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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 28, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> all i did was play volleyball and go in the canoe in the lake. you lived in bakersfield. >> i lived there for 10 months. that's where i started my television. >--television career. jon: president trump ending an up and down newsweek on a celebratory note, touting the best economic growth in nearly four years. good evening, i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. president trump and his cabinet taking a victory lap friday, appearing on the south lawn one hour after the commerce department announced the economy grew by 4.1% in the second quarter. the president is insisting this is just the beginning. ahead of the midterms, vulnerable republicans hope he is right. this despite some economists arguing the growth was sparked by short-term factors including a rush to buy american crops before the president's tariffs take evidence ebbing. the white house -- take effect.
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the white house maintains this is no fluke. >> you look at the optimism in consumer spending, you see the fact that we are in a historic moment in terms of our economic growth, i mean, this is the first time in four years that we've seen the gdp break at 4%. it was larry summers who said if we get to a 3% growth that it would be fair enough to say if you were to believe in tooth ferries. jon: allison barber is reporting from berkley heights, new jersey, near the president's golf club where he is spending this weekend. allison, how big a deal are these numbers for the white house? >> reporter: for the white house they seem to be an enormous deal. any time we speak to anyone from the administration or hear any interviews with president trump or even from vice president pence, what they want to talk about is the economy and gdp growth, despite warnings from some economists that the growth is not sustainable long-term.
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the president is telling americans the growth is here to stay. he thinks it will carry republicans to victory in the midterm elections. the party in the oval office in the midterm elections tends to lose seats. president trump said republicans could defy the odds thanks in large part to the economy. >> $52 billion drop in trade deficit, that hasn't happened in decades and it's really something very special and a lot of that is because of the policies that we're putting in place and it's going to get better, shawn, it's totally sustainable. i look so forward to next quarter and i will be campaigning for all of these great people that do have a difficult race and we think we're going to bring them over the line. i really believe that because we're doing so well as a country and so well with the economy, i think we're going to be surprising a lot of people. >> reporter: the president also told sean hannity when it gets closer to the election, he said
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60 days before election day, he would ramp up campaigning and campaign maybe six or seven days a week. jon: overshadowing the good economic news are reports that michael cohen is prepared to tell the special council president trump knew about the june 2016 meeting at trump tower. what is the president's stand on that, allison? >> reporter: my producer and i just got off the phone with the president's personal attorney, rudy guliani. we wrapped the conversation with him about 15, 20 minutes ago. he said they're focused right now on getting a raw tape, that public tape that was secretly recorded between michael cohen and president trump, they want to get a copy of the raw tape. the president denies the allegations that he knew about the meeting. guliani said he had two experts as well as former fbi agents he worked with in the past go over the could you hen tapes that are public. guliani said they weren't leaked
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from their side but they can respond once they've been made public. here's what guliani told us about the tape. he said the experts they had look at the tape say it's a tape of a tape and it cuts off. they say they need the raw version to know if it was cut off when trump and cohen were in the same room or if it was altered later. guliani said he is not particularly optimistic about getting the raw tape but, again, that is what they want and they see that as kind of the next step, the next hopeful step here. the tape we have heard of president and cohen is allegedly the only cohen tape involving president trump but guliani says if there are more secretly recorded tapes, they're between michael cohen and journalists and perhaps one is involved with a lawyer. he says the leaks are not coming from his side. he said he thinks they could poe certain sly be made public -- potentially be made public soon. guliani said nothing in the tapes contradicts the position of the president or the position the president has taken when it
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comes to the big issues like the trump tower meeting. jon: allison barber traveling with the president at his golf club in new jersey, thank you. for more on the goings on at the white house, let's bring in michael sharon, covering congress and the white house for the washington post. so those growth numbers that were announced on friday, michael, best growth since 2014, the white house pretty happy about that. they say voters will remember that when they go to the polls in november. will they? >> the white house isn't the only group that was happy. republican candidates were facing really daunting odds in a lot of these house districts, were delighted to see the president on friday on message, driving home the economic message. and that's what they want to hear from the president. that's what they're hoping will carry them over the line, allow them to hold onthe house -- onto the house, pick up a few senate seats along the way. over the last couple months the
