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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 30, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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clear answer. cathy areu, great to see you tonight. >> good to see you. and/or meat. tune in every night at eight to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugnessmu and especially groupthink which is in evidence everywhere but we will continue to resist it. sean hannity is up next. >> sean: great to see you tonight. i know where you got that stake. from del frisco. >> tucker: yes, i did. [laughter] >> sean: goodd to see you. welcome to "hannity." we are 439 days into the trump-russia collusion which meant, and still, nothing, zero evidence that donald trump or his campaign did anything wrong. the president rightfully isn calling out to mueller and his extreme conflict of interest and has blatant political bias in a huge way. rodents attorney rudy giuliani will set the record tonight with a very latest. also, if robert mueller is really concerned with russia collision, well, i'll be happily be glad to point them in the right direction. all the evidence he needs.. in fact, there are many real
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examples of hillary clinton, oh, adam "shapeless" schiff colluding with russia, before, after, and during the election. we've agreed to take tonight. so many important topics that we have to cover. jim comey may be headed back to capitol hill. the president is now heading back with a strong plan on immigration, which is now an important issue, 98 days we are away from these important midterm elections. the media is really actually rooting against america's strong economy. we've got to that take.ic sit tight. stay tuned. buckle up. it's time for tonight's very important newsig breaking, multipronged, opening monologue. ♪ the worst example of political persecution in u.s. history. it was supposed to be a deep dive into how russia was attempting to metal and cause chaos in our presidential election. instead, for months, special counsel robert mueller has been
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searching, searching for something, anything, to malignny the president and his allies.he no his judgment, political prejudices in the spotlight for this we can, the president wrote my tweet it "is robert mueller of going to release his conflict of interest with response to president trump, including the fact that we had a very nasty, contentious business relationship? i turned him down to head the fbi, one day before his appointment. a special counsel and jim comey is his close friend. why is mueller only appointing angry democrats, some of whom actually work for croke and hillary, like genie radiant others, including himself, have. why isn't mueller looking at the criminal activity, the real russia collusion on the democratic side, podesta, dossier? the president is absolutely right. on this program, we've been right and we have long called out mueller and his merry band ofer trump-hating and corrupt democratic donors for what our extreme conflicts of interest.
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in fact, mueller's team is made up of investigators and lawyers who have almost exclusively donated to obama, hillary, democrats. they couldn't find oneer republican, not one?ld even an independent? we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars to candidates like kirsten gillibrand, barack obama, hillary clinton herself. we have called out comey's cozy relationship with robert mueller. the two long time bureaucrats were once referred to as brothers in arms. now given all of this anti-trump bias, should anyone in this country really be surprised? sadly, we have a two tiered system of justice. mueller is more than happy to obsess about a pointless meeting at trump tower between donald trump jr., paul manafort goes on trial tomorrow. whenen is hillary going on tria? a russian lawyer, which resulted in absolutely nothing. 2005 tax case. it had nothing to do with russia!
