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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 7, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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that is really respectful. until then we love hearing what you have to say about the show, listen to the radio tomorrow morning, shannon bream and the fox news it 19 up next with another fantastic show. >> will you invite me when you get your star? >> it will be a very small ceremony. >> thanks so much. welcome to fox news at night. we begin with a fox news alert. the countdown is on, exactly one hour from now. new us sanctions go into effect against iran as donald trump follows through on his vow to unravel the nuclear deal with terror on. john bolton urging iran to take
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an offer of talks or 7 more economic pain, part of the trump administration's maximum pressure campaign as north korea calls on the white house to drop sanctions over its nuclear weapons program. richardson has more. >> reporter: in an hour the trump administration is exiting the iran nuclear deal. that is when the united states restores sanctions against iran that it lifted under the obama administration as part of the nuclear agreement. officials say the sanctions are designed to constrict the revenue iran uses to fund, quote, terrorists, dictators and militias around the region, the national security adviser denies the trump administration's goal is the collapse of the iranian government. >> our policy is not regime change but we want to put unprecedented pressure on the government of iran to change its behavior and they have shown no indication they are prepared to do that. the president made it clear that he views the iran nuclear deal is one of the worst in american diplomatic history. >> even as the us and sanctions against iran donald trump says
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he would meet with iran's president. president rouhani rejected that saying the sanctions rendered donald trump's offer meaningless. >> translator: we are ready for talks to see how they will compensate and pay us back. america owes the iranian nation for several interventions in their country. they should apologize to us and compensate for the past. if they do so we will be ready for talks. >> officials pointed to protests in iran, a slowing economy and the dramatic fall in iran's currency value is evidence the threat of sanctions is already hitting iran. administration officials say the us will enforce the sanctions aggressively creating direct conflict with us allies, britain, germany and france are trying to hold the iran nuclear agreement together without the united states and they say they are determined to protect you and european businesses from us
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penalties, the sections target iran's currency abroad, business and precious metals, aluminum, steel, coal, the auto sector, that is phase i. and three months the administration hits iran's oil production and banking sector. >> those new sanctions kick in against iran at 12:01 eastern time. republican senator the graham of the armed services committee joins us to dig in further. the sanctions kick in. donald trump saying the united states is fully committed to enforcing all our sanctions and we will work with nations connecting business with iran to complete complaint, individuals or entities that failed to wind down activities risk severe consequences. who is that for? >> anybody particularly europeans who probably ayatollah. trump has made a decision that
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the nuclear deal with iran was terrible for the world, terrible for the united states and he will impose sanctions until iran changes its behavior. what he has told europe and every business entity in the world is you can do business with iran but you can't do business with us. you got to pick him. shannon: european ministers issued a statement saying we are going to make this work. >> all talk. if your european business do you want to lose the american market? to my european friends and allies, what is it about the ayatollah that you like? why do you stand with him and against the people he is oppressing? what you want to give a man more money who is taking money you have given him to build a war machine to dismember the middle east? do you think he is kidding when he says death to israel? you need to get with the iranian people to get behind trump to break the regime's back.
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shannon: the house top democrat nancy pelosi saying this about the president's actions with regard to iran. the president's latest ill-informed attempt to dismantle the successful iran nuclear deal makes america and our allies less secure and diminishes americans international credibility, erodes relationships with nato and eu allies and sets back the path toward a more stable region and peaceful nonnuclear future. >> that is why we have elections, you have nancy pelosi's view of this being a good deal, donald trump's belief it is a bad deal and here's the evidence. since we have engaged in the deal, believe sanctions and gave them $150 billion they are still the largest state sponsor of terrorism, they captured american sailors on the high seas and humiliated them, does mentoring syria as i speak, trying to dismantle or -- trying to destroy all the progress we made in iraq, building missiles with death to israel on the side
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of it, shooting their own people down in the streets, the knife person is nancy pelosi. if you think this has been a good deal ask the iranian people how will it has worked out for them, ask israel how well it is working out for them, ask everybody in the middle east whether or not iran is a good member of the family of nations. >> background briefing by an administration official, one purpose is to renegotiate the deal and the other is to change the government's behavior, you spent the weekend with the president playing golf having dinner, does he really once to renegotiate this deal? >> he wants to get iran to stop the behavior that is so destructive, he wants them to quit being the largest state-sponsored terrorism and to quit killing their own people and demanding more say about their lives, dismembering syria and the entire middle east. he wants the behavior to change. he is not looking for short-term win, he wants the regime -- he
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wants to break their back if that is what it takes to get them to change. he is not advocating regime change but i am. i believe the iranian people with our moral support and isolating of the ayatollah, cutting off its cash, he will collapse. the most destructive force on the planet today is iran. if they had a nuclear weapon which they are trying to build they would use it. let's stop this regime before it is too late, stand behind the iranian people. in 2090 iranian people -- are you with them or are you with those? i want the iranian people to know that we are with them in the ayatollah to understand there is a new sheriff in town when it comes to donald trump, donald trump is telling the world business community and europeans you cannot do business with his murderous regime and have access to the us markets.
