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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 17, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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wall. i don't know if that was the case. obviously this person did not buy it she thought you know what? who is going to say anything to me. i'm going to do it. jillian: she has been caught. thanks for watching. have a good day. >> it was a good meeting. we discussed so many things. including nuclear. including war and peace. we really came to a lot of good conclusions. >> the president is facing harsh criticism from both parties following his talks with putin. >> he should have marched in, put the indictment on the table, and demanded justice. >> i have here the indictment that was presented. may i give this to you to look at, sir? >> lisa page has appeared to two house committees to deliver further testimony about her behavior at the fbi over the last couple of years. >> democrat and republicans are divided. >> in many cases she admits that the text messages mean exactly what they say. >> she made history at the
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polls but the left might want to back off their glowing endorsement. >> use the term the occupation of palestine. >> um, i think what i meant is -- >> do you think can you expand on that. >> i'm not an expert on geo politics. ♪ r-o-c-k in the u.s.a. steve: rocking in the u.s.a. july 17th, 2018. rocking on the mezzanine level of fox news headquarters. ains solid returning from helsinki. abby: she texted me she is back on u.s. soil. she had to turn her phone off because you don't know what's going on with the hacking. steve: that's why she never. abby: she never responded to our texts. steve: of course she was over there to cover the
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president and putin and they had a big summit. did you hear about it? the president said it was successful. but, then again, that's not what everybody is talking about today. brian: two hours one-on-one. then about an hour of a bilateral. then a 15-minute break, perhaps and it was time to meet the press. at which time you knew the first series of questions were going to be election meddlinrussianmeddling and the . 12 people on the russian side state sponsored if these numbers are correct. no reasonable not to believe that, who were part of the hacking into the election. not affecting the result. but, going ahead and creating chaos in our electoral system. when president trump was asked about that, he fell short. listen. >> asked a question, my people came to me, dan coats tame to me and others said they think it's russia. i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why
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it would be. steve: so the criticism of the president from both sides of the aisle is, wait a minute, you were given a choice, do you believe russia or do you believe your own intel community and he had that answer, which is puzzling to me because there have been a number of times when the president has said that i think it was russia. i think it was russia. i think there was meddling. he had the chance yesterday. he did not do it. and that has got a lot of people scratching. at love people are criticizing him for not being bold. abby: you are standing next to vladimir putin whose ultimate goal in life is to undermine our democracy. it was that one moment that had you to stand up for your own country, to stand up for your intelligence community. as we said this morning he did not do that he has tweeted out sense. he said as i said today and many times before i have great confidence in my intelligence people; however, i also recognize that in order to build a brighter future we cannot exclusively focus on the past as the world's two
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largest nuclear powers. we must get along there was a real opportunities to be had. he was teed up. there was a lot of work that led into the summit yesterday and words do matter in these moments. brian: absolutely. the president sunday the impression i don't know why still if he says the russians hacked it makes his election look illegitimate. senator schumer and hillary clinton will never get over the fact that you won the election. neither will 16 republicans get over the fact that you won the primary. did the russians help with you that. no. from the day you came down the casey later you shocked the world from. november you had everybody losing you shocked the world. it wasn't because of russia. but russia's goal was to up end the process. they hate democracy. i will say this to the president when newt gingrich, when general jack keane and matt schlapp said the president fell short and made our intelligence apparatus look bad it's time to pay attention. it's easily correctable from the president's perspective.
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will intense days of summits and private meetings and everything on his plate. that he was the moment that's going to stand out unless he comes out and corrects it. steve: look, a lot of people get confused. i'm not saying the president is confused. a lot of people are confused about the russia collusion thing. there is a big thing between collusion and the meddling. the president says there was no collusion. is he right in that. he says it every time. but pretty much in their brother, except vladimir putin knows that there was meddling. so, brian, to your point where it drives the president crazy apparently. when it is suggested that he did not win the presidency on his own, that there was some meddling that helped him, keep in mind all the authorities have said that there was meddling but not a single vote was changed. abby: by the way vladimir putin, did you watch that interview with chris wallace. brian: you got to watch it. abby: biggest take away i had was when he asked about the meddling in his own way he admitted to it he just
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doesn't sees a what they does meddling. he sees it as providing people with the facts. if we upend emails and show you what's going on behind closed doors that's just showing the accuracy of what is going on. brian: his point was, abby, we showed you, john podesta' emails for how they got out there, they revealed the fact that hillary clinton and the dnc combined to sideline bernie sanders. they showed her all the things that she was up to, and he thinks it's okay. vants in his own evil mind because i exposed the truth. i didn't put out false emails. it's no big deal. why are the american people -- why wouldn't the american people benefit from transparency. it's not up to him to decide what private emails get exposed or not get expose you had. and with the president if he just turns around and says not okay. if it happens in november, the retribution you can't possibly calculate that's going to be coming down the pipe for russia. we can blink the lights on the entire country --
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abby: by the way president trump won the election. he halls got to get over that. we are here now. brian: absolutely. abby: admitting meddling in the election it does not credit where he is. there is collusion and meddles. he has a real opportunity still i think to be had to address that and make it clear where he stands on this issue. steve: in fact, the president was on with sean hannity last night after his summit and said the whole russian meddling thing is driving a wedge between the united states and russia. >> i think it's a shame we are talking about nuke already polic proliferation. we're talking about syria and humanitarian aid. we get questions on the witch-hunt. first what's happenings to our country because of this. we have never done better in so many ways, including economically but when you see this thing going on, and i will tell you it's driven a wedge between us and russia. maybe we have just knocked down that wedge. brian: that's true it is fundamentally russia's fault. not ours.
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if there is a wedge between them fundamentally it's with russia. it's not our fault. it's been over the top in people going out of their way to try to justify president trump's win, which democrats still can't figure out. meanwhile, rush limbaugh weighed. >> in the russians have been meddling in america since before i was born, folks. it isn't news. it isn't one way or the other of a special counsel doing a special intelligence investigation. it isn't necessary. the media looked at it as this press conference as the day they are going to nail trump. trump is turning the tables on them. ripping the democrats. he won this race. deaf it himself. he outworked hillary clinton. he worked harder than any candidate in recent memory, and he doesn't want that taken away from him. he won this thing and he wants everybody to realize he won it; that it wasn't stolen. steve: what do you think about all of this and everything that has transpired in the last 24 hours email us at or you can tweet us or facebook us as well. abby: it has only been a
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week. it is tuesday. a lot going on with the fbi and lisa page how all know the lover of peter strzok and their text message exchanges. she was on the hill yesterday about those text messages and she was questioned by congress for the second day. she actually completely discredits peter strzok, her exlover in that testimony. she stands by her texts. she says i meant every word of those texts and what they mean. steve: in particular, you know, the infamous one that came out the day that the inspector general was going to have his report, curious timing there. remember this one where lisa page texted peter strzok and said trump's not ever going to become president, right, right? and strzok said no, no, we won't. he won't. we'll stop it. what he said during his testimony last week was we will stop it, meant the american people. well, apparently it sounds likes she might have had a dinner interpretation. and john ratcliffe, the congressman, he said that she was much more
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transparent than mr. peter strzok. >> there are differences in their testimony on many cases. she admits that the text messages mean exactly what they say as opposed to agent strzok who thinks that we have all misininterpretted his own words on any will text message that might be negative. brian: she was evidently behind closed doors trying to diminish her importance but made no qualms about the fact she was a democrat and didn't want donald trump to be elected. the question is what did she do about it? i hear from people behind the scenes that people appreciate her cooperation she came off extremely intelligent and smart and forthcoming considering what she has been through personally over the last year. i'm not saying your heart goes out to her. but, after what we saw with peter strzok for 10 hours, you appreciate some humility that's evidently what she displayed. abby: he found every excuse in the book that people were taking it out of context. he didn't actually mean that. i assume their love life
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isn't diagnose well anymore. brian: i think it's done. insurance plan what are you going to do to stop them when we don't know. the names listed in the ig report conspiring to do the best they can or have opinions about how bad a pinner donald trump was. if you are donald trump how can you think anything but the fbi under the previous administration was out to get him. the deputy gone. the james comey fired. peter strzok if he is not sullied and destroyed personally and with all his credibility, i don't know what is. steve: peter strzok and he all those questions about the insurance policy and stuff. he gave his answer. she gave her answers yesterday. we may never know exactly because she is apparently not going to be appearing in public doing testimony but nonetheless can you count on some of the stuff leaking out. abby: we will have representative louie gohmert on the show from the house judiciary committee. a lot of questions to ask him. there is a lot of other things going on this morning
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jillian with headlines. jillian: good morning to you guys. good morning to you with this fox news alert. a manhunt intensify pornography a suspect who shot a north carolina deputy and sped away. the suspect was driving this blue toyota carolla when 21-year-old deputy pulled him over. the suspect shooting him below his protective vest he's waked up to the car. cheryl needed surgery but is expected to be okay. mandatory evacuations underway as the wildfire burning near yosemite national park explodes overnight. the raging ferguson fire doubling in size just days after claiming the life of a 32-year-old firefighter. he died saturday while battling the inferno. he leaves behind a wife and two children. nationals outfielder bryce harper blasting his way to home run derby final in front of a hometown proud in washington, d.c. >> there it is, center field and brice harper has thrown his bat in the air and won
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the 2018 -- jillian: smashing 19 homers while his dad pitched to him. it's not his first derby crown this picture surfacing on the wedge of 11-year-old harper claiming victory in cooper's town. catch it tonight on fox broadcast network: steve: my son was there last night and said it was awesome and he met a big celebrity and, brian, it's your favorite guy on the whole world joey chestnut the competitive hot dog eater. abby: was he eating hot dogs? brian: all star game and that's the guy he walks away with. kim jong un, putin, check. who should be the next for president trump? we'll talk about it. abby: next darling for the democratic party dug a hole she might not be able to get out of. her comments on israel sparking outrage. >> you used the term the occupation of palestine.
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♪ steve: following president trump's meeting with russian president vladimir putin yesterday and before that his historic sitdown with north korean dictator kim jong un, many are wondering who is next on his who he is going to meet with list.