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nothing! no investigation into, let's see, congressman adam schiff. we have the tapes. remember, he was duped into having the conversation with the russian pranksters who promised him embarrassing political dirt, naked d pictures and everything, of donald trump? collusion. listen for yourself. >> he was in moscow in november, 2013, met with a journalist? >> well, she is poor journalist. anyway, she became a famous because of putin is scared of her father. >> okay. putin is the godfather. >> she is also known as a person who provides girls for escorts for oligarchs and she met with trump and she brought him one russian girl, celebrity, olga, who is also known as a person with history and reputation. >> olga. how do you spell her name? what is the nature of the copper mat? >> well, there were pictures of
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naked trump. >> so putin was made aware of the material? >> of course. >> we will be back in touch with you through our stuff to make arrangements to obtain these materials for our community and for the fbi and i appreciate you reaching out to us. >> sean: naked pictures of trump. russian collusion. the big elephant in the room. clinton campaign, robert mueller, listen up, we found collusion. immediately. it was clinton and the dnc, they funneled money through a law firm, perkins coie, to a consulting firm, fusion gps, to fund a foreign spy on christopher steele. why? he had russian contracts, that made up russian lies, that however nice dirty dossier, that, by the way, was never verified chemical robbery to thw command has been debarked. clinton campaign using bought and paid for russian lies in two ways. first, it was used to shape the
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kind of campaign's message. according to a report from how central committee, "a person whose name was redacted like regular briefings that contained christopher steele's information for senior clinton campaign staff." that included campaign manager robbien moo, campaign chairman johnny podesta. second of all, the dirty dossier was actually shopped around to various high-ranking government officials. of course, your corrupt media, all in an effort to malign the trump campaign before election day, to lie to you! that included senior doj official, bruce ohr, whose wife was working with christopher steele, i fusion gps, she was helpingel to make up all these lies. the cia director, turn msnbc hack, john brennan, also reportedly leaked the contents of the dossier to then senator harry reid. also john brennan was involved in this, he went public with the information. of course, also the director of national intelligence,
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james clapper, brennan was talking about it before. copper allegedly leaked it to cnn, fake news. let's not forget the major world of only dossier played with the fisa warrant application against trump. the trump campaign associate carter page, during and after the campaign, forgo separate warrants, the bulk of information coming from the phony russian dossier that hillary paid for. where's the investigation into this collusion? mr. mueller, where are you? the clinton campaign paid a c former spy and used russian lies to lie to the american people, steal an election, get a warrant to spy on americans, using an unverified, uncorroborated hillary clinton bought and paid for political document, nobody sells the fisa court judges ever, and the original obligations, subsequent applications, and disseminated what was false, untrue, propaganda, disinformation to rig an election, a presidential election!n given the rampant bias from team
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mueller and his two r tiered system of justice at play here, is p it any surprise that president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani, who will join us in a few minutes, is urging his client not to participate in any interview with mueller? if he did, he would be crazy. that is a bad idea. you can't trust these people. they are corrupt. >> are you now a "yes" or "no" on a sit down between the and robert mueller? >> two things. i am not want to sit down until we get down here and figure out what they want to do. then, the processes, we have five cocounsel senior people who will advise the president. he decides. he's always been in favor of doing it. >> what h are you telling him about that? would advise are you giving him? >> right now i'm telling him no way. >> sean: as we speak, rudy giuliani will join us, crafting a reporter about any kind of negative findings from team
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mueller. trump-russia collusion is a total hoax. still money on the left, in your media, are rolling out recent actions of one-time trump attorney michael cohen as some kind m of smoking gun against president trump. even michael cohen himself, if they would do their jobs, they are lazy and overpaid, has beena denying the accusations of collusion. he did it in testimony on capitol hill in 2017. he said, "given my proximity to the president of united states and the candidate, lets me say that i never saw anything coming ahead of anything, that demonstrated his involvement in russian interference or election or any form russian collusion." let me say it again. it's time for the witch hunt to end. we are now more than 14 months into this politically motivated fishing expedition, all designed to malign the president that you come of the american people, voted for. if the deep state, your corrupt media, all these elites, had their way, well, he never would
