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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 10, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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it's all happening starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern. i will see you in the morning. have a terrific night. the five is next. ♪ tape deign hello, everyone. i'm kennedy along with richard fowler, dan bongino, dana perino and greg gutfeld it is 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. >> kennedy: celebrities always clash over president trump. first up, condition yea west defending his support of the president. the rapper and fashion designer delivering a message to trump's critics on jimmy kimmel last night. here is he unplugged. >> just as a musician african-american, guy out in hollywood, all of these different things you know, everyone around me tried to
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pick my candidate for me. >> um. >>um and told me every time i said i liked trump that i couldn't say it out loud or my career would be over i will get kicked out of the black community. liberals can't bully me, the news can't bully me, the hip hop community can't bully me. we are always, you know, pushes out so much hate and love can cure so much. and when i see people even just go at the president. i'm like why not try love? >> kennedy: why not try love, michael moore spews more hate he dreams of taking down the president in his new documentary. >> how the [bleep] did this happen? >> the american dream is dead. [bleep] >> stop resisting.
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[chanting] >> the president's powers here are beyond question. >> ladies and gentlemen, the last president of the united states. >> kennedy: so dramatic. greg, i will go to you first. we will talk about kanye in a little bit. this michael moore thing. i feel like we have been to this pony ride at the carnival before and we have seen other people say that single-handedly their piece of work is going to be the thing that takes down the president. could it have the opposite effect? >> greg: first of all, he is acting like this has never happened before. this is not a new michael moore, okay? he hated bush if you don't remember that he hated every republican. he went after charlton heston, waging war on a conservative for him is like eating three pizzas, it's a daily thing. i guess i'm not excited or shocked by his outrage, what's interesting to me and maybe i have said this
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before. hollywood has replaced climate change with trump change. remember how climate change what caused everything bad, now, trump change is causing everything bad probably including, ironically climate change. >> dana: they actually have evidence now. >> greg: yes. >> dana: fact of climate change they don't want to talk about it. >> greg: finally. >> dana: actually buying into that now. we visit that. >> kennedy: president trump is going to win. he said based on the people that i talked to. the part of the country that i am from, you are ignoring these people. the only one who is paying attention was bill clinton and michael moore. >> dana: let's be clear, conservatives are good for business, if you are in hollywood. right? michael moore doesn't make great movies when there are democrats in office. he makes a lot of money when conservatives are in office. i don't think he is complaining that has this popularity now. i don't think he believes that president trump is the last president of the united states. he is an entertainer and it's not very gaining.
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>> kennedy: let's talk about kanye a little bit. i thought this was a fascinating interview with jimmy kimmel. he tried to press and shame him particularly about race and kanye said i'm not going to be bull idea. do you think that he is just trolling or does he really believe what he is talking about? >> i think kanye believes what he is talking about. kanye is entitled to you his thoughts and entitled to his opinions. i don't think he is entitled to change facts. the reason why kanye has sort of come to this fame because he had slavery was a choice. most historians said not a choice. > >> greg: you know what he was talking about ideas. >> he tried to walk it back by saying ideals. he straight up said slavery seems like a choice to me. it wasn't. i think this ideal, it's not about ideals. i think he was very clear when he said it in the tmz interviewed and he doubled down on. >> greg: i think he was talking about ideas. we can agree to disagree. >> we can. >> kennedy: who does more for president trump? who does president trump a greater service? michael moore with his
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propaganda or kanye west with his endorsement? >> let's get out of the way first that michael moore is a complete, total hypocrite. you know, we have donald trump precisely because of frauds like michael moore. did i say that clear enough? this guy is a total fraud. flint, michigan, which he focuses on as his material for some of his movies has been run by democrats and liberals since before i was born in 1974. i don't understand. that's true. >> the reason why flint-michigan was the focus the water by a republican governor. >> that is false. not true. >> kennedy: mercury and dumped them in the river. >> that's not true. you got suckered by that. >> no, i actually know the case very well. >> flint michigan run by democrats decided not to buy the municipal water. richard, you don't get to make up your own facts rich rich i am not. >> they decided because they everywhere bankrupt. they had no money decided not to buy their money from detroit to save money.
