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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  August 5, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> she's 11 months old. >> thank you for joining us today! visit us online. >> and thank you for bringing all of the entertainment.♪ ♪ [music] >> good sunday morning everyone thank you for joining us. president trump ignites the crowd at a rally ahead of a congressional special election in ohio. the white house prepares to restore sanctions on iran. economic and political turmoil grips tehran and new details about the fbi agent, peter strzok. special request. right before joining the robert mueller team. thank you for being here i am maria bartiromo, welcome to "sunday morning futures". the president ramps up his midterm campaigning as he is in the battleground state of ohio and pennsylvania.
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and threatening about shorting the government down over the border. plus more ahead. and the u.s. restoring stations iran. the president offered to meet the leaders with no preconditions. plus, the senate democratic leadership going to reverse course meeting with supreme court justice nominate brett kavanaugh. new email showing peter strzok tried to keep his security clearance before joining the robert mueller team as congress continues investigating the doj and fbi actions leading up to the 2016 election. a congressman is here who questioned peter strzok and he is here with us. next on "sunday morning ♪ ♪ futures". ♪ [music] first, the president holding a campaign style rally less than
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a hothead of a special election this upcoming tuesday. the president hitting on a wide range of topics last night while endorsing gop congressional candidate, troy balderson. the president fired up his supporters on the topic of border security among other things. >>. >> were building that wall, we're building the wall, don't worry. >> i am better and everything and they have. including this. i became president and they didn't! meaning -- and it is driving them crazy. >> there talking about this blue wave. i don't think so. i think it could be a red wave. i will tell you what i think it should be a red one. we are getting these gangs like ms-13 and others. we are getting them the hell out of the country one by one. we just announced yesterday, a record of enforcement at the
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border. [cheering and applause] it's not easy. >> the president in recent days there and the government shutdown before the midterm elections. if congress does not implement tough immigration laws and provide funding for the border wall. john marina we have a congressman peter king, new york member of the house intelligence and homeland security committees. also chairman of the subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence pecan is ministered to see you this morning thank you for joining us. >> thank you, maria. maria: your reaction to the president's rally. he said in the last week he is going to be out there in campaign style rally like this. six days a week! going into midterm elections. he says he wants to do 5 to 6 days a week going into the midterm elections. good idea? >> i think it is. knowing is able to identify and make hindsight with real american voters, working people, the president has an uncanny ability to strike the
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right note. i go to a dental restaurant or little league baseball game, major-league baseball game, just go to local events, local barbecues and picnics. people identify with president trump. he's able to connect with them. he cuts through a lot of the bs.because to a lot of the washington talk. and it also strikes home with them that when they are watching television, commentators act as if they are above it all, that they are elite. somehow the president and his supporters are beneath them. last night the president says you are the elite. it really strikes home and it really resonates. it strikes a very responsive cord. he is out there, people may not agree with everything he says. the fact is, he is able to connect and it is a unique ability to have. so many politicians talk in riddles, they talk only after they have gone over with consultants and how they will not offend anyone. president trump says it like it is. again, some may disagree but
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overall i think you'll find a solid majority of people believe he is trying to get things done and he is coming through a lot of the washington and media elite. the traps that are thrown out there. maria: part of the issue is he doesn't make it what he's been able to accomplish, and his team has been able to accomplish, the american people will not hear the full story. when you take a look at some of the things like for example, the treasury recommending rescinding the payday lending rule. which tend to cut off the poorest americans from credit. the interior department in terms of the endangered species act. wages of three percent year-over-year. unemployment at 3.9 percent. gdp, economic growth 4.1 percent. you are not hearing these headlines in the media. without these rallies, how does he communicate the accomplishments that he is having when the mainstream media is all about michael cohen and russia and all of the things that really don't merit as to the american people?
