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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 24, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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been the answer. -- answer trump hysteria resistance, alan dershowitz, that is it for me tonight. follow me on twitter. i would like to read your tonight. follow me on twitter. i would like to read your tweets, even the mean ones, shannon bream and the fox news at night team. thehe news button is one ofngbr best inventions twitter ever came up with. thank you so much. we begin with a fox news alert. suing the cia over john brennan and links to top democrat harry reid. it is in the wake of the trump administration threatening to pool brennan and other security clearances. they have a case? catherine herridge is here tonight with new analysis from
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the heavily redacted pfizer documents. we talk about the fusion gps connection and what the documents really tell us about alleged spying on the trump campaign. and a front runner to take on donald trump in 2020, one of the favorite targets of criticism. progressives painting democrat into a far left corner that may backfire on them. donald trump is considering revoking security clearances of some of his biggest critics including the top intelligence, law enforcement and national security of the last decade.e. trace caliber packing the story from the la newsroom. >> this appears to have been touched off by a tweet from senator rand paul urging donald trump to revoke the security clearance of former b cia direcr john brennan, quote, is john brennan monetizing his security clearance, making millions of dollars divulging secrets to the
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mainstream media with his attacks on donald trump. senator paul appears to be referring at least in part to comments made by john brennan about donald trump's press conference in helsinki when he wrote it was nothing short of treasonous blues not only were trump's comment imbecilic, he is holy in the pocket of vladimir putin. republican paychecks the patriots would argue.u he has been, the president and his role as a national security analyst for liberal msnbc. >> mister trump is not sophisticated enough to deal with these foreign leaders in a manner that will reflect the us extraditions. >> with martha maccallum, rand paul was asked about brennan and the prospect of having his security clearance pooled. >> now he is a talking head on the outside saying donald trump should be executed. that is what we do for treason.
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i'm concerned about him having privileges because his past history. >> a spokesman for brennanay sa the former cia chief does not profit off of his security clearance but the white house has mechanisms to remove clearances from former fbi director james comey, andrew mccabe, director of national intelligence james clapper, national security adviser susan rice and former cia director michael hayden. comey and mccabe no longer have security clearance and mike leigh who worked under george w. bush, i don't go back for classified briefings, won't have any affect on what i say or write, james clapper said this on cnn. >> a very petty thing to do and that is all i will say about it. >> having a security clearance
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doesn't automatically give officials access to information. instead they are all on a need to know basis. >> conservative watchdog group judicial watch suing the cia for communications between john brennan and former top senate democrat harry reid. did brennan feed a reread information about alleged russian collusion with the trump campaign so read would push that narrative during the 2016 campaign? the director of investigations and research at judicial watch joins us live. you officially filed this lawsuit. walk people through what happened. briefed a lot an of folks including harry reid. two days later he includes this to comey, the evidence of direct connection between the russian
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government and donald trump's presidential campaign continues to mount, the american people deserve to have a full understanding of the fact with a completed investigation before they vote this november. now the narrative about collusion is in the election conversation. >> this is one of the channels i which the stop trump gaining, a handful of operators use various systems, congress, to feed this narrative and create the perception that everyone says and everyone knows and there's an echo chamber effect. once everyone start saying the same thing it takes on a life of its own and it is an information operation, have the media manipulated and all you need is the tiniest kernel of half-truths and embroider and embroider and start repeating one another and the echo chamber has a very negative effect. >> prior to that harry reid on
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the street is mitt romney didn't pay taxes or something to that pay taxes or something to that effect. >> a rumor and innuendo, slanderous in many cases and it is an old word but a good one, calumny, you say stuff to destroy someone's reputation, don't care if the facts are true, just throw it out and hope it gains the mentor takes on a life of its own. a deliberate, orchestrated act by people who are part of the stop trump gaining. >> you are trying y to get documents that will give you information, communications with staffers with respect to the collusion narrative. i quote from the book russian roulette written by david corn, people close to this story in many ways, the cia chief believed the public needed to know about the russian operation
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know about the russian operation including information about links to the trump campaign. we thought he was taking this information and being the conduit, that is why he believes brennan gave him the information. >> these are sharp political will operators that didn't fall off the turnip wagon. off the turnip wagon. they know what they are doing. one of the ways to move the narrative out of the cia and get it into the media stream and political stream is to have read act as a channel to do that and consultations with the cia director, a very great matter. a memberio of the democratic leadership acting as a conduit for this and another way to advance the narrative and a sense of momentum of the importance of the story so we went to know what was going on, who was brief, who was involved in the only way to understand this is to shed light on it.
