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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 23, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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over to harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert, fiery words for iran from president trump as we go with "outnumbered" overtime, i'm harris faulkner. president trump sent in all caps warning to the iranian president after the leader told iranian diplomats that americans must understand that war with iran is the mother of all wars. the president tweeted never, ever threaten the united states again. he will suffer consequences the likes of which if you throughout history have ever suffered before. we are no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death, be cautious. notice the all caps on your screen. the president's late tweet followed blistering speech yesterday by secretary of state mike pompeo where he compared iran's regime to the mafia and accuse them of double-dealing. >> the level of corruption something that resembles the
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mafia more than a government. at the same time, they're trying to convince europe to stay in the nuclear deal, they are plotting terrorist attacks in the heart of europe. >> harris: white white house correspondent kevin corke has more from the white house lawn. >> what you are noticing here is a chlorinated effort by the trump administration not only to show support for the iranian people but most obviously to criticize the leadership in tehran. he mentioned it yesterday, secretary of state mike pompeo what that searing speech criticizing the iranian regime, likening them to the mafia. he also went so far as to suggest they've done very little to elevate their people while continuing to destabilize the entire globe. >> we have an obligation to put maximum pressure on the regimes and generate and move money. and we will do so. at the center of this campaign is the repositioning of sanctions on their bank and energy sectors. >> meanwhile as you can imagine, there has been mixed reaction to
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that speech, one person who certainly feeling very strongly about it on the positive side is benjamin netanyahu, the israeli prime minister. he said this, first i'd like to raise a strong stance presented yesterday by president trump and secretary of state pompeo against the aggression of the regime in iran. for years, this regime was hampered by the powers and is good to see that the united states is changing this unacceptable equation. meanwhile, iranian president rouhani issued a stern warning to president trump against provoking tehran through sanctions. he said this, this really raise some eyebrows. mr. trump, don't play with the lion's tail. this would only lead to regret. white house officials we've spoken to hear tell fox news that talk like this will only end badly for those in power in tehran. let me share very quickly a statement from john bolton, the ambassador, national security advisor now, he said i spoke to the president over the last several days and president trump told me that if iran does
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anything at all to the negative, they will pay a price that few countries have ever paid before. war of words indeed. and we will certainly get more read out as we look forward to the briefing coming up with sarah sanders as afternoon at 2 but for now, back to you. >> harris: the thing i noticed that was consistency, people said they wanted consistency with this president and his advisors. i think we are seeing that on this issue, great to see you. for more, we are joined by my first guest, republican congressman doug collins of georgia. who serves as a vice chair of the house republican conference, great to see you today. we'll start with a consistency of message, is this policy or something else? >> i think it's a new regime that we've seen in washington, d.c., that's decided that iran doesn't need pampering and coddling and is to be stood up to when the president is doing that. he said he would, he is doing it, keeping promises and that's what's happening in our foreign policy and those who want to do us harm, those who want to do the european neighbors, finding other messing with the wrong
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president. >> harris: is just look at iran for a second because this is a country that is used to a former president that would do a deal against all odds and put something went inside deals at the american public has yet to see any of and now he is dealing with somebody that will open up tomahawk missiles on syria after the use of chemical weapons, something very different than the previous president. so what does this mean for iran? >> i think it means i can no longer manipulate a week and meandering president that they had in president obama who just wanted to apologize to the world and be a weak link and a security chain. when you face a bully, when you face him and he wants to say one thing on one side and then see death and destruction around the world, they do not need to be played with, they need to be stood up to and say if you want to keep your own people down and keep the boon of oppression in your own people, do that but you're not going to do it outside and we are going to try everything to empower your people to make sure they understand that there is a world out there that they're keeping,
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rouhani is of the wrong end of the tail here, he doesn't want to mess with this president. >> harris: the use of the word lion's tail, you don't want to get hit by that, i'm going to look at their economy for a second because you might call it the back end of success, they are definitely feeling perhaps the threat of more sanctions. >> they will be in the thing about it is influences rouhani and those who run, they are not hurting. if they're hurting the rest of their people and they know that those sanctions come, what little crumbs in little stuff they give out to their people to keep them at bay will no longer be there. and this is a thriving country, one that could be so magnificent on a world stage, the iranian people are great but they are being held hostage by their own government and helpfully as they rise up as we've seen sparks of that, we can support that. i think that's what the president is doing. >> harris: we certainly don't need the permission of our western allies to put a word out, don't threaten us. we might need them in order to carry out a threat. so i'm just curious, what does this lead them? some of them are still doing
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everything they can to make a deal happen that they can stay in with iran which puts them in a very capitulated position essentially. >> i'm not seeing how some of our western european allies can look israel in the face and other places and actually say really, we are going to appease iran. we prefer our money deals then we do what is right. when they look at their own people in the terrorism that iran is plotting inside of europe and still willing to protect their business deal, there's a problem at the top and that's a principal problem. they need to choose the principles over the money and i think that's where they need to come back to we've seen that in the past, hopefully they come on board. >> harris: generally, how does it work? to be sanction after rhetoric like this from rouhani and some of the other religious clerics there or do we wait for action? what do you think that action might look like? >> they provided all the action. i was one of the ones who did not like the obama bad deal to start with.
