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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 17, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> coming in at 7 pounds 5 ounces. the good news, mom, dad and baby and big brother all doing great. >> congratulations. we love you. >> see you in 2019. >> sandra: we begin with a fox news alert on a deadly isis afact in afghanistan. at least 20 people have been killed by a suicide bomber in the country's northern province. local officials saying the bomb went off during a funeral at a mosque. it came after several days of battle between the taliban and isis. several militants from both graoums -- groups have died in the fighting. >> sandra: good morning, everyone, i'm sandra smith. >> i'm jon scott in today for bill hemmer. strong words from both sides of the aisle after the president
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blamed both the u.s. and russia for damaged relations and slammed robert mueller's russia probe for making things worth. both world leaders dismiss the russia investigation as a tool to drive a wedge between the two countries. >> president trump: he said there was no collusion whatsoever. i guess he said it as strongly as you can say it. they have no information on trump. >> i am not interested in this issue a single bit. it is the internal political games of the united states. don't make the relationship between russia and the united states. don't hold it hostage because of this political struggle. >> sandra: more on reaction from capitol hill. byron york is standing by with analysis. let's start with kristin fisher live at the white house this morning. >> it has been radio silence
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ever since president trump landed back in the united states. the last we heard from him was a tweet on board air force one where he seemed to walk back a little bit the most inflammatory of his remarks that he made while standing next to russian president vladimir putin, the one where he put putin's word on par with that of the u.s. intelligence community. i want to play for you the exact moment one more time that newt gingrich is calling the most serious mistake of mr. trump's presidency. >> president trump: dan coates came to me and others said they think it is russia. i have president putin, he just said it is not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. i have great confidence in my intelligence people but i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> after that press conference was over and had a chance to talk to his top aides he said
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this on twitter. as i said today and many times before i have great confidence in my intelligence people, however, i also recognize in order to build a brighter future, we cannot exclusively focus on the past as the world's two largest nuclear powers we must get along. when president trump landed back here at the white house last night reporters shouted questions at him. one reporter shouted any response to being called a traitor? the former c.i.a. director john brennan is calling him that. president trump did not respond. >> any indication the president or press secretary will speak today and amplify more on this? >> he is here all day long. he could if he wants to. as of now there are no public events on his schedule and as of now no briefing planned, though that could change. the only thing on president trump's calendar is an afternoon meeting with some republican members of congress about tax reform, though i'm
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sure his performance next to putin is going to have to come up especially since so many members of congress are now urging him to do something that he rarely likes to do, admit a mistake and correct himself. >> kristin fisher at the white house right now. >> sandra: president trump sparking a firestorm of criticism from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle as capitol hill -- on capitol hill after refusing to blame vladimir putin for meddling in the u.s. elections at the helsinki summit. >> the word of the kgb over the men and women of the c.i.a. >> there is no more all he quifsh lancey between the u.s. intelligence community and vladimir putin. >> i had constituents walk up to me. the odds are these were trump voters. they walked up to me and said what the hell is the guy doing?
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>> sandra: let's continue our fox team coverage with griff jenkins joining us live from washington good morning. >> good morning. a rough homecoming for the president returning to harsh criticism from republicans and democrats alike for failing to stand firm behind the u.s. intelligence community's assessment on russian interference. >> the president's comments made us look as a nation more like a pushover. >> russia was involved in many ways in meddling in the united states and anybody that suggests that it didn't happen isn't looking at the facts. >> democrats went further in their condemnation. chuck schumer going so far as suggesting putin may have dirt on the president? >> what could possibly cause president trump to put the interests of russia over those of the united states?
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the only possible explanation for this dangerous behavior is the possibility that president putin holds damaging information over president trump. >> over in the house a similar reaction. speaker ryan addressing not only the president's siding with putin over intelligence and he issued this statement saying the president must appreciate that russia is not our ally. there is no moral equivalence between the united states and russia that remains hostile to our ideals and nancy pelosi sounding similar saying every day i find myself asking what do the russians have on donald trump? personally, financially, politically? the answer to that question is the only thing that explains his behavior in his refusal to stand up to putin. developing just this morning we're learning, fox has one firmed senate gop leaders are
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discussing a measure to back the intelligence community findings that russia meddled in our elections. that may develop later this morning from the house. >> during an exclusive interview with "fox news sunday" host chris wallace russian president putin got combative waving off the indictment of a dozen russian officials while dismissing russian interference in the 2016 election. >> it says these units were specifically involved stealing information and spreading it to the world to try to disrupt the american election. may i give this to you to look at, sir? >> you really believe that someone acting from the russian territory could have influenced
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the united states and influenced the choice of millions of americans? that's ridiculous. >> i'm asking whether they tried. >> let's bring in byron york, political correspondent for "the washington examiner" and fox news contributor as well. i would point people to your piece in the "washington examiner" titled why trump doesn't admit russian election interference? that's my first question to you today. >> well, the basic reason -- he has done this on a number of earlier occasions, is that he doesn't recognize that there are two parts to the trump/russia investigation. the first part is the what russia did part, which is the investigation into russia's efforts to influence or interfere in the 2016 election and there is consensus about those russian efforts between the house intelligence committee, the senate intelligence committee, intelligence community and now robert mueller. the second part of the
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investigation is the get trump part and that is his adversaries trying to use this investigation to remove him from office. so he tends to focus on the latter and not really admit the former. it appears that the president believes if he concedes even a little bit on the what russia did part, then his adversaries will use it against him in the get trump part of the investigation. >> but he has conceded russian election meddling before several times. why not this time? >> this has happened almost exactly the same way before when trump met president putin not too long ago last year this came up again. putin denied that russia had interfered and trump said i believe him and there was a big, big controversy and then trump came out and said i believe our agencies. as a matter of fact the white house sent out an email last night with three or four
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examples of trump saying in very brief minimum terms, though, that i agree with our agencies' findings. what you'll have happen this time he will do it again. he will have to say that he agrees with the u.s. intelligence agency findings and try to move on. >> the president spoke to sean hannity about the idea that maybe robert mueller should take his investigation to russia. here is what he had to say. >> did you like president putin's idea, robert mueller should go talk to him? >> i was fascinated by it. he said that robert mueller's people could go with them. they probably won't want to. >> interesting. let me ask you. >> 13 angry democrats? you think they'll want to go? i don't think so. >> what do you think is going to come of all this? he has handed his political enemies, the president, something with which they're beating him about the head and
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shoulders. >> that's true. nothing will come from this idea of mueller's investigators going to russia and then russian investigators coming over here. will they question the f.b.i.? i don't think that will happen. nothing will come of that. but again, this is a pattern we have seen in the trump presidency both over the russia matter and over other matters in which the president says something hugely controversial, it just takes over the entire political conversation for one, two, three four days. then the president makes some sort of minimal concession and then his supporters, who disagree with what he has done. his supporters say look at all the other things he has done. the judges he has appointed and the deregulation and how the economy is doing and then they say well, this does not change our support for donald trump. >> byron york, "washington examiner". thank you. still ahead we'll continue this
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discussion with the chairwoman of the rnc, ronna mcdaniel. she'll weigh in on this and more next hour. >> sandra: fox news alert on a lava bomb out of hawaii's kilauea volcano. how two dozen tourists got injured on a boat there. >> president trump talks about peter strzok as a disgrace to the country. >> sandra: president trump looking to russia for helping curbing nuclear weapons. is this the right move? we'll discuss it with senator john barrasso. >> president trump: we've discussed nuclear proliferation. i'm sure president putin and russia want very much to end that problem. in 5th grade.
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>> president trump: nuclear war is our biggest problem by a factor of five million. the nuclear problem we have to make sure -- we have to be very careful and if you look at russia and the united states, that's 90% of the nuclear weapons. he also said he wants to be very helpful with north korea. >> sandra: president trump focusing how russia can assist the u.s. in foreign affairs as he faces growing criticism over the joint presser yesterday with vladimir putin. supporters point out the trump administration has been tough with its policies on russia. joining me now is wyoming senator john barrasso. thank you for joining us this morning. first off, what was your reaction to the presser yesterday with vladimir putin? >> let me be very clear vladimir putin is not our friend. he is an add ver sore. he has proven that through his actions and his goal is to restore the former soviet union. he meddled in the united states
6:17 am
elections and invaded ukraine and cheating on the nuclear weapons actions. so there is a lot to be said about the bad things that putin has done and there is a lot to be said about the strong things that president trump has done with arming ukraine, the sanctions against russia. more money for military and more money from nato. plus expelling russians from the united states and putting in poland the patriot missiles that we know can be used against russia if needed. >> sandra: senator, you don't need to look far to see criticism on both sides of the aisle this morning on president trump responding to the president of russia, vladimir putin, some saying he was just too nice. was he? >> the question is where do we go from here? where do we go with the issue of the nuclear weapons as president talked about dealing with vladimir putin in regards to north korea. i want to see what the deliverables are. after the start treaty what we know is we gave away the store. russia had to make no
6:18 am
concessions. the united states made a lot under president obama. i'll see where we go after the meetings yesterday. let me be very clear vladimir putin is not our friend. he is an add versaryy and did meddle in the elections in the united states. >> sandra: the criticism was that the president did not come out tough enough against putin. do you agree with that? >> i think the president was very tough on putin in the four-hour closed door meeting. i have no concerns about that whatsoever. there was a press conference afterwards where people wanted to talk about things that unify and why people would meet together. i think the president should have met with putin, should have had the discussions. i just want to make it clear that in the close-door meetings i expect the president did point out to putin that he did meddle in the 2016 elections
6:19 am
and no punishing response. there should have been. if they do the same thing in 2018 there will be a punishing response to that sort of russian meddling. putin has been trying to undermine democracy around the world, in france, england, germany. i believe he can't be trusted. >> sandra: can putin be helpful to this president on the north korea situation as the president suggested in that clip there? >> i think he can be because north korea with a nuclear weapon makes anyone in the world less safe and less stable and less secure. so yes, i think he can be helpful there. that's the question, what comes out of the meeting? where do we go from here? president trump has been very clear on nuclear weapons. talking and writing about it now for over 30 years is his concern. i've been to russia to the sites a number of years ago with other senators to look where they were using the efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons.