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>> has to go over the heads of the mainstream media. which by the way is why i like going on shows like yours. you can talk to real people and not have it filtered through advised media. and to me, probably the most important is that for the first time in nine years, american workers are getting real increases in wages. it has been nine years since they have gotten an increase pay the media up until now said it only helps the rich people. the stock market has gone up but real working people are getting the benefits. now they are. this is the first time in nine years we are seeing real, solid wage growth for american workers. it is again, probably the best validation of his policies including the regulation. maria: there other things but there is border security, congressman. you've done a lot in terms of communicating what is going on with the gang, ms-13. the president is taking a risk here, is he not? by saying if you don't have the money in there for the next budget, for the border wall,
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then we will shut this government down. and that is right before the midterm elections. your thought on that risky bet? >> first of all, he's doing an outstanding job on ms-13. let me tell you where disagree with the president. the fact is we have to have a border wall. it is essential that it be funded but democrats have the balance of power on this in the senate. right now, if we don't get democrats to vote for that they have the power to shut down the government. the present will get blamed for it. i would prefer he campaigned strongly on the wall and telling the voters to vote for members of congress and the senate who are committed to building the walls. that way he would have a mandate going past the election to have the wall. my concern is if we shut down the government before the election, republicans will get blamed for it and end up with a democratic house.the first thing we'll do is try to move them and preach -- impeach the president. maria: what are your thoughts on the election meddling conversation? the president says russia is
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trying to undermine our democracy. others have said they are really trying these tactics going into the midterm elections as well. how worried are you about meddling coming up to the midterms? >> there's no doubt russia is going to try and metal. but again, the government is doing more than was done under obama to stop this. almost $400 million given to the states so they can improve their computer systems. there is also a, really a great rule by the department of homeland security sharing information with the boards of elections, anything at all, is an indication meddling, the government can react to it. probably the most, the making have to do is convince russia that there is a deterrent. if they try this, there's going to be consequences. if we are just playing defense somehow or other they can get through. but if they know there's going to be a massive retaliation, thus the best way to keep from doing it. president obama is doing that. he went to vladimir putin and
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2016 and said knock it off. he did knock it off in the president didn't do anything. right before he left office. that is a strong deterrent. we have the capacity to carry out a deterrent. maria: seems to me the upcoming elections have as much ado about the president as the candidates. if he wants this executing is more republican senators and congressmen. i want to ask you about security clearance. they with this, we will take a short break but is really a head scratcher that former senior intelligence advisors and directors still have security clearance. we will come back to, congressman and get your reaction to the president weighing the possibility of stripping security clearances for former senior intelligence and security officers. including those that have been critical of the commander-in-chief. why do these officials have continued access to information? and the ability to hold clearances? who does that really serve?
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let us know what you think. follow me on twitter. let me know what you think we will post this question next on "sunday morning futures". with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia.
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there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands? maria: welcome back we have congressman peter king on the president's announcement that he is considering revoking security clearances for some former top intelligence officials. several of whom worked in the obama administration. congressman, i don't think most understand former leaders of nsa, cia, fbi, etc. they continue to hold a security clearance after they leave office. people say they are using it as their bona fide to enhance
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their marketability. none clearance jobs in the media or corporate world. at the same time, you have got people like john brennan on cnn all day long trashing the president. should a person who has security clearance be saying that president trump is treasonous? >> absolutely not. john brennan has proven himself to be a chief political hack, a cheap shot artist. so he shouldn't but apart from him himself, he certainly doesn't deserve one but the only reason to give anyone a security clearance or to keep the clearance after they leave government is if you will consult. for instance a former cia director secretary of state. if there's a crisis you may want to bring them in for consultation. rbc will not bring john brennan and for consultation. when i bring others and because they've made it clear they are political me the only time this should be done is if you believe there is a real need for real possibility that you'll be consulting that person in the case of a crisis.
