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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 9, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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become a viral sensation after getting up for the national anthem in spite of his disability. as he told look reporters, quote, i usually sit and put my hand on my heart but last night i decided to stand because i like my country. inspiring words and thanks for inspiring us all. shannon bream and the fox news at night team up next. >> he is a patriot, thank you very much. we begin with a fox news alert, the president's attorneys sending a new message to robert mueller. we heard from rudy giuliani and ed henry is following latebreaking developments. a fox news at night red wave in
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november, experts producing a blue synonymy are missing, welcome to fox news at night. as donald trump's team of attorneys response to robert mueller's latest offer for a sitdown interview with the president negotiations have been going on for months and it seems to be some movement. the ball is in mueller's court, team coverage on top stories, trace gallagher with sanctions on russia and richardson live with an exclusive interview with nikki haley. we begin with national correspondent and henry, good evening. >> rudy giuliani saying he has never seen such an illegitimate investigation. they are sending two clear messages to robert mueller and the special counsel, there was work on a potential interview with the president but on the other hand it is put a push it
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up time in terms of bringing the investigation to a conclusion as part of a deal to get testimony for the president. they both give exclusive interviews declaring this is mueller's last best chance to get a one on one with the president and pushing for the special counsel to wrap up the investigation by september 1st. might seem like a stretch but earlier this year mueller privately indicated this work might be done by summer so it would not overshadow the midterms. in april the washington post reported mueller indicated to the president's legal team that he released a report by june or july. that deadline came and went, summer is almost over. the caveat is mueller wanted an interview with the president before and concluding that with charge of the construction of justice, but they are definitely trying to take a hard line. they have been trying to say they believe if mueller decides
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to issue a subpoena to compel testimony from the president if he doesn't voluntarily agree to when this could go to the supreme court and it is not clear mueller would win that fight and it would take months to wage that battle so that would drag the investigation on even further. the bottom line tonight, they are saying they think this is an illegitimate investigation that should end by september 1st, so you can clear it out by the midterms, there is a chance there will be an interview with the president even though both attorneys make it clear they don't want the president to sit down with the special counsel but they are saying you have one last, best chance, we will see if he takes it. >> president clinton was subpoenaed, but they didn't have to track it. >> he was unclear, it would be
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embarrassing for bill clinton in the high court, to compel his testimony. he gave in and gave the testimony and it. up in his face but the bottom line is these strong words from giuliani suggest they think they have a stronger hand than a lot of people think in the sense they don't think mueller can win a battle before the high court to compel the president to testify. that is why we saw they are trying to narrow what mueller might ask, they don't want questions about obstruction of justice, the constitution gives the president power to hire and fire power, we are coming to the final day to decide whether the president will testify. >> now we wait for mueller's response, thank you. donald trump will make the final decision whether or not he doesn't interview with special counsel or his team. his legal team has been urging against it for a long time. let's talk about with tonight's panel.
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are in c committeewoman, hameed dylan, two of the best legal eagles to bring in on this. so let's talk about alan dershowitz, a well-known attorney in his own right had this to say about what the president's legal team is presenting as an option to robert mueller. >> they will make mueller an offer he can't accept and in the end mueller will say i can't accept this so we are going to subpoena you. the president will be able to say i wanted to testify. it was mueller who turned it down. >> does this go to the supreme court if they tried to issue a subpoena? >> probably so. hopefully we are not going to go there but i agree with what dershowitz had to say about this which is you can only get the president's testimony if he is the only person and it is the only way to get that testimony. i don't think the case has been
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shown for that. the area of focus so far has been obstruction of justice, which he has the right to do under article 2 of the constitution and what did he know about this nothing burger meeting in trump tower and they already got testimony on that so if they can't show a compelling need they can't run a subpoena battle and the conditions being put on this are probably a deadline and a narrow to go and probably in conjunction that they may not accept. >> if it does go we have eight justices, justice kennedy retired from the bench, and
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brett kavanaugh into the confirmation process. what would that do? if he is confirmed there are plenty of democrats who say brett cavanagh must recuse himself from anything having to do with the mueller investigation or anything involving this president. >> brett kavanaugh is confirmed to be a justice of the supreme court he doesn't have an obligation because he was nominated by the president on that issue, that is not the case. this is a constant fight between special councils and presidents. it happened with president clinton, they got back hard and got an interview. it did blow up in the president's face. it is cautious for any president but the supreme court has weighed in on these issues a number of times and have not come down on the side of the president. two next in cases, one determined the president was immune from civil litigation but prior to that, was subject to a criminal subpoena so it is not clear the president is going to win this battle because of the