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>> richard: who was in control of flint water at the time? >> flint. >> greg: wasn't there something that just came out about the water not being? >> dana: kyle smith wrote it in the national review. amazing it didn't get more attention. corrections don't get a lot of attention. there wasn't lead in the water. graduate graduate i mean, richard richard lead was in the water. what happened was the flint water was taken over by an emergency manager darnell early who also ran detroit public schools. the lead wasn't in the water. they stopped the treatment that was used to stop the pipe from decaying. the lead was in the pipe. and the pipes poisoned the people. poisoned by emergency manager appointed by rick snyder the governor. kennedy cepsd who is more dangerous kanye west or the pipes? >> the flint pipes. >> this is a necessary conversation. isn't it the very essence of racism to suggest that the mel alan anyone component of
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your skin precludes you about making independent decisions about politics. kanye west ♪ allowed to say. keep in mind he said in that clip he is not political. not allowed to say he likes and appreciates donald trump without being some kind of a sellout. >> kennedy: those have dragon energy. [laughter] >> greg: what you are seeing and what he -- he talks about how he is basically freeing himself. he is untethered to other people's assumptions about him. you have to admit, it is a spectacle because is he probably the world's biggest pop star. imagine the 1950s if elvis declared himself a communist. this is kind of what's happening. he is coming out as a capitalist. >> kennedy: katy perry has had 8 number one albums debut like kanye west. he really is a cultural force and that's what makes it so interesting because he has an irrefutable argument. you know, and the argument is don't tell me how to vote. don't tell me how to think. i like this person because i like this person, do not put me in this monolith.
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and just last week we saw kamala harris try and do that with identity politics. >> dana: at net roots nation? >> kennedy: yes. >> dana: i have a post-it note it says intellectual independence i have it on my computer and had it there for years. >> greg: how do you fit that on a post-it note? do you have to write really small? >> dana: what are you talking about intellectual independence? >> greg: i would not get that on a post-it note. i have to write big. i interrupted. >> dana: one of the best things about living in a free country that you get to make these decisions and say things that you want and aren't consequences for it except for, perhaps, peer pressure or criticisms or whatever it might be. he is happy to take them. >> kennedy: does michael moore still have enough gas left in his bag. [laughter] >> kennedy: in order to fuel anotherreanother mediocre documy
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documentary. >> kennedy: title for this film fahrenheit 11/9: michael moore gives fuel. he empowers democrats and gives fuel to republicans like sarah palin empowers republicans and gives fuel to democrats. guilt gut i like the title. that's pretty clever. he flipped it? i didn't know that. i just figured that out. i'm a little slow today. >> kennedy: fahrenheit 9/11 made over $200 million at the box office. the first day of the last presidency ever. very sad. >> greg: one point on kanye west. we were in the green room and talking about how on twitter doing meals. constantly imitating each other. everybody tends to just do the same thing with peoples and with catchphrases. this is what happens when you don't do it, right? the mob turns on you. this is an interesting example of somebody, what happens to people, which, you know, when we talk about
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christ. somebody steps away from the crowd the mob turns on him. that's part of the story that's overlooked. >> dana: what's interesting and greg brings up a good point. we see the same revolt in the me too movement. if someone comes forwards and questions the intentions of the mob and not necessarily an accuser or someone who is accused, they are really cannibalized. there has to be this cultural purity when it comes to these divisive issues. >> dana: or asked to get on board defending somebody against a an accusation and you don't do it and there is a mob that happens that way, too. >> kennedy: yes, absolutely. >> richard: i have think you are right, greg, there is a mob mentality that exists on both sides of the aisle. john mccain because he disagreed with the president he is not a republican anymore he is a rino. he is not a rino. that's what you hear from trump people he is a rino because he disagreed with the president. deign. >> kennedy: really interesting. we do see sort of a backlash
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and most effective when they're at least humorous. there was a group in los angeles called the faction. they took dozens of vinyl squares, essentially flooring vinyl with donald trump's star in the middle and glued them to the sidewalk. as a way of saying if you take his star away, 30 more will pop up the next day. and it was a very humorous piece of performance art. >> i love that story. on kanye, what is the hold the democratic party has over the black community where a successful young male black entrepreneur? there is no questioning that no reasonable person would question he has managed to make a lot of money and very successful to a lot of people that he didn't even say anything offensive. he said i'm not really political. i just like trump and i will say it and someone told me i would be thrown out of black community? is that even reasonable to a rational person? this is absurd and way past time for the conversation and trump's approval is up, too, in the black community.
