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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 16, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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thank you for being with us. tucker is up next with a preview of his interview with president trump. we'll see you right back here tomorrow night. 7:00 p.m. eastern. in new york city. have a great night, everybody. tucker is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we are live tonight from helsinki, finland. north enough that the sign is still glowing. sun going up or down, not clear. president trump was of course here today with russian president vladimir putin. they concluded the first one-on-one summit meeting. we interviewed president after they finished and we will show you excerpts with the full extended interview with the president tomorrow on this show. in a press conference, the president hailed the meeting as a turning point in america-russia relations. here is part of it. >> president trump: our relationship has never been worse than it is now. however, that changed as of
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about four hours ago. i really believe that. >> tucker: the president also addressed the robert mueller investigation into russia collusion. here is part of that. >> president trump: i think that the probe is a disaster for our country. i think it has kept us apart. it's kept us separated. there was no collusion at all. everybody knows it. >> tucker: fox news white house correspondent john roberts is here. has been here all day in helsinki and he joins us with a recap. hey, john. >> john: the president has been looking forward to this for a long time. he said in the campaign, "i think it's important for the united states to have better relations with russia." when you have war heads and they are pointed at each other isn't it better to get along than not get along? but the president was rapidly criticized for sort of giving away the farm with vladimir putin. one of the things he was criticized most for was not sticking up for u.s. intelligence when he was
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asked about the press conference who he believes on russian meddling. the intelligence community is russia meddled in the 2016 election or vladimir putin who told him yet again that he didn't have anything to do with it. listen here. >> president trump: dan coats came to me and they said i think it's russia. i don't see any reason it would be. >> dan coats again said it's russia. we have been clear of the assessmentment of the russian meddling and ongoing pervasive efforts to undermine the democracy. we will provide unvarnished democracy. they also pointed out that the relations are at a history low and the president blamed that on the united states.
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on the stupid and other things. as well as the mueller investigation. when he was asked about it, he did not dial back. >> president trump: i hold both country responsibility. i think the united states has been foolish. i think we have all been foolish. we should have had the dialogue a long time ago. long time before i got to office. i think we are all to blame. >> john: the president's remarks in the posture with vladimir putin brought expected criticism from democrats but many, many people in the republican party. particularly, in the leadership weren't happy with what went on today. listen to this from paul ryan. "the president must appreciate russia is not our ally. there is no moral equivalence between the united states and russia which remains hostile to our most basic values and ideas." the way that i read it, what happened today, tucker, is he thought it was important to have a dialogue with vladimir putin. almost a parallel with kim jong un where he was willing
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to rise above everything else that was going on out there. not get bogged down in the details of it. even though it would appear like he was sort of throwing the intelligence community and other u.s. institutions under the bus for the sake of trying to build a better relationship or get things back on track. >> tucker: it raised a lot of conversation. interesting to know if paul ryan believes our ally saudi arabia share our allies and ideals. >> tucker: that is a question you are famous for asking. i'm interested! thank you. good to see you. in the news conference the president suggested he might be willing to believe the denials that russia meddled in the last election. >> president trump: i have great confidence in my intelligence people but i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> tucker: well, that set off a tidal wave of criticism. former c.i.a. director john brennan tweeted donald trump's
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press conference in helsinki rises to and exceeds the threshold of high crime and misdemeanors. in other words ground for impeachment. "it was nothing short of treasonous. he is holy in the pocket of putin. republican patriots: where are you?" what to make of this? joining us now is a man who covered several u.s.-russia summits and the professor emeritus and one of the pre-eminent russia scholars. professor, thank you for joining us. assess if you would the reaction today to the press conference and the summit between putin and trump? >> the reaction by the most of the media, by the democrats, by the anti-trump people is like mob violence. i have never seen anything like it in my life. this is the president of the
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united states. doing what every president, sucker, since franklin roosevelt did meating with the head of the kremlin. every president since eisenhower, republican by the way, met with the leader of the kremlin for one exso stennial -- existential purpose. to avoid war of the suer powers -- super powers. in my judgment, relations between the united states and russia are more dangerous than they have ever -- let me repeat -- ever been. including the cuban missile crisis. i want my president to do -- i didn't vote for this president. but i want the president do what the others have done. walk back the conflict that could lead to war in the accusations of the cyber
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attacks. every president has been encouraged to do that and applauded by both parties. not trump. look what they did to him. they held kangaroo court. they found him guilty. former head of the united states c.i.a. who himself ought to be put under oath and asked about his role in inventing russia-gate and calling the president of the united states treasonois? what will happen in the future? >> tucker: those are questions we should be discussing. but it seems some in the leadership class on both sides republicans and democrats seek increased conflict with russia. do you think that is right? if it is, why? >> all right. you have asked a fundamental question. do they know what they are doing? i don't know. they seem to hate or resent the idea of trump as president that they have lost all sense
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of american national security. ask fem -- if you get them on ask this question for yourself, for me, for the nation. do you, these people who are hunting trump, do you prefer trying to impeach trump to trying to avert war with nuclear russia? that is the bottom line. that is where we are at today. that is what they are doing at the summit. >> tucker: look, i'm in no way defending russia which i have no connection whatsoever. i'm agnostic and i take it as a matter of faith they seek to influence the u.s. government, undermine the elections. none of that surprises me at all. i just don't understand why russia uniquely is considered an unacceptable partner for conversation while at the same time we are happy to have close intimate relations with saudi arabia. for example, the government of china for example, both more repressive than the government of russia. i'm missing this. why the emphasis on russia?
