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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 19, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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goes wrong. fireworks shot right at them. no one was hurt, thankfully a and by the way they are having a girl. congrats. rob: yea, we're having a girl. see you at the hospital. jillian: have a good day. >> you say you agree with u.s. intelligence that russia meddled nut election of 2016. >> and i have said that before but i let him know we can't have. this we're not going to have it. and that's the way it's going to be. >> hawaii county officer shot dead and the manhunt for his killer intensifying overnight. just this week alone six officers were shot. >> top republicans overwhelmingly passed a measure supporting ice agents. but some democrats are calling it a stunt. >> what's incredible is these politicians, members of the legislature, would much rather liberal a law enforcement agency than protect the law. >> four icons and america's best athletes come together
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for he ifor espy awards. >> receiving the pat tillman award helps with natural disaster relief. ♪ i love a country girl ♪ i love a friday night ♪ and i love this life ♪ brian: and jon stewart had to get the crowd to respond to his marine service two or three times. like only one person applauds for a marine at the espies? so that was a little tough. i don't know if the audio was working. steve: is ours working? ainsley: you're on a hot mic. steve: thanks for joining us on this 19th day of july. it's a beautiful day. ainsley: we start this hour with a fox news alert. listen to this, folks. a manhunt is intensifying this morning for an accused cop killer on the run somewhere in hawaii. brian: this is not a repeat. another cop shot it marks the sixth officer shot in the u.s. this week.
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ainsley: todd piro joins you with more on the latest attack on our men and women in blue. todd: even paradise isn't spared on assault from those who keep us safe an hawaii officer shot dead and manhunt for his killer intensifying overnight. >> this was an officer. this was a father, a son, ago husband put a face with the name. >> authorities say officers were conducting a traffic stop tuesday night when the driver, 33-year-old justin got out and fired multiple shots. the officer struck in the neck and legislature died at the hoipght. 10-year police veteran was honored as officer of the month in april 2014. he leaves behind a wife and three small children you the fbi has offered $10,000 for information leading to the reps of the convicted felon accused in the killing. meantime, in massachusetts the handcuffs that used to hang off the belt of michael
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chesna were used to restrain the man accuse of killing him with his own gun. he shot him 10 times before killing a 77-year-old woman. just this week alone, six officers were shot. three injured in missouri. one injured in north carolina. in addition to the killings in hawaii and massachusetts. these latest deaths bringing the number of officers killed by gunfire in 2018 alone to 33. that's accord together officer down memorial page guys, when is it going to stop? steve: that's a good question. todd, thank you very much. how many times in the last couple of weeks have you heard people, largely from the political left targeting the men and women of ice, saying we heard somebody here in new york city say ice is a terrorist outfit. how many times have we heard them say we have got to abolish ice? yesterday, the house of
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representatives, actually gave the democrats the opportunity to officially go on the record and say i want to abolish ice. but, you know what? the democrats declined and simply a joirt of them said yep, i'm here but i'm not taking a stand. ainsley: democrats withholding their votes. not voting no on it voting present. there were 18 that voted for, 34 against, and 133 voted present. >> this was a resolution supporting ice. it's different than the bill we told you about three democrat members said we're going to come up with a bill to abolish ice. those members said you know what? if that bill comes up, we are not even going to vote for it yesterday was a chance to say we support ice. rather than say we support the men and women of ice, so many democrats, 133 of them just said yep, i'm here. i'm not taking a stand. brian: mark who span soared the whole thing i only had 9 sponsors. republicans are not giving me enough time. i doubt it the polls obviously show the american
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people, regardless of your political stripes overwhelmingly do not want to end ice. the president tweeted this out the two biggest pongts of ice today are the democratic party and ms-13. tom homan spent a lot of the day on television. it was great to have him here. he said as former acting director of ice, it was good to see someone step up. but, by the way, the ramification fuss did abolish it, you wouldn't like it. >> look as the at the other side of the house, homeland security investigations if they would abolish ice this year, there would be over 900 children that weren't rescued from sexual predators. 2200 more sexual predators walking the streets of this country. there would be over 100,000 criminal aliens. people in the united states illegally and committed a critical act after they were here illegally against a citizen. there would be 100,000 more of those walking the streets this year abolish ice is just a ridiculous concept. ainsley: he says it's ridiculous to abolish ice. if you don't lining the
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laws, change the laws. the men and women of ice are doing what the law say. if you don't like it, change the laws. just to also remind that you republicans overwhelmingly won this it passed by 244 to 35. brian: something else coming out on the immigration front come over to russia. the house is moving over with a proposal to avoid a shutdown in december. include $5 billion for border security. most of which would be some type of barrier. you don't need a wall. you need a solid fence. some needs fixed. 5 billion the president would be happy with. and he tweeted out a thank you to the republican who sponsored it. go through the house. the problem is in the senate they don't seem to -- even the republicans don't seem to be on board of it. fighting it in a bipartisan way. any type of funding of the wall democrats look at that for a political victory for the president rather than what's good for the country.
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ainsley: congressman yoder is from your in effect woods. the weakens city area. is he up for re-election. the president is going to go to the convention next tuesday endorse him. steve: he is going to join us live at 8:15 this morning. let's talk about what the president was up to yesterday. the president once again reaffirmed his commitment to combat russian meddling, you know, the russians have been meddling in our elections for many, many years. he sat down with jeff glor of cbs for a second week. he said he personally holds vladimir putin responsible for russian interference. and he also said i told him he has got to stop it. watch. >> you say you agree with u.s. intelligence that russia meddled in the election in 2016. >> i have said that before, jeff. i have said that numerous times before. and i would say that that is true, yeah. >> but you haven't condemned putin specifically. do you hold him personally
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responsresponsible. >> well, i would because he is in charge of the country. just like i consider myself responsible for things that happen in this country. certainly, as the leader of a country you would have to hold him responsible, yes. >> what did you say to him? >> very strong on the fact that we can't have meddling, we can't have any of that look, we are also living in a grown-up world, will a strong statement, president obama supposedly made a strong statement, noble geraldo it but i let him know we can't have this. we're not going to have it. and that's the way it's going to be. brian: the president once and for all wants to put an end to the thought that he does not believe that vladimir putin and russia meddled in the elections. also a big story that came out probably about 9:00 last night david sanger wrote in the "new york times" in today's edition says the president was told directly right before the inauguration i imagine by john brennan, i imagine by james comey or i imagine by james clapper three people
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who have shown to be vehemently anti-trump that vladimir putin personally made sure they meddled in the election and he was personally responds cybil for it and the term is the president reluctantly agreed grudgingly convinced that putin ordered the interference. ainsley: the president has called out numerous times vladimir putin for meddling nut election and, russia, listen to this. >> as far as hacking i think it was russia. we also get hacked by other countries and other people. and i can say that you know, when we lost 22 million names and everything else that was hacked recently, they didn't make a big deal out of that. that was something that was extraordinary. that was probably china we have much hacking going on. i think it was russia and could have been other people and other countries, could have been a lot of the people interfered. i think it was russia. but i think it was probably
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other people and/or countries. >> it was russia. and i think it was probably others also. >> the russians had no impact on our votes whatsoever when you, certainly, there was meddling and probably there's there was meddling from other countries and maybe other individuals. steve: so, as you can see right there he has said a number of times he thought it was russia he thought they were meddling. brian. some of the people that were in the room the day that president-elect donald trump was briefed on that putin personally ordered it john brennan, james clapper, mike rogers and james comey, they all briefed the president during the transition period. one of the people in the room was john brennan who, in that same interview yesterday, the president referred to him as a low life. he says he has got complete confidence in the new intelligence communities, particularly dan coats who currently is saying that the warning lights are flashing red. they are trying to do it again, but, nonetheless, he does not have so much confidence in the previous
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intelligence community, which, as you are about to see in the next hour, he feels like was out. ainsley: sitting down it jeff gloria and calling out erdogan the president of turkey who locked up a pastor who has been a pastor for more than 20 years. the president said send him home because he is a good christian man. brian: russian ambassador to the united states an tolltoli. i want to compliment the president afraid make things worse for it they had a productive meeting. vladimir putin will tell us what happened evidently in russia today will mention the meeting. what the president has to do is come out and tell us what went on in that meeting and what was agreed to even in principle or a working group going forward. steve: right. brian: i think that is the most important thing, more than the press conference, to find out where we are and our relationship. he says when i return from
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moscow, i have a very clear cut conversation to knock on every door of the national security council sill to understand what we can do together to realize the agreement, the ideas the two presidents supported. he has a positive feeling about it is he afraid to express it because of the sentiment in america right now. steve: so we are waiting to hear from the president, but the russians are already saying we have a handshake deal on arms control in syria and some other stuff. so stay tuned, folks. all right, meanwhile 6:12 in new york city. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: that's right. good good morning. we start with a fox news alert. at least 22 soldiers hurt when a large tent collapses at a military base in california. army officials say wind caused by a black hawk helicopter blew it down at fort hunter leg get. it happened during a ceremony. are a had a stroke and died protecting president trump
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at golf club in scotland. the 42-year-old spent five years in the marine corps before dedicating 189 years to the secret service. his body returning to the u.s. draped in an american flag. in a statement, president trump writing, quote: our prayers are with special agent's loved ones. we grieve with them a go fund me page has been set up for his family. he leaves behind a wife and two young kids. a russian spy posing as a graduate student in the u.s. is denied wail. maria is accused of working under a top russian official to try to infiltrate the g.o.p. she pleaded not guilty charges of conspiracy and not registering as a foreign agent during first court appearance. prosecutors are worried she could fle flea flee back to rus. brian: new poll says a majority of them want a new face for 2020. next guest is a democrat and says that's not the only thing her party needs .
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♪ >> as some democrats speculate who will run against president trump in 2020, a new poll revealing 73% of democrat voters want a fresh face for the party's nominee in 2020. our next guest, a democrat says not just about fresh faces but fresh ideas. tezlyn figaro is the former national justice director
3:18 am
for bernie sanders'. campaign. she joins us from houston to explain. good morning, tezlyn. >> good morning. >> steve: 73% of democrats say yes, we would like somebody new. what does it say to you. >> what it says to me i think it was obvious in 2016 about hillary clinton being very certainly well known and although she did have a lot of popular votes, i think it was more about the ideals that senator sanders brought to the table even if people haven't figured out how he was going to make those things happen. i think it was more about ideology. me personally i worked with senator sanders because i wanted to see someone shake up the system. steve: he did. >> he absolutely did. steve: not necessarily agreeing with everything he said. i think it was critical to 2016. last couple weeks ever since she beat an incumbent in new york.