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>> greg: the one thing when you brought up the stickers, it's a clarifying moment in the sense that you are seeing a shift. it's now kind of the people, the non-liberals who are actually having fun and being clever. this is a very merry prankster move with this -- these artists and it was a conservative artist which is like. >> kennedy: mind-blowing? >> greg: you think andrew breitbart and his inspiration and broadcasters and ben shapiro later. you are seeing a move which is so refreshing. >> kennedy: i'm so glad you brought up ben shapiro. ben shapiro slamming socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez for accusing him of catcalling. for challenging her to a political debate. hear what he has to say next. ♪ i'm worth it ♪ baby, i'm worth it ♪ um-huh ♪ i'm worth it ♪
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>> dana: conservative commentator ben shapiro responding to democratic socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez after being accused of catcalling for challenging her to a debate. shapiro reacting moments ago on "your world" with neil cavuto.
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watch. >> if she were to get in a discussion with somebody who asks her tough questions, i don't think she has the information or the philosophy at her disposal to actually answer those questions well, and she knows that. which is why her best move here would would have been to ignore or say no and everybody would have moved on with their life. instead it turned into her invoking victim status. >> dana: why is it, greg, you can't challenge someone on the ideas without being called a jerk? i don't think ben shapiro has cat called in her >> greg: debate she is being the sexist. >> dana: candace owens doubled the money. >> greg: cloak her weak ideas in the armor of a smear. she has learned as a leftist the best thing can you do is smear somebody if you don't have an argument and the smear actually works. no one wants to be called sexist or racist. generally if somebody starts doing that to you you walk away and say sorry, if it happens on twitter, you just get off the -- so it works. we have to become immune to
2:18 pm
it but it works. i hope they do have the debate. i think it would be entertaining. >> dana: debating makes your arguments stronger. for some of the people interviewing her in the last couple of weeks because we keep showing it every day she would benefit, kennedy, from having more debate about her ideas because then she would strengthen her position, if she still believes in it after she learns the facts and then could be more persuasive. >> kennedy: i have been taking apart some of her arguments all week long on my fox business show. i would love for her to come on and sit down and talk about some of these issues. i wouldn't cat call. i don't see ben shapiro as ache hyper sexualized person who was. >> greg: is he a wild man, kennedy. >> kennedy: and i don't know why she had to take. >> greg: look at him. >> kennedy: take it to a place because of his grammy he was somehow trying to oppress her ladiness. that wasn't happening at all. he said you can't answer for some of the claims that you have made and one of the
2:19 pm
questions was name one sector you would keep private. and, you know, i don't know that shield be able. >> dana: stop catcalling, enough of that richard, are democrats frustrated that she is getting so much attention? >> richard: it's a funny story if you take the 30,000-foot view on this case, this story, you would say that she is one person running for one seat out of 435 different seats. >> dana: why does tom perez call her the future of the democratic party. >> richard: he calls her the future of the democratic party she is young, has energy, vivacious. >> kennedy: she can't answer basic questions. >> richard: no, no, no. hold on, kennedy. let me finish. she ran against joe crowley a very old entrenched democrat. she beat him by outworking him and out knocking him by talking to more voters. that's what makes her the future of our party. she understands the only way to wins a a democrat is to engage in your backyard and have real conversation with her constituents. do her ideals align with the people in the new york's third district absolutely. they don't align with the people in the georgia, georgia sixth district
2:20 pm
because every race is different. what republicans are trying to do here is put the whole democratic party on alexandria ocasio-cortez so that they can win this midterm election. we don't have to do that because we have better candidates running all across the country. >> kennedy: she has shown herself to be incompetent. >> richard: the camera is always in her face. >> dana: what ben shapiro is talking about is on the merits. i agree with you there is a little bit of politics going on. on the merits do you think these issues should be debated? >> dan: couple points i haven't heard grammy on television since 3rd grade kennedy, that is huge thank you very much. you made my day. gammy. >> greg: are you catcalling her? no more catcalling. >> greg: i'm used to that from you. >> dan: you are law officering about it on the left it's a serious question. you can't have a conversation without being called it's the phobic phoba phobe. populated by some people who think that wait a minute 90% of the conservatives i run