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>> you fight successfully in a number of cases, the house judiciary committee chairman has questions for brennan in another >> great to see you, thanks. breaking tonight devon nunez says new documents released by top-secret intelligence courts proven his view that the fbi did use democrat funded political propaganda to spy on an american citizen, carter page, during the 2016 election. not everybody agrees with that assessment. catherine herridge is here with a new report. >> reporter: the 412 pages indicate the unverified dossier financed by the dnc clinton campaign helped secure the october 2016 surveillance warrant for carter page. on twitter the president chimed in robert mueller's special y counsel russia probe and the national security court driving
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the opposition research as the dirty dossier submitted to pfizer which was responsible for starting the conflicted and discredited mueller witchhunt. republicans on the intelligence committee and the president in mid june to declassify two key sections. they believe the fbi reliance on the dossier violates strict controls. >> when this goes into recess. >> the president wants to head purposely remain uninvolved in this process, he said repeatedly he wants the department of justice to be fully transparent with requests from g congress a he will continue to remain uninvolved. >> reporter: the dossierer compiled by christopher steele is not described as a political document as democrats have asserted. the fbi theorizes it was commissioned to damage candidate donald trump.
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the fbi speculates the fisa court was looking for information to discredit the candidate's campaign. the cofounder of fusion gps is a us person. fisa record so september 2016 news article about carter page and allegations he was working with the russians is a significant part of the application but s republicans s the news report was not a separate stream of intelligence but at the same source as the unverified dossier. democrats defend the fbi's >> a ich lot of detail is redac. just why the fbi was so concerned carter page might be asking as an agent of a foreign power.r. >> reporter: the republican head of the intelligence can be spoke with laurie ingram. >> the dossier was used in this application and even with the rejections you can see that is the case. if i were the president i would
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focus his efforts on declassify the rest of the fisa. >> there is real-time pressure as the house nears august recess. >> the four judges who approved the fisa warrants were nominated by republican presidents and marco rubio says he believes to keep and i on page. >> i have a different view on this issue than the president and the white house. a guy here brags about russia and there's reason to believe th that they with those reasons why they should be watching and follow the legal process by which to do so. >> bring in congressman matt gates, another florida republican. republican. do you believe marco rubio? >> i admire marco rubio but take a different view. if carter page was truly engaging in these activities for years why was there not
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surveillance of carter page for years? this was a consequence of his involvement with the trump campaign. second major problem with the government leads with the dossier. with your best evidence but for the dossier there would never be authority to spy on some hillaryai clinton campaign or d mentioned when it comes to their mentioned when it comes to their relationship for paying for this dossier and don't see the wife of bruce or, senior breast justice to permit official working on this and bruce or was the person with the political information into the intelligence spectrum. for those reasons i take a different view.eadi >> i immediately tried to read it myself and my twitter feed was split down the middle. on the left they were claiming claiming victory, each side saying it proved their point. i want to play more of what the
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ranking member had to say tonight and give you a chance to respond. >> this is a patently false statement but not just by nunez. others signed off like trey gowdy. >> this fisa application is an inkblot test for republicans and democrats. let's start where we should have bipartisan movement. if a political party or political candidate pays for opposition research and that opposition research before i secret court with no adversarial on the other side is the basis to spy on someone regardless whw comes from i think that should be disclosed and the vague reference to the fact that christopher steele didn't like donald trump is not sufficient to show democratic party involvement. f that is an area we should find
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broad agreement. introducing legislation to have more transparency when barack obama was president, i introduced the expecting legislation int this congress ad adam schiff won't cosponsor his own bill. it shows to the extent that there is too much partisanship in how people evaluating the fact. of democrats and republicans come up with goodca g, w t idea should be able to work together so we don't see this happen in the future. >> let me review this from the washington post. the headline says the release of new documents, has gotten even less credible. inside the piece, it is fair to assume nunez's memo, not the warrant application server from stronger political bias. >> i encourage everyone to look at the piece byron york did in the washington examiner where he broke down every paragraph of the memo and went through the information in the fisa nf application to justify those claims. the most significant claim that
