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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 18, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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different from a colony? we are thinking about that. that's it for us. tune in every night at eight. for the show that is the enemy of pomposity and smugness. sean hannity from new york city right now. >> sean: great show and thank you, welcome to "hannity." the american left and mainstream media will stop at nothing to malign the presidency of donald j. trump. night after night, these attacks on the president and anyone who supports them, they are vicious, absurd, at this point, it's psychotic. right here on a "hannity," we've been onto this game all along. we've been calling out for years. what you've witnessed in the last 48 hours is the latest example of the last anti-trump echo chamber robert gandy all in an attempt to hurt his presidency, delegitimize his presidency and undermined the vote of the american people. we will go over the political hacks who pretend to be so fair and unbiased, the so-called
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"journalists," we will also show you the best friends in the democratic party, they are playing politics with the safety and security in our country at the southern border. the midterm elections are now fast approaching. the left state has no plan to improve america, by the way, they are in full gear trying to discredit your vote, your agenda, your beliefs, and your . stay tuned, buckle up, it's time for it tonight very important breaking news opening monologue. tonight we are going to start with a "hannity history lesson." way back in 2015, when trump descended from the escalator at trump tower, he announced his candidacy for the president of the united states. these so-called "elites" in this country were laughing in his face. they said it couldn't happen, please, please come around. trump went on to prove them all wrong. despite the media's best efforts to trash then candidate trump, laugh at his agenda, deenergize
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the american people. he won the republican primary, went on to defeat hillary clinton in the general election. this wasn't their plan. this was not supposed to happen. on election night, you may remember, 2016, your corrupt mainstream media, america's holier-than-thou so-called "journalists" had a collective depression and meltdown all on television. you might remember. >> america is crying tonight. i'm not sure how much of america, but a very, very significant portion. i mean it literally crying. this is a sadness, this is a morning moment for those people, and it is a moment filled with fear. filled with fear. >> our country is about to face some serious crises. so, buckle up. your country needs you. >> pretty extraordinary thing to say. if you have a son in the marine corps and you don't trust the commander in chief. people in the military and the
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constitution. >> this was a white-lash. a white-lash against a changing country, a white-lash against a black president, in part. >> sean: from that point on, it has totally gotten worse. they are hell-bent on discrediting this presidency, your vote. the media has turned into nothing but an anti-trump nonstop echo chamber. for them, every issue of the day is a full-blown crisis. at the smoking gun, a national embarrassment, they literally parrot each other in their talking points until the rhetoric reaches a fever pitch. remember this freak out over the president's views of the word -? >> what was your reaction of the president calling african nations [bleep] holes? are you shocked or surprised by this? >> i'm not surprised. in one way, i'm proud.
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i am a proud [bleep] polar. >> we are not all created equal. not if you are born and, as the president it, a [bleep] country. >> a [bleep] country. i guess he is a [bleep] holier. >> sean: of the whole network, they have been so obsessed, we could've played that montage for a full hour or longer. the medias echo chamber did not stop there. they've been obsessed from day one, the day he came down the escalator, the so-called "news gatherers" widely speculating and obsessing about the president's mental health. watch this. >> president trump's fitness for office is not the top story in the country. reporters and some lawmakers are openly talking about the president's mental stability, his health, his competency. >> one of the people closest to donald trump in the campaign says he has the early stages of dementia. he repeats the same stories over
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and over, his father had it, it's getting worse, not anyone working for him knows he is the early signs of dementia. >> can you assess the president's fitness for office? did you look into what the cause of that might've been at all? are you ruling out things like early onset alzheimer's, dementia-like symptoms? >> on what basis would you come a philosophical question, advised the cabinet if the president is unable to discharge his duties? >> sean: they go from crisis to crisis, hysteria, hysteria. then it became a stormy, stormy, stormy, all the time. take a look. >> this could be the last nail in the coffin. stormy daniels is causing stormy weather. >> start stormy daniels claims president trump broke the law, hatter believed. >> if stormy daniels has the president's number, it sure seems that way, he may have met his match. >> stormy speaks!