6:20 am
i think in recent years russia has been not having to do much as the united states has done more to eliminate nuclear weapons and we've seen this repeatedly in the russian violation of their obligation with certainly the interimmediate nuclear weapons, those that can hit europe. >> sandra: a lot of people today are looking back at president trump's predecessors and their treatment of russia. reminded of the hillary clinton moment. watch. okay, this was the famous reset button the moment hillary clinton to president barack obama. president trump isn't the first leader to begin with niceties. how do you look at this president and how he has treated russia compared to his predecessors? >> i think if you go back to teddy roosevelt speak softly and carry a big stick president trump has carried the big stick against russia with the sanctions, with arming ukraine, with item after item, with the
6:21 am
additional funding, with getting nato to put an additional $14 billion into military funding. the trump administration i think has been superb in terms of actions taken against russia and we need to go further if there is any evidence of meddling of the elections in 2018. >> sandra: great to get your reaction to all that. thank you. >> domestically supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh continues his meet and greet on -- capitol hill. >> sandra: a police officer shot through his own windshield. details on the story next. my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up
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>> jon: a terrifying trip for a group of tourists in hawaii. [screaming] >> jon: that's a moment a so-called lava bomb the size of a basketball crashed through the rough of their tour boat. that explosion happening when molten lava poured into the ocean near the boat. 23 woman were injured and one woman suffered a broken thigh bone. others received burns and bruises. >> it exploded and particles of the lava landed on the vessel. there are a few big chunks that was on the roof and we could see chunks laying around the
6:26 am
side of the boat and the floor of the boat. >> the owner of that boat saying he had no idea how big the blast was until he saw the pictures later that evening. >> sandra: fox news alert. newly released body cam video of a shoot-out in downtown vegas last week. take a look at this scene. police in pursuit of two homicide suspects firing through the windshield of their car. one of those suspects is dead and the other in custody. william la jeunesse following the story from our west coast newsroom this morning. william. >> this is not a movie but on the streets of las vegas. take a look. >> watch out. shot fired, shot fired again. >> police are investigating a murder when the officer sees an s.u.v. matching the suspect's car. as he approaches the two men inside begin firing. the officer gives chase following 11 times out his
6:27 am
front windshield. 7 times out the side window while driving 60 miles per hour. they shot back 30 times. when the chase goes for four minutes the officer calls for air support but doesn't back off. this ends when the suspects stop at a school. >> look out! the officer grabs a new magazine, exits the patrol car and unloads on the s.u.v. a second officer approaches from the side and fires his shotgun. both gang members have lengthy records. 22-year-old fidel miranda with priors. he is dead. 30-year-old nunes, his alias creeper a three-time fell on is in jail. they fired 31 shots. >> when you see this video you see there is a significant
6:28 am
amount of fire coming from the suspect vehicle during, you know, in the mid morning. we have citizens out on the roadways. we have citizens that are walking. we're just very lucky and fortunate that those suspects didn't hit an innocent bystander. >> l.a. metro policy says an officer can fire from a moving car when necessary. this was necessary. he is weaving through traffic at a high speed. my book this guy gets the best driver award. >> sandra: thank you. >> jon: incredible footage. amazon under fire for selling facial recognition on its website. what the aclu is trying to do to stop it. plus there's this >> president trump: it's a very
6:29 am
dishonest deal. who did peter strzok report to because it was comey and mccabe, but it was also probably obama. >> sandra: president trump taking aim at peter strzok and the russia investigation claiming it's strange ties between the u.s. and russia. as former f.b.i. lawyer lisa page faces lawmakers behind closed doors. >> we learned a great deal of new information again today and so it is going to require us to do a whole lot of follow-up. that 1 in 30 boomers has, yet most don't even know it. a virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. hep c can hide in the body for years without symptoms. left untreated it can lead to liver damage, even liver cancer. the only way to know if you have hep c is to ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure.
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♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands? >> jon: fox news alert. after an interview with sean hannity president trump slamming the russia investigation. >> president trump: we have to find out who did peter strzok report to because it was comey and it was mccabe. but it was also probably obama.
6:33 am
when you watch peter strzok's performance, the lover of lisa page, when you watch that performance, the f.b.i. i'll tell you, i know so many people in the f.b.i., these are incredible people. what they are going through watching this guy, a total phony. >> jon: daryl issa is a member of the house judiciary committee. interesting maybe explosive charges from the president. what do you think of them? >> well, i think if we paraphrase reagan trust by verify the president is doing just that. he trusts the f.b.i., he trusts the men and women who serve their country loyally, peter strzok is an example of someone who rose to positions of great power and authority whose own computer by his own admission under oath finally was the computer that downgraded hillary clinton's charges from a criminal charge to a choice of words that made it not criminal and allowed comey to
6:34 am
say there is no chargeable offense. we are dealing with a bad actor or a few bad actors there. it causes all of us to say we cannot blindly trust even our own agencies. we must trust and verify. >> jon: members of congress are saying they have actually received more information from lisa page's testimony than from strzok. what do you make of that? >> well, she is a very smart person. she kept herself out of any peril in my opinion during her deposition. but she also was very careful. but it was revealing and i think mark meadows and myself and others saw a certain amount of new information. it makes us understand the operation. the one thing that is disconcerting, of course, i'm paraphrasing, her discounting of her importance of their role and her statement they couldn't have made differences there
6:35 am
were so many hands and people handling things. i don't quite swallow that. i think we'll find just like that computer, his computer that was used to change that charge, if you will, we're going to find their hands were on it and their bias was evident in both the investigations. >> jon: meantime there is a letter just out yesterday from congressman mark meadows and jim jordan asking michael horowitz, the inspector general, to review deputy attorney general rosenstein over the alleged threats that he made, threats that catherine herridge documented in her story, a story that was cited in this letter, threats against house intel staffers during a meeting in january 2018. in your view, is that warranted? >> absolutely. you know, the executive branch works for congress. that is literally why we fund them, why we create even the
6:36 am
f.b.i., chairman goodlatte reminded them the f.b.i. was created by congress, not the other way around. and so our oversight and our use of the inspector general to do his oversight is critical. that kind of misconduct is something that has to be looked at. an implied threat or real threat, either one is inappropriate when you have that kind of power. some of it happens every day and is used as a technique. when it is used against congress as intimidation it crosses a line. >> jon: these were ordinary staffers on the intelligence committee and the top law enforcement officer in the nation is essentially threatening to subpoena their emails and phone records. >> exactly. he knows very well that their emails and phone records are protected in our branch as communication between us and our staff. we don't take communications between the president and his
6:37 am
key staff ever. that's considered protected. so even the threat was inappropriate considering. but the reality is that if you have a chilling effect on the oversight on behalf of the american people by congress, then who does double-check the all powerful? >> jon: i want to ask you for your take on the russia summit. president trump is being criticized from the left and right to some extent about his statements regarding russian election meddling. where do you come down? >> russia is an evil, smaller empire, it's undeniable. his national security team and all parts of government are continuing to sanction russia and to daily monitor their bad activity. having said that, the president bravely went out and did what ronald reagan did. you meet with your adversary/enemy. you get what you can get that serves the american people. dealing with iran, north korea, and certainly the syria
6:38 am
situation is essential. so i commend him for the meeting. i will expect that there will be no policy change when it comes to putin and his gang of thugs that murder each other and that, in fact, are adversaries of the united states. i think we can have both. i think the president knows that. he has never interfered with the national security team's policy of holding russia accountable, something that is supported by congress. >> jon: i want to get a quick reaction that andrew mccarthy wrote in national review yesterday. he writes we've taken the not only pointless but reckless step of indicting operatives of a foreign hostile power who cannot be prosecuted and whose schemes have been exposed multiple times in public government reports. so now due process rules to presume the russians did not do what we have formally accused them of doing. they're entitled to that
6:39 am
presumption unless and until we convict them in court which will never happen. andrew mccarthy criticizing robert mueller's indictment of the russian operatives. >> he is right. i was with jonathan turley last night, a scholar in these areas. our c.i.a. would break laws of other countries. we don't turn people over for indictments. and when c.i.a. equivalents in other countries do these things there is no expectation that indictment is appropriate. so this was a staged event. the american people were influenced by seeing this and taking that next step of it must be real. the fact is that these people, as you said, could have been named at any time. we could probably name lots and lots of their operatives that we know about. but the one thing that's dangerous is that we don't want to name who we know and what they are doing because that exposes our sources and methods. and so this is a bad policy
6:40 am
from an indictment standpoint and also bad by exposing what we know or don't know about the adversaries around the world that are spying on us. so on both levels it is a big mistake. >> jon: congressman daryl issa of california. thank you. >> sandra: amazon is in the middle of a privacy firestorm for selling facial recognition software to police departments who are, in turn, using the technology to surveil suspects. dan springer is live in our seattle bureau with more on this. dan. >> a big debate in law enforcement right now over how far is too far in terms of using powerful and potentially invasive technology to catch criminals? civil libertarians say facial recognition software crosses the line. the aclu sent a letter to amazon saying to stop selling to police departments.
