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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  August 3, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: i will see you at 7:00 p.m. when i fill in for my friend. here is dana. >> dana: fox news alert. paul manafort, calling his bookkeeper to testify, as they break down the numbers on years of tax returns for the former trump campaign chairman. hello, everyone, i am dana perino, and this is "the daily briefing" ." the first week of courtroom drama could wrap up with a bang if his former business partner, who is cooperating with the investigation takes the stand as a witness for the opposition. live in alexandria all week it, and what did the judges just told the courtroom? >> that the mueller team needs to start trying to prove that's paul manafort willingly broke
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the law, that he knew that he broke the law. the judge actually said while he was outside of the room that he thinks the government has already proven that paul manafort did in fact have foreign accounts. he thinks they have proven that paul manafort did sign tax returns with box tracks that said he did not have any foreign accounts, but the mueller's job now is to show that he knew that he was violating this. that is essentially what the defense team said on their opening statement on tuesday. he made some mistakes on his tax returns. so they think that a more appropriate way to adjudicate all of that is with an audit. >> dana: what kind of information did they gain from paul manafort's account this morning, if at all what he has said in the past? >> they are trying to zero in on some loans that they are paper trails four. the mueller team alleges that when he started hurting a few years ago, that companies would
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wire him loans. as the accountant explained this morning, you don't have to pay and do make income taxes on the kind of alone until it is forgiven. but as we learn from his bookkeeper yesterday, there were never any kind of payments on loans like that, so the government is alleging that these were income checks. essentially, it is his income disguised as taxes. and of the bookkeeper also testified that there were times when manafort had trouble paying his bills. this requires a lot of powerpoint slides, a lot of words. very complicated. takes a really long time, and the judge, it seems, grows not impatient, but he wants to make sure that the trial stays on track. he actually told the mueller team this morning, let's move it along. >> dana: all right, peter, thank you for that. let's bring in shelby holiday. she -- what else have we learned today? >> i think that they are sort of
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saying that he willingly broke the law because they are showing documents when they had his bookkeeper, she said it looks like the document, but it is totally different. they are starting to produce evidence that shows there was intent. they are climbing the financial mountain. it is very dense, and i have been hearing from court reporters that the government is trying to make this quick but also entertaining for the jurors. they want everyone to pay attention. they have demonstrated his wealth, they have demonstrated his greed, they have showed that he was in big financial trouble and 2016. but the big question here, and it won't be touched on because they say that they will not be getting into collision. how he tried to leverage his position as trumps campaign manager to convene with the russian oligarch here. >> dana: i think we have a graphic here that shows the reported income and the losses. it goes down.
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what the government is saying is that that is not really true. >> rights, and there is a lot of shuffling. so together, sort of shuffling the numbers, and when it was convenient, they reported income, and it didn't when it wasn't, he said he was making rental income on some of his properties. that was good because it could lessen his taxes, but when he wanted to get along, that wasn't the case anymore because he was able to get more money in loans with a private property instead of a rental. so he just short sort of shuffe numbers around a little bit. but it is a dense trial. there is a lot of paperwork. >> dana: another thing that was very intriguing that you tweeted earlier today. something regarding the russians or the oligarchs that you are not allowed to use. the oligarchs and manafort, what is that? >> i think it is very interesting. at two elements that will not be
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named. constantine is his long-term sidekick. he is also very close to russian intelligence. and the other is a man that manafort owed money to you, and during the campaign, he emailed him saying how can we use my position? so the question has always been how did he leverage his position in trumps campaign to financially benefit the russians in some sense? >> dana: and also remember that he volunteered to work on the campaign for free. >> you can see and also in some of these emails, the services that he was purchasing, he was having a hard time covering he is expensive. he waltzed onto the campaign, and he made it look like he was very well off. he lived in trump tower, he could afford to do this for free, so there are a lot of questions still regarding 2016. we may not get to those in this
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trial. >> dana: you were on yesterday, right after the administration put out all of its top files dealing with russian influence, trying to interfere. saying that this is ongoing, and it is pervasive. take a listen to what the nsa director, paul, said yesterday. >> i have complete confidence in the forces under my command. we will work in conjunction with other elements, making sure that we have full power of our nation, free of any foreign powers that attempt to metal. >> dana: what are you thinking that they took from that yesterday? >> i think that there are some mixed messages. it was a huge show of force to have all of them out in the press briefing room. president trump went on and said that this whole russia thing is a hoax, so the president has a lot of power to punish them when they do try to interfere in our
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election. sanctions is a great example, yet his actions have not always -- >> dana: so i think that may be in his mind, and it is not for us to interpret, but i'm assuming that he means that the mueller investigation, collusion, it sounds like if you are sophisticated, that it sounds like the whole thing is not true. >> and maybe it is intentional or unintentional, but if he refines his messaging and says that the collision has not been proven, then that could be a hoax. part of the reason, i don't think is that they have really been punished. it was pretty alarming that we know so many details of how they hacked different campaigns. that's may have been pretty eye-opening, but so far, they have not faced huge consequence consequences. donald trump says that he is tougher on russia than any other president, but -- >> dana: looking forward to next week. what do you expect from the trial on monday?
