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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 23, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> bill: todd, we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> if you'll have me i'll be here. >> bill: breaking news on the deadly shooting in toronto. we're learning a second person has died after a gunman opened fire sending bullets onto a busy street. we're awaiting a news conference with the latest information. we should hear from the mayor this morning. a tough story to start the week. bill hemmer live inside of "america's newsroom." hope you had a good weekend. >> sandra: we're being told terrorism has not been ruled out at this hour. the deadly shooting that happened around 10:00 last night in a popular area within the city full of restaurants. we're hoping to learn new information regarding a motive
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but as of last night police say they do not believe this was a random act of violence. >> i'm keeping everything open and looking at every possible monthsive -- motive. when you have this many people struck by gunfire it's a great concern. i want to find out what it is. i'm not closing any doors or chapters and i don't want to speculate as well. >> bill: laura engel, what more do we know about what happened last night? >> good morning. this was a very popular area. police are still trying to piece together what happened in this location. it was a warm summer night which had many people, including families, out for dinner and strolling along the street filled with restaurants and bars when witnesses say all hell broke loose. they described seeing a man walking by several restaurants which had their doors and windows open, when he suddenly pulls out this handgun and starts shooting at people from the sidewalk. listen.
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>> i thought it was fireworks at first because it was rapid fire and then there would be a pause and then more fire. >> i heard at least 20 shots in intervalls. clipping, spent, reloading, clipping, spent, reloading and i saw the carnage as i ran down the street here. >> 14 people were shot, including a young girl. two people killed. we know one of the dead is a woman. the gunman described as a 29-year-old man also died after exchanging gunfire with police. it is not clear if he took his own life or killed in that exchange. stories of heroism are emerging on local news channel. we've been listening to local radio. one woman took two people into her shop who were shot and tended to them with her tattoo gloves on until paramedics came.
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the toronto mayor is holding a news conference to win an update within an hour. justin trudeau tweeted this: toronto police say there has been a sharp increase in gun violence this year 220 shootings that resulted in 27 fatalities. an increase of 58% in the last two years. more to come on this. we'll bring it to you as we get it. >> bill: waiting for the press conference for the mayor. >> sandra: meanwhile back at home president trump issuing a tern warning to iran after the iranian president told diplomats that americans must understand that war with iran is the mother of all wars. trump replying with a tweet
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overnight saying, quote, to iranian president, never, ever threaten the united states again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. we're no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death. be cautious. let's bring in fox news correspondent doug mcelway at the white house this morning. what is the latest from the white house on that tweet? >> that tweet which was unusually stern in its warning even coming from this president was the first thing that reporters wanted to hear about because it came late last night at 11:24 p.m. sarah sanders took a dig at the media when they asked her if the president wants war with iran. when asked if he consulted with his national security team before delivering that tweet and asked if the iran tweet was meant to divert attention from the russian meddling. >> no. i think the president has the ability to focus on more than
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one issue at a time unlike those in the media. we know the media is obsessed with speaking about all russia all the time. the president is focused on a lot of things taking place across the globe. iran is one of them. >> moments earlier on "fox & friends" sarah sanders said that the president believes when it comes to iran all options remain on the table. >> as you know, we'll never broadcast what actions the president may or may not take or what specific actions will prompt him to take things a step further. you can rest assured he takes this process extremely seriously. he is monitoring and watching the actions of iran and if needed he will take what steps are necessary to protect people in this country and certainly to protect the world from nuclear proliferation. >> iran is the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. it's hands or proxies are playing key roles in many of the middle east trouble spots
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from assad also in iraq. it is playing a role with hezbollah in lebanon and yemen in support of the palestinian authority even in venezuela major player in the cocaine trade emanating from central america and also an ally of president putin. questions whether the tweet was intended to divert attention away from russian meddling seems to be misplaced. here is senator lindsey graham on face the nation yesterday. >> he has changed his mind four times this week. i'm glad that he is willing to walk things back and say he misspoke if it makes us stronger. i would have given anything if president obama would have changed his mind when it came to withdrawing troops. he was told it was would be a disaster. he did it anyway. president trump is at least willing to change. what i think he needs to do is lead this nation to make sure that the 2018 election is
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protected. >> helsinki seems not to have damaged the president's popularity. in a new nbc poll it rose to 45%. 1% up from june. the highest it's been. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: another big story today. there is a lot of reaction in from president trump and the justice department after the release of the details behind the heavily redact edifies yeah application that led to the surveillance of a former trump campaign aide by the name of carter page during the campaign of 2016. here is the tweet from this morning. now we find out it was indeed the unverified and fake dirty dossier that was paid for by crooked hillary clinton and the dnc knowingly and falsely committed to the court that started the mueller witch hunt. byron york, good morning to you. i want you to listen to this.
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trey gowdy on "fox news sunday" first. we'll get the republican and democrat. >> carter page is -- trump never had a conversation with him. i'm sure he has been on the f.b.i.'s radar for a long time before 2016. >> bill: you read through the fisa warrant, the application, what was not redacted. so you are a republican like trey gowdy, let's say and you conclude what based on what you have read, byron? >> you would conclude that the fisa warrant as heavily blacked out as it is confirms what was written in the nunes memo in february. that memo released by the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee. the big points of which were the f.b.i. used the steele dossier as an essential part of its application to get a wiretap warrant on carter page
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and the f.b.i. never explained to the court exactly where that dossier came from. that is, that it was financed by the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc. those are your main points. >> bill: that's the big driver to get the judge to say yes in the fisa court. here is adam schiff from abc on sunday not backing down at all. have a listen to this. >> i know there is an application set out in some detail a lot of which is redacted. just why the f.b.i. was so concerned that carter page might be acting as an agent of a foreign power. those renewals have been vindicated by carter page's own words. >> bill: is he right? you believe the fisa warrant -- there is justification for spying on the trump team based on what, byron? >> well, the key words from congressman schiff were unfortunately is redacted.
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what you are hearing now from a lot of democrats is that the really important stuff, the really good stuff that proves them right that carter page should have been placed under surveillance, that stuff is blacked out. it is redacted. indeed, if you look at this fisa warrant that has been released there is page after page after page and every word is blacked out on it. so we don't know what's in there. >> bill: what would settle this matter, if it is for some a political rorschach test? >> that leads to an obvious solution. release and unredacted version of this fisa application. now, people say that it's highly classified, it has to remain so. i've talked to people -- and i said how much could be opened up unredacted and how much would have to still be redacted to protect the methods of the intelligence community or particular sources? and the feeling is that most of
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it could probably be unredacted and indeed all 13 republican members of the house intelligence committee we're just finding out wrote to president trump last month saying look, if you can't unredact the whole thing, here is about 20 pages that are really important and you can unredact those. i think what we'll go to in the future through some method we'll see more of this fisa warrant. >> bill: very interesting. never been done before. in conclusion, without the dossier do they get the surveillance on carter page? is that door opened? or do we know that? >> the nunes memo said andrew mccabe, the number two at the f.b.i., had said that without the dossier they would not have applied for the memo -- for the warrant. and if you look at some of the material in the fisa application, that is carter page's history, russians tried to recruit him several years ago and the f.b.i. knew about that and talked to carter page.
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you have all that information. but without something new, that is the allegations in the dossier, it seems unlikely they would have been able to get a warrant to spy on him in october of 2016. >> bill: thick stuff. thank you for breaking it down and making it simple. carter page, for his part said i'm having trouble any bit of this document that arises above ignorance or insanity and he defended himself over the weekend. >> sandra: the president had a lot to say over the weekend. more coming up with the a-team next hour. breaking news on the horrific duck boat accident in missouri. why we're learning the tragedy that led to the deaths of 17 people could have been avoided. >> bill: also we're watching these primaries. they tell us a lo. all eyes on the state of georgia as the white house gets in on the governor's primary runoff. brian kemp will make his case in a matter of moments live.
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>> sandra: fox news alert on the sinking of the duck boat that left 17 people dead in branson, missouri. a private inspector now saying he knew the boat had design flaws and tried to warn the company about it last year. >> the canopy with the windows down is a people trapper. two agencies, the department of transportation and the u.s. coast guard need to come together and create some sort of standard for amphibious vehicles. >> it capsized in a lake. the ntsb is investigating whether the captain knew of the forecast the day of the
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accident and they will pull the boat out of the water today. 17 people killed, 9 from the same family. >> brian kemp will bring the kind of leadership to the state house that president donald trump has brought to the white house. >> bill: that from over the weekend. mike pence stomping for brian kemp over the weekend. the republican primary runoff with lieutenant governor casey kagel. brian kemp is my guest. i keep hearing the electorate in florida is changing. is it going from more red to a shade of purple? >> i don't believe that. i think we're a solid red state. we need unapologetic conservative to put people here first. the president and vice president decided to endorse me and had an electric event
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saturday afternoon with vice president p pence. i think that's what we need in november. a nominee that is going to keep the base fired up, turn out the vote and keep georgia red as it's been. >> bill: here is the president's tweet saturday. brian kemp is running for governor of georgia has my full endorsement. is campaigning with vice president mike pence. brian is strong on crime and borders and loves our veterans. he will be a great governor. i can't imagine your republican opponent is too far behind you on that, right? >> it's about who the candidate in the race that you can trust that has a record of doing what we're saying. who won't back down from the left on these issues. this general election there is a candidate running for governor on the other side that is an extreme liberal. they want to change the values of the state and we need someone that will fire our folks, support the second amendment, keep our families safe, i'm a father of three teenage daughters and my wife
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marty and i are concerned with their safety. that's why i want to do public safety reform. track and deport criminal illegals and go after gangs. those kind of things, securing the border, being a businessman for over 30 years, line up with the president and the vice president and they know i'm going to fight hard and make that happen and i believe that's why we'll win not only tomorrow but in november as well. >> bill: the endorsement you get with that, the president tweeting for you and the vice president coming to georgia and making the stump for you. >> it's been huge for us. we had the momentum in the race. our polling numbers were clearly showing that. but when the president sent that tweet out wednesday afternoon, it was like pouring gasoline on a fire. certainly if you saw the crowd saturday afternoon when the vice president landed, when he hit macon, georgia, it was electric. our people are fired up. they're out there working hard. we're not going to let up and looking forward to a big victory on tuesday night.