2:21 pm
into are not these people. this does nothing for her cause. secondly, i ran for office. i lost. it's hard. ism want to applaud her on what she did. i mean it she knocked on a lot of doors and she worked hard. now after winning the primary and likely going to be the general election victor here it's her responsibility as kennedy said to actually know stuff. going out there and spouting out nonsense arithmetic about programs we can't afford without having basic answers, that's just completely irresponsible. >> dana: i just had a thought. greg, do you think nancy pelosi prefers alexandria ocasio-cortez to be out there taking the heat rather than her because she became the issue in all of these campaigns. >> greg: yeah, i mean, we have done al, will he annual degree a every day for the last six months. no, but it's true. the thing is, she does represent something. she represents kind of like the naive roman that schism that you can kind of play along and no one questions. >> kennedy: you mean the poems you write when you are 15 years old? >> greg: i think this is a real possibility for her if
2:22 pm
she does read and get up to speed she could be a challenge but she hasn't. >> dan: just have some grasp of the numbers. what she says is totally irrational. >> kennedy: two things one she gave the worst nondefense of nancy pelosi and showed that it's not just the moderate democrats who have a problem with the potential future speaker but it's also the comeys. they also don't like her. and then when she was asked how they were going to pay for medicare for all? she said we'll save so much money not having to pay for those funerals. >> richard: in ideal she doesn't have any facts. she gave a couple in that interview she is that you candidate and knew to the scene. >> greg: she uses like a lot. >> richard: new to the camera. in your face every day not prepared for that wife. >> dana: maybe she should wait a while. >> richard: we could run corey stuart peoples over and over and over again. cengsd contend that's true.
2:23 pm
>> greg: thank god the media doesn't do that sort of thing. >> dana: not here, of course. we are going to move on. president trump calling out nfl players yet again over a new round of protests. his stinging comments next. ♪ hall of fame ♪ star on a sidewalk with my name ♪ or a statue in my hometown ♪ when i'mdo gone ♪ then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. i keep my protein interesting. oh yea, me too. i have cheese and uh these herbs. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein. >> dan: president trump tackling players after protest. took a knee, held their fist in the air or waited in the locker room when the national anthem played before last night's preseason game. the league says it won't punish anyone while it's in talks with the player's union about the protest. the president is slamming the demonstrators tweeting that most of them are unable to define what they're outraged about. instead, trump says players should stand or be suspended without pay, which i absolutely agree with. dana, i have no problem with
2:28 pm
people protesting. i'm a believer in the constitutional republic and the first amendment. when i go to the doctor i don't ask the doctor's opinion about anything about my bum knee. they are there to play football not to protest. >> dana: hopefully you get a good diagnosis the next time you go in. i don't know about this. how does america get passed it? who helps bring it all together? who puts an end to it? and i don't know. it's likes a greg points out can you see things from two different points of view. for some people it's the commander-in-chief standing up for the country and the military, on the other hand, you can say that there are people look at it and say here is a white billionaire telling black millionaires that they can't exercise their first amendment right. and that they should be docked pay and they should be punished for doing so. i don't know how it ends. >> dan: i don't think he is saying that i think he is saying, the president, listen, this is a private business. the nfl. and the nfl should be able to do with its brand what it want. there is no this is hurting
2:29 pm