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>> we are hearing quite a bit from stormy daniels. >> stormy, in her own words, isn't going anywhere. >> stormy has a good lawyer. >> stormy daniels is on terror. >> sean: every second, every day, hysteria, crisis, crisis, hysteria. another way to trash the president and discredit weak, smelly walmart people who cling to our gods, guns, religion. a redeemable deplorable's. when all else fails, let's go back to russia, russia, russia. two years of this nonsense appeared like a moth drawn to a flame, they cannot help themselves. the past 48 hours or one more example. take another look. as always, the media bolsters this rhetoric by trashing trump, all in an attempt to legitimize their hyperbole. that includes the disgraced fired fbi director, james comey.
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remember, he doesn't watch this show. or even really know who i am, he said that on his book tour. we all know jim comey is a liar. he said this in an interview with abc in new york. then, by the way, he attacked me and tucker just yesterday. i thought he never watch? yesterday pleaded, "this republican congress has proven incapable of fulfilling the founders designed that ambition must counteract ambition." all who believe in this country's values must vote democrat this fall. history has its eyes on us." yeah, jim, we've been watching you. the leader of their party, president trump, it's time to devote all of them out because jim comey doesn't want the investigation to continue. i will have a full montage of all these high-ranking former deep state officials trashing trump later in the show. why would he ever trust
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political hacks in the intel community that abuse their powe power? it's first important to call out what is a blatant double standard. despite what we see and hear it from this bubble media echo chamber, president trump and his peace through strength russia policy has been so incredibly tougher than that of obama, who they worshiped and adored in the media. in an interview today, once again, the president reaffirming america's commitment to combat russia's hostile actions. watch this. >> you say you agree with u.s. intelligent agent that russia meddled in the election in 2016. >> yeah, i've said that before. i've said that numerous times before. i would say that that is true, yeah. >> but you have not condemned putin, specifically. do you hold him personally responsible? >> well, i would, because he is in charge of the country, just like i consider myself to be responsible for things that happen in this country. certainly, as the leader of a
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country, you have to hold him responsible, yes. >> what would you say to him? >> very strong and the fact that we can't have metal in, we can't have any of that. we are also living in a grown-up world. a strong statement, president obama supposedly made a strong statement, nobody heard it. what they did here is the statement that he made to putin's very closed friend, that statement was not acceptable. didn't get very much play relatively speaking, but it was not acceptable. but, i let him know we can't have this, we are not going to have it, and that's the way it's going to be. >> sean: of the president is right. vladimir putin is a hostile actor, russia is a hostile regime. what you saw, by the way, is something he has said over and over again, although your media is acting like this is the first time. it's not the first time that he talks about their interference, there meddling. as a matter fact, he has said over and over again.
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it's true, and fax matter. take a look. >> as far as hacking, i think it was russia, but i think we also got hacked by other countries and other people. i can say that when we lost 22 million names and everything else that was hacked recently, they didn't make a big deal out of that. that was something that was extraordinary, that was probably china. we have much hacking going on. well, i think it was russia and i think it could've been other people and other countries. it could've been a lot of people interfering. i think it was russia, but i think it was probably other people and/or countries. it was russia, and i think it was probably others, also. the russians had no impact on our boats whatsoever. but, certainly, there was meddling and probably there was meddling from other countries and maybe other individuals.
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>> sean: he said it all before. they never reported that. look at his actions, by the way. look at his policies. in this particular case, and dealing with russia. it just look at it. after taking office, president trump authorized the illegal arms deal with ukraine in order to deter russia's aggressive actions in the region. why didn't obama do that? that's a move against the wishes of vladimir. compare that to obama in 2009, he actually killed a plant that would've armed our east european allies with missile defense systems. could've prevented all of that appeared a move praised by putin as correct and brave. i will have more flexibility in my next term. first month in office, president trump extended broad economic sanctions against putin, against russia. more recently, he issued new stinging sanctions against multiple putin-linked russian oligarchs and company. compare that to obama's first year in office with an
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embarrassed embarrassing attempt to reset russian relationships. it didn't work out. >> i wanted to present you with a little gift, which represents what president obama and vice president biden and i have been saying, which is, we want to reset our relationship. so, we will do it together. [laughs] >> thank you very much. >> you are very welcome. we worked hard to get the right russia outward. did we get it? >> you got it wrong. >> i got it wrong. >> sean: it looks like a nuclear firing button. where was the media at five-alarm fire over that embarrassing love fest? that never worked out, by the way. don't forget when obama did literally nothing to counteract putin in syria. it was president trump who launched air strikes the regime.