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>> people written books about this. historians. why is it that russia seems to be our wicked witch of the east? when russia has more in common with the united states. it's a christian country, a big country. frontier country. we were allies in world war ii. i mean, russia, this will upset people but historically russia defeated nazi, germany, in europe. we defeated the japanese in the pacific. we were great allies. after that things went bad. who is to blame? historians have written lots of books. why since the end of the soviet union? there is no communism. you know d.c. why do these people dislike putin? the president of post communist russia. more than they dislike the communist leaders? it's more about us than it's about them. and this is really dangerous. not permitting the president of the united states to keep us safe. >> tucker: there is no defense of putin to ask that question.
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i'll repeat it for the viewers. why do so many people in charge now dislike the current leader of russia more than they dislike the communists who killed tens of millions? i can't answer. thank you for asking. >> there is an answer. we need time. and a psychiatrist. >> tucker: i hope you'll come back. in response to the day's event the left adopted the hatred of russia as a single litmus test as patriotism. some on the left are willing to demand a military country. and this is an elected represent, democrat from memphis, tennessee, tweeted this. where are the military folks? the commander in chief is in the hands of our enemy.
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richard is a lawyer and he advised hillary clinton presidential campaign and he joins us tonight. are you comfortable with that? >> no. >> tucker: you have an elected official calling for a military coup to preserve democracy. i didn't agree with everything from the press conference but a coup? >> cohen is not calling for a military coup. >> tucker: wait. what was he saying? >> he is saying that the president took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the united states of america. >> tucker: hold on. that is not what he said. he said where are the military folks. the president is in the hands of the enemy. the military serves under the president of the united states
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to take action to rectify this situation where the president is in the hands of the enemy. that is lunatic. okay? >> the point he is making is the following. for trump to be standing next to putin and be incapable -- the guy who said, "you're fired" is incapable of challenging face to face anybody. he couldn't do it at the g-7 or nato and he couldn't do it today. and again, dick cheney -- let me finish the sentence. dick cheney said this attack was an act of war. trump is doing his bidding. that is a concern. >> tucker: wait, hold on. maybe he has a different view of it than you do. that does not make him a traitor to the country. that does not make him a quizalling or someone who should be overthrown by a military coup. people have policy
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differences. some people think russia is a pre-eminent threat. trump doesn't. others do. that doesn't mean he is a traitor. >> newt gingrich and -- >> tucker: i don't care what party they are. >> i'm not saying -- >> you are missing it. this is not a left/right thing. this is a neo kahn/realist is. people who think we should barge to lebanon and remake the world and hope it works this time, those people are offended. this is not a left/right thing. this is a ruling class versus everybody else thing. you know that. can we pull back traders.