6:41 am
the police department in oregon showed us how it works. several crimes have been solved. the program makes a match from 300,000 jail booking photos in just seconds. >> we want to be on the forefront of fighting crime and keeping our communities safe. we recognize that criminals will keep committing crimes and always be trying to find ways to stay ahead of the law enforcement investigations. this is just another tool. >> but the aclu says the tool treats everyone as a suspect and while there may not be an expectation of privacy when you are out in public you also don't expect the government to be analyzing your face in hopes of catching a bad guy. they see a slippery slope where it could be used to chill free speech. >> if we want to remain a free society, we have to simply not go with the next shiny police tool that comes along just because it could catch more crime.
6:42 am
>> orlando police ended a pilot program where it tested the amazon recognition software if it could pick out volunteer officers. in washington county they point out there is no realtime surveillance using cameras in public. amazon says customers are required to follow the law when using it. >> jon: a big meeting at the white house a few hours from now on phase two of president trump's tax reform cuts plan. we'll tell you what's inside and how it could help your bottom line. >> sandra: plus more on chris wallace's tough interview with vladimir putin. watch what happens when wallace asks the russian president why his opponents keep ending up dead? >> we do have crime. unfortunately there are some crimes and we persecute people responsible for these crimes. this is a story about mail and packages.
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>> why is it that so many people who are political enemies of vladimir putin are attacked? >> first of all, all of us have plenty of political rivals. i'm pretty sure president trump has plenty of political rivals. >> but they don't end up dead. >> sandra: vladimir putin faces intense scrutiny over several attacks on his political opponents. most notably the poisoning of russian double agent in the u.k. illinois congressman adam kinzinger. what an exchange that was. >> here is my best surprise face. that vladimir putin would deny poisoning and killing his political opponents. of course he did it, of course he ordered it. he is a former kgb agent.
6:47 am
that's how he thinks and he doesn't hesitate to bomb hospitals in syria every day. hospitals with innocent people in it and why you can't trust vladimir putin and you can't trust anything he says. he is out for number one, for russia. he wants to rebuild the soviet union and we all know putting it through the common sense meter he both meddled in our election and killed his political opponents. >> sandra: you are suggesting it is becoming predictable his denials, whether it's about these attacks or russian meddling or whatever it is that he is and was challenged on, particularly in that interview. >> look at ukraine as an example. when you had troops marching into crimea. there is a war going on in eastern ukraine. he claims that these are separatists that rose up from the ground miraculously with no insignia on their uniform and we know they are russian military. he won't admit he shot down an airliner and killed hundreds of people. this is a guy you can't trust.
6:48 am
it's fine. the president is fine to meet with vladimir putin and to see if there is areas of common interest. but to trust vladimir putin is something very different. there are people in russia and behind the soft iron curtain of russia that are desperate us to be a beacon of freedom that we were. >> sandra: what did you think in the presser the president was challenged on do you believe u.s. intelligence or do you believe russia when it comes to the answer on russian meddling in the u.s. elections? and many are arguing this morning the president did not have the back of our u.s. intel, which is largely concluded that russia did meddle in our elections and does. >> i don't think he did. i wish he wouldn't have said it. i wish he would have backed u.s. intelligence agency. i like a lot of president trump's policies and his foreign policy is very robust and i talked to him on friday before he met with the queen. i like him. this is a massive blind spot. by admitting that the russians
6:49 am
meddled in our election is not saying that somehow they made him president. he was elected president because he had a good message and people voted for him and he won and he will win reelection. to say that somehow the russians weren't involved when we all know differently. admitting that the russians were involved is what we need to begin to inoctober lat ourselves being aware of the tactics they're using. if there is a fake story it could be russian propaganda. >> sandra: did anything change two hours behind closed doors with vladimir putin and president trump and then this presser, did anything change yesterday? >> yeah, i think who knows what was said in the meeting. i think we'll get more information on that. i think it was a big step back for foreign policy against russia and around the world. you can't go in guns blazing against our allies in europe and come out and say you believe vladimir putin on
6:50 am
something that is truly unbelievable. i think the president and white house will make massive clarifications. it was disappointing but they've been very aggressive against russia so far. >> when rand paul is your only defender you have a real p.r. issue. >> sandra: congressman, thank you. >> jon: will this firestorm that's come to dominate coverage of the russian summit hurt the g.o.p. come this november? we take that on with rnc chair ronna mcdaniel, our headliner next hour. >> sandra: the all-star game happening tonight in washington we're live at nationals ballpark with a preview. ♪ the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor.
6:51 am
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>> jon: preparations are underway for the mid-summer classic at national park tonight. we're live in washington with a preview. >> we're just about a 20 minute walk away from the u.s. capitol dome. tonight there will be elected representatives from all 30 major league baseball teams here at nationals park for this all-star game that d.c. has been getting ready forever since it was announced as the host city three years ago in 2015. there are already fans from across the country in d.c. right now attending events and exhibits, very interactive near the field or the convention
6:55 am
center downtown. it has been so long since d.c. had a baseball all-star game. the last time they did the home team was the washington senators. the nationals came to the capitol city in 2005. their stadium is the centerpiece of a neighborhood in southeast d.c. that has been totally transformed ever since they took the field with shiny new high rise apartments and businesses sprouting up everywhere around it. everybody wants a ticket for tonight's exhibition but the cheapest seat on stub hub this morning is a standing room only spot that will set you back $310. the top vote getter for the game is jose altuve. but the fan favorite here is washington national bryce harper who won the home run derby last night with seconds to spare and the washington nationals ticket office might not have expected he would hit 45 like he did last night when they came up with a promotion to knock a dollar off lower level seats for every home run he hit. that means some really good seats for games coming up will
6:56 am
only cost $1. for the last two years bryce harper known for hitting home runs sat out the home run derby at other parks but he wanted to put on a show this year for his hometown fans. he sent everybody home in their red nationals shirts happy. the pitcher who served up the long balls to bryce harper, ron harper, his dad. back to you. >> jon: thank you. >> sandra: rising star of the democratic party sparking controversy after a comment about a u.s. ally she made during a television interview. plus critics on both sides of the aisle saying the president was too soft on putin. our headliner takes on these stories and more in "america's newsroom" in moments. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ ) joni: think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please.
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7:00 am
>> sandra: president trump firing back after his summit with russian president vladimir putin and today facing heavy criticism for it from both sides of the aisle. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott. russia's meddling in front at center. president trump says he believes putin as much as his intelligence agencies. many rebukes. that brings us the top story from the newsmakers and journalists who bring it to you. >> breaking tonight. new reaction pouring in as we get a deeper look at what happened today in helsinki. >> a reporter asked about
7:01 am
election meddling. specifically whether the president believes putin or american intelligence? >> president trump: during today's meeting i addressed directly with president putin russian interference in our elections. he was extremely strong and powerful in his denial. he said it's not russia. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> fact check, it was. the president of the united states will not say he believes his own government over president putin. >> this is the indictment. it shows i have 12 names here talking about specific units of the gru, russian military intelligence. may i give this to you to look at, sir? here. >> russia as a state has never interfered with the internal affairs of the united states. >> there is no question russia interfered in our 2016 election and it is interfering in the democratic process right now. >> democrats, republicans,
7:02 am
current and former intel officials expressing everything from disappointment to outrage. >> some suggesting president trump was out foxed. >> i felt like the president's comments made us look as a nation more like a pushover. >> he should have marched in, put the indictment on the table, and demanded justice. >> the early indications are that this is going to cost the president dearly. >> the president backs up putin. will it make the world a safer place ultimately? that remains the most important question to consider here. >> sandra: let's go to our a-team michael blake vice chair of the democratic national committee. brad blakeman, a former dep see assistant to george w. bush and noah rothman, associate editor. >> sandra: looking at that it framed what we saw yesterday.
7:03 am
what were your thoughts? especially this morning as reaction is pouring in. >> remarkable amount of condemnation from republicans criticizing donald trump, which doesn't often happen. at least in this year we haven't seen this kind of out pouring of criticism of the president and donald trump should be very concerned about his political position when it deteriorates. it is republicans get off the boat. i think you might see something like that now. just about a week ago we were talking about the extent to which the supreme court nomination will reshape the political dynamic ahead of the mid-terms. that was an eternity ago. this won't have much staying power either. >> sandra: the president is back at the white house this morning working on taxes. your thoughts. >> i was disappointed in his performance. you have to separate his words from his actions. nobody has been tougher on the russians that this president in the last eight years.
7:04 am
sanctions, denying business people access to america. he has really put the hammer down on russia. so his actions have been great, his words in helsinki were regrettable. i think he had a golden opportunity to take it to putin on the many grievances we have on syria, iran, election meddling. the president needs to get over the election. he won it fair and square. big difference between collusion and intervention. there was no collusion but they tried to interfere with our elections. >> we may have a similar name but we clearly disagree. to say that donald trump has been harder on russia is ridiculous. yesterday you had a president that conveyed he wouldn't side with our national intelligence agencies and not enforce sanctions. >> he has enforced sanctions. >> that is not congress. >> it's true. >> congress will not provide the support for it. republicans have an opportunity to move forward when it comes to election security and they
7:05 am
proposed zero out the funding what is happen on election security. we talk about what happened last week where you had 12 indictments against the russians that attacked us. it's unconscionable that the president would side with putin instead of those fighting for the united states government. >> jon: i want to play sound from senator rand paul that he had to say about this meeting and then a comment or a question after, listen. >> i think we need to take a step back and ask ourselves is it good to have conversation with your adversaries and open lines of communications with russia? having open lines of communication is very important for avoiding war. i think that's what i would see this meeting as is engagement and renewing open lines of conversation. i commend president trump for taking this meeting. >> jon: so far the only tweet from the white house, noah, is a thank you tweet essentially from the president to rand paul.
