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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 15, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the death toll rising after cause go plunging 150 feet. rob: the desperate search for survivors that continues right now. jillian: candidate securing their spots on the november ballots. >> the anti-trump or his comeback it was derailed. jillian: speaking of candidates. >> what would you do if you were elected, about a let the? >> gary johnson is back. rob: the brand-new campaign the libertarian longed. "fox and friends first" continues right now. jillian: i thought it was my
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phone going off. if you can hear me, watching "fox and friends first". rob: thanks for getting up with us. the road to the midterms less congested after a busy day and a busy night. jillian: trump bump in full effect for some republicans, griff jenkins breaking it down in washington dc. >> reporter: the trump bump continues to roll in kansas for four states have spoken, we begin in wisconsin, state senator won the primary to face democratic incumbent senator tammy baldwin backed by the state's leading republican, scott walker, rines priebus and paul ryan and jumping on the trump train. >> we are going to take that to washington where they need the help of a strong conservative to join the ranks to help donald
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trump make america great, keep america great. >> reporter: facing democrat nominee randy bryce, the iron staff. randy walker got help from tony evers with a message from the president. >> trump's tariffs are having a devastating impact on my hometown. it is been heartbreaking to watch. rob: in minnesota republicans rejected well-known presidential candidate tim pawlenty for jim johnson. congressional candidate who the president endorsed and campaigned with, embattled democrat keith ellison facing abuse allegations, in vermont democrats nominated bernie sanders for another term in the senate and also the first transgender candidates in the connecticut governor's race and facing off against bob
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stefanhowski and joanna hayes warehouse race. we have a winner in the gubernatorial primary, chris b kpbach defeating collier. >> we now gear up for the general election campaign. it is essential we march together. >> reporter: collier is the first governor to fall this season, he will face democrat laura kelly. that is your roundup as we inch closer to november. >> the trump campaign filing a complaint against omarosa claiming she violated a nondisclosure agreement she signed in 2016. >> donald trump decided to bring litigation against me to silence
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me. if you see me in a fight with a bear, pray for the bear. rob: she was on tv all day claiming the president used a racial slur on the set of the apprentice. the white house's firing back. >> very clear the way he feels about this book, he feels he should be defending himself and reminding everyone he has given her many chances. rob: she revealed secret recordings with the president himself and white house staff. >> the firing of peter stzrok was justified in the opinion of a former fbi director. he says, quote, the action was a decisive step in the right direction and correcting wrongs committed by what has been described as comey's skinny inner circle as the russian collusion investigation helped
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start is called a fraud. the disgraced agent was let go after sending anti-trump text messages during the presidential campaign. >> in new mexico judge getting desperate, they are accused of starving children and training them to be school shooters. rob: one suspect is transferred to federal custody. >> new mexico courthouse forced into lockdown after a judge gets 200 threats, critics are feeling over the decision to grant the child-abuse suspect. and the sympathizer with one collar quoting her throat would be split and that someone would smash her head, granting to suspect saying they were a threat to society, if they post $20,000 they could be released with ankle monitor's despite
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claims about attempts to kill teachers and anyone else they found to be corrupt, national security strategist doctor sebastian gorka versus the judge is putting americans in danger. >> the most horrific case study of just how politicized the judicial system has become in recent years. this isn't justice, this is where political correctness can get in the way of keeping americans safe, it is a travesty. >> not first time the judge set bail for those accused of violent crimes, she set a $10,000 bond for a newborn baby and healthcare worker, you see none of the compound suspects posted bail yet. one is in federal custody but it is unclear why. child abduction charges in georgia. rob: 11 more next.
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thank you so much. the man accused of a suspected terror attack just identified. police say sudanese immigrants slammed into 15 cyclists and pedestrians before plowing to the barricade outside british parliament, this chilling video shows the moment of the attack, three people were hurt. a motive is still unknown. police are searching several properties in central england, two and the suspect's hometown where he was known by local police. the taliban reeling after american airstrikes killed 220 terrorists in four days, the attacks pummeling afghanistan in several cities, 200 afghan police officers and soldiers have been killed, fighting forcing hundreds of innocent people to flee from their homes. jillian: the release of american pastor andrew brinson rejected overnight, the pastor held captive on terror charges,
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doubling tariffs on american goods while threatening to boycott iphones after the us increased levies against the nation for refusing to let brinson go. the tariffs since turkey into a frenzied crisis. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh heading to capitol hill to meet democratic senators hoping to rally support ahead of his september confirmation hearing. sitting down with heidi heitkamp and joe donnelly and met with west virginia senator joe manchin, fuming over the bipartisan breakthrough with only 49 members of the senate democratic conference, they don't think the parties doing enough to block kavanaugh's confirmation. >> ivanka trump showing support for the next generation of scientists and engineers. the first daughter meeting with the student robotics team in pittsburgh.
