usually a recreational area during the heat of an unusually warm helsinki summer.
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what this will be our location for the next two days across from the presidential palace. beautiful reception on behalf of the finnish people. the highly anticipated summit takes place at the palace with the two leaders. they've got a lot to talk about. on the agendas, ukraine, and election meddling. the president trying to manage expectations before he heads into that meeting. >> i don't expect anything. i go in with very low expectations. i think getting along with russia is a good thing but it's possible we won't. i think were greatly hampered by the whole witchhunt going on in the united states. >> that interview done over the weekend from his turnberry golf course in scotland. now he's here in helsinki with job roberts. good to see you. you just arrived with the president. from a 35,000 foot - - what yod
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you think is - - tomorrow? >>reporter: he likes to play the game of lowering expectations sothere should cou something in terms of deliverables. the indictment of 12 russian intelligence agents on charges of meddling in the u.s. election certainly is going to change the landscape because vladimir putin has denied repeatedly to the presidents face that the russian government had anything to do with election meddling. his national security adviser said earlier today, let's see what vladimir putin has to say about that now. the president has pledged to bring up the meddling issue with putin.
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these indictments will give him more ammunition to do that. democrats been critical of the summit who were at first calling on the president to call it all. now sing at the very least, he shouldn't be meeting with him one-on-one and needs to be very wary of anything he says. in an interview with cbs, the president says it is important for the two leaders to meet. >> it was mutually agreed, let's have a meeting. i do believe in meetings. i believe having a meeting with chairman kim was a good thing. i think meetings with the president of china was a very good thing. i believe it's really good. having meetings with russia, china, north korea, i believe in it. nothing bad is going to come out of it and maybe some good. >>reporter: meddling will clearly be a central issue in addition they will talk about nuclear proliferation in ukraine and syria. the president on his way from scotland to helsinki telephoned benjamin netanyahu to talk
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about syria and iran. the president is lowering expectations for what might be possible, john huntsman says just talking is a good thing. >> the purpose is to reduce tension in the bilateral relationship. the president has been remarkably consistent from the campaign through to when he was elected to the instruction to gave me when i came out. we need to reduce the tension in the relationship and we need to take to the danger out of the bilateral relationship in a relationship that contains 90 percent of the world's nuclear weapons. >>reporter: the president is again raising eyebrows in terms of his position and views on our european allies. he doesn't like these tariffs the eu has put on and that's why were on the verge of a trade war with some of our closest allies. the president went farther than he has on cbs when describing the european union as a foe.
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>> i think we have a lot of foes. i think the european is a foe. russia is in certain respects. china is a foe, economically. it doesn't mean they are bad. it means they are competitors. they want to do well and we want to do well. >>reporter: we will get a chance to ask the president and vladimir putin about this tomorrow as they will hold a press conference at 9:30 a.m. eastern time in helsinki. i was kind of surprised when we heard the news of that because those two leaders are going to face very uncomfortable questions. >> i think it will be a telling moment based on body language and we will listen to the words carefully too.
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but take us back over the weekend. you just bent the weekend at his golf course. what was your sense about the preparation? who would you argue has his ear going into this meeting? >>reporter: john bolton, john huntsman. he was an ambassador to singapore back when he was in his mid-30s so he is well steeped in diplomacy and can give the president a real perspective on how to deal with a character like vladimir putin. chief of staff kelly also involved in the conversations. the president likes to say he's spent his entire life preparing for conversations like this but he will need every piece of dealmaking talent to do something with vladimir putin because we know this guy's history. and while they have met before, he is looking for something here and he believes that he holds a lot of the cards in this deal so we'll see where it goes. >> you mention the fact he's met before and that is the
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case, twice and they've had numerous phone conversations. eight, as many as maybe 10. do you get a sense of how the president sizes him up? >>reporter: as john bolton said, no one in the white house is overburdened by nacvetc. they know who vladimir putin is. they know his history. they know how he operates. how he makes deals. i think they will go into this with their eyes wide open. the only caveat is president trump has set for an awfully long time he wants to improve relations with russia and i think a lot of people are looking at that skeptically sing what might the president give away in order to improve those relations.not to say he will recognize the annexation of crimea but i asked the president at the press conference with theresa may.