7:06 am
if those two are if agreement has hell officially frozen over? >> strange bed fellows indeed. i saw senator paul say something along the lines, i'm paraphrasing, congratulating the president for opening the communication lines and suggesting anybody else opposed to these sort of diplomatic overtures is essentially looking for a kin etic and military solution with our problems with russia. nobody is advocating for that. anybody that suggests that the president has been harder on russia, i'm one of them, also has to admit he has not defined the parameters in which russia can operate freely and safely and not force a western response. that is the threat. the threat is to leave an ambiguous area of operations where putin can operation which he might compel accidentally a western response. people who fret about military responses need to demand donald
7:07 am
trump get tougher on russia in rhetoric as well as policy which i agree. he has been tough on policy but his rhetoric has been disappointing and that is eke lie dangerous. barack obama didn't weigh in specifically on the meeting between vladimir putin and donald trump but speaking at an event in south africa a few moments ago barack obama had this to say. let's listen. >> given the strange and uncertain times that we are in, and they are strange and they are uncertain, each day's news cycles bringing morehead spinning and disturbing headlines. i thought maybe it would be useful to step back for a moment and try to get some perspective. >> sandra: nelson mandela lecture event in south africa. the words of barack obama a few
7:08 am
moments ago. >> disgraceful. the fact that a former american president on foreign soil would say the comments he did about -- veiled comments, by the way, not direct, about this president and the current state of american affairs. it's beyond the pale that the president would do that. >> this is absurd that we listen to republicans convey this foolishness. as someone who worked for president obama for you to convey it is disgraceful that barack obama said we're in strange and uncertain times when donald trump literally sided with a thug at a dictator yesterday is ridiculous to me. >> he didn't side. >> he conveyed we're both to blame. >> sandra: how about that, though? what did you think when you saw the president challenged on whether or not he is going to listen to u.s. intelligence, which has concluded that there was russian meddling in the election or russia saying no, they didn't?
7:09 am
>> i think that the evidence is clear and i think that's the point the president has to make and be clear on. a difference between collusion with the russians to upset an election and then interfering with the election. there is no doubt. universally held the russians tried to interfere with our elections but they weren't successful. but there was no collusion between any candidate and the russians to upset an election. >> there is no evidence in the whole mueller investigation. all of the indictments that have been brought thus far have nothing to do with collusion. they have to do with business practices or banking, that sort of thing. so far no evidence, no proof of collusion. >> that we have seen. again it is inaccurate to convey we know there is no collusion. we aren't there. >> i've been around for 30 years. if there was collusion it would have leaked by now. >> on friday we awoke thinking it would be a regular friday. 12 russians were indicted. what you should be conveying there was an unnamed american
7:10 am
included within the indictment and congressional candidate included in it. we don't know it to be the case. we know the president of the united states yesterday decided to not directly attack putin. it is corruption. it is inhumane and unconscionable he would do that and we should be standing up. someone who served in the white house as well and a brother served for 29 years in the u.s. army it is disgraceful we aren't standing up for those who represent our country and the republicans have to take greater action against it. >> sandra: let's relive this moment with chris wallace and vladimir putin when chris wallace tried to hand him the indictments and refused, watch. >> may i give this to you to look at, sir? here? >> sandra: that was the mueller indictment. noah. >> yeah, i mean mr. wallace should have said i'm an american journalist. there is no ricin on this and you don't have anything to fear.
7:11 am
i am actually just to respond briefly. i am happy that democrats are now freely saying that an american president should not criticize his fellow americans, members of his staff and also republicans as being siding with iranian hard liners. that is what obama did. we should be clear on the extent to which donald trump has legitimized a dictator. something presidents have done in the past. it doesn't equate to treason and it is dangerous. >> jon: to your point we don't know what else might be forthcoming in the mueller indictments we don't know what was said in the private meeting between vladimir putin and president trump. the president might have been tougher on him in private. >> he had an opportunity to
7:12 am
convey that public aand asked that multiple times. what are clear actions that could occur? why not have the national security staff that traveled with president trump convey publicly under oath to congress what actually occurred in that meeting. number two, let's move forward and increase the sanctions even further. let's actually convey who occurred in that room? it is still very difficult for any of us to understand, given all that is happening, given indictments just happened on friday why would you not directly answer the question that you will hold putin accountable and convey what you did. >> sandra: we are having this conversation in the context of remembering that on camera on mic moment when former president barack obama leaned into outgoing president -- >> and >> sandra: bring this into the conversation. >> the reality is. >> it's collusion. that's colluding with the russians to say that don't worry, what i say to the
7:13 am
american people is not really what i mean because you tell vladimir putin that i'll have a lot more flexibility with you after i get through this election. that's colluding with the russians on an election. >> you are upset because you were wrong about the facts before. >> collusion is very different from the factual matter that occurred. >> it is relevant. the president is trying to reorient american foreign policy where americans thought it was dangerous. he was trying to provide a way for him to not execute his red line for action in syria and resulted in russian intervention in syria. withdrew forces from europe that probably helped ease putin's decision making when he invaded. there were a lot of mistakes with russia in barack obama's term. it is not trees onous, it is wrong. >> the democrats go too far. they rush to the microphone to talk about impeachment and
7:14 am
treason. the president gave putin nothing yesterday. he didn't reduce sanctions or put diplomats in the united states and give them compounds back. there are no deliverables. >> the treason comments was not made by democratic lawmakers. it was made by a former national security staffer. again >> who served in the obama administration. >> the director of national intelligence himself dan coates conveyed that this is not what we agree with on what's happening. at the end of the day what happened on yesterday our president decided to not attack someone who clearly attacked us. >> sandra: all right. >> jon: we're going to continue tracking the fallout from president trump's news conference with vladimir putin. our headliner takes those critics head on. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel ahead. >> sandra: president trump
7:15 am
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7:19 am
us to do a whole lot of follow-up. compare testimony not just with peter strzok and miss page but also with other witnesses that we've had to compare those two and figure out where some of the ambiguity may lie. >> jon: republicans are looking at possible new leads after a second day of questioning of former f.b.i. lawyer lisa page. she is the one who exchanged anti-trump texts with f.b.i. agent peter strzok. let's go back to our a-team now. michael blake, brad blakeman and noah rothman. i want to play some sound from the president. he spoke to tucker carlson about all of this. here is what the president has to say. >> president trump: i also think that when you watch peter strzok and lisa page, when you watch all of the things that have happened and comey, take a look at that and mccabe, who has some pretty big problems, i assume, you look at the deception, the lies. these are people that in my
7:20 am
opinion are truly, they're bad people and they are being exposed for what they are. >> jon: are they being exposed? >> no, it is time to move on. what are we still talking about in this matter? they were removed from the investigation. we're talking about people that had a relationship but the focus needs to be the investigation itself. and the fact is mueller removed them. >> jon: but the fact that peter strzok was so involved in the hillary clinton investigation and essentially exonerating hillary clinton. he is still at the f.b.i. >> he was removed from the investigation. at the end of the day the core purpose we recognize something that was inaccurate and incorrect and wrong. it was addressed, they were removed. the investigation continues. >> jon: why was he ever on the mueller investigation? >> why was someone ever part of a conversation? you don't know why someone is part of something and you take action. something we didn't see the president do. >> sandra: lawmakers clear they
7:21 am
have a lot of questions when it comes to this, brad. >> the questions have to be answered. page needs to come before the public just like strzok. she is a material witness. they collaborated together. systemic action to show bias and prejudice and maybe interfere with the justice system. there is no recourse against public corruption. it's the worst thing that can happen in our country. they should be referred to a grand jury. enough probable cause to believe they came -- this can't stand. >> sandra: interesting point you make darrell issa was talking about trust in the f.b.i. and. >> he trusts the f.b.i., he trusts the men and women who serve their country loyally. peter strzok is an example of somebody who didn't. it causes all of us to say we cannot blindly trust even our own agencies.
7:22 am
we must trust and verify. >> i'm struck by people like strzok and james comey who have such dedication to their agency, the integrity of their agency that they performed actions that detracted from the integrity of those agencies. they were too far in their heads with this notion of loyalty to the institutions and not the country in general. however, i do believe it's difficult to suggest we have anything concrete to suggest manifest bias has resulted in actions on the part of peter strzok. trey gowdy didn't get to that line in questioning and spent his time saying the opening sessions are a circus. if there was information to be had he would have tried to elicit. when the laptop popped it contributed to the downward pressure in hillary clinton's polls maybe contributing to her loss in november. if there was bias, it wasn't
7:23 am
for hillary clinton's benefit. >> jon: you agree a president should be able to trust his f.b.i., right? >> and the f.b.i. should be able to trust the president which they can't after what we saw yesterday. >> jon: the flip side of that is also true. president trump -- he is trying to sing the praises of the rank and file f.b.i. but the page/strzok texts, the page/strzok texts are pretty anti-trump. >> trump won. this is a distraction. let's call it what it is. >> you guys got screwed as much by the f.b.i. and you want to give them a pass. >> you're still upset about the earlier segment. the investigation continues. he was removed from the investigation and we're having a conversation of trusting the f.b.i. donald trump literally disrespected national intelligence and all those that serve in the federal government yesterday by siding with putin. the conversation he is trying
7:24 am
to convey is a distraction. let's look at the opportunity before us right now today. will the republicans on the hill make an action to zero out funding when it comes to cybersecurity and election protection? will they convey what happened in the meetings? if donald trump is serious in conveying respect for the federal government and those that serve us let's stand up in a legitimate way. >> sandra: where does all this lead? american people see money being spent and resources continuing to be thrown at this and they see there were two f.b.i. agents with a lot of animus toward the president and involved in the highest level of the f.b.i. where does it lead? >> hopefully it leads to the prosecution of those in the f.b.i. who showed obstruction of justice and bias and animus toward presidential candidates both clinton. you guys should be cheerleading with republicans. this is a patriotic issue of not having a federal bureaucracy like the justice
7:25 am
department or the f.b.i. act in wales that disregard the law. in fairness to all. >> jon: we have to leave it there. our a-team today, thank you. >> sandra: the high stakes summit from helsinki is bringing in criticism from all sides. our headliner of the day. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel is here to respond. a socialist in political trouble after saying israel the -- >> you use the term the occupation of palestine. what did you mean by that? >> oh, i think what i meant is like the settlements that are increasing in some of these areas. r replacement we'll replace the full value of your car.