3:19 am
leanged. she is way too far to the left will will will for democrats. what do you make of that comment? >> well, i think, you know, shows that once again the democratic party is struggling with inner fighting a civil war among progressives vs. moderate democrats. even on the progressive side there is the sanders wing and senator warren wing. it shows there is a split. any time someone goes against incumbent to vote for someone that doesn't have any political experience it, shows that there is obviously a concern on the ground there is still a disconnect much like in 2016. steve: you are describing where progressives -- within the democratic party have you got people to the far left, the moderates, and and trying to figure out what the next message is and hot next person is. right now it seems it's muddled, right? >> a lot of people have signed up with bernie
3:20 am
sanders supporting ideas that they never said that they would like for medicare for all. i don't know how those things will continue on to 2000 20. it seems right now there has been a lot of band wagon writing to see host whose coat tails will get them the furthest. we will get something done and got the nomination in 2020. steve: brand new slogan for the democrats is for the people. do you think that will get people out to pull the lever for them. >> what people are they talking about? there are still individuals like the african-american community that still feels there is a missing spot. you know, where we haven't been talked about. our issues haven't been talked about except for fun something thats. there hasn't been a lot of solutions presented. for the people won't work unless they disz continuing british who those people are and who what they stand for. steve: tezlyn, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. steve: what do you think about that?
3:21 am cafe from the left because he supports the president. that i am grant here coming up next. [shouting] [chanting shame] but thanks to our forester, neither did our story. and that's why we'll always drive a subaru.
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♪ ainsley: here's some quick headlines for you. president trump slamming tuckery's refusal to release andrew brunson. our commander-in-chief calling the decision a total disgrace on twitter urging president erdogan to free him saying quote he has done nothing wrong and his family needs him. facing a 35-year sentence for aiding terror groups in espionage. brunson and his wife run christian churches in turkey for 33 years. killed in the korean war could soon be returned to their families. according to reports the
3:25 am
rerepatriatation is like toy to happen next week. kim jong un made that promise when he met your president. brian, back to you. brian: radicals are targeting a kosher cafe just because the owner supports the president and some postings that went along with it. >> [chantinchanting] get the [bleep] out. >> shame, shame, [bleep] shame. brian: rerokd the cafe's membership. little do they know is he a legal immigrant himself. here with the story of the asher cafe and lounge. asher shah lone and david shalom. do you believe these protests are because you are a trump supporter or because of your postings? >> i think it's a combination of many things together.
3:26 am
it's because of supporting trump and because it's kosher. because it is -- business. they don't want anything nice. and successful in this area. they prefer to stay like 100 years ago. against anything that's come to this area we are confused. brian: david, what did you post that seems to have caused so much of an uproar? >> sure, well, my father actually he reposted a couple of pro-trump things, and we're just astonished that you simply voicing support for our president is inciting to people. and so we have a message of peace. we come with peace. our last name is shalom, actually, which means peace. we want to make good with the community. we are on very good terms
3:27 am
with the community before. this it's a shame that just expressing pro-trump sentiment has caused all of this divide. brian: asher, you came here 30 years ago. you became a citizen 15 years ago. and you believe you're okay with legal immigration. your contention is with illegal immigration. and you support the president's policies, right? >> of course. i have over 17 people working for me. most of them are immigrant. and i love to work with them. they are with me some of them over 25 years. my relationship with them is amazing. one of the reasons i'm pro-trump and i love him because i'm in the textile business over 30 years and i saw how we lost a lot of businesses to china. a lot of factories in north carolina, south carolina they closed and in
3:28 am
california. i'm proud to manufacture everything made in the u.s.a. everything we are shipping is with a big label made in the u.s.a. and customers this idea. cost them more money but they prefer to buy from me because the quality we are making they cannot do it. even if the product is more expensive. brian: gotcha. david have you anti-semitic slurs, pro-palestinian remarks all colonial at you. here is the boyle heights. ashur shalom posted on social media regarding immigrants. these statements are not in line with the values and on stifs. you posted what the president said in the oval office about blank hole countries? >> exactly. it was really nothing.
3:29 am
and i was surprised that they did it because they called me tuesday to 40 people to come to our coffee shop breakfast and suddenly in one day they sent a letter without calling me and talking to me and asking me what is my idea. and that's it. brian: david, real quick, you think you are going to close up or are you going to keep fighting? >> no. we are getting every second negative review by yelp and google. we will continue. brian: thank you so much. >> sure. brian: meanwhile, he has been slamming president trump, now former president obama taking aim at all men. >> men have been getting on my nerves lately. every day i read the newspaper and i just think, brothers, what's wrong with you guys?
3:30 am
brian: he was just getting warmed up. we will tell you how he finished. made the sacrifice in afghanistan. now two companies are teaming up to help his wife and his son. that gold star family here live next. there they are. happy birthday actor 42 years old today and he is quite good ♪ we could be heroes ♪ crabfest is back at red lobster! discover our largest variety of crab and crab dishes all year! like new crabfest combo. your one chance to have new jumbo snow crab with tender dungeness crab. or try crab lover's dream. sweet, juicy king crab and jumbo snow crab cozied up with crab linguini alfredo. even our shrimp is crab-topped! so hurry in and get your butter-dunkin' game on! 'cause crabfest will be gone in a snap.
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>> air force one is going to be incredible. it's going to be the top in the line, top in the world. and it's going to be red, white, and blue which i think is appropriate. steve: talking about taking america first to new heights. president trump yesterday confirming air force one, that particular paint scheme, is getting a
3:34 am
patriotic makeover. ainsley: red, white, and blue is update is going to replace the current design by john f. kennedy and jackie kennedy. brian: we want to know what you think about that the new air force one color scheme. get out your colored pencils. steve: it's going to be challenging because there are already a lot of red, white, and blue airplanes out there like delta has red, white, and blue. american airlines a lot of red, white, and blue, how can you make it stand out apart from everything else. ainsley: president made a comment to say he wants the whole underbelly to be all red that would be different from the other plains. steve: mean while on thursday morning talk about this. staff sergeant is was killed by ied while deployed in afghanistan. his wife jenny had no idea what to do. she turned to taps. an organization that helps military families impacted by death of their loved ones. ainsley: a program that helped her and young son
3:35 am
michael who was only few months old at the time when his dad was killed continue on with their lives. this program inspire companies like brunt style to raise money to help families of the fallen. brian: here to explain is the ceo of grunt style daniel ole oleric. >> thank you. ainsley: dan, tell us about your organization and how y'all met. >> a remember of taps came down to our organization about a year ago and they said hey, can you participate nate a weekend working with the kids? i'm like i would love to but i'm really busy and my assistant said hey, get your butt out of the office and go work with them. i absolutely fell in love with the organization. it was so neat to see the connection that you would have. you know, a lot of us have military service. and you are working with kids like oh my gosh, i have friends that served with your dad or i could have served. you could have been my kid.
3:36 am
steve: how did you find taps? >> after my husband was killed and we kind of settled down from the hustle and bustle, we needed a place to go. and taps actually contacted us. reached out to me. and sent us some information on their organization and said why don't you come down and meet other families. steve: how did it help you? >> it was great because we didn't feel isolated anymore. unfortunately, when things like this happen, and a tragedy like this happens with a military, you transfer over to the other side and there is not a lot out there where we find connection. brian: tell me about your husband. >> yeah, my husband dennis, he is from ohio. ohio state fan. and he was a staff sergeant in the army and previously served in the marine corps for 8 and a half years. he was killed about seven days before he was supposed to come home. brian: wow. >> on second deployment to afghanistan. nine deployments in total around the world. and he was a pretty awesome guy. steve: an american patriot.
3:37 am
we are sorry for your loss. ainsley: you are holding down out fort now. you are the man at home. when you see the red, white, and blue, what does it mean. >> it means a lot to people that people have given up their lives just for other people to have great time here. ainsley: great answer. brian: that's your dad right there on your heart. steve: let's walk around behind this beautiful motorcycle right here and, daniel, come around here so everybody can see you. daniel, tell us about this particular motorcycle that was custom built by orange county choppers. >> they offered if they could build a bike for us i said sure but i would love to work with taps and auction it off and see if we can raise money for the organization. they built this bike. it's incredible. we did this big reveal and it's being auctioned right now. it's live on our website at grunt this money goes straight to taps organizations.
3:38 am
brian: that's fantastic. >> britain can go to grunt it's right there and bid on it and all that money goes to taps. steve: michael, what do you think about that motorcycle. >> i think it's very good. actually -- i actually didn't know it was going to be green. i thought it was going to be like a different color possibly like the taps colors. ainsley: army green for your dad? >> yeah, i think. so. steve: all right. if people would like more information, go to your website. grunts >> grunt and get all the information there. brian: i love that you have your husband on your pin there. >> this is a picture of michael with his dad when he was only three months old with his dad before he deployed to afghanistan. ainsley: thank you so much. god bless your family. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. steve: it is a brisk morning here in new york city.
3:39 am
let's go back inside with jillian who has got some news. jillian: good morning and a wonderful segment. former president barack obama slamming own gender during a speech in south africa. >> men have been getting on my nerves lately. [laughter] >> every day i read the newspaper and i just think my brothers, what's wrong with you guys? what's wrong with us? all right? i mean we are violent. we are bullying. i think empowering more women on the continent that right away is going to lead to some better policies. >> the former president making similar remarks at another event saying history shows that men have always desired greed and dominance. a trap piece stunt on america's got talent goes horribly wrong. watch this. [screams] >> is she okay?
