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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 12, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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emotions reaching a fever pitch in our nation's capital. unite the right marchers clashing with antiracism protesters as dualing rallies mark one year since violent demonstrations in charlottesville virginia left three people dead. good evening i'm jon scott. jon: a fox news alert as tensions come to a head in lafayette square just north of the white house. counterprotesters greatly outnumbering the unite the right marchers. police flanking them on both sides trying to keep order. tonight reaction is coming in from capitol hill with senator tim scott issuing a call for unity. >> it's obvious that we continue to exercise our freedom of
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speech, guaranteed by the constitution. it certainly should also be an opportunity for us to thank the good lord that we have signs of progress in this nation and that we have much progress still to be made. i hope that the rest of the nation takes the time to find a way to break bread with someone who is not like themselves, to say to those folks who believe that there's one superior race, that they are dead wrong. jon: we have fox team coverage now. griff jenkins is following the counterprotests, but we want to begin with peter doocy, who is with the so-called unite the right rally. peter? >> well, the unite the right rally, jon, has basically been washed away. it lasted for a little while. barely anybody showed up from that side, and now this is where the counterprotesters have been gathered. you can see that a lot of umbrellas are out. people who don't have them have already left. but just what's left here is -- far outnumbers the two dozen,
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maybe three dozen at the most self-described white nationalists, who came for what they were billing as a white civil rights rally. now, as soon as this group got to the metro, a couple blocks away from here, they were swarmed by police, who were there to protect them and then that group was far outnumbered by protesters who marched along with the self-described white nationalists from foggy bottom to here. once they got here, pennsylvania avenue which is a good distance away from this fence line, but thiss as close as protesters here in lafayette park got. the white internationnationalis only ones allowed on to pennsylvania avenue. that's where they remained. this park filled up with thousands of people. and they weren't just here to protest the unite the right event, they were signs representing black lives matter. they were representatives of
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antifa here. there were a lot of different protests, chants and signs. it seems like just about anybody in washington, d.c. with a cause was here. but again, the weather came through. there was quite a bit of thunder and lightning a little while ago, and now it does appear like everything is done, at least that's what it looks like. jon? jon: you know police are grateful for that weather turbulence. peter doocy, peter, thank you. so griff jenkins has been following the shut it down d.c. coalition. that's the counterprotests to unite the right. griff? >> jon, the police may be grateful for that rain, but i will tell you, the citizens of d.c. out here are grateful for the police department because they kept this under wraps, and there was no violence. if you look now, this is the entrance where we had those scenes earlier of a lot of passions running very high. the bottles being thrown, some
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eggs, some various things, even a roman candle being shot at the police. now you see out here on the streets, opened back up to traffic. this intersection by the way that you are looking at is pennsylvania and 17th, and that is where the public can generally go down pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house or where vip dignitaries go in to the north entrance of the white house, but a different scene than we saw with you just an hour ago. certainly a few hours ahead. there was probably about a thousand to maybe 2,000 at its height of the counterprotesters. they were made up largely of the black lives matter folks and antifa, the folks in the black with the masks, they are upset about the unite the right rally and jason kessler, but also a strong message out here in front of the white house that they believe that president donald trump has been giving some
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guidance, some okay, basically for guys like kessler to come out here from the beginning we saw an inauguration, certainly a year ago, in charlottesville, scenes of chaos, but things were calm and peaceful here, and a lot of the protesters i talked to that came out said that they were glad it was non-violent. we see some of -- if you look now, there was the barricades. perhaps just the last few of the protesters. they don't like to talk to the camera, the media, but they were out here today and absolutely making their voice heard. no violence, and certainly not the scene thankfully that we saw a year ago in charlottesville or really even the aggression we saw in portland where there was a little bit of a clash between antifa and folks who would associate themselves with the alt right which is a part of what kessler and unite the right was all about. jon? jon: is there a time window for all of this? i mean, were the crowds given a
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certain time to march, and now that it's 6:00 p.m., is that what's ended it? or is it the rain? or is it something else? griff? >> great question, i think it was really the passions of the people out here that led the law enforcement and others to srt of move this along -- to sort of move this along because the national park service issued a permit here in lafayette park to kessler from 5:30 to 7:30. that was the original permit. it was for 400 people. what ended up happening was a dozen or more unite the right people showed up, and as we saw, when my colleague peter doocy was bringing people in, they were really trying to block them, and then that animosity towards kessler, i think organizers or law enforcement rather wanted to move this along quickly, get it going and to use the rain perhaps a little bit. but there wasn't a specific time this road was blocked, obviously when things were going on, but they have opened it back up, and really everyone has dispersed.