3:18 am
here to discuss some of those possibilities senior fellow for the independent institute and author of the book "11 presidents," ivan eland joins us live from d.c. >> good morning. steve: let's look in the rear view mirror for a minute what did you think the president's meeting yesterday with president sput. >> taking lessons from nato summit and the russian summit, i think the key thing is that the president needs to learn thousand tell people directly but diplomatically the situation. i think you know, we were under attack in our elections. i think he really needs to bring that up and separate it from any collusion, you know, that he feels didn't happen. but he needs to respond very strongly on this issue of the attack. steve: sure. all right. he did not do that. that's what has a lot of people scratching heir heads yesterday. ivan, let's look at future meetings, you think it would be a shoe in for the president to sit down with
3:19 am
the new incoming president of mexico, right? >> i think. so they are kind of from opposite ends of the political spectrum but they are also sort of populist so they may have something in common. and also, you know, if the president is concerned about the border, immigration, security at the border. i mean, mexico is the country to talk to. and i think the united states could help mexico with some of their own problems. problem at the border. steve: of course the president has met with the president of china xi jinping but you think that would be a great summit, too. >> i think these at any rate trade difficulties could be a disaster if they're not corrected. he really needs to focus on intellectual property. that's what the chinese are really doing not the bilateral trade deficits that we have with them. i think they are stealing our intellectual property. and i think that's a problem by any standard in international trade. steve: and this last one i didn't see coming, you think
3:20 am
he should sit down with hasan rouhani who runs iran. >> well, excuse me, if he is trying to renegotiate an agreement, you can't do that unless you sit down with him. and i think it's worth doing. if you do it with kim jong un, can you certainly do it with rouhani. and i'm not saying that the iranians will even agree to this, but it might be worth a shot. steve: you never know. all right, ivan eland senior fellow independent institute and author of 11 presidents, sir, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: 6:20 in new york city. remember when the national guard was sent to help at the u.s.-mexico border? well now we know how much of an impact they have made. we're going to till. the new darling of the democratic party just dug herself into a hole she might not be able to get out of. alexandria ow owe ocasio cortez just called israelis occupiers. ♪
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and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. brian: quick stories that abby has a great interview waiting for you. 10,000 illegal immigrants are arrested thanks to president trump's national guard deployment to the southern border. good job guys and ladies. troops hunting to spot and turn away 3,000 oh. currently 1600 national guard troops assisting at the border. though that number could increase to 4,000. and, immigration enforcement in the spotlight on capitol hill and it's happening today. house republicans expected to meet as they now consider a bill to support ice. this comes just days after several democrats proposed abolishing the agency. i'm out of copy which means time for the woman.
3:25 am
abby: thank you, brian. the democratic socialist running for congress right here in new york goes on the attack against israel calling our ally a, quote: occupation force over palestine. listen. >> i also think that what people are starting to see, at least in the occupation of palestine is just an increasing crisis of humanitarian conditions. >> you use the term the occupation of palestine? >> um, i think what i meant is like the settlement places where palestinians are experiencing -- >> do you think can you expand on that? >> i'm not the expert on geo politics on this issue. abby: that is clear. here to react michael knowles here of the michael knowles show. michael, good to have you with us. >> abby, good to be here. abby: you listen to the dnc and that is the future of their party. >> that is their
3:26 am
representative. proudly ignorant and thoroughly anti-israel. it makes sense. this poor girl alexandria ocasio cortez is making an impression and it's a lasting one. what do we know about her since she hit the national stage. she is a liar, lied about her upembryonicking. she pretended to be from a poor part of the bronx and grew up there. she grew up in one of the ritziest place in the condition. i know this because i grew up in the town over from her. she is proudly ignorant. great line she says you know, i don't really know a lot about this but i firmly believe, frequently wrong but never in doubt. she uses the slogans that we have seen from democrats now for the past 20 years. you know, we heard in the bush ear remarks bush lied, people died, he didn't. we heard no for oil, there wasn't one. trump co-liewfded with russia, there is no evidence of that the myth of israeli occupied palestine which i believe is the country east
3:27 am
of narnia and west of conda. margaret hoover in that television program scratched just below the surface and alexandria cortez had no answer. she didn't learn anything. all she learned was ideology. york town law school is not as good as we thought it was. abby: she went to boston university. she says she doesn't know geo politics in that interview. she majored in international relations. obviously this is something she claims to know a lot about. kudos to margaret hoover in that interview for simply listening and following up can you please expand on this. what i'm surprised by she has done so many interviews since this big win several weeks ago and none of this has been exposed. what does this tell you about bigger picture the democratic party? >> well, first of all it, tells you that the media are carrying water for them. margaret hoover has a very sort of stable, socialer public affairs show. she is not exactly out to get her guests but the guests expose themselves.
3:28 am
if ocasio cortez were smart she would have locked herself in the closet until november. the election was hers. all she is doing is hurting herself. there is a real problem with millennial education. i'm the same age as ocasio cortez. i went to a school nearby in high school. one aspect of that in high schools, especially in new york in those days the curricula told you don't worry about studying facts. don't learn names and dates and details, just learn broader picture trends. that's the it logical component that allows a committed socialist like cortez to spout ignorance without a basis what what she is talking about. abby: wake-up call. she is in the hot seat now. you can get a lot of other questions will be coming her way. good to see you. >> you, too abby. abby: this video is insane. a lava bomb crashing through the roof of a boat packed with tourists. what happened next? got to wait for that
3:29 am
comedian sasha cohen attacking several politicians for his new show. now he is accused of stolen valor is that funny. >> super star turns 42 years old today. ♪ and i said play again, play it again ♪ play it again ♪
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3:33 am
take 99% and put them in the 1%. he gets bernie sanders to do math. relatively humorous but beginning of trying to turn the tables and mock people. abby: we all know him. he has been around for a long time. borat. he does the same thing where he plays his character and gets politicians in awkward situations. funny touch with a but oftentimes it's embarrassing for them and hit a level where some people are criticizing what's going on because some folks have said is he dressed up like a disabled veteran. brian: not there is he playing an israeli guy who is pro-gun who is trying to arm toddlers. steve: the story last week was a former governor sarah palin says he duped her. he was dressed like a disabled vet. well, show time has put out a statement and said denying that. they say this. baron cohen did not present himself as a disabled vernal and viewers nationwide who watched the premier on sunday can now attest to that. but, nonetheless, somebody a
3:34 am
street performer and also a artist, a street artist by the name of sabo out in los angeles put up a great big billboard right there. he had a team that essentially hijacked the billboard and criticized him for stolen valor which has been some suggestion where because he dressed up like a disabled veteran, according to governor sarah palin, there should be some consequence. brian: i don't think palin was on his episode we don't know what he dressed like. for everybody he was a different character. if someone goes up to you and says i'm in -- i got hurt in the service and then later on he says i was a u.p.s. service man and i got hurt shooting a mexican or something to that. steve: is that his story. brian: that's one of his stories. i haven't seen that episode yet. he could have been saying that. if you are saying service, are you in service? if you say you are in service? steve: i read a couple reviews of the series and
3:35 am
apparently it's not that funny. abby: interesting. he is also a really recognizable person. steve: without the costume. abby: people would know. i wouldn't want to be one of those folks on the other end where you don't know and then it's played for everybody around the country. matt gaetz, representative matt gaetz of florida was one of these people that sasha cohen tried to dupe and he ultimately failed. we will get hits story of what exactly happened and at what moment did he realize there is something a little off here. brian: they put together copy on toddlers and they had trent lot and this guy larry pratt read it and looked like total idiots. congratulations this is another person with an agenda who misrepresented who he is and gradually got somebody to do something embarrassing. steve: there you go. brian: i guess that's programming. abby: here is jillian with the headlines. what would you do, jillian. jillian: i walked in halfway between that i'm not going to pretend to comment because i will get myself
3:36 am
into trouble. get you caught up on news. house leaders over political bias censorship. diamond and silk accused of having their content. joined in the hearing. >> content of conservatives not just diamond and silk but more concerns it must stop. congress is going to have to act or these people are going to try to be dictators of the world. jillian: several top executives from facebook, twitter and youtube will be on the panel. chaos and panic as a lava bomb crashes on to a tour boat in hawaii. the moment of impact caught on camera. [explosion] [screams] jillian: passengers screaming as lava from the kilauea you have cano. 23 people hurt. one of them seriously.
3:37 am
this is the hole left behind by the basketball sized multi-emolten rock. form allege new island off the coast of hawaii. young republicans now speaking off after being dumped at a gas station. an anti-trump uber driver forcing a group of campaign volunteers out of his car in north carolina because they were discussing conservative politics. >> i have the right to not deny you service we were all shocked and we politely got out of speak and said bihave a good night. and then he drove off and said welcome to the resistance. >> well, this comes just days after an uber driver refused to take a group of congressional interns to the trump hotel because they were wearing make america great again hats. uber says it's investigating the incident but one of the interns already has plans to sue. we will keep you posted. a wisconsin woman tries to beat a draw bridge on her bike and loses.
3:38 am
can you see her blast right past the warning gates, lights flashing and all and fall right through the cracks minutes later come to her rescue. pulled out and taken to the hospital, it begs the question what is your plan when you get to the top of the bridge. >> only burt reynolds was able to disblawmp kind of bridge. brian: maybe evel knievel in his day? steve: arms were down. brian: smoky and the bandit was not based on a true story, right? [buzzer] steve: i'm sure there are elements of truth. brian: jackie gleason wasn't a real sheriff. [buzzer] wasn't he good though? steve: i don't know about that. i know that janice dean has been gone for a little while. she is back and she has the weather. abby: how are you doing, janice? japan january i'm great. thank you for missing me. take a look at current temperatures. i hope you missed me. i know adam is awesome.
3:39 am
we love adam. we love him. brian: is he all right. janice: thank you, brian. i owe you 20 bucks. we love you, adam, thank you for filling in for me. that is the bottom line. 77 here in new york. it is so hot outside it feels even warmer than that because of the humidity. now, we could see some daytime thunderstorms across the four corners region. we are getting into monsoon season there. as well as the potential for severe weather. cold front move through and help out the humanity humidity . isolated tornadoes perhaps across portions of new england. just watch for that if there is a watch or warning in your area. know what to do. it's going to be very warm across the northwest as well today, parts of california. we have heat advisories in effect. that's going to be a concern. it is summertime but make sure you bring the kids inside, enjoy the airconditioning. make sure you are drinking lots of water there your forecast today, hot and sticky, typical for mid july. brian: janice, when is that
3:40 am
hawaiian island going to be ready? janice: so a new island has formed because of the volcanic eripses i cannot tell you the exact date it will be ready. brian: because i would like to go. steve: i will tell you this, brian two, weeks after it's ready a marriott will be on the island. brian: absolutely. janice: good to be back, brian. abby: we love having you back. steve: thank you, j.d. ex-cia chief john brennan accusing president trump treason following summit with putin. wasn't too long ago democrats were saying things like this. >> a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america you said russia. not al qaeda. you said russia. and the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back. steve: a very famous sound bite. we have a debate on that in the next hour. brian: president trump isn't done with tax reform. is he putting a new plan in motion today. stuart varney is always in motion. he has the details.