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>> tucker: you may think it's wrong but we should establish a line. we don't call people unpatriotic for the crime of disagreeing with you. for example, i'll ask you. do you believe that russia is, there is no defense of russia. i'm not that interested in russia. do you believe there our pre-eminent enemy of the world? bigger than china? they are more immoral country? more than saudi arabia? everyone is pretending that today. >> sorry i use dick cheney as reference. he said what russians did is act of war. define act of war. >> tucker: china is less -- have an adult conversation. do you really believe that russia is a greater threat for america's interest than china? say that with a straight face. i dare you. >> left to the own devices russia would undermine our democracy. china would take us on
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economically happily. i don't think china is not to get us. >> tucker: but they are not really a threat to us. everyone in d.c. is on their payroll as you know. >> and for every day that donald trump shows himself unable to stand up to putin, every foreign leader in the world is going well, maybe we should gain ground on the u.s., too. that is the concern. >> tucker: i'm baffled by the look of perspective. i never doubted and i never will doubt that russia seeks to undermine us and have for 100 years. let's be real. richard, thank you. great to see you. >> tucker: they had a lot to say. not just about slaw but immigration and the effect on europe. >> here is part of it. >> the democrats want open borders which is basically saying we want open borders, we want crime. >> why do you think they want that? >> maybe it's a political philosophy they grew up with, maybe they learned it at
5:16 pm
school. >> tucker: the full extended interview airing tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. is interesting. tune in then. up next, the press and all the geniuses who managed the foreign policy over the next 30 years have done a great job. had a full meltdown over the news conference stopping just short of demanding a new war. what to make of their reaction? we'll tell you when we return. >> president trump: we discussed this also. zero collusion. it has had a negative impact upon the relationship of the two largest nuclear powers in the world. fruits and veggies are essential to your health, but it's tough to get enough of their nutrients. new one a day with nature's medley is the only complete multivitamin with antioxidants from one total serving of fruits and veggies
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xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. you have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances of a president at a summit in front of a russian leader i have ever seen. >> putin recruited psychologically the president of the united states. >> i have never seen an american president simply surrender to the leader of russia. you should call it the surrender summit. >> when do we see almost a shadow government come out and say we cannot side with the government. whether it's the cabinet or the senate. that is the question. >> tucker: who let all the dumb people on tv? a question we ask every night but maybe more today. the reaction in the press was so over the top it was awe-inspiring. the reaction of the politicians was more so. chuck schumer who holds
5:21 pm
elected office in the united states senate suggested vladimir putin is literally black maling the president of the united states. he does not provide evidence for the charge. nancy pelosi said this is iron class proof russia has something on president trump. there wasn't a lot of reasoned discourse going on today to put it mildly. tammy bruce is a reasoned person. what do you make of this? >> this is fascinating. in president trump's press conference there is something we all didn't like necessarily. but the reaction, the over-reaction is extraordinary. keep in mind these are the people who said that the tax cuts were going to cause armageddon. that the end of net neutrality would kill people. president trump meeting with north korea would cause world war iii. now we have this press conference after four-hour meeting or treason. or as you noted from a congress member should require
5:22 pm
military coup. the american people know something. with the work that he has done so far with whatever disagreements you have with president trump he loves the country. he is working for this country. so when you see the hysterical reaction multiplied it worries the people. if this is about how the nation is viewed how is the country viewed when you do have elected officials that are suggesting a coup either via the shadow government or through the military or denigrating the president so publicly. my point is this is politics and not about the national security. >> tucker: they seem to mean it. they seem desperate to force me to believe. russia agnostic, i have no interest to go to russia. i'm not interested in russia. but they have forced me to believe that russia is the greatest threat to my liberty.
5:23 pm
like i'm stupid. like anyone who pays attention knows that is not true. >> this is not a defense of russia. why are they trying to force me to believe that and punish me if i don't nod in agreement? >> that is the first premise. they have based everything on the russia controlling trump. that is the premise for the first six months to get him to resign or get him impeached. the russia we agree, did meddle. there is like that theme of the basic reality. we know that through the congressional testimony. the president brings this together. unfair witch hunt and that versuses the dynamic of meddling in the country. which really had no impact. that is clear. the never trumpers, the democrat party, establishment invested in a fantasy of the
5:24 pm
president, donald trump being controlled boy the russians. his performance has proven his commitment to the nation. this is the only investment and it's what they have. they are indicating that the level of the panic and need for this to be the case. the american people rejected it before. i think they will reject it again. >> it seems disproportionate to be honest. >> it is. >> tucker: in the press conference, the president raised again the matter of the d.n.c. e-mail server which we're told was hacked by russia. but this was never turned over to the f.b.i. part of what the president said. >> there are groups wondering why they didn't take the server? why were they told to leave the office of the democratic national committee. i have been wondering that and asking that for months and
5:25 pm
months. where is the server? i want to know. where is the server. what is the server saying. with that being said all i can do is ask the question. >> hillary clinton made another appearance to remind the world she ought to be president. great world cup. question for president trump, as he meets putin, do you know which team you play for? so i'm interested in this question of the server. i wouldn't be shocked if russia tampered with it. they have been causing mischief for a hundred years but why is it unpatriotic to ask a question like where is the server? did you look at it? why didn't they look at it? answer the questions. why am i not allowed to ask the questions? i'm working for putin if i do. i don't have a right to get the straight answers to the simple questions? >> technically we believe the server may have been decommissioned and taken apart. this is nube from april this
5:26 pm
year and filing from the d.n.c. they were required to decommission or remove software and take apart about 140 servers. 180 computers and 11 separate servers. so it may not exist. the americans know that trump loves america and the president would put the situation to bed if you will by addressing the fact there is meddling. what is happening here is different and has nothing to do he won the election fair and square but there are questions have to ask about the politics that invaded this. peter strozk testimony from the other day is shocking. this is where the american people deserve answers. >> tucker: i agree. but i want specific questions answered. it's one thing to say they tampered, i believe that.
