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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 31, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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nd balanced. we are not the destroy-trump-media. thank god. thank you for being with us. thank you for making this number one again this past month. we can't do it without you. let not your heart be troubled. she is still in new york! why didn't you tell us we were in new york? you would've put us all make me on the show! >> laura: you never invite me anymore. >> sean: you just lied to america. you are fake news. >> laura: i am loathe to complement you because everybody else does. but that interview you just did wasn't so inspiring. i am so glad you tracked her down, a story of redemption. we all need to read those. everybody makes mistakes in their lives. >> sean: especially in this industry, seriously, a grandmother? one-time offense? life? are you out of your mind? >> laura: there are a lot of people in prison. >> sean: we should fix that. >> laura: we have to give them second chances.
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you really illustrated that. thank you so much, sean prides me to have a great show. >> laura: good evening. i'm laura ingraham, this is a "the ingraham angle" come alive in from new york saturday. we have a fantastic show for you this evening. the powerful force in the midterms, bob mueller or the economy? two top posters join us with information you want to get anywhere else. i house candidate -- check this out -- it happened last night at midnight that i got word of this. called first lady melania trump a name so repulsive, vile, that house majority leader kevin mccarthy wants him banned from twitter. leader mccarthy will speak with us exclusively tonight about that and a lot of other topics. plus, why is one of the nfl's most prominent owners is suddenly going silent about the national anthem protest? he's being charged. raymond arroyo will be looking for answers in a special tuesday appearance on the show. but first, how to win the
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midterms. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." now you probably heard this, traditionally, parties in power loses seats in the midterm elections. according to the latest quinnipiac poll, there are some troubling signs for republicans. but all is not lost. check this out. you have to understand what is at stake, among independents, a group that trump won by four points, republicans face a 17-point deficit as of now versus the democrats. among white women, a group trump won by nine points in 2016, they are now preferring democratic candidates by a 14-point margin. among voters, 65 and older, they prefer dems by a 14-point margin. look, there is no doubt that the left is energized and they are craving for power. but if the democratic party gains majority, either house of congress, they will try to
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reverse all of trump's progress, and destroy one incredible economic recovery. industries will be decimated. jobs will be lost. of course, the other obvious danger, should the democrats won, and house majority, well, what will that be? that sounds a little bit like this. >> i rise today, mr. speaker, to call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america. >> i would support impeachment. i think that we have the grounds to do it. >> let's impeach 45! [cheers and applause] impeach 45! >> laura: somehow tell her that a crime. do we want the rose gallery running the government, controlling federal spending? 's dying stymieing the president at every
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turn? let's remember, should nancy pelosi repossess the speaker's gavel, you can bet that she will mier the country in endless investigations of the trump administration, and plunge us into a daily impeachment drama. no doubt about it. tonight, i have four recommendations to keep all of this from happening. number one: the republicans should be out, day in and day out, selling the trump economy. go across your districts and remind people that for his administration, its promises made, promises kept. the republican congress helped him along the way. the president promise peace and prosperity and that is what he delivered. he promised to hold china accountable, make nato countries pay their fair share. renegotiate nafta. and that is what he is doing. republicans promised to cut taxes and rollback onerous job killing regulations. and they did that, too.