7:26 am
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tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms of an infection. or if you have received a vaccine, or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. mitzi: with less joint pain, watch me. for less joint pain and clearer skin, ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> it is disgusting, disgraceful, unamerican
7:30 am
behavior. but again we're not helpless. we can do something about it in this building and we might as well just stay home if we are going to let this president continue to do this. >> my mouth is still agape. i can't believe trump's performance. the bar was so low for what the president had to do. >> the president seems to be acting in the interest of vladimir putin. and this just confounds me. i think the president is going to have to backtrack on this because i think there is already such an outcry. >> sandra: democrats and some republicans even criticizing the president's summit with vladimir putin in helsinki. let's get to all of this with our headliner rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel joins us this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> sandra: thanks for coming on the program. we haven't seen the official statement from the white house this morning. the president, however, did just put this tweet out.
7:31 am
i want to start with this. he said while i had a great meeting with nato raising vast amounts of money, i had an even better meeting with vladimir putin of russia. sadly, it is not being reported that way. the fake news is going crazy, says the president a few moments ago. >> well, the president obviously had a great meeting with nato where he raised $34 billion extra for defenses for europe. that is not something that's great for russia. and then he had difficult issues to discuss with vladimir putin about, non-proliferation. what is happening in syria, humanitarian crisis. he said we need to work together on the things where we can. the president doesn't underestimate russia in any way, shape or form. he knows exactly what type of foe they are but he will continue to work with them on the issues where we do have national security interests combined. >> jon: let's talk about the
7:32 am
politics of this, though. your job as chair of the republican national committee is to put more republicans in more seats in legislatures in washington and other state capitols around the country. has what the president said in helsinki, has it made that job more difficult? >> i look at the president's actions. let's look at where russia is because the sanctions of 100 people and entities in russia, you look at what the president has done to prevent russia from engaging in off shore drilling projects because they've tied up their funding. you look at the president giving ukraine weapons, engaging a deal to give them lethal weapons to defend themselves against russia and let's look at the russian economy as a result. the ruble has fallen, 9% behind the u.s. dollar. you have seen putin's approval rating sink because he is
7:33 am
talking about raising the retirement age in russia because of the sanctions and the squeeze it is putting on their economy. let's look at our economy. we're booming. gdp and wages are up. we have record unemployment, we're strengthening our military. if you look at where we are compared to russia when president trump took office as to where we are now we're stronger and they're weaker, that's what the voters will talk about and vote on in november. >> jon: viewers might be surprised the know the russian gdp is actually smaller than that of italy. smaller than italy gdp. >> yes, and we've strengthened nato and you look at the decisive action in syria. president trump is not being given enough credit for the actions he has taken against russia and the actions he has taken to strengthen america and our military. our military is being funded. our military personnel have gotten their first raise. veterans are being taken care of. they're putting us in a better position against russia than
7:34 am
where we were when president trump took office. >> sandra: paul ryan made a statement. the president must appreciate that russia is not our ally. there is no moral equivalence between the united states and russia which remains hostile to our most basic values and ideals. he starts out the president must appreciate that russia is not our ally. does the speaker think that the president doesn't understand that or believe that? >> we just sent through the litany of things this administration has done against russia, sanctions, expelling of russian intelligence officers, the closing of consulates. the president cares about our intelligence community to put forward the sanctions and the things that have hurt the russian economy. the president realizes they are a foe, not our ally. he is putting sanctions in place because of that. but he has to continue to move
7:35 am
forward on our global initiatives. we want to make sure we take care of what's happening in syria. russia is heavily engaged in that and we don't want the proliferation of weapons around the globe. we have this treaty coming up in 2021. it is something the president wanted to talk to vladimir putin about. >> jon: paul ryan is speaking now in washington we want to listen to his remarks. >> into russia's interference in our elections. they did interfere in our elections it is clear. no doubt about that. it is also clear that it didn't have a material effect on our elections but as a result of that, we passed tough sanctions on russia so that we can hold them accountable. i understand the desire and need to have good relations. that is perfectly reasonable. but russia is a menacing government that does not share our interests and it does not share our values and it should be made very, very clear.
7:36 am
>> what should we do -- [inaudible] >> here is what we have already done and here is what we can continue to do. put sanctions on russia. you saw the indictments from the special counsel. those gru officers were the people that conducted this cyberattack on our elections. we already put in place sanctions. if the financial -- if the foreign affairs committee or financial services committee and senate banking committee think there are other sanctions we haven't placed upon russia i'm more than happy to consider those. >> speaker ryan, obama's c.i.a. director -- john brennan said that president trump's press conference in helsinki goes to the threshold of high crimes
7:37 am
and misdemeanor and was nothing short ever treasonous. >> do you agree with that? >> i do not. >> in that report of the house intelligence committee the finding of the intelligence community assessment that vladimir putin wanted trump to -- yesterday vladimir putin said he want -- [inaudible]. did the republicans make a mistake? >> i'll refer you to the intelligence committee. they were concerned about the trade craft. when we reviewed the i.c. bebelieved there were mistakes made by the i.c. let's be clear so everybody knows, russia did meddle with our elections. not only with our elections they're doing it around the world. they did it to france, they're doing it to the baltics. russia is trying to undermine democracy itself to deledge --
7:38 am
delegitimize it. we know they interfere with our elections and we have passed sanctions on russia to hold them accountable. more importantly, what we intend to do is to make sure that they don't get away with it again and also to help our allies, to help those democracies, those new and older democracies in the world who are going to be facing this kind of russia aggression again. we need to make sure we can equip them with the tools they need to stop it from happening that their democracies. [inaudible question]. >> have you talked to the president about his remarks and do you think he needs to come out and clarify and retract and say what he was trying to accomplish? >> i haven't spoken to him. i put out a statement after that. >> in light of the new
7:39 am
indictment of friday appeared president's comments yesterday does anything change your view that congress needs something to protect special counsel mueller or encouraging your colleagues to back off their attacks on the department of justice? >> we have had a compliance issue for the department of justice with oversight. those compliance issues i had to get involved. it shouldn't have to take a speaker to get involved in that but they are now coming to compliance and we're trying to close out those items. that's an important point. they were not complying with our subpoenas and we're making sure they do comply. on the mueller issue, i've been clear from day one he should be allowed to finish his investigation and carry out his work. nothing has changed. thank you very much, appreciate it. >> jon: paul ryan speaking at a press event in washington on capitol hill as speaker leaves the stage let's get back to ronna mcdaniel the chair of the republican national committee.
7:40 am
>> sandra: you were listening to paul ryan. russia is trying to undermine our democracy in responding to a question he does not believe the president's actions were treasonous. >> obviously russia has tried to undermine our democracy. they want chaos in the united states of america. they meddled in our election. that's not acceptable and the president has said that. every leader has said that. our intelligence community and why we have sanctions against russia and taken decisive action. we're working hard to make sure the elections are safeguarded. paul ryan was spot on when he said that. it is not good for our democracy to have other countries meddling in our elections. president trump won the election outright. russia didn't make hillary call half the country deplorables
7:41 am
and fly over michigan and wisconsin. trump took messages to fair trade and boosting our economy and he delivered on the promises. when voters come in in november voters will say the president has delivered on the things he promised. >> jon: reaction is pouring in from both sides of the aisle after the president's meeting with vladimir putin. we just heard from house speaker paul ryan. coming up we'll talk with republican senator jerry moran just back from a trip to russia and later chris coons here with his take.
7:42 am
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>> jon: charles payne is with us to shed some light on president trump. he will meet with republican lawmakers today and they're discussing round two of tax
7:46 am
reform. >> right. we know round one has been extraordinarily successful. the chairman of the federal reserve is speaking to congress today. the ultimate bipartisan sort of assessment of where this economy is. if you read what he is talking about, the robust growth in gdp. people coming back to the job market. this quarter some people think we've grown the second quarter america's economy grew by 5%. 4% would be mind-boggling. 5% will be off the charts. we'll see. we know that tax cuts 1.0 have been extraordinarily successful. there are things they should do to ensure the success long term. >> sandra: we're listening. gop lawmakers in that meeting, charles. mike bishop, dianne black,
7:47 am
george holding. peter roscum of illinois. they'll want to hear what you have to say. >> i heard kevin brady and others talking and perhaps president trump saying business tax cuts go from 21% to 20%. i think the next version needs to focus squarely on the middle class, squarely on small businesses and also how to alleviate pressure so more people can come into the workforce. ironically getting back to what the feds are saying today. 15% of women who aren't in the labor force aren't there because of childcare costs. they want congress to do something about it but we might be able to tackle that in the tax code. we need things for small businesses to get the jump. we know large businesses are doing well. they're bringing hundreds of billions of dollars back to the country but we need to get the small businesses -- if they
7:48 am
want to build a new plant let's let them expense the stuff. there is things to be done to add more momentum and -- to take the momentum to another level. it's possible. >> jon: as you point out the economy is chugging right along. >> it is going remarkable. it is something that cannot be denied and i just want to see it keep going. >> jon: charles payne host of "making money." >> sandra: some of major league baseball's best sluggers showing their stuff in last night's pre-all-star game home run derby in washington hometown hero was the favorite. how did he do? that's next. this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you booking a flight doesn't have to be expensive. just go to priceline.
