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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 7, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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have a special election. danny o'connor the democrat is showing an early lead right now, 62.9% of the republican troy balderson, the president campaigned for him, 36.4%. that's it for us, i'm sandra smith and now, here's tucker. ♪ good evening everyone and welcome to tucker carlson tonight, i'm tammy bruce. like the early to thousands again, rosie o'donnell has been having another meltdown over donald trump. >> this guy is in no means mentally stable enough to run this country and he should be impeaching every congressman who hasn't filed those articles and they should lose their little job. >> tammy: and more that just ahead it, plus black lives matter crashing a police officer is own wedding. >> i just wanted to know if you started planning your wedding
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before you killed him or after, and i know this is supposed to be the happiest day of your lif life. >> tammy: but first tech companies are taking the lead in suppressing any voices that dissent against the left. in the past few days, apple, facebook, youtube, spotify and other companies have all banned alex jones from using their platforms. also twitter purged various libertarian accounts, instagram band tommy robinson and facebook took down a g.o.p. candidates ads for being allegedly offensive. chris murphy says mass censorship is needed to ensure "the survival of the democracy." i guess he doesn't realize the irony there. who is next? on msnbc some say the twitter d be in the president. >> trump has insulted someone via twitter at least 487 times. is there a point in which twitter says, this is a violation of our ethics, i'm going to shut you down?
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i think there probably is a rubicon he could cross but he hasn't crossed it yet. >> tammy: nigel faraj wants led the u.k. party and headed the brexit campaign is the issue, this is nothing new. we see this happening for quite some time, even diamond himself as a very good example on facebook. you have an op-ed in usa today and you have an interesting idea about how you can perhaps start to approach this kind of banding on this assault on conservative ideas. what do you have to say? >> mark zuckerberg has always claimed that the facebook was a platform for all ideas. fine. in doing that he set i'm not a publisher, just a means of putting out people's messages. what do you think about this? you may say this guy's a little bit out there but the point is he's got a big following and he has an opinion. if if you believe inflict free speech and your first amendment
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rights, people should be allowed to do this. i would say that by banning jones and by shadow banning many others, facebook and others are now effectively becoming a publisher, and that means because they are taking editorial decisions come they should be open to being sued as other media organizations are. >> tammy: now i would argue, we are all trying to find some balance here because we clearly see it's unfair and it ranges from congressman being shadow band, we are trying to find a free market, especially with the mainstream media being 85% liberal. we see that push. but we are the content and social media which gives us an edge. we would suggest though that some of the argument by twitter, they are saying that some of these comments violate standards. if we open it up to lawsuits for libel, wouldn't that make it even more difficult to have speech? wouldn't more people be banned
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and more people be suspended? >> no. if you are a platform for all ideas, you are not a part professional. on the one hand they claim, we are not open to libel because we let everybody give their opinio opinion. now in a very sinister way, they have a way of starting to ban and a shadow band people. for example on facebook, an organization that i have spoken for. i've been to their events. >> they do great work. >> they do amazing work. they are videos have been seen by tens of millions of people. they now on facebook have 88 of their videos that are now very much put to the back of the list. they are very hard to access including ones on christianity for goodness sake. so we have gone way beyond the bounds. what's needed now is a bill of rights for people using
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the internet. let's give people access, let's give people rights, and if we can't give that out, let's make sure that we would now redefine facebook, youtube and twitter as publishers who are liable as are fox news or "the wall street journal" or anyone else to the content they put out. >> tammy: we have to find a way to push back. one of the things we know here are that we are the content. our lives are so intertwined with twitter and facebook, social media and in general that's the new modern way to communicate. and they are private public companies, not a government and they can do as they please. i think the power is for example this conversation. we are able to have a point of
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view and everyone knows exactly what's going on because we are the content and we can at least push back and make a difference. nigel, thank you so much for joining me tonight, i appreciate it. great job. we have to be able to find some way to push back. she's a civil rights attorney and represents james to moore who was hired by google for his personal views. >> what do you think of nigel's proposal about holding social media accountable as publishers to where they would be liable on issues like defamation, et cetera? i feel that would be even more chilling because they are not the government obviously and they are not compelled by the first amendment to not act or to protect our rights. what's your take on how conservatives can push back on this regard? >> i agree with nigel, sorry,