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economy as a message keeps getting stepped on by other things, the child separation crisis, the turmoil over the russia summit in helsinki, a couple weeks ago, the debate over the trade tariffs that are increasing on both sides. if you talk to republican consultants, i talk with them every week, they say they try and send this message to the white house regularly, just keep on the economy, talk about the tax cuts, talk about how you're getting better around the kitchen table and republicans will be okay. jon: ted yoho says focusing on the economy is the ticket for the president. he compared him to a previous president on that score. listen to this. >> the president's got an agenda that he's moving forward. i want to go back to bill clinton. when you looked at everything he was going through, he won re-election and he won it and he said it's the economy, ste stup. when you look at the economy today for the people, their paychecks are bigger, they have better jobs, they're spending money and the economy is growing as you saw by the gdp so this is something that people are going
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to remember when they go to the voting polls. jon: typically, michael, the economy is issue number one that drives voters. >> that's right. we're in an atypical political environment right now and the president is really at the center of that. he's not someone who is comfortable driving the same message every day. every day usually there's a new fight with someone, a lot of distraction, a lot of the house districts are in suburban areas, there's a historic gender gap right now. women are not approving of the president like men are. college educated voters are not approving of the president like those without college degrees. the president's behavior has become a drag for a number of republicans. the thing that worked for him in 2016 doesn't work in a midterm because you're not dealing with the whole country. you're not dealing with the same swing states. you're dealing with particular districts, about 50 or 60 of them, where there are republican incumbents and a lot of these
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happen to be in the suburbs of blue cities. there's a lot of democratic voters there. that's why the economic message could work in those areas absent everything else. and what we just don't know is whether this message could be maintained for a week, a month, even a couple days next week. chances having else will come up and we'll be talking about something else on tuesday. jon: let's take a look at l poll numbers broken down state by state in some of the states that gave the president the white house. in michigan, 36% of voters say they approve of the job he's doing, 54 disapprove. in minnesota, 38% approve, 51% say they disapprove. in wisconsin, 36% say they approve, 52% say they disapprove. now, the president will tell you the polls are often wrong. if we believe the polls, he never would have been elected. he would i'm sure take these with a grain of salt. how do you take them? >> i don't think there are many republican whose are comforted
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by the president saying the polls are often wrong. they read the polls. the polls are consistent. it is true that 2016 was a surprise. that doesn't mean every election is going to be a surprise. if you go deeper into those poll numbers, the president's approval on the economy is actually pretty high. the president's approval on other things is much lower, much lower on immigration which is something the president talks about regularly. he's constantly bringing it up. it's lower on trade, another thing he talks about regularly. it's lower on foreign policy, although he got a bump out of the north korea summit earlier this summer. i think this is the president's own instincts often working against him, at least that's the view of republican consultants. if they can get an event like they had friday after that gdp number came out every day out of this white house, i think most republicans think that they'll be in a much better position than they expect to be in. jon: michael sharon, washington post. michael, thank you. we'll have more with michael at the bottom of the hour as we discuss the president's evolving
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legal situation as allison barber touched on with his former attorney, michael cohen, now appearing to go on the offensive. efforts continue to reunite migrant children and their parents who were separated at the southern border. it's now two days after the courcourt ordered deadline for reunification. the trump administration said they met the deadline. activists say hundreds of children remain in government care, apart from those who were trying to get them across the u.s. border. let's bring in garrett teny from washington. how many children are still separated and how is the administration defending itself? >> reporter: about a third of the kids, just over 700 are still in government care. dhs says those children have not been reunited because their parents are not eligible for a vair ryslash rye at this -- varf reasons. they say some are not eligible or available for reunification
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today including some adults who are not in i.c.e. cuss and -- in i.c.e. custody. the administration will continue to make every effort to reunify eligible adults with their children. according to dhs, some of the remaining adults are ineligible because they have criminal records. more than 400 are ineligible because they've been deported out of the country. dhs said 120 parents chose not to be reunited with their children before returning to their home country. the aclu is pushing back on that claim and argued in court filings this week that some of the parents either misunderstood or were misled by the government and never meant to leave their children in the u.s. the former i.c.e. director, tom homan argues that some of these parents leaving these kids here were part of their goal aall along. >> some of these people chose to
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leave the united states without their children because they basically got what they wanted. they got their child here to the united states to live with relatives, get an american education, take advantage of the social system and be the next daca applicant in 10 years. >> reporter: dhs says they will continue to make every effort to reunify the remaining adults and children who are eligible or find family members who can act as guardians for the kids until the process plays out. jon: how long will this take? >> >> reporter: the government hasn't given a clear indication of how long this will take. with more than 400 parents back in their country i. leland, dhsacknowledges it willg time for the process. chuck schumer suggests some families may never be reunited. hundreds of parents are faced with the painful reality they may never again know where their children are or if they will ever be reunited.