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now this is why the democrats keep talking about other issues, talking about things like mueller or michael cohen, michael avenatti, stormy. by the democrats do that? because they have zero answers. to trump's success. they have no alternative except to go to the tangential, unimportant issues. now the president, because he gets out or tell a story, he understands the value of touting the economy as he did tonight in florida. >> we are setting records like never before, since the election, we have added 3.7 million new jobs. we are in the longest positive job growth streak in history. the african-american unemployment rate has reached the lowest level in history! history! sorry about this, women. but the unemployment rate has
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reached the lowest level in over 65 years. it will be history. >> laura: it was great. i think about a lot of things, i think about old flashbacks, but it really makes me smile, given everything that has happened on the economic front, to look back on what barack obama said about trump back in 2016. do any of you recall this? >> when somebody says, like the person you just mentioned, who i'm not going to advertise for, that he is going to bring all these jobs back, well, how exactly is he going to do that? he just says, i will negotiate a better deal. how? how exactly are you going to negotiate that? what magic wand do you have and usually, the answer is, he doesn't have an answer. >> laura: okay. well, he's got something. i don't offense his magic wand. maybe it is great politics. its face it, do two trump
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agenda, we have record low unemployment and the best job market in decades. by the way, we have 375,000 manufacturing jobs that did come back to the united states, president obama. according to marketwatch today, wage and benefits are rising at the fastest pace in the decade. the employment cost index rose .6 percent in the second quarter, a tick below the market watch asked a man of 7.4%. more important, the cost of worker compensation, pay and benefits, edged up 2.6 percent to reach the biggest gain since mid-2008. in other words, workers are making out better. you bet. the argument for every republican candidate go something like this. if you want to get this economy going, if you want to keep this job market thriving, see your investment accounts growing, vote republican. number two, a way to avoid impeachment, keep the midterm
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elections and republicans grip? educate voters on what the democrats have become. the democrats, let's face it, have gone totally nuts. then i want to abolish i.c.e. they believe people should not be able to use things like normal gender pronouns, that is offensive to democrats. they prefer that i guess we go to war with russia rather than supporting trump's diplomatic overtures to russia. they want to sanctuary cities from sea to shining sea. one guy even wrote a column, a democrat, about how we should have no borders at all. at least they are honest. they have a world where where illegal immigrants are protected while our citizens become an afterthought. so on the campaign trail, emphasize how the democrats are on the margins. they are the fringe. they are the radicals. they threaten individual libert liberty. this is the party now of regulation and speech codes. it's a party that is intolerant of any view but their own. they want to turn our entire
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country into, like, one big college campus, where every expression is controlled by the them. number three: argue that a life democrat congressional rule is merely going to be the nation will be logged into two years of relitigating the 2016 election. in other words, any real hope of solving our immigration, our spending, entitlement, our infrastructure problems -- it is all going to have periods. with this economy roaring, right now, we will can focus on those things, because of trump and his big victory, we are finally out of the post-9/11 crisis mentality. remember, it wasn't so long ago that we were either mired in the middle east or dealing with fallout from the housing bubble, the financial crisis, or essentially just allowing china to dominate us with impunity. but thanks to trump, we can now,
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as a nation, have a real conversation, and debate would be nice, about the role that the united states will play in a world where the limits of globalization have frankly become pretty obvious. but let's not forget, the democrats are loathe to even begin considering that. they don't want to debate. if they want to personalize, demonize, isolate trump from his base. the fourth way to win in the midterms and avoid impeachment: be happy warriors! have fun on the campaign trail. it is a great time to be an american. i can think of a better time, frankly, in my lifetime, and this economy, then write an operator you kids out there watching, these are the good old days. because of the efforts of republicans and this white house, more americans will be able to pursue happiness. life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. sometimes we forget the latter part. people can realize their dreams.
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trump was having that fun tonight and telling those stories. >> i was shaking hands with policeman in new york city and the first one came up to me and said, mr. president, i want to thank you so much. i said, what did i do? he said, my 401(k) is up 44% and to my wife thinks i am for the first time a financial genius. she is giving him all the credi credit. she said, darling, i love you so much. and he said, yes, i am great financial wizard. >> laura: the audience is laughing and having fun. that is what politics is all about. making people's lives better. connecting with the electorate. personalizing the narrative. that is with the president did tonight. he is out explaining why his policies are working. highlighting the results and the benefits for particular reasons of the country. i hope he goes to places, by the way, that he lost in the general
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election, or the vote was kind of close. don't be deterred by the protesters or their resistance mentality from traveling to places like california, illinois, colorado, and go back to wisconsin, go to michigan. to win over independent voters, and even some democrats, the president and the republicans have to take the wind out of the resistance's sales. this is best done by focusing on your results and offering more solutions without the histrionics or the side issues that will just be used to caricature you later on. and finally, if the president wants to do something in congress before the midterms, hey, i would push for a middle-class tax cuts. i know they are considering another capital gains tax cut but how about another middle-class tax cuts? make what you already passed, and is working, permanent, and expand the cuts you have in place. that puts the democrats totally on the defensive and on the
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spot. that means they are going to have to vote against their own constituents' economic well-being. that's a great idea. on midterm strategy, there was something of the president said about his wall and the desire for the wall that caught my attention. >> we are going to have tremendous border security that will include the wall! we have started large portions of the wall but we are going to need even the way we negotiate, we are going to need more, we will get more, and we may have to do some pretty drastic things, but we are going to get it. >> laura: all right, well, i hope by drastic things, he's not referring to a government shutdown. and a lot of you conservatives are like, yeah, government shutdown. i get it. it's tantalizing. it's, like, the skeleton crew works the government and functions just fine for a time being and i might force congress to fund the wall before the midterms, although i'm not sure
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that would happen. as a political strategy -- i'm talking about winning at november to prevent the impeachment of this president --dash i think it is really risky. it's really risky. why is it really risky? because with suburban women, with the independent voters, that is not really where they are. results matter. making their lives better matters. and with the president on the wall 100%, but if you will takeg down the government, the time to do that, that was last march when the whole omnibus spending bill debate was going on. right? that was in the president had the good instinct, it was in the morning he voted on it, the good instinct to veto it. the republicans made him change his mind had not come he didn't veto it. that was a time to take the sand. now it is too close to the election, the midterm election. it would also convey a sense of chaos. that is not with those independent voters want to see.