5:27 pm
but be specific? what does it mean? if people are not specific, there is deceit. great to see you. lisa page returned to capitol hill for the second day of the testimony about bias at the f.b.i. we talk to a congressman there for that next. thanks to new tena intimates overnight with proskin technology for two times faster absorption so you can have worry free nights, and wake up feeling fresh and free for a free sample visit
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>> tucker: we are coming back to you live from helsinki, finland. late at night. the sun rising anyway. in is the site of the vladimir putin-donald trump summit earlier today. just finished. back in washington, meanwhile, former f.b.i. agent lisa page returned to capitol hill. she has appeared to two house committee behind closed doors to deliver further testimony about the behavior over the last few years when she and peter strozk routinely sent highly political messages to one another. in one case promising to derail the trump campaign. darrell issa joins us tonight after hearing page's testimony. thank you for coming on. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: what can you tell us about what she said? >> i was surprised how smart and how poised she is. she is a smart attorney. she was a much better witness
5:32 pm
for her own purposes. careful and poised. what we did see is things like, i can't think to the question and the answers as you can understand. but she would look over and put her hand out for the f.b.i. lawyer there to object anytime she saw an opening for that objection. she was literally prompting for those. i found that to be pretty reprehensible. she no longer works for them. it's not her job to determine those so-called equities being invented by the f.b.i. as some sort of a privilege. >> tucker: most of us have seen parcel transcript of the text exchanges with her former boyfriend. we have a propensity for her political views. give us a picture of her involvement in the russia investigation. how close to the center of it was she? how meaningful was her participation? >> this is something that she said in general. she said constantly, she kept
5:33 pm
wanting to reduce the importance. she went on at length about how many people change between the investigations and how there were too many other people for her to have had an influence. peter strozk looked at us and said he didn't have a bias and he didn't do anything but no answer why his computer that downgraded hillary clinton's misuse from a crime to a noncrime. that report was changed on his computer. they were critical. they teamed up together. there wasn't an answer to that in any of her testimony. only ofiscation of her importance. >> tucker: thank you for coming on. jonathan turley is a from knows somewhere and he has been -- professor from the law school and he is joining us and -- us tonight.
5:34 pm
i don't know what your politics are. what do you make of the recent developments with lisa page? >> i have also heard she acquitted herself quite well. that is much to her credit. the problem is we haven't seen this significant movement of the ball after the hearing we have had. peter strozk refused to answer at the insistence of the f.b.i. most of the material questions. it was surprising that anything that came close to answering the question that most of us wanted answered there would come an objection from the f.b.i. the f.b.i. was well off the navigational map in my view in terms of the privileges. they spoke of the equities and having to follow investigatory privileges. none of that tracked well to me. this is a closed investigation but it's more importantly an oversight committee. i thought it was a
5:35 pm
particularly strange scene to have the oversight committee speaking to a government employee. i would love to answer but the f.b.i. won't let me. i am hoping that the committee will pursue that aggressively. they have very little because the f.b.i. was issuing the objections. >> tucker: you are the constitutional scholar, not i. but it doesn't seem like that is the way the system is supposed to work. this is an elected body. the law-making body. core of our democracy, speaking of our democracy, getting the finger from a federal employee. how can that happen? >> it's not supposed to happen this way. look, there is always tension between the executive branch and the legislative branches in the democratic and the republican administrations. most of them are worked through. this is a different situation. where you have a closed investigation. matter of tremendous national
5:36 pm
significance. oversight committee with reasonable request here to get answers to the questions. the f.b.i. would lose. if this goes to the court. most of the questions would have to be answered. so it leaves you with the question again why at this stage is the f.b.i. making sweeping objections and shutting off the information? i just don't see it. >> tucker: you don't want to live in a country where the federal agencies get to decide how to behave unilaterally. that is not democracy. another thing. robert mueller investigation indicted several more russians the past week for various crimes. we are still missing something critically that supposedly justified this investigation which is collusion. do you think that that is a prerequisite for a successful investigation? if we get to the end of this and there is no collusion uncovered can we say it's a worthy exercise? >> i guess that is a good questionment look, the -- a good question.
