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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 13, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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andrews. there he is. today he signed the defense authorization bill. the president has been working for the past week and a half. that's our "story" on monday night. see you back here tomorrow night. tucker is up next. >> ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the left got violent over the weekend and the press pretended nothing happened. >> it was a group effort. we would have to do it like the nazis. >> [shouting]. >> what is that. >> [bleep]. >> [bleep]. >> i would. >> come up, you would? >> yes. >> tucker: the violence in d.c. and charlottesville yesterday telling you what happened through in the filter.
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peter strzok is now an ex-fbi agent. he was fired in part over the countless political text messages he sent to his girlfriend lisa page. strzok started a twitter account following rosie o'donnell and begged for money on go fund me. the search for russian collusion should not shake our faith in its foundation. al alan dershowitz joins tonight. what is the lesson of the firing of peter strzok? >> personally i am sympathetic for peter strzok. he was excellent for years in count-intelligence. he made a very serious mistake. not opposing trump. he is allowed to do that.
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he can express any views he was. -- wants. the big mistake was not recusing himself. when he tweeted he would make sure trump doesn't become president and has an insurance policy, he could not be fair and just. by not recusing himself, he violated his position of trust. i would not go too far and blame it on the top authorities of the fbi. they didn't know. when they did know, they demoted him and took him out of the investigation. i think it's a blemish, but i don't think it's a fatal flaw in the investigation. i think there are deeper and more fatal flaws. ultimately i think it was the right decision. >> tucker: don't those texts suggest why he didn't recuse himself? it's one thing to express a political opinion. do i it for a leaving. -- living.
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he was suggesting that his opinions would drive the crimmial investigation that he was conducting. that's subversion of justice. >> that's the issue. he denied under oath that in any way he was influenced by his hatred for thump in any of his professional decisions. when he said to his friend, we will stop him. we need an insurance policy. whether there is the reality of interference or the perception of the thumb on the scale that's enough to recuse yourself. that's why rod rosenstein should recuse himself. he is a witness in this case. the idea that you can be the chief prosecutor and the main witness at the same time is such an obvious conflict ever interest, that i don't understand how he can continue to go forward running this investigation. we have at least 2 major conflicts of interest. i think it does raise some questions about the inteeingitty
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of the investigation. mueller is non-partisan. he is a zealot prosecutor and using tactics that i disapproved of for 50 years going after manafort to squeeze him to get him to sing. those are questionable tactics. but they are used over and over against sometimes against innocent people. >> tucker: they are. it's a wake up for a lot of us who made excuses for prosecution misconduct. back up to what you said about rod rosenstein not recusing himself. have you ever seen something like this before? why wouldn't he recuse himself? >> i don't understand it. i just don't get did. i wonder if he is worried that the person who replaces him, jeff sessions can't do. he rescued.
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if one good thing came out of this thing, one bad thing is liberals have stopped being skeptical of prosecutors. now every prosecutor and every fbi agent are wonderful people. if conservatives supportive of probing prosecutors and looking over their shoulders and asking the question who will guard the guardians? i think it will be a good thing for america and civil liberties. i voted for hillary clinton but i support keeping the civil liberties argument in the forefront going forward in this investigation. >> tucker: why would you want unchecked power? to have no oversight. thanks for joining us. >> it's a good thing conservatives appreciate it. >> tucker: the 2016 meeting between a russian lawyer and donald trump junior has become
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the centerpiece for the russian collusion conspiracy theory that overwhelmed the workings of government. that meeting looks like it may have been a set up designed to sabotage the trump campaign. we look at this. there is a brand new piece out today. he joins us tonight. you took a close look at this meetings. what did you conclude? >> thanks for having me on. one of the most important things to look at, there is one key to it: the russian lawyer that is supposed to be the test of the proof of collusion. this was a client of glenn simpson who produced the clinton funded dossier. how does this happen? how did this comination happen? how are all of these people in the same room? that's the point that was obscured almost all of the time
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of in the press. once people look at that fact, things become clearer. >> tucker: so explain, the famous russian attorney who said she was in there to talk about russian adoptions and others say she was peddling dirt on hillary clinton. how is she a client of simpson? >> talking about adoptions was part of an effort to roll back an act sanctioning russian officials and associate of vladimir putin. simpson hired by the clintom campaign to it produce the dossier unearthing trump's ties to russia is working on behalf of pro-kremlin interest. that's what she was doing in that meeting. to roll back american
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legislation on putin regime officials and other associates. >> tucker: so a glenn simpson client is key to the case in trump kluged colluding with the russian government. why is this not a widely known fact? >> look, i think what happened here is i think that we have seen fusion gps and seen the press take a picture. the picture is of donald trump and other trump campaign members in a meeting with a russian lawyer. then they wrote the caption underneath. what does the caption say? collusion. the other caption -- the real caption is something else. the facts are different. the facts that she was there working on a case that simpson is also working on. they are partnered on the same job on behalf of the pro-kremlin
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interest. it's an enormous issue that has been misreported since the story first broke a little more than a year ago now in 2017 reporting the 2016 meeting. >> tucker: it's an amazing fact. a years ago i never would have believed any of this. thanks. great reporting. violent in washington and charlottesville, the press tried to ignore it, but it happened. it's on tape. mark stein joins us after the break to discuss what happened. also a lot going on over the last week including news from the creepy porn lawyer, things we missed when we were out of town. we will revisit them after this. paying too much for insurance that isn't the right fit? well, esurance makes finding the right coverage easy. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412.