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jon: it could have been dicey and things seemed to turn out pretty well there in d.c. griff jenkins, thanks. let's bring in the news desk reporter for axios. haley, you know, it got out of control in charlottesville a year ago. this time that same group was not allowed to march there, but in both d.c. and charlottesville, much better results this time around. what's the difference? >> right. so of course like you said, today's rally was nowhere near the chaos that we kind of saw last year in charlottesville. and i think a big part of that is of course the pushback we saw on those that participated in the rally last year. you know, we saw people that were being identified on-line as being participants in the unite the right rally. they started losing their jobs. we saw legal pushback on the organizers. of course like you have said earlier, you know, they were denied access to rally in charlottesville again this year. that's sort of playing into i think the lower numbers we're seeing.
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it is suddenly not as safe as it was or as they believed it to be to rally as it was last year. jon: the president took a lot of heat for his comment last year, paraphrasing, he said there are some very fine people on both sides. took a lot of heat for that. yesterday he sent out a tweet that was much more definitive about his views. has he sort of repaired some of the damage that he might have done last year? >> you know, unfortunately, i think for so many americans, it was too late for the president to kind of repair the damage that was caused with his comments last year. last year he had an incredible opportunity to sort of bring people together, after the incredible violence and chaos that we saw in charlottesville. and unfortunately, for so many people, he failed to take ahold of that opportunity. while yesterday, like you said, he tweeted saying he condemns racism and violence of all kinds, you know, it was for a lot of people a year too late. as we've seen in recent polls, you know, so many people think
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that -- the majority of americans believe that race relations have only gotten worse under president trump, so i think that is playing into, you know, his efforts to kind of bridge that gap, but like i said, for so many people, it was just kind of too late. jon: yeah. his counsel to the president kellyanne conway earlier today said that the comment was misinterpreted. the president wasn't saying that neo-nazis or others are good people. he was saying that there are people in the south who respect the legacy of the southern side and the civil war, and that's what he was trying to get across, that his tweet was simply misinterpreted. >> right. and so we've seen this from the white house on several issues, where they are saying that the president's comments were misconstrued or they were misunderstood. but the problem is that they were not quickly clarified at the time. and so there was too much time after those comments were made where people were running with this interpretation of him saying that there were good people on both sides.
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and so whether or not that was misunderstood or not, it seemed to not be clarified quickly enough. so the damage there, you know of race relations in the country, the kind of divisiveness that's only grown since charlottesville has not been totally healed. as we saw today, it may not be at the same level that it was at charlottesville, but certainly that hurt is still there. jon: yeah. the fact that they were able to, you know, stage these protests in both cities in washington, d.c. as well as in charlottesville, and there were a handful of arrests in charlottesville, perhaps we will hear of some in washington, although so far no great number. police have to feel pretty good about the way things have happened, and maybe it is a sign that some healing is underway in this country, after the terrible violence of last year. >> of course we'd all love to believe that there is some healing happening considering how horrible it was to see what happened last year. and certainly police are, you
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know, were more prepared this year, as were businesses, as were counterprotesters which we saw so many of them today in d.c. people had a more general idea of what to expect and what they thought they would be up against. so of course law enforcement was ready to handle the worst. luckily we did not see it get out of control in the same way it did last year. but of course, they were going to be ready for that if it did. jon: let me just read that tweet from the president that he put out yesterday. sort of, you know, in response to the criticism that he got last year. he tweeted out this, the riots in charlottesville a year ago resulted in senseless death and division. we must come together as a nation. i condemn all types of racism and acts of violence. peace to all americans. that from president trump on this, the anniversary of the terrible riots in charlottesville that left three people dead. haley, thank you very much.