3:41 am
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even our shrimp is crab-topped! so hurry in and get your butter-dunkin' game on! 'cause crabfest will be gone in a snap. and now bring home the seafood you crave with red lobster to go. call or order online today. jillian: good morning, welcome back. we have quick headlines, animal edition. police posting this mugshot of a dog who ran away from home. pups in new jersey picking up the pup named beam after it was spotted running through neighbor's yards. posted bail in the form of cookies and took him home. a sheriff's deputy posts a hihysterical rant after getting caught behind a slow poke. >> the guy is easily 100. he shouldn't be out on the roadways to begin with i tried to talk to him. he snapped at me. come on, grand pa. i got places to be. jillian: that's deputy brian bowman recording the
3:45 am
law-breaking tortoise in owe callla, florida. he tried to get him off the road but the turtle refused, slowing the deputy down for 20 minutes. that's good stuff. steve? steve: a little joke there he snapped at me, he said. thanks, jill. president trump returning to the united states getting right to work meeting with house republicans later today to hammer out tax reform 2.0, aimed at making permanent tax cuts geared to the middle class. abby: what will this mean for you and your wallet? stuart varney is the host of varney and co on the fox business network. he joining us now to break it all down. >> president trump returns to a booming economy, and we said testimony that times. what he is doing today is to try to keep that boon going by revisiting the tax cut from earlier this year. what they are proposing is directly to individuals, our viewers, example. whawhat they want to do is make the child tax cut permanent
3:46 am
it's supposed to disappear in 2025. they want to make it permanent. they want to make the standard deduction, very important, they want to make that permanent. they want to make changes to 401(k)s, iras, make it easy to put more money in and maybe a new rule which says you have to opt out of a 401(k) as opposed to opting in. sounds complicated. they want to make it easier for you to save more money for your retirement and, therefore, keep this boom going. brian: one of the big things in our country we have not attacked ever is retirement. what are we going to do if you have nothing saved in your life when you get to be that age of retirement. social security is tough to live on. this could be one thing for middle class families to respond to. >> very big deal. because, at the moment, when you join a corporation, and they have got a 401(k), a pension plan, you have to say i want in. i want to see the rule changed so that you have to say i want out. so you automatically in. you are automatically saving
3:47 am
money for your retirement. steve: stuart, if they were to pass in the house and the senate, you would need 60 votes in the senate. however, obviously they want to take the vote before the election to put some vulnerable democrats on the hook to take a vote. >> . steve: they might actually vote for it. >> they could indeed. brian: why not? >> not major corporations. steve: they didn't vote last time. >> they are not the richest people in our society. no, this is to the middle class. are you going to vote against something which is clearly in favor of america's middle class. i don't think they will. abby: what's happening today? who is he meeting with and can people expect this to happen soon. >> people in the house ways and means committee kevin brady is the chair. he writes tax policy. he is the front man to do this. i believe he is meeting 2:00 this afternoon in the oval office. the intention is to keep the boon going. we should talk about that. i don't think it's widely reported that we are in a boom situation. we have new figures from fox research showing 1.1 million
3:48 am
people in the trump administration, within the trump term of office have already moved from part-time to full-time work. that's a very, very big deal. steve: it is. >> 55 million americans who have a 401(k) looking at gains 20, 25% since the trump presidency began. that's the booming stock market to the booming economy. we have also seen a very sharp run-up in retail sales. that was a surprise. consumers are spending. this economy is absolutely booming and it's not widely reported that we will get the official numbers next week. i have think it's going to be 4% growth. brian: guess who is slowing down slightly china. >> yes, indeed. their stock market is down 20, 25%. big drop. steve: maybe they will be willing to deal on tariffs and trade then. >> that's the suggestion, isn't it? president trump has leverage. we have a strong economy. we are imposing tariffs. what's the response? are we going to get our way on intellectual property and the seeding of technology to
3:49 am
china. get our way in dropping those tariffs and getting more free trade? interesting question. i will tell if you we do get good news on trade, you will see that stock market melt up not down. abby: great news. >> i think. abby: good to see you. steve: how does something melt up? >> don't ask. brian: i get it. a lot of volcanos, islands. i will see you on radio. we do a simulcast. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up straight ahead this new book about the cold war catching the attention of newt gingrich the former speaker of the house comparing it to what we are seeing following the trump-putin summit. the author daniel silva joins us live in a matter moments with some insight about what happened yesterday. steve: and texas congressman louie gohmert was in the room as lawmakers grilled former fbi lawyer lisa page. we're going to talk to him about her live in about 20 minutes from now. ♪ i believe it's time for me to fly ♪
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brian: bestselling author daniel silva has a brand new book out today called "the other woman" fictional tale of new cold war perpetrated by this country called russia. after this indictment of russian agents you would like a sense of background to the russian effort to undermind the united states and its allies read an educational story in daniel silva's "the other woman" it is a novel with a lot of truth. here now is daniel silva. a novel with a lot of truth thanks to president trump and vladimir putin. >> both a thriller writer in his time and historian. what this book does is sort
3:54 am
of puts the context of what we are facing now, a new cold war instigated by russia and puts it in historical context. what i'm saying is that putin's efforts to divide the western alliance, to undermine the united states to drive a wedge between the united states and great britain, all this is from a very, very old playbook from the kgb that goes all the way back to the 1920s and 1930s. they used to call it active measures back in the old days. but this book explores the kim master spy and sort of uses that as a way to talk about what we are facing now. brian: cyber technology make it easier to do things like this? >> extraordinarily easy. and as dni dan coats pointed out this week. we are under constant attack. and i don't think that's an overstatement. brian: he said a flashing red light. >> he borrowed language to
3:55 am
the run up of the 9/11 that the system is blinking red. the russians have been probing at us con strantsly from the very time that they were able to develop an offensive scibber capability. structure, our government communication systems are under constant russian attack. i think it's fair to say that their communication systems are under constant nsa attack but we're not planting bugs to necessarily take down a power station or take down a dam or do something that can cost lives. brian: or an electoral system. >> or an electoral system. there is no evidence to suggest that they hacked in to voting databases, not yet at least. at least that we know about. they did it in different way and that bows back to that back to the 1920s and 30's. the russianys very, very adept at black propaganda and disinformation
3:56 am
campaigns. the kgb has been doing it for darn near a century and did it. brian: how did the president do yesterday with vladimir putin? >> i think that even the president's closest 80's and his most ardent supporters would conceit that he made a very, very, very grave mistake yesterday any helsinki. brian: it's correctable. still early. start by tweeting something out today. congratulations on this book called "the other woman requests and congratulations to the world that causes a lot of fodder and allows to you write great novels. >> thank you. brian: vladimir putin won't accept the indictments against his intel officers. watch. >> russia has a state has never interfered with the internal affairs of the united states. >> the indictment shows -- i have 12 names here. brian: the rest of his fire rye exchange with chris wallace at the top of the hour. plus, texas congressman louie gohmert. we have florida congressman
3:57 am
matt gaetz, judge jeanine pirro. two of them went to law school. ♪ [ laughs ] ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa. your one item would be the name your price tool? it helps people save on car insurance. why wouldn't it save me? why? what would you bring? a boat. huh.
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>> it was a good meeting. we discussed so many different things including nuclear, including war and peace. we really came to a lot of good conclusions. >> he should have mashe marched in, put the indictment on the table and demanded justice. >> i will tell you it's driven a wedge between us and russia. maybe we just knocked down that wedge. >> i have here the indictment that was presented. may i give this to you to look at, sir? >> lisa page, the lover of peter strzok, she was on the hill yesterday about those text messages. >> in many cases she admits that the text messages mean exactly what they say. >> the darling of the democratic party just dug herself into a hole she might not be able to get out of.
