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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 25, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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they would point out there are 4.1 million people with security clearances, 1.3 of those million are top-secret clearances. what they should be doing is looking at a conversation that has run amok, anybody leaves a position of authority with responsibility for classified information, if you want to get them back, go to the personal sector, the company can sponsor you and if you need to talk to somebody in a position of leadership, fine. >> thanks so much. a phenomenal show with all this breaking news, can't wait to watch, you are on my dvr. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert. under american pressure north korea appears to be dismantling a key missile launch station. the president gets tough with iran will that bear the root as well? or i the ayatollahs a different kind of photo? general jack keane on the foreign-policy negotiations. define the gop leadership, republicans find their own way and last is to champ to publish
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rod rosen sign. congressman andy baker tells us what to expect. the clock is ticking on a deadline in portland where protesters are given eviction notices as the abolish ice movement hit a new low, the makeshift anti-trump butane. welcome to fox news at night in washington. it is called an important first step toward fulfilling a commitment made by kim jong un. satellite imagery of north korea's may launch facility indicates the north has begun dismantling key operations, donald trump says he appreciates that, he also says he is open to a new, quote, real deal with iran. kristin fisher is tracking the latest foreign-policy. >> two days after threatening iran with that tweet and two months after pulling out of the iran nuclear deal donald trump says he is ready to make a new deal with iran.
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the trump administration is on the attack, john bolton said if iran does anything wrong it will pay a price like few countries have ever paid before. the secretary of state accuses the supreme leader frothing from a $95 billion hedge fund and donald trump in a tweet heard round the world, never ever threatened the united states again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. when asked if he was inciting war with iran the press secretary said -- >> if anyone is inciting anything look no further than iran. >> what to the president off with his remarks about the plan to snap back sanctions. >> do not play with the lions den or you will regret it. we will bring you eternal regret. >> democrats and republicans
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argue it is a distraction to move our eyes from russia. >> the same speech they always give. i don't know what in particular provoked this response. >> behind-the-scenes the trump administration has been working to erode support for iran's leaders including launching a new media outlet to help uranium is get around internet censorship. >> not only television but radio, digital and social media so ordinary iranians in iran and around the world can know that america stands with them. >> reporter: back to some of these potential agreements with north korea, one of the things to be watching for is the possibility that some of the remains of fallen service men and women in the korean war, a possibility their remains could be coming back to the united states as early as friday. the date is important because
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this friday is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended the korean war. >> thank you very much. the associated press definable trump doctrine as suffer no slights and counterpunch harder than you are hit. 's general jack keane joins us live to discuss that, great to have you with us. satellite imagery photos of north korea dismantling one site in particular, the new york times calls it an encouraging sign for people who want the president to succeed but added many analysts say north korea will not have started denuclearize eventually begins dismantling its nuclear weapons, north korea has not started disposing of fissile materials or nuclear facilities. this is a good first step a long way to go. >> they have taken down a nuclear test facility and they could reconstitute if they wanted to. this is a rocket test site and a
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missile test site but particularly for rock attended deals with liquid fuel. the most advanced rockets and vessels they have are solid fuel and you don't have to put it on a launchpad so it doesn't have a signature but this is a step in the right direction. i agree we should be encouraged by it, something secretary pompeo negotiated and donald trump reinforced at the summit but it is not denuclearization. you mentioned that in your introduction. i think, i am not certain they even know the identity and location of all the best sites. then we want to go out and verify that. we have some information on that ourselves in intelligence services. another thing is happening here. i believe the administration is making an adjustment, they really wanted to get this done in a couple years before the end
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of trump's first term of office. the north koreans are not moving on that time schedule and we have adjusted somewhat to north korea. they want to go slow, build up trust, have a relationship, they could be gaming us and we get nothing anyway but i think we made that adjustment to that schedule. we will see what the next step is. what we are really looking for is disarming and dismantling nuclear capability. >> the tough thing is inspecting sites or have real verification process, something that has been such a critique of the iran deal, the president talking about what he now wants to happen with iran after the back-and-forth on twitter. >> a real deal, not the deal done by the previous administration which was a disaster. >> he wants a real deal.