5:37 pm
look, there are a lot of crimes here but not collusion. criminals but not colluders. it's good to identify the criminals. what the f.b.i. did to the russians is a great service to the nation but i think you can say that and still acknowledge where what the president is saying that after two massive indictments. these are speaking indictments so they are very detailed. there is not a direct connection of collusion to the campaign itself. you can say it doesn't mean they won't establish it but you can recognize that. now am i glad that robert mueller is investigating all this? you bet. i'm glad that indictment came down. russians really need to be identified and they did a great job. but this is not, what people say this is a witch hunt. there are pitches in the woods. we just indicted a bunch of them. but which witches are we looking for? these are not the colluders. >> tucker: they are witches from different countries, by the way, in the woods. >> right.
5:38 pm
>> tucker: if we are going after some, let's go after them all. that is my view. whatever. professor, great to see you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: in the interview with the president today he blasted f.b.i. agent strozk and page as well as former c.i.a. director john brennan and accused them of acting out of malice. here is part of that. >> president trump: i think brennan is a very bad guy. if you look at it, a lot of things happened under his watch. i think he is a very bad person. i also think that when you watch peter strozk and lisa page. when you watch all of the things that have happened. comey, look at that and mccabe who has pretty big problems i i assume. look at deception and lies and they are truly bad people. they're exposed for who they are. >> tucker: that is part of a longer interview and the extended version airs tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. we hope you will watch. up next, top actress in hollywood under fire for wanting to do her job, which is acting.
5:39 pm
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>> tucker: hollywood has always been political. always been on the left. but in the last year and a half or so, things have spun completely out of control. political movement has become a revolution. like all revolutions, it's become, it's eating itself. even the biggest hollywood stars are no longer safe from the mobs they created. for example, actress scarlet johansson was supposed to play transgender person but had to quit the role after left wing activist attacked her for not giving that role to someone transgendered. daniel greenbaum is a writer
5:44 pm
and until a few days ago she worked at "business insider" and she wrote a piece to defend scarlet for taking the role. but under pressure from the activists they deleted the piece and she resigned. and she joins us tonight. this is an amazing story. give us the quick outline. your piece basically, i hope i'm not mischaracterized this saying this is an actress who is acting to portray other people, and nothing wrong with that. >> i thought i wrote something benign and i said actors are paid to represent people who are not themselves. that is what she has been hired to do. i don't understand the outrage frankly. >> tucker: this is an unimpeachable point. how did business insider -- nicholas carlson was the editor i think -- what did he say to you? >> nick is the editor in chief. he said maybe three or four or five hours after the piece went up on friday morning i got on a call with him and
5:45 pm
some of the other senior staff. they informed me that many of my colleagues had written them letters very upset at the point i had made and how i had made it. ultimately they decided to take the piece down. >> tucker: what were they upset about? do they have a case against your point? >> well, frankly, i don't really understand their point. i think most of it was rooted in that i did not give serious consideration to the point being made by the other side that maybe because transgender people face discrimination in other walks of life the film industry somehow owes it to them to find them the jobs or, quote/unquote, their narratives are being stolen. my argument is acting isn't about stealing narratives. we don't cast them to represent themselves so it shouldn't be treated any differently. >> tucker: so did they ever fully flesh out their point of view or is just the sense you violated some rule that decent people don't violate? you said something naughty;
5:46 pm
therefore, like we're punishing you. >> i was forwarded some of the letters that my colleagues had written. some who said they were fine with me seeing they wrote it. again, they made the argument that there are limited roles for transgender people. there are limited roles that portray transgender people and somehow they should have first dibs. my argument was -- yeah. >> tucker: i'm worried. we are almost out of time. since you practice journalism, what does it do to journalism -- i mean our audience can assess. but you are making a totally, moderate, reasonable point. >> i thought so, too. >> tucker: if you can't say something that obvious and sensible, can you practice journalism in an environment like that? >> well, the thing is that i thought i was inoculated against this kind of silencing because i do identify as moderate. i'm right of center but i'm pretty moderate so i was naive to think i was immune from the attack. the reality is that each
5:47 pm
victory that the mob claims just strengthens them. and reminds them of their own strength. i don't think anyone is safe from this attack. >> tucker: that is exactly right. that is a really smart point. godspeed. i hope you find employment somewhere much better than "business insider." thank you. the "new york times" attacked the summit you saw today by releasing a bizarre, overtly sexual cartoon. it was really strange. we are going to unpack what it might mean. next. and neither will lower back pain. because at a dr. scholl's kiosk he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet. dr. scholl's. born to move. no mathere are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands?