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>> show me the different projects you have. jillian: ivanka meeting with the girls of steel team at the space delivery company. spoke about the need to train students and workers in the digital economy. just about 9 minutes after the hour. beyond absurd, backlash for the judge granted bonds to the new mexico compound extremists. our next guest, is american islamic forum calling the ruling absurd. why he says the media is also to blame. >> when someone comes to call out bigots and it gets hot, even physical are they equally wrong if the biggest they are fighting, i argue know. rob: kim jong un antifa with threats to kill the president. cnn's chris cuomo defending them in some ways. the online outrage over this
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rob: calls mounting for sarah bacchus to step down after granting bond to extremists accused of training kids to shoot up schools at the new mexico compound. >> she released this man, a violent criminal with a record, accused of beating a hospital worker, his girlfriend and their newborn child. rob: president of the atomic for him for democracy joins us to react, thanks for coming on. a lot of people saying this is evidence how politicized the legal system has become. what do you think?
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>> it is beyond that. it shows how vulnerable we are not only how many cases do we need but let's look at this case, at every level the level of insanity and how we are approaching a compound of radical islamists. we are not hearing that term orgy hard. the baby the died was part of a ritual, apocalyptic about the end of time when training 11 kids to shoot up schools, clearly starving in torturing, we had enough money to buy weapons, arms training, teach them how to rapidfire when they are moving in the judge only heard the defense case about racism and made statements like it is troubling but i don't know if there's enough evidence to say they are a danger because they don't back it up and shows how vulnerable we are. the part react of it was laughing as he saw his fellow
2:15 am
terrorists being released. we are weak in this and this is a war and judges and others refuse to recognize this. >> what do we do about it? >> educate america, educate our legal system. how many know that the patriarch is an imam in many islamist organizations. no evidence he was involved in the compound but a gateway drug to the radicalization so all these teaching elements from san bernardino to boston and beyond and we keep doing a program like this global amnesia and just like you are doing and covering this, you need tough love in the muslim community, they are self combusting out of nowhere, and treat them in a tough love
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rather than acquiesce kissing. >> call it out and be vigilant. the governor of new mexico, the result of release was by the new mexico supreme court, judicial activism at its worst. what could happen is you have people let out, a lot of these muslim extremists are suicidal. what happens if they get a gun and have an ankle bracelet on and shoot as many as i can before the cops catch up to me. >> that is why they are scoffing at us. so many trials of radical islam in europe and boston laughed at their trial, used it as a stage because they don't care. they were living in the worst of squalid conditions, prisoners a step up of where they were. this is a war, they are jihadist
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soldiers and they are going to feel victory whether they get caught or not and what the judge needs to understand is these people relish death, suicide and g hardy arms, sending them out, giving them another opportunity, putting up that risk. jillian: thank you for your time. 17 after the hour, a new turn in the search for missing college student mollie tibbetts, authorities 0 in on five key areas. how they are connected to the case that captured the country. >> pick up on failings of the democratic party. rob: bernie sanders throwing a dagger at liberals and coming to donald trump's defense in a way, time for democrats to look in the mirror. stay tuned. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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xfinity mobile. it's simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. jillian: welcome back. it is maxine waters's birthday. listen to her shocking wish. >> we are able to get a leader of this country. and respect of our allies, i wish we could remove him from office. >> bernie sanders coming to your defense with the 2016 win. >> to pick up on the failures of the democratic party who did not
2:22 am
talk about the fact that people saw their jobs going to mexico or china. jillian: sanders saying the democratic party needs to be more focused on the needs of working families. >> antifa investigative for threats to murder the president did something chris cuomo when too far in defending this group. >> when someone comes to call out bigots. they are equally wrong, it is wrong. >> attacking police officers and news reporters. the liberal media continue to excuse antifa violence as anti-hate protesters.
