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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 20, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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nobody more nuggets to prove it. for them to retire that calendar with their coupon is utterly ridiculous. i didn't write that line. somebody on the staff wrote it. i tried to pull it off. they are supposed to be looking for the cow appreciation day but how can you tell when cow appreciation day is happening if you don't have a calendar? shannon bream will sort that out with mike pompeo. i'm sure it is one of the questions she will ask him. shannon: had i known i would have asked him of that. i challenge you to a nugget eating contest. thank you. we begin with a fox news alert.
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secretary of state mike pompeo is speaking out extensively on backlash to the helsinki summit and shedding new on what happened behind closed doors. my interview with him coming up shortly and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein's turn to speak, making major news with the director of national intelligence. andrew mccarthy will break it down for us. as california continues to wage war against the trump administration over immigration policies, the cabinet or front runner has progressives worried. why he is apologizing and backtracking. the white house tamping down another firestorm making it clear the president is not entertaining vladimir putin's proposal to allow his government interview americans. despite the outrage over the helsinki summit donald trump is ready for round 2. kristin fisher on the justice department's efforts to fight election meddling, richardson at the state department on pompeo's importance to all of this. we begin with ed henry with the latest from the white house. >> there were signs the
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democrats overplayed their hand and some in the mainstream media gone hysterical in their coverage of what donald trump said and didn't say. the white house gave the story new by realizing they invited vladimir putin to visit the white house for the first time since 2005. this fall before the midterms. intelligence officials say vladimir putin is trying to interfere with. democrats will try to politicize that visit. sarah sanders framed this as an important policy dialogue, the president told john bolton to invite vladimir putin to follow up with potential breakthroughs, in private in helsinki he presented a new plan on ukraine. the white house has been telling the fact talk from syria and north korea and other hotspots might bear fruit. in several tweets the president attacking the press for sending a negative narrative about helsinki, the fake news media wants so badly to see a major
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confrontation with russia, even a confrontation that could lead to war, they are pushing recklessly hard, that i have a good relationship with vladimir putin, we are doing better than any other country. also a video showing hillary clinton was extolling the virtues of getting close to vladimir putin and in cnbc interview the president said his words have been dissected again and again when you look at action on sanctions he has been tougher on russia than anyone, democrats led by adam schiff tried to turn and intelligence hearing on the threat from china into a circus as they tried to subpoena the interpreter who sat on a private meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin. >> we want very much to have a strong russia because of strong prosperous stable russia is in the interests of the world. >> getting along with vladimir putin is positive, not negative. that being said if that doesn't work out i will be the worst enemy he has ever had, the worst he has ever had.
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>> it is our motion the interpreter be subpoenaed to testify in closed session for our committee and i would like to yield for the purposes -- >> did you make a motion. >> i'm making a motion. >> this is a hearing and the only motion you can make is a motion to adjourn. >> my motion is that we subpoena the interpreter, that we have her come and testify in closed session. >> that would be unprecedented. it was supposed to be a hearing of china's theft of intellectual property and its threats the american government, democratic and tried to shift the focus back to russia. >> thank you very much. the biggest names in the administration showing up in aspen, famous for gathering of global elites in the nation's top spy and deputy attorney general technically robert
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mueller, making big news. kristin fisher is tracking all of it. >> so many headlines out of the security forum that it is hard to know where to begin but let's start with dan coats who went road and said things donald trump is likely not going to be happy about, told the press he has no idea what happened in the private meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin but he would have suggested a different way, the reason he put out that statement defending the intelligence community's a sense of russian meddling is because he felt the need to set the record straight. >> i felt at this point in time that was we had assessed and reassessed and reassessed and gone over still stands and it was important to take the stand on behalf of the intelligence community and the american people. anyone who thinks vladimir putin doesn't have a stamp on everything that happens in