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they want a happy warrior president. they want the economic success is touted. they want to know who the democrats really are. they wanted steady as she goes. mr. president, keep the focus on the economy, like you did tonight, and your party cannot lose. remind voters that without a g.o.p. congress, your booming economy isn't sure to unravel. and then when it does unravel, it is going to give way to daily impeachment warfare on capitol hill. as for you republicans, who still don't really fully embrace the president's record, i have to say this, frankly, you don't deserve to win. for the rest of you, make these midterms just the start of something phenomenal. and that "the angle." joining me now for reaction as john summers, a democrat and former communication director fy leader harry reid, and dan bongino, and every tv contributor and author of the forthcoming book, "spygate: the
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attempted sabotage of donald j. trump." great to see both of you. all right, john, take it away. where do you think i went wrong with my four steps to holding the house and senate and on boarding impeachment? speaker you had a lot of stuff in there. you also had some stuff that i don't disagree with. i think when we talk about with the president needs to do, first of all, he's got to improve his approval rating. they are abysmal right now. his approval ratings are currently lower than richard nixon's work at this point in his presidency. he's got to take some steps to improve his approval rating. i would love to see the happy warrior tweet overnight. it would be a welcome change, i think -- >> laura: he was having fun tonight, jon. did you watch the rally? that he was having a great time. >> he was having a great time in front of his base. but the base isn't what he's going to need to enact. it's great he's got i believe 88% approval rating among his base but that won't win over as you are saying, independence and other people.
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what he's got to do is go back, and republicans need to do this, and democrats need to do it, we all need to be focusing on the people who -- the hardworking families, who elected trump into office. a notice where he has lost sigh. one way he can do that is to provide farmers relief from this terrible trade war that he started. >> laura: terrible trade war that's working. >> republican members of congress are begging for relief. >> laura: of course they are. they are used to big money from big lobbying organizations that want to keep the globalist going. dan bongino. the end, you know the drill. these were some of their predictions for the november elections coming up that we've been hearing on tv from the usual suspects. let's watch. >> you see the makings of a democratic majority. figure the democrats have to win 21 seats to take control. i think it is a better than even chance at this point that it's going to happen. >> there is definitely a blue wave coming and we've got to get ready for it and stop lying to
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ourselves. >> you are plugged into a lot of republicans. were they releasing behind-the-scenes? speaker they are saying, get off the beach. >> laura: okay, dan. first of all, most of those people hate trim, were wrong about the election in 2016, but now they are giving out the advice. your reaction? >> laura, these are the same people who printed in "the washington post" that trump had approximately a 0% chance of winning. that was an actual headline. one of the bylines. why would you write something so absurd? he obviously didn't have a 0% chance of winning. he speaks more to your animosity toward the person then i does your political acumen. now i just want to address something john says. i am always kind of weirded out by this, when people say trump's should focus more on the middle class when he just was responsible largely for tax cut that has filtered down to the middle class and now we are seeing the numbers. i get this a lot when i debate with democrats. they try to prod you with
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emotion, but they lose all of the facts and data. we just had the employment cost index. 2.8%. barack obama hovered around 2.2 present this entire time! he's at 2.8! trump is only been in office two years! we've just seen an explosive growth, even an income tax revenue toward the government. we've seen 4.1% gdp! recovering from eight disastrous years of barack obama. i think the middle class gets donald trump and i think, jon, i respect your analysis, i think you are way off there. if anybody sent up with the middle class, it it is trump. it's bigger approval rating would be way higher. but it's not. the middle-class tax cuts that you are talking about, yeah, some of them do trickle down to the middle class mother majority of those tax cuts actually benefit -- >> laura: those of the people to take pay all the gases, jon. >> the billion-dollar tax cut is pushing for today for rich people. >> laura: for everyone who has
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investments. how many people are invested in the stock market? if you are smart, if you are interested in in the stock mar. it's important for the republicans to take the high road. i would go for a middle-class tax cuts. you agree with me, dan bongino? i would push even further for those families under $100,000 income with three or four kids. i would cut them further. let the democrats be told that. >> they would support the middle-class tax cut, not another tax cut that would -- >> laura: a win-won for the country. >> i would like to see a five or six percentage point cut in the metal brackets that would affect would affect middle-class married families, no doubt about it. notice that jon spins it again. they do this all the time. they say, it will trickle down to the middle class. no, the middle class got an actual tax cuts. i know if you are -- i don't know if you are unfamiliar with how the tax cut works. maybe you should take check the
7:21 pm
data. >> laura: we are out of time. i will say this. the president gets about 55% approval on the economy. we'll see. a lot more to get to. ron desantis up next. big rally tonight. what happened behind-the-scenes? will tell you. don't go away.
