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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 10, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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doesn't ride a trico. is he always on a bike it's "special report" with a man named mike. >> mike: how about that? hey, kennedy, can you inner office mail me one of those s'mores? >> kennedy: can i see you. mike mining thanks, kennedy. >> mike: this is a fox news alert. i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. missile after the pulled the u.s. out of a landmark nuclear deal and days before his administration imposes new sanctions on the islamic republic. first such test in more than a year get the latest from correspondent kevin corke at the white house. good evening, kevin. >> good evening, mike. it happened late last week and detected by a u.s. spite satellite. this all happens as the regime in other countries like russia and turkey are grappling with increase leg aggressive u.s. economic policies.
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>> this is a national domestic battle. this will be my people's response to those who have waged an economic war against us. >> an act of war. that's how leaders in both turkey and russia have described the trump administration's willingness to hit their respective governments are tough economic sanctions. >> if something like a ban on bank operations or currency follows it will amount to a declaration of economic war and warrant a response with economic means, political means, and, if necessary, other means. >> that threat, follows announced sanctions on moscow for its use of a nerve agent to target a former russian spy on british soil. and comes just hours after the president's decision to strike at the erdogan government for its refusal to release an american pastor under house arrest in turkey mr. trump authorized the doubling of existing steel and aluminum duties on imports from turkey. adding inconspicuously that our relations with turkey are not good at this time. the president's dollar
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diplomacy has sent both the russian ruble and turkish lear are a plummeting with the russian currency down 7% for the week. worst week in over three years. the lear are a battled in international markets today is off a whopping 40% for the year. >> turkey is going to feel a lot of pain. what happens they should back down. donald trump is using tariffs extremely effectively and too good purpose. >> united states government sanctions can somebody a very effective tool in bringing various governments to the table with us or encourage countries to comply or to better set of behaviors. >> the administration's willingness to use economic sanctions to influence behaviors across the global has roiled markets, allies and alike. beijing unfair trade practices this week dropped new tariff demands on u.s. crude. and pyongyang is balking at what it's called gangster like negotiating tactics by the americans in the effort
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to denuclearize that country. in a statement the north koreans said as long as the u.s. continues to deny basic decorum with its dialogue partner, one really can't expect any progress to be made on denuclearization. just the latest indication, mike, of a change in tone for sure. now that there is a trump administration, mike? >> mike: kevin corke leading us off on the north lawn. kevin, thank you. a tough day on wall street, possibly a result of the latest round of international sanctions. the dow tumbled 196. the s&p 500 fell 20. nasdaq was off 53. for the week, the dow lost. 60. the s&p 500 was down. 20. nasdaq gained. 03. the national football preseason just started. president trump is in mid season form in tweeting his displeasure over players over national anthem protests. senior correspondent rick leventhal shows us tonight from berkeley heights, new jersey ♪ o say can you see. >> on the first night of the
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first full week of the nfl preseason, the national anthem controversy erupted again. miami dolphins wide receivers albert wilson kneeled during the song. eagles safety malcolm jenkins and several others raised fists. one player trotted onto the field while the anthem played. some seahawks and jaguars stayed out of sight until the music stop wanted. >> i thought i was going to be by myself out there. instead i had an angel with me with albert being out there. and, you know, i'm grateful that he sees what's happening and he wants to stand up and do something about it as well. >> the president, a strong opponent of the protest since last september tweeted the nfl players are at it again. taking a knee when they should be standing proudly for the national anthem. numerous players from different teams wanted to show their outrage at something that most of them are unable to define. be happy, be cool, a fortune game that fans are paying so much money to watch and
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enjoy is no place to protest. stand proudly for your national anthem or be suspended without pay. in may, the nfl updated its rules obligating players to stand during the anthem or wait in the locker room until it finished. but the nfl players' union argued this violated the collective bargaining agreement. the league agreed to freeze enforcement while discussions continue. collin kaepernick who launched the protests two years ago tweeted supports for dolphin's stills and wilson and the east jenkins posted a picture in a t-shirt claiming 60% of the prison population are people of color. roughly 70% of nfl players are black. >> everybody waiting to see what the league is going to do. that doesn't mean that we stop, you know, what we have been standing up for. >> in a statement, the nfl says its policy is still that all players and personnel on the field are expected to stand during the anthem. but those who don't won't be disciplined while discussions between the league and the players continue.
