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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 18, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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tweets, not the means ones but sometimes they're really funny. shannon bringing up next with a fantastic show examining all histrionics of the last 48 hours, take it away. shannon: we begin with the fox news alert, clarification heard round the world, donald trump saying he misspoken helsinki and he has full faith in the intelligence community. in minutes you will hear from jerry boykin who will tell us what he is hearing from the intel community today and donald trump's supreme court nominee on the charm offensive meeting with sen. ted cruz and others on the hill today gearing up for what could be the biggest partisan confirmation battle of the year. judge cavanagh's former clerk joins us live. and reaction to the democrats tries to abolish ice. how does america feel about throwing out the agency protecting our borders.
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donald trump reiterating he has pool faith in the intelligence community saying he misspoke in helsinki with, to about russian election medley and hours ago with tucker carlson slammed former cia director john brennan after he called helsinki summit treasonous. garrett tenney following the latest development. >> donald trump is not one to apologize or admit mistakes of the fact that he admitted to me speaking shows how fierce this political firestorm has become. this afternoon he was surprised by the backlash he was getting after his press conference with vladimir putin. >> i came back and said what is going on, what is the big deal? i got a transcript and went out and reviewed the clip of an answer that i gave and i realized there is a need for
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some clarification. >> he now says he misspoke when he responded to the question asking he believes regarding russia's election middle-income us intelligence agencies or vladimir putin. rather than saying he doesn't see any reason why it would be for russia to get involved he said instead he meant to say i see no reason they wouldn't be. >> people came to me, dan coats and others and said they think it is russia. i have pres. putin who just said it is not russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. a key sentence to my remarks, i said the word word instead of wouldn't, it should have been i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. sort of a double negative. you can put that in. that probably clarifies things. >> that 180 comes from growing
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criticism from his own party including his most ardent supporters, donald trump tried to quell the storm by stating he respects our intelligence agency, he did so with a caveat. >> i accept our intelligence community's conclusions that russia's meddling in the 2016 election took pl.. other people also. >> top democrats are not going to make this damage control easy calling for hearings, investigations and even impeachment over the president's remarks. >> we are in a 9/11 moment. listen to the director of national intelligence who has said the red lights are blinking just as they did before 9/11. >> too early to know how much of an impact the explanation on his misspeaking will have if any, partly because it only addresses
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one of several statements lawmakers are taking issue with. >> donald from reiterating he does support the intelligence community but how are they feeling. jerry boykin, former deputy under secretary of defense for intelligence joins us a good to have you. the president says today i accept their findings, fully support them, how do they feel tonight? >> those that are never trump is you have an issue with the president in general are going to play this up and generally speaking this did not have a great impact on the intelligence community. quote came out quickly and made a statement reiterating his support for the intelligence system and i think the president tried very hard to walk it back and reassure the intelligence
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community does take their information seriously. i don't think this is a lot of damage done. >> interesting tweet by guy benson, the president routinely undermines the vital work of our intel community whose officers labor to identify and illuminate threats but former ic chief undermine their colleagues into deep state stereotypes with unhinged pronouncements about treason and unseemly holocaust comparisons but goes beyond that. talking about impeachment and other things, what do you make of those, people the president feels always had it out for him. >> whether you accept his apology and explanation today, do not comport with his actions and foreign policy towards russia. he has been the toughest president on russia that i can remember in my years so all of this outrage, where was that
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outrage when barack obama leaned over to medvedev and said tell vladimir putin i will have more flexibility after my reelection and he says i will relay that to vladimir. where was the outrage. if you want to call something seditious is that not seditious, i won't even say treasonous as john brennan said but i think this outrage is purely political. those on the right that came out against the president, the majority of them were doing that for political reasons as well. what the president said was not right. it did undermine our intelligence community and was a serious mistake on his part. he has tried to walk it back and it is time we look at the big
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picture. he is a strategic thinker and also thinking in terms of russia's impact on the north korean situation. >> let's talk about a number of things folks in the media don't talk about. the arms sales, the use to ukraine, the enormous amount of sanctions we are at now but with congress and the president working together on those things, all kinds of actions taken with regard to expelling diplomats and those kinds of things because even though the administration has taken a lot of tough stands, the president has verbally -- there seems to be a disconnect between actions he has taken in the way the media covers russian policy. >> there's nothing new. how about the russians he targeted and killed in syria? what about that? what about the fact that just last month on 6 june he issued
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more sanctions towards russia, the most severe sanctions we have ever in the history of russia sanctioned them with. all this outrage installing treasonous and comparisons to 9/11 and pearl harbor and all that, really? get a job or something. this is over-the-top. >> a lot of folks have jobs who are making those accusations and a lot of people feel those jobs are getting done. talk about the impact on all this backlash. good to be with you. donald trump's clarification of his comments on russian meddling put democrats in a tough spot because progressives are uping their calls for impeachment, something that makes top democrats uncomfortable.