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>> laura: president trump headline a wild rally in tampa, florida, this evening. a lot of my friends were there. making a push for his agenda and throwing his support, full throated support, behind florida congressman ron desantis' gubernatorial bid. >> we are restoring american strength and american pride. this may be, in fact it probably is, the greatest movement in the history of our country. but you keep it going, we need to elect more republicans. we need more votes. and we need to elect ron desantis as your governor. >> laura: you wonder how you get chosen to sit behind the president? i want to know. [laughs] joining us now with more as congressman ron desantis. what an amazing night, congressman. i know you were on cloud nine because somehow, last month, when i was down there, you were down 15 points, and now you are
7:25 pm
up 12 points. again, poles can change. i'm not saying -- we are not getting too confident here. but that is like a 27-point spring. what could possibly account for that, congressman? >> look, we had the president has been behind me but was more public toward the end of june. we had a big debate on fox news, which showed the distinctions between the two candidates, which was very important, not just the fact that i am supported by president trump in my opponent was fighting trump during the election, but also on some of these substantive issues that you and i have discussed, things like e-verify, being tough on illegal immigration come a big distinction there. but tonight, i think was just taking it to another level. laura, that whole arena was filled with people. there were thousands of people waiting outside that couldn't get in. there was a lot of electricity. those folks are fired up, ready to go, and florida is going to -- i think we will do well in florida and the midterms this year. >> laura: a lot of people are
7:26 pm
talking about, because of the horrible natural disaster in puerto rico, and a lot of people are moving into florida from puerto rico, a horrible situation. they have failed to personally deal with registering to vote, some of them weren't, they were going to a registered democrat. do you have a strategy for dealing with that because i understand that the democrats are moving on that front? obviously moving past the primary. >> visiting congresswoman from puerto rico has endorsed me. she's a republican. jennifer gonzalez. she's a good friend. that community in central florida is receptive to pro-jobs, promote economic growth, pro-education message. so we can do it. governor rick scott, his approval rating amongst that community in central florida is, like, 70% because he's worked very hard. he managed the hurricane, aftermath as well, and the maria aftermath, when you had folks
7:27 pm
that were leaving part of regular come to florida. we need to compete everywhere. >> laura: you just came out with an ad that you are getting some flack for. a lot of us think it's pretty adorable. we have to play it. let's watch. >> ron loves playing with the kids. >> build the wall. >> he reads stories. it's bigger than mr. trump said, you're fired. i love that part for you >> he's teaching madison to talk. >> make america great again. >> people say ron is all trump but he is so much more. >> bigly. so good. >> laura: some people don't have any sense of humor. what is your reaction tonight to that ad? some people think it's kind of goofy. i have already endorsed you, full disclosure. i'd discourse to five years ago when you weren't announced yet. but what about that? >> the response has been overwhelmingly positive because in this business, you have to be able to take a step back, poke fun at yourself, have fun at this, and part of what makes me i think effective is that i have
7:28 pm
a wife that is my best friend and best supporter, we have a family, that is very important to both of us. we wanted to let voters know about that. we wanted to do it in a way that is not the typical cookie-cutter add to that no one pays attention to. so people who were getting upset about it, they have no sense of humor. i think that some people, it is just, like, the trump derangement syndrome, it sets in so much that they lose the ability to reason and have a laugh at some of the stuff. >> laura: first of all, i think your wife should run in the future. i'm already five steps ahead of you on that. >> she gave a heck of a speech tonight in the warm up, laura. >> laura: already heard about it. congressman, congrats. great night tonight. we really appreciate it. the final sprint to the midterms is on with 90 days to go -- can you believe it -- a critical question looms. how will bob mueller and the rush of probe impact voters, if at all? there is no sign of it wrapping up but will the surging economies sweep the investigation to the side of the ballot box? joining us now, the polling
7:29 pm
heroes. frank lance and doug schoen. great to be with you. doug schoen, your reaction, you heard "the angle" tonight, four pieces of advice as to how to avoid impeachment. >> as a democrat and a conservative centrist democrat, sort of where she would keep your opinions to yourself. the rant was exactly right. running on the economy, a middle-class tax cut, is the pro-growth message that the republicans need. if they get distracted shutting down the government over immigration, that is the stone cold loser. you asked about this benign investigation, trump's numbers have gone up, the republican numbers have gone up, as this investigation has carried on. i don't think that issue, frankly, is going to be relevant unless and until something demonstrative and definitive happens, which shows no signs of happening before the election.