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like during the bay of pigs with john kennedy brought in the former cabinet officials to speak with them. other than that, no. it is too dangerous. even if they are on your side, they are doing talk shows and out in public it's very easy for her, by mistake, even with the best intentions to give away classified or top-secret information. maria: explains our viewers, what security clearance gives these individuals. what kind of information are they able to see as they go about their daily lives doing something completely different than they did in the past. in terms of serving the government. >> you know, i get my own briefings and the same as that. they will be told again, where there is potential crisis. if there is a potential plot they will be told if there is a possible espionage going on. there will be told about some of the most information out
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there. they will basically, they can have enough information to know it will be extremely helpful to other countries paid not that they would do intentionally. i'm not trying to suggest that peer but by mistake, if you're not in government every day you can lose that discipline. especially if you're someone like john brennan, you can get carried away. i would never think of that with bill clinton or barack obama or harry truman or john kennedy. that is just absurd. if a person gets carried away that way you wonder how much control they have of their thinking process. >> especially since we know, you are in the intel committee, right? we know devin nunes, the chair of the intel committee is looking at the cia and what john brennan 's role was in terms of the dossier and handing over to the fbi. when it was unverified trying to get the warrant to wiretap carter page. we know that brennan was involved in this and we know that you've got an active
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investigation into his performance. so he still has security clearance giving him this sort of appearance that he is in the know of something. then he goes on television and criticizing the president, calls him treasonous? >> john brennan cia obviously we are talking about a handful of people in the cia. 99.9 percent do an outstanding job. but a handful people in his leadership and a handful people under james comey, i believe did not carry out their duties in the best interest of the us. they are more interested in stopping donald trump. that is being looked at, it is not definite yet but i believe there is real improper activities carried on and it is being looked at. to me, all the more reason why very few if anyone in the obama administration right now should have this cyber security clearance. maria: certainly looks fishy to me what was going on for the election 2016. congressman, good to see you this morning. thank you.
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we will see you soon, congressman peter king. and washington get set to reimpose sanctions since the u.s. withdrawal of a controversial nuclear agreement. former democratic vice presidential nominee and senator joe lieberman will join me next on that as well. as their new developers in the nomination of the supreme court nomination, brett kavanaugh. we are back in one minute. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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i never thought i'd say this but i found bladder leak underwear that's actually pretty. always discreet boutique. hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel. so i feel protected and pretty. always discreet boutique. maria: welcome back.
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the first round resumed sanctions against iran set to go into effect tomorrow. sanctions back into place with america's withdrawal from the obama era nuclear deal. last week the president said he is willing to meet with the leadership of iran without any preconditions. but iranian officials are not
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taken off appear for his part the president tweeted this. iran's economy is going very bad. and fast. i will meet or not meet, it doesn't matter. it is up to them. with me now talking more about that we were former connecticut senator joe lieberman chairman of united against nuclear iran. also former chairman of the senate homeland security committee. former vice presidential candidate on the democratic ticket in 2000. good to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. maria: the implications of these going back on tomorrow or what? >> it is a very important day. a day that i for one did not think would happen. tomorrow is the day that effectively, the iran nuclear agreement of 2015 dies. this is one death i am not morning because i thought it was a bad agreement. i thought we gave away a lot including picking up sanctions as economic pressure on iran, sanctions have been adopted by republicans and democrats in congress over many years and we took them off and return for