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russia is misinformed. >> reporter: imagine his surprise when he was completely broadsided by the news on live tv that a second meeting with vladimir putin had been planned this time in the united states. >> the white house has announced on twitter that vladimir putin is coming to the white house in the fall. >> say that again? [laughter] >> vladimir putin -- yes, yes. >> okay. that is going to be special. >> reporter: is going to be extra special since rod rosenstein described in great detail how much the russians are continuing to metal regardless whether it is election time or not. he made a major announcement. from now on the justice department will alert the public
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to any foreign operations targeting us democracy such as what russia did in the 2016 election. >> exposing schemes to the public is an important way to neutralize it. the american people have a right to know if for and governments are targeting them with propaganda. >> reporter: in microsoft executive speaking at the same aspen forum said his team has uncovered evidence that russian military intelligence has already targeted at least three candidates running for election this year. >> thank you very much. the timing of the indictments of 12 russian intelligence officers for their alleged roles in computer hacking game that election interference. >> i think it was a terrible mistake for the apartment of justice to issue that indictment
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on the eve of a foreign policy stripped, the justice department should not intrude on the foreign policy of the united states. they should have held off. >> former chief assistant us attorney andrew mccarthy, welcome, great to have you with us tonight. i know that you agree there are problems with this indictment. you have different ones than alan dershowitz but use it is one of two things, a blue city stunt or political statement. how so? >> when you use an indictment to tell a story rather than put people on notice for trial which is what an indictment is for, an indictment is to put defendants on notice of what the charges against him are, the situation involved 12 people who are actually agents of the intelligence and military apparatus of a foreign government who carried out operations against the united states, in this case cyberespionage, they will never see the inside of an american court room. if you are using an indictment for that purpose, to put out a
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statement, it is not there to help them prepare their defense, there isn't going to be any defense. >> the deputy attorney general knows critics think this wasn't the right move or a smart move. we talked about that, play a little bit of what he said about why indictment was important. >> some critics argue against prosecuting people who live in foreign countries that are unlikely to extradite their citizens. that is a shortsighted view. do not underestimate the long arm of american law or law enforcement. >> he went on to say these indictments will impede people travel if they go through a country that is considered one with rule of law, they will have a hard time and may end up in custody anyway, it is determined that makes them less attractive as employees, financial partners or co-conspirators. >> that is how it is going to be for the americans who are now
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going to be, based on our greenlight we now set up a system where other countries are incentivized to do the same thing to our intelligence operatives and other officials who by the way are more active than the officials of any country in the world so i respectfully suggest deputy attorney general rosenstein may not like living in the world he has created. >> now we have to think about as you said precedent used against our men and women working around the world in various roles. i know you said there are other ways this could have been handled been this indictment. they could have issued reports and still singled out these people. why do you think the indictment is the way this rolled out? there are reports he said yes, let's do it. >> since the president was given the option to not have the
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indictment come out before the meeting and i applaud rosenstein for making sure that happens, they had to have thought it would strengthen his hand going into the negotiation. if the plan wasn't executed well, that is another matter but that actually must have been a calculation that they made. i do think this reminds me a lot about the debates we had in the 1990s about whether terrorism, especially attacks by an international terrorist organization against the united states overseas whether terrorism was a law enforcement problem, whether a great nation when it is attacked by a foreign hostile acts are responds by issuing indictments and subpoenas when most of the bad actors are never going to see the inside of an american court room. it seems to me there are a lot of ways you have to hope this is going to go on, that we can
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respond to russia besides an indictment that is really just telling a story that is never going to be actually prosecuted. rosenstein says we prosecute people who do this kind of stuff but they are not going to prosecute these guys. >> i don't think they will be vacationing in the us anytime soon. always great to read your stuff and have you on, thanks for coming. after the russia summit turned into a full-blown media and political feeding frenzy senate democrats and republicans wanted to hear from the president's top advisers what went down behind closed doors with vladimir putin. at the top of their list mike pompeo was scheduled to appear before the senate foreign relations committee next wednesday in open session. richardson now with more on untangling what went down in helsinki. >> the white house is rejecting russian proposal to question her us ambassador michael mc fall,