4:01 am
>> you used the term the occupation of palestine. >> um, i think what i meant is. >> do you think you can expand on that. >> i'm not the expert at geo politics. >♪ it made the man i am today. brian: in new york, not going to come up much. if you are a lawmaker you really don't need to know much about israel, do you. abby: she is an international relations major at boston university. she says she doesn't know geo politics. brian: she started the conversation talking about palestine. occupied territories of palestine. steve: well, apparently she was good for that first statement and then when they dug a little bit, got a little deeper, not so much. abby: good morning to all of you. happy tuesday morning. can you believe it's already tuesday? so much has happened this week. steve: no kidding. we were talking about this yesterday on live an hour early to cover the summit
4:02 am
with mr. putin over in helsinki the president as they throwed to the pedestrian yum said it's a good meeting. here is what everybody is talking about. we had heard that the president was going to bring up russian meddling with mr. putin and apparently he did. the president wouldn't really admit that he thought that it was the russians and so one of the reporters asked, okay, who do you believe? do you believe your intel community, mr. president, or do you believe the russians? and this is the answer that everybody is talking about. >> all i can do is ask the question. my people came to me, dan coats came to me and some other, they said they think it's russia. i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. steve: see, the thing about that answer which surprised a lot of people including me is the president in the past has said i think it was the
4:03 am
russians. i think it was the russians. i think there was meddling. we know there was meddling. the president's own intel chiefs have said mr. president, there was meddling. it was russia. and so when he said that yesterday, that surprised a lot of people, including me. abby: yeah. he has not come down strong enough yet on meddling in this election. there you were in front of the entire world next to vladimir putin of all people who his main mission in life is to undermine our democracy at home. it was a real opportunity for president trump to talk about how important this issue is. they said they talked about it behind closed doors. i'm sure there was a lot that happened there that is not being talked about today and maybe history -- time will tell. there was far more substance that many of the headlines have spoken to. but the problem is the way that he handled it in that moment, there is reason for people to pause and for people to be quite upset, frankly because this is a real issue that we face with russia. them trying to meddle in our elections. as you said, steve, our intelligence community has all made it very clear this
4:04 am
has happened in the past and going to continue to happen. even vladimir putin admitted it in his own way last night talking to our own chris wallace is a big deal. brian: the president said okay. let me make this clear. i said today and um times before, quote: i have great confidence in my intelligence people. however, i also recognize that in order to build a brighter future we cannot exclusively focus on the past as the world's two largest nuclear powers. we must get along. here's the problem. it's not our fault that they medalled in the election. it's their problem. we have the superior defense. we have 30 3 million people. they have the economy of a small south american country. why have the number one economy in the world with the most innovative people, period. they decide meddle in our election. don't affect the outcome. it's not unusual for another country to weigh in ton a leader that think want. you are going to tell me angela merkel didn't want hillary clinton to win you? are going to tell me that gorbachev flat out to bush
4:05 am
41 we want to you win this next election. let us know what we can do. they didn't say they were going to meddle. but if you want to voice support to say this is the right guy at the right time, you got it. steve: how many times have we heard the president say there was no collusion, there was no collusion between the russians and his campaign. we have heard that a million times. but, the question was about russian meddling. in particular. and, you know, i have heard from d.c. lawmakers that people get confused, you know, it all runs together to them. the collusion thing and the melgding thing, it's all russia. it's all glommed together. but, an hour ago i said i didn't know if the president was confused but maybe he actually is because in axios, i just got it delivered five minutes ago, they write trump has at times privately conceded that russia probably hacked, they say. but the prevailing theory among trump aides and alumni is simple. he writes: he can't
4:06 am
separate meddling from colluding, one source close to trump said. he can't publicly express any nuanced view because he think it concedes that there is something he did wrong. that makes sense there is a gigantic difference between meddling, which the intel community has said there was. and colluding which so far we haven't seen any evidence that that happened between the trump administration and the campaign and russia. abby: here is the problem. you take that approach, right? and it undermines your intelligence community but it also takes all the oxygen out of the room other big things discussed. they have been tough when it comes to iran. 700 russians and businesses sanctioned. 12 indicted under. 12 russians for meddling in the election. they have armed ukrainians. there are things to talk about in a positive way that have been done against russia. so the president spoke with sean hannity and talked again about meddling in the election. he says this has caused a
4:07 am
wedge between the two countries. here is what he said. >> i think it's a shame. we are talking about nuclear proliferation. why are talking about syria and humanitarian aid. we are talking about all of these different things and we get questions on the witch-hunt. very sad what's happening to our country because of this. we have never done better in so many ways including economically. when you see this thing going on -- and i will tell you it's driven a wedge between us and russia. maybe we have just knocked down that wedge. brian: we will see. it's their fault. they are the one who put the wedge there newt gingrich came out and said president trump must clarify his statements on helsinki on intelligence system and putin. it's the most serious mistake of his presidency and must be corrected immediately. fine. i think the president should take heat. newt gingrich's wife works for him. he has two best-selling books about donald trump. so he is not the first to criticize. however, there are so many democrats who, again, including some republicans who go over the top at the first chance to criticize
4:08 am
the president. here's an example. >> the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because, you know, the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> in many areas where we are working to solve problems, russia has been an ally. >> governor romney's answer, i thought, was incredibly revealing. he acts like the cold war is still on. russia is still our major adversary. i don't know where he has been. >> mitt romney talks like he has only seen russia by watching rocky iv. >> here is the problem every candidate has struggled to figure out how to deal with vladimir putin. you can't have it both ways. is he an adversary? ultimately they are one of our greatest threats because of what they are trying to do our democracy. we should take it seriously. he has a way to fix this and he should. for the same sake of this country you should always defend america when you leave the country of especially when you are in
4:09 am
helsinki standing next to vladimir putin of all people. brian: the word is jfk would have loved to undone his meeting with crews chevy. got the wrong signals wouldn't have the cuban missile crisis. the president corrected. the president is making history every single day obviously we are reporting it. this is something that needs to be corrected. chris wallace did not wait for that correction. he knew exactly what he was doing. he went after vladimir putin about election meddling and made him answer. listen. >> russia has a state has never interfered with the internal affairs of the united states let alone its election. >> but, sir, this is the indictment. it shows i have 12 names here. >> do you really believe that someone from the russian territory could have influenced the united states and influenced the choice of millions of americans? >> i'm not asking. >> ridiculous. >> i'm asking whether they tried. let me finish. they say that these units involved in hacking into
4:10 am
democratic party computers, stealing information, and spreading it to the world to try to disrupt the american election? may i give this to you to look at, sir? brian: daniel silva studied russia. he said typical kgb. they never will touch something like that. steve: here's the thing. what a dramatic tv moment. it looked like he was being served papers and putin didn't know what was going on he said yeah, right over there remember when the president was alongside theresa may in great britain he said i'm going to talk to putin. everybody is expecting a perry mason moment. he didn't get one but chris wallace did. that was really something. abby: if you haven't seen this interview obviously wait for our show to be over. go watch this interview. the body language alone and in that moment he basically admits to russia being responsible for our election merddling.
4:11 am
meddling. he doesn't see it as meddling. he sees it as uncovering facts and people can take the facts. steve: so tough next to last question how about these people who go against you, essentially, wind up dead? ryan brian he said you don't have assassinations? yeah, donald trump has enemies he doesn't kill them. that's a little different. i also think it's important to point out that vladimir putin almost cyber experts say he almost wanted to get caught. that they are better than. this they could have done it in a way that would have been harder to unveil. they say this was not hard to under cover. they wonder why he did that. ainsley: they want the word it know what they are capable of doing. there is a lot going on this morning. go over to jillian for headlines. jillian: it was a great interview. spot on there. get you caught up with the news. start with a fox news alert. man possible serial killer considered armed and dangerous. naming jose rodriguez as a
4:12 am
person of interest in three deadly shootings since friday. first victim found dead inside her home. video shows rodriguez leaving her stolen car at a mall. two other victims shot dead at nearby mattress stores. on parole but cut ankle monitor off. thousands honor a police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. the police chief in massachusetts posthumously appointing him to sergeant. >> my son would be so proud, and i have never been prouder to be from weymouth. >> you should be proud to live in this town. >> emanuel lopez attacked him and shot him with his own gun. he is accused of killing a bystander. lopez could face a judge today. arraignment postponed. he leaves behind a wife and two kids. katie arrington is back on the campaign trail.
4:13 am
>> for the prayers, the flowers, the cards and well-wishes and words of encouragementment without that, i would not be here today. jillian: arrington seriously hurt in a car accident last month days after beating mark sanford in the republican primary. the driver killed in that head on collision was drunk. steve: she is back on the trail. abby: former fbi lawyer lisa page grilled by lawmakers for a second day over anti-trump text messages. house usual judiciary committee member louie gohmert was in closed door hearing. he takes us inside all the action next.
4:14 am
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then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at ♪ brian: yesterday, with all its news, no one was focusing on this former fbi attorney lisa page back on capitol hill yesterday afternoon for a second day of testimony started on friday regarding the anti-trump text messages she was involved in with fbi agent peter strzok. house judiciary committee member louie gohmert was in the room for peadges page's clod door hearing. can't give out information that can jeopardize the investigation. everyone keeps saying that she was a lot more compliant, open, and candid.
4:18 am
>> i wis she was much more forthcoming than peter strzok. people got upset for calling him out for being the scheming liar he is let me say this and it goes with what the president is getting mocked for in russia. i brought this out, and the mainstream media will not touch it. to me fox is the mainstream media. that is we know there is no question the intelligence community inspector general sent chuck mccoal collick told peter strzok that despite what. so media was saying a major foreign power had gotten every one of over 30,000 hillary clinton emails through her own server. everything that came and went except for four. and peter strzok did nothing about it. and apparently he didn't
4:19 am
tell lisa what he had learned from the intel community ig. they sat on that. and the president knows that this foreign entity, not rickenbacker, had everything. not -- russia had everything. it wasn't just russia. there were other major players. and strzok did nothing. lisa apparently didn't know. but. brian: i want to get to lisa page. she is a democrat. she doesn't like trump. but she was different. in what way was she different and more forthcoming. what can you tell us you learned? >> well, she used a more use ise contrite person. like i said, brian, she is a democrat. she wanted hillary to win, and she did not want trump to win. and that's been obvious. there were times the fbi lawyers would be reaching for the button to mute her comment and she would answer before they could mute her
4:20 am
comment. brian: is she contradicting peter strzok in any way? >> not so much. but she has given us more incite as to who was involved in what. of course, when i hear brennan or clapper either say the kind of things they have been saying recently, it tells me wow, we must be getting to them. those guilty dogs are barking pretty loud. i think she will be a good witness. i don't know that we're going to have a public hearing with her. but the important thing is to continue to gather the evidence, bob goodlatte, when we were meeting privately yesterday, after the questioning, he is not done. we're going to keep digging until we get to the bottom of this. it was outrageous. brian: five second answer are there other supervisors involved aside from peter strzok? >> yes. brian: congressman gohmert, can't wait to find out what those names are they need to
4:21 am
be exposed. appreciate it. >> hey, mccabe -- brian: coming up ahead ex-cia agent accusing summit vladimir putin. not too long ago democrats were laughing at mitt romney for calling russia a threat. who is right? roke. so, i'm doing all i can to stay in his life. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? new cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! new cascade platinum. you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel.
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4:25 am
$150 billion how much jeff bezos is worth making the amazon founder the richest man in modern history. worth $55 billion. that's more than bill gates the world's second richest man. unbelievable. over to you. steve: thank you very much. john brennan following the summit he tweeted quote president trump's press conference in helsinki rises to and exceeds the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors. it was nothing short of treasonous. not only with trump's comments emb imbecilic he is wholly in the pocket of putin. republican patriots. where are you? not too long ago officials were saying this. >> the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> russia has been an ally. >> he acts like he thinks the cold war is still on. >> mitt romney talks like he
4:26 am
has only seen russia by watching rocky iv. >> are there pai parallels? here for debate is cailee mcenany and wendy osefo. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> no doubt about it, the media reaction has been ferocious as has reaction from both sides of the aisle. wendy, let's start with you, you think that john brennan is right. >> yes, i do. i think that every president in modern history has struggled with russia. what we see on the global stage after yesterday's treasonous summit as some calling it calling the president of the united states comfort our own enemy a rebuke our national intelligence. this is the same putin who's with the help of assad helped assad literally kill their own people and poison them with gas. this is the same putin who we had evidence that says that you know what? you did interfere with our election.
