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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 24, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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whose clearance is on the chopping block. cowards caught on camera. he hundred two men who robbed a vietnam veteran on his doorstep. rob: they can put these people behind bars. facing backlash for a sign that since snowflakes into an all-out frenzy. jillian: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ jillian: good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first" tuesday morning. you are looking at avenue of the americas. rob: thanks for getting up early with us.
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the white house threatening to yank security clearance from obama era intel agents. jillian: the concern they used to to their political and financial benefit. griff jenkins has strong reaction from both sides. >> reporter: clearly two sides to this story, some see it as abuse of power and others as politicizing security clearance. it is important to look at how this began. john brennan has a living is national security adviser on another television network, lashed out at the president calling his comments in helsinki, quote, nothing short of treason. that led to rand paul accusing brennan of monetizing clearance, first on twitter and then with martha last night. >> and ask cia agent consecutively stupid things, no one is going to stop john brennan from saying that, no one stops him from taking millions of dollars to say such tremendous things but should he be stealing classified information? rob: the white house is
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considering removing clearances from these former officials, james comey and debbie director andrew mccabe and james clapper and susan rice and cia director michael hayden, sarah sanders. >> when you have the highest level security clearance, the person that holds the nation's deepest, most sacred secret at your hands and you make false accusations against the president of the united states, he thinks that is something to be concerned with and we are exploring what those options are and what that looks like. rob: he hasn't made a penny off of this and comey and mccabe no longer have their clearances. general hayden said i don't go back to classified briefings, won't have an effect on what i say or write. and last night in a phone interview -- >> this is a very petty, petty thing to do. that is about all i will say about it.
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rob: we end clearing the record, to give you access, for current officials to reach back and clearances don't automatically terminate when they leave so we'll hear more about this. rob: new fallout from the fisa document them, the chairman of the house intelligence can be slamming the doj for deceiving the court. >> you have to really desperately try to put it together the way they did instead of having a simple -- i don't blame the judges, i think the judges were misled. >> devon nunez referring to the warrant for surveillance on carter page. the request based on the dossier funded by the clinton campaign and the doc. jillian: war of words with iran escalating, donald trump and uranium leader exchanging threatening hostilities.
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the latest from washington. >> if anyone is inciting anything look at iran. what seems like a battle has exploded into a war of words between washington and tehran. more -- iran is the mother of all wars. >> translator: mister trump, don't play with iran. it would lead to regret. you will forever regret. >> reporter: his comments in its residential tweet, never threaten the united states again or you will face consequences the likes of which few throughout history ever suffered before. we are no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death. be cautious. iran's foreign minister jumped into the fray with a tweet of his own, we have been around for millennia and seen falls of empires including our own which lasted more than the life of some countries, be cautious. a few hours after the comments,
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secretary pompeo delivered a speech at the reagan library, accusing iran's government of sponsoring terrorism around the world. accusing iran's supreme leader, the head of state and religion of operating a $95 billion hedge fund and took care during his remarks to distinguish between america's dislike of the uranium government and its respect and goodwill towards the uranium people. the deadline for the us to impose the snap act sanctions on iran grows closer. in two weeks the trumpet ministries and plans to start penalizing countries including us allies who continue to do business with the regime. the question is whether this war of words will result in a summit in the near future. jillian turner, fox news. rob: police identifying the suspect in the toronto mass shooting. hussein accused of operative -- opening fire and restaurant and café killing two people, injuring 13 others.