its brand. no question. i'm out there all the time, knock on doors, talk to people, go to events. this has been extremely damaging for the nfl. why can't they protect their brand and say protest all you want. we will help you protest not just on our field on our time. >> richard: i think these players have a trite protest. a couple points i want to add to this conversation. one in a deposition with jerry jordan he had a conference with the president about this protest and here is what the president said and i quote. this is a very winning issue for me. tell everybody you can't win this one. this is a lift for me. the other thing i want to add to that aaron rogers the starting quarterback for the green bay packers said if you are going to take the focus off the protest what it's really about. it was never about the anthem. it was never about the truth. it's about social equality and racial injustice. then make it about the -- they are making it about the anthem. that's what he said in a quote. you have the president saying that there is no win here. i'm using this to gin up my base and players coming out, quarterbacks, leaders of team saying these protests
2:30 pm
are not against the troops. they are not against the anthem. they are standing up for racial injustice, period. >> dan: let me ask you this question why then when the ravens were over in london why did they kneel for our anthem and stand up when god save the queen played. >> they are protesting racial injustice. protesting racial injustice is not a popular thing, dan. in 1966. >> dan: when you ask them the question the reason they are going to give you didn't want to stay kneeling they didn't want to disrespect disrespect god save the queen when they disrespected our poll. >> a gallup poll found 67% hated martin luther king. is he one of the most revered in our day. history will be the judge of these players and the president that will determine what is right or wrong. >> greg: this the is problem. two groups talking past each other. >> dana: yeah. >> greg: no one is denying anybody's right to speech. no one. this is not -- no one is being denied. can you go -- the waitress who comes and brings me the steak can protest against me
2:31 pm
but not while she is delivering my meal, okay? but she can go out there and go protest for veganism or whatever, not in my restaurant, not that you will be fired. that is one side. it's interesting. because that's how most people think, right? it's like this is where i work. this should not be part of it. this is a football game. no one is taking away rights. can you actually agree with you, richard, that racial injustice is bad and that martin luther king is a hero. but i still don't want to have protests at my place of work. i don't see why you can't hold these two competing thoughts. this is the problem with the media. we are making these thoughts competing, right? they aren't competing. can you hold both of them and i think one thing that the president could do, because everybody is talking past each other, is that he should offer to sit down with whoever wants to sit down and talk and if they reject him, which they probably will right off. he should say the offer still stands. the offer stands and whenever you want, i will be interest. i will come to you.
2:32 pm
because at this point you are not going to get passed this because everybody is shouting past each other. >> kennedy: he has the power and the ability to do that. >> greg: he doesn't have to but he should. >> kennedy: he does and this is the week to do it. if you have players that are talking about systemic oppression and sentencing disparate and things like that. this is a week where the president sat down and had a round table on criminal justice reform. this is a bipartisan issue. this is something that's very popular with civil libertarians in both parties. and, this is an area where some of these players, who have the biggest grievance with this country and with whatever system it is they are protesting, they could sit down with lawmakers and the president and say, you know, here's a list of things that would make life better. you have mandatory minimums that are punishing nonviolent offenders. have you people in prison for consensual crimes. have you families that are ripped apart because they are introduced into a system they cannot afford to get out of. things like that with this criminal justice checklist that you can actually go down and make a difference.
2:33 pm
my issue with some these players and not all of them. they don't actually want to see a difference. they will not acknowledge when there has been change. we have to be, like dana said, working towards something and we have to move this conversation and this enpass to a new place. >> richard: i have one comment to what greg said about protesting at work. protesting at work is as american as american pie. think about women who fought for equal rights they did it at work. think about auto workers who fought for the right to collectively bargain and working conditions they did it at work. every time americans in their workplace protest, that's how you get incremental change in this country. as american as american pie to protest at work. >> kennedy: you are talking about people who created unions. >> richard: no, talking about women fighting for equal rights. >> greg: while they are at work they are holding a sign saying hello, may i help you? >> richard: a lot of women walked off the job because they were not being paid the same as male counterparts. >> kennedy: what are the top three things that they want? >> richard: talk about bail reform. talk about private prisons.