3:40 am
[screams] ainsley: that woman slipping right through her husband's grip and crashing to the floor. thankfully though she did fall on to a safety mat and wasn't seriously utter. despite the mishap the couple performance was good enough to move them on. two sharks bitten 12-year-old girl in waste deep water when shy felt a burst of pain. >> i kind of thought it was a dream. i didn't really think it was actually happening. it was like 3 to 4 feet. it was pretty big. jillian: the other victim, a 13-year-old boy had a shark tooth lodged in his leg after the bite had to be pulled out. both are expected to be okay. sports icons and america's best athletes coming together for the annual espy awards. former race car driver danica patrick hosting the event in los angeles and taking some political jabs. >> it's time to talk about the national anthem controversy. [laughter] i haven't seen a russian this pleased with washington
3:41 am
since well, two days ago. >> but the night really had a lot of touching moments. three coaches killed in the parkland school shooting hearnsd with saving lives with the best coach award. buffalo bills legend jim kelly fighting cancer giving an emotional speech while accepting the jimmy v award for perseverance. >> i urge anybody out there if you have somebody out there suffering, it doesn't have to be cancer. what you say to them the smile have you on your face that can be the difference it could make the next day. remember that always, always persevere like jimmy v. said never never give up. >> our friend jake wood a marine who founded team rubicon receiving the pat tillman award for service. deploys veterans to help with natural disaster relief. janice dean working with team rye rub rubicon after hurre
3:42 am
harvey. >> i consider my family jake and andrea and welcoming a baby in the next couple of months. congratulations, jake, you are a true patriot. working with team rubicon and helping in disaster areas, this was after hurricane harvey. i had a wonderful time with them last year. i plan to do the same this year. they are part of our family here at "fox & friends." congratulations, jake, you looked amazing. you did great, my buddy. take a look at your forecast highs. it is hot thought texas with our friends in houston. 98 today but look at dallas, 108. 106 in abilene. that's going to be ongoing throughout out next couple of days, thursday, friday and even into saturday. we have heat advisories, dangerous heat in place for all of these areas, not just texas, but louisiana, parts of oklahoma, so millions of folks under heat advisories. this is dangerous heat. so people need to heed the warnings. just looking at the past 24 hours, we have the threat
3:43 am
for severe storms across the midwest today, know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area. all right. steve outside to you, my friend. steve: j.d., thank you very much. remember when seattle tried to attack companies to try to solve the homeless companies there. los angeles wants to do the same thing. don't they remember how well it worked the last time? maybe not. ainsley: they might be identical twins. but these sisters are polar opposites when it comes to their politics. now they are running against each other for their office. they're both going to join us live. >> and they want us to autograph the motorcycle so we will. ainsley, first ♪ don't be afraid ♪ take the road last traveled on ♪
3:44 am
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♪ ainsley: seattle residents tried it and it failed there san francisco is about to vote on a new new tax on big businesses to help the homeless. doubling how much spend on homeless services from 300 million to 600 million a year. here is the bay contributor for the federalist aerial davidson. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you so much for having me. good to speak with you. ainsley: tell us what is going on in your area when it comes to homelessness. >> right. so homelessness is one ever the top issues that effects bay area voters and in particular san francisco. we have around 7,500 homeless people in the city, 49 square foot mile city. you are looking at 150 homeless people per square mile. this issue has been intractable in terms of how to address it. it seems like time and time again, mayor mayors have struggd about how to address it and it only seems to be getting worse. you know, i'm hesitant to
3:48 am
say that we should immediately going to the taxpayers to foot the bill. but i think it's one of those issues that is going to continue to be a headache more mayors and the the residents of san francisco. ainsley: what about the big businesses? how are they feeling about this. it could force them to move to san francisco if this passes. every single person that works for big businesses are taxed. called a head tax. all that money goes to the homeless issue. >> yes. in particular in san francisco, what they would like to do is, they would be hoping to tax all businesses that have gross receipts at $50 million or over. the problem is that they are advertising this as a tax on big businesses. but the reality is that they there are plenty of businesses ha have $50 million in revenue have incredibly low profit margins. think of large retailers, grocery stores. what's going to happen is it's going to fall on the consumer to pay this tax. that's usually what happens with taxes in general.
3:49 am
it's being sold as a tax on big businesses when, in reality, it's going to be felt most heavily by the consumer. ainsley: redistribution of wealth, too. if you own a business, and the government is taxing you x amount of dollars, you are going to pass that back to the customer because you can't afford it, right? >> right. you are going to see a small, relatively small hike, perhaps, on the price of goods that you purchase. that's definitely a possibility. or you might see businesses cut back on labor costs. you know, if they are looking to maintain their current profit margin, if it's pretty low, you might see them try to cut back on certain labor costs which could include firing or laying off workers or reducing them to part time. steve: these are big businesses. they make a lot of money. maybe some of the homeless in that area could work for these big companies. thank you for being on with us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. msnbc tried to get trump supporters ter bash the presidet in helsinki. >> is he trying to make this
3:50 am
country good again. >> continue to support him despite this week. >> yes. >> i'm not one bit worried about the rest of the world. they aren't worried about us. ainsley: there is more of where that came from. >> these sisters are polar opposite when it comes to their politics. now they are running against each other for office. they are both going to join us live coming up next ♪ thanks for making me faster ♪ a little bit bigger ♪ make me smarter ♪ thanks for make me a fighter ♪ most people were still clearer after one year. with taltz, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them.
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3:53 am
steve: okay. twin sisters monica sparks and jessica ann tyson may be identical in their appearances but not in their politics. they are both running for michigan county commissioner seats in different districts.
3:54 am
monica, a democrat and jessica ann as a republican. ainsley: how do the sisters make sure political debates wouldn't spiral into a "family feud"? joining us now is democratic candidate for the 12th district seat in kent county. monica sparks. monica is the democrat on the left. and republican candidate. >> always. >> for the 13th district seat jessica ann tyson on the right. ladies, thank you so much. >> thanks for having us good morning. ainsley: how did one become a democrat and one become a republican? >> you know, i don't know when that happened. i think we have to figure that out because you have to declare a party. and at the end of the day, i think we just both did our values. what we felt more aligned with inside of our core being. for me the democratic party stands for equality, justice, civil rights, and liberty for all that is the party i align with my
3:55 am
values. steve: we are kind of curious growing up, a lot of families do have divisions within them with the democrats and republicans. but, when you were growing up, your mom never wanted you to argue about politics, right? >> oh, no. even now. she wouldn't let us argue about politics or anything. >> boyfriends, anything. >> she always just -- yeah, she always just impressed upon us that our life is about giving to others and because our life is about giving to others, you don't have to argue because everyone's experience will lead them to their own path. ainsley: it's a beautiful message. we heard from your sister how she became democrat. how did you become a republican? what do you like about your party. >> so much. what is not to like. freedom of freedom and progress. this party was started for people that look like me and women. why wouldn't i want to be part of something that's progressive and growing and
3:56 am
solid in foundation. >> you are not allowed to use that progressive word. >> family for business, for productivity. steve: for the folks watching right now, who they are reluctant to talk about politics, how do you do it at your house so it's civil and at the end of the day you walk away and still love each other? >> well, i think at the end of the day, we both know that we are trying to have progress, move things forward. and we can't do it when we're fighting against each other so we know that the left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird. steve: awesome. >> another thing we grew up eating out of trash cans. we had a very tumultuous growing up. you have to understand we have empathy for people. because our upbringing is that of a difference we understand. >> a love for. ainsley: god bless you both. mom was a heroin addict raised in a foster family,
3:57 am
abused and then found a loving home and those were the parents that raised you. god bless you both. we wish you all the best u. >> yes. steve: good luck to both of you. >> thank you steve and ainsley. >> thank you, "fox & friends." ainsley: they are great. steve: we'll be right back to talk about president trump. (vo) what if this didn't have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at steve president once again reaffirmed his commitment to combat russian meddling. >> you say you agree with u.s. intelligence that russia in the flexion 2016. >> i said that before. i let him know we can't have. this we're not going to have it, and that's the way it's going to be. >> house republicans overwhelmingly passed a measure supporting ice agents. some democrats are calling it a stunt. >> what's incredible is these politicians, members of the legislature, would much rather liberal a law enforcement agency than fix the law. >> one nfl player defying league orders on the new national anthem policy. >> i'm going to take take a fine.
4:01 am
i will stay now i'm taking my fine. >> sports icons and america's best athletes come together for america's espy awards. >> a marine who co-founded team rubicon receiving the pat tillman award. veterans to help with natural disaster relief ♪ welcome to new york ♪ we've been waiting for you. brian: that time of year again where we are privileged to be the site where the wounded warriors project sponsors soldier ride. 19-mile ride out to the hamps to our veranda. we are feeding them. have a big spread out there. you will here with the wounded warrior project along with 302060 wounded warriors who hop on their bike and raise money for a great cause. ainsley: this is what they do. two fire trucks sitting right outside our studio two. fire trucks line the street and then that american flag is flown and is so beautiful. people on the street stop to
4:02 am
look. steve: it was 15 years ago as brian mentioned it was started here on "fox & friends." we have proudly hosted it at the conclusion of the 8:00 hour you will see us launch them on 60-mile trip across the hamptses and whatnot. we will talk to them as well u it's our great honor to bring you this. always so heart wrenching and inspiring to see them behind the wheels of these bikes. ainsley: they ride out there to one of the towns in the hamptons. if anyone has been to steven talk's house. jimmy buffet for a moment gets on stage. brian: bono, everybody, bruce spring steenel. they will show up there. it dates back to the american indians when they controlled the hamptons way back when. ainsley: it's a bar. line so long to get if there. 20, 30-year-old crowd waits for a long time. brian: a lot of these bikes have been adapted for the wounded warriors, recouple bent bikes in some places. adapt you had so they are able to participate in
4:03 am
something like this. quite inspiring u. steve: a beautiful day in new york city. we will dhak off in the next hour here on "fox & friends." brian: house republicans overwhelmingly passed a measure supporting ice agents. you wouldn't think you would need a measure for this. ainsley: democrats withholding votes in protest calling it a stunt. steve: gillian turner is live from the hill tell us will this resolution. >> president trump weighed in on this saying the democrats have a death ghish more ways than one. they actually want to abolish ice. this should cost them heavily in the mid terms. yesterday the republicans overw4e78ingloverwhelmingly pasl supporting ice. allowing them to either voting for or against the agency. lawmakers who support ice are firing back. >> less than a year ago, i had an authorization of ice to authorize ice into law last july.
4:04 am
it pass the overwhelmin overwhey with every democrat voting for that measure including nancy pelosi. now in a complete reversal they're talking about abolishing ice. >> democrats took the vote as an opportunity to hit back against the administration's so-called separation policy. >> it is just a meaningless political stunt to change the subject from the international and domestic shame unleashed on us by president trump. >> but amid the hullabaloo on capitol hill. the men and women of ice are staying focus you had. a statement from their acting director reads in part, our workforce continues to carry out their important mission and we'll not be deterred by threats against our agency. this resolution gave republicans an opportunity to publicly express support for immigration enforcement and white house throwing support behind new funding bill that includes $5 billion to build president trump's border wall. guys?
