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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 10, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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catch me on the radio tomorrow morning. until tomorr thanks for watching tonight, our loyal viewers. catch me on the radio tomorrow morning and stay safe, check me out on twitter and facebook, i love reading your comments. shannon bream and the fox news at night team coming up. shannon: i will set my alarm otherwise i would sleep all day. house oversight chairman trey gowdy is here, weighing in on the breaking news about potential subpoenas for people connected to the steel dossier and his views on the potential interview with robert mueller and more in the white house ambitious plans for the future of war fighting. we break down the news in a militarized case tonight. one of the formal ohio state rutgers recanting statements accusing jim jordan about a sex
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scandal. and the anthem controversy is back because nfl season is back as well. i am shannon bream in washington. house subpoenas being readied for people connected to the steel dossier which was full of salacious and unverified claims against donald trump and used to obtain surveillance warrants on a trump campaign insider. and henry takes it from there. >> reporter: republican bob goodlatte will issue new subpoenas from obama justice official bruce war and nelly or, on the payroll of fusion gps and the cofounder of glenn simpson. after series of scoops from john solomon including a news story tonight suggesting simpson may have given bruce or a thumb drive after the 2016 election that may have had dirt on donald trump.
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these stories revealing new emails, text messages that suggest bruce or throughout the 2016 campaign was in close contact with former british spy christopher steele who was putting together that dossier alleging the president's team was colluding with the russians but this news correspondent adds a wrinkle, lobbying or for russian oligarchs to get a visa, a billionaire blocked from travel to the us a decade ago because of suspected russian mob ties. in february 2016, he emailed the oligarch, it would be helpful if you could monitor it and let me know if any complications arise, the justice department respond to the extent i can, i will keep an eye on the situation and goes on to questioning tom cotton, the fbi director chris ray testified he could only discuss this matter in a classified setting.
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>> do you know if christopher steele worked for all leg? >> that is not something i can answer. >> did you discuss it in a classified setting? >> there might be more we can say. >> reporter: fox news contributor byron york is washington examiner, bruce or's emails so they met for breakfast on july 30, 2016, interesting bit of time he because steel finish different pieces of that dossier july 19th just before the breakfast and on the eve of the election on october 18th steelhead pressing business emailing him if you're in washington today i have something quite urgent i would like to discuss with you preferably by skype even before work if you can. he said if you connect right away, thanks, two minutes. october 18th deal finished another dossier that went after
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carter page for alleged connections to russia and october 19th and 20th more installments of the dossier zeroed in on allegations against paul manafort. these strands may give the president more fodder to charge that he believes will collusion involve the campaign to stop him, not the trump campaign. shannon: the special prosecutor team prosecuting paul manafort taking a stand against the judge, ts ellis iii complaining the judge unfairly admonished them in front of the jerry. peter doocy, the latest fireworks. >> the judge, mueller's guys mentioned the case and the judges complaint to have bad manners saying yes, he has been
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critical of the way they tried to introduce certain exhibits. yesterday there was a witness who before they took the stand was sitting in the courtroom, press and family members, the judge dressed down special counsel, and they are not supposed to look. the judge never told the special counsel that, and what they see as bad treatment from the judge, it is a mistake here. conveying to the jury the government -- he violated court rules and procedures and the judge thought about that and came back this morning and said this robe doesn't make me anything other than human. any criticism of counsel should be put aside.
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shannon: he was described as an equal opportunity smack down artist. i understand there was an emoji in court today. >> this whole trial, tax returns and stuff, somebody from citizens bank who the government alleges paul manafort scammed, writing to colleagues, and when it was shown on the screen, what is that? everybody laughed. shannon: tell us where we are in this now? is the prosecution about to wrap up? what is the timeline of getting to a verdict?