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soldiers on the ground in syria resulting in hundreds of russian casualties. obama drew a redline, then they crossed over it, and he did nothing. the media is hysterical over the president so-called "friendly relationship" with putin. compared to obama? okay. on last nights program, the great one, mark levin, put all this hysteria integrate perspective. it's worth repeating. take a look. >> in 1945, franklin roosevelt sold out half of york to stalin. he repeatedly praised stalin appeared in 1961, jfk told a friend of his that he was rolled over, he came across week, that it was pretty disastrous, his meeting. in 1975, gerald fold in helsinki, 35 other countries recognized the territorial
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sovereignty of the soviet union, which included the passive nations of eastern europe. in 1979, jimmy carter placed a big, wet kiss on his cheek in vienna. >> sean: like we have been saying for months, since donald trump came down the escalator, since he said he is coming for president, what would seem from the media is nothing but a huge, massive blatant political tactic. this is especially true as we gear up for the 2018 midterms. i'm telling you, the democratic party has no plan, no solutions to help the people of this country. instead, their agenda is purely political. they just want their power back. they want their crumbs back, the tax cuts. they want to impeach president term, but don't say it. keep obamacare, keep your doctor but pay less, that didn't work out. they don't want justice for kavanaugh to be confirmed to the supreme court, and of course, they want open borders. but their political tactics are all too blatant.
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no solutions. recent house democrats even proposing a bill to abolish i.c.e. they want to show how in favor of open borders they really are. even top house democrat, keith ellison, even claiming today that are our borders are an injustice. really? a new rising star in new york, alexandria ocasio-cortez even without to occupy i.c.e. offices and borders everywhere. i'm not making this up. take a look. >> i believe the moral character of the united states is at stake. for me, it wasn't a question of whether i should go down there. we have to have a rapid response, i think every day that we go on, especially a day when something that heinous happens, we have to occupy all of it. we need to occupy every airport, we need to occupy every border, we need to occupy every i.c.e. office until those kids are back with their parents.
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period. >> sean: earlier today, determining congressional support for i.c.e., 133 democrats went all in obama and just voted. as you can see, democrats are happy to play politics with your border security. they don't want their actions written down on paper as official record. they know they are wrong, they know it is politically at odds with the american people, but they want to play politics because this is all about them getting their power back at all costs. without a doubt, 2018 is now the single most important midterm election in our lifetime. democrats, the media, their allies in the deep state, they are going to get more hysterical, all in their continuing efforts to delegitimize the president and your agenda, and your vote, and her support for the president. we know this game, it is too familiar, their tactics. we all know the truth. the united states is seeing the best gdp growth we've seen since before obama.
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we now have historically low unemployment rates all across the board. 14 state records with women in the workforce, african-americans, his hispanic americans appeared in the u.s. pulled out of the horrible iranian deal that obama got us in because of his weakness. he is the only president to promise that jerusalem will be the capital of israel and keep it. he is leading with peace through strength all over the world. at the left wants to go back to the old days of weakness? appeasement? 80 million more americans in poverty. it really? we want to go back to doubling the debt, back to economic -- the only president to ever not hit 3% gdp in his life? we went from the lowest participation in history to the highest. this country is improving on all fronts. we know that the agenda is succeeding. with or without the support of these elites in the media. these corrupt, biased, abusively biased, hysterical reporters
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that are agenda-driven. this isn't news anymore. it is fake news. reaction, fox news contributor, sara carter, the author of "why we fight." dr. sebastian gorka. add to that, sarah, this is their playbook. they have their five agenda items, and to get there, they are going to do what they always do with the support of the media. republicans are racist, sexist, islamic, they want to throw grandma over the cliff. it's all the same thing. nothing is going to improve the lives of the american people. here is my question, does the shrill so-called "fake news," not so-called, it is fake news, does it win the day? do they have an ability to sway the american people with these stories that they gin up the way they do?
