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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 31, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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thanks for joining us. good to have secretary kirstjen nielsen on the show. we'll have more on breaking news about facebook and the russians possibly involved in our elections. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast and 2:00 p.m. in central iowa where a college student vanished nearly two weeks ago. investigators just released an update on the search and the effort to break molly tibbets home. plus, you can be a convicted killer or mentally ill, you can be a spouse-beating alcoholic or domestic terrorist and you can have an untraceable gun. starting tomorrow, free blueprints go online. ahead, the last-minute fight over ghost guns. let's get to it. the first trial in the special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation is now underway. the fate of president trump's
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former campaign chair, paul manafort will be up to a jury. he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. paul manafort faces break fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy and pleaded not guilty. the charges are connected to lobbying his dead. mueller is looking for russian election meddling and possible collusion with the trump campaign. president trump says there was no collusion. peter doocy live outside d.c. hi, peter. >> shep, there's quite a few cameras and reporters scattered outside of the courtroom. the judge-selected jury of six men and six women have been told not to read anything, watch anything about this case and not to do research on the lawyers that they heard from or about the judge. the jury was selected very quickly. they were seated before lunch. that is in part because the judge kept urging attorneys for
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the government and for manafort to keep things moving along. they did. that is the same judge that challenged the special counsel's office and accused them of just trying to use charges of financial crimes to squeeze manafort in giving them information that they could use against president trump. the trial proceeded anyway and the former trump campaign manager that was a wakened by an fbi agent performing a no-knock raid is being confronted with evidence that he hit $60 million from the irs which he received consulting ukrainian politicians. the charges are for falsifying income tax returns, bank fraud and failing to file reports. if convicted, manafort could face 305 years in jail. there's sentencing guidelines for federal cases like that that would suggest that the judge would probably give him something less than that, shep. >> shepard: what is the next step in this trial, peter? >> any minute, shep, we expect
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the jury, six men and six women to be given instructions about how to proceed and then possible that sometime late this afternoon we could start to hear opening statements. once those opening statements start, don't expect to get a lot of information out there or don't expect the attorneys and prosecutors to be talking about manafort's role with the trump campaign. seems like the government is laser focused in their case on manafort's work as a lobbyist and a consultant for those ukrainian politicians that had russian ties. we do not expect to hear them casting hims as a gop operative to help the gop candidate for back in 2016. >> shepard: peter doocy, thanks. well-staffed inside as well. should there be developments, we'll give them to you. first, the fight on ghost guns. untraceable numbers that you can
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create from scratch at home. a company releasing blueprints that will let you use a 3-d printer to build handgun or an ar-15. attorneys general from more than a half a dozen states have been racing to keep this from happening. those the tooth taste may be out of the tube. the company already posted blueprints that people have downloaded thousands of times. if you haven't been following this, the texas company defense distributed has spent five years in a court fight pushing for the right to release digital gun blueprints. the feds had argued the blueprint violated export laws since people outside the united states could not use them or could use them. defense distributor claims this as a first amendment issue. in june, the company reached a
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settlement with the state department. one that would let them post the blueprints beginning tomorrow. it appears some of the blueprints have gotten out early. the attorneys general are suing the trump administration in an effort to keep the instructions off line. they argue it's a national security risk. since terrorists, criminals and others that wouldn't typically pass a background check can get we pops. the headline here, untrackable, untraceable, homemade guns available to everybody. anita vogel with the rest of the story. she's live with us this afternoon. anita? >> hi, shepard. this is causing a lot of fear, anger around concern for those reasons that you stated. nowadays, you can make almost anything with a 3-d printer. they're used in the medical industry and manufacturing. starting tomorrow, you can download blueprints to make a gun out of plastic a gun nobody can keep track of or identify. eight states plus the district of columbia are suing the state department for settling with the