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i said, is it possible for u.s./russia relations to improve if prussia still occupies crimea? the president said, i think so. that might be an indication the president will not go into that meeting tomorrow demanding that russia get out. >> i will mention three things. i think there are three things to watch. how is that private one-on-one meeting portrayed publicly by both men. how do they handle each other with the press conference that follows.and how will vladimir putin describes his meeting in an interview with chris wallace tomorrow morning? i think we put those three together, we will get a fair assessment as to what happened behind closed doors. >>reporter: the one thing i'm really impressed about is the amount of transparency that both leaders are showing. president trump did an interview with cbs yesterday. he will do a couple more interviews in helsinki. we've got vladimir putin with chris wallace and the joint press conference as well.
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these leaders will face an open press at a very sensitive moment. i get the feeling - - it's all going to be then of course but i get the feeling we will be able to probe the context in ways we probably haven't with summits before. >> thank you john. so then what will the impact be with these indictments? and how will it all be approached tomorrow? john bolton weighed in on that earlier today. >> it was perfectly prepared to have it come before the meeting with vladimir putin. i would say in fact, it strengthens his hand. it shows the justice system are aware of these russian efforts of election meddling and i think the president can put this on the table and say, this is a serious matter we need to talk about. >> john bolton with me now and peter king. that evening to you from helsinki. good afternoon back in the u.s.
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how would you like the president to handle this with the indictments on friday? how would you like to frame the argument tomorrow? >> i think he should go on offense. no matter what he says, we know he did it. we know the russians did everyone not tolerated any longer. i think the president makes a mistake if he says he says he didn't do it, what can i do about it? it needs to make it clear that this is indefensible, unacceptable and we will not allow it in the future. he needs to make it clear if you want any sanctions release, any type of normal relations with the u.s., they have to knock off this interfering in elections whether it's the u.s., western europe or wherever. this goes beyond the tit-for-tat we've had in previous years.
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this was an overt attempt by russian intelligence to interfere in what is our most sacred possession and that the democratic election of the president. >> the president was on cbs and he was asked about extraditing those 12 russians. here is what he said on cbs. >> i'll be asking better but again, this was during the obama administration. they were doing whatever it was during the obama administration and i heard they were trying to hack into the rnc too but we had much better defenses. i've been told that by a number of people so they couldn't. >> what about extradition? the cyber warfare that the russians have gotten very good at. trey gowdy thinks this should be the first thing that comes up. >> your first request of vladimir putin needs to be telus which airport we can pick up the 25 russians that try to
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interfere with the fundamentals of our democracy? if you really claim you had nothing to do with it, then you should be as shocked as we were that your military was being used to impact our election. >> answer that then congressman, in light of this issue that came forward on friday. >> i think it's something the president should raise. vladimir putin will never turn over any government official. there's no reason why the president can't dwell on it and push it hard. make a public case and put him on defense. i understand part of the presidents frustration. i believe this investigation, there's no evidence of collusion and no basis for it and it's hanging out there. the president equates the two investigations into russian involvement of our election which did happen and is real and the question of collusion. i don't think the president helps his case by equating the
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two of them together. he's on very solid ground by saying there is no evidence of any collusion between his campaign and russia but when he attempts to pass over the overt interference in the campaign, it weakens the president's case. >> here is how it's being described in finland. about 180 miles due west of st. petersburg. they're saying relations between the u.s. and russia have not been as bad since the cold war. whether it's the involvement in syria, or whether it's the meddling issue we are talking about. you wonder where is the level of accomplishment that can come from this meeting? as you look at that slate on the wall, what do you think it is? >> i think sometimes, direct confrontation and verbal competition leads to results.