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tammy. it's way fast like past time for us to do that. the social media companies are all hiding behind the communication of the decency act, section 2:30 which gives him safe harbor and immunity from being sued if they act as a platform, not as a publisher. the minute they become a publisher and sensor, like "newsweek" or whatever, that would be liable just like these publications. that's absolutely with their digital advertising sucking the life out of traditional journalism so traditional journalism outlets are on their last leg and teetering into extension. there are places where they can get sued if they have defamatio defamation, these other platforms cannot. so between their market power which i think it's something that the doj should look at with antitrust regulation, and with frankly their false advertising to being open to everybody,
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which twitter promises, facebook promises and youtube to a certain degree promises, although they don't pretend to do that anymore. they are violating the law. so i agree with you this is not a first amendment issue so much as a breach of contract and issue involving other regulations. some of the other things that conservatives can do is we need to have members of congress look at this communication and decency issues, but we already have government regulations in place. we have the federal trade commission, we have the federal communications commission and they could both take a hand looking at the uneven application of the rules to these different -- >> tammy: but i get very nervous, i'm not libertarian or even republican but when we start seeing -- and i think relations can be very good. we've seen that when it comes to the environment that the government does have a role, albeit a very limited ones. when we start talking about government agencies deciding who has to be heard and what must be
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done, i start thinking of things like the fairness doctrine which may talk radio impossible to have. i worry about again this notion of when you are dealing with private/public companies but not the government at the same time, and, they themselves, the market share and the value of them are bigger than some countries. apple i think we came for the first time the 1 billion traded company. are you not concerned about government involvement involve. where i think the content producers can help make the difference on that. >> of course i'm concerned. sometimes it is necessary. sometimes we have doctrines that require equal access to certain platforms. for example we have facebook censoring elizabeth paying's and
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when that democrat incumbent is not censored. that's an in-kind contribution by the platform to one side over the other, we can't have that in our system. i'm just saying why the current situation is like that. the other thing is that conservatives can fight back into the courts, and i'm afraid it's a little naive to say that. unfortunately you've had many years of american consumers acting like sheep. >> tammy: now we are in shame. we have to wrap it up now, i think this conversation is an indicator that things are changing and thank goodness for work like yours. thank you, i appreciate you joining us tonight. right now we are keeping an eye on ohio where there is a closely watched special election for a congressional seat. republican troy balderston is running against democrat danny o'connor for the 12th district seat.
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>> let your voice be heard [cheers and applause] and let the president know that in no uncertain terms that we are alive, awake and we are woke. we are not going away. the more people that show up here eventually will take over all of d.c. and they will have no choice but what to resign.
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>> tammy: all righty, while that was obviously rosie o'donnell protesting outside of the white house. the president of course is in new jersey. along with a group of broadway performers. the hostility between rosie o'donnell and donald trump goes back decades but recently, she has inspired to new heights of derangement. yesterday she had a meltdown on msnbc. >> he should not be president and i don't believe he is a legitimate legitimate president. if not for russia he would have never won. he's a horrible human with no soul and has a serious mental disorder. there are so many psychiatrists getting out the duty to warn, this guy is in no means mentally stable enough to run this country and he should be impeached and every congressman who hasn't filed those articles should lose their job. be one you don't have to wonder where she stands. then she took her act to cnn and accuse supporters, you guys,
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some of you, of being paid to attend his rallies. >> first of all, he pays people to show up. >> right, but i don't know that that's why he gets tens of thousands at the rallies. i think he captures a lot of emotion for people. >> when did he get tens of thousands at rallies? >> not at tampa, there were only had 9,000 seats and there were people outside but i've seen him, he gets big groups of people. >> larry o'connor is the associate editor of the washington times. isn't it a sign of the continued detachment from reality to say that donald trump is paying supporters? in a way i want all democrats to think that because they don't really understand what's going on. what's your take on this return of hers and the very strange approach? >> i want to go one step further. i think every republican running
5:17 pm
for office in november should play this on an endless loop. it is a new level of derangement but also a lot of things that she was saying but patently offensive, not just trump supporters. but let's start with mental illness, rosie has been public about her own doubt with depression. i don't know if you've known anyone with a legitimate mental illness, one thing you don't do is accuse someone of having mental illness. it's obnoxious. she did the same thing with the president's son, baron, suggested that he had autism. it's so out-of-bounds and she's just a horrible human being. now she's rolling people out of the white house tammy, it's disconcerting. >> tammy: broadway especially. i live in new york and broadway is an industry that relies on the tourism of middle america.