4:27 am
this is a slap in the face not only to americans but a slap in the face to the intelligence community and gives open door and invitation for russia to do this again in 2018. not only are these actions treasonous, anyone who supports them can quite frankly consider themselves a traitor. steve: kayleigh, what do you say? >> ridiculous. democrats were singing much different song not too long ago. you saw the clips that were played. democrats were cheering on president obama when he whispered to vladimir putin i have more flexibility after the election. they were cheering on hillary clinton when she extended that goofy red reset button. enough to they think that putin is a big threat. well, guess what? if you were that concerned about putin, rest assured no administration has been on -- as tough on putin as president trump. look at his actions. he sanctioned more than 100-plus russian targets. he closed two diplomatic annexes in the russian consulate. he enforced imagine us imagin my
4:28 am
sanctions. >> look at his actions yes, let us look at his actions. yesterday, on the global stage he stood there and he blamed his own intelligence committee and he said that what we're seeing in russia is actually something, you know what? , putin has said he didn't do this so let's go ahead and belief him. let's look at the facts here. let's not spin this. >> i gave you facts, wenty. >> and i'm giving you facts. let's look at this in a bipartisan manner. this is nothing that says republicans or democrats go ahead and let's give trump the green light. no, we are going to hold him accountable. >> wendy, did president obama. >> american stage. >> wendy, let's deal in facts. >> let's deal in facts. we are dealing in facts. steve: one at a time. >> did president obama sanction 100 u.s. targets, yes or. >> no no. >> did president obama. >> he wasn't in bed with the russians like your president is. that is a fact. that is a fact. so let's deal with facts. >> i gave you facts. >> if president obama was in
4:29 am
bed with vladimir putin the same way your president trump is, then maybe he would have to sanction 100 and plus people. since president obama won his election fair and square, then he doesn't have to sanction that many people. that is the fact. kayleigh. steve: opinions from both sides of the point of view whether or not it's treason, the main argument seems to be we are not at war with russia so it would not amount to that. >> no, it certainly wouldn't amount from that. that's a talking point from a leftist, that's what john brennan is wendy ignores the facts and tough actions of this president. >> i just responded to you. >> i gave you facts. you threw insults at this administration i respond with facts. i respond with the facts that president trump is the one who put export controls on russia. president trump is the one who closed the russian con lat. these are facts. can you look them up i gave you the dates. >> i gave you facts. we all watched what happened yesterday. the world watched what happened yesterday. you were talking about
4:30 am
facts. 24 hours as well. i don't understand what you are saying there. steve: cailee and wendy thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you, steve. >> thank you. steve: quite a debate. this major league baseball pitcher is a proud new american. stay tuned for incredible story 19 years in the making. and the new darling of the democratic party just dug herself into a hole she might not be able to crawl out of. her comments regarding israel have sparked outrage. >> you use the term the occupation of palestine. >> i think what i meant is like the settlements. >> do you think you can expand on that. >> i'm not the expert at geo politics on this issue.
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
♪ steve: a beautiful start to the day in new york city as you look at the empire state building over on 34th
4:34 am
street. brian: by the way if you are not seeing a clear new york city, it's you. college your glasses or blink or. abby: no, it is the screen. brian: it is kind of foggy. her name is alexandria ocasio cortez and won handily a primary and likely to win november election and represent queens in new york. now she is a socialist. steve: i think she was and a community organizer as well. that really helped her. she knocked on all the doors. he didn't even show up for his debates. she won. and now she is widely in demand to be on television. everybody wants her to come and talk to figure out what she is all about. brian: she is the future of the party. abby: tom perez says she is the future of the democratic party. she has been everywhere. after she won that race and surprised everybody she has made the rounds. recent interview she highlighted an issue she doesn't know very well. took the time to attack israel and was pushed back
4:35 am
oa bit on, this watch. >> i also think that what people are starting to see, at least in the occupation of palestine, is just an increasing crisis of humanitarian conditions. >> you use the term the occupation of palestine? >> um, i think what i meant is like the settlement places where -- where palestinians are experiencing difficulties. >> do you think you can expand on that? >> i am th not the expert on geo politics on this. abby: by the way she went to boston college and international majo relations major. yorch what they teach you at college i would think that would be on the radar at some point. steve: sure. had you a great guest on in the first hour who essentially talked a little bit about her comment. listen to michael knowles.
4:36 am
and here he is. >> the democrats at this point are proudly ignorant and thoroughly anti-israel, so it makes sense. this poor girl, alexandria ocasio cortez is not making a great impression and it's a lasting one. she has a great line i don't know a lot about this i firmly believe frequently wrong but never in doubt. if cortez were smart she would have locked herself into the closet until november. the election was hers. awesome she is doing is hurting herself. brian: people can't get enough of her. good on camera. problem is she lacks substance. other problem is she a socialist. when told by the interviewer that, hey, you know, unemployment is at 4 hers. >> unemployment is at 4% because people have two jobs and they work 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can barely feed their kids. steve: that was a winning conversation for the message. joe crowley says look, did i a terrible job. she will be the next member of congress from that
4:37 am
district. abby: wonder what he thinks watching that interview play out. brian: why does she think this is pervasive in america? people working 80 hours a week barely able to feed their kids at a time our economy has never been doing better. she also says she calls capitalism no holds barred wild hyper -- wild west. they called it hypercapitallism. she wants to end that. abby: 28 years old. highlights as you said, brian, a alaska substance. even though she has made the rounds. shocked how long it took for people to dig in to see she wasn't as deep as people thought she was. she will be in the hot seat. a number of other questions coming her way. steve: take the advice of your guest. abby: stay in the closet. steve: no more interviews between now and election day. 22 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us now with more news. jillian: following a number of stories. get you caught up starting with. this police officers shoot through their windshield to try to stop murder suspect. just watch this video. intense chase is caught on
4:38 am
body camera. >> get down. >> las vegas police officers chasing down that stolen suv. the convicted felons firing 34 shots at the officers after allegedly killing a man at a car wash. one suspect was killed in the shootout. the other is under arrest. nuclear material stolen from government experts is nowhere to be found. two idaho national laboratory workers were sent to texas to pick up the materials in march of last year. the center for public integrity now revealing they were taken from a rental car in a hotel parking lot. those materials plutonium could be used in nuclear weapons but experts say that the amght that went missing does not pose a threat. frankline graham firing back after ad for upcoming festival of hope crusade was removed from city buses. the edge gang based company giving into complaints about
4:39 am
graham's personal views. graham responding in part saying, quote: i am sorry that some see hope as offensive but can i assure you that tens of thousands of people in black pool and across the united kingdom are searching for hope. a major league baseball player is a brand new proud american. minute society twins pitcher fernando rodney just became a u.s. citizen after 19 years in the country. he is originally from the dominican republic. rodney posting these pictures and revealing he had to jump through some hoops to get his immigration hearing. the twins let him leave sunday's game early so he could make his flight to miami. i did check, the twins won that game so they were in good hands. steve: e. had great day. abby: thank you, jillian. steve: 20 minutes before the top of the hour janice dean the weather machine pretty nice out there but it's going to get hot. janice: it's pretty humid. didn't brian say it's foggy out there. brian: right, you can steal the line. janice: it's not foggy but it is humid. 78 in new york city.
4:40 am
can you tell by the hair, it's a little can you recallier, we havcan youcurliere weather kind of ramps up this afternoon with the daytime heating. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes are possible across portions of upstate new york in towards new england and we could see heavier downpours this afternoon. keep that in mind. forecast heat index is feeling hot like summertime across the south, but dangerous heat as it is oppressive out there. there is your forecast today so hot, hot, hot. it feels like summertime for much of the country and watch the potential for severe weather storms across the northeast today. steve: haziy, hot, and humid. janice: hazy, hot and humid no fog. brian: hot in july who would have thought? abby: democrat now running for senate as a republican. parents so mad they are backing his opponent. that senate candidate joins us next.
4:41 am
brian: plus florida congressman matt gaetz will be here live. judge jeanine pirro claims -- her book is out today. kurt warner from the world lead. he is going to be here live. it's the ford summer sales event and now is the best time to buy. and check out the all-new ecosport. protect those who matter most, and make the summer go right with ford, america's best-selling brand. now during the ford summer sales event, get 0% financing for 60 months on a huge selection of suv's. and for the first time ever get 0% financing for 60 months plus $1,000 ford bonus cash on the 2018 ecosport.