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in a piece edward morrissey wrote in the week a talks about the fact that these are two different regimes, the kim regime in north korea is brutal and erratic but has one primary goal, survival. the shiite extremists in charge of iran at least publicly subscribed to an apocalyptic vision. iran might choose war over negotiation on the basis of theocratic supremacy. north korea wants to survive, kim wants to survive. in many ways people within iran want to provoke the apocalypse. >> i'm not sure. i think the muellers are thugs and killers, they are committed to a political ideology to be sure, flushed in a religion. they are ambitious and they have been successful. 38 years they have been in power. no republican or democratic president has ever truly pushed back in any consequential way because they always used proxies to carry out their dirty work and that paralyzed
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decision-makers, gives you a reason not to use their forces directly. they own lebanon, syria, heaven do influence in iraq to dominate and control the middle east. all that said this president has taken he ran on in a way no other president, critics don't give him any credit but they haven't i do believe with the sanctions that have come next month, the primary sanctions and a few months later secondary sanctions as a result of pulling out of the nuclear deal given that iran's economy is already struggling, currencies in the take, the overstretched in the countries i just mentioned to you and their population is restful because -- restless because of pressure being put on them economically and i think they are right to come back to the table and work out a negotiated deal. >> interesting to see secretary
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pompeo speaking directly to the uranium people, there are the leaders your for 2 and the people. great to have your expertise in this. cnn tonight playing what he calls secret recordings between then candidate donald trump and his then attorney michael cohen, the tapes were provided by cohen's lawyer. rudy giuliani also an attorney for the president reacting saying the recording vindicates, he says, the president. what do we know so far? >> you mentioned the lanny davis connection. he provided a tape to cnn recorded in september 2026 between cohen and donald trump where the two men are reportedly discussing rights to the store that alleged affair years earlier between karen mcdougall and trump.
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in the recording, he needs to open up a company for the transfer of all the information regarding our friend david which is likely a reference to david packer, the head of american media which owns the national enquirer. listen closely because the tape is model but here is part of the, play this. >> no, no. >> it is very muddled and unclear if the president is a they should or should not pay with cash. the president is saying don't pay with cash. rudy giuliani insisted michael cohen was suggesting paying in cash. here is what giuliani send a short time ago. >> the transcript makes it clear at the end that donald trump says, quote, don't pay with cash. :interrupts and says no, no, 6 think we, slow it down, check. then:followed with no, no, no, that quickly cuts off the tape.
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>> reporter: giuliani mister trump is trying to keep this on the up and up. lanny davis provided the tape to cnn, amused by giuliani's statement saying the truth is on michael cohen's side and only drug dealers and mobsters pay with cash but alan dershowitz said regardless what was said on the tape there's nothing necessary us here. >> the big picture is there is nothing on the tape that suggests any crime. and what is strongly suggested by the prior interview by lanny davis is cohen made his decision and he will cooperate across the others and try to get immunity and testify against donald trump, anything incriminating is the question. >> the lawyer for the trump organization denied he was offering to pay cash because there was no transaction saying
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any payment to a large company like american media would be accompanied by a lot of paperwork including an agreement of sale which has not been produced. >> fresh on the heels of revelations from the fisa court, house conservatives considering even without paul ryan's blessing forcing a contempt of congress vote, the target, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. amy baker joins us live. let's talk about this. the deputy attorney general has addressed whether or not he thinks he is in any danger of attempt. or is what he said last month. >> i'm working with a superb team, the best lawyers in the country, republicans, democrats, we are not in contempt of this congress, we will not be in
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contempt of this congress. >> this is not something they are signing onto. what is the goal here? >> he is not worried because we have done nothing. he has extended every deadline, slow walked things now we have documents we requested a year ago, we received documents that are so heavily redacted to make them unintelligible. why would he think he is in contempt because we have been held in contempt by him. at some point you have to protect the institution, to say congress has oversight responsibility and we are to exercise that. one of the things we could do is hold him in contempt or move on and say he should be impeached. shannon: six gop lawmakers will meet with folks from the doj about turning over more documents because the speaker indicated he seems to think there are things that are
