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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 9, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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in, swam to jamal and kept his head above water until -- he is doing fine. most watched, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. >> it is thursday, august 9th, "fox and friends first," at 4:00 am a fox news alert. terrorists and extremists, muslim father arrested in a raid on a ramshackle new mexico compound teaching kids how to carry out school shootings. jillian: shocking details about what went on inside. >> this is a totally legitimate investigation based on a report. rob: will donald trump sit down with bob mueller? shannon: the answer regarding
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his legal team. the two soldiers who went running into a storm to rescue a fallen flag, "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ jillian: on thursday. surprise, you are watching "fox and friends first". we are in for heather. rob: a filthy new mexico compound, they were not just starving, the group of kids were training them to kill. jillian: disturbing allegations as suspects are denied bailing
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court. jackie ibanez has more. >> reporter: no electricity or plumbing, made of mostly garbage. the 11 children living there had easy access to loaded assault rifles. prosecutors say the 5 adults keeping children of the compound were treating them to become school shooters. >> local information taking place. we also knew from surveillance there was a shooting on the west side. >> reporter: according to court documents the adult, quote, transported children across state lines for the purpose of receiving advanced weapons training to commit future acts of violence, police and covering the compound as they search for missing toddler, they believe his father, one of the men arrested kidnapped the boy and plans to perform an exorcism on him.
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they think they found the boy's remains but awaiting dna confirmation and the suspect is the son of a controversial muslim imam with ties to the 1993 world trade center bombing. they are charged with child abuse and neglect and pleaded not guilty and are back in court tomorrow. the 11 rescued children are living in foster care this morning. jillian: a police officer rushed to the hospital after being shot outside a waffle house. and officer patrol car, fleeing on foot in jacksonville, florida. two other officers shooting him, jacksonville's mayor says he is strong as an ox and will be okay. the gunman survived but hasn't been identified. police and new jersey released these images of two people of
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interest in the ambush shooting of two offices. a gunman firing 25 rounds at the undercover detective in an unmarked car. both are expected to survive. rob: pleading with tech companies to find his daughter, the intense search through brooklyn, iowa, and a sign of communications was a snap check. >> 20 years old. constantly on her phone. would really need all of that information. rob: investigators not finding her fit bit or her cell phone where she was believed to have returned, and lake speaks for the first time about molly's disappearance. >> she is small. i don't care what it takes.
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we just need something. rob: the reward is $313,000. jillian: calling for end to the russia probe donald trump's attorneys responding to robert mueller's request for an interview with the president. rob: the two sides try to work out what comes next. >> the ball is in mueller's court, sending a clear message, working on limited questions but it is time to put up or shut up, what they view as an illegitimate investigation. >> it is more illegitimate than this one. we have a very serious violation of the justice department rules. we offered an opportunity to do a form of questioning, he can
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say yes or no. >> reporter: the conditions under which the president -- whether he can be questioned on possible obstruction of justice the president's lawyers see as a potential perjury trial. >> this legal team is not walking this president were perjury trial, not going to happen. if there is any type of interview it will be the appropriate response, not letting the president walk into a perjury trap. >> reporter: the president said he wants to talk to mueller but his legal team advises against it. not clear what would happen if it rejected the request. democrats call for mueller to issue a subpoena. >> whether they are negotiating in good faith, to issue a subpoena. >> reporter: if mueller issued that subpoena, it could drag out much longer, the president's
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attorneys reiterating last night that ultimately the president makes the decision. jillian: thank you very much. rob: the president's lawyers ramping up pressure on bob mueller telling him to produce evidence or wrap this thing up. jillian: joe the jennifer says it is not justice mueller is looking for but impeachment. >> if mueller tries to subpoena him he will have a tough time because according to what we know publicly there is no criminal conduct involving the president, no russian collusion, no crime involving collusion so what is the reason mueller wants to talk to him? he wants to talk to him for purposes of writing a report in referring the matter to mister rosenstein to refer to congress for impeachment. the use of a grand jury subpoena to get testimony from a president for use in impeachment proceedings illegal and
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unconstitutional. >> attorneys wanted ended by september 1st. jillian: the paul manafort trial could wrap up by the end of the we, prosecutors expect the government to rest their case tomorrow. manafort's former business partner rick gates just testified, foreign bank accounts to the fbi, before the investigation began. a former trump campaign manager, he is on trial for bank and tax fraud charges. >> hitting russia with new sanctions after poising and attempted murder of a former russian spy and his daughter. the us expelled 60 suspected russian spies against sergey and yuliya in britain. and it russian spy died, russia denies involvement in this and
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calls the sanctions draconian. jillian: the state of texas wants to end daca asking a federal judge to block the government from issuing or renewing applications under the obama era program. the lawsuit is, quote, vital to restore a lot of the immigration system. texas is one of 10 states to end the program in may. and children being deported. >> moving closer to a potential recount, 588 uncounted votes giving democrat danny o'connor 190 more votes against troy balderson who has declared victory. it is even tighter, candidate separated by 1600 votes as chris, quote, claims victory and jim collier is waiting on
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provisional ballots to be counted saying the race is too close to call. --kobach leads -- the korean war hero is back with his son. >> we are in one small sentence the less fortunate. some connection. >> for me i am proud of what he did. jillian: they were given their dad's tag at a ceremony in arlington, virginia. rob: he went missing decades ago fighting for the united states. his tag was the only one returned with unidentified remains of north koreans. 10 minutes after the hour donald trump making a bold prediction about the country's gdp.