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i voted against it, did not think it was helpful. history has proven me right and many others on the hill right. i think we need to do is go back to the reason that he wanted to talk to the appeasement of the obama administration was because the sanctions were working, their people were feeling the pain, we have to go back to what actually caused it. unfortunately, obama thought they came to the table wanted to be a good player. he failed to realize it was a sanctions that brought them to the table and as soon as he paid them off the little money, they went back to their old ways. they already broke that deal in many ways and now is the time for action. the one before that you go, what i hear you saying is that the iranian people now are kind of being held captive by the steel as well. it didn't benefit them because the people who lead them had no intentions of making life better for them. >> all they had was to make life better for themselves mike pompeo hit it perfectly yesterday. >> harris: congressman collins of the great state of georgia, great to have you today, thank you. let's bring in lieutenant colonel daniel davis, senior fellow in military expert at defense priorities.
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colonel davis retired from the army after 21 years of active service which included four deployments in iraq and afghanistan. great to see you today, thank you for being on the program. so what would it look like militarily when the president makes a comment like this on twitter, the world texas more seriously now? >> i'll tell you, anytime you make any kind of decision on a foreign power, the decision has to be based on what is going to use american power to the maximum extent to improve her situation. and i'll tell you right now, a different view of many people right now is that military force would be the worst thing for american outcomes right now. if as i say that, the overwhelming military capability in comparison to tehran is a must so great is not worth mentioning. and that's why when rouhani says we are messing with the tail of the line, it's more like the tail of the mouse. they military capability is not anywhere near and we don't need to fear iran.
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>> harris: and the president's tweet then sends out the message that we don't fear iran. >> right, and there's certainly no problem at all with giving a very clear warning that if you take any action against american interest, you can count on a very strong response. but we have to be careful that we don't get too casual with the use of military force and use it where it's not necessary were other means and aspects of american power can accomplish american objectives at a lower cost. >> harris: i want to talk with you just about some of the facts on the ground in syria that we are learning and the fact that iran actually has put its guns toward our american people on the ground they are fighting against isis and the backdrop of that civil war. >> right, some of that happened during the iraq war in the mid-2000s as well. at any time that happens without any equivocation or hesitation, america will defend itself and we will counterattack against any direct attack against american personnel. that's not even a question, we
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will definitely do that. >> harris: where would you put iran's threats? you been in that part of the world, served in that part of the world. they different now? they've always called for death to america even when they got tons of cash and a deal that benefited them under the last administration. >> a lot of that is we have to view it in the context of their domestic policy and try to keep their people in line by saying here's is for indelible, this foreign enemy so you have to pay attention to us or they'll come and get us and unfortunately, sometimes i rhetoric gives credence to that and makes it more difficult for us to reach out to those people because of directly talking with an iranian dissident this morning and he said some of the best things that we can do the united states is to limit some of our talks because in hesitation because it gives credibility inside of tehran. what they would rather have is the ability where the only thing that is at play as a domestic issue and when that is what is at play and they don't have us
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to .2, they are in trouble and they are in trouble domestically. >> harris: that is really interesting, but the fact that you have that conversation at all and then the news that came out of it. real quickly, let's move on to north korea. the president expressing or saying denying reports that he's actually angry with the progress in north korea and here's what he tweeted. a rocket has not been launched by north korea and nine months. likewise, no nuclear tests. the pan is happy, all of asia is happy but the fake news is saying without ever asking me, always anonymous sources, that i am angry because it is not going fast enough. wrong, very happy. your response? >> i keep hearing people say things like that as of the expectation is that this would be wrapped up within a matter of weeks which is just absurd. any of those international negotiations and diplomacy, it takes time and this is also. the president is right on the money that they have taken concrete action, they have
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stopped making nuclear test, they have stopped making missile tests that have taken a number of other actions as well as a result, not to mention the fact that gave us back those hostages to president trump has gotten a lot so far and we have not given anything of any tangible matter. >> harris: having grown up military, i know that we all including our military prefer peace and we want to give diplomacy a chance. it's interesting to me that the old ways have 25 years did not get us any further and a new ways have been basically just about a month. and there's so much criticism. glad to have you on the program, thank you. president trump ramping up calls to end the mueller investigation after newly released documents show the fbi relied heavily on the anti-trump dossier and obtaining a surveillance warrant on former truck campaign advisor carter page. we will talk to an important day to to this gentleman, president of judicial watch who helped get those documents released.