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company, defense distributed, that just kept pushing to publish the plans. >> you know, honestly for god's sakes, when it comes to something as basic as public safety, our state department is saying hey, this is a give-away for terrorists. >> this didn't happen by accident. the trump administration pushed by the gun activists did this. >> because the state department is charged with regulating sale of firearms outside the u.s., it was the agency that blocked defense distributed when they wanted to publish the gun drawings in 2013. then in 2015, the company sued the state department. the owner, cody wilson, claiming his free speech rights were being violated. just last month, the state department settled the suit saying certain firearms are already widely available for commercial use. lawyers for cody wilson say the
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law is on his side. >> the government doesn't have the power to tell people that they can't post information on the internet. also stay law is trumped by federal law. the u.s. state department gave a license to file online. this is an unconstitutional act in every respect. >> defense distributing vowed as of august 1, team, the age of downloadable guns formally begins. the reality is, shepard, a lot of the plans are already out there. if you knew where to look online, you can find them. the cost of a basic 3-d printer is a few hundred dollars for a basic one. in some cases, of course, that's cheaper than a gun. shepard, back to you. >> thanks, anita. i want to show you the pictures that we showed during that live shot. this is video of one of these plastic guns not operating as it's supposed to. they did a number of tests on
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them. some worked as described, they fire a bullet, but they do have one metal pin in them. this is a case during the testing repeatedly one of these kinds of guns exploded when the firing pin went off. that's not what's supposed to happen but that is a danger. let's bring in jeffery cramer, assistant u.s. attorney. managing director at the berkeley research group. what is your take on this? >> it's an interesting legal argument. mr. wilson is fighting this on freedom of speech, not second amendment grounds. it's up to the seattle court to file suit to stop this sometime tonight before it gets disseminated. once that happens, the legal argument is moot. >> shepard: i don't get it. it's out there. it's not as if this is a see celt and a well-guarded one.
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it's almost as if this has already happened. >> it's happened to a small degree. about 2,500, my understanding, files have been out there. as was indicated before, if you knew where to look, you could find it. the argument from the attorney general, is let's not make it easy for people. it's going to get widely disseminated tomorrow if nothing happens. >> shepard: and the argument for keeping them from the internet is being -- the person doing the suing is saying, this is freedom of speech. you can't restrict my speech in this way. is there precedent for such a thing? >> you know, it's not a bad argument. the problem is the implications from that. >> shepard: i know. what about precedent? >> there's two cases in the past. one in the late 70s where a gentleman was publishing information how to make a hydrogen bomb. turns out that information was already out there and he just
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gathered it. that case went away. the second one in the early 80s, a gentleman pun established a manual how to be a hitman, which is interesting until something used a triple murder using that as a guide. there's a couple instances of this, but nothing like this since the proliferation of the internet. >> shepard: why do you think this late push? it's not as if people didn't know it was coming. now there's this last-moment effort. >> there was a suit brought in state court in texas to try to stop him a little while ago. the state judge dismissed it on procedural grounds. you're right, it's a rush to the courthouse when they could have done this last week or several weeks ago. >> jeffery, thanks. i appreciate it. i'd be interested to know your thoughts on this. a gun that you can make at home that cannot be traced and that
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can get through airport detectors. should this man be allowed to print the information so anybody can do it with a 3-d printer or should it be restricted? your thoughts. facebook taking down more than two dozen accounts that could be part of russian efforts to interfere in our democracy. this is new today and developing. the homeland security secretary reacting right here on fox news channel. we're also hearing from lawmakers just months before the mid-terms. the ramifications of this coming up from the fox news deck on tuesday afternoon. allergies with sinus congestion and pressure? you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray relieves 6 symptoms... claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more.