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becoming law. >> there may be progress but what is progress when you should have had these documents months ago and walk them over some more? we haven't seen the scope letter in an unredacted form. there is so much information that has been withheld and anytime you have a hearing, i have to be at the hearing, anytime we have a hearing we find out something more. where did that come from? why are we just finding out now? shannon: there are times you don't know what you don't know and that prohibits your ability to ask for things if you don't know you are looking for them. >> absolutely right. it has been tripped out so long, we get something that leads to a few more questions, they drip something out for us and time to say enough is enough. shannon: to do the end run resolutions they say the justice
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department emphasized it has made unprecedented disclosures of sensitive material to lawmakers, even at times bypassing historical guardrails for sharing information connected to the ongoing investigation, true or false? >> perfectly compliant and if you go over the guardrails, why not give the documents and let us see them? if we go to a top-secret meeting let us stay there. >> on either side, accusations the democrats and republicans leaked things beneficial to their side of the argument. >> everyone should be concerned about leaks. additional witnesses from time to time to talk to and it has
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been tripped out and provided us with information necessary to connect our oversight investigation. >> a number are worried democrats will retake house in the fall and won't get much more information. we will see how the meeting goes. stick around. chose senator john kennedy's fox news at night debut fresh off of a meeting with brett kavanaugh sounding off on the white house proposal to revoke security clearance for some intel officials in the last decade. >> whether you can or should revoke security clearance. >> john kennedy of louisiana joins us with an interesting take on senate colleagues. and . (harmonica interrupts) ...and told people about geico... (harmonica interrupts) how they could save 15% or more by... (harmonica interrupts)
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upload your logo or start your design today are you ready to take your then you need xfinity xfi.? a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. shannon: democrats have refused to meet with brett kavanaugh a couple meetings are in the planning phase. he was tapped by donald trump to replace anthony kennedy. demanding the release of a trove of documents, white house
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service under president bush, one who did meet with the nominee, john kennedy of louisiana, joins us now. what is your impression of the meeting today? >> i like judge cavanagh. he is the superior intellect. i read enough of his opinions and law review articles. i wanted to use the time we have together, not just what is in his heart, we talked a little about them all but mostly how his beautiful daughters were handling all this, we talked about his teaching, i used to teach a little bit in law school. and he coaches girls basketball, we talked about pete maravich.
12:22 am
i saw his first game as a college freshman, brett kavanaugh is a big fan. on the legal side i didn't want to cross-examine him. i just want to know what is in his heart, biased about precedent in the legal system. he has thought about it deeply. he can also understand and identify with ordinary people like me. >> it doesn't end well for them? >> my job, this appointment, we are appointing the most powerful unelected position in a country in our human history so this is a big deal. that is part of my job.
12:23 am
i'm going to do my job and ask tough questions but i have a strong suspicion he can handle it. shannon: senator mendez, the bull record so far. >> the american people understand brett cavanagh's record, they will rise up and stop his nomination. shannon: what is he referring to? >> he has written 300. here is what brett kavanaugh believes, that the role of the judge is to call the balls and strikes to interpret the law. not to every thursday, to rewrite the constitution to prosecute your own agenda.
12:24 am
sometimes judges make policy. it is inevitable when you decide a case, they are making policy and it is a precedent. he understands judges should not do ideologues and do what congress is supposed to do. if you want to be an ideologue and prosecutor person run for congress, run for president. i think that is the proper role of the judge, what brett kavanaugh understands. senator mendez would probably prefer not to put words in his mouth but would prefer to have a liberal activist put on the court who says the constitution is important but it is just a guiding principle, that is not what our founders intended. i'm rather fond of the constitution, our founders did a helluva job with the document. shannon: that is what they should be doing.