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mike? >> mike: rick leventhal with the latest on the president versus some nfl players. rick? thank you. >> the senate will begin confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh september 4th. chuck grassley four days of review that tuesday began opening remarks from senators kavanaugh will face questions wednesday september 5th. followed by testimony from legal experts and people who know the judge. police here in washington are bracing for trouble this weekend competing rallies scheduled for sunday, two groups in close proximity who do not like each other. gillian turner is here to talk about it tonight. good evening, jillian. >> hi, mike. that's right. last year's event organizer white nationalist jason kessler of unite the right was denied a permit to host this year's rally in charlottesville, again. so, he is turned to washington. for this sunday. 48 hours from now kick off
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right across the street from the white house. and d.c. law enforcement says it's well prepared for the people attend this rally and counter protest it will attract. over on capitol hill a strongly worried worded letter today to virginia senators to the department of justice. reminding the trump administration of its statutory obligations to prevent any further extremist violence. they say the legislation rejects white nationalists, white supremacists. the ku klux klan, neo nazis and other hate groups and urges actions from the president and his administration to combat this growing threat. the senators are demanding a response from the doj's civil rights division, mike. >> mike: what's the administration done since last year's charlottesville incident to make sure there is not a charlottesville 2.0 a year later? >> so a major focus of the administration has been white supremacist access to social media. the trump team is in the middle of ongoing dialogue with facebook, google, and youtube about how to better police these and other platforms in a way that
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protects americans. but leading counter intelligence organizations like the counter extremism project and nuke's office of homeland security say nothing has changed. a new jersey homeland security intelligence note reads in part white supremacists extremists continue to leverage social media to communicate, organize, and spread propaganda despite the efforts of mainstream social media companies to remove extremist content from their online platforms. state officials specifically accuse facebook of allowing unite the right to use the plaft form to organize this rally. so, according to some experts, at least, there is still lots of improvement by both the government and the tech companies when it comes to this issue, mike. >> mike: it sounds like police and federal authorities will be on alert ready for action this weekend. >> already on high alert even tonight. >> mike: gillian turner, thanks a lot. >> you are welcome. >> mike: some of the most experienced hackers in the country spending the weekend trying to break into the nation's voting machines and the government is fine with it the three day voting village is taking place at deaf con in las vegas.
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one of the world's largest hacker conventions. participants trying to expose vulnerabilities and potential security flaws that could effect the november mid terms. what was supposed to come the final day of the prosecution case against the former trump campaign chairman hit a snag earlier today: correspondent peter doocy is live outside the federal courthouse in alexandria, virginia tonight to tell us what happened once things resumed. good evening, peter. >> good evening, mike. the mueller team hadn't talked about paul manafort's time at the trump campaign at all until today when they called upon dennis raco who used to be a senior v.p. at the federal savings bank testified that his boss there steven cock who had expressed an interest in politics spoke to manafort and then a day later helped figure out a way for his bank to lend paul manafort $16 million raico the witness said he had never seen a loan approved that fast. a few months later paul
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manafort emailed rick gates suggesting that steven cock, who helped out with that big loan, should be considered as secretary of the army. that's according to testimony that gates gave earlier in the week. he never did get nominated but deserve on a trump campaign economic counts. today's proceedings started five hours late. second day in a row the judge received a most from the mueller team complaining about him. this time about a thursday comment where the judge suggested the mueller team should stop asking about loans paul manafort had been denied the special counsel's office wrote in the motion quote the court's suggestion, however, that the government was unnecessarily spending time on a loan that manafort did not receive undermines the well-established law on conspiracy, undercuts the charge in count 28 and likely to confuse and mislead the jury. the mueller team wanted a clarification from the judge but they never got it because when the court finally gaveled in for the day at about 2:30, the judge walked in and just said "okay, prosecution, you can