7:30 pm
it could change. but as we sit here today, i think the democratic advantage has as much to do with 40 open republican seats, which are either open or retirements, than it does with any groundswell for the party. >> laura: frank? >> is a simple question. are you better off today than you were two years ago. so many americans are in the country is. >> laura: these independent suburban women, you talked about it, you put up the warning flag him i know it is easy for republicans to say, the pollsters were wrong last time, you can discount the pollsters. i think you do that at your own disadvantage this time around because the resistance is so powerful, they are mad that they were along last time i they want to prove themselves right this time. >> i agree with you 100%. the problem is some of the language is an effective way the words they are using on the way they presenting it doesn't work with women. there is a backlash because of exactly what you said. middle-class, low income, middle america women, republicans are
7:31 pm
to be much better job. one more thing. i actually think that it's not enough for them to say, you have 4.1% growth rate. nobody understands what that means. >> laura: personalize the story, correct? >> personalize it, and two years from now, the speaker nancy pelosi, i think they actually have to use her in the campaign. >> laura: you undo the gains that you made in the last two years. separate what you don't like about trump's tweets, undo it all. and then how are you doing? there is a new poll avenue, harris neil paul that came out just an hour ago or so, about mueller, going to your point. they believe the bias has spurred trump, the mueller, the way the fbi handled the investigation, and so that he demonstrates again that people don't think this process is fair. i don't think it ultimately has much of an impact in the november elections. >> i agree with you. i don't think it well. frank's point is an important one and one of the reasons why i think the democrats have a better than 50% chance to win the house.
7:32 pm
women, suburban, white voters, middle-class voters, on both coats are really reacting to th. >> laura: when they go to the country clubs, talking about suburban women, country clubs, to hang out, have coffee with their friends, is it that they are embarrassed, they feel embarrassed to say they support trump's results? they want to feel there is a way to support trump because he shows empathy or compassion on n issue? oh, he's good on this. how does he message them? >> you stay on the tax cuts, job report, everything that is economically based. on the end, that is what matters to more than them. some people will vote based on donald trump. this election, you won or lose based on whether they think they are income level will be better two years from now than it is today. >> laura: that story and the rally tonight, the 401(k), the firefighter. i want to do a whole hour with you guys.
7:33 pm
we'll get flack if we do that. thank you so much. the president using force to divide america. why is ruth bader ginsburg's groupies rejoicing? a lot more to get to. raymond arroyo next. if yor crohn's symptoms are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough, it may be time for a change. ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's.