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>> sandra: right now on capitol hill the house judiciary committee is holding a hearing and house social media giants like facebook and others filter content and political bias and lack of transparency on those platforms. let's bring in charlie shimkus, bret larson and jared mac. >> i'm happy to see our government getting involved in how these technology companies operate. that said, a lot of what they
7:53 am
do is considered trade secrets. it is like google won't tell you how google search works. that would be coca-cola saying, they don't want to give secrets away. we need some level of transparency without saying the algorithm works like this. i'm totally making up numbers. we don't understand how they work and what they're looking for. in terms of filtering and bias, i don't necessarily think that's what is happening here. i'm sure there is something in the algorithm preventing these people from getting the exposure they want. we have to remember the social media platforms are international and around the globe. a lot of people in the states will have stuff that's popular around the world. a lot of people in the states will have popular with a percentage of the population here. >> jon: it wouldn't take much for some of these silicon
7:54 am
valley geniuses to filter out ideas they don't find acceptable. >> because silicon valley is so liberal. the big questions how do social media companies decide what is and is not allowed on their platforms and are they more inclined to block conservative political content? there have been high-profile cases since 2016 when facebook was accused from blocking conservative news stories. a country music band said facebook prevented them from promoting their song, i stand for our flag. >> one thing i think we get up social media versus media. let's just say media. all media forms. regular standard media companies, what gets through and what doesn't. baseball all-star game, fun and
7:55 am
games tonight, the mid-summer classic. our america's pastime. the game means nothing more than a fun opportunity. see players and kids out there in the uniforms in national park. last night we had a great home run derby and a little controversy. last night the home run derby bryce harper defeated kyle sh warber. people say they have to wait until the ball lands after it has been hit before you can throw the next pitch. he made up so many by getting it in there. >> jon: tonight the big game is on fox. looking forward to watching it at 8:00 eastern time. go american league. >> jon: let's hope they don't get rained on, right? any meteorologists here? where is janice dean when you need her. >> sandra: we'll be watching
7:56 am
for sure. thank you 24/7 crew. >> jon: the fall out continues from president trump's summit with his russian counterpart vladimir putin. more live reaction from the white house and capitol hill ahead on "america's newsroom."
7:57 am
7:58 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert at the top of the hour as we hear more on the growing bipartisan criticism of president trump's summit with vladimir putin. specifically the way he handled the election meddling issue. welcome to a new hour of
8:00 am
"america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> jon: jon scott in for bill hemmer. president trump at the white house getting ready to meet with members of congress to talk taxes while facing a firestorm of criticism from republicans and democrats alike for seeming to side with vladimir putin over his own government on election meddling. >> president trump is not being given enough credit for the actions he has taken against russia and the actions he has taken to strengthen america and our military. our military is being funded. our military personnel have gotten their first raise, veterans being taken care of. all of these things are putting us in a better position against russia. >> sandra: we have fox team coverage. mike emanuel live on capitol hill with reaction from lawmakers but we begin with kristin fisher live at the white house for us this morning. how is the white house responding to all this criticism this morning? >> you know, the first day back
8:01 am
after a long foreign trip is usually pretty quiet. today it's especially quiet. we don't know if there will be a briefing today or not. the only event on president trump's calendar is closed to the press. it is possible we won't get any kind of on-camera statement from a white house official at all today. president trump has been active on twitter this morning started out by saying he had a great meeting with nato. they have paid $33 billion more and will pay hundreds of billions more in the future. only because of me. nato is weak but now it is strong again. bad for russia. the media only says he was rude to leaders, never the mentions the money. he followed this up. while i had a great meeting with nato raising vast amounts of money i had a great meeting with vladimir putin. the fake news is going crazy. the white house has been in damage control mode since president trump landed back in the u.s. last night saying this
8:02 am
summit was a success because at least these two leaders who are in charge of the most -- most of the world's nuclear weapons are now sitting down and talking. democrats, republicans, allies abroad are arguing this summit did more harm than good. president trump putting president putin's word on par with his own intelligence agencies and also saying that, you know, this was going to be -- wasn't quite what president trump had been hoping for or wanted. he wasn't able to point to any concrete wins on syria, crimea or even nuclear proliferation. >> sandra: are any republicans defending the president this morning? >> the vice president mike pence defended president trump yesterday and republican senator rand paul. so much so that president trump thanked rand paul twice this morning on twitter. but that's about it. sandra. >> sandra: thank you. that's live outside the white house.
8:03 am
>> jon: criticism of president trump's performance at the summit continues to come in. chuck schumer speaking earlier on the senate floor. >> on foreign soil, president trump said the united states was to blame for the state of the relationship between russia and america. he trashed american intelligence, took the word of the kgb over the word of the men and women of the c.i.a. can you believe it? >> jon: mike emanuel is live at capitol hill. so give us an assessment of the fallout from the helsinki summit there on the hill, mike. >> good morning. some democrats like chuck schumer are calling for hearings here in congress with president trump's national security team. other democrats say there must be a bipartisan response. >> it is disgusting, disgraceful, unamerican behavior. but again we're not helpless.
8:04 am
we can do something about it in this building and we might as well just stay home if we are going to let this president continue to do this. >> fox has learned senate republican leadership is taking up a measure to back the intelligence community finding that russia meddled in the 2016 election. john cornyn and bob corker are some of the people in the effort. ryan told reporters there is no doubt russia did interfere with the 2016 election. he understands the need to have good relations with other foreign leaders but ryan says there is no doubt that russia is meddling in democracies both here in the u.s. and also around the world, jon. >> jon: what about the members of congress sticking up for the president, mike? >> that's a small group at this point. you had kentucky senator rand paul quick to jump to the president's defense. >> i think having open lines of communication is very important
8:05 am
for avoiding war. i think that's what i would see this meeting as is renewing engagement and renewing open lines of conversation. >> california congressman darrell issa said earlier this morning there is nothing wrong with meeting with vladimir putin. >> it is an evil, smaller empire. undeniable. his national security team are continuing to sanction russia and daily monitor their bad activity. having said that the president bravely went out and did what ronald reagan is, you meet with your adversary/enemy and get what you can get that serves the american people. >> it has been clear on social media the president appreciates getting some cover from a few folks here in congress. >> sandra: critics on both sides taking issue with the fact that the president seemed to take russian president vladimir putin at his word on election meddling instead of
8:06 am
backing our intel community on the issue. trump doubled down on that during an interview after the summit ended. take a listen. >> president trump: he said it's nonsense and he also said there is absolutely no collusion, which you know and everybody that watches your show knows. and i think most of the country knows and tucker is standing right over there definitely knows because he gets it. he is one of the people that get it. but i'll tell you that i thought it was a really amazing time not about that, i think it's a shame we are talking about nuclear proliferation and talking about syria and humanitarian aid and we get questions on the witch hunt. i don't think the people out in the country buy it. but the reporters like to give it a shot. i thought president putin was very, very strong. >> sandra: kansas senator jerry moran joins us now part of a
8:07 am
congressional delegation to russia earlier this month. thank you for your time this morning, sir. what is your reaction to the president's meeting with putin and the presser that followed? >> well, first of all i'm pleased that just as our trip to russia i think was of value. i'm pleased the two presidents of russia and the united states sat down and had a conversation. but i do think there was a missed opportunity. an opportunity for president trump to outline his -- our country's strong support for nato and that alliance and an opportunity to insist on different behavior from russia in regard to election meddling but also ukraine and syria. and maybe those conversations took place in the private conversation, but i start with the premise that russia is an adversary and i start with the premise that we need to make certain -- >> sandra: do you not think the president believes the same thing? >> i think the president surely believes that russia is an adversary. he has used different words in
8:08 am
that regard but we face a tremendous challenge, i think, putin is always -- president putin will always be pushing back on the western alliance, upon democracy, upon the united states and i want us to be firm in our resolve with our allies from europe and around the world that we aren't going to tolerate bad behavior by russia. >> sandra: because when we hear criticism, as we are this morning on the left and from many on the right as well within your own party, senator, isn't it important to be specific on what your criticism is? is it of the intent of this president or is it the strategy that he is using with russia? >> no, i would never debate the intent of president trump. i know he loves our country and cares about it. my point is one of a missed opportunity in which standing firm with our allies, making certain that russia understands that the u.s. and europe are
8:09 am
united in opposition to expansion of support of the sovereignty of the borders of those countries that surround russia, and particularly making certain that the idea of election meddling in the united states and european countries is something not to be tolerated, cannot be tolerated in 2018 or 2020 and it very well may be that the president delivered that message. we won't know what happened necessarily unless the two parties release that information. but those things could have been said just not in that public setting. >> sandra: that is an important point. many in your party are making that this morning. we don't know what happened behind the closed doors. the closed-door meeting between the two leaders. it lasted longer than expected. a lot could have happened behind the closed doors. >> it could have. i had hoped there would be other individuals, americans surrounding the president in the meeting. my experience and my trip to moscow is that the russians are propagandists. they describe the meeting and
8:10 am
me and my colleagues had in russian officials in a way that was totally different in the way it transpired. ist would be nice to have others in the room that the meeting accurately describe the conversations that took place between the two leaders. >> sandra: john barrasso was on with us this morning and he took the side of the president after all this. >> vladimir putin is not our friend. he is an adversary. he has proven that through his actions and said his goal is to restore the former soviet union. we know he has meddled in the united states elections. a lot of things to say about the bad things putin has done and a lot to be said about the strong things president trump has done with arming ukraine and sanctions against russia. >> sandra: sorry for cutting you off there. you are being clear you think the president could have handled himself differently in the meeting in that press
8:11 am
conference yesterday. is it fair to say this president has been tough and tougher than his predecessors on russia? >> it's fair to say that the united states and president trump have been tough on russia. the actions, the sanctions that are in place, the president didn't walk away from those sanctions in the conversations with president putin. those are things that in my view need to be maintained and strengthened and the steps that we've taken to demonstrate that to russia over a period of time have been clear. so it is an opportunity for us to do more but we are -- we've done this well to this point in regard to keeping the sanctions in place. >> sandra: the president has been tweeting this morning and he tweeted out in response to your colleague rand paul in the senate, rand paul seemed to defend the president in yesterday's move with vladimir putin and the president tweeted to rand paul thank you, you get it. the president has gone through a year and a half of totally