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>> they have four or five witnesses they say will wrap up by friday. the judge wants the speedy trial and they don't have to call four or five more, as soon as the rest the judge will decide but the main defense attorney, and jumping in it any seconds when the judge says you guys are up, don't know if they will call any witnesses but we don't know who they will be but the focus for the defense has been discrediting rick gates think paul manafort was cleared by the fbi four years ago and he just made a mistake so why not audit? >> all those things, the documents, he admitted to stealing from manafort and lying to the mueller team. we will see. he is the star witness, thanks for the wrap up.
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tonight there are new allegations the key justice department official continue to communicate and trade information with christopher steele after the fbi cut loose for leaking to the media. house judiciary chairman bob good larry -- gooda lot a subpoenaing current fbi and doj officials. trager audi -- reg audi who has been with the oversight committee, welcome. >> thank you. shannon: i want to talk about new attacks being reported in the hill between bruce ohr and christopher steele. steel asked ohr if he could continue to feed information to the fbi, still able to help locally is discussed with the bureau colleagues in 2016.
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i am still here and able to discuss, i will you know if that changes, steele replied if you end about i need another bureau contact point number who was briefed. we can't allow our guys to be forced to go back. it would be disastrous. are these new to you? can you elucidate? >> they are not new to me because i'm on the house intelligence can be. i may be the first member of congress who read these messages and that would be in fall of 2017. they were trembling then and now, chairman goodlatte and i want to talk to bruce ohr, but that investigation got wound down and transferred over to chairman goodlatte and myself. chris steele has been dismissed from the fbi because he cannot follow their rules and regulations, communicating with
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someone who is not involved in this investigation. he is a narcotics prosecutor. of course we want to talk to bruce ohr and nelly ohr who was working for fusion gps and the firm hired christopher steele to dig up dirt on donald trump. shannon: the list is bruce ohr, nelly ohr, glenn simpson and other officials, will they be subpoenaed? when would you hope to hear from them? >> those that work for government now, we should not have to subpoena them. they should do what bob and i did weeks ago which is in the lists to the department of justice, these are your employees we want to talk to. that has fallen on deaf ears. chairman goodlatte is a patient man but we have run out of patience.
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i talked to him at length. they need to set this writer there will be a subpoena issued, the speaker will back off, goodlatte will back it up, there is no reason not to make him available. shannon: a lot of folks would like to know what it means, are you still able to help us and i went to get to other questions about the mueller investigation because there is back and forth about agreement for the president to sit down, he seems jonesing for the chance to do it and everyone is telling him not to. the constitutional lawyer says this. enough is enough, time to subpoena the president. mueller has been differential and patient while trump and his representatives engage in their scarcely credible gamesmanship. it is increasingly apparent neither trump nor anyone in his orbit has any interest in answering mueller's questions. they are playing mueller and in the process playing the country. will a subpoena the president? if it gets to the supreme court
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how does this go? >> if they subpoena the president, our grandkids might be having this conversation. it will take a while to litigate it. the reason i'm smiling is i was on the committee that sent some questions in writing to president obama, really important questions to family members of four people who were killed. i'm not sure he even opened the envelope. where this newfound outrage is that presidents won't answer legitimate inquiries from that branch or another branch? i'm on record saying this, donald trump can get better legal counsel than i can provide. it has been a while since i had my miranda warnings read to me but i'm familiar with them and you can stop answering questions whenever you want to. i would tell the president sit down and answer the questions about what if anything you know about russia did in 2016 and
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answer the questions about who if anyone did it with them. that is the core jurisdiction of bob mueller. answer those and don't answer anymore. you don't simply have to answer question because it was asked. the optics of not answering the collusion conspiracy coordination questions are great. he is open to free legal advice which is usually worth what you pay for, answer questions related to the four -- two cores, what did russia do? do you know about it? who if anyone did they do it? the president said repeatedly he knew nothing about it and he told comey if anyone on my team did i want you to find out which tells me he doesn't know anything about it. answer the questions and don't answer the rest. shannon: i won't ask you when you were last mirandized. we will talk about that another time. thank you very much. we will dig into that separately.