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this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: yesterday was the anniversary of the unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia, where a woman was struck by a car driven into the crowd. if you followed the press coverage leading up to yesterday's event you expected
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to see thousands of hooded clans man on horse back in d.c. to celebrate the killing. white supremmesy is where were. that's a lie. it's not a crisis. it's not even a category. it's rare. you could live your entire life without meeting a single person who believes anything like that. most of us have lived lives like that. this is a generous and tolerant country. people who tell you otherwise are try delusional and trying to control with you fear. the people milled around and got why would ought. what is a growing crisis is lest wingviolence.
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here is the scene yesterday in washington. antifa calling for the destruction. united states of the america. >> [shouting]. >> tucker: benny johnson took the time to interview protestors. they would like to torture and kill the president. >> what would do you to donald trump? >> murder him. >> [bleep]. >> [shouting]. >> you have to pin him down. [bleep]. >> if it came down to it and it was a group effort, we would do him like the nazi. >> what would you do? >> [bleep]. [bleep]. >> tucker: in charlottesville, protestors screamed at the cops. >> [shouting].
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>> tucker: in d.c. they attacked police with bottles does fireworks. this is not the far right. it's the left. cops on motorcycle were pushed trying to pass through the crowd. in charlottesville a nbc news reporter was assaulted by a screaming progressive. watch this. >> [bleep]. >> [bleep]. >> what the? don't worry about me. >> tucker: amazeingly nbc news did not even cover the assault on its own staff. the left did it so it would have undermined their storyline. screaming leftists throwing battles and calling for the destruction of america and the murder of the president. cnn described this group as an anti-hate group. because it's the opposite of hate even if it's the same as hate. scary. lying works over time. that's why they do it.
5:17 pm ran a piece called antifa clashes with police and journalist in charlottesville and d.c. that was too close to the truth for many on the left and they complained. one tweeted this: in other words objective truth is bad when it obstructs the goal which is gaining power. lie or else. we can say what is obvious. the people decrying fascism are crushing those who disagree with them and threatening violence as they did yesterday. they can call it anti-hate all they want but they would hurt if you they could. mark stein is an author and columnist. we are happy to have him back. you saw the video.
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those are anti-hate groups screaming and throwing things. >> yes. actually, threatening to kill people and wearing masks and having all of the attributes of fascists. i am one of those people -- when you look at them. you see the little pajama boy types talking about wanting to kill people. it's easy to laugh it off and say, they don't really mean it. they are not into it. but in fact when you look at what is going on the increase in the level of targeted intimidation of people who happen to have a political disagreement with them, i think we are approaching the point where someone will get killed over this. the media will play a large part in that. when they say the thugs on the street intimidating not just
5:19 pm
political targets but general, passing motor vehicle traffic, the media like cnn who called them anti-hate groups are a big part of the problem here. the glamorization of violence. >> tucker: of course. you can understand why the crowd is in a frenzy because they believe what they were told. that there is a massive white supremacy movement on the verge of taking over. where are these people? i have lived in this country for 49 years. i am not familiar in any large group that thinks that. i don't know a single person who believes that. this is a lie. it's a real problem? really, where? what are you talking about? >> you are wrong there, tucker. there are 17 white supremmists in america living in their parent's basement.
