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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 9, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> see you tomorrow. >> bill: fox news alert now. suspect arrested at a new mexican compound linked to radical muslims. this man's father is an imam with connections to the 1993 bombing at the world trade center. he was arrested in new mexico after finding 11 starving children found in squalor living on the property. we begin with bold new action by the trump team -- >> bill: a lot to get to on thursday. good morning to you at home and good morning to you: the president's attorneys not revealing the specifics of their counteroffer as they continue to attack the integrity of the investigation. >> bill: i'm not inclined to believe at this point in the nature and scope of where this investigation is that there is a fair shake. >> can it get any worse? what do we need to know that this is a totally illegitimate investigation? >> sandra: kevin cork is reporting live from the white house this morning. what is the white house saying about this possible sit-down between the president and mueller team? >> back and forth we go. rudy giuliani, the president's attorney, continues to insist there is a circumstance where the president could sit down with special counsel. the parameters for such a sit-down change day-to-day and giuliani is very frustrated. we've heard him talk about that not just on the air but also in private conversations. he really wants this wrapped up, as you said. he suggested the mueller team's handling of the probe has been
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unfair and adding that because of the mid-terms, this frankly should be over by late summer or early fall. now, all that as we continue to follow the back and forth between the parties over exactly what mueller's team could or shouldn't ask the president. >> i've never been involved in an investigation on either side that is more illegitimate than this one. if it isn't over by september then we have a very, very serious violation of the justice department rules. we offered them an opportunity to do a form of questioning. he can say yes or no. >> this is an investigation that at its outset has been corrupt. i can assure you this tonight. this legal team is not walking this president to a perjury trap. not going to happen. if there is any type of interview written or otherwise it will be the appropriate type of response. >> the circumstance here is a complicated one in that the president would like to go ahead and make his case. but as an attorney you simply
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don't want to put him in a position where he might injury himself, perjure himself or blow up the investigation and that's where rudy giuliani is. a possible circumstance for a sit-down. he has been clear when he said listen, the president could decide to do this but i'm not so sure they will actually let him do that. we'll be watching as it all unfolds. >> sandra: more on that coming up. kevin corke at the white house. >> bill: the trump team announcing a new round of sanctions against russia to hold russia responsible from a nerve attack that may have caused the death of a british woman and trying to kill a former spy. this move has to please the u.k. and some others in europe, i believe. >> absolutely. theresa may had been urging the trump administration to take tough action against russia after this poisoning, yution of
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a chemical agent on british soil. this has to be seen in a much larger context, which is president trump has, when pressed and has taken some pressing from congress, taken much tougher actions than the previous administration took against russia. the most notable example of that you've seen the sanctions. the most notable example was sending sophisticated anti-tank missiles to ukraine, which is something the obama administration did not do. but trump has not done it eagerly. but under quite a lot of pressure from congress. but at the end of the day he signed off on it. >> here is the reaction of the russian rep of the u.n. the theater of the absurd continues. no proofs, no clues, no logic, no presumption of innocence just highly likely. only one rule. blame everything on russia no matter how absurd and fake it is. let us welcome the united sanctions of america. what does it do with relations with vladimir putin do you believe? what are you hearing from the
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west wing on that? >> the entire u.s. government apparatus views russia as an adversary and vladimir putin as somebody who is not to be trusted. that rhetoric there is completely to be expected. the reality is allied intelligence services are unanimous in the view that russia was behind this chemical weapons attack. no disagreement on that. the only aberration in the u.s. government is that president trump himself believes that he can form this personal chemistry with vladimir putin and sort of transcend u.s. government policy. there is a lot of skepticism within the administration that that's possible. >> bill: he thinks it is. we'll see whether or not in time it is. others have tried. what are you hearing on the mueller matter? interesting how rudy giuliani and jay sekulow were a tour deforce with a specific message. what do we need to understand behind the scenes?
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>> i've spoken to rudy giuliani a little bit about this. there are two questions that he does not want robert mueller to be allowed to ask donald trump. and the questions are why did you fire james comey? and the second question is related to comey's testimony about what trump allegedly said to him about dropping the investigation of flynn. rudy giuliani says these two questions amount to perjury traps and they don't want the president to agree to them. there are two very central questions to the idea of obstruction of justice. i don't foresee a scenario where robert mueller agrees to leave them off the table. stranger things have happened. what giuliani is doing is a push/pull thing. putting a ton of pressure on mueller to wrap up the investigation by september, which i don't believe is possible given what we're hearing from people close to the investigation. and on the other hand, he is sort of drawing out this
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negotiation not giving mueller what he wants. he is putting mueller in a pretty untenable position. >> bill: the schedule and timing is interesting. what giuliani also said last night he believes mueller already knows the answers to the questions. the calendar is important. many believe that mueller will not insert this between the first of september and the 6th of november because there is a mid-term. if they're right on that, this probably slides to the end of this year if not next year, am i correct? >> exactly right. exactly right. this is going to become a mid-term issue. we are already -- people can make fun of rudy giuliani, sneer at him but i've said all along his strategy has been very, very effective. he has -- their strategy has been to get republicans to rally around the president. that is happening. any objective observer can see that in the polling and that's what will happen in november. it will become a campaign issue. >> bill: good to have you back. jonathan swan, thank you.
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a lot more coming up on this. alan dershowitz bottom of the hour at 9:30 eastern time and with today's headliner anthony scaramucci joins us at 10:00 eastern time. the quote of the night from sekulow. line up 100 lawyers and have 100 lawyers say don't sit down for an interview. >> sandra: we'll ask alan about that in a minute. back to the frightening and developing story in new mexico. prosecutors are saying one of the children found at that compound was being trained to commit school shootings by one of the suspects whose father has links to the 1993 world trade center bombing. let's go to william la jeunesse. what is the latest on what we're learning was going on there? >> sandra, court records filed yesterday tell us two important things. at least some of the kids were there to learn how to fire weapons with the intent to commit school shooting. secondly, that sick little boy who was kidnapped by his father died and was buried at the
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compound. in all, police found 11 children with no food, water, or electricity along with an ar-15 rifle. 5 five 30-round magazines and the man on the right is siraj wahhaj. two women are his sisters, the other his wife. the other male is luke as morton married to one of the sister. one of the children said the defendants trained the child in the assault rifle and the children are accusing of getting children across states lines to commit future acts of violence after training. after receiving the texts last week saying we're starving the swat team moved in and arrested the suspects. >> during the f.b.i. and georgia information was shared
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to us indicating that there could possibly be weapons on the compound. we also had local information that shooting was taking place at this compound. we also knew from surveillance that there was a shooting range built on the west side of the property. >> police had the site under surveillance for about two months. when they got the text about food and water, that's when they moved in. >> sandra: what can you tell us about the little boy that led them there? the police were searching for and then this group has ties to a radical cleric? >> the sheriff called this group muslim extremists. police were initially looking for this little boy soon to be four years old. he was kidnapped last year by his father sirag who planned to perform an exorcism. the child couldn't walk because
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of epilepsy. his father is an islamic cleric from brooklyn who was named but not charged in the 199 world trade center bombing. he called the cia and f.b.i. the real terrorists. now, police found what they believe to be abdul's remains. that hasn't been confirmed by the coroner. the five defendants have asked for public defenders and currently being held without bond. next court hearing is on monday. >> sandra: what a story. we'll keep following it. >> bill: a sense of closure for the sons of a missing korean war veteran. >> i would have never dreamed that all those coffins that were coming back, i watched it on television on the news like everyone else probably did. but i would have not presumed that one of those had anything related to my father. >> bill: an item they received found among the remains of the soldiers returned from north korea about a week ago.
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also this coming up. >> sandra: u.n. ambassador nikki haley speaking exclusively with fox news. what she is saying about our allies still in the iran nuclear deal. we'll discuss with general jack keane next. >> there have to be changes from iran. the testing of ballistic missiles have to stop. the sales to yemen has to stop. they continue to support terrorism, it all has to stop. the international community needs to call them out on it. in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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6:16 am
father was deployed with the first cavalry division in japan in august of 1950. >> he told me they had found one dog tag and it was my father's. and i was floored. it was very, very moving moment for me. >> it sort of provides reality to something that you had already assumed. you know, i don't think that any of us assumed that he was still alive. but now we have more of a reality. >> sandra: of course, now the brothers are awaiting forensic analysis of the remains that were sent over from north korea. one of them could be identified as their father. >> bill: what a process this is. some think there could be 5,000 missing from the korean war. 5,000 in north korea. >> sandra: they're very happy to receive that dog tag. >> they can play politics all they want. what we know it was a bad deal. we wanted to get out of the deal and we did that.
6:17 am
now they're paying the price by one, having all the businesses they were getting with all the countries in the european union and otherwise drop. but they are also getting the sanctions, which will suffocate them. >> bill: u.n. ambassador nikki haley talking with fox news about the new confrontation with iran. the e.u. continues to defend the nuclear accord of 2015. retired four star general jack keane, a fox news strategic analyst. how are you doing and good day to you. we're giving them a choice, right? go with the tiny iranian market or stick with the gigantic american market. how does it shake out in the end? >> the goal of the trump administration is pull out of the lousy deal with the single purpose in mind to create a much better deal. and that's what this is all about. so we're imposing sanctions on the iranians in a way that we had once before when we had the initial deal in place before the nuclear deal. tough sanctions. here is what i think is going
6:18 am
to happen. listen, these sanctions will really take its toll on the iranians. the e.u. is trying to keep their countries in this thing. they use intimidation and coercion. at the end of the day, i mean, seriously. iran's economy is $400 billion. u.s. economy is $20 trillion. will these countries continue to do business with iran and loose trading with the united states which the trump administration is prepared to do and taking them out of u.s. dollars and international market. eventually in november the energy market and oil. their economy is in the tank already. the pressure will clearly be on the iranians to come back to the administration and negotiate again despite all the rhetoric to the opposite. i think that will eventually happen, bill. >> bill: squeeze them there. sanctions on iran and north
6:19 am
korea. haley was asked about that. listen to the end of her answer here. watch. >> we're not going to weaken the sanctions. this is all in north korea's court. the international community still expects them to denuclearize. we're willing to wait but we aren't willing to wait for too long. we're willing to be patient in what their demands may be but they have to understand the result, the end result is the same. that will never change. >> bill: the whole comment about what their demands may be. do you understand what kim jong-un's demands are today? >> well, i think what kim jong-un's strategy has been clearly is to go ahead and sign a communique to denuclearize, he is increasing rocket capability and nuclear fuel capability despite his commitment to denuclearize.