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>> bill: "wall street journal" had a poll over the weekend. it found the following. it found that among republicans now, 88% approve of the job the president is doing. we're trying to get a sense of where the country is right now almost two years into the trump presidency. i think you probably agree the mid-terms are a bit of a referendum what he has done in the white house and how he has governed. what is your sense of that in georgia today? >> there is no question about that, very popular. look, the president has been doing exactly what he told the american people that he was going to do. that's exactly my record in the past and what i'll do as governor. certainly in the last 15 months we went on an 1800 mile, 37 county bus tour last week. and doing it again this week. they're standing with the president. they are fighting hard with him
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out there. they want politicians in office that will not apologize for being conservative and that will simply do what they tell people they are going to do. that's what we need. that's what people want. they want to know who is up there fighting for us and why they're supporting donald trump and brian kemp. >> bill: thank you for your time. we'll have your opponent, casey kagel online then. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert a man reportedly in a fight with his grandmother launches a deadly three-hour stand-off at a trader joe's with dozens of people held hostage. what we're learning about this this morning. >> bill: search teams working around the clock to find a young college student missing for more than a week. more on the desperate search for molly tibettes coming up in a moment. friends, colleagues,
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>> bill: police in iowa search for includes to find a college student who went missing about a week ago. she is molly tibbetts last seen going for a jog late wednesday night. she had been staying at her boyfriend's home where she was dog sitting. last seen wearing shorts, sports bra and running shoe. teams have canvassed miles of farmland, fields, road, they are trying to find her. anyone with any information is asked to call police. >> sandra: fox news alert. police in los angeles identifying a man who took hostages at a trader joe's grocery store over the weekend. one of the store managers was shot and killed during the intense three-hour stand-off. a vigil was held to honor her life last night. >> she was a bright light. she had been at the store four
6:26 am
or five years and part of the family, like we all are. >> so beautiful. so happy. she is not here and it hurts so much. >> sandra: william la jeunesse joins us with more from los angeles. we're hearing it all started when he got into a fight with his grandmother? >> over two issues, sandra, the gunman, 28-year-old gene atkins lived with his grandmother who raised him. saturday morning they got in an argument after his grandmother complained about, one, atkins having too many tv sets on at the same time and his live-in girlfriend. his grandmother wanted her out of the house. he shot his grandmother and girlfriend. he took his grandmother's car. when police gave chase atkins fired off the back window before crashing by trader
6:27 am
joe's, customers dove for cover. today the store remains closed, the store manager died. autopsy will determine if she died in the crossfire or was shot by atkins who threatened to kill customers one by one. the daily security guard was off on saturday. he claims to have begged trader joe's to allow him to carry a firearm but the company refused. >> i was asking let us have our guns to protect the people. >> atkins is being held on a $2 million bond. relatives claim he is mentally ill, off his medication. the 76-year-old grandmother is in critical but improving condition.
6:28 am
>> bill: another alert. a lot of reaction pouring in after a war of words goes from 0 to 60 in the blink of a tweet. president trump putting iran on notice. threaten the u.s. and face historic consequences. jack keane with his reaction and analysis next. >> he certainly is not going to listen to aggressive leaders from other countries and empty threats against america.
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let's do an ad of a man eating free waffles at comfort inn. they taste like victory because he always gets the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed, when he books direct at or just say badda book, badda boom. book now at >> bill: president trump firing back at the president of iran after a warning from tehran any conflict with his country would be the mother of all wars. trump firing back saying never threaten the u.s. again. this morning white house press secretary sarah sanders backing up her boss when she said this. >> the only person that is inciting anything is iran. he is not going to tolerate the leader of iran making threats against americans, making threats against this country,
6:32 am
making threats against israel. this is a president who is going the stand up and make sure he is doing what is necessary. he is showing peace through strength but if needed and steps are required this president is not afraid to take them. >> bill: team fox coverage now. general jack keane is here to analyze. we start with greg palkot with the news live in london and what more did the president say, greg? >> bill, tough talk from president trump reminiscent of words the white house has shared with other countries in the recent past. let's give you the full verbatim of the tweet sent out late sunday night by the president. he said iranian president never threaten the united states again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. we are no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death. be cautious. that apparently in response to comments that the iran
6:33 am
president made on sunday and accused the president of stoking an economic war and warned his country could rev up uranium production for future nuclear weapons. tough talk on both sides. >> bill: has there been any more iranian action out of tehran? >> it's interesting. pretty tame response so far from iranian officials and analysts. let's go through that. one analyst saying these words are just the storm before the calm. state media calling it a passive reaction. another noted the u.s. has talked tough with north korea and then they made nice. earlier this year we have to remember president trump pulled the u.s. out of a deal to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon threatening tougher sanctions. a war of words could be expected coming from a couple of directions, bill. secretary of state pompeo in a
6:34 am
speech in california yesterday slammed corrupt iranian officials. >> bill: greg palkot with the news from london. >> sandra: let's bring the retired four star general jack keane. he is joining us now. thank you for your time this morning. you look at the tweet and what do you think? what are the consequences to which he refers? and who is that tweet aimed as, rouhani himself or iran has a whole? >> i think the iranian leadership for sure. listen, there has been tough language out of the iranians for 38 years since 1980 when they called us a great satan and death to all americans. they've been on that theme all these years. what i do with the president's tweets, i really don't provide analysis of the tweets. what i do i try to provide critical analysis of his policy decisions and what those implications are. rarely does he tweet a policy decision. on occasion he does. that's what we have here. strong rhetoric to be sure.
6:35 am
let's look at his policies. he absolutely reset the table, sandra, when he took over as president of the united states from codling iran, which the previous administration had done, iran tested this president within three weeks of the inauguration by firing a ballistic missile. the president immediately sanctioned for that and called out any future aggressive and malign behavior in the region will be met also with a tough response. last summer he traveled to riyadh and with 55 leaders in the room he told them i stand shoulder to shoulder with you against our strategic enemy the iranians. i know now that members of president trump's national security team are working with the sunni arabs to try to put together something like an arab nato which some of us have advocated for some time. that would be a political and military alliance with the sunni arabs standing up against the iranians. of course, as greg mentioned,
6:36 am
just in may the president pulled out of the nuclear deal. the new sanctions will kick in in 90 days and 180 days. i know this administration is gearing up for some tough sanctions just like they did with north korea. >> sandra: we're all left wondering where the escalating war of words goes. we know this was president trump reacting to rouhani's words. rouhani was reacting to the scathing speech by mike pompeo yesterday in which he said this. >> the hypocritical holy men devise crooked schemes to become some of the most wealthy men on earth while their people suffer. it shows iran is run by something that resembles the mafia more than the government. >> sandra: a compareson of the leadership to iranian. >> they have a $95 billion
6:37 am
slush fund that khomeini has his fingers on and what he is using to push that aggressive malign behavior. it is being applied in syria, yemen, to fester the civil wars and get the outcomes iran has. i applaud the secretary of state of for calling them out on it. >> sandra: what is driving this? >> iran's desire to take over the middle east. they've said it every year since they became the islamic republican of iran to spread the revolution. they use a lot of their budget to do that. they secured lebanon. anchor is syria. undue political influence in iraq and they started the civil war in yemen with the idea of taking that country over. so that's what they're about. the united states under this administration is pushing back on that and has the support of the sunni arabs as well. >> sandra: clearly by the president's tweets his words
6:38 am
overnight he has put iran and rouhani on notice. what could happen next to escalate this even further? >> the iranians would have to do something. take some kind of action. we're not going to take any unprovoked action on our own. that's not what we do. the iranians, if they do something, this president would react to it. >> sandra: what would the consequences be he is warning us? >> he would probably if they did more ballistic missile testing he would probably slap even more sanctions on them for doing that. i know they're trying to work a deal to reduce iran's influence in syria. that will be a tough one to get. it means so much to iran. they've been fighting six years to get the influence they now have in syria. and i think some people think russia has more influence over them than what they really do. there is a lot of challenges in the middle east and when you lift the cover off the challenge you will usually find iran there. >> sandra: last thing to ask
6:39 am
you about. one of the president's latest tweet, when you hear the fake news talking negatively about my meeting with president putin and all that i gave up, remember i gave up nothing. we merely talked about future benefits for both countries. also we got along very well which is a good thing except for the corrupt media. the president defending that meeting with putin even as of this morning. >> well, first of all we don't know what took place in the meeting for two plus hours and also the national security team was present for his let meeting at lunch. you put it all together there was close to four hours of discussions that we're not privy to. this week secretary pompeo will provide some details on that to the senate. i think it's on wednesday. we'll all pay some attention to that. i think the president is right. we didn't give up anything. we got tough policies against the iranians. i think the toughest policies we've had since reagan to be frank about it. but i do think the press
6:40 am
conference in my judgment was a lost opportunity in terms of us being able to be on an international stage with one of the world's number one international tyrants and thug in vladimir putin and being not to humiliate him but to be firm and exercise some resolve that we're not going to continue to put up with his malign and aggressive behavior and the condition for having a good relationship will be his changing that behavior. that i think was an opportunity we had to sort of plant that seed on a world stage. >> sandra: general jack keane, great to have you on this morning. >> bill: interesting stuff there. watch that story. great finish sunday british open. we go to scotland. tiger woods was in contention late at a major tournament. he had a chance. in fact, he had the lead briefly in the final round. he was here and gone. the last time he had a lead in
6:41 am
a major was nine years ago. francisco molinari won the title. first major tournament win by a player born in italy. congratulations to him and everybody. >> sandra: you were rooting for tiger? >> a great leaderboard. jordan spieth and -- tiger had positioned himself to have a chance. >> sandra: didn't happen, hemmer, it didn't happen. nice to see him in his sunday red and black. >> bill: he showed he is back. after four surgeries. how many people do you know had their back operated on -- >> sandra: is he back? >> bill: of course, top 10. how many people do you know had their back operated on four times. there are professional athletes. >> sandra: we'll see if he can win a big one. two socialist fire brands teaming up and campaigning for
6:42 am
liberal democrats in a state that went big time for president trump. our next guest is a candidate, cortez and sanders are targeting kevin yoder. he is here with his reaction. >> they said the people of kansas don't want those things. they told me that i would not be welcome. but you have proven them wrong. [cheering] yea,that and homeowners, renters, motorcycle and boat insurance. huh.that's nice. what happens when you catch a fish? gecko: whoa. geico. more than just car insurance. see how much you could save at i'm ok!