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>> a republican lawmaker has an interesting plan to fund donald trump's border wall. andy biggs what's countries to pay $2000 for each illegal immigrant that entries the united states. this would come from cutting their financial aid. >> it is not stealing money.
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they are breaking into our country coming to our country illegally. let's and forth our border. rob: big bill calls for wall construction to begin by december 2019. jillian: democratic lawmaker said the russians hacked florida voting systems but no evidence. senator bill nelson saying, quote, they have already penetrated certain counties in the state and have free reign to move out. nelson said he wouldn't elaborate since the information was classified. state officials say they have no evidence to back up that claim. rob: it addiction from donald trump on the country's gdp after seeing big numbers in the last quarter. >> virtually above and again, numbers -- we can go much higher. jillian: is this kind of growth realistic and what would it mean
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for average americans? his chief economist for the international trade commission peter moricci. is it realistic? >> it is campaign talk, hyperbole, not possible to grow at a 5% rate and politically he will regret it. every president the matter how well he does, i can see that soundbite popping up when he has a bad quarter and democrats using it against him. rob: just like the stock market, you brag about the stock market to live and die by it, it comes and goes. and the last -- president obama with the gdp. he also has terrible moments down one person. you see 4.4% not very good. and the past quarter, 4.1.
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sustainable 5% is possible? >> this is like baseball. batting averages matter. president obama averaged 1.9% growth. donald trump since he came to office, the economy has done 2.7, 2.8, his batting average is 40% higher. that is what we should be emphasizing. as i see the economy going forward of the trade war doesn't derail us we will continue to grow at 3%. we haven't seen that in two decades. that is terribly good news and that is what they should be running on. unfortunately mister trump is inclined to say the extreme. what economist he has in the white house which are few tend to come up with numbers to justify. a bad way to do economics. jillian: is he being extreme in these numbers he is helpful for
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is it being optimistic? >> i think it is pr trump. it is trump being trump. running the economy, dealing with the chinese is serious business. the bellicose talk only goes so far. this is not the way for a president to be talking to because these words can come back to bite him. my feeling is it is important to say we are doing better, tax cuts work, deregulation works, we have a record number of open jobs for people to take. this is good news and run on that. rob: what do you think of the statement we have heard the past few weeks that this is president obama's economy? he should get the credit? it almost defies logic in some ways. >> let's look back on the obama presidency, he was 6 years in
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and blaming bush first troubles. everything that went wrong in the obama presidency was the responsibility of the republican predecessor and everything that goes right in the trump presidency was facilitated by his groundwork. obama and his supporters are shameless when it comes to this. we had a change in economic policy. let's hope the trade wars don't derail it. trade wars are dangerous things, hot wars, cold wars, two kids shooting with p shooters in the back of english class, someone could get it in the eye. this is serious business, that is where his focus should be, not on selling 5% growth, something that can't happen. >> that is how you survived in the classroom. thank you. appreciate you coming. >> 20 minutes after the hour. donald trump has taken direct aim at twitter for shadow banning conservatives. now here from the ceo himself. rob: what jack dorsey has to say
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about blocking high profile republican platforms.