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have been president. that is why they rig the investigation into hillary to save her. now donald trump is theio leader of the free world, his decisions impact the lives of literally billions of people every day, and this collusion, lies, distraction, is hurting the country, and frankly, broad, asserting us as well. he needs to stop. meanwhile, breaking tonight, former deepp state trump hater, fired fbi director, jimmy comey, he may be headed back to capitol hill. house republicans are reportedly pushing to interview comey over his decision-making during the 2016 election. remember, he was one of the officials to sign off on the fisa warrant against the trump campaign associates. despite admitting the dossier, he said, wasn't salacious and unverified. but then he had already signed off on it. we also have breaking news on the immigration french tonight. over the weekend, the president tweeted this. "i'd be willing to shut down the government if it get democrats do not give us the votes for border security, which
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includes the wall. must get rid of lottery, catch and release, and finally, go to a system of immigration that is merit-based. we need great people coming into our country. today, the president doubled down on that tweet. watch this. >> my administration is working hard to pass border security legislation. improved vetting, and establish a merit-based immigration system, which the united states needs very, very importantly, very badly. as the border is concerned, and personally, if we don't get border security, after many, many years of talk within the united states, i would have no problem doing a shut down. it's time we had proper border security. >> sean: secure the borders. as the president continues to push seriously for a wall to protect our country, and a common sense merit-based immigration system, well, your
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friends in the democratic party, their friends in the media, they are playing political games with americans a strong economy. last week, great economic news. gdp grows at a whopping 4.1% rate.% despite the great news, our robust, healthy economy, we now have the largest labor participation rate ever. millions fewer on food stamps. oh, 4 million new jobs. isn't that great? the media is spinning that is bad news. only the media. take a look. >> here's the thing. with thehe economy booming liket is now, at least in gdp terms, low unemployment rates among minorities, he is still in the low 40s. where is he going to be when we have a recession in two years? >> there was an urgency in the president's voice that bordered on almost pulling a muscle, trying to pat yourself on the back. there is a sense of where you overhyped something, and there were so many times ml's remarks that are felt overhyped and how he was talking about the economy.
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>> we accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions.ic [laughter] >> can replay that again? >> anybody that goes on the google machine can see that the economy went up and it's been steady, slow, gradual economic increase. >> sean: the vapors every morning. 6:00 to 9:00. can't help it. as we march toward the most important innt terms of our lif, buckle up, get ready, the rhetoric coming from the media, democrats, their friends on the left, it is going to get more insane, more negative, more ridiculous. i'm telling you, you better get ready. everybody's going to be smeared. buckle up. guess what? the future of your country is at stake by the democrats would back in november, this is their agenda, take a close look. right there. they want their crumbs back.
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they want to rescind the tax cuts. they want to say it. they tell everyone to be quiet but they want to break the president. they love their obamacare. keep your doctor, keep your plan. i bet a lot of youu are paying o much less, right? they want to block judge kavanaugh and of course they want to handle legitimate, important investigations to the deep state and, yeah, they want open borders. we know they want open borders. they want to eliminate i.c.e. in 99 days, you, the people, will decide if the trump agenda stops. do you want that to happen? what did you vote for in 2016? there's a lot on the line here, there is no positive agenda. joining us now, the author of the hit new book, it has been number one for over a week. the russia hoax, the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump. fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. the author of another huge best-selling book, "the case against appeasing trump,"
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harvard professor who is not rey loved where he is on some island, i don't want to mention where because everyone is attacking him, alan dershowitz. and criminal civil rights attorney david schoen is with us. let's start with the so-called trump tower meeting. compare it to adam schiff, and he thinks he's talking to a russian about nake pictures of trump. he's excited about it. russian collusion. >> is not collusion to have either of those conversations, the trump tower meeting or adam schiff. it's not a violation of the federal campaign election act, because foreign nationals are allowed to volunteerer informatn in an american campaign. some have said, oh, it's a conspiracy to defraud the government. no, it'se not. that requires dishonesty, deceit, trickery, and craft. no application here. some have said, he is a law professor, well, it could be honest services fraud. no, that requires, according to this rheem cord, a bribe our