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>> sandra: a news conference in toronto underway now where the mayor is speaking following that mass shooting that left two people dead. the gunman also dead. we're told he took his own life. the deadly shooting that happened around 10:00 p.m. last night in a popular area within the city full of restaurants and cafes. police are not ruling out terrorism. we'll keep monitoring this for you.
6:46 am
>> the people of kansas were the tipping point for the future of this nation and today they are again. >> we say to trump, instead of showing us your strength by tearing children from their families, where was your strength in standing up to putin and russia who are undermining american democracy? >> that was the tag team seen over the weekend in kansas city, missouri and wichita, kansas city. alexandria ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders looking to unseat the republican from west side of kansas city, yoder. >> i've got a very suburban district. they see that as a battleground in 2018 and i think it is and
6:47 am
where our strong economy and focus on national security will resonate with voters. we want this fight. we think the bernie sanders and ocasio-cortez part of the democratic party won't appeal to the middle of the road people. they are in the middle of a big primary now and have a lot of progressive voters in the democratic party. the center is open and they'll leave it behind and we'll capture middle of the road voters. >> bill: the story of the mid-terms. you won by 11 points last time around. hillary clinton won the district by one point. so democrats see some vulnerabilities, among the suburban voters, white women, you find it in virginia, find it in parts of california. is it true in kansas district 3, your district, that it is vulnerable? >> it is a swing district and we have a lot of
6:48 am
independent-minded voters willing to vote democrats or republican and why we work very hard at pitching to the center and making sure we're focused on issues like economic prosperity. we have a growing economy. the economy is strong in this part of kansas. we've invested in national defense, keeping us safe. peace and prosperity appeals to middle of the road borders. >> bill: border security. you're pushing for funding for greater border security which could include the wall. >> my commitment to the american people is we are going to secure this border once and for all. it is an embarrassment the most powerful nation in the world can't secure its own borders and we're putting resources to put more boots on the ground. investing in technology and barriers and walls where they're necessary. the bill before committee this week has 200 miles of new barriers to stop the flow of
6:49 am
people and drugs coming in. security is a big issue in kansas. drug cartels, illegal immigration is a big issue when it comes to safety and security of the people in my district. >> bill: "wall street journal" did a poll among republican voters. 88% strongly or somewhat approve of the president's job performance right now. do you see november as a referendum on what president trump has done thus far? >> i think it is partly the administration but also a referendum where we are in the economy and policies. america is safer than it has been before. economy is stronger than it has been in decades. unemployment claims are as low as they've been since 1969. unemployment at 4% or lower. these are kitchen table, bread and butter issues. wages are going up, jobs are being created. i think a referendum not only on the administration but the economy and policies appealing to a lot of americans. >> bill: last point. what are you hearing from your constituents about the
6:50 am
president? we haven't been to your district yet. what do they tell you? >> i have a lot of constituents who think he is doing a great job. a lot who think he is doing an awful job and a bunch in between. like the policies, don't like the style and the tweets. my commitment has been to represent the people of the third district of kansas to put them first and do what's right and in many ways that aligns with this pro-economic growth, pro-security policies of this administration. >> bill: we'll give it a lot of analysis over the coming weeks. democrats need 24 seats to take the majority of the house. >> they aren't getting this one. >> sandra: a high profile meeting between russian and israeli officials. what israel launching its newest air defense system could mean for escalating tensions on the syria front. we'll have that next. whatever you do to stay healthy. you might be missing something. your eyes. that's why there's ocuvite.
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>> sandra: fox news alert. israel activating its david sling missile defense system for the first time in response to incoming rockets from fighting in neighboring syria. this as russia's foreign minister meets with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for urgent talks on escalating tensions in the region. connor powell is in jerusalem. >> a few hours ago earlier this morning sirens were activated here after two surface to surface missiles were headed towards northern israel that appeared to have been fired from deep inside syria. the russian-made missiles have a range of 100 or so kilometers and they were likely fired by the assad regime. israeli military launched two interceptor missiles. both syrian rockets fell short of israel. only -- one of them made it a
6:55 am
kilometer short of the israeli border. it was pretty close but not clear why the missiles were fired or what the target was. it comes a day after the united nations and israel evacuated some 400 members of the white helmet rescue organization and their families from southern syria. they have gained international fame for their efforts to rescue people caught in the fighting in syria. both russia and the assad regime view them as terrorists and it is possible that this was a reminder, retaliation for that israeli and u.n. action that took place just yesterday to rescue those white helmet rescuers. >> sandra: connor powell in jerusalem. thank you. >> bill: breaking news from overnight. again this morning from the trump team. white house the president going on the offensive against iran saying if iran threat espn the u.s. again they'll suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. brand-new reaction from national security advisor john
6:56 am
bolton and that and we'll bring it to you. new york republican congressman lee zeldin will be here next to answer all our questions.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> >> sandra: president trump putting iran on notice. the white house making it clear the president wants to see peace but will do whatever necessary to protect americans. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: good morning, moments
7:00 am
ago we got brand-new reaction from john bolton as the trump team doubles down on the president's warnings. mike pompeo denouncing the regime of the ayatollah on sunday. >> the president has been clear from the beginning since the first day he took office and even before that nuclear proliferation was something that he would not tolerate and stand up and talk about. he is certainly not going to listen to aggressive leaders from other countries and their empty threats against america. >> bill: gillian turner leads our coverage in d.c. the president taking a tough stand. good morning. >> good morning, bill. what seemed like a battle of words have exploded into a full on war between president's trump and irany. he said never threaten the united states again or you will face the consequences. we're no longer a country that
7:01 am
will stand for your demented words of violence and death. be cautious. this came in response to comments rouhani reportedly made to a group of diplomats in iran yesterday saying the u.s. must be made to understand that war with iran is the mother of all wars and peace with iran is the mother of all peace. he cautioned the u.s. don't play with the lion's tale, you will regret it eternally. bill. >> bill: also, the secretary of state gave a speech on iran yesterday. what did he say in that? >> just hours after rouhani's comments secretary pompeo delivered a speech at the reagan library and focused on the regime's corruption and operating a $95 billion hedge fund. he took his criticism a step further and accused the regime of sponsoring terrorism around the world. he had this message for the iranian people. >> this tells you everything you need to know about the regime. at the same time, they're
7:02 am
trying to come into europe -- covertly plotting terrorist attacks in the heart of europe. >> all this as august 6 deadline for the u.s. to impose the sanctions draws closer. president trump plans to start penalizing countries who continue to do business with the regime. >> bill: gillian turner in washington covering that today. >> sandra: for more on this let's bring in new york congressman lee zeldin. he joins us live in studio. thank you for being here. want to get it out there, this statement from ambassador john bolton on iran. this as we continue to see more response from the white house this morning saying quote, i spoke to the president over the last several days and president trump told me that if iran does anything at all to the negative they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid before. this war of words seems to continue to escalate even at this moment. >> first off, it's important that as you go from president
7:03 am
obama and secretary kerry and their approach to iran, to president trump, to secretary of state pompeo, ambassador bolton, it's important that we correct the position that we are negotiating with iran because we were assuming a position of weakness. john kerry was auditioning for the role of the chamber of commence in his approach to iran. we were negotiating the jcpoa we were concerned about dates. we were saying sanctions relief would be phased in over time based on compliance. the other side immediate. what you had while all this was going on iran is chanting death to america, calling us the great satan, calling israel the little satan pledging to wipe off israel. when they unjustly had our navy sails we said thank you. you move to this administration we want to reassume a position
7:04 am
of strength. the military option is still. we want to prevent war. that was one of the mistakes made in the past was that we were allowing iran in their streets, on their holidays and parliament talking about destroying america. now we're saying if you want to engage at all, whether with us directly or with other countries, there is way to do it and we won't tolerate you talking about wiping the united states off the map. there is no tolerance for it and a new sheriff in town. >> bill: we heard mike pompeo sunday, we can queue of what he said in a moment here. pompeo went first, iranian president went second and the president overnight with the strongly worded tweet went out third. this was a big topic heading into helsinki. this is where president trump and president putin talked about we do believe getting iran out of syria and cranking up the pressure in tehran to
7:05 am
battle back their hardened position throughout the middle east. when you consider that right now, we'll hear pompeo and ask you how effective they can be. here he is. >> the level of corruption and wealth among iranian leadership. they're run by the mafia more than the government. assad, lebanese hezbollah, hamas, yemen, feed on billions of regime cash. >> bill: the rhetoric has been there for decades. you have to think the iranian action is part reaction to what pompeo is saying and the build-up for the summit in helsinki. >> the last administration was propping up the wrong countries. there are millions of iranians that wants a better future for their country. we want to stand up for those
7:06 am
people. they look to the united states and look up to what we have. so we're going to stand with them. when people say the most moderate candidates get elected to the iranian government, they often forget the fact that 12,000 most moderate candidates aren't allowed access to the ballot. we won't prop up the wrong regime anymore. the other thing he is saying with iran's bad activities that are non-nuclear we aren't going to just turn a blind eye and allow them to get away from it and no consequences. when they test ballistic missiles and trying to build a land bridge to israel, we're treating israel like israel and iran like iran and not tolerate iranian aggression in the region. >> bill: all sides are engaged now. let's see where it goes. >> sandra: meanwhile have to ask you being a new york congressman what's happening with the democratic party and the rise of the democratic
7:07 am