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>> i certainly think they expect the american public, they expect our discourse when they write these type of stories, when they produce these types of pieces that we know are false, narrative, based on, you know, what the establishment wants out there. sean, all you have to do is look at james comey, former fbi director james comey, brendan , these are establishment rhinos as well as people on the left that are working contrary to the american people and the american agenda. it look at what comey said today. he came out and said, if you don't vote democrat, if you are an american, you've got to vote democrat. what kind of person's has this? the fbi director should be ashamed of himself. he should be ashamed that he ran the bureau, culturally into the ground. agents have suffered because of the way he handled things. director brennan did the same thing, calling president trump president trump treasonous. it falls on its face.
6:20 pm
but instead, brennan's bordering sedition. these are problems. >> sean: i have sources telling me that brennan was actually spreading the pony dossier. >> i have been in contact and i wanted to let you know, i've been in contact with brennan's people. i have spoken with them today. i was told that brennan is standing by his word that he did not know anything about the content of the dossier until december 2016. now, he did hear about the dossier, according to people that i've spoken with, and i find it hard to believe that although reporters all over washington d.c. knew about this dossier, that the cia director knew nothing about it. so, i have to stick with what i've been told. >> sean: i think we are going to find the cia director that is so radical and political now, that he was radical and political during the campaign, as well. that becomes a big problem for him, doesn't it?
6:21 pm
>> i think sarah's point is incredibly important. never, never in the history of the fbi has a director been fired for cause, and then within a year, he is making public statements about who americans should vote for in the next election. never before. ever! since the cia was created after world war ii have we had a former cia director make seditious statements in calling the president a traitor publicl publicly. this is absolutely outrageous. these people should -- >> sean: i think he is feeling the heat. garbage, i think the media has been played by him and his radical views voting communist never left him. >> 1976, you vote for the
6:22 pm
communist party in 1976. that's just 14 years after the cuban missile crisis. that's the height of the cold war. >> sean: last word. a spigot this is why it's so important that the oversight committee is allowed to continue conducting their investigation, that the department of justice turn over the documentation that was requested so that the american people actually know what happened here. this is extraordinarily dangerous to the republic and our country and the foundation our country was built on. we've got to know the truth. to speak of the question, why did cross fire hurricane start? that's the most important question. who started it? >> sean: good question. when we come back, congressman steve scalise's very strong feelings. a lot more breaking news straight ahead fruits and veggies are essential to your health,
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>> sean: on monday, house majority whip steve scalise took to twitter to defend president trump. congressman steve scalise wrote that president went into this meeting with putin from a position of american strength to combat russian aggression. it's important to remember how russia got to this point. using a timeline of all of obama administration's failures with russia, starting with a reset. he joins us now, louisiana congressman, steve scalise. why don't you just go through this, because i don't want to put it in my "hannity" history lesson, you did a good job, but i did show hillary with that silly reset button of hers. >> great to be back with you. there were so many different things that barack obama did when he was president. he mocked mitt romney and that 2012 debate saying the '80s want their foreign policy back when he said russia is a big threat. the redline was probably one of those glaring points where he
6:28 pm
truly did go backwards in terms of strength, when he literally put that redline and said syria, you've got to do these things, don't gas your own people, and of course, after syria cast their own people, he sat back and let it go. ukraine, allies of america were being invaded, president obama sat by and did nothing. ukrainians were asking the obama administration, not for boots on the ground, but just for weapons to defend themselves. he turned his back on them. president trump by contrast gave them missiles, gave them the ability to stand up to russia. president trump has stood up to russia on a number of fronts, that was one, expelling diplomats, president trump increased sanctions, he worked with thousand congress to increase sanctions against russia. there's a big contrast between -- >> sean: he said it many times, yeah, russia did it. yeah, they meddled. they interfered. it's sort of like, the left, if you are not backing up the truck
6:29 pm
and trying to bribe some kind of desperate or dictator, if you're not making meaningless lines in the sand that you never have any intention of backing up, if you show weakness and if you appease, they like that. >> keep in mind the meddling, the actual meddling in the election happened under president obama's watch. when he was president, there is evidence that he knew, he just didn't do anything because they thought hilary was going to win. you look at what president trump has done, he's acknowledged there was meddling. we, by the way, chairman devin nunes have done a great job, they showed that there was meddling, but there was no collusion between either campaign, and the meddling didn't have anything to do to change the outcome of the election, we should still pursue it, and we are, but the meddling itself actually happened under barack obama's watch. >> sean: congressman, glad we have a few strong republicans there who are willing to actually tell truth and give a proper history.