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hussein's family said he suffered depression exchanging gunfire after the attack. he was found dead nearby shortly after. authorities still hunting for a motive. terrorism has not been ruled out. the first victim identified as lewis fallon, a tenure met girl was also killed. the toronto blue jay's holding a moment of silence for the victims before their game against the minnesota twins. three teenagers behind bars accused of a police chase that killed a police officer. 16-year-old behind the wheel of this truck in washington state charged with second-degree murder. officer marino was killed after he was hit by another officer's police car when laying down spike strips. the chase started after the kids opened fire in a parking lot. jillian: we now know the names of five witnesses who will face
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charges if they testify against paul manafort. tony podesta is not one of them. the brother hillary clinton's campaign chairman has been offered immunity to testify in manafort's trial according to fox news. the judge approving manafort's request to delay his trial to july 31st where he is facing many land during -- laundering. donald trump's pick facing his first day on the day, the senate confirming robert wilkie with an 86-9 vote. he is a navy veteran and active member of the air force reserve who served as acting va secretary. rob: donald trump meeting with veterans addressing the vfw convention in kansas city for the first time as president, candidate donald trump spoke at the event during the 2016 campaign, made veterans issues a big priority under his administration.
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jillian: the first lady taking her feedback initiative on the road, milania trump visiting at children's hospital at vanderbilt university in nashville, tennessee, spending time with patients in a neonatal intensive care unit and participate in a roundtable discussion about babies born addicted to drugs, this will be her first domestic trip highlighting her campaign to make children healthy and happy. rob: all you need is $2 and a dream. tonight's mega millions jackpot is $512 million. the largest jackpot in -- i am in our of that. jillian: a single winner would be $300 million. the drawing is tonight at 11:00 eastern. your chance of winning about one in 3 million. very good chance.
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rob: we are going to check on that. that does not sit right. it is 8 minutes after the hour. accountability, republicans pushing to declassify the court order linked to spying on the trump campaign. judicial watch's president on the front lines since day one. a look at exactly how deep the corruption runs. >> outrage after a mayoral candidate is caught handing out cold hard cash to potential voters at church. ♪ buy me a diamond ring my friend if it makes you feel all right ♪ i will get you anything my friend ♪ if it makes you feel all right ♪ i don't care too much for money ♪ money can't buy me love ♪ give you all i got ♪ and say you love me too sleep cycle...
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jillian: the president purposely on involved in this process. he said repeatedly he wants the department of justice to be fully transparent with requests from congress and continue at this point to remain uninvolved. jillian: the white house confirming for now donald trump will not declassify the carter page fisa documents despite calls from republicans. jillian: where do we go from here? rob: tom fitton, president of judicial watch that sued for the release of these documents joins us now. so much of this is classified and the president won't declassify the rest because there's nothing to gain. what do you say? >> we should understand the reason we have access to this information that came out the detailed the abuse of the fisa process to target the trump team
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because the president earlier this year made a decision to declassify materials in the so-called nunez memo where he talked about the dossier. the use of articles placed by the clinton dossier team at fusion gps to bolster the warrant and other things and when he declassified that, that allowed the process to work that resulted in this relief today. what he should do is take another look at other materials in these warrant applications which according to those who read them in the intelligence committee, bob goodlatte, so there's no good reason to have a fisa warrant and declassify it and let the process work. so he can exercise his prerogative as president and let the process work and get some accountability and disclosure to the american people.
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jillian: the house until asked donald trump to declassify the document saying, quote, we respectfully request you declassify and release publicly and in an rejected form pages 10-12 along with all associated footnotes of the renewal of the fisa application on mister page. what will it take to make that happen? >> he has to intervene. rod rosenstein signed that. he was asked to release information that may reflect poorly on him. he would have to take himself out of the decision-making whether that material is released. the president should step in like he did last time, that resulted in part of this partial disclosure. there is more information to be gotten. we plan to file a motion today with the foreign intelligence court to get access to any hearing transcripts of any hearings that took place about
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the carter page warrant applications. we ask the justice department for any transcript, they don't have them. we need transparency. this abuse during the presidential campaign of the justice department and fbi's powers to spy on someone in secret needs to be exposed will be so we get some accountability and a way of making sure it doesn't happen again. rob: it is all about this dossier that was used almost exclusively to get this warned, democrats 8 is part of it. who is right? can you determine anything from this rejected 200 pages? >> there are four sets of documents. the dossier was the key element of the push to get access, to get the court to approve this and reports about the dossier were also used and the state
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department information was supposedly handed from people associated with creating the dossier out of the clinton camp was used. it is like the fbi and doj went to the courts and said i heard about it from me, myself and i, it was the same source. is a game and the courts to get this spy warrant on the trump team which strikes me that the focus was on the trump campaign, carter page was the vehicle at it. that was the goal here and peter stzrok, this is his warrant as much as anyone else's over there and knowing what we know about his bias is all the more reason to uncover the full truth and get out the full corruption. corruption, a reason for the president to declassify and figure out what else was wrong. jillian: we will talk to you soon.