5:18 pm
traveling to new york is a fabulous something to do. it is their audience. it seems to me, and the tickets are not cheap. we are asking americans to spend a lot of money to see them perform and i love the performers, i think they are terrific. but isn't this -- everyone has a right to be political but doesn't this harm, considering the nature of what we have been experiencing in america, doesn't this harm beyond rosie o'donnell, doesn't it kind of harm both their industry and the democratic party in general? >> i used to work in that industry before andrew breitbart discovered me. i used to work in the management business and i adore this industry and the art form. but, broadway lean so far to the left they have fallen over and they can't get up.
5:19 pm
they really are. i love the business but the fact is and rosie was just saying to her fellow broadway performers there at the protest, make sure the president knows you are alive. he knows you are alive but he also knows that all those people you're talking about regarding alive, the people from middle america who save their pennies and come to new york. when he sees what these performers think of him, what the industry thinks of him, they might go on a cruise next time. >> tammy: this is a point where sums -- at some stage, they may have a better idea like better tax cuts and paychecks. we all benefit from those things so maybe it's time to start focusing on that. larry, thank you for joining me tonight. there's plenty of derangement to go around these days. in hollywood, donald trump's hollywood walk of fame star has become a consistent vandalism target. there he is with a pickax.
5:20 pm
on msnbc, never trump republican became so worked up about trump that he began cursing and the general had to kill his audio feed. >> if there's a bigger trump move out there, there's just a huge deficit in this country. >> because of my past failures, and of course it happens every day, we would have implemented it seven seconds away so probably what you said will not make it out there. >> tammy: that's probably the best way to listen to rick wilson with silence. someone who i know and enjoy her commentary, kathy rew. this shows liberal sherpa, and we say that with all kinds of appreciation. she joins us now in studio. kathy, how are you doing? >> i'm doing good, how are you? >> it's a pleasure to sit across from you.
5:21 pm
you've seen everything we've seen, and rosie o'donnell get some attention, she's a performer. she used to be a comedian. i don't laugh when i hear from her anymore. >> not with these lines, no. >> would you agree this is helpful for the entertainment engine, industry and liberals in general? it's been almost a year and a half, isn't it time to say, let's find what we have in common. or is it all too early? >> this war has been going on for 12 years, it's very personal. when he was asked if he called one and pigs during the debate, he said only rosie o'donnell. so this person you have had a war with him for becomes president, and now she's not so funny anymore because she's so angry. reality stars are in congress. now there's one in the white house. so entertainment politics is mixing. >> tammy: what do you say though when it comes to their
5:22 pm
business that donald trump is having a better time than rosie o'donnell is or, anyone in hollywood at this point? >> it's a first amendment. they have the right to do this and donald trump was out there. he had the apprentice but he was still fighting with the birther movement. >> he did both. you know west hollywood just voted, not that they have a vote but they voted to demand the removal effectively of donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame. do you think it's stay there or should it go? >> he should pay for it just like everyone else. >> people don't know that, he did pay for that star. you buy the section, it's not awarded to you and it's free. everyone pays for it. >> he rightfully paid for it. but if it's becoming a problem, maybe they should be removed. maybe they need to remove the people to prison.
5:23 pm
>> no one should vandalize anything like that, that's his star. he earned it and he paid for it. >> you have a really great attitude. you are not letting the circumstances which you don't like ruin your life. she is laughing, this liberal is laughing. we have great conversations that don't make us miserable. wouldn't you say that -- or maybe you think it needs to continue, the current liberal attitude of all rage, all the time, especially from hollywood. do you think that's worn out by now or do you think that's really the thing that liberals in hollywood should be doing as continual perpetual outrage? >> i don't tickets all of them, but that's the whole point. i'm a liberal and i'm not losing my mind. i think both sides have extremes and both extremes are losing their minds. >> there you go, except for us. >> we are not to. >> right.