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over time this will work, stay tough, donald trump. >> this administration has been very precise in speaking to the iranian people sending two different messages. thank you for joining us, great to see you. canada says it is not backing down diplomatic standoff with saudi arabia, all new business with our northern neighbor over criticism of the ultraconservative kingdome of women's rights activist, canada renewing its call on saudi arabia to free the detained women. the us state department is asking saudi arabia for more information and encouraging riyadh to respect to processes. a judge in the trial trump campaign chairman paul manafort serving up choice words for the mueller team in a day of key testimony. it henry has all the details. >> interesting day for robert mueller and his team in court. judge ts ellis last out of mueller in may saying he didn't
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care about the alleged main fraud declaring all the special counsel wanted was to get donald trump, tried to get dirt for mena40 that might provide information that could lead to the president being prosecuted or impeached, ellis was at it again lashing out at one of mueller's prosecutors for going on and on about his connection to ukrainian politicians more than a decade ago, nothing to do with the president or the crux of the bank fraud and tax evasion case, growing furious when the prosecutor would not look up at the judge while he was speaking, saying look at me, don't look down, you look down as if to say that is bs. i'm up here. ellis want back in may that while prosecutors want to get them to think about the president, had to become the mueller epstein did not get witnesses to compose as and create songs that may or may not be true. today mueller's star witness rick gates testified that he and
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manafort committed a series of crimes including opening 15 foreign bank accounts they set up despite knowing they were illegal and not reporting. gates has pled guilty to lying to federal investigators of his credibility is in question and none of this gets at alleged russian collusion the democratic claims the president was involved in conspiracy. a new frenzy about all that over the weekend after the president tweeted the focus of the trump tower meeting in 2016 was not discussing russian adoptions but getting dirt on hillary clinton from a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin. remember donald trump junior and jared kushner as well as manafort. this is not new. the president made this admission a year ago at a news conference with the french president where he noted gathering research is a big deal though that did not stop democrats from suggesting the president's tweet is a smoking gun.
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>> when the russians send an email to the president's on saying we have dirt on your opponent the russian government has put together the president's on says i love it and move heaven and earth to take the meeting that is a good sign they were willing to work with them. >> standard in politics, politics is not the nicest business but very standard, you take the information, the press made a big deal out of this, something a lot of people would do. >> mark rights clinton's campaign was even more aggressive about getting dirt on candidate trump through the former british spy chris for steel and fusion tps saying the result was a salacious dossier whose sources included a senior russian foreign ministry figure and the former top-level intel officer still active in the kremlin, steel's work was people by clinton's presidential campaign the dnc.