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he had his eyes dilated at the doctor's office and could not see. luckily he had a second pair of eyes watching. this is ridiculous, the police have arrested a suspect in connection with the robbery. the veteran says criminals needed something that bad they should just get a job. jillian: grown-ups fighting for their children's right to sell lemonade after the city of denver shut them down because they didn't have a permit. parents taking their fight to the city council and hope to change the laws to make it easier for kids to sell lemonade. there stand coming up from "fox and friends". rob: check your pantry, the snack could get you a stick.
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jillian: a recall on these fish? >> pepperidge farms is voluntarily recalling four types of goldfish crackers because an ingredient supplier had concerns about salmonella, although seasoning for the goldfish crackers so a lot of these types, with sour cream and onion seasoning. if you have these, throw them out and take them to the store for a full refund. do not eat them because of concerns about salmonella. jillian: everyone has regular ones. rob: you get the weird ones. jillian: the thing that is popular. >> chick-fil-a wants to get in on that action. trying to compete with blu-ray print.
2:24 am
150 atlanta restaurants trying out the meal kit service where you can pick it up at the counter or the drive-through. they have 5 different recipes with prearranged ingredients. all of this stuff you can take at home. they are trying from august through november to decide if they will roll it out nationwide but these are the popular things, these meal kits. rob: i know those are chick-fil-a pictures but looks like a very fancy dinner. >> chicken enchiladas, 5 different chicken recipes. jillian: democrats launching in the resolution to get the russian collusion narrative a life. >> we cannot appear to endorse what the president is doing by our silence. >> the helsinki summit brought
2:25 am
to a head an entirely new and destructive direction. jillian: our next guest says democrats should keep this up because it will help republicans win the midterms. rob: if you are looking for a safe space this is not it, cupcake brewing up controversy. one. make her is responding this morning. ♪
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rob: democrats remain focused on russian collusion with the resolution condemning the president's performance in helsinki. >> one week ago donald trump sold out our democracy. we cannot appear to endorse what the president is doing by our silence.
2:29 am
>> the helsinki summit brought to a head an entirely new and destructive direction donald trump would bring this country. jillian: is the strategy hurting democrats with the american people? here to weigh in his republican strategist, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. before we dive into what this is doing to the democrats i'm curious what it is doing to folks in the middle who are confused, independents who don't know which side they are leaning on. what is that messaging doing? >> to look for real leadership out there. you saw the press conference, they are struggling to get the words out. democrats are confused what their message is going to be besides anti-trump. he has much higher energy and a vision and substantive. it is tough for those folks, to think about voting for the president. rob: an investigation that has been going on forever now, crazy
2:30 am
and every other part of washington in the last 18 months, haven't seen any leaks regarding collusion but the president goes to helsinki and is rather nice to vladimir putin and that throws everything off and feeds the flames of this narrative. >> he goes straight to the voters, doesn't compromise what he thinks is right and focus on substance, deliver for the military and our vets and getting things done. never answered the question about this. there is a lot of dodging in that precinct. the president -- he should double down and keep going in that direction. jillian: it is understandable looking at helsinki it is fresh in our minds, really tough on north korea, really tough on iran, publicly it didn't appear the president was really tough on vladimir putin. do you think democrats may be a different messaging tactic would work? >> i think the president is sizing up vladimir putin. you have to be in the ring with
2:31 am
your opponent to understand. you have mixed martial artists and boxes and athletes talk about that. he is in the ring with him and focusing on substance and look at what we are getting out of things are north korea concessions. if you look at the substance the president wins every time. rob: he has a respect for vladimir putin, he respects strength and vladimir putin if nothing else is a very strong leader for the russian people. could this be as simple as the president of the conflation between the russian meddling and russian collusion how those two have become one? is that what threatens the president and why he hates the russian investigation? >> it is the optics, what we keep repeating, it starts to become true. a judo player and you have to be