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kickback. again, collusion is not even a crime. show me in the criminal code for this exists. i have an entire chapter in the book entitled, "it's not a crimt to talk to a russian." hillary clinton's campaign and democrats actually talked to more russians than the contact with the trump campaign. >> sean: they paid for russian lies. professor dershowitz, i know you took great offense on conspiracy tv why do you punish yourself like that? i have no idea. nobody's really watching. but the important question is, you have said this, you are not the biggest donald trump supporter politically. but to you, this is important, because it's about civil liberties, our constitution. i don't think professor dershowitz like such fisa judges were purposefully lied to, and that they gave them false information to obtain a warrant and an american citizen and tried to impact an election. these things i think he finds disconcerting. >> more than disconcerting, i
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find them on constitutional. when members of the justice department seek a warrant and deliberately withhold the two most crucial pieces of information, namely, that the dossier was paid for by people trying to defeat donald trump for president, and withholding the fact that the credibility of the witness, who was providing the information, may turn on the fact that he claims he is evidence that donald trump engaged in these kind of salacious things with the bed and urine, if they had called back to the fisa court, the fisa court would have discounted the credibility of a witness. a witness who can come up with that kind of nonsense is not the kind of witness who would justify granting a warrant to survey all americans. >> sean: what about rod rosenstein and comey? are they supposed to verify it? are they supposed to make sure that judges are fully informed and they knew that hillary paid for that? >> if they knew that, and they
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saw the actual application, then theyon committed a serious violation. they should be askedio why those two pieces of information in particular were willfully andma deliberately withheld from the fisa court. the other side says maybe they would have granted it anyway. we know fisa court's grant winds really easy. there should be a revision of the way fisa courts operate, there should be a devil's advocate who is arguing against the granting of the application. these two pieces of information, i want to hear from rosenstein and others, why did they justify withholding those two pieces of information, if they knew this and they knew the fisa court would want to know that? >> sean: 19 pages unredacted, david schoen, of the last warrant that rod rosenstein signed off on, because i hear that it is devastating to him and to others. let the american people see all of it.
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>> that's a key point. respectfully, professor dershowitz, he's right on track but there's not a question about what rod rosenstein i knew. we know that he signed off on at least the last renewal. the rules of the fisa court expressly provide that if there is any -- any -- error, doesn't even have to be material error, error that must be corrected, the court must be notified immediately in writing. if there was any error or omission. specifically in the rules, from any prior application. >> sean: i have three get, great lawyers on the show tonight. if i lie to a judge, purposely misleded a court, let's say i deleted subpoenaed emails, i asked and watch my hard drive with wage but and i busted out my device, do you think you could get me out of jail? >> [laughs] >> sean: professor dershowitz, you are laughing. >> i i could get you out of jai. >> sean: the only way you will
10:20 pm
get me out of his cake and a file? >> obstruction of justice. i think i could demonstrate to you that neither mueller's case against trump, nor your case against hillary clinton amounted to an obstruction of justice. >> sean: wait a minute. they subpoena sean hannity, and i delete 33,000 emails. then i use bleach bit, gregg, then a bust of the devices. laissez i go to robert mueller. he recently asked for every witness to hand over their blackberries and iphones. i said, if i ever advised people, bad. and i did what hillary did, and here's the busted up devices what i be arrested? >> you what. >> sean: would you get me out? >> no. i would leave you there. [laughter] >> i would get you out. >> comey admitted in his testimony, nobody pays attention to this, comey admitted that hillary clinton gave classified
10:21 pm
documents to people without security clearance. that alone should have been a crime. not to mention theho fact that - these people did the exact same thing on the smaller scale for hillary clinton and they were prosecuted. >> sean: how many people do you write do you identify? >> six. >> >> sean: david schoen, last word. >> there are many reasons mr. comey has to be brought before congress, not on a backdoor hearing. public testimony. he may think he will get his singers in, got to be examined about the many things in the ig report about his legs that are still under investigation, by the ig, theon fundamental problem here is that there is no integrity in the pr. for mr. mueller's team throughout the process. that is what is fundamentally most effective. >> sean: professor dershowitz, thank you. the only one who said you could get me out. thank you. >> i could get you out, i just don't want to get you out. >> sean: i hope you -- that is
10:22 pm
really horrible. >> i'm only kidding. >> sean: big interview with the president's attorney, rudy giuliani. i loveen your book. i'm kidding. it was a joke. straight ahead. ♪
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it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. ♪ >> sean: joining us now, america's mayor ands president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani. good to see you. i really hate that you have the ring. that is a yankees championship world series ring. >> why do you hate it? >> sean: i wanted. >> you werepi into the mayor of new york city when they won. i got four. >> sean: i was there for the last one -- >> i paid for it. [laughter] >> sean:n: remember when he got in trouble for being at that particular game, the last game combo and the yankees won the world series? i was at that game.