socialist? referencing ocasio-cortez, bronx and queens, what are we witnessing happening with the democratic party here? >> they're getting exposed. critical of the new incoming member of congress assuming she wins in november. criticizing her for maybe not waiting her turn or not being friendly enough to joe crowley or not helping our cause trying to regain control of the house in november. what they aren't doing is substantively criticizing her on the policies they disagree with. when she talks about free healthcare, free housing, free education, free everything, they aren't asking -- >> bill: a lot of free. bernie sanders and she were in kansas city, wichita, a bit of a tag team. bernie sanders first and i'll ask you about this. watch. >> she ran an extraordinary campaign and the reason that
7:08 am
she won is she ran on ideas that were relevant to the working people in her district. she put together a strong grassroots campaign, and she worked her tail off. >> bill: that may be true about her district and the issues and ideas she appealed to. but you've got a big pushback from those in the moderate left saying this is not who we are. how is this now contested over the next 3 1/2 months? >> this is the rank and file people who will be setting the agenda if the democrats gain control of the house of representatives. there are people who agree with what she is saying but they don't have the courage to say it because they know how badly it polls. so while it's important to talk about the fact that nancy pelosi becomes speaker of the house, maxine waters becomes chair of the house financial services committee. this is the rank of file electing who has the gafsh else and deciding what the agenda will be. a lot more than just this one woman. congress is filled up with
7:09 am
democratic members of the house and senate who believe everything that she is saying and you can see the proof in the fact that none of them are questioning it. >> bill: "new york magazine" cover came out last night, early today. elizabeth warren, they have the question frontrunner? is she? >> i guess that would be great news for every supporter of donald trump. the democratic party, if they are nominating elizabeth warren they will be outside the white house for a heck of a lot longer. >> sandra: it's amazing. democratic socialism surging in the age of trump. they note 42 people running for offices at the federal, state and local levels this year with the formal endorsement of the democratic socialists of america. they span 20 states florida, hawaii, kansas and michigan. >> their supporters are unabashed about it. one video came out of someone opposed to me saying he is running against lee zeldin
7:10 am
because he was struck between the rise of donald trump and adolph hitler in nazi germany. now they say if you disagree with a person you're a nazi. if you agree with the policy it's a nazi. whether you're jewish or not jewish they are tactics to oppose on anything and effort i believe is turning off a lot of independent voters who want to see us work together to get stuff done. >> sandra: ocasio-cortez. >> the fact that we had bold commitments and i campaigned on hard commitments of medicare for all, tuition-free public college, ensuring a green new deal for our future and championing those issues. we're the reason that we won. we won across democratics. we expanded the electorate. >> bill: how does that sell? you won 52-44 in your district.
7:11 am
>> we won by 18 the last time out in 2016. what might sell in that district in queens and broncos is not selling on long island. the districts can democrats are targeting, none of what you just saw and what she is selling works in a district like mine. >> bill: last point. james comey fired off a tweet over the weekend. here it is. democrats, please, please don't lose your minds and rush to the socialist left. this president and the republican party are counting on you to do that. america's great middle was balanced leadership. he is urging folks don't go too far to the left. i thought he was a republican, wasn't he? >> you could say in the past tense. right now he is a democratic operative and monetizing it for his own personal gain. i would say you talk to people who have already lost their
7:12 am
minds and he really -- the pitch is to come back to the middle. not that they are at risk of going that with a. they went that way. >> sandra: one direction they did go was to cry abolish ice. this seems to be a message they're sticking with for now. >> it's the wrong message. july 4th they called for the abolishment of ice. i celebrated our independence. the sacrifices of the men and women who protect our freedom. they spent it going after ice. where their party is seeking to abolish icy would rather see our efforts go to abolishing isis. two opposed approaches. >> sandra: senator kristin gillibrand is doubling down on these calls. listen to this. >> when we flip the house and flip the senate the first thing
7:13 am
we should do is deal with the children who are separated from families at the border, get rid of ice. immigration is our strength and diversity is what makes our economy and country so strong. >> that means they need to stop talking about the efforts to defeat ms-13, combating drug trafficking, sex trafficking. ms-13 has been -- you go to the ice website and look at all the press releases of the good work and what they're prioritizing to keep our country safe. they kiss their sons and daughters and husbands and wives goodbye. they go to work and risk their lives to protect their communities, not just enforcing immigration laws. they're targeting some of the worst of the worst people in our country trying to destabilize communities and our way of life. you can't abolish ice and say you're targeting sex and human
7:14 am
trafficking. that's what ice is focused on. >> bill: thank you for your time today. 14 past the hour. breaking news. deadly shooting overnight. toronto police work to figure out whether terrorism played a role in this attack. the latest we're learning in a moment. >> sandra: just released fisa documents show how influential the steele dossier was when the f.b.i. decided to surveil the trump campaign. our a-team is on deck and join us next. >> there is a serious problem with the f.b.i. presenting to the fisa court an application for a search warrant when they were basing it on a very flawed document that has never been verified. thanks to new tena intimates overnight with proskin technology for two times faster absorption so you can have worry free nights, and wake up feeling fresh and free
7:15 am
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a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> bill: carter page speaking out after newly released fisa documents show the steele dossier was used repeatedly to justify investigating him as a possible foreign agent. carter page on sunday and saturday with us at fox denying these claims. >> i've never been an agent of a foreign power in any -- by any stretch of the imagination. i may have back in the g20 when they got ready to do that in st. petersburg i might have
7:19 am
participated in a few meetings that a lot of people, including people from the obama administration, were sitting in on in geneva, paris, etc. >> bill: let's bring in our america's a-team. james freeman from the "wall street journal." david avella and marie harf. what did the fisa revelations tell you, james? >> not much given all the black markings. a lot we would like to see. they basically confirmed it was an investigation and application that relied a lot on democrat-funded opposition research and yahoo news that ended up being the same research out through another channel. i think as it has been all along, it has to be chilling to a lot of americans that the government can investigate the opposition political party based on opposition research from a reiveal or yahoo news.
7:20 am
i don't mean to knock yahoo news but this is all it takes to wiretap your political opponents? >> bill: what were the judges thinking in all this. >> republican judges. >> it tells me congress has a few more things to shout at each other about and the fact is unless congress does a contempt of congress they can't put anybody in jail. the person to put somebody in jail is the mueller investigation and why this investigation needs to wrap up. let the evidence get out there and let americans decide. at this point it doesn't matter what findings are found. many americans will see it as partisan and view it as unjust. >> sandra: this seems to be the thinking of the president. he tweeted out a quote from judicial watch saying carter page wasn't a spy or an agent of the russians. he would have cooperated with the f.b.i. ist was a fraud and hoax designed the target trump. a disgrace to america the
7:21 am
president writes. drop the discredited mueller witch hunt now. >> it is separate from the carter page fisa warrant that was renewed three times. the government had to show they were getting good information totally separate from the dossier based on this wiretap. but look, the dossier was only one part of a whole host of evidence in this fisa application. james is right a lot of it is redacted because it's classified. let's also remember the government did not ask to wiretap carter page until after he left the trump campaign. the notion that this was, quote, spying on the trump campaign is not accurate and look, these are republican-appointed judges who had a host of information that carter page was potentially an agent of the russian government. that's serious. this is not a partisan witch hunt here. if you had done the same thing you would have been surveilled, too. >> the democrats continue to change what the narrative is all about. it always started oh, the trump
7:22 am
campaign colluded with the russians. >> i think they did. >> this is why republicans have an 88% approval rating of president trump. the speculation journalism, this people getting on and making these wild accusations every day only says to republicans this is all an attack on republicans. >> sandra: the approval ratings go up. >> among independents and women they stay low or continue to drop. i would say that this is not a witch hunt. we have had multiple indictments against americans and indictments for tampering with the election or lying about their work. >> nothing to do with trump. >> that's actually not true. you know that's not true. >> look, i think you raised a good point about these are republican judges. the name that jumped out at me rosemary collier, sensible.
7:23 am
is all this evidence you think might be there in the parts they're not showing us? it's not in the unredacted version. >> bill: you don't get the surveillance without the dossier, without a yahoo news article. >> we don't know that. >> bill: trey gowdy is still looking for just a hint of something he said on "fox news sunday". >> i have not seen one bit of evidence that this was colluded or con federated with russia. neither has anyone else or mr. schiff would have leaked it. he has been playing the game, the american people want to know what it is. the president should declassify all of it and let's see the redacted material and the woods procedures notes where the f.b.i. put together its case and vetted the information. these judges may be signing off
7:24 am
on what is a very misleading document. it tells you in there it was a bit misleading to suggest that yahoo news, even if you think it's something to go on, was a separate could ob rating report. it wasn't. it was the same information. >> the dossier that briefed the reporters that came up for the story with yahoo news. it still goes back to the whole discussion for most americans this is not going to be seen as even handed. some side will see this as partisan and injustice. to marie's point 88% of republicans may agree with the republicans and independents don't and why we look toward the election and democrats continue to promote a message of socialism, you start looking at the democrats promoting socialism and republicans rallying around the president based on the speculation journalism republicans will pick up seats in the senate and i say 50/50 we keep the house. >> sandra: democrats for their
7:25 am
part. schiff is staying strong on his narrative through all this. here he is reacting. >> i think he is acting like someone who is compromised and it may be that he is compromised or believes the russians have information on him. >> sandra: talking about the president. >> right. at the last week of news regarding russia, the president was seemingly unable to stand up to vladimir putin when russia interfered in our election. >> sandra: we don't know what happened in the two-hour meeting. >> publicly he was unwilling to. why was the president unable to stand up to putin? why last night did he call on twitter a hoax that russia interfered in our elections. 10 different explanations, none are good. >> why did the president put money into the cybersecurity.