2:32 am
aggressive with him. a lot more psychological warfare going on. the president earning the best interests forward in terms of results. that is what we need to focus on. the democrats make groundhog day, they don't have talent, not funny, lame and boring. it is ridiculous. jillian: fox news alert. a hydroelectric dam collapsed in laos. according to reports the dam which was under construction collapsed overnight releasing large amounts of water, sweeping away houses in the southeast asian country. evacuating 6000 people who are now homeless, beginning operations next year. and the country firing its million-dollar air defense for
2:33 am
the first time at syrian rockets, one of the missile landing less than a mile from the golan heights where israel, syria and jordan needs, israeli commanders given orders to activate the interception system is tensions reach a favor pitch. rob: carter page speaking out, releasing fisa documents showing the discredited anti-trump garcia formed the basis for surveillance. >> no one heard of anything like this in terms of court filing, absolutely preposterous. complete failure of the us intelligence committee looking at this russia issue. >> the latest document released starting the process of getting to the truth. the document release comes after months of back-and-forth between the justice department and the government, jim jordan is one of those lawmakers same documents
2:34 am
confirm what he and his colleagues were saying all along. >> the information to harry reid after benghazi and 5 different networks about the cause, the catalyst of the attack in benghazi. comey leaked information, mccabe writes 3 times under oath, we know peter stzrok isn't telling the truth because he couldn't admit there was bias in his text messages in the committee hearing two weeks ago. the president fighting back like he should and what we also know is this past weekend everything we saw in this application confirms what we have been saying. rob: donald from denied a republican request to declassify portions of those documents. jillian: donald trump opening the white house to american business owners showcasing products made in the us. the owners attending the event
2:35 am
joined us earlier praising the ripple effect that helps more than just small business owners. >> more farmers generating more wall, generating dollars by sharing that. we need more cardboard boxes and shipping and people and manufacturing the sweater. making an increase in productivity. >> the president since taking office, 3.2 million jobs have been created with a near record low unemployment. >> from coast-to-coast. jillian: this video out of colorado a road turned into a river south of denver, the rain so heavy it caused mudslides forcing people from their homes. rob: to the east homes flooded east of philadelphia as well. bringing out trucks to help people stranded in cars in the
2:36 am
water. jillian: rain in virginia toppling a 60 foot tree on top of the home near dc killing a woman inside. rob: a lot of rain and it is dumping everywhere. >> it is not budging. we have a trough across the east coast bring a ton of rain only for florida and the mid-atlantic but the northeast. there is the radar, estimated precipitation across the east coast, 6 to 8 inches and on top of that more rain on the way, the trough in place not budging but this tropical moisture surging in from the tropics means potential for flooding, heavy rain and potential for inches of more rainfall in the forecast in the next couple days anywhere from south florida up towards maine. this will be a big story, people need to know what to do if there is a flash flood watch or warning and it could come very quickly. we have flood advisories and flood warnings from the mid-atlantic to the northeast
2:37 am
and some areas have already seen incredible amounts of rain in the last few weeks. this is adding salt to the wound. heat advisory is the other big story, stretching across the northwest, california, the southwest, warnings in effect with daytime heat anywhere from 112 to 115 across the desert southwest. this will let up a little bit across the southern plains but we are 90, 100 ° in parts of texas. a lot of dangerous weather. jillian: 37 after the hour. alcohol alert, the unexpected ingredient that may be in your next glass of wine. rob: he gave convicted felons the right to vote, no new york governor andrew cuomo facing reelection, pardoning ex-criminals to prevent their deportation. carly shimkus is up next with what people on the internet are saying about this.