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we may get additional details on what the plans are on tuesday when the customs and border protection is scheduled to testify on capitol hill. jon: garrett, thanks. the white house today approving federal aid for california as that state battles 14 wildfires in northern california. the car wildfire almost doubling in size overnight, killing five people so far. in southern california, a man is charged with arson for starting a fire still tbhurng riverside county -- still burning in riverside county. the fire has destroyed hundreds of structures and forced tens of thousands to evacuate. an draw clost has more on the winds feeding the flames. we have more from southern california. >> reporter: in idlewild in the southern part of california, the
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kranston fire remains at 17% contained. firefighters believe conditions could get worse. that's why they've been spending a lot of time out here mopping some of these hot spots up. it might not look like much but one of the firefighters we spoke with says he spent a half hour spraying down one of the trees in the area and it just kept pushing out smoke. further up north in redding the car fire remains the most devastating fire that's burning. it's doubled in size in the matter of about a day, now sitting at 80,000 acres with 5% containment. the fire is threatening 5,000 structures, that's on top of the 500 structures it's already destroyed. thousands and thousands have been evacuated, more now being urged to leave and firefighters say they hope those folks who are being told to leave listen. >> the fire ran with such officefeosity, there were tornae
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winds going through. the men and women, the law enforcement officers, the firefighters, they were in there when that happened. they're in there, trying to save people. in some cases, people didn't leave when they were told to and they're putting themselves in harm's way for those people. that's why we ask, leave when we ask you to leave. >> reporter: investigators say they've received several reports of missing people up there in redding. they have resolved most of those cases according to them. they say they are investigating each and every one of those cases. jon? jon: we're hearing about criminal activity? >> reporter: yes, yes, definitely criminal activity. they tell us it's hard to imagine this not the car fire, so much devastation, they've received several reports of looting, more than a dozen cases. they will be beefing up security around the redding area where the car fire is burning. they're urging anyone who is evacuating if they have time
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take things that are valuable or lock them up in a fireproof safe. this where we are is part of a crime scene. a gentleman has been arrested for arson. one man accused of starting the cranston fire. he faces 15 charges of arson and is accused of starting nine fires, including this one. jon: jeff paul in california, thank you. you heard that fire official saying how hot, dry weather conditions are fueling those california wildfires. in some spots, they're whipping flames into firenados like this. the weather is not helping crews battling to contain the fires in what was already brutal summer heat. is there any relief in sight? fox meteorologist adam klotz is here with th with the forecast. >> huge areas have been hard-hit. each one of these icons, a fire
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of 100 acres of greater. across the west there are currently 76 of them. fires are burning across a huge portion of the country. unfortunately, the weather not cooperating. elevated fire danger, everything highlighted in the pink areas, that's around redding, one of the fires we were talking about, areas where the humidity's very low, the winds are a little higher. you're looking at spots in northern california, portions of oregon, running up into washington and larger portions of nevada, stretching to colorado as well. the fire weather, the high winds will be continuing the next couple days and, again, it's not just about the winds. it's not just about the low humidity. it's also about the heat and the heat has been intense across portions of the west the last couple days. these are our heat advisories, watches, warnings, stretching across portions of southern california, into nevada, running up the west coast, all the way to the pacific northwest currently. that's going to be lasting for a little while also. the highs for today in phoenix running up close to 110 degrees,
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death valley always hot, 122, and then areas like the redding area getting up close 110 also. this lingers into your sunday with temperatures again running in the triple digits for a lot of these spots especially along california. that continues also for us on monday. heat is going to be a big part of this story where you're not going to get a lot of relief. on the eastern half of the country as we look at what's happening a across the rest of the country, yeah, still in the 90s across southern tiers. you notice relief along the east coast. heavy rain the last couple of days, now that heavy rain giving us a brief break as we've seen the showers move off the coast glues the last little bit -- off the coast in the last little bit. another round of showers is expected in some heavily hit areas in the last seven days or so. how much rain have we seen? there were spots that ran up to 8 to 12 inches in portions of southern pennsylvania, running into baltimore, maryland. and there may be more rain on