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jillian: twitter accused of shadow banning conservatives. rob: jack dorsey is defending his social media site. >> we are not getting close to political ideology. we certainly miss things lying away. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 has reaction to jack dorsey. >> sean hannity scoring
1:24 am
interview with jack dorsey. it does not censor users based on political beliefs and conservative politicians on twitter. the company blaming that on a technical glitch. despite jack dorsey's latest comments on social media remain unconvinced, they do shadow ban, we have seen the numbers. elaine says when is jack going to take care of the situation. jeffrey saying even though i disagree with the way they have been treating conservatives, he is willing to listen and adjust a platform instead of hiding like the other guys do, give him credit for going on sean hannity's radio show, they are trying to be better at least. rob: nancy pelosi always for a controversial soundbite.
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>> nancy pelosi says a vote for a democrat in november will make the lives of illegal immigrants a little easier. take a listen. >> going home for a family funeral can come back into the country. every mom who courageously brought her child across the desert across all those injustices. jillian: not making surprising comments a press conference in el paso, texas. jim on twitter says she is the gift that keeps on giving. democrats want votes to put illegal immigrants interest over americans. black dog chiming in that is not a good thing. what is good is truth. be honest about what is happening to protect our borders, elections and citizens. going down party lines. jillian: oh baby, carly has a
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surprise. >> listen to her big announcements. >> why is it starting in may? mike and isaiah and i are over the moon and excited, adding fish to the pond. >> are husband's name is mike fisher, another fish to work on. >> a lot of babies growing around here lately. nobody that you are seeing right now but the people through the magic of this show building an army. thanks so much. 26 minutes after the hour.
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a muslim advocacy group suing the federal government claiming the terror watch list is unconstitutional. do they have a case or is the government working to keep people safe? illegal debate coming up next.
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days behind bars. he is pleading guilty to supporting the terror group. he pledged allegiance to isis and wanted to carry out an attack similar to a pulse like club massacre.
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and kill american soldiers in 2015. according to the department of homeland security, and compared to 30,000 people in june. and kirstjen neilsen will learn more about how drones are threat to the northern border. >> the terror watch list unconstitutional. muslim advocacy group care. >> the federal government created a secret system that relegated tens of thousands of american muslims, and in the muslim community. >> do they have a case here? legal affairs reporter alex
1:33 am
sawyer and criminal defense attorney, thank you for coming in. we start with you. who are the plaintiffs in this case who say their rights are being violated? >> american muslims being represented by the council on american islamic relations brought a suit saying they were disproportionately impacted by the terror watch list and they cited the quiet skies program, no relation to deterring terrorist attacks monitoring people based on whether they look weird. rob: they are watching people you are not seeing that are trying to protect us. seeing people in airports on planes acting nervous and going to the bathroom, sweating it in some cases a cold penetrating stare. people are asking bizarre. is this going too far in trying
1:34 am
to protect people at airports in skies? >> the issue with the lawsuit is we had recent reports that 50 people every day are being monitored on flights. it targets muslims is questionable, millions of muslims are able to travel without any monitoring or problem with that. that is a big hurdle they have to face and the fact that police officers have been able to legally stop people they see and have reasonable suspicion is on the side of federal government in their program. >> nothing about it says where you are from. and there is something to be said, maybe a month ago, she
1:35 am
told fox news, 10 suspected terrorists they are stopping from coming into the country every single day, suspected or known terrorists, this is a big problem. a lot of radicalism and people who want to do damage in this country. that start to go the other way? >> i don't think there has been any link on the terror watch list and stopping people who tried to commit terrorist attacks. there have been 250 terrorist attacks homegrown terrorists, only one person on the list is on the terror list involved in the attack. that person was removed from the list before the attack. it is publicly available and cited in the lawsuit was a larger issue here is it appears based on these plaintiffs they have targeted by relations with somebody else.