6:20 am
we have agreed with him to slow this thing down a little bit. they're saying we need time. we want to establish trust. i think we've agreed to that in principle. thus we came up with a policy called patient diplomacy. but at the end of the day, given the other actions -- i think our intel community knows more than what is leaked to the media what they're up to. in haley's comments she is saying this is not an indefinite clock here. if you won't make this commitment we'll slap everything right back on you tougher than what it is now. here is the challenge the administration has. russia and china are working the u.n. security council to put a proposal forward to ease up on the sanctions given north korea's exhibit of good faith. also enforcing sanctions has always been a problem. and i think under rex tillerson the state department did a very good job and under mike pompeo they will do it. it takes a lot of effort on our
6:21 am
part. the pressure the russian and chinese will put on our allies saying the north koreans, no more nuclear testing going on. no more ballistic testing going on. the pressure is off. the threat is going away. that's where -- it will be tougher to do but this administration is tough minded about it in my mind. >> bill: thank you, general. excellent analysis there. jack keane in washington thank you for being here today. >> sandra: a spike in violence in chicago and mayor rahm emanuel's critics are blaming his failures for the blood shed. how do the police feel about the problem? the chief of police gives us his take next. >> bill: will a sit-down with the president actually happen? alan dershowitz weighs in on that live coming up. >> right now the fact is, i said this and rudy said it and other lawyers have commented said it, if you lined up 100 lawyers they'll say don't sit
6:22 am
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>> bill: special house election in ohio from two days ago, officials finding 600 uncounted votes in a columbus suburb which gave a slight boost to the democrat danny o'connor. the race too close to call. they're facing an august 24th deadline to count thousands of absentee and provisional ballots. the primary in kansas for governor too close to call. kobach a slight edge over collier. we'll talk to kris kobach today. >> sandra: the city of chicago experiencing its most bloody weekend of the year with 74 people hit by gunfire.
6:26 am
12 of them killed. this spike in violence is the latest evidence of a growing problem across that city that has sparked widespread backlash. a new "wall street journal" op-ed pointing to a lack of leadership saying, quote, although many city, county and state government agencies as well as a long list of nonprofits are working on pieces of the problem. there is no entity tasked with coordinating their efforts. this lack of strategy and leadership reflects a classic management failure. what do police think about all this? let's bring in kevin graham the president of the chicago fraternal order of police. we want to hear your voice. what is happening on the ground in the city of chicago? >> thank you for having me here today. there are a number of problems. all the way from the prosecutors office to the judges to not having enough police officers. several years ago we closed three police stations, two detective areas, we reduced the
6:27 am
detective division by over 1,000. all of these have culminated into the problems that we are having today. >> sandra: who do you blame for it? >> there is a lot of blame to go around from the chief judge to prosecutors. but, you know, the decision to close three police stations and reduce the police force i think lies at the doorstep of city hall. >> sandra: whose decision is that? >> you know what? i can't tell you whether that was a city council move or whether it was the mayor's move. but certainly the mayor is in charge of the city. i think he realizes that there is a problem here. but that problem should have been realized when we were screaming that you reduce the police force by 1,000 police officers and it leads to not having enough people and then when they get to court, they're getting slapped on the wrist. there is no bonds or low bonds so the people we're arresting
6:28 am
are getting turned right around and put back on the streets. so even the sheriff -- >> sandra: after this blood shed this past weekend, more than 70 shots fired, people in these hardest-hit areas of the city. there is still no arrests made? >> no. i think we are working on several arrests. i know the detective division is working overtime on a number of these shootings. but as of now, as of this morning i have not heard that they have made any arrests. our detective division is overworked now. they have been hiring detectives. they have been promoting them. but we're still sorely understaffed both in patrol and the detective division. >> sandra: i hear the frustration in your voice. i was born and raised in the city. i see the river behind you in chicago. it's a beautiful city. the people are what make it so great and we want the police
6:29 am
there to be able to do their jobs. gary mcdougal, a chicago businessman born and raised in the city wrote the op-ed in the "wall street journal." used to be the chairman of the illinois republican party. worked in the bush white house. he is frustrated. in this piece he says the lack of trust in the chicago p.d. is a major reason for the breakdown-in-law and order. what is the morale of the men and women on the force. >> it is a problem when our members can't get a day off. their days off have been canceled. they'll be canceled for this coming weekend. some officers haven't spent any time with their families. so that all adds to it. and i think the burn-out rate is going to start affecting our ability to do the job. we have to have time off. we have some commanders who just refuse to let anybody off because they're afraid of the
6:30 am
spike in homicides and shootings that are going on. >> sandra: there is an election coming up at the beginning of next year. rahm emanuel is up for reelection. do you align with this man? >> we have not endorsed anyone. we have had two candidates come into the fraternal order of police asking for our endorsement. we are still looking for -- garry mccarthy has come in and was very impressive and so was the paul valis who came in. those are the only two who have asked for our endorsement at this time. we're waiting until all the candidates have had a chance to ask but i do have to mention that the local lodges from around the country and around the state have offered their help to come in and i particularly want to thank the fop president from connecticut who offered to bring in -- >> sandra: we want to see solutions in that city. we want the police to do the jobs and the crime to stop.
6:31 am
kevin, thank you for coming on the program today. hope to have you back. >> bill: potential breaking news in the case of mollie tibbetts. we're hearing from the man who says he may have been the last person to see mollie the night she went missing in central iowa. more on this development in a moment here. >> sandra: florida police now releasing the disturbing confession video from the shooting suspect behind the parkland school massacre. a live report on this straight ahead. >> kill, destroy. >> burn, kill, destroy what? >> anything. and got more. more? got a company i can trust. that's a heck of a lot more. over 75 years of great savings and service. you can't argue with more. why would ya?
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>> bill: next hour president trump's plans to establish a u.s. military space command. the vice president, mike pence, will lay out the administration's plan in detail at the pentagon. approval from congress would need to create the new branch. a lot of people think this is
6:35 am
the wave of the future. certainly defense secretary james mattis expressed support for a space command earlier this week. a year ago he was against it saying it's up to congress to make a call on this. both chambers passed about $700 million in defense spending. none was allocated for space force. the vice president will detail this coming up next hour. you'll see it live here on fox. >> sandra: president trump's legal team has formally responded to robert mueller's proposal for a sit-down interview with the president. we don't know the details of that counteroffer but the president's attorneys are making it clear that they want the investigation to end saying it is going off the rails. >> the real story here is not that this case isn't going to fizzle. it will blow up on them. the real question is what we talked about before. there is a lot more to what they did that nobody knows about yet. i know some of it. a lot more to the obstruction of justice and collusion, to
6:36 am
the fake dossier. try to bring steele back in after he was completely discredited. >> sandra: joining me now is alan dershowitz, author of "the case against impeaching trump." professor dershowitz, thank you for coming back on the program this morning. so they are surely, the president's team, doubling down on the call for this to end. what is the strategy here when it comes to this back and forth that we're seeing between giuliani and robert mueller? >> let's remember that the entire trump legal team is against trump testifying. that's the right tactical decision because all trump has to do is be asked the question did you know about the meeting in the trump tower with your son? and if he says no, which he has said which may very well be the truth, he has walked into a perjury trap because cohen has said yes. that's all the prosecution
6:37 am
needs to set a perjury trap. his lawyers are right to say he shouldn't. he wants to testify. i think what's going on is his lawyers are making mueller an offer he can't accept. i don't think he can accept the offer and he will probably reject it and then the trump team can say see, we wanted to sit down with the president and mueller but it was mueller who said no. so that way the president gets what he wants, the legal defense team gets what they want, and mueller has to go to court and ask for the subpoena, which takes the case to court and takes the case away from needing a pre-election deadline that many democrats would like to see him meet. >> sandra: what do you think of the prospects that a sit-down will ever happen? >> i don't think it will happen. i think in the end there will be no sit-down. president trump will get on television and say i wanted to sit down but mueller wouldn't come up with terms that were
6:38 am
acceptable to my legal team and then we're in court and we're battling probably for a year. the case ultimately gets to the supreme court where i think it will be a draw. i think the supreme court will allow certain questions to go forward but will not allow other questions to go forward. and that will be a year or so from now. >> sandra: alan, giuliani told hannity last night what is going on with the mueller team is, quote, a different kind of watergate calling them corrupt through and through. does that go too far? >> well, i'm not going to comment on mueller. mueller personally is a fine law enforcement official. i don't think he cares about whether democrats win or republicans win but he has always had a reputation for being an overzealous prosecutor and protecting people on the prosecuting side and not allowing people to question the tactics. you prosecute to the hilt a man like manafort for crimes
6:39 am
unrelated to the scope of the investigation because you want to squeeze him. you want to squeeze him either to sing or perhaps even to compose because manafort knows and others know that the better the information, the better the deal. sometimes they come up with information that is even better than the truth in order to get a better deal. those are tactics that civil libertarians like me have opposed for 50 years. today's civil libertarians are silent. the object of the investigation is donald trump who they abhor. i'm refusing to apply a different standard to donald trump than i would to hillary clinton. if hillary clinton had been elected president and they were doing this to her i would be saying exactly the same thing. >> sandra: thank you very much, alan dershowitz. we try to figure out a timeline on this. mid-term elections quickly approaching. we'll see. hope to have you back again soon. >> bill: really interesting stuff there. disturbing video released of the parkland shooting suspect
6:40 am
nikolas cruz containing hours of footage of the 19-year-old on trial for the murder of 17 students last february. phil keating picks up the story in miami. the suspect had to be handcuffed to protect himself. >> every time the detectives stepped out of the room nikolas cruz would begin hurting himself. minutes after being brought from the hospital to the sheriff's department interrogation room that's when cruse begins punching himself over and over and over again. once the questioning started it did not take long for him to tell the detective he has long had a voice in his head, his demon. >> why don't you stop it then? >> can i get an attorney or something? >> later during the 12-hour interview the detective steps out of the room and cruz starts biting his forearm trying to
6:41 am
make himself bleed. when left alone the gravity of the situation also seems apparent. large portions of this 12-hour interview remain secret still per the judge. it's redacted to insure cruz can still get a fair trial where he allegedly gives a step-by-step account how he carried out the worst high school massacre in u.s. history shooting several young students repeatedly as they lay bleeding in classrooms and hallways. around midnight his brother is led in and when cruz breaks down crying and sobbing. cruz also reveals how lonely he was. depressed over his mother's death and he had attempted suicide twice. cruz also surprised the detective by saying a week before the valentine's day shooting he had planned to go to a park and start shooting up people there. for whatever reason he backed out of that plan.