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chad program has that story. >> progressives long pushed the house to impeach or discipline the president, pressure from their leadership to avoid the i word they moved to discipline donald trump after helsinki. >> we should have a resolution of disapproval or censure given what the president did but we are saying with come together in a bipartisan way and make a statement that we disagree with what the president did, what his behavior was. >> even a vote to condemn the president is troublesome for those who represent states where trump is popular. top democrats are skittish about how to proceed. steny hoyer of maryland is the highest-ranking to use this yet. >> i will tell you vladimir putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> john brennan, nothing short of treasonous. at his off camera briefing with
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reporters. and called impeachment a distraction. and the performance, taking back control of the house of representatives, and the congresswoman for impeachment, until the time we do we can't make a decision on whether or not impeachment is warranted, not the kind of thing alexandria cortez wants to hear, the socialist who upset house democratic caucus chairman joe crowley. >> i would support impeachment. we have the grounds to do it. >> the question is what democrats might ramp up support despite donald trump's reversal today.
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jillian: no bigger story than claiming russia slipping the election in favor of donald trump who they label treasonous, many democrats can't understand why 62 million americans voted for the real estate tycoon. the president insists russia was unsuccessful affecting the outcome but some republicans want to be clear russia had some kind of impact. >> russia's actions had no impact at all on the outcome of the election. >> under the direction of vladimir putin interfered in our election and the reaction to yesterday, hard to argue putin wasn't successful. shannon: syndicated radio talkshow host richard fowler and senior columnist for, welcome, gentlemen. >> thanks for having me. shannon: great to have you. there were calls for
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impeachment, talking about that. a number of democrats a stop talking about that, some don't want to stop talking about it. who is going to benefit? >> any time the president makes a mr. like he did yesterday it benefits the democrats but doesn't benefit anybody. it hurts the american people because it shows our president week abroad. when he goes we can all agree our number one geopolitical flow and makes a mistake saying he doesn't agree with our intelligence dealing with a domestic issue of who took the dnc server, whether it was taken, makes all-americans look bad, makes the political system look bad, democrats and republicans are outraged. shannon: this is raising another conversation. in former cia guy who is a commentator on another channel saying when do we see a shadow government coming out saying we cannot side with the government, the cabinet or the senate, that is the question, today you had rush limbaugh saying people make these kinds of statements and
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then you make the reality of the, quote, deep state very real for people and even push more people to donald trump. do they realize what they are doing? >> i think they completely lost it. i don't get this let's promote this deep state to idea to own the conservatives. normal people are looking at this to the extent they are even looking at it but i've not heard someone outside our little world of politics out in the real world talking about this, on twitter and on tv people are talking about nothing but. when normal people will see this may be having better relations with russia isn't a bad idea. maybe i don't want to send my son to another endless war. maybe it is better if we make some sort of arrangement. i'm literally a cold warrior. i was in germany during the end of the cold war. i helped train ukrainians that
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piece is better than war and all the crazy talk with this is an act of war and going on to this is treason is done. >> the fact the russian government about fakeness, tried to misinform notice, tried to hack both political parties and tried to hack state election systems, that is not something that is wrong? >> you act like you are surprised the russians act like russians. >> wait a minute. shannon: do both of you agree that the russians did as our intelligence agencies said and the president says he believes them as well, that russia had an impact or at least was meddling and you can debate what impact there was but we all agree they did not go into voting systems and changed votes, agree on that? >> did they change votes? know. they literally put fakeness into