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>> i think intent will start to come out. he will be a very key witness. he will be the blockbuster witness. the government does intended to call him, and people familiar with his thinking. he always thought that manafort was a greedy person, and he started blaming all of the crimes on him, but now that manafort has gotten contentious and aggressive, and his defense is to blame him for everything, i think it will be pretty explosive. >> dana: i bet. i will have you back to talk about it. shelby holiday, thank you. fox news alert, overflowing from heavy rainfall in the lynchburg, virginia. but just announcing moments ago that the dam is stable. 6 inches of rain fell on thursday, filling college like beyond capacity. more than 100 homes downstream how to be evacuated. more rain is expected today. the national weather service says if the dam fails, floodwaters and the city could reach 17 feet deep and just
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7 minutes. las vegas police releasing the final report on the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. one stephen paddock open fire on a crowd of country music listeners, killing 50 people, and wounding 100s more. there was no second shooter. they also could not determine a motive for the mass murder. >> nothing from his doctor would indicate signs of a troubled mind, but no troubled behavior that would indicate a call to law enforcement. the totality of the information that has been gathered, we can only make an educated guess as to the motives of stephen paddock. >> dana: police and say that he spent nearly $95,000 on firearms and related purchases. manhunt calls to the mic comes to an end, the murder of a cardiologist who once a treated george w. bush, committed suicide after he was confronted by police.
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investigators say that joseph was spotted near a jewish center and was ordered to get out of his car but would not comply. that's when he turned the gun on his stomach himself. >> i am thankful that our community was her absolute greatest force. obviously, our detectives, our control officers did not rest. we did not rest until we had the suspect in custody. >> dana: he was found wearing a bulletproof vest and a backpack with a baseball cap. the political reports making a significant ratings change for the texas senate race. we are going to tell you what that is, plus the economy is firing on all cylinders. is this a winning message for the g.o.p. in november? >> our economy is soaring, our jobs are forming. factories are pouring back into our country. they are coming from all over the world.
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>> dana: fox news alert, the reports making a pretty big move in the texas senate race, shifting the race between democratic challenger and ted cruz from likely republican to lean republican. the editor of the halftime report. earlier this week, he said that texas is always fool's for democrats. ted cruz is going to win this going away, but why the change today? >> well, i think it is adorable that they did that. the power rankings moved that race two weeks ago. >> dana: yeah, a while ago. >> many moons ago. i think it's adorable that they are catching it now. >> dana: that is very unlike
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you. because they do great work it, i am just teasing. >> dana: they are just catching up to you. >> this is something we have known for a while. i think that ted cruz is numbers are artificially suppressed by the fact that there are a lot of conservatives, not even conservatives but trumps 3,000 maga people. i don't think that those are -- as you move into the midterms, there is some artificial suppression of his numbers, all of that having been said, you can't take anything away from his phenomenon. he is a natural politician, he is the antithesis of ted cruz. it ted cruz is a bad retail politician, who matches up on the issues for the electorate. he is a fantastic retail politician, and they are responding well to him. >> dana: we will look at that
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one. talking about the troubles facing the president. from their perspective, they have a low poll that says unfavorable views include temperament, 53% are happy ther there, and truthfulness, 47%. what do you make of this messaging from the democratic group that is saying he's got problems, and we are after him on that? >> this is on the heels of the same group were previously telling democrats don't get high on your own supply, okay. this is going to be a tougher year than you thought. now they are saying okay, here is where trump's vulnerabilities are. when it comes to what was a truthfulness and a dealings with russia, that is just a reflection of partisanship. but it is that first number that a significant, and that is where the republicans stand up to suffer badly. that is trump's exposure in 2020. we have never seen it get worse. republicans have never done
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worse with women throughout public polling. 760 or 70 years, it has never been this bad, and a lot of that has to do with the presence temperament, and a lot of it has to do with those things. house republicans want to benefit from him on the economy, on other issues. with male voters, but in swing districts, especially in suburbs, what you going to do? and that is of consequence. >> dana: "the wall street journal" editorial page, he wrote this. a message to republicans lost in the trumps fun house. run on something solid, run on something you understand. join yourself at the hip with the greatest accomplishments of donald trump's presidency. over and over, we see that some of the ads are not about the economy. is it hard because you don't drum up a lot of enthusiasm if you were just talking about the good news? you have to have the negativity to have people come out to vote? >> fear is a more powerful motivator.