2:23 am
the real danger is the rule of law. they have these ideas in the open. and it -- donald trump has the creation of a new racism and the problem is you had 25 white racists, most americans get the backyard barbecue. the media is abandoning its job, casting it as something large, excess tension and legitimize violence and individual americans. rob: hundreds of protesters clashed with police in washington and charlottesville
2:24 am
resulting in five arrests. rob: a major american coat zuma making taking business to do heights. rob: tracy carrasco with more on the relocation plans going a mile up. >> the north face moving to the mile high city to denver where it will be headquartered. it should happen by 2020 and will take 650 jobs with it. the parent company could split into two corporations, one company will focus on the brand's lead, wrangler and other companies focusing on active where where the system comes in. >> it is tougher to fly with your pets if you need to. >> reporter: not just flying for taking your emotional support it animal onto a cruise ship. southwest airlines the latest
2:25 am
crackdown on their policies for emotional support animals and only limiting this to one animal per passenger, it has to be a dog and a cat and has to stay in its carrier or on a leash at all times. royal caribbean cruise cracking down, they will no longer allow passengers to bring an emotional support animal onto its ship. if you made a reservation before july 30th you can still sale with your emotional support animal but after that you will not be able to do it. rob: everybody has it and most people don't need it. i heard two dogs barking at each other. it is crazy, thanks so much. 25 after the hour, police chiefs blasting elizabeth warren calling the criminal justice system racist. our next guest, top boss of the massachusetts police association, is leading the
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charge. why he says the democratic senator's comment is the exact narrative that is getting police officers killed. jillian: a fridge full of free beer? sounds too good to be true? the catch to get it open. ♪ don't feel like going home so i am going to stay right here. ♪ -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift.
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rob: welcome back. poor construction and the weather may be to blame for an italian bridge collapse, 33 people are dead and the search for survivors could take days. the transportation minister demanding resignation of senior officials involved in construction of the bridge. witnesses saw lightning strike the bridge moments before it came crashing down. most of the victims were in cars that were riding across the bridge before plunging 200, 300
2:30 am
feet. the reward for missing iowa college student mollie tibbetts jumps to $400,000. she disappeared four weeks ago, crimestoppers says it is the largest award for its organization in iowa state history, they are narrowing their focus in and around areas of brooklyn, iowa, including a carwash, major highway truck stop, her boyfriend's house, no suspects have been announced. cracked on christianity, china's ruling communist party wiping out displays of the faith in their country ripping down posters showing jesus christ or the cross and being replaced with images of president xi jinping. the bible band there and children cannot visit church, this is part of a new plan from xi jinping who wants to eradicate what he calls western threats from china. two of the four impeached supreme court justices in west
2:31 am
virginia stepping down. justice robin davis announcing her retirement and avoiding of trial, another justice resigned before hearings began about possible impeachment. the entire supreme court of west virginia is accused of corruption. incompetence and neglect of duty. after spending $3 million on their office renovations. democrats call the impeachment a partisan witch hunt. jillian: police officers firing back after elizabeth warren said this about law enforcement. >> criminal justices. in front of that. jillian: those comments were called slap in the face and he joins us now. thank you for your time. you heard the round of applause after she made that statement.
2:32 am
what do you think? >> one of those things that was very surprising to see and certainly struck home in massachusetts. when i read everything, to tornado damage in the area. we worked hard that whole day. when you see that is a comment that struck you as frustrating to say the least. jillian: she did clarify. the statement to the boston globe where elizabeth warren says, quote, i spoke about an entire system, not individuals that will work on reforms to make the criminal justice system fairer. how dangerous is it to use words like racist when talking about the criminal justice system.
2:33 am
>> that contributes to the action against police officers, two officers killed in the last four months in the last four weeks that could have been fatal injuries. it is perpetuating violence against police, and generalizing police in this category, the biggest point we wants to make in this statement. >> 34 police officers shot as of july 28th. we are halfway through the year. and you say goodbye to your family and don't know if you will come home that day. >> that is the biggest thing these comments generalizing a specific -- whatever you do if you generalize these things.