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home instead senior care when you need personalized care in the comfort of home. >> shepard: big news from facebook. they reported efforts of the russians to meddle in the mid-term elections. facebook has said they have taken down 32 pages from facebook and instagram. officials say they don't know for sure who was behind them but they say there's some links between the accounts they just removed and the accounts connected to russia's internet research agency. a grand jury indicted them as part of the special counsel's election interference. fox news has a partnership to deliver news on facebook watch. fox news is responsible for its production. mike emanuel is live on capitol
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hill. mike? >> shep, good afternoon. facebook officials say these accounts were engaged in a sophisticated political campaign. facebook officials note the efforts are getting more sophisticated all the time. >> we have always known and everyone that works in security that security is an arms race. we're glad that we found this. we always know that our adversaries get better and we have to get better. we have to find things and share information as we're doing today. >> a short time ago, the secretary of homeland security gave the social media giant some credit. >> facebook has taken it very seriously. they should be commended for what they did today. the threat is very real. americans need to know that. the russias or whoever it is in this case, they're tempting to manipulate us. >> facebook took its share of lumps here on capitol hill after
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the 2016 campaign. we're 14 weeks out from the 2018 mid-terms. a lot of concern about those upcoming elections, shep. >> shepard: are people on capitol hill, elected representatives of the impression here that it's believed these are russians? sounds like there's a lot of ties, whether they say the word or not. >> that's correct. we've heard a number of lawmakers say russia, some the kremlin. richard burr saying "the goal of these operations is to sow discord, distrust and a division and an tempt to undermine our political system. the russians want a weak america." that is from the senate intelligence chairman. the top democrat is blaming the trump administration and giving the company some credit. >> i salute facebook for doing what they did and finding the 31 attempts by what looks like a russian, not certain, but what looks like a russian agency
12:17 pm
trying to manipulate our elections. second, the administration is not doing close to enough. >> facebook describes this like an arms race with the security trying to keep up with the manipulators. some here on capitol hill are saying bottom line, washington and silicon valley must do more, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill. thank you. the supreme court justice anthony kennedy officially retires today leaving our nation's highest court with eight justices split between liberals and conservatives. justice kennedy has served since 1988. president reagan nominated him and was a crucial swing vote. justice kennedy sided with the liberals on marriage equality and sided with conservatives on gun rights and limiting campaign funds. his vote was key in settling the 2008 presidential race siding with president bush. and senate gop leaders say they
12:18 pm
hope to confirm brett kavanaugh before the new term starts in october. judge kavanaugh has been meeting with senators but not officially locked in enough votes for confirmation. police in iowa speaking just a few minutes ago about the search for a missing college students now missing almost two weeks. cops say the last time anybody saw her, she was out for a run. the latest on the search after this break. capital one and are giving venture cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. brrrr! i have the chills. because of all those miles? and because ice... is cold. what's in your wallet? we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you and because ice... >> tech: at safelite autoglass, to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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>> shepard: investigators say they followed up on more than o 200 leads looking for a college student that has been missing two weeks now. somebody saw molly tibbets while she was out for a run. so far no suspects. police have not been telling us a lot at all.
12:22 pm
here's what we do know. police say tibbets was staying at her boyfriend's house in brooklyn, iowa. they say she was dog-sitting while he was working at a construction job about 100 miles away. while they say somebody spotted her while she was out for a run, there's word that she might have actually gone back to the house. relatives say there's evidence on a laptop that she was doing homework that night. tibbets boyfriend, who you see here, claims she sent him a picture over snap chat that made her seem like she was at the house. the boyfriend got worried when she didn't show up for work. he texted her good morning but she didn't look at it. he says that's when he called her family and friends. her father told fax news that people should think up even if they think what they know is insignificant. >> there's somebody out there that knows something and
12:23 pm
reluctant to say something about someone that they know. they need to have the courage to come forward. if nobody has anything to hide, that i have nothing to fear. let law enforcement sort out what is right and what is wrong. have the courage to come forward and find molly. >> shepard: the dad also said you can't go anywhere in iowa without seeing pictures or posters of his daughter. matt finn is left in the midwest newsroom. matt? >> this afternoon's press conference was anticipated. we thought it might answer some of the obvious questions remaining in this mystery. investigators revealing they're not revealing any information to the public because it could compromise the integrity of the investigation. there's not been no suspects and no timeline. investigators tell fox news that they're a timeline that they're confident with but not releasing
12:24 pm
to it the public. this afternoon some of the questions remaining are who molly tibbets had a cell phone on her the day she went missing. she's described as an avid runner that had her fit bit on her, the health tracking device that could give police critical information. we wonder if police have extracted any information from that fit bit. police have not indicated if she ever made it back to her boyfriend's husband, which is a big question here. did she return to the house? if she did, were there signs for a struggle or forced entry? we wonder about the scope and direction of the investigation. has it sped from this small town of brooklyn, iowa. >> shepard: most of what we've heard is the family and molly's boyfriend? >> pretty much. a member of molly's family told a local news station that investigators believe her laptop
12:25 pm
indicated that she made to it her boyfriend's house and she used it for homework. the boyfriend said he received a snap chat message on his phone from molly the night she went missing. he believes that that snapshot message was taken inside of his house. one of the questions is whether the investigation is entirely focused on the house where she was abducted or was she taken out on the streets during the run july 18. >> shepard: ahead, new information about president trump's chief of staff, john kelly and how long he may be sticking around. and the search for a guy caught on camera apparently trying to set fire to a gas station. that's next. you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident - no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident.