11:18 am
if you tell them that the economy is good, they may not feel as terrified as you want them to be. they want to talk about impeachment, the national anthem, immigration, the wall. they want to talk about things that get a visceral response from voters. the democrats already have that. donald trump is that. >> dana: how are the democrats going to run against him on the economy? >> they are not. they are going to run against the president and his attitude and all of those things, and then what they're going to do is talk about health insurance, and how he fumbled the ball on the one-yard line, and they will keep revisiting that every day. and it is going to hurt them. >> dana: we don't have time to talk about it, but active blue, a democratic fund-raising effort, they have raised $1 billion. that's a lot of money. [laughs] >> even in new york it, that's a lot of money. >> chris, thank you. voters in kansas, michigan, and
11:19 am
missouri will head to the polls. there is even a special election for a house seat on the day. here it with a student to her, she was abducted it from the airport. we will tell you about the search. plus, presenting a united front on election meddling, but is the president undercutting their message? no matter who rides point,
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>> dana: fox news alert on a 12-year-old girl from china who was apparently abducted at reagan national airport in washington. she was in the united states with a student tour group. she excused herself to go to the bathroom after getting her passports. she met a woman, an asian woman and a black dress who helped her change clothes. they say that the two then got
11:23 am
into this a vehicle. it has new york license plates, they issued an amber alert warning. she is believed to be an extreme danger. >> all of the agencies have fostered it to identify threats of all kinds against the united states. the president has specifically directed us to make the matter of election meddling and securing our election process a top priority, and we have done that and are doing that and continue to do so. >> dana: that was director of national intelligence, dan cook speaking yesterday, presenting a united front with the heads of five departments, taking to the podium to confirm the united states commitment to combat election meddling. they all say that russia was behind interference in the 2016 election, and that they are attempting to do the same in a 2016 election. this is a bipartisan group of senators, imposing new sanctions
11:24 am
on russia in response to your joining me now is adam kissinge kissinger, member of the house foreign affairs committee. what do you make of the sanctions, and you think that they will be punishment enough for russia to stop this behavior? >> i'm not sure it is going to be punishment enough, but i think it is essential because basically what we want to show, basically any time vladimir putin decides to do something, he runs a cost benefit analysis. and the benefit that he sees in all of us, whether it is with us or any of our allies, trying to undermine democracy, so he is playing this long game. he wants people to not have faith in the voting system. if they do not have faith that their vote actually counts, that is the biggest thing to undermine this country. so every time we know that the russians are involved in any type of russian meddling, it is important to impose a strict sanctions on them because we want the cost up to out >> dana: there was the
11:25 am
conference, unprecedented, as far as i can see, especially in the last couple of years, but some of the media is a saying that yes the president will not say it himself, he will not be clean and clear about it. or do you think that that would make any difference if the president actually said it himself? >> i don't think it will make any difference with some members of the press. i think that he has said it, kind of wondered why he wasn't more clear in how he says it. but i think he has this feeling that there are people who are blaming the russians for his election, but if you actually look at what they did, you talk about the facebook ads, what they actually spent on it, there is no doubt that the russians did not elect president trump. he won on his message, but it behooves our country to be very clear about this, and yesterday was a great step up. i think the president has been clear about it, but he is definitely not going to satiate
11:26 am
some members of the press. >> dana: sometimes if you want the media to make a pivot, you have to hold them by the hand to get them to do it. i want to ask you about what is happening in turkey. our government is finally getting really tough on them. being held on house arrest. he said that he needs to come home, everyone being held by the turkish government. it is pretty straightforward. he is an innocent pastor, and they need to let him return to the united states. it sanctions, will that be effective with erdogan? >> they have taken a massive hit because of this, and i think that this is a great maneuver, both by them, and saying that they are not going to leave americans behind. this pastor is being held as a bargaining chip, and erdogan himself, he said democracy is like a streetcar. you write it until the stuff
11:27 am
that you want to get off on. and this is a fellow nato ally, calling them out before this behavior. they have been acting terribly both to us, and it is time to show some spine. i am very proud of the president for doing it. >> dana: all right, thank you. we have some good economic news out of the labor department. we will tell you about that. plus, tennessee voters setting the stage with yesterday's vote. we will tell you about the big winner. for senior care. with daily laundry service. a place with a day spa. a place where seniors get the care they need in the comfort of home. home instead senior care.