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that means a paid agent of the clinton camp approached russian officials with damaging material and that is the kind of double standard that may explain why the president's legal team has been suggesting would not be wise for him to sit down with mueller, a decision that could come any day now. shannon: thank you very much. the judge in the only case brought to trial by the special counsel continuing to express skepticism daily at the mueller team. what does it tell us about the case so far? for poster and advisor to president clinton) and opinion editor at the washington times, welcome, gentlemen. we heard a lot about judge ellis and he has been described as an equal opportunity smack down artist. those are the words that he keeps going after the mueller folks. does it mean anything or is this more about how they are going about it? >> he let the case continue as the prosecution set out to but the real question raised by this in the judge's race it
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eloquently is paul manafort would not be prosecuted if he hadn't spent two months for no pay is campaign manager of donald trump. maybe there would have been an audit but you wouldn't have had the weight of a special independent counsel, 17 lawyers and what was done here in 6 am raids to intimidate him to the limited that was done. >> the judge talked about the fact that these issues came up to 4. he talked with authorities before, they program before and let it go and much of this is making up the case now. >> welcome to politics. all of this is manageable and so you get involved in politics and then it all comes back to hunt you but certainly the prosecution is struggling to read between the lines of what the judge is saying about trying to trim their noses back at the original intent of their mission.
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i also think i don't see how they can make a good case involving donald trump either at this point unless something we don't know, someone comes forward with new information so it is a strange strategy going into november making these promises about collusion in conspiracy. >> the mueller team is very tightlipped, we are not hearing much from them but there is a great concern the president's team making decisions, it is his decision whether to talk with mueller in any form or fashion. here is what a key member of the legal team says. >> the president is clear that he wants to interview. the legal team is concerned on a number of reasons, a series of questions go to his authority as president of the united states. >> they don't want him to do this but they have routinely said he is going to make his own decisions. >> 60% of the public wants him
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to testify. we faced the same issue and decided to testify. did it do president clinton any good? know. he got impeached. it did him no good. it got him into more trouble. this is trouble for trump, probably shouldn't do it and probably will do it for the same reason. >> he has negotiated with a lot of high-stakes players before, he is an intelligent guy and his innocence and he wants -- think there's nothing there. the scene keep saying things like perjury trap, negotiating over which questions, they have reached a compromise but the special counsel wants to talk about obstruction of justice and other things they don't want him to talk about. >> not like the president hasn't opined about every -- not under oath. that is the problem. no doubt in my mind trump would love to do it. he likes to face these fights head on but the idea of setting
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up some kind of perjury trap is probably a good reason to steer clear. >> the top democrat on the health intel committee had this to say about whether there is already a case that has been proven at least in part. >> is president of evidence collusion, conspiracy in plane site. that is a different statement in saying there's proof beyond reasonable doubt of a criminal conspiracy. bob mueller will have to determine that. >> is there overwhelming evidence about collusion and/or conspiracy? >> obviously not, no collusion case made that one meeting at trump tower turned out to be a bust by a woman who hired gps fusion the same time clinton hired gps fusion and most of the american public realizes -- >> if it was there one of these guys -- >> i also wonder if these people
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aren't overpromising right now and if that doesn't want him leading to enormous disappointment when two months from now it still doesn't come. >> if you don't have a resolution before the midterm speculation -- we will see when this gets ramped up. thank you for coming in. tonight attorney general jeff sessions vowing to keep pursuing the end of the obama era program to divert action for childhood arrival, daca. a federal judge will the program which gives a measure of amnesty to certain illegal immigrants who came here as children should be restarted in full. the justice department says it will take, quote, every lawful measure to vindicate the plan to get rid of daca was a big development in wildfires and looking at the battle between donald trump and jerry brown over who is to blame and what is behind the spread of these deadly wildfires in the golden
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. major development tonight in the shannon: a major development in the california wildfires with two separate fires merging to become the largest active wildfire in california, the mendocino complex is the largest wildfire in recorded history burning 283,000 acres so far. sparks flying between the president and jerry brown, both making wildly different claims about what is behind the rapid spread of giant wildfires in the golden state. trace gallagher live from the los angeles bureau to break it down. >> the federal government and california authorities are already at odds over how best to use the state's water location. the water control board is about to vote on a plan that would preserve more water for endangered fish and other uses that would please environmentalists, the feds say the plane will take water from farmers which that will but for