7:26 am
one staff position can do that? >> they don't have a strategy. >> bill: we'll wrap this. >> they don't have a strategy. >> bill: you said you believe they colluded with russia based on what? give us one thing that is factual. >> we already know they were willing to collude. they repeatedly took meetings when promised derogatory information about hillary. >> bill: we have no idea what came out of that. that's not a fact. >> i think roger stone was admitting to wikileaks and coordinating when they released hillary's emails. >> name one voter who changed their vote against hillary clinton because of the information that came out. >> sandra: you guys are fired up. >> you know that better than
7:27 am
anyone. >> sandra: marie. >> you all would be mad if they tried to help democrats. >> sandra: guess what? we'll see you in a few minutes. made in america day at the white house, the president celebrating a american worker to promote u.s. industry. dozens of american companies will be at the white house. we will join you in moments with that. >> another reminder of the president's focus on american workers, the american economy and creating american jobs. hi i'm joan lunden.
7:28 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert a second victim confirmed dead after a gunman opened fired at pedestrians in a popular neighborhood of toronto last night. the horrific ordeal caught on cell phone camera. 12 others were injured.
7:32 am
the suspect is also dead reportedly killed in an exchange of fire with police. police have not yet identified the man or speculating on a motive but have not ruled out terrorism. >> the biggest reason i'm here is making an appeal. we're looking for anyone that saw anything. this is critical. what happens is a lot of times people will tend to vet out their information when, in fact, it could be extremely important to our investigation. >> bill: witnesses there say the 29-year-old suspect walked along the busy toronto street and randomly shot passersby before opening fire on a crowded restaurant and cafe. >> i thought it was fireworks at first because it was a rapid fire and then there would be a pause and then more fire. we didn't know what it was. it seemed very surreal almost like it wasn't really happening. it was hard to believe it was real. >> sandra: this mass shooting comes just three months after a
7:33 am
van attack in the same city killed 10 people and injured 16 others. >> bill: more on that as we get it. president trump hosting a made in america event today at the white house to showcase displaying products from each of the 50 states ranging from wiffle balls and moon pies to to orion space. >> red land cotton. you need to explain what moon pies are. have you ever eaten one? delicious. this is a way to showcase maybe why president trump is doing what he is doing with trade in terms of trying to create a level playing field, a more playing field for the united states even using these tariffs
7:34 am
to pick a fight, a tiff with china and trading partners like canada and mexico and europe. however, it leads up to the number that we are going to get on the economic growth in this country on friday morning and we are going to get growth almost assuredly of 4% or higher. >> bill: really? you're saying 4% on friday? >> yes, "wall street journal" expects it will be 4.2%. atlanta fed has a forecast of 4 1/2%. others are reporting the president and people in the white house are talking about closer to 4.8% growth. so if we get near 5% growth in this country it will be the first time we've seen that in any one quarter since 2014. >> sandra: that's unbelievable. you go back to the president's original forecast for growth, right? he was talking about 8% on the campaign trail. then toned it down to 6% growth and then i don't know, maybe he wanted to set the bar lower to exceed expectations and he talked about 4% growth.
7:35 am
if we clear that hurdle and how much faster can we grow? >> well, tax cuts that were passed at the end of last year are just kicking in. the results of all the regulation rollbacks that this administration has worked so hard on. so it could get a lot faster but i will caution that we are in severe trade fights starting with washing machine tariffs the beginning of the year. washer and dryer prices are up 20% in the last three months. the biggest jump in at least 12 years. so we have tariffs on steel and aluminum and retaliation from the likes of canada and even mexico because of that. we're in a trade fight with china and president trump has gone from we so far have tariffs on $34 billion on imports from china. china retaliated. he is talking about putting tariffs on all half a trillion dollars of imports we have from
7:36 am
china every year. steve mnuchin said over the weekend he wouldn't minimize the possibility that we will impose tariffs on every dollar of imports from china. so he says that he wants a fairer trade deal with all of these nations but there is going to be and already is short-term pain on farmers in this country and manufacturers. you've seen chaos in the supply chain of manufacturers that use steel and aluminum. >> bill: aboveal of the president's handling of the economy. 50% approve. 38% disabraofsh. >> that's the highest number he has gotten on the question on the surveys so far. >> sandra: when asked about trade and his handling of trade, 38% approve of the president's job on trade, 45% disapprove. it is interesting in that cnbc interview he gave he talked about how the stock market gained since he was elected up
7:37 am
31% since election day gave him cushion when it came to imposing the tariffs. >> the market is more concerned with the benefits from the tax reform, from the regulation rollback than they are with the negative effect of the tariffs we've put on imports in this country and the retaliation from other nations. ford f-150 will be the delicious pickup truck on display at the white house. but all the automakers both foreign and domestic are against the potential 20 to 25% tariff that this white house is thinking about imposing on automobile imports. even the u.s. auto manufacturers because it means their parts could get more expensive. they're talking about again short term pain. they have to start showing some proof that they can get these trade deals done. the farmers are -- >> bill: they aren't having moon pies but they're having beef jerky.
7:38 am
we'll get you some of that. pepperoni rolls from west virginia. we'll get you some of that. cookie cutters from vermont. >> sandra: an f-31 fighter jet on the lawn. >> bill: be proud of what we make in this country. good to see you. >> sandra: speeding into the future hyperloop. setting a new record. >> bill: president trump warning iran will pay a heavy price if it continues to threaten america. our a-team is back on that straight ahead next. people would stare.
7:39 am
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7:42 am
>> sandra: tensions rising between the u.s. and iran. the president making it clear where he stands dishing out this tweet overnight. never, ever threaten the united states again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. we're no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death. be cautious, all cap letters.
7:43 am
our a-team is back. james freeman, david avila and marie harf. marie you have a reaction while i read the tweet. >> or what? what will he do? it's easy at midnight to put caps lock on your computer and tweet tough words. what does it mean? >> sandra: he is sending a message. >> what message? he will attack iran? you don't -- >> bill: death to america, down with the usa, down to the red white and blue. people across america say why don't we stiffen our spine when it comes to this? >> they don't want their sons and daughters to go to war. >> bill: i'm not talking about. >> what is the president talking about? >> bill: we're talking words. that's all the ayatollah and the iranian president seems to be about today. >> we can quit giving them billions of dollars in cash that we did during the obama administration, one. two, for the long time iran has
7:44 am
said death to america. at some point we should take them seriously about that and the president is taking them seriously and he has around him a set of advisors with john bolton and mike pompeo who have been very tough on iran over the years. but let's jump forward for a second. let's say this is about the -- as the pompeo continues to deal with the iranians. you are setting up a good cop, bad cop. pompeo is saying you have to start acting right here. this president is serious taking you on seriously. so let's hope these tough stances will get iran thinking correctly that taking the u.s. on is a bad move. >> sandra: the president is responding to. this came after rouhani said the united states must understand that war with iran is the mother of all wars and peace with iran is the mother of all peace. do not play with the lion's tail because you'll regret it eternally. >> that followed their specific threat to cut off trade and the flow of oil through the persian
7:45 am
gulf. obviously the president responding. you can argue with whether the all caps and tweet and the timing. but in terms of what we can do about it i think this is a good step two weeks from today the president will start imposing sanctions. the big oil sanctions on iran come in at the end of the year. the pressure is starting to work. the iranian economy is in deep trouble. currency plunging and wonderful news. i don't know if the poll it cat dissidents being tortured inside iranian jails know this but if they learn it they will be excited that finally a u.s. president wants to confront this regime in stead of do business with it. >> bill: when the president talked tough with north korea it moved north korea. >> sandra: they keep not showing to -- there were a lot of words but no actions from the north koreans.
7:46 am
let's not overplay what happened with north korea. >> bill: no more missile tests. >> they continue their program. the intelligence community said that. >> in nine months there hasn't been a nuclear test. much of their facilities have been destroyed and we're moving forward. as wonderful as marie is, there is very little credibility coming out of what the obama administration policies used to be. do we want to continue giving billions of dollars to places like iran and going over and toasting people like the leader of north korea? no. >> that's what donald trump just did. the best thing we can do is dealing with russia is the president have a strong u.s. economy. that gives the government the money to make sure our military is strong. it gives us the money to make sure that countries around the world want to do business with the u.s. a strong u.s. economy is the
7:47 am
best way for the u.s. to have a strong foreign policy. >> sandra: what did you think of pompeo's words yesterday in that scathing speech at the ronald reagan presidential library in california accusing iranian supreme leader of profiting from a $95 billion hedge fund saying the leadership of iran resembled the mafia more than a government. >> i think that's accurate. i pretty much agree with that. >> what we're seeing is the president applying our economic pressure to the world's bad guys. north korea, we'll see if that works out. iran, i think he has picked the good target in terms of not just a regime that mistreats its own people but is a threat to its neighbors, funds a lot of terrorism and violent activity outside its borders. so he is on the right track here. whether this pressure we've seen will ultimately force a regime change there as so many dissidents want, who knows?