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i bought my tickets on stubhub. you got them for free. >> he said the only politician politician -- >> sean: long story. let's stay in business. there is no -- >> i had a long talk with john dowd today. i believe, talking to the people that were involved in the investigation, i thanked john for all the cooperation he gave, put us in a position where we don't have to cooperate. we gave them 1.4 million documents. 32 witnesses. president trump has answered every question. and now they are looking at his. tweets. >> sean: trying to influence -- >> i prosecute obstruction ofon justice. obstruction of justice by tweets to them. checked impeach a president? god bless us. >> sean: you said maybe you
10:28 pm
would let him answer a fuel limited questions. >> i don't want to give them a false impression. given the last revelations, we've been -- we don't think they have a legitimate investigation. >> sean: do you think they are going to subpoena you? will there be a constitutional right? >> then there's a constitutional fight. i think we won. one of the main ingredients -- >> sean: i was here when you were mayor. you are not shy when it comes to fights. >> we [bleep] on my clinton and the supreme court, i won my own case, and have one of the bus supreme court lawyers, youe knw him, jay sekulow. 39 cases in the supreme court. >> sean: he's won 90% of them. >> that is to say we got the better part of thehe argument. we have presidential privilege, can't be subpoenaed, you have the fact that even if he can be subpoenaed, you have to show particularized need and of john dowd's memo of four months ago
10:29 pm
show, they have no particularized need. they have everything. let's take an example. mr. president, why did you fire comey? a is already expended over and over again. you either believe it or not, buton don't think we are sucker. you believe a liar like comey. or one of the other lawyers -- they are very good friends. >> sean: robert mueller waser denied the day before he got a special counsel job. >> comey is more discredited than anyone in this investigation. he cannot be believed. so if you are telling me you will believe comey's word against the president, than i know you are trying to trap him into perjury. >> sean: do you think -- what happens -- for example, what happens if mueller decides he wants to take this all the way and subpoenaed the president of the united states? >> we go to the supreme court and we find out if he can.
10:30 pm
never been decided. the only subpoena to the president that has happened is to bill clinton. it was withdrawn. it's never been decided. we'll have a case, we will find out. thenen we have cases of lesser officials that were subpoenaed. documents of a subpoena. you always have to show particularized need. if you have to show particularized need for a commerce secretary, labor secretary, you sure as heck have to show up for a president. tell me they particularized need to. they will lose on that. they will say, we want to hear what he said about flynn. well, he said about one, i never had that conversation. so why are you calling the grand jury to that? because he want to wrap them with a perjury charge when you couldn't bring a regular charge against him. >> sean:gu the president -- >> martha stewart. >> sean: martha stewart didn't do anything. they didn't get her on any crimes. >> this is martha stewart.