6:42 am
cruz remains in jail facing charges. awaiting trial. his defense attorneys have offered to plead guilty to everything to avoid the death penalty. that's something prosecutors still refuse to accept. >> bill: disturbing stuff. thank you. >> sandra: social media sites taking a position on speech. facebook, youtube, other social media platforms. who decides what is free speech or hate speech or anybody's speech for that matter? and where does it all stop? howie kurtz has some answers on that next. >> bill: chris collins fighting back against a recent indictment against him and his family. we'll tell you what he is saying in a moment coming up.
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>> bill: there is a ton of reaction to what's happening online this week. this debate over free speech. what's valid and what's not. twitter won't suspend alex jones or his info wars as many other tech companies have done
6:46 am
this week. the ceo defending the decision with sean hannity on radio. >> we don't shadow ban according to political ideology, viewpoint or content. we rely on a bunch of signals. we'll miss things. we're certainly going to make mistakes along the way. >> bill: howard kurtz host of "media buzz". you have a story for this on this for years to come. how we sort through it and how to figure it out and justify what is appropriate and what is not. what do you think? >> first of all it takes a bit of courage for jack dorsey, the ceo of twitter to come out and say he won't ban alex jones when you have the other tech giants, facebook, apple, google and others kicking him off for spreading conspiracy theories or hate speech. dorsey is getting hammered on twitter over his decision. he is following the services's rules. what critics are saying this morning, what good are your
6:47 am
rules if they don't exclude somebody who spreads false conspiracy theories such as that the sandy hook school massacre in connecticut never happened? >> bill: he explained his decision yesterday. i'll read some and get you to react. accounts like jones's can often sensationalize issues so it's critical journalists refute such information so people can form their own opinions. this is what serves the public conversation best. that seems to be an argument over free speech. >> that we can fight free speech with more free speech but it has gotten under the skin of journalists saying to jack dorsey and twitter saying it's not our job to clean up your platform, which has over the years developed into such an ugly cess pool at times. i'm on twitter all the time. it has good things. with that tweet jack dorsey is side stepping to a large degree his responsibility to police the content saying we'll put almost all out there except
6:48 am
death threats or something. other people can fight it and so he is kind of passing the baton to journalists to go all after. >> bill: your job and the job of others what is policy is and whether it affects people. here is another tweet. we've been terrible explaining our decisions in the past. we're fixing that and hold jones to the same standard we hold to every account. not taking one-off actions to make us feel good in the short term and adding fuel to new conspiracy theories. he has given this thought. i come back to the same point time and again. how do you define this? what is hate speech to you? what is it to someone else? what is freedom of speech to one person? what is it to someone else? where does this definition take us? >> that is the nub of the problem. absolutely. because look, it's a private company. they can ban or not ban anyone
6:49 am
they want. it is a free speech issue. the problem is twitter and facebook have similar issues. inconsistent how it applies it. it does seem there have been more retaliation and shadow banning despite his denial against conservatives. there is concern there. it can be a slippery slope. you have to draw a line somewhere otherwise people can say whatever they want. the problem is this turns off your customers. sojourn allists have been leaving twitter because they're tired of the toxic atmosphere. everybody says what they want but there is then the moral debate over don't you have some responsibility here? >> bill: you can go in the gutter on some websites. a lot of trolling. maybe let the public decide they want to use your site or go someplace else. >> this has been good for alec jones. it is trending number one and
6:50 am
the publicity is helping him. >> bill: howard kurtz in washington thank you, sir. >> sandra: breaking news from overseas. an air strike in one nation striking a bus and killing dozens of people. many children were on board that bus. details on that straight ahead. >> bill: has there been a double standard at the f.b.i.? that question coming up after a top democratic senator had a chinese spy working on her staff for 20 years. why did the trump team not learn about what was happening inside its camp? why were they never told about any infiltration? we'll sort through it and let you know what we know today. >> if this was a counter intelligence investigation, not a criminal investigation, the f.b.i. should have told president trump they had concerns about papadopoulos and page. why didn't they do for trump what they did for feinstein?
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> bill: breaking news overseas. at least 43 are dead after a saudi air strike hits a bus in yemen. 60 others injured, many children. the video is tough to watch. the saudi-led coalition saying it was targeting rebels in retaliation for firing a missile into saudi territory yesterday. missiles also striking the yemeni capital today. no word on casualties from those strikes. the ongoing warfare in yemen has killed more than 10,000 people over a three-year period. >> sandra: new york congressman chris collins calling the insider trading charges filed against him meritless and saying he will fight hard to clear his name. laura engel joins us with more on this story. >> new york congressman chris collins maintains he did nothing wrong after being accused of insider trading and lying to the f.b.i. on charges that could bring him decades in
6:55 am
prison if convicted. the buffalo area republican congressman appeared in a new york city courtroom yesterday to face accusations that he gave confidential insider information about a biotech company named innate immunothey rapeutics to make illegal stock trades. he denied the accusations in a news conference last night. >> the charges levied against me are meritless and i will mount a vigorous defense in court to clear my name. i look forward to being fully vindicated and exonerated. >> sandra: federal prosecutors say they have the phone email records to prove he got the word and shared this information with others. his son is also accused of selling off his stock after a flurry of phone calls this day
6:56 am
which avoided over $700,000 in losses. innate issuing this statement. the company wishes to advise it has cooperated fully with requests for information made to it by the u.s. securities and exchange commission. the company and its directors is expecting mr. collins not under investigation. the company considers the ongoing investigation to be a private matter to mr. collins. we'll continue to follow this. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: in a moment here we've got brand-new reaction from president trump's legal team sending a message to bob mueller. we will break that all down with today's headliner. former white house communications director anthony scaramucci is live top of the hour. the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them.
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7:00 am
>> bill: it's 10:00 in new york. fox news alert awaiting the arrival of the vice president, mike pence. he will be meeting with top brass about the formation of a space force and deliver critical remarks on that. all this in keeping with president trump's call for a new branch of military for the future to protect vital u.s. interests in outer space. we'll bring you those remarks when they get underway from the pentagon coming up here. >> sandra: meanwhile trump legal team responded to robert mueller and they have one main condition, end the russia probe. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith making it simple there. >> bill: bill hemmer, good morning. we'll try to keep it that way. we don't know the specifics. trump's legal team playing this one close. the main message appears to be
7:01 am
wrap it up by september and that brings us to today's newsroom news feed. >> president trump's lawyers making what they're calling a counteroffer for an interview with the special counsel robert mueller. >> rudy giuliani says it may be the last best chance. special counsel robert mueller has to secure president trump's testimony. >> this is a good faith attempt to try to meet the special counsel part of the way and wrap up this investigation. we offered him an opportunity to do a form of questioning. he can say yes or no. >> harvard law professor alan dershowitz thinks the strategy is to make it impossible for mueller to accept the president's terms. >> they will make mueller an offer he can't accept. >> some reports indicate the offer includes a condition the president won't be asked about obstruction of justice. >> if there is any type of interview written or otherwise it will be the appropriate type of response. this legal team is not walking this president into a perjury trap. not going the happen.
7:02 am
>> mueller reiterated the need to question trump whether he tried to thwart the russian investigation and complete the obstruction of justice probe. >> why do you want to get him under oath? you want to trap him into perjury. we won't let you go do that. >> the ball is now in mueller's court. how much does he really want an interview and to what degree does he realize this may be his last chance to get one? the ultimate decision whether to do it is up to the president. >> sandra: let's bring in today's headliner anthony scaramucci, former white house communications director. great to see you this morning. >> good morning. guys. >> sandra: all right. you've heard the response. >> big news. >> sandra: what do you think about it? >> well, listen, i think it's the right strategy. from the president's legal team, they have to make sure it's a very narrow-banded window of questions.
7:03 am
they will be concerned about the perjury issue. if he were sitting with that legal team right now you would say the president did nothing wrong but we can't have anything what they used to say about watergate. the cover-up being worse than the crime or any potential perjury. so that's absolutely the right strategy. i would also recommend to the president, as i've said, let's not tweet about it anymore. no tweets related to the trump tower meetings. no tweets related to any of this stuff. he will get what he wants. i don't believe he is the target of these investigations as it relates to russian collusion. what's at issue is did he do something related to obstructing justice? i clearly believe he did not do that. and that will be up to his legal team to prove that to robert mueller. but i do think my former law school professor alan dershowitz is right. they will make this thing very, very narrow because ideally they don't want the president to testify.
7:04 am
but i know the president, sandra. he probably very much so wants to testify because he wears everything on his sleeve and he doesn't think he did anything wrong. >> bill: what dershowitz said last hour it goes to the supreme court and if it does, the court will rule in favor of some questions and rule out of favor for other questions. so what would be in, anthony, and what would be out? >> well listen, what would clearly be in is whether or not they had the right to speak to the president through the subpoena process. and so i think the conservatives on the court would probably say they don't. leave the president alone. he has a very difficult job. and the liberals will say they do and they would probably split the baby and allow certain questions to be asked and other questions frankly not to be asked. it's interesting because judge kavanaugh wrote a lot of stuff
7:05 am
related to this after the starr investigation and so he has taken the position now that it is inappropriate to put the president in that position while he is trying to run the united states government. but i don't think -- i want to say one last thing. i don't think that jay sekulow or rudy giuliani want it to go to the supreme court. i think they would accept a very narrow window of questioning and hopefully robert mueller will do the same. >> sandra: rudy was very clear last night with hannity on what he will not let happen when it comes to this. watch. >> he knows the answers to every question that he wants to ask. he is going to ask him did you tell comey to go easy on flynn? the president will say no i didn't. hey, bob, you know it. why do you want to get him under oath? you think we're fools? you want to get him under oath to trap him in perjury. we aren't going to let you do that. >> sandra: anthony?
