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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 19, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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great honor to kick off the soldier ride for 2018. >> if you want to help out the wounded warrior project, it's wounded warrior >> they end up in the hamptons this weekend. hang out with some great guys. >> bill: good morning. and thank you. new reaction from the white house this morning as the president on the russia saga continues. up early and tweeting today and so are we. i'm bill hemmer, >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. here we go. the president's russian counterpart speaking out today. vladimir putin calling his sit-down with president trump a success as the president makes it clear he holds putin personally responsible for what happened. >> you say you agree with u.s. intelligence that russia meddled with the election in 2016. >> i've said that numerous
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times before. i would say that that is true, yeah. >> but you haven't condemned putin specifically. do you hold him personally responsible? >> well, i would, because he is in charge of the country just like i consider myself to be responsible for things that happen in this country. so certainly as the leader of a country you would have to hold him responsible, yes. >> bill: kevin corke back stateside from the north lawn. what are they saying this morning? >> listen, the president is learning a painful lesson. the 72-hour news cycle after a political misstep can be absolutely brutal. that said white house officials say he is fighting back and pushing back against an unfair narrative. i can share a bit about what the president has been talking about this morning. he is fighting fire with fire as they say here. he calls it the fake news media says they want so badly to see a major confrontation with russia, even one that could
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lead to war. he adds this, bill, they are pushing so recklessly hard and hate the fact that i'll probably have a good relationship with putin. we're doing much better than any other country. now while the backlash over that missed opportunity to call out putin on stage in front of the international community for election meddling continues to dwindle a bit it's still out there. yesterday as you heard there briefly the president said the buck stops with putin and he described their conversation. >> president trump: very strong on the fact we can't have meddling. we can't have any of that and we're living in a grown-up world. will a strong statement. president obama supposedly made a strong statement, what they heard is the statement he made to putin's very close friend and that statement was not acceptable. i let him know we can't have this. we're not going to have it. and that's the way it is going to be. >> very interesting as sandra
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pointed out the president of russia said it was a success, the meeting in helsinki and said, bill, certain forces in america are trying to minimize the results. >> bill: there is a report out this morning the president was told that putin personally ordered interference in the election of 2016. what's that report? >> here is the issue. sometimes you will get a briefing and you can look at the material from that briefing and then expect it to be expanded upon. the president talked about that a bit and he has also had others out there in media talking about what exactly happened in that meeting. suffice to say from the intelligence community perspective their assessment of russia hasn't changed since that briefing. >> the intelligence community's assessment has not changed. my view has not changed, which is that russia attempted to interfere with the last election and that it continues to engage in malign influence operations to this day.
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>> f.b.i. director christopher wray there. there is a man who knows more about that briefing than most. former homeland security advisor tom bossert. >> i was in that briefing the two weeks before the inauguration. that one focused on the cyber component on what the russians did. not the information operations. those information operations are ongoing. i agree with the f.b.i. director. >> that's the critical distinction, bill. they won't always give you everything and some when you get a briefing of this nature. keep in mind i'm sure for the president at that particular time. the president elect we're talking about let's just say drinking from a bit of a fire hose if you can imagine the amount of information he was getting at that particular time. interesting comments by tom bossert. the president will talk about new job training today. an event involving ivanka trump. back to you. >> bill: second day in a row.
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kevin corke from the white house. >> sandra: meanwhile another big story that we've been talking about. new reaction from president trump after that american pastor is ordered to stay in a turkish prison. it's coming as lawmakers say they could take action to try to bring andrew brunson home. gillian turner. >> that turkish court ruled american pastor andrew brunson will remain in prison. setting a follow-up court day for october 12th. the turkish government tried to link brunson and his churches in turkey in the kkk, considered to be a terrorist organization. his desense said there is nothing to support the claim. president trump says a total disgrace that turkey will not
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release andrew brunson from prison. he has been held hostage far too long. president erdogan should do something to free this person. he has done nothing wrong and his family needs him. the state department lining up behind brunson. >> not seen any credible evidence against pastor brunson that he is guilty of the crimes the turkish government accuses him of. the case against him is built on anonymous sources and accusations and a lot of speculation. it is a concern of ours. we believe he is innocent. >> today brunson has been held by turkish authorities for nearly two years and a major flash point in the severely strained u.s./turkey relationship. experts say turkey is using him as a bargaining chip to get concessions out of the u.s. government. the president spoke to erdogan on monday. the white house has yet to release a transcript of the
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call. one reporter described it as warm and chummy toward the leader. they're at odds over a host of issues including the syrian civil war, turkeys plans to purchase a russell missile defense system and unlawful jailing of multiple americans. congress calling on the trump administration to sanction the erdogan regime. it's adding fuel to the fire of the concern of erdogan's leadership here in washington >> sandra: as we mentioned lawmakers are also fighting to bring pastor brunson back and they're hinting at ways that they could do that. >> i saw all of the counts spelled out. i saw nothing in there that would keep somebody in jail overnight in the u.s. judicial system. >> they would have pastor brunson and some other americans imprisoned on charges that just don't hold water. really calls into question our relationship. so there are actions that we
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can continue to take in congress. i hope that won't be necessary. >> sandra: one of those senators, north carolina senator thom tillis has traveled to turkey for brunson's trial and he will join us live today in our 11:00 a.m. hour. >> bill: president trump also asked to weigh in on the 2020 election for the white house and a potential opponent on the democratic side. here is the name he said. >> who do you think your running opponent will be? >> president trump: i dream about biden. that's a group. the group of seven or eight right now. i would like to run against any one of them but biden never by himself could never do anything. >> bill: how long would the list be? chris stirewalt? they'll be lined up like planes at laguardia on a friday afternoon. do you think biden is running, chris? >> with trump and biden this is
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now getting to be blood feud stuff. they've talked about actually fighting each other. they have had a back and forth on twitter about who would beat -- these are guys in their 70s who talked about who will have a fist fight and who would win in that? this is not nothing. and whether or not biden's contempt for trump would further drive him in that direction i don't know. we also know this, in biden's mind, he believes that if he was able to have run in 2016 and that he could have beaten hillary clinton, that he would have triumphed over trump. there is some evidence to support that. the two of them definitely have bad blood. >> he is 75. i think biden is running. >> biden didn't run in 2016 because essentially he was afraid of the clintons. i don't mean that in a derogatory way. they're bone crushers and their
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political operation was very good at grinding folks down. that's all true. but i would say in 2020 the question for biden is there is a youth movement in the democratic party right now. that's what's going on and where the energy is. for minority candidates, for females and it's for younger candidates. that's where they are and you can feel it. whether or not biden thinks that he can -- the last thing you want to do is run for president a fourth time and fail. that's not a good look. i'm sure he will make up his mind. >> bill: trump was referring to that and the longer answer with cbs. he said obama pulled biden out of the garbage heap and every time he's won nationally he gets 1% of the vote. >> look, the president doesn't like joe biden and why he talks that way about him. biden does not like donald
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trump. if joe biden runs he would stand a chance to win the democratic nomination. if he did it would be an ugly, ugly presidential campaign. >> bill: he would bring a lot of energy to scranton, p.a. >> sandra: much more on this coming up when we speak with our headliner, former white house communications director anthony scaramucci will join us live in studio this morning. we look forward to that. >> bill: coming up next hour. here we go. fox news alert. desperate manhunt underway accused of shooting and killing a police officer. what we know about the suspect as of right now. plus there is this today. >> president trump: we're doing very well, probably as well as anybody has ever done with russia. there has been no president ever as tough as i have been on russia. >> sandra: no one has been tougher on russia than him says the president. is he right? newt gingrich, the former speaker of the house, is in
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next. >> bill: also house republicans overwhelmingly making it clear they support ice. democrats are calling the entire vote a stunt. former ice director thomas homan is in studio today and we'll get his take. >> it is a meaningless political stunt to change the subject from the international shame unleashed on us by president trump. ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands? give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't.
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nand it's also a story. mail aabout people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you >> president trump: we're also living in a grown-up world. will a strong statement to -- president obama supposedly made a strong statement. that statement wasn't acceptable and didn't get much play relatively speaking. that statement was not acceptable. i let him know we can't have this, we aren't going to have it and that's the way it's going to be. >> bill: there is president trump describing how he talked to putin behind closed doors and pointing out failures in that interview on the part of
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the obama administration and confronting election interference. newt gingrich with me now. good to have you back on our program. you wrote a piece. the truth about trump, putin and obama. it's a good piece. what's the truth? >> i felt compelled to write it, as you know, when the president misspoke the other day in helsinki, i immediately tweeted out that it was a mistake. the biggest mistake i thought of his presidency up until now and he had to correct it immediately. and within 24 hours he gave a pretty long talk in which he frankly got out, i think, pretty well got out of what he had said at helsinki. helsinki was just a mistake. he was too enthusiastic, spent too many hours with putin and he was rocking and rolling. you can't do that when you are the president because the whole world is watching you. when you make a mistake, the
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whole world shakes and shudders and i think -- i hope that the president has learned something. but i wanted to write this particular op-ed at fox, also my newsletter, to make the following case. two-part case. part one is by any standard, trump is tougher on russia than obama ever dreamed of. he has expelled 60 russian agents from the country. he has closed four russian offices. he has imposed sanctions on over 100 russian individuals and companies. he has provided offensive weapons to the ukrainians, which obama refused to do. you go down the list of actions trump has been much tougher on russia and nato said increase the amount of spending whose only purpose has to be to have a stronger nato to contain russia and said to merkel, exactly correctly, don't buy natural gas from russia.