5:20 pm
and somehow the media presented this as a nationwide phenomenon. they have done that as part of a strategy to delegitimize people. not white supremmists but people right of center. >> tucker: exactly. it's trying to denormalize the republican party and restrict n restrictions on free speech lead to this. when you say we can't have this guy come and speak to us at american colleges because he believes that america should have tighter immigration controls, you end up with people who are incapable of making any argument and can only punch you in the face. the alternate to free speech is just to blow things up does smash stuff and that's what you
5:21 pm
see on the streets. >> tucker: it does seem like we are all complicit in this. i never hear anybody say, i reject the premise of your argument. everything you are saying is nuts! nobody says that. one side is absolutely bent on preventing me from saying what i think is true and the other side is passive. it's not parity. it's not even close. >> no, no. i think that's where we don't push back on it hard enough. i think frankly, it's a seduction. when you have comedians, for example, waving the severed head of the president. the comedian doesn't want to it actually sever the head of the president. that's too much hard work for her. but he is turned on by it and others are turned on by it. maybe there is one sufficiently
5:22 pm
turned on by it. you may run into the assistant deputy under-secretary of whatever from the white house that you saw on tv when she it a restaurant. and you might beat her up. and maxine waters would encourage to you do that. we have people who are on the same continnium as the killers who think the answer -- those guys were witty and amusing and intelligent people killed by guys who don't know anything except how to kick the door down and kill you. that's these guys in antifa are the same thing. they can't make an argument. they are morons. but they are morons who have the scent of blood in their nostrils. >> tucker: when you give up on speech, you wind up with violent. >> that's right. >> tucker: thank you.
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because i was gone last week i missed a ton of stories including the creepy porn lawyers future political plans. mark will have a recap on all that happened. a new poll shows democrats against free markets. one joins us after the break. ♪ a hotel can make or break a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia. -morning. -morning.
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>> tucker: a new poll finds the democrats are turning against free market. 57% have a favorable view of socialism. samuel is an associate professor. thanks for coming on. >> great to be with you. >> tucker: i think our economic system is skewed. we are in a bad place. unlike a lot of conservatives i understand why people are skeptical of our version of
5:28 pm
capitalism. i am too. the democrats are not skeptical of capitalism. i never hear anybody on the left criticize apple or amazon or the private equity people or the people making out under our current economy. why is that? >> i think you are confusing the democratic party with the left. the democratic party as constituted can funded by capital and their leaders will tell you that. there is a movement on the left that criticizes the democratic party. bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> tucker: you are half right. i don't remember the last time i heard anybody on either wingof the democratic party criticize
5:29 pm
jeff bezos? >> really. amazon is a good example. a lot of people on the left believe that amazon is an example of the monopoly problem. >> tucker: they are quiet about it. they embraced socialism. can you give me an example of some place it worked? >> other than the northern european countries. >> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: let's be real. >> i think it works well in the united states for the elderly. they live under a wonderful form of socialism. they have single payer health care and basic income in the
5:30 pm
form of social security and they love it. it works well for the very old. that's the reason they are politically engaged. >> tucker: no, you can't have socialism for part of the population. it's a comprehensive system in which everybody participates. the left is calling for that now. bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez are saying we need universal health care. more than 32 trillion dollars over a decade. doubling the entire federal budget. don't just tell me we will pay for it with savings. how exactly is that going to work in a country already incapable of pays its debt? >> you think medicare for all is expensive. try the alternative. not doing it will cost throe
5:31 pm
billion dollars. -- 34 billion dollars. those are 2 big numbers but we know which one is smaller. under the president system you don't. you get more for less money. that's the art of the deal. >> tucker: wouldn't you need to close the border immediately? if you get free health care and you have open borders which we have thanks to the left, how is that sustainable? why wouldn't everyone move to your country and partake of the free stuff? they would, correct? you can't have socialism and open borders at the same time? >> we don't have any version of open borders right now. >> tucker: we have 20 million people living here. >> it's a capitalist idea you should be comfortable with that. >> tucker: no, no. [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: it the reason we have
5:32 pm
open borders is the democratic party and the republican party are being bought off. you can't have generous social welfare and open borders. the truth is we do. if you want to move here, you can. we can't deport you from the say the of california, for example. is that sustainable. could you add another 100 million people with low education levels and no skills to a universal health care? >> our tradition in the united states has been that immigrants to the united states before they are citizens don't get access to most social welfare programs. they pay taxes. lots of taxes but they don't get access to government programs. if you just maintained that status quo, there is not a funding challenge at all. >> tucker: hold on. i am not allowed to use
5:33 pm
profanity in the air. but bs is what you just said. there is a democratic politician in american that will say we are getting universal coverage but non-citizens can partake? >> that's how the affordable care act works. >> tucker: that's not true. simple question: do you think there is any democrat running for president who would look in the camera and say we need medicare for all but not non-citizens? >> yes. i think bernie sanders got criticism because he said -- remember, [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: i am aware. if he says that, i will give you $1,000. he is not brave enough to say that. >> don't give me $1,000.