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stay close. and president trump once again defending last week's summit with russian president putin. this is a law makers are stepping up warnings about russia's election meddling. humming up in november, a live report with analysis. >> no election official in america or in my home state for that matter should be overconfident. it's not about changing votes, it's about creating chaos. let's take a look at some numbers:
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>> harris: fox news alert, the fallout now after newly released fbi documents reveal the anti-trump dossier played a key role in investigators push to obtain surveillance on former truck campaign advisor carter page. it happened during the height of the 2016 campaign. the president today tweeted so we now found out that it was indeed the fake and dirty dossier that was paid for by cricket hillary clinton and the dnc that was knowingly and falsely submitted to fisa and which was responsible for starting the totally conflicted and discredited mueller witch hunt. democrats say the documents show that the surveillance of page was justified and accused republicans of trying to undermine the mueller probe. watch. >> i know there's some detail a lot of which is redacted just
10:18 am
why the fbi was so concerned that carter page might be acting as an agent of a foreign power and let's remember, that application and those renewals have been vindicated in substantial part by carter page's own words. >> harris: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with the latest. >> good afternoon. the heavily redacted, the pages indicate that the dossier was a major component of the october 2016 surveillance warrant application, the former truck campaign aide carter page. it also showed the dossier was a major component in the subsequent renewal. it is done what is visible, the dossier is not ascribed to the fisa court for the surveillance court as a political document that the democrats have asserted, rather the fbi speculates that the fisa court that it was commissioned the damage candidate one who is donald trump. the fisa record show september 2016 yahoo news article about carter page and allegations he was a russian operative is also significant
10:19 am
part of the application. the republicans empathize the yahoo news report is not a separate stream of intelligence but rather had the same source as the unverified dossier. emma kratz and republicans exchange some harsh words on the sunday talk show. >> we will never know whether or not the fbi had enough without the dossier, the unvented dnc funded dossier because they included it. and everyone who reads this is application sees the amount of reliance they placed on this product funded by hillary clinton's campaign in the dnc. >> of course not. and i think actually if the performance that we had in helsinki took place before those applications were filed, i think that whole interchange would be a central exhibit in the size applications. it's been a republican's on the house intelligence committee as president trump to declassify key sections of the surveillance warrant application. that's a documents that were
10:20 am
released over the weekend about carter page according to this letter obtained by fox news, the letter also states that on its face, it does appear that there was reliance on the dossier conflicts with the bureau's own internal and strict rules. >> harris: thank you very much, this very man before the commercial break, a key and important player in all of this, we are glad to get him today and getting those documents released, president of judicial watch. i just want to pause and tell her audience that the journey to get to this point has been long and winding before your request and so much pressure and work by your team at judicial watch. so they are heavily redacted. how surprised are concerned are you about what facts we can see because of all of the rejection rejections? >> is sufficient enough that what's public is sufficient to conclude there was corruption in the fisa court process, the doj and the fbi misused the clayton
10:21 am
dnc dossier, referred to it three times in different ways without telling the court directly, as i call it a self licking ice-cream cone. and to spy on the trump team, an extraordinary step by the fbi and doj and one that was done without verifying. despite with documents as it was verified. it wasn't verified. to their people to need to be held to account for missing quote. and the other interesting thing is, we have to remember this fisa warrant, one of them was issued during the term initially of the mueller special counsel operation. so the rouhani has benefited from this illicit prize application targeting the team of donald trump so the real issues about not only the corruption during the obama administration, but the corrupt use of that document to benefit the molar team. >> harris: is not like they finagled.