10:31 pm
who did martha stewart? jim comey. >> sean: scary. it's scary. if you can get them on the crime, they will get them on something else. >> it doesn't matter how serious the crime is. >> sean: let's go to mueller -- >> let's get a celebrity tweet. >> sean: what about that she worked there. >> i have no objections to them. >> sean: why are they bringing in the cfo of the trump organization? >> a thousand reasons. i have been through, and our lawyers have been through, including our washington or new york lawyers, we have been through every one of the documents they have given us, every document relating to president trump. he is whistle clean and that investigation. that is why we quickly weaved the privilege. the minute comey leaked that first conversation between cohen and the president where he secretly recorded the president and lied to him and pretty much
10:32 pm
threw himself out of the bar, i mean, the legall bar, we put it out. then he said -- putting out stuff about the cuomo tape, where he went through this horrible stuff, hiding his tape recorder -- >> sean: will these be made public, all of them? >> eventually. >> sean: what about -- >> they alld should be made public tonight. >> sean: what about the brennan? andrew weissmann, who was excoriated for withholding -- >> having been a longtime prosecutor in the justice department, andrew weissman would be regarded by many defense lawyers and prosecutors as disgraced -- he said cases were reversed he's been excoriated -- it might sound like a strange thing but he is withheld exculpatory evidence. you know what that mean? 's got evidence that i am evidence that i am innocent ande keeps it. he sends me to jail. >> sean: four merrill executives went to jail for a
10:33 pm
year. >> a nightmare. when i first -- we have a lot of guilty people to prosecute. you don't prosecute an innocent one. when it's close to the line -- >> sean:d give them a benefit of the doubt. >> my friend sylvia used to say, you know something, if you let theme, go, can't be a problem, they'll be back again. [laughter] >> sean: probably true. how does jeanie ray work for the clinton foundation? >> hearted the guy who gave 36 w did the guy who was crying at hillary's -- because he's -- i will give him the benefit of the doubt. he is so arrogant he doesn't care about appearances. all of us have to -- you realiz realize, what "the new york times" would have done, if i had been made a special prosecutor for hillary clinton? and i hired ken starr? [laughter] >> sean: mr. mayor, good to see it.
10:34 pm
i really do like the ring. i'm glad that you had to pay for it, though. >> [laughs] >> sean: president trump fed up with the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border. we have drastic actions. michelle malkin weighs in on that. a key issue in 99 days. straight ahead. ♪ be -and we welcome back gary,
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♪ >> we need border security. border security includes the wall, but it includes many other things. we have to end the lottery, we have to end the chain. the chain is like a disaster. you bring one person and, you end up with 32 people. we have to end these horrible catch and release principles. when you catch somebody, you take their name when you release them. you don't even know who they are in they are supposed to come back to a court case, they want us to hire thousands of judges. the whole thing is ridiculous.
10:39 pm
we have to change our laws. weng do that through congress. i would certainly be willing to close it down. get it done. >> sean: that was the president early today reiterating his comments are more over the weekend, and that is today the doj announced "a jordanian national residing in monterrey, monterrey, mexico, arrested saturday on arrival at jfk international airport to face criminal complaint issued in the western district of texas for his role in a scheme to smuggle specialbe interest aliens from mexico into the u.s.." the doj goes on to explain that heren jordanian national conspid to smuggle six yemeni nationals across the southern border in e. i want to correct something in the last segment with the mayor. i misspoke. i mentioned former new york city mayor david deacon pretty much governor patterson. we were talking about yankee tickets. i apologize. and almost went very well, get along with them great.
10:40 pm
disagreed with them both,lo especially the u.s. open tennis every year. joining us now, the host of "michelle malkin investigates, award-winning show. they somehow screwed up and gave an award to a conservative. ihe have no idea how. >> [laughs] >> sean: howrv are you? this is the agenda. they want to impeach the president, they want their comes back, they want to eliminate i.c.e., open borders, obamacare, and they want the investigations to end. if i am wrong, if there is something i'm missing that the democrats are offering the american people, please tell me, because that is all they say or that is only want to do. >> that is a bottomha line, sea, it's not just abolishing i.c.e., it's abolishing the last founding principle that has helped preserve the greatness of our country. with particular regard to immigration, i can't tell you how relieved i am that we have a president who made promises to forgotten men and women in this country and is keeping them, and he's not just fighting the open border democrats.