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>> thank you very much. jon: stick around. i know you will, haley, to talk with us a little bit more about the mueller probe as well as the status of a possible sit-down between president trump and the special counsel robert mueller. that's just a few minutes away. in the meantime, president trump reacting to the charlottesville anniversary, tweeting as i mentioned earlier, that he condemns all types of racism, and that the nation must come together. counselor to the president kellyanne conway weighing in on the issue of race earlier on "fox news sunday". >> first african-american president barack obama left office there was very mixed polling very mixed assessment of race relations eight years after he was in office. so this is not unique to president trump. jon: with more, rick leventhal joins us from berkeley heights new jersey near the president's golf club in bedminster. rick? >> john, this is the last full day of the president's working
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vacation in new jersey. he had no open events to the press or the public scheduled for today. so there's been no comment so far today about these protests that are taking place in washington and down in charlottesville. we have reached out to the white house for additional comment. we haven't gotten it. we do have the tweet from yesterday which you mentioned a short time ago which we can show our viewers again, because this is the president's most recent reaction to that one-year anniversary of the events in charlottesville, the riots in charlottesville, the president wrote a year ago resulted in senseless death and division. we must come together as a nation. i condemn all types of racism and acts of violence. peace to all americans. now, this was a topic of conversation on the sunday shows today, and congressman elijah cummings says what the president said was not enough for him. >> he has not gone far enough. i think it's a low bar for the president of the united states to simply say he's against
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racism. he's got to do better than that. >> the white house as far as we know continues to monitor those events in charlottesville and washington which are now trailing off jon as you have shown our viewers. we will give you an update as soon as we get one from them. jon: there was another big story on the sunday talk shows that former member of the trump administration omarosa manigault secretly recording her firing by john kelly, the chief of staff. what did she have to say all of that? >> angry reaction from the white house over the revelation that omarosa was recording those conversations and also a lot of rejection of claims that she has made on television and in the book that's coming out next week, omarosa of course was one of the president's biggest defenders during her time in his employ. she was hired and fired by mr. trump, for his reality show "the apprentice". she was also hired and fired again for a stint as white house
3:15 pm
advisor, where we're now learning she secretly recorded conversations inside the white house including the moment chief of staff john kelly told her her time was up. >> how often did you tape people? >> as you will see in unhinged i protected myself because this is a white house where everybody lies. the president lies to the american people. sarah huckabee stands in front of the country and lies every single day. you have to have your own back because otherwise you will look back and you will see knives in your back. >> whether 30 pieces of silver, for you your publicist, your ghost writers and others all that's changed was this book deal and her being fired. i think he probably feels very betrayed. >> a short time ago we did get a reaction from the white house. press secretary sarah sanders on the idea that omarosa was taping conversations, the very idea a staff member would sneak a recording device into the white house situation room shows a
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blatant disregard for our national security. and then to brag about it on national television, further proves the lack of character and integrity of this disgruntled former white house employee. that from sarah huckabee sanders, on omarosa taping conversations in the white house. of course yesterday the president was asked about omarosa during a photo op with bikers for trump, and the president called her a low life. jon? jon: how things have changed as you pointed out. the president was a big supporter of hers for a long time until he wasn't. rick leventhal travelling with the president. >> and she was a big supporter of his, jon. jon: that's true. rick leventhal, thanks. president trump reimposing sanctions on iran. and rolling out economic punishment for several other countries, deepening rifts between washington and some of its allies. ahead, what the president wants out of all of this, and whether he might get it. plus, the crash of a plane stolen from a seattle airport
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jon: one of the big stories of this weekend, the theft and crash of a passenger plane in the seattle area leaving the family of the suspect, an airline employee, stunned and heartbroken. that suspect richard russell presumed dead after the plane crashed on a sparsely populated island 25 miles from the airport. the incident is raising all kinds of airport security questions. >> what we had here is a situation with a rogue employee, not necessarily a security failure, but now we have to deal with that, plus the fact despite some stories where it just takes a flip of a switch to start an engine, that's not true. how did he fly that airplane because it takes some skill and knowledge of the airplane? you are not going to get from a computer program. jon: jeff paul is live in washington with the latest on this bizarre story. so what's the latest on the