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not much from the islamic republic of iran. i give credit to president trump on this one. for getting us out of the agreement, there was a 90 day winding down.. monday, august 6 is the date the sanctions go back on and hopefully they will bring the iranians back to the negotiating table to negotiate a better agreement. maria: you want this to lead to a renegotiation? you do think there's a possibility for a deal to be worked? >> i do think there's a possibility for a deal to work because i ran, the regime in tehran has a lot of troubles. the economy is tanking, their currency is lost 80 percent of the value in the last year. there are protests going on in cities all of the country. the re-imposition of these sanctions, no matter what the other governments in europe or asia say about the iran nuclear
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agreement, 2015, their businesses are not going into iran because it is risky business. they basically don't want to make the choice that will shut them out of the american economy. which is putting the sanctions back on. i think if the government and tehran is sensible and not extreme, which it usually is, it will come back to the table for its own well-being or there may well be a second iranian revolution. maria: it felt like that this weekend by the way. iranians in the street saying, the writers calling for -- to get lost. a lot of upset and withdrawal of the u.s. from the iran deal. really reverberated throughout the system there. he said the economy is tanking. what other practical things will we see as a result of these sanctions going into place? >> i think the most important thing is that most farm businesses will not invest in iran. and those that went in after
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the nuclear agreement of 2015 will pull out because putting the sanctions back on essentially gives them a choice. do they want to do business in iran? which i think is the 94th smallest economy in the world. the united states, which is the financial capital and business capital of the world. maria: good point. what you think about the presidents offer to meet with iran? and then they blew it off? >> i was surprised. maria: would you counsel the president to do that or not? >> i was disappointed by it. although i must say, something the president does it doesn't make sense to me, according to at least one story in the newspapers interviewing people on the streets in iran. even though the leader said no, we will not talk to trump the people on the street was saying why not talk to him? and do you know why? because they are suffering so much economically that they see it as a possibility.and then
7:26 am
pompeo pretty much walked back to presidents offer after the iranian leadership basically, gave a thumbs down. i think there will be a period of time where the government of around will be tested. economic pressure and protest by their own people. the only way they will ever come to negotiate a good agreement if they think their own regime is in jeopardy. because these are extremists and we will see whether that happens. maria: which i think was the case with north korea. he was worried about his own position forcing him to the table. sanctions go back on and they will squeeze the country even further economically. perhaps get into the table for a new deal. let me switch gears. let's go back to washington with brett kavanaugh getting confirmed on the supreme court is one of the priorities of the administration. you think the senate will come through with the votes? >> it is hard to say, really. if i was betting i would say more likely. the democrats in the senate are going to, the major gameplay to
7:27 am
washington these days, the republicans stopped president obama is nomination of merrick garland to the supreme court a couple of years ago. and so the democrats will try for a siege to stop brett kavanaugh coming up for a vote because they hoping were democrats will be elected in this november elections. if it comes to a vote before then my guess is that most all republicans hold for judge kavanaugh and maybe a couple of democrats. particularly, those in moderate states. who are moderates themselves will vote for him, democrats. maria: and those moderates have already reversed course saying we will meet with him. so we are expecting them to meet with judge kavanaugh and perhaps he will get them to vote. >> absolutely. i mean, i thought it was not sensible with the democrats were doing to say they would not even meet with him. he is a judge of the circuit court, he has been nominated
7:28 am
for the highest court in the land. you've got to at least sit down and talk to him about the issues. maria: your thoughts quick before you go, the midterm elections. a red wave or a blue wave?>> i'm a little modest at predicting after 2016. [laughter] i will say my prediction today is that it will be a blue wave. a democratic way. not a big wave in the house, democrats retake the house. my guess is that the republicans hold the senate. but it will be close. maria: i will leave it there, senator it is great to see you. >> thank you. maria: newly released details into peter strzok. wanting to retain certain agency power even though he was going onto a new job. when he went to work for special counsel, robert mueller, why? we will talk about that coming up next. "sunday morning futures" will be back in a moment.