2:34 am
and the passing of police. we are at a position that is what we are trying to do. jillian: the rhetoric is at a level i haven't experienced a level scene like this before. easier said than done to stop the rhetoric. anything we can do to change this? >> it is said the level the elected officials have been very active and supportive of us, it takes some getting to the ground level and working with officers and seeing what is happening in communities across the country, good people doing good work, enforcing the laws.
2:35 am
and two choices, follow or change it. they are enforcing the laws in place and people want to make the statements to work with officers and solve the problems in the community. we are perfectly willing to do that but get down and know it better than talk about it. >> dog days of summer. get a check of the forecast. >> a unique way to talk to me. it is hot and wet, dog days of summer. it has been a wet one. you have a nice weekend coming up for the east coast. let's look at it, 71 in new york city, 76 in charleston and
2:36 am
looking at potential for scattered showers across the east coast but otherwise a drying out. go. we will watch for the potential of heavy rain and flooding across the midwest, ohio, tennessee, mississippi river valley and you see forecast rainfall shifting across the central us. in areas across the west we are not getting enough rainfall. we will see a little rain moving into the southwest but areas that really need it, parts of california, the northwest where we have dozens of wildfires that continue to burn and highs again very warm across the northern rockies and getting into california temperatures in the hundred degree range. there is your forecast today. watch for dry lightning across wildfire areas and across the west and rain over the midwest, mister b, tennessee and ohio river valley and 91, new york
2:37 am
city, we will take it. >> the humidity is important, that is critical. >> it has been a tough summer across the east coast, a lot of rain and humidity but will we be complaining with two feet of snow on the ground. >> we will complain in all four seasons. goodbye. it is 37 minutes after the hour. he wanted to be the leader of the free world but couldn't name another world leader and you can't forget this. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> what is aleppo? >> you are kidding. jillian: the brand-new campaign launched from gary johnson. rob: more money, benefits and help for illegal immigrants, sparked violent riots over free speech are out with a new list
2:38 am
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rob: democratic house candidate kicks off the general election bid by taking a shot at nancy pelosi. >> i will vote against nancy pelosi for speaker and for term limits and won't take a time of tax money. rob: that is kathy manning in her first tv ad, running against republican congressman ted budd in a republican leaning district. jillian: get yourself ready for more campaign moments like this. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about aleppo? what is aleppo? >> your kidding.
2:42 am
>> know. jillian: that is gary johnson when asked about the syrian city's refugee crisis. he is launching a senate bid. the new mexico governor tweeting new mexico deserves a strong independent voice in the u.s. senate. rob: a brand-new list of demands. first they ride it over free speech, now students at uc berkeley are protesting against low wages and demanding housing and legal support for illegal immigrants. jillian: and calling for the demilitarization of police. are these bargaining goals as the union calls them crossing the line? here is the tape editor-in-chief of, lawrence jones looking like a new man, lost a couple pounds, grew a beard. what do you think of this? >> working against their own interests, can't talk about what college people complain about and work against their own interests.
2:43 am
it is almost absurd. the same college proposed 800 k for illegals. talking about paying -- you see these young people complain about the costs rising and going into so much debt and work against their own interests. rob: is any of this grounded in reality for a lot of these students? the thing we take from college campuses is there is not a lot of life experience? >> right now in college, their mind changes once they see the bills to repay the debt in college. jillian: i wonder what happened to the days when i was going to school when you can pick a school and you went there. >> a lot of these kids are not
2:44 am
paying for it, they are getting all these loans. this is a generation of activists not just on college campuses but when they buy their stuff. young people by because of giving back, not because they look good. rob: the president complains about people on the left being more concerned about people coming into this country than the people who live here right now. >> definitely a case of being more concerned about illegal immigrants. i must give young people some credit. they put their money where their mouth is, willing to sacrifice high tuition which their tuition will go up, and they are going to get the bill. rob: are they thinking about that? >> probably not thinking about it but when they see the student
2:45 am
fees they pay. jillian: we ran a story earlier about gender ethics study professors earning more, $15,000 more than math and science professors, seems crazy, is this where we are headed? >> classic example of young people being more concerned about social justice and willing to sacrifice their tuition for this. on the other hand, they should be investing more in math and science education, we have a lot of jobs out there in math and science and students aren't able to compete in the us because we don't take those courses, more concerned about liberal arts but you may not get a job you go into the workforce because of that. jillian: what would you do with the cultural studies degree in
2:46 am
the first place? >> the university of tennessee we reported on, they had their chief diversity officer, to get you 200 k just to be achieved -- all these social justice positions on campus reform. that goes to my point. a lot of people want these positions and get high paying jobs. crazy kids. rob: we almost didn't recognize him. lost 40 pounds, got a haircut and a beard. jillian: brian kill need, good morning. >> the way rob stays in shape. >> fantastic.