3:22 pm
investigation, jeff? >> well, yeah, jon, investigators are here in the puget sound working to recover the black boxes from the wreckage. they are hoping it will give them a better idea of what happened during the flight and what led the plane to crash into a nearby island just off into the distance. take a look at this picture. this is the man who the family has identified as richard russe russell, who was a groundworker with horizon air. he mostly helped load and unload cargo and helped guide planes to and from the gate. the big unknown at the moment is how he was able to get into the air and fly for so long. one of his former coworkers recently speak explaining their roles on the ground at the airport. >> so it would be two of us working the plane, up loading and down loading the plane. the tow team, they have access to talk to the air traffic control. they can turn -- they've been trained to turn on and off the plane and, you know, things that, you know, that i
3:23 pm
wouldn't -- regular ramp agents wouldn't know anything about. >> now, investigators say that russell had passed all of his background checks before being hired with horizon air and he was allowed to be in those secured areas where the planes were kept. jon? jon: what do we know about this guy, richard russell? >> well, the family using a close friend spoke out recently, through a statement, and basically saying that, you know, this came as a complete shock to them, and if i read from what they kind of said, they believe that he was kind and gentle to each person, judging by what they heard in the recordings with air traffic controllers, they say his intent was never to harm anyone. >> may seem difficult for those watching at home to believe, but he was a warm, compassionate man. it is impossible to encompass who he was in a press release. he was a faithful husband, a loving son, and a good friend.
3:24 pm
>> now the family of richard russell says that he was right when he said that he was loved by so many. that's something he referenced in one of those recordings between air traffic controllers shortly before that plane crashed. jon? jon: what a very strange and sad story, jeff paul reporting from washington, jeff, thank you. at least 39 people died today in an explosion in a rebel held part of northern syria. the blast collapsing two five story residential buildings, burying many of the victims. video from a human rights group shows volunteers pulling children alive from the rubble. a britain-based human rights organization says a makeshift weapons depot that an arms dealer ran in the basement of one building might have detonated. well, the trump administration unleashing a flurry of sanctions targeting nato ally turkey as well as iran and russia. some are saying the latest sanctions against vladimir
3:25 pm
putin's regime mark a new low point in relations between washington and moscow. our gillian turner has more from washington. >> the trump administration foreign policy team has capped off a week of sanctioning and punishing foreign adversaries across multiple regions, from the middle east to east asia. new penalties for turkey, russia and iran featured front and center and sent global financial markets into a tailspin. it began on wednesday, with the announcement that washington would sanction the putin government in response to their use of chemical weapons in the u.k., several months ago. but still no word from the administration about punishment for russian election interference, despite increasing concern from the president's own party. >> they are meddling into 2018 election. i'm 100% certain that they are continuing to meddle in our election. they intend to disrupt the 2018 election. >> then friday, president trump announced new sanctions against turkey, a nato ally via twitter. he authorized quote a doubling of tariffs on steel and aluminium that caused the
3:26 pm
turkish to immediately take a nose dive. the president went on to say that u.s. quote relations with turkey are not good at this time, a reality that g.o.p. lawmakers seem to agree with. >> we're not going to have a normal relationship with turkey until they will let the pastor out. the charges against him are complete shams. >> all this as the iranian national economy faces severe strain even before the so-called sanctions take effect. >> i think the biggest problem here is that we do not once again have a concerned world standing with us against the iranians and they will try to divide and conquer, separate the europeans from us and continue to do. >> officials from germany, the u.k., and france have already responded with harsh criticism to the reimposition of those sanctions. jon? jon: gillian turner, thank you. well, amid the dualing rallies in d.c., protesters and police officers clashing in charlottesville, virginia, one year after violent demonstrations there ended with
3:27 pm
three dead. so how has that city changed since then? plus, will he or won't he? negotiations continuing over robert mueller's request for an interview with the president, as new questions arise on whether his russia probe is getting short on time. >> the one thing they shouldn't do is try to weaponize the criminal justice system, either against hilary clinton or against donald trump or against their campaign. criminal law should always be a last resort, not a political tactic used by either side against the other. ♪
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3:32 pm