12:25 am
>> if you don't want to follow it that is why we have an amendment process but you have to do it through the democratic process, i know what is best for what i'm going to decree. >> what about as a high school substitute teacher? >> i serve as a substitute teacher, and did it once in high school. let me tell you, elementary and secondary education, they will take politicians. shannon: who is tougher, who is tougher to corral? >> us senators. when you are a substitute, everybody ought to do it. appreciate what it means to be a teacher, you and 25 kids.
12:26 am
senators, my colleagues on the republican side, we are entrepreneurs, democrats tend to move in lockstep. we are together, every now and then we have a couple of senators that wander off like a furry chicken. that is their prerogative. it makes it tough but that is what makes it interesting. >> we are proud to have you with us on fox news at night. it is big primary election night in georgia, donald trump choosing sides in a runoff election for the republican candidate for governor. can the republican winter beat progressive democrat stacy
12:27 am
abrams, the first african-american governor of georgia. todd sorenson joins us next, finger two about a case in georgia with echoes of willie horton and is the air force cracking down on the bible? we will tell you the story. stick around.
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shannon: fox news alert, results from a big runoff election in georgia. republican voters choosing a nominee for governor and once again the president figuring heavily into the campaign. jonathan terry live in athens. >> brian kemp says donald trump's endorsement late on in this race the most significant factor leading to his victory in the gop runoff election and the victory was decisive, defeating casey cagle by 70% to 30%. home to unify his party as he goes to the general election campaign against democrat stacy abrams.
12:32 am
>> you have to get over it quickly because we have a big fight ahead of us. a national race with stacy abrams. >> casey was the target of a secret recording. both candidates faced a barrage of negative ads but now that it is over, rallying support by the party's nominee. >> i committed to him my unguided support and see that he will be the next governor of the state of georgia and i went each of you to do the same thing. >> reporter: going back to live location at the camp washed party, the candidate now posing for photos here, the crowd that remains the decisive victory in the name of unity. they plan to appear together on
12:33 am
thursday at a republican unity rally hoping to bring the republican party together in advance of the general election. jillian: thank you. from the georgia governor's race to a chase involving a georgia judge, a lot to say about it. good evening to you. you have candidates on your radio show and they -- will do what they have to to win this race. >> today on my radio program, i made them swear they would endorse the other candidate should they lose. we saw casey cagle do that. this is going to be a big deal in the state of georgia as the republicans take on this democrat, stacy abrams. people ask me what is the difference between abrams and brian kemp? he is a gun toting bible clinging deplorable and she is not. shannon: she made no secret of that.
12:34 am
and what we have been following, 14 years old, when he was arrested, he got a hefty sentence, served 21/2 years in a juvenile correction facility. the judge said i think he has been in prison to at a half years and don't think it helps him much. i am hoping for this opportunity, allow him to go to a program described as tightly controlled military school type environment, he has been arrested for shooting, accused of felony murder of killing a man waiting for her to pick him up. that is not something you would imagine the judge expected. she knew there was trouble. >> absolutely knew that he was a
12:35 am
troubled person and completely ignored the passionate pleas of the district attorney and prosecutors. he had been serving 28 months, racked up something like 25 or 30 violations, and instead of serving up the 7 year sentence, and this rehab center, the prosecutor had evidence involved in gangs, this 17-year-old bug shot and killed a man who happens to be a chef in the dc area, happens to be a 9-month-old baby, now this man is dead. >> we are going to follow that trial.
12:36 am
we are seeing on instagram and other social media, all kinds of other things, not enough to get him behind bars so we will follow that case. you are tracking this case, if you follow these cases might be weinstein who is after the military, these missing man tables, in different bases you see this, the person who was no longer missing because they are missing in action, they are not part of the family. there is a bible on the table. a number of places around the country, he said no, went to the military into the bible has got to go, it offends people it is succeeding. >> he is. the most recent was at warren air force base in wyoming, this was birthed out of the vietnam war. that bible stands for something.