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>> dana: wall street reacting as new job numbers are released it today. 150,000 new jobs, continuing the streak of new jobs. falling slightly to 3.9%. the markets mostly up today. i am joined now by susan lee from fox business network. that was good news today for the economy. >> that's right. so a little bit less than what we expected for the month, but still pretty strong. upwards in a june and may of 59,000 as well, south we have had these jobs created in the last eight years, and on top of
11:32 am
that, i just went up. so these are going pretty well. >> dana: and that is what you would expect to happen, they think it should be going up faster? >> yes, nominal gdp, that is a technical term, only crossing 4% of just recently. a sense 2014. but we are not back to those days before the financial crisis where the economy is roaring ahead. >> dana: and something about how china is again threatening more tariffs on goods. >> they cannot match us dollar for dollar, since we don't export or import as many chinese goods. they say that they have the upper hand when it comes to china. where the u.s. depends on china. so yes, this is the way to go. but this is important. and a market cap. his view on tariffs, and by companies is that it shows up on
11:33 am
the consumers, and the result is hurting the american economy. >> dana: and to to do you buy that? >> idea, in the end. they have to make profits. so we end up paying more. >> dana: so how quickly might consume or steal >> i would say there is still a lifetime when people think about how much to raise prices, but companies are already cutting their spending. it has gone down for companies, not spending as much because they are concerned that they have to pay more tariffs and higher prices. >> dana: i always loved learning from you, susan. >> i appreciated. >> and the results are in. the republican candidate was chosen. chattanooga, a great place, by the way. any surprises last night? >> he will be the republican nominee for governor, he has really been an outsider, he took
11:34 am
a tractor to all 95 towns, and really of very message, good schools, he beat people like diane blackett, who was favored to win mike. had some endorsements from the vice president, spent a $12 million of her own money. >> my message is very simple. tennessee is a very good place to live. it is a very good place to work. it is a very good place to raise our family. but as good as tennessee is, it can be even better >> towards the end of the campaign, he was hit with attack ads, he did not respond in kind, he responded positively, and it worked for him. >> dana: and it seems like it turned out as expected, but can a democrat when back in?
11:35 am
>> very much as expected, and the democrats think that they have a chance this time. he is a popular moderate former governor. it has been 28 years, back to al gore in 1990. but they think they have a chance this time around. he will be facing marsha blackburn, she is an eight term congress woman, she backs in donald trump. he has been down here to campaign with her, he is likely to be down with her. could really decide control of the senate. back to you. >> dana: we will keep in touch with you. thank you, steve. the midterm election is coming closer, and it seems that the republicans are facing an uphill battle. technology and policy, and the founder. that is a lot of titles there, bruce. i am glad you are here. you have looked at this analysis, five of the last of six have been what you call -- people who are pros like you,
11:36 am
change elections. why is that? >> well, there are a lot of possibilities, but my best guess is the same reason that we saw brexit in the u.k. around the world, voters are afraid of the future, and they are not getting what they want, what they expect from sitting politicians, so they are voting for change, and the parties that are in are not delivering the same old policies, given that our economy has moved to a new place. >> dana: we talk a lot about politics on the stroke. what is the best case? why should they believe that they will be doing well? >> number one, two, and three a may be is economy. a lot of folks are forecasting great quarter three, with tariffs being the only dark aligning and the silver clouds there. terrific map for the republicans to defend and possibly grow in the senate, and while the house is going to be tough, there are
11:37 am
fewer toss-up seats than many other years. plus, the opposition. with some frequency, instead of talking about areas where they may be very successful like family separation, they go to abolish i.c.e. they tendency to overplay their hand is a hope for the republican party. >> dana: we have seen many people saying that they do believe that the democrats could at least win the house. what is the best message for democrats, and why do they think that they could win a question mark >> history is the number one thing. five out of the last six elections, they are doing great and all of the so-called wave indicators, that would historically indicate that we have a way of coming. so would you rather democrats or republicans control? they have got very high numbers, high single digits. >> dana: in fact, we have the generic ballot. put up here on the screen. and we will tell you everything about what will happen. we have seen double digit leads
11:38 am
by the democrats, but it has also come down to low single digits. and maybe that will be what it is. why do you think the democrats might actually do better in the senate than others? >> and doing our most recent analysis, i was pretty sure the senate was going to be bad news for the democrats, but when you go back and look at the last ten midterm elections, there were 333 senate contests. and what you found was the single best predictor if you are going to win is whether you are in a state, whether your party does not own the white house. so in this case, democrats, even if you are in a state the present one mica, the less a 23 elections that he won mike by less than ten, all 23 of the out party and come ben's won. even in states such as west virginia, let's say, 39 of 43 defending out parties won.