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ronald reagan called the soviet union the evil empire and it was several years after that that meaning fail talks began with gorbachev. there's an irony here and i don't think any president has been tougher on russia in the last 25-30 years. we are sending lethal weapons to ukraine. any number of russian diplomats ejected from the united states. in syria, there have been hundreds of questions killed by american troops without any apologies from the united states. probably the first time since i don't know when that american troops have been killing russians. president trump feels when he's under attack for alleged collusion, he seems to be leading vladimir putin off the hook. these are two separate issues. collusion is long but vladimir putin is an evil person. >> to that point, here's the tweet he sent out about the summit. looking forward to the meeting
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with vladimir putin. unfortunately, no matter how well i do at the summit, i would return to criticism that it wasn't good enough. that i should have gotten st. petersburg as an addition. maybe nothing is good enough for his critics. >> i think the president should ignore his credits. no matter what he does in russia, if russia surrendered tomorrow you would still find the new york times and others criticizing the president saying he didn't get enough. he should ignore the critics and follow his own policy. his policy should be to let vladimir putin know we will not tolerate his interference with the u.s. or european allies but at the same time, we can find common ground. we shouldn't be equating russia
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poisoning people in england with trade differences with the european union. russia carries out activities we have to find a ball and anab evil. - - [indiscernible]. >> thank you for your time. peter king, the republican from new york being here today. as we mentioned, president trump and vladimir putin have plenty to talk about tomorrow. we will have a look at what each leader wants out of the meeting and potential areas of mutual cooperation. we call it the strategy session and general jack king will be in that session, next. >> for the president, the
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get to helsinki. the president over the weekend in london before heading to scotland for the last two days. russian president vladimir putin in helsinki tomorrow. a lot on the agenda. retired general jack king is a strategic analyst. great to have you in our
12:22 pm
strategy session today and thank you for your time. i want to flip the argument around a little bit. what does vladimir putin want from this summit? what does he get from it? >> the minute he walks in the door, he's got his number one objective. since 2014, he's been internationally isolated because he annexed crimea and invaded ukraine. so that is absolutely removed as a result. he's no longer that international pariah. second, he gets legitimacy. very specifically, one of the things he wants is sanction removal to be sure, he will have to make concessions to get that. i think we've got to hang tough on that. secondly, he wants us to reduce our exercise program in eastern europe and pull back some of the troops. i doubt seriously we would ever tolerate that but it would be interesting to see what his argument is. >> that's very fascinating.
12:23 pm
would president trump give him leash so to speak on any issues you rattled off there? >> not without major change in his behavior. from the president's perspective, he believes a personal relationship can lead to possibly some change. he is cautious about that. he cites what he did with president xi jinping and kim jong-un which remains to be seen. that's where he's coming from. listen, there are major issues here dealing with putin. he is the only leader since stalin was expanded russian territory. he's undermined democracies for years. he is supporting wars using poodle force to kill civilians in ukraine and syria so we have major issues with him and the president is conversing and dramatically he interviewed
12:24 pm
with our election. >> i think that's what most like a lot of people that the relationship has gone so sour, so quickly. how did that happen? >> putinto putin behavior. the degree that he's using cyber attack to undermine his opponents in europe and the night states is staggering. this aggressiveness and maligned behavior is very different than his predecessors. >> there are levels of cooperation some have suggested. as you analyze that, what could that possibly be? >> first of all, both of them do not want nuclear proliferation, so that's a good start.
12:25 pm
they can easily agree on iran. they may not agree on north korea because putin has writing help to the north koreans. the new start treaty expires in 2021. that limits our strategic nuclear weapons. >> 1500-2200 each country, yeah? >> it goes away in 2021. both presidents can agree to extend that five years without going through the congress or the - - they can pledge as a result of this summit to execute that. it's complicated by the fact that putin is violating the inf treaty by developing weapons that are denied by that treaty. he already has them and we've
12:26 pm
already agreed to do it ourselves to counter that that's a complication but i think we can get past it. we all agree, russia and the united states, islamic extremism is a world problem and we can work on that problem together. always been stunned why we haven't worked with them on that issue. i think the last one is syria. there will be a proposal on the table that russia will likely make to the president and the president will discuss. that is to develop an enclave north of israel where the iranians would not be permitted so that israel is no longer being encroached on. that's what benjamin netanyahu was working on today. this is complicated also because i think many officials believe russia has that influence on iran. i don't buy that. the iranians are quite independent actors when they want to be and syria means everything to them as far as a