12:37 am
a reminder that we are one nation under god. weinstein with military religious freedom foundation complained and the base commander decided to remove the bible. what has caused national outrage, we have been talking about on my radio show, the military commander replaced the bible with a generic book of faith. no one knows what that is. here is the problem with weinstein. this is a guy with a long history of attacking christians in the military and especially in the pentagon and during the obama years he bragged that he had a hotline to the pentagon. quite frankly what donald trump needs to do is disconnect that number. shannon: of the president get involved he will be in court before he knows what to do about it.
12:38 am
21 of them were protestants and catholics, he objects to the idea he is anti-christian. >> that is a bunch of grade a fertilizer. i'm a good churchgoing baptist. i don't know any christians who are offended by the holy bible. shannon: the base commander says it is an effort to make sure no one is offended and everyone feels included in the book of faith will be used now. you know you will track him. good to see you. in a new paul democrats say they like the cia, the fbi, even the irs but they don't like ice. if it doesn't surprise you this might. the far left, abolish ice protesters in portland took an effigy of donald trump to a guillotine. you are watching it with your own eyes. the clock is ticking on protesters facing eviction notice. we have a live report as tension continues to run.
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shannon: this and now is the message from portland, oregon where protesters facing a midnight deadline to leave their occupied in camera to local immigration and customs enforcement facility. >> things are interesting in a few hours because despite the deadline some protesters say they are not going anywhere. this protest is one of the
12:43 am
country's most visible, the abolish ice movement, makeshift camp next to an ice office is complete with porter parties, furniture and large wooden barriers, home to a nonstop demonstration including several clashes with police. portland democratic mayor has been an outspoken supporter of the protest. on monday he told them it was time to move on explaining a bike path was being blocked by the camp and it was becoming a public safety issue and growing source of complaints from folks who live nearby. >> the timing is right particularly with one factional group of people deciding to move on to the next phase of the protest. this is a good time. we always said the camp with its wooden structures -- it is a fluid situation. the time is right. shannon: the mayor got himself in hot water after suggesting officers should be focusing on
12:44 am
criminal activities, not the city's pervasive homeless population which front of the police union president to blast the mayor for throwing officers under the bus for his own failed policies. >> i have been a police officer for 27 years and seen it going downhill. the city is a cesspool. the mayor needs to stop blaming other people for his failures. >> police posted notices that anyone who sticks around past midnight deadline will face an arrest or citation. today protesters responded by staging, execution of donald trump using a makeshift cute teen saying they have no plans to leave. >> come out here, make your stand, join us, we are going to be here. we are not going anywhere until the 0-tolerance policies lifted, the last child is reunited with their parents, until not another
12:45 am
local family is separated by ice. that is what they do every day in this community. >> majority protesters packed up and headed home, only a dozen or so are refusing to leave. all those involved say this demonstration is over, their effort to get ice abolish is just getting started. shannon: they have some folks willing to help in washington and some who don't. a new survey from pew showing the stark divide along party lines when it comes to opinions about certain government agencies. nearly eight in ten conservative republicans view ice favorably, the same percentage of liberal democrats view ice unfavorably, 82%. on the flipside two thirds of democrats view the irs favorably, half of republicans feel the same way. than it was numbers represent significant changes since the obama era. richard fowler, syndicated radio host and fox news contributor and fox news political analyst caldwell, welcome to you both.