10:41 pm
he is fighting the beltway establishment, the u.s. chamber of commerce types, the corporate interests, that have allied themselves with the radical left to try and sabotage our immigration laws and makeot us less to save and less prosperou. everything that president trump mentioned, chain migration, the diversity visa lottery, catch and release, are policies that i have underscored, they have weekend our country since i came up with "invasion. i was talking about it on your show 16 years ago, sean! it is a sign of beltway g.o.p. fecklessness that we have got to make to mcconnell once again saying, wait. wait, american people. how many times do they say that? it is lucy and charlie brown with the football and people have had enough of it. this is the losing bargain that we should have learned from 1986 in the reagan amnesty, it never works. amnesty first and forfeit later,
10:42 pm
it never, ever comes. >> sean: just like a tax increase, you never get the spending cuts. here's the important question. i think the president's message by saying he would be willing to shut down the government, i don't know, republicans are afraid, if obama as president, they'll get blamed, if trump is president, they will get blamed. my question is specific. don't think his message was for chucky and nancy pelosi. i think his message was for mcconnell and ryan. you are going to fund the wall. i keep my promises, whether you do or not. i think you should follow through on it. >>ow yes, i absolutely do come too. otherwise we will get a repeat of the same kind of disasters we had under the bushe administration, where the secure fence act was signed with great hullabaloo in 2006 and we still have 400, 500 miles of unprotected border that was supposed to have a fence on it, more than a decade ago. people are tired of the same promises and expedience where
10:43 pm
the grassroots of the republican party are used, abused, o exploited, and then tossed out the window as soon as these people are reelected. thank goodness paul ryan is going to be out of there! i think jim jordan is exactly the kind of change that we need! >> sean: i'm asking every conservative i know because this, for some conservatives, i'm not a brewpub -- are not even a registered republican. i'm a registered conservative, would you can do in new york. for real conservatives that find themselves in a position that there particular congressman, congresswoman, senator, is a rhino, and now we know what the democratic agenda is, to impeach, crumbs back, open borders, obamacare, stop the investigations into the deep state, what do you say if they don't want to vote for a rhino? i say it is too important for the president's agenda, and for forward progress of the country, that you have to suck it up.
10:44 pm
i hate to tell people to suck it up. i hate that it's a better of two evils but it really is in this case. to speak >> those are cost-benefit calculations that every voter has to make. we had to continue to more pressure on and expose the radical leftists within theur republican party who are essentially undercutting the president. >> sean: they are not going to align themselves with pelosi and maxine waters and other radical democrats and try and impeach h this man and stop all progress of this country, which has been pretty phenomenal, and 18 month months. >> i would say that, yes, it is buyer beware. you have to make sure that these people are not going to betray you because we've seen that over and over and over again, whether it's on immigration or not. >> sean: you yelled at me once because they made the lesser of two evil choice. i remember the phone call. it was done in love. i deserved it at the time. michelle malkin. great to see you. when we come back, trump
10:45 pm
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♪ >> sean: the president took on the corrupt mainstream media in a series of tweets saying they are "driven insane by trump derangement syndrome." the mainstream, corrupt, destroy-trump-media feigned outrage over the tweet with the president has a point. just look at what to grow to grow media so called legends that over the weekend. heroes. take a look. >> cohen would say that donald trump, candidate for president of the united states of the time, had authorized the go-ahead for that meeting to take place with his son, and i
10:50 pm
said, this is news, as did cnn. lichen watergate, you have a very serious news organization, cnn, watergate, "the washington post," making judgments about what is news. that is really the most important thing that we do when we go out and do our reporting. >> donald trump is authoritarian. he wants people to believe that the only truth,al the one and oy truth, comes from him. orwell, what he wrote, practically a shooting script for donald trump. i'm not suggesting that donald trump read it. the evidence t says he doesn't read much. >> sean: e that is who we count on. dan rather. here was a reaction, salem radio talk show host, larry elder. former secret service agent, nra tv contributor, dan bongino. larry, you are laughing. looking at the corrupt news man ever who made crack up! i would love to say what he really made up. he made it up.