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>> 2016, i will preface it by saying this for context. carter page said not ever going to become president, right? right? >> no, no he is not we will stop it. repeat that again? no, no, he's not we will stop it. august 15, 2016. i want to believe the path you draw for concentration in andy's office that there's no way he gets elected and i'm afraid we can't take the so
7:33 am
it's like an insurance policy -- maria: -- meanwhile, newly released emails are showing that peter strzok wanted to keep his security clearance and other fbi powers. as he transitioned away from the fbi and to the robert mueller russia investigation. congressman, a member of the house oversight judiciary and foreign affairs committee, congressman is always a pleasure to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me on and thanks for teeing it up with the fact that the more we know about peter strzok, the more we need to know more. >> that's why want to ask you, want to ask you where your investigation stands right now but first, what about the idea that peter strzok did not want to give up his security clearances? moments ago i was talking to congressman peter king about this revolving door about security clearances how they
7:34 am
perpetuate top-level corruption in the united states because they're using their security clearances as their bona fides to get a new job and then using that to lash out at the president did agree with him. >> exactly and this is not new. at the end of the clinton ministration we people showing up and putting classified documents into their close and walking out with one-of-a-kind documents because they still had access. this is a problem. in the case of peter strzok, was interesting was he did not just want to keep his clearance, he wanted to use special powers. powers that even the speaker of the house does not have. issuing national security letters, meaning doing investigations without the normal protections of a court order. and the ability to declassify documents selectively. meaning you can leak something and say does not classify because you declassified it. for robert mueller these are special powers that no one
7:35 am
understood he had. and peter brought to the fight. if you will. maria: should president trump be revoking the security clearances for those people who are no longer working in government? >> there is a principal in classified information. which is need to know. if you're acting the way brandon or klapper, who like to congress and admit it if you're acting that way you no longer have a need to know and for that reason they should not. and i think the important thing is if your former cabinet officer, a former high-ranking official, and you might be called, great! but that's a decision the president or the current administration and i think it is extremely important that this not be a guarantee or a rate but rather a privilege. of those that continue to continue to help american these times are there many people, that maintain clearances and
7:36 am
their behavior is such that we want to have them as advisors. there are clearly exceptions. spill congressman, your judiciary committee as well as intel and overset are investigating what happened during the 2016 election and i want asked where the investigation stands. but first listen to this. listen to jim klapper, former head of the nsa on cnn recently basically admitting that president obama directed these agencies. listen to this. >> i am eluding now to the presidents criticism of president obama for all that he did or did not do. before he left office. with respect to the russian meddling. if it weren't for president obama, we might not have done the intelligence community assessments that we did that set off a whole sequence of events which are unfolding today. notably, special counsel robert mueller investigation. president obama is responsible for that and it was he who tasked us to do that
7:37 am
intelligence community assessment in the first place. maria: there you go! he just admitted it. president obama directed the intelligence agencies to launch the special investigations into possible collusion between donald trump and russia where of course we have no evidence on. how far up the ladder do you think it goes? >> it clearly goes to the top. this is the problem here with the last and ministration. there was a deniability by the attorney general and president. then you find out they were intimately involved. no question this is an example where president obama was hoping, in fact, to win the election and use this information against the opposing party. hillary clinton did not win. they got a special prosecutor under, essentially, false pretenses. if we had known before what we know now, particularly about peter strzok and others, they would not have been a special prosecutor. people in good faith called for
7:38 am
it based on false information created by the obama administration. maria: your investigation right now is looking at that? >> we are. we are also calling for you mentioned earlier in your segment, we are calling for an investigation to twitter and other social media that appeared to be creating algorithms that are clearly biased against conservatives. maria: i want to talk about that because we had the house majority leader, kevin mccarthy on recently. he was the ceo of twitter, to testify in front of congress on the issues of shadow bannock, censorship of social media, last week we had the chairman of intel, devin nunes on this. here's what he said. listen to this. >> i don't know what twitter is up to. it looks to me like they are censoring people. and they ought to stop it. we looking at a new legal remedy that we can go through. maria: so congressman, what are the legal remedies in your view? if you go and google gop in
7:39 am
california, a couple months ago and he wanted to get the items that were in the gop one of them was nazi-ism. then on twitter they have terrible commentators talking about melania trump. some thing that mccarthy lashed out at last we paid what is your take? >> first of all, an example is when google had that, they stood behind this theory that their utility is not responsible. even though they were giving legitimacy to it and they knew it. one of the challenges, these entities have special benefits. if you will. being immune from if you will, the normal responsibility the rest of the media has. that could be taken away. in the case of twitter and others, to be honest, if they are going to politics through algorithm, they could well be under the federal election commission.