4:19 pm
the way. there are areas where you could see 2 to 3 inches, more rain in virginia, more rain in the carolinas. where we could use a break, there may be more on the way. jon: that's the way it goes all too often. adam, thank you. one of the most prominent cardinals in america's roman catholic church resigns as the pope makes history by sending a strong message about sexual abuse allegations. ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. add-on advantage. i've been making blades here at gillette for 20 years. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making america's #1 shave. precision machinery and high-quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close.
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and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. jon: pope francis accepting the resignation of cardinal theodore mccarrick, the former archbishop of washington, d.c. this comes as decades old claims of sexual abuse prompted the pontiff to strip mccarrick of his ministry in a move virtually unprecedented. kitly logan has more. >> reporter: the offer of resignation came after two historical sexual abuse allegations emerged in june. the pope formally accepted the resignation on saturday. the letter was received on friday. historical allegations of sexual abuse date back more than 50 years, first surfaced in june. one man claims mccarrick
4:24 pm
abused him when he was a teenager and another man alleges mccarrick forced him into an abusive relationship when he was just 11. the catholic church has been tainted by sex abuse scandals in the past and is now determined to clean up its image. the vatican says the pope wants to send a strong message that sexual abuse will not be some tolerated. >> what this means is no matter how important your position, no matter how prestigious, when it comes to sex abuse you will be held accountable. >> reporter: the pope has ordered mccarrick to go into seclusion for a life of prayer while theal le allegations are d into. there will be a full investigation into the allegations and perhaps ultimately a catholic church trial. the cardinal says he has no recollection of the initial allegations jon? jon: kitty logan reporting kitty, thanks. cbs is launching an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by its ceo. les moonves.
4:25 pm
this after six women told their stories in an article published in the new yorker magazine. the piece written by roman pharaoh also claims the misconduct extended to other parts of the country. moonves responded in a statement saying, quote, i recognize that there were times decades ago when i may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances. those were mistakes and i regret them immensely. but i always understood and respected and abided by the principle that no means no and i have never mis misused my permin to harm or hinder anyone's career. new reaction to north korea handing over what are believed to be the remains of 55 u.s. service members killed in the reason war. why vice president mike pence says the development reveals everything you need to know about president trump. plus, the legal implications for the president and his older son, don junior, after the president's former attorney reportedly claims mr. trump knew in advance of his son's meeting with a russian lawyer, something the president and the white
4:26 pm
house have repeatedly denied. >> if he's proven have not told the whole truth about the fact that campaigns look for dirt and if someone offers it you listen to them, nobody's going to be surprised. there are some things in politics that you just take for granted. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor for postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- mbc, approved, with hormonal therapy, as an everyday treatment for a relentless disease. verzenio + an ai is proven to help women have significantly more time without disease progression, and more than half of women saw their tumors shrink vs an ai. diarrhea is common, may be severe, and may cause dehydration or infection.
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♪ ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. jon: president trump and his legal team attacking th attackiy of michael cohen, after reports that cohen is ready to tell special council mueller that donald trump knew about the meeting about a russian lawyer and after the attorney released a secretly recorded tape which appears to show cohen and then candidate trump discussing a payment to a former playboy model who alleges an affair with mr. trump. rudy guliani slams cohen as a liar. critics accuse guliani of damaging the president's case.