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our media. >> they influenced our election and the president went over there, he had a moment to be strong and call out vladimir putin, the kgb -- shannon: let me play something from john cornyn, here is what he said today. >> better wake up and rather than the blame game is pointing fingers we better get ready for the next election, the midterm election in 2018. >> do you agree? >> of course we should. the russians are always going to act like the russians, 6 years ago when mitt romney was warning about the russians, the 80s called and want their cold war back, the russians have always been bad. from the communists in the 40s to the nuclear freeze in the 80s
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and this nonsense now but did they influence the election? did a few people in their little vladivostok boiler room putting up facebook ads change the election? >> you can't have your cake and eat it too. according to the mueller indictment there are 12 top-tier officials, you are correct, they have done -- >> you guys agree there was meddling in the thing that is tough for most of us is to think everybody across the political spectrum says they want to divide the country and have each other at each other's roads. how he leads is by saying he should fortify the election system, he hasn't done that. but he hasn't done that.
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a lot of it is up to the folks on capitol hill. we will thank you both, come back. we have to mobilize, that is the quote from alexandria cortez calling for the resistance to occupy airports, ice offices and much more, a unique take on the radical plans that are offering ruffling feathers and speaking on a controversial topic, former pres. obama talks about universal basic income for everybody and lightly veiled political shots. >> i'm not being alarmist, simply stating that look around. strongman politics are a thing.
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is what the republicans want to expose. by forcing them to vote on and abolish ice bill that was deemed too risky by paul ryan and instead republicans will introduce a nonbinding resolution expressing support for ice. >> it is too important for the safety of our community that we maintain ice. >> reporter: the progressive wing of the democrat party calling for the ablation of ice since the european of controversy over the separation of this. in new york congressional candidate alexandria cortez, the agency is violating human rights during an interview last night she called on ordinary americans
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to act saying we need to occupy every airport. we need to occupy every ice office, no sign the party leadership supports those calls, there is a sign this debate over ice come november could potentially be a very awkward one with democrat candidates. shannon: former pres. obama had important things to say in a speech. >> this was pres. obama's first major speech since leaving office. it was made at an event in south africa honoring what would have been nelson mandela's 100th birthday. he talked about tackling wealth disparity by increasing taxes on the rich and providing universal basic income, guaranteed pay in
12:24 am
other words. species we have to consider new ways of thinking about these problems like universal income, review of the work week, how we retrain young people. and an entrepreneur somewhat, we have to worry about economics if we want to get democracy back on track. >> mr. obama seemed to aim a veiled criticism at the leadership of donald trump without directly mentioning the president, returns one older, more dangerous, more brutal way, a warning for the world saying, quote, we now stand at a crossroads. shannon: thank you very much. breaking tonight, the democrats want to abolish ice which will
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mean more crime in our country. i want to big ice a big cheer, vote republican in november. todd start, how are you? shannon: there's a lot going on, a lot of conversation, and something we heard from the up and coming rising star of the democratic party. alexandria cortez and other established long time leaders, there are a couple things they don't want to hear about, abolishing ice and impeachment, do they know something more than the others do? >> they are reading the same tea leaves. miss cortez is not the brightest days but this idea they are going to block federal highways, block airports and shutdown ice