1:36 am
a girl who is 9 years old whose father had been expelled and she is subject to scrutiny and excessive scrutiny. rob: this is a response from the tsa. in my view it has been very effective. ordinary citizens should be happy a program like this is in place because everybody expects us to do what we can to do that, protect the privacy and unconstitutional rights of our citizens. to some extent we are all harassed in the wake of 9/11. in the airport somebody grabbing your butt, open your bag, have to take your clothes off. that is a form of harassment. it is irritating and if you did this to people 25 years ago it would be considered harassment. should people learn this is part of the deal if you want to travel? >> the courts have been getting the federal government broad
1:37 am
discretion in terms of national security interests and we saw that with the travel ban case, the supreme court upheld executive authority to make sure the american public is safe and that is part of the training process at tsa. there are adequate questions about a 9-year-old being subject to extra scrutiny because of her father being on the watch list but at the same time the courts have said being subject to extra questioning doesn't reach a constitutional violation. the young girl is still able to travel. rob: an interesting legal debate and constitutional debate. thanks for coming on this morning. we appreciate your time. longer school days but shorter weeks. one school district is dropping down to four day weeks saying it will benefit the community. could your kid's go week be next.
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doctors of the future, so doctors want to diagnose you through your smartphone but is that really a smart idea? doctor siegal will talk about that. my name is jeff sheldon,
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and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation, so when we print the shipping ll everything's pretty much done. it's so much easier
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so now, we're ready, bring on t. shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free. jillian: we are back with the fox news exclusive interview. us ambassador nikki haley slamming the eu for playing ball with iran. rob: richardson spoke with the ambassador while she was visiting colombia, the pressure she is putting on. >> the united nations ambassador nikki haley staged a short walk from the venezuelan border declaring it is time for the venezuelan president to go while focusing on the humanitarian crisis in venezuela, flooding into colombia only a few feet away she addressed foreign-policy challenges across the world and questioned how long the us will wait for north
1:42 am
korea to surrender its nuclear weapons. >> we are willing to wait if they are willing to wait but we are not willing to wait long. >> reporter: mike pompeo accused him of using sanctions against north korea. state department official for the us is sanctioning russia again for the poisoning of the former british spiders are in england. haley warns of more potential penalties. >> lots of options we could do this past week so those things will continue to happen until we can cleanup the behavior. >> reporter: the us began restoring sanctions against iran it lifted as part of the iran nuclear deal in european firms continue conducting business with iran. >> they can play politics all we want, we wanted to get out of the deal and we did. the eu can do what they want but you can't condone the practice is coming out of iran so there will be a decision to make. >> chris collins refusing to drop out of his race after being
1:43 am
indicted for insider trading. >> charges levied against me are meritless and i will mount a vigorous defense in court to clear my name. >> the new york representative gave information about a pharmaceutical company to his son who used it to make stock trades. they avoided $768,000 in losses when they got that information before was made public. collins is due back in court in october. the new darling of the democratic party, alexandria ocasio-cortez can't name her party's leader. >> whom do you believe to be the head of the democratic party? >> i don't think there is anyone head. we are a collective. this is a movement. i don't think parties are ever about one person. they are about how the contributions each person gives to the party. there are exciting folks in the
1:44 am
party. rob: ocasio-cortez is running for congress in new york. jillian: a digital doctor. if you have a cold, the flu or general wellness matter, cvs will diagnose you through an apps on your smart phone. is this a good idea? here is doctor mark siegel. thanks for joining us. $59, what do you like about this? >> what i like about this is patients don't see the doctor, they know they are supposed to. we might be able to access by telemedicine. a huge clientele, what about people in rural areas? i can't drive to the doctor. what about people who don't want
1:45 am
to wait in the waiting room? just have a cold or sniffle. what is a mole on my hand? access is a big plus that will lead to people getting seen by a doctor that they were seen before. jillian: this could be a good thing but what are the cons? >> the downside, some of the things i don't want doctors diagnosing over the internet like a cold or somebody says i have sniffled and the doctor feels pressed to give an antibiotic. what about the doctor-patient relationship? someone has a serious thing that might take half an hour or more to get them to reveal. i can't have that same relationship over video that i can have in person. there are intangibles. jillian: chief medical officer on these items, new telehealth offering, patients have an additional option for seeking
1:46 am
care that is more convenient for them. makes you wonder at some point, your traditional doctors office would be extinct if we had things like this. those walk in clinics on every corner nowadays, what do you think of that? >> things you wouldn't otherwise get to see the doctor for. we doctors feel we are becoming extinct but that is not happening. >> we wouldn't want to see that happen. >> they are becoming part of a larger team, physician assistants, there is too much time spent on computers. we are not becoming extinct. we have to worry about telemedicine having too large a role. there is a cautionary flag, it is too convenient. jillian: you have some tips on how to live longer and healthier life. please do tell. >> number what is what you know.