2:34 pm
>> dana: actually, president trump is in a position to actually get that done. >> richard: i agree with you, dana. the problem exists with this president because he constantly traffics in bigotry. >> dan: no, no, no. >> richard: last year in charlatan he said many sides. that left a bad taste in many people's jewish folk and regular there are many many sides. neo nazis and the kkk. >> greg: talking about the monument protesters. >> richard: somebody died. >> greg: you are playing with that. >> richard: can you call it how you want to call it how it was deemed by most americans said there were good people. >> greg: talking about the debate over a monument. >> richard: you can claf all you want. >> kennedy: would you like to see criminal justice reform? this president is doing more on this issue with jeff sessions as his attorney general than president obama did in eight years. >> i think is he a lot of
2:35 pm
talk. if if you look how the administration is running. forfeiture on black communities back on the books. also penalizing marijuana crimes back on the books. >> kennedy: in certain states and certain counties. >> dan: time-out. first time hosting the five and hosting the segment you are killing me with this piece. i love you guys. this is my first time. let me gte to the piece. >> greg: the reason why we are talking about this, why? because the nfl season started. >> dan: yes. >> greg: but that's -- why didn't they do it in the offseason, too? >> dan: they did. >> greg: all the players did? all the players were kneeling? no, you know what i mean. >> dana: actually, i don't understand what you mean. >> greg: what i'm saying is, continue the protest. >> richard: they did. in front of the nfl headquarters like every day. >> dana: that he didn't go to the white house. >> dan: we definitely have to go now. the 20 second. buzz irwas up. >> greg: wait, i have another point.
2:36 pm
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find your exclusive retailer today at ♪ >> greg: fan mail friday we are answering your questions. trish, she asks a great question: what did you hide from your parents growing up that you would like to confess today, kennedy? [laughter] >> greg: i know there is a lot. >> kennedy: there is one i couldn't hide from my parents. my mom worked for the phone company. i told her i was going to spend the night at a friend's house. i really went to the republican convention and she saw me on tv. my mom was a lifelong democrat. only time in my life i was grounded. >> greg: wow, that's amazing. dan? >> dan: growing up i used to go to tiquando class. i told her i wanted to quit i didn't like it anymore. i was 8 and scared to walk home by myself. it was dark, it was new
2:41 pm
york. back then in the day when it was free range kids you did your thing. i was not ready for the free range stuff at 8 years old. sorry, mom. >> greg: richard? >> richard: i won't answer the question because my mom is watching right now. i'm pretty sure because she knew it because she was a nurse. i definitely faked being sick to not go to school. i forcefully threw up because i didn't want to go to school. >> kennedy: this show has been going on seven years i have confessed everything. >> greg: come on, nothing? >> dana: huh-uh. >> dana: never stole anything? >> dana: no. >> greg: never stabbed anyone or strangled anyone in the dark. >> dana: told you how i broke my ankle. don't go on three wheelers with the boys i said okay i won't. of course the boys come over and i rode on the back of one but i didn't want troy to think i liked him so when he told me to hold on on the turn i didn't and i fell off
2:42 pm
and the 3 wheeler rolled over my foot and that's how i broke my ankle. okay. i got told. >> greg: those troys. >> dana: i think is he a chiropractor now. >> greg: i purchased the first van halen album 1979, '79 with my dad's silver dollar collection. >> kennedy: which today would be worth like $300,000. >> greg: i'm an awful human being. i still think about that. my parents are both dead so now can i say it. >> kennedy: he probably would have bought it for you. >> greg: if he had found out. >> kennedy: william debane. >> greg: greg, you disappointed me. now there is nothing in your safe. >> dan: i look at you differently. >> greg: i look different at myself sometimes. this is another great question from robert m. you have five minutes to pack for a trip. what do you take? richard? >> richard: jeans. >> greg: that's it?