12:26 am
offices, law enforcement needs to be there and all these people off to jail. the average american understands ice is doing an important job. 2017 ice was responsible for taking 150,000 violent people who had criminal records of the streets was ice was responsible for deporting 220,000 illegal aliens. and she is becoming the face of the new democrat socialist party and they decided when push comes to shove the democrats are going to stand with ms 13, they are going to stand with human smugglers, and the american taxpayers and law-abiding american citizens. shannon: the president talked about ms 13 and we all know, they are in the news, they are
12:27 am
terrific, not just going out and shooting people, they take pleasure in torturing people and making statements with people's bodies and their remains. he added this. >> going to get rid of ice. and they want open borders which is we want open borders and crime. heather: plenty of democrats say that doesn't encompass their policy on the border but average americans are worried about these kind of things and stripping away federal agency, sex trafficking and other horrific measure of things, where does this get lost in translation, call for their abolishment, people -- the president gets where people are. >> we need to understand what the democrats once, they want
12:28 am
open borders and the reason they want open borders is they want those people on the voting rolls. they don't care about illegal aliens or their families. let's go back to what is happening at the border. all of this is surrounding children or people who brought their children allegedly to the border, moms and dads, if you don't want your children taken away from you don't cross the border illegally. what kind of parent brings their child when they are committing a crime? that makes no sense at all. shannon: they are coming from terrible situations or they wouldn't be taking that risk. how the response? >> we don't know that. that has been demonstrated, some of these cases the children are brought across the border by someone who is not the mom or dad, we have an obligation as americans to make sure those
12:29 am
children are going to be here safely. this goes back to the number one issue, and if you want to come to america there is a legal way to do it. the american people agree with donald trump, there is a legal way to do it and that is how you go about doing it. >> it is expensive, makes us very grateful. thank you very much. see you again soon. there city is a cesspool. you won't believe who they are blaming. the access hollywood tape had a starring role. got live results on the scene next. the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not,
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12:34 am
seat and donald trump figuring heavily in those campaigns, good evening, jonathan. >> hoping to win back the congressional seat from the women who took it from him eight years ago. that did not happen. and recommending leaves 67% of the vote, bobby bright trailing with 32% of the vote. when you look at the last time he was running against her in 2010 bobby bright was running as a democrat in the heavily republican district, this time he was running as a republican and was able to force this race into a runoff with four term incumbent robie. he has always been conservative, linking him to his former party, the biggest of many hurdles he faced in this conference.
12:35 am
>> tough to overcome a pres.'s endorsement, a vice president's endorsement, chamber of commerce endorsement and financial resources. >> reporter: congressman robie face to her live her own, and upset with her for temporarily withdrawing her support during his 2016 run. and making comments about groping women in an access hollywood tape. and he became a loyal supporter of mr. trump's agenda and the president returned the favor by endorsing her in this runoff. >> tried the best representatives for our values. i will never forget as long as i have the privilege of being a
12:36 am
member of congress. >> robie goes into the general election in his district that should be an easy win for a republican incumbent member of commerce, tabitha eisner in november. heather: live in alabama, thank you. time for a western roundup. portland, oregon has become a cesspool, that -- not our description from the portland police union president responding to democratic mayor ted wheeler claiming homeless people should have fewer interactions with police and more with social service workers. responding in a newsletter about the many issues the city is facing from aggressive panhandlers and garbage filled rvs blocking business doorways. >> i have been a police officer for 27 years. the city has become a cesspool.