10:22 am
or some other words that might not be legal. it is the force ahead and all of this? >> there was more the head that needs to be classified. the reason we are able to see these records is because the president declassified this material related to carter page in response to devin nunes and the intelligence committee request earlier this year. that led to the disclosure of this portion of the fives application. he needs to do additional declassification to show what else is in there. there's enough here to raise significant questions about not only how this court was abused in this process, but whether they were abused in other fisa warrants and just how the whole thing works in general in terms of allowing this secret process to take place where we are supposed to be relying on the good faith of the government to be honest and forthright with the courts. that didn't happen here. it's been for the words that
10:23 am
really stood out to me, you said the court was misled and it does lead you to wonder how often has that happened? let's just put all of the details of this particular case aside, how often does a secret court get misled and we never find out about it, here is from the u.s. attorney andrew mccarthy and then okay your thoughts. >> the judges obviously relied over the it appears on the fbi. they trusted that they were following procedures and they weren't exacting enough. i wasn't saying the judges should be kicked off the bench but i think they got to be asked hard questions. to me, i look at his application and it's is appalling. and i don't understand how a judge -- if i gave this warrant when i was a prosecutor to a judge down the street in manhattan, ida got my head cut off. >> harris: is any of this complicated at all by the fact that these four judges. g.o.p. appointed or does that not matter? >> it doesn't matter. they took the governments word at face value which was a mistake in the judges should be
10:24 am
asking themselves whether they need to ask more questions of the fbi in the future. we have law enforcement folks that work with us and they told us they needed more information than was required here just to get a subpoena for a crack. the idea that they relied on this garbage and it is garbage, dnc clinton anti-trump propaganda even worse. used are gathered with the help of russian intelligence according to the fusion gps people, it smarted into the fbi and doj and spied on the trump team. and when you look at these documents, it's about donald trump in the campaign, carter page is a pretext in a vehicle to getting the trump campaign. it's a real crisis that the fbi and doj is doing this and they're still apologetic about it and it still benefiting from this corruption. >> harris: judicial watch bringing forth a huge effort to get those documents unveiled if
10:25 am
you will, even though there heavily redacted in terms of that secret fisa court which we are all learning more about. thank you very much. >> you're welcome, thank you. >> harris: president from continuing to defend his summit with russian president vladimir putin. democrats are pushing back on his claims that it was a great meeting. but lawmakers hope to hear from secretary of state mike pompeo when they question him on the hill about the summit wednesday. and progressive heroes or socialist? alexandria ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders say their once radical ideas are now mainstrea mainstream. are they right about that? and what would that mean to that party heading into the midterm elections? can you sell socialism in america? stay close. get them started right with carnation breakfast essentials. it has protein plus vitamins and minerals to help kids be their best.
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>> harris: are president of the social media to defend his summit with russian president vladimir putin again. he says when you hear the fake news talking negatively about my meeting with president putin and all that i gave up, remember i gave up nothing. we merely talked about future benefits for both countries, also we got along very well which is a good thing except for the corrupt media. this comes a secretary of state mike pompeo was set to appear before the senate foreign relations committee on wednesda wednesday. it's an open door session. he will be answering questions about the presidents meetings with both putin and the north korean leader kim jong un. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill getting an idea i would imagine of what senators specifically want to talk about. >> good afternoon, busy week ahead in those republican senators are talking about more sanctions to get tough with moscow, south carolina senator lindsey graham delivered this message on tv to president trump.
10:31 am
>> we need to harden our electoral infrastructure and need to be the leader of that movement and you need to work with congress to come up with new sanctions because putin is not getting the message. the most important thing we need to focus on now is deterring future attacks by putting in place immediate sanctions that take hold if they do this again. >> all of his ahead of secretary of state mike pompeo's highly anticipated visit to capitol hill and wednesday. he is sure to face tough questions about getting north korea to denuclearize in what happen behind closed doors at the trump-putin summit. also talk about a likely second summit sometime this fall here in washington. senator bob menendez, democrat from new jersey was asked about that on "fox news sunday" ." >> it depends on if you challenge him. now we're going to give him a red carpet treatment and invite him to washington to me, that's beyond comprehension. you can speak to adversaries, but at the end of the day, you have to do it in a way in which you challenge them.