7:40 am
it could be considered making donations and would have to register with the dollars are. right now what we want to do is get them to admit the truth. which is, it does not seem logical that when they come up with a new algorithm, it only seems to affect republican conservatives such as jim jordan and the like. hence the reason both the judiciary committee and oversight committee are trying to schedule on the first day back, a hearing with twitter to give them an opportunity to explain how this anomaly that it always seems to affect conservatives. maria: by the way we have an algorithm, someone programs that. but these do not just come out of the air. >> exactly. that is one of the challenges that we face every day. people say it is all being done in this passionate way. but no it isn't. you write a code and that will come up with something. and you know, if you give the probability one way, conservatives win.
7:41 am
if you give it another way, liberals win. if you do it fairly, then you are looking for those russian or other outsiders without ever effecting for example, a member of congress. it is not hard to write an algorithm that says, no matter what you see, if it is an elected official, they should not be in fact shadow withdrawn. and yet, that is exactly what happened to a number of them. maria: absolutely. congressman, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. maria: congressman darrell issa. thank you. >> and is the president focusing enough on his accomplishments before the midterms? we will wait and next as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures". back in a moment.
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to talk about but the number 4.1 is great but we will go a lot higher than that. but i just kept quiet. let them continue to take advantage of us. no one says anything. i think you would've been up another 40, 50, 60 percent. but eventually you would've had to pay the piper. eventually. we will not do that. we will do something, we will make our country so much richer than it's ever been. maria: president trump last night touting the economy in the state of ohio ahead of a congressional special election this upcoming tuesday. supporters say that he should focus more on economy heading into the midterms. wall street journal op-ed written by kimberley strassel on friday said that trump has a subtle record but too busy making noise. in her piece she goes on to say this, to hold the house and increases senate majority, republicans must do two things. get out there base and bring
7:46 am
along the center the president with an unrivaled bully pulpit has instituted policies that provide him a near-perfect message for those tasks. let's bring our panel to talk about this. alan dershowitz, harvard law professor and author of the new book, the case against impeaching trauma. a former clinton strategist and alta model former new york senator and fox news contributor. judgment, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> let me take it up with you, alan and get your thoughts on the way the president is communicating. look at the list, that kim strassel brings it. year over year, the fastest pace in a decade, average home values rising at twice the pace. second-quarter economic growth of 4.1 percent. yet all we hear about in the mainstream media is michael cohen and russia. and all of these negative headlines against the president. >> well, we also hear appropriately about his immigration policy separating families about his
7:47 am
anti-environmental policy. about his pick for the supreme court, about his concerns that are raised about healthcare. it has been a mixed picture, i think his policies on the economy have been good. his policy iran has turned out to be positive. recognizing jerusalem as the capital is israel is good but there are some very bad things. not only the policies but the way he expresses them. his statements about a low iq, regarding african-americans. certainly is not going to help them in the african-american community. maria: he was talk about maxine waters, right? are you referring to that comment? >> lebron james and don lemon and look, he just ought to stay away from those kinds of statements and the kinds of statements he is made with other issues as well. alit is part of the problem that he has ==covered up his own accomplishments by the way he speaks about some issues. and he can do much better job
7:48 am
communicating positives if he would stay away from using that kind of language. maria: and going to midterm elections, the state cannot be higher, telus what this tells you and is he communicating the positive stories like economic stories, like jerusalem, like pulling of the iran deal and north korea. is it enough? >> i think we look at the polls the president is about 45 percent approval. just a little bit below what you really need to have a comfortable victory. he is at 55 percent approval on economy. 70 percent say the economy is going in the right direction. maria: 70 percent. >> right that's a tremendous number. on the other hand on the congressional horserace they are losing seven or eight points. so there is a blue edge right now, independent woman voters, and working-class voters who usually do not turn out the midterms. they are the two key constituencies here. he's going for the base.