7:06 am
about right? >> listen, the president is a free wheeling guy. you can look at the campaign stops, you can look at the way he handled the debates and the way he has handled a lot of aspects to the presidency and so -- this is not a free wheeling situation. this requires a tremendous amount of verbal discipline. it requires a tremendous amount of coaching. and listen, it has to be very frustrating for the president. he is sitting there saying i've done absolutely nothing wrong. i've got the economy humming. i've got the unemployment numbers at an all-time low. fixing the korean problem. decimating the iranians. if you guys would leave me alone we have a rollercoaster of winning and he is upset about the whole thing. having said that this started after the comey firing and hopefully it will conclude soon. and they have to wrap it up here hopefully with a narrow banded testimony or no testimony. but i really hope it doesn't go
7:07 am
to the supreme court, guys, because every time something goes to the supreme court it is like lighting another match in the partisan struggle that we have going on in the country right now. >> bill: a lot of people think if you don't get answers by the first of september it goes to after the mid-terms. we're digesting the news from tuesday night. you are as well. how you can go into central ohio, win the district by 11 points, mitt romney won it by 10 and now you are in a virtual dead heat. karl rove writes this. with regard to the president taken on the stump. this is number five. taken as a whole, tuesday's results don't justify the president's declaration of a giant red wave is coming. it's not. yes, the gop can add seats in the senate. there are 26 democratic seats up. 10 in states mr. trump carried and five by 18 points or more. compare that with nine republicans up and only one in a state hillary clinton carried.
7:08 am
no senate landscape has been as favorable to the party in power since 1914. he goes on to argue that yes, the president drives people to the polls when he makes appearances in different districts across the country but he also drives up the other side as well. soft republicans likely will stay home as we have seen in ohio and we saw in pennsylvania 18. react to that, anthony. is that the reality for mid-terms? >> he is in an astute political scientist. the party out of office is riled up and higher voter participation going into the mid-terms. look at the race in west chester last year. rob got more votes than in 2013 but still lost by 26,000 because there was a rush of registered democrats that came to the polls. so what karl is worried about
7:09 am
and you can clearly see it in district 12 in ohio two days ago or a day ago that that's going to be a problem. i was out in cleveland over the last two days marketing for my firm, talked to a lot of people out there. the president has got a great campaign style but he really should dial down. he really should dial down some of the tweets because a lot of these midwesterners that really like him don't like certain aspects of that. you have 92 days left. i told sandra the other night it's a lifetime in american politics. so you cannot underestimate the president. he went from the access hollywood tape october 7 to electoral success a month later. the white house and president are recalibrating a campaign strategy right now based on what took place this week and i would not count him out. it may not be a red wave but it may not also be the blue wave
7:10 am
everybody is talking about, either. because of the economy, guys. wages, all those parameters are good. >> sandra: that point that bill went on to make in this "wall street journal" editorial number seven is a good one and worth pointing out. because he is showing up and endorsing these candidates and making a big difference. can he keep that up is the question? in the speech tuesday's result cast doubt on the current white house strategy. the president took credit for balderson's apaishent ohio victory and perhaps his visit to the district saturday night motivated some gop voters but his presence also motivates democrats. while it may -- could it be the case, anthony? >> listen, i'm certain there is an element of truth to that. it happened to reagan in 82, to barack obama in 2010. there is an element of truth to
7:11 am
that. not to use a sports metaphor but if you have donald trump and you have the opportunity to deploy him in your district given the popularity that he has with the republican base, and given the ability for him to turn out rock star-like audiences and crowds and get the media attention on your agenda, you are going to go with donald trump. it is like putting tom brady in two minutes to go in the fourth quarter of the super bowl. you bring the big guns in there and even if the opposing side is going to lead to more participation on their side, that is still your best strategy if you are looking at a game theory model. the president has the energy of five people. i suspect he will be out there over the next 90 days in a way that will surprise everybody because of his stamina and his endurance. he likes it. you could see it on saturday night. he was very unplugged. he is very comfortable in front of that microphone and that audience and i think he likes
7:12 am
that a lot more than talking about robert mueller and the russia investigation, put it that way. >> sandra: anthony scaramucci, thank you. >> great to be here. >> bill: more breaking news. u.s. ambassador nikki haley speaking to fox news on the bold new action the trump team is taking against iran. here is part of what she said on that. >> they can play politics all they want. what we know is it was a bad deal. we wanted to get out of the deal and we did that. now they're paying the price. >> bill: rich edson watching that story in bogota, columbia traveling with the ambassador. >> escalating tension between the united states and the europey union over the iran nuclear agreement. we're traveling with the u.n. ambassador. the key to the issue here is the united states has reimposed sanctions this week that were part of the iran nuclear agreement. the europeans are trying to
7:13 am
hold that agreement together and they are telling their businesses and their firms keep doing business with the iranians. ignore the u.s. sanctions on that. that set up a big fight between the e.u. and the united states. other issues here, the ambassador also visited the border region here with venezuela. there is a major humanitarian crisis ongoing there. economic, political crisis. in that border town in columbia where we were, 40,000 venezuela at that point cross into columbia looking for food, medicine, water and safety. >> we are politically persecuted. we have been persecuted by this government. everyone who has been persecuted by the government has had to flee. we left our country looking for a new horizon because they want to kill us. >> we need the international community to understand the united states, yes, we've given $60 million and $9 million more today. everyone needs to step up and everyone needs to be loud
7:14 am
against maduro. >> ambassador haley says that nicolas maduro, the president of venezuela has to be dealt with. even though there was an assassination attempt this past weekend on his life he remains in power across the border in venezuela. >> bill: rich edson from bogota. thanks. >> sandra: breaking news on the case of this missing college student mollie tibbetts. why we are now hearing from a man who claims he may have been the last person to see mollie alive. we'll have that story next. >> bill: is there a double standard on the f.b.i.? was there a bias in the way the f.b.i. looked into the investigation of a chinese spy working with a democratic senator for 20 years. america's a-team on deck. >> what is going on at the f.b.i.? why do you tell a democrat when they hire somebody connected to china? it could happen to anybody's
7:15 am
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7:18 am
>> sandra: an iowa man going public says he may have been the last person to see the missing university of iowa student mollie tibbetts. the 20-year-old vanished about three weeks ago after going for a jog in her hometown of
7:19 am
brooklyn, iowa. >> i seen her it would probably be three, four times a week she would jog down the street, up the hill. just think nothing of it until i heard somebody was missing and then it really hit me. i haven't seen that runner since then. >> sandra: his name is devin riley talking about he last saw mollie tibbetts for a jog. police did a walk through of his home after he contacted them. >> they were really polite and didn't assume, i don't think. just did a walk through, less than 10, 15 minutes. >> sandra: they still have no suspects in the case. the family believes she is still alive. crimestoppers offering more than $300,000 for information that may help her bring mollie home. >> i'm going to send a letter to director wray next week and ask him what is the policy?
7:20 am
why didn't you tell president trump you had concerns about carter page? is there a double standard here? if this was a counter intelligence investigation, not a criminal investigation, the f.b.i. should have told president trump they had concerns about papadopoulos and page. why didn't they do for trump what they did for feinstein? >> bill: senator lindsey graham after news broke that the f.b.i. informed feinstein about a staffer an alleged chinese spy. he worked for her for 20 years. i want to bring in the a-team. guy benson is back. fox news contributor jessica tarlov. good day to you. tom dupree former deputy assistant a.g. under george w. bush is live and in person in new york city. >> delighted to be here this morning. >> bill: is there a case to be made of a double standard here? you told feinstein but you didn't tell the trump team? >> graham has a point. i love to see what christopher
7:21 am
wray will say in his response to the letter graham says he will send. if there was a counter intelligence probe into the apparent chinese spy embedded in dianne feinstein's office, driving her around listening to her conversations. she was on the senate intelligence committee. if a heads-up was given to her, the principal in that office because of that counter intelligence operation, why wasn't the same courtesy or duty extended to president trump's campaign if there were concerns about papadopoulos, page or others? the f.b.i. may have their reasons. they may say we think maybe they were working with other people. we didn't want to tip our hand. but it's a reasonable question and graham deserves an answer. >> i agree. this is a conversation we've been having for a long time here. f.b.i. has failed to treat people on both sides on the aisle fairly with saying publicly hillary clinton is under investigation, not saying anything is going on in the
7:22 am
trump campaign and up find out about the chinese spy. i imagine the f.b.i. will have these reasons. they were just following protocol. hopefully we get some answers on it and dianne feinstein has -- >> sandra: they briefed dianne feinstein on the situation and she fired him. completely different treatment for the president. >> 180° different treatment. this underscores the need for uniform standards. i think the american people look at this different treatment and there may be a good reason. i agree that there could be legitimate law enforcement reasons for the different treatment but what the f.b.i. needs to do is insure they have a protocol in place when you get these types of leaks, this information how you will handle it. you look at this and say oh my god, what could possibly be the explanation for it?
7:23 am
there may be a perfectly good reason for it. i think senator graham deserves an answer. i think the f.b.i. needs to make sure it has a protocol and applying the same standard to the same type of situation. >> to tom's point the fundamental question that graham is asking, what is the policy? right? that's exactly what you are saying. if there is a uniform standard, that's great. please explain to us what the standard is and why it appears to have been applied differently in these two cases. >> absolutely. >> sandra: unbelievable story. nunes has backed up lindsey graham word, he said them first. completely different standard being applied and this will be taken to high political levels. it doesn't look good. >> donald trump has already taken to the highest with twitter. >> bill: when you consider what we're hearing from sekulow and giuliani last night, they need an answer within two weeks or it's not going to come for months. that seems to be the pattern that's set up. do you agree with that? >> i agree with that.