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12:28 pm
look at this. this is staten island. surveillance video shows the suspect splashing gasoline around the pump, lighting a piece of paper on fire and throwing it down there. the gas station sprinklers, as you can see, came on and put this thing out. nobody died, a bystander was hurt. cops in south florida have saved a kitten stuck under the hood of a car. >> we got him! >> oh, my god! that's awesome! >> shepard: lots of new fans. miami-dade police say operation kitten rescue was a purrfect success. lucky has a new home. hopefully this time with air conditioning. gimme two minutes. and i'll tell you some important things to know about medicare. first, it doesn't pay for everything. say this pizza... [mmm pizza...] is your part b medical expenses. this much - about 80 percent... medicare will pay for. what's left... this slice here... well...
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12:31 pm
air force one and taking that to tampa where he's go to be campaigning for the republican congressman ron desantis, a governor's race down there. ron desantis is running neck and neck next to -- running almost as president trump in florida and his numbers since the president endorsed him are way up. so the president will get off marine one presently, sometimes he gives a wave and heads down to tampa. there's a big rally tonight. another one of those make america great rallies. that's tonight in the tampa area as well. so campaigning for ron desantis and holding a rally down there. i don't know. i thought he would wait for him to come off the chopper there, if he's so inclined. this is a full media trip, so our white house folksilill be down there with him tonight for the rally. he's coming home after, i was
12:32 pm
told, and then regular business marine one, the president will get off there at some point. we'll show you that when it happens. president trump sending mixed signals if he shuts down the government if he doesn't get funding for the border wall. there he is saluting. he's tweeted -- there's no way the democrats will allow it to be fixed without a government shut down. border security is national security and national security is a long-term viability of our country. he goes, a government shut down is a very rare, small price to pay for safe and prosperous mesh. as if shutting down the government will make america safe and prosperous. laughable. anyway, he says he's -- president trump said he's open to negotiating and behind closed
12:33 pm
doors, he apparently already reached an agreement with gop leaders. the president gets on air force one. john roberts is back in the yard, it's my understanding. what is the deal here? we going to have a government shut down or is it depends on you're talking about, shep. we should point out, too, as the president left the south lawn and we were out there to watch his departure, he had no comment for the cameras. we were unable to ask him questions about the shut down. the president has threatened to shut down before and the last time it shut down in january over the so-called dreamer's issue, it was the democrats that took most of the blame for it, so the president thinks maybe he's got the political background here. there's a lot of concern from republicans in congress, most of whom are up for re-election that shutting down the government over broader immigration reform and wall funding could have a backlash against republican
12:34 pm
candidates just before the mid-term elections. i'm told by sources on capitol hill that there was a meeting last week between the president, paul ryan and mitch mcconnell in which it was agreed that a number of spending bills would be passed by the beginning of the fiscal year, october 1, but that the homeland security funding bill, which includes money for border patrol, border security and the wall does not need to be one of those bills that is passed by the end of september, beginning of october, which means in translation that it would be possible to push back a fight over immigration and wall funding until after the mid-term election on november 6. so when the idea of a governmen shut down, may in fact be that he's not talking about prior to the election. he's talking about after the election when a real battle over immigration reform and wall
12:35 pm