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information went from the dnc to the spouse of a justice department official into an application and form the basis of that application and was validated by a yahoo news article planted by christopher steele. that news article cited four times in the first 30 pages. >> why is the left looking at this information and claiming victory? >> we are at a place in our country where we can only view things through the lens of trump. if you are for trump you are one way and against from the other way, we need broader transparency. adam schiff believes the same thing because he filed the bill to do it but won't back his own legislation. >> the byron york piece is a good way if you want to go paragraph by paragraph and mo compare that to what we have seen, we can't know whether we get more of that or not. >> i think the president wants to see transparency and you will see a lot more information
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declassified. we wouldn't even have this information if donald trump hadn't declassified the nunez memo.. n >> when we return the president as a warning for a rainy and leaders as tensions escalate between the two countries and mike pompeo speaks directly to the people of iran. >> people heard that america is the great satan. we do not believe they are interested in hearing the fake news any longer. a >> rush limbaugh weighs in on the fisa controversy. >> why did they get a fisa want to spy? what was the point here? woman: it felt great not having hepatitis c. it's like a load off my shoulders. i was just excited for it to be over. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni.
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and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> fox news alert, oakland, california, tensions running high between police, some marchers and protesters protesting after three murders and five days on the bay area rapid transit. we are told teargas was deployed a while ago, things are calming down. the surveillance tape of a suspect in the latest attack identified as john caldwell, a homeless man. i don't think that is picture but they have not released information about his death until reporters began asking
12:21 am
questions pushing for information about what happened according to published reports, that is one of the suspects, 27 years old, john powell, three murders and five days and people want answers and taking to the streets to bring some attention. a gunman in toronto fired into a crowded restaurant killing 18-year-old woman and injuring 13 others. the gunman died in a shootout with police come his family says he suffered severe mental health challenges. authorities are downplaying the possibility of terrorism. police arrested a 24-year-old man with a knife in the changing of the guard in parliament. donald trump threatening iran with consequences, they exchanged hostilities verbally and over twitter, the possibility of exchanging real hostilities of a more destructive nature, and outgrowth of the us withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal negotiated by president obama.
12:22 am
what might be behind the latest salvo? >> reporter: this is similar to what donald trump did with north korea when he threatened fire and fury, critical accused him of taking the us to the brink of nuclear war but less then a year later he was sitting down with little rocket man. iran is different, a different set of challenges but these kinds of direct attacks have become one of the signature strategies of the president's foreign policy. the trump administration is on the attack. john bolton said if iran does anything wrong it will pay a price like few countries have ever paid before. the secretary of state accused the supreme leader profiting from a $95 billion hedge fund and donald trump took on his iranian counterpart in its we heard around the world, never ever threatened the united states again or you will suffer
12:23 am
consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. donald trump risked inciting war with iran, the white house press secretary said -- >> if anyone is inciting anything over the iran. >> reporter: whatsit the president are for these remarks about us plans to snap back sanctions on the iran oil empire. >> translator: do not play with alliance taylor you will regret it. we will bring you eternal regret. >> reporter: democrats and republicans argue it is a distraction to move our eyes away from russia. >> the speech was the same speech they always give. i don't know what provoked this response. >> reporter: behind-the-scenes the trump administration has been working to the road support for iran's leaders, launching a new media outlet to try to help uranium's get around internet censorship. >> not only television but radio, digital and social media
12:24 am
so ordinary iranians inside iran can know that america stands with them. >> when asked if he was worried about provoking tensions with iran donald trump said not at all. you have to wonder if at some point somewhere in his head he would like to have a summit like he did with vladimir putin and kim jong un. in 2014 cia director john brennan personally apologized to the senate intelligence committee for spying on the committee computers. back then the new york times asked the obama administration of that presented a credibility issue and josh earnest said not at all. even though that committee was run by democrats it rubbed grandpa the wrong way and he has not forgotten about it. >> he eventually apologized not before lying and saying they didn't do it but john brennan has a very sketchy history of
12:25 am
doing things and abusing power so he needs to not be getting information because he has a history of doing things for partisan reasons and things the cia is not supposed to do which is spy on senators and on their computers. >> reporter: he went on to say pulling clearance for brennan isn't enough, there needs to be a restraining order against brennan. hillary clinton -- the chairman of the american conservative union. you were laughing at the suggestion of a restraining order. >> i laugh at rand paul a lot. if you look at the folks that have been highlighted and targeted whether it is john brennan, jim clapper, james comey being fired. the president has problems with them but you have to look at other people listed. michael hayden who you worked with who had nothing to do with barack obama. why are you picking on him. it is transparent because michael hayden goes on television and criticizes the
12:26 am