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supreme court. this will be an interesting battle if it does come down to that and alan dershowitz is right that this is a hard deal for mueller to accept. shannon: do you think the president is confident in his own negotiation skills that he is innocent will override his legal team and agree to a sit down? >> i hope not. he should follow his lawyer's advice. the president is a force of nature who will have his own opinion but i have seen time and time again in my 20 years of practice, nobody is capable of outwitting a prosecutor who wants to lay a perjury trap and is determined to do that and get that kill. it would be a big mistake for the president to record legal advice on this. >> i agree 100%. the president has had a hard
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time keeping the story straight on some of these issues. he has had different points of view at times. if this happens in front of special counsel on the record that is a disaster for the president and his legal team. >> the decision is his and as we wait to hear the mueller team's response to the latest proposal we will stand by, thank you very much. special counsel robert mueller's star witness is done testifying against paul manafort. rick gates and the former trump campaign chairman committed number of financial crimes. the defense team attempted to discredit gates with testimony about extramarital affairs and attacked his credibility as a witness. he has pleaded guilty. time for a fox news exclusive with our ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley, making major news on multiple
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fronts, she is addressing the socialist meltdown in venezuela and maximum pressure campaign against iran and even more. richardson is live traveling with ambassador haley. good evening, richard. >> the un ambassador is here in bogota leaving the us delegation for the inauguration of the new colombian president and counter narcotic efforts in the countryside and going to the border with venezuela for that humanitarian crisis. we were the only tv crew to accompany her throughout the day, spoke to her multiple times on issues facing colombia, venezuela and us foreign policy challenges thousands of miles away. united nations ambassador nikki haley staged a short walk from the venezuelan border declaring it was time for the venezuelan president to go. focusing on humanitarian crisis in venezuela flooding into colombia, she addressed foreign policy challenges across the world with questions how long the us would wait for north
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korea to surrender its nuclear weapons. >> if they want to wait but we are not willing to wait too long, we are willing to be patient but they have to understand the end result is the same. that will never change and we won't we can that or the sanctions so this is all in north korea's court. >> haley and like pompeo have accused china and russia of easing sanctions enforcement against north korea, state to permit official says the us is sanctioning russia again this time for the poisoning of a former british spy and his daughter in england, haley warns of more penalties. >> a lot of options we could do but you saw the sanctions last week, those things will happen until we can clean up the behavior. >> the us began restoring sanctions against iran as part of the iran nuclear deal. the european union wants to hold it together and is warning european firms to continue conducting business with iran. >> they can play politics all
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they want. we wanted to get out of the deal and did that. the eu can do what they want but you can't condone what is coming out of iran so there will be a decision to make. >> back here to columbia and the crisis with venezuela. ambassador haley announcing the united states will be providing $9 million so venezuelans can have food, clean water and medicine on top of what the united states government says $60 million is provided for those victims of that crisis. >> does the us think regime change is coming soon to venezuela? >> the ambassador says at this point you look what happened in the past week, there was an attempt on the president's life and eventually something has to happen to make and go but the united nations or the un ambassador didn't announce anything the united states would be doing and as far as
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intervention and that country. it is about continued sanctions and to apply pressure to make him go. the crisis continues, there are 1 million venezuelans living in colombia today because of the crisis of the last several years. >> richardson, thank you very much. the kremlin is reacting angrily to new us sanctions on russia but the trump administration state department, trace gallagher is here to break it down. >> the state department has formally concluded russia did violate the international ban when it used a nerve agent to attack former soviet spy and his daughter in britain earlier this year. the state department is not say white drew the conclusion now but until 1991 us law through determination of mandatory sanctions which covers a wide
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variety of goods moscow imports to the us which experts say the sanctions could affect up to 70% of russia's economy and 40% of its workforce. congress has been pressing the trump administration to take this action since march with critics saying it was another example of the president's reluctance to confront vladimir putin. gop congressman edwards was among those critics but today voice praised the administration quoting the mandatory sanctions that follow this determination are key to increasing pressure on russia. vladimir putin must know that we will not tolerate his deadly acts or ongoing attacks on our democratic process. russian ambassador quickly dismissed sanctions, the theater of absurd continues, no proofs, no clues, no logic, no presumption of innocence, just highly likelys. one rule blames everything on russia, no matter how absurd and fake it is.