4:05 am
steve: all right, gillian, thank you very much. trying to get the go on the record. called out ice we have to get rid of it. separating families all these different things. one new yorkers referred to as it a terrorist organization. so steve scalise said yesterday that the democrats who don't vote yes, that's going to be a tough bill to -- tough vote to explain. he said voting presents means they are not going to be willing to stopped up for our men and women who sacrificed their lives to keep america safe u it's a clear vote. nonetheless, 133 democrats, rather than vote yes or no, simply voted yep, i showed up for the vote but i'm not going to take a stand. ainsley: former ice director thomas homan says the democrats would rather abolish ice than just fix the laws. listen to this. >> look at the other side of the house, homeland security investigation, if they would have abolished ice this year, it would be over 900 children that weren't rescued from sexual predators. there would be 2200 more sexual predators walking the streets of this country. there would be other 100,000
4:06 am
criminal aliens. people in the united states illegally and committed a criminal act after they were here illegally against a citizen in this country to be 100,000 more of those walking the streets this year. abolish ice is a ridiculous concept. brian: that was one of the show votes that took place yesterday. it was a joke when the democrats were taking their cues from a 28-year-old first time politician who is really clueless about what's happening with the challenges of what's happening on our border. but they did. and others did like senator jilgillibrand of new york. very few proud of the way she acted cynthia nixon 36 points behind governor cuomo. got their lead ferrari three people who are questionable leaders and paid the price politically. now let's talk about what's on everyone's mind. that's the president clarifying how he feel the rule vladimir putin played in the meddling with our election. i cannot believe a year from when this all became apparent and about three years from when the obama administration knew about
4:07 am
it. we're still here. steve: russians have been meddling in our election i heard yesterday since 2008. the president did sit down with cbs yesterday. he says he does have confidence in our intel agencies. he reaffirmed that he personally holds putin responsible for the russian interference, he laid down the law him. not going to have it at the same time while he says he trusts thitrust batch of intel officials. he does not trust everybody who was in the intel community during the obama years. listen to this. >> i do have confidence in our intelligence agencies as currently constituted. i think that dan coats is excellent. when they tell me something, it means a lot. >> do you think any intelligence agency, u.s. intelligence agencies are out to get you? >> well, certainly in the past it's been terrible. you look at brennan. you look at clapper. you look at hayden. you look at comey.
4:08 am
you look at mccabe. you look at strzok and his lover, lisa page, you look at other people in the fbi that have been fired, that are no longer there. certainly i can't have any confidence in the past but i can have a lot of confidence in the present and the future. in the past, no. i have no confidence in a guy like brennan. i think is he a total low life. brian: proven to be politically centric. james comey actually tweeted out vote democrat. people are portraying them as apolitical. they are not apolitical. they are anti-trump. and david sang gore wh sanger tn as anyone. 2016 before the election proof positive that vladimir putin personally ordered the hit on our intelligence. well, that's fine. that's true. and the president has indicated in the past he said that let me ask you something. if john brennan knew about it and clapper, if the red
4:09 am
light was flashing was it flashing in september? was it flashing in july? don't you think part of the narrative has to be what was president obama doing and can anyone say he made the right move in saying knock it off one time in september? he actually had a chance to stop it, alert the american public before we even got into the final lap of our election. ainsley: why don't you think he did. >> this is what they say they were concerned president trump when he was running as a nominee was talking about being a rigged election. he was concerned that if he came out and said something like that, that would play into president trump. and he thought for sure hillary clinton was going to win and we'll just handle it from there. she lost, and after you briefed him, you pulled him aside and told him about some dossier which is nothing about a series of memos and said by the way we are looking into that as well. so, that all came down to the president in a series of days and the next thing you know, he is under constant
4:10 am
investigation, you can't just pull out one part of this story and say why does doesn't the president just admit it it's all part of this narrative. he does realize that vladimir putin did a personal hit on our election. steve: at the same time he also feels as we just heard that. so people in the intel community were out to get him u. brian: is he wrong? ainsley: buried it. they knew this information. buried it because they thought hillary clinton would win. steve: that's right. after that interview, james clapper responded in speaking for mr. brennan he said it's a badge of honor when the president of the united states seeks to go after individuals. what do you think about that? let us know at do you think some were tout get president trump or is he just mistaken? brian: add one other thing, louie gohmert said this a couple days ago. devin nunes has clarified it not only did the russians hitten us on the election. a foreign entity was able to get to hillary clinton's 30,000 emails.
4:11 am
louie gohmert said it on our show a couple of days ago. president says not just russia. i think it's russia and others. he is not winging it. he has been told it. steve: it might be more than one country u. brian: that's part of the narrative. don't pretend it's only russia. steve: three or four or five countries could get. in stay tuned, we hear they are investigating. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has more headline for us. ainsley: a manhunt intensifying for accused cop killer on the run in raw. the fbi offering $10,000 we regard for information leading to the arrest of justin ywkey, he shot officer. the 10-year police veteran was honored in 2014 with the officer of the year award. he leaves behind a wife and three small children. it marks the sixth officer shot in the u.s. in one week. also breaking right now. at least 22 soldiers hurt when a large tent collapses at a military base in
4:12 am
california. army officials say wind caused by a blackhawk helicopter blue it down at fort hunter liggett. it happened during an annual training exercise for thousands of troops. most of the injuries were minor. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is walking back his controversial comments about conspiracy theories sparked fake news. saying people shouldn't be banned for posts that deny the holocaust. >> i don't believe that our platform should take that down because i think that there are things that different people get wrong, either -- i don't think they are intentionally getting it wrong. it's hard to impugn intent and to understand the intent. jillian: zuckerberg also said if somebody called a sandy hook victim a liar in the post, it would be taken down. zuckerberg later clarified his comments saying quote i personally find holocaust denial deeply offensive and i absolutely didn't intend to defend the intent of
4:13 am
people who deny that a look at your headlines. brian: i know it's hard. a sandy hook victim is not a liar and the holocaust happened. you can't have both. you can't have two different decisions on the same issue. steve: it's because we're at the very beginning of how social media works and trying to figure out a standard and right now they haven't figured out something that is something that everybody ask agree on. brian: does it blow you away that the ceo can't figure it out? steve: they are making it up as they go. i. brian: straight ahead illegal immigrant charged with a series of sex assaults. can he be shielded by out city's sanctuary laws? ainsley: next son killed by illegal i will grant. steve: next never been to alaska. not kidding. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:14 am
♪ ♪ let your perfect drive come together at the lincoln summer invitation sales event. get 0% apr on select 2018 lincoln models plus $1,000 bonus cash.
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4:17 am
ainsley: a horrifying alleged ride share rapist san francisco turns out to
4:18 am
be illegal immigrant. orlando posed as a driver to pick up and assault women. brian: because san francisco is a sanctuary city does this mean local authorities won't tell ice if is he in fact released from jail and does it echo other cases out of san francisco like kate steinle. after all it's a sanctuary state. ainsley: here to weigh in on this is don rosenburg. son killed in san francisco by illegal immigrant in 2000 10. if he is let out, what will happen? will ice be notified i guess not if it's sanctuary, right? >> well, san francisco would have a choice in this case. if he is just let out charges are dropped or acquitted in a trial, then there is no requirement whatsoever for san francisco to notify ice. but, if he is convicted, and he, you know, has a multi-year term, the sanctuary stay law restricts
4:19 am
san francisco or any jurisdiction in california can report, but they are not required to. so even if is he convicted of all the rapes, and then he gets out, san francisco can let him go and not cooperate with ice. and that's why i have launched an initiative to overturn that law and require the local police jurisdictions and sheriffs to cooperate with ice. brian: you know what? maybe is he not even there he knows where to go in order not to get tossed and sanctuary states. good luck people of california. the ice statements san francisco chronicles. this the san francisco jail does not honor ice detainers nor notify ice of impending of aliens in its custody. has the answer. jail not only provides refuge for illegal aliens but it shields criminal aliens who prey on people in the community. i don't like that trade-off,
4:20 am
do you? >> hopefully our initiative will be on the ballot in 2020. if anybody wants information it's called fight sanctuary again, our initiative would require the san francisco police to cooperate with ice, so, you know, hopefully he will be in jail long past 2020. but once that passes, then they wouldn't have a choice u they could be held criminally liable if they didn't. ainsley: these are children u these are lives, unfortunately you know what's at stake here. it's just amazing i feel like they are putting the illegal aliens, the illegals that are not in this country paying taxes above those like you who do the right thing. i'm sorry for your loss. >> yeah. thank you. yeah. it's not even people here illegally. it's people here illegally and then have committed additional crimes that they are protecting. ainsley: criminals. >> that's outrageous.
4:21 am
brian: don rosenberg, thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: we all loved the movie "american sniper" based on chris kyle's memoir. a new book out nationwide the author camp valor is going to join us live next. our system naturally. miralax. now available in convenient single-serve mix-in pax. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at we stand for the traditions we inherited and that we must pass on. at bass pro shops and cabela's we stand together for you. shop our stores and online for great deals on great gear. and there's still time to get up to a $1000 gift card
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it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. ♪ ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. >> first, 50,000, that is how many syrian refugees canada might have lost track of according to post media news the canadian immigration department hasn't produced a report on these refugees in nearly two years. the government originally planned to monitor their education, jobs and social assistance. next, 550,000, that is how many vehicles ford is recalling because of problems with the gear shifter. the automaker says ford fusions made between 2013 and 16 and ford escapes made
4:25 am
from 2013 to 2014 could roll away on their own. and finally, $130 billion, that's how much gold was just found in a warship that was sunk 113 years ago. the team of explorers finding the wreck 1400 feet beneath the sea of japan. who gets all that gold? steve: i think [inaudible] ainsley: brian is a very wealthy man this morning. could he still come to work? brian: amazing. remember the movie abou "americn sniper" about chris kyle? >> excuse me, sir, are you chris kyle? >> yes, sir. >> can i tell you something? your dad, he's a hero. he saved my life. >> brian: well, it was all
4:26 am
based on the memoir written by keil and co-written by scott mccune. steve: scott mccune has a brand new novel out bucking all new trends in adult novels because its main theme is patriotic. ainsley: that's right. the book is called camp valor and scott joins us now to tell us more about his new book. hey, scott, congratulations. >> thank you for having me on. ainsley: the book just came out. it's a novel. >> it is. ainsley: based for what age group. >> 13 to 18. a lot of adults are enjoining it as well. steve: you spent so much time of chris kyle writing his memoir. >> there is a lot of seal teams in this. i raised my kids and seal team fathers we like to take them outside and teach them skills outside hunting, fishing, a lot of people don't design for their kids right now because a lot of kids are just on the internet all the time. we just wanted to do something different. this book is really about
4:27 am
raising skill set that is designed for the outdoors. the things that kids -- get them outside and get them away from the videos and things of that nature. the evil character in this book, actually is, a video dark net person because there was a message there. wanted to say that kids really should be careful with what they're watching. parents should be careful what the kids are watching on individual joe games. i think there is a lot of negative things that go through these things now. brian: seven of the 10 books on the "times" best seller list on the young adult side feature a girl as the main character. you are bucking the trend. i remember tim greene he writes these books for athletes. he said there was no books for real boys out there. that's why really it seemed to have hit an area and the population so well. >> yeah. i think that young men now, it doesn't seem like there is any type of aspiration to higher ideals. i mean, i don't see anything in the book world, in the young adult world that really gives them a patriotic feel.