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call your witness." but the prosecution paused and said what about the jury? the judge realized he hadn't let them in yet and there was laughter. one of the only light moments of the day. >> mike: action-packed week. what's next for this case, peter? >> the five-hour delay today that still has not been explained meant that the mueller team could not rest their case as they had been planning by the close of business. we don't know yet and we won't know if the manafort defense attorneys are going to call witnesses or introduce evidence until one or two more government witnesses are done. then come the closing argue 789s. the judge said those can be two hours long max. and the judge told the mueller team today when they were indicating they might want more than two hours that it's no secret, and it's no accident, rather that tv shows are mostly only 30 minutes long. the judge also told the mueller prosecutors just now that if they think they can hold a juror's attention for two hours straight, then they are, and this is a quote, living on a different
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planet than him. mike? >> mike: peter doocy outside of federal court in alexandria. >> mike: in one area of the border, which country is number two? news correspondent william la jeunesse has the surprising answer tonight. >> when trying to communicate we are going to have to get at the interpreter to get the entire story. >> most border agents speak fluent spanish. in central california agents apprehend more indian nationals than any group other than mexicans. >> very common area for indian nationals to be crossing. a paft least resistance. >> the number of indians has soared from from about a dozen in 2013 to over 3,000 so far this year. >> across the entire u.s. mexican border. 2,000 miles, it is this spot where more indian nationals cross than anywhere else. why? well, take a look at the fence from the mexican side. we are only looking at maybe five feet. don't each need a ladder.
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officials say five to 10 indian nationals cross here illegally into the u.s. every day. >> this sector alone, 70 miles of border with mexico is the lead sector with indian apprehensions. we have over 3200 indian nationals that have been apprehended right here in one particular spot. >> how? agents say the immigrants fight ecuador travel to central america up to el centro. >> might get information cross here. charging up to $25,000 according to the border patrol. but attorney jude wood who has handled many indian asylum cases say they have legitimate claims, sikh men flee religious and political. while women who marry outside their class or cass system fear assault. >> people untouchables, the lowest cass are basically not allowed to you participate fully in society. >> many indian immigrants
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end up at the local sikh temple where they get a meal and a bus to stay with relatives, awaiting for their day in court. in el centro, california, william la jeunesse, fox news. >> mike: up next the so-called holy fire in southern california becomes a holy hell. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 5 in new york as two people involved in a helicopter crash near the ocean city-new jersey airport. both exited the chopper and walked away on their own. the helicopter was badly damaged. no word yet on what caused the accident. wfxt in boston as the massachusetts ca cannabis control commission discusses strategies for dealing with impaired driving some of which would require changes in the law. recreational marijuana was legalized in the state july 2nd. retail shops are expected to open in the coming weeks. and this is a live look at atlanta from fox five. one of the big stories there tonight, the remains of a georgia soldier who died in the korean war finally
3:15 pm
coming home. army corporal taylor fuller was reported missing in 1951. and later reported as a prisoner of war. fuller's remains were returned in 1990 and were just recently identified. he will be buried in his hometown of tacoa. that's a look the outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. no matter who rides point, there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands? if you have moderate to thsevere rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage.
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>> mike: firefighters in northern california are reporting progress against the largest blaze in state history. the mende mendicino is containe. in the south the fire tearing through that region keeps getting bigger and more dangerous. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is in lake elsinore
3:19 pm
right now. >> the holy fire continues to grow doubling in size overnight. now more than 30 square miles. that's half the land area of washington, d.c. more than 20,000 people have been told to evacuate. many leaving very late. thinking the fire wouldn't come as close as it has. >> it is a nightmare. it's so horrible. i want it to be over. never would have think it was going to burn like that. >> it changed so drastically. we were running out of the house. >> flames continue to creep down the hillside above lake elsinore some 60 miles south and east of los angeles. one spark away from destruction. >> hey, backyard is on fire. >> more than a thousand firefighters are battling to save homes backed up by helicopters and fixed wing aircraft dropping fire retardant and water.