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breaking tonight, new developments in the ohio state wrestling allegations against congressman jim jordan and breaking news from the nfl preseason football games tonight, we are covering both cases. >> a former wrestling coach who coached with a long-term friend of ohio jim jordan, his comments about what congressman jordan did or didn't know about the sex abuse case carry a great deal of weight and now he says at no time did i ever say that jim jordan knew of doctor richard strauss's inappropriate behavior. i have nothing but respect for jim jordan. i have known him for 30 years, and known him to be of impeccable character but back in july he was quoted by the wall street journal, there is no way
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was he has dementia that he has no recollection of what was going on in ohio state. i have nothing but respect for this man but he knew as far as i'm concerned. other former wrestlers have accused jordan of knowing about the abuse but not reporting it including leading the charge against jordan but now mark coleman is at odds, i am distancing myself as he is not my manager and does not speak for me. doctor strauss is accused of abusing student-athletes in 14 sports over 21 years, strauss killed himself in 2005. there has been no comment from congressman jim jordan. shannon: any related sports story, players protesting the national anthem as we kick off preseason nfl. >> the preseason opens with 12 games on the schedule and the meeting and the players union is
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deadlocked. in the spring the nfl said players who deal or sit during the and would be fined but when the union barked at that they suspended the rules. it is a gray area and the number of players are protesting. the miami herald says dolphin receivers sills and wilson took a knee prior to their game against tampa bay and defensive end robert quinn raised a fist like he did last season and for the steelers eagles game, melbourne jenkins reportedly raised their fist during the and some and defensive end michael bennett walked onto the field after the anthem started. shannon: thank you very much. the controversy surrounding kneeling for the national anthem is front and center. let's talk about it with the
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senate minority leader and guy benson. what do you make of it? we are starting off again and so much back and forth what owners can do and players can do. >> in the absence of any explicit directive from the nfl which is on hold due to union back in force, basically we are back to square one and players are going to do what players want to do. this signals that the concerns from the players continue and probably some of this is fueled by the 1-year anniversary of the charlottesville protests that occurred a year ago today or this week. i would urge the nfl, peoples first amendment rights, the national football league is the employer, they need to come out with a solution so there is consistency and americans can continue to enjoy football this season.
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shannon: are you enjoying football? >> i am a college football guy. we are kicking off a couple thursdays from now but the last thing the nfl wants is yet another season when we are sitting here debating kneeling during the and them. whether you agree with it or not it is disrespectful in the eyes of the vast majority of football fans according to all the polling that has been done on this. it is a battle over patriotism and free speech. i guarantee you the league office is not thrilled and they haven't handled this or many other things particularly well and we are talking about it again. night kickoff with goat knolls. let's -- another resounding year.
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let's talk about allegations against the man who wants to be house speaker, jim jordan, house freedom caucus, allegations he knew when he was in ohio state wrestling coach that the doctor was accused of improprieties. one of the primary accusers against jim jordan, i have been misconstrued, never said that he knew about this. >> as someone from ohio who is a licensed social worker who worked on a number of bills including trying to extend the statute of limitations on rape prosecution, the thing that upset me about this, victims are being solidifies to, it is not that something happens with regard to abuse. it raises red flags to me, the columbus dispatch reported today apparently this statement from
12:20 am
this wrestler was issued by a firm retained by jim jordan's campaign and that is problematic. shannon: he is saying i'm no longer saying jim jordan knew about it. >> who knows what happened beyond the people who were directly involved. i always said it is important to follow the facts, important to take the allegations very seriously but when one of the crucial players is taking a step back and saying to be clear, i respect him, he is a man of integrity and no direct knowledge he was aware of the abuse, that is a piece of evidence we ought to weigh seriously. shannon: thank you both very much. more news right after this break. ived word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one .