4:31 pm
jillian turner has more. >> reporter: michael cohen is now claiming his boss approved the infamous trump tower meeting that's become a feature in the mueller probe. the meeting took place in new york city in june of 2016 and including paul manafort, jared kushner and a russian lawyer. the president reinforced the claim he made several times, saying i did not know of the meeting with my son, john don d. the president's song has insisted his father had no knowledge of this meeting. >> it was such a nothing. there was nothing to tell. i wouldn't have even remembered it until you start scouring through the stuff. it was a waste of 20 minutes. >> reporter: this claim from cohen comes just days after someone leaked a recording of a conversation between him and president trump about hush money paid to a playboy model. now the president's inner circle
4:32 pm
is painting an unflattering portrait of could you hen. >> he lied to people about taping the president and other people. he went to subterfuge to do it, a whole game. >> reporter: looking ahead, the trial of former campaign manager paul manafort kicks off in arlington virginia. insiders anticipate that witnesses will be asked about the meeting. jon. jon: jillian, thank you. for more on this, let's bring back michael sharer, covering congress and the white house for the washington post. there's been a flip-flop from rudy guliani and some others at the white house regarding michael cohen. it used to be michael cohen was a stand-up guy. now he is not to be believed. so which is it? >> when it comes to trump and his inner circle, if you're helping him you're a good guy and if you're against him you're a bad guy. it can flip in an instant. that's what's happening here. i think cohen flipping, which is
4:33 pm
an appropriate way of describing what he's doing, it's remarkable. there was nobody closer in the political realm to president trump, going back to 2011. he was trump's enforcer. as we know from the allegations that have come out, he was allegedly read into the most private parts of trump's world, alleged payments to a playmate, from may boy, alleged payments to a porn star. this claim could be really explosive because trump has tried to define the russia investigation around the question of whether there was collusion or not. the don junior meeting is a clear attempt at collusion. it's in an e-mail. don junior has not denied he went into the meeting hoping to get dirt on clinton. jon: doesn't every campaign do that kind of thing, doesn't every campaign look for dirt on the opponent. >> they do.
4:34 pm
every campaign does not try to coordinate with a foreign adversary to get dirt on an opponent. there's a big difference between those two things. i think the tradition has been if a foreign government is trying to involve itself in the democratic process, senior campaign officials find out about it, that's a line where -- that's a place where a line is drawn. that line was not drawn here. we know now that russia did an enormous amount throughout the campaign to help president trump, going to the length of stealing e-mails from the dnc, from senior clinton campaign officials. we know that trump denied regularly and consistently up to a couple weeks ago it seem, until he took it back, that russia had done anything to help him. so no, i do think this is different. it's one thing to try to get opposition research on an owe poe meant to talk to -- owe pen opponent, to talk to other people but when you have a foreign spy service coming into the campaigned and a number of
4:35 pm
campaign officials taking a meeting, it's a different category. jon: the russias did try to hack the other committee and they were not successful. >> they russian intent was to help trump and not hillary clinton. even if they had gotten russian materials, it's not clear they would have released -- if they got republican materials. jon: let me read a quote from the hill newspaper regarding president trump and his former lawyer, michael cohen. it reads, both men face significant challenges on the credibility front. trump's propensity to exaggerate or give misleading statements is legion. cohen once said he would take a bullet for trump. he also has a history of bellicose better actions with reporters and others who challenged his then boss. those who have experience with both men are often skeptical about the veracity of either one. so both pots are calling both
4:36 pm
kettles black here. >> there's a lot of evidence that both kettles have been black frequently in the past. cohen went to congress and has previously testified about circumstances. we don't know what he said in those meetings. he's been under oath to discuss this stuff. he previously denied the meeting being much of an issue on twitter. it will be up to robert mueller and his team to decide where the truth lies when you have a number of witnesses basically whose motives are easy to impugn and whose history of truth-telling is questionable. jon: so far, though, nothing from mueller regarding collusion. we'll see. >> we'll get a report one day. jon: we will. michael sharer, washington post, thank you. >> thank you. jon: for more on this, be sure to tune in tomorrow to fox news sunday as chris wallace interviews the president's lawyer, rudy guliani. check your local liss dings for the time it -- listing for the
4:37 pm
time it runs on the big fox station in your area. brave americans finally coming home after a u.s. military plane on friday makes a rare flight into north korea, retrieving what are believed to be the remains of 55 u.s. service members missing since the korean war. u.s. officials hey the move as a -- hail the move as a sign of improving relations. vice president pence spoke about the return of the u.s. korean war heroes. >> the fact that this president sitting down with kim jong un to negotiate the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula also had our fallen heros on his heart should tell you everything you need to know about president donald trump and my wife and i are deeply moved and deeply honored to be able to be there when we bring our boys home. jon: brian yenis is here with more on the story.