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let us welcome the united sanctions of america. kentucky senator rand paul who has been visiting russia with the delegation for several days has delivered a letter to vladimir putin from donald trump. the question is why? i was honored to deliver a letter from donald trump to vladimir putin's administration, which emphasized the importance of further engagement in various areas including enhancing legislative dialogue and resuming cultural exchanges but the white house is pushing back at the implication the president asked senator paul to deliver the note saying simply he was asked to write a letter of introduction to the russian leader and the president obliged. >> the united sanctions of america, thank you very much. republican congressman chris holland arrested and charged with insider trading.
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>> the charges levied against me are meritless and i will mount a vigorous defense in court to clear my name. i look forward to being fully vindicated and exonerated. >> the congressman refusing to step down. we will tell you what effect the arrest could have on the midterms. is a red wave coming? that is what donald trump is predicting it yesterday's primary results the democrats say all signs point to them taking back the house. political panel after that and first they went after free-speech, now leftist protesters going after the mayor and city council in portland, dramatic new footage of what happened today when we return.
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>> donald trump's earliest support on capitol hill was arrested on insider trading charges. under pressure to resign at the midterm elections where this he could be vulnerable chris collins is standing firm tonight. tracking the bombshell story working late into the night in new york. >> tonight, just hours after chris collins faced a federal judge in new york city pleading not guilty to charges of insider trading and lying to the fbi he faced the press in buffalo, part
12:21 am
of the district he represents to publicly defend himself while vowing to continue his reelection campaign. >> will mount a vigorous defense in court to clear my name. i look forward to being fully vindicated and exonerated as i fight to clear my name and work hard for the people and constituents of the 27th congressional district and i will remain on the ballot running for reelection this november. >> reporter: a few hours after he surrendered to the fbi calls were growing from within the republican party for the 3 term representative of the 22nd district of new york to immediately resign with the election just 3 months away. this way republicans risk losing his seat to democrats. >> the discussion is happening right now behind-the-scenes. having seen this played out before, shittier should he not step down immediately?
12:22 am
a short window to get somebody else into that seat. i think he should. >> house speaker paul ryan removed collins from his position on house energy and commerce committee saying, quote, while his guilt or innocence is a question for the courts to settle the allegation demands a prompt and thorough investigation by the house ethics committee. insider trading is a clear violation of public trust. prosecutors say collins it was on the board of directors from australian biotech company called immunotherapeutic gave insider information to his son and several other family and friends who sold their stock 5 days before it plummeted in value 92%. tonight that company says they have cooperated fully with the sec and they reiterate collins under investigation and not their company. >> a live in new york, thank you very much.
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democrats and republicans claiming victory over last night's election results, especially the nailbiter in a republican district in ohio, donald trump easily won in 2016, now the president tweeting two words, red wave. richard fowler and radio hosts in washington dc larry o'connor, welcome to you, gentlemen. should the president be managing expectations? >> maybe. the average for the president's party in a midterm over the last 21 midterms is the president's party loses 30 seats. i don't think it will be that bad. what is a red wave? is a growing the majority in the house? i don't think that will happen but if he only loses 10 seats that would be a miracle. >> would you give him credit for that? democrats are saying if it looks like balderson gets a win is a
12:24 am
win for democrats so still a win for the president if he doesn't get buried under a blue tidal wave? >> this takes them over the edge. >> there are 5000 absentee votes. here is the thing. this is a race where democrats were not competitive. we could have fielded barack obama we would have lost this seat and today you're in a situation where we earn one point. what happened last night, mc morris rogers almost lost second in her primary. >> you see leadership. >> in missouri we saw voters overturn a right to work bill which is something democrats have been pushing for. what is happening across the country, suburban voters are waking up and saying maybe the republican parties and their party. if the republican party is
12:25 am
serious about a red wave they need to have a real conversation with the american people. >> the president said eight for eight, that is true of people he endorsed. he will feel is winning. >> >> a special house, democrats didn't put any money into the campaign two years ago, they threw everything they had into this. >> republicans outspent democrats 5-1 and still came in 1% of winning the seat and with result still to be counted. >> i want to talk about democrats, trying to find an equilibrium within the party because there's been a lot of talk about alexandria ocasio-cortez and senator sanders and the progressive wing but here is what happened when a former naacp president was asked about this. he is running as a democrat for the gubernatorial race in maryland and here's what he said. >> do you identify with the term socialist? >> are you kidding?