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then you need xfinity xfi. a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. shannon: fox news is the only network with nikki haley as she visits the colombia border with venezuela. he has a this is for the socialist president. richardson is traveling exclusively. the ambassador joins us live from colombia.
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>> reporter: tens of thousands of venezuelans crossing to colombia every day looking for food and medicine, trying to escape an oppressive government next door. we spent much of the afternoon in bogota, a city across the bridge from venezuela. the government says most of the crossings happened there every day and many have a hot meal and go back to venezuela. one woman says she has chosen living on the streets and colombia over returning to her home country. >> reporter: >> translator: every day this shortage gets bigger. something couldn't contain the shortage of food, the shortage of medicine and every day the mortality rate increases due to the shortage of everything. my son, the youngest of my children is still there. i have been here three months. like i stated earlier i am now working.
12:26 am
i'm hearing colombia recycling garbage but you can't raise a family with that. i can't send money to my country to feed my son. >> reporter: they just want to work but the collapsing economy in venezuela is robbing them of that opportunity. they serve 2500 venezuelans at that location and many more throughout the city. nikki haley spoke with refugees. we were the only tv crew with her on that occasion. the volunteers asked the ambassador if they could have a military style kitchen because demand is that much for food to serve venezuelans crossing. haley says that situation has all the responsibility of the venezuelan president and in time for him to go. >> there is more to do. what we are trying to do is
12:27 am
raise voices for the people who can't. if venezuelans protest we get killed, we can raise their voices but we need people to hear. >> reporter: many venezuelans told us it is getting worse. the economic situation and oppression from the government especially after the attempt on nicholas maduro's life this weekend. shannon: thank you very much. top democratic senator slamming america blaming the us for the results of the saudi letter strike in yemen. senator chris murphy, us bombs, us targeting, us midair support and we jumped -- just bought the school bus. the bombing campaign is getting more reckless killing more civilians and strengthening terrorist inside yemen. in a statement of fox news, lindsey graham response this way. the real culprit in human is the iranian regime. saudi arabia will not tolerate
12:28 am
iranian control of human and using it as a launching pad against saudi arabia. i deeply regret the loss of civilian lives but it is in our national security list -- interest to stand against iran when it comes to yemen. the unrest in yemen has been going on for three years, 10,000 that much of the country's infrastructure in shambles. what now and who should get the blame? former cia station chief, no easy answers. >> the humanitarian catastrophe, a failed state but we know the iranian's are supporting proxies against saudi arabia. when they launched a ballistic missile against saudi arabia that brought the conflict to a new level. there relying on a bombing campaign, that is not going to distinguish as effectively between combatants and noncombatants.
12:29 am
for the iranian they want to blur the distinction further like any insurgent, they want to induce the saudis to kill civilians and we see that all too often. shannon: by backing the saudi coalition's war in yemen, aerial refueling and targeting assistance the united states is complicit in this atrocity. no one can seriously claim our support for this war is a favor. the stretches back before this administration. this is an going on. >> this goes back to the arab spring when the violence and unrest began. the previous president of human couldn't hold it together. 7 secessionists, al qaeda which is still a major threat to the homeland, a petri dish growing major threats to the country but i prefer elected representatives, the islamic state and iran before the point
12:30 am
the finger at us. our intelligence is of value to take the best shot against enemy combatants. without our intelligence the saudis would not be as effective. shannon: senator graham told me iran started this. you have to look back to the genesis of these things. i wanted to talk about a story out of florida, and election campaign, talking about the threat to election systems from the russians. this is no fooling time and that is why two senators reached out to the election apparatus to let them know the russians are in your record and all they have to do if those election records are not protected is going instead illuminating registered voters. people show up and realize they are not voting. the department of state said they received 0 information from his staff that support the claim a number of county officials said the same thing.