12:27 pm
strategic anger. the iranians would probably say, we will give you that the united states would have to pull out of crimea. that something that has to be negotiated but i think there's potential for an agreement. it's dangerous because you cannot trust the russians. they break every agreement and we've known for 35 years, we cannot trust the iranians. >> great analysis. thank you. we are on the northern latitudes here.this time of year, you get sunlight for about 18-20 hours a's 10:30 p.m. and this is the beautiful sunset we have in helsinki. it's quite different and remarkable. and then the significance of - - a former cia officer who served in helsinki and moscow
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the most common side effect is nausea. i can't tell you how good it feels to have smoking behind me. talk to your doctor about chantix. >> my enemy. is he a friend? i don't know him well enough but the couple times i've gotten to meet him, we got along very well. i hope we get along well. i think we get along well but ultimately, he's a competitor. he's representing russia. i'm representing the united states. so in a sense, we are competitors. not a question of friends or enemies. he's not my enemy and hopefully someday, maybe he will be a friend. >> those comments at nato at the end of last week. backlight in helsinki where the sun is still shining,
12:33 pm
partly as the sun sets behind us. - - spent time in helsinki, finland as head of the cia and he's with me now as a fox news contributor and more. when he refers to vladimir putin as a competitor, how does putin hear that word? >> i can tell you what vladimir putin thinks of us. he considers the united states his main enemy. what scares him the most is democracy. it's what we hold near and dear, freedom of the press and religion. liberty. all of the things that make our country special. the rule of law. that doesn't exist in russia and if it did, vladimir putin would no longer be in power. >> there's a picture of ronald reagan red square. it may or may not have been vladimir putin. he says it's not him. the photographer insists it is vladimir putin. whether it is or not, he was
12:34 pm
kgb growing up and he was 35 then, he's 65 now. some things don't change. how do you handle that? >> it doesn't only embody the spirit of the kgb, he is the kgb. he thinks of the world the same way. the tactics might have changed, the strategy is basically the same. >> when you were as we look at this picture of red square point when you reflect on your time and moscow and her time in helsinki, what sort of memories you come back to when you think of the cold war and that period of time where we were in the interests of mutual destruction of one another? >> i think it's poignant to reflect on history. this was a history that fought for their independence during the second world war. viewers may remember since on cross country skis fighting for the army.
12:35 pm
everything the soviet union would have wanted to deny finland. it's important to remember finland prevented the aggressor, the soviet union from conquering their stay. i think those lessons apply today where nato is providing the deterrence that the baltic states need to deter russian aggression. >> when you were here serving, there must have been russians all over the place. >> there were. it was a long time ago but for sure in many ways, and i was here shortly after the cold war had officially ended even though it never ended for russian intelligence. the soviet state collapse but russian intelligence split into new intelligence services. they carried on work against us. they recruited rick gaines and hampton from the fbi ran those cases. there were lots of russians around helsinki and a lot of us
12:36 pm
were chasing them. >> summits have come here before. why are the russians so comfortable in helsinki?not just geographically but is it something else? >> i think finland became a bridge between the east and west. after finland maintain their independence, they declared neutrality and did not join nato. they were able to bridge the united states and the soviet union in a productive way. >> we have a soundbite of the president talking about the european union because there's a lot of concern with the eastern - - this is what was said three days ago. >> what's your biggest competitor? globally right now. >> i think we have a lot of foes. i think the european union is a foe. russia is in certain respects. china is a foe, economically.
12:37 pm
but that doesn't mean they're bad. it means they are competitors. he wants to do well and we want to do well. >> when you listen to the president describe this meeting tomorrow, he wants to get along with russia and you have to grant him that. his belief is the more you talk, the better relations you develop. whether it's china, kim jong-un or vladimir putin. there's nothing wrong with that so how does he characterize, what is his strategy as he enters this one-on-one tomorrow? >> i wouldn't guess about those specific strategies. if i were to take a moment to be presumptuous about what he might want to do i would say, it's important to me your enemies, in this case vladimir putin. it's important to message them directly so we all hear what the president is saying. if president trump says i'm not
12:38 pm
asking if you meddled in our election, i know you did. if youkeep doing it, you will p price in the whole world knows that in the and putin knows he meant it. that's the strong statement to make publicly. at the same time, looking at some of the issues that converse. like arms control and the treaty set to expire in 2021 or counterterrorism and proliferation. >> you think of hillary clinton delivering the reset button and how that went. not so you think we sit here tomorrow and think things have really been reset? >> i hope we don't make that mistake twice. i found it nacve at best to talk about resetting after they had just invaded georgia. i don't think you give them a do over after that.