12:26 am
is that the point? >> that is how you answer that question but it is a legitimate question. he said i want to apologize to aaron at the post for my inappropriate language in response to a question. of the former journalist i know how important it is for free society to respect reporters and answer the questions honestly. democrats have to answer the question. >> right now there are two sort of candidates or people the republicans focus their iran, bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> is not going to lose. >> is in a locked seat, the farthest left. candidate lost last night, that speaks to the fact the democratic party isn't the party of socialists even the republicans have tried to paint us as one. >> the chairman of the party said -- >> she is young and bright and she is of color. that is what the future of the party looks like. the future of the party also
12:27 am
looks like stacy abrams in georgia. >> looking at the substance of that. >> a young candidate bringing energy to the party. >> candidates considered far left as more progressive. is that going to the fall because people are more to the center? >> it could be good for the democrats if that becomes what the democrat party stands for. they don't have a national message, they looking at it district by district. maybe that is smart. when republicans won in 2010, they were not just we hate barack obama advocated district by district, they won 60 seats by having initial message. we will try to push back on obamacare and fire nancy pelosi and stop this out-of-control spending. >> democrats have a national message donald trump accountable and work for working families. prescription drugs. this is another red herring, prescription drugs are too high and we are going to fix that.
12:28 am
shannon: there are a few things, we won't agree on anything here. richard and larry, thank you both. breaking news on ice raids and a new plan the administration they put in place to prevent illegal immigrants from becoming citizens if they cross a second line. a new plan to pay for the border wall. charging home countries of the illegal immigrants a penalty fee if their citizens cross into our country illegally. andy biggs of arizona came up with a plan and he joins us to tell us about it. alleged ties to terrorists, holding children hostage and training them to shoot up schools, the details when we return. sleep disturbances keep 1 in 3 adults up at night.
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>> fox news alert, new video from the department of homeland
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security showing what an agent involved calls one of the largest operations in 15 years of the homeland security investigation bridge. ice agents rating businesses in minnesota and nebraska integrating 17 business owners and managers for fraud and money laundering claiming the withheld taxes from workers but didn't send the money to the government. ice raids generally target workers in the us illegally, not business owners but that was not the case this time, they were both targeted. ice arrested 133 workers believed to be in the us illegally. new to make the trump administration reportedly set to roll out a plan that would crackdown on illegal immigrants if they collected government welfare. fox news at night, allison barber is on the case. >> we start with public charge, part of us immigration law for decades, used as a tool to evaluate immigrants trying to legally enter or stay in the us currently defined as an individual likely to become
12:34 am
primarily dependent on the government, demonstrated by cash welfare payments and long-term care the government's expense, until immigration authority can use to deny entry to the us or deny a permanent status change. the trump and mister wants to broaden the definition of public charge, it goes into effect making it more difficult illegal immigrants to get green cards. and the current guidelines they are not looking at non-cash benefits when they assess whether someone is a public charge with a new plan, they would. washington post published a copy of the draft proposal, 223 pages long. in it the it ministration proposes expanding the definition of benefits used to determine if someone is dependent on public assistance including things like rent income tax credit, health insurance, food stamps. if the applicant has dependents, what dependents are receiving matters. officials downplay the proposed
12:35 am
changes, one official told fox news us immigration laws of long required immigrants not be a burden to federal taxpayers. the official says the public benefit has been ignored for decades, critics dispute that. in a statement the aclu's national political director said this regulatory change would punish families and us citizen children for their lack of wealth adding, quote, legal immigrants the work minimum-wage jobs would be forced to decide between continued legal status and child's health and nutrition. the changes that are officially public or final just yet. shannon: a previously deported illegal immigrant from honduras convicted of raping a child after philadelphia ignored ice detainer and really simply guilty to illegal reentry. the us attorney says the facts of this case highlights the danger by the city of