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>> hope you're having a good morning so far. ron desantis doubling down in his feud with congressional candidate alexandria ocasio-cortez, calling out her socialist views. >> look at this girl, ocasio-cortez or whatever she is, in a totally different universe. basically socialism wrapped in ignorance. >> reporter: lochte saying representative to santos seems confused as to whatever i am. i'm a puerto rican woman. it is strange you don't know what that is given that 75,000 puerto ricans have relocated to florida in the 10 months since maria. but i'm sure these new florida voters appreciate your comments.
2:42 am
rob: chicago mayoral candidate handing out $200,000 of cash in a church. willie wilson says the money was meant to help african american homeowners pay property taxes, accused of buying votes. the status board of elections ruled it did not break campaign finance laws because the money came from his own nonprofit foundation. jillian: he gave felons in new york the right to vote and now andrew cuomo pardoning ex-criminals. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with reaction online as he continues his bid for reelection. >> reporter: governor cuomo announced that news on twitter saying i issued pardons to 7 individuals doesn't -- resulting from minor convictions. donald trump engages in policies that ripped children from their mothers and tries to ramp up
2:43 am
deportation of new yorkers, so the list of people includes those who committed things like low-level drug and assault crimes years ago. people like 53-year-old cruise who has been crime free for 17 years and is now battling cancer. the latest move dividing social media, vince on twitter says great job. more reasons you should not be governor. and the tactic will be echoed elsewhere. we can but hope. this is the third time the governor granted clemency to immigrants. a bar is in trouble. they go to a bar for a drink because they think it is a safe space. not this one. >> a bar in ohio in hot water over assigned some consider offensive. the sign in athens, ohio says if you are looking for a safe space, this ain't it, cupcake.
2:44 am
noticed the sign is to the brewery logo, the chalkboard, that brewery decided to pull the beer from the bar because they the sign is offensive and not with the brewery once. now the grill, the owner is apologizing say as the owner i cannot apologize enough for the offense of sign written on the chalkboard friday night. it does not reflect my personal feelings or the image i want my establishment to reflect. the sign was taken down immediately and i'm in the process of determining who wrote it and put it up but some feel the apology is necessary. mike says it is called humor. mary chiming in saying i still haven't figured out what was offensive. those who find it offensive status because the bar is near a
2:45 am
college campus and it could promote sexual assaults. rob: sexual assault? jillian: i don't see the point of the message. >> it is supposed to be funny but causing a lot of controversy. rob: let's talk about shack and sharks. >> a little do -- too close to comfort for me. shaquille o'neal came face-to-face with a shark, check it out. >> shark in the cage! got to get him out! in the cage! >> they were, shark shield o'neill. >> i didn't catch that the first time. he agreed to go cave diving with sharks as part of the discovery channel shark week. a little shark squeezed through the metal bars but was pulled out in time. he is okay.
2:46 am
too close to comfort. rob: a little 7 foot shark. >> 7 feet, wow! rob: i know -- >> that shark -- rob: he was about -- jillian: thanks. >> talk to you guys later. rob: i am probably wrong. jillian: 46 after the hour. two white house endorsements not enough to push brian kemp across the finish line. the gubernatorial candidate joins us as voters head to the polls. rob: let's check in with todd pyro coming up on "fox and friends". >> reporter: shack reinvented himself. he is an actor, shark wrangler. in this day and age did shack do something else before? he did a little basketball. we have a big show coming up, a huge show. customs and border patrol
2:47 am
commissioner will be with us, so much talking about abolishing agencies that protect our borders, we will talk to a guy whose job is to do that. greg jarrett is here, promoting his new book can't wait to hear about that and will speak about the security clearance and been schapiro, is really awesome. 13 minutes from now on the channel you trust, fox news. when my hot water heater failed, she was pregnant, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life.
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>> the georgia governor's race heating up over an hour from now.