6:30 pm
thank you for being one of them. here for reaction, the author of, it's out monday, "the russian hoax." hillary clinton framed donald trump. it comes out monday. legal analyst, a lot of things people are most critical, comey comeys, it all happened under their watch, didn't it? >> i did. absolutely. this notion that president trump has been soft on putin and russian is belied by the facts. he has increased debilitating sanctions against russia, and putin fivefold in the short 18 months since he's taken office, for more than obama did in eight years. he has targeted their energy industry, their defense industry, his inner circle, putin's inter-circle, frozen assets, close down diplomatic properties, expelled numerous
6:31 pm
russian diplomats. he is applying pressure at the right time against a military and strategic adversary, and at the same time, he sees the bigger picture. he's extending an olive branch to try to diffuse long-term tensions with an adversary that has nuclear weapons aimed at us. >> sean: cleared hillary clinton, she committed felonies instead of donald trum donald trump. instead of donald trump, framed donald trump. that whole russia phony dossier she paid for, foreign national, funneled money. literally the bulk of the fisa applications to spy on the term campaign. that's all russian liars. that's all that she paid for. how is it possible the media can feign such outrage here, and ignore the biggest abuse of power in an attempt to literally impact a presidential election,
6:32 pm
clearly against the will of the american people? >> because the media were constant apologists for hillary clinton, and they hate donald trump. they are visceral scorn, unabashed hatred is apparent for all to see every day. at the great irony, as you point out, it was hillary clinton who was colluding with foreign nationals and paying money in a political campaign which is a crime, yet she is not investigated. trump didn't do that, yet, he is the subject of a dilating investigation to try to destroy his presidency. >> sean: at the book is out monday,, gregg jarrett, great work. this will be the defining book on the whole issue. it will place it all out for the american people. highly researched, footnoted. still to come, monica crowley, and house intelligence community chairman, devin nunes says the democrats are delaying hoping the democrats win, then they
6:33 pm
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[ sobs quietly ] >> sean: president trump's reluctance to trust the quote "intel community" becomes easier to understand when you do consider the bosses of the intel agencies. not his intel, the ones before him. they've been out to destroy him since day one, since they left, since before he got elected, and after he got elected. watch what we mean. >> he is aiding and abetting our arch adversary, and has failed, in my mind, to live up to his constitutional obligations and responsibilities. >> what mr. trump did yesterday was to to betray the men and women of the fbi, cia, and others. and betray the american public. that's why i use the terms that this is nothing short of treasonous. it is treason.
6:38 pm
he is giving comfort to the enemy. >> window we see a shadow government come out and say, we cannot side with the government. that's the biggest question. >> this president basically coddled mr. putin. it was clear that he was intimidated by that situation. whether the russians have something on this president or not, no one really knows. but, the way he behaves, there is a clear signal that the russians have something on him. >> that is where families were separated. look, i know we are not nazi germany, all right? but there is a commonality there, and a fear on my part. >> sean: if that's not enough to make the point, remember when senator chuckie schumer said, don't ever mess with the intel community. never mess with them. >> taking these shots of antagonism, taunting the intelligence community.