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5:28 pm
12 districts seat. apple's closed about an hour ago and we will bring you the results of that race as soon as it's called. fed up with walking streets and occupying college campus buildings, black lives matter activists have a new tactic. one of the officers involved in a shooting death of stefan clark and sacramento, california, was a recently married. on his wedding day he had to confront invading activists. >> i just wondered if you started planning our wedding before you killed stuff on clark or after, and how you have been sleeping since march 18th, and i know this is the happiest day of your life but, -- we came here to drink wine and just -- murder of! >> tammy: robert, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tammy: for most of us that have seen that video, we understand the social mart
5:29 pm
argument. there needs to be justice reform. we know there are problems culturally that we have to deal with. this, though, transcends the line in that we wonder what it will really accomplish. what is your point of view? not really as a going to accomplish anything on the issues we are facing but it really is a provocative dynamic that changes this in a personal framework that people will turn away from what the real answers could be. what do you say to that? >> langston hughes once asked a question, what happens to a dream deferred? and for over a decade people have been arguing, fighting and marching for the idea of comprehensive criminal justice reform in america. those hands up, don't shoot, conservatives had an issue with it. when it was i can't breathe, conservatives had an issue with it. what exactly is a protest that these new visuals want people to have that will get them motivated on the issue of criminal justice reform?
5:30 pm
if we want the protesters to stop we need to have an actual congressional leadership. >> in the white house, on vaca trump and the president have talked about a need for justice reform. many black leaders and pastors have visited the president in the white house and they get attacked for talking with the president about policy and about moving forward with the issues. would you have a problem, would you go and meet with the president? do you have a problem with black activists and people at least within the black community who are leadership meeting with the president and you would think more productive a method? >> i've met with andrew johnson, and in 1856 a former slave owner to work out issues about the only way you would make progress is by meeting and talking and pushing through legislation.
5:31 pm
it was absolutely necessary getting senator glenn grassley to stop. >> tammy: this is about a conversation, about getting things done but american see on television this kind of action of people trying to ruin -- they were in disguise happiest day in his life. you realize you are not winning people, the conversation about things and they were all affected by the justice system. you have to admit that. >> unfortunately these are things in america they get attention. there's more attention on this story than there was with the 17 pastors meeting with president trump last week to push prison reform. >> what if -- and when it's with
5:32 pm
the community is that the democrats normally lay claim to it doesn't get coverage. they don't want to talk about the president having success instead, and this is what you should be upset about. the media reporting things that make activists communities look bad and then they play into it. isn't that something you should be speaking out against? >> if you look at the 1960s, the press clippings from them, they demonized the freedom riders, they demonized the outside agitators going into communities. there is never an acceptable way to protest until something gets done. i think congressional presidential leadership will -- >> tammy: the most known protester is dr. martin luther king jr. when media wants to cover something properly, they will. in this case i think we are all being taken for a ride. i love your position regarding the president and having an
5:33 pm
influence on policy. it was terrific to see you come thanks for joining us tonight. tucker is back after the break and he will talk to a democrat. he says the party has become far too obsessed with promoting abortion. that's coming up next. including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at that's the same thing ti want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one! oh yeah! he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one! when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck,
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or other mental health problems. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. the most common side effect is nausea. i don't think about cigarettes anymore. talk to your doctor about chantix. >> tammy: since the retirement announcement of supreme court justice anthony kennedy, top democrats have made their support for unlimited abortion rights a major campaign issue. >> do we deserve civil rights in this country? do we get to decide what happens to our bodies? how many children we are going to have? >> generations from now our children and grandchildren will wonder, what did we do, what did we do when they were trying to take away a woman's right to control her own body. >> everyone who cares about saving roe vs. wade will make their voice heard. right?