2:51 am
>> donald trump and mike hence putting their support behind republican candidate and georgia secretary of state brian kemp who joins us with last-minute address to voters, polls open at 7:00 am. how are you feeling this morning? >> feeling great. we had the momentum for 3 weeks, the president and vice president endorsement, the big rally we had a couple days ago kept the momentum going like pouring gasoline on a fire if you will. rob: you build yourself as the non-politically correct, politically incorrect candidate for governor. tell us why you think that branding works in georgia. >> the opportunity to serve the state the last 81/2 years as secretary of state in all 159 counties, people are asking who is fighting for us? we went someone to talk about the real issues, not apologize,
2:52 am
be strong on the things we support like the second amendment, our values and state. i have done that and i have done that in the secretary of state's office, taking on the obama justice department. over citizenship, preserving our photo id law and that is what they want, they want a fighter, not someone to say i am sorry, someone to stand up and fight hard and the momentum. we are going to keep the momentum and have a great night tonight. jillian: this tweet from donald trump endorsing you, he says brian kemp is running for governor of the great state of georgia, the primary is on tuesday, strong on the border and crime and illegal immigration, he loves our military advance and protect the second amendment. i give him my full and total endorsements. is that changed the game having that support? >> pouring gasoline on a fire.
2:53 am
we had an internal poll that had us up by 5, 45, 40, we felt really good but it was still going to be a tough run but that endorsement of the president and vice president kicked our motivation, our drive and determination from folks on the ground to the higher level. we were on a bus tour, folks on the ground, fired up and ready to go. i had people text me at 5:30 this morning when we were sending the graphic of the day out and texting of the press got that going this is great. already working, we are ready to go, fired up, great day. rob: a lot of people are surprised you got the trump endorsement. if it was not expected for you to get the endorsement. >> it was not expected. anybody would want that endorsement.
2:54 am
my goal has been to work every day and have the best day to be our last day and that will be the case and you get your own luck in politics, if you keep running the good race, fighting through the bad days, bad things will happen. obviously you can read that tweet and know the president and i might up on a lot of things we believe insecure on our borders, plans to track and deport criminal illegals, stop and dismantle gangs like ms 13 like the distribution hub to our state for the mexican drug cartel and other things. putting origins first, that is what my campaign is about, somebody fighting for those georgians that are still struggling from the obama recession and it is true, we have places in our state doing unbelievable but we have a lot of other places that simply don't have high-speed internet
2:55 am
and want somebody to fight for them at the capital, hard work in jordan for 30 years. i am a father with three teenage daughters. i went to keep my kids safe with good opportunities in the future. jillian: we will be watching to see how it turns out, good luck today. >> thanks so much. jillian: 5 minutes until the top of the hour, what a grab, going viral with a bareheaded homerun catch. rob: celebrating a gender reveal changing the game for everyone. ♪ ♪ go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way, with anoro." ♪ go your own way once-daily anoro .
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jillian: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first up the good. a baseball fan makes an incredible catch while holding his baby. >> in the air to left field. broncho has done it again. >> the philly's fan making a back handed grab with a kid on his hip. i wonder if his wife thinks that's a good idea. >> next the bad, radioactive wine? french researchers wanted california red wine could have particles from the meltdown of japan fukushima nuclear plangts. the dangerlevels are not danger. jillian: chris pulling a football out of a box revealing wife is having a
3:00 am
boy. someone read the ultra sound wrong. >> you read it wrong, mom. >> i'm just looking at that. >> it's a girl. [laughter] >> dad spiked the football in about 806 his closest family and friends. we'll see you later. ♪ ♪ >> the white house announced it is pursuing a revocation of security clearances for john brennan and other former intelligence officials. >> not only is the president looking to take away brennan's security clearance, he is also looking into the clearances of comey, clapper, hayden, rice, and mccabe. >> president trump is threatening iran with historic consequences. >> when people start to respond the way the iranians are responding it's because they are scared. >> now we are getting a look at the fisa warrant we are getting a clearer picture. >> you don't open up the investigation into a campaign, okay, and then turn around and get a fisa warrant. >> president trump pick to


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