7:48 am
>> bill: i tell you what, iran was in the cross hairs of what is happening in helsinki. no doubt there was the drumbeat in the background of these conversations. thank you. >> the russians support iran. >> bill: thank you. leaderboard was loaded with americans. tiger woods turned a lot of heads over the weekend. the 24/7 crew is here. is tiger back? >> sandra: i have my thoughts on that, i will share. >> bill: is tiger back? hello america. hello world. battery in your smart lock?
7:49 am
maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't have to actually talk to your neighbor. are you watching the game tonight? or... could just trust duracell. ♪
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7:52 am
>> bill: wild day british open. chaos ruled but only for a time. francisco molinari won. the bigger headline that has everybody talking today about tiger woods leading the pack at one point. he was within striking distance of his 15th major tournament win. the 24/7 crew is here to talk about it. >> sandra: have you ever heard bill more excited? >> here is my position. for a long time he was the greatest golfer in the world by
7:53 am
a mile hands down. he has a lot of personal problems, goes away, has back problems. operated four times and now at age 40, 41 -- he is 46? no, no, he is 41. the point is he came back from four back surgeries and he was competing among the greatest in the world. he has bridged the generations of golfers to the next generation of great american golfers which i would argue we're in a golden age of golfing for america. >> i will see bill hemmer's excitement and raise it. i'm with you. we saw the next crop when he stepped away. that he can come back and be competing among the best golfers i think is the greatest comeback story in sports right now. i don't care that he didn't win yesterday. the difference between three shots winning or losing a fine
7:54 am
line for tiger woods. he double bogeyed 11 and a bogey on 12. he is for real. keeping things in perspective. this was tiger after the event yesterday. >> i need to try to keep it in perspective. at the beginning of the year they would have said playing the open championship? i would be lucky to do that. it will sting for a little bit here but, you know, given where i was to where i'm at now, i'm blessed. >> blessed indeed when you consider this. tiger woods has earned more money this year than any year since 2013. back in december before the world challenge he was ranked, 1199 in the world. today 50th in the world. last two tournaments he was outside of the top 25 after the first round. finished in the top 10. he is back. >> sandra: he has to win one to be back, i'm sorry.
7:55 am
>> the second favorite to win the championship. he is competing against himself. i don't think there is a better comeback story in sports now. if he won it would be a biggest story. >> bill: no doubt about that. what have you got, brett? >> i'm here. this is actually really cool. elon musk's hyperloop we've made another advancement. the team from germany, the self-propelled pod. this thing actually beat itself. it went over almost 300 miles per hour. 290 miles per hour on the test track near california. >> bill: what will it do for us? >> it is a series of tubes that he wants to crisscross the u.s. and whisk us around at speeds over 700 miles an hour. get us around a lot faster and it is more environmentally friendly. he wants to put one in from boston to d.c. and the trip
7:56 am
will take 20 to 25 minutes. if it actually becomes a reality the hyperloop -- >> sandra: he is good at generating buzz. >> we have yet to see anything built. it is above ground test track. it won't be like a train where it will crisscross roads. it is sealed in an airtight tube. >> sandra: in the year 3,000. >> i think tiger is doing a great job. >> sandra: go, tiger. president trump unleashing on the iranian leader this morning in a twitter rant. we have a jam-packed hour for you, brit hume, ari fleischer and others on deck. we'll be right back. ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert at the top of the hour. new fallout from a war of words with iran. president trump firing back after threats from that country's president. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" on this lovely monday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. president trump's tough talking all caps tweet coming after iran's leader warned that america could face the mother of all wars. the president making it very clear he will not tolerate the threats out of tehran. sarah sanders blaming iran for rapidly rising tensions. >> the president is responding to iran and he won't allow them to continue to make threats against america. if anybody is inciting anything look no further than iran.
8:01 am
>> bill: kevin corke leading our coverage from the north lawn. good monday to you. >> great to be with you. the president's sworn duty is to protect the american people against all enemies, foreign and domestic. in this particular case strong words from the iranian leadership has garnered a pronounced retort on twitter by the president. he is making no mistake about it. he is coming at them very strong. this by the way in all caps something i don't think i've seen him do an all caps tweet of this length and certainly not to this magnitude. never, ever threaten the united states again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which through throughout history have ever suffered before. we are no longer a country that will stand for your -- they are cleared eyed. but they didn't wave off
8:02 am
suggestions, bill, that something could be in the works vis-a-vis the regime in tehran. >> i'm not going to get into the president's strategy but i think he is very clear on what he is not going to allow to take place. >> that from sarah sanders, the white house press secretary. this from john bolton his national security advisor saying i spoke to the president over the last several days and president trump told me that if iran does anything at all to the negative they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid before. you see the similar verbiage there. netanyahu, the leader of israel, adding this. i would like to praise the strong stance presented yesterday by president trump and secretary of state pompeo against the aggression of the regime in iran. for years this regime was pampered by the powers and it's good to see the united states is changing this unacceptable equation. very interesting there from
8:03 am
netanyahu. critics warned that pronouncement like this, bill, do little more than fuel the fire of uncertainty in that region. a region that is honestly beset by problems both economic and militarily. but one thing we can certainly all agree on, the president was certainly clear in his response on twitter, bill. >> >> bill: yes. >> sandra: right before the president's warning secretary of state mike pompeo put iran on notice. >> sometimes it seems the world has become desensitized to the regime at home and its campaigns of violence abroad. the proud iranian people are not staying silent about their government's many abuses. and the united states under president trump will not stay silent, either. [applause] >> sandra: joining us now brit hume fox news senior political analyst. good morning to you, brit. that tweet from the president coming in overnight in reaction
8:04 am
to all of this and you just heard mike pompeo's words. what do you make of this escalating war of words between the u.s. and iran? >> i think, sandra, it tells us a lot about what the administration thinks the internal political conditions in iran are. the sanctions that the united states has imposed have discouraged other countries from doing business with iran. their he -- economy is in serious trouble. currency weakened and demonstrations in the streets now mounting over time. the regime is becoming increasingly unpopular. the administration will not say that it is attempting to overthrow the government or attempting to get regime change but i think that's exactly what this is all about. when you heard mike pompeo's description in the speech you showed a piece of about the mafia-like behavior of leading powers in iran and the fortunes
8:05 am
they've accumulated it is an effort to appeal to the american people you need to throw off the yoke of this government. >> sandra: jack keane was making the case that what we're seeing from president trump today on iran is what we have seen from him since day one on the job. listen. >> he absolutely reset the table, sandra, when he took over as president of the united states from codling iran, which the previous administration had done. iran tested this president within three weeks of inauguration by firing a ballistic missile. the president immediately sanctioned for that and then called out any future aggressive and malign behavior in the region will be met also with a tough response. >> sandra: here we are today, brit. >> indeed we are. i think the administration clearly believes the iranian regime is on shakeier ground than any time in recent memory
8:06 am
and the administration is pushing the sanctions, they're biting. there are more to be imposed. the economy there is hurting and the people are upset. and that could lead in a lot of directions, none of them favorable to the regime in iran. as for the president's tweet itself, my sense of that is that it's not at all clear what he meant exactly and i think that pompeo's speech points us in a more informative direction what the administration is doing and think. >> sandra: as to what happens next we wonder what the president is thinking about the next steps to take. sarah sanders was asked about that on the lawn of the white house this morning and here was her response. >> as you know, we're never going to broadcast what actions the president may or may not take or what specifics actions will prompt him to take things a step further. you can rest assured he takes this process extremely seriously. he is monitoring and watching
8:07 am
the actions of iran and if needed he will take what steps are necessary to protect people in this country and certainly to protect the world from nuclear proliferation. >> sandra: we're left wondering what the catalyst may be to escalate this further forward. >> there is no real way to know that and look at it this way, sandra, the question is do the non-military efforts the administration is making toward iran, do they work? are they working? the answer seems to be they are working and there are more to come. so that's what i would look for. i don't think the president is about to land the marines in iran or anything of the kind. but i think what we see is the administration is escalating the rhetoric. the question i would have about the president's tweet is whether when he makes a very blunt threat of the kind he made, what the effect of that is on the iranian population. does it make them more aware that the regime is failing and
8:08 am
faltering or does it make them think we need to rally around our leaders because we're threatened from outside. i don't know the answer to that. that's the question. >> sandra: the speech by mike pompeo over the weekend accusing the supreme leader from profiting from a hedge fund and compareson to leadership in iran to the mafia. last word. >> look at what that says. if you're an iranian you hear that, is that true, really, they're ripping us off like that? i think that's clearly the seed that he is sewing there in the world. but particularly inside iran. >> sandra: we'll see where it all goes. >> bill: great points there. you wonder if iran is in trouble, the economy on its knees now and demonstrations throughout the country, whether or not you can hit on that to drive more demonstrators to the streets that we saw a few years ago. >> sandra: we'll see where it all goes. >> bill: fox news alert. investigators not ruling on
8:09 am
terrorism after a gunman fired into a packed toronto restaurant and cafe last night. this man, this eyewitness, saw it happen. >> i thought it was fireworks at first because it was rapid fire and there would be a pause and then more fire. we didn't know what it was. we saw people starting to run in our direction and i still didn't know what it was and more people were running and we started running and we ran down a side street. >> bill: laura engel joins us live. you talked to the police in toronto. what did they share with you? >> as of right now they are not identifying the people who were killed. that's two civilians and the gunman but they could tell us who they have working the scene currently. investigators with city homicide and victim services units are combing through the areas, one of the most popular
8:10 am
streets in the greek section of toronto. witnesses say they were out enjoying the night. around 10:00 p.m. they say all hell broke loose. they describe seeing a man wearing a hat and dark clothing walking along the sidewalk. he pulled out a handgun and started shooting. >> i heard at least 20 shots in intervalls. clipping, spent, reloading, slipping, spent, reloading, slipping, spent. then i saw the carnage as i ran down the street to follow the gunfire. >> bill: 14 people were shot including a young girl. one of the dead is a woman. the gunman described as a 29-year-old man. he died as we mentioned. a story of heroism. one woman closing up a tattoo shop took in two people shot tending to them with her gloves
8:11 am
on while waiting for paramedics to arrive. she locked the doors and shut off the lights not knowing if the gunman would come after them. >> bill: what are city leaders saying about the gun violence? >> police stay there has been a sharp increase in gun violence this year. 220 shootings that resulted in 27 fatalities. an increase of 58% in the last two years. here is the mayor today. >> our entire city has been shocked by this cowardly act of violence. as i said earlier this morning at the scene i'm angry, as we all are, that someone would carry out an attack. an attack on our city itself. >> sandra: at today's counsel meeting one member said nothing else should take precedence other than gun laws and how they deal with this moving forward. >> bill: updates when we get them. >> sandra: passengers call it a violation of their privacy. a driver streaming hundreds of uber and lift riders live without them knowing it.