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>> tucker: well, in honor of today's summit in helsinki, "new york times," newspaper in the united states, released a cartoon portraying president trump and vladimir putin as gay lovers. the point was it's wrong and shameful. but wait, this is the "new
5:52 pm
york times." they are not supposed to think that is wrong and shapeful. what were they saying? joining us now is the journalist who we hope will sort it out for us. chadwick, the "new york times" using the suggestion of a gay relationship between the two as an attack on them. but you think of the "new york times" as a paper that wouldn't attack people for being guest. -- being gay. what do you make of it? >> it can't be homophobic. because it's the "new york times." stephen colbert and jimmy kimmel are also torch bearing bearing -- torchbearers have made these jokes about president trump. this is tailor made for huffington post think base as a punch line and the cartoons equate violence.
5:53 pm
yet, i haven't seen the think pieces. why aren't they calling out their own side for attempting to make fun of gay people? maybe when the left tries to bully that's people at the "new york times," maybe they were called gay on the playground and the only way they know to bully someone back. i don't know. >> tucker: wait a second. aren't there all these highly funded group in washington that exist to stop this stereotyping and the sexual identity based attacks on people? where are they? i haven't seen statements from them. >> wonderful question. organization glad formed to combat negative image of the gay people in the media. they have come after me as a gay person plenty of times. but i haven't seen them go after the cartoon or the left wing celebrities that made the crude homophobic jokes. imagine if the "new york times" had run cartoon of
5:54 pm
hillary clinton and vladimir putin's relationship? what would the left do then? they would lose their minds. this is hypocrisy we continue to see from them. they turn a blind eye when their own side does it. time and time again. gay is in the media with joy reed making homophobic remarks but she is forgiven. vice president pence supports money going toward the therapy 20 years ago. they still can't get over it. >> tucker: i'm starting to think they are hypocrites. you are starting to convince me. great to see you. >> you too. >> tucker: thank you. the extended interview with the president airs tomorrow. we have a preview of it and including what he said about angela merkel and europe's migrant crisis. that's interesting and it's next. porting today. and, how's it looking? >>i don't know. there's so many opinions out there, it's hard to make sense of it all. well, victor, do you have something for him?
5:55 pm
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5:59 pm
with the president today, he had quite to a bit to say about immigration, as well as angela merkel, waving an immigrant's like a third base coach. here's a little bit of it. >> angela was a superstar until she allowed thousands of people to come into germany. that really hurt her. she was unbeatable in any election. she allowed millions of people to come in. i will say this, she has been very badly hurt by immigration. >> tucker: and it went on and got more interesting. the full extended interview airs tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. eastern, and we hope that you will tune and then. that's about it for us tonight live up from helsinki soon, a great country, by the way. where the visiting if you haven't been. see you tomorrow. 8:00 p.m. the swarm enemy of lying, hypocrisy, everywhere all of a sudden. don't miss president trump live. our interview with him tomorrow
6:00 pm
8:00 p.m. "hannity" is next. >> sean: and this is a fox news alert. it is 9:00 p.m. in new york city and 6:00 p.m. on the west coast, it is 4:00 a.m. in helsinki, finland, and earlier today, president trump, he went face to face with the russian president, vladimir boudin. this is their third in person meeting, but their first official summit. all bets were on the table and appeared to be a no-holds-barred open, productive, adult discussion on many of the issues between our two countries. i sat down for an interview with the president right after he met with vladimir putin. we will laid out for you in a moment. but first, sit tight for our breaking news. helsinki addition opening


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