4:38 pm
>> reporter: the remains are believed to be part of the more than 200 that north korea has held in storage for some time. they weren't remains recently located and retrieved. this was not an exchange for any money between the u.s. and north korea. the remains under law, for instance, the defense secretary says that they can't under the law, the defense secretary can reimburse north koreans for excavating remains of u.s. troops. the state department said in this case that did not happen. that's important, because some critics believe any money sent to the north korean government will be used for no fa for nephs reasons. yesterday the remains were brought to south korea where they were met with military honors. the last time north korea turned over remains was in 2007, more than 36,000 americans died in the korean war from 1950 to 1953. of those, 7,699 are still
4:39 pm
considered missing in action and of those, 5300 are believed to be somewhere on north korean soil. yesterday marked the 65th anniversary of the end of the korean war and this was an especially poignant day for veterans. >> the importance of this dramatic return today is the sense that we who served in the military, world war ii and the korean war, will never leave one of our people behind. >> reporter: when asked if he could foresee sending u.s. military personnel into north korea for the first time in to conduct search missions for remains, defense secretary jim mattis said it's under consideration, absolutely. jon: what is the next step for these 55 cases of possible remains, they're going to try to figure out who these are, right? >> reporter: they need to figure out who they are. the 55 cases of possible remains will be sent to a forensics lab
4:40 pm
in hawaii to verify they are what north korea says they are. yesterday james mattis said this about that. we have no indication there is anything amiss but we don't know. we can't confirm one way or another. that's why we go through the forensics. we visited dover air force base last year where many unidentified remains are tested. over the years, the dna technology has improved. they're able to take bone fragment as small as a fingernail and extract dna from it. sometimes the dna is damaged. the pentagon is continuing to urge extended family members of the soldiers who were missing in action to donate dna, even second and third cousins, they should take part in this so the medical intiner in hawaii -- examine in hawaii can examine the dna. jon: president trump is counting on adding another member to the u.s. supreme court, one of the most closely watched battles in the midterms.
4:41 pm
how the race to a u.s. senate seat in indiana could come down to supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh. also up, a brand-new episode of "watters world." >> roseanne barr, he'll is bet warren and -- he elizabeth warren in the news this morning, the truth about socialism, tonight on water's world. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, ... with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur.
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due to increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain; high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death; decreased white blood cells, which can be fatal; dizziness upon standing; falls; seizures; impaired judgment; heat sensitivity; and trouble swallowing may occur. you're more than just your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. jon: one midterm race that's really heating up us is in a state president trump easily won, indiana. that's where joe donnelly is facing mike brahn. a big factor is the supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh. donnelly is the first democratic
4:46 pm
senator to agree to meet with kavanaugh. mike toe bin ha tobin has more. >> reporter: joe donnelly is up for re-election. he's in a pinch over president trump's pick for the supreme court, brett kavanaugh. mike brahn is in comfortable position as his opponent is caught between chuck schumer who vowed to fight the kavanaugh nomination and the will of voters who voted in favor of president trump. >> it's tough when you belong to a party like joe does where he would like to vote otherwise but he's got to check with chuck schumer on every vote. >> reporter: donnelly voting for kavanaugh would not come as a complete surprise. he is a pro life democrat and he voted to confirm trump's earlier pick, neil gorsuch. now he's under pressure, even on indiana airwaves to do the same for kavanaugh. >> will joe donnelly cave to the extreme left or confirm a new justice and protect our rights.