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to soothe and moisturize a dry mouth. plus, it freshens breath. biotène. immediate and long lasting dry mouth symptom relief. >> laura: a supreme court justice refashioned into a pop culture superhero? well, a sports giant claims the president is dividing us. to explain further, in his special tuesday appearance -- what's going on? let's bring in fox news contributor, "new york times" best-selling author, raymond arroyo prayed over the weekend, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg said she would s, she chose five years. why five years on the high court? 85, 86? >> 85. i noticed something cultural is happening with ruth bader ginsburg. i am out of the children store, a bookstore, and i'm going through the rocks, they are not
7:36 pm
one, not two, not three, but four books about ruth bader ginsburg. i also noticed -- there are dolls. actual dolls. >> laura: dolls? >> and a new documentary that is called "rbg." here's the glimpse. >> i ask no favor for our sex. all i ask of the brethren is that they take their feet off of our next. >> we welcome today just as ruth bader ginsburg. >> to become such an icon. >> would you mind signing this? >> i'm 84 years old and everybody wants to take a picture with me. >> that is why you are rbg. >> when you come right down to it, the closest thing to a superhero i know. >> the closest thing to a
7:37 pm
superhero. gloria steinem -- sorry about that. that was truly a slip of the town. many on the left who were upset with ruth bader ginsburg, they that you should have retired when obama was still the president and now they say she is just holding on. i believe she is trying to give them a reason to rally during the midterms. now you have a reason to vote because ruth is going to hang on for another five more years. >> laura: i understand that people -- i saw this last night on twitter -- are offering up their organs, their internal organs, to keep her going. is that true? you see here with the barbells. >> the woman survived pancreatic cancer. >> laura: she's amazing. i actually have known her for almost 30 years. >> you will get another five years. >> laura: she's a delightful person. >> we will move on. basketball superstar lebron james just opened a brand-new, state-of-the-art school in his hometown of akron, ohio. during a media tour, he had this to say about the president. listen. >> this race thing has been
7:38 pm
taken over, and because -- i believe our president is trying to divide us. he's using sports to divide us. that is something i can't relate to. >> dividing us. look, he got to say right off the bat, lebron james, this is cool that he opened it akron is incredible. it's food, its stem and math, it is a fantastic school for at-risk kids. this comment, though, that the president is dividing people with sports, i think that goes too far. the president capitalized on what he saw and amplified it. >> laura: wise the president dividing people on sports? people kneel at the national anthem -- >> colin kaepernick did that. >> laura: the people in the stands reacted to that. trump spoke about it but the fans didn't like it. how was that the president -- look, when you are an athlete undo comment on politics, that is fine, you have every right to comment on politics, you are an american citizen.
7:39 pm
on i expect they're going to be half of the country that disagree with you. when you go to sport games, they just want to enjoy the sports rates because they want their movies, sports, films, free of politics. it should be uniting. lebron stands in stark contrast to this new dallas quarterback, dax prescott. he had this to say about the same controversy. watch this. >> i never protested during the anthem and i don't think it is a time where the writing to do so. the game of football has always brought me such a piece and it does the same for a lot of people. when you bring such controversy to the stadium, to the game, it takes away from the joy and the love that football brings a lot of people. >> the love and the peace that football brings. i think he is onto something. >> laura: i adore him. he's the new tim tebow. i love him. >> when i go to a game -- you just want to bond with one another and share with one another on. i don't want to think, he --
7:40 pm
>> laura: redskins, redskins, redskins. forget the saints. >> who dat? >> laura: another celebrity was speaking out about her trip last night, kim kardashian. listen to the way that she handled jimmy kimmel's comment. >> like nothing bad to say about the president. >> you still have people on the list. >> i don't have any -- >> laura: she probably has something good to say but she is a parade to because hollywood will descend on her. call or a hater, racist. >> the president commuted the sentence of the woman -- >> laura: hand he just had a fantastic interview. >> he released her. i think what you are hearing from a kardashians and kanye before her, it is the struggle to come to terms with being fair to the good things the president is doing while disagreeing in the areas where you think he's wrong. >> laura: everyone can disagree, let's just be a little
7:41 pm
bit more polite. >> aren't you kind and sweet in your? >> laura: good for lebron to open the school. and raymond, we'll see you tomorrow. we just want you to shine in this beautiful studio. >> it is a pretty studio. >> laura: a house candidate, by the way, hurling a horrible slur at melania trump, and house majority leader kevin mccarthy wants him banned from twitter. what is that all about? mccarthy joins us exclusively to talk about it next. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk?
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♪ >> laura: house majority leader kevin mccarthy is helping lead the charge against destructive behavior and language and social media. perhaps none more so than on twitter. case in point. this oregon house candidate, mark roberts, he calls himself an interdependent, he's facing backlash after this disgusting tweet directed at melania trump. "did you know the first lady works by the hour? "i'm not going to read the hashtags.