12:36 am
philadelphia philadelphia's decision to disregard ice detainer then release previously deported aliens from local custody. new tonight a republican congressman came up with a plan to fund the border wall by penalizing countries whose citizens into the us illegally. republicans control both houses so why aren't they getting more done on immigration front? will this be one of those things? the man putting of the plan forward, andy biggs of the house freedom caucus joins us live, welcome. my understanding is there is essentially a $2000 charge ahead for people coming illegally and what will happen if we deduct those amounts reported going to these countries, mexico, guatemala, china, whatever it is. >> that is correct. we are giving us aid and they are not helping us which is the case in many of these countries and we find these people crossing the border illegally, we are going to charge $2000 by reducing that from the foreign aid they have. that is a small part of the
12:37 am
funding mechanism that was put together but is an important part because it provides additional determined so mexico, is not enforcing the border. this will help them be inspired to help us. >> i want to give you a chance to respond to critics. mark says stealing money from the governments of countries where people are fleeing from poverty and violence will certainly help alleviate those issues and stop people from trying to escape them by coming here. this is stealing money, this is foreign aid, right? >> it is not stealing money, it is money we have been providing. these people are crossing not at ports of entry, not coming through legally. they are breaking into our country, coming to our country illegally. we have no idea who these people are. in the neighborhood of half 1 million people we will actually apprehend. we don't know what the
12:38 am
multiplier is. >> let me give you another one was a moment in time tweets good luck with it, what a waste of time, they can't even pass their own hard-line immigration bills, just watch the show. >> it is not meant to be a show. it is meant to provide a funding mechanism for the wall, that we would do when running for office. what propelled donald trump to the presidency, it is something i promised and something many promised. i'm trying to find a funding mechanism and provide impetus and inspiration for my colleagues in congress to pass this bill, get it out there, get the wall up so we can slow down human smuggling, drug trafficking and enforce our border. shannon: a heavy lift to get anything done on the hill right now.
12:39 am
keep watching how it goes. breaking news from ohio district 12, new developments that could shake up account, breaking late tonight, training children to shoot up schools, that is the charge against the man arrested in new mexico. that story is next. scaling acca and other obama era regulation, donald trump's administration opens the door to fracking in california, that story and the latest on the california wildfires in the western roundup when we return. how they could save 15% or more by... (harmonica interrupts) just calling or going online to (harmonica interrupts) (sighs and chuckles) sorry, are you gonna... (harmonica interrupts) everytime. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. the world is full of different hair.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news >> fox news alert.s a fox news a tight race in ohio, reports that ohio election officials found 588 previously uncounted votes according to the cincinnati inquirer. the votes were found in a columbus suburb. with the new tally the votes democrat candidate danny o'connor 190 additional photo that narrows the race against troy balderson. balderson in the lead with 1560 but there are other provisional and absentee ballots in the mix for the next several days. the latest on the west coast fires topping your western roundup. wilbur ross directing the national marine fisheries service to prioritize water use for firefighting overriding endangered species but state
12:44 am
fire officials say they don't need more water to fight the fires raging across the state. evacuations were ordered for several small mountain communities near where a forest fire continues to grow in southern california. a, for a woman accused of driving her 9 and 7-year-old daughters to their death sentence to five years probation, she had changed her plea from guilty to no contest in june, two counts of gross vehicle are manslaughter. she got out of the girls didn't, the sentence comes following an agreement she made with prosecutors, had support from the victim's family and defense attorney. the trump administration looking to california up to fracking, the bureau of land management says it intends to analyze the impact of hydraulic fracturing on publicly owned land throughout the state. the story of a muslim man arrested at a new mexico compound with 11 children is getting more shocking tonight. court documents shedding more light on what was allegedly going on inside.