12:31 am
we have no idea what he is talking about. >> folks arguing we should downsize, maybe they have a point. we have to get this right. it is incomprehensible to me how the florida department of state isn't in the loop and why senator nelson didn't say whatever he was going to say with stakeholders in his state. doesn't make a lot of sense. if this is true and if the russians are interfering with voter role it doesn't matter if they are successful. at the end of the day if vladimir putin can insinuate he had nothing to do with changing voter rolls he will arguably succeed in degrading our trust in our democratic systems. remember florida during the gore/bush campaign with serious voter recount and that is logical place for the russians to choose. shannon: i remember the hanging chad and recount and all that. interesting time.
12:32 am
it was to so chaos and make everyone question our democracy. >> that is where we need to work together to get the truth out and deter and counter russia's efforts. shannon: thank you for coming in. [ loesch ] this is superbeets and i swear by it.
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12:37 am
role as top election official. he told fox news he would step aside if his primary challenger asked but suggesting it is unnecessary and the move would be at best symbolic. his opponent, governor collier, requested a recusal. he said he would step aside. >> answering his request tomorrow but i will be happy to recuse myself but it doesn't make a difference with my office doesn't count the votes. >> two kansas counties reported discrepancies between their tallies and the numbers on the secretary of state's website. election officials said there were 522 votes for governor collier, the secretary of state said he had 422. the clerk's office is the secretary of state's website accurately reflects county numbers, they say there were 257
12:38 am
votes for kobach instead of 110, and 103 for collier. a very small lead. this is the letter the governor sent kobach asking secretary of state to stop advising county election officials. and as recently as the conference call yesterday, you're making public statements on national television which are inconsistent with kansas law and may suppress the vote of the ongoing kansas primary election process. kobach is a controversial republican particularly regarding immigration and voting rights, a local race with national implications, he says this is a fight against establishment republicans. donald trump endorsed kobach meaning many people look at this race as an indication of the
12:39 am
president's power in state elections. shannon: new development on donald trump's plans for what could be a huge and expensive expansion of the pentagon's power and responsibility. kristin fisher joins us. >> reporter: this is a major reorganization of the us military, the trump administration wants to create a new branch for the first time since the air force was established. back then dominance in the air was a game changer in world war ii. now dominance in space is how battles of the future will be won and loss. >> time for the next great chapter in the history of our armed forces, to prepare for the next battlefield. >> reporter: mike fence told them donald trump once his space force up and running in just two years. >> the space environment has
12:40 am
changed in the last generation. what was once peaceful and uncontested is now crowded and adversarial. >> reporter: he blames china and russia for developing and testing weapons that can destroy american satellites, the us military and economy depend on, communicating, navigating. >> our adversaries have been with rising space, we bureaucrats eyes that. >> reporter: opponents like debra lee james who served in the obama administration argued the president's proposal would only add to the red tape. >> the creation of a brand-new separate service, brand-new bureaucracy would create such thrashing within the bureaucracy we could lose the positive momentum we have seen over the last several years. >> reporter: a point gym matis supported last year but has come around and now supports the plan to create a space operations force, unified combatant command space developed and agency for
12:41 am
acquisition and a new political appointee, assistant secretary of defense. >> we are in complete alignment with the president's concern about protecting our assets. >> reporter: at a rally in ohio donald trump hinted at more aggressive action in orbit. >> i'm talking tremendous defense capability, often to capability. >> reporter: the move to militarize spaces raised concerns about the terrestrial arms race but experts agree the us already confronts strategic threats. >> the fact is russia and china are actively developing anti-satellite weapons for a number of years. >> reporter: the trump administration is calling on congress to allocate $8 billion for the next five years. >> congress must act. >> reporter: the question is will congress actually fund it? the trump campaign is trying to make money off of today's announcement, asking supporters
12:42 am
to vote, they can buy the winning designs on a new line of space was gear sold on the campaign website. this idea has become hugely popular among the president's supporters. they see it as making america great again, this time in space. shannon: disturbing the details about the new mexico compound and how children were being trained to shoot up the school. andrew mccarthy with new insights about the man arrested in that compound linked to a case mccarthy prosecuted years ago. know what? no, what? i just switched to geico and got more. more? got a company i can trust. that's a heck of a lot more. over 75 years of great savings and service. you can't argue with more. why would ya?