2:43 pm
>> kennedy: no shirts? >> dan: go with the drawers, man. jeesh, the drawers. the jeans. have you got to have jeans on. you need the extra drawers. >> greg: that should be you need the extra drawers. >> greg: dana. >> dana: i was going to say underwear. remember when i went to montana, my husband is a good packer. i'm supposed to putt the stuff out and he puts it in the suitcase there is a western night so i put all my underwear in the boot because i learned from him that that's how you save time -- space. so we go to montana. we are unpacking. he has unpacked everything. and i'm like where is my underwear? he said was it on the bed to put in the suitcase i'm like yes, of course it was. and there was about an hour of panic. maybe not even an hour it felt like an hour. in the middle of nowhere and i have no underwear until i realized they were in my boot so it all worked out.
2:44 pm
>> greg: there you go boots and underwear. >> kennedy: like peter i share a passion for packing george clooney up in the air or whatever it was. and five minutes is an intern at this, toiletry bag always prepacked. i wear my running shoes and pack my swim stuff, dresses can and flip flops. >> richard: well done, kennedy bravo. >> dan: dana and i valved a lot on trips with the president. can you run out of jeeps and not run out of drawers. >> dana: no. >> greg: put the prepacked bag into the suitcase that i have my fully packed bag. >> kennedy: your bug out bag. >> richard: you have a go bag. >> $10,000 and a firearm and my ipod. nothing but neil diamond because the world is going to be rough when it goes down. dana. i'm a daydream believer. i don't know what i'm saying. an epic feast is held in your honor. what is on the table?
2:45 pm
dan? >> dan: five guys, man. two of them. >> greg: we want food. [laughter] >> dan: and the fact that you get the endless fries? i'm a steak guy like i love delfriscos. five guys. >> greg: kennedy? >> kennedy: gluten free chocolate chip cookies. the brown sugar is the key and lots and lots of champagne. i'm not a snob. >> greg: richard? >> richard: whiskey, baked macaroni and cheese and potato salad with eggs and pap reek thapaprika on top. >> greg: i hate all of you for eating carbs. you don't eat carbs? >> kennedy: i don't. i don't have a choice. >> richard: run in the morning and run it off. >> greg: i have tried that dana? >> dana: steak fajitas chips and salsa and all the stuff. >> kennedy: gawk and the
2:46 pm
sizzle? >> dana: civil,. >> greg: companionship and love and ribs. i don't care where the ribs are from. pork, beef,. >> kennedy: five guys? >> greg: all right. up next could listening to deign naps kind of music obviously hip hop help guys hit the right note with dates? ♪ stay fresh each morning ♪ we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999, intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts. so you wake up ready to train for that marathon. and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. ends wednesday.
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit ♪ i'm a little bit country ♪ i'm a little bit rock and roll. >> richard: no achy breaky hearts here. little bit country and rock and roll. increasing chances of finding love according to new dating site men who list country as interest and women who say classic rock fans are more likely to strike a chord with someone special. dana, you fell in love. >> dana: obviously country music is the place to go. have you ever seen farmers very hot. >> richard: are you a member? >> dana: not a member. but i look at it look, you can find some real wonderful men in country -- that like country music and they don't have to live in the country. right? but a lot of those songs are about being good people.
2:51 pm
>> richard: men. >> dana: and both and also drinking and trucks and dogs. >> greg: real finding here is people who love punk rock, electronica or rap don't use online dating. [laughter] >> greg: sorry to kilt segment. >> richard: did you meet your wife with country music? >> dan: my wife is columbian and she loves salsa. i'm generally puzzled by this. i was under out belief women wanted the bad boy the rock and roll guy. the data doesn't agree with that. >> richard: date the bad guy marry the country person. >> dan: i have been married so long i couldn't tell you i lost the whole dating tech site here. i have never been on one. i don't know. i always thought the van halen thing you stole your dad's coin collection. >> greg: still bothering you? it's still bothering me. >> dan: a list and now down to the z list.