3:20 pm
51-year-old forest clark is accused of deliberately starting the holy fire. he was arraigned in court today and asked if he could immediately pay his bail. >> can i handle a million right now easily. >> clark may or may not have been joke but tonight, mike, the holy fire is no laughing matter for the 1,000 or so firefighters on the front lines here. cleveland national forest, which is the lead agency in this fight tweeted today that they, quote, cannot get ahead of the fire. and with the winds kicking up quite significantly here now that dire outlook set to hold with firefighters facing another long and exhausting night. mike? >> mike: jonathan, you showed us some of the aerial drops involved with the firefighters out there. what more can you tell us about some of those efforts above from, you know, helping the firefighters on the ground? >> they are pretty
3:21 pm
extraordinary to watch, mike. they have been going around and around constantly over the last 30 minutes or so because of a big flare-up we saw right behind me here. immediately that the flames come up there, you see the fixed wing aircraft and the helicopter coming in. they drop some of them, a pink fire retardant. that seems to do a very good job and, of course, there are also water drops. they are a very, very important part of this fire fighting effort. and i can hear a helicopter now coming in. again, we are probably not going to see it through the thick smoke. but they are essentially going around and around. they do drying out again. the flames pick up once again and the helicopter noise very loud here for us but the smoke, mike, right now so thick you can't even get to see them. they are doing an incredible job, mike. >> mike: jonathan hunt on the fire front lines in lake elsinore, california. thank you very much. west virginia's house usual
3:22 pm
jerry committee impeachment proceedings on the four remaining judges on the state supreme court. they are accused of corruption, incompetence, neglect of duty and other crimes. the 14 articles of impeachment next go to the full house of delegates for a vote. the fifth supreme court judge resigned last month and pled guilty to a felony charge of defrauding the state. the justice department has launched a federal civil rights probe into allegations of rampant sexual misconduct by correctional officers and horrific conditions inside a florida women's prison. the investigation comes after years of complaints by former and current inmates who describe the lowell correctional institution in central florida as a brothel and predator's playground with legal prostitution. the state's corrections department is promising cooperation with the probe. ♪ ♪ >> mike: in tonight's whatever happened to segment, the war on drugs. the u.s. government says columbia is the world's
3:23 pm
largest producer of cocaine and is the origin of approximately 92% of the cocaine's seized in the u.s. this week u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley is in colombia and touring drug interdiction efforts. correspondent rich edson is traveling with the ambassador and reports from bogota. >> the director of colombia's antinarcotics police just told u.n. ambassador nikki haley cocaine production will increase here as she watches police destroy coca crops. >> this is where it comes from. we are at the source of where all of it comes from. we have to go to the source and cut the supply. >> u.s. has spent millions over the last decade and and a half to. colombia coca cultivation hit all time high. robust demand for drugs in the u.s. keeps cocaine production and trafficking a multi-billion-dollar industry here. counter narcotics forces face overwhelming challenges. coca yields are resilient
3:24 pm
and frequent. and farmers can protect them against aerial spraying. fields are hidden deep in colombia's countryside controlled by guerrillas where snipers and ieds protect them. >> illegal crops have expanded and done so exponentially. >> ambassador haley spoke to us in an exclusive television interview here after leading the u.s. delegates to inel coming president's inauguration. colombia once sprayed these fields from airplanes with herb side suspended after the world health organization determined the compound it used probably causes cancer. the new government here wants to resume spraying. >> how do you do it safely and effectively. that means we have to find a different chemical. >> development experts say spraying these crops only hurts farmers and coca production easily moves somewhere else. these farmers move where infrastructure and government services are pour. government efforts to offer them a legal living have fallen well short. haley claims the new
3:25 pm
colombian president will emphasize efforts to help new farmers. >> we have to make sure there is substitutions instead of coca plants that they have another way to make money. >> with a new government in colombia a new face to try to address drug trafficking and new effort to get rid of the crops. questions though whether that will be successful and consequences of doing so are still unclear. mike? >> mike: rich edson in colombia. thank you. why one northeastern state governor is ready to go to jail to top the expansion of medicaid. beyond our borders, four people are dead including two police officers after a shoogd in new brunswick canada along our border. it happened in frederickton police are not saying what caused the violence in that occurred in a normally peaceful residential neighborhood. ryan air has had to cancel hundreds of flights over a pilot strike a few dozen striking pilots gathered at the airlines' main hub at the brussels airport.