10:32 am
the president seems to want to be chummy with putin instead of challenging him. >> president trump suggests he will likely learn from the helsinki summit and is likely to be much tougher with putin here on his home turf. >> harris: thank you very much, let's bring in a florida republican congressman francis rooney, vice chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. great to see you today. let's talk a little bit about where we are in terms of this and the president says that the obama administration should've led his campaign know that they were being looked at. what you say? >> i think it would've been a good idea. all of this was taken place, it was the commander in chief and the russians were for a very wide extent creating mayhem in our country. it might've been a good idea to tell both candidates. the one that's interesting because who knew at that point whether or not it wasn't bipartisan? >> i'm not so sure that it was
10:33 am
partisan. i just think they want to disrupt america and disrupt our democratic principles and so mayhem just like they're trying to do in europe as well. >> harris: are we ready for november? >> i think we are ready for november. i think that we need to step though sanctions up on a they need to know that mean stomach we mean business and we are going to enforce the magnitsky act and like florida, the architecture needs to stay. they can't manipulate the connection in florida because they don't connect to the internet. some states still do. >> harris: that's interesting, i want to know more about that. it was a decision that was made previous 2016? how does that work and could that be widespread? >> fort at the dead after all the problems back in 2000 and they overhaul their entire collection machinery. one of the benefits of it is the electoral peoples computers do not connect to the internet. >> harris: that is fascinating and perhaps we can learn from
10:34 am
that going ahead and since part of what the democrats are asking is that people not believe everything they see online. that's a tall task, but you can do something as it sounds like on the ground with all of this. so again, i want to get back to where we are in this discussion because the president has tweeted, he has had some things along the way and we saw what happened on stage with putin and the russian summit, have we moved past that and exactly where are we with this conversation right now? >> i think we've moved past it. there were some rocky statements made that were walked back, some pretty harsh comments on both sides but i think at the end of the day, the president said he has confidence in our intelligence agencies and sources in russia definitely try to manipulate or intervene in the american electoral process. so now i just say let's go forward and figure out how to not let it happen again. >> harris: he walked out back a little bit with the word hoax but we will see what happens forward. russia, acetic stomach second
10:35 am
summit, an opportunity to do exactly what? >> first of all as a diplomat, i am a believer in dialogue. if we with russia all through the cold war so one thing that came from helsinki is the president and secretary pompeo and ambassador bolton has resurrected an architecture that is constructive to continuing dialogue and that might lead to some opportunities within syria, some opportunities to do some things with iran, iran doesn't have to be an ally of russia. if we can figure out how to realign his interest. >> harris: you've been saying and not to go too far afield but since you brought it up, iran has acted independently in the last few hours threatening us again, the president coming back very tough in all caps on twitter and make no mistake about his willingness to carry out what he says. where do you think that puts russia now? rush is looking at the situation and they don't want to get caught up in that i would imagine. >> i think it gives us an opportunity to speak with russia about the long-term evolution of
10:36 am
iran. a while back, and the people of iran are not necessarily aligned with this heinous mafia like government as secretary pompeo said we have some opportunities to exploit that misalignment the same way we had with eastern europe during the warsaw pact. >> harris: long-term evolution, and we have seen that prior to and since the cold war. if will quickly before i let you go, with regard to russia and his neighbors and it's bad acting that it has carried out, how do you compare that to where we were just a few years ago, you think we are in a better space now to talk with them? >> i think we need to raise the price on their hegemonic aggression. it's not helpful that we let them take back in 2008, is not helpful that they marched in and took over crimea and now they are virtually abusing the tattered minority down there. i think that's why the president is to get them javelins into
10:37 am
ukraine, putting missiles in romania. we are overcoming eight years of vacillating weakness in eastern europe and that's what emboldened obama -- emboldened putin. if you think he would've done that if reagan was president? >> harris: 's are so interesting. i took a couple of notes, raise the price on the hegemonic aggression moving forward, great information from you today, congressman rooney from the great state of florida, great to have you, thank you. >> thank you very much, have a great day. >> harris: the fbi is releasing new documents on the first to obtain surveillance on that former gym campaign advisor carter page during the 2016 election. we've been talking about it, analyzing it, debating at this hour and now what will it mean for the mueller investigation? the power panel will bring it in. stay close. iasis does that. it was tough getting out there ion stage. that. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last.