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4:44 am
jillian: quick headlines. an ohio school district turning to tactical grade pepper spray to defend against shooters. $25,000 threat extinguishers are locked up like fire extinguishers throughout the school sound an alarm and send a message to authorities when they are opened. history is erased after a
4:45 am
confederate general. school board voting to rename stonewall jackson middle school. it will now be named after john p. fish wic a former student and railway executive. the change could cost $170,000. brian? >> brian: kevin nicholson raised a democrat now running for senate in wisconsin as a republican we put in bold. abby: no op-ed on nicholson says his parents have turned their back on him and his family having financially backed his democrat opponent's campaign. steve: oh boy. here to discuss wisconsin senate candidate and marine vet kevin nicholson. kevin, good morning to you. thank you for joining us today from madison. >> good morning, ervelg. thanks for having me. steve: at what point did your parents come out against you for tammy baldwin for senate. was this simply political or was there something else going on behind the scenes? >> well, this came out late last year. i wrote the op-ed recently i saw this whole walk away
4:46 am
movement starting. important to reach out to people that are probably like i was years ago frustrated at the democratic party looking for a different way forward. honestly, yeah, it probably is more than politics. i found my faith later in life with my wife. i became pro-life as i saw the birth of my children and i saw innocent life thrown away in combat in iraq and afghanistan. those are serious differences with my parents. but that said, my wife and i never tried to split our family up. our goal is that we could stay together. we are blessed to have the love of our aunts, our uncles our cousins who are all deeply involved in our lives and our kids' lives. every way, shape and form helping us out. our focus here in writing this op-ed and the decision my wife and i made to write this to say to those of you out there looking at the democratic party that in no way, shape, or form that is doing anything to make our country more prosperous and secure and finding ways to lift them up and make them more successful and instead pushes a message of dependency there is a way forward. i'm not saying the republican party is perfect i will say i used to be a
4:47 am
democrat and today i'm a conservative because these policies work better. we have to plan for the future. we have to strategically invest in defense so that your kids are safe and they don't get in the same war that's got in when i was growing up. we can stop wars before they start. stop spending money so we're indebting future generations. can i do all of that as a conservative. abby: what your family has gone through i think speaks for so many families in this country where you fall on different sides of the political aisle and sometimes it's difficult to sit down at the dinner table and have real conversations about life because politics is the way that we all think. it's the way we think about the world. we think about family and life. what's the situation like with your family now? can you talk to your parents or did you decide that it's best that we separate ways? >> well, unfortunately my parents made the decision to break off contact with their larger extended family. not just my wife and my kids and i but also to their siblings and others. so it's a decision that they made and it's an unfortunate one because ultimately in my mind culture is upstream from politics the way we
4:48 am
treat each other and fabric of our society drives politics. we need to thinking about how we bind this country together. all of our rights given to us by god. our government is not allowed to infringe upon it and responsibility but also opportunity down to families. that's a sensible way to live and that's a way i would think we can all agree upon and find ways to go forward and be more successful. in my family, the situation is unfortunate. it's not a decision that my wife and i made. it was pressed upon us. but, the important thing is reaching out to people now and saying let's grow our republican party. let's pull people into conservatism and say ultimately this is about empowering you and making you more successful. that message resonates. brian: $2,700 goes to tammy baldwin from your parents not on speaking terms because you are a republican who is pro-life. they got to be proud of you, especially your years in the marines. kevin nicholson, best of luck. >> thank you all very much. look forward to talking to you more soon. abby: thanks for speaking out. good to have you on this
4:49 am
morning. what a story. comedian sasha baron cohen fooling many on his new show but congressman matt gaetz is one who did not fall victim. >> you want me to on television i. typically members of congress don't hear a story about a program and indicate whether they support it or not. abby: congressman gates joins us live next hour. brian: some liberals have claimed should be more like sweden. next guest says socialism in that country might be as good as it seems. especially for moms. ♪ how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. right now, buy one hp ink and get a second at 30% off at office depot officemax
4:50 am
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4:54 am
first three years for social brain development. >> human cost of sweden welfare state. you wrote, this right? women increasingly value or pressured to value career and professional achievement over family like sweden's americans have devalued parenting especially motherhood and are creating emotionally impoverished young people. strong words. explain what you mean there. >> well, the first three years are what we call the critical period of brain development for children. by the end of the first three years, 85% of a child's social-emotional brain is developed. and mothers are critical. mothers are primary caregivers are a critical part of that development. abby: i can tell you that. i have a 7 mold daughter my 7 md
4:55 am
daughter. it's so clear how important that role is to n. day-to-day life in the very early years of a child and being able to comfort them and teach them the things that are so important in the early days. matters. >> children under the age of 3 are very fragile in terms of stress, response to distress and to celebration from their primary caregiver and they use their mother or primary caregiver as their secure base. it's only being able to go back and forth and explore the world and touch base with that mother or primary caregiver that they develop that emotional security. by putting them into institutional day care and actually in sweden they promote the idea that institutional day care is better for children than parental care. abby: moving so far to the extreme where it's not even the mom, it's parenting. did you go to your job. the kid goes to day care and that is what you do day in and day out. >> right. it's nine hours a day in sweden after 13 months. you are taking 1-year-old children which are really really little children and really fragile children and
4:56 am
putting them into nine hours of day care with very large numbers a day. abby: just a reminder back here at home how important the role of a parent is and a mother is. so, thank you for reminding of all of that erica, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. abby: president trump firing back at ex-cia chief john brennan accusing him of treason. >> brennan is a bad guy. if you look at it, a lot of things happened under his watch. he is a very bad person. you look at the deception, the lies. abby: that's not all of we're going to show you how the as opposed to firing back at all of the critics of his summit with putin. plus florida congressman matt gaetz judge jeanine shir row, hall of famer kurt warner all here live coming up. you don't want to miss it ♪ ♪ remember the hero ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> it was a good meeting. we discussed so many different things. including nuclear. including war and peace. we really came to a lot of good conclusion. >> he should have marched in, put the indictment on the table and demanded justice. >> i will tell you driven a wedge between us and russia. maybe we have knocked down that wedge. >> i have here the indictment that was presented. can i give this to you to look at, sir? brian: former fbi attorney lisa page back on capitol hill yesterday afternoon for a second day of testimony. >> she has given us more insight to who was involved. >> you have a disability? >> no, i don't. this is conserve my body's finite energy. >> do you want to support 3 and 4-year-olds on firearms.
5:01 am
that what you want me to do? ♪ brian: surprised they didn't stick around longer, tears for fierce. pretty much one album and out. do they do other stuff. >> vladmir putin like putin everybody wants to rule the world. abby: one of those few songs never grow old. brian: this is one of them to me. this has gotten old. steve: until you hear it in the elevator done by 1000 strings. brian: our elevators have fox on all the time. steve: they do. abby: you mentioned vladmir putin. that is what everyone talking about. boy was yesterday a day. you had of course the one-on-one between the two leaders. they had a bihat ral meeting. they came out and spoke to the entire world. they had a press conference.
5:02 am
there was one particular exchange and a question directed at president trump asking about the meddling in the election, do you believe the intelligence community given you their own facts or do you believe the russians. here is how that went down. >> all i can do is ask the question. my people came to me, dan coats came to me and some others, they said they think it is russia. i have president putin, he just said it is not russia. i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be. steve: after that all hell broke loose because it looks like the president of the united states and throwing intel community and what a number of republicans and democrats all but conceded that the russians did meddle in the election in 2016. they're trying to do it again. of course the president of the united states. we've been talking about this last two hours, the president of the united states does not like the suggestion that he did not win fair and square. that the russians colluded or they meddled to have him win.
5:03 am
he has been very clear. there was no collusion. however collusion and meddling are two separate issues and unfortunately for the president because he is really taking the heat on this, he has maintained there was no collusion. but at the same time, he has also admitted that, yeah, there probably was meddling. it was probably russia. so why he said that yesterday, a lot of people are scratching their heads, what was that about. abby: meddling happened originally under barack obama, former president obama. the meddling happened before the 2016 election. it will happen far beyond where we are at this point in our country's history. this was a moment he had to talk directly to the world and to vladmir putin, whose main goal in life is to undermine our democracy. make it clear how serious this issue is, stand by the united states, stand by the intelligence community, all given him the facts and reports that they have all received on this. 12 russians have been indicted by the justice department
5:04 am
charged with meddling in our election. so it was a real missed opportunity. one where people felt he threw his own people under the bus. brian: matt schlapp said it is fair to criticize the president. he hadder ant answers. it is most serious mistake of his presidency. both have wives working for the president, and others like senator jeff flake or senator john mccain comes out against the president, nothing else is new. when byron york, general jack keane, when daniel hoffman have a problem with the answer, i think something the president has to address. steve: you mentioned byron york, he tweeted out ten minutes ago, trump, president trump, could concede the fact of russian interference, still argue, no
5:05 am
collusion and witch-hunt and save him a lot of trouble. byron writes. the president made it very clear last night with sean hannity the whole meddling issue is driving a wedge between the u.s. and russia. >> i think it's a shame. we're talking about nuclear proliferation. we're talking about syria and humanitarian aid. we're talking about all these different things and we get questions on the witch-hunt. very sad happening to our country because of this. we have never done better so many ways including economically, when you see this thing going on, i will tell you it has driven a wedge between us and russia. maybe we knocked down that wedge. brian: it is their fault there is a wedge. we didn't hack into their election. he got 90% of the vote because a lot of his opponents get killed or are afraid to step up. abby: we weren't behind closed doors in that meeting. i'm sure there was far more substance and focus on issue -- steve: north korea, syria,
5:06 am
trade. abby: iran most importantly not the headlines today. suck out all the oxygen in the room because you don't handle that question appropriately. there is reason why people are frustrated. the president has opportunity to correct this. point out seriousness when it comes to russia. rush limbaugh had his own take on meddling. >> russians were meddling in americans before i was born, folks. it isn't news. none of this has been necessary. media looked at this press conference the day they're going to nail trump. instead trump is turning tables on them. he is winning the democrats. he won this race, he did it himself. he outworked hillary clinton. worked harder than any candidate in recent memory. he doesn't want that taken away. he won that thing, he wants everybody to realize he won it. it wasn't stolen. brian: here is what you're saying. ernest wrote us, trump won, hillary loss. i care about the economy, world peace, my grandchildren, not
5:07 am
russia meddling. steve: brenda emailed us. everybody is sick about hearing about russia. when does it end. there was no collusion. let's move on. abby: i want to hear what the u.s. will do to stop meddling, what they will do to russia if they try it again. you can bet they will. brian: we wouldn't be talking about russia if he wasn't meeting with russia. we're not making up topic. they met. you who the president responds. i thought i had successful trip. controversial to some, but i thought very successful. he meets two hours one-on-one with world leader of impact. bilateral happens. right now this one statement is sticking out overall. he can put that to an end. if there is no meddling in the midterms, cooperations in multiple front, if they pull out of the ukraine, no one will remember it. abby: he has to be tough on russia. they have armed ukrainians. they have signing shunned over
5:08 am
700 russians and businesses. the list goes on. that needs to be talked about more. if you were watching, interview with chris wallace and vladmir putin, if you haven't seen it, you got to watch it, there were moments, must-watch moments, one particular he talks about meddling. here is how that went. >> translator: russia has a state has never interfered with the internal affairs of the united states, let alone its elections. >> sir, this is the indictment, i have 12 names here. >> translator: do you really believe that someone, acting from the russian territory could have influenced the united states and influenced the choice of millions of americans. >> i'm not asking if you influenced, i'm asking whether they tried. let me finish. they athese units were specifically involved in hacking into democratic party computers, stealing information and spreading it to the world to try to disrupt the american
5:09 am
election. may i give this to you to look at, sir? brian: i'll take that as a no. vladmir putin said, i have an idea. take these two people, if you want to send robert mueller's crew over to russia, we'll interrogate them and robert mueller's crew can watch. steve: that was suggestion that they should be extradited to the united states. the president, we don't know whether he not he brought that up behind closed doors. that did not come up in the press conference. nonetheless you listen to vladmir putin and his answers are completely different than anything we've ever thought about a lot of those things. he is a crazy spinmeister like i never seen before. abby: do you think he took papers home with him? brian: i'm sure he looking over. here is the thing. he answered similarly a couple years ago with oliver stone. you answered that nato is not a
5:10 am
problem, we're not a threat, then why did you enlist people to be part of nato. why do you influence the ukrainian elections and georgia elections. his point of view is contradictory from his point of view, he felt like they were closed in on. ukrainian election was nod meddling. i don't want the russians to pickthe leader. when they rose up in the streets it wasn't because of us, that was zero degrees. they were rallying for freedom. not because of us. abby: why do people that disagree with you, and journnanists wind up dead? answer that question. brian: they killed bill browder's lawyer. abby: jillian with other headlines. jillian: get you caught up on this breaking news starting with a fox news alert. isis blamed for a suicide bombing that killed 20 people in northern afghanistan. the explosion happening at a mosque during a funeral.