president. there have been other cia directors. >> there was a specific list of names, sarah sanders that at the briefing, something else, public officials should not use their security clearances to leverage speaking fees or network talking head fees. a spokesman for brennan said he is not monetizing this are making a penny off of it but he does work as a contributor for nbc. >> what is interesting about the cozy relationship with people in power who had their favorite reporters used to leak information which is part of the story. i understand what you are saying about general hayden and i respect general hayden but we have the most serious wrongdoing we have ever seen when it comes to people with access to classified information. the idea they used that information to try to stop it meeting donald trump means the american people at least 50% of us are crying out for some justice over what happened in 22016 election.
12:27 am
misused the use of confidential information they shouldn't have security clearance, they shouldn't ever be able to serve in government and a lot of us think they need to be standing with their hand up in the air in a courtroom explaining exactly why they perpetrated this on the american people. >> if you're from the previous administration or if you are key commentator is there a better way to say we won't name names but if you set these criteria we will say no more? >> it is not the people coming out of government demand to keep it. it is usually the successors that once them to keep it. the current cia director might want to get on the phone and ask about something that happened 10 years ago. it is not like michael hayden is banging down the door to keep his clearance. there are legitimate continuity
12:28 am
post 9/11. >> bipartisan consensus on foreign policy, the abuse in 2016 has destroyed it. it is bad for this country. fighting radical islamic terror, fighting iran, standing up against our enemies in north korea and other places, there should be bipartisan consensus. the fact they politicized the intelligence process to stop trump has destroyed it and there needs to be some punishment for what they did. >> we have another hot topic. i went to talk about the fisa applications because a ton of it is redacted. if it was so bad with carter page, someone is trying to illustrate your campaign for russia. >> why did they get a fisa were despised so they could find it happening.
12:29 am
what was there point here? it doesn't seem to me anybody involved in the obama team wanted to stop it. they wanted and opportunity to find evidence that it was happening. and if they couldn't find any evidence they wanted to plant some. >> the mueller investigation isn't just about possible ties between the trump campaign and the russians. it was to look into russian interference. i won't use any judgment who they helped or hurt. we all agree that they did so. he is tasked with among other things finding out who did it and why. as part of that carter page who does not seem like the sharpest knife in the door and i don't think the republican party should go too hahnemann for him, he for years has been canoodling with the wrong people. this fisa warrant, totally
12:30 am
refutes everything devon nunez has been saying. >> this is a problem with all this. after all this time he is not indicted because they knew he was never a spy but they were trying to do with carter page the soft underbelly to try to find anything they could against trump. why did clapper deny there were fisa warrants? after the election they wanted to hide the fact they were on a fishing expedition to find anything they could on trump, they never found anything and that is why we don't have -- >> this is ongoing. >> we are giving up parking tickets and speeding tickets. >> 91 indictments. >> a scintilla of evidence. >> don't know why we don't let it run its course. strange to me that innocent people act guilty. shorter than trig out he spend on benghazi. >> it was the last committee
12:31 am
that found hillary's emails. it takes a little time. >> let's start with hillary emails. we will be here for another hour. great to see you. former fbi director james comey giving democrats political advice and getting serious back lash. that and more when we return. a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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.. >> democrats searching for a front runner to lead the resistance against donald trump. senator elizabeth warren is just going to make that happen, she is build as the leader of the resistance. as all former fbi director james come tweeting this, please don't lose your mind for the socialist
12:36 am
left, this president is counting on you to do exactly that. the middle once sensible ethical leadership, please don't lose your mind. the editor of the halftime report on >> still time to lose our minds. >> he gave them advice, vote for democrats in the midterms and this weekend he says democrats don't go crazy to the left because he is worried about -- >> i wish i could roll them harder at james comey. can you imagine any human being democrats would be less likely to take advice from then the guy who submarines hillary clinton? it happened. it was far from helpful. submarines her with this cockamamie we've got the emails, we know she is going to win. james comey is the worst political analyst that has ever been fbi director by a long shot and the idea that he, who is in horrible with both parties and across the ideological spectrum
12:37 am
is in some condition to tell democrats what to do with their nomination process. shannon: we see alexandria ocasio-cortez who conceded a very established -- in the primary. comparisons are being drawn between democrat strongholds in massachusetts where a sitting member is facing a primary run being described as having a lot of similar qualities. dan ripples, the cons guy, says this. i like presley. it is cool that she's running and more people should like her but i wish he was running against one of several members of the massachusetts delegation that suck instead of one that is okay. some in the party are worried, you're going to take out people they view as solid democrats because of this love affair going to the left.