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bill browder and several other us citizens. after acknowledging donald trump discussed that with vladimir putin in helsinki and was still working with his team on the issue white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders now says in a statement it is a proposal made in sincerity by vladimir putin but donald trump disagrees with it, that follow state department spokesman heather knauer who criticized the idea. >> i can't answer with regard to that but i can tell you the overall assertions that have come out of the russian government are absurd, the fact that they want to question 11 american citizens and that the russian government is making about those citizens. >> democrats and republicans say they are trying to figure out what happens between donald
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trump and vladimir putin in helsinki. mike pompeo is expected to testify before the senate foreign relations committee and answer questions about that. the state department plans to update congress on negotiations with north korea. tomorrow the secretary travels to united nations headquarters in new york to discuss north korea talks with japanese and south korean officials and russia is now suggesting the united nations security council considered easing sanctions against north korea. the us and its allies disagree. >> we remain firm the security counsel sanctions placed upon north korea for its nuclear and missile provocations will remain in place and be faithfully implemented. >> the trump administration says it refuses to (sanctions but it has avoided additional sanctions against north korea. as long as it negotiates in good faith. secretary pompeo says earlier this week north korea agreed to return the remains of some us service members from the korean war. the secretary says that transfer is expected in the next couple weeks. >> today the white house recused the nomination of one of donald
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trump's judicial pyxis minute before he was set for senate confirmation vote. ryan downs has been enlightened to be in line on the circuit court of appeals. democrats jeff merkley and ron wyden objected to the nomination and protested his confirmation in speeches on the senate floor. milania trump spent part of her day talking about the best practices for being civil on line, part for child well-being the best campaign. she met with 15 students from across the nation tasked with helping the tech giant microsoft on the issue of youth centered online safety. the president's pick to run the internal revenue service facing opposition from several senate democrats who say they will vote against charles redding to protest the new agency policy that some groups won't be forced to disclose their donors identities, critics say the policy will let more dark money including for foreign interests flood into the us political system. an exclusive interview with mike
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pompeo. >> the russian ambassador, there were important verbal agreements made in private conversations, can you tell us anything about this. >> i don't take the russian ambassador's word for a lot. >> bomb for developments for gavin do some. jonathan hunt investigates next. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ by staying in rhythm. and to keep up this pace, i drink boost optimum. boost optimum with 5 in 1 advanced nutrition helps support muscle, energy,
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gavin newsom says he thinks he is the best suited for the fight but in all policy decision of his has progressives gavin do some but a policy
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decision, he is checking into that. >> reporter: gavin newsom is the front runner in the california been outspoken in his support for the sanctuary state policies andee openly critical of donald trump's words and actions and presented himself as the best possible person to lead california in its ongoing battles with the administration over immigration policy but in 2008 when he was mayor of san francisco he instigated a policy that required law enforcement officers to recall young undocumented immigrants to customs enforcement. of those immigrants were charged with violent felony crimes. the important and controversial part of that being the idea that juveniles face deportation on the basis of simply being charged, not convicted.
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he enacted the policy in the wake of the murder of a san sons byo father and his an illegal immigrant and ms 13 member who had been arrested twice but not deported becauses of san francisco's sanctuary policy. >> the c sanctuary city was nev designed to be in any way, shape or form a framework where people can commit crimes and be shielded against those crimes. it is perverse. it is absurd. >> reporter: newsom said he was wrong saying these were people charged but not convicted. some people were exonerated but i will say this to my y critics fair game, looking back, there were things we could have done differently. this comes in the wake of protests over donald trump's policy of separating illegal immigrant children from their am families at the border.