3:26 pm
pilots walked off the job in germany, sweden and ireland. zimbabwe's main opposition party has filed a legal challenge to the country's recent election. it alleges irregularities and calling for a fresh vote or for its own candidate to be declared the winner. officials say the current president and his majority party won the election by receiving 50.8 percentage points of the vote. just. so other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. discovered , prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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3:30 pm
[yelling] >> you have to have so much patience. >> her kids depend on her without healthcare coverage she fears what could happen if she gets hurt or sick. she is among tens of thousands of mainers expected to become eligible for coverage this summer under an expansion of medicaid approved by nearly 60% of voters in 2017. but the state's republican governor paul wil lepage recently vowed to go to jail before he puts the state into vet vetoed a jail in june that would have funded the voter approved expansion. >> they are not proper lear funding it so that we will run out of money and we will be creating red ink and pay the bill for the hospital that's all we are trying to overt. >> you meant matily they have been obstructing, ignoring the law. instructing the lepage is not up for reelections. the medicaid issue is seeping into the race to his replacement. the daughter campaign
3:31 pm
manager for the republican candidate prom missioned. this as governor, sean moody will enforce the laws on the books with appropriate funding from the legislature who, under the constitution, must pass all spending bills. the democratic candidate state attorney general january mitt mills vows: medicaid expansion is the law. and as governor i pledge to not only fully implement it but to protect it from anyone who would attempt to undermine it as the election creeps clopper wall waits and hopes she will get coverage soon. >> it would mean the world to me, are you kidding? it would mean everything. i have struggled so hard. it seems like nobody cares. >> it remains uncertain as to when the estimated 70,000 people who are newly eligible to receive medicaid coverage here in maine will actually get it. but, one question is before the court right now. whether the lepage administration must take steps to move forward and file an expansion plan with the federal government. a decision is expected soon out of the maine supreme court.
3:32 pm
mike? >> mike: molly line, thanks very much. a jury in san francisco has awarded $289 million to a school grounds keeper who says round up caused his cancer. the product is made by monday santo. the company faces more than 5,000 similar lawsuits across the u.s. the white house is slamming a new book by exstaff member omarosa manigault newman calling her a disgruntled former employee. the newspaper reports manigault newman labels president trump a racist and claims she has been told there are tapes of him using the n-word repeatedly while filming the atisz reality series on which she appeared. press secretary sarah sanders says the book is riddled with laws and false allegations. a former ohio state university wrestler is recanting his statement that republican congressman jim jordan must have known about sexual abuse from a team doctor when jordan was assistant wrestling coach. mark comey says he never said or has any direct
3:33 pm
knowledge that jordan knew of the misconduct. jordan has denied knowing anything about the alleged abuse by the team dork tore who killedoctor whokilled himse. american space exploration takes another huge step tomorrow. nasa is sending a probe to the sun. correspondent phil keating is at cape that canaveral, flora tonight. >> humanity may touch very first star the sun. never before has the space craft flown into the corona. the probe is about to give a shot. >> we're going to learn about how our sin really works. for the first time on a new scale and a new place in a way never before done by humanity. >> space craft is named after eugene parkner 1958 predicted the existence of super charged solar winds blowing radiation in our solar system. weighs proven right. the solar probe is about the size of a car and loaded with cameras and instruments
3:34 pm
ready to feedback data to earth. 60 years in the making to slingshot off venice in hoping of reaching the corona. seven fly byes seven years with the last approach shooting the parker probe into the sun at 430,000 miles an hour and possibly burning it up into solar dust. the temperature of the sun's corona a staggering 2 to 3 million degrees fahrenheit. the parker will only have to deal with a modest heat of 2500 degrees. scientists anticipate 1.5 billion-dollar mission will revolutionize what we know about the sun's workings and how it impacts our weather, power grid, satellites, our lives and beyond. >> by understanding how star works we can explain how other stars work. they have interstellar winds. they have stellar storms and there may be planets orbiting them that could actually be habit tab. >> blast off one of the most powerful rockets in the planet. delta four heavy with first