12:45 am
authorities say he was training the children to commit school shootings. >> police found the children ages 1 to 15 hungry and malnourished, living in squalor and a compound in rural new mexico and also found in ar 15 rifle, five, 30 reloaded magazine and four loaded pistols, going to records today, two cleveland three women trains at least one of the children to use a gun, foster parent of one of the 11 children stated the defendant trained the child in the use of an assault rifle in preparation for future school shootings, the da accused the three women of transporting women across state lines for the purpose of receiving advanced weapons training to commit future acts of violence. police searched the compound after receiving the text saying we are starving, need food and water. after seeing the shooting range on the property a swat team
12:46 am
moved in unannounced and arrested the 5 suspects. >> the breaking point when i thought we had enough probable cause for a search warrant and presented to the district judge. >> they were looking for this boy kidnapped last year by his father who believed the boy was possessed by the devil and planned to perform an exorcism. the fact the child could not walk because of epilepsy, the father is a controversial cleric who was named but never charged as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 world trade center bombing and praised the man convicted in the body and called the cia and fbi, quote, the real terrorists. two children who are in state care told police abdul died and is buried at the compound property. when the police found what they believe to be his remains. that hasn't been confirmed by the corner. the 5 defendants appeared in court on child abuse charges and
12:47 am
asked for public defenders. >> thanks for the update. democratic mayors in chicago and portland attacked by their own party for challenging and shaming the resistance. by democrats no longer safe from activists on the left? i don't keep track of regrets. i never count the wrinkles. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on... is staying happy and healthy. so, i add protein, vitamins and minerals to my diet with boost®. new boost® high protein nutritional drink
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>> shannon: in portland, protesters clash with officers after the >> protesters in portland clash with officers after ted wheeler shut down a city council meeting and moved it to a conference room closed to the public, protesters were angry over the use of police force, accusing cops of focusing on antifa rather than the free-speech protesters. they are targeting police chiefs and the mayor. caldwell is here to weigh in tonight. you have seen the video. it got pretty tough. a number of people claiming they got hurt. one report that a masked man was smashing a security guard in the head multiple times. they are trying to get points. >> the reports show protests and
12:52 am
police brutality, use of force and the rally held two days ago and if you are protesting use of force, you would go ahead, use force and assault city workers, makes no sense at all and tells you how far the left is gone when trying to make a point. we saw that with can do so and then charlie kirk, the number of incidents and restaurants. we see how far the left is willing to go to use violence to make a point. shannon: the aclu said this, repeated use of excessive force and targeting of demonstrators based on political beliefs are a danger to the first amendment rights of all people, we called the police bureau to end the use of weapons, munitions and explosives against protesters, suspending use of flash bang items, they said they were hurt over the weekend but these
12:53 am
situations are not going away. how to police navigate these? >> rubber bullets are useful in protests across the country. at this point if they can't get away from having a weapon because you see what happens when they come to city hall, trying to destroy property and attack city employees and those are crimes so that being the case you cannot entrust your safety around people looking to make a, quote, point. jillian: you care deeply about chicago and the violence seems to be an epidemic. this is what chicago mayor ron emanuel said. >> too many guns on the street, too many people with criminal records on the street. and a shortage of values about
12:54 am
what is right and what is wrong. >> they took that to be victim shaming and did not get that from this mayor. >> i thought it was a defection. this is a mayor who in 2011 with a complete and total failure in addition to the fact he talks about a reduction in murders but the truth is is not a reduction, it is fake news, double from 2011 to now so the reduction we are talking about isn't a reduction from before he became mayor. he hadn't done anything. it up under his watch. talking about the value system, this is not the man who preached this message because he had value issues, thinking he can win reelection, this is the man who should be preaching any
12:55 am
message to anyone, he should be talking about safety and that is something that is a loss on him and i hope in these few short months he gets replaced as mayor. several months before the next mayoral election. shannon: they say there will be more officers on the streets. >> it is coming up soon. it is the largest african-american parade, that is the reason. a lot of violence typically happens. shannon: thank you as always. up next, do you take this hero for your lawfully wedded husband? we explain after this. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪
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shannon: taking wedding photos when the newlyweds noticed janel robinson struggling in a strong current.
1:00 am
the coast guard officer jumped in, swam to jamal and kept his head above water until -- he is doing fine. most watched, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. >> it is thursday, august 9th, "fox and friends first," at 4:00 am a fox news alert. terrorists and extremists, muslim father arrested in a raid on a ramshackle new mexico compound teaching kids how to carry out school shootings. jillian: shocking details about what went on inside. >> this is a totally legitimate investigation based on a report. rob: will donald trump sit down with bob mueller?


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