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you are giving them hard currency. all of those are steps to weaken and constrain russia as a country. in that sense he gets a bad rap. the other side is, the obama people who have been the harshest, brennan who used the word traitor or treason, clapper, comey who said nobody can vote republican and be a patriot in one of the nutier guys failed. they all failed. they were in charge of our national security. they have failed and they are now hysterical trying to get us to look at trump rather than look at them. it was their failure. they didn't do their job, and i think whatever the russians got away with is because of the weakness the obama administration had. >> bill: you offer a prediction. you think helsinki will be seen
6:19 am
as an aberration. the press conference and its appearance. it has had a lasting impact. it has created quite an impression. how is it an aberrations from this point forward? >> look, the implementation phase of president trump's foreign policy is what we're now getting into. we're getting into korean, north korea, into it with china on trade. we're about to get into it with russia. we'll find out over the next six months or a year. my prediction is that the american system will be remarkably tough. that we are going to pay attention. you don't get guys like secretary of state pompeo who graduated first in his class at west point. secretary of state jim mattis, four star marine general. chief of staff john kelly, four star marine general, national security advisor john bolton, one of the toughest guys on
6:20 am
foreign policy in the entire country. these guys aren't going to get together to drink the kool-aid and pretend either that the north korean dictator or the russian dictator are nice guys. the president overall -- my guess, the president will keep implementing policies which are tougher and tougher and tougher. now, we'll find out. but i think that trump is a guy who likes to be friendly. he likes to be positive. but he didn't get to be a billionaire by being stupid and he knows how to make sure whether or not you are delivering on the contract. >> bill: a lot of people you mentioned were in the front row on monday as well. check out the read online right now. newt gingrich, thanks. >> sandra: san francisco's sanctuary city taking bold new action this time allowing illegal immigrants to vote this november. we'll have the details on that. plus there is this from congressman devin nunes.
6:21 am
>> i warned them not just in 2014 but specifically in 2016 where i called it the largest intelligence failure since 9/11. our failure to understands putin's plans and intentions. >> you heard it. congressman nunes says he warned the obama administration repeatedly about russia. so why was more not done? we'll put that to democrat congressman eric swalwell. are you ready to take your wifi to the next level?
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then you need xfinity xfi. a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> bill: this gender reveal party went bad to celebrate the news of a soon to be baby nearly maimed by fireworks. check it out. [screaming]
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>> there it is. there it is. they went running for cover as the fireworks shot into the crowd in philly over the weekend. some adults getting minor burns. i don't know if it was blue or pink, boy or girl? it's a girl, all right. it was pink. congratulations. >> sandra: that could have been bad. >> bill: watch it next time you come up with a great idea. >> sandra: easier ways to do that. most americans see the right to vote as one of the perks of citizenship. san francisco is letting illegal immigrants vote in a school board election this november. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles. how does this work? >> san francisco unified is the only public school district in the city and county of san francisco. two years ago voters there amended the city charter to allow anyone with a child in school the right to vote.
6:26 am
regardless of citizenship or legal status. supporters say it is only right to give parents with kids in school a voice in how those schools are run. so monday officials began registering voters for the november election regardless if they're here legally or not. >> we are in the midst of a difficult national political context for immigrant communities but in san francisco we are modeling what we know is right. >> so several cities allow non-citizens to vote. green card holders and refugees. the first we know of that gives the right to undocumented residents. >> sandra: what are opponents saying about this? >> well, slippery slope. today school board. tomorrow los angeles. and other sanctuary cities where the politics favor illegal immigrants. secondly they argue voting is a privilege. expanding the rights beyond what the state allows creates
6:27 am
confusion and sense of entitlement. if school, why not congress? >> you shouldn't be here, your kids shouldn't be here. you should be thankful we're educating them. it is costing us $15,000 a year to educate one of your kids and your contribution is about 12 cents and now you want to tell us how to run the schools? i don't think so. >> so in major u.s. elections state or federal, non-citizens are not allowed to vote. this is the first we're aware of that undocumented can. there is some concern if you will keeping those voters rolls separate. we'll talk to san francisco later today to get clarification. back to you. >> sandra: i'm sure we'll hear from you more on that later today. william la jeunesse, thank you. >> bill: there is no doubt that russians were behind a nerve agent attack targeting a former russian spy and his daughter and who they've identified as suspect. >> sandra: a show of support
6:28 am
from republicans backing ice even as some democrats push to scrap the agency. former ice director thomas homan joins us on set live next. >> these politicians, members of the legislature would rather abolish a law enforcement agency than fix the law. ice is enforcing the laws they enacted. rather than doing their job and fixing it, let's abolish the law enforcement agency. it's ridiculous. uy this house. but you got this! rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple. understand the details and get approved in as few as eight minutes. by america's largest mortgage lender. you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed? let's say it in a really low voice. carl? lowest price, guaranteed. just stick with badda book. badda boom. book now at mitzi: psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way?
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>> sandra: how republicans overwhelmingly vote to pass a resolution supporting ice. this comes as a direct response to a growing number of democrats calling for the agency to be abolished. democrats refusing to vote on the measure calling it a stunt. >> this resolution is the legislative equivalent of fiddling while the room is burning. >> it does nothing to prevent the separation of babies to
6:32 am
their mothers. >> democrats refuse to play the republicans' game when it comes to the safety of those who come here seeking asylum. we're not falling for this crap. >> sandra: thomas homan is a former ice director. house republicans pass this measure to support ice and a chorus of democrats saying it's just a stunt. you say? >> the stunt start ed when they wanted to abolish ice. a law enforcement agency that enforce the laws they enacted. i heard nancy pelosi make a comment this does nothing to end the separation of families and children from their parents. nancy pelosi needs to study the issue. the border patrol is doing the separating on the borders, not ice. we take care of the parents while they're separated. >> sandra: to be clear in the case of democrat nancy pelosi she has not joined in for the calls to abolish ice. she is calling for an overhaul
6:33 am
of the agency. what exactly is she asking to do? >> i don't think it needs overhaul. in the past years our detainers are up 85%. we've increased work site enforcement 300%. ice is going on all cylinders and executing president trump's mission, his executive orders perfectly. and one thing that nobody wants to understand on the democratic side of the house is ice doing indiscriminate raids separating family. fact. 80% of everybody we arrested had a criminal conviction or pending criminal charges. for those people who say we don't -- nancy pelosi supports sanctuary cities. they don't want to send us to the jails. they don't allow us in the jails. it doesn't make sense. >> sandra: president trump weighed in. he says the democrats have a death wish in more ways than
6:34 am
one. they want to abolish ice. this should cost them heavily in the mid-terms. yesterday the republicans passed a bill supporting ice. what is your message that chose to vote present. >> they need to take a stance. we need to know who is for open borders and who is nice. if we abolish ice what would happen? 2,000 child sex predators wouldn't be in jail. children being trafficked for sex and pornography wouldn't have been saved. 981,000 pounds of narcotics would not have been seized. over 100,000 criminal aliens are walking the streets of this country wouldn't have been arrested and put in jail. that's the result. i think the vote should happen. i like to see who will come out and say abolish ice. that means open borders. if they abolish ice anybody gets by border patrol, home
6:35 am
free. if you overstay a visa, home free. >> sandra: calls to abolish ice and some taking it a step further. in this place rising star in the democratic party the new york socialist ocasio-cortez. >> we have to pie all of it. occupy every airport, border, every ice office until those kids are back with their parents period. >> sandra: you've gone on the record saying she needs to study the issue. what does she not get about this? >> she doesn't get when you occupy an office. we had an office in portland shut down for a week. in that week how many criminal aliens weren't arrested, how many drug traffickers weren't arrested and how many gun traffickers weren't arrested and child predators weren't arrested because the office was shut down? 89% of everybody arrested is a
6:36 am
criminal. she needs to study and look at the data and what we do. to take and set up tents on facilities to block entrance for our employees is just wrong and unamerican. any time you attack law enforcement because they are enforcing the laws. she will be a congressman, right? she needs to study the issue. if she wants to fix the system and gets to capitol hill. fix the immigration laws. do not vilify the men and women that carry the badge and gun simply enforcing law and upholding the oath they took to enforce the last. >> sandra: you have known the ice director for how long? he is in charge now and issued a statement in reaction to the vote yesterday. he says ice plays a critical role in protecting public safety and national security. our workforce continues to carry out their important mission and we won't be deterred by threats against our agency. with everything that we have just discussed today, how much of this is a distraction for
6:37 am
the agents working, the good men and women of ice that you have come to know for decades, how much of this is getting in their way of their ability to carry out their very important jobs? >> i think it's a distraction. the 20,000 american patriots that work for ice and people that choose to leave the security of their homes and strap a gun. they won't be bullied. they're fine folks. i've known ron for 25 years. the president asked me about ron, i gave him two thumbs up. he will keep the machine going and they will be very successful. >> sandra: do you think it will be a big mid-term issue? >> i hope so. i hope the american voters are paying attention and looking at some of the things that the far left is doing. what they are trying to do to law enforcement. you haven't seen any attacks on f.b.i., d.e.a. if you don't like what ice does, congress can change the laws. do not ask them to turn their backs and ignore the law.
6:38 am
senator durbin made a comment ice is full of incompetence. for a senior u.s. senator to tell law enforcement not to do their job is incompetence. >> bill: breaking news. investigators in britain have eye dent filed several russian suspects who they believe carried out a nerve agent attack on two people in england. we're live from london and we'll tell you what's breaking now. benjamin. >> sandra: it's important to point out not only were these individuals identified be responsible for the attempted assassination of the couple and the murder of sturgis. she came across the bottle that believed to be perfume and sprayed it on herself and died. authorities have i.d. several suspects, two who they believe
6:39 am
could have been part of the hit squad. no pictures or no names but police working with national security offices are believed to have combed through hours of cctv footage, a former colonel in russian military intelligence who betrayed dozens of agents and his daughter were found unconscious on march 4. most believe it was revenge by the russians. >> the attack on the man was basically mostly internal. it had internal russian agenda. to demonstrate to the rank and file that if you become a traitor, you won't end good as putin said several times publicly. >> the source says that two of the suspects are believed to have arrived shortly before the attack on the man and left shortly after. they believe the potential assassins were using aliases and tracked them to a manifest
6:40 am
on a passenger plane. they aren't on any previous british list. the security minister in the u.k. tweeted recently saying the report is ill informed and wild speculation. other sources identify these individuals as members of the russian intelligence service. the same one that is accused of interfering in the u.s. election. all fingers pointing to russia. >> sandra: president trump looking to boost jobs with a new executive order. what we know about his pledge to american workers and the hundreds of thousands of jobs that it is expected to create. >> bill: bob mueller indicting 12 russians just before the president's meeting with putin. some are calling the timing in question. why would he raise that question? democratic congressman eric swalwell reacts on it coming up live, next. >> a year and a half ago the
6:41 am
house intelligence committee had more than what's in the mueller indictment of the 12 russian officers. i just find the timing of this to be very hard to believe. hi i'm joan lunden. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service
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>> i think i warned them not just in 2014 but very specifically in 2016 where i called it the largest intelligence failure since 9/11. our failure to understand putin's plans and attentions. ignoring the warnings from the house intelligence committee and low and behold after they lost the election they tried to blame fake news and when that didn't work they switched into the whole concept of russia. >> bill: devin nunes taking aim at democrats and the obama team pointing to past warnings about russian election interference. the democrat eric swalwell from california is with me now.