3:35 pm
three launch time set for 3:30 a.m. saturday morning east coast time and right now everything is looking a go or in this case looking sunny. mike? >> mike: phil keating in cape canaveral, thank you. president trump keeping the economic pressure on several countries he wants to squeeze. we'll talk about it with the panel when we come back. ♪ we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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>> even though there is no problem with turkey's macroeconomic data or production power or employment levels, or banking system, we're subjected to artificial waves of financial instability. >> really what the market is reacting to is a big change in the way turkey is treated by the united states. said no, you know, they're a nato ally. we don't want to push them more towards extremism. they are going that way anyway. donald trump has created a reckoning for them and it's going to hurt. >> mike: there is some questions whether there is a negotiating tactic or backing turkey into a corner. take a listen to this. >> united states government has determined that sanctions can be a very effective tool in trying to bring various governments to the table to negotiate with us or try to encourage countries to comply or to return to a better set of behaviors. >> we are cooperating with all countries as long as we have common interests. and when we don't, we try to solve issues through negotiations. however, when it comes to cornering turkey, in
3:40 pm
attempting to make it give up, it's different. >> mike: with that bring in our panel david ca catanese senior writer world report. co-founder of go advisors and tom rogan, commentary writer for "the washington examiner." tom, your thoughts on u.s.-turkish relations at this point. >> on the border of a crisis or in a crisis. and i think the challenge for the trump administration is as much as they see real tangible problems with turkey, the purchase of a very staunch russian air defense system along a 35 is the big issue but also issues with andrew brunson. there is the concern that because of erdogan's political structure, in his government, for example, he requires the support of an ultra nationalist political party to maintain his essentially governing capacity. and they will be pushing him very hard behind the scenes to say this is why you need to be tough. stronger with putin. they had a phone call today
3:41 pm
erdogan and putin. how much can you push without losing that turkish influence in nato and having putin suck turkey into his border strategy for the middle east? >> mike: morgan, great to have your expertise. your thoughts? >> the situation between u.s. and turkey, this has been going on for years. i think what we have seen has been culminating in weeks behind the scenes discussions between the two administrations not just about the release of the pastor and pastor brunson but also there is u.s. embassy members who turkish citizens who have been work for the u.s. embassy for at least 20 years who are in jail and swept up in these arrests. i spoke to a member of congress today who has been speaking with the president about this. i think president trump is digging in his heels on this. and what erdogan needs to decide is turkey is politically, culturally, economically in the center of what's going on and sort of global chaos. they will really have to pick a side. playing sides with the russians, iranians keeping foot in nato. at some point erdogan will have to decide who he is and who he is going to side with
3:42 pm
playing outside. even before the sanctions. they low interest rates way too long. they had problems. very harsh stick now. i think is he backing them into a corner. the question is will erdogan blink. >> one turkish lira is equal to 16 american cents. that tells you basically they are in deep trouble. let's get on to north korea because our time is precious thought on north korean sanctions at this stage? >> yeah, i think we have seen pressure from the administration. a little as it sets symbol by sanctioning the russians last week. natural cut out. big question will they do that to the chinese. north korean notice. the positive sign is the north korean rhetoric that has come out in the last few days. much more aggressive again. you want to see that because it shows the u.s. is pushing them on the time line you cannot let them get that reentry vehicle done for the war head. they are doing all this development behind the
3:43 pm