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10:42 am
documents rated up to the warrant on carter page. during the 2016 campaign. the president said the documents make it appear his campaign was illegally spied on but democrats say they showed evidence of russia's coordination with carter page, the power panel now. radio host within the media, and cofounder and managing editor of the beat d.c. great to see you both. i want to start with you, we had on tom fitton just a moment ago from judicial watch, a key and important component to at least those 412 pages coming forth even though they're heavily redacted. your thoughts. >> regardless of what nancy pelosi said this morning in her tweet, you've got the devon nunez report and you've got the heavily redacted by his application and it appears that the application makes the nunez report look quite accurate and i think that's going to be problematic because they didn't overstate the case. they said this was they way they went about it and it looks as
10:43 am
though the application is consistent with that and if that's the case, than most of the case was built around the dossier, not papadopoulos. the narrative is wack and it shows that there was a willingness by fbi and doj officials to lie to an actual empowered court, not once but a few times and i think that's problematic. >> harris: just for those people tuning and maybe they don't have papadopoulos at the tip of their time, he was a player in all of this that could have been looked at according to democrats, but what this shows is that consistency of looking at that anti-trump dossier. what problems do you think there are with gathering that kind of information that was paid for by the democratic party, the dnc in part, the hillary clinton campaign, any party that would pay for opposition material like that and then it being used to get a fisa warrant to spy on the other team? >> i want to set a few facts straight, the payment was first paid for by the conservative outlet washington prebeacon but
10:44 am
on the actual isa documents, one, these warrants weren't issued until after carter page left the campaign. to come he was all ready gone for the campaign so there was no spine, there was investigating. three, the fact that a republican appointed judges kept introducing and approving the warrants repeatedly says there were some information now for whatever reason seems to be less attacked the judges and the law enforcement agencies that are trying to protect this democracy come i don't understand that. >> almost none of that is accurate and the point is not the judges, the judges were lied to. they were told that there was validating evidence coming from the press outlets and what they relied upon was a press outlet that had reported on the story that was originally originated from the same people that produced the dossier. >> harris: circular reporting. >> it would be okay if they had said to the judge this is a report that depends on the dossier is evidence to make its
10:45 am
claims but they didn't do that. they lied to the judge, the judge on some level was very innocent here. he's just being present at the evidence that he has. he has to make the decision based on what they tell him. with the fbi officials in the doj people that were making the case that was the problem. >> what part was inaccurate? he wasn't surveilled that he was on a trump campaign so there was nobody spying. >> is been largely debunked and not proven in the major findings. >> what initiated this was looking at george papadopoulos on october 2016, the dossier was in. >> the phis application executive at the dossier was the lead piece of evidence and that papadopoulos played almost no role in it whatsoever. the nunes report has been vindicated today. >> harris: big picture this for me because i know the two of you could go back and forth on this. so what tom fitton of judicial watch says and you use a stronger word, he says the judges were misled and they did look at it more than once, you're right about that but they're looking at basically the same information in 34 times. >> the same people coming back
10:46 am
saying it still counts. >> harris: big picture for the american people, with the take away? >> there's been to competing narratives on what started this look into and turned into the special counsel investigation. this seems to justify the house intelligence community and committee and the other committee seems to justify their statement that this was not done on legitimate grounds. so i think you're going to have greater questioning of the mueller investigation going forward by people that want to know the truth is. >> harris: i would imagine those people are in agreement of the reason we got a special counsel was because james comey was no longer in position. that played a role. >> partly. but you still had comey and all the rest of the gang of whoever was there making that case with this you have to be proven information going before a judge and saying look, it validates itself. >> and i offer a quick take away? very quick. i think one party is trying to protect our democracy and one
10:47 am
party is trying to attack the agencies. >> harris: that is your opinion, you can own your opinion, but i hope that we are all looking at the facts because no matter which party this would happen with, it's a problem. >> what actually happened. >> harris: democratic socialist bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez said their agenda once considered radical is not considered mainstream of their party. by the claim is raising concern amongst some democrats and boosting republicans spirits, stay close. you're headed down the highway
10:48 am
when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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>> we are expecting a white house press briefing at the top of the hour and we'll have that for you live. also present in trump issuing a stern warning to iran and what is behind the tough talk and a closer look at those newly released fisa documents. the president saying they prove investigators misled the court that we will see. all that and more on the daily briefing. the one i love a good debate. socialist darling alexandria ocasio-cortez and senator bernie sanders paying their agenda and ideas like medicare for all and a guarantee living wage are now mainstream within the democratic party. there they are at rallies in kansas and missouri last week. >> the ideas that we can paid
10:52 am
which a few years ago were seen to be radical ideas are now mainstream ideas. because of your support. they when the power panel back, tiffany, i'll start with you. how is it in the democratic party that you get the socialists agenda taking hold? >> i think this is a narrative being pushed by republicans. >> harris: you don't think that she's of the show/? >> i do but whether pushing for, the word socialist scares a lot of people. >> harris: you should tell her because that's what she is. >> a lot of people on the writer pushing it it because i think it will call for it. i don't think it's so outrageous to call for medicare for all, free college tuition from a $15 minimum wage. >> harris: wears all that money going to come from? >> it's going to be redistribut? >> we have $7 billion to pay for the military parade, we can pay for a free college tuition for all and medicare for all.