6:45 am
sir, welcome back and good day to you. i have a lot to go over. i don't think i will change your mind but i think these are points of discussion that i think the american people deserve to hear. it is clear that republicans see something else. they see big branches of the american government that are dragging their feet. can you blame them after all the stuff they've been rebuffed trying to see and make public? >> bill, actually, that quote you played from chairman nunes. i've heard him say that before. he was right that russia was a great threat during that time. what i don't understand his unwillingness to do anything about it now. is that because he told us so and we didn't respond in the right way or the obama administration didn't respond in the right way and to punish them? i don't understand the logic. >> bill: the loudest critics now were in charge. they knew about it and what did
6:46 am
they do? and they -- i've got to final point and i'll let you go. they thought hillary was going to win. if she won, we would not even have to address this, sir. that's the point he is going to. >> it's a fair point. i've always had concerns about the adequacy of the government response. that's why i wrote legislation immediately and talked to chairman nunes and speaker ryan right after november election asking to have an independent commission. i said it was too politically charged and wrote legislation to take it outside the capitol to look at the issues and just as we did after september 11 look at the adequacy of the government response. that's fair game as well. >> bill: it happened in 2008, this is nunes, it happened in 2012. he said he warned them in 2014. said he warned them in 2016. you lay that out and if you just accept the answer that he is given -- >> it's happening now and i'm
6:47 am
asking him to do something so it doesn't happen again. >> bill: i know you aren't happy with the president and you hated monday in helsinki, but if you look at what has happened, it's hard for me to say he hasn't been tough on putin. you have the sanctions, right? you got the arms to the ukraine. you got nato kicking up its defense spending. those are all things that i think everyone in washington can agree on, can't they? >> bill, i would argue that the only reason any of that happened was because the american people spoke up, leaders in congress pushed for those sanctions. he reluctantly signed them. leaders in congress pushed for the arming of the ukrainians and defense bill and he signed it. >> bill: obama didn't do that. >> i'm not here to defend what obama did with ukraine. i would have been tougher on russia when they did that. >> bill: they did this under president trump. you can't have a problem with that, can you?
6:48 am
>> i don't have a problem with what the american people are saying and what congress is doing to force this president. what we saw on stage on monday, that is the real donald trump. somebody who will side and align with vladimir putin before he would side and align with our own intelligence community. that's what is so troubling to me and the fact he hasn't ruled out turning over a u.s. ambassador to the russians. that is just very, very unsettling that we would turn over one of our own ambassadors to vladimir putin for questioning, bill, that raises all sorts of other questions. >> bill: it is being talked about. let's see whether it happens or not. >> this president when he says he will do something he usually will do it. people during the campaign said he is being trump. to his credit he stuck to his word. >> bill: he thinks the dossier was fake and you guys have been messing with him for the past year and a half. it slowed down what he is trying to get done with the american people. he is saying i won and you're trying to take that away from me. that's going on inside his head.
6:49 am
whether he states it clearly is on him and the white house. democrats want to subpoena the translator who was in the one-on-one meeting. what would you get from that? >> well, bill, we would understand what the president has not shared with us publicly. again, he has priors. i was a prosecutor. this individual has priors. he has had russians in the oval office before. told them about secrets and were any secret deals made or any national security secrets are at risk we should know about to alert our national security community. >> bill: president bush, president obama, they've all had one-on-one. >> men of honor. >> bill: you want a drag a translator before congress? >> this is an extraordinary circumstance. >> bill: who will you get to do that job if that threat hangs over their head?
6:50 am
>> bill: congressman schiff requested it in the house intel clearing called for a closed session not a spectacle. we need to know whether classified information was given to vladimir putin. he has done this before. i think we should know if he did it again. >> bill: i hope you come back, all right? we talked in a sane matter. i know i'm not going to change your mind. >> i'm always open. >> bill: we need to be open to these discussions and see whether or not they get traction. >> have a good morning. >> bill: talk again soon. >> sandra: house republicans gaining steam for an effort to impeach rod rosenstein. the papers drawn up by congressman mark meadows and jim jordan. coming up congressman jordan will tell us why he is moving forward with it and when he might file the paperwork. plus mark zuckerberg's attempt to clarify controversial comments he made about
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> sandra: facebook in the hot seat again. mark zuckerberg is now trying to clarify comments he made about holocaust deniers. the ceo now saying in a post -- if a post crossed a line it would be removed. but that is a little different from what we heard him say earlier. listen. >> i don't believe that our platform should take that down because i think there are things that different people get wrong either -- i don't think they're intentionally getting it wrong but it is hard to impugn intent and to understand the intent. >> sandra: fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carley shimkus joins me now. this is a complicated story and mark zuckerberg doesn't seem to have figured out how to go
6:55 am
about this. >> it is like they're learning as they go. facebook is facing a lot of tough questions over why they haven't deleted controversial conspiracy theory websites from their site. now, right now the policy that they have implemented is that they will delete individual controversial posts but they will allow the source to remain on their site like info wars as long as they are not expressing violence in those posts. those posts will be deleted. a lot of people say that info wars does do that. mark zuckerberg faced a lot of questions for what he said. he said these people don't intentionally get it wrong, many of those say yes, that's exactly what they're trying to do. >> sandra: it is forcing him to respond. in his clarification i find holocaust denial offensive and did not --
6:56 am
>> mark zuckerberg himself is jewish. what is important to him is freedom of speech and that's a good thing. it gets confusing. he says he doesn't want to decide what is wrong and what is right but at the same time they're fighting this ongoing battle with fake news. what we're seeing unfold right now is they don't really know what to do here in these tough issues with freedom of speech. >> sandra: he is also in the best interest of his shareholders and making money, and he has the confidence to shore up of his users, that's for sure. thank you very much, carly. good to see you. >> bill: what did putin and president trump talk about in the private meeting? we're learning a little bit of that. the headliner, anthony scaramucci, coming up next. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> sandra: three days after helsinki and president trump still trying to make it clear he holds vladimir putin responsible for election meddling. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" on this thursday morning. i'm sand -- sandra smith. >> bill: that brings us to today's newsroom news feed. check it out. >> for the second time in two days, what president trump said and what he meant are the subject of considerable interpretation, confusion, consternation at the white house. >> they think it's russia. i have president putin, he just said it is not russia. i will say this, i don't see
7:01 am
any reason why you would be. >> claimed he used the word would instead of wouldn't. >> the sentence should be i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. today when asked whether russia is still targeting the united states the president said no. >> is russia still targeting the u.s., mr. president? >> make your way out. >> that no raised eyebrows because it's the opposite of what dan coates said two days ago. just now the press secretary said something else. >> had a chance to speak with the president after those comments. the president was -- said thank you very much and saying no to answering questions. >> he weighed in with cbs, the third iteration now. >> you say you agree with u.s. intelligence that russia meddled in the election of 2016. >> president trump: i've said that numerous times before. i would say that that is true, yeah. >> now the president says that
7:02 am
he stood up for the u.s. in prifsh -- private. i let him know we can't have this, we're not going to have it, and that's the way it is going to be. >> bill: anthony scaramucci here in studio. how are you? >> great to be here. >> bill: nice to see you. four days later a cleanup process. how are they doing? >> i used to work in the restaurant when food drops it takes a while to wipe up anything. it is going well. it is nice to see him on other networks. you have to get him outside of the style box. he is a television star and so let's get him out there. i think bill is probably helping him do that, bill shine. we'll tit and tat here. people are upset. it is hard to be upset with this president as it goes through policy. we can go through policy. he has done a great job. as it relates to russia, you have to give the president huge
7:03 am
credit that he is meeting with vladimir putin and he is trying to de-escalate tension with russia which has escalated since 2014 in the whole crimea situation. for me i think it's going better. i think he has to get -- if he could just marry the policy initiatives and the execution of those policies with great communication, a lot of this stuff would be dialed back. it may hurt our ratings here but a lot of it will be dialed back. smoother stuff is probably not as good for ratings. >> sandra: the president said the media wants this confrontation in his now third time trying to clarify those comments this morning. he tweeted this morning. the fake news media wants so badly to see a major confrontation with russia, even one that could lead to war. they are pushing recklessly hard and hate the fact i'll probably have a good relationship with putin. we're doing much better than any other country. >> that's an expression that he
7:04 am
is upset with the attacks on him. he have is a contrarian by nature and he wants to build a good relationship with vladimir putin. and he did say it's 90% of the nuclear arsenals around the world are controlled by these two countries. it is important to have that relationship. stylistically i was open about this. the press conference could have gone better. stylistically he needed to reverse course on what he was saying there. >> sandra: what happened? >> he is a gracious guy, he probably had a very tough meeting with him behind closed doors where he was letting him have it a little bit. when he got up to the podium, he wanted to be gracious and so he is prone to do that. and if he had calibrated -- this is not his personality style he calibrated three or four sentence and said something like listen, i have to go with my team on this. your team is telling you you didn't do it, my team is
7:05 am
telling me you did do it. can't do it again. something like that it would have been a lot easier. he made a gaffe. he is traveling all over the world. countless hours on aircraft, lots of intense meetings. you have to expect people to sometimes misstate things and i'm very happy he walked it back. >> bill: he was tough on merkel, nato, theresa may. >> he is tough on them because he thinks he has a great relationship with them. so what happens in a situation like that is i'm tough on my brother, david, because we have a great relationship and know that we love each other and be together. he knows he will have a great relationship with the german people and chancellor merkel and prime minister may and so he is tough on them because he is trying to tell them listen, the trading imbalance is bad for the world. if we go to a reduced -- more parity reduced trade tariff world is better for the american and your economies.