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republican john cox wrote on facebook, quote, as usual gavin newsom what it both ways. san francisco mayor, reported undocumented used to ice,, he ws for it before he was against it. a usc ally times paul showed newsom with a comfortable 17 point lead over cox among those who planned to vote in november. it will be an interesting one. >> we will watch it on the west coast, thank you very much. for more insight into the california governor'so race and many other things, editor of the halftime report. >> happy. >> you see the story about gavin newsom. this is what he said about why they made changes, we were the poster child for the sanctuary policies been had this tragic ic example where someone was in our
12:24 am
custody, ms 13 young person came and shot three members of the family. that is why they had to crackdown on thingske but when e president talks about cracking down he gets raked over the coals. there aren't these games everywhere, it was okay for democrat but not for the president? >> gavin do some is lucky. a visit come out in the primary it might have been enough for the foreign mayor of losan anges to get more traction and get past cox to get into second place, get out there and be in this now. the way it works out as he poses an ultra left, runs as ultraleft candidate in the first round of the primary, then gets beyond that and his secret past as a hardliner immigration comes out in time for the general election so there is that. >> the president talked about
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someone he would not mind matching up against, here's what he has to say about the former vice president. >> i dream of that, joe biden ran three times, never got more than 1% and president obama took them out of the garbage heap and everyone was shocked that he did. >> a lot of people you l know thought biden was very lovable, had long time democrat support and could have been a viable contender. >> history will record that hillary clinton was the worst major party nominee in two generations, catastrophically bad in so many different ways, with her base, persuadable voters and all these things. can a different democrat have been donald trump? probably. would that democratth have been joe biden? i don't know. joe biden is very popular, a well-known politician, that can change, i like you but i don't like you that way. friend zone.
12:26 am
hard to say but we do know this. trump and biden hate each other. they have threatened to fight each other, physically fight, two men in their 70s. or do a fool -- i am open to it. it would make your job as moderator easier. just blow the whistle. >> i wanted to ask about a new study that says consuming bacon negatively affect your mental health. >> this is from people who want to take your bacon. anyone saying they are going to steal your bacon, don't listen. >> i knew you would be anti-that study. but a couple paul's for a poll from cbs news, the ppresident' handling of the summit with vladimir putin, republicans say he did a good job. >> overall very bad marks, 32%
12:27 am
but among republican 68% said i approve of the way the president handled it. that is not monolithic. part of that, we talked about before, i own the goldstar trump supporter, people who back trump in his feud with the goldstar family, 20% of the electorate is with trump and support himhe rit or wrong, ultra all the way. so then there's the other portion, the people who say he apologized, don't know d where e line is. and it is over now and let's move on and i want to talk about why democrats want to abolish ice. party loyalties an amazing thing, partisanship makes life more interesting, too much, empty pockets. shannon: you don't feel that way about bacon. >> we need another study. >> i'm sure it is being funded
12:28 am
with our money, thank you very much. next, hour cable news exclusive interview with secretary of state mike pompeo. do you make of reports that there is no intention at all of getting rid of their nuclear ambitions. >> no one is closer to that than i have. everyone is simply speculating about what has taken place today. yeah... but popping these things really helps me...relax. please don't, i'm saving those for later. at least you don't have to worry about renters insurance. just go to geico helps with renters insurance? good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i'll check 'em out. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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♪ >> shannon: >> i sat down with secretary of state mike pompeo to talk about historic meeting of religious persecution. we have other hot topics to discuss. >> thank you for your time today. we are here to talk about historic meeting on persecuted religious minorities. i want to get to some news of the day. let's talk about russia.
12:33 am
what do you make of the assessment the president appeared week next to vladimir putin and allegations by lawmakers that he must, quote, have something to be acting this way. >> thanks for having me on today. those allegations are absurd. this administration has been relentless in efforts to deter russia from its bad behavior. we inherited a situation where russia was running all over the united states. the last few days have been more heat than light. this administration has been supporting the ukrainians. and donald trump has been strong in protecting america. >> the president was fully briefed a couple weeks before the inauguration about meddling. presented compelling evidence about that. do you worry about deep roots in the intel community, he continues to equivocate on the issue of whether there was
12:34 am
russian meddling? >> i did have the chance to talk to the president about this over the last year and a half. he understands the russians interfered in our elections and it has been going on a long time and wasn't just the 2016 election. the history of russia's efforts for western democracy for decades now. or those who want to make a partisan case out of this with respect to the mueller investigation and understand what russia did in our elections, he has empowered each of us in the 2018 or 2020 elections in the united states. >> the president was asked by a member of the press corps, meddling is still ongoing. and no to any further questions,
12:35 am
do you believe russia is still meddling in our elections? >> i have great confidence they will try to undermine western democracy in 27, 2019 and for an awfully long time. it is our responsibility of leaders of the united states government, to keep them from interfering with our elections and more broadly as well. shannon: the russian ambassador says they were, quote, important verbal agreements made in private conversations. can you tell us about those? >> i would not take the russian ambassador's word for a lot. i want to talk about his discussions with vladimir putin. there was progress on a handful of friends. and effort to begin conversations of arms control for proliferation. and the president accomplished one of his goals which, two leaders of important countries
12:36 am
for positive constructing conversation around incredibly important issues. the last place these countries interests and values diverge. shannon: any chance this administration would entertain the idea of allowing vladimir putin or his team to have the billy to question or have physical custody of people like the former ambassador or other dhs officials who have been investigating things in the vladimir putin regime. >> done. >> tomorrow you head to the un. >> i watched the noise the last few days, the president has been very resolute. he understands what he was dealing with in russia, he gets it and trying to take places where we find we can work together and put america in position to do the things he wants to do on behalf of the american people.