scenes. the pressure strategy is back. good. >> yeah, the administration, mike pompeo, nikki haley have made it clear that sanctions are going to remain on the table north koreans have indicated peace deal first before they agree to anything. we are waiting to see a full reckoning and accounting of all of their weapons to come forward and set a timetable. there is still a lot that the north koreans haven't done. they are continuing to push for a peace deal. the real key is going to be what mike pompeo and nikki haley pushed at the u.n. a couple weeks ago and you just alluded to is will russia and china continue to implement these sanctions with us. they were the toughest sanctions passed at the u.n. three times. but we're going to have to have the international consensus continue to push them if it's going to work. >> mike: dave? >> so it's been two months since the big heralded trump u.n. summit and basically back to where we started. president trump said dramatic things have been changing. they are already starting to denuclearize. well, it looks like we are basically at status quo and
3:44 pm
north korea is acting as it has for decades. >> mike: we led off with the iranians firing off a test firing of a ballistic missile. your thoughts on relations with iran? >> this is another developing situation the trump administration is going to have to deal with. i think is going to be more sanctions coming this fall in iran that are already part of u.s. law. so i think it's going to get tougher for iran. i think that's going to be a more precarious situation. now you have all of these situations have interconnected because have you iran talking to north korea saying don't trust president trump. i mean, all these can ricochet and i think that's the danger. >> mike: okay. next up the friday lightning round. the nfl and the national anthem. climate change plus winners and losers ♪ ♪
3:45 pm
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♪ >> >> all the time, there is nothing, there was no, you know, one incident or one moment that made me decide. it was more so just i couldn't really think of a good reason not to. >> as a man i have certain believes. i don't know if it's to be every week but as a man, i have got to stand for something. >> mike: preseason football and controversy with the president. three players kneeling, one standing with fist four standing in the locker room or the tunnel. back with our panel. dave, your thoughts as we look at the start of the nfl season and more controversy. >> look, everyone is supposed to like football. supposed to be uniting american sport. remember, there was a report that president trump said he was going to bring this issue back up repeatedly because it stokes his base
3:49 pm
and now we are 90 some days from a midterm election. i think it is part of the culture war that he wants to use in the midterm elections. i don't know how it effective it is going to be. people usually want to be able to go to a football game and leave politics behind. that doesn't look like it's going to be the case this fall. >> mike: morgan? >> let me say go eagles. and since the super bowl my husband has been in a good mood for the past few months. let's hope this continues. i think what you are seeing here is really weak leadership by roger goodell and go back and forth on penalties and what they're doing. the nfl needs to take a firm stance. they are giving it to the teams. i just see really weak leadership. and what's happening, i think, unfortunately is that the original message that perhaps some of the players have been trying to get out there have been lost and instead turned into anti-trump when they're kneeling as somebody in the military reserves it bothers me not to see people stand. what i would like to see instead of kneeling and
3:50 pm
taking anti-trump stance, take the moment, talk to the president, we just had a whole panel this week on justice reform. where there was some people coming together from both sides to talk about these issues. i think, you just said they are playing right into the president's hand by doing this and making it anti-trump instead of actually working on their issues. >> mike: tom, your thoughts. >> quickly, i think, again, my person opinion flag burning if you want -- free speech, people can do. this i think it's stupid. it doesn't bother me. i'm more interested in my soccer team in the u.k. >> mike: of course. also this controversy now with the awful start to wildfire season in california about global warming, whether the firefighters have enough resources dave, your thoughts? >> look, it's a terrible event out there. it always gets politicized very quickly. you are not going to see climate change legislation or significant legislation until you get a democratic congress. there is a big partisan divide on the causes of
3:51 pm
climate change even though it's in california far enough to the east coast. things on the west coast get less attention and this is a terrible thing for the people out there. but if it were happening in new york and washington it would get much more attention. >> mike: no question. morgan? >> i think what you are seeing here once again misuse by the federal government. when you look at the federal government owns 68% of all the federal forests. and you are seeing an abuse by the endangered species act here. spotted owl is protected, right? they can't go in and even get rid of the dead trees for forest fires. people i talk to on the ground out west are furious about how the government is treating this fire. climate change vs. success what's going on on the ground are actually two different things on the ground at the moment. these people need help and the endangered species act is being used in a way that i think is endangering and