funding and other border security could occur. shep? >> shepard: we've been hearing and everybody is reporting, john kelly, the chief of staff on his last leg, soon to go. now there's new word. >> yeah, he's dead, he's out. the president doesn't like him anymore. the two are at odds. that was yesterday. the one-year anniversary was met with a glorious tweet from the president saying congratulations on your year anniversary. the picture of the two of them beaming together and today we learned that the president said to john kelly, i want you by my side through the rest of my term, at least first term as the president would like it to be, 2020. john kelly accepted. so all of those stories about john kelly's demise, a little premature, shep. >> shepard: john roberts on the north lawn. thank you. wild fire alert. fire officials say there's 17 large wild fires burning across
12:36 pm
california and that this is shaping up to be the most destructive fire season on record there. a pair of wild fires in the northern part of the state threatening 10,000 homes today. record-breaking heat has left the land very dry creating what firefighters are calling perfect wild fire conditions. more images this afternoon. it's towering flames. here a firefighter monitors a building to make sure that the flames don't spread. this is lake port, california, which is 80 miles or so north and west of sacramento. nearby, a home burns in the up to of findley. this is one of those air tankers dropping fire retardant. this is a picture of some destruction from a deadly fire in redding, california. more than 800 homes destroyed there. jeff paul is live in redding. jeff? >> yeah, shep. the fire in redding here, the carr fire continues to grow.
12:37 pm
it's 27% contained. now people are returning to their homes after they have been evacuated. unfortunately, this is what people are pulling into their driveway to find. you can see that car burned down to metal. a few other houses, the front of the homes left behind that. a total loss. as you take a look out here, this just gives you a guide idea of how much devastation is out here. one of the things that we're finding interesting as we pan over, you'll have rows and rows of homes that are fun. then walk a few feet across the way and you'll see several other homes are perfectly fine. seemingly untouched. that's what firefighters makes this fire so hard to fight. it's very unpredictable and they don't know where it's going next. shep, one note, this particular fire, the seventh moth destructive fire in california history. >> shepard: and there's so many of them, jeff. >> yeah, i think about 15 to 17 major wild fires burning in the
12:38 pm
state of california. the ones that seem to be getting the most attention are a fair of fires burning north of san francisco. that's the mendocino complex fires. those fires, not much containment on them right now. forcing 10,000 people outside of their homes and firefighters say they're worried that if they don't stop this fire soon, that it could start encroaching on nearby towns. >> the fire behavior we've seen and the burn rates we've seen and how quickly it moves, that's why we're taking this seriously and require the evacuations to continue. >> in total we're learning from cal fire, more than a quarter of a million acres of land have burned. >> shepard: jeff paul, thanks. the weather making it challenging for the firefighters. meteorologist adam klotz is live in the extreme weather center. adam? >> extremely challenging. the western half of the country,
12:39 pm
there's 88 fires of 100 acres or greater. the graphic goes up. we're continuing to see more and more fire activity. spots where there's elevated fire danger, this is running into northern nevada, running to the pacific northwest. you're talking about oregon, areas where the winds are high, the humidity is low and yes, these temperatures continue to be above the seasonal average. things are heating up and you're streaking across oregon, washington. we're talking about feels-like temperatures in someplaces that don't typically see this, running up to triple digits. that's the case today and will be the case the next couple days. your forecasted highs for today, you're looking at spots getting close to 105 degrees. the feels like temperature is warmer than that. that continues down through california where they continue to battle the fires. also, it's only going to stay warm here the next couple days as you look at again
12:40 pm
temperatures in california. they're hovering in redding back up to 105 degrees, maybe cool ago little bit in the pacific northwest. the one thing you need is some rain. this is our forecast all the way into sunday. you see a little rain in the mountains. right along the west coast, california up in the pacific northwest, shepard, it's bone dry here through the weekend. >> shepard: not good. thanks, adam. fox news has confirmed new evidence does suggest kim jong-un is building up part of his arsenal instead of scaling it back. what about his promise to president trump? singapore? that's coming up. (man) managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority.