12:38 am
>> being a billionaire is immoral. of ago who guys by being a millionaire is a moral says your too far to the left you may be very liberal. democrats are concerned with cars for the same reason republicans were concerned in 2010, and 2012, all this new energy comes in and democrats are lucky to have it, they have enthusiasm and a lot of good things going for them but one thing that happens is when you turn on the great suction machine, the great hoover you are drying this new energy and you will bring in some stray dogs too and republicans dealt with in 10-12 as they brought this energy in opposition to obama and democrats are dealing with it now but are they setting themselves up for catastrophe in 2020? the energy in the party in a way that doesn't make it competitive for trump. >> this is what they have to run against, the heritage foundation doing an analysis that every single congressional district in
12:39 am
the country is benefiting from tax cuts, just a level how much they are benefiting. the household of an average married couple with two kids, every single state will benefit from the tax cut in 2018 and the next 10 years. democrats have to run against that. >> the tax cut is not that popular. i am sure the heritage foundation that helps write the tax cut that that analysis together and you put it over the 10 year span and the lowest space is $394 it is better -- not say whether it is a good or bad tax cut but i am telling you in terms of how it is doing it is getting less popular. >> people hate their own money? >> the promise was everyone will feel this great relief and when all those bonuses you get $1000, look at these companies getting
12:40 am
the money back. most people didn't get $1000. when bush and nancy pelosi did their thing everybody is getting a check, you will open the mail, thanks for a check, this one doesn't work out like that. is why paul ryan says say it is good. >> i don't think that is a bad thing. i am no tax policy expert. >> a big georgia race. >> a big runoff. time for where in the world. israel acted in the interceptor system for the first time today, in response to rockets fighting in neighboring syria believed to be headed for israeli territory, countering the type of medium raised missiles backed by hezbollah militants. multiple wildfires out of control outside athens, greece, responsible for death of 20
12:41 am
people, injuring dozens more. 600 firefighters involved in putting out the blazes, forest fires are common during the dry hot summer, temperatures have reached 104 °. flooding from a tropical storm killed 21 people, a dozen still missing in northern vietnam. the rain stopped over the weekend, the national weather forecast says another tropical region is headed there later this week. the release of the fisa warned applications prove the gop was right all along? both sides claiming victory. jason chaffetz answers those questions and more when we return. please don't, i'm saving those for later. at least you don't have to worry about renters insurance. just go to geico helps with renters insurance? good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i'll check 'em out.