4:28 am
this book was designed to give a patriotic feel towards this country and these people that go through camp valor in the book become agents of the united states in this fictional world that is created and really get to do a lot of things that's positive to the united states. that's one of the messages that i wanted to bring to it is, you know, our children nowadays i don't think are being, let's just say, given the right education towards being patriotic in this country sometimes. ainsley: we only have 18 years, usually before our kids go off to college or move out of the house. nnot a lot of time to prepare them to be good fathers and mothers and stewards and contribute back to this community. why is it so important to you to spend those 18 years as a parent teaching children about patriotism in this great country? >> i think we have loss a little bit of that feel lately. i think that you see a lot of it coming out with a lot of the reactions that people might have in our society. we see a lot of negative behaviors, i believe, of things. i think if we teach our kids
4:29 am
that this is a great country, this is an exceptional nation, and that this nation is worth, you know, learning about and the skills and the outdoors in this country are something worth doing and get off the internet. get them off the internet is my belief. steve: okay, scott. that's a great sentiment. how do you do it? how do you get the kids to put down the phone and pick um a book? >> well, just give them camp valor? [laughter] ainsley: boys and girls. there is a love interest in it. >> heroins, one of the biggest characters in this book is a girl that's tough. she is tough. she is one of the save the day. help save the day. brian: i will not read a book without a love story. i have always said that. ainsley: i won't see a movie without one. brian: absolutely. ainsley: thank you. congratulations. steve: camp valor, check it out. president trump vowing to take action against turkey for refusing to release that american pastor from prison. governor mike huckabee is up next. he says the media needs to pay attention to this story and he will join us live.
4:30 am
ainsley: plus a fireworks themed gender reveal goes horribly wrong. steve: oops. >> oh my god. [screams] [the terrifying moment caught on camera. with advil you'll ask... what sore back? what bum knee? advil is relief that's fast strength that lasts you'll ask... what pain? with advil
4:31 am
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when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies. it neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum tum tum tum tums... smoothies... ...and introducing new tums sugar-free. i think it was a strong news conference. i will tell you i don't know what the fuss is all about. i think we did extremely well, and i think the press makes up -- look, it's fake news. i think the press largely makes up a lot of the fuss about a lot of things. i'm not talking about one of it. i'm talking about everything. it's crazy. you do something that's positive and they try and make it as negative as possible. brian: they did evidently on air force one realize there was a problem, reportedly. they wanted to come up with
4:34 am
a plan and that's why part of that plan was the president addressing it the next day in the oval office. steve: when he said he misspoke. mike puck beis a fox news contributor, former governor of the great state of arkansas. he joining us right now from huckabee world headquarters. mike, i know you feel that the president did the right thing in coming out and saying pretty quickly he misspoke. at the same time there are still a number of people on the political left who say, okay, he may have misspoken, but it's still an impeachable offense. >> that's absurd. i mean, that is as absurd assaying that barack obama should have been impeached when he wowed to th bowed to thi king. you may not like what he does. impeachment implies something that was intentionally harmful to the united states and something that was done that is the constitution says high crimes and misdemeanors. none of which has happened. people are irrational. and i think what is just remarkable is to watch these
4:35 am
folks sitting around their desks on national news cable shows talking to each other. obviously not talking to the rest of america, because they think we are the great unwasheunwatched and deplorable. getting more irrational. here is what i am convinced of. these guys have not slept since november 2016. they are overwhelmed with insomnia. they have become historical and they no longer represent rational thought. they are becoming a joke. they are becoming comical to watch because they are unhinged to a level that, when you start saying that what donald trump did in helsinki at a news conference is the same as 9/11, that is an insult to the 3,000 people killed. it's just nuts. brian: this quote from the russian ambassador to the u.s., even in talking with you now to the reporter, i think "the washington post," i'm afraid to say something positive about the american president because, when american journalists or policymakers read my interview, they will say russia is, again, meddling
4:36 am
and helping donald trump. that's how bizarre this is. the other countries don't even know how to compliment the president. >> well, better that they don't, according to this media because, if they do, then there is some kind of collusion going on behind the scenes. that's what i'm saying. it's insane. it's gone so far that it's now having the backlash and i also think the law of unintended consequences is taking place. the media, rather than becoming more credible has become less credible. people look at them as if they are a joke. they don't take them seriously, except for the little group of people who breathe into their own paper bag and that's about it. but, does this have an effect on the midterm elections? yes. it will make more people turn out and vote for the republicans. ainsley: you know, governor, arafter he misspoke and then he made the correction i thought -- we all thought how are voters going to feel about this? we know how the left is going to feel and how the mainstream media is going to cover. this then i thought what
4:37 am
about the republicans? you have a lot of republicans coming out against him. then i wanted to see what the reaction would be after he clarified what he actually meant. and it turns out people in middle america, they just don't care because they like what is he doing on the economy. and i was shocked to see msnbc go out and actually air this, watch. >> there is a lot of backlash going on now, especially when he said well i said i didn't. i didn't. whatever. >> at love people weren't happy. >> yeah, yeah. but i'm totally in support of him. >> why? why are you so supportive? >> because he's an entrepreneur. he's a businessman, working class person's president. he is trying to make this country great again. >> do you support the president? >> yes. >> do you continue to support him despite -- >> -- yes. >> this week? >> yes. >> i don't care one bit about the rest of the world. they ain't worried about us, i'm not worried about what the rest of the world thinks. ainsley: governor, what's
4:38 am
your reaction? >> well, i think a lot of the people in the mainstream media and many of the democrats but then again i repeat myself, i think a lot of them don't understanding the reason donald trump was elected is people you just saw on the interviews. they're the reason. they are tired of elitist snobbing looking down their noses at them. they saw their paychecks and pensions disappear under the policies of these people who did quite well under any economy but the folks who are standing on concrete floors, lifting heavy things, getting their hands dirty, they were taking a beating and they had had enough of it. they still have had enough of it they are tired of having this attitude given toward them, that somehow they are just not as good, that they are the basket of deplorables. and they are rising up. this is not going away. this is not one election moment. this is a movement. people seeing it. steve: the president has been talking. brian was referencing an item in the "new york times"
4:39 am
where it sounds like damage control. we played we played number of times come out in the past in the last year or two saying essentially that he thought it was russia meddling or other countries or something like that. he has done that a number of times. but, to your point about politics, axios, in the last hour, released a poll they did. they said 79% of republicans approve of the way president trump handled the putin press conference. and 85% think russia's war on our election is just a distraction. there are a whole bunch of people who feel that way. >> the fact is we all recognize russia tried to meddle in our elections. what we also recognize if our brains weren't left on the nightstand is it didn't impact the election. hillary didn't lose because of russia. in fact, she tried to help russia get a dossier so they could do something damaging to donald trump.
4:40 am
that's what i want to keep reminding people. there was collusion. and it was hillary's campaign who did it did the russians try interfere? yes. did they succeed? it doesn't appear that they did. but the fact is we tried toll interfere in elections all over the world our selves. so let's thought be too much patting ourselves on the back how pure we are. ainsley: governor, the president was tweeting about -- a message to erdogan, the president of turkey saying please release this pastor. this pastor is andrew brunson. we talked about him for a year and a half at least. this october he will be behind bars for two years. all he was doing was trying to spread christianity in tuckery, he and his wife. and the president tweet you had out erdogan should do something to free this wonderful christian husband and father. he has done nothing wrong and his family needs him. turkish government is staying that he is a spy. what's your reaction to this? >> well, first of all, i'm so proud of our president and vice president, both of whom have been very strong, very clear to erdogan and turkish government.
4:41 am
turkey is a nato country. it's getting a little bit disgusting that a country that we may have to defend is becoming as oppressive as maybe some country we would have to defend against. i think it's time for us to evaluate whether turkey belongs in nato if they are going to be, you know, a true player in freedom, then you cannot have this kind of political prisoner held for spurious reasons, which is exactly what's happening with governo pastor brunson. brian: sarah was able to answer this question definitively. >> i have heard of her. brian: with the president be open to russians question or have bill browder and former ambassador michael mcfollow later straightened out by the state department. do you think the president would ever give up those two individuals? >> no. i cannot imagine any circumstances under which that would happen. it would be disastrous and absurd and there is no way
4:42 am
he would do that. why we? i mean, you don't give our own people over to foreign governments. you just don't do that and he would never do it, ever. ainsley: that was in exchange for the 12 that were indicted. probably not going to happen. steve: governor huckabee, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you, guys. have a great day. brian: meanwhile, democrats worry president trump is starting a trade war. now, the fed seems to be firing back. stuart varney is here. he says the numbers don't lie. he is on deck. i like when he walks. i hate when he just stands there. steve: plus annual tradition tradition kick things off in the next hour. live from 48th and 6th. good morning, folks.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
ainsley: time for quick headlines. this is not a joke. a democrat running to represent alaska in congress has never stepped foot in the state. carol hafner calls south dakota home but she says that she felt compelled to run in alaska to share her perspective on things like education and the environment. hafner telling the associated press, quote: don't lock me out just because i'm not a home boy. you ought to be thankful that i care enough and i'm interested enough and passionate enough to want to make things better. a gender reveal with fireworks goes horribly wrong. watch this. [screams] jillian: couple using fireworks to announce they are having a baby girl. the stunt sit party goers running and sparks shot towards them. no one though seriously
4:47 am
hurt. they are having a girl. congrats to them. steve: supposed to be blue. thank you very much. ainsley: no, girl. pink. steve: missed that part. proof is in the numbers. the federal reserve chair firing back at democrats ominous fears of a trade war with everybody. >> robust job gains. rising after tax income and optimism among households have lifted consumer spending in recent months. difficult to predict the ultimate outcome of current discussions over trade policy. overall we see the risk of the economy unexpectedly weakening roughly balanced with the economy growing faster than we currently anticipate. brian: stuart varney host of varney and company fox business network one the top stories today because have you a lot of the talk about trade. so far no fear revealed in those numbers. >> well, let me translate what the fed chair just said the translation is the economy is strength in the face of trade trouble. let me translate that america is negotiating trade deals with a strong economy at our back.