chopper went down while monitoring the protests. doug mcelway has been following the protests all day. doug? >> it appears that things are calming down in charlottesville at this hour. that may change. it certainly has throughout the course of the 48 hours we have been here. for the large part, things appear to be winding down. not to say this day was without incident. in fact we caught on our camera a very large scuffle just yards away from the point where heather heyer's mother was visiting the point where her daughter had been mowed down by a white sprem supremacist -- white supremacist car. this scuffle was the result of actions by a 29-year-old woman, port land maine, she was charged with assault and battery for spitting on somebody in the crowd. a virginia state trooper saw her do that, descended upon the crowd. they tackled her to the ground and in so doing, they saw that she was also carrying one of
3:33 pm
those telescopic batons, which is an illegal weapon. earlier, in a march we saw today, some other provocative actions by some. they were being protected, both in the front and in the rear by virginia state police motorcycles. well, members didn't like that and they tried to impede the progress of those motorcycles by standing in front of them, much like that chinese man did at the square massacre, standing in front of a tank, but a much smaller scale of course. arrested there was 42-year-old jesse beard of charlottesville for obstruction of free passageway. also arrested today, a white nationalist. there were not many in charlottesville that we saw. none that we saw that would show their face. but jesse beard 42 years old of charlottesville, went up to a monument in the park, saluted the statue and a woman by the
3:34 pm
name of veronica, 40-year-old charlottesville didn't like that, the two got into a shouting match, punches were exchanged. they were both arrested with disorderly conduct. police were much much more effective today and yesterday than they were a year ago. in part because of a carr carrot-and-stick approach. they let the protesters do what they want to do as long as it was within the legal bounds of the law. they were very very forgiving when they saw law breaking happening, though, they descended on it rapidly and took quick action. also, one final point before we leave, one of the remarkable things about these kind of protests you see here, and i saw it last year is you can go just a block away from what looks like a really dangerous situation and people are living very normal lives in charlottesville. you walk up to the pedestrian mall which is only a half block away and people are out and about having dinner. i spoke to several people yesterday about why they were out and about given this potential threat. they're here to support the businesses, and they want to see charlottesville return to normal.
3:35 pm
perhaps it is now. it certainly looks that way. although things are known to change on a dime around here. that's it from here. back to you. jon: doug mcelway in charlottesville, virginia. thanks. questions continue to swirl about whether time is running out for robert mueller's russia investigation. negotiations ongoing between the trump legal team and the special counsel on a potential interview with president trump. rudy giuliani defending their terms for a possible sit-down. ellison barber is in our d.c. bureau with more on these negotiations. ellison? >> hey, jon, yeah the back and forth over a potential sit-down between president trump and special counsel robert mueller seems to be continuing with no real clear end in sight. the president's attorney rudy giuliani told fox news that he does not want to subject the president to what he calls perjury traps. >> truth is in the eye of the beholder, and my client can be telling the truth, their witness can be a total scoundrel, and if
3:36 pm
they decide to go with their witness, my client's going to get indicted or charged with perjury in some way. >> one example giuliani pointed to has to do with former national security advisor michael flynn and former fbi direction director james comey. comey claims president trump told him he should just let the investigation into flynn go. >> the president could testify, if asked, that the conversation about flynn did not take place. if he were to testify to that, even though comey has a prior statement under oath similar to the president's, that there was no obstruction, no statement of obstruction, they could charge him with perjury. it's in their discretion to do that. >> denying the flynn conversation seems to be a new claim from the president's legal team. it's not what giuliani said to abc just last month. >> what he said to him was can you -- [inaudible]. >> all of this as the special counsel seems to be focusing on
3:37 pm
associates of roger stone, a long time trump ally, andrew miller, a stone associate was held in contempt of court after refusing to testify before a grand jury. miller was -- miller and his legal team pushed back on a subpoena from the special counsel's office, but miller was ordered to appear in court on friday. he chose not to show up, though, his attorneys say he did appear by speakerphone. >> we'll go to the court of appeals here in the district of columbia and then after that, if we lose, we'll go to the supreme court. if we win, the government will take to it the supreme court. the supreme court will have the last word on this. >> miller's attorney there says they asked the judge to hold their client in contempt in order to appeal the decision to a higher court and challenge the constitutionality of the special counsel. jon? jon: ellison barber in washington for us, thank you. for more on this, let's bring back news desk reporter for axios. so this robert mueller investigation has been going and going and going, like the