7:24 am
the fact that you have a deadline in place is good. any lawyers will tell you that if you want to get something accomplished you put a deadline in there. it forces people to come to the table. it forces some sort of compromise and makes people get serious. i think it's a meaningful deadline. my view is the parties will find a way to enable the president to talk with bob mueller. the best interest of the white house and bob mueller. my view is always that they will cut a deal of some sort. i think it is coming up. >> when you think about what they're trying to handle are quite ridiculous. he is looking in potential obstruction of justice. they're saying you can't talk to him about flynn and comey. he wants them to sit around and have coffee and discuss their families? >> there does seem to be potentially a strategy afoot here. they don't want to make it look like the white house is saying no, the president will not meet with bob mueller. what they're doing is saying here are our conditions. assuming that mueller can never accept them and they can say we
7:25 am
came to the table. >> bill: i think jonathan swan summed it up. the questions he will not answer why did you fire comey and why did you suggest the dropping of an investigation to general flynn? keep in mind that is you could argue it's all protected by article 2 of the constitution because he was president at that time. long after the campaign. >> that is the line i that i we've seen the white house drawing or trying to draw. we'll see whether or not mueller accepts that. he won't want to go if if it will be tea and cookies for a couple of hours. good lawyers is pushback on both sides. at the end of the day i think we see a negotiated resolutions. lines and limits. he will get to ask some areas in the obstruction of justice. >> bill: you don't think it is going to the supreme court? >> i don't think it will. if they don't reach an agreement i will change my answer. i do think they reach an agreement i don't see it getting litigated to the
7:26 am
supreme court. that can't be in the best interest of president trump to have this hanging over his head. >> bill: he is getting all fired up over here. >> bill: tea and cookies will be enough. coming back in a moment. >> sandra: chilling new details on the suspect arrested at a new mexico compound. why we're now learning that those suspects were training at least one of the children being held there to become a school shooter. >> bill: what a story that is. awaiting the arrival of the vice president mike pence at the pentagon. he will make the case for a space force taking the u.s. military beyond land and air and sea. >> president trump: the essence of the american character is to explore new horizons and to tame new frontiers. but our destiny beyond the earth is not only a matter of national identity, but a matter of national security. so important for our military. to look at me now,
7:27 am
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7:31 am
>> bill: president trump's push for a space force continues today. right now the vice president mike pence arriving at the pentagon pitching the proposed military branch to the department of defense. you'll see his remarks here live coming up. kristin fisher watching the story in washington what do we expect him to say, kristin? >> bill, for several decades now since the apolo program the public face of the u.s. if space has been about science and exploration for peaceful purposes. but that is all about to change when the vice president speaks in just 45 minutes. he will make the administration's case the current dangers in space from countries like china and russia are so great that the u.s. needs to create a new branch of the military for the first time in more than 70 years. the space force. that's just one of four key things the vice president is going to be directing the pentagon to do in his speech today, create a space operations force. he also wants to create a new
7:32 am
unified combatant command for space. the united states space command and a space development agency to acquire the latest cutting edge war-fighting capabilities and technologies. finally he wants to create a new political appointee, assistant secretary of defense for space. so all of that is going to mean major changes and major reorganization nation for the u.s. military and the creation of a new space force or corp has been opposed by people in the pentagon. secretary mattis opposed its creation a year ago. his opinion has changed and this week he said that he is on board. >> we are in complete alignment with the president's concern about protecting our assets in space that contribute to our security, our economy and we'll have to address it as other countries show a capability to attack those assets.
7:33 am
>> those assets are the nation's most sensitive satellites that drive our troops on the field and huge targets in space. the vice president is expected to say the time has come to write the next chapter in the history of the u.s. armed forces and prepare for the next battlefield. the administration believes that next battlefield is space. bill and sandra. >> bill: fascinating stuff. we are sitting and listening. if you can defend your satellites, you win. that's the next frontier. >> sandra: james mattis wasn't for this initially now he is throwing his full support behind it. we're anticipating those remarks a short time at the pentagon. this is a topic you have a lot of interest in. >> it's a topic i have a ton of interest in. it's a topic that hasn't gotten a ton of attention in recent years. perhaps as much as it should. the air force secretary just last week said there is not one
7:34 am
thing that the u.s. military does that does not in some way need or require our assets in space especially those satellites, the ones that guide our troops and what not. it's critical. >> bill: kristin, thanks. we're waiting for their remarks. thank you. >> we'll have leverage when we win in november. why that is important? it gives leverage to every family, every mom who courageously brought her child across the desert to escape death because of the leverage it gives to families who may have gone home for a family funeral and now can't come back into the country. >> sandra: nancy pelosi making a new pitch ahead of the mid-term elections essentially saying that voting for democrats is the best way to empower illegal immigrants in the ongoing immigration debate. the a-team is back.
7:35 am
guy benson, jessica tarlov and tom dupree >> i didn't take that to what she was saying there. she was trying to draw a line in the sand between a democrat approach to immigration which is much more humane and what has gone on over the past two years since president trump has been in power here. i don't think she is trying to emotion bolden people to come here illegally. she called out she wanted to make sure the people who come here and escaping violence have a place here and that is our tradition, that we do take people in. she is talking about refugees more than illegal immigrants in the sense that donald trump is always talking about them. i didn't have any problem with what she said there. >> sandra: good reason to vote for democrats, guy? >> i don't think there are too many reasons to do that. personally. but i think if jessica is right where the context of pelosi is saying here you can't forget what she said about dreamers.
7:36 am
she said the dreamers' parents did a great thing by breaking our laws and coming into the country and bringing their kids. i think sometimes democratic rhetoric is weak on immigration. there seems to enable illegal immigration because it does and it is. >> bill: seemed blatant to some. >> i don't think her comments will expand her base. she is clearly playing to the base when she makes those types of remarks. i look at this through an institutional lens. i say my goodness. a classic case where congress, as it should under the constitution needs to step up and legislate. right now we're seeing the daca thing playing out in the courts and we see executive actions by obama and trump. i don't think it's quite a way the framers envisioned this working. congress at some point needs to step up to the plate and hash up this. >> bill: we believe we'll have the leverage when we win in november. i think the signal is obvious. >> people take statements and run with it. illegal immigrants will get to vote and democrats are padding
7:37 am
the rolls this way. to guy's point about what she said last year she is trying to strike a more humanitarian tone. for a parent the number one thing you can do for your child is give them a better life and she doesn't fault anyone escaping from guatemala or honduras and venezuela. she is right. >> sandra: where does she stand with your party before we move on? >> well, there are a lot of people we saw a huge victory for mainstream democrats in the primaries. the progressive left was shut-out in the heartland. she will have a leadership battle on her hands whether we take the house back or not. she is a prolific fundraiser. a lot of people are sticking by her. >> i think republicans are rooting for her to remain in that position for as long as
7:38 am
she lives. just stick around, nancy. minority leader. >> bill: did it gain o'connor votes in ohio. >> he has been asked eight times but he is very clear and you see on his twitter by dan' o'connor ready for a new generation of leadership and that's how lamb was. i don't know if it gets you more votes. i think his policy positions are more impactful. it is a question because of the rhetoric out of the right thing that people are being forced to answer, are you with her or against her? some think we need someone younger and someone of color considering our base. >> bill: tom, texas judge brought by states that want to end daca. >> it will be interesting and go up to the supreme court i think. if this texas judge says that we're going to strike down what obama did. now look, we have seen a bunch
7:39 am
of different federal judges grappling with these types of challenges. the current lawsuit is brought by a coalition of texas and other states. so far the federal judges have not generally been ruling in the trump administration's favor and makes the texas case so interesting. it if a texas judge does support the administration it could generate the split among the lowers courts that could elevate the case to the supreme court. >> tom's point earlier it's up to congress is correct. congress should act on this. i support a dream act compromise. it drives me crazy as a lay person when president obama unilaterally imposes a policy that is not lasting by design. executive policy it should be easy for the next executive saying this is not what it should be but the courts are gumming it up. >> sandra: it's nice to see jessica and guy. >> i live here. guy almost.
7:40 am
>> sandra: we have the fox news alert for you. one of five suspects arrested in the raid of a new mexico compound accused of training at least one of the children found there to commit school shootings. court documents revealing the compound was linked to extremist muslims. we are now learning this man's father is an imam with connections to the 1993 world trade center bombing. police arresting him and several others after finding 11 starving children living in squalor on that property. more on this developing story in a moment. >> bill: if you trade online your information may not be as secret as you would imagine. what a new report says about major online trading platforms coming up. >> sandra: the big apple becoming the first u.s. city to put a cap on uber and lyft rides. what it means for the future of transportation and the bottom line for you the consumer.
7:41 am
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>> bill: small business owners have more optimism than in 14 years. david asman here with the story. >> so will 28 million small businesses. that's how many small businesses are in america. there is no country that comes near that. it is really the heart of our economy. ? a the engine of our economy. >> bill: 64% of new jobs go to small businesses. this is a wells fargo survey taking 604 companies between $2 and 3 million in revenue. they ask how they're feeling. they're feeling terrific now. the money that's coming in. folks are paying up front. in the past folks who said they were going the pay didn't always pay. now they're paying upwards. the cash flow is good. that translates into more hiring, new investments. these are not public companies that buy back their stocks. these are companies when they get more money they put it back
7:46 am
in. >> sandra: bottom line they have optimism from the rhetoric they hear out of this administration rolling back regulations and cutting taxes and then it actually happens. >> 2017 tax bill affected small businesses. the 28 million small businesses in america benefited directly. there were all kinds of extra benefits in the tax plan that allowed them to expand and invest more. >> bill: great news. new york city voted to cap the number of uber drivers, is that right? >> it kills me. it is crazy. every time the free market comes out with a solution to a problem politicians come in and try to kill the solution. transportation in manhattan is tough. but this translates into any city in america. any city in the world, in fact. our taxi system are overcharged for your ride. they're filthy. usually the suspension is bad so every bump you go over. >> bill: i love a yellow cab.
7:47 am
you give me a yellow cab every day. >> i'll take the new york uber. >> sandra: maybe take the subway. >> subway is the way most new yorkers get around. rich or poor you take a subway. they're dirtier than ever. air conditioning has broken down on practically every train this summer. you have this uber solution. the politicians want to kill it. why? the new york city taxi commission has all kinds of connections with the politicians. i suspect they're passed but we have a mayor who wants to switch people from cars to bicycles. you have city bikes here in new york and san francisco and all over the country. you know how much each city bike costs new york taxpayers? each one $6,000 to set up a new bike. this mayor wants 80,000. you do the math and you realize that's where the money is going and again somebody again i
7:48 am
think is -- >> bill: they must be made of gold. >> $6,000 and he wants 80,000. >> everybody has gps now. i would want more competition. >> bill: david asman. >> sandra: a school district in one state could be making kids' dreams come true. why they're switching to four-day school weeks and kids are waking up to one big catch. >> bill: why college hoops can now have -- players can have an agent. 24/7 crew weighs in on that coming up.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> bill: here now the 24/7 crew carley shimkus in person. ncaa is making a change for college basketball players. maybe it will go to foot ball at some point. >> great change with anything takes time. a lot of criticism they aren't doing enough. they're doing a lot. they recognized major changes needed to get made. condoleezza rice was the head of the commission on college basketball. they made the recommendations and essentially the big parts of it are this from the ncaa.