5:34 pm
give it to the campaign. i have $1,000. >> tucker: professor, thank you. the latest edition of the "new york times" is an open racist and immigrant to the united states who grew up to despise white people for their skin color. how did she get that way? we have the answer next. my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one! oh yeah! he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one! when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 10 or 14 percent below msrp on 2018 silverado pickups when you finance with gm financial. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream.
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5:39 pm
they are wrecking the country. heather mcdonald is a contributing editor at city journal and followed this closely. thanks for coming on. as they said when i was a child, nobody borns to hate. it's something you learn. we are creating a new generation. why does how is this happening? >> there is a multi-million dollars bureaucracy on college campuses dedicated to the propositions she embodies: whiteness is a source of all evil in the world. a contempt for objectivity and truth seeking and a belief that all females exist in oppression
5:40 pm
by rape culture. students are hit with this from the moment they step on campus. putting them in the throes of a terrible declusion. american college students are the most privilege people in history. but college presidents on down this will them they are the subject of racism on the college campus itself. >> tucker: it's clearly destroying the country does a generation of promising young people. yet, the rest of us who are not young are subsidizing it through tuition or through taxes. why? >> people don't get what is going on. i hope with knowledge would come power and action. people basically send their kids off to school and have trust that these are the colleges they remember from growing up.
5:41 pm
they are not! they are hatred machines. as you said, tucker, there is a conveyer belt from the academy into the world at large, into corporations and the media. as you say also, sarah was treated with a big yawn by the mainstream media and liberal institutions because her idealogy is banal and the state-of-the-art for the "new york times" or cnn or the "washington post." people have to stop giving money to colleges. don't give it to your alma mater unless have you done thorough due diligence inquiry and stand up for the lie that america is a bigoted place. we are toying with real civil war i think at this point. >> tucker: exactly. we are funding it. we should stop because it's a cancer.
5:42 pm
heather, thanks for articulating that. >> great toy see you. >> tucker: we will talk to a man who said he was banned by twitter for arguing against the beliefs of the left. it was not hatred but unaccept. he joins us next. with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, you never know how your skin will look. and it can feel like no matter what you do, you're itching all the time. but even though you see and feel your eczema on the surface of your skin, an overly sensitive immune system deep within your skin might actually be causing your eczema. so help heal your skin from within. with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid, and it continuously treats your eczema
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>> tucker: as we told you in dedale. google the most powerful company in the history of the world collects information from everybody who uses mobile phones or their aps google says can stop them from collecting
5:47 pm
information. we have new information that is not true. br bretular son has a follow-up. >> back in figure it, we grove around the nation's capitol with 2 phones even without a data network connection, they tracked our every move. now a new report from the associated press confirms it's worse. even when you turn off location tracking, google may still be tracking you. you can turn off or pause location history, but using other google aps like search or checking the weather will pinpoint your location based on your latitude and longitude which is accurate to a square foot. that is saved to your google account. 2 billion devices run google and iphone makes use of google for
5:48 pm
maps, search and photos. google says they are upfront with users. if you want to shut off this other location collection you have to go into the activity settings and disable it there. if you turn off location history it still stores your location data. it doesn't place it on your timeline for you to delete. ? confused? that's the point. google uses this location to sell advertising. the more they know about you, the better the ads. and they will see you went into the store. google's ad revenue rose in 2017. it's a case of you not being a custmere using these free services. you are the product and your privacy is what is for sale. >> tucker: don't be evil.