3:38 pm
energizer bunny, when is it going to wrap up? >> that's a great question, jon. so of course we know that rudy giuliani has said that he expects it to wrap up in september or around labor day. that of course does not seem likely considering how many loose ends there seem to be in this investigation. and how it's shown no real sign of slowing down. but that does sort of give the president's team a time line to point to to their base and to voters and saying you know, this investigation has been going on for too long. you know, kind of backing up their claims that mueller doesn't have anything on the president. but again, it seems unlikely that this is going to be ending any time soon. jon: yeah, the president's advocates say, look, there is nothing that has come out of this mueller investigation so far that points to any kind of collusion between the russians, the russian government, and anybody on the trump campaign. >> right. and that's a talking point that they are going to continue to say. of course we know that mueller's team has been very good at
3:39 pm
keeping this under wraps. nothing that they are doing or working on really has leaked out. we're unsure of the moves that they are planning on making until they make them. so that certainly is playing into this narrative of saying that they don't have anything on the president. and then rudy giuliani just recently saying that collusion isn't a crime anyway, even if president trump was found to have colluded. so it's -- that's something they are going to continue to say. it is something the president is going to continue to tweet about, i'm sure. it will be interesting to see what actually does come out of this by the end of it. jon: what about the prospect of the president of the united states sitting down to be interviewed by a special counsel here? is that going to happen? >> again, that's a very good question. kind of what president trump's legal team is going to allow him to do. of course, we know that they are not so keen on the idea, as we just saw rudy giuliani saying that he could fall into some kind of perjury trap, but axios has reported that giuliani has these two key things that says, you know, kind of off-limits for
3:40 pm
any interview with robert mueller which is of course president trump's firing of former fbi director of james comey and his conversations with comey about the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn. so that seems unlikely that those two things won't come up because they are so central to mueller's investigation. but giuliani is sort of laying the groundwork here to say, you know, what we will and won't stand for and in the interview with robert mueller. jon: but so far what you have got from the mueller investigation is a collection of charges against businessmen behaving badly, like paul manafort or those are the charges and a lawyer, a dutch lawyer who may have behaved badly and lied to the fbi, but again, so far no evidence of any kind of coordination or collusion between the trump campaign and staffers and the russian government, which was really supposed to be the thrust of the investigation. right? >> that's exactly right. i mean, we haven't seen anything concrete come out that directly hits president trump. but we know that mueller's kind
3:41 pm
of working around on these key events, like his son's meeting with that russian lawyer at trump tower, things like that, so we know that mueller is looking at those kinds of events, but again, it's kind of been these fringe activities and these fringe people on the campaign that mueller has really gone after, and so it's going to be interesting to see how that all ties back to the president, if it does, but again, the bottom line here is that mueller is the only one who knows where this thing is going. as much as we can sit and speculate about where his next move might come from, he is holding the cards in this and it will be interesting to see what comes out of it. jon: it sure will. haley, thank you. >> thank you. jon: still ahead, recording artist pit bull sits down with harvey levin on objectified. that's at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on fox, about an hour and 20 minutes from now. pit bull opens up about growing up in the drug infested slums of miami and how he became an international sensation, a sneak peek next. managing blood sugar
3:42 pm
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jon: just an hour and 15 minutes from now, here on fox, singer, rapper, actor and more, pitbull is featured in a brand new episode of objectified. host harvey levin gets the multitalented star to open up on making it after growing up in a very tough miami neighborhood. harvey joins us now with a preview. yeah, he's one of the guys who started at the very bottom and is now at the pinnacle, harvey. >> boy, jon, you are right. not just at the bottom. i mean, this sounds harsh, but
3:47 pm
by all rights, pitbull probably shouldn't be alive right now. he was a cocaine baby that had big health problems when he was born, ended up selling drugs, using drugs, getting arrested, got in all sorts of trouble, kicked out of his house. he somehow figured out not just how to become one of the most famous musicians in the world, but what really got me is how he learned business, and nothing that he learned was because he went to harvard or anything like that. he had certain people in his life who made a huge difference to him, and there's one guy named eddy, he literally breaks down trying to talk about him. >> somebody that's very very special to me, literally rolls with me everywhere, because he's up top now, but his name is eddy.