4:47 pm
>> the story remains the same. >> reporter: todd huff says his listeners want donnelly to give kavanaugh an unbiased look, absent of politics. >> people are tired of the vitriol. folks want a fair hearing for this guy. when you hear democrats come out and say we're against this guy without knowing who he is -- >> reporter: with the race neck in neck, indiana voters think donnelly will need to cast a trump-friendly vote. >> i think he'll have to vote in favor of the nominee. then we'll see where the chips fall. he could still lose in november. >> reporter: donnelly has been noncommit tall on this vote, releasing a statement saying he will take the same approach he did for the last supreme court veigh can circumstance adding that he, quote, will carefully review and consider the record and qualifications of judge brett kavanaugh. most senate democrats have been refusing the meeting with judge kavanaugh, demanding republicans produce paperwork about his past beforehand. senator donnelly scheduled one
4:48 pm
anyanyway. jon: facebook has been under fire for alleged political bias and for letting russian robo accounts sprea division in the d states. the same accusations are being made across the atlantic. details, next. lawmakers in new england want a national day to celebrate lobsters, as the lobster industry father fears the trader between the united states and china will rock their boats. ♪ rock lobster. ♪ are you taking the tissue test?
4:49 pm
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jon: a british committee echoing u.s. critics blasting social media companies including facebook for letting campaigns to target voters with messages of hate. they are ripping facebook for letting russian entities use the platform to influence elections and spread misinformation. honoring lobsters and those who harvest ship and cook them, u.s. senators from new england introduced a resolution to make
4:53 pm
september 25th national lobster day. i'm in favor. maine senators angus king and susan collins leading the effort. the state's lobster industry feels the pinch with the trade battle with china. >> reporter: maine lobster industry is becoming a tragedy in the trade war between the u.s. and china. >> the hard part is, it was an up and coming market. >> reporter: china's appetite for-mile-an-houfor-mile-an-hourn seseafood is voracious. hit with new u.s. tariffs, beijing struck back, slapping an additional 25% levy on u.s. lobsters. the changes threaten profits for dealers. >> 50% of what we produce used to go to mainland china. as of july 6, we've sent non.
4:54 pm
>> reporter: his company employs 20 people. worker hours have been cut. >> it doesn't affect just my crew. it affects the lobster catchers, their crews, the trap makers, the guys that do rope, the guys that do bouys. >> reporter: advocates fear lost access to the chinese market will hit the whole industry, from wholesalers to harvesters. >> it's about rural jobs for us. it has an impact on our rural communities, the islands and coastal towns. >> reporter: michael floyd has been pulling lobsters from the sea since childhood. >> right now the price is pretty stable. but the season has just barely started too. >> the lobsters arrive in mid-coast and whole state, we don't know how it will go. >> reporter: he's weathered many storms in the decades-long career and wonders what the latest one will mean. >> it's the old addage, we're not going to starve but i don't
4:55 pm
know if we're going to get rich either. >> reporter: the hope here is that the new chinese tariffs go away and fast before buyers in china establish new connection was lobster dealers in other countries like canada where the tariff stands at just 7%. the fear is that once the business is gone, it won't come back. in portland, maine, mo molly li, fox news. jon: if you're near latrobe, pennsylvania this weekend, look up in the schism you might see an -- sky. you might see an american flag flying at 12,000 feet. we'll plain, next. ♪ alice is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread ..
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jon: the u.s. army golden knights parachute team taking to the skies including flying the american flag at 12,000 feet. passing a baton at 120-mile-an-hour and atlantaing dead center on target. vice president pike members sitting down with maria bartiromo. you can see it tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern on "sunday morning futures."." i'm jon scott.
5:00 pm
thanks for joining us. "watters' world" starts next. [♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. there was a big blowup on the view. a shoutfest over socialism. >> think about it. medicare, social security, the library. >> i hope democrats do run a democratic socialist because you will lose spectacularly and i'll look forward to election night where i get to tell everybody i


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