7:49 am
he may leave behind the independent woman so he has got a tough strategy here to figure out. right now i think is going a too much base and losing some of the center. >> i think that alan dershowitz and mark penn appoints, basically has the ability to really carry the base. focus on your message. do not get distracted by this dispute with lebron james. and by the way i think he is wrong with it and i support the president and a support among 70 to 80 percent of what he is doing. but he gets into the little nonsense fights over nonsense. and by the way, if anything, he should have said to lebron james, what you're doing for your community and the school is terrific. and i mean why do you want to get involved in this nonsense? stay focused.stay focused that you are on iran. we are not going to let them
7:50 am
disrupt. maria: and he put sanctions back on tomorrow against iran. so there is a lot of noise out there. but when you actually look at the outcomes, they have been better than people have said. >> they been terrific! that is what the article in the wall street journal points out. and i will say, mainstream america does want to hear the good news but mainstream media did not want to give donald trump credit for this economic resurgence and by the way, this is not just for the wealthy. it has taken the poorest of the poor and lifted them up. maria: will take a short break. panel, stay with us because this is one of the best panels we have had. i want to get your thoughts on all of this.stay with us, more with alan dershowitz, mark penn and senator al d'amato when we come back.
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maria: we are back with our panel, mark penn, what are the issues from your standpoint going to the midterms? >> reino immigration, healthcare, does the two most important issues. if trump had a winning hand he will let the economy to the most important issue. and threats to the economy. if robert mueller comes out with a report it will change everything. impeachment will be the number one issue. maria: that's what they want. so where does this robert mueller investigation go, alan dershowitz? >> percival is a liberal democrat i'm hoping that they help the system of checks and balances in the midterms. i don't think robert mueller will impact the election. i think is getting too late now for report to come out because if we had a report now it would be seen as designed to impact the elections. and the justice department regulations preclude that from happening. if it doesn't happen right away, and it will not happen it
7:55 am
is not resolved of the present will sit down. they'll have to wait until december to release this. i do not see robert mueller impact in the election. but i think the president has a problem of immigration in healthcare and his tone and i do not see how that can be changed or improved between now and then. i do think that the democrats will do much better in the house and if they do better in the senate will have an impact on the supreme court. maria: and of course, we waiting on confirmation of brett kavanaugh. which most people think the votes will be this point, american people want to know where the investigation goes, senator. tens of millions of dollars, he said it was about collusion, there's no collusion. there has been no obstruction. where is it going now? >> i think basically, the republicans are saying it is nonsense. i think the democrats are saying, impeach him. democratic voters, they are hard-core over there. it will not be a big thing in
7:56 am
election. the big thing can and should be for trump, number one, economy, economy, economy. uplifting people and not just the wealthy. number two, i would differ with alan dershowitz on one thing for the border. people do not want open borders. maria: they want security. it is great to see you all, thank you for joining us. alan dershowitz, mark penn and senator al d'amato. we will see you soon. last night in ohio the president gave a shout out to my colleagues here at fox news and fox business including yours truly. >> the guys that we love, they are blowing them away in the ranks. hannity, tucker carlson, -- i almost forgot i would have been a big trouble. the great lou dobbs. oh! maria bartiromo. i am in trouble because i know i left out probably --
7:57 am
maria: thank you for the shout out! you can find me on fox news channel every morning at 10 am and weekdays on the fox business network. have a great sunday everybody! now that will do it for us. i am maria bartiromo. we will see you next week. "mediabuzz" after a short break. . ..
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howie: on the buzz meter, president trump sparks a media furor saying jeff sessions shut down the russia probe. >> how is that one guy's opinion? >> there is always a tape of donald trump saying that in the white house today, it would be the smoking begun in an obstruction of justice case. but rudy giuliani told him to do his obstructing in public as if he was standing on fifth avenue with a gun. >> people in the media are
8:01 am
saying president trump


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