5:38 pm
>> tammy: michael ware directed faith outreach efforts for the obama campaign in 2012. he just wrote an article morning that democrats are entirely too focused on abortion, and he recently spoke to tucker about that article. >> tucker: what did you mean when you said that, that they are too focused on abortion? >> while there is a range of implications of cavanaugh filling this seat, or concerns from a democratic policy perspective from immigration to voting rights to corporate power and workers protection, and yet out of the gate it looks like the only thing the supreme court was going to roll on was abortion. and you saw a major activist and even some democratic leaders say that the preeminent focus was on roe v. wade, which too many democratic voters and i think many americans, seems a bit off. certainly if you are pro-choice, you have a right to ask
5:39 pm
questions and press cavanaugh on that but it seems to be a bit out of perspective for me. >> that seems to be a theme though, i think there are plenty of people who think under certain circumstances, abortion ought to be legal. i imagine there are some circumstances where it ought to be allowed but not on board with abortions for selection or third trimester abortion. there ought to be common sense limits on it but that's not the position of the party anymore. >> the party has moved quite a bit on this issue but it's been a relatively recent move. it used to be that democratic party throughout the party, people called for abortion to be safe, legal and rare. barack obama called as president for the number of abortions to be reduced. we saw the abortion rate in this country to reach its all-time
5:40 pm
low. it wasn't too long ago that you had democrats that had a bit more of a humble approach to the issue of abortion. but something changed. in 2018, and instead of saying that abortion should be safe, legal and rare, but she actually and extended a case for late-term abortion. we also saw in 2016 the democratic party platform for the first time and repeal of the hyde amendment which bans federal funding for abortion. these aren't long-standing positions and they don't need to be positions the party carries forward. and the democrats are out of power in so many cases. >> there's something tragic about it and a moral dimension to it no matter where you are in
5:41 pm
the spectrum. why not just admit that. abortion doesn't make you happy, we don't want a lot of abortions. if you said that today i would think you'd be disqualified in the democratic primary. >> if that's true then barack obama would have to be disqualified. he would call abortion a tragic issue and again, he spoke repeatedly to his desire to see abortions reduced. but it does -- there is an activists portion of the party where frankly, democratic victory seemed to be secondary to them as long as party leaders take the most unapologetic approach to this issue as possible. and i think we've seen the cost of that. we see the cost of that in president trump, we seen someone like senator pat toomey, and my hope is a democrat might be that the party would not take that approach in 2018.
5:42 pm
>> tammy: you can see tucker's full interview with michael ware on the tucker carlson tonight facebook page. coming up, the president's twitter feud with lebron james as liberals once again called trump a racist. crabfest is back at red lobster, with our largest variety of crab all year! like new crabfest combo. your one chance to have new jumbo snow crab with tender dungeness crab. or try crab lover's dream. but hurry in. 'cause crabfest will be gone in a snap. why people everywhere are upgrading their water filter to zerowater. start with water that has a lot of dissolved solids. pour it through brita's two-stage filter. dissolved solids remain? what if we filter it over and over?
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♪ >> tammy: the left will accuse president trump of racism no matter what, but this week they are a stated excuse is the president's twitter attack on nvr star lebron james. >> this president traffics, someone who looks down on us and has an attitude about us that is nothing short of racist.
5:47 pm
>> these are no longer at dog whistles, these are fog coins. >> people of color who are attacked by their fellow citizens who feel emboldened to be publicly racist because the president is. welcome aboard, great to be sitting across the table from you. this is kind of nice and normally if you were talking to tucker you would be in a box with a satellite but here we are in the studio. you are a young african-american woman and we hear you talking to people about racism, we know racism exists. but this man has improved the quality of life for african-americans, everybody having more money in their pocket and that really adds to personal freedom. what is your reaction to this kind of response, the president has said to a lot of people that they are dumb, white and black. >> the left has this operating under a very bizarre assumption
5:48 pm
you can't critique a black person in this country unless it makes you automatically racist which is ridiculous and false. usually i'm called a porch monkey and referred to as loss of racial slurs in my twitter feed because i'm a conservative black thinker. the idea that you can't think somebody has a low iq -- provably low, maxine waters is not a smart person. the president insults a lot of people, black, white and hispanic. quite frankly, the way lebron conducted himself in that interview, and don lemon got him in that interview. and he wanted lebron to say something about that opening. unfortunately he's brilliant on the court and he does not
5:49 pm
understand how to operate. >> including the issues of the jobs report in the nature of what the tax cuts have done. but you don't want to hear about that. they only want to hear things if it's negative about the president. at the same time we are in a racist dynamic, and he wants to make a difference in the world which is why we are here, we want to do this as well. for him also to accuse the president of trying to divide us and using the nfl taken the protest, rentals protest the dividing line, and defending the country it against that racial division?