8:12 am
what he did was actually legal, why was it? >> bill: democrats looking the take back the white house in 2020. could there best chance be a very familiar face? >> sandra: carter page defending himself against new allegations. how much did the anti-trump steele dossier come into play? we'll discuss it all next. >> carter page is more like inspector gadget than jason bourn or james bond. trump never met him or had a conversation with him. i'm sure he was on the f.b.i.'s radar well before 2016. if you're turning 65, you're probably learning
8:13 am
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8:16 am
>> bill: uber and lift suspending a driver in st. louis for live streaming passengers without their knowledge. it reveals sensitive information like their full name and address. this is actually legal in missouri. the state only requires one person in a conversation to know they're being recorded. the driver says he set up the cameras mainly for security. the live streaming was secondary. >> sandra: wow. >> bill: word to the wise, folks, you are always being recorded no matter where you are. >> sandra: i can tell you for a fact you are right now. >> bill: this is true. >> sandra: when it comes to 2020 timing is everything for democrats deciding whether to run for president as the party
8:17 am
looks for the best candidate to boost their chances of taking back the white house. joining us now is john sununu, former new hampshire governor and chief of staff under george hw bush. >> the democratic party has some real problems before 2020. they have still the issue of their super delegates. they've tweaked it but that's liable to screw up the process again. the three major candidates biden, warren and sanders will all be in their mid-70s by 2020 and the socialist wing of the democratic party is catching all the headlines. so they are going to have problems not only in 2020 to try to create candidates with an attractive identity but they may have serious problems in 2018. >> sandra: as far as the timing of announcing the runs, why is that so crucial? >> well, the only thing
8:18 am
important is to visit new hampshire, of course. [laughter] but beyond that, it seems like they all feel they have to announce earlier and earlier and earlier. >> sandra: why is that? >> well, it's just because the fundraising process now the so complicated and so demanding. they have to go to los angeles and new york and washington and chicago and all these liberal democrats to raise money and the first two primaries and caucus are in iowa and new hampshire and that's a less socialist set of voters in those two states. so they've got to do something early about raising money and then reshape their image to suit the early primaries. >> sandra: who right now is the best candidate for the democratic party to win back the white house, your perspective? >> right now it should be mr. or ms. x. all the candidates they have
8:19 am
right now are really carrying burdens that i don't think would carry them to the white house. biden, warren, sanders, all of them seem to have the age burden, the out of touch with the base of the party, which is drifting left, and frankly, the incapacity to find a coherent message. right now those seem to be the three most significant ones in the polls. >> sandra: the president said he would like to face joe biden in 2020. why do you think he has a good chance of beating him? >> joe biden is a nice guy. everybody likes him personally, but they all cringe when he starts his conversations publicly and the gaffes he generates. biden is a nice man but not a good candidate. >> sandra: juan williams has written an opinion piece talking about this very matter and he goes on to write,
8:20 am
biden's white working class roots make him a strong messengers. are they better off today than they were four years ago? governor. >> biden still carries the burden of having been obama's vice president and whether democrats will admit it or not, a lot of the more moderate democrats across the country are beginning to understand the disaster the last eight years were. and i think biden would carry that burden going into the primary process on the democratic side. >> sandra: governor john sununu, new hampshire has to be the first stop. always good to have you here. >> it's what god intended. >> bill: former veterans affairs officer and his brother accused of stealing nearly $100,000 from the v.a.. what's behind this story coming
8:21 am
up. >> sandra: the white house weighing in as president trump issues a stern warning to iran. >> the president certainly uses tough language but he is also not afraid to take tough steps if necessary. >> sandra: will the president's tough talk spark more tension in the middle east? i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen.
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a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> sandra: u.s. marshals arresting a man accused of stealing almost $100,000 from the department of veterans affairs. he was taken into custody yesterday from his flight from madrid landed in miami. authorities say he posed as the paid caregiver to his brother, a former v.a. officers and collected two years of monthly checks. the brothers now face up to 20 years in prison. >> bill: president trump issuing a warning to iran
8:25 am
tweeting this. never, ever threaten the united states against or you will suffer consequences the likes of which countries have never suffered before. we will no longer stand for your words of violence and death. be cautious. jennifer griffin live from the pentagon. matters have been relatively calm between the two nations. >> that's true, bill. things have been quiet in the persian gulf. iran hasn't harassed any warships this year. a stunning turn. last year gun boats harassed u.s. warships about once a month in the persian gulf sometimes coming so close sailors had to fire warning shots and make decisions not knowing if they were under attack or if the iranians were probing u.s. reaction time. in barack obama's last year in office three times a month. the last harassment took place in august 2017, a small iranian drone came too close to a navy
8:26 am
f-18 hornet trying to land aboard nimitz. despite president trump's rhetoric the truman aircraft carrier strike group returned home to norfolk virginia saturday. part of the pentagon's plan to be less predictable. right now there is no aircraft carrier strike group in or around the persian gulf. truman's crew will not stand down and could put out to sea on short notice. >> bill: on syria, what are people saying about the potential of warming relations? >> the top u.s. general overseeing the war against isis said sunday he cautions against any suggestion the u.s. military work closer with russia in syria. general, the head of u.s. central command told reporters traveling with them i've watched some of the things russia has done. it gives me some pause. what is notable is how u.s. led air strikes are down against isis in syria and iraq. last week only 24 air strikes
8:27 am
in iraq and syria compared to last year, the u.s.-led coalition averaged 30 times that amount, 761 air strikes per week. worth noting iranian backed forces continue to occupy parts of syria not far from the roughly 2,000 u.s. troops still on the ground. >> bill: big map and a lot to cover. thank you. >> sandra: carter page the former trump campaign aide under surveillance by the government reacting to the release of new documents and whether the feds relied too much on an unverified anti-trump dossier to get the green light. alan dershowitz is here to weigh in live. >> bill: looking forward to that. new details on the deadly shoot-out in los angeles. what we just learned about the gunman in california. >> i just hope he gets the help that he needs because i believe that he should have got help a long time ago. everybody was brushing it under the rug and nobody was really
8:28 am
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8:31 am
relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon. >> sandra: fox news alert. new information on that deadly shoot-out in los angeles over the weekend. we now learned it was sparked by a domestic dispute. the gunman's cousin saying he suffers from mental problems and was not taking his medication when he wounded his grandmother before leading police on a chase that ended with bullets flying at a trader joe's. we're live in los angeles. one person killed. what do we know about her and the circumstances of her death? >> well, sandra, she was a store manager in silver lake for several years known for her easy laughter. a growing memorial in her honor today. a gunman crashed outside the store after a car chase and gun battle with police and when the shooter ran inside. during this initial chaos with
8:32 am
customers jumping out windows and seeking cover that police believe 27-year-old woman was shot. an autopsy will determine if the bullet came from the gunman or police? >> she was the bright light. she had been at the store for four or five years. she was just part of the family. like we all are. >> so beautiful, so happy, and she is not here and that hurts so much. >> after three hours the gunman surrendered but not before threatening to kill everyone inside. >> sandra: what more do we know about the gunman at this point? >> the 28-year-old lived with his grandmother mary madison. they argued about his live-in girlfriend. madison wanted her out of the shot. one bullet hit madison and another grazed his girlfriend in the head and prompted the
8:33 am
911 call. police pursuit and stand-off at trader joe's. now the usual security guard was off on saturday. he claims to have begged trader joe's to allow him to carry a firearm but the company refused. >> when i was not here. whether trader joe's likes it or not i'm going to bring my gun and protect my family. >> that's against policy but the grandmother is in critical but improving condition. atkins has mental problems wasn't taking medications. he is being held on $2 million bail on suspicion of murder. >> sandra: thank you. >> no, i have never been an agent of a foreign power in any -- by any stretch of the
8:34 am
imagination. at the g20 in st. petersburg i participated in a few meetings that a lot of people including people from the obama administration were sitting in on geneva, paris, etc. >> bill: carter page denying he was a russian agent saying he did work as an advisor to the kremlin. those comments after the department of justice released new documents released to his surveillance amid questions about whether the government relied too heavily on the unverified anti-donald trump dossier funded by the dnc to spy on carter page. alan dershowitz, harvard professor emeritus. you have seen a little bit of the fisa application. what is your concern with it? >> well, i think there is enough in there for each side to claim support for its position. there is that footnote in which
8:35 am
they do say that the steele dossier was organized by people who were trying to get dirt on candidate one, which is president trump. but there is a lot of material in there suggesting that they didn't make full disclosure about the circumstances under which the steele dossier was authorized and also the complete credibility. >> bill: it is my understanding the footnote never said the dnc. those who support hillary clinton. could have been a republican candidate. >> sure. i think there is not enough disclosure for us to make a firm determination. look, i have no doubt that the f.b.i. should have been more forthright in disclosing everything. and they did come to the conclusion that steele had provided them legitimate information in the past. we would like to know about that. was it legitimate? what were the sources of information? under a supreme court decision
8:36 am
called franks versus maryland, the court trusts the f.b.i. to give it full information particularly in the fisa context where there is secret and no opportunity ever for history to make its claim. i'm glad these -- this fisa application came out. more fisa applications in the future ought to come out maybe redacted too much in this context but the american public has the right to know how our privacy is being compromised in the name of national security. >> bill: let me make two more points and take them one by one. the footnote you mentioned was the first one. number two was the yahoo news article. ist is my understanding the reporter was briefed by those who did the dossier in the first place. so they were telling reporters what they found. they write up the article and they present the fisa judges with the article as evidence to go ahead and surveil carter page.