10:51 pm
>> sean, where does one start with this trump derangement syndrome? trump is being hammered because he did notot accept the findings of the intelligence community as to russian meddling. these are the same people who accused george w. bush of lying us into the war even though george w. bush relied on all 16, the unanimous opinion, have our intelligence agencies, that site that saddam hussein had stockpiles at the highest level of certainty.pi george bush relied at the intelligence committee, the very same people slamming donald trump accused george w. bush. where do you start with the george w. bush? could not have any columnists who are pro-trump. a lot of antagonism toward the president from "the washington post," and president trump is giving it back. it is about time. >> sean: they are so upset about the president not only seeing fake news but enemy of the people. i just think what the president is saying, my interpretation, dan bongino, he is saying, you are not serving
10:52 pm
the american people's truth. you tell a lot of lies. you have an agenda. therefore, if you don't do your job, that is where that comment to me comes from. i look at "the new york times." "the new york times" has competing articles the day after election day 2020. they are living in a fantasy world. it is really bizarre. >> sean, put yourself for a second -- i know it's tough because you are a rational person -- in the eyes, and the seat of a mainstream media figure today. years ago, you know this, larry knows that, we were told don't hustle with the mainstream medi media. they incorporated by the barrel. you are going to lose. the mainstream media knew that. they were like, this is great. reconstruct conservatives, all we have to do is impugn you by calling you a racist or anything ending in a ist or a phobe. donald trump not only scrap that
10:53 pm
model, he made his brand reversing the model. i don't think they will recover. >> sean: larry? >> and along came social media and twitter and now trump can communicate a 100 million americans without having to go through "the washington post" or cnn or "the new york times." let's member "the washington post" has never endorsed a republican president in its history. "the new york times" hasn't endorsed one since 1956. so donald trump is recognizing this. he knows he's got to take them on hand that has been made able to do that in an effective fashion. i'm impressed. >> sean: you have two cable networks, maybe they believe their own b.s. dan bongino, maybe they do. but it is every minute of every day, seven days a week, for three long years now, that they just obsess on hating this president and feigning outrage every day. >> i wonder that, too.
10:54 pm
i am being serious, i'm often sarcastic on your show, but it is obviously not helping your business model. print media is dying. cnn is losing to the bob ross reruns on pbs. people are watching beach house sales on hdtv from seven years ago rather than watching cnn. you wonder why they sit around in a room and they say, okay -- like, you have to believe -- you almost want to believe for the sense of rationality that they do believena it even though it's crazy because then they would be insane otherwise. >> sean: thank you both. larry, great to see you. dan bongino, thank you. when we come back, the great one -- i always say mark is the great one. the great rush limbaugh on to shut downhreat the government over border security. that is next.enit what does he say? straight ahead. ♪ so you have, your headphones, chair,
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new laptop with 24/7 tech support. yep, thanks guys. i think he might need some support. yes start them off right. with the school supplies they need at low prices all summer long. save $200 on this dell laptop at office depot officemax. >> ♪ >> sean: rush limbaugh had a great take today on president trump threatening to shut down the government. what do republicans and the base
10:59 pm
think about it? let's take a look. >> trump is showing he isli not afraid of a government shutdown which believe, the base of thisu party loves. the base of this republican party -- we know now, by the way, when you have any poll that shows that trump has 85-90% of the republican party, the republican base is trump's now. it's not a bunch of populist nationalists. it's the mainstream of the republican party that supports trump. they hate this cowering before the democrats and the media over government shutdowns. they hate giving up every policy idea in the face of the blackmail of government shutdowns. they love trump saying, he'd be willing to do it over this because the issueey of immigratn is what got him elected. >> sean: i am with rush. shut it down. shut it down. the people with the president. that is all the time we have left this evening.h remember, this show was always going to be fair and balanced.d. we are not and never will be the
11:00 pm
destroy-trump-media. we have a couple of big things coming up this week, i will tell you later in the week. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. she's actually in the next studio over. ingraham's here. so i saw somebody this weekend last night as a matter of fact she said, why do you call laura ingraham? like "the ingraham angle"? you purposefully mispronounce her name. >> laura: where have they been for the past 20 years?"? [laughs] that is all i can say. hannity, will you announce our -- >> sean: we got to make an announcement. can we make it now? >> laura: go ahead. >> sean: we were all together tonight, i got to see you and tucker, which is great, because i don't always get to see you guys. the next time we are together we will all come on the show and have a little powwow. >> laura: a little bit. there is a tennis charity tennis tournament that we will do. >> sean: i haven't picked up a tennis racket in years. i