7:53 am
within a few years, depends on when the nba allows the age limit to get in the nba to get lower. high school players certified elite status will be able to hire agents. something they've never been able to do. college players will be able to hire agents. so many infractions by the ncaa. schools stripped of titles or players whose careers come to an end or an agent who spent $5, seriously lead to major infractions. >> bill: why are they allowing this? >> they know it's already going on. a lightening of certain laws in our country. they say it's already happening. some other big moves. coaches will have more access to younger players in high school eventually. >> sandra: it feels like a slippery slope in some ways. >> in what regard? >> sandra: turning a high school athlete into a professional one.
7:54 am
>> capitalism. lebron james went right from high school to the nba. >> bill: who at this table is elite? i think the tweet is five for five. all right. inside joke there. insider trading. >> this is a little concerning. a report out the black hats conference is happening in las vegas, hackers get together and talk about the things they've uncovered and discovered. one of the things they've discovered is all the online stock trading sites we use aren't necessarily as secure as they should be considering what -- >> bill: shocker. >> i went through this. it is something easy to skim through. all the big names are mentioned, a little disturbing. charles schwab, e*trade mentioned in terms of not necessarily encrypting your data as much as they should. a couple things popped out at me. if you are on a wifi network that is not yours.
7:55 am
if you're at a starbucks or coffee shop or at work you shouldn't be doing stuff like this on your -- even on your phone. this is one of those situations where you probably want to get yourself a virtual private network on your phone. i know those are big words. easy thing to find. but it is troubling. but as is always the case once it's pointed out it gets fixed. >> troubling or good. a growing trend across the country, more school districts are implementing four-day weeks. three-day weekends. there is a trade-off for kids. most kids are having to go to school longer between 15 and 45 minutes a day longer. some school districts that are struggling financially are doing this and could save them a million to a million five. that's good for the school districts. bad for the parents. then they have to find childcare for the extra day. is it a good idea? a lot of kids are probably saying absolutely. >> sandra: a big discussion.
7:56 am
>> bill: if you could take a four-day work week would you take it? >> 15 minutes a day longer for four days. >> we did that in college. >> sandra: lots of proof that productivity goes up. nurses do it successfully. thank you very much to all three of you. >> bill: there is a major primary vote still up in the air. 200 votes separating the candidates. one of them is kris kobach. where does he think his race stands? we'll talk to him live coming up. do not miss that. dear great-great grandfather,
7:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert and we are looking live at the pentagon where in about 15 minutes from now vice president mike pence will make the case for a so-called space force. the military brass seem to want it stopping short of a whole new branch dedicated to the nation's protection in space. the white house says it is not enough. we'll have the vice president's remarks as soon as they begin. top of the hour fox news alert. disturbing new details about the new mexico compound where nearly a dozen starving children were found with fears it may be some sort of terror training camp. we'll see. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: what a story already. good morning. the suspect armed to the teeth at the time of last week's raid. turns out to be the son of a prominent imam with alleged ties to the first world trade
8:01 am
center terror attack of 1993. he is not only accused of abusing the children found inside the compound but also of training at least one of those kids to commit school shootings. william la jeunesse runs the story down live in los angeles today. william, good morning. >> good morning, bill. all that information you just mentioned is contained in court records filed yesterday which allege the adults brought these kids to the compound to learn to fire weapons with the intent to commit violence and secondly that sick little boy who was kidnapped by his father died there and was buried on the property. during the raid police found an ar-15 rifle. five 30-round magazines and pistols and they arrested five suspects. the man on the right is siraj wahhaj, two of the women are his sisters, the other his wife. the other male is lucas morton married to one of the sisters. one of the children now in
8:02 am
state custody told the foster parent that the defendants trained the child in the use of an assault rifle in preparation for future school shootings. now the suspects appeared in court yesterday charged with 11 counts of child abuse, morton also of harboring a fugitive and wahhaj of parental interference and the women for crossing state lines. >> during the f.b.i. and georgia information was shared to us indicating that there could possibly be weapons on the compound. we also had local information the shooting was taking place at this compound. we also knew from surveillance that there was a shooting range built on the west side of the property. >> so initially police were seeking this boy, 3-year-old abdul wahhaj who was kidnapped
8:03 am
by his father. the child couldn't walk because of epilepsy. the sheriff called this group muslim extremists and wahhaj's father is an islamic cleric in brooklyn named but never charged as a co-conspirator in the 1993 world trade center bombing. he also praised the man who was convicted in that bombing and called the c.i.a. and f.b.i., quote, the real terrorists. now police found what they believe to be abdul's remains. but that hasn't been confirmed by the coroner yet. the five defendants have all asked for public defenders and being held without bond. one court hearing tomorrow, four on monday. >> bill: william la jeunesse there in l.a. >> sandra: another fox news alert. new u.s. sanctions on russia over the poisoning of a former double agent in the u.k. those sanctions set to take effect later this month. they apply to all russian
8:04 am
state-owned businesses. former congressman jason chaffetz says the trump administration made the right call. >> what mike pompeo is doing, what the president is doing and putting pressure. you have ambassador hudson there trying to walk that fine line and make sure that they're holding them accountable and putting sanctions in place when they know for certain that there has been wrongdoing. it's the right move. >> sandra: joining us now california republican ed royce chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. thank you for your time this morning, mr. chairman. is this the right move? >> it is the right move. as the administration said after the attack, the nerve agent attack in the united kingdom, they said you cannot use a military grade chemical weapon on the soil of the united kingdom and so as a result the administration at that time, if you will recall, had several dozen russian so-called diplomats. they were spying in the united
8:05 am
states, sent out of the u.s. we also had a 1991 law. this law is on the books. and it requires that if another power uses a nerve agent, that we deploy sanctions. and so this is the right decision to deploy these sanctions on russia. >> sandra: chairman royce we know adding these sanctions will affect 70% of the russian economy. include hundreds of millions of dollars worth of trade. how effective do you think, based on what they know about them, will they be? >> here is the point. to the extent that we send the message around the world that you cannot use nerve agents, this is a very important and consistent message we have to send. if you recall the last time we engaged on this was when kim jong-un had his own half brother assassinated with a nerve agent. if you will recall, this law,
8:06 am
this 1991 law was then used in order to put additional sanctions on north korea. now, those sanctions, as well as sanctions that we passed in congress and i was the author of that legislation, helped bring north korea to the table. so it's important that we maintain this kind of pressure in order to deter any other nation that might use a nerve agent. that might use a chemical and biological weapon on u.s. soil or on our allies' soil. >> sandra: we know that both the russian government and our u.s. allies were informed of this decision. that happened yesterday. and this response came in from the first deputy permanent representative of russia. this is the response on these sanctions. the theater of absurd continues. no proof, no clues, no logic, no presumption of innocence just highly likely.
8:07 am
only one rule blame everything on russia no matter how absurd and fake it is. let us welcome the united sanctions of america. what did you think of that? >> well, i saw that quote and what i think is that the use by the russian intelligence services of nerve agents on foreign soil is outrageous. it has to stop. we have laws on the books. we know who did it. and we are sending a consistent message here. and i frankly think that when someone is trying to undermine other countries and carrying out deadly assaults like this to say nothing of trying to undermine our upcoming elections as dan coats, our director of national intelligence informed us, that they continue with these cyberattacks, we have to send a message back and we've sent a strong message here. >> sandra: got it.
8:08 am
chairman royce of the house foreign affairs committee thank you for your perspective and your thoughts this morning. >> thank you. >> bill: trial of a former trump campaign manager paul manafort back in session today. three days of dramatic testimony this week by manafort's former business partner, rick gates. there he is there. the case also marked by tough talk from the judge for the prosecution but now there is word of some apology. peter doocy sorts it out outside the courthouse in alexandria, virginia. what's going on? >> in the courtroom on the ninth floor just now judge t.s. ellis, who has been very critical of the mueller team throughout the entire manafort proceedings, just extended an olive branch and the judge said that he may have been too hard on the mueller team when he lashed out after finding out that a government witness had been sitting in the courtroom watching the trial unfold before he took the stand. ellis apparently has realized he never told the mueller team
8:09 am
they couldn't let their witnesses watch. so he said this, this robe doesn't make me anything other than human. any criticism of counsel should be put aside. on the stand right now is the first of eight remaining witnesses before the mueller team -- that the mueller team plans to call before resting their case tomorrow. a mortgage processor named melinda james from citizens bank. she is here because the mueller team alleges paul manafort may not have been forthcoming about debts or assets while applying for a mortgage in new york. they're showing this witness slide after slide of mortgage applications she testified paul manafort put his signature on with a warning that says there could be criminal penalties for submitting false information. the manafort defense team hasn't indicated who they might call to testify on behalf of paul manafort. the judge said yesterday they don't have to yet. he said that when you are the defendant and you have the
8:10 am
presumption of innocence it's like poker. you don't have to show your hand until you're asked. after the judge made that analogy late yesterday, he did make clear he is not a poker player. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: vice president mike pence about to address brass at the pentagon. there is a live look there as he makes the case for a new branch of the military. the president's so-called space force. you've heard him talk a lot about it. we'll bring you there live when it begins. >> bill: there is a proposal to fund the border wall by penalizing countries that continue stop their own people from entering the u.s. illegally. andy biggs is behind the measure and explain how it is supposed to work. >> sandra: the primary for kansas governor isn't over yet. less than 200 votes separating the two candidates. where does the race go from here? one of those candidates, kansas secretary of state kris kobach will join us live.
8:11 am
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plus free indicator strips. and shipping is free too. [ loesch ] this superbeets offer isn't available in stores. so call or go online right now. [ male announcer ] superbeets from humann. order your superbeets today. call... or visit... >> president trump: republicans want a maximum and we do, we
8:15 am
want maximum border security and respect for ice, respect for border patrol. we want our country to be a sanctuary for law-abiding americans, not criminal aliens. [cheering and applause] >> sandra: it was one of the president's signature campaign issues. our next guest introducing a bill that would take foreign aid from countries whose citizens come here illegally and put the funds toward the border wall. andy biggs, thank you for your time this morning. the new bill aims to fund, build and pay for the border wall. first of all, how do you fund this? >> there are three components in the bill. the smallest one is the reduction in foreign aid to nations whose citizens keep coming to our country illegally.