8:12 am
partisan investigations. what is he supposed to think? responding to the words of rand paul there. does the president this morning need to say anything, senator, noting your criticism of this summit with putin? does the president, the white house, they have been fairly quiet this morning, do they need to say anything, clarify or defend anything? what do you want to hear from the white house this morning? >> i wouldn't give any advice to the white house this morning on what needs to be said. only the president and his top advisors know what transpired behind closed doors. i just would make the point is that -- this point to putin and to russia today is the u.s. and europe are united behind nato. that election meddling did occur and it needs to stop. we need your help in resolving the differences in syria. there are things we can work on together but it will take a change in behavior. russian behavior, for those -- for us to get a closer working relationship and for congress
8:13 am
to lift the sanctions. that would be my message and to putin, not to president trump. >> sandra: great to have you on to react to all that this morning. great to have you. thank you. >> jon: we heard from a republican senator. up next reaction from the opposite side of the aisle, senator chris coons weighs in on yesterday's summit and news conference. plus a woman badly injured and screams of panic on board a vessel after a lava bomb punches a hole in an excursion boat in hawaii. details on what happened here next. ...that supports your natural sleep cycle... you can seize the morning. new! zzzquil pure zzzs.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
>> they did interfere in our elections, it is really clear. there is no doubt about that. we passed tough sanctions on russia so that we can hold them accountable. i understand the desire and need to have good relations. that is perfectly reasonable. but russia is a menacing government that does not share our interests and it does not share our values and i think that should be made very, very clear. >> jon: that was house speaker paul ryan last hour responding about the president's news conference with russian president vladimir putin calling on republicans to act with democrats in imposing new sanctions against russia. in just one of the many reactions lawmakers are having to the news from helsinki. joining us now democratic senator chris coons, member of the foreign relations committee. i want to remind you in 2012 mitt romney in the debate with
8:18 am
president obama suggested the russians were our greatest geopolitical foe. he was almost laughed off the stage by the president at the time. why this new fascination with the russian relationship among democrats? >> i don't see how it's relevant there was some presidential debate six years ago when what we all know today is that speaker ryan is right. that russia attacked our 2016 election, is threatening our 2018 election and since 2014 when they invaded and occupied crimea has been assertive and aggressive in a way we haven't seen in a long time. beginning with their assault on georgia in 2008 and accelerating with their attack in ukraine in 2014, vladimir putin's russia has become a newly-restored opponent of the united states and our nato allies with a ferocity and breadth that is deserving of
8:19 am
bipartisan pushback. i'm grateful speaker ryan is being so clear-eyed about this. a number of republican senators from spoken forcefully about it and it is time for all of us in congress to do our job and come together and support our intelligence community, our department of justice, and make it clear that we're going to take decisive steps regardless of what president trump said in helsinki. >> jon: bob corker from tennessee also on the foreign relations committee is one of them who has been critical of what -- chairman of the foreign relations committee has been critical of what the president had to say. what actions would you like congress to take? >> well first by 98-2 we passed tough sanctions against russia in the countering america's adversaries through sanctions act bill that speaker ryan just referenced. the trump administration has failed to fully implement the sanctions. they've proceeded with some and
8:20 am
put some sanctions on russia. president trump and his administration have expelled some russian diplomats and i commend that to that. there are broader sanction powers that they should be using. it doesn't require additional action by congress but action by the administration. i'm working and talking with colleagues today about ways that we might send a strong bipartisan message to the administration that we urge tougher sanctions on russia. look, there are a few things president trump, i think, got right in the nato summit in his conversations with our allies. i don't think the pipeline should be completed as a way for russia to have greater influence on the energy security of germany and of eastern europe. i think it's a great thing that there are $14 billion in new investment in domestic military preparedness and defense spending by our nato all aisles but i'm gravely concerned by president trump's failure to
8:21 am
defend our own intelligence community and conclusion that the 2016 election was attacked and our 2018 election is at risk. president trump's own director of national intelligence my former colleague, senator dan coates, republican of indiana, reaffirmed his conclusion that our elections are at risk due to russian aggression and we should take bipartisan action to support dan coates' conclusion and we should pass the bipartisan secure elections act that republican senator langford and senator klobuchar have moved forward. those are some suggestions. >> sandra: a lava bomb hits a boat packed with tourists nearly two dozen people injured. when it was like when chunks of molten rock start landing on board. plus a deadly wildfire shrouds a popular national park in smoke at the height of tourist season where folks are being
8:22 am
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8:23 am
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8:25 am
and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> jon: the stunning sites of yosemite park covered with smoke. there is a massive fire there. officials say there are a number of challenges. >> we're looking at old lines that we have from previous fires. anything that we can reinforce and find a place we can work from. the terrain, smoke conditions getting access to the fire are all challenges we're facing. >> jon: mandatory evacuations are in effect in several neighborhoods nearby and a firefighter was killed over the
8:26 am
weekend. >> sandra: a lava bomb from the erupting kilauea volcano an hawaii's big island crashed through the roof of a tour boat injuring people. there was an explosion that hurled the basketball-size blob of rock into the boat's seating area. >> we seen parts of the lava on the vessel when we pulled up to it. there was a few big chunks that was on the roof and we could see chunks laying all over the side of the boat and on the floor of the boat. >> sandra: adam housley is live in los angeles with this. >> the kilauea volcano has been erupting for 35 years. the more active phase began -- the more recent active phase began the first week of may. if you've ever been to the big island tourists go out into the water area. in this case you watch the lava
8:27 am
go into the water. in this more recent active phase it is shallower water which causes some blow outs. the idea where it is located. still some uncertainty you talk about hawaii. the big island is the main one. the southeast corner is where this is taking place. the video comes to give you an idea of what it looks like, this is a blow-out basically right after the boat was hit. you saw that smoke and coming up in the lava coming up from a distance. in this case 23 people were on board. the lava ocean tours vessel. the ones that were there monday morning when this all happened and they were hit. [screaming] >> a surgeon on board helped care for those injured. 52 people on board counting the captain and crew. depending which agency you talk
8:28 am
to, 13 were treated, one in serious condition was flown out. a young woman was blown out. lava damaged parts of the boat. police are investigating. the tours cost $250, stay around 1,000 feet away but there are special licenses that get you closer than that. the program has been suspended since this happened. geologists say it is happening more this eruption the lava is hitting shallow water. when the lava bomb comes back down it's soft, hot lava hitting water shoots up in the air and comes down as a hardened piece of rock and it is what hit the boat. >> sandra: the lava flow has been going on for months. that part of the island isn't out of the woods yet. >> a little island that
8:29 am
surfaced off the coast that is expected to connect to the actual big island itself. we're told this morning the usgs tweeted out there are new acres and serious areas under evacuation and threats from volcanic fog in the air. the fissure. amazing to see this stuff take place. if you've been to the big island and seen the small lava and steam vents. this is a much larger scale and very dangerous estimate, an important part of everything that goes on there, the ecosystem and tourist industry. everyone will be staying back more and the woman will be okay but a serious injury, of course. >> sandra: thank you. >> jon: a wild police pursuit in las vegas. that is the body cam video just released showing officers shooting at suspects while
8:30 am
driving 60 miles an hour. we have a live report. >> sandra: lisa page facing questions from house committee for a second day now. some republican lawmakers say she is more credible than peter strzok but is that enough for them? >> we are dealing with a bad actor or a few bad actors there and it causes all of us to say we cannot blindly trust even our own agencies, we must trust and verify. crabfest is back at red lobster!
8:31 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert. former f.b.i. lawyer lisa page completing a second day of questions about the house oversight and judiciary committees. lawmakers say she is more credible and informative than f.b.i. peter strzok who gave contentious testimony last week. >> it was revealing and i think mark meadows and myself and others saw a certain amount of new information that makes us
8:34 am
understand the operation but one thing that is discon erting, of course, is -- i'm paraphrasing. her discounting of the importance of their role and her statement that they couldn't have made any essential differences because there were so many hands and people. >> sandra: let's bring in republican congressman pete king. a member of the house select commission on intelligence and homeland security committee. is lisa page more credible than peter strzok? >> in talking to members who were on the committee observing her they say yes. we can't get caught up in who is more credible or no. it's disgraceful that either or both of these were allowed the take part in the investigation, the key role they had and puts a cloud over the entire f.b.i. involvement at that stage. i'm not talking about the rank and file agents but to have two people like this with such a bias having such a role to play
8:35 am
in the investigation, they can try to minimize that role. the fact is they were key players and this again strengthens the president's position regarding any issue of collusion. but again, it's unfortunate it has gone this far and they can try to talk themselves in or out. she may be a better witness than he is, neither of them should have been on that investigation and it was a disgrace they were. >> sandra: anything you can tell us about the new information that was learned that tells them more about this operation? >> again, i'm not on that committee and i wasn't there. talking to members they said it gave them a better idea how the investigation went forward. what the basis for it was. so again, it requires a lot more investigation. i think it should be more public hearings but done really not even to be accusing them of anything. they've accused themselves by their words. we have to find out the damage that they did and how that put -- how that shaped the course of the investigation. >> sandra: where does this go
8:36 am
from here? will we see lisa page testify publicly? >> i think we should so the american people see why the president is so angry about the genesis of this investigation. i've heard many witnesses. i don't see any basis yet for any allegation of collusion between the president and his campaign and russia and the fact that an investigation was begun of a major political candidate in a presidential election based upon the most flimsy allegations and to use it as an excuse to get a fisa warrant. this has never happened in our history before as far as i know. in the fall when director comey was telling us how important this was and unprecedented intrusions by russian intelligence into a campaign, i thought maybe there was something there. the more that comes out there was really nothing there. you talk about perhaps carter page and nothing has been
8:37 am
proven against him and he had no real role in the campaign and papadopoulos a fourth-string player with no influencing. to use that as an excuse to look at a presidential campaign is really shameful. >> sandra: i have the ask you about the big day in helsinki yesterday. i want to ask you about the president's reaction to a question he received at that press conference about what he believes from his intel community versus vladimir putin. watch this moment. >> president trump: i have great confidence in my intelligence people, but i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. what he did was an incredible offer. he offered to have the people working on the case come and work with their investigators with respect to the 12 people. i think that's an incredible offer. >> sandra: what did you think of the president's words yesterday, congressman? >> i hate to say it.