6:39 pm
>> if you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways of sunday from getting back at you. even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he is being very dumb to do this. >> sean: conservative columnist, monica crowley, i told you joe, a while back, when he say bad cops, these are bad cops, 99% of cops are good cops that do a lot of good, that goes for the cia and the intel community, i look at a guy like brennan, it happened on his watch, i think he probably knew all about the dossier. his involvement in this is going to be very interesting. do we really want to live in a country where the senate leader on the democratic side says you better not ever say anything bad about the intel community? because they will get you. >> sean, i want to talk about two people. we only have so much time. john brennan and leon panetta. john brennan is a traitor, i will tell you why. he is the real traitor. what he did and what he has had
6:40 pm
recently about the president of the united states is despicable. he is personally responsible for the leaking of unmasked information, he was responsible for the sharing of false information to u.s. intelligence sources to get fisa warrants. he is personally responsible for the sharing of false information with american intelligence agencies, and he, i challenge him to a debate at the national press club for one hour, two hours, three hours about his role in the entire pre-election. about leon panetta, he should be ashamed of himself after what he did in benghazi when he kissed hillary clinton's fanny, now he thinks the russians may have something on the president to compromise him? shame on leon panetta, may he rot in hell. >> from what i'm understanding, we are still in the early days
6:41 pm
of investigating the domestic internal targeting of donald trump and his campaign. these are the early days. what we may find out is that the root of all evil may have gone through james comey, may have gone through james clapper, may have gone through john brennan, may have gone all the way up to barack obama, or all of the above. we don't know yet. what we do know is that they were trying to inoculate these agencies like the fbi, the nsa, the cia by comments like chuck schumer's saying you cannot go after them. well, we are not supposed to be able to go after them because they are supposed to be above politics and this kind of corruption, and we now know they weren't. >> sean: this conspiracy -- you are right. how dare they -- we just laid out all the evidence, how much tougher trump has been on russia than obama. >> you know what? there's another guy, the guy who
6:42 pm
never put his big boy pants on ever when he was dci. you talk about a guy who kowtowed to congress, couldn't handle the pressure, he looked for any political storm. but when it comes to the worst, it's brandon. when you go back and you look at everything that happened in 2016 and 2017, especially during the transition between the election and the inauguration, at the center of this conspiracy is john brennan. john brennan is a thug, he is a liar, he is a traitor. if they advance a funny conspiracy theory about the president of the united states that has been tougher on putin than obama ever was, this is ims something on trump, you are really onto something that is very profound. the damage that they are doing to this country by doing so, and
6:43 pm
the e responsibly out reckless conspiracies -- >> you know what? they are preemptive strikes. i think there is something else going on. when you look at the documents, all of the legal stonewalling, doj intelligence agency, number one, they are trying to hide incriminating evidence. right? number two, they think they may very well win in november. it democrats control the house, therefore, they can permanently eliminate any evidence of their wrongdoing, three, it may very well be that they are trying to run out the statute of limitations on the clintons, on fbi wrongdoings. may be wrongdoing on behalf of the intelligence agencies. they are trying to run out the clock so we won't be able to go after them. >> absolutely. you know who is going to help them do it? rod rosenstein. he is an evil man accompanied by an attorney general who is totally incompetent and asleep at the wheel.
6:44 pm
>> sean: wow. powerful. let's think about this. cia agents, schumer saying don't mess with them. this is not the united states. trying to influence the presidential election, favoring somebody who committed felonies, keeping her in the game, then turning their sites on the other candidate, then using a phony russian dossier, none of this is right. if we don't fix it, we are beyond venezuela, this is now propaganda that would rise to the former soviet union. all right, we will have you both back. import discussions. when we come back, house german committee, devin nunes is saying they are trying to run out the clock and hope the democrats get elected
6:45 pm
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>> sean: the house intel community chairman, devin nunes blasted the department in an interview saying some people in the doj are hoping the republicans will actually lose the house on the midterm elections. he says if there is evidence of the russians were colluding in the trump campaign in 2016, congress would've been briefed on it at the time, which they were not. he sounded the alarm for russia's malicious attempt to cast chaos around the world and yes, our own elections. here is house german committee, devin nunes. it happened in '08, it happened in 2012, you warned the obama administration very publicly in 2014, and now you are supposed to act surprised that it all happened, although, it was under
6:50 pm
barack obama's watch, not donald trump. >> i think i warned them not just in 2014, but very specifically in 2016 where i called it the largest intelligence errors since 9/11, our failure to understand putin's plans and intentions. by that time, we have seen the russians actively involved in many elections around the globe. they were actively trying to interfere in elections in eastern europe, and some of the former soviet states. this was nothing new at all, and what i am most upset about in this whole situation, many things, but when you go back to that time. , is how they were able to ignore the warnings that we were sending from the house intelligence committee, and lo and behold, after they lost the election, they first tried to blame for canoes, when that didn't work, they switched into this whole concept of russia russia. >> sean: this is a big point,
6:51 pm
if there was any collusion, you would've known about it at the time. if anything had come up between now and then, you would've seen that as you have seen almost everything. so the question is, why is the witch hunt going on? and how do you look at the mueller indictments of those 12 russians that are the equivalent of our cia operatives, they are never coming to america, there will never be a trial, mueller identities bought companies thinking they would never respond, now he is asking the judge in that case if they could literally not turn over any documents, in other words, that there won't be any disclosure. >> and remember, it's not just about the warnings that i gave into thousand 14, '15, '16, it is also a fact that a year and a half ago, the house intelligence committee had more than the mueller indictment of the 12 russian officers. okay?