5:50 pm
and he's not that's everywhere in the of black community. >> that's why they wanted lebron james, they wanted -- they essentially attacked him without him knowing it and used him to get this out because, what was also released at the same time? the rasmussen poll. black support for donald trump has doubled since this time last year. so black people are believing this, and they say this is racist and they hope we will be sleeping and want to leave it. >> lebron james is a smart guy and i think perhaps the president should invite him to the white house. i would love to sit down and explain to him why --
5:51 pm
>> tammy: i think all of this is a distraction. there's too much distraction that we have to do. and nyu professor tried to challenge political correctness at his school and found himself targeted by the left. he wrote a book about that experience, and that's coming up next.
5:52 pm
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you're guaranteed to have a perfect drive. [laughter] (vo) go national. go like a pro. see what i did there? >> tammy: this is a a fox news alert. more results are coming in in a closely watched race in ohio, special election for a congressional seat. troy balderston is running against danny o'connor for the 12th district seat and polls closed about 90 minutes ago. fox will bring you the results of that race as soon as the results are called. it's time now for campus craziness. at the university of minnesota administrators are launching an assault on free speech as they announce a policy that could just expel any student or fire
5:56 pm
any faculty member who uses the so-called wrong pronouns for other people. lawmakers say the policy will likely be unconstitutional. the epidemic of political correctness on campus, he was attacked by his own school administration and later sued them for defamation. he now has a new book out called springtime for snowflakes. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> tammy: you would say new york is a liberal city, and with that you would think all kinds of things are taught and freethinking is taught and the encouraging of ideas. that's not so far for your experience. >> exactly. that's perfectly consistent with what i have documented in this book. i don't call them liberals, i
5:57 pm
called them the illiberal left and they are entirely in control of the university system throughout the entire country. >> tammy: wants to get out of high school, this is for many people. the first experiences something beyond their home town with larger ideas and it really becomes conditioning, like a conditioning camp. when he wonder if someone like alexandria ocasio-cortez, majored in economics, but didn't understand how and unemployment works. so we have people coming out of college who don't understand the facts of the business, but they know to hate conservatives. >> i mean it rigorous disciplines have been replaced by indoctrination, social justice, ideological and indoctrination. it's not about whether you learn scientific or other theoretical types of thinking but rather
5:58 pm
that you imbibed the correct problem on a regular basis. it's a travesty. >> tammy: it with the exception of a few university, this seems to be nationwide. how did that happen? you are there, you are standing up against it and we know that your fellow professors have not supported you, but everyone's quiet because you could lose a career. how are you faring at school and at work. >> i'm faring well because i stand strong. they did move my office to the russian department which is quite interesting. >> tammy: that's pretty funny actually. at least they have a sense of humor. >> what it came from is, it comes from a long lineage of thinking. also soviet techniques and disciplinary ideas. >> tammy: that's what's ironic here because american liberals,
5:59 pm
we stand against that. if you have an idea that people don't like then you can defeat it with a better idea. it's being killed if it is not already killed in the american university system. >> if you have an idea they deem discursive violence as they call it, they don't allow you to give him a voice that whatsoever. so they shut down alternative viewpoints. this allows with lack of competition, that allows outlander's things to pass off as legitimate discourse. >> what do parents do and what is the next step here? are you suggesting something when it comes to defeating this or at least changing the side? >> my conclusion is that social justice ideology is effectively a religion. so what we have is a religion being proffered as if it's neutral ideas and doctrines. what we have to do is fight it -- >> tammy: we got to wrap
6:00 pm
it up but, people can get your book, springtime for snowflakes. my name is tammy bruce. stay for election results throughout the night. goodbye from new york, hannity is next. ♪ welcome to a "hannity." we have huge breaking news on thousands of fronts including five states. first, a shocking breaking news report from john solomon. it's even worse than we originally thought. tonight we have clear evidence that former associate deputy attorney general bruce ohr was at the very center of the clinton campaign's effort to influence and rig the 2016 election and actually by your federal government as a tool to do this against donald trump. this is


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