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>> a man accused of turning children to commit schoolchildren that compound in mexico arrested along with four other adults during a raid for 11 hungry children. now we are learning the man heading up the compound is the son of a controversial brooklyn email him who was involved with the trial involving the 1993 world trade center bombing. andrew mccarthy led the prosecution, and 11 others in that case. he is very familiar with the elder wahaz. very interesting connection you have to this family and this is playing out in new mexico. >> it is a long time ago. to be clear, the e mom of the
12:47 am
mosque in brooklyn which was one of the mosques that radicals in my case gravitated to was not accused, he was not a defendant in the trial. it was said that he was identified as an unindicted co-conspirator, that is not really accurate. he reserve the right to make that claim, he testified in the trial as a character witness for some of the defendants. my sense is he is what i would call more accurately than radical islamist, a sharia supremacist which is an ideology challenging to the west this idea of building parallel muslim society in the west and the way they see it ultimately preparing to have confrontation and take over. shannon: his son is the one
12:48 am
arrested in new mexico over seen in that compound, now facing a number of charges. his father runs this email him and this is what -- the real terrorists, the central intelligence agency and another one of his services on audio tape. and this democracy will crumble and there will be nothing in the only thing that will remain will be islam. this is what he says about his son being arrested. >> i think my son can be a little bit extreme. when i say extreme, not radical, killing people and stuff like that, god forbid. i have never seen anything like that in him but just a little bit, you know -- shannon: what do you think
12:49 am
allegations about his son? >> this ideology, i have been hitting my head against the wall for 25 years including this ideology that exposed a great deal in court, preaching this idea of growing parallel societies, training people to use force and using force against the host society and what is very disturbing is not only the abuse of children you mentioned earlier but they found the remains of one child there, believed to be the grandson of the elder wahaj that has not been 100% confirmed but is pretty clear. action should have been taken a
12:50 am
lot sooner than it was but we are working at this with kid gloves for fear of giving offense. we really are to take this ideology into account when we conduct these investigations. shannon: thank you very much. stick around for our midnight heroes. my name is jeff sheldon, and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of ,
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♪ shannon: new claims of a cease-fire following rocket fire in gaza. is really official deny claims made by hamas back media that the situation in gaza appears to be quiet following an intense burst of violence pushing the region close to war. after 10 hours of debate, argentina's senate had a measure that would have allowed abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. they had a strict antiabortion law only allowing extreme circumstances. abortion proponents took to the streets after the measure was defeated, clashes and arrests in the home country of pope francis. china may have to start buying us soybeans according to a new analysis from oil world. other countries cannot supply
12:55 am
enough soybeans to be china's needs. there are reports a cargo ship carrying american soybean exports has been stuck in the pacific ocean off of china for a month after failing to arrive at the country, went into effect. a terminally ill 60-year-old boy, he is dying of cancer and paralyzed from the waist down. he was paralyzed by the make a wish foundation and wanted abortion abolished from his home state so the make-a-wish foundation had a meeting which turned into a friendship with greg abbott. now he is being taunted, bullied and insulted by pro-abortion commenters on social media. the boy's mother was quoted saying hearses publicly accused of being racist, homophobic, xena phobic and islamohphobic agenda, over a terminally ill's
12:56 am
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jillian: it is august 10th, this is "fox and friends first". a fox news alert, calling out chicago, donald trump unleashing rahm emanuel and the democratic leadership. >> 63 incidents last weekend, 12 deaths, must strengthen community bonds including cities like chicago that have been an absolute and total disaster. rob: more on that and the police effort to commit the violence. jillian: high in the air and knees on the ground. >> and them outrage that kicked off another nfl season.


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