10:53 am
>> i do think the democrats have a dilemma on their hands for november and i think that right now, it's kind of like with the tea party and the pro-trump people were dealing with with the establishment a few years ago. you've got people like joe crowley who got bounced in the 14th democratic primary, he is fighting back now, the working party. going to try to take her nomination away from her. but there is a battle for the soul. are they going to be a socialist leaning party that really obama made paved the way for where they going to be more of the traditional rustbelt union family kind of democrats that still go to church, they're not into abortion and all that other stuff, they just want a few protections from government. >> harris: let me step in here, there are some people who said it's what both parties really want so you laid it out there and you did to us of do you get those votes? to think they're going to embrace socialism? >> again, when you say
10:54 am
socialism, i think what people focus on. >> harris: is not my words, their democratic socialist. >> i'm not arguing that they're not democratic socialist. i'm saying the collective you, not you. when people hear socialism, the excellent average american on the street, they don't know. if you talk to the average independent voter and say would you support a candidate who wants to give you medicare, which is the party candidate who supports $15 minimum wages. >> harris: they want to apologize apologize. feel as long as we have this demonstration in place, a bulging eyes is not going to change that but there are many people who support that because that's not a scary thing. we survived a long time without eyes, it's only 15 years old. that's not what not what republicans can hang their argument on to buy these candidates are so scary. as republicans were concerned. >> harris: tiffany says his word socialism has people running for the hills and that is scary, what do you say? >> i don't think that's necessarily true and i think a lot of the elites on the politically left center left
10:55 am
scale like democratic socialism. so i think your celebrities coming academic elites embrace bernie sanders and ocasio-cortez's ideas and they're going to give them a little bit of a boost just in welcoming them to their fund-raisers and wine and cheese parties. one other thing, bernie sanders got ripped off in 2016. in his supporters are ticked and i haven't forgotten about it. there's a reason why she was able to knock mr. crowley out of his seat in new york 14 is because there is anger within that base that is real. and if the mainstream democrats don't recognize that, they're going to have a real battle for the soul in november and that only affects republicans. >> harris: i will bring you both back and just add to this conversation, ocasio-cortez is you are talking about, joe crowley's name is still on the ballot, he says he supports her, we will see how it plays out. thank you both. we are awaiting the white house press briefing and in addition
10:56 am
to that, little bit of an announcement coming up, so stay close. there's little rest for a single dad, and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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>> first of all thank you to all of you who have picked up the book and helped me get the word out about all the things that military families and those servings can teach us about resilience. thank you for helping me and my journey to do that. i am making a very special visit tomorrow to celebrate the 119th
11:00 am
convention of the vfw, the veterans of foreign wars in kansas city. that is where their headquarters are. i will be there tomorrow with a book tour and i wanted to share that information with you. i am harris. here is dana. >> dana: fox news alert, the white house briefing moments from now as the president issues a stern warning to iran. hello everyone, i am dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ president trump escalating a war of words after iran's president leveled his own threats yesterday. we have live coverage with the reaction with the secretary of state mike pompeo. but first go to the white house. >> hey, dana, good to be with you. the president's sworn duty is to protect the american people from all people, foreign debt and domestic. the president is in fact


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