quote quote
12:37 am
they are blaming other people for his failures. >> reporter: houston, texas police say they have arrested a suspected serial killer, josé rodriguez taken into custody wanted in connection with three killing since friday. he cut off his ankle monitor before going on the alleged border spree. in las vegas, corporate owners of the mandalay bay casino filed suit against the victims in last year's shooting at a concert. doing about 1000 victims. the elders say they have no liability for the massacre. a lawyer representing several victims say the unusual action makes sense, preemptive strike to get the cases thrown out of court instead of state court to avoid many years of individual lawsuits was judge brett cavanagh on capitol hill at the supreme court confirmation hearings, he could be the reason they are decimated. >> we organize because we know
12:38 am
what democratic congress can stop the assault. shannon: stick around for justin walker on how this is faring under growing attacks, live next. ot like me, ♪ ♪ you never drop to your knees, ♪ ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪ ♪ everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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and more time paddling out! tripadvisor. visit or download the app! heather: house minority leader nancy pelosi calling the nomination of judge brett cavanagh to replace anthony kennedy an awful assault.
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in california california gubernatorial gavin do some running for statewide office but taking a strategic decision to go after cavanagh. a push against the nominee. >> make it to the all-star game? >> reporter: a supreme court nominee brett cavanagh resuming sessions with senators even casual talk about baseball was a loaded topic, the washington post out he incurred credit card debt to buy washington that tickets for friends, and paid the debt as they attended the games. a more charged issue, will more right-leaning court overturn roe v wade. the state are laying the groundwork. west virginia has a ballot measure that if agreed to would remove protections for abortion rights and funding. another ballot measure in alabama's constitution to give rights to a fetus. indiana will decide whether to challenge a court decision that ruled the state cannot ban abortion of a down syndrome child, ohio has a similar been
12:43 am
being challenged, separate court of appeals considering whether texas, arkansas and alabama, second trimester abortions was the aclu has challenged a similar been. cases like these have pro-choice advocates more than any time since the 1973 roe v wade decision. >> the backpedaling happening from people who have long been critics of roe v wade is because they know what we know which is most american people regardless how they feel personally about abortion believe legal access is for to our country. >> reporter: most analysts about overturning robie wade would result in a ban of abortion. >> pretty clear different state would have different options. this narrative that abortion is going away forever is not accurate. >> reporter: there is no federal statute that makes abortion illegal so overturning roe v wade would have the decision to
12:44 am
individual states. shannon: let's break this down, to judge cavanagh and justice kennedy. good to have you back with us, justin. it is not just the abortion issue. here is more of what nancy pelosi had to say today. >> the comments justice cavanagh has made and others, everything is at risk, a woman's right to choose, brown versus board of education, civil rights, environmental issues, gun safety, the list goes on and on. shannon: she is referring to him as justice cavanagh. the downside, all the things will go away including brown versus board of education. >> i think it is important to put this mudslinging and perspective. the same groups that are
12:45 am
criticizing judge cavanagh, pro-choice america for example, criticized ruth bader ginsburg when she was nominated saying she was insufficiently supportive of abortion rights and it is important to listen to people left, right, and center who are open-minded and fair-minded about this. pres. obama's former solicitor general called judge cavanagh a brilliant jurist. number 3 and finally for anyone wondering how judge cavanagh feels about precedent, whether they are roe or any other just read the book he wrote with 12 others called the law of judicial precedent in which he said in page after page, it is 1000 pages long, he says fidelity to precedent is important, should only be overturned in extraordinary circumstances, faithfulness to precedent encourages stability,
12:46 am
predictability and rule of law. >> last time i read 1000 page book it was lawful. interesting, we have a new paul that talks about the idea of where people are on the supreme court, 83% of people who responded feel the next person to be chosen is either somewhat or very important to them and they said this about nominees being asked questions, 61% of adults that if they are asked about abortion they should have to answer those. what do you think? >> that -- a judicial nominee would be unprecedented and many people would consider unethical for a judge to prejudge a particular case or controversy until the judge heard briefings from both sides, arguing those kinds of things though i expect judge cavanagh, about specific cases give the same response justice ginsburg gave, previous
12:47 am
justices have been nominated. his general belief in the importance of precedent, his desire to stick to the text of a lot and not impose personal ideology, not appropriate for him to tell how he would decide us in case. >> a letter from the senate, more than 100 civil rights groups have come together and said they're worried about his position on presidential power and whether they should answer to commit investigations while in office, he lacks the requisite independence from donald trump to serve as a much-needed check on his abuses of power. would he be an independent jurist? >> judge cavanagh's 12 your record, 300 opinions demonstrate nothing but independence and fair-minded this. time and again he has done what the law requires rather than imposing any passion or prejudice for a particular party and with respect to that issue it is important to look at what he wrote.