8:16 am
in the bill is $2,000 a head. we increase the i-94 fee, the entrance fee to come to the u.s. today, $6. it would be a significant component. the third thing is impose a tax on the remittance payments going abroad. to mexico they'll receive $25 to $30 billion this year alone in remittance payments right out of our economy going back home and we don't impose any fee on that. this would impose a fee. it would raise -- this bill could raise anywhere from $2 to $3 billion a year to pay for the wall. >> sandra: how do you build it? >> we are removing and easing some of the regulations that are there. we're imposing deadlines. that's part of the problems we have. we don't strictly have these deadlines for homeland security to get going on it. we impose deadlines. we say let's take away some of the environmental constraints and other constraints you have and go forward.
8:17 am
that's what's happening in this bill. >> sandra: you are also calling for the wall to be built by a certain date. that date i believe is december 2019. sounds pretty aggressive. >> it is very aggressive. the reason it's aggressive is because president trump has said that we could build the wall within a year. i don't know if that's true or not but i can tell you this, as long as you keep postponing and you have no deadlines, nothing gets done and that's why we're where we are today with nothing really happening. >> sandra: you are also calling for number of environmental laws to be waived. there are some that have slowed the process. >> sandra: that's exactly right. >> when you saw how to build the wall it's one of the ways we do. get the government out of the way and we build this wall. now, there are engineering issues we'll have to deal with, i understand that. but a lot of the criticism that comes from people who haven't been down to the border. they'll go to mcallen and san
8:18 am
diego. go between the ports of entry. go down to the smaller entry ports that we have and you will see things like a single strand wire. you'll see rugged frontier. this is a way to address the flood of illegal crossings we have into arizona, texas, california and into this country every year. >> sandra: you make a point in your statement that even with a republican-controlled house and senate we failed to secure the funds for the border wall. what sort of support are you seeing for this house resolution 6657? >> what's happening is as we go forward, we get more people that are interested and coming on. many of my colleagues say i would like to read the bill. i believe we'll get a pretty good ground swell. i'm hoping to talk to the chairman of judiciary. i hope the bill gets assigned to judiciary. i think we can get this part done. it is a very easy pay. a very clear, straight forward way to fund the building of the
8:19 am
wall and to get this thing going. i believe that if we are sincere as republicans in doing what we said we would do, this is a way to get it done and i really believe that my colleagues want to get it done. >> sandra: how important is this politically considering it's one of the major campaign promises of this president? >> you know, if you remember there were 17 candidates. he vaulted to the top when he said three words, build the wall. we haven't done it. this is the chance to do it. and i think it's critical. i think it's critical we show good faith effort to try to get this bill through the house by the mid-term election. i think that would be very -- send a very strong signal to the base of the republican party, the independents that voted for republicans. the democrats who crossed over based on this promise by this president. i think it would send a strong signal and i think it would help us keep the house and the senate mid-terms. >> sandra: congressman andy biggs, good to see you. >> bill: pentagon, vice
8:20 am
president mike pence there about to deliver remarks at the beginning of his commentary right now on a speech entitled, we will secure american dominance in space saying from day one during the inauguration the president set out to unlock the deep mysteries of space and now it appears the u.s. military will go there as well. let's drop on in. mike pence at the pentagon now. >> unleash the commercial space companies and safeguard our vital space assets with new space traffic management policy. but as commander-in-chief, president trump's highest priority is the safety and security of the american people. and while too often previous administrations all but neglected the growing security threats in space. president trump said space is a
8:21 am
war fighting domain just like land and air and sea. just as we've done in ages past, the united states of america under his leadership will meet the emerging threats on this new battlefield with american ingenuity and strength to carry the cause of liberty and peace into the next great american frontier. in 1939, at the start of the second world war, the u.s. army air corp was still a fledgling organization. as nazi air forces bombed their way from warsaw to london our military commanders took action then to meet the new threat head on. by 1945 the american military had nearly 30 times the number of planes and 85 times the number of pilots and support crews compared to just six years earlier. america and our allies emerged
8:22 am
victorious from world war ii because of the strength of our armed forces and because our armed forces adapted to meet the emerging threats of the day. we knew that air power had forever changed the nature of war so we marshaled are resources and will to build the most powerful air force the world had ever seen. just two years after that terrible conflict, our nation created a new branch of service to secure american dominance in the skies for generations to come. with the creation of the united states air force. now the time has come to write the next great chapter in the history of our armed forces, to prepare for the next battlefield where america's best and bravest will be called to deter and defeat a new generation of threats to our people, to our nation. the time has come to establish the united states space force.
8:23 am
that's what brings us here today. seven weeks ago, president trump directed the department of defense to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a space force as the sixth branch of the armed forces. the president made it clear our ultimate objective is to create a new branch of our military separate from and equal to five other branches. today the department of defense will release a report outlining the first of our administration's plan to implement the president's guidance and turn his vision into a reality. this report reviews the national security space activities within the department of defense and it identifies concrete steps our administration will take to lay the foundation for a new department of the space force. to be clear the space force will not be built from scratch. the men and women who run and protect our nation's space programs today are already the best in the world. since the dawn of the space
8:24 am
age, america has remained the best in space. [applause] over the past 60 years, the united states has assembled the largest and most sophisticated technology and give our war fighters the intelligence they need and give our intelligence community the information they need to maintain a strategic advantage where our war fighters are operating. across this department and our intelligence agency there are literally tens of thousands of military personnel, civilians and contractors operating and supporting our space systems and together they're the eyes and ears of america's war fighters around the globe.
8:25 am
they do a remarkable job. i've seen their work firsthand. i traveled across the country to meet with the men and women fighting for america's future in space on my first year and a half on the job. from the airmen whose fleet of surveillance, navigation and communication satellites increase the agility, precision and effectiveness of our armed forces, to the engineers of the missile defense agency at red stone arsenal in alabama forging the next generation of rockets. to bases and facilities across the country where our men and women in uniform work together with our intelligence community and our allies to protect our people, our nation, and our interests around the world. over the past 18 months, president trump and our entire administration have taken decisive action to strengthen american power in space as well. president trump recently signed the largest investment in our
8:26 am
national defense since the days of ronald reagan. [applause] that new defense budget included new resources for two cutting edge military communication satellites and nearly a billion dollars for our space defense programs. and today we renew the president's call on the congress of the united states to invest in additional $8 billion in our space security systems over the next five years. the men and women of this department have also taken historic steps to secure american leadership in space. at the direction of secretary mattis, the department of defense is fielding a new generation of jam resistant gps and communications satellites. and new missile warning satellites that are smaller, tougher and more maneuverable than ever before. while these steps have been vital to our national defense,
8:27 am
they are really only a beginning. they are only a beginning of meeting the rising security threats our nation faces in space today and in the future. as president trump has said in his words it is not enough to merely have an american presence in space. we must have american dominance in space. and so we will. [applause] that's precisely why we're beginning the process of establishing the space force as the sixth branch of our armed forces. just as in the past when we created the air force, establishing the space force is an idea whose time has come. the space environment has fundamentally changed in the last generation. what was once peaceful and uncontested is now crowded and adversarial. today other nations are seeking
8:28 am
to disrupt our space based systems and challenge american supremacy in space as never before. for many years nations from russia and china to north korea and iran have pursued weapons to jam, blind and disable our navigation and communication satellites via electronic attacks from the ground. but recently our adversaries have been working to bring new weapons of war into space itself. in 2007 china launched a missile that tracked and destroyed one of its own satellites, a highly provocative demonstration of china's growing capability to militarize space. russia has been designing an airborne laser to disrupt our space based system and it claims to be developing missiles that can be launched from an aircraft mid flight to destroy american satellites. both china and russia have been conducting highly sophisticated on-orbit activities that could enable them to maneuver their
8:29 am
satellites in close proximity in ours posing new dangers. both nations are investing heavily in hypersonic missiles designed to fly up to five miles per second at low altitudes that they could evade detection. china claimed to have made its first test of one just last week. china and russia are aggressively working to do anti-satellite attacks into their war fighting doctrines. in 2015 china created a separate military enterprise to oversee and prioritize its war fighting capabilities in space. as their actions make clear, our adversaries have transformed space into a war fighting domain already. and the united states will not shrink from this challenge. [applause]
8:30 am
under president trump's leadership we will meet it head on and build a peaceful future and defend our nation here on earth and in space. america will always seek peace in space as on the earth but history proves that peace only comes through strength. and in the realm of outer space, the united states space force will be that strength in the years ahead. [applause] >> bill: vice president mike pence announcing by 2020, two years from now, the united states will establish a new branch of the u.s. military, the united states department of the space force in remarks there at the pentagon. strong words about the future, about defending our satellites. about domination in space, suggesting our adversaries are already moving in this area and we need to keep pace. i think one time sandra he said
8:31 am
we will not just go there and do it but dominate. critical words from mike pence at the pentagon. >> sandra: fox news alert. new clashes amid israel and gaza amid talks of a cease-fire. >> bill: the race for the republican nomination in kansas going down to the wire. these guys are super tight. kansas secretary of state kris kobach deadlocked with incumbent governor jeff collier. kris kobach is our guest next to say where we stand today coming up. it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa.
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8:34 am
>> bill: the race to be the next governor in kansas, the kansas republican primary for governor too close to call as of today. kansas secretary of state kris kobach leading the incumbent governor jeff collier by less than 200 votes. kris kobach is with me now. it's 191. what's the official mark today, sir? >> that is the official tally as of today.
8:35 am
191. >> bill: waiting for a lot of votes in johnson county. eastern part of the state. see which way it goes. you are the secretary of state. part of your job is to oversee elections. by law you do not have to recuse yourself but what do you think about stepping aside before this thing is all decided, sir? >> well, as a practical matter the secretary of state doesn't actually do anything in the counting of votes. all the provisional votes are counted by the counties. the secretary of state's office watches and at the end of the day receives the tallies from the counties. if i recuse myself it wouldn't make any difference. if my opponent wants me to i will but it would be purely symbolic. the counties do all the work. >> bill: has he requested that? >> he hasn't. the counties are the ones countsing the votes. >> a statement from your opponent jeff collier, we want you to know that governor collier is committed to republicans holding the governor's office in november and confident we'll be able to
8:36 am
settle this primary and coalesce behind the republican nominee. how long before it could be decided? >> on friday, tomorrow, we will know the tally of votes by mail that had not yet been received election day. that may add a few hundred votes to the mix. next week throughout the week the counties will count the provisional ballots. maybe somebody showed up at the wrong polling place or name changed because they got married. somewhere in excess of 8,000 provisional ballots. two thirds are counted. and so that 5,000 plus will be added to the total probably by the end of next week most of them. we should know by the end of next week. >> bill: would you concede this thing could go either way now? >> yeah, absolutely. it could. there were over 300,000 votes cast. the margin is 191.