6:52 pm
we had more information than that. we put it in our report in march, it was in our report that was made public in april, it is heavily redacted, remember, by the department of justice and fbi. we had all this information. the thing that i brought up, i just find the timing of this to be very hard to believe. right? you might give them the benefit of the doubt, why does this always happen? every time something happens on one side where we find out a new revelation about what appears to be real problems in the fbi and doj with this investigation, all of a sudden, they drop an indictment. time and time again. this one is really bad. >> sean: this is what i want to ask you, do you think they are trying to literally, as you said, you believe the fbi and doj are obstructing, in terms of doing what your authority constitutionally is oversight, they have been obstructing the entire way, and now there is talk about actually impeaching
6:53 pm
rod rosenstein, there is talk about holding these people and contempt. you say they are really doing this hoping that dems take over congress and it all ends then? >> it's the oldest trick in the book. many officials here in washington know how to hold out congress. they know how to plan meetings for fridays when they know there are no votes, that's the times they want to get things. they know congress will adjourn next week. the more they delay for no reason, we are waiting on many documents, as you know, we are getting very slow snail paste cooperation that is clearly designed to wait until next week when congress adjourns. i have news for them. they are still going to have to come in and give depositions, they may think they are not going to, but they are going to be coming in and getting depositions throughout the summer, that is part of the 42 names that i sent to chairman gaudi, so i have every expectation that there will be many opportunities for these 42
6:54 pm
individuals to come to congress, even though they have tried to wait us out. i think they would love to see republicans lose. i say that, i hate to say that, but i have to believe that the department of justice and fbi, the people at leadership, they are banking on a loss by the republicans in the fall. which is why people have to understand how important it is going to be to get out and vote in this election to ensure that members of congress return that are actively involved -- because of the democrats get control, they are going to drop all of this investigation. they are not going to do anything. he >> sean: they will cover up the whole -- the biggest, this s about literally trying to steal a presidential election. i hope you do hold them in contempt, and if it means impeachment, then that must be done. otherwise, no congressional subpoena will ever have any teeth to it, ever. it will be the end of it. chairman, thank you for being with us. when we come back, our video of the day you do not want to miss straight ahead
6:55 pm
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♪ >> sean: following president trump's p6 with vladimir putin, conspiracy tv msnbc, they spent a reporter to wisconsin to ask trump supporters about their thoughts on the meeting. i don't think this is what they expected though. take a look. it's because there's a lot of backlash going on, especially when he said, when he said i did but i didn't. i'm totally in support of him. >> why? >> because he's an entrepreneur. he's a businessman, working-class person persons presidents. he is trying to make this country great again. >> do you consider to support him despite this week? >> yes. >> i am not one bit worried about the rest of the world. they ain't worried about us. i'm not worried about what the rest of the world thinks. >> sean: they have one playbook. the left.
7:00 pm
racist, seema verma, is homophobic, they want dirty air, kill the kids. also, trump is horrible. more horrible than yesterday and the day before. they have overreached. we'll always be fair and balanced. we are not to destroy-trump-media. let not your heart be troubled. it's time. laura taking over. >> laura: you know what they need, hannity they need a "ism" song. racism, sexism -- >> sean: it's the same playbook. every single election is the same playbook. >> laura: the bushes use a lot of those same things, protectio protectionist, isolationist, so the s -- establishment is striking back. >> sean: give me one policy -- not a trick question. one thing that they are offering the american people to make the country better, safer, more prosperous. >> laura: the left is doing nothing. all they have is the resistance. you