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get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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>> now that we are getting a look at the fisa warned applications we are getting a clearer picture of what the fbi and justice department who signed off on the warrant, time to separate fact from fiction with author of the new book deep state, jason jason chaffetz, fox news contributor. this is what we are learning about. there are hundreds of pages, much of them rejected. what do you think of those who say everyone in the house gop crying foul about this, there's information in here that identifies the political origins of this completely disproves that the dossier was the bulk of
12:46 am
what led to the surveillance and other investigations, how the response? >> it andrew mccabe who became acting director of the fbi testified before congress and said without that dossier we wouldn't have had this warrant is peace number one. they lead with the dossier, would have been shorter and easier to just say with hillary clinton's campaign, who did this, the shift memo, the world would end as we know it if somehow this information became public and the nunez memo was made available but devon nunez on each and every point as you look at breyer and york's article, adam schiff is fighting for his political life. >> i want to read part of this so people know democrats on the left at all along there was sufficient disclosure that they should have known this was political in nature. part of it is redacted but i
12:47 am
will review what is not rejected. the identifying person never advised force number one as to the motivation behind research into candidate number one's ties to russia. the fbi speculates the identified us person was looking for information to discredit candidates campaign. source number one tapped his sources to elect requisite information. it could be second or third hand and notwithstanding source number one's reason for conducting research the fbi believes source number one's reporting to be credible. no mention of the dnc or hillary clinton or fusion gps but that is enough disclosure the judges knew who this was and what is going on. >> don't you just hate attorneys? we love shannon bream.
12:48 am
the plain, simple language of saying this investigation was generated from hillary clinton's campaign through mark eli us who worked for the dnc and engaged in all these things to get somebody who was working on a trump campaign, discredited by the russians and the fbi, contributed with the fbi in the past and somebody, donald trump never even met with. come on. remember at its core, people objectively looking at this. when you are a presidential candidate the obama administration is supposed to protect you and if there's something in nefarious going on a should have told the trump campaign look out for this person but they didn't do that, they protected him with the secret service and the cia but they spied on him.
12:49 am
>> the left will say carter page was met with the va for long, wasn't with the trump campaign so there wasn't surveillance of the trump campaign. both sides could fight over these documents but i'm glad they are out and people can look at them. it is worth taking a look. thanks for joining us. chaos on the road as by claims are costing taxpayers millions of dollars, causing traffic jams and taking away limited parking spots. that story when we return. an energy company helping cars emit less. making cars lighter, it's a good place to start, advanced oils for those hard-working parts. fuels that go further so drivers pump less. improving efficiency is what we do best. energy lives here.
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>> shannon: >> as more cities embrace the bike lane trend more questions are raised as these construction projects intended to cut pollution come and way late and over budget. dancewear in seattle with the story. >> cities are in a bike lane building frenzy. transportation the the past by seattle holders in 2015 the city promised to spend $94 million to at 110 miles of bike lane but that plan hit a speed bump, costs so overbudget less than a quarter of those miles will get built, projects like second avenue downtown have an open checkbook. it cost $11 million to construct
12:54 am
9/10 of a mile but the most expensive bike lane anywhere is on 7 where it cost $3.8 billion to cost just for the half blocks adding to the frustration for many bike lanes are squeezing out car lanes and street parking leading to more gridlock and fewer customers. >> the bike lanes are out-of-control spending, don't accomplish anything and as a result taxpayers are stuck footing the bill. >> in los angeles where there is now 4800 bike ln. miles bicycle accident and death continue to rise, less you the city paid a record $19 billion in lawsuit damages to victims, cycling activists make no apologies for increased costs of getting people out of their cars. >> bike advocates did a good job selling benefits and developing plans and going through the process to get this funding but is pennies compared to what we are spending.
12:55 am
>> others feel more on cars and common sense. >> the city is trying to do away with cars and has been. anything we can do to prohibit cars or limit cars is good even if we don't have substantive cars. >> those who argue if you build it they will ride a sobering statistic, seattle spent millions on bike lanes and has more riders, and the biggest group, people driving to work by themselves in the car. >> thank you very much. our midnight hero is next. the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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your hair is so soft! did you use head and shoulders two in one? i did mom. wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free. manolo? look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too. try head and shoulders two in one. >> here's to a virginia auto mechanic his or her skills helped him save a kitten stuck in a car's fender. the kitten was discovered after the owner drove the car 45 miles. the cat was trapped in there.
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i'm allergic to cats and even i think this is a good story. the kitten was removed from the fender and injured and found a new home with one of the auto mechanics. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good mate from washington. i am shannon bream. >> it is tuesday, july 24th and this is "fox and friends first". "happening now" at 4:00 am captured. >> we got our guy. >> the accused gunman who left the florida police officer fighting for his life behind bars. >> how that officer's brothers and sisters in blue ended this days long manhunt. donald trump firing back at obama era critics by threatening to yank security clearances. >> who is on the chopping block. we are live in


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