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12:44 pm
time and without preconditions. last month president trump became the first sitting u.s. president ever to meet with a leader of north korea. former president obama had a quick call with rouhani in 2013. it was the first time a u.s. president spoke with an iranian leader in 30 years. it happened as the nuclear deal talks were getting underway. president trump abandoned the deal earlier this year. there's signs now that north korea is indeed building new intercontinental ballistic missiles. that's according to a u.s. official that tells fox news it's business as usual and the regime's missile program appears to be moving forward instead of scaling back. last month, president trump claimed that north korea was no longer a nuclear threat after his summit with kim jong-un. that is patently false. "the washington post" first broke this news story. the newspaper reports that north korea is building the weapons at the same factory that that built weapons that are capable of
12:45 pm
striking the united states. the u.s. officials say the north koreans are planning on deceiving the united states about how many war heads and research facilities they even have while pretending to denuke. gordon chang is here, author of "nuclear show down, north korea takes on the world." when the president said north korea is no longer a threat, he was not telling the truth. now pompeo comes up and gives testimony and when asked about missile production, he dodged it. >> that was at the senate foreign relations committee last week. what is happening now, people in the intelligence community are going to the media and showing them the evidence that yes, north korea is continuing to produce missiles. what this means, shep -- the most important aspect of this story -- is that men and women in the intelligence community are not only putting their careers at risk and their freedom at risk by going and talking to the media. they want to sound the alarm. this is like paul revere. >> shepard: so president trump
12:46 pm
said the nuclear threat was over and had its meeting with kim jong-un. said they were going to denuclearize and work on the road to that. then they withhold information from the public about the real activities of north korea in an effort to deceive us? >> well, i think they're probably -- i wouldn't say they're -- >> shepard: trying to make president president trump said seem true? >> probably trying to create this good atmosphere for talks with kim jong-un. i don't think will work. the way that you get the north koreans to give up the weapons is to give them no chance. not win them over. that we have seen in administration after administration just doesn't work. the way you get the north koreans to do something is you force them to do it. >> shepard: they're expanding the missile production in the same place where they were making missiles, the icbms that could reach the united states in theory, right? >> yes. these are the ones that the north korean fired on november 29.
12:47 pm
certainly has the range to hit the united states on the east coast. so this is basically all the united states is now within range of north korea's missiles. we know they have nuclear warheads. we don't know if they can integrate them with the missiles. a lot of little tasks. but that would take a year to two years to master. so basically the north koreans can now hold us at risk. >> shepard: so what has changed since the summit? >> the only thing that could have changed is north korea's intentions. the intentions -- people said they made a strategic decision to give up their nukes. >> shepard: stop it. watch what they do, not what they say. >> right. we've seen ramping up production of material and -- >> shepard: doing the same thing they did before the meeting. before the meeting we've seen as death con 20 with the north koreans. everybody was worried somebody would happen.
12:48 pm
now they're acting like everything is fine. it's ridiculous. >> what the north koreans are doing is consistent with the fundamental assumption of trump's policy. that the north koreans have made a strategic decision to give up their weapons. they have not made that decision, shep and we can see it from what they've been doing, not what they're saying. >> shepard: it's interesting if anyone in this administration will admit it. if not, why won't they. >> what we're seeing, pompeo said yes, they're producing fissile material. you have the intelligence community leaking and the administration is no, sired to be candidate. when the intelligence community doesn't tell us, the administration isn't telling us. >> shepard: north korea is no longer a nuclear threat. a level of insanity we've never had. good to see you.