4:48 am
now, the federal reserve did say, look, the tariffs which have been impose have had raised some prices in some areas. but that's not interfered with the growth of the economy. if you look at their report, it shows that 11 out of 12 districts in america which cover the country 11 out of 12 so he moderate or strong growth. the fed is usually restrained in the words its used. when you say strong growth. that is strong growth indeed. only one area around st. louis, that shows slight growth. so, across the country, have you got growth despite some prices rising from tariffs and by the way, one week from tomorrow, we're going to report 4% growth of this economy. best rate in many, many years. doublindouble the rate in the first quarter. ainsley: have trade discussions because our economy is doing so well and we afford to raise prices. >> we have strong economy at
4:49 am
our back as we go forward and negotiate trade deals with other countries. july the 25th, the europeans come to america. we are told that maybe they are coming with a trade deal in mind. maybe some lowering of tariffs by us and by them. that's what's coming down the pike. we are negotiating these trade deals. we are negotiating, i think from, a position of strength. steve: you wouldn't be surprised if just before the mid terms the president announces we reached deals with pretty much the whole world. it's not 100 percent what we wanted but it's a better deal for america. >> steve, i would be surprise you had such a sweeping trade agreement across the board. it's something to look forward to. it may happen, negotiations are continuing with america and mexico, america and canada. america and the europeans. maybe japan is involved in this, too. brian: japan and the eu negotiated a deal, zero tariffs, both sides, i'm thought sure if that's a shot across our bough or high five president trump.
4:50 am
maybe on july 25thth when the europeans come here maybe that's an open invitation come on in. brian: let's hope coming doesn't cut his legs out cutting the tariffs. >> let's hope. steve: come on over to the fox business network 9:00 this morning. stuart will preside over the channel for three hours. >> preside? brian: help conduct. ainsley: very formal. >> okay i will take it. ainsley: annual tradition on "fox & friends." soldier ride about to roll through new york city. about to kick things off on our plaza that's coming up next. ♪ funny how the world keeps turning ♪ look ma, no hands ♪ i love this american ride ♪ at her frequent heartburn, lucy could only imagine enjoying a slice of pizza. now it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts
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♪ steve: for the past 15 years, wounded warriors have gone on a healing journey on a soldier ride through new york. ainsley: "fox & friends" is so honored because we have been there to kick off this incredible event year after year for the last 15 years. brian: the crowd behind you are going to be the riders here to tell us is nick. founder. dan miller is back wounded warrior spokesperson and tracy farrell is making her debut vp of physical health. i love the design on the brand new shirts. >> thank you. for having us. it all started here 15 years ago bar in long island steven talkhouse we had this idea to ride across country. supported under the circumstances. tony snow. it's been an amazing journey. 15 years now. ainsley: how do we warriors get involved? >> dan, you are a wounded warrior. >> how do wounded warriors
4:55 am
get along. started the ride. progressed over several years. more warriors, more warriors and now it's become soldier riders. ainsley: wounded warriors at the bar and you decided to call it soldier ride? >> no. actually it was civilians. our way of giving something back. all these folks served these folks right here. brian: you guys all served, right? [cheers] steve: tracy, where are all these people from. >> really from the northeast. of course we have people from all over the world that are members of wounded warrior project. steve: surely, why do they want to be here today. >> great event to get together to have camaraderie and get on a bike and have fun like did you in the kids. brian: not a bad place to end up in the hamptons. you will end up in coney island? >> that's right. brian: hanging out there for a while. the mets single a team there and a lot of ride. >> opportunity ride tomorrow. still sign up and ride with us tomorrow ride with us in the hamptons on saturday. it's a great experience for
4:56 am
everybody. ainsley: how supportive is law enforcement in the city? brian: still high fiving you guys? >> we could not do this year after year without the law enforcement or the fire department. incredible group of people and incredible public service. brian: people watching at home right now how do they support you guys. >> easiest way to support wounded warrior project go to wounded warrior read all about us and if you would like, can you make a donation. ainsley: have you something if you are interested. sign up, i think take $19 a month every month and it goes to all of you guys, these people who have given up so much for our country. it's not a lot of money. brian: did you guys bring your bikes? [cheers] that's what the u-hauls are here for. steve: kicks off in the next hour. thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: president trump says he has a dream opponent for 2020. who is it?
4:57 am
stick around. brian: air force one is getting a patriotic makeover. what do you think it should look like? your designs are coming up. many of you brought your crayons to work ♪ everyday american hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. . .
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so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit ♪ brian: the president once again reaffirmed his commitment to combat russian meddling. >> you say you agree with u.s. intelligence that russia meddled in the 2016 election. >> i said that before. i let him know we can't have this we're not going to have it and that is the way it is going to be. brian: house republicans overwhelmingly passed a measure supports i.c.e. agents. ainsley: democrats withheld their votes. >> they would much rather abolish a law enforcement agency than fix a law. >> one nfl player violating league orders. >> i will take a fine. i'm taking my fine. ainsley: sports icons and america's best athletes coming together for the annual espy
5:01 am
awards. >> our friend jake wood, a marine who co-founded team rubicon, receiving the pat tillman award. >> kind of citizens america needs, put service above self. we can do better and we must do better. ♪ ainsley: we did that. got the fire department out there. hung big american flag over 48th street and sixth avenue in downtown new york city. steve: here is a word to the wise. if the morning commute takes it down 48th and sixth avenue, find a detour. we have all the police on the plaza. the street is detouring so we kick off the soldier ride for 15th time, coming up this hour of "fox & friends." brian: wounded warriors in many
5:02 am
respects and vet lance. they have been hit during war, literally wounded. they adopted their bikes for them to go 20 miles a day, end up in the hamptons and race money. if you're sits at home, i don't know where long island is, i will never see the set of "fox & friends," that's fine. you can donate and going to wounded warrior project and click on warrior ride. ainsley: you were involved in that. brian: it goes directly, the general will be out here done a incredible job with the organization, a lot go from serving to serving this way. steve: absolutely. so speaking of serving, there are a lot of people who are here in tend dance today from new york city police department and fire department as well. we have a very troubling fox news alert for you regarding people who protect us. there is a manhunt intensifying for accused cop killer who is now apparently on the run in hawaii. brian: it marks the sixth officer shot in the u.s. this
5:03 am
week. ainsley: todd piro joins us live with more on the latest attack on our men and women in blue. todd? reporter: steve, ainsley, brian, even paradise is not prepared for the assault on those who keep us save with a hawaii county officer shot dead and a manhunt for his killer intensifying overnight. >> this was an not just an officer, a father, a son and a husband. put a face to the name. reporter: authorities say officers were conducting a traffic stop tuesday newt when the driver, 33-year-old got out an fired multiple shots. officer bronson kilawhua was shot in the leg and died at the hospital. he was honored officer of the month in april 2014. leaves behind a wife and three small children. the anybody by offered a 10,000-dollars reward for leading to information to the
5:04 am
convicted felon in killing. a man accused of killing an officer with his own fun, with this photo showing a straight trooper putting cuffs on emanuel lopes. he shot chesna 10 times before killing a 77-year-old woman. six officers were shot, three injured in missouri, one injured in north carolina, in addition to killings in hawaii and massachusetts. these latest deaths bringing number of officers killed by gunfire alone in 2018 to 33. according to the officer down memorial page. back to you. steve: terrible story. todd, thank you very much for the update. ainsley: thanks, todd. brian: yesterday the president of the united states continues to try to clarify his feeling about vladmir putin, russia, and what they did in the 2016 election. so he called jeff glor second time in five days, brought him to the oval office and talks to him. he looks to him a fair guy.
5:05 am
gave him a fair shot two days ago. he sat down and talk to him. he made it clear this did not happen under his watch. it happened unpresident obama's watch he does know russia was responsible. steve: he says during the interview, with the meeting with mr. putin he laid down the law, you can't do that again. he holds mr. putin personally responsible. he has confidence in the intel agencies. >> current one. >> the current one. once again he has said a number of times before what happened in helsinki. he has said in the past that russia meddled meddled in our es or other nations as well. he did that numerous times. he has been doubling down on that throughout the past couple days. ainsley: trust the current intel community but not the former one. listen to this. >> i do have confidence in our intelligence agencies as currently constituted. i think that dan coats is excellent.
5:06 am
when they tell me something it means a lot. >> do you think any intelligence agencies, u.s. intelligence agencies are out to get you? no certainly in the past it has been terrible. you look at brennan. you look at clapper. you like at hayden. you look at comey. you look at mccabe. you look at strzok and his lover, lisa page. you look at other people in the fbi that have been fired, that are no longer there. certainly i can't have any confidence in the past but i can have a lot of confidence in the present and the future. but in the past, no, i have no confidence in a guy like brennan. i think he is a total low-life. steve: keep in mind mr. brennan couple days ago in light of what the president said, he later said he misspoke, the mr. brennan said the president's comments in helsinki were treasonous. brian: a story broke in the "new york times" last night, david sanger says that the president was personally told at
5:07 am
highest level by the people that steve just mentioned, clapper, brennan, comey, and, probably -- steve: mike rogers of nsa. brian: they said listen to him, russia has been hacking the election. somebody very close to vladmir putin confirms it. putin was orchestrating it. if president came out, i know putin did it, i know he was behind it, i am looking to get past it. whether he did it or not i have to deal with him. goes back to the chris wallace interview on with vladmir putin you twice seem to get along. we'll get together to fly across the atlantic, what good it is to yell at each other. it happened in the past. even though he is responsible for it. so this to me, now here we are on thursday, on monday legitimate outrage. i get it. but the fact we're still talking about this on thursday, in respects just shows i think many ways the democrats saying 45% approval rating. the economy is beginning to
5:08 am
roar. even the generic poll shows a narrowing gap. no one really thinks the senate is going to flip. this is our opportunity. there is blood in the water, go to the mat with this issue. ainsley: intel community from the former administration, people investigating this current president and collusion and they're sending trump, hate-filled text messages to one another. they're admitting they don't like him. james comey said he wasn't political. now tweeting out vote for democrats midterm. devin nunez, he has a message about this they really want a democrat to win. let's listen. >> they would love to see republicans lose, and i say that, i hate to say that, but i have to believe that the department of justice and fbi, the people in leadership, they are banking on a loss by the republicans in the fall which is why people have to understand how important it is going to be to get out and vote in this election to insure that the members of congress returned
5:09 am
actively involved to, because if democrats get controlled, they will drop all of this investigation. they are not going to do anything on this investigation. steve: so you look at what the current president of the united states said regarding the old regime and intel community much. they were out to get him. he feels that is a possibility. devin nunez says the people at the doj and the fbi in the leadership, they want democrats. keep in mind, if the democrats take over, all of these hearings into what happened in run-up to start spying on the trillionp team, that ends. one of the reasons devin nunez feels that way because current leadership at doj, fbi, a lot of republicans feel have been slow walking all the documents, production. there is still a lot of things the republicans want to see to see to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. they simply will not give it to them, president of the united states, it is his
5:10 am
administration, he could declassify everything, get it to the republicans with a signature on the paper. brian: as devin said, louie gohmert said couple days ago. it wayne just the russians. there was a foreign entity listed in the report in michael horowitz' report and house report, not the russian state intercepting 30,000 emails. did the russians do it? yes. did vladmir putin orchestrate it? yes. has other foreign entities been a part? yes. has the president said in the past, yes. he gotten criticized. president of the united states did make things harder on himself insisting on one-on-one meeting with vladmir putin behind closed doors. now we don't have any idea what happened and all his critics have a reason to sound off and sit there on the microphone, say what else did the president promise behind closed doors. ainsley: kellyanne told us they would talk about what happened behind closed doors. think about president obama, what he whispered to vladmir putin. let me fet through this
5:11 am
election. mike huckabee on our show, medvedev. we had mike huckabee on our show talking about how this is going to backfire when it comes to the midterm. listen. >> people are irrational and i think what is just remarkable is to watch these folks sitting around their desks on national news cable shows, talking to each other, obviously not talking to the rest of the america, because they think we're the great unwashed and deplorables, talking to each other, getting more irrational, gone so far, it is having backlash, i also think the law of unintended consequences takes place. the media, rather than becoming more credible, has become less credible. the it will make more people turn out and vote for republicans. steve: he could be right. a brand new "axios" poll, 79% of republicans approve the way president handled putin in the press conference in helsinki.