12:23 am
two days running donald trump has taken it a step further scolding governor jerry brown and state officials saying their misuse of water is hurting the state's firefighting effort, california wildfires are being magnified and made worse by the bad environmental laws which aren't allowing massive amounts of readily available water to be properly utilized. it is being diverted into the pacific ocean. muscles a tree clear to keep fire from spinning but it's about the forestry and fire protection calls the president's first argument hogwash thing we have plenty of water to fight these wildfires. our changing climate is leading to more severe and distractive fires we are seeing this year and last and most experts agree california is not letting massive americans of water flowing to the ocean but critics point out it is impossible to blame two bad fire seasons on climate change and though governor brown would not respond
12:24 am
directly to donald trump's tweets he did weigh in on climate change. >> this is part of the trend, the new normal we have got to deal with. humanly, financially and governmentally. >> reporter: as for donald trump's argument that they have this in the forest or a disk risk of water for -- fire, the status forest are overgrown. other state officials blame that on the federal government saying most of those forests are federal lands which is true except interior secretary ryan think he, we must be able to actively manage our forest and not face frivolous litigation when we tried to remove these fuels and he's right. environmental groups of blocked numerous times the removal of old didn't freeze but studies show the fed's 640 million acres of land does not have resources
12:25 am
to fully manage them. >> thank you. a new report makes bold claims about a new jersey ice employee's ties to alleged secrets. the ledger says the man who speaks for ice in new jersey according to our research done with help from the southern poverty law center was previously an editor for an anti-muslim hate group and published a piece for another anti-muslim hate group. they have come under significant fire for questionable claims relating to extremism. let's talk with lieutenant general jerry boykin and i should note right up front if rc is you have been listed as part of spady -- hate speech or hate groups. what do you make of the latest, another way of going after ice and making them the bad guys? >> it comes out of southern
12:26 am
poverty law center, you can ignore it. southern poverty law center is one of the most extreme and radical leftist groups in america and over the years has morphed into nothing but an action arm for the left, has a political agenda but also a moneymaking machine, $443 million $90 million of which is in offshore accounts. that is what southern poverty law center is about, hate labeling has been totally discredited and last time it cost them 3,000,00745 to get out of the lawsuit being threatened. >> people have started to come back against them sang it is definition, wondering if you disagree with them's policy but to label them as hate speech and try to get them thrown out of society, that is the goal and maybe it is the plan to go after ice. ice's response, a private
12:27 am
citizen focused on anti-extremism and counterterrorism works to provide the media and the public with important facts about ice operations, the star-ledger would better focus on key factor in the immigration debate rather than be reckless. >> they are saying he was at one time a member of act for america. this is a courageous woman who lived for 7 years in a bunker while jihadists tried to kill her and her family. she's not anti-muslim. she is anti-sharia, anti-jihad, against things that threaten the existence of this nation and she is on the list too. we are in good company. >> your military background, there is a case of an army major, a chaplain. there was an assignment he was
12:28 am
going to facilitate, he was told a same-sex couple would be coming, the one who makes them available in the department of defense would not allow that, the national american mission board, they said he's not allowed. my understanding is the defense department policy is you cannot go against the wishes of your endorsing body. he made arrangements and had someone else handle the retreat. harvey weinstein going after the military and religious issues says if you're going to view same-sex couples is a sin against god you can change your attitude or get out of the military and now we find out the army report on this chaplain is he should be charged with dereliction of duty. >> i am really upset over this and the reason is this is happening in a command i had a number of years ago in north carolina.
12:29 am
the major general major general sans tag is dead wrong because he either doesn't know the army regulations and doesn't know what our president's executive order said about religious liberty and doesn't know what the department of justice just published, a memorandum on what is expected of executive branch personnel because he is dead wrong in what he is doing and we have had a coalition called restore military religious freedom and a lot of groups in america are concerned about religious liberties of young men and women and i will tell you we are going all the way as far as we have to go, also the assistant chaplain as well and we will do what we can.
12:30 am
>> good to see you. when we return, kristin fisher on the road where the special election could talk about what is expected in the midterm. it is in a historically republican district and do millennial's know what is in the constitution? we head to columbia university about what is in the first amendment. >> right to bear arms? >> second amendment.