3:52 pm
prolonging these forest fires. >> mike: your heart goes out to the people there on the front lines watching smoke coming up to their neighborhoods. take a listen to some of these folks. >> it changed so drastically. we were running out of the house. >> we are not leaving hopefully keep our house standing. >> this is a nightmare. so horrible. never think it's going to burn like that. >> mike: brutally hot and dry. tom your your thoughts as we look ahead to a tough fire season? >> look, yeah, there is this big debate about climate change which clearly not going to be resolved here. what is interesting policy stand point when we look towards the process going through next supreme court nominee, this question of the administrative state. how much power does the federal government have to regulate and not regulate? i think actually this might come up in that. >> mike: let's get to winners and losers. dave, lead us off. >> my winner is nathan mcmurray. you probably don't know who he is but you might soon he is the democrat challenging chris collins the upstate
3:53 pm
new york republican who was indicted this week on insider trading charges. this is safe republican seat. it should be. but as we are seeing acorrect me if i aacrossthe coue safe any longer. my loser is the far left. i have a story on u.s. basically outlining all of this. but most of the candidates that have been endorsed by bernie sanders or alexandria ocasio-cortez have lost their primaries. and i think the lesson in this is that alexandria ocasio-cortez is the eption accepts to the rule she is not a trend of the democratic party. >> first woman not only to graduate from the marine corps infantry officer school but she is also now the first and only female who is leading an infantry platoon in the marines. and as a fellow naval officer i just have to say girl power. >> my winner is my grandfather. james rogan who was a marine in the second world war. that's his casualty rate. 18% casualty.
3:54 pm
93. a little bit ill at the moment but staying strong. i want to give him a shoutout because he always watches the show. >> mike: awesome. speedy recovery. when we come back, "notable quotables." what do you have there? p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. i keep my protein interesting. oh yea, me too. i have cheese and uh these herbs. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein. a hotel can make or break a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one.
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>> at the end of another action-packed week it's time for notable portables. -- >> he spends his days at chain smoking cigarettes white niggling at hoping that another twit doesn't show up. >> it gives him time to think about their answer is. >> one of the first things they told the jury this afternoon was that he did break it. >> i will remain on the ballot running for reelection this november. >> the kind of cleanup. >> we have the opportunity not just to pull the seat but hit the reset button. >> still 3,000 provisional ballots left. the margin right now is 1700 so we are hoping that we can still come out on top.
3:59 pm
>> mathematically, we have won this race. >> there is nobody in this administration starry eyed about the prospects of north korea denuclearizing. >> if you stab somebody with a knife and say you want talks than the first thing you have to do is remove the knife. >> russia is exerting its influence. >> this should be called the holy hell fire. >> the time has come to establish the united states space force. >> breaking news, he beat me again, he shot 76 i shot 80. >> the space force? that's it for this special report. i mike emanuel in washington. the story hosted by martha maccallum in washington, do you want me to move over or how are we going to do this?
4:00 pm
>> martha: big severance behind us, breaking tonight, one of the nations oldest and best-known newspapers, spearheading a coordinated nationwide attack on president trump and what they call his dirty war on the free press. i martha maccallum live in washington. first, high drama in the court room all part of this wild week in the trial of paul manafort that was capped off with an unexplained and uncharacteristic five hour delay in the court room that is fueling a lot of speculation about the biggest test yet for special counsel robert mueller. the trial of his former campaign chair comes to a screeching halt, over a possible issue with one of the jur


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