7:44 pm
can you imagine if someone said that about michelle obama, what they be doing tonight? now leader mccarthy is calling on twitter to suspend roberts. the congressman joins is now exclusively with more on that and other issues. congressman mccarthy, this is so low, but it's one of the many things the left has said about conservative women over the last few years that have gone on with impunity. no repercussions, no boycotts, they say it, they get away with it, and they are celebrated for it, congressman. >> exactly right. that is why he saying it. this is inappropriate on any platform to say about a first lady. this first lady, or any other first lady. and twitter is treating people much different way you look what they a a to conservatives. a shadow banned them. when you shadow banned them, everything you put up on twitter is invisible except you ourselves. you know what they did to the rnc chair, ronna mcdaniel? bate shadow banned her.
7:45 pm
congressman devin nunes, they shatter banned him him. they just said it was a -- an algorithm. there is not one of the 78 progressive liberal members who ever got shadow banned. going after conservative speech. >> laura: jack dorsey is a big liberal, who founded twitter. he's a big fan of barack obama. that is fine if he is a big liberal. >> he even apologized for eating at aaa. -- chick-fil-a. but here is an individual who said a speech, that in my belief, is hateful. it is not for long on that platform. he should suspend his account. he goes on to even speak more about the first lady, but he bans conservatives. >> laura: it wasn't -- he wasn't banned from twitter, correct? i learned about -- >> he got suspended. to be when i learned about this because i saw your retweet. not to get you into it. it was a response to something our friend charlie kirk of turning point usa had written.
7:46 pm
and this freak responds to his tweet and says the letter each word, i don't even know if that is paraded so stupid. something he would read or hear it some kind of lame, gross hip-hop thing. but if he said about michelle obama, what would be happening? >> this person would be shut down. they would be no opportunity for them to be on twitter again. listen to what he responded to charlie. charlie simply pointed out that our first lady is running a center lienor operation, where there are fewer people working there. he responds this way to her. but what goes farther, this is happening on social media in a lot of different places. remember what it googled her to the republicans in california a week before the primary. they said our philosophy was not nazism. remember what twitter continue
7:47 pm
to do were to republicans? shutter ban. this is got a step i go into the campaign. how many individuals are setting out there that want to have a communication or talk about a conservatives object get banned or their views are never being seen? but individuals can talk like this and they never got suspended? this is what is wrong. >> laura: the problem, congressman, when young people do basic searches for information, they do basic searches for "capitalism," "tax cuts," it is interesting to see what comes up on those searches. invariably, the most left wing, progressive, even socialist views, which are couched in the most beautiful terms, come up first. that is a problem when you have companies that get so big, their market cap is larger than most countries. and they have such an outside influence, it's a problem. >> is a major problem because we found facebook, prior to the last election, was suppressing conservative views that were go. it's exactly what you are
7:48 pm
talking about. they are only allowing other views to come forward. that is why they have to have a very clear policy, have to be held accountable. >> laura: is there anything you can do on the gretchen a level? >> we brought them in for a hearing. what i fundamentally believe is they have to stop the bias. ever since i came out with us, i have simply did a tweet, one time, of what i found has happen, stop the bias. it even happened to my own mice in the process. i was able to speak up for it. i am getting many people across the social media showing me what has happened to them. they don't have a voice. >> laura: code, we have to have the evidence. i did my opening "angle," congressman, on four ways to avoid impeachment and avoid losses on my terms. i focused on the economy, and the focus has to be on economic growth and how pelosi will reverse the gains that have been made. at the same time, there is concern that we will have a risk
7:49 pm
of the government shutdown. now president trump said at his rally tonight that he is considering "drastic measures" if necessary to get the funding for the wall. he campaigned on the wall and congress hasn't delivered on the wall that he campaigned on and i believe the american people want this enforcement done. what is your read on this? what a government shutdown hurt republican chances in november? >> i think timing is everything. if you shut down in the 30th and you've got 60 votes in a seven, the democrats would take advantage of that right before the election. let's be very clear, we have put money into the wall, we are currently building it, but we have to finish it. >> laura: $25 billion, congressman. >> we have a lot further to go operate in the house, it's not a problem. it's a senate and the rules of where we go. we have to pick the right timing. you are correct when it comes to the economy. think for one moment -- there's three entities you really want to watch and a selection. women, independence, and
7:50 pm
seniors. if you watch and you look at from all the democrat open seats, when it was a race between a woman versus a man, a woman won 78% of the time. what happens when this tax cut went through, 1 million new jobs. women in america, the unemployment for women, the lowest point it's been in 65 years. >> laura: congressman, don't women want things to calm down? women want things calm and peaceful, more happiness. i think trump has to be the happy warrior. he was happier warrior tonight. we want happy warrior trump. he is very charming -- i think it just makes people happy. we want that. do you agree with me on that or am i overstating it? >> i agree 100%. people rarely saw the president trump i always see. he is a happy warrior. he's a lot like when you watched ronald reagan, if you believe that his policies bring him more freedom, could liberty, you should be a happy conservative. >> laura: we know what happens if the democrats get control,