8:37 am
>> sandra: for its confirmation. it's double dipping. and look, there is no question that the fisa court didn't know everything the f.b.i. knew. the f.b.i. withheld material from the fisa court. the question is, was that enough? the question is was there other material that would have given the court authorization to issue the warrant? these are issues we don't know enough about because there is so much redaction. this confirms my view we should have had an independent, nonpartisan commission from the very beginning. we have republican truth, democrat truth. trump truth, anti-trump truth. the american public is always entitled to have the full and complete truth through a nonpartisan committee instead of appointing special counsel. >> bill: we're far past that point now. we can agree on that. the surveillance of carter page
8:38 am
occurred in october of 2016. sir, you are a few weeks away from a national election. carter page had been dismissed by the campaign several months prior. so why even look at him? >> well, look, there are a lot of people who were being looked at. today manafort is going to try. if he would have been brought to trial if he hadn't been associated with trump? maybe it's to squeeze him, sing, maybe even compose. the whole focus has been targeting people in this administration and that's what has caused so many americans to have distrust of the poll itization of the process. it has happened the other way as well where republicans have targeted democrats, lock her up with hillary clinton. i don't like any of that. i wish we would just get at the truth and make sure we can prevent any kind of russian
8:39 am
influence in the upcoming election. >> bill: you said there is enough for both sides in this. we have gone through three or four things that give you enough pause to be dubious on behalf of the republicans. why do you think adam schiff -- what does he see in this application that gives him a strong argument for what he has been saying publicly? >> i don't think it's a strong argument but a plausible argument. the footnote indicated there may be a bias that there may be an effort to get dirt on president a little bit but not enough. i think both sides are overstating the significance of the disclosure. i'm glad the disclosure is out there. we the american public can decide for ourselves whether or not the f.b.i. was fully forthright in providing the information to the fisa court. my own opinion, no, they weren't forthright enough. >> bill: come on back. alan dershowitz with us today from brooklyn, i think.
8:40 am
>> martha's vineyard. >> bill: my bad. it must be july. thank you, sir, talk to you real soon. >> sandra: always good to have him on the program. the president issuing a stern warning to iran. as relations with the regime deteriorate it has a different message fought people. >> the united states is with you. when we see the shoots of liberty shooting up through rocky soil, we pledge our solidarity. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia.
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8:44 am
very clear again since day one what his objectives are and he is certainly not going the tolerate the leader of iran making threats against americans or this country. making threats against israel. this is a president who is going the stand up and make sure he is doing what is necessary. he is showing peace through strength but if needed and steps are required this president is not afraid to take them. >> sandra: joining me now is ari fleischer former press secretary for george w. bush. good morning to you. so the american people look on and they look at this escalating rhetoric going back and forth between the united states and iran and wonder if this could escalate to military conflict. >> oh, i don't think that is going to be the case. we've seen it before on twitter. but you know what, sandra, if president trump didn't tweet what he did no one would have been told what president
8:45 am
rouhani when he threatened to shut down the straits of -- donald trump engaged and i have no proper lem with that. >> lee zeldin was on earlier sitting on the foreign affairs committee and echoed that sentiment saying guess what, there is a new sheriff in town. listen. >> if you want to engage at all, whether with us directly or with other countries that there is a way to do it and we won't tolerate you talking about wiping the united states off the map and there is a new sheriff in town. >> sandra: the only way to handle it is take them head on. >> donald trump speaks in a matter that's not my style or the style of his predecessors but he ran on and won on the basis of changing foreign policy. changing things that people have been doing and accepting
8:46 am
as traditional ways done in washington so he upsets a lot of apple carts. i don't have an objection to this. i think donald trump should pursue his more aggressive, tougher policies and let's see how it plays out. it doesn't cause me to worry like it didn't in north korea that it means war is imminent. i think the hand wringers might reach that conclusion. anybody looking at this realistically knows it is not where the tweets are heading but hopefully modifies the behavior of the iranians and too bellicose. >> sandra: it has his critics talking. i hear you talking a lot about the tweet. it seems that while you believe the president is moving in the right direction in his response to iran, you don't like the way he is going about it? >> well, look, it is not my style but just because it's not my style doesn't mean it is
8:47 am
right or wrong. he was elected to change the way things were done from his predecessors and i think he is entitled to do that as the elected president of the united states. the other thing that bothers me, where are the critics taking on rouhani. they make him to be the great moderate. if they only would cover the bellicose things rouhani was saying maybe we would have come to the conclusion that iran is a menace and threat. the only time he is covered is when donald trump raises the ante and does something like this. when a foreign leader threat ens to close the straits, it is a serious statement he makes. where is the condemnation? >> mike pompeo is taking on iranian leadership. he had scathing words on the iranian government. listen. >> these hypocritical holy man device crooked schemes to become some of the most wealthy
8:48 am
men on earth while their people suffer. the level of corruption that iran is run by something that resembles the mafia more than a government. >> sandra: what did you make of that comparison? >> i welcomed it. it was ronald reagan-like. iran is going through turmoil right now and has been for months and it is a leaderless rebelian taking place. there is such a dissatisfaction with its government. mike pompeo put his finger on one of the biggest problems. corruption. the people want their food, healthcare, they want environment and the iranian government is so corrupt it is making t much harder for people to live in that country. fascinating change is underway inside of iran. the more unstable we can help iran to become the better it is to secure peace if we can get rid of that theological regime, or if the iranian people can get rid of it themselves. >> sandra: the president is
8:49 am
tweeting on this issue overnight brings the attention to rouhani and his words and scathing words toward the president and the united states. but we're left wondering if the tough actions will actually work at the end of the day, ari? >> fair question and it's untested and unknown. that's the case with north korea. the president made tweets about fire and fury and little rocket man that people were a gas about. it hasn't gotten rid of nuclear weapons yet. will it change the behavior of iran? doubtful but a welcome change in our approach because previously we acquiesced to iran. president obama didn't say a word on behalf of the people. this administration is taking the side of the people.
8:50 am
the future is unknown but the direction the president is pushing is the right direction to push. >> sandra: great to have you on to start the week on this monday morning. great to see you, sir. thank you. >> bill: there was a deadline this week to reunite more children with their families at the border. a live report on the progress they're making in a moment plus a brave 13-year-old girl saves her baby sister from a carjacker. how she did it coming up next. >> i was hitting him as hard as i could. hitting him in the side of the head, neck and face. i didn't care if he kept me take my baby sister back to my mom. are you ready to take your wifi to the next level?
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are you ready to take your then you need xfinity xfi.? a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> sandra: police in utah searching for the man in this video who stole a car with two children in the back seat.
8:54 am
13-year-old jocelyne and her babysitter were trapped until jocelyne took action. she hit the guy on the head, neck and face and it did the trick. he pulled over and ran. jocelyne says she has been taught to fight back. >> it hasn't hit me yet what happened. i'm probably going to be sitting at home and be like whoa, okay, great. >> sandra: jocelyne, her babysitter and parents were safely reunited minutes after the attempted carjacking. tough girl. >> bill: find other words for that, too, can't you? well done, jocelyne. federal judge praises the government's efforts to reunite parents and children at the border. administration races to meet a thursday court-ordered deadline. casey stiegel live in dallas with the latest. is the government on track for meeting this week's deadline? >> it appears the process is working. it is on track and it is on
8:55 am
time, bill. that's a direct quote from the federal judge out in san diego that ordered these reunifications and set the deadlines through the injunction last month. the court has been receiving frequent updates, progress reports and according to the feds out of the 2551 children ages 5-17 who were separated from their parents or family at the border more than 1600 are eligible for reunification. nearly 1,000 have been cleared and 450 total reunions have already taken place. so later today government attorneys must file another status report with the court because all of the parties will be back in front of the judge tomorrow for yet another status conference, bill, ahead of thursday's deadline. >> bill: people are taking to the streets talking about protesting zero tolerance this weekend. where was it and what did they
8:56 am
say? >> challenges to this policy winds through the judicial system you still have calls for abolishment of ice and hundreds of protestors taking to the streets in los angeles and in new york city over the weekend. in l.a. it was for the keep families together cause. many holding signs and chanting for ice to get out of the way. up there in new york city a similar event but that one taking more of a political tone with a few democratic lawmakers telling the crowd that history will judge president trump for this and warning the voters will, too. possibly as early as november. >> bill: thank you, casey stiegel on that out of dallas today. >> sandra: a new poll showing president trump's approval ratings on the rise. how the numbers are linked to his media coverage up next on "outnumbered." people. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others,
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>> that was on monday for you. >> yes, it was. bouncing around. >> how is that wedding in texas? >> it was great. my knees, first of five godchildren, congratulations. to be my congratulations to them. that's it for us come out now. >> harris: fox news alert, president trump is doubling down yet again on his criticism of the special counsel investigation. he says it's now been discredited after a newly released fbi document revealed information the agency used to justify surveillance of a former truck campaign aide during the 2016 presidential campaign. and on and on we go. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. most of the evening at it on the fox business network, elizabeth macdonald, don't miss it. democratic strategist and fox news contributor jessica tarlov. in joining us in the center seat, fox news media analyst, host of media buzz and author of media madness


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