5:49 pm
>> and turn your phone off. >> tucker: thanks a lot. twitter one of the few remaining tech companies that hasn't alex jones in the last week. that doesn't mean freedom of speech is safe. peter said he was banned from twitter for life for having a political debate on their platform. he joins us tonight to explain. tell us why you were banned from twitter? >> there were a discussion among jurnlt journalists if they had any responsibility for bringing america to war. ip was a state department official in iraq but i often
5:50 pm
lied to journalistists on behalf of the government. i eventually came clean on this. many journalists over-reacted to that and claimed they were not responsible for these lies. it was my fault for not being truthful to them. i replied it was their responsibility as journalists to hold the government to it account and twitter being twitter, it went downhill from there. >> tucker: the entire washington establishment and especially journalists are pro-war in the prepareiest way. -- creepiest way. i think you're absolutely right. where was the point that you crossed the line in twitter and got banned for life? >> that's the interesting part. i don't know. over the course of 7 years on twitter i sent out over 29,000 tweets. i don't know which one crossed the line because twitter hasn't
5:51 pm
responded and twitter doesn't tell you why you are banned. i received an automated response saying something i had written incited people to silence through fear. one tweet that was cited was an attempt at a bad joke. i wrote something about someone coming to eat your face. that apparently consists of violence the same way you tell someone to jump in the lake that consists of an invitation to go swimming. >> tucker: do you think if you were advocating for war with iran, you would have been banned? >> absolutely. advocating for war is acceptable within twitter's boundaries. the two people banned along side me. the president of rand paul
5:52 pm
institute were banned for supporting me. the main thing would be if people could read my tweets and decide for themselves when i was worth following. i have been stopped from tweeting twice in the last 6 months. once when i visited iran and the government of iran blocked twitter for everyone. and once here in the united states where twitter blocked me. >> tucker: the warmongers never get banned. peter, thank you very much. the creepy porn lawyer needs more publicity. he is running for president. mark stein will rejoin us to discuss that and other stories i missed while vacationing last week. flonase relieves sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose, plus nasal congestion, which most pills don't. it's more complete allergy relief. flonase.
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♪ >> what is the issue you've been talking about over the years? speak the truth. the truth. that is my policy. that is my policy issue.
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>> tucker: the downside of being a cable news host is you can't even step away for a few days without the creepy porn lawyer hatching a new plot to get himself back on television. mark steyn was in this chair to cover it all when it happened. i was abroad fishing, defending my country, as i always do when i'm outside its borders and then i come back to find cpl, the creepy porn lawyer is thinking about running for president and i'm kind of crestfallen, i'm not really sure what to make of this. how did you cover it when you were sitting in this chair? >> he announced his campaign at the iowa state fair, which is where one goes apparently to find a creepy porn lawyer. it's like between the 4h barn and the petting zoo. the creepy porn lawyer have his stand there and he's selling blooming onions and all the rest of it and he's announced that he is a shoo-in for the democrat nomination in 2020 and in fact in my state of new hampshire
5:58 pm
he's planning on coming here in the next couple of weeks and stumping new hampshire. by the way, stumping new hampshire was one of my favorite stormy daniels movies. >> tucker: [laughs] >> it's super hot. >> tucker: are you going to sit there and passively accept this? i have argued for years that the state ought to have built a southern border wall. you ignored me and look what happened. but you are going to say having not learned that lesson and let cpl invade your state without any response at all, is that what you are saying? >> as i said, the creepy porn lawyer is at state fairs. that's her problem with america right there. that's the death of the republic is you can't even go to the county fair and it's inevitable in a way. america employs as many lawyers as the rest of the planet combined, so it makes a certain sense that they are actually at the county fair no and i would
5:59 pm
rather just have something wholesome like a greased pig race but if we can't have that than having a creepy's porn lawyer race at the fair in new hampshire, coming up in a couple of weeks, that's as good as we can get. >> tucker: if your eyes are that close together do you have peripheral vision or is this really a question for an ophthalmologist i guess? we will get a doctor's opinion on that. a funnel cake and the creepy porn lawyer come to new hampshire. that is in the end probably not going anywhere. i want to get your very quick prediction on this. we are mocking it now but could this become real? >> a lot of things we mock, if you remember, do become real and president porn lawyer could well be in the cards. you heard it here. >> tucker: welcome to the show anytime. >> i'm not bill kristol, i'm not
6:00 pm
going never-porn lawyer right out of the gate. you never know what could happen. >> tucker: you are a wise man. great to see you, thanks for sitting in. you were great. >> the guest host at the end of last week, you should have got michael avenatti, he would have done a much better job. >> tucker: i don't know who that is. that's about it for us. every night at 8:00 the show that is the sworn enemy of line pomposity and groupthink. sean hannity right now. ten seconds later. >> sean: you don't know how to hit the post. have you ever done radio in your life? 16 seconds over. >> tucker: six seconds later. >> sean: good thing we actually follow each other so it doesn't mess up the reruns. >> tucker: by the way, i've given you many, many seconds over the years. i'm just taking a few back. >> sean: good to see you, great show. welcome to "hannity." incredible breaking news night all over the place, the corrupt anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok has finally been fired,
6:01 pm
the damage is done. if polit


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