3:48 pm
he always used to tell me never be a waste of time. >> what did he do for you? >> he one, believed in me, but more than anything, loved me. >> what happened to him? >> he -- >> you know, jon, it is so interesting that people like eddy and others gave him the inspiration to not like i said not just become one of the biggest musicians, but i have rarely met anybody who has been so successful in business, and when you look pitbull up, just to give you an idea, when you actually google him, he is above the dog. he is that famous. jon: yeah, it is a remarkable story, and i think people are really going to enjoy watching this hour, seeing how he went from that tough tough neighborhood in miami, and there are some tough ones there. >> yeah. jon: to the pinnacle of really
3:49 pm
success, and, you know, some pretty simple lessons along the way, really. >> yeah, some pretty simple lessons about being honest. he's just such a straightforward guy. and i think people trust him. and because they trust him, he has a lot of influence. by the way, one of the things we talk about that i think will be interesting to people watching is politics because he has, you know, he has people who adore him, who are inspired by him, and the logical question, given what's going on these days, is whether he will use that and run for office. >> there are so many people who would love your endorsement, politicians, jeb bush tried, marco rubio tried. you said no. >> it is not that i say no. what i do is i go listen. and i always tell, if you're not going to come through full force on what you are talking about, i can't do that to the people.
3:50 pm
i'm not saying that they don't. politics is a different business. i have respect for what they all do, but it's a different world. >> he ain't running, but i'm telling you, if he throws his support behind somebody, it is an enormous boost to them. jon: yeah, it will be a fascinating hour to watch. objectified and hour and a few minutes from now. harvey levin, thank you very much. >> good talking to you, jon. jon: well nasa makes history sending a spacecraft where none has gone before, straight to the center of our solar system. we will tell you about that, next.
3:51 pm
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♪ dj fluffernutter simple. easy. awesome. ask how to get $300 back when you sign up for xfinity mobile, and purchase a new samsung phone. visit your local xfinity store today. jon: nasa spacecraft is right now zooming towards the sun on a historic mission to get close to our favorite star. bryan llenas has more from right here on planet earth. >> jon, it is a mission to touch the sun. when it is all said and done, nasa's parker solar probe will make 24 close approaches to the sun over the next seven years. the heavy rocket carrying the spacecraft took off at 3:31 a.m., fittingly on sunday morning, from cape canaveral air force station in florida, using gravity assist from the planet
3:55 pm
venus. it will begin making its first brushes with the sun this fall. by the time it makes its last approaches to the sun in 2024 and 2025, it will be just 3.8 million miles away from the sun. that's seven times closer than we have ever been to our star. the parker solar probe is the size of a small car, and it's protected by a revolutionary carbon heat shield which will shade the scientific instruments from temperatures as high as 2500 degrees fahrenheit, emanating from the sun. scientists hope to better understand the sun's nature so we can better protect satellites and astronauts in orbit and even power grids on the ground. >> why is the corona hotter than the surface of the sun? that seems really weird. normally when you get further from a fire, you get colder. the corona is millions of degrees whereas the surface of the sun is only thousands of degrees. how that happens, we're going to go to where the action is and figure that out. >> over the next seven years, the spacecraft will travel
3:56 pm
faster than any built before it, a whopping 430,000 miles per hour. the parker solar probe is named after 91-year-old astro physicist eugene parker who dedicated his career studying the sun. it is the first time nasa ever named a spacecraft after someone still alive. jon? jon: bryan llenas, cool story, thank you. and that does it for this hour of news. i'm jon scott. thanks for spending part of your sunday with us. this is the "fox report" and "fox news sunday" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪
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