8:37 am
so it's very, very tight. less than 1/10 of 1%. >> bill: why do you think some people voted for you and some voted for the governor? >> what we had is something we've seen in other states. my opponent is the incumbent. more aligned with the establishment. i've worked very closely with president trump and more conservative. so you had a conservative insurgent on the outside going against a well-supported establishment figure on the inside and it was a close race as everybody can see. >> bill: a lot of republicans believe that collier stands a better chance of winning in november. i'm certain you disagree with that. you mention president trump. he jumped in the race at the end against the advice of a lot of republicans. do you think he kept this race so close or without his endorsement are you a loser right now in this race specifically? >> you know, we'll never know. there is no question that president trump's endorsement helped. it helps everyrepublican. but at the end of the day you
8:38 am
never know how many votes were swung one way or the other by that. certainly swung in favor of me in this situation. the bottom line i agree with my opponent. at the end of the day we'll join together and make sure that kansas stays a red state. we have high taxes here. we've had democratic governors in the past and we don't want to return to those days. we'll unite behind whoever has the highest vote tally and fight on in november. >> bill: thank you for your time today and see which way it goes, right? amazing, less than 200 votes separate the two of you. thank you for coming back today. 22 minutes now before the hour. >> sandra: fox news alert. new violence on the gaza strip. three people killed after israeli war planes targeted places and militants fire 180 rockets into israel. seven people reportedly wounded there. david lee miller is live near
8:39 am
the israel/gaza border. david lee. >> sandra, at this hour it appears the violence continues to escalate and if necessary we'll make our way into a bombshell tear. the brown building you see over my shoulder off in the distance. we're in the city, a community of 25,000. because of its proximity to the gaza border about one mile away it comes under rocket attack frequently and that was the case last night. a rocket landed right where i'm standing, the debris is gone but you can see some of the damage to this car. the damage extensive, broken window and a great deal of damage to this as well as other vehicles. things could have been horrific here. take a look at the end of the parking lot, sandra and there you see a children's playground. last night the scene here could have been tragic. take a look.
8:40 am
as you can see on the video parents grabbed children. didn't know where to run. many shouting in hebrew where did it land? talking, of course, about the rocket. in total 180 rockets were fired from gaza. no one at this specific location were hurt. the iron dome missile defense system was able to defeat 30 of those rockets. a significant number landed in unpopulated areas. in retaliation israel launched, 140 air strikes. among the targets a military training facility and smuggling tunnels. at this hour i can tell you there are reports from gaza that israel has launched another air strike and there is a new report that says in retaliation the militants, hamas, has fired back. so despite negotiations that could lead to some type of
8:41 am
truce, the situation on the ground still very bloody. back to you. >> sandra: david lee miller near the israel/gaza border. >> bill: president trump's attorneys rejecting bob mueller's latest proposal for an interview. >> this legal team is not walking this president into a perjury trap. not going the happen. any type of interview will be the appropriate type of response. >> bill: negotiations continue but will an agreement be ultimately reached? we'll check that out in a moment. >> sandra: incredible video showing a skier getting a front row seat for a volcanic eruption. [ loesch ] this is superbeets and i swear by it.
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order your superbeets today. call... or visit... >> bill: dramatic video. how would you like that for a black diamond run? the dark smoke towering over the snow covered mountains.
8:45 am
ski lift near the volcano. out of harm's way. the skiing wasn't interrupted. you know, it makes for a great ski. check this thing out over here. >> sandra: that's one way to look at it. >> bill: she is blowing her top in a lot of ways. >> sandra: quite a view there. all right. >> they'll make this thing very, very narrow because ideally they don't want the president to testify. but i know the president, sandra. the president probably very much so wants to testify because he wears everything on his sleeve and he doesn't think he did anything wrong. >> sandra: former white house communications director anthony scaramucci weighing in on the latest between mueller's team and president trump's attorneys who just rejected the special counsel's latest proposal for a potential sit-down with president trump. let's bring in charlie hurt, a fox news contributor. good morning to you. so what agreement -- i'm doing
8:46 am
well. happy thursday. what agreement is eventually reached here? >> it's kind of hard to say. obviously scaramucci is exactly right. the president absolutely wants to testify but that's why you have lawyers. you have lawyers to look out for your interests and to think in a more cool way about what the different traps are. there is no doubt in my mind this whole investigation was supposed to be about collusion during the election with russia. it has morphed into conspiracy and become the strange thing about obstruction of justice. well, you know, what is it that robert mueller wants to ask the president? he wants to ask him about his frame of mind when he fired jim comey? robert mueller has no right to ask a sitting president, a duly elected president about lawful actions he made as president. it raises constitutional questions that i think president trump's legal team has the upper hand in. >> sandra: which is why we had
8:47 am
alan dershowitz on earlier. we asked him what the strategy is here and here is how he responded. >> all trump has to do is be asked the question did you know about the meeting in the trump tower with your son? and if he says no, which he has said, which may very well be the truth. he has walked into a perjury trap because cohen has said yes. that's all the prosecutor needs. >> sandra: alan had a lot of things to say on that this morning. i feel like you want to react to that. one thing is being made very clear, the president and his team want to wrap this up soon. >> they absolutely do. and kind of the problem right now is we're running up against the election, the mid-term elections and it is hard to see how it gets wrapped up before then. then they want to try to wrap it up after this. of course, everyone expected on his team were hoping this would be wrapped up my goodness almost a year ago. it is still dragging on.
8:48 am
robert mueller is under the gun right now. we're looking at the manafort trial, a lot of interesting stuff going on there. a lot of -- it seems like they're building a pretty good case for some of the charges against paul manafort and rick gates but it has nothing to do with the reason that robert mueller launched the original investigation and given the questions that have been raised about what sparked the investigation to begin with, it really does kind of call into question what mueller is doing anymore. >> sandra: jay sekulow on hannity is slamming the whole investigation and promising not to let president trump walk into a perjury trap. he said this, quote, if you lined up 100 lawyers you would have 100 lawyers say don't sit down for an interview. you can't argue with that. >> right. and of course alan dershowitz is exactly right. the biggest problem facing the president right now because again, mueller -- the scope of the mueller investigation had
8:49 am
nothing to do with donald trump's lawful actions as president and i think constitutionally the president's case is rock solid on that. it really does leaves mueller with only one possibility for getting a big scalp and that is catching the president in a perjury trap. and that's why i really don't see his lawyers allowing him to do that no matter how much donald trump -- you know he is chomping at the bit to get out there and testify. quite frankly testifies every day about this over twitter anyway. he wants to do it. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: "outnumbered" coming up next checking in with harris and melissa. >> the president slapping russia with new sanctions as punishment for the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter. as you would think russia denies any role in the crime.
8:50 am
whether this will finally quiet critics who say the president is too soft on vladimir putin. what do you think? >> and the president's legal team reportedly making a counteroffer now to the special counsel on terms for that interview with a possible sit-down with the president. they say if robert mueller's investigation drags on it might fire up republican voters ahead of the mid-term. we'll debate it. >> our #oneluckyguy. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> sandra: i said it was a hint. >> bill: see you in 10 minutes. the fight to put ot california's wildfires getting political. the battle between the white house and the state fire officials out of california. that's next. ♪ call on me brother ♪ when you need a hand ♪ lean on me, when you're not strong ♪ ♪ and i'll be your friend ♪ ♪ i'll help you carry on ♪
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>> bill: the race against time
8:54 am
for firefighters in california struggling to put out more than a dozen raging fires. the battle to get the resources they need is turning political. jonathan hunt tracks down that story live in l.a. we'll get to the politics in a moment. give us an update of the fires. one of the biggest in history for that state. >> here in southern california the main focus is the holy fire burning south and east of los angeles. it more than doubled in size in just the past 24 hours and has now burned nearly 10,000 acres or 15 square miles. police have arrested 51-year-old forest gordon clark on suspicion of starting the fire which has destroyed 12 cabins. he had earlier been filmed shouting at firefighters whom he claimed had stolen money from his property. up north better news today on the huge mendocino complex fire. the largest in state history. firefighters say they're making
8:55 am
good progress and helped by low winds and slightly cooler temperatures. >> bill: the president has taken action now. controversial action. what gives on that? >> that's for sure. this all started with a tweet as so many things do from president trump claiming firefighters didn't have enough water because he said it was being diverted to the pacific ocean as part of california's environmental protection policies. the california department of forestry responded by saying it wasn't relevant. they have plenty of water and many people dismiss the president's comments as, quote, nonsense. now the administration is ordering the national marines fishery service to take control of water use in california and override endangered species. wilbur ross says the protection of life and property takes precedence over any current agreements regarding the use of
8:56 am
water in the areas of california affected by wildfires. no response yet from california governor jerry brown. no response, either, from the firefighters on the ground. i guess they have little time for the politics of all this when they're laying their lives on the line every day to protect property and human lives. >> bill: wish them the best of luck. a big struggle out there. jonathan hunt, thank you in l.a. >> sandra: the white house slapping new sanctions on russia, a huge chunk of that country's economy impacted but moscow not going along quietly with this. more on the fallout next. welcome! hi there. so, what do you look for in a vehicle? sleek designs. performance. dependability is top on my list. well then, here's some vehicles that deliver on that. woah! wow. oh jeez! that's our truck! it's our truck! and they're our cars! that's my chevy! chevy's the only brand to earn j.d. power dependability awards across cars, trucks and suvs
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9:00 am
>> what a moment that was. >> interesting idea. >> the vice president, at the pentagon, discussing -- >> move into the future with that speech right there. >> it was fun. >> that's it for us, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> a fox news alert, russian officials are pushing back after the white house announced it is imposing new sanctions later this month. a state department official told fox news the sanctions will affect all russian state-owned enterprises. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. melissa francis, katie pavlich, host of "kennedy," kennedy, former arkansas governor and fox news contributor as well, mike huckabee is outnumbered. great to see you. >> great to be back. >> thank you. shall we rock and roll? a lot going on. >> i think so. >> harris: doesn't feel like


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