5:12 am
85% of the republicans think russian war on our elections is disaster. will that motivate people vote in november? we'll deal you in december. brian: if a team has a lot of great wide receivers you might put another defensive back in. the president knows all the media is against him. his communications team has to start watching his back, think two steps ahead of time. this side tracks entire country. no one is benefiting from this, not democrats, republicans or us. steve: 8:12 here in new york city. i believe we'll take a quick timeout. brian: president trump thanking our next guest for getting him $5 billion to build his border wall. how did congressman bill yoder do it. ainsley: sacha baron cohen tried to trick a gun store owner into a fake interview but he got called out fast. that owner will join us.
5:13 am
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♪ brian: 16 minutes after the hour. president trump could be one step closer to his border wall thanks to spending bill from
5:17 am
house appropriations committee including among the department of homeland security $51 billion budget, is five billion dollars for border security, over 200 miles of a physical border wall, mostly in texas. what other border security measures are in the bill? here to break it down house appropriations committee member kevin yoder. the president already saluted you for doing this. he tweeted this out, thank you congressman yoder secured 5 billion for border security. he is strong on crime and second amendment and loves our military and vets. that is nice. he noticed. what are you going to do. >> we have to get the bill through congress. we have a subcommittee hering this morning. we have to make the case to the american people, this is not about politics but keeping america safe. we're focusing personnel, technology and barriers where we need it most. we are looking 200 miles of barriers stopping flow of drugs and human trafficking coming
5:18 am
from across the border, specifically rio grande valley and laredo sector, where border customs say without barriers they're being overrun. drugs and human trafficking, the mexican cartels are sending this to neighborhoods like overland park, kansas, where i live and nightmare for communities and law enforcement. we can stop the flow upstream with proper border security. i think it is shameful the senate will block this in the senate using filibuster, because they want to stop anything that will help border security. brian: overwhelm mingly they want border security. republicans and democrats not in some cases big wall but even border patrol doesn't want a thick wall. some want a fence. others want to see a fence. sometimes a wall will work. natural barrier there, 5 billion, how much go to the actual wall itself?
5:19 am
>> five billion, 4.8 will add 200 miles of new wall and fencing depending what the customs and border protection want. we let them prioritize type, style and place. many areas you will see steel bollard. you will see those kind of things shope to be most effective. we're letting experts in the field place it, put it where they think they need it most to protect our communities. brian: some republicans like will hurd are who are not for it, also he is from a border state. yesterday he had a vote, mostly symbolic, let's see who wants to ban i.c.e. it was destroyed. why is it important for republicans and speaker to put this up? >> we think it is shameful that there are folks in this country saying we should stop enforcing our immigration laws. this movement to abolish i.c.e., combined with the opposition to any type of border security is really to sabotage the american people. we wanted to make sure that people are on record on that
5:20 am
notion. they're out at these rallies saying, don't secure the border, abolish i.c.e. open the borders. let's let drugs and human trafficking, just ravage this country. i think they need to be called out for and on record. we wanted folk, men and women out there working for us every day enforcing the law, that congress is behind them. a lot of us were, a majority were, a lot of people who did not support that because they want to sabotage our national security and it's really unfortunate. brian: right. congressman, everyone is on a big sprint now to repair people up with their kids who came across with kids but what about the 10,000 came across unaccompanied? that is once again america's problem it seems. congressman yoder, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me on the program. brian: president trump has dream opponent for 2020 election. who is it? stick around. sacha baron cohen tried to trick a gun owner in a fake
5:21 am
interview that would mock him but he got called out fast. that owner joins us with the story. ♪
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. information we're just learning, at least three people are hurt in a explosion at an army depot in pennsylvania. it is unclear what caused the blast or how severe injuries are. officials are asking employees to stay in the work areas and away from the main entrance. we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. president trump and first lady paying tribute to a fallen secret service agent. noell remigan had a stroke. he dedicated 19 years to the
5:25 am
secret service. his body returned to the u.s. draped in a american flag. in a statement president trump writing quote, our prayers are with special agent, remigan loved ones. a go fund me page is set up for his family. leaves behind a wife and two kids. steve: steve comedian sacha baron cohen making headlines for pranks on his showtime series, who is america. a gun store owner in california was not fooled by the actor when he tried to trick him. look at surveillance video from warrior one guns and ammo back in 2017. the store owner said cohen came in claiming to be a hungarian immigrant buying a gun for documentary. the owner called him out. cohen ran out the front door. here with more warrior gun and ammo owner, norris sweidan. good morning to you.
5:26 am
>> how are you? steve: what a story. we saw this yesterday. we wanted to talk to you. in 2017 you get a call, they're trying to put together a documentary about a hungarian guy who is immigrant to this country. wants to buy a gun. you said sure, come on over. you take us to that day. the cameras are in this place of business. in walks this guy in a dystopias. what -- disguise. what did he say. >> when he walked in the disguise, he looked stupid. tight plants, big boots and beard, dumb-looking hat. he didn't say much. he just kind of, you know, he wouldn't make eye contact with me. you have to understand in the gun business, we pay attention to people. i'm talking to you, you're going to tell me, so this way i know what you're looking to get, what you're looking to purchase. he kept looking at the producers. soon as i kept trying to make eye contact with him, yeah, you're borat.
5:27 am
steve: whoa. >> as soons i said that he in the video he took off. steve: did you is len to his voice or listen to what he was trying to get you to fall for? >> you know what. he wouldn't make eye contact with him. he wouldn't. he was just trying, his accent was off. it just didn't make any sense. and you could see in the video i'm looking around, okay, this is a joke. i said, you got to get the hell out of here. steve: was sitting he said to the producers? was sitting, was it a look he gave to you. just the outfit and you're thinking i'm being pranked here? >> everything. steve: everything? >> it is everything. none of it made sense. steve: after he said, you're borat, he turned around went out the door and left the camera crew and producers there. what did you say to them? >> yep. he took right off, hopped in a car. the other people remained there. here is the funny thing.
5:28 am
i'm asking him, trying to get answers, nobody giving me any answers. you know what i told them. that's when they left. steve: when did you put together it was probably for this new series that they were taping that? >> as soon as this got released, which i heard it is flopping, so that's good. that's when we put this out and obviously this is what happened. you know, the disturbing part be i'm going to be dead honest with you, how they're mocking the second amendment, how they're mocking guns, really, kindergarteners? really? political people, congressman fell, you want to arm kindergarteners, that is your answer? you can't mock the second amendment. it will not happen. you just can't do it. that is the really disturbing part. you're putting a bunny on a gun, you have a gun advocate. you're not a gun advocate. you don't put a bunny on a gun
5:29 am
and look stupid. it doesn't work like that, okay? showtime should be ashamed for that. steve: so amazing, you, could spot sacha baron cohen within the first minute or two, that he was trying to prank you and you identified him, he turned around but that is what you do, every day, isn't it? you try to figure out what is going on with the person trying to buy a gun from me? >> because you have to understand, everybody has a misconception of gun owners, oh, my gosh, whatever the case may be. people love guns just as much as people love cars. it is a hob i b it is a passionate. it's a bloodstream of ours, okay? and i'm telling you the disturbing part is that you have politicians that fell for this and i can not believe you want to arm kin der garteners. come on people. don't mock our second amendment. it is not there. it's a serious job. i love my job.
5:30 am
i love my customers. and this is what we're here for. steve: he runs warrior one guns and ammo. norris, thanks for joining us and telling your story. >> all right, sir. thank you for having me. steve: real pleasure. now you know the rest of the story. all right, exactly 8:30 in new york city. the new football season hasn't even started but one nfl player is vowing to dei foot new league's -- defy the league's new anthem policy. we have some new designs coming up next. you're live in new york city with "fox & friends" for a very busy new york city.
5:31 am
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>> go ahead. everyone please rise for singing of national anthem by the
5:34 am
american bombshells. ♪ o, can what's so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪
5:35 am
♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ brian: nice, great job. ainsley: wonderful. thank you so much. beautiful. steve: we're outside because in about 20 minutes the, 50th annual soldier ride will kick off. these guys are going for a 6-mile bike ride. brian: many serve in the military. they came back and they were wounded in any way, they have overcome it in order to hop on a bike, go at least 20 miles a day for the next few days, have a great time along the way, you can support at home. we'll talk to the general mike linington taking over story not going away even though training camps opened up in the national football league. ainsley: the national anthem.