12:46 am
the irs, democrats love it now? >> as long -- here is the larger, what this speaks to is one thing i found remarkable. both parties are angry about the same things that haven't realized it yet. both parties argue for more accountability and more transparency. on the left they say ice is unaccountable and an transparent and engaging in bad behavior when it comes to separating kids from their families at the border. on the right they are arguing for more transparency and more accountability when it comes to the fbi handling donald trump. for decades after the lists in the african american community and latino community have been asking accountability from law enforcement. we have been seeing a debate about accountability for law enforcement for decades on both sides no matter what color you are. >> there's a lot of lingering
12:47 am
resentment over the past several years and conservative groups were targeted by them and there were still ongoing disputes over this and litigation. and what happened to the application and whether they were targeted based on words and applications. >> we did those hearings on capitol hill certainly. and democrats we have seen across the country. they have done the math, there are 15 million hispanics, the largest minority group, they have a myopic view of ice and here's a strategy from our point of view.
12:48 am
and only emboldening trump supporters, people who believe in law and order to vote in november. it is problematic because you say let's abolish an agency that is here to protect us. like someone on the self and chicago not wanting police in my community. they are here to prevent me from being harmed. i find this to be such a view that is so draconian, any measure moving the country forward to divide us more. shannon: this issue with ice, a lot of warnings from democrats that -- no more getting rid of ice talk. it will seem too radical to people and people pulling out an effigy of the president regardless who he is, putting the head in a guillotine, do you not worry that that may embolden and even drive more supporters to the president because it seems to a lot of people controversial at best? >> we are 100 days from the midterm election, 2010 we saw
12:49 am
the same behavior on the right, pictures depicting barack obama as hitler. >> getting his head chopped off? >> you are going to see the sides polarized closer to the election. i want to push back on one point about open borders. i'm not a democrat who believes in open borders, we should protect our borders but the problem people have with ice is democrats, independents and most americans when you see what is happening on the southern border, 3000 young people are still not with their parents and ice has no answer. that is why it is so unpopular, when it comes to ice. once again this speaks to a larger problem with accountability and transparency with law enforcement. >> if i could quickly respond. you have to show malfeasance which ice has done and we can't.
12:50 am
a policy in place, acting in accordance with those policies. that is all we can expect them to do. shannon: if you don't like it, get folks to change the law. >> come into the country legally is another option. shannon: we are going to leave it there. or in hatch set the record straight, internet rumors of his demise greatly exaggerated. your! did you use head and shoulders two in one? your! i did mom. wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free. manolo? look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too. try head and shoulders two in one.
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>> shannon: time for the real news roundup are in high school heather: high school students interrupted a speech by jeff sessions with chance of locked her up in reference to hillary clinton. multiple media outlets suggested sessions joint in the chance and dozens of pundits repeating the line and laughing at the clip. we will show you the clip. >> lock her up. ♪ lock her up >> i heard that a long time the last campaign. shannon: media stars benefiting socialism amid a swerve to the left by the democratic party.
12:55 am
joy behar talking about nations that normalize socialism and making the case but back on the idea that it has worked anywhere. >> you need to pay the amount of taxes. to be normalized. shannon: senator orrin hatch cleaning up a misunderstanding after google search listed him as being dead. might need to talk, the senator making sure everyone knows he is still here by posting this. >> the reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. shannon: officer tony carlson of the tallahassee police department told the officer if he showed up clean-shaven he would be promised a job in your mcdonald's. his razor was broken so the officer fixed the broken razor and helped give him a shave. a woman passing by saw the encounter and recorded.
12:56 am
for going above and beyond the call of duty from my hometown we salute tallahassee police officers. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on... is staying happy and healthy. so, i add protein, vitamins and minerals to my diet with boost®. new boost® high protein nutritional drink now has 33% more high-quality protein, along with 26 essential and minerals your body needs. all with guaranteed great taste. the upside- i'm just getting started. boost® high protein be up for life boost® high protein all around louisiana... you're a nincompoop! (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one. so you won't miss a purchase
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>> this is "fox and friends first," happening right now at 4:00 am. >> rumors swirling as those close to the singer, break silence overnight. to protest donald trump. >> what some members of her outraged community are doing to send this liberal leader a message. >> i'm going to be 95 years of age, hoping you allow me to bring my family into the office. >> a great moment.


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