7:06 am
these trade imbalances, he is a negotiator, a real estate developer by training and he is tough on them but people are taking that as a wrong sign he is trying to break up the alliance. he is trying to strengthen the alliance. sometimes when you grow up in new york you're tough on the people you love and you're tough on the people you know you're the closest to and i think that's also being misinterpreted by the media. i think we have to explain that. >> bill: he doesn't believe the people who gave him intelligence. he doesn't believe what they did. he said it in the cbs interview. sound bite. number three. jeff last night on cbs. >> president trump: certainly in the past it has been terrible. you look at brennan, you look at clapper, you look at hayden, you look at comey certainly. i can't have any confidence in the past, but i can have a lot of confidence in the present and the future. >> bill: that last part is critical for him going forward to express that message. >> you know there was some weaponization that went on poll
7:07 am
ittyization of our agencies. not the entire agencies but at the top there was definitely people did not want president trump to become president. that was pretty obvious when you look at the text messages. email traffic. the argument with james comey. that is obvious. however, the rank and file people in the intelligence services, the rank and file people in the f.b.i. the president loves those people. i think it's very, very clear he loves those people but he is a little miffed at the way the top people were going after him. he is saying the right things. he is saying listen, i have my team in there now. i believe our intelligence gathering agencies. i've got my team in there that i trust and so going forward i think it will be way better. >> sandra: you have to wonder what it means for the future of the f.b.i. reports out there that christopher wray has considered walking away through all of this and here he is actually addressing all the criticism that his agency faces. watch. >> would they prefer not to get
7:08 am
criticized? of course. but at the end of the day the criticism we care about is the criticism of people -- from people who actually would know us. the day juries don't trust us, that i care about. >> listen, i get where director wray is coming from and i think that -- i've said this and i don't mind saying it here. let's dial it back. let's knock it off a little bit. take it down a notch. the president knows that. he is a smart guy and good communicator. we're in a rough and tumble situation around the world. we need to dial it back a little bit on the tariff situation. i would argue we need to bring the europeans together with us and work on the chinese dilemma. i wrote about that last week. i would also argue you have your team in place now at the f.b.i. and these other places. i know you are miffed about what happened. let's go forward. the spirit of forgiveness on both sides i think is super
7:09 am
important because the american people are tired of the tension. it's adding stress to people's lives when it shouldn't be. the economy is flourishing. the president's policies have been amazing on the economy and on the border. i didn't agree with the child separation policy but the tightening of the border has taken the slack out of the labor markets and why the african-american and hispanic american unemployment is tightening up and the lowest it is. the guy has done an amazing job. >> bill: a jobs push now, a tax push. can they make the pivot and put it all behind them? wray said it is not a witch hunt or at that interview. >> i think the president is saying it's a witch hunt because he knows he didn't do anything wrong. wray saying it is not a witch hunt because people on the periphery of the president have
7:10 am
done things wrong. >> bill: he should have said hey, you guys have been messing with me for a year and a half and there is nothing there. there is no collusion, why should i believe the information you're giving me now? you are trying to take it away from me, meaning the election victory that i had. i won't let you do that. i thought rod portman made a great point. he said you won ohio by eight points. i don't know if anybody predicted that. it was breaking for trump in the final weeks in ohio. it's a huge victory in ohio. you don't need wisconsin or michigan when you've got the buckeye state in an election like that. >> he sounds like he is from ohio. something great about the president. the president was up 60-0 in the fourth quarter of the game he will play like he is down seven and what i love about him. he left everything on the field during that campaign and he will leave everything on the field for the american people during his presidency. he has to start the separate the two things. don't conflate the collusion issue, which we all know he
7:11 am
didn't collude, with the meddling and the insertion of the russians into the election process. separate the two because that's not going to delegitimize your electoral success. they've been in our face since 1920 and meddled in every election. you won the election fair and square. a total inwinner. you'll win reelection. the economy is humming along. let's dial back and tighten up the communication. tighter communication discipline. get the message out so it's clear and end the war on the media. i don't like the war on the media. it's a bad thing. bannon declared war on the media at cpac in 2017, that's a disaster for the president. go out on the other networks. express yourself. >> sandra: the tweet this morning number two, fake news media is going crazy writes the president this morning. they make up stories without any backup sources or proof. many of the stories written
7:12 am
about me and the good people surrounding me are total fiction. the problem is when you complain you just give them more publicity. but i'll complain anyway. is that still the case with this president? >> you know he will complain anyway. the nature of who he is. i have had bad stories written about me that i haven't liked and some of it has been very untrue. but having said that, going from an adversarial relationship and disagreement and recognizing there are bad actors in every industry, especially politics and having a war declaration is bad. once you are in a war declaration you have the nonsense going on in the press room and air force one with the press and let's dial it back. i think we can do that. smoke a peace pipe, get the information out there fairly in a balanced way and then people can relax and look at the president's record. >> sandra: are you dreaming? >> i may be dreaming but i'm a
7:13 am
persistent guy. one part parakeet and one part woodpecker. i will say one thing over and over and peck at your hard. one part parakeet and one part woodpecker. >> bill: check out "america's newsroom," judge and drew napolitano did an interesting op-ed. trump knows more about being with bad guys, congress and hysterical media. you're looking at mid-terms less than four months away. >> yes, thank you for saying 11. my anniversary is coming up. it will be a big day for me. i'm throwing a big pool party. >> bill: package the message for the republicans in the districts across in the country to hold the house, how do they do it? >> republican strategy on the economy is winning. strategy is leading to greater job security, more wages and the president is executing a very good diplomatic strategy.
7:14 am
tension dialed back around the world and eventually get the trade situation right and stick with our agenda because by and large your life is getting better. the holistic aspect of your life is getting better. by the way, get the big kahuna on the campaign trail. he can draw the crowds and bring people into the area and he is a winner. if you're a republican and a never trumper, don't say something bad about the guy. you will lose your district. don't say anything bad about the president. >> sandra: anthony scaramucci. >> bill: parakeet and woodpecker. peck on the side of the head until the money comes out. >> sandra: meanwhile who will president trump face in 2020? >> president trump: i think i would like to have any one of those people we're talking about. there is probably the group of seven or eight right now.
7:15 am
i would really like to run against any one of them. >> sandra: the president says that while he is open to any opponent he does have one quote dream candidate in mind. we'll tell you who that is. plus the president also thinks democrats have a death wish that will hurt them come mid-term elections. "america's newsroom" a-team is here on deck right after the break. ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands?
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7:19 am
>> who do you think your democratic opponent will be? >> president trump: i dream about biden. that's a dream. joe biden ran three times. never got more than 1%. president obama took him out of the garbage heap and everybody was shocked that he did. i would love to have it be biden. >> sandra: yikes. president trump looking ahead to 2020. a great lineup that we have for you today. the a-team jessica tarlov senior director of research and fox news contributor. kayleigh mcenany spokeswoman for the rnc and judith miller, pulitzer prize winner. >> i'm with the president. we would love to see joe biden. people forget he has been a
7:20 am
politician since 1973, a career bureaucrat. he had this bizarre plan to break up iraq to three states. opposed the bin laden raid. >> i love joe biden because he has a great dog and very personable. for those -- i'm an independent. for those democrats in the center joe biden is the best hope right now given the leftward drift of the party. if you have an adult who is almost donald trump's age, a little older than donald trump. it's the alternative. >> bill: he will be 77 or 78. >> if the alternative is elizabeth warren or someone on the left wing of the party i don't think a person like that can win. >> i'll go in the middle here.
7:21 am
we know -- in the middle? i'm over in the corner. joe biden has been an amazing politician his entire life and someone who has appeal on both sides of the aisle because of how personable, kind and generous he is. does have some policy accomplishments. making sure we got gay marriage in this country and what a fighter he has been for rights for all throughout his career. that's a wonderful thing. i'm not a fan of having elizabeth warren as a candidate and the leftward swing is problematic. i'm a huge fan of sherod brown from ohio. a great vp candidate. joe biden brings a middle of the country appeal. the rust belt appeal. something that president trump capitalized upon talking to the american worker. joe biden can do that as well. >> bill: he is thinking scranton, pennsylvania, i can roll and take it back to the
7:22 am
left. >> you are exactly right, bill, that's how he would frame his candidacy trying to appeal to blue collar workers in the states that were delivered to president trump because of blue collar workers. here is the problem. he can talk to blue collar workers but president trump has acted for blue collar workers. the last year of the obama administration, 19,000 manufacturing jobs hemorrhageed. the first year of the trump administration 196,000 added. coal jobs are up. he has a history of action, this president, for blue collar workers. >> the tariffs are going to hurt those workers. >> not true. >> those aren't the only kind of blue collar workers. you look at manufacturing and harley davidson, there are a number of blue collar workers who felt like they had no option and went with president trump and he won the three states by 77,000 votes which is not that much when you think of the fact that hillary clinton could have gone to wisconsin, what a difference could have been made there if you look at the vote. >> if, if, if.
7:23 am
i think the list of if, are as long as the democrat candidates will ayinde round. how long is the list? cory booker? kamala harris. joe biden, big city mayors like. >> joe garcetti. >> we can't wait to watch. >> it didn't hurt the republicans to have a lot of candidates out there. >> bill: 17, good point. >> i think the democrats could do the same. i think you need a fight. the problem is at this point we should be seeing someone on the democratic side. >> we had obama already at this point. >> that has the charisma. we haven't seen that. >> bill: how about this issue, trump tweet earlier today. the democrats have a death wish in more ways than one. they want to abolish ice. that should cost them heavily in the mid-terms. yesterday the republicans overwhelmingly passed a bill
7:24 am
supporting ice. >> we supported ice but 90% of the democratic caucus voted against this or voted president. that's extraordinary when you consider the latest poll showed just 25% of americans 1 in 4 want to abolish ice. democrats are on the wrong side of this. if they run to the left it won't serve them well. >> bill: the ladies on both wings agree with that. not abolishing ice. >> right, accusing our leadership. >> you don't win on it. it is a fringe issue. because of social media and the president tweeting things like that it moved into something that is as important to us as medicare for all for instance. it isn't. our leadership are clear. we have do not want to abolish ice. we see the polling numbers. 54% support for keeping ice there. there is almost a quarter that want it to be reformed. a sensible conversation we can
7:25 am
have. because alexandria ocasio-cortez says that and nixon who is trailing cuomo it gets made out it's what democrats think. it isn't. >> sandra: the democrats that will be a good issue to run on. this was him at a rally in nashville, tennessee. this goes back to may saying this is the winning issue for the gop, watch. >> president trump: ms-13 takes advantage of glaring loopholes in our immigration laws to ill filitrate our country. the democrats want to use it as campaign issue. and i keep saying i hope they do. them allowing open borders is a good issue for us, not for them. >> sandra: seems to be sticking that that message. democrats want open borders. >> they do. judy referenced the fact she wore aoefs about the far left candidates. that's what we are going to see in a democratic primary field. now abolishing ice is the order of the day. medicare for all is the order
7:26 am
of the day. socialism is the order of the day. when you have 40 democrats up there there will be a push to the left and why you see harris and others talking about abolishing ice. crazy thing when they've arrested 5,000 ms-13 gang members, thousands of pounds of fentanyl. this association should be spektd. >> sandra: how will democrats handle it? >> everyone will speak for themselves and they get on television and say i don't think this is a good idea. it won't be part of the democratic platform. over 50% of americans support government subsidized healthcare. that's a winning issue for democrats right now. the president is right. he did well in 2016 because he was the toughest on immigration. there are a lot of democrats who are supportive there. if you look at the hispanic caucus, they didn't want to support that bill to abolish ice. and paul ryan had to run away with his tail between his legs. >> bill: you won't win on this thing. how far will it go? >> it's not going to go
7:27 am
anywhere. the democrats if they're smart will refocus public attention on -- >> bill: watch the primaries and we'll see come november. ladies, hang on. witch hunt? what witch hunt? that's the message from christopher wray telling special counsel bob mueller i have your back. what he said. our a-team back on deck. round two coming up. my father passed this truck down to me,
7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:31 am
>> i've been consistent. i get asked this a lot. i do not believe special counsel mueller is on a witch hunt. it is a professional investigation conducted by a man i've known to be a straight shooter in all my interactions with him. >> bill: that is f.b.i. director christopher wray showing his support for special counsel bob mueller. back with the a-team jessica tarlov, kayleigh mcenany and judith miller. you were at the world cup, weren't you?
7:32 am
>> i was. this is a big event. >> sandra: wow. >> bill: welcome back. >> thank you. >> bill: witch hunt, no witch hunt. democrats want blood. are they ever going to get it? >> they'll never get it. the president is right when they call it a witch hunt. the witch hunt began long before robert mueller began, when peter strzok the bias f.b.i. agent signed the opening document into the russia investigation based on no evidence, a phony dossier falsely liking the trump administration to russia. mueller was rebuked by a district court in virginia who said hey, you are not interested in going after people, you are interesting in finding people and finding facts pursuant to them to go after trump. when you're rebuked by a judge a good indicator you're overreaching. >> i disagree again. judy can go first. >> you have the indictment a guilty pleas of four people in
7:33 am
the trump campaign. you have 12 russians indicted for meddling in the campaign. this is not a witch hunt. this is an absolutely essential investigation into what russia tried to do in our elections and continues trying to do to this day. until we get to the bottom of it, no way we will be able -- >> no collusion. >> bill: the whole point about -- the biggest critics comey, clapper, brennan were running the shots then. what were they doing? if obama knew about it and warned by nunes as he said time again, , 12, 14, 15, 16. what did he do to act on it? they thought she was going to win and they wouldn't have to address it in the end. that's a argument you hear from the republicans. newt gingrich last hour on our program said this. watch. >> the obama people who have been the harshest, brennan who used traitor or treason, jim
7:34 am
clapper, the director of national intelligence, comey who said nobody can vote republican and be a patriot in one of the nutier tweets of the year. these guys failed. they were the guys responsible to 2016. not trump. he was the candidate. >> you can admit the democrats did not do enough about russia. right now donald trump is president. what happened in helsinki is what we have to judge him on. not what obama did or did not do. that's ancient history now. what is donald trump going to do to protect this nation against russian interference. >> extremely relevant that president obama did nothing. now we hear the democrats crying about meddling. they had every opportunity to stop this. nunes warned them this is the greatest intelligence failure since 9/11. obama did nothing except a chat with putin, hey, can you stop
7:35 am
that? he did nothing. >> a little good chat. president trump didn't say stop that, he said bring it on. >> there is a difference here. the president seems to struggle with the difference between meddling in the election and being an illegitimate president. what christopher wray was talking about and had a great line i don't want anyone to mistake what my spine is made up when he was asked about threatening to resign or the accusation it is a witch hunt. everybody agrees the russians meddled in this election. mike pompeo has said that and that they're coming for 2018. the president is unconcerned with it. democrats dropped the ball here. something that democrats across the board will admit but -- >> bill: what they need to get their head around is where his head is. his head is you've been coming at me with this stuff for 19 months. none of it is true. you have the dossier, none of it is true. >> that's not true. >> bill: i did something that
7:36 am
no american in american history is done. i came out of private laugh. ran for the presidency and won and beat the woman favored to beat me by double digits and you guys are trying to take this away from me. that's what he is thinking every day. for democrats not to understand that is a misreading about what we need to understand. one last point and i'll let you guys go at it. had he said that in helsinki we might have an entire different debate over the last four days. >> you would have had an entirely different debate. he had the information on russian meddling in january of 2017. he has been denying it time and time again since that. when he gets in the room with vladimir putin he becomes a little puppy dog. >> sandra: hold on. you don't know what happened in the two-hour meeting. >> hopefully we'll find out. we know that vladimir putin had to help him out on the crimea. >> sandra: do you think it should be public, the conversation between two world leaders should be made public?
7:37 am
>> i don't know what goes on in there. the president of the united states of america when his intelligence community saying the russians meddled. when he embarrasses us and say he believes him and he doesn't know would or wouldn't. >> he said four times meddling happened. on august 8 he said it four times. i have to correct something. bill, you were spot on. this is not about meddling. peter strzok admitted on the stand russians have meddled in many of our elections. not about meddling. this is about trying to delegitimize the president of the united states. not a single vote was changed. barack obama said that. not a single vote was changed because of the russians. they cannot stand that he is president. >> sandra: they would have done something back in the obama administration. >> the democrats assumed hillary would win. i would like to have had them done more.
7:38 am
that's a separate issue on what donald trump is going to do today and unable to -- >> bill: do you think they should subpoena the interpreter who was there. maybe we should subpoena with the interpreter with obama and bush. >> i think it's important when the president suggests it's okay for our people to be interviewed by the russian officials, thation not right. >> bill browder over. that conversation and comes up with the montenegro example. >> bill: hang on. >> i would love to see trey gowdy question the interpreter who was there when president obama promised more flexibility after he was elected. >> bill: we have that on camera. it was in english. thank you, ladies. >> sandra: thank you very much. president trump will be
7:39 am
shifting gears from russia to the red hot economy kicking off a new effort to put more americans back to work. a big announcement coming this afternoon. money man charles payne is on deck and coming into the studio now. ♪
7:40 am
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>> sandra: all right, show is over. we're going to go -- seems like the economy is living in the fast lane. today the president focusing on the economy getting ready to sign an executive order aimed at creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. joining us now is the bringer of the pain himself, charles payne host of making money on the fox business network. great shows the past couple nights. what are we expecting from the president today? do you like his plan? >> i love the plan. it is much needed. it's something i say every presidential candidate should talk about it. it won't be an instant fix.
7:44 am
no one ran on a 5 or 10 year plan. this is a start. we have an amazing skills gap in the country. it is so powerful. 6.6 million job openings. 6.4 million people looking for jobs should be an easy fit. it is not. people don't have the skills. the good news, you don't need a four-year degree for a lot of these great-paying jobs but you need more than high school. >> sandra: how does this plan fill the? >> major corporations will be there to create 500,000 jobs -- retrain people so 500,000 people can go out there and get these kind of jobs. the ceo of ibm has new collar jobs. >> bill: vocational training. >> ivanka trump has been pushing on this from day one. she has played an important
7:45 am
role. new collar. >> bill: a woman who won the primary in bronx and queens here in new york, she talked about employment. listen carefully and let me know what you think. >> unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can barely feed their kids. >> bill: there is a lot there. >> 150 million working, maybe 7.5 million have two jobs. although there are a lot of people doing things like the gig economy. that doesn't get counted. you may have a full-time job and do uber a couple hours on the side. she was painting a more dire portrait of america that currently exists. we do have a lot of people where both parents work. we do have a situation where even the federal reserve said one of the most important things we have to figure out is how to get women back into the
7:46 am
workforce. 50% of women not in the workforce because of childcare costs. a lot of things we can do. the idea of that you have to exaggerate to that degree to justify her socialist platform sun fortunate. >> sandra: it's a tough one and the president's daughter ivanka trump has taken on. >> sandra: it's a big deal. when we say this economy is in the fast lane charles payne, where does it go from here? can it keep up this sort of pace i think people are wondering. >> this is the kind of success that begets success. i dig into the minutia, the thing that no one else is looking at. how much factory capacity are we using and production are we making. it is phenomenal. the upswing is infectious. what i like about this is i think it will keep going. these are investments. a couple weeks ago i talked about the -- same thing with
7:47 am
manufacturing. turning on these factories and investing in factories. a lot has to do with the tax cuts. corporations are pouring a lot of money into the big capital expenditures, building factories, buying trucks but this is the kind of thing that builds on itself. we have a tremendous amount of momentum. >> bill: you were moved by a story you had on last night. what is the story of the person you had on last night? >> the kid who got the job on his first day his car broke down and started walking to the job at midnight. what really impacted me, i had an opportunity to interview him and his boss last night. in the middle of it i start choking up and i tell you why. >> bill: we'll play a clip from that. here it is tr last night. >> when we woke up on sunday and read the post and heard about the story just blown away. the commitment, the resolve. these are things that are just
7:48 am
truly special. >> i used to go to alabama a lot as a kid in the late 60s, early 70s, they walked a lot. and one of the key things that people have missed from this is that there was a woman who had a store. it was a shack really, a white woman. she was blind and had a bunch of change on the counter. you come in, buy soda and candy. no one stole from her. everyone was raised right. poverty stricken kids, you may be tempted to take back a quarter. one of the things you always had to ask yourself over and over again all my life, what happened to the folks down there that made them so scared? whatever happened was sanctioned by the government and by law enforcement. last night walter told me that on his way in the middle of the night a black kid in alabama walking on the street not only did two cops pull up, pick him up and take him to breakfast, but they had to stop at the city line so they radioed their friends police in the next town
7:49 am
and said be on the lookout for this kid. they picked him up and drove him to his job destination and rang the doorbell. i don't think people understand the evolution. in that story we have -- we're the greatest country in the world and we're greater than most americans realize we are. that story exemplifies that on so many levels. >> bill: i can feel it in your voice. >> sandra: incredible story. a story that mirrors yourself. you were raised mostly by your grandmother. >> the idea the police officers did so much. when i was in alabama as a kid black men had to hold down their heads. they were afraid and intimidated. you fast forward in my lifetime and the role that the police officers played in making this come true i think should get more exposure. >> sandra: a beautiful story. >> bill: bringing the payne.
7:50 am
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>> bill: hitting google with a $5 billion fine from e.u.
7:54 am
this is what trump tweeted. bring in brett larson, host of fox news headlines 24/7. $5 billion. that is an afternoon of work. >> it's pocket change for google. i googled this, it must be through. they make $658 a second. not long to make $5 billion back they're being fined. the e.u. is fining them for their android operating system. everything tied together. that's the argument the e.u. is saying. they've done this before. the e.u. has stepped in. not the first time the e.u. slapped google with a fine. they did it two years ago for regulators in the e.u. for shopping. they said google had an unfair advantage. when you would google how much does a foot ball cost it would say it's $299. if you clicked google got a
7:55 am
little money. this instance it's about android. all the google programs will what you will use. that's the same case for the iphone from apple and apple never seems to be in the cross hairs of any of these sort of regulatory issues. >> sandra: the president is taking the opportunity to say this is proof that they are taking advantage of the u.s. i told you so, the e.u. slapped a $5 billion fine on one of our great companies. this is something the president has set his sights on. >> i understand what the president is saying in terms of taking advantage of the u.s. but don't understand how it applies here. they are not taking money from google. they are fining google which works in the e.u. and has offices and server farms and the things they need to operate in the e.u. i don't see them taking advantage of the u.s.
7:56 am
the e.u. stepping in and saying we see what you're doing is unfair and there is a penalty for that. we'll charge you for that. >> bill: i won't just cut a check. >> they may. they did that the last time. they tend to be -- oh, the government wants to fine us, fine, we're good with that. >> sandra: they're appealing the decision, right? >> they will probably appeal it but there will be money changing hands. >> sandra: two big stories we're following next hours. no calls for an investigation into a.g. rod rosenstein. how soon could we see action? congressman jim jordan joins us live on that and senator thom tillis is on deck as well. of our new unlimited wireless plans. it comes with a ton of entertainment options. great, can you sign for this? yeah. hey, uh.. what's in that one? that's a shark. new and only with at&t,
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>> sandra: top of the hour. fox news alert. president trump intensifying efforts to set the record straight on russian meddling and strengthening his performance at the helsinki summit. i'm sandra smith. let's go, hour three. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning. tough talk from the president making it clear he holds putin responsible for the election interferesens of 2016 and said he told him so in helsinki. anthony scaramucci was our headliner just an hour ago. >> people are upset with the president because his rhetoric.
8:01 am
you can go through policy. as it relates to russia you have to give the president huge credit trying to de-escalate tension with russia which has escalated since 2014. >> sandra: kevin corke is live with the story. good morning again, kevin. >> great to be with you as always. i want to share this. we're looking into a tweet by the president that seemed to reference a second summit with vladimir putin. i don't want to make too much out of it. if you are reading between the lines in the tweet it sounds like maybe something could be coming up. we certainly know this. that tweet is that at a minimum raising eyebrows and maybe some hope in some corners that indeed the dialogue will continue. let me read it to you. what the president put out not long ago. the summit with russia was a great success except for the real enemy of the people the fake news media. here is what really caught my attention. he said i look forward to our
8:02 am
second meeting so that we can start implementing some of the many things discussed, including stopping terrorism, security for israel, nuclear proliferation, cyberattacks, trade, ukraine, middle east peace, north korea and more. there are many answers, some easy, some hard to the problems. but they can all be solved. the president yesterday acknowledging the ongoing fallout from the helsinki summit where he didn't explicitly blame putin to his face for election meddling. he spelled it out clearly last night. >> do you hold him personally responsible? >> president trump: well, i would, because he is in charge of the country just like i consider myself to be responsible for things that happen in this country. so certainly as the leader of a country you would have to hold him responsible, yes. >> in a tweet this morning the president noted that fox news played a video montage earlier today that spelled out the specifics of his many times over the last year and a half
8:03 am
of blaming russia in particular for election meddling. i should also pass this along. i think you'll find it interesting. the president in addition to that was also talking about the summit and he called it a success. that is a feeling reflected by his counterpart vladimir putin who called the summit a success. although he also added there are certain forceers in america trying to minimize the results. also this morning there is a report out that the president was, in fact, told two weeks before his inauguration that president putin ordered personally interference into the 2016 election. but is that the case? former homeland security advisor tom bossert would certainly know. >> i was in the briefing the two weeks before the inauguration. that one focused primarily on the cyber component on what the russians did. not the information operations. those information operations are ongoing. i agree with the f.b.i. director.
8:04 am
>> a former nfc official says there was a briefing but they can't comment on details. interesting story nonetheless. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: the american west we have an aspen security forum conference in aspen, colorado. nielsen will speak. the f.b.i. director christopher wray making it clear that moscow remains today an active threat. >> my view has not changed, which is that russia attempted to interfere with the last election and that it continues to engage in malign influence operations to this day. >> bill: we're live in aspen catching this. what is the malign influence operation christopher wray refers to there? >> good morning. malign influence operation is another way of saying the russians are engaged in information warfare. they use information as a
8:05 am
weapon to level the playing field, to level the battlefield and specifically with the u.s. to undermine conference in the democratic process. >> what they do is identify a divisive issue and through a variety of means, some overt, covert, fake news and propaganda will essentially sew divisiveness and spin people up on both sides of the issue and watch us go at each other. >> one of the most significant things director wray told the audience last night so far they haven't seen any intelligence or evidence that russia is already targeting and probing the electoral infrastructure in this country including voter registration databases. >> russia has been the most aggressive actor in the space we're talking about now. we haven't seen yet an effort to target specific election
8:06 am
infrastructure this time. but certainly other efforts what i would call malign influence operations are very active and we could be just a moment away from it going to the next level. >> director wray was emphasizing they haven't seen the evidence yet but there are two scenarios, one, we missed it or two, it could start at any time, bill. >> bill: to be clear he said they were a threat but it is not the greatest cyber threat. what or who is if that's the case? >> that's right. the big headline here today i think is that russia is a threat but the overall threat to u.s. economically but also in terms of intelligence is actually china. he said they take what he calls a whole of government approach. espionage looking at military as well as business intelligence. >> china from a counter intelligence perspective represents the broadest, most
8:07 am
challenging and most significant threat we face as a country. china is trying to position itself as the sole dominant super power, the sole dominant economic power. they are trying to replace the united states in that role. >> he also said that north korea is a significant cyber actor but they're very one dimensional. purely focused on stealing business secrets, bill. >> bill: thank you. a beautiful day in aspen. enjoy that. >> sandra: more on all this let's bring in charlie hurt. washington times opinion editor and fox news contributor. good morning. you've been listening to all this. we could potentially hear from kristjen nielsen a short time from now. the president several times making a very firm point he does hold putin and russia responsible for meddling in u.s. elections, but he is defending his performance in helsinki. is this going over well with critics?
8:08 am
>> certainly not with critics. nothing that donald trump ever does will ever go over well with critics. the fact that he has underscored as he has many times before that indeed our intelligence services do have -- have concluded that russia attempted to interfere with the election and he said it both before and after his performance on monday. what he did on monday, you know, i was not a fan of it and not very good. he conflated the issue of russian meddling with this whole thing about collusion between the trump campaign and russia. and he -- when he is asked about meddling he needs to answer that question. don't pivot and answer any question about collusion. it is not necessary. but you know the big picture here, you know, that i think is worth sort of evaluating is i don't see for all of his critics, i don't see how putin is materially better off today than he was before the past week. nato has more money because of
8:09 am
donald trump. the u.s. military has been strengthened under donald trump. the gas pipeline between germany and russia was called out by president trump. i don't know how any of that could possibly suggest -- those are actual material things that occurred. i don't know how any of that could suggest that donald trump is in vladimir putin's pocket. >> sandra: interesting. he seems to be casting blame elsewhere specifically talking about special counsel robert mueller and his investigation on collusion and he is suggesting, he did so in the interview with sean hannity, that this is driving a wedge between us and russia. >> well, of course, something like that is kind of cat nip to this president. he can't contain himself. if he sees mueller, he is going to attack. and what i mean in a question. that was the mistake he made on monday. when the press asked him about russian meddling, he saw --
8:10 am
what he heard was russia collusion. so he went after that and went full bore attack on that when what he should have just said is yes, they meddled in the election, it is unacceptable and moved on. we're back to that and that's a good thing. trump is a fighter and it's what appeals to so many people about him is the fact that he is willing to be confrontational especially here in washington with people that voters are totally fed up with for a long time. and he just can't -- he can't help himself. i think he will keep fighting this fight for a long time. we'll never get him to stop fighting that fight. >> sandra: as you heard the report from the white house from kevin corke he didn't want to look too far into it but the president's recent tweet looking forward to our second meeting to start implementing some of the many things discussed. we'll see where that goes and if there is one in the works we do not know. that could be a hint.
8:11 am
charlie hurt. thanks for coming on the program this morning. >> bill: in a moment president trump taking aim at the mueller probe. take a listen here. >> president trump: i call it a witch hunt. that's what it is. it's a vicious witch hunt. you know what? it's very bad for our country. >> bill: he is saying he is still willing to talk to robert mueller but will that interview ever happen. former u.s. attorney andrew mccarthy is next on that here. >> sandra: the battle over ice on capitol hill. house republicans approving a resolution supporting the agency as democrats block a similar proposal in the senate. republicans calling democrats stance outrageous. we'll talk about it with senator john thune. >> bill: where do efforts stand to get north korea to dismantle its nuclear arsenal? mike pompeo set to give an update soon. >> they reaffirmed that. we think in the next couple of
8:12 am
weeks we'll have the first remains of soldiers return. progress being made there. o rid, there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands?
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too hot to work? nah. this is the gator xuv835. with game-changing heat and air, it's never too anything for anything. >> president trump: my lawyers are working on that. i've always wanted to do an interview because look, there has been no collusion, there has been no talk of russia. >> sandra: president trump telling cbs news saying he is still willing to sit down with robert mueller even after his
8:16 am
legal team cast doubt of that happening any time soon. andrew mccarthy is a fox new contributor and former attorney. is it a good idea, first of all, for the president to keep taking aim at robert mueller and his probe? >> i think it's a terrible idea for two reasons. one, mueller's probe is bigger than the president and any sort of suspicion of an espionage conspiracy between russia and the trump campaign that hasn't developed any evidence of that we know publicly. what mueller was assigned was a counter intelligence investigation of russia's interference in the election. so when the president takes a shot at mueller, as if it was at that whole investigation, it's as if he is attacking that part of the investigation which i think everybody thinks is pretty important that we get to the bottom of what russia did. >> sandra: surely you wouldn't think it would be a good idea for him to sit down with robert
8:17 am
mueller based on that. >> there are a variety of reasons he shouldn't sit down and a variety of reasons he shouldn't be asked to sit down. in a properly-functioning justice department, a prosecutor doesn't get to interview the president just because he thinks the president might have something interestsing to say. the president's job is more important than a prosecutor any investigation. if things were running the way they were supposed to be, you wouldn't get into the ballpark of interviewing the president unless you could show there was a serious crime he was implicated in or in possession of evidence that the prosecutor couldn't get from any other source. and that would be pretty clear to us if a prosecutor wanted to interview a journalist or a defense lawyer. it would be people immediately who would step up and say no,
8:18 am
you just don't get to interview a journalist. you have to go through the hoops. >> sandra: but the president of the united states. >> right. who has a slightly more important job than some of these other people. >> sandra: it is so political. >> right. >> sandra: it is everywhere. you have democrats that are willing to list off a laundry list of accomplishments of this probe and republicans say there was no collusion. there is no evidence of collusion. does robert mueller and his team have any obligation to be more transparent about their findings or about the status of this investigation and provide that to the public? >> i think they do. in most investigations, 99% of the investigations the justice department deals with secrecy is the consideration and the rule of law depends on it but things like national security are more important than the outcome of a particular investigation. in this instance the governance of the country, the president's
8:19 am
ability to function, the president's ability to attract talented people to work in the administration and not make them think that -- >> sandra: the president said it is driving a wedge between us and russia. does mueller have an obligation to provide a status update? >> i think he does. i think really deputy attorney general rosenstein has an obligation because he is in charge of mueller, at least nominally. he ought to be giving us an update on what is it the president is suspected of? remember, in every other kind of independent counsel investigation we've ever had. watergate, iran-contra, everybody has known what the president was suspected of and what the president's status in the investigation was. i don't understand why it needs to be a secret at this point? >> sandra: if that is absent that largely makes it different than anything we've seen in the past. why then? how do you answer that question?
8:20 am
>> i think the answer is the president is afraid to put his foot down and demand that because when he does those sorts of things they allege that he is obstructing the investigation. as you pointed out, the politics of this is looming over the legal aspects of it. >> sandra: unbelievable. andrew mccarthy, thank you. >> bill: new calls for the investigation into deputy a.g. rod rosenstein. will the republicans get a vote for the proceedings. the american pastor behind bars in turkey. one of the senators leading the charge trying to get him home the senator thom tillis. next. >> we haven't seen any credible brunson that he is guilty of the crimes the turkish government accuses him of. we continue to call on the
8:21 am
turkish government to quickly resolve this case. we believe he is innocent. ♪
8:22 am
♪ keep it comin' love. if you keep on eating, we'll keep it comin'. all you can eat riblets and tenders at applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> bill: fox news alert now. new calls for taking action against the deputy a.g. rod rosenstein. some lawmakers including our next guess pushing for an investigation by the justice department internal watchdog. alleged threats to subpoena telephone and email records on staff members on the house intelligence committee. jim jordan with us now. the republican from ohio, good day to you. what about this effort to impeach rod rosenstein? will it go anywhere, sir? >> we'll see. every option is still on table, bill. we want the information. we aren't getting the information. they haven't complied with document requests and haven't complied with two different subpoenas, we've caught them
8:25 am
hiding information and as you just said, it's been reported and we've talked to these staffers but it has been reported that rod rosenstein threatened house intelligence committee staffers. you have the executive branch, the top official at the justice department, threatening folks in the legislative branch for trying to do our constitutional duty to conduct oversight. that's a big problem. everything is on the table. we'll see. if we get the information there won't that. if we don't we possibly look at contempt and impeachment. >> bill: this notion rosenstein threatened to use his powers to retaliate against rank and file staff members for sending written oversight requests raises concerns he abused his authority in the context of this investigation. i think you think it's abuse. i don't know if it is in the end. but it appears you are getting a slow walk. why is that? >> we're definitely getting the slow walk because every time the f.b.i. said we can't give you that information, we
8:26 am
finally push and push and push and get it. it wasn't because it wouldn't hurt any type of investigation or classified. it was embarrassing to the f.b.i. and now when you have potentially the deputy attorney general, the guy who in effect is running most of the justice department now because of attorney general sessions' recusal. when you have him threat en members of the house intelligence committee seeking to get the documents we're talking about and being told that i'll subpoena your phone records and your emails, if that doesn't have a chilling effect. that's what the staffers have said. talk about a chilling effect when you have that person say those kinds of things to you, this needs to be investigated and it is the kind of behavior that shouldn't be tolerated. >> sandra: critics call into the question the timing of this. the indictments and now calls from you and your colleagues. what are even your republican colleagues thinking of this? some are questioning the move. >> we've been pushing all along. we started a year ago this
8:27 am
month calling for a second special counsel. i don't like special counsels but i see no other remedy. how does the f.b.i. and the d.o.j. investigate themselves? rod rosenstein is overseeing the investigation by mr. mueller looking at possible obstruction of justice into the firing of james comey and rod rosenstein wrote the memo recommending his firing. think about this fact. think about this. i've never seen it. james comey has been fired. andy mccabe has been fired. the chief of staff has left the f.b.i. james baker former chief counsel was demoted and left the f.b.i. lisa page left the f.b.i. peter strzok demoted, lost his clearance for a while and still at the f.b.i. when have you ever seen six key people in a federal agency that ran the two most important investigations, when have you ever seen that happen? this is what we're dealing with and we're trying to get answers
8:28 am
and they keep slow walking us for a year. >> sandra: we saw a heated exchange between the two of you at that hearing in june. where you pressed rod rosenstein for answers and asked why you aren't getting them. are you hearing anything from his camp? >> the other thing, it is not just jim jordan. is house of representatives took a vote three weeks ago today and said a majority of the house said you aren't getting us the information we're entitled to as a separate and equal branch of government required to do oversight. you aren't giving us that information and the house of representatives voted and said get us the information. >> bill: another story i want to ask you about that has nothing to do with politics. apparently you answered some questions this week about an investigation that goes back years, allegations that you ignored claims of sexual abuse working on the wrestling team at ohio state university. what did you tell investigators and what were they asking you? >> the interview, bill, was
8:29 am
fine. we aren't allowed to get into the details what was talked about. they're doing an investigation for the university. look, i knew of no abuse, never heard of it. never had any reported to me. if i had i would have dealt with it. every coach has said the same things i have. other kinds of wrestlers said that. it's the truth. we'll continue to talk about the truth. if there was someone who faced harm or abuse, we want them to get their justice and that's why this investigation is moving forward. >> bill: if that's the case with you how does that case unwind itself? where does it go? >> i'm not sure. i don't know when they'll wind up their investigation. i know we talked to them on monday and i thought the interview went fine. >> bill: i've heard your denials repeatedly and i take you at your word. if that's the case, why do you think this is coming out now? >> well, i mean jeepers, the way it seemed to me was sequenced and choreographed and the left and everything they've done you have to look at all
8:30 am
that. i find it suspect. but look, all i can do is tell the truth and keep fighting for the folks in the fourth district of oef owe and doing what we told the american people we will do on what i'm focused on. >> bill: there is a chance you might run for speaker of the house when paul ryan exits. do you think that is perhaps the incentive for some people who don't like you to come forward? have you thought about that? is that possible? >> is that a rhetorical question, bill? i think so but, you know, look, i guess i would like to think the reason you see the left coming after me and lies being told is because we're being effective in doing what we told the american people we're doing and something to do with the fact i think president trump is doing a great job and we're trying to support and help him make america great again. in a year and a half unemployment is down, the economy is growing, taxes have been reduced, regulations have
8:31 am
been reduced. gorsuch is on the court. kavanaugh is on deck. hostages have come home from north korea and other things. i'm proud to be helping the president accomplish those type of things and another reason you're seeing the false attacks happen to me. >> bill: strong list. thank you for answering all our questions, too. jim jordan. >> sandra: it's been more than five weeks since president trump met with kim jong-un and we're about to get a major update from secretary of state mike pompeo on where things stand when it comes to north korean denukeization. >> bill: the battle of immigration heating up. republicans support ice. democrats call it a political stunt. senator john thune's thoughts on that. >> democrats refuse the play republicans' game when it comes to children's well-being and the safety of thoefs who come here seeking asylum. we aren't falling for this trap.
8:32 am
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>> sandra: the state department attempting to hold north korea accountable for a promise to tear down its nuclear program. mike pompeo speaking to u.n. officials about his recent trip to pyongyang amid new reports that more remains of u.s. service members from the korean war could be returned soon. rich edson live from the state department for us. more negotiations this week, rich? >> that's right. continued discussions on returning u.s. service members and an update to allies about the u.s. and world efforts to relieve north korea of its nuclear weapons program. secretary pompeo says north korea has agreed to return to the united states the remains of service members killed during the korean war. officials see that as a goodwill gesture from kim jong-un's regime. the state department says the u.s. held discussions with north korea over two days earlier this week about that. tomorrow secretary pompeo travels to the united nations
8:36 am
to meet with south korean and japanese officials reiterating the kim regime claims it is committed to denuclearization but the details are still unclear. no concrete steps or agreements that north korea that it's dismantling its program and reports and analysis saying it continues to work on its weapons infrastructure. we asked the state department whether secretary of pompeo will meet with the north korean dell -- delegations. >> the russia government says the united nations security council should look at easing sanctions against north korea. the u.s. rejects that as do u.s. allies. >> we remain firm that the security council sanctions placed upon north korea for its nuclear and missile provocation will remain in place and be
8:37 am
faithfully implemented until we're assured of its complete denuclearization. >> the trump administration held off putting any sanctions on north korea during these negotiations. >> sandra: rich edson at the state department. thank you. >> i like to see who is going to come out and say abolish ice. it means open borders. if they abolish ice, no one is looking for you. it's ridiculous. >> bill: homan agreeing we need stronger border security and democrats block a resolution to support ice after the house had passed a similar resolution. senator john thune with me the republican from the dakotas. what do you think the ice push is all about on the left? >> it is -- they have gone off the deep end on the left. ice does an important job. they keep americans safe.
8:38 am
every single year they get criminals, bust them on drug charges, homicide, weapons offenses, assault, and rescue a lot of victims of human trafficking. they have a very important job in keeping americans safe. the idea that somehow the left has concluded they ought to be abolished, it's really hard to understand or fathom what they are thinking in terms of -- if they want to keep americans safe this is an important agency. >> bill: i'm trying to think in a political sense with an election less than four months away. the moderate democrats are running from this issue. if they're running from it, who on the left is supporting this and how far left are they, senator? >> well, you have had a few people who have won primary elections, democrat primary elections who have run on this agenda, bill. i think what has happened is they started to realize that's where the center of gravity is in this country among democrats is the far left.
8:39 am
they take the extreme positions and it has become more mainstream among democrats. you have democrat leaders now rubbing for president. a lot of those in the united states senate getting way on the left on this issue. it is just completely opposite of where the american people are. the american people want to make sure our borders are safe. >> bill: what do you think it says about the party? >> i think that the democrat party is drifting. they're rudderless right now and seem to be driven by the far left and you have people like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and others who are pulling them in that direction. what it does is makes it that much harder for moderate democrats or democrats who have a little bit of common sense from being pushed out into these positions that are going to make it very difficult for them to get elected in parts of the country where you have voters who are center or center right. these positions are completely out of the mainstream and it will be very, very difficult if you are a candidate, a
8:40 am
democratic candidate who has a primary not to be pushed way out in that direction, very hard to get back to the middle and win a general election. >> bill: you and the president are in lock step on this. democrats have a death wish, he writes, in more ways than one. they want to abolish ice. it should cost them heavily in mid-terms. reflect on that. >> absolutely. i think putting them on the record. they are taking this position, out there retoreically and holding rallies and getting everybody whipped up on this issue. and having actually cast a vote on it yesterday i think puts a lot of them on the record but the president is correct about that. i think what this does it makes it very, very hard for democrats in parts of the country that care deeply about law enforcement, about keeping our borders secure, about protecting americans, it will put them completely at odds with those type of voters and that's a majority of americans. >> bill: we have a lot of time to talk about the mid-term coming up.
8:41 am
i hope you come back. senator john thune from the hill. thanks. >> sandra: get ready for shark attacks in a summer hot spot and the victims were two kids. their harrowing ordeal and could it happen again? >> bill: also a jailed american pastor in turkey still behind bars. even though the president called on the turkish leader to set him free. what happens now on his case? one of the senators fighting for his release is live with us next. >> disappointed in the result of the hearing? >> i have read the indictment. i have attended three hearings. i don't believe that there is any indication that pastor brunson is guilty of any sort of criminal or terrorist activity.
8:42 am
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8:45 am
jailed american pastor andrew brunson tweeting the situation is a total disgrace. brunson is charged with terrorism and spying but his supporters say the accusations with baseless and he is being used as a bargaining chip by turkey to win u.s. concessions. joining us now senator thom tillis from north carolina. what do you make of the situation that it is now? turkey has rejected the appeals to release him. what happens now? >> well, his next court date is scheduled for october. that will be two years that he has been held in prison. the vast majority of that time without any charges and once they levied the charges honestly none of them would rise to the level of keeping someone in jail in the united states overnight. turkey is not acting like a nato ally. in some respects if turkey were applying for nato membership today they wouldn't check all
8:46 am
the boxes. you are at risk traveling to turkey. you can take a picture with the wrong people and find yourself in prison for two years. >> sandra: he is charged with espionage and collusion with terrorist organizations. >> they are absurd. a family member posted oh social media a meal they had. this came up in court in 12 hours. because that meal was a meal that was enjoyed by some of the people that may have been involved in the coup attempt, therefore he is guilty. that's the level of absurdity we're talking about. secret people in prison. not allowing people to speak on his behalf in his defense. it is a kangaroo court in every sense of the word and within president erdogan's power to do justice. >> sandra: the president tweeted saying a total disgrace that turkey will not release a respected u.s. pastor from
8:47 am
prison. he has been held hostage far too long. erdogan so do something to free this wonderful husband and family. his family needs him. what options do you have right now for his release? >> first i want to thank the president. he has been steadfast and among many people who really are working for pastor brunson's release. part of what we're doing is putting provisions in the national defense authorization that makes us look at whether or not a nato ally should be behaving this way. there should be a consequence for it if they're not. i'm working with a number of members in the house and senate on additional measures we'll take up in appropriations bills and other measures to put pressure on turkey and president erdogan to do the right thing. >> sandra: the relationship between the united states and turkey is an interesting one. being brought up in the context of his release. what does this say about that
8:48 am
testy relationship that we now see between the u.s. and turkey? >> i know that president erdogan has a lot of challenges based on where he is having syria as a next door neighborhood and having a terrorist organization threatening his internal security. i get those challenges and i know his job is a tough job. his job will be made a lot easier by having an ally like the united states standing we behind them. you can't do that when you have pastor bronson and a number of other people in prison some without charges. they need to be released and we need to get our relationship with a very important nato ally and a very important part of the world back on sound footing. it is degrading now and i'm afraid it goes further in the wrong direction. it is not in turkey, nato and united states best interest. >> sandra: you mentioned that court date. the next court date will be october 12th. we'll continue to follow all of this, the release of andrew
8:49 am
brunson, the american pastor. thank you for giving us your time on that. we'll continue to watch developments on this. >> bill: in a moment the family of a police officer killed in the line of duty needs a lot of help. a charity is stepping up. their challenge for the public and for you at home to help the wife and two young kids this officer has left behind. are you ready to take your wifi to the next level?
8:50 am
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are you ready to take your then you need xfinity xfi.? a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> sandra: the president speaking out again on his meeting with vladimir putin and his comments over the days following. he says he believes his intelligence people. says russia did meddle and that putin is personally responsible. whether this will finally calm the storm or critics will keep fanning the flames. >> president obama is bashing an entire gender during an event in south africa.
8:53 am
he says more women need to get into politics because men are violent and bullying. whether that's fair or the right way to motivate women. >> that plus our #oneluckyguy at the >> bill: thank you, ladies, see you then. the family of a police officer murdered near boston needs your help. she left behind a wife and two young children when he was killed in the line of duty. a charity, a major charity stepping up to help him and his family. the ceo fortune else of towers with me in studio. you were up there in boston, the wake is today for this man, the funeral is tomorrow. how is the family doing? >> you can imagine one day your husband goes to work and the next day he is dead. he is such a hero. a purple heart recipient. served our country in the u.s. army as a sergeant. in iraq in 2007 and afghanistan in 2010. so him to come home here and continue to serve in this case
8:54 am
his community and to give his life the way he did, we as americans and your viewers are fantastic. they helped us multiple times when we've made this call. let's take the burden of making sure that they don't have to worry about their mortgage ever again. >> bill: seems like a great guy and his wife, cindy. you imagine they are reeling right now in a space and place that no one can predict. >> it was very painful to see her yesterday and i did have the opportunity to spend the better part of an hour with her before we had a press conference. and to tell and ask the community to help out. she is worried about her children. and one of her children expressed mommy, what are we going to have to do? will we have to move? you lost your father but thinking about the realities of life afterwards. we can make a big difference here and we have in the past.
8:55 am
>> bill: you mention the mortgage. you want to raise $100,000 to cover the mortgage for their home. >> we put in the first $100,000. we need to raise another quarter million to make sure. the last time i was on with your viewers $100,000 in the next half hour, 45 minutes. your viewers. >> bill: the last interview we did you came on tv and our viewers raised $100,000? >> the mortgage for a u.s. marshal christopher hill. >> bill: wow. >> it made a big difference in that family's life. this will make a big difference for this family. >> bill: we'll put the website on the air. >> tunnel to towers. my brother died in 9/11. >> bill: you do tremendous work and to the family that will have a funeral tomorrow, something you cannot prepare forever.
8:56 am
but you have become legendary in this city in memory of your brother and you have helped countless people all over the country. it is really tremendous. >> let's become legendary in massachusetts and let them know they have no mortgage. >> bill: the word is out. thanks for sharing the story. special guy. >> thank you, sir. >> sandra: the fallout from president trump's summit with vladimir putin entering its fourth day. the president once again emphasizing he believes u.s. intel that russia meddled in the 2016 election. will it be enough to silence his critics? lease the 2018 rx 350 and rx 350 awd for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> bill: frank is a great man. a great new yorker and a great grandparent. >> sandra: thanks to him. >> bill: before the last commercial break, saying, how did it go today? you usually give me a review. >> sandra: i am pretty honest.
9:00 am
>> bill: what was today's review? >> sandra: we got a different version of bill hemmer today. >> bill: i think that i am pretty consistent every day. no? maybe a little wacky. >> sandra: aggressive today. all right, join us again tomorrow. >> harris: fox news alert, president trump is saying that he believes u.s. intelligence findings that russia did metal in the u.s. election and that he told vladimir putin and holding him responsible. he lay down the law with putin and he believes that russia is trying to interfere. but he did not say in the interview whether the russian president is lying. this is "outnumbered," i am harris faulkner. here today melissa francis, and host of "the intelligence report" trish reagan. executive residence and former ohio democratic state senator capri cafaro,


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