7:51 pm
it's going to be mired in investigation mania on capitol hill. it's all going to be undone. congressman, thank you for joining us exclusively tonight. we really appreciate it. up next, seven illegal mexican immigrants attempt a brazen robbery in texas but why do the local authorities not tell us about it initially? stay with us. including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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♪ >> laura: if viewer warning to all of our liberal viewers, you won't like the story because we have yet another example of crimes committed by illegal immigrants. brazen. this time is coming from the border town of mcallen texas. on saturday, masked men is termed a jewelry store in a botched robbery attempt. as you can see, the surveillance video, at least some of the men appeared to be armed. thankfully, authorities quickly took the man into custody. there were no injuries. according to customs and border protection, all seven of the suspects were in the country illegally. what a shocker. a fact that the local police neglected to disclose in their initial statement! joining me in every action, christopher comay spokesman for the national border patrol council. chris, i always find that it's like pulling teeth to get immigration status out of local authorities or reporters who are covering these stories. this was amazing. you have some background information in at least a few of
7:55 pm
these rappers. tell us. >> a couple of these individuals that a temper that robbery had been arrested in california in a smash and grab type operation, where i think ten people went into a store in the los angeles area and two of them ended up, t of the previous group. >> laura: chris, what i think american people get frustrated by is that these people coming to the country illegally, some of them get arrested for crimes, they do sometime, and then they are released into society because california is a sanctuary state. they are released into society, not related porta, some of them are both in and they come back over. they commit yet another crime. they do time here, we pay for three square meals a day, we pay for their incarceration, and then perhaps they'll be deported into mexico. how bad is it right now at the border and what in your mind has
7:56 pm
to be done immediately to stop this flow across the country? >> i think we need to be tougher on the prosecutions, tougher on the sentencings, and make it a real deterrent against coming over here. also we need more agents in the area, on the ground, however we managed to do that, it remains to be seen. but it needs to be done because right now, it is wide open out there. the american public deserves security along the border. >> laura: i have a friend of mine who actually used to work for me years ago, but he works in mcallen, texas, he loves the people of mcallen, but it is in some ways, it is the wild west, as a border town. is that accurate? >> it denies community, a great community. there are times when there is crime out here, there's a lot of home invasions usually, those are done -- those are within the drug community, guys fighting against each other. but it's just a matter of time before something breaks off. we have had cross-border
7:57 pm
violence for some time. unfortunately, the local authorities, whether it is the city or the county municipality, they don't want to admit that we are having over violence from mexico, and it is coming slowly but surely, increasingly has gotten worse, it's just that people are pretending it's not there. >> laura: the new president of mexico, it's not going to end. there is no more thruway from central america through mexico or mexico into united states. not going to happen anymore. chris, thank you for that insight. it's fascinating. we'll be right back. close at this hour. do not go anywhere. there. bold choice, charlie! just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go! try all of my chicken creations! chicken!
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so chances are, you've seen us around the house. or... around the yard. on the shelf... or even... out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us... and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years, we've been right by your side. advancing the health of the people, plants and pets you love. so, from all of us at bayer... thank you for trusting in us. then... and now. >> shannon: by the way, our earlier guest made the point about trump's approval rating, s so low. trump's approval rating is at about 48%. okay? obama had about 46 percent at the same time in his presidency. don't be making those points on the show. there he is. he just got off the plane.
8:00 pm
he had a raucous rally in florida talking about the economy, getting the troops all psyched up for the midterms, the gubernatorial race. focusing on the economy, mr. president, and it's all going to be coming up roses. that is all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the great "fox news @ night" team are up next. i'll be back in washington tomorrow. shannon? >> shannon: we look forward to your return. laura, thank you so much. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. before a rip-roaring crowd tonight, president trump painting a government shutdown of democrats don't give him the money for the border while he promised. the president saying, "we may have to do some pretty drastic things." breaking tonight, new developments in the robert mueller russia investigation. why would he refer cases involving high-profile democrats to federal prosecutors in new york? we'll ask former u.s. attorney andrew mccarthy, who used to work in that very new york office. plus, he weighs in on day one of the paul manafort trail. as the president ren


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