12:39 pm
i think you have to be realistic about the areas we may work together and hold them accountable and deter them and counter them where our interests don't converge. >> i will be watching the body language and how putin characterizes his meeting with chris wallace. >> absolutely. the thing about vladimir putin is he will say some things that are true and lots of things that aren't. you want to go to the land of fake news, go to russia. that's where they have perfected it. look for him to throw out propaganda about the summit and the meetings he's had that probably don't have a lot to do with the truths. >> thank you for your time and expertise and your experience. president trump preparing to sit down with latimer putinaft. after leaving nato allies so
12:40 pm
where do we stand with them? >> we have left more spirits that nato has probably ever had. insurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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12:45 pm
his one-on-one with putin tomorrow at the presidential palace behind me. this coming after a contentious meeting in brussels where some countries expressed concern the meeting with putin could further disrupt the alliance. - - is here live in helsinki. nice to see you and great to have you. you've been on the road for 6-7 days now. how has the tour been? >> there's never been a dole moment. the president has kept us on our toes starting right on the first of nato when he went into that breakfast with the secretary-general and went on the attack against germany. from that moment on, the there really hasn't been time to pause. >> you are the pool reporter. what was your expectation for this trip before? >> looking at what happened at the g7 and the president's interactions with our allies, you that it could be
12:46 pm
contentious. on the first public event of his europe trip at that breakfast which is pretty proforma, immediately the president went on the attack against germany. accusing them of being captive to russia because of the natural gas issue and it was a contentious back and forth moment that i and the other reporters were not expecting. you saw that throughout the day.we had suppliesmeetings between thepresident and on the angela merkel. there's a lot of tense moments in that meeting.>> we watched that stateside and you left the night that brett kavanaugh was selected to be the supreme court justice. that's how much has transpired over the last 6-7 days. i think washington was well aware of the pipeline issues.
12:47 pm
i don't think a lot of americans were aware of it. when he makes the point, you're telling me to pay for your defense.while at the same time i'm defending you from a guy you're doing $11 billion deal with. i think it struck people - - i wasn't aware of that. >> that specific issue wasn't a big talking point especially when he criticized germany and the stewardstewardship of angel merkel and her government. that became a point of criticism that all of the other leaders in the nato alliance were asked about. i was at the press office between president trump and england 40 miles outside of london. the two in thebetween theresa m president trump. she was asked which side she takes him the issue and she declined to answer. she said she had thoughts and she will share it with her team but she was declining to elaborate much further.
12:48 pm
>> when you think about what came out of nato and there was some consternation about how unified nato would be heading into tomorrow's the end, the leaders signed the communiquc and you have strong statements of support from all corners. was the beginning of the week posturing to get a better deal? knowing you come here to helsinki as a united front anyway. >> i think that's something we've seen. you go into these global meetings with a bang. we saw this with the g7 last month and you saw that in brussels last week at the nato summit. whether it's a negotiation strategy by the president to show a more unified front before he goes to the meeting with putin, that's something we've seen from him a lot. but it was unexpected about how he would approach these alliances. he did call the european union
12:49 pm
a foe, not words we hear from american presidents. this is not just strategy but a lot of times what the president truly believes. >> can you give me 15 seconds what your expectation is tomorrow?>> we will have so many questions about what did he say on election meddling, syria, ukraine, crimea. the answers that president trump gives and latimer putin, are they on the same page, what to the present agreed to in that one-on-one meeting? that's what i will be watching. >> i like the northern lights. pretty cool. great to see you in person. tomorrow's meeting certainly will be a welcome distraction for putin as things are heating up for him at home. that is straight ahead for you.
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tomorrow's summit. despite putin victory, the recent leader facing problems at home.18 years in power off and on, his popularity has taken a bit of a hit. - - joins us from moscow to explain that story this evening. >>reporter: he was reelected with 77 percent of the vote in his approval rating is often in the 80s. he has been credited with raising up living standards from what they were in the chaotic 90s.people often say he has restored russia's great power status. russians generally don't seem to protest that he is propping up a man widely considered a dictator in syria. it's more that putin has projected influence. last month, his approval rating dropped by 15 points and that was attributed to plans to raise the pension age.
12:55 pm
people protested. it's currently 55 for women, 60 four men. young by international standards but an old soviet sacred cow. this woman from an organization called, bears heart, that distributes good salinity saying there's been an increase in people needing help and not just from the poor regions but moscow too. >> expenses have grown. passes for gas and food and other things. they were what they were so families are spending more but income is not increasing and many can't manage by themselves. >>reporter:
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a fox news alert. the president rising in helsinki a few hours ago getting ready for the one-on-one meeting with the russian president vladimir putin tomorrow for a high-stakes summit amid some outcries on capitol hill. we explained that as we come to live from the southern edge of helsinki across from the presidential college where it is a beautiful evening. 11:00 at night here. the lights continue to shine for just a few more minutes here in helsinki. thank you for being with us. the second hour begins right now. mr. trump has been downplaying