2:52 pm
>> richard: kennedy? >> kennedy: i think there is something to it. emotional bal ballads. bar everyone is singing along nothing more fun than that. >> dana: two step dancing going on a date most fun way and learning is fun. >> greg: dana, what are you getting at? what is in your filthy mind right now? kennedy ken not like twerking or the nay nay or whatever it is the young people do. >> richard: nay nay is like 2015. >> kennedy: back off, richard. >> richard: would are dabbing now. >> kennedy: challenge is getting people killed. >> richard: anyway, we will be doing in my ceiling in the break. one more thing is next ♪ whoever has had a broken heart ♪ who wished upon a shooting star ♪ this is a story about mail and packages.
2:53 pm
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>> kennedy: it is now time for one more thing. >> dana: i love this one. angie my sister sent this to me. oklahoma mom had a simple request gone viral. i hate that phrase. clara edwards on this desperate search to find somebody who had a fat orange cat because her two daughters 4-year-old and 2-year-old love garfield so much and she left a note on a work bulletin board asking for a cat to borrow for a day for a playdate and make lasagna and everyone was going to sit together and
2:57 pm
have lasagna. the good news is, claire's husband provided an update to the story saying that they have found a fat orange cat that will be coming for dinner on saturday with the girls. >> greg: where is the picture? >> dana: the dinner is tomorrow night. >> greg: i want to see a picture. >> dana: we will follow up on monday. you're next. >> greg: tomorrow night. what's today? friday. saturday, august 11th, 10:00 p.m. joe devito, cat temple and tyrus. another great episode. maybe some turtles to make your daughter happy. i will be away. i will sell more books. >> richard: it's upside down. >> greg: maybe the book is upside down. on the world's best seller list. i will be out. tyrus is in for me monday and tuesday. isn't that exciting? >> kennedy: big, strapping and speaking of deliciousness, greg, it is
2:58 pm
america's ultimate camp fire food america's s'mores day. they were originally called some mores. you always wanted some more of them. they got their name in the 18927 girl scout camp book called tramping and trailing. tramping? >> kennedy: that is absolutely right. things were very different in the 1920s. now they switched to cookies for obvious cookies. >> dana: you can't say that anymore. >> kennedy: they did. americans eat 9 million pounds of s'mores every year at least. these are made with gluten free gram crackers you can have the regular variety. dark chocolate in greg's california heritage delicious gluten free marshmallow. all you need is gas and heat. heat them in a microwave. don't need a camp fire. go. >> richard: 13-year-old boy glamed faulkner no relation to harris. a neighbor called in and complained because he didn't have a license. but instead of shutting him down. the city of minneapolis health department got
2:59 pm
together and pitched in the $87 to give him a permit. and the minneapolis police department also supported jay quan by providing him a new hot dog cart. this is a pretty cool story. we had the whole story up on my instagram page at richard a. fouler so check it out there. >> kennedy: dan, wrapping it up strong. >> dan: need to tweet out that turtle segment. best thing ever. dan is obsessed with turtles. >> greg: and my coin collection. >> dan: new book is out spy gate. sabotage of donald trump. there is the wonderful cover there please check it out available on amazon for preorder. talks about all the motives behind all the players on this and spent the last year of my life working on this thing. pretty proud of it. not doing as well as greg's book. >> greg: free order. get it. >> dana: add turtles to the book. >> kennedy: so much summer reading and glorious night and way to end the week. that is all for us here at the "the five." we, of course, will see you back here on monday. and now a guy i like who
3:00 pm
doesn't ride a trico. is he always on a bike it's "special report" with a man named mike. >> mike: how about that? hey, kennedy, can you inner office mail me one of those s'mores? >> kennedy: can i see you. mike mining thanks, kennedy. >> mike: this is a fox news alert. i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. missile after the pulled the u.s. out of a landmark nuclear deal and days before his administration imposes new sanctions on the islamic republic. first such test in more than a year get the latest from correspondent kevin corke at the white house. good evening, kevin. >> good evening, mike. it happened late last week and detected by a u.s. spite satellite. this all happens as the regime in other countries like russia and turkey are grappling with increase leg aggressive u.s. economic policies.


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