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>> shannon: all eyes will be on ohio t shannon: all lies on ohio, pulling off an upset for a historically red seat in bellwether state. the president energize the base of a spirited rally. live tonight a preview of tomorrow's special election. >> this is a tight race and the
12:35 am
fact that it is such a tight race is a big deal all by itself because last time a democrat won this district was in 1980 four decades ago. and encouraging supporters a vote for balderson is a vote for the trump agenda. >> i'm counting on you again, i need your volunteer hours and enthusiasm and i need your vote august 7th. i will go to congress and represent you and fight alongside this good man, this great man donald trump to make america great again. a vote for troy's opponent is a vote for open borders which equals massive crime like they don't care about it. they don't care about the crime, your military, your that's.
12:36 am
>> reporter: balderson's opponent is danny o'connor. at 31 years old the youngest member of congress, he has out waged and outspent, criticize nancy pelosi and not criticized donald trump, trying to appeal to republicans who don't like the president and his policies. with any special election turnout is key but especially a special election in the middle of the summertime when a lot of folks are on vacation not fully paying attention and especially a special election on a day when it is supposed to rain. whether it is always a factor on election day, supposed to rain in the middle of the summer, it is a special election so it will all be about which candidate, to get their voters to the polls when they open tomorrow morning. >> we will see who has the ground game.
12:37 am
thank you very much. two conservative commentators during breakfast, that story tops a real news roundup. >> have a wonderful day. enjoy your breakfast. >> charlie kirk and his communications director were met by protesters at a philadelphia restaurant, shouting and blowing whistles in their faces, one of the activists dumped a drink before police formed a productive cordon, shouting at them no good cop in a racist system. portland police chief, officers did not favor or target one group over the other during a weekend confrontation with patriot prayer. the american civil liberties
12:38 am
union calls the police bureau's response excessive and unacceptable. there is an investigation underway. police reporting a total of 66 people shot, 12 killed in chicago. among the victims were 17-year-old girls shot in the face and 17-year-old boy on a bike. rahm emanuel is blaming guns on the street despite gun regulations which are the toughest in the country. >> too many guns on the streets, too many people with criminal records on the streets and a shortage of values about what is right, what is wrong. >> organizers have enough signatures to ask voters to consider term limits for chicago mayors. the manual is planning to run for a third term. he is facing calls to redesign
12:39 am
from anti-street violence activists. bowing to social media pressure and complaints from journalists, t-shirts that say you are very fake news, the apology is a reversal from last week when the museum said it offered the fake news shirts and other items out of respect for conflicting viewpoints. media platforms including facebook, apple menutube removed questionable content from their sites, could it lead us down a dangerous step of censorship by banning controversial decisions and who decides what is hate speech? for strategy director for david cameron and host of the next revolution with steve helton. ha? no, what? i just switched to geico and got more. more? got a company i can trust. that's a heck of a lot more. over 75 years of great savings and service. you can't argue with more.
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>> facebook has been four pages related to alex jones. the move comes after apple and spotify, he claims it is censorship, the research center said i don't support alex jones, he is not a conservative but banning him and his outlet is wrong, a dangerous cliff the social media companies are jumping off. the next revolution right here on fox news, steve helton. okay. let me read but facebook said. we have taken it down from glorifying violence which violates graphic violence policy and using dehumanizing which to
12:44 am
describe people who are transgender, muslim and immigrants which violate our hate speech policies, specific policies in question here which is how these come down. >> before we get into this i should make clear to the audience as i do whenever i talk about facebook and other companies, i have a connection to them, my wife is a senior executive involved in this decision but i have my own view that with something like this the word censorship may not be the right word. we talk about the chinese government censoring content in china. facebook is not the government, neither is apple or spotify. the question is what is facebook? what are these platforms? a lot of people say they should take responsibility for the content on their platforms but if that is the case it is an editorial decision like you decide what is on your show and i decide what is on my show. if you don't want to put alex jones on your show that is your decision.