2:47 am
we see that footage in the next hour. along with rob's footage, tommy laren will talk about maxine waters wants for her birthday and something anti-trump stunner, charlie kirk on the next generation of americans and what they did in the primary leslie. congressman marsha blackburn wants to replace bob corker. why she is struggling in a red state, we will discuss that and so much more and we might even end with a song. jillian: only if you dance. >> never did a dance that did me any good. rob: every kid's dream come true. >> new schedule, 8:15-10:00, rock history, 10:00 to 11:00, rock appreciation and theory and
2:48 am
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rob: it is a $1 million science experiment. jillian: a colorado school district saying so long to mondays. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with reaction that will make the school week four days.
2:52 am
>> ever felt you just need a three day weekend? that is becoming a reality for thousands of students across the country. a colorado school district 207j joining 27 others in giving students mondays off. the school district said they hope this will save $1 million a year and attract better teachers. some parents say they might get hit with an additional bill for childcare for when they are at work and kids are at home. is this a good idea? a lot of folks on social media, some positive reaction, when twitter user says can spend the greater part of their day at school for extracurricular activities. i think it is a good idea. kids need a little bit of a break. ryan says i wouldn't like the hard conversation when your bios, one more day of childcare. paul tweets these kids are going
2:53 am
to fall even further behind. i think college and work days are usually on a 5 day schedule so kids need to get used to the idea. rob: the parents, what do they do? sounds like a nightmare. what is up with roseann? >> her support for donald trump is on full display. at lax wearing a red trump hat, not make america great, but trump 2020 vision on it. a lot of trump supporters on social media have forgiven her. look at this reaction. one says through it all you stuck to your principles when it would have been easier to give in. character defined. another twitter user says looking good, you have a wonderful vision. christina, i think 2020, i like that 2020 vision. jillian: the cleveland browns last when was in 2016 if i'm not mistaken. cleveland fans get free beer.
2:54 am
>> cleveland browns fans after going when looks, bud light installed victory fringes in bars across cleveland that will open when brown scored their first victory, the victory is a way to celebrate a fan base, proud to show our support for cleveland and looking to bring nfl fans and friends together for memorable experiences, the companies will use wireless signals to unlock all of them at once. the technological aspect, bud light handed out free beer at the super bowl. jillian: december 24th was the last when. >> the browns, you can do it. rob: they need more when they keep losing. >> a reason to celebrate right
2:55 am
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jillian: good morning. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. let's start with the good. rob: okay. jillian: girl scouts cooking up something very sweet caramel chocolate chip cookie gluten free. rob: if they get the gluten back in there i will take one. save the bourbon, a long painstaking cleanup underway two months after a warehouse collapsed in kentucky. a tragedy. crews trying to salvage salvage. that rescue effort no idea how much longer it will take. jill jail heckler post game show setting up a show down with security. >> atlanta braves and, of course, we have a situation where we are going to get you down stairs now to hear from -- jillian: safe to say the heckler won this one. the security guard getting face planting on the ground all while on tv.
3:00 am
not a fun moment. rob: yelling something? it wasn't that big of a deal. holding a jersey. he must have been saying something. jillian: we will get to the bottom of it have a good day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> republicans stealing the power of the trump bump as results roll in across several states in crucial primaries. >> i'm issuing a call for unity for all republicans. absolutely essential that we march together. >> omarosa. >> omarosa. >> individuals continue to create a large platform for somebody they know not to have a lot of credibility. i think it would be great if we actually got to focus on the real policies. >> critics are fuming over judge sarah backus' decision to child abuse suspect it's. >> this is embarrassment to the justice system. >> the man accuse of a suspected london terror attack just identified. sudanese


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