12:49 pm
thank you, gordon. harvard university is under fire for their admissions policy. now the rest of the ivy league is responding. an update on some elementary education. no cubes and cones and cylinders and pyramids. scientists say they discovered a new shape. that's coming up. come here, babe. ok. nasty nighttime heartburn? try new alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. ♪ oh, what a relief it is! ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving
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>> shepard: some of america's top colleges are coming to the defense of harvard university by encouraging a federal court to side with the ivy league school. here's the issue. in 2014, an anti affirmative action group sued harvard claiming their admissions process discriminates against asian americans. harvard denies the accusation. the university and 16 other
12:53 pm
highly ranked colleges argue that race should not be excluded from the admissions process because it's important to have a diverse student body. jonathan hunt has this. hello, jonathan. >> hey, shep. the universities argue this is a first amendment issue. their admissions decisions are protects because they are "essentially educational judgments." they say the universities have to be allowed to exercise their judgment and use their expertise on how to set criteria for student admissions and how to encourage the kind of diversity that they believe will best enhance their institution and help students to have a rounded experience. now in the brief filed by all of the ivy league colleges along with others including george washington, johns hopkins and stanford, the schools write it would be an extraordinairy infringement to decree that universities of higher education cannot consider race at all in seeking to obtain that
12:54 pm
diversity. what this boils down to, shep, the argument that nobody should tell harvard to whom they may offer places and how to decide the makeup of the student's body. >> shepard: where are the critics on this, jonathan? >> simply put, they argue that race should play no part in any admission's decision. a group call the national association of scholars has filed a brief supporting the original 2014 complaint by students for fair admissions. in the new brief, the nas argues students shouldn't be admitted to college on the basis of academic achievement and racial identity should play no role. the brief says judgment of character may be appropriate but the nas accused harvard of using that judgment as subterfuge to discriminate against asian americans saying --
12:55 pm
>> this could end up at the supreme court. affirmative action cases have been heard by the court six times since 1978. the most recent, the court upheu upaffirmative action. shep? >> shepard: thanks. scientists discovered a new shape and it's a bit more complex than circles and squares. lillian has the details. i don't understand how in 2018 they discover a new shape. >> until this week, mathematicians had never conceived of the scutoid. this is a picture of two of them. >> a scutoid? >> a scutoid. yes. this is a picture that shows each one individually. it's like if you had a prism, like maybe a pentagon and you took a chunk out of the side of
12:56 pm
it. our amazing graphics department has created it. it is found all over nature. it's in the cells on your skin and it's all through other an ma'ams and -- so it's everywhere. the internet has the best response to it. >> shepard: always. >> i'm so glad i'm done with high school. imagine having to find the area and volume of a scutoid. >> shepard: that would be hard. >> it would be hard. >> shepard: how did they name it? >> the scutellum is on a beetle -- >> shepard: you dropping knowledge. >> that's where they get the name for it. >> shepard: scutoid? >> yeah. scooby doo. >> shepard: is this the last shape or more? >> they found one in 2014. looks like a slinky. >> shepard: okay. >> little kinks in it. i don't know what constitutes a shape like a blob.
12:57 pm
>> shepard: i think they're bored in science. >> thank you. >> shepard: that's about it. we'll be doing facebook watch in just a moment. be streaming live on facebook. "your world" with neil cavuto after a commercial. dinner for ten. ♪ the beat goes on. it looks like jonathan on a date with his wife. ♪ la-di-la-di. entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps your heart... so you can keep on doing what you love. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. it helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium.
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>> president trump is heading to florida for a rally as we speak. the crowds are gathering in tampa to hear the speech. it's happening in three hours from now. welcome, everyone. i'm trish regan in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." the president will be headlining a rally for his preferred candidate for governor, congressman ron desantis. with the threat of a government shut down over immigration ongoing and a trade fight still percolating, are the rallies helping or hurting? the president says he will campaign six day as week for the gop candidates. phil keating is in tampa where it's happening. hi, phil. >>