5:11 am
police say a taliban commander is among the dead. unclear who the intended targets were. fighting between the two terrorist organizations has escalated in recent weeks. we'll keep you updated. thousands honor a massachusetts cop shot and skilled in the line of duty. the weymouth police chief posthumously promoting michael chestnut to sergeant. >> my son would be so proud. i have never been prouder to be from weymouth. >> you should be proud to live in this town. jillian: chestnut was responding to a call, when emanuel lopez threw a rock at him, grabbed his gun and shot him in the head. he leaves behind a wife and two kids. lopez also killed a bystander. his arraignment is today. mgm resorts sues thousands of the shooting survivors arguing that they should not be held liable for a outdoor
5:12 am
shooting. 450 survivors filed lawsuits against mgm which owns the mandalay bay where 50 people are killed from. bryce harper helping the hometown crowd in washington, d.c. >> there it is. centerfield. bryce harper has thrown his bat in the air and won the 2018 home run derby. jillian: he smashed 19 homers while his dad pitched to him. this is 11-year-old harper claiming home run victory in cooperstown. all-star game is tonight on fox network. media melting down over president trump's summit with vladmir putin. >> we have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president. abby: is this more hysterics
5:13 am
from the leftist media? we will discuss next. brian: she tried to take on a drawbridge, and she lost. down goes the bridge eventually. ♪ ♪ let your perfect drive come together at the lincoln summer invitation sales event. get 0% apr on select 2018 lincoln models plus $1,000 bonus cash.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
♪ >> watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president at a summit in front of a russian leader that i have ever seen. steve: anderson cooper of cnn joining much of the media slamming president trump following summit of vladmir putin. the question some wonder is this more hysterics from leftist media. staff writer at the federal lift, bre payton. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. steve: everybody, i heard critics on both sides of the aisle say the answer the president gave was not a good one. nonetheless media reaction has been ferocious, hasn't it? >> i think it has been of the his critics, including members
5:18 am
of the media in this should stick to pointing out the obvious, that donald trump missed an opportunity to speak truth to power and stand up to one of the world's biggest powers, put america's interests first. we can all agree this was a big failure on donald trump's part. when cable news media outlets give airtime to tinfoil hat conspiracists that trump was committing high treason meeting with vladmir putin, i think that discredits their point. i think they should stick to pointing out the obvious. when they go extreme, it makes people say i will not listen to you. steve: sure. after robert mueller indicted those 12 russians last week clearly the press was waiting for the answer. when it came who do you believe, your own intel community that says there was meddling or the russians, president trump, all he had to say, was mr. putin says he didn't meddle but i don't believe him. >> yeah. you know what? trump's brand is to be a guy, a
5:19 am
tough guy says it like it is and speaks truth to power and isn't afraid to criticize and punch back at world leaders who lead other countries with conflicting interests with ours in order to put america first, right? that is kind of his whole schtick. i think a lot of his supporters are pretty disappointed at his performance yesterday. here is a guy they voted for expecting him to stand up to one of the world's biggest bullies and he didn't do that. but i would also like to point out to something which isn't getting a whole lot of attention, putin saying himself during that presser, president trump brought up the 12 russian agents to him in that meeting. so donald trump did talk about it. he did ask putin to extradite the 12 individuals. i think that speaks to the larger problem of the media coverage, which is that we didn't really hear anything about the meeting itself. we don't know if sanctions were talked about. steve: sure. >> we don't know if there were concessions on russia's part in terms of crime crime, results on
5:20 am
that front. all the attention is focused on this other thing. i agree we should criticize it, call him out for failing to stand up to him, but i do think in 10 years, if donald trump's strategy does prove to be successful we'll not talk about his blunder at presser. steve: everybody is talking about it today, because the day after. thanks for joining us live from d.c. >> thank you. steve: 8:20 in new york city. former fbi lawyer lisa page grilled on the hill. she is completely discrediting her ex-lover peter strzok's testimony apparently. judge jeanine pirro is here live straight ahead. comedian saw shaw barren cohen is fooling several lawmakers, our next guest is one of the few who didn't fall victim to it. >> you want me to say on television that i support 3 and 4-year-olds on firearms? >> yes. >> specifically members of congress don't hear a story about a program and don't indicate whether they support it or not.
5:21 am
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xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. ♪ steve: time now for quick headlines. voters in alabama, are headed to the polls to decide who gets to run for hotly-contested hot seat. congressman martha roby looking to overcome a challenge from bobby wright in runoff election. she is seeking her fifth term. both president trump and vice president pence endorsed her. universal income program, city alderman proposing a bill would provide 1000 families with a $500 check every month, no questions asked. majority of city lawmakers already signed on to the bill and hoping to worth with the mayor to launch the program.
5:25 am
brian? brian: all right. first flue tv show comedian sacha baron cohen managed to trick multiple lawmakers to support a fake program that would put guns in the hands of toddlers, preschoolers. florida congressman matt gaetz didn't fall for it. >> i sat down with house representative and outlined my common sense proposal. >> you want me to say on television that i support 3 and 4-year-olds with firearms? is that what you're asking me to do? >> yes. >> hmmm. specifically members of congress don't hear a story about a program and indicate whether they support it or not. abby: wow. florida congressman, member of the house judiciary committee, matt gaetz. >> food to be on. sacha baron cohen brought mastery level of deception. abby: how did you know you were duped? >> i got a call from media reporters asking if i was
5:26 am
interviewed by saw shaw baron cohen. i think politicians take the work we do very seriously, not take ourselves so seriously we can't have a laugh in circumstance like this. brian: how did he get to you? how did he get to dick cheney? how did he get to bernie sanders. by lying. >> they set up fake website and support for u.s.-israel relationship. they wanted to tape presentation of that award. when the cameras are rolling they were asking people to read off of a teleprompter and to hold up images of weapons and to say what they wanted them to say. i would like to thank my mother for giving me a healthy doze of skepticism when people ask you to do strange things. abby: how did that may out, this guy is who i think it is this is complete joke, how did you handle it? >> a number of strange things happen every day on capitol hill. i thought it was another weird, bizarre, foreign media
5:27 am
interview. it really wasn't until months later that i obtained the realization that was sacha baron cohen. i wish i would have known with him real time, i would have traded borat impressions. abby: you knew about borat but didn't get that in the moment. >> that is how good he is. good acting by sacha baron cohen. they catch congress members at end of the day. they got my colleagues to say things they likely regret. brian: trent lott and larry pratt, gun guy. he is how the to embarass you. i think he mildly embarrassed bernie sanders as well. weigh in on what is going on right now. do you like for the president to clarify his comments today? >> i look forethe president to illuminate further progress made in the closed-door session. president trump indicated
5:28 am
non-proliferation was the objective for the summit. if we make progpress in north korea, iran and obtain some sense of normally is in syria so people can return home. those are the things impact quality of life. back home we're doing a lot of work on election resiliency doesn't get coverage in the media with the homeland security committee and our state and local officials and look, i think the president was right to bring up the issue of election meddling with vladmir putin. i believed the intelligence community is correct that russia engages in malign influence campaign all over the world. going forward build on successes of this summit, particularly in the areas of non-proliferation and anti-terrorism. abby: congressman gaetz. good having you on. no fooling you. >> thank you. brian: abby is the real deal. new darling of the democratic party dug herself a hole by her comments on israel or occupy palestine. >> you used the term, the occupation of palestine? >> i think what i meant is like
5:29 am
the settlements. >> do you think you can expand on that? >> i am not the expert on geopolitics on this issue. brian: really? that is a shame because you need to know this stuff. what did she study in college? we'll examine. abby: ex-cia chief john brennan accusing president trump of treason. judge jeanine pirro is here. she is fired up about that. ♪ until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. [ coughs ] ♪ ♪ [ screams ] ♪ [ laughs ]
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♪ >> i think he is a very bad guy. a lot of things happened under his watch. i think he is a very bad person. i also think that when you watch peter strzok and lisa page, when you watch all of the things that have happened, comey, take a look at that and mccabe, who has got some pretty big problems
5:33 am
i assume, you look at deception, the lies, these are people that in my opinion are truly, they're bad people. and they're being exposed for what they are. steve: the president mentioned the lies. joining us right now the author of a brand new book, called, liars, leakers and liberals. you know her as judge jeanine pirro. she joins us live. the book comes out today. congratulations. >> thank you. brian: that she will be on tucker later. >> yes indeed. what do you make of mr. john brennan, former cia top guy, who said that president trump given what he said yesterday in helsinki is guilty of treason? >> you know, i have to tell you, i talk about this in my book, "liars, leakers and liberals." john brennan is the epitome of the swamp. for this guy to talk about treason as it relates to donald trump is absurd. he voted for communist for president of the united states. i mean don't people understand that?
5:34 am
he is the one who peddled the dossier. he is the one who knew that hillary clinton paid for a fake dossier. then went all over washington and started the investigation against donald trump. you think he is biased? brian: here is his tweet. let's show it. says donald trump's press conference, performance in helsinki rises to exceeds threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors. nothing short of treasonous. not only were trump's comments imbellica and he is wholly in the pocket of putin. republican patriots, where are you? >> he doesn't understand the definition of treason. treason is when you try to overthrow government, kill leader in times of war, okay? now what the president was doing by going over there is recognizing that russia is biggest nuclear power, russia and united states. he has to make sure that we are safe. he has got some of the most severe economic sake shuns. come on, snap out of it,
5:35 am
everybody. the guy is doing what he is supposed to be doing, that is protecting us. what was he supposed to do, take a gun out and shoot putin? putin said he didn't meddle in the election of the president should say hang on, let me execute this guy. abby: stand bit intelligence community, given you facts there -- >> same intelligence community said there were weapons of mass destruction got us into a war? look the president conceded there was meddling. i think what the president did here was, he got defensive about his being the president. he was duly-elected. in my book he talks about the fact there was a conspiracy to take away that, you know, position as president. and to disenfranchise the american voters. >> a lot of folks come up with the facts about the meddling are people he put in charge, from the state department, fbi. >> you're right. you're right. there has been spy games
5:36 am
forever. this is nothing new. there was meddling. did it change the election? no. did it get trump elected? no. did it change one vote? no. everybody need to snap out the it, did it happen? let's make sure it different happen again. the dnc why were they able to hack them? because they didn't have security and protections rnc had. dnc didn't want to hand over computers the fbi because they had too much to hide in terms of this. steve: on capitol hill committees are looking to the origin when the federal government spied on trump campaign. doj and fbi on the hot seat. we learned about that woman in the white dress, lisa page, one of the two fbi lovebirds. she was on capitol hill behind closed doors yesterday, judge, essentially from lawmakers spoken to the press, she apparently was more truthful they felt than peter strzok who testified last thursday. >> do you think there is anything that peter strzok said
5:37 am
was truthful? i saw him as epitomy of the deep state, the swamp, arrogant, con today sending, defiant, unapologetic. when they were trying to find out, here is the key issue, did the investigation of donald trump start before it started? he said he couldn't answer because the fbi told him he couldn't answer. when think said he could, he said i don't remember. i don't know why her testimony is out this open. american people need to see this, we need to end it and need to move on. brian: talk about your book. >> thank you. brian: we know it has been in the news. what made you think you had to go deeper into this and expand on this? >> i have spent my life, you know, on the battlefields where the fight between good and evil unfolds, prosecutor, judge, d.a. i hate it when people lie, i always have. this book is about, not just what we know and what you know but the sad part about it is the fact we're used to politicians trying to corrupt this system.