12:48 am
he did not in any way question the legality of the investigation like the investigation robert mueller is conducting. he wrote a law review article about a legislative puzzle from congress to consider, not any kind of guidance about what the court should do. shannon: great to have you with us again. unbelievable video you won't believe this incredible footage from a vegas shootout, the full story behind that. where in the world? how socialism is faring in nicaragua next. making cars lighter, it's a good place to start, advanced oils for those hard-working parts. fuels that go further so drivers pump less. improving efficiency is what we do best. energy lives here.
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>> shannon: wild new body can footage from las vegas shannon: wild new footage from las vegas metropolitan police officer chasing two blue blue in an suv, it could be mistaken probably would action movie. >> reporter: 25% end in an accident which is why police are backing off increasingly but not last week in las vegas. >> just fired again. >> reporter: two murder suspects fired 26 times as the deputy tries to stop there suv, the pursuit lasts four minutes. he called for air support, fires
12:53 am
31 shots, 11 times out the front windshield, sometimes out the side, dodging bullets, weaving through traffic, jumping the median, running red lights at 60 miles an hour and the suspect stopped at a school. he steps out of his car, grabbed a new magazine and fires again at the men, the second officer approaches from the other side, fires a shotgun killing 22-year-old fidel miranda, a fellow gang member, also a 3-time ex-felon, 30-year-old renée nunez, a.k.a. the creeper, is in jail, tim kelly says he's not violate policy, shooting at a moving squad car is allowed when absolutely necessary. >> in the midmorning we have citizens on the roadways, citizens that are walking, we
12:54 am
are very lucky and fortunate those suspects didn't hit an innocent bystander, very lucky. >> las vegas doesn't see many hard chases compared to california, 23.9000 last year. police are backing off worried about injuries to the innocent and liability. the exception, police believe the occupants committed a crime, in this case they have. not just their driving skill but their guts, not giving up despite a hail of bullets. time for where in the world, nicaragua's government said it defeated a coup following months of deadly protests, 280 nicaraguans have been killed as violent clashes, protests against daniel ortega began, a dozen were killed this weekend alone. dozens of syrian migrants arriving at the frontier, they
12:55 am
were want by israeli defense officers to turn back, they are among tens of thousands who have arrived near the frontier over the past month following intense fighting. they took 6 years to create, the equivalent of us$100 million to produce but china pulled the plug on its most expensive film ever after a lackluster opening we can, the sci-fi flick was pulled from theaters after it brought in a little over us$7 million. of next our midnight hero. dent g deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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so you don't have to stash antacids here... here... or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. julie: night's midnight hero works at the gas department, working a day shift when suddenly a woman barged in begging for help, saying she had been kidnapped in fresno and sexually assaulted by four teenagers and just stop because she begged to use the restroom at the gas station, they were right behind her. she was told to call 911 and
1:00 am
locked her in the bathroom. moments later the teens walked in, pritchett distracted them with conversation until deputies arrived with guns, police, cashier a true hero, we do too. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream. >> it is wednesday, july 18th, this is "fox and friends first". at 4:00 am a suspected serial killer caught in houston, just one lucky pic brought him down. rob: attempting to clear the air donald trump clarifying his position after the helsinki summit. >> i have full faith and support for america's intelligence agencies, always have. >> firing back at his biggest critics. >> former pres. barack obama taking a swipe at donald trump. >> the utter loss of


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