8:38 am
i disagree completely. first of all to take the word of a former kgb agent and lie area like putin over dan coates a dedicated patriot, appointed by the president himself. to me and to do that on the world stage was to me indefensible. as far as allowing or think it's a good deal for russian intelligence to be working with american intelligence and law enforcement is like bringing isis into a joint task force meeting. we don't want russian intelligence knowing what we're doing. these are the most untrustworthy people in the world. they're committed liars. we're not talking about dealing with the israelis or other close allies but talking about a country that lies and carries out lies and deceit for the last 100 years. it was wrong to give putin any kind of credit or status is wrong. i have no problem with the
8:39 am
president meeting with him but you have to stand up to him. >> sandra: thank you for coming on the program this morning. >> jon: a deadly police chase in las vegas. new body cam video just released showing officers firing at homicide suspects multiple times one shooting through his own windshield. one of the suspects was killed. that video has more than four million views on facebook. william la jeunesse has the details on what went down from our west coast newsroom. >> pursuits like this are dangerous. 25% end in an accident which is why you see police often back off. not the case last week in las vegas. >> watch out. shots fired, shots fired again. >> two murder suspects fired 34 times when deputy tries to stop the s.u.v. the pursuit goes four minutes. the officer calls for air support but doesn't back off.
8:40 am
he fires 31 shots, 11 times out the front windshield. seven times out the side dodging bullets, weaving through traffic. jumping the median. running red lights at 60 miles an hour. finally the suspects stop at a school. >> get down! the officer steps out of his car and grabs a new magazine and fires again into the s.u.v. as a second officer approaches on the other side with a shotgun killing a 29-year-old. a fellow gang member a three-time felon nunes is in jail. the assistant sheriff says the officer did not violate policy. shooting from a moving squad car is allowed only when absolutely necessary. >> in a mid-morning we have citizens on the roadways, we
8:41 am
have citizens that are walking. we're just very lucky and fortunate that those suspects didn't hit an innocent bystander. very, very lucky. >> vegas doesn't see many car chases compared to california. police are backing off and worried about injuries to the innocent and department liability. the exception is when they believe the occupants committed a violent felony. they had. this guy deserves a medal for the way he was driving and not giving up in this hail of bullets. >> jon: incredible bravery from that officer. >> sandra: big brother going hi-tech. why new cutting edge software from a tech giant is sparking a firestorm of controversy from civil rights watchers. >> jon: and can the u.s. and russia really work together to end the conflict in syria? we'll check in on that with our military expert next.
8:42 am
>> president trump: our militaries do get along. in fact our militaries have gotten along probably better than our political leaders for years. but our militaries do get along very well and they do coordinate in syria.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
>> serious concerns, the tasks could be successful joint work. russia and the united states apparently can assume leadership in this issue and organize the direction to overcome the humanitarian crisis and help syrian refugees go back to their homes. >> jon: that's president putin at the joint news conference at the u.s./russia summit asking for president trump's help ending the war in syria and
8:46 am
bringing peace in the region. mercenaries have been propping up bashar al-assad which is as odds with u.s. goals there. president trump has said he wants to pull our troops out of the war-torn nation very soon. let's talk about it with lieutenant colonel james reese, a retired delta force commander and fox news contributor. lieutenant colonel reese could the u.s. and russia actually work together in syria? >> good morning, jon. yes, they can in reality they can. i think there will be some challenges. we work every day over there our military and the russians work daily with their deconfliction of airspace. when president putin was talking about was the stabilization and reconstruction. i took out from one of his talking points from the joint press conference was that he would like to use his aircraft to help move some reconstruction equipment around the country and help get those millions of refugees that are
8:47 am
outside the borders of syria back to their villages and back to where they need to live. >> jon: one doesn't think of putin as a world class humanitarian. what's his interest is getting those syrians back to where they used to live? >> negotiations for economics. i believe that syria, president putin can use that to help his economy back in russia. can help that as a negotiation tool for this pipeline and for other defense-type aspects that he wants to use outside of syria. the russians have been in syria for a long time. the american people also have to realize that there are two sir yas right now. if you draw a line down the euphrates river, everything west of that up to the mediterranean is where bashar al-assad, russians, iranians control. everything east is where the isis coalition with the sdf propped up by the american and
8:48 am
isis coalition control. so we don't spend a lot of time in the west where the russians and bashar al-assad are causing havoc right now. i believe that putin preparing to use his aircraft to help move and reconstruction could be a first tool that we can watch and then president has to trust his intelligence agencies to guarantee that's what putin is doing for part of his negotiations as we move this forward. >> jon: you talk about the russian economy and it is in the tank right now. an estimate of the gdp. i mentioned this earlier in the hour, the russian gdp is lower than that of italy. italy's is 1.9 trillion. russia about 1.5. pretty incredible for this huge landmass to have such a small gdp. is there leverage that trump can use in dealing with putin? >> i believe there is.
8:49 am
it plays right into what president trump's strong points are, economy. negotiating about money and deals. that's his strong point and where he needs to stay, i believe. i do believe that using syria and trying to bring this civil war to an end, the president can help negotiate that and help these pieces inside of russia. whether that's reducing some of the sanctions, whether it's maybe eventually getting russia back into the g-7. i think there is a lot of economic ploys that can bring the peace of syria back together. but again we're talking about western syria. eastern syria is pretty much calm right now especially with the isis downfall. the sdf does not want their own separate country. if decide to pull out if bashar al-assad goes in and tries to bring down the sdf. >> sandra: when it comes to
8:50 am
privacy, is amazon crossing the lines? some seem to think so. more on new facial recognition software the company is selling to police. add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. billions of problems. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath oral rinse and lozenges. help relieve dry mouth using natural enzymes to soothe and moisturize. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart.
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it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> sandra: >> huge. reaction the president says he and the russian president came to many good conclusions. what the president can do the calm the storm and if there will be lasting implications. >> the president's reelection campaign raising $90 million already and president trump says there is no democratic on the horizon who can beat him in 2020. whether he is right and what all that money will mean when he tries for a second term.
8:54 am
>> and our guy in the center seat. hope he is ready. just kidding. see you at the top of the hour. >> sandra: all right. stay tuned for that. amazon caught up in controversy today for selling facial recognition software to law enforcement. civil rights groups concerned it could lead to a massive invasion of privacy and the expansion of police surveillance. dan springer is live in seattle with more on this. >> the aclu went so far as to send amazon a letter demanding it stop selling its facial recognition software to police agencies but amazon dismissed the letter saying it services a tool for good and cops are required not to break any laws. we have a first-hand look how it works from the washington county sheriff's department in oregon and it's remarkable. investigators have taken cell phone pictures and even police
8:55 am
composite sketch of wanted criminals and ran them through the facial recognition program and had a match from a database of 300,000 jail booking photos. the program was not pulled by one suspect. >> we want to be on the forefront of fighting crime and keeping communities safe. we recognize that criminals will keep committing crimes and always be trying to find ways to stay ahead of the law enforcement investigation. this is just another tool. >> washington county is just one of several police agencies using that tool. >> sandra: what are critics saying about it? >> well, civil libertarians say by analyzing everyone whose face passes in front of a surveillance camera is making everyone in public a suspect and it is doing things humans can't and it amounts to an illegal search. washington county doesn't use public cameras for realtime surveillance but it was being
8:56 am
tested in orlando and that city just ended its pilot program. >> in the public spaces where people are moving about that are covered by these surveillance cameras they are being facially recognized and effectively in our view being treated as suspects. >> this is important, legal experts say under current supreme court rulings the technology does not violate the constitution. >> sandra: dan springer with that story this morning. thank you very much. >> jon: president trump set to meet with lawmakers at the white house just a few hours from now and while tax reform is on the agenda, he could face questions about his controversial election meddling comments at the putin summit. we're live with more on that story ahead. hi i'm joan lunden.
8:57 am
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figure you've got to love this, a rare 1952 mickey mantle baseball card valued at about $10 million on display in denver getting vip treatment, transported in an armored truck. it is so rare because many of
9:00 am
those cards were returned along with other unsold cards by retailers to make room for the '53 cards and the returned '52 cards were subsequently dropped from a barge in the hudson river in new york. and for even more of your baseball fix, catch tonight's mlb all-star game live on fox and 8:00 p.m. eastern time. >> we'll be watching it. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, president trump is gearing up to host lawmakers at the white house amid criticism over his summit with russian president vladimir puritan. another president is pushing back. you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, fox business networks dagen mcdowell, also from fb and host of the intelligence report, trish regan. the the public in a strategist and senior fellow for women's voice, lisa boothe. and josh holmes. a republican political strategist and former chief of staff to senate majority leader mitch


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