5:38 am
we are not as americans accustomed to people in the fbi, people in the justice department, trying to corrupt the justice department and disenfranchise americans. i think it is a very dark day in american history, dark period, in terms of the republicans and democrats together, trying to destroy donald trump. it is not about parties. it is about the establishment, the swamp, and the out outsider populists, american people. steve: you say anti-trump conspiracy, you say something that is very real? >> it is very real. i can prove the case with no problem. i go through it in the book. you have fact upon fact. i was a prosecutor. you put your evidence where your allegations r that is what i do on justice every weekend. i have an opinion. i back it up with facts. this book is analysis what happened. it is path -- factual, it is about the fact that the left has been able to lie, to leake and
5:39 am
they try to overthrow and continue to try to overthrow this president. high crimes and misdemeanors by this guy brennan. he is a bad actor. snap out of it. the guy won. abby: look fabulous on the cover as you always do. what do you want people to take away from it? >> i want people to take away from this book, liars and leakers, this is america. lady justice is blind. americans need to understand the veil is pulled off. we need to recognize if we don't stand up for what we believe in, we will lose the country that want to be socialists, progreg serves and communists. brian: jillian get a free copy. >> jillian gets a free copy. you won't. but i think i'm on your radio show. brian: congratulations. see you in a little while. abby: "liars, leakers and liberals." >> there it is. jillian: can't wait to read it congrats. >> thank you. jillian: breaking news out of
5:40 am
texas. get you caught up with this fox news alert. a possible serial killer, we told you about this a little while ago, that person has been caught. police arresting jose rodriguez after high-speed car chase in houston. he is considered a person of interest in three deadly shootings. first victim was found dead inside her home. video shows rodriguez leaving her stolen car in ama. two other victims found shot dead in nearby mattress stores. rodriguez was on parole but cut his ankle monitor off. young democratic socialist, alexandria ocasio cortez is sparking outrage. defending her comments, quote, occupiers of palestine. >> you used the term occupation of palestine? >> uh, i think what i meant is, like the settlement places where, where palestinians are experiencing difficulties. >> do you think you can expand on that?
5:41 am
>> i am not the expert of geopolitics on issue. jillian: people pointing out the ironic part, she fraughted from boston university with a degree anyone international relations. chaos as a lava bomb crashes on to a tour boat in hawaii. [screaming] wow. passengers screaming as lava from the kilahua volcano pierced the roof of their boat, named the hotshot. 23 people were hurt. one of them seriously. this is the hole left behind. look right there at basketball sized molten rock did that. kilahua has been disrupting since may, forming a new island off the coast of hawaii. a wisconsin woman tries to beat a drawbridge on her bike and loses. going past the warning gates, flashing lights and all, falls through the cracks. witnesses come rushing to her
5:42 am
rescue. she was pulled out taken to the hospital with bruises. if you need a warning, probably don't do that. steve: she is lucky to be alive. jillian: yes. why would they do that? abby: maybe she didn't see it. steve: drove across the bars. abby: hot one today. janice dean back from vacation. >> thanks for having me back. adam klotz, you did wonderful job filling in. it is humid and hazy outside. they have a cold front. that could bring potential for stronger storms across northeast including new york city keep that in mind with the afternoon, day time heating and large hail and heavy downpours and damaging winds. maybe isolated tornado keep that in mind. there is the forecast today, very hot across the southwest and parts of the west as well. very summertime forecast if you ask me. steve: absolutely middle of
5:43 am
july? >> yes, sir. nice and foggy as brian says. steve: hazy. president trump is not done apparently with tax reform. we'll tell you about the new plan he is putting in motion today. tax reform 2.0. abby: one deserving veteran receiving the ultimate award for his service, a repaired home free of charge. that veteran joining us live with nfl hall-of-famer and homes for heroes partner kurt warner. that is just ahead. the ♪
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steve: president trump back to work in washington, d.c., following the summit with president vladmir putin in hello sippingky. brian: he is meeting with white house republicans to discuss tax reform 2.0. abby: fox business's kristina
5:47 am
partsineveloss joins us in washington with all of the details. good morning. >> good morning. a few republicans will meet this afternoon 2:00 p.m. eastern time. they will be discussing tax reform 2.0. what does that mean? the first set of tax cuts happened about a year ago. we saw the corporate tax rate go from 35 to 21% but i want to hone in on the individual tax rates or tax cuts that helped a lot of americans. more specifically, if you made let's say anywhere between 38,000 to about 82,000, you saw your tax rate drop from 25 to 22%. what angered some of our viewers, i've seen this before online, the fact that those that made half a million dollars, if you made $500,000 or more, you also saw your tax rate drop from about 39.6% to 37%. the problem though the individual tax cuts are set to expire 2025.
5:48 am
president trump weighed in. >> we'll do it probably in october, maybe a little sooner than that it will be more of a middle class. we did a lot for the middle class. this is more aimed to the middle class. we're talking about bringing 21% down to 20. for most part the rest of it would go back to the middle class. >> what are we specifically expecting this afternoon, going forward. possible extension of the individual tax cuts. possibly universal savings account. more specifically helping smaller employers provide savings plans for employees. also offering annuities to turn worker savings into guaranteed annual income. the problem that is going to be debated quite a bit these tax cuts cost a lot of money. they cost over a trillion dollars. they added to the deficit. and so that is something that will be very difficult to pass through but republicans want the issue to run before the midterms. steve: absolutely. they can run, win on that they think. kristina, thank you for the live
5:49 am
report from our nation's capitol. >> thank you. brian: still ahead on our run-down, one deserving veteran receiving the ultimate reward for their service, a home repaired free of charge. we have homes for heroes partner kurt warner. ♪ when my hot water heater failed, she was pregnant, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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♪ abby: welcome back. quick headlines for you now. do you consider yourself an expert sleeper? ♪ abby: i wish. mattress firm is now searching for an intern who will get paid to nap on the job seriously.
5:53 am
the so-called snooze-tern, will test mattresses part of the retailers social media team in houston. sounds like a great gig. denmark carlsberg brewery is using artificial intelligence to make your beer taste better. steve: what? abby: uses sensors to analyze flavors and make perfect combinations. steve: every beer tastes good on a hot day, just saying. talking about this a couple weeks ago in new york city area, a political newcomer, 28-year-old self-described socialist, alexandria cortez ran for congress who beat somebody in congress for four terms, longer than that, actually. and so many people since she won, wanted to invite her on shows and go speak to groups. more about her. brian: she has been everywhere. but she hasn't been questioned in any type of substantive way until yesterday where you had
5:54 am
margaret hoover sit down on her pbs show, and ask, alexandria ocasio-court kez asking comments about occupied palestine making israel the bad guy. let's see how she handles it. >> what people are starting to see at least in the occupation of palestine is is, just an increasing crisis of humanitarian conditions. >> you used the term, the occupation of palestine? >> i think, what i meant is like the settlement places where, where palestinians are experiencing difficulties. >> do you think you can expand on that? >> i am not the expert on gee owe politics on this issue. abby: she said she is not a expert but did study and major in international relations in boston university. good for margaret sensing something was up there, pushing
5:55 am
back to expand more on answer. she is 28-year-olds old. she made a rounds interview, imsurprised people have not dug deeper to get more substance on big issues of the day. i spoke to michael 'noles, a millenial, same age as this woman, he had this to say about it. >> the democrats at this point are proudly ignorant and thoroughly anti-israel. it makes sense. this poor girl, alexandria, ocasio cortez, is not making good first impression, and that is lasting one. she has a great line i don't really know about this, i firmly believe. frequently wrong but never in doubt. in ocasio cortez were smart she would have locked herself in november. the election is hers. all she is doing is hurting herself. steve: she should have locked herself in the closet 800 tv appearances before, been wall-to-wall on a lot of channel talking about her views. here in the new york city area she is red hot right now.
5:56 am
everybody wants her to come on their show, come talk to their groups because they want to hear her point of view. brian: her point of view is social itch. we're in this capitalist country with economy on a roll and booming. she said, because people need two jobs and we're all hungry. so that is interesting. so venezuela is a great model for her? france is a great model for her? sweden. abby: she will be talking to a number of experts in the days to come. maybe pulling out some history books. steve: we'll see what she does next. we'll step aside. more "fox & friends" in about two minutes. too cold for camping?
5:57 am
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well, we are the number-one motorcycle insurer in the country. -wait. you have a real motorcycle? and real insurance, with 24-hour customer support. arcade game: wipeout! oh! well... i retire as champion. game hog! champion. >> meet the newest member of the fox and friends family. connor was born just before 2:00 this morning. >> the second son of our weekend producer sean and his beautiful wife lauren.
6:00 am
>> coming in at 7 pounds 5 ounces. the good news, mom, dad and baby and big brother all doing great. >> congratulations. we love you. >> see you in 2019. >> sandra: we begin with a fox news alert on a deadly isis afact in afghanistan. at least 20 people have been killed by a suicide bomber in the country's northern province. local officials saying the bomb went off during a funeral at a mosque. it came after several days of battle between the taliban and isis. several militants from both graoums -- groups have died in the fighting. >> sandra: good morning, everyone, i'm sandra smith. >> i'm jon scott in today for bill hemmer. strong words from both sides of


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