11:39 am
>> dana: i know that that analysis was picked up by a lot of people. it's a pride some folks. you have a note here about party unity. donald trump of being very high, i think that largely how to do with leadership. the country was at work, it was right after 9/11. it strums party, he can tweet if he wants to. why is that? >> we were a little surprised by that. each of the three functions in the republican parties, getting what they want, so even evangelical republicans are thrilled with brett kavanaugh. a traditional establishment republicans like myself were pleased with the first in the generation tax reform. and this kind of new wave of populist republicans.
11:40 am
they like the antielitist, anti-politically correct rhetoric. they are feeling vessels also. we are in an era of great tribalism. i don't mean good demott great and a good way, but we rally around our guys, and they rally. >> dana: you have some additional things that are really interesting. it demographics, that age and makeup of these parties, how it is changing. we would love to have you back. >> i appreciate the invitation. >> dana: at nasa is set to return to space. why the upcoming missions are a very big deal. plus, trump and the aclu squaring off again. why they are heading to court. sargento balanced breaks. find them in the sargento cheese section.
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>> we are waiting for a news can't, conference live at the top of the hour, where engineers
11:44 am
have been working to stabilize the dam, after heavy rain. the national weather service reports that if that dam fails, the surrounding area could be under 17 feet of water in 7 minutes. we will have the live updates as the stabilization process is underway now. we will hear from local officials at the top of the art. i am shepard smith reporting. >> dana: nasa announcing the first flight to using two different spacecraft, built by boeing and spacex. also a trip to the international space station. they have had to fly on russian rockets and sends it ended. both flights will take place next year. a new battle shaping up over immigration. of the trump administration and the aclu now at odds over who bears responsibility for finding parents who were deported after being separated from their children at the u.s.-mexico
11:45 am
border. now it is up to a federal judge to respond. live in los angeles. marianne. >> when it comes to getting the separated families back together, the trump administration is calling on the aclu to use its resources to help clean up the process, but the aclu wants just the opposit opposite. the aclu outlined its assertion that it is the government's responsibility to get hundreds of separated children back into the arms of their parents who came into the country illegally. they hope that the government will take significant and prompt steps to find the parents on their own. it now to this point, the aclu says its network of charity agencies might be helpful with the reunification if the government provided more information such as the parents phone number or addresses of any relatives where they are living inside or outside the u.s., whether they speak a foreign language, as well as any other information that might point to where a deported parent could be located.
11:46 am
at this point, the aclu says that the information provided by the government is either nonexistent or incomplete, which makes the process of facilitating those reunions more difficult. the trump administration putting the burden back on the aclu, pointing out that they have vast resources in countries like guatemala, el salvador, and honduras, to help with the tedious process of trying to reunite the families. meanwhile, they have started talks with foreign governments on how the administration may be able to assist with efforts, but they have sued on behalf of parents. getting families back to gather now expected to come down to a u.s. district judge, who has ordered 2500 children reunited with their loved ones. the conference call is scheduled for later today. dana. >> dana: thank you for the update. goats on the loose. where did they come from? next.
11:47 am
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>> dana: a neighborhood in boise, idaho, is again goat free, after more than 100 of them dissented on an area, munching the landscaping. it turns out that they long to a company called we rent goats. because the chances of wildfire spreading. they wandered away from a nearby job and took the company about an hour and a half to get all of the wayward goats rounded up. former ww ee wrestler glenn jacobs, better known by his ring name was elected last night. proceeding the democrats after
11:51 am
winning by just a 23 votes back in may. congratulations to him. a new link discovered between drinking and a dementia. it turns out light drinking may help prevent the symptoms of brain disease, while drinking no alcohol at all is just as bad as drinking too much. a study in the british medical journal finding moderate drinking helps it stimulate the brain system for getting rid of toxins, however, it may not be so good for other parts of the body, like your liver. spike is up next with some tips for how to beat the heat with your pet. he will have a special guest. ye strength & energy in just 2 weeks. i'll take that. ensure high protein, with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure® with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar.