12:45 am
they say they are not a publisher but a platform for everyone to be on. if that is the case they are more like a utility. the question is regulated by who? the government deciding what content is there. it is complicated, a new world and we need a broader debate in responding to each situation as it arises. >> it is the utility and they want to do some regulation. let's see what happens with that. a conservative jewish commentator in canada not afraid to get involved with controversy. one of the terrifying things alex jones ever said is it is not based on any allegation, they haven't identified specific violation of terms of service, they just -- not illegal approach and on and intellectual approach it is a deep platform
12:46 am
in approach, mob approach, how anti-fa what act. >> that is their choice. there is a market response which is if conservatives feel companies like google and facebook are favoring the other side and i have made the argument myself on my show many times than one thing you might look for is people who believe that not to use those platforms, then you get into is there enough competition, what is the alternative? that is where regulation can be useful. people are locked into these for social connections because of the data they have so a useful direction would be to force those companies to liberate the data so you could have a competitive up.
12:47 am
they got to use google. that is a more promising direction. >> so many conservative groups say we don't want to identify with alex jones, don't think he is conservative but worry about imposition on speech and that at some point, they can't be on these platforms either. great insight, thank you for joining us. coming up next. >> name the 5 freedoms protected under the first amendment. any? >> gavin phillips joins us asking millennials at columbia university about the first amendment and the answers may surprise you. ♪ wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it
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>> shannon: nearly half of americans recently >> nearly half of americans could not identify or single one of the rights of our first amendment. campus reform went to columbia university to see how well students know our constitution and specifically the first amendment. freedom of speech, freedom of the press, a constitutional
12:52 am
lawyer here. >> no pressure. >> gavin phillips joins us to talk about his findings which half of americans, getting all 5 is huge but not even one. >> can't expect average americans to get all 5. >> i had to look up one. >> can't expect every person but when it becomes a trend it should be more concerning. that is when people ask how our society has gone to a place where there is no free speech protected, no dialogue, people are so willing to shut down speech you can look at something like this, people are unaware what their free speech rights are, they are more willing to shut down rights of others and give up their own rights. when i ask people how far should the first amendment go, what
12:53 am
speech should be allowed? >> here it is. >> the lines are strong when you get defensive. >> i don't think it is fair for people to use first amendment as an excuse to say what they want. >> don't have the right to hurt people. >> you do. >> i guess. it is all very tricky. >> makes me want to laugh. when we have these conversations i remind them of westboro baptist church, the most inflammatory things in the world won their case 8-1 at the supreme court. >> the first amendment does not -- is meant to protect speech that is controversial and we see how repeatedly universities teach people to give up their freedom in pursuit of feelings and that is a noble cause that it's hard but when you apply it to practice people are taught
12:54 am
your speech does not make others uncomfortable. people go out on a limb and have those debates. it starts in the classroom, to make government courses mandatory and teach people and make them realize how important these rights are. >> did you find any you felt were there thoroughly versed on this or did they feel if you're hurting someone's feelings that is where the line is? >> free speech is still good but when put into practice, how far should i be able to go? is all about your intent. if your intent makes me uncomfortable or disrespect to i am that is too far. who gets to decide? a few students at universities should get to decide and they
12:55 am
see track record of tools deciding what should be allowed in which isn't and a few people said the government, let the government decide how far and important to remind people individuals should be able to decide speech has ramifications. shannon: there are limits but the supreme court, the most offensive speech to every person in the world to hear from them, we love your videos, hopefully this is for all of us. >> all 5 rights in the first amendment. stay with us, our midnight hero steps up to help a woman in need. h high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments.
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gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet? >> wheelchair-bound angela peters was denied service and a michigan nail salon because of the way her handshake but ebony harris, walmart cashier witnessed the exchange and came to the rescue, did her nails and photos went viral, getting a
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manicure, peters running from ear to ear, wanted to make it a special and didn't wanted to be ruined. we salute ebony harris, our midnight hero. we need more of that in the world. most-watched, most trusted, grateful you spent the evening with us, have a good evening, i am shannon bream. rob: it is august 7th, this is "fox and friends first". jillian: a fox news alert. economic sanctions imposed on iran. rob: donald trump. and on a major campaign promise. jillian: jeff sessions ripping a federal judge's daca order. todd: the 0-tolerance immigration policy is being strongly implemented. [shouting] shannon: conservatives under attack. candace


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