5:36 am
the nfl says if you are not going to stand you have to stay in the locker room. one player on the tennessee titans, jerel casey will take the fine. he will continue to hold his fist up. as a result his team will be fined. steve: listen to this. >> i take my fine. it is what it is. i won't let this stop me doing what i want to do. if they want battles between players and organizations, this is what it is going to be. steve: a lot of people thought maybe the league's decision couple months ago would settle things. maybe not. brian: the player's union is suing the league for making this mandate without getting their permission first, while having talks to solve this i am somewhat surprised nfl would do it without consulting with the union. but they did it, similar to the way the nba a did it. they stopped problem five years ago. looks like they will have it, because both sides are dug in. president is not shy about weighing in. ainsley: the nfl says you have to stand up, you can't kneel if you're one of the players.
5:37 am
did they shea anything about the fist. that is what he did. brian: very interesting. that is a good point. steve: keep in mind, it has been a such a politically sensitive thing regarding, people would tune in for beginning of football game to see how many people would take a knee, something like that. the nfl owners, they have billions of dollars on the line. they wanted to fix it. they came up with something. now it will wind up in court. looks if there will still be protests. brian: ratings were down 7%. attendance is down 10%. players get 45% of all the revenue. you're in this together guys. work it out. keep in mind, you might be upset about law enforcement in this country. your opinions might be valid but you're at work. go to work. do it after work or before work. ainsley: if you get a fine, the owner gets fined, but you said the players still make money off revenue? steve: player gets fined. brian: player gets fined. team gets fined. steve: some owners, the guy who
5:38 am
runs the giants i will pay the people's fines if they do it. i think what they said. brian: one of the owners, tish, the president of the united states doesn't understand what the players are protesting. the a lot of people don't. he has a interesting people. if you feel somebody in your life, friend, family member, need as pardon, call me, call the white house. i will look at your case like i looked at the jack johnson case. steve: nonetheless, a lot of players feel they have a first amendment right to expression. that is where he are right now. ainsley: let es know what you think. we'll hand it over to jillian with headlines for us. jillian: busy news morning. following a number of stories. president trump revealing his dreams about the 2020 election. >> i dream about biden. that's a dream. joe biden ran three times. he never got more than 1%. and president obama took him out of the garbage heap, everybody was shocked that he did. i would love to have it be
5:39 am
biden. jillian: former vice president says he will make up his mind about running by january. recent harvard poll, suggest he is candidate democrats favor to run against president trump. we shall see. fox news alert now. a steam pipe explodes in the middle of new york city, shutting down streets during rush hour. you can see the steam shooting out, sending smoke billowing over the city. the blast blew a large hole in the middle of fifth avenue, near the iconic flatiron building, sending chunks of asphalt into the street. unclear if anyone is hurt. two kids bitten by sharks miles apart. a 12-year-old girl was swimming off long island, new york, when she felt a burst of pain. >> i kind of thought it was a dream. i didn't think it was actually happening t was three to four feet. it was pretty big. jillian: the other victim a 13-year-old boy had to pull out a shark tooth lodged in his leg the both kids are expected to be
5:40 am
okay. air force one getting new patriot take makeover, the red white blue update will replace the current blew and white design. earlier we asked what it should look like. your comments pour in. marcia wants a giant eagle in flight. dave writes, like world war ii bomber art. bottom should have #likemaga the plain's nose should be an eagle and flying american flag on its back. send it to you guys. steve: fly like an eagle. jillian: you guys flew in the studio by the way. ainsley: we heard the national anthem out there. celebrating troops. lots of back and forth. we're a little out of breath but we made it. brian: 20 minutes over the top of the hour. ainsley: backlash growing over mgm lawsuit against the victims of the las vegas massacre. the company claims they are protected by a law passed after 9/11. do they have a case? bob massi will break it down. brian: we're gearing up for the
5:41 am
soldier ride on the plaza. we'll go out to the wounded warrior project on the plaza and men and women biking through new york. ♪ your health, but it's tough to get enough of their nutrients. new one a day with nature's medley is the only complete multivitamin with antioxidants from one total serving of fruits and veggies try new one a day with nature's medley. for great deals on great gear. like savings of up to 40% or more on select men's and ladies' shoes and sandals. and save 25% or more on select camping gear. plus bring the kids for free workshops, crafts and games. wells fargo has supported community organizations from the beginning, like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today.
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♪ jillian: good morning to you. quick headlines now. strong words from president trump meaning more money in your pocket. the president slamming major drug companies on twitter for raising prices, quote, for no reason. drugmaker novartis is reportedly freezing prices in the u.s. for the rest of the year. this follow as similar move by rival pfizer. baltimore now banning suggest todayry drink like soda from kid's menus from restaurants. parents can still order them for their children. pennsylvania supreme court is upholding philadelphia's 1 1/2 cent per ounce soda tax. opponents say it costs the city
5:45 am
1200 jobs as the city loses business. ainsley. ainsley: thanks so much, jillian. 58 people were killed, hundreds would youd in that horrific shooting in las vegas outside the mandalay bay hotel in october. now the mgm resorts international which owns the hotel is suing hundreds of victims claiming it has no liability of any kind to survivors or families of slain victims under a federal law enacted after the known 11 terror attacks. here to explain this is fox news legal analyst bob massi. he is also the host of property man on fbn. good morning, bob, thanks for being with us. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: will you briefly explain how the federal law was created after 9/11 and why? >> well basically it was created for purposes shielding certain people, certain companies, if they reached certain type of criteria from liability. for example, in this case what the mgm is saying that they have filed an action in federal court, ainsley, filed declaratory relief action, asking the court to declare the
5:46 am
rights of the party. they are saying since they hired a security company that was then certified and cleared by homeland security, that the mgm themselves have no liability as a result of this law. and the federal court will have to make that determination. ainsley: so they're saying they followed the law, they hired security. therefore no one can sue them and they're countersuing all these individuals? the problem they covered up so much, or many people feel like they did and we didn't get answers immediately. so it seems a little fishy. is this the first real test of this law? >> from the research that i have done, of course people at fox for me have done, yes, this is the first time it has ever been tested. the question is going to be, if in fact the mgm would win, then that means these claims exclusively will be in federal court. that is why what is going to happen here, the plaintiffs will in fact, excuse me, the defendants in fact will countersue back because they want to keep it out of federal court because federal court is a
5:47 am
whole different world. those lawyers that represent the plaintiffs, robert eglet in las vegas, who is a terrific lawyer, says this law doesn't even apply under these circumstances. >> this is from m gm they said the federal court is appropriate venue for these cases an provides those affected withstudent for timely resolution. they want it to go to federal court. >> they do. ainsley: a lot of people were watching, we were all wondering why the hotel allowed the guy to keep going in back in and back out with all the equipment and never was caught. it is a casino. aren't they looking at monitors constantly? >> that is one of issues. let's like four or five days before this terrible act. this man brought in 20 suitcases, used service elevators, was doing things up in the area that the mgm never paid attention to. that is one of the arguments. the other thing, briefly looking at this act, it is very long, one of the arguments that the plaintiffs are going to make, this act has never been termed a
5:48 am
terrorist act. and as a result of that, it doesn't fall within the definitions or guidelines of the safety law. but believe me when i tell you these plaintiffs lawyers are going to fight vigorously to defeat this, they don't want it in federal court. they don't believe this law applies under the circumstances. >> bob, what about victims rand their families, will they receive compensation after the tragedy? >> at some point they will of course. there will be a payout at some point on this horrible tragedy from wrongful death actions, to the people still having medical problems. the community actually is it outraged by it because they feel that the mgm is going the other direction and not protecting people. the mgm actually said we're doing it, not to put the victims through long litigation. look their lawyers have the right to do what they need to do to advocate from their client, from a prer speculative in las vegas and throughout the country, it surely does not look
5:49 am
good. ainsley: thanks so much, bob. tune into property man, friday nights, 8:30 p.m. eastern time on fox business network. coming up next, we're getting things rolling here. the soldier ride kicks off out on our plaza next. sandra smith has what is coming up at the to of the hour. >> hey, ainsley. president trump tweeting away this morning. big jobs meeting coming up this afternoon he says. a look at midterms. democrats calling to abolish i.c.e. we have all starr lineup coming up. former i.c.e. director tomas homan is here. congressman eric swalwell and jim jordan. our headliner, anthony scaramucci. big show coming up on this thursday morning. join us live on "america's newsroom" at the top of the hour. the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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♪ ainsley: the past 15 years the soldier ride helped the wounded warrior project with a healing journey throughout new york. brian: it is happening right now and we're going to see them in action,. steve: steve that's right. we're joined by the wounded warrior ceo, retired general michael remington here. the vice president of physical health and wellness, tracy farrell who is ready to start. tell us who these 60 people are. they are all wounded warriors. >> all wounded warriors, all over the country as tracy said earlier. the great support from the community. the police, fire department, volunteers, supporters all up and down the route. we're really excited. brian: i look around. you have to be innovative. i see this veteran here, no legs. he will be doing with his arms. others have one leg or they have adjusted the bike. that is what they do in life, they adjust what they have to
5:54 am
deal with in life knew. >> one of the obstacles. one of the things tracy emphasizes in her programs, how you keep warriors actively engaged and involved with other warriors. the key to rehabilitation and ultimate recovery. ainsley: what does this mean to you, tracy? you walked all these individuals through their story. >> a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. whether running biking, walk being, going to the gym, that helps in your journey. steve: 15 years ago on this program, this plaza, we kicked off the first one. general, you want to get things started? >> i'm ready. are you already? >> are you guys ready? ainsley: we'll start say, start the ride. >> one, two, three, start the ride! whoo. steve: these 60 people are only ones getting through traffic in new york city in prime time right now. ainsley: thanks to our law enforcement, firefighters in the
5:55 am
great city. >> we love you. proud americans. steve: thank you, everybody. [sirens] brian: they're getting saluted only way you know how in new york, with a horn. the light has now turned. >> got to wait for the light. [sirens] >> there we go. steve: good luck, everybody. [cheering] >> all right. >> whoo! >> good job. brian: all right. next stop, coney island. ♪
5:56 am
[bagpipes playing] [bagpipes playing]
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6:00 am
great honor to kick off the soldier ride for 2018. >> if you want to help out the wounded warrior project, it's wounded warrior >> they end up in the hamptons this weekend. hang out with some great guys. >> bill: good morning. and thank you. new reaction from the white house this morning as the president on the russia saga continues. up early and tweeting today and so are we. i'm bill hemmer, >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. here we go. the president's russian counterpart speaking out today. vladimir putin calling his sit-down with president trump a success as the president makes it clear he holds putin personally responsible for what happened. >> you say you agree with u.s. intelligence that russia meddled with the election in 2016. >> i've said that numerous


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