12:37 am
shannon: what do you make of reports and assessments, no intention at all with nuclear ambitions or the program. >> no one is closer to that than i have. everyone else is simply speculating about what has taken place today. the north koreans have consistently reaffirmed their commitment chairman kim made to donald trump. no one was under any illusion this was going to happen for hours or days or weeks. it is going to take time to achieve this outcome. we hope for a brighter future, chairman kim continues to follow through on his commitment north korea will have a bright future. shannon: let's talk about the historic meeting addressing religious freedom and persecution around the globe. why is it important to do that? >> it is a fundamental human right. the state department of the united states ought to be in lead promoting religious freedom around the world. not every country has the religious freedom we have in the
12:38 am
united states. individuals are punished for their beliefs or absence of their beliefs. we ought to promote that around the world, the united states and the state department to be front and center talking about religious freedom. not other countries but i'm confident if we focus on this as part of american diplomacy we can make the religious freedom for individuals all across the world at least a little bit better. shannon: a pastor being held in turkey yesterday denied freedom as many are calling a sham trial continues. turkey is a nato ally. what can we do? >> enormous work by this administration to gain the release of the pastor and others held in turkey, americans and others who worked for the united states held in turkey today, we are working diligently on that case and every place in america. this is one example where religious freedom matters and we
12:39 am
will have 80 delegations in the state department, 40 of my counterparts, foreign ministers, this is a historic opportunity. the president will speak at the event, we can increase the capacity for human dignity and religious freedom by gathering the nations of the world and working together so we can prevent situations like the one the pastor is experiencing today. shannon: you mentioned, unique on the issue of religious freedom, how much can you combat those biases and other areas around the world where this is a real issue, life-and-death for many people? >> this ministerial gathering is so important. we don't think we will change each of these countries to become as religiously tolerant as the united states, but we have seen this every time we take action to protect from anti-semitism or christian
12:40 am
freedoms or others across a broad range, every time we act in that way and gather nations of the world to talk about why that matters to make the country better we think it is real progress and every little increase of religious freedom is better for the world. shannon: thank you for your time. up next, reaction to my interview with mike pompeo, our panel, doug shown and guy benson are standing by and ready. to most americans care about our relationship with russia? the answer might surprise you. stay tuned. - my family and i did a fundraiser walk in honor of my dad,
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♪ >> shannon: secretary of state mike pompeo saying a short >> mike pompeo said a short while ago on fox news at night the last days have been more heat than light. does the panel agree? guy benson here to debate. welcome. the secretary was -- he pushed back on a number of things with regard to how the president has been perceived following the helsinki summit. as someone with deep roots in the intelligence community, very much in their corner for what is going on? >> i found the secretary's comments reassuring up to a point. we still don't know what the administration's strategy is, what was discussed about counterterrorism or arms control. we need to know where this next
12:45 am
summit is supposed to go. is the whole government on the same page? given the assertion about religious liberty, let's expand that to freedom, liberty, the nato alliance, our core principles and article 5 of that covenant. that is what i want to hear and i say that is a patriotic american, not a partisan. shannon: brett stevens in the new york times, an opinion piece, he is calling out both secretary pompeo and ambassador bolton. by continuing to serve the president pompeo and bolton and their top aides as they tell insulting humiliating moments, cleaning up after him, they are covering up for him. bolton and pompeo should be leading the conservative charge against the putin appeasers, they are effectively complicit. >> would brett stevens prefer less competent less conservative
12:46 am
people in those positions, if they were to step aside and join the resistance from the right? i am not sure that is in the nation's best interests, and i am not particularly interested in that. watching the interview with pompeo, he was clearly trying to tow the line and walk that tight rope where he was backing up trump and downplaying the criticism of him while also reinforcing what the intelligence community has assessed over and over again and did a pretty agile job of that. jillian: talk about average americans at home. i don't know how into this whole russia espionage and intrigue they are this week. we have a poll that came out, a gallup poll where people were asked about the most important issues they are concerned about and want to hear about, it goes