1:47 am
exercise regularly, cardiovascular exercise, good diet, i like mediterranean diet, weight loss. a lot of our problems are due to being overweight in america, smoking leads to 7 kinds of cancer and emphysema. got to stop smoking. drink less alcohol and we talked about having a regular relationship with a primary care physician that leads to less misuse of medications, holding back on diseases that can be picked up with regular screenings, get your colonoscopy, mammogram, blood pressure checked. we have a lot of high blood pressure we are missing leading to heart attacks and strokes. getting your blood pressure checked and getting regular screening test, getting that cholesterol checked is key. jillian: that op-ed with more information on >> see me go on telemedicine. jillian: pumping the brakes on
1:48 am
uber and lift. new york city putting new limits on uber and lift, first of its kind rules that could impact ridesharing services nationwide. coming to a screeching halt because this umpire has something stuck inside his ear. wait until you see them pool it out. ♪ a raging fire ♪
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. new york city pumping the brakes on two major ride sharing services. jillian: why uber and lift are getting pushed back. >> new york city council voted to put a on services like uber
1:52 am
and lift in new york city. the first one of its kind in the country so this would put back pricing and availability. that is where the services are opposed to this but the city says there has been major congestion in the last few years because of all these ride healing services coming into the city and they want to study this service for a year which is why they are putting a freeze. uber said they would do whatever it takes to keep up with growing demand. they would not stop working with city and state leaders including corey johnson to pass solutions that comprehensive congestion pricing. this could hurt people who are trying to get rides using these surfaces although those in favor of it sated hurting yellow taxis.
1:53 am
rob: that the progress we are looking for. jillian: 10 million ford mustang is revealed. >> it rolled off the assembly line yesterday in michigan. it has been america's best-selling sports car for the last half-century. it is wimbledon, the 2019 convertible, just like the first one in the 60s, got the number 10 million on its door but for now it is not going to be for sale but on promotional duty, touring around, may end up at auction one day but for now we can just enjoy looking at it. a surge in voter turnout
1:54 am
sparking voter fraud concerns in georgia. 670 people in one precinct voted in the state primaries in may but there are only 276 people registered to vote in the district. making things stranger the election website updated tuesday shows 3700 registered voters so we don't know what is going on. state officials say their elections are sincere. >> some are looking forward to a shorter school week following other schools throughout the country. the pueblo school district is giving students a 3 day weekend. kids will spend more time in school each day. the district said it will save $1.5 million a year. >> a 3 day weekend every week. time for the good, the bad and the ugly, army recruiters rescue an american flag in the middle of a powerful storm. video showing soldiers picking it up after a flagpole is
1:55 am
knocked down in deal for screens. recruiters were taking part in patriot week at a mexican shooting range when the storm hit. they brought the flag inside and folded it up properly. jillian: look at the top of your screen. and illegal immigrant falling 30 feet trying to climb a wall in california. he suffered severe injuries and was airlifted to the hospital. >> the umpire gets a mosque stuck in his ear at a yankee game. >> something might have flown in his ear. >> we will be down in umpire. >> he is in the dugout and they got the bug out. then he headed back into the game. >> so gross. okay.
1:56 am
coming up, a gre father training children to become terrorists and carry out school shootings. we just dodged what could have been a massive attack. >> standing up for sacrifice it in-year-old patriot is out of his wheelchair to honor the fallen. avery price joining us, don't go anywhere. ♪
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>> a fox news alert here. training children for terror. what we learned about ciardi father teaching kids to carry out school shootings. rob: shocking court documents revealing what happened inside that new mexico compound. >> taking the russia investigation off the table, donald trump sitdown with robert mueller? >> the answer we got from his legal team. >> we might have your dream job. rob: a company entering -- hiring hundreds of virtual employees, fox news continues right now. ♪ ♪ spend a lot of money ♪ everybody is talking about it ♪ it is still rock


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