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problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about anoro. ♪ go your own way get your first prescription free at >> dana: hot weather breaking out across the country. joining me now. i understand this is a big heat wave. >> i don't know if we have any of the video of that tornado,
11:55 am
which was across parts of california. it is a little bit cooler right now. that is along the coast, but still across interior sections. we had that yesterday. one of the biggest that we had seen. take a look at the elevated fire danger again. they are getting some control on it, but still obviously a very strong, incredibly destructive fire. we can see now that it goes up across parts of montana, and parts of wyoming as well. so very big stretch here, a lot of wind with this, but coming down just a little bit. we are up around about 110 market, and noticing that we are cooling down a little bit. they have been doing well there.
11:56 am
and that is in phoenix. still continuing here. a little bit of a break. we see that the heat is coming back in. by another 15 degrees, so we have got at least a weekend here to get some of the fire is under control. and then the conditions getting back under control. here is monday and tuesday. that is going to dive in just a little bit. but we will have some pretty big ranges here. and maybe even just a little bit of localized weather. >> dana: if you go over to the east coast, there are dramatic reports. at the top of the hour, he is going to go to the press conference in virginia, where they are worried about dam that is busted. all of this flooding. i just saw that there is flooding in connecticut. so the opposite problem on the east coast.
11:57 am
>> all of the moisture going out across there. a lot of flooding. we are going to be talking more specifically about that flood in the lynchburg area. getting ready, this next week, we see a lot more moisture that is going to be going across parts of the deep south. louisiana, all the way to georgia and the carolinas. looking at some flooding going on again. >> dana: my last question for you would be about your up with. if the heat wave over there is pretty intense as well. >> we had temperatures well above the 90th in areas like finland and sweden. those will probably be the hottest temperatures that we have ever seen in that area. well over 100 degrees, and it is an extended long heat wave there. so really dangerous, and it is going to cause a lot of problems. >> dana: all right, thank you so much. as we just aside, it is hot out there, and you want to keep your
11:58 am
pet school so, so they don't get heatstroke. new blog post out to help you with that. he loves the dip in the kiddie pool, so if you have a garden hose, it is a cheap way to cool them down. mike has more tips, so go to to read the blog. it ended today, you can see spike their down at the bottom. he used it to be small enough that we could get him up on the table. but we also invited caitlin. our summer associate, caitlin mcduffie, it is her last day on the show. she has done an amazing job, but she has to head back for her junior year of college. the good news is she has learned a lot, it is one of the best i have ever seen for any company. she's thinking about raising a cane on deming to mike at canine companion dog with some of her friends at school. thank you for all that you did the summer. >> i am not ready to leave. i don't want to leave this
11:59 am
handsome boy, spike. >> dana: if you could name two or three things that you have learned this summer? >> i love writing scripts and managing social media. that has been so fun for me. so follow the twitter account. >> dana: you are good at promotion as well. >> i fell in love with broadcast journalism, and i hope i get the opportunity to come back. >> dana: and you are a lacrosse player. you had some surgery. >> i was on crutches, and now i am back up on my feet. >> dana: if you had any advice for young people looking for internships, not necessarily here at fox news, but what do you think is the most important thing about trying to get your foot in the door? how did you do it? >> just be confident, fight for your dreams, go for what you want. anything is possible. this is my dream job, and i ended up here. >> dana: what was the other piece of advice that i tell all of my own people, especially young women?
12:00 pm
find your big voice. >> use your big voice. >> dana: all the time, any time that you can. we love having you, kalin. we appreciated. thanks for joining us. >> shepard: noon on the west coast. 3:00 in virginia where a dam in danger of collapse could flood whole neighborhoods in minutes, according to the authorities. an update as families brace for what is ahead. a disturbing discovery in the search for the college student, molly tibbets. what a man found while moving a lawn that might be tied to the mystery. a money accused of throwing her 4-year-old daughter in the river. now the question is, is this a copycat of another infamous cause? man hunt over. the mystery remains. how the murder of a former president's doctor could be a


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