12:47 am
down the list, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the website that has economic issues, non-economic issues and near the bottom you will see the situation with russia and next to it, my reading of this poll it came in at less than one person. they couldn't find it on people's radar. it may be different, a hold a bunch of things people are worried about other than how we are doing with russia. >> advised bill clinton in the white house for six years, i know all too well when people vote on a president, the economy, economic leadership and are we at peace and on those metrics we are doing pretty well. the problem for the president is if there is uncertainty about what we are trying to do, what our posture is on russian intervention, arms control as i was suggesting and where we are
12:48 am
heading that only weakens the message and weakens his position overall. secretary pompeo did a good job but the administration has a lot more to do to project strength, certainty and a path going forward if we are to succeed and make the next summit and unrivaled success. shannon: there will be an invitation for a second meeting with vladimir putin. how will the white house handle this differently? >> they will hopefully learn from the most recent one, i thought his 1-word answer to your question about the issue, whether they would think of allowing russians access to diplomats or us agents in any context, he said none, and enunciated that. the clarity i was hoping to hear, that was the right answer and back to the gallup poll
12:49 am
there is a difference between what is the most important issue for you going into the election of course people will say things like the economy or healthcare but as the graphics scroll down right next to russia was abortion, no one will argue abortion isn't an important issue to many people. that is a separate question. people care about the issue, just not top of mind when they are considering their vote. that is how i read that. shannon: there were two categories, the economy and jobs were at the top of the list. great to see both of you tonight. where in the world is the goal? a sunken warship has $180 billion worth of gold on board and a race to claim it. stick around for more on that. s? an energy company helping cars emit less. making cars lighter,
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it's a good place to start, advanced oils for those hard-working parts. fuels that go further so drivers pump less. improving efficiency is what we do best. energy lives here.
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jillian: a tragic update, a tour boat crash in branson, missouri, eight people are dead, several others hospitalized. off-duty chefs deputy was able to help rescue some people. recovery efforts are ongoing, some passengers unaccounted for and a dive team is assisting.
12:54 am
if we get more details we will let you know. time for where in the world? israeli intelligence officials say they thwarted a plot to attack a june gathering of dissidents outside paris. they provided germany, france and belgium with critical intelligence about the of attack which led to arrests of a cell headed by in a rainy and diplomat. a bodyguard to the french president facing investigation, allegedly beating a student. a two week suspension without pay. a south korean company claims it discovered a sunken russian warship prompting an investor frenzy, warnings about potential losses. the salvage company claims they were carrying 200 tons of gold in 1905. that is worth $180 billion. staking claim to the gold,
12:55 am
requiring a 10% down payment of what is expected to be found. reportedly any search crew would pay $18 billion based on speculation how much gold is likely aboard the ship before they can start a salvage operation. tonight's midnight hero is not doing their day job. we will show you police department in action like you have never seen before. ♪ antacids here... here... or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn.
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>> by the way you may have seen earlier on special report virginia police with uptown funk. we are fair and balanced. virginia beach police making their own contributions, a craze that has gone viral. check them out. ♪
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>> really getting into it. we love it. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. jillian: happening right now at 4:00 at 4:00 am a fox news alert. at least 11 people are dead, 5 missing after a tour boat slips over in missouri. the desperate search happening for survivors. rob: gunned down